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    Ashley Dinner and a Servant Girl

    Ashley dinner and a servant girl

    My first meeting with Ashley went very well. This lady was amazing. So, I set up a two-day Spa event for her.

    Ashley will have just finished two days at the spa. So she will be completely relaxed. After her final treatment, getting her make up professionally done, a limo will pick her up and drop her off at my building. Then she will meet me at the hotel around 5 and then our limo will leave my building at 5:45 to take us downtown for our 6:45 pm dinner reservation at her favorite restaurant.

    Over dinner all I could picture was her huge tits popping out of her black dress.

    Her breasts only out done by her eraser nipples. OH MY GOD! All night they were winking at me. Even the guy who was at the next table all he could do was stare at her tits all night.

    Well, my eyes were about to fall out of my head.

    Let me share the plan with you to fulfill a fantasy for Ashley, her and a servant girl.

    My limo driver will pick the servant girl, Ms. Kay, at Starbucks on Seymour and Nelson at 8 PM after dropping us off at the restaurant. The drivers name is Gary and he will be looking to pick up Ms. Kay my personal assistant. Ms. Kay will set up the music in the limo. And bring the chocolate strawberries and the Champagne but leave the bottle of Champagne on ice in the Limo for us. I will pour Ashley a glass when Gary picks us up. Ms. Kay will leave a pink long stem rose for Ashely as well in the Limo. Pink is Ashley’s favorite color.

    When Ms. Kay arrives at the hotel she will go to the front desk and I will have an envelope waiting for her which will be addressed “Ms. Kay”. Inside will be a letter waiting for her and a hotel card key as well as the suite room number. Ms. Kay will take this letter and the envelope and walk to the left of the reception desk, where there is a hall way.

    Ms. Kay, will proceed down the hall way where she will come to a glass door. To the left is another long hall way. She will walk all the way down until it narrows passing an elevator on her left. She will walk through the door all the way to another lobby, Executive Tower. She will see two elevators to her left and a big glass door to the right. That is the door where she will meet Josh our guitar player at 9 and where she will meet us at 9:30 pm. She will go into one of the elevators and using the card key. She will swipe it and push 18. That will take her to the 18th floor.

    When she arrives on the 18th floor she will go to the room number given to her in the envelope. Using the key card entre the suite. Ms. Kay can go in the kitchen and get a plate and place the strawberries on a dish, then place them in the fridge. In the fridge will be a bottle of Champagne.

    She can check the candles on the stairs up to the bathroom. Then upstairs she will see the cream and Ashley’s perfume next to the bed. In the bathroom she will see the bath wash and the bubble bath. She will see candles in the bathroom and the bedroom. The ones on the stairs and the ones in the bed room are no flame candles she will need to turn on after picking up Josh and bring him to the suite. In the bathroom she will see real candles. She will light them once she draws the bath. Under the sink she will see the strap on for later.

    At 9:00 Ms. Kay will meet Josh who is the new performer. She will bring him up to the suite let him set up and Ms. Kay will play the part of my personal assistant.

    Ms. Kay will turn on the candles, and prepare the room for us. There will be flowers on the table and she will need to set the lights down low. Then at 9:30 or when the driver is close he will call her. Ms. Kay will meet our limo downstairs. She can give the driver her number and he can call her to tell her he is close.

    Ms. Kay can meet us downstairs (Bring the key as she will need it to get back up) greet the limo and Ashley, be happy to meet her and tell her how beautiful she is. She will address us as Mr. Dickson and Ms. Schmidt.

    You will take us to the elevator asking her how her dinner was and how was her days at the spa.

    As we enter the suite Josh will start playing. She will serve us champagne and then the strawberries.

    She will refill our glasses and we may go out on the balcony.

    Then as Josh is leaving you will go upstairs taking the flowers with you to place in the bathroom.

    She will draw the bath to make sure it is not too hot but not cold. She will put in the bath product. Then put on your white gloves. Then meet us down stairs. She can come on the balcony refill our drinks and let Ms. Schmidt know her bath is ready and if she would join you as you put out your arm for her to hold. She will escort her upstairs pass the candles on the stairs and take her to the bedroom full of candles. I will follow. I will sit in the chair while you undress Ashley one piece of clothing at a time as I watch. She will sit her on the bed and take off each shoe slowly then place the gently down side by side. The servant girl will stand her up and slowly unzip her and remove one piece of clothing at a time and folding it and placing it on the dresser. You will remove her bra then her panties and again fold them as well. You will do all of this without speaking and no giggling.

    Ms. Kay will then take her to the bath and I will join her with champagne. Then she will strip for us and join us in the bath. Lathering us both and then rise us off. Then the servant girl will take Ashley out and dry her off. Ms. Kay will then proceed to put body lotion from the bedroom all over her body. Now prepare her for me by spraying Ashely’s favorite perfume all over Ashely’s body from the soles of her feet to her neck.
    I will have a pink lingerie set for Ashley to try on and you can help her get dressed. Putting on her bra and her panties. She will model for us so Ms. Kay can take them off her slowly.
    Now the servant girl will kiss Ashely and lick and suck her big tits before moving to her pussy and get her aroused for me. Ms. Kay will undress me and then suck me to get hard for Ashley. The servant girl will put a condom on my cock and as Ashley is riding me I need Ms. Kay, the servant girl to go in the bathroom and put on a strap on. Now Ms. Kay will come into the bed room and while Ashley is riding me Ms. Kay will penetrate her ass from behind. Ashley has always wanted a DP. Once she cums Ms. Kay can leave us so I can enjoy Ashley for our overnight.

    I think that sums it up. I hope I did not miss anything. Oh, when Ashley uses the wash room let me know the cost for the champagne, strawberries and the pink rose. I will pay Ms. Kay and by giving her an envelope. Thank you, Ms. Kay!

    Well so much for the plan. You see my big mistake was hiring Ms. Kay. She shows up drunk or stoned at the hotel and the front staff will not give her the envelope. So, we are dead in the water.

    Add to this our driver is late picking us up. So, we arrive an hour late and Ms., Kay meets us, and my guitar player is done before he started.
    We do go up to the room and Ashley is keen to try on the pink lingerie I got her. She looks hot. She is ready to get fucked.

    Ms. Kay attempts to set up the room and get things ready. See lights the candles and sets the bath. She undresses Ashley and we slide into the jacuzzi tub.
    We enjoy the bubbly and the strawberries. Now Ms. Kay joins us and she is washing Ashley. Next thing I know Ms. Kay is now finger fucking Ashley and Ashley is enjoying her servant girl’s big tits. Now Ashley spreads Ms. Kay legs and after washing my extended dick. She places a condom on me so I can give Ms. Kay my thick cock. Now Ms. Kay goes fucking crazy as she cums.

    Ashley replaces the condom and she takes me from behind. I pounder her while she eats out Ms. Kay.

    It is time to dry off as we each get out and Ms. Kay dries us off. Now Ashley enjoys Ms. Kay rubbing her down with lotion. Then Ms. Kay brings out the strap on and Ashley is so excited. Ms. Kay puts it on and is strutting around the bedroom and Ashley is begging for it. So, Ms. Kay must just give it to Ashley long and hard from behind.

    Ashley spreads eagle so that Ms. Kay can give it to her. Before Kay is on her back and Ashley is riding it. Then Ashley asks for my love popsicle to fill her mouth. Now she has one in her mouth and a dick in her pussy. Now I am on the bottom with my cock deep in her while Kay positions her self behind Ashley to give her the big finish. It does not take long and Ashley is screaming with pleasure.

    Ms. Kay now was ready to leave and we say good night. Before she goes she stands before me begging to fuck her before she goes. I tell her to ask Ashely for permission. Ashley agrees provided I do her hard. Ms. Kay braces her shelf for a deep pounding.

    I grab a couple bottles of water out of the fridge I go upstairs to find Ashley ready for bed sitting on a chair her ass just recovering from an ass fucking like never had before.

    The rest of the night was a blur as we hugged and kissed and Ashley shared her thoughts. We fucked a few more times and she blew me telling me she liked the size of my dick and she enjoyed fucking me.

    In the morning she shared her ass with me. And told me she looks forward to a good ass fucking with my big cock.

    Well that was the last event with Ashley. Sorry to say but the last thing I saw was her ass as she left never to be seen again. My games were not to her liking.

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