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    Ashley Lawrence First PSE Date

    Ashley Dinner Date

    Pre Plan
    Anna was still burned in my mind and the thought I had lost her. But providers come and go. I was quiet since my last tango with Anna. How I missed her. I was feeling frisky and I had seen the ad from this wild cat, Ashley Lawrence she had a website Temple of Ashley. I decided to reach out to her. We chatted on the phone and she was everything I had heard in more. She was getting my engine running. I though this tigress could be just what I needed. Besides learning that Anna was a Russian porn start and I had not even known made me want to jump all over a woman. Yes, I had recently seen Kandy Koxx and fucking her with the vibrator up her ass was pretty hot. Yet my Anna was gone. Ashley maybe just what the doctor ordered. So I agreed to see Ashley on a meet and greet.

    We agreed to meet at this seafood restaurant on the water with Vancouver as our back drop. In our conversation she had indicated that she liked pink, blue, and purple. So I decided on my travels to pick up three night gowns from Victora Secret for her. One pink, one purple, and one light blue.

    I got a suite at the Sutton Residency and I picked up some candles and a little wine. I got dressed in a elegant suit so my slut for the night might get in the mood. Yes it was a meet and greet but our conversation on the phone told me for the right amount of cash there would be no problem getting her back in my suit.

    Dinner reservation were set for 7 PM and it was almost 6. So I hoped in my rental 300 and headed over to the restaurant. I arrived a little early and got us a table outside over looking the city. It was a nice night to fuck this horny tart. I checked my wallet and I was dripping cash. Some thing told me not only did she like big cocks but she loved wealthy big cocks. Oh what a night. I awaited her arrival.

    The Meeting
    Ms. Lawrence arrived and it was like the whole place stopped as she walked towards me in a hot white dress perfect for this night. I knew she was not wearing any panties. She told me that was one of the things she like about me. The fact that I was willing to fuck her anywhere and she wanted me to know she would be ready. No panties was her signature look.

    My mouth nearly hit the floor as I stood, we kissed and she told me I smiled divine. I move the chair out so she could sit. She threw a smiled and commented how wet she was. She told me I looked better than she imagined. That was my que to slide over her donation. Ashley was quick to place it in her purse. She scanned the menu as I scanned her massive man made boobs.

    She asked me if I like what I am looking at. I told her yes with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. We chatted about my travels and I babbled on about something as she played with her hair until she just had to ask me. “How big are you?”

    “Excuse me?” My reply.

    “How big is your cock. A girl just needs to know.” As I could feel her foot make contact with my crotch.

    Thank god our waiter arrived to take our order. She smiled at him and asked him about the catch of the day. “How big is it.” The waiter looked confused until she told him she was very hungry. He smiled back and told her it was a full helping. She giggled.

    We ordered and we went back to her dirty mind. She told me she had every intention of fucking my brains out tonight. Dinner flew by but our discuss slipped from the fantasy world we were both in at this moment to her reality very fast. I felt myself fall down a rabbit hole with this hot tart.

    We entered her world as she shared some issues with a nice she was looking after. Then the discussion flipped to her doctor boyfriend from Edmonton. I really did not want to go there but but she pulled me there and gravity had a way of dragging me down into her world. Time slipped we were done and she went to the rest room. I paid the bill had the valet bring around the car. I was now by the door looking at meaningless pictures on the wall. Then Ashley reappeared looking so hot. Since I was the only guy standing at the front by the doors. Ashley then lifted her dress so I could see she was not wearing any panties. She smiled as she saw my mouth drop. She asked me if I was ready. I had no come back line as I got the door for her and we got in our awaiting car. The Valet told us to have a good night, Ashley giggled and under her breathe I could hear her say,

    “Oh he will!”

    By the time we settled into my rental car. I felt a boner and this time it was harder. Ashley saw it and hovered her hand on my dick over my suit pants. I felt even harder. I felt my vision a little blur.

    We were on our way to hotel. Ashley was occasionally touching me everywhere. She bent once and kissed my dick over my suit pants too. I was soo excited. OMG.

    I needed to say some thing so I let out “You have awesome tits.”

    Ashley response was “You like them. My doctor friend got them for me.”

    The Hotel
    We reached the hotel and I tried to hide my erection by pointing it upwards within my suit pants. Ashley laughed a bit seeing me. It was around 9 PM. We went up and closed the door to our room. As I closed the door, I grabbed her and kissed her deeply and passionately. She responded back nicely and kissed me erotically. Our hands wandered over each others bodies. We broke our kiss.

    In a hush I said, “I'll going to have sex with you all night. You are mine tonight.”

    Ashley interrupted a bit and asked me "All night? Your donation was just a dinner date.

    My response was “Could I have the Full night plan?”

    “Full night Plan I do not have anything with me.” She responded in uncertain terms.

    I ran into the bedroom bringing out her gift from Victoria Secret. I gave it do her and she told me the added fee. I was prepared and pulled out the cash.

    Ashley pointed out her niece was alone at her place and Ashley was concerned about the trouble she could get in. However, the touch of the money was far more appealing than a night with her niece. She told me she needed to make a call. As she was calling she asked if I had any weed.

    I nodded to let her know I did not partake as she talked to her niece.

    I went to the bathroom and thought about it. 'I had already paid for it. What if there is some other restriction?' I thought of giving her more money to remove any other restrictions. Was the weed a problem.

    Ashley in formed me that blowjob were without condom only, Sex with condom only, no anal sex and she needed 8 hours of sleep.

    Fine, I took out my wallet and threw her $1200 CND to remove any other distractions.

    Ashley, look me in the eye and told me. “I told you that I would make this the best night ever and you will never regret it.” As she took this money and put it in her hand bag.

    Ashley went to bathroom. I think she might have used her mobile to talk to her niece again. She comes out in a minute. The smell of a joint follows her like a the cart of an undertaker follows the plague.

    “No limit on shots, no restrictions on blowjobs, but no anal sex and no sex without condom. I have to be safe regarding pregnancy.”

    I cooled a bit but I changed my mind of having a passionate sex. I now wished to fuck her Really hard core, more like pornstars. I asked her to stand up and stay quiet and just respond to my movements. I went behind her and kissed her on her neck and start pressing her boobs. She responded very erotically. My dick was hard and I was rubbing it over her ass. I went down and kissed her from her neck to her ass. I stopped and sat on the sofa.

    I commanded, “Strip for me and give me a nice and erotic lap dance and then show me your oral skil.”

    I watched her making erotic movements and coming to me kissing me on my lips all the way to the chest and on my suit pants over my dick. She leaned against the sofa and placed her ass over me and give me an awesome lap dance. My hands were all over her body. I turned her towards me and she sat on me placing pressure on my dick. It was already very hard and I felt the discomfort in the restriction of my pants. She felt my hardening dick but still pleasured my body. I removed her dress and exposed her nude colored bra and her clean shaved kitten. I was deliberately pressing her boobs and kiss them through the fabric. I removed her bra and continued with her man made tits. She had her hands all around my head and my hands started caressing her ass. I touched her pussy. She was warm and wet. She went down and opened my pants and removed my huge dick which sprang out instantly. I felt my erection ever harder this time. I also felt my dick a bit longer than normal. She was now holding my dick in her hands and she licked off the precum off my dick. I stopped her and stood up and undressed myself completely. She was standing in front of me. As I saw her. She sucked the precum she wiped off my dick and licked it erotically as I watched it. I got naked and she was naked before me. There was a body size mirror in front of the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed facing the mirror, legs down on the floor. I asked her to sit in front of me and suck my dick. She did so and came near my dick. She took my dick in her hand and stroked it gently. I was sooo hard as she asked me if I was part black. She told me my penis was straight, big and erect like a porn star. She gave light kisses on my stomach and then took my dick in her mouth. I felt a intense vibe, I was thinking who was the porn star now. I had a full view of the blowjob. I could see her through the mirror and directly too as she sucked me. nicely and passionately.

    “Baby, are you enjoying it? You are so hard right now. Fuck you are big.” She took her arm and placed it beside my fully erect cock. She gasped, “Oh my fucking god your dick is bigger than my arm.”

    My come back was “I can feel it. OMG this is soo amazing, you are awesome.”

    Ashley laughed and screamed out, “You are so fucking big. You got the biggest dick I ever saw. You are thick and long. I think I am going to enjoy you destroying my fuck hole.”

    I laid back on the bed and she increased her speed. Licking and sucking my hard cock as her hands caressed my stomach and balls. Her mouth then focused only on my dick head and started sucking me off. I couldn't control myself then.

    “Ahh, ahh.... I might cum... OH GOD.”

    She took my dick in her hands and stroked it hard and harder as I felt my orgasm reaching a peak like a volcano ready to explode.

    “OOOhhh mYyy Gaawwddd.. Ahhhh...ahh....”

    I shot a lot of cum on her hands. Some of it landed on my stomach and around. I rested for a minute trying to control my breath. As I looked up, Ashley was looking me.

    Ashley questioned me, “Did you Enjoyed it?”

    My response was very enthusiastic, “Uh-huh? Very very much.”

    She went into the bathroom and got me a warm cloth. She returned and cleaned up all of the cum I sprayed all over. I was still hard. She cleaned her hands too.

    Ashley had to comment once more “Fuck you have a big and hard cock. You could do porn. Go easy on me baby.”

    I just had to be honest for some strange reason. “At first, I might go easy on you. Can't promise about later.” With a devilish smile on my face.

    I dried myself up with a hand towel she had brought as she too the warm face cloth back to the bathroom. Ashley closed the door to bathroom and said me to take a rest, she will be back soon. I reached my mobile to check for any notification. Nothing!. I laid back and relax, my dick still hard pointing towards the roof LOL. It was around 10 PM. She came out naked with her hair wet. She was looking even more sexier now. She came closer to me on the bed, and over me. She sat on me with her pussy over my cock. She looked me in the eye and kissed me again and again. I caressed her boobs and we started exploring each other bodies again for some time. We changed to sideways and continued with it.

    I told her I want to fuck her now.

    Ashley’s response was “Sure baby. hahha. Looks like you are all desperate and excited!”

    She gets up and brings a packet of condom and takes it out. I tried to interfere but she slapped my hand and I let her do it her way. She placed the condom on the tip of my cock and rolled a bit. She rolled the rest of the condom using her mouth. I was staring at all this happening with awe.

    Her demand was clear as she commanded. “Just relax and let me do my job. Okay?”

    She sat on top of me, guided my dick into her pussy, rubbed a little bit. I was breathing heavily, but I was enjoying it, OMG. She got off and sucked me a little to make the condom wet and got back on me. She took my dick in her hands and guided it into her pussy and applied some pressure on me.

    “Ahhh.., omg... Nice...”

    Ashley just took the penis head inside and stood there. She looked at me. She told me,

    “Look in my eyes.”

    I did and when our eyes connected. She pushed herself, penetrating my DICK DEEP INSIDE HER PUSSY.

    We moaned together “ahhhhh.... Oh my god.”

    I over road her moans with “This is so amazing. You are tight... or am I feeling……” The sensation was making my head spin.

    Ashley started making movements slowly, up and down over me, while we both her caressed each other. my hands were on here back and waist. She was making erotic sounds which was making me excited even more. After some time, she leaned forward on me and moved her hips to make faster movements. I felt the sex getting even erotic now. Soon, I felt that she got tired.

    I told her, “Hold on. I'll come on top. Lay down on your back. okay?”

    Ashley laid down and I came over her and kissed her boobs a bit and pushed my cock deep into her in one thrust. She started moaning with me as I pumped her for some time. Our bodies rubbing each other, enjoying every second of the passionate sex. OMG. I managed to hold myself for some time, because of the second session, i don't know. But I was enjoying it too much.

    During the pumping, I felt her holding me closer and tight, I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and she had a very erotic face. I felt she was going to cum, so I continued fucking her. Moments later, She moaned louder as she hugged me even tighter, Her breath calmed a bit. I looked at her as she opened her eyes. She looked very happy.

    Ashley now asked me “You lay down now again, and I'll be on top again okay?”

    How could I say no. “Sure? What ever you want my dear.

    Ashley interrupted me. “Just do as I say. Don't you wanna see my magic?”

    “Okay.. okay..” was my only response.

    I did so and she came on top of me pushing herself over my dick. I felt it penetrating her nicely. She closed her eyes and made very erotic faces as she was fucking on top of me. She continued caressing my nipples too. I was getting super excited with all the fucking, erotica, passion. I couldn't hold myself. I felt myself building up, She understood and kept fucking me.

    Ashley’s words bounced off me like an echo in the Grande Canyon walls, “Let it all out. Enjoy as it happens....”

    I was about to cum.... ahhhhhhhhh.......... ohhh gooodd... I shot cum into her pussy as she continued fucking me, she didn't stop during orgasm... I was feeling dead. Moments later I recovered... As she was looking at me, smiling.

    “Let's go clean up.” Ashley purred like a Cheshire Cat.

    I grabbed her in my arms, my dick still in her pussy, filled with cum inside condom, and took her to bathroom. I removed the condom and washed off my cum. My dick was not hard now but I can still feel the heat from her. I came out first and sat on the sofa again, my breath was still fast. She came out in a minute again with all wet hair and sexy as hell and naked, of course, and sat on sofa arms.

    Ashley let out “Round 2 done.”

    I responded, “Does it matter which round is it?”

    I checked the time, around 15 mins to 11 pm. I had to ask her “Why counting shots, I got whole night with you baby.”

    Ashley fired back “Still have enough stamina? huh? Doesn't looks like. Your cock looks tired.” As she staring my cock.

    “Don't worry about my monster. By the way, can I ask you something personal?”

    “You can, but if I find it too personal then I won't answer.” Came her honest reply.

    “Do you generally have orgasms when you have time with other clients?” I questioned.

    Ashley was honest in her reply. “Sometimes, I do have an orgasms.”

    No sure why I asked but I did. “Did you had one right now?

    Ashley smiles and blushes, the responses with “Yeah.. it's been a while.”

    I don’t know why but I pressed on, “You loved it too?”

    Ashley giggled with, “Fine. Women have needs too.”

    Ashley came a bit closer to me and start moving her hands around my body. My right arm was around her back. I was not hard yet.

    Ashley reassured me “Don't worry, you just had 2 orgasms. Give it some time... Let's cuddle a bit okay?”

    I asked her, “Or dance for me again. I want a sexy and erotic dance performance from you. Naked of course and it should include a lap dance okay?


    I told her to make me hard again. “I want to fuck you again.”

    Ashley came back with “What's wrong with cuddling?”

    “We will do that too.. we got whole night. Right?”

    Ashley gave in with, “alright.” As she gives me a small kiss and starts as she starts dancing to a song on the radio. She started dancing with the beat waving her body and making erotic moves. She was not a very good dancer but it was a good entertainment. She came closer and gave me kisses me as her lap dance continued. She rubed my not-so-hard-cock with her ass, spanking herself in between. I just sat there not moving an inch enjoying the awesome body and the show she gave me. While the song was ending, she sat on my lap again and we started cuddling and kissing wildly. I was getting hard again and in between cuddling I felt my cock got fully hard and touched her abdomen. She then noticed it and laughed a bit.

    I asked. “Why are you smiling?”

    Ashley responed with Nothing.

    I pressed her. “Wait a second... You liked it.. right? The sex... Tell me.”

    “Okay, yes I did love it. I don't have orgasms with my clients ever. Today was after a very long time.”

    I was so excited and let her know with my comment. “Then you are in for a long night baby. I'll make you cum again and again.”

    Ashley smiles and blushes, and winked at me.

    We continued cuddling more and while she was on me, she stroked my cock in between. She got up further and placed her legs on sofa sides and her pussy on my mouth. I started licking her pussy while she waved her hands over my head. My hands were supporting her ass. I literally had her whole weight on my face. While I continued licking her, she was looking at me and smiling and moaning with pleasure. I had my eyes wide open, looking at her face as she made me super hard with her erotic expressions. I literally felt my dick super hard. I ignored the strain of my dick and enjoyed my view. I continued licking her and waved my hands all over her body. I spanked her 3-4 times on her ass as she was still in her dream world.

    Moments later, I stopped as I wanted to fuck her now even more. But, my phone rang. It was a business associate. I ignored it, checked the time, it was midnight. During all this time, she was sucking me and trying her best to give me the best blowjob. I pushed my phone aside and took her in my arms and dropped her on the bed. We cuddled for some time. Then.

    I asked her. “How do you want it now?”

    Ashley was all in, “You tell me, it's your night.”

    “Well, I have a different kind of request.” I questioned her to see how deep her buy in was for our time together.

    Ashley response “uh-huh?”

    I leaked out my request. “I wanna feel you more. I want you to say something to me.”

    Ashley looked at me, “You want me to say something to you?”

    I confirmed I wanted to hear her say these three words.

    Now Ashley presses me, “what are the words,”

    I needed to confirm if she could say them as I need to hear them. So I told her.

    “I lack something in my life. I am all alone and I want you to tell me……You love me.”

    She hesitated as she was processing. I told her my story of being an orphan and how I had no one so I pay providers to say those words. Ashley was quiet.

    We went back to some cuddling. I knew she was close to her orgasm when I was licking her. She will orgasm soon. Maybe then she will change her mind and she'll say those words or whatever. I laid back on the bed as she fetched the condom and rolled it on my dick. It was a gold condom this time with ridges. She came over me and penetrated herself on my cock. She leaned forward and took support over my chest, looked me in the eye and started moving her hips thrusting her pussy over my cock. I was awestruck, looking at her and her only as I was feeling the sensation running through my body.. 2-3 minutes later, she got tired, obviously. But she was acting a bit weird. Maybe she was close to orgasm. I didn't stop and I grabbed her booty and moved her hips and continued fucking her. Her eyes were closed as she completely leaned over me with her boobs over my face and her hands around me. She held me tightly as I continued fucking her. She came again. I could feel it too. Her body shaking as she squealed through her orgasm. Moments later she calmed down and looked at me. She kissed me again and got off me. She asked me to come behind her and fuck her in doggy style. I was all in for it. She positioned herself into doggy by going on her knees and laid on the bed and I came from behind. Her hair was a mess. I asked her to tie her hair. She did and then I started fucking her, taking her pony tail in my hand. My dick was super hard and I penetrated hard, making deeper shots into her pussy, I could feel the end of the pussy as she was making some painful-yet-enjoying sounds. I grabbed her hair harder like a rains on a house, and I kept fucking her even faster and harder. We got into a rhythm, our bodies were moving in such a way I was able to fuck her nicely. For a second, I stopped and grabbed her body from behind in same position and continued banging her. She braced her self with the head board with her hands as I continued banging her as I felt something build-up in me. I was getting tired but still didn't stop. Ashley felt it and help fucking me by making opposite movements. I was on the verge..

    “Ahhhh oohhhh gooooooooddd..... Shiittt..”

    I started orgasming very hard and this time it drained me sucking all the cum from my deepest inner being.

    “Ahhhh fucking hell..... shitt..” I continued.

    We were both sweaaty.. Looks like the AC was now ineffective. LOL

    We both were heavily tired. I took my dick out, wrapped with condom, filled with my cumshot. Ashley had a smile on her face.

    Ashley asked, “Let's shower together.”

    Ashley encouraged me with, “You are actually amazing, and too amazing for the first timer.”

    How does one respond other than, “Oh thanks. I guess I need to see you more. Maybe I need to be a regular?”

    Ashley was quick with her response. “You are different than others. You have an energy. Beside you have a massive cock that fits so well in me.”

    I looked puzzled. So she added on, “seriously. Just consider it a compliment. You are good in bed. You are one great fuck!”

    I smiled returned her complement with “Thanks.”

    We continued exploring each other bodies in shower. Her hair all wet and silky. I loved that even more about her. We were literally making out in the shower, when she came closer to my ear. When Ashley let out “I'll let you fuck me without condom. Okay?”

    Hearing this but I didn't say a word and continued exploring her. How does one respond to such a thing from a provider on the first date.

    We came out of shower. I came out first. She came out later.

    I went back to bed and waited for her to come out. Ashley came out 10 minutes later. By the time, I Mac the Knife was plying on the radio.

    Ashley demanded, “Alright. Enough with the games. Play with me.”

    I tilted my head and questioned her, “You suggest something now.”

    Ashley responded with, “What can I suggest? You tell me what is your deepest darkest desire in sex? A sex position you would like to try?

    I thought for a few moments. “I do want to try one. I don't know the name. I mean, you would lay on your stomach. I come behind you and fuck you from behind while enjoying your body.. sort off.”

    Ashley agreed.

    I got on top of her and we had some foreplay. I didn't say anything as I penetrated my dick into her pussy. For the first time I was actually enjoying a pussy. It felt so good even with the condom. We started fucking in missionary position for some time like this. She continued caressing my body as I banged her hard now. I felt a different and more erotic sensation this time. I switched and changed to a different position to which she interrupted in the middle. She got off the bed, made erotic moves in front of me on the floor and stood beside the wall near the mirror. She was facing her ass towards me.

    Ashley commanded “Come here. Fuck me like this if you want tooo..”

    I got up fast and came behind her. She took my dick in her hands and stroked for a bit. She got down and sucked me for a minute or soo so as to provide some lube.
    “I have KY jelly too if you want to use it? She asked.

    “You came prepared. I laughed.”

    Ashley laughed, “I am a professional whore, condoms and lube are my working tools.”

    Ashley informed me she wont suck or blow me then. As she doesn’t like it's smell.

    That fixed that idea.

    We continued. She stood up, took my dick in her hands and guided it into her pussy as I came behind her and hugged her. I started making movements. It was a bit hard fucking her like this. My dick was slipping out again and again. She bended a bit more on the wall and I tried fucking her again.

    Ashley instructed me. “Just look at me and concentrate on my body as you fuck me. You'll feel it yourself.”

    I continued fucking her like this. I was actually kind off enjoying this pose. Some time later. I grabbed her nicely and we started fucking in a rhythm. Faster and faster. I could seriously feel the rubbing between us and it was building me up. My breathing got faster. She noticed it and stopped and got down on the knees. Without wasting any time, she pulled off the condom and started sucking me nicely and hard. I was getting close and close and close and almost out.....

    “Ahhhh I am cumming noww... OMG.. Ahhh shittt.”

    My eyes were closed from my intense orgasm as I opened my eyes. I saw Ashley looking at me while my dick was in her mouth. She took my shots into her mouth as I orgasmed. OMG it was soo intense. She stood still and wiped off the cum from my dick head. As she did soo, I felt sudden chills. My dick head was very sensitive after the orgasm.

    We cuddled as we didn't have any energy left in us. I thought about it and decided it to call it a night. I told her soo and we slept naked in each other arms.

    Ashley informed me that she was thinking of her niece. She asked if I would mind her going home to check on her. How could I say no. She assured me she would be back. I had heard that before. She got dressed then headed out after giving me a kiss.

    I dozed off to sleep with Ashley deep in my thoughts……..As her hand was deep in her pussy.







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