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Thread: Helene 8 Berlin

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    Helene 8 Berlin

    Helene in Berlin

    My time with Helene as amazing. It was time to bring her to Berlin. She was so excited and Gunnhild was all over it. With in the day Gunnhild and Helene had it booked. Helene would fly to Frankfurt and then on to Tegel where I and my driver would meet her. We had the terrace suite at the Hotel de Roma. Gunnhild and Helene had a full itinerary booked and planned.

    Helene loved it as she got to share her German with Gunnhild. In the eyes of my staff Helene was a Canadian Photographer who was coming over to take photos for our up coming annual report. Although I was paying her for her professional talents as a photographer I more than doubled it to cover Helene for her other skills that few other than Gunnhild would know. Matter of fact Gunnhild, I thought saw this young lady for more than her “Professional skill. Gunnhild was such a romantic.
    The exchange of emails and tell phone calls were very intense. We flipped from reality, her taking photos of the board and the company to our fantasy, her as my paid girlfriend. The latter was what I preferred to be honest.

    I was a warm summer day when Gunnhild interrupted my meeting with Volker to inform me it was time for me to meet Helmut downstairs. Helmut was Helene’s driver over the week she would be there. We hired him to look after Helene and he would be on call 24 7.

    I gathered up the gifts Gunnhild had put together for Helene and met Helmut at the entrance. He was a tall German fellow in his later 40’s in a dark suit and stood 6 feet with intimidating sunglasses. He was a well built and he introduced himself referring to me as Herr Dickson. He opened my rear passage door. As I sat her gentle closed the door then proceeded to his driver side. Light classical music was playing and the car smelled of fresh leather. The tinted windows kept the later afternoon sun from heating up the car. Besides Helmut had the temperature just right.

    As Helmut strapped himself in, he asked if the temperature was ok? He asked me what type of music Ms. Helene would enjoy? He informs me that he had the recent edition of Handelsblatt, The British Financial Times as well as BILD, and even BZ. Impressive.

    I checked my phone when Helmut informed me that Ms. Helene was scheduled to arrive on time. Looks like Gunnhild had taken everything into account. This Helmut guy was impressive. I pulled out the Financial times to pass the time of day. This was not the distraction I needed so I pulled out the gift bag Gunnhild had given me to present to Helene. In it some German chocolate. Helene’s favorite perfume, a bottled water and her itinerary as well as a card with Helene’s name on it. Which remined me I needed to sign it.

    I opened it and it was in German but I knew it was a welcome card that Helene will love. Gunnhild thought of everything. I skipped through the Itinerary Gunnhild had set. It looked that Helene had one day at the plant to take photos of the plant and management. Then the next day she had half day with my board to do photos. The rest of time was spa and sight seeing with Helmut. So, he is a tour guide as well. He is a man of many talents. Speaking of that he was now pulling up to the airport. He slid in front of a number of beige taxis. He got out and went to the trunk of his Mercedes S class. He then closed the trunk opening my door. I stepped out, only to have him hand me a large bouquet of flowers. He smiled and said, “For your Lady, Herr Dickson.”

    “Nice touch Helmut.” I responded as his smile broadened.

    He gave me Helene’s flight information and I wandered in carrying flowers. I was tempted to stop for a strudel as I loved the strudel at the airport but I decided to look for her flight to confirm it was on time. I made my way to the baggage claim area.

    There standing near a pole was Helene looking so serious. She was dressed in a black flower summer dress. I stopped to watch her as she looked at a paper in her hand then looked for her bag in the ocean of bags. I got the sense she was nervous as she looked back at her paper. I thought she looks so beautiful after such a long 10-hour flight.

    I could not torment her any longer. I pulled out from the shadow and walked to her. Her face lite up when she saw me. I presented the flowers to her and welcomed her to Berlin. She hugged me and kissed me, almost ignoring the flowers.

    She was a chatter box telling me about her flight and how excited she was to be there with me. We nearly forgot her bag. I am sure it went around twice before we were able to collect it.

    “Greg I cannot believe I am here with you. Fuck, I love you!” my legs went weak and I thought I was going to cum. She knew that hugged me again told me to wait until we got to the hotel. We headed out of the airport and Helmut greeted Helene in a very stern manner but very German. I thought for a moment he was going to click his heels. Helene responded in German and he was impressed as he took her bag. The car door was open and she got in as Helmut now closed her door and lead me to the driver side where he opened my door. “Herr Dickson” was the only words spoken.

    In the car Helene informed me she could not wait to get into my pants. On the flight over all she could think of was my thick hard cock. Helmut now joined me and knew where we were going. I asked if she was hungry. She told me she had eaten in Frankfurt and just wanted a shower. I presented her with the gift bag. She smiled at me and said I did not have to do that. I told her I wanted too. She hugged me and with tears in her eyes she told me the best times have been with me. She told me she missed me and she loves our times together. We kissed again.

    She opened the bag to see the perfume and the chocolate. She then saw the itinerary and commented that Gunnhild was a joy. She then opened the car she read it. She looked up I noticed a tear and once more she hugged me and told me she could not believe she was here in Berlin with me.

    “Greg you know you are the most thoughtful man. It is hard not to fall in love with you every time we are together.” I closed my eyes as I felt my cum boiling up and I was ready to explode. Helene held me and told me to save every drop for her.

    We chatted and then she would ask me “What is that!”

    Before I could answer Helmut would respond.

    We arrived at the Hotel de Rome which was only a few blocks from my place but it was much nicer than my Ikea apartment. Besides I want her to feel comfortable. Helmut opened my door then rushed to open Helene’s door. She stepped out as Helmut once again welcomed her and presented his card. Although I was paying, he knew he was there for Helene. Helmut instructed me he would hand my lady’s bag with the bell man as Helene took my arm and the door man opened the door to welcome us to the hotel. Helene appeared impressed. We wandered in and I had Helene sit down as I checked in.

    Helene’s suite was ready and Helmut appeared to inform Helene he was available 24 7 and if she needed anything to just call the number on the phone. As he left Helene commented. “He is nice.”

    We made our way up to her suite on the top floor. We arrived in and Helene gasped once she walked in.

    “Greg, OMG, this is amazing,” as she walked around in shock. I took her bag into the bedroom as she came out of the bathroom. She was like a kid at Christmas time. I loved her reaction. Then she opened the door to the roof top terrace.

    “Greg, Greg, come here!” She shouted I stepped outside to see her mesmerized by the view. She stood there and I put my arms around her from the back. I could smell her hair. I kissed her head and she took a deep breath.

    “Oh, Greg how can I not love you! This is the best ever.” Don’t ever let me go.”

    She turned and kissed me with such passion. She took my hand and pulled me to the door then she pulled me into the bedroom where she put the radio and FM 104 and on came the song, ‘I wish I was your lover’. Helene now danced into the bathroom I followed her like a moth to a flame. She told me to stand there as she lifted her sundress. Fuck she looked so sexy. Her runner legs were calling to me. She knew she had me as she popped to the tune. At this moment I was her lover and she was my lover. Oh, how I wanted her at that moment. My cock was now throbbing for her and she knew it.

    The music was over and it was replaced by O’Conner Nothing compares to you. It was like she was now singing this to me as her body swayed to this song. I had a burning desire to wrap my arms around her yet she was not about to let me come closer to her. She sat on the edge of the bathtub lifting her dress to show me her black panties. Yet it was her eyes that focused on my eyes. I saw her lips moving to “Nothing Compares to You.” I wanted to look at her pussy through those panties.

    As Ms. O’Conner left the airwaves she was replaced by Vogue and Madonna. This caused Helene to now stand and start dancing to the up tempo as she snapped her fingers then as Madonna commanded Helene stuck a pose.

    Helene started to twirl in the place then her body was now dancing to the music. She was lip singing when she now dropped her dress to the floor exposing her perfect ass. She was driving me crazy. She was beautiful and so magical. Each pose was sexier than the last. Oh, I wanted to do her and she loved it! Fuck I was having a hard time watching her body bopping to the music. As the song came to the end, I reached down to squeeze my hard cock in my pants. She laughed.

    As the song ‘I have been thinking about you’ came on Helene just moved her body like I never saw a woman move her body before. She slowly removed her bra as she sang ‘I have been thinking about you.’ I just remember her singing ‘I am so in love with you.’ I could not help but think of her in that moment and all the things I wanted to do to her. I wanted to go to her. But she turned so my eyes were now glued on her amazing ass.

    She dropped her bra as the Back-Street boys came on singing ‘I want it that Way.’ Hell, I wanted her any way. She casually sat on the edge of the tub. Her breasts were now singing to me “I want it that way.”

    Hell, I wanted it any way with her. She swayed back and forth as she sang to me that I was her desire. She shook her head as she sang ‘no matter the distance I want you to know deep down inside of me. You are my fire the one desire you are one.”

    She looked in my eyes to sing “I never want to hear you say it was a mistake.” She now stood up turning to show me her ass one more time then she turned again as she ran her fingers over her beautiful tits. Her eyes never left mine. I did not know how much more I could take. There was a ragging inferno in my pants when Mariah Carey - Vision of Love. Oh my god Helene got up and slowly sexy as hell and now started to play with her panties.

    Yes, Yes, YES, YES a complete Vision of Love. Helene was nothing more than a vision of love as her panties hit the floor.

    Helene now kick her panties to me as Boyz to Men came on with “I’ll make love to you.” Oh my god Helene found the edge of the tub once more only now she lifted her leg and spread her pussy lips wide then closed her eyes as she fingered herself. I had no choice but to release my manhood for the world to see. I stroked my thickness as she fingered her pussy. Her lovely well-groomed pussy. I loved her kitten as she purred for me singing the words once more. “I’ll make love to you. Like you want me to. All night long.”

    I closed my eyes and squeezed my throbbing dick thinking of her finger fucking her self. Then I felt her silky mouth made contact with the head of my manhood. I opened my eyes to see on her knees looking up at me. Her tongue was now sliding up and down my shaft. Her eyes were focused on me as my head went back and, in that moment, I felt like I died and went to heaven. Her hand and her mouth worked my shaft and I was enjoying this moment like none other. My cum we percolating from deep with in me. I looked back down her right hand was wrapped around my love stick as her left hand was deep with in her love box.

    We were both moaning as Helene sped up her sucking action her head bopping like a steam locomotive who piston is out of control. I grabbed the back her head, her red locks tangled between my fingers. I pushed her head so that my full extended dick was down her throat. I head her head there for seconds until she was gasping for air. I let go, she pulled away, her gagging, saliva pouring from her mouth as she choked desperately trying to recapture her breathing. My dick was vibrating, my legs still shaking. She looked up to me her eyes tearing. Tears running down her cheeks which was now a river of her mascara.

    Helene looked at me and once she got her breath back, she whispered “I want more, I want you to fill my mouth. I did not speak a word my eyes spoke volumes.
    Helene was back at it sucking me giving me a blow job I will remember on my death bed.

    Her hand was deep in her snatch. As she drew in my cock deep in her mouth and down her throat. I could see she had all four fingers deep in her. As she withdrew and let my dick flow from her mouth, I could see her finger nails escape her cunt. As she swallowed me once more it was too much for both of us as Helene moaned and her body shook beneath me. I lost my control and my load and I erupted like Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii. I dumped ribbon upon ribbon of my seed into Helene mouth and on her face.

    I was dizzy and Helene laid like a heap of flesh on the floor of the bathroom floor. Neither of us could speak.

    I piped up. “Oh, baby I needed that.” Helene could not utter a word as she was attempting to get her breath back. The music continued to play as I removed my pants and I undressed. I assisted Helene from the floor.

    “Now, where were we? Shower.” Helene questioned.

    I turn on the shower stepped in and Helene was right behind me. We kissed and with arms around me she kissed me letting me know how much she missed me. She let me know after that orgasm she did not feel like she had energy to wash her. I took the body wash poured it on my hand and proceeded to latter up her amazing body. My hands glided all over her soft skin. I started on her back moving to her beautiful globes of an ass. My one finger found her butt hole and I slid into her. She had a soothing moan that competed for my ears over the sound of the water flowing from the shower head.

    I poured more body wash on her lower back so that it flowed down over her but crack. I then ran my finger over her slit and her perfectly groomed pubic hair. I loved how she cut it. My hand followed the stream of soap down her runner legs. It was clear she was a marathon runner.

    I now poured more body wash on my hands and on to her breasts. I loved massaging them as she turned to face the water. Both my hands were now massaging her perfectly formed glands. I kissed her neck.

    “Greg I love that. I love you.” Her words once more caused my erection to reappear. She could feel me against her ass. “Oh, my someone is excited. I guess you want to fuck me with that big cock don’t you?”

    As she turned, she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me to her, kissing me deeply. Our kiss was long and passionate. My dick was now pulsating. She turned off the shower and whispered Fuck me Greg without the condom. I looked at her. “Helene is that wise?”

    “Greg I want to have your baby.” My dick nearly exploded once more, I grabbed my dick squeezing it to keep my seed from going down the drain. She stepped out go a towel for me and dried me off. I dried her off we kissed and then we made it to the bedroom. I suggested that she get a condom. She told me she brought a full box of magnums.

    Helene suited me up and got on top she went slow at first then built up until she was bouncing up and down on my love pole. I now threw her over on to her back so I could get leverage and using gravity to my advantage. I proceeded to give her a proper pounding. I drove my dick in deep and she grunted with each thrust.

    “Yes, like that baby give it all to me.” I obliged as I penetrated her then the thought of her having my baby caused me to explode once more. She held me tight. “Greg that feels so good. You know it is ok if you want me with out the condom.” I nodded and told her when the time is right. But this was not the right time nor place. I was paying her to be with me but not paying her to have my baby. There things I can control and mistakes I can correct. Then there were those things that would beyond my control and things I would live with the rest of my life and hers.

    We showered once more then went out to a bistro for a late dinner. Helene was tired and we returned to the hotel for a good night sleep. Her first full day in Berlin was before her.

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