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    Helene 3 The Dinner Date

    Helene Dinner Meeting – Pantages

    Landed into Toronto for meetings. The day disintegrated before me with one meeting after the other crumbling. Not a banner day. I reach out to Helene to find out she was awaiting my call. We chat on the phone and she realize I needed a little TLC. I am thrilled by how caring this young lady is. She is so interested in my day and my world. She had another meeting that night but cancels it to see me. Helene tells me that I need someone to lick my wounds among other things. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more say, no more. She knows a place near my hotel where we can have a meal and talk about her new world and what I have been up to. I agree to meet her at 7:30 pm. She organizes the reservation.

    There is a light rain coming down as I make my way across Yonge Street. I tippy toe around and over the puddles. I make into the mall and I notice her in the mall. She looks hot in a dark purple skirt and jacket. She has black stockings and tan heels. We hug, and we kiss in the mall. I think how she has come a long way to when we first met. We enter the restaurant, which is nothing to talk about, and are awaiting out table. A huge crowd in the entrance area and she seems embarrassed that our table is not ready. Helene sits on an edge of the counter. Her red hair cascading down her shoulders and frames her face giving her smile room to glow. She fidgets with her jacket as she eyes sparkle in the brightly lite restaurant. I always noticed the brighter the lights in a restaurant the less amount for the meal.

    My distraction is quickly replaced with the devilish look in her eyes. I loved her body, as I tell her I love what she is wearing. Then she leans in to tell me that she has nothing on underneath. I looked stunned but not surprised. She clarifies she is not wearing panties. I can tell her smile grows as my cock grows under my suit pants. I think she is enjoying the moment when our hostess looks at us to inform us “Ready?” I felt like telling her I was ready in so many ways to fuck Helene right there in the restaurant with everyone watching us. I need to get that out of my mind. Doing her with nothing but her stay up stockings. Oh, so hot!

    We are seated and Helene shares with me her exciting new world. I can feel the confidence in her voice. She tells me she has met some great guys. She is quick to console me, none as generous and kind and as sweet or sexy as me. I love being stroked in so many ways. She tells me about our first meeting. She was wondering when I would call her again. She tells me that was the best weekend she ever had. She asks about my world, but I have little to tell her.

    We order, and we share our appetizer then our mains. It is not like meeting a provider but rather like meeting an old friend. I then realize I had not given her the donation. I slide it across the table. She looked at me with a puzzled frown on her face. I confirm, “it is yours.” She tells me I did not have to. I tell her I want too. She reluctantly takes my offerings. She does not count it but puts it in her purse. We order dessert and I get lost in her eyes.

    Helene goes on to tell me her father was very ill. She has been spending time with her mother and her dad. She has not been doing much in the way of photography any more. The new world is more than paying the bills. Most importantly she has been enjoying the experience. Dinner is done. She asks me what I had planned. I tell her nothing, wanting to hear what she has going on. She tells me she needs a new coat and she was just going to go shopping. I ask if I might tag along. She laughs and says only if I promise not to pay her for her time. We head out into the masses in the mall we wander into a store and she look at a few coats. I tell the clerk to get her a few dresses. Helene is now trying on new dresses with the new coats. We find the perfect match. As she is changing I pay for her dresses and trench coat. We now stop in a shoe store, Nine West, and she finds the perfect shoes. Oh, hell I convince her to get a handbag. As we leave the store she holds my hand tells me she how I spoil her. As we wander back we stumble upon a lingerie store and she pick out a new bra and a couple pairs of panties. She smiles and asks if she can get them knowing I am not a fan of panties. Once we got them she tells me she wants to convert me to be a panty lover.

    Back in the mall she asks where I am staying, and I tell her. She asks if she can come over. I agree, and we go out to the night air. The rain had subsided, and we walk back to my hotel. She thanks me for the gifts once more. We make our way into the hotel and on our way up in the elevator and she admire my suit. Then comments, “Nice Bulge. Do you get all your suits made with extra room in the crotch?” I am embarrassed. She switches gears and asks me if I get lonely traveling like I do. I confirm her suspicions. She smiles at me and asks if she can use the bathroom. I put on a CD in the CD player on the desk. I turn the lights down low and pour us a glass of wine and rub my thick cock in my pants. I feel so excited.

    I hear the door open and there standing in her new lingerie is Helene. She turns and bends over confirming she knows I do not like panties, but she wants to know how they look. I am like wow! Her ass is full yet firm. She asks if the pantie covers her ass hole. I nod to the affirmative.

    Helene leads me into the bedroom my body following the swaying of her beautiful ass cheeks. She stops and turns to tell me we have far too many lights on in the bedroom. So, she turns each light off bending and turning to ensure I get to see each and every motion of her ass in those panties. My dick is now raging in my pants. I am quickly becoming a fan of her panties. She smiles knowing her little dance is resulting the bulge in my pants getting bigger.

    Helene knows I want her and I can tell she wants me as she saunters towards me. Her smile is beaming and her eyes screaming “fuck me”.

    Helene whispers in my ear how she misses me, and she thinks of me all the time. She shares with me our walk that night and the kiss. She swoons with that thought.
    Then she breathes the words.

    “Fuck Greg, your kiss wets my panties.”

    With those words she takes my fingers and runs them over the lace covered panties that are drenched. I hear more words of encouragement.

    “Greg the best things about panties is when you take them off.” I slide my fingers under them pulling them down. I now position my self in front of her hairy kitten. I want to lick her, so I kiss her thighs and lick around her mount. I can hear the air entering her body and leaving. Her hips now trace my tongue as I snake it all over her slit. Her breathing is now quicker, and she begs me for my finger. I slowly glide my finger from her rose bud to her wet clit and down drawing the moisture from her drenched kitten to her butt hole. Once there I slip it into her tight brown hole and her body rises and she lets go a “OH YES, Greg, YES.” I pull it out and she begs for more. I now slide two fingers into her warm wet pussy and I suck on her pleasure button. The more I suck on her clit the more she wants me. Crying out “Greg play with my ass, Please!”

    I am a pleaser, so I oblige her requests finger fucking her ass and her pussy at the same time. It does not take long for Helene to cum violently. Oh, what a sight! Even she is shocked gushing all over the bed. She is shocked, but I reassure her it is ok All she could do was say she was sorry. I look at her told her it was ok. Then she gave me this look on her face. Her eyes were like drill bits burning right through me. She licked her lips and although her kitten was naked her bra was still on. Yet she looked at me with such passion. Then the words. “Greg I know you see a lot of ladies but I want to fuckkkkkk Youuuu like you have never been fucked before.”

    “But before I do I want to suck you and get you so hot for me as I am hot for you.” She takes my shaft and strokes me slow at first looking me in the eyes. She does not need to say a word as she squeezes my shaft at the base. She now frowns as she squints at me telling me.

    “You have the biggest thickest cock I ever saw.” She goes on before I could say a word. “When I first saw you, I did not know I could take you but you fill me up.

    Especially my ass.” “Oh, My Fucking God, Greg. That is the best fuck I ever had!”

    With her mouth now kisses my dick head. She licks me up and down my shaft. She looks up at me as she slaps her face with my cock. She licks down to my balls and then using her whole tongue she drags her tongue up my whole shaft. Now her bobs up and down as she takes the head of my cock in her mouth. She stops and with a big gob of saliva she strings it out then drops back down sucking hard, only now I am deeper in her throat. Once more she pulls out with a bigger gob of saliva and this time looking at me she spits on my dick. Now using her hand, she uses her saliva as lube and gives me a hand job. Slow at first as she looks me in the eye. Then biting her lip, she speeds up now, her focus is on my throbbing dick. I am enjoying this until her drops down only now I can feel the bag of her throat. She stuff my man meat deep in down her throat and she gags. She ups up as I notice a tear in her eye. She can feel my seed building up in me as I moan.

    Helene now squeezes my dick at the base and commands me. “Not yet lover. Save that baby juice for me. I always want a baby and your seed is what I have been waiting for.”

    That is It, my body goes in to a convulsion, my body shaking and I loose all control. She looks scared as my whole goes into seizure like state, my body spasming. She loses her grip and precum comes shooting out. This causes her to squeeze tighter. It takes a few moments for it to subside and I can get my breath back. She leans over me and she tells me, “that was so fucking hot, Greg” “Do it again. Do it to me when you cum in me. Fill me with your seed.”

    My body now relaxes enough that Helene can pull me on top of her. I tell her to stop we need to get a condom. She looks at me with uncertainty. I tell her now is not the time for this discussion. She goes gets her purse and pulls out a gold covered condom. She opens it and slides it on. I help her to pull it down snug. She jumps on the bed and looks at me smiling she says, “Where were we?” I hover over her and kiss her. Her lips taste like honey as she hands now reach behind me and pull me close as she pulls me to her I feel my hard on enter her and she feels so good. Tight but not too tight.

    “Oh Greg, your cock is so beautiful!” I slowly push in then with drawl.

    “Greg don’t pull out let me enjoy all of you.” I push back in as far as I can go filling her love canel with my love stick. She holds me kissing me and I can feel her love box squeezing my dick. It feels so amazing. Her pussy muscles are caressing my throbbing cock. She tells me she can feel my heart beating in my massive cock. Oh, it is heaven. My whole weight is on her and my dick is dee in her and we have become one.

    Helene now say “Please Greg go slow so I can feel ever inch of you. I start to move my hips pulling out then sliding in. “OH Greg right there, YES! I stop then slowly pull out then in then out. Her hips now start to mirror my hip movement and now our cadence increases. I am now pounding her and she is loving it as she screams out “OH YES, FUCKING YES!”

    “Greg give me a baby, please give me your baby. Our baby!” I lose it and now I am pounding her like a mad man and our bodies our bouncing up and down the bed is taking a beating. I feel the rush in my head and my whole body is now ready when she screams out “I LOVE YOU GREG! I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I lose it and my cum shoots out and fills the condom. She hits the maximum O just as I start shooting my load. “Oh god Greg, I love how you do that to me.”

    We crash and I am a sweaty mess. She gets up to see the condom dangling off my cock. The cum is squirting out and Helene tells me she is gushing when I pulled out of her but I was so light headed I did not see it. I want to get up but I cannot, so I discard the condom on the night stand. She can not get up either she feels so weak. We hold each other and we fall into a deep sleep.

    In the morning I await to Helene in the bathroom. She tells me she is sorry she had no plans on spending the night. She tells me her mother called and she has to leave. She has a worried look on her face as she pulls on her other new panty.

    I get up and go the bathroom. She tells me she is sorry for her talk about the baby and the idea of us making out without a condom. I told her it is ok as she dries her hair. I go back in the bedroom collect my thought. She reappears all dressed. She leans over kisses me and asks me if she can see me again. I say yes. We kiss as she lays next to me more kissing and more kissing. She tells me she is horny for me and she is so wet. More kissing then she gets up her hair is a mess as she goes to leave. She opens the door to the suite but turns and comes in to see me and kiss me once more. Telling me that she has to see me again. I agree and get up taking her to the door. As I open the door she tells me if I do not call her again she will die. I tell her I will be back in a month or so.

    She is now gone. But not gone from my mind.

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