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    Helene 1 Introduction

    Helene - Our First Meeting

    I had just landed, I clear customs, I am so excited to meet Cindy in Toronto. Her flight I set up for her was coming in from Vancouver in a few hours. So, I thought I would hang out awaiting her flight. I check my phone and I missed a call from Cindy. I check my voice mail after clearing customs. Oh no she is not coming. My heart sank. It appears she got her period and she decided it was not wise for her to come. I am now stuck in Toronto and no one to spend the weekend with.

    The Interview
    I make my way down to One King West, franticly searching for a lady for the weekend. I reach out to a number and no takers. I do stumble upon three, a mature provider named Sandy. A new provider Helene, and an establish lady whose name escapes me. I book a one-hour session for each. The lady, who name escapes me, I book at 11 am, she is in the same hotel, so it is not an issue for her to come down stairs to meet me. She arrives, her hair is wet as she just stepped out of the shower. We talk but it does not take long for us to find our way into the bedroom and we go through the motions. Ok something to think about. Not my first choice, I do not even offer her the opportunity of the weekend with me.

    Sandy is next, showing up at 12:30. Nicely dressed but she is mature. Too mature. Now I am not a young guy, but she seemed a little old for me. We chatted, and I ask her if she would like to get a bite. We head downstairs and have lunch in the lobby bar. We chat but it is clear I am not her cup of tea and I just do not feel anything with her.

    I make my way back up stairs, Helene arrives. I am pleasantly surprised to see such a beautiful young, yet mature, woman dressed as requested in a blue top and dark pencil skirt, but it was her eagerness she wore with pride, that was her most sensuous fashion accessory. Her shimmering red hair falls below her shoulder. Her smile is to die for. She is not a young lady but a more experienced charmer. She is so new to the game she does not treat it as a game. We hit it off. Time passes by and opps, we talked the whole hour. She feels bad, and I offer her more money to stay longer. She seems so excited. I go to the entrance closet of the suite to get my wallet and more money. She smiles at me and says she would have stayed for free. I smile back at her and I tell her I would have paid her double. We both laugh.

    She looked licentious and my dick responds as soon as I saw her walk to towards me. She gave me a kiss on the lips as soon as I gave her the extension money and my hard-on got even harder. I pointed her back to the living room and as she walked in front of me I admired her great ass. I asked her what she would like to drink, and she told me wine, if I had it. I had a bottle of German wine I brought with me. My hand was shaking as I opened it and poured it while watching her sitting on the couch crossing her legs, her seductively admiring me, admire her. I returned with the wine she was now undressing but it was the passion in her eyes as she watched me make my way to her. She spoke to me in German.

    I knew then that we were going to have fun that night, hell fun weekend if she would stay. I knelt next to her and handed her the wine glass. She took a sip and complemented me on the wine. I put my hand on her leg and she did not move, so I started caressing her, moving my hand up her thigh. She asked me to get closer, so I moved closer to her on the sofa and she put her hand on my thigh. I reached back and started to caress her ass and she started moving her hand closer to my aching dick. I moved her skirt up revealing the loveliest round ass that I had ever seen.

    She was wearing a dark olive bikini pantie with her ass exposed. I started caressing her ass and she moved her hand directly on my dick. I was wearing a summer suit, no underwear, so she could get the full effect of my bulge in my pants as her hand slide up and down on my throbbing cock. At that moment she gave a moan and I was not sure whether it was because I touched her ass or her touching my dick. She increased her hand movement up and down my shaft as I inserted my hand inside her panties. Her cheeks were full and plump, and I reached between them touching her warm ass hole. She moaned loudly. I reached for her tits with one hand while the other continues to rub her hole. She sat up on her knees on the sofa facing me and this allowed me access to her lovely tits. She had lovely erect nipples and full breasts. She then sat on my lap facing me and I started licking her lovely tits. She started grinding her pussy onto my erect dick begging to be released from my suit harness. Each moan one more reason to release the fury in my pants.

    I slid my hands into her panties grabbing her full ass and started kneading it. She loved it and started grinding harder into my aching dick. I started rubbing her ass concentrating on her hole. She purred like a satisfied cat and asked me to insert my finger into her hole. I wet my finger with some saliva and dove back into her slit finally reaching her hot hole and started inserting it. She started jumping in ecstasy and asking for more. In a few moments my finger was fully inside her. The more I penetrated her tight ass the more she stroked my cock with her pussy. At one point I could feel my pants were wet. My mind went into panic mode thinking oh no precum, I must have wet my pants, how embarrassing. Then I realized it was not me but Helene that was responsible for the wet spot on my pants. I smiled and refocused on enjoyed her tensely wet pussy. The kisses were building, and she held me tight as her body started to tense up and she started to quiver in my arms. Her pace quickened as her hips were competing with her rubbing against my crotch. My hardness was only out done by her vice grip she had on me. Oh my god she started to shake uncontrollably. She let out a huge breath of air as her head flipped back causing her red locks to spray all over me and then she collapsed in my arms a total surrender to a man she just met. I lay her back on the sofa to admire her beauty after cuming. She looked at me and said she was sorry for the mess she made on my suit. I smiled back at her and told her not to be sorry. She giggled and said she felt like she should be paying me.

    I suggested that we go to my bedroom and Helene agreed. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and laid her on my bed. She looked lovely with her nipples hardened and her beautiful runners’ thighs. I adored her marathon body with her lovely tits. I leaned over and started to suck on them and she came back to life. I took her on the bed.

    She parted her perfect thighs and I saw her wet full pussy lips protruding calling my name. I slowly slipped my hands over her lovely plump pussy with the right amount of kitten fur. Her lips were engorged and slightly parted with her pink showing. I could not wait any longer and drove between her legs lapping at those lovely lips that glistened in the late afternoon light, she moaned as I licked her. She smelled heavenly and tasted sweet as I ate her lovely pussy. She started reaching for my pants and I removed my shirt and then slowly slipped my pants down revealing my fully extended shaft and watched her mouth open in awe. I moved closer to her and slipped the head of my dick between her waiting lips which were warm and wet. She comments that my cock was the biggest she has ever seen. I rolled my eyes oh no not like all the others. I had hoped she was not like so many SPs before her.

    She wanted more, and I started pumping her mouth inserting it further and further as I watched her lovely eyes. I reached down and pulled her up. Now I extended my hand behind and started rubbing her lovely wet pussy. I asked her if she wanted my shaft between her wet pussy lips and she nodded in agreement. I was fully hard and well lubricated by now. I slipped my shaft between her parted thighs. I placed on a condom and inserted my shaft between her pussy lips and started rubbing it into her while I fondled her tits. She started begging me to penetrate her, but I teased her some more before finally placing the head between her lovely pussy lips and inserted it. As I penetrated her tight pussy, she arched her back and gave a loud moan. I started pumping her slowly going in further as she moaned. I enjoyed my shaft slipping into and out of that beautiful wet pussy. It was not too long before we started cumming, then I collapse on her. I finally slipped it out of her pussy and we laid side-by-side on the bed.

    After some time, she turned over on her belly and presented me with her beautiful full smooth ass. My dick started to come to attention again and I moved behind her and started caressing her ass and rubbing her hole. She said, "please fuck me in the ass" and I just about came from the way she asked it. I went down on her hole and started licking it. She started moaning loudly again. I started inserting my tongue into her hole and she went wild. Finally, I could not wait anymore, and she reached for the KY jelly in her purse. She lubricated her hole and I started applying it to my dick as she turned back and shivered.....I asked if she was cold, but she said she was excited about my dick slipping into her ass.

    I pulled a pillow and stuffed it under her. Her beautiful ass was now raised, and her cheeks parted revealing her lovely pink hole which was twitching in expectation. As I mounted her, I smiled and placed the throbbing head of my dick on her awaiting hole. I pushed slightly, and the head slipped right in. Helene gave a very loud moan and said, "yes please, pump me fully with your long thick shaft". I leaned over her, kissed her and said, "I am about to fuck you lovely ass all afternoon and into the evening". As I said that she started twitching and I knew she was already cumming. I held her waist and climbed up on her full ass, and slowly started pumping her, going deeper with every push as she moaned and moaned. I was finally fully inside her and I watched her lovely full ass below me being pushed up and down. I knew that was what she had mainly come to me for. I knew that somebody with an ass as lovely as hers loved anal sex the most. I continued fucking her for about 10 minutes before finally emptying my load in the condom up her ass and collapsed on top of her.

    The Extension
    We talked for about another hour realizing that we had gone beyond the agreed time. I then asked if she would consider spending the weekend with me. She smiled this most amazing smile and agreed. We came to an agreement on the fee for the time. She needed time to adjust her schedule as she reached for her purse pulling out her calendar crossing things off and then reviewing in more detail. She seemed so giddy. She asked if she could just sort out a few things this afternoon. I agreed to meet her at her favorite sushi restaurant that evening. She packed up her things kissed me then ran out the door like a house on fire. With in the time it took to get downstairs. I got a call from her. My first reaction was she had to cancel. On the contrary she was calling to tell me that was the best fuck she ever had and that she was so excited to see me this evening. She told me she was so wet and that she wanted this to be the best weekend I ever had.

    The afternoon blew by. I stopped by the bank to secure her weekend tribute plus a little extra as she was an exceptional lady. I was so excited to find her and even more excited to spend the weekend with her. I forgot all about Cindy not arriving. Matter of fact I am glad she never made it. Helene was a unique find. She calls me yet again to tell me she misses me, and she wants to know what to bring with her. I can tell by her voice that she was as excited about this time we will spend together as I, maybe even more. She was going to jump into the shower and get ready. Then she said the words right out of the blue. She said. “love you” then hung up. My cock sprang into action. I started to shake. It was like I lost control. I fell on the bed closed my eyes and the thought of her next to me in this very bed, my pounding away at her only hours before. My shaft was now fully extended, and it was throbbing as I stroked it. I started to stroke myself more intensely thinking of her having feelings for me. Falling in love with me.

    My O was getting more and more intense thinking and rethinking her saying those words. I squeezed my cock so hard to try and control my urge to explode. It was overwhelming. My breathing was now so intense that I thought I was going to pass out. I released my grip on my dick and my cum shot out as if it was a fountain. I had cum all over me. It was like a gusher. I was relieved but also disappointed as I wanted to save it for her. Oh well it was time for another shower before heading out to meet her at her favorite restaurant.

    The dinner
    I arrived early. Selected the table and awaited her arrival. I was excited but also nervous. What if she does not show. Then there she was. Oh, my, did she look good. Her red hair was flowing, her smile was even more passionate. I loved how she smiled at me and was totally into me. She wore this beautiful white blouse with the collar up. She looked so hot and so elegant. She had on a different black skirt just below her knee. I noticed this wrinkle in the corner of her eye when she smiled that disclosed that she was older than her ad had confessed. This was good. I felt reassured by that. Her skirt protected her true reason for being there giving her a professional look to her but exposing her incredible athletic body. She had beautiful silk stockings that seemed to bunch up under her knee as she sat next to me. I just had to touch those black stocking to feel the silk beneath my fingers. I am not sure who enjoyed that more, me or her as she leaned over to kiss me. Her heals gave her body that sexiness that she did not need, but I was so glad she shared with me. I could see it in how she held her self and how she sat next to me. We were lost in each others’ eyes.

    We talked for hours. We laughed, we shared her life and mine. I was content to hear about her family, her real job, her passions and how she came into this world. I knew that she was not like so many escorts before her. She was new, a bit scared, but also excited about the idea of men paying to be with her, since she had never been married. Close once, but we know how these tails end. It did not matter we were together and this was her first week end date and overnight. She had dropped her bag at the hotel. She had hoped that was ok. She treated this like a real date and not like a service. I lost myself in her stories and our discussion I too forgot I was paying her to be with me. I told her she did not have to do anything she did not want to. I was not expecting her to do anything like what happen this afternoon. She looked at me and she smiled and told me she wants to do so much with me. She was excited about what will happen this weekend.

    The dinner part of the night was coming to an end. I paid, and we started our trek back to Yonge street. I was about to hale a cab when she pulled me close and asked me if we could walk back. I smiled and with a kiss like that she could have got me to do anything. We walked arm and arm back talking as we went. We shared thoughts, dreams, desires. I had learned she was a photographer and she did weddings. Yet she had never been married. She stopped me again and pulled me closer started to kiss me as the traffic buzzed by. The world stopped, and her embrace was not that of any escort I had ever experienced. The trance was only broken by some guy yelling from his car window.

    “Get a room”!

    We acknowledge his comment and laughed as we wandered the streets of Toronto arm in arm. I never wanted the night to end. As we approached the hotel she stopped me yet again. The glimmer in her eye seemed moist, her voice now shaky, and she pulled me closer whispering like she was releasing a confession that only her priest should know. Her hush surrounded by the noise of the city was so clear.

    “I want you Greg, I mean I really want you. I do not know if you are real or if you are a dream in my head, but I know I am not supposed to say this, but I think I am falling in love with you.” She goes on to explain how she is new at this and we just met but she has this burning desire to please me to want to be with me. She is afraid and not sure what I want because she will do anything for me or with me if I will not let her go.

    I reassure her that I am real for this weekend. That it is not only ok for her to have feelings for me but that is exactly what I want too. I want to feel that emotion. It is ok to have this connection. I want her. At this point she slides her leg up my leg and on one leg she pulls me to her. In the cool of the summer night her kiss now sends electricity throughout my body. She looks at me and she tells me she wants to fuck my brains out!

    We quicken our pace through the doors of the hotel, into the elevator, and into the suite.

    I looked into her eyes and, sensing the invitation, slowly lowered my mouth to hers, connecting our lips in a lingering kiss. Her soft tongue lightly sought out mine, and as they danced against each other, I felt her body melt into mine. It was the kind of kiss I'd always longed for, easily the greatest kiss of my life, and we continued for what felt like minutes. We both pulled back at the same time, each looking at the other, before embracing again, our mouths hungrily meeting. Her full pink lips were like heaven to me, tasting like an exotic fruit, her tongue soft against my own. I found my hands roaming her back, lightly grazing her supple behind as she pulled me tighter against her.

    We finally broke apart, our breaths coming quicker, my heart thumping in my chest. She giggled like a nervous teenager, shyly meeting my gaze as I held her close.

    "Wow...", she said, echoing my own thoughts aloud, "That was perfect!"

    I put my arm around her, keeping her close as we moved to the bedroom. We stopped occasionally to kiss, each time more amazing than the last. Our mouths seemed eager to conform to the others style of kissing, and although the world had plenty of other people in it, I felt as though it were merely her and I alone in a wonderful bubble. I was in heaven. I was lost in my own thoughts when I noticed her eyes had opened and she was looking at me. Her gaze was soft, and her hand brushed through my hair, pulling me down for another kiss.

    "Are you ok” I asked after the kiss ended.

    "Yes...", she said, leaning up to continue kissing me.

    Our kissing turned erotic, passionate, our hands straying over each other as our mouths plied against one another. Without realizing it, my hands had moved to her breasts, lightly cupping them as my thumbs brushed against her nipples. She responded immediately, moaning slightly into my mouth as her nails dug into my shoulders. I wanted to touch all her body but restrained myself for multiple reasons. Still, even barely caressing her perfect breasts had caused a stirring in my groin, making me hard almost immediately. I would have been embarrassed, however I figured that at our current angle, it was not as though she would have noticed.

    After a few more minutes of this, we stopped, and I suggested that we make our way on to the bed. I knew I had her for the whole night and did not want it to go too fast, to quickly. It was not that I wanted to stop, but truthfully, I really liked spending time with her and wanted to make sure she knew I wasn't just here for a fast fuck. She smiled and agreed, then moved on to the bed. Suddenly, and I'm sure by accident, she placed her hand on my leg and pressed against my throbbing hard-on.

    "Oh...!", she made a surprised noise, her eyes widening slightly.

    "Sorry...", I said sheepishly, "I can't help that you turn me on."

    She didn't say anything, but I saw a small smile play across her face as she laid back. I wasn't sure how to handle the fact that she had touched my cock, so I resigned myself to not mention it and hope that I hadn't given her the wrong idea. I mean, I wasn't a porn star, but I do have quite a large member, and she knew that from our afternoon delight. So, although I should probably have been proud and willing to show off a bit, I didn't want her to think me a pervert.

    She often came over to steal a lingering kiss, making me feel like a teenager all over again. It was easily the best first date ever and was evolving into one of the best dates I'd had in my life. Every chance I could, I took the time to appreciate just how sexy this woman looked in her dress. My mind strayed to the way her breasts felt in my hands, how her nipples had hardened at the slightest provocation, how incredible her ass looked when she bent over. She was incredible. My mind often wandered back to our afternoon of pure pleasure. Now I wanted more, "I had a really great time!", she was telling me, a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes.

    After returning the sentiment, we again began to make out like school kids, our kissing quickly turning heated. Almost without words, we both made the decision to move closer. I was now blatantly massaging her luscious breasts, occasionally focusing on her hardening nipples. She moaned in appreciation, making soft cooing noises in response to my touch. The noises alone caused my cock to stiffen, and she in turn wiggled her bottom, pressing into me and making my balls ache from the built-up pressure.

    I had moved my left hand beneath her skirt, and as I gently kissed her neck, I slid my hand up her firm thigh to her naked hip. My breath caught as I realized she wasn't wearing panties tonight, my thumb pressed against her hip bone, her skin soft beneath my palm. Her tongue had been flicking against my own, her upper body pressing against my right hand that was on her breast, both our breaths now coming in ragged fits. I stopped, knowing that if we continued this course, we both would go farther than we wanted to right now.

    She seemed to appreciate that I had been the one to place our passion on hold. We both broke from the trance our hormones had created, pulling away to regain some control.

    "I think we should wait a bit.", I said, feeling almost foolish.

    She smiled, agreed with me. I gave her a final soft kiss, and she left to go to the washroom.

    "Greg? I had a great time today, and was hoping that you might select me to join you this weekend?”

    "You're really turned on, huh?", she asked, looking pointedly at the growing bulge against my leg.

    "Yes," I said, figuring it should have been obvious, "Your body is amazing."

    "Most guys don't notice my breasts, they seem to focus on my butt.", she openly lamented.

    I thought that was too bad if other men hadn't realized just how perky and nice her breasts were, and asked her if my attention had turned her on as well. Instead of answering, she spread her legs apart and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Immediately my mouth went dry, too stunned to create an appropriate response.

    "Why don't you check?", she asked, giving me a devilish smile.

    I turned my attention to her nicely groomed pussy. She had puffy lips, and a very pronounced labium, protruding like a butterfly preparing for flight. It was a gorgeous pussy, and I trembled as I moved my hand between her legs. I touched the outside of her lips first, grazing the inside of her tender thigh as I rubbed my fingertips across her delicate folds. I paused briefly, then slid my index finger into her slit, not yet penetrating her. She was incredibly wet, and my finger was instantly moist as I pressed up and around her pronounced clit. Her reaction was instantaneous, her body nearly convulsing as I began to make deliberate circles around her hood.

    She was now loudly moaning as I worked her pussy, alternating between her wet interior and her swollen clit. I resisted the urge to bury my fingers in her, instead focusing on teasing the exterior of her soft pussy mound. I pulled my hand back, placing my two fingers in my mouth to taste her juices, rewarded by the sweet taste that filled my mouth. I licked them, wetting them to now slide them into her, then placed my hand back between her legs. She was kneading her own breast as I finally buried my finger inside her tight hole, feeling the suction as I slid in and out of her. I continued to move back and forth, sometimes pulling out to focus my touch on her clit, making small circles around it that seemed to make her quiver.

    Occasionally reaching up to massage whichever breast was free, both of us seemingly on the edge of a climax, my cock was in actual pain from being so hard, I couldn't remember ever wanting a woman as badly as I wanted Helene right then. Although she never orgasmed, I had her on edge, stimulated for over an hour as our night built up.

    She stood before me naked, tan lines marking the delicious areas I had been attending to for the last hour. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, our mouths working feverishly at one another's as I lay her down on the bed once more. Kissing down her chest, I pulled first her left, then right nipple into my mouth, biting down gently on each as I suckled. She moaned her approval, her nails pressing into my upper back.

    I reached up, first placing a pillow under her head, then grabbing the other as I licked and kissed my way down her torso.

    "Lift your hips," I told her, sliding the pillow underneath her ass, giving me a better angle from which to lick at her pussy. Oh, the thought of this afternoon ran through my head.

    I slid to the base of the bed, settled her legs on my shoulders. I kissed at the inside of both her thighs before zeroing in on her heated area. She was glistening in anticipation, her lips swollen and dripping the sweet nectar I had tasted earlier. Without hesitation, I licked her from the base to her clit, a slow steady movement that filled my mouth with her taste. My hands rested on her stomach, and I used my thumbs to pull apart her lips, giving me access to her steaming wet hole and throbbing clit. I lapped at her, lost in how wonderful she tasted, slowly circling all of her as she cooed her appreciation.

    I increased the pressure of my licks, focusing more on her clit as I tried to build her to an orgasm. I wanted her to flood my mouth as she came, and I worked fervently to trigger her release. I slid a finger into her, finding her G-spot and pressing against it as I licked. Occasionally I pulled back, pulling her entire labia into my mouth, sucking on the soft skin and working my tongue like I was French kissing her, then once again going back to her swelling clit. After nearly an hour she could take no more, pulling me forcibly up her body.

    "Baby, I must have you inside me!", she begged, locking her eyes onto mine before kissing me, her own juices now being willingly tasted by her as our tongues danced together. I quickly pulled off my clothes, enjoying the feeling of her naked body against mine, her legs wrapped around my waist.

    I leaned up, placing the head my cock at her entrance. Teasing her slightly, wetting myself with her juices, I then reached for a condom as she assisted me in a fevered pace. I back and forth over her slit. She was going crazy.

    Give it to me…. Give it to me NOW! I slowly pushed my cock into her. My eyes never left hers as I worked most of my member deep inside her, finally stopping when I felt the bottom of her about six inches in. She felt like a soft velvet glove, firmly milking me as I throbbed. We both groaned at the sudden pleasure, treasuring our first connection that afternoon but this was so much better. We were now, joined finally in the most intimate of moments, as I was buried inside her.

    I pulled back gently, then pushed again into her. She moaned, and her hands slid down, taking my ass into her grasp. As I began to slide in and out of her, she guided my pace, slowly increasing the rhythm of our coupling. With each thrust she became louder, pleading for me to take her over the edge she had been at for hours now.

    "Baby! Oh my god that feels so good! You feel so good inside me, ooooooohhhh!", she was panting, pulling me harder into her.

    We rocked back and forth for nearly twenty minutes, a frenzied passion overcoming our bodies as she quaked beneath me. Sensing that she needed one final push to reach a climax, I leaned up, pulling her legs up to her body. I began thrusting harder, burying my full cock inside her at a faster pace. Her face froze in ecstasy, then she released a high-pitched scream, violently screaming incoherently, her head shaking in a wild "No!" motion as I fucked her deeper and longer than I had any woman before her. Finally, her hands gripping my arms, her legs spasming against my own, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, the unmistakable throes of an intense orgasm racking her body.

    I continued my pumping, her first orgasm rolling into a second, her juices spreading all over my cock and balls. I felt the pressure building inside me as we both reached an orgasm together, stars exploding behind my eyes as I released into her. I felt my come fill her cavity, emptying my entire load as my body shook. She gave one final cry, then began laughing, the emotions overcoming her in the end. I stopped, gently resting on her body as she covered my face in kisses.

    "I've never been fucked like that," she breathed hoarsely into my ear, "Never baby, oh my god..."

    I leaned back and smiled at her, spent from our lovemaking. I slowly pulled myself out of her, lying down next to her and pulled her against my chest. Our breathing quieted down together, and she nuzzled against me, drifting off to sleep.

    The next day
    We awoke in the morning. Helene heard me as I got up to us the bathroom. I brushed and washed up. As I left the bathroom I saw this picture of beauty standing at the door her body kind of balancing on one leg as she arched her hips. Her red hair flowing over her shoulder covering her one naked breast. Her smile was a mile long and the sun was coming through the curtain the rays highlighting her amazing pussy partially exposing to my burning stare. She then asked if I would like to fuck her some more. I was surprized I would have thought she had enough last night. Few ladies ask for more. Helene wanted more and with each step closer I got harder as she shifted her weight to her other foot. She reached for me and told me I had an amazing cock and how it filled her up. I told her that her pussy and her ass was what my cock desired.

    Helene kissed me and as she held me my stiffness found its way naturally between her legs. I noticed her hip movement slow at first but increased as our kisses intensified. I felt the head of my dick caressing her slit. I put both hands on her perfect globes of her ass and I started to assist her with her movement. My manhood was being lubricated by her natural juices as the friction between our bodies resulted in such pleasure. She whispered to me “fuck me right here, right now!”
    I pulled her back into the bedroom behind her. We stubbled into the bed. As she pulled her self on to the bed I pulled out a condom off the night stand. Fumbled with the wrapper. Helene took it from me and said. “let me help you with that” the slid it on to my throbbing love pole. She spread her legs as I penetrated her. Slow at first until she wrapped her lean legs around me and pulled all of me in to her as she moaned. “fuck you are so big. Oh my god you are so deep in me.” Like on cue those words resulted in my deep thrusts as I braced my arms and my legs resulting in my full body weight and the full extent of my thickness now penetrated Helene deeper than I had ever been in a woman before. I lifted myself up then came crashing down. She let out such a scream. I stopped as she recovered. “More” she screamed at me. Once again and repeatedly until she reached an O of such magnitude it was picked on an earthquake detector. She shook the bed shook her trembling legs and arms head me so tight our body became one. “OMG Greg” was her words escaping her body with her deep breath. Then she said the words “I love you” Which resulted in my own eruption. My body tightened up and the spasm resulted in such a convolution as I filled the condom. What a release! We needed to lay there trying to bring our heart rates down to a manageable level. I pulled out leaving the full condom in her. She giggled and laughed, Pulling out the full condom. Her response was “OMG Greg” She held the top and seemed to enjoy the amount of sperm left in the condom. She looked at it in the early morning light. She then asked, “How many babies are in there” I never thought about it like that before. I left and went into have a shower.

    In the shower I turned, and Helene was next to me. She proceeded to kiss me and tell me my cock was so incredible. I washed her back and her ass sliding in a finger in her ass. She turned her head to look at me and asked me to make sure I get all her spots. We came out dried off and she asked about breakfast. She knew a little breakfast spot on Yonge street. Over breakfast she told me things and we discussed the things to do. She told me she had a few errors if I wanted to join her. I told her that sounded like fun. She looked at me as f I lost my mind. After breakfast we were off.

    Camera shop.
    We headed to the camera shop where she was renting a camera for a shot she had on Monday. She explained that she had to rent it as she could not afford it. I went along. I watched her talking to the guy in the shop and it sounded as if she was a good client. He was willing to rent it to her for a few hundred. I saw she looked uncomfortable looking in her bag to find the cash I gave her. I noticed how she looked around she did not want to pull out the wad I had given her. No lady would have that amount of cash in hundreds unless she robbed a bank or was an escort. She excused herself to use the bathroom and would be right back.

    Helene escaped full view. I asked the guy how much for a new lens like the one she was using. He looked at me knowing I had no idea what I was talking about. He told me $800.00. I thought for $800 piece of equipment you are charging her $200 to rent. I asked him if he had a new one. He said yea. I told him I wanted to buy one fast. He was kind of shocked. I gave him my card I told him to process it fast. He did. I told him to give it to her when she got back. I caught her coming out of the bathroom. I pulled her to the side to ask her about these tripods, and then about some other equipment. She humored me and asked when I became such a big fan of photography. When she finally got back to the guy behind the counter. He hander her a new box with her special lenses. She looked confused as she gave him the money. I step out of the store as he told her she was not renting it she now owned it.

    On the street I looked for a cab. She came out of the store her fire red hair glowing as her face was red. She said my name causing a shiver down my spine. I looked at her as she told me that I can not do this. I said “opps I just did.”

    Helene was unsure what to say our do. I told her that she gave me such pleasure last night and this morning. She turned as I notice she was crying. I told her I was sorry. She explained no one had ever done such a thing for her. It is hard for her to take such a gift from me she does not know me. I hugged her and asked how long to you need to know someone before you can do something special for them. She kissed me and then said she wanted to take me someplace as we got in a cab. She held on to me give the driver instructions then kissed me. Telling me I had no idea how many times she rented this lens.

    We arrived, and I paid the driver. It was an apartment complex. She sheepishly took me inside and the next thing I know I was in her apartment. She smiles at me as she placed her bags on the floor. She tells me she has not had a man in her place before. She does not have a boyfriend, but she wanted me to make love to her in her bed. She wanted to have me cum in her in her bed. We dropped our clothes and I fucked her that afternoon in each room of her apartment. The walls had never heard such sounds although she brought out her toys to show me what she does when she gets horny. She slid the toy up her ass and demanded that I fuck her. I loved watching her cum all afternoon.

    I was spent, and I got the feeling she could have gone longer but it was now mid afternoon. I had dinner reservations for us and we needed to get her a new dress. I took her to Yorkville for us to go shopping for a new outfit.

    We wandered around Yorkville stopping in shop after shop. We weaved our way to Holt and Renfrew and we enjoyed the cool air conditioner department store. She knew the store and although she never bought anything in it she liked to look at the dresses. She told me she could never afford to shop there. Then to my surprise she took me upstairs to look at discounted dresses. I was impressed. I talked to the clerk as Helene tried on a number of dresses. I told the clerk to feed her more dresses. I called the salon and asked if they had any opening right away. They could fit Helene in for her hair and make up right away, but they had no openings for her nails.


    Helene found a few dresses but decided on one. I told the lady to box up the two dresses she wanted as I took Helene away. She told me two was too much. I told her it was fine. I took her to the salon and she was shocked when I told her that she was to get her hair and make up done. I tipped the ladies at the salon a $100 to take good care of her. She smiled and asked me what I was doing. I told her to enjoy and I would be back in an hour and a half.

    I headed up stairs to fine the lady who was helping us. I offered her money to help me to get her shoes for the dresses as well as hand bags and lingerie. Vanessa the clerk was thrilled and told her supervisor she was going to help me. We ran all over the store pick out shoes, handbags, silky bra panties and a garter belt with stocking. I even got her a night grown. Then on the way down to get her we got some accessories.

    Vanessa and I arrived to meet Helene. OMG her hair was so full, and her makeup looked perfect. I loved her smokie eyes. Her lips were a bright red. When she saw all the bags and Vanessa showed her what we got her. Helene cried. She hugged me like she was never going to let me go. I thought I saw Vanessa wipe a tear from her eye. The hug from Helene was one I will remember forever.

    We gathered up her bags and we are off. We wander the streets of Yorkville and we stop for an ice cream. I look at her as the sun shines off her crimson locks. I do not think I ever saw anyone so beautiful. We see a ladies clothing store. She loves the dress in the window. I offer to get her the dress but she tells me no as she has two beautiful dresses. She tells me she would prefer to fuck me back at our hotel.

    We hail a cab and rush back to the hotel. As Toronto passed us by Helene looked me in the eyes and told me it feels like this is so real. “It feels like you are my boyfriend, the boyfriend I always wanted.” We jumped out with her bags. She smiles at the door men as we enter the hotel. We breeze past the front desk. In the elevator she leans over to kiss me to tell me she cannot believe this day. Helene wanted me to know that she had never been treated like this before and she did not want it to end. We hit our floor and we hauled out the bags of all her clothes shoes and hand bags. She turned me to her and kisses me in the hall way like it was her last kiss. Like it was the first real kiss she ever had. We made our way to our door.

    We kissed as I pulled out the key to open the door. I had just opened the door. She had both arms around my neck and her tongue down my throat. I threw in the bags I was carrying and I kicked the bags she had dropped to the floor into the suite. The door closes as I pushed her to the wall. Her legs came up and she wrapped them around my lower body. Holding on to my neck.

    I looked into her eyes and wanted her. I'd been waiting for this moment for my whole life. I felt the urge to take her as my lover. We shed clothes as we made our way into the bedroom. She threw off her bra and I threw off my pants, shirt and sports jacket. I crawled onto the bed where she laid, crawling over her very long legs and slim stomach to give her a soft, romantic kiss. She responded with more enthusiasm with each passing second. Before long, her and I were kissing so passionately before she told me to stand up. I did so, curious why she would want to stop such a sweet moment.

    Standing there, with a confused look on my face, she grabbed my arms and began to pull me. She knelled down and began to kiss my stomach very softly, savoring the taste of my skin. After a few minutes of enjoying my stomach and working her way up my chest to my lips to plant a quick kiss, she moved back down to my waist; anticipation written all over her face. With a massive erection straining, she smiled at the sight of my hard-on. I think it pleasured her to know that its her who turns me on the most in life; porn and hot women don't even come close.

    Before her soft and delicate fingers started pulling at my cock, I stopped her and told her how much I loved her body. She began to softly and loving caress my penis, looking at me from time to time. It warmed my heart to know that we were doing this to share intimate feelings for each other.

    Before she could do much more I only smiled and looked into her eyes before telling her sweetly:

    “Please share your beauty with me. I already know you're the most beautiful woman in the world. Please, allow me to enjoy God's greatest creation that is the inner you.”

    She only looked at me before starting to move her hands and arms away from her breasts; showing me her true beauty. Her beautiful 32C breasts were all I wanted and more. I softly cupped them and played with them, telling her they are always so amazing to me. I stood up and looked at her but for a moment before kissing; enjoying the beautiful view of the only woman I love at this moment.

    I then pulled her in to kiss me. She responded well to this and start to kiss me passionate as well. We both fell onto the bed and began to make out, getting us both in the mood to have wonderful sex. She was on all fours above me, savoring every kiss we shared. After a few minutes of this I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her a little more. I positioned her so that I could enjoy her orally. I kissed ever so softly down her flat stomach, leaving a little trails of love as I went further and further downward. She watched so intently, waiting for me to taste her. Once I'd reached her incredibly aroused pussy, I couldn't tease her anymore, I was already teased by the sight of a beautiful woman in bed with me; so I immediately began to lick her pussy.

    She moaned very loudly with each movement of my tongue and sucking motion I made. What I had learned is that when I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue really fast as it was in my mouth, this drove her so wild, it nearly made her cum every time. Her simple, yet intriguing taste always fascinated me.

    I licked, sucked and did whatever I could to make her experience a bliss orgasm and so she did. She convulsed and writhed in pure pleasure as I continued to lick her tasty pussy. Once she'd stopped convulsing I crawled back up to her and kissed her softly and lovingly. I gazed into her shut eyes as she enjoyed an orally stimulated orgasm, waiting for her eyes to open. Once those beautifully crafted eyes appeared, I asked her if she was ready. She nodded yes, but began to speak.

    “I'm ready to suck on your big cock” she said with a seductive tone.

    She pushed my chest with her delicate hands and I found myself on my back on the bed. I simply laid there as she began to lick and suck on my dick. She started by sucking softly on the head of my throbbing dick. Then she began to engulf my dick, whole as she played with my balls the way I liked, softly. She continued this til I felt myself getting somewhat close to cumming. I then told her to stop and get on her side. She appeared a little confused at first but realized that I wanted to do sideways 69. I immediately straddled my face onto her sopping wet pussy and began to eat it with all the energy I had. She started to suck on my dick but with tender moans every time I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth, something I always enjoyed doing. Each time she bobbed her head up and down on my dick, I let out a soft moan as I sucked her, making it more enjoyable for her to feel so many different kinds of stimulants at once.

    That had not been my first time doing 69, but it felt like it. It last longer but more passionate than I could have imagined.

    When we'd both gotten into the mood, I pulled back from our wonderful kiss and asked Helene if she was ready. She replied with a soft and willing “yes.”

    I then got up and grabbed a condom. She then situated herself on the bed with her head on a pillow and I mounted her. I began to place the head of my dick at her entrance and then looked into her beautiful eyes for confirmation. She nodded “yes” to me and I then entered her.

    The feeling of a woman is hard to explain. To me, the feeling of Helene (with a condom on of course) is one of warmth, wet and tight walls clamping against my dick as I entered her. She was tight. As I entered her slowly, I gazed into her eyes and watched her reactions, so that I wouldn't hurt her in any way.

    The feeling of being completely engulfed by a woman's pussy is like no other. Its perfect amount of pressure everywhere on the penis but the warmth is what makes it so much more enjoyable.

    With that, I began to thrust back and forth as I peered into her pretty eyes. I let soft moans escape my lips with each passing thrust and watched as she enjoyed it herself. Her breasts jiggled each time I thrusted into her completely. Something which always turned me. After about 10 minutes of me thrusting my dick into her tight pussy, she pushed my chest to move backwards but said “don't pull out and help me up.”

    I held her soft body in my hands as I helped her mount me. Her face, only inches from mine, she kissed me as she began to ride me. Up and down, never missing a beat, she began to pick up some speed. The sweet smell of her freshly conditioned hair, warm breaths panting onto my face and incredibly tight pussy gave me pleasures I'd only dreamed about.

    After about 4 minutes of this, she stopped and tensed up. I came out of my pleasured stated, I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me with an embarrassed look on her beautiful face and asked if she could go to the bathroom and pee.

    I just started to burst out laughing along with her and told her it was fine. I wasn't mad at her in the slightest, the fact that she was doing something so wonderful and loving as passionate sex is all I wanted. But that didn't stop her from apologizing non-stop as she walked into the bathroom.

    I then asked her if she was ready to resume our love making. She looked at me for a second with a thinking look written on her face. She then pulled out the night gown I had got her. I stood behind her and watched, enjoying the beauty of this wonderful woman whom I had fallen in love with in just 24 hours
    Once her night gown was on, she turned around and said “So what kind of role-playing should we do?” She knows I am big into role playing.

    I responded as I ran my hands up and down her soft arms “Why not try a business CEO and a secretary?”

    She giggled at the thought but gave me a rebuttal that she thought it would be better to do the teacher and catholic school girl role-play.

    I was intrigued by this and gladly followed. She began to call me “Mr. Dickson” and implored me to rather giving her a C in my “class” but an A. I stood there, holding back my laughter by how much we resembled a porno, and responded with:

    “Well there might be one thing you could do” I said to her as I pushed her onto the bed.

    She said, in an acted innocent tone “What are you doing Mr. Dickson?”

    “If you really want that A...you're going to have to do something for me.” I said to her in a stern voice as I started to pull off her gown.

    “What are you doing Mr. Dickson?” Helene said, still trying to maintain that innocent.

    “Fucking you.” was the last thing I said to her before pushing her all the way onto her back placing a cover on and mounted her as I began to fuck her so hard.
    I continued to thrust in as deep and as hard as I could into her tight pussy, making Helene whimper with each thrust. After a few minutes of taking her so roughly, I ordered her to get on all fours. She did so and I started to take her from behind. Everything was going great til I hit her cervix in an awkward angle. She screamed and fell over as I pulled out of her, shocked and scared of what I had done to her. She laid there, in a fetal position, starting to sob to the sounds of me apologizing non-stop for hurting her.

    I tried my best to comfort her but with every touch, I grew more and more scared of hurting her further. As she sobbed from the pain and I felt heartache grow within me. The last thing I want to ever do to my love is hurt her. I repeatedly told her that we don't need to do anymore, in fear of hurting her further. She replied that she just needed some time to get over the pain. She was not mad at me, knowing I would never cause her pain on purpose.

    I held her in my arms on that bed as she got passed the pain. I stroked her beautiful amber hair and talked to her to take her mind off the pain down there. After caressing her and comforting her, she said she was ready for more.

    Trusting her, I got up and grabbed some lube to help make things easier for her. After applying some lube to my dick and her pussy, I mounted her once more in the missionary position. I entered her oh so slowly, making sure not to hurt her. I started to pick up the pace of thrusting as she responded well to being taken again. It was not long before she came once already with me not too from from cumming as well. I felt her coming close to her second orgasm as my first one approached.

    “I love you!” Helene said to me as I was thrusting roughly and deep into her tightening pussy.

    “I love you too my love... So much” I responded with my orgasm quickly approaching.

    I couldn't hold it in any longer, I burst into a loud grunt and moan as I pulled out of her pussy and came heavily into my condom. The rush of the strongest orgasm in my life made me collapse on top of her, my face landing on her left breast. Her breast, soft and full like a large pillow, held my face as I panted heavily.

    After a minute or two of trying to regain strength after such an explosive orgasm, I looked up into my lover's eyes. She laid there, grinning at the sight of me about to pass out after our passionate love making.

    When I finally could move myself, I moved to her side and held her in my arms while I removed my freshly used condom. She giggled at the sight of a condom at least a quarter full of my seed. When I disposed of the condom, I laid with Helene for an hour, trying my best to fall asleep with her. But since I did not feel sleepy like she did, I laid there as still as I could so that she could enjoy sleeping after sex. After nearly, 30 minutes though, she asked me “you're not even sleepy are you?” in a groggy and happy voice. I replied “Nope.” in my happy voice.

    She rolled back over to me and cuddled next to me as we talked for a while. I felt myself become a little hungry but not terribly so. After we both realized that we weren't going to sleep, we both jumped into the shower and started to have our first experience in shower sex.

    Once the hot water had finally come to a good temperature, we both jumped in and began to make out heavily. It was incredible to have hot water flowing down our body's as we caressed each other. To see water flowing down Helene's breasts gave me such a huge hard-on which caught her eyes. She began to caress my hardening dick as I moaned into her ear.

    I moved her so that she could hold onto a rail in the shower as I rubbed my dick against her slit being careful not to enter her. Since the shower itself was rather small, making love in the shower was fairly....awkward. I didn't have intercourse with Helene due to the awkward position but did knell down to pleasure her further. I kissed down her flat, sexy stomach as I watched her delight heighten. With the hot water flowing down her breasts and pulsating pussy, I licked and sucked on her softly at first, making her want more.

    But sadly, after pressing my mouth against her soft stomach, I found it difficult to breath. But I wanted to bring her pleasure since I loved her so much, even to the extend of my discomfort. I took breaths when I could and after a few minutes, I couldn't stay there due to lack of oxygen.

    I stood back up and kissed her lovingly. We made out for a while with the hot water still caressing us. Then we laid down and waited for the water to fill up the tub portion of the shower so that we could enjoy our first bath together.

    Helene laid on top of me as I softly poured the water over her bare body. We talked for about 30 minutes to the sound of sloshing water we laid in. After her and I couldn't think of much more to talk about, we began to bathe each other lovingly. She started with my chest and shoulders, making her way to my arms. After she had soaped up my body, she sweetly washed away the soap. All I could do was watch her and what she did; the love felt in the air overwhelmed me.

    When she was done washing me, I began to do the same thing to her. I grabbed the bar of soap and applied it to my hands. Then I began to softly rub it onto her breasts, beautifully crafted shoulders and arms. Then once I had covered most of her body, I washed the rest of her stomach and washed her. I held her lovingly for a few minutes, enjoying my first time in a bath/shower with her.

    After the hunger got the best of us, we got out and dried each other off. It'd been the first time I'd taken care of her like that and I loved it. She patted me dry and then I her. We went into the bedroom portion of the suite. We got dresses and ready for our night out. Helene felt bad as her hair was not as full as the stylist had done and she had to redo the makeup the make up artist had left her some lipstick but for everything else she was on her own.

    Dinner at Canoe
    I had a car awaiting us downstairs and we were off to the TD building where the restaurant is situated atop the TD Bank Tower, Canoe’s view of Lake Ontario is breathtaking from dawn to dusk. The décor, like the menu, pays homage to Canada’s rich and raw environment, featuring bundled wood chandeliers, moss-covered wall art, and copper accents. Only now it was blessed by it’s own copper haired Helene.

    We were seated but as we moved through the crowd I noticed her looking franticly among the patrons. We passed a large table filled with people and she seemed agitated. We got a nice table and we sat. I asked if she was ok. She told me she was but I could sense there was much more to her comment than she let on.

    I told her that we were just business associates. I could be a possible client wanting her to take photos for a corporate brochure. Gunnhild had wanted a photo of me for a brochure we were doing to seek out new investors. I was unsure why she needed a photo of me but the board insisted. I never did get the photo done but I tried to calm down Helene who was now fidgeting.

    I told her to put her fork down and look me in my eyes. I told her she was safe and that it was not a problem for her to have dinner with me. She then confessed. She told me of her real world. She had never been married and she was not good with going out with men. She told me of a boyfriend she had who had kids and how the children did not like her. She went on and on. Now there things I need to know things I like to know and things I do not need to know and do not need to know. Well we were in a shit load of the latter. I let her share it with me. At moments I thought she was going to cry. She was worried her parents would find out. Now Helene was in her mid 30’s and it appears a real home body. Her only attempt of spreading her wings resulted in her getting burnt. So it was easier not to try but going out with me in public was so much fun but now she was scared she might be found out.

    I reassured her and asked her to focus on the last 48 hours. She confirmed these were the best days of her life. She had fallen in love with me. I asked her if she was ok with that. A big smile appeared on her face as she confirmed that it was more than ok. But a “BUT” followed where she said what if someone found out she was a prostitute. I stopped her there. I told her she was not a “Prostitute” she was my special friend. No one needs to know I paid her to join me. I told her to look around the restaurant. I asked her how many ladies there were they because they got paid. She looked confused.

    I explained it to her by having her look across from us and the lady in the black and red dress. I told her I bet she is married to that guy and I bet he is paying for dinner and I bet her paid for her clothes, and I bet he pays for her house and their car and her lifestyle. Now I had her look at the young lady by the window with the young man. I bet he is buying her dinner and I bet he is going to fuck her tonight. I bet she looks at him as someone she wants to be with and someone who can look after her and if she is a single mom she wants to know he could take care of her and her daughter.

    I told her to look at the couple by the window. The blonde lady beside the guy with the suit. I bet they have been married for years and I bet he wants out of the relationship but the alimony he would pay would kill him. So she is using him for his money. She is worse than a prostitute. She does not even give him sex. He is paying so he can abuse him. So, I pointed out to her that she is like all the rest in the room. They get paid to be with them. Just in different ways. She looked less confused. I think she was getting it. It is just a justification of what we do. But don’t we all justify what we doing? From the drug addict to the lawyer and the judge. No one is better than the next.

    I saw her smile reappeared as she focused on me. I looked how she looked in my eyes. We ate, and we talked. It was getting late. We were done and as she left to go to the washroom I paid the bill. She reappeared and as we were leaving she whispered in my ear.

    “Mr. Dickson you maybe be paying but I want to fuck you because you are the man for me!” Besides I love your huge dick it feels so good in me.” As we waited for a taxi she told me.
    “I would fuck you even if you did not pay me. I am so fucking in love with you right now!”

    We jumped in the cab and she leaned over to kiss me. My head was spinning as her hand made it to my thick cock in my pants. She rubbed me as she kissed me. She over her hand to my hand and slide me under her dress. Oh my fucking god she was so wet for me. In between kisses she asked me to finger fuck her in the cab. I got a finger over her slit and her wetness invited me to penetrate her. I got one finger in when the drive told we were there. I pulled out of her and threw him a 20 as the door man opened the door and we got to the elevator.

    We made it into the suite and we were making out as we stripped each other. It was if our feet never hit the floor and we were naked and in bed with a condom on. I was now on top of her and she was begging me. My cock found her love box and I did not need to guide my self into her. My arms were around her and her arms around me and our natural rock resulted in my cock finding her natural. It was the most amazing experience. She loved it as we made love to each other. She whispered more things into my ears, but I was immune to words in this moment. We rocked back and forth. After only 5 minutes (the fastest I ever experienced) I came very hard as I was pumping my throbbing dick into her tight pussy. I laid there, panting, as she laid beside me, wanting more. She'd asked me if my fingers still worked, implying that she wanted me to finger her for a little. I answered her with an “of course” and knelled behind her as I took her tight little pussy with two of my fingers into her. She moaned loudly as I stimulated her G-spot for several minutes, making her cum very abruptly.

    She laid there in ecstasy from her tender orgasm. I caressed her soft flowing hair as she regained strength. We then fell to sleep holding each other. My dreams were fill of thoughts of this lady who just came into my life. My hope was her mind was filled of thoughts of me. Pleasant, enjoyable thoughts of me.

    In the morning we both got ready and just before we left, she took photos with her phone of the suite we made amazing love in the night before. We left the room with smiles on our faces and despair in our hearts due to the fact that we didn't know when we would see each other again and have the similar experiences we just did. I settled the bill got her a coffee. We walked out the door, refreshed with the amazing sex and yet a little stressed because we were afraid of being caught by someone she knew. We went our separate ways.

    As I got to the airport, I got a call from her and we talked about her plans about the plans for the next day and the dresses, the shoes, the lens, reaffirming my assumption that no one noticed that we spent the previous 2 days having amazing sex and falling in love!

    Once I got back to Germany and I got into bed, I quietly called my beautiful new found lady friend with my cell phone and talked to her about how amazing our time had been for me and how much I loved her. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and love in my heart because of what that beautiful woman had given to me for (at the time) the past ten months that followed could never compare to those few days in Toronto. Thank you Cindy.

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