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    Helene 2 Airport Arrival

    Helene Airport Meeting

    In my email exchange I let Helene know I would be flying through Toronto. She got so excited and she informed me she had a few meetings she could cancel if she could meet me at the airport. I knew she lived out of town and I told her I would feel bad having her come all that way to meet my flight.

    Helene told me she had such a good time on our first meeting and that she can not think of anything but my big cock. She told me must see me if I promise to fuck her hard and deep. Beside she has to come Toronto for her photography business.

    Our emails became very intense and she told me she would love to have a few photos of me fucking her. She thinks about it as well. I told her I do not do photos and she understands. She just wants to see me again. Her emails become personal as she tells me of this guy she was seeing, and he has two kids who do not like her. She broke up with him and she needs to be with someone she can connect with. The guys she is meeting through the business just want to fuck her and sometimes she feels bad after as they treat her like garbage. They feel guilty seeing her and it feels like they blame her for being an escort.

    I let her know how much I enjoy her company not just in the bedroom but spending the weekend with her. We share our thoughts of our first weekend together. We talk about her coming to Germany and doing some corporate photos for one of my businesses. She loves the idea. She tells me if she travels to Europe with me, I do not have to pay her. She does not want me to think of her as an escort. Matter of fact she is coming over to take photos and my flying her to Europe would be enough compensation. I tell her I would put her up in a hotel near where I live. She asks me although it is professional, her being my corporate photographer, if she wanted me could that be possible? I ask what does she mean?

    Helene asks me if I could be her boyfriend? I told her lets talk about it, when I see her. I just met this lady once and yes, we had a great weekend together but it seemed to be getting strange. I know she is new to the business, but we need to be careful where this is going.

    Our emails get back to normal and we are discussing what she will wear and the details for pick up. She wants to come into the terminal and meet me coming through the doors. It is funny because I tell her what time I arrive, and she is making plans to be there an hour before. I let her know that is not necessary as I need to clear customs. We work out the details and we are set.

    I get to the Frankfurt airport and call her to tell her my flight is on time. She has to tell me of a wedding she just did and how she thought it would be so crazy if I married her. She told me she would want us to have a wedding like the one she just did. I could not recall if I told her about my fantasy about getting married, but she was playing right into it. I thought to my self.

    “Oh my, this lady is almost desperate to get married.”

    We talk, and she explains. She tells me about her mother and father and her sister is married but she is not. Her mother and father worry about her as she is now in her mid 30’s with no prospects. Her boyfriend just left, and she feels like damaged goods. She photographs weddings and always a photographer never a bride. She let’s me know that no one has ever proposed to her. I could see this is a big fantasy for her. I want to go get a ring and propose to her when I get to Toronto. It would be a blast in the airport when I arrive. I need to give my head a shake as I know that is nuts. I just met this lady.

    I board my flight and on the whole flight the images of Helene dance in my head. I dose off thinking of her. I awake as we land in Toronto. I gather up my things and head to customs. When asked for the reason for my visit I want to say to get married but I stop myself.

    I get my bags and head out the door. Awaiting me is Helene and the biggest and most amazing smile I had ever seen. We hug, and she tells me she missed me. She informs me she got her errans done so that she can spend her time with me. Her eyes twinkle and she smile glows as her red hair flows over her shoulder. She is wearing this hot little black dress. It reveals her man-made breasts and I am shocked that she has never had a man propose to her.

    We arrive in the parking garage there awaiting us is her Volkswagen, she is proud of her Germany heritage and tells me love the German National football club. I get the sense that she is trying to impress me with her German connection. I let her know I am Canadian but live in Germany. I sense she is disappointed that she can not speak to me in German. With my bags in the back I close the trunk and look at her. She has the most amazing smile. The noise of the parking garage disappears as her lips speak to me without saying a word. Her eyes look deep into me as we kiss. The kiss is beyond words. We are holding each other tight. She whispers in my ears,
    “Greg, I miss you, and I am so glad you are here. Can we make love to each other?”

    I whisper back “Yes”.

    We jump into her Jetta and off we go. In the car we relive each moment from our last adventure. At the hotel as I take out my bag and she stand next to me and she pulls out an overnight bag. She looks at me and with an innocent look in her eyes she asks me, “is it ok if I stay the night?” I smile back my approval.

    I check in and we head up to my suite. As we get though the doors we kiss, and she reaches down to touch my package. She gives me a sexy voice with the following words attached. “Well hello there.”

    She squeezes me and proceeds to release my package into the stillness of the hotel room. It does not take long for us to shed out clothes and test out the bed. I will always remember the passion in her eyes as she takes my head into her mouth. She looks at me to see my approval. I can tell the satisfaction she gets by sucking me. She likes to know that she can get me off.

    It is now my turn I kiss her breasts. I massage each tit and suck on her nipples. Helene just moans softly to herself enjoying the moment. "Yeah baby...mmmm suck on those boobs. Yes, just like that...oh I'm so horny now baby!" Helene kept moaning and softly mumbling to herself. It was such a turn on for me. I suck her globes and lick her breasts for a while longer, then stop.

    "You may be a great photographer. But I'm one of the best when it comes to holding a picture of your pussy in my mind”. Helene laughs at my thought.

    "Is that so? Show me what you can do with the picture of my pussy”. She responds and I take a few deep breaths.

    "Turn your ass toward me." I command as Helene does as she is told. I grab Helene's ass as Helene's legs spread open. I grab her ass cheeks and spread them out wide. I wiggle and slap them. I then kiss her butt as I start to lick her pussy from top to bottom. I eventually reach her ass and finger her asshole. I spread her cheeks wide again. I kiss and lick around her anal ring. I grab Helene's crotch from underneath her legs while I kiss and eat her ass for as long as I can. I finally start to feel the need for air again. I pull up and gasp for air. I look at Helene, who's face is now flushed. She's moaning and then attempts to catch her breath.

    "Greg you were down there for over a minute! And you almost made me cum! Think you can go down again and play with my ass again?" I don't even reply. I take one big deep breath and I head back between her ass cheeks. I reach her ass and I grab each cheek and grope her. I kiss her ass again and start to lick her pussy and asshole while I finger her pussy in front. I pick up the pace though as she's close to her orgasm. I feel the urge to reach the surface for air, but I know I can make her cum soon. I use two fingers to finger her ass and my thumb to finger her pussy. I keep this up at a fast pace. Finally, I feel Helene's body shaking. Her legs twitch and spread apart. She's reached her orgasm. I look below her crotch and I see little drops of her jizz appearing. I finally break surface and gasp for air. I swallowed a little bit of her nectar but to me it's fine. Because seeing Helene reach her climax was one extraordinary moment.

    Helene is breathing heavily when I catch my breath. She giggles. "That was one fucking amazing orgasm!”

    When we get up, Helene pushes me onto my bed. "Ok Greg you gave me one epic orgasm. I plan on doing the same for you. I grin. "I can't wait." Helene grabs my cock and strokes it up and down. She then licks my tip. She starts to lick me from the tip to the bottom of my cock. She then sucks me while stroking me hard. It's a great feeling and she's definitely good at giving blowjobs but I wasn't sensing an epic orgasm coming soon. Helene then starts to deep throat my cock down as far as she could take it down her throat. When she started to choke she released and pulled back. She did the same thing a few times. Helene then started to do something that actually started to make me SUPER horny! She licked my testicles and sucked on my ball sack while slowly stroking my cock up and down. It almost tickled the way she did it. She kept sucking and kissing my sack. I felt my orgasm coming. Helene then licked me from my sack to the tip of my cock. She then took my cock and shoved it into her mouth and stroked me hard. I finally came. Hard!

    Load after load shot deep into her mouth. And she took all of it this time! When my orgasm finally calmed down, Helene let go of my cock and spit into her hand. She saved a lot of my jizz. She took it and rubbed my cock with it. "I want you in my pussy this time." I was already starting to lose my erection after my epic orgasm. But as soon as Helene told me to fuck her pussy, I became hard again instantly. I've never been so horny in my life!

    I lay Helene down on the bed. I finger her pussy one more time to make sure my cock will feel nice and comfortable in her. She just moans. "Do it already Greg. Fuck me! Give me the attention I crave!!" I grab a condom put it on my cock. I tease her a little as I rub my cock up and down her pussy lips. I finally insert my cock slowly into her. She's tighter than I thought she'd be. I remembered last time when I am fucking her in the shitter, my cock slipped into her vagina. It didn't feel as tight then. Now that I'm in her vagina and getting ready to fuck her, I'm feeling the tightness. Probably because it's been so long since she last had sex with a big cock.

    Helene just moans. "Ohhh Greg...your big dick feels so nice in me. Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard!!! It's been so long since I've had this feeling!" I obey and so what she wants me to do. I start slowly. Thrusting in and out. Then we pick up the pace. I fuck her fast. I'm humping her as I fuck Helene hard.

    "Oohhhhh shiiiitttt....yeah baby! Fuck me!! Fuck me! Oh yeah baby. Fuck! I'm going to cum Greg! Fuck me! Fuck me!!! Treat me like a SLUTT!" Every time I pounded deep into Helene's pussy her dirty talk just kept increasing. I loved every moment of it. I was a long way from cumming anytime soon because of my last orgasm.
    "Shit Greg! I'm cummming baby!!! Fuck me harder! Deeper!! I felt a rush of what felt like piss going down my cock. Helene came with such a violent force, she squirted! I slowed our pace down and pulled out of her.

    "New position baby." Helene got up and smiled. "I wanna ride you."

    I laid down on my bed. Helene fixed her messed up hair from all the wild sex. She stroked my cock a few times, then climbed onto my bed and aligned her pussy with my cock. Once she was in, she started to bounce on me. She was in control. For now. She was fucking me as hard as she could jumping up and down on the bed.

    "Errrrr yeah baby! Cmon Helene! Fuck me! Is that all you got baby?? AW SHIT!!" Helene loved dirty talk. "Is this what you want Greg?" Every time she asked that she'd press hard against my chest and slow herself down. She’d take my dick down as far as she could into her pussy and rub her ass on my dick. It felt great. She'd then fuck me at a fast pace again.

    After a while of her bouncing on my cock, I took control. I pushed in and out of her pussy fucking her as hard as I could. I spanked her ass while I pounded her. She loved it. "Spank my ass baby. Fuck me!! Harder!" We continued fucking. And just when I was starting to get the urge to cum soon, a phone started to ring.

    I ignored the phone, but Helene told me to hold off for a second. We stopped fucking. It was her cell phone ringing. Without pulling off she reached for it on my night stand.

    "Shit Greg! I have to take it!" I tell her to calm down. "Call him back later. I'm going to cum." She looks at me and shakes her head. "I have to take this now. It is about a big wedding next week. It'll be quick. I grunt but nod. With that, Helene answers her phone.

    "Hello? .........Hey how are you? ..... That's good. ...... Everything is set for your big day?.... Yeah.....uh huh.....oh wow.......

    While she talks on the phone my cock started to shrink in her. I slowly start to push up and down in her slowly fucking her to try to gain my erection again. Helene just gives me a stern “You Better Not” look.

    “I have the equipment on order and your photos are going to look as lovely as you ......In a few days?......sounds good....If anything pops up we will deal with it.”

    (Helene tries to hide the fact that she's fucking me while talking to her client. She's not doing too well. I'm slowly picking up the pace again to keep my erection going.

    Helene lets out a few moans on the phone...) “The thought of your big day excites me?....oh I'm fine I'm just uhh-mmm I'm...getting excited about your big day..... yeah I know it is big.....it is the biggest I have ever had the experiencing of enjoying. It's really great. I can't tell you how much I needed it....mmmmmm....yeah it's good. I think I will cum.....ok you got to go?....ok bye..enjoy the experience...we only have the moment to enjoy.” Helene hangs up.

    She playfully punches me in the arm. "What the fuck is your problem? My client heard me moaning cause of you!” I laugh as we start to pick up the pace again.
    "Sorry I couldn't help myself." Helene quickly gets over it as she starts moaning again. My orgasm was near. I fucked Helene hard as her ass bounced up and down my cock. I spanked her ass hard as my orgasm was rapidly approaching.

    "I'm gonna cum Helene!" Helene kept moaning.

    "Cum in me baby!!! Cum in me hard! I reached my hand behind her as she sticks her finger in her ass as I continued to fuck her. She fingered her asshole as my orgasm final hit hard. My jizz shot deep into her pussy. "Argggghhh....yessssss baby!!!! Fucccckk!!!! Your cum feels so good in me!!!!!" I shot my loads deep into Helene. My jizz wouldn't stop spilling! My dick actually hurt in a good intense way from the ecstasy of the moment. When my orgasm subsided, Helene got off me. She then put her crotch close to my face. "Mmm Greg....you want to taste your handy work." I opened my mouth wide as Helene pushed her pussy out and let my taste her and the taste of the condom, but it was her nectar I enjoyed. I swallowed some of it. I discarded the condom, but Helene commented.

    "Save me some Greg. I want to taste your seed baby." I sat up and spit my cum out of the condom into her mouth. She swallowed all of it in one big gulp. We kissed and tongued again tasting each other's saliva and sperm.

    We laid down for a few minutes. I looked at the time. We still had an hour until I had to head out to the airport.

    "Let's shower together Helene.” She kissed me and grabbed me by the hand. We walked to my bathroom. I got the water running. Helene stepped in and I followed her in. While we bathed each other, I got horny again!

    "Hey, Helene, let me clean your ass for you." I soaped up my hands and rubbed her ass with soap.

    "Mmm...feels good." I put soap on my fingers and finger her ass. She grunts hard. "Yes babe...continue mmmmm.” I take the soap and rub as much as I can up and down my cock.
    "Your ass isn't totally cleaned yet. On the outside it is. On the inside...well now it is.

    "Oh Greg. That felt so good!" I just chuckle as we finish and get out of the shower.

    We get down stairs. "I'm going to get my keys, so I can take you." Helene thanks me for the great time we had today, and she walks to the door.

    "Hey Helene." She turns to me. "Yeah?" I grin.

    "I love you my dear." She smiles, and we are back out to the airport.

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