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    Helene 5 the Reunion 6 years later

    Helene Reunion Story

    Well it has been a while since my last trip to Toronto. My service provider from Vancouver could not find her passport so she could not meet me in New York so we agreed to meet in TO. However, fights could not be set up, so I was stuck in Toronto for a few days and no SP. My goal was to find a provider to partake in an all-night adventure. So I needed to get three SPs to “interview” on the first night and then have them spend the next night out on the town and spend the night in bed with me.

    What a nightmare finding anyone. I was lucky a few Terb members gave me direction. I use PERB a lot and great support there. In years past I had some great experiences in TO with Select as my favourite agency with blonde Vanessa. I had some wonderful SPs who I had long last relationships Helena, Gabrielle and few others who I cannot remember their names. But all that was gone, long gone. I sent out a ton of e-mails. All the top providers were spoken for and were busy or did not get back to me. Ashley Croft got back to me and I was excited to meet her. But that was it. I tried Select again but no one was available and the person on the phone was not interested to go out of their way to get anyone. ClaudiaX did contact me via Terb and Bella Elite finally responded to my e-mail requests. So the schedule was set.

    Then Ashley informed me she would not be available for the all nighter so she was a scratch. However Bella showed on time and what a surprise.

    You can see her ad on EROS Blonde section. For all you guys that like it short and sweet.
    Face: 9
    Body: 8 Nice runners Butt and her Doctor did a great job on her tits. Lean and mean, tight and toned.
    Service: 9
    Attitude: 10, Most amazing caring individual, knows how to take charge.
    Repeat: Yes any chance I get and anywhere I can get her.
    Recommend: Yes Especially if you're into a very beautiful women who are high end this is a classy lady.

    The bonus for me was I had seen her 6 years ago and we had a huge connection then. It was like yesterday when I opened the door and saw her standing there in the most amazing blue dress. Same situation as 6 years ago and I spent the whole hour just talking to her. I knew then that I had to have dinner with her and spend the night just like 6 years earlier. Oh $400 for the hour.

    ClaudiaX was up next.
    Face: 7
    Body: 9
    Service: 10
    Attitude: 6 Kept asking for money seemed new to the high-end game She wanted to know what she should do to be on the high-end side of things.
    Repeat: Not really sure unless I need a real good fuck.
    Recommend: Yes, for those guys that want a girl that is high energy one-hour date. She would be amazing. Although she only offers a 1.5 hour date. $750 for 1.5 hours but I paid another $400 for another hour. I asked about her spending the night and she wanted another $2000.00.

    She contacted me via Terb. Then we set the time for 1.5 hours. She did try and push me to 2 hours. She showed up in a skirt and blouse. Very beautiful body. She was a little uncomfortable at first did not know how to get started. After some discussion I had to tell her how to seduce me. She stripped for me in the living room and she struggled to undress me. We went in the bedroom and I have to say she had a very clean-shaven pussy and she was very wet just fingering her. She is absolutely great at DFK. Matter of fact I thought she was going to crawl into my throat. This lady provides a great BBBJ. She knows how to suck and her BBBJ is so wet it is amazing. She proceeded to ride me Cowgirl then I had to get on top. She can take a good pounding and likes it when you talk dirty to her. We moved to doggie and then to a few more positions. Her pussy stayed wet the entire timed. It was clear we needed another hour so I paid up we had another drink of wine and we went back it. After moving from position to position it became clear that I need more time with this young slut. I checked the cash situation and I did not have enough to proceed. So I would need to see her as well the next night. So, we agreed that I would take Bella out for dinner then we would meet Claudia for a threesome.

    The next night. Bella was right on time in a stunning leopard print long skin-tight dress that showed her amazing body and I had a car awaiting to take us out for dinner. I spent the whole night looking at her, amazed I had found her again. I was just lost in her. Dinner blew by and she knew what awaited her back at the hotel. She was more excited than me. Sure enough Claudia called around 10 to tell us she was going to the lounge in the hotel. We paid up and took a walk in Yorkdale looking at some of the shops we had been so many years ago. We had the car meet us and take us back to the hotel where sure enough Claudia in a dark business suit is awaiting us in the lounge.

    Claudia appeared nervous, but Bella put her right at ease, teaching Claudia all the slutty words she knows in German. I sat between the two beautiful ladies. We had some small talk, but it was not long before Bella started to kiss Claudia right there in the lounge. I got hard watching them and Bella knew it so she looked at me and stroked my member though my pants. It was clear it was time to head up stairs. I paid for the drinks as the ladies headed to the elevators. I got there just in time to meet both of them in the elevator. The door closed and Bella was all over Claudia. This beautiful woman who I had just held arms with and who had kissed me on the streets of Toronto was locking lips and tongues with the young Claudia. We got to our floor I am like going wild and well the key did not work. So, I tell the ladies to hold that thought while I run downstairs to get a new key. I make it back upstairs and there are the two ladies in the hallway awaiting my return. We make it into the room and Claudia informs us she needs to use the washroom. Bella and I turn on some Nate King Cole music and she begins dancing with me telling me how much she wants me. I am ready to explode when Claudia re-appears in nothing more than her suit jacket her panties and black stay up stocking. She has such a hot body and she knows it and so did Bella who drops me for the hot little Claudia.

    I stepped away, sat on the couch, and watch Bella, the master, work her magic with Claudia. Bella took charge taking off Claudia’s jacket and commenting on her ass. Kissing her and getting Claudia so hot. Claudia is now really getting into it and pushes Bella against the wall slowly lifting her dress over her head. Bella was not wearing a bra and I watch as both ladies suck and fondle each others breasts and nipples. Claudia slips Bella’s panties off and at this point I just had to get over there. Bella kneels down to pull Claudia’s panties to the floor. Claudia starts DFK me well Bella take charge to undo my pants and proceeds to give me a wet BBBJ. Then Claudia drops to her knees and I look down to see both of these beauties taking turns working my shaft. Well time to take this into the bedroom.

    Bella on her back spreads her legs for Claudia to lick and suck her sweet pussy. Claudia sticks her ass in the air almost daring me to give her my dick doggie. I get the cover on and proceed to fill her up. She tries to look back, but I push her face deep into Bella who is begging me to fuck Claudia harder. The harder I do Claudia the more her face slides over Bella’s pussy. So I pound away. Bella is really enjoying the experience and as I attempt to grab Claudia’s ass for more leverage I feel my thumb enter her ass. Claudia moans as my cock goes deeper and my thumb penetrates her tight little ass. I have to stop before I explode. I lay back on the bed as Bella flips Claudia over to eat her wet pussy. I watch as they both eat each other out and reach a point of complete orgasm. They now turn their attention to me. Bella DFK while Claudia gives me that great wet sloppy BBBJ she is now known for. She is driving me crazy. Bella attempts to get my mind off of Claudia’s master piece in action.

    At this point I am so hard that Claudia puts on a new cover to ride me Cowgirl and Bella just plays with herself. Claudia is bouncing so hard I am afraid she will bounce off the bed. I grab her and pull her close to me and we DFK at this point Bella joins us and we are all lock together in a triple tongue match. Bella kissing both Claudia and myself at the same time. I roll Claudia over and have Bella on one side and Claudia on the other. I proceed to finger fuck both ladies at the same time. Claudia is by far the wettest of the two as I put two fingers in her, then three, then four. She appears to be getting into it in a big way. As I finger fuck her harder and harder. My thumb finds it way into her ass once more. Claudia is squirming and Bella is asking for my cock. It is going really well and to be honest I lost track of what happened next. I do know that we had gone beyond our time. I needed to get Claudia more money for her to stay another hour. We then went back to it after a drink and a little small talk. Bella did comment that Claudia “has a great body and rocks in the sack”.

    Bella did spend the night after Claudia left. What I love about Bella is the feeling of intimacy I feel with her. She is very special. It is not like it is just the act but it is a feeling like we are making love not just fucking. I woke up in the morning with Bella next to me and touching her skin with the smell of her hair. I Reached down and touched her between her legs. She was so moist and the more I touched her the more she started to moan and rock her hips. I put on another rubber and slide into her from behind and we rocked together. I was so hard and horny at this point I had to pull out and she rolled over and wanted more of me so I got on top. She grabbed me and pulled me in her and we moved back and forth until we both came. She whispered in my ear all the things I wanted to hear. We laid there talking like an old married couple before we decided to get ready and go for breakfast. We spend the morning seeing her old haunts when we were together 6 years before. All good things come to an end again and she had to go and I had to head out to the airport. But image of those two asses kept my mind working all the way back to Germany.

    Nice to be back in TO. Looking forward to a few more trips.

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    Thanks for the Share And Up Date... Interesting Restart...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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