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The Robsons Chapter 4

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The Robsons



Merv cradled his testicles as he and Joe entered the house. They ached quite a bit following his efforts in the kennels but his mind was still full of the antics of the bitch slut Lisa now recovering in her cage. Joe closed the door quietly and followed Merv into t

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he living room. They both glanced at Mandy in an exhausted sleep on the sofa, her tiny naked body all askew and open to the world. Her hairless pussy pushed forward by her right leg trailing on the floor, and her perky nipples slightly erect from the cool draught of the air conditioning. Merv’s cock was at attention again, “Jeeze Joe these sluts just beg to be fucked, even in their sleep” he giggled. “I gotta have me a piece of this ass, even though my balls are breaking”. He went to pick Mandy up, but Joe’s hand rested on his shoulder and stopped him.


“You had a hard day already buddy, your eyes are like brake lights, why don’t you wait until later, you need the rest and the little fuck bunny will be a lot more lively by then too”. Merv turned and gave him a quizzical look.


“No skin off my nose pal” continued the old man, “I just thought you would hate to miss the main fun later, when Bob and Dave get up”. Merv considered this for a minute looking straight at the smiling old codger. “You wanna get me outa the way so you can have some early action, you horny old pervert” he said laughing.


“You got me son” Joe replied grinning back, “wont be much room for an ol’ feller like me later when you young ‘uns get going”. Merv slapped him on the shoulder, “Go on old man have your fun, I am wrecked anyway and need some quality shut eye, usual room?” Joe nodded and Merv turned and made his way upstairs.


Joe looked at the sleeping Mandy thoughtfully, “wonder why I did that?” he said to himself. The little girl stirred in her sleep closing her legs and trapping her hands in between, cradling up in the fetal position. She looked so much like a baby that he found it hard to believe she was taking his cock to her depths only hours before. He smiled benignly and refrained from touching her. “Sleep well little slut,” he whispered to her, “ you will need all your energy later”. Then moving towards the kitchen “I better get some food on, those boys will be pretty hungry when they wake up”. Mandy relaxed and grateful of the respite, settled back to sleep. The smile on her face was just barely noticeable.


A few hours later Bob woke with a snort, sat up and looked around. It took a few minutes but he finally recognized the familiar surroundings of the room in his dad’s house. He glanced to the side and lingered over the familiar figure of his sexy neighbor Louise. She was asleep and facing away from him, the bedspread pulled tightly up to her neck her blonde hair a halo on the pillow under her head. He could feel the softness of her naked body beside him and as the memories of the previous twenty-four hours came flooding back, his piss horn suddenly transformed into a raging cunt seeking missile. He tore back the cover, clipped Louise around the head and shouted, “Come on slut! You got a whole lot of throbbing cock to please here, you ain’t got time for sleeping”.


Louise who had been awake for the last hour jumped up quickly and turned to face him. She took Bob’s cock in her hand and began to slowly message up and down the long smooth shaft, periodically squeezing his testicles with her other hand. “What are you going to do with us Bob?” she asked in as polite a voice as she could manage. “I m going to fuck you lots babe” he replied laughing. Then whacking her hard around the head, growled “next time you want to speak you raise your hand and wait until you get permission”. He caught her right nipple and twisted it cruelly between his thumb and forefinger making her squeal in pain.


“Come on cowgirl, get up and ride your pony.”


Louise did not know what to do. This whole thing was way beyond her sphere of experience even in fantasy. She was terrified for herself and her girls because from what she knew people who were abducted usually ended up dead. Up to now cooperation had kept them alive and in the absence of a better plan she reckoned it prudent to go along until some alternative came up. She hoped she could find a way to escape before her captors tired of them. Never far from her mind, she prayed silently for her children’s safety and hoped they would be able to endure these horrible trials mentally if not physically intact.


A different cause for concern was the way her body responded to the foul way these men treated her. She had never experienced the intensity of orgasm with Darren that fucking Bob and the dogs gave her. Even now Bob’s crude unfeeling manner turned her on so much that she found she looked forward to impaling herself on his long thick cock one more time.


She knelt over Bobs boner and pushed herself slowly onto it, waiting for her love juices to flow before allowing her weight to slide her down taking it all the way inside. With a steadily increasing rhythm she milked the rock hard rod with her body, clenching her pussy with each upward stroke for maximum effect. “Oh baby you are getting so good at this” groaned Bob as the long luscious strokes of the beautiful woman made him want to blow his load deep in her belly. Louise moaned as her own orgasm began to build and she quickened her strokes as her body craved release. Suddenly she clutched her muscles around Bob’s cock and sighed heavily as her body spasmed in wild pleasure. Bob caught the vibe and filled her, crushing her breasts in his fists as his balls contracted to pump his vibrant seed to its destination deep in Mrs. Robson’s womb. He pushed her off and got out of the bed. “Go clean yourself up whore, you got a lot of entertaining to do tonight”.


Bob followed her into the en suite and gave his cock and groin a quick wash before donning a shorts and T-shirt. “Come on slut, lets go downstairs”, he told Louise cupping her pussy in his hand from behind. “Mustn’t keep your lovers waiting”. Louise followed him out feeling awkward in her nakedness and hunching slightly as she walked.


They came down to the mouth-watering aroma of fried bacon as Joe dished up a full breakfast menu. Louise heard her stomach growl as she realized how long it was since she had eaten. Bob sat down to the plateful of food on the table as Louise looked on eagerly waiting for hers. “Get the fuck over to your baby bitch, this food is way too good for the likes of you,” growled Bob, pushing her roughly towards the sleeping Mandy. “Make yourself useful and get the little slut ready for later, I just know how much she enjoys your tongue”.


Louise hesitated wondering if he was serious. “What the fuck you waiting for whore, directions? Get on with it” shouted Bob, making her jump. With tears in her eyes she went over to defile her precious daughter once more. She knew Bob made her do this because it hurt her the most. He was making her a party to her daughter’s rape.


She reached the sofa and gently roused the little girl. “Hi sweetheart how are you?” Mandy turned round and smiled warmly at her mum. “I’m ok Mum, are you?” The tears welled in Louise’s eyes. “I am so sorry my darling, so sorry”.


Mandy’s heart pained her to see her Mum in this state, “Mum you can’t blame yourself for this”, she whispered, “They are bad men and we are not strong enough to stop them”. “Oh baby you are so brave, I so wish things were different” cried Louise, “I am so sorry honey but you know what I have to do now?”


Mandy nodded gravely and lay back opening her legs. Louise began gently opening her labia with her tongue, then finding the little girls clit, messaged it between her teeth alternately licking and nipping as her daughters cum juice flowed into her mouth. Mandy writhed with the intense pleasure flowing in waves through her young body. Her little moans caught the attention of the two men.


“That little slut is gagging for it, I can’t wait to get my cock in her later” said Bob to his father around a mouthful of food. “How did the little dog bitch settle in, she introduce herself to the boys?”


“And how!” replied Joe “Merv wanked his cock skinless. You gotta see the video son, you got a helluva treat in store”.


“Play the one from the main camera Dad, I could do with some entertainment”.


To the sound of her elder daughters agonized screams on the video, and Bobs appreciative comments interspersed with exclamations, Louise continued to attend to Mandy’s cunt afraid to turn around because she could not bear to witness Lisa’s ordeal at the hands of the great hounds. Mandy who had a great view of the TV watched with open-eyed wonder at the size of the cocks ramming and knotting her older sister. The show and the constant stimulation on her clit made her cum with loud gasps. Bob Laughed, “the little sluts getting off on all this, I bet she can’t wait for her turn with the dogs. Think we will save that for when the rest of the gang get round Dad, should be quite a show”. Joe smiled back at his son, saying nothing. “Holy shit!” exclaimed Bob as Lisa got to the final three dogs. “Get over here Louise, look what a wanton dog slut you reared”.


Louise lifted her head and her eyes froze wide in horror as she watched her daughter take all three dogs. Her concern for Lisa’s safety grew as she watched the kennel drama unfold, and she almost fainted in relief as she realized how close the young bitch had come to her death. She longed to find out how and where Lisa was now, she knew she would be injured and very frightened. She wanted to go to her and comfort her as best she could. She raised her hand for permission to speak, but both men deliberately ignored her, adding to her agony.


“Is the dog bitch still alive” Bob asked the old man with no trace of concern in his voice. “She was lucky,” replied Joe, “no permanent damage, I gave her some penicillin and holed her up in one of the cages, a few days and she will be right as rain”.


“She better recover quicker than that’, said Bob, “I decided we are bringing the gang over tomorrow. They would kill us if they thought we kept this fresh meat from them for too long.  I need to check the slut farm anyway, and I promised Merv and Dave a visit, so you will have the fuck bunnies all to yourself tomorrow Dad. Make the most of it, cos you know they will be worth nothing except for breeding on he farm when the guys are done with ‘em. That’s if any of ‘em are still alive”.


“I could eat a horse Joe, I hope you cooked plenty”, said Dave rubbing his stomach as he entered. “Jeeze I was tired, slept like a baby. Did I miss any fun?”


Bob finished munching and pushing his plate away grinned up at Dave. “The dog bitch has given us the film of the decade, poor Merv almost wanked his cock off at the live version. You should catch it over dinner get you right in the mood. I just got Momma prepping the little slut for later”.


“Good thinking pal, I like em hot and ready”, leered Dave feeling his cock as he pulled a chair to the table.


“Play camera four Dad that should give a good angle” suggested Bob as Joe put a heaped plate before Dave.


Bob moved over to the armchair and sat facing Louise and Mandy. “Back to work Momma slut, your dog bitch daughter’s got me all horny again and I feel like having me some young meat real soon”.


Louise obeyed and Mandy responded with a loud moan as her young clit was expertly stimulated again. Bob pulled out his monster stiffy and rubbed it slowly enjoying the show.  He watched the young girl clench her thighs tightly around her mum’s head as she came, her eyes closed and her hands squeezing her tiny breasts as her head turned quickly left and right.


“Great job Momma”, laughed Bob “I guess momma knows what’s best for her litter, keep going I’m gonna be ready for her real, real soon”.


“Hey Bob don’t wear her out too much, I got a stalk in my shorts that’s tickling my chin, this dog fuck movie’s fucking A, I need to fuck something soon or I’ll burst” laughed Dave wiping the grease from his plate with some bread and stuffing it in his mouth. “Never mind buddy” Bob replied with a grin, “this young slut’s not going to refuse ya”. Dave laughed harder.


“Come here baby,” drooled Bob looking at Mandy, “Time to show everyone how much you love your uncle Bob”. Louise moved back and let her daughter rise and go over to him. Mandy’s eyes were glazed with desire as she went to see to the cock that she really needed now. She took the throbbing rod in her hands, so small they could barely encircle the full girth of it. Playing gently up and down it she bent over and pushed her mouth over the bulbous head, being careful not to scrape it with her teeth. She worked her tongue slowly around the head giving Bob rushes of pleasure that made him squirm and moan. He gasped as she let it slide down her throat like the preteen professional she had become, and moved up and down the full length of it, never once letting it lose contact with the velvet softness of her cock suckers lips.


“Enough “, groaned Bob barely refraining from shooting his load, he did not want to cum this way. “Gimme some cunt, slut”.


Mandy lifted her head and climbed onto the chair with Bob. In one easy motion she took him in her tiny pussy and felt him open her like before as his cock reached her sacred depths. When she felt him all the way in, she stopped and looked him in the eye, then slowly at first moved herself up and down, all the time maintaining eye contact. “Bob was amazed at her willingness to please. “Tell me how much you love me and my cock, bitch,” he groaned, meeting her gaze with a look of his own that said, ‘don’t overstep the line Hon, I am the boss here, you are the slave’.


“Oh Uncle Bob, I just love your big fat cock filling my little pussy. It makes me want to cum so hard!” Mandy responded. She was trying her best to please him. Witnessing poor Lisa’s ordeal on the video had really frightened her, and she did not want to go near those big raping dogs. She hoped she could win the same reaction from him as she had from the old man earlier. Mandy knew that her only weapon here was her sexual performance and she aimed to give the show of her young life here tonight.


Bob blasted his load deep in her womb and held her tight when he had finished preventing her from slipping off his softening rod. “Stay there slut” he ordered, keep moving slowly around on my dick. You got 3 minutes to get me hard again or I throw you in the kennels”.


Mandy looked at him in shock, what was she to do now? She hadn’t a clue how to make him hard again and she had no time to think. Trusting to instinct, she put her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers kissing him hard on the lips. Then opening she used her tongue to tickle the inside of his cheeks. She squirmed her lower body squeezing her stomach and thigh muscles to get as much friction on Bobs still large but soft piston. Leaving his mouth she trailed her tongue tip over his chin and along his neck, gently blowing through her nostrils sending cool tremors back along the dampened saliva trail. Then reaching his right nipple she twirled her tongue around the sensitive areole moistening it before blowing gently, making it jump erect.


“Ninety seconds”, observed Dave. Bob was too interested in the game to give a shit. He groaned as her little fingers found his testicles and grabbed them forcefully as she simultaneously bit down on his erect nipple. Then gently massaged his nuts as she kissed it better. She moved up and down his limp shaft more forcefully now and returned quickly to his lips, tonguing him deep and rubbing her little breasts against his hairy chest. Suddenly she pulled away and smiled wide eyed as she felt her pussy fill once again with Bob’s fully engorged prick. She continued riding him not saying anything but looking him playfully in the eyes. Bob blinked and looked over to his friend. “She make it?”


“With ten seconds to spare old buddy” laughed Dave. “You just been primed by the sexiest preteen slut I ever did see”. Lay back buddy, you are about to get a cool view of my nuts”.


Bob pulled the recliner lever and the back of the chair moved to a near horizontal position. This had the effect of moving Mandy’s face forward over his head as her hands rested on his shoulders.


“Keep that position slut”, said Dave, dropping his shorts to release his big black dong and making his way over to the copulating pair. “Open up”, he drawled as he caught the little girls hair and shoved his boner right down her throat in one swift motion. It caught Mandy as she was taking an inward breath and she almost fainted from lack of air before he pulled it out again. She gasped drawing as much life giving oxygen as she could through her nose, before Dave plunged into her once more.  Bob could feel her distress through her cunt as she tightened every sinew around him in her panic. It turned him on even more, he longed to tell Dave to keep his cock in there until she suffocated, but it was too soon for that, there was a lot of fun left in this slut yet.


Mandy’s body now moved to the timing of the two cocks alternately entering and leaving her opposite openings. She was used to the tempo now and could catch her breath more easily. Relaxing she let the opposing rhythms stimulate her pleasure centers and build her to the climax she knew was not far away. When it came, it took her on a long, long ride to ecstasy. She gurgled and gasped as Dave’s mouth fucking cock, strangled the screams of pleasure before they left her vocal cords.


Louise felt her own pussy cream as she watched her baby daughter squirming on the cocks of the two men like a pig on a spit. She felt a small pang of jealousy as she realized her daughters youth was much more attractive to these men than her mature body. She also felt a great sadness as she watched her baby turn from innocent child to wanton slut before her very eyes. These were no things for a young thirteen year old to know about, never mind participate in. She hated these men with a passion in spite of the way they could make her body respond. She racked her brains for a way to escape but could think of nothing. She felt so helpless and cursed herself for allowing the men in her life to make all the decisions for her. She swore that if they ever made it out of here alive she would take more control of things. Perhaps if she had been a stronger more assertive person they would not be in this predicament now.


Joe watched his little slut with pride. “You go girl!” he said to himself. He wondered if he should take a pill and join in, but he didn’t fancy mature women anymore and Mandy was well engaged now. Hearing Merv coming down the stairs made him decide there was not much point. Merv always slagged off his wrinkly old todger and this surprisingly embarrassed Joe very much. Drawing his eyes from the threesome he went to dish up some food for him.


“What have we got here?” said Merv aloud as he came into the living room. “You guys getting a head start on me?”


“By all accounts you pumped yourself dry this afternoon”, goaded Dave, “We thought you would be asleep until morning”.


“Don’t you believe it pal” replied Merv pulling his very hard pole from his shorts. “My cunt filler is ready for action once again, and I am not letting it wait any longer. Bend over Mamma, I need something hot to get inside”.


Louise rose from the sofa and turned around putting her ass in the air and opening herself to take Merv’s long stiffy inside her. He mounted her quickly and roughly, hurting her as he thrust deep in her pussy with one quick motion. He caught her long blonde locks and shouted “Yeeehaaaa!” as he used them for reins to control her. Then his eyes fell on the young teen as her body rocked back and forth between his two accomplices. His mind drifted back to the performance of her dog bitch sister earlier and a really sexy idea came to him. He slid Louise off the end of his cock and went over to the threesome. “Make way for Dr Assbasher” he laughed as he knelt between Bob’s legs on the edge of the chair. He positioned his cock, already greased with Mums love juice, and waited for the youngster to rock back toward him.


Mandy was frightened, she knew he was there but couldn’t turn around to see what he was up to as Dave’s cock kept her head facing forward. She soon found out what Dave had in mind. As she pushed her pussy back down Bob’s cockslide, Merv forced his way into her ass driving all the way to the hilt. Mandy went rigid and stopped rocking as she screamed as loud as her lungs would let her.  Her raw, bruised shit hole felt like it was on fire and the size of both cocks stretched her membranes to their limits. Dave shoved his cock down her throat and stifled her anguished cries. Merv found a comfortable position and tipped Bob on the knee signaling he was ready.


Dave took his cue, “what you waiting for slut, start moving, the only way to get these cocks outa you is to suck em dry of cum, so get on with it”. Mandy was in severe pain now and very frightened. But she was a brave little slut, and mentally steeling herself, commenced rocking back and forth on the triumvirate of hard flesh invading her every hole.


Merv grunted, “I always love it this way Bob”. Bob had to agree, the extra stimulation of Merv’s hard member pushing against his through Mandy’s ass wall was an extremely cum inducing feeling. All three men held off as long as they could and were soon rewarded as the little cum receptacle began the first of a series of ever increasing orgasms that left her gasping and exhausted. Bob was the first to break. “Get on up there!” he bellowed as his seed hosed from him.


Mandy felt the warmness of it as it as it filled her crevasse, she sucked harder on Dave hoping to get him off too so she could breathe normally again. Her exertions had left her out of breath.


“Open wide Baby” said Dave suddenly and pulled out of her mouth to squirt on her face and beautiful red hair before emptying the last of his ejaculation over her pert little tits. Merv caught the Vibe and followed suit, the creamy texture of his cum a balm to the little girls burning asshole. The men pulled out and lay back panting. Mandy feeling totally exhausted collapsed where she lay on the chair, breathing deeply, grateful for the chance to swallow the large chunks of air her body craved.


Bob opened his eyes and looked directly at Louise, “you must be really proud of the talented slut you reared Mummy. Be a good bitch now and clean your puppy off with your tongue, be a shame to waste all that baby juice and you so hungry an awl” The others joined in his laughter. Then stopping abruptly he turned to Merv. “I bet poor Mummy bitch is feeling left out, did you Kennel Brutus and Hades?”


“No Merv replied, “ I let them run free outside, I reckoned they would appreciate it after being cooped up in the van with the bitches all last night.”


“Do us a favour mate?” asked Bob, “can you call them in? I hate to see mummy so frustrated like that. I bet she would love a big dog cock filling her pussy just about now.” 


“You got it Bob,” replied Merv heading for the front door.

Doggy Fun

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I’m in college and I run track. I was working out pretty hard, and my new boyfriend, Doug asked me if I’d take his dog running with me. Doug had a heavy class schedule, and his golden lab wasn’t getting any exercise. So of course, I went by and picked Lex up one day on my regular two mile run. Lex was a real friendly pup. I think Doug said he was two, so he’s in good shape and can run really hard. I had him on one of those extendable leashes and he’d run ahead for awhile, then circle back and lope next to me. It was nice to have someone to run with, so I looked forward to getting him. Doug gave me a key to his place so I could pick up the dog when he wasn’t home.

One day, I wanted to go straight to class after my run, so I took a bag of cl

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othes over to Doug’s place and then went on my run with Lex. I don’t know what it was, but I was feeling pretty horny. It was close to my period, I think it was a full know how it gets. Anyway, I was running my miles, but I didn’t really feel like running. I felt more like gettin’ busy. Sometimes I masturbate three or four times a day. Like I said, Doug has a heavy class schedule, so I’ve learned to take care of my own sex drive, whether or not he’s around. I whistled to Lex. I wanted to go back to Doug’s to "jill off" before I went to class. I always laugh at that term, because my real name is Jill. Somehow horny Jill laying in the bed, "jilling herself off" delighted me. I was planning to shower at Doug’s anyway.

Doug has an exercise mat next to some weights, so I went in there to do my final stretches. I’m not trying to be gross here, but when I’m crazy horny and I’ve been working out, my pussy gets to smelling pretty hard. This was one of those times. Now, I kind of like the smell, after all it’s my smell and even though I wouldn’t want Doug to go down on me if I smelled that strong, I kinda get off on it, especially since I was just there on my own. Well I was stretching, and my shorts were cutting into me, so I took them off. I do that a lot of times. I wear thong panties, so I didn’t have on much. I just wanted to get my workout over, go masturbate in the bed, shower, and get on with my day. I had the music on, I was doing my final stretches, and Lex came in with his tennis ball, sat on the floor next to me and watched.

Now of course, he probably came in to find me so I could toss his ball a few times, after all, we hadn’t gotten in our full run. He still wanted to play! But I was thinking of my wet pussy, and it gets a little achy, and all I could think about was taking care of it. I felt inside my thong, moved the fabric out of my crotch. I was soaking wet! I just wanted to stick my fingers down there, in there, wherever, and get off. The dog was watching me, and it made me feel funny. "Hey Lex! You need to go sit on the couch for a few minutes. Get!"

He didn’t listen to me. He put his ball down on the floor, sat with his head down on his paws and waited. He whimpered.

"Oh Lexy," I said to him, "I’ll run with you tomorrow. I’ll toss your ball later on. I just gotta take care of something else right now." I was doing some leg lifts on my side, and my panties were cutting right up my crack! Damn! They felt like they were slicing me in half!

Lex was just a dog, and he didn’t know what I was doing, so I decided to go for it. I sat up, rolled my panties down and then I sat down with my legs wide so I could stretch forward. I was almost done. I was stretching forward, my vagina gaping open, and yes! the smell was something else. Thick and sweaty, like I worked hard, and deserved to smell this way! I couldn’t wait to jill my pussy!

Erg! I definitely did not feel like finishing my workout. Then on came my favorite song, and I just wanted to listen to it, and get my groove off. I just laid back on the mat, and closed my eyes for a minute. I put my fingers on my clit and started playing...

Now you probably figured this out before I did, but the next thing I knew, Lex came over to sniff at me. And you know how dogs can be about pussy. He went right to my crotch. His nose brushed against me. It felt cold!

"Ha ha! No, Lexy, no. Be a good dog. Sit!"

I snapped my fingers at him and he sat down, but he was very close to me. He stuck his tongue out and started panting. I could smell his sweet doggy smell. He leaned forward and licked my face.

"Silly dog."

Like I said, I really wanted to masturbate. I kept a toy in Doug’s dresser, under the socks, so I got up off the mat to get it. The dog padded after me into the room. Sure wish Doug was here! I’d be on him like a nympho, fucking his brains out. Knowing him, he’d be trying to study math in between pumps. "Wait up," he’d say, "I have one more algorithm to solve." Maybe it was good he wasn’t here. I didn’t have to feel like I needed to rush. I had about an hour before my class. Doug needed to learn how to enjoy himself a little. He was a worrier.

I got up into the bed and Lex was still sitting there, staring. I started to think about how sweaty I was, and I didn’t really want to wash the sheets, so I decided to go back into the other room with my dildo and lay down on the mat. Lex followed me back into that room and sat down next to his tennis ball.

"OK Lexy, it’s just you and me. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. You go right ahead and watch me get off..." I threw my legs out pretty much in the same position as before and started fingering my clit. I was so wet! I knew there was a streak of my juices on the exercise mat. "You like watching me play with my this!" I slipped my fingers into my cunny to ease it open a little bit. I wanted to jam that dildo in. I sat up on my elbow a little. I was nice and wet, so I slipped the dildo right in. Damn! That felt so good! I worked it back and forth for awhile, and if anything, the pussy smell got stronger in the room.

The dog cocked his head and watched what I was doing. It felt kind of exciting to have such an enthusiastic audience! He scooted forward and nudged my thigh with his nose. I jammed the dildo in and out of my pussy. I started to whimper and ease into it. It wasn’t going to take me long today! The dog heard my whine, and I guess he got alarmed, so he jumped up. I moved my hand away from my pussy, leaving the dildo planted deep inside, to scratch him between his ears, and I didn’t expect him to be so quick, but he went right for it! I mean it. He stuck his nose right there in my smelly cunny and he tentatively stuck his tongue out for a taste. Eek!

Now I should have screamed and jumped up, but I didn’t. I shot my hand back where it had been, in between his nose and my pussy, and clamped my hand to block my pussy lips. "No, Lexy, no. That wouldn’t be good. I can’t..." Well my hand reeked like my pussy, and so did the mat under my ass, and he just started licking my hand, and licking the mat near my leg. He finished licking the mat, and then he went back to licking my hand, the heavy smell must have been coming through my fingers, and he was trying to get to it.

It had been a long week. I really really wanted to get off, and like a lot of ladies, I could never get enough of having my pussy licked. Who would know? Lex was licking the back of my hand, the end of the dildo, sticking out of my cunt, and then he laid down, his nose staying right where it was, and started licking my ass.

No one would ever know! No one would know. It was just me and the dog. It didn’t take me but a minute more to lower my resolve and move my hand. That dog’s fat tongue was just slurping and lapping all those wet pussy juices up! I opened my legs wider and scootched down, trying to rock my pelvis to make him lick my clit. My pussy was still full of dildo, and it felt amazing to have the steady, energetic lapping on my cunnie. Lex was wonderful! There was something about his fat, rough tongue, and his willingness to get all the juices licked away.

"Oooh! That’s a goood doggy. I like that. Good boy." I reached down and stroked his head. I started to relax into it. Who the hell cared? If the dog didn’t care, and I didn’t care... I pulled the dildo out, and he sniffed at it and immediately licked it. "Lexy, come here!" I slapped at my hungry pussy and pulled my legs open in a split, to distract him away from my toy, and that dog went back to work on my cunt, lapping his huge tongue all the way from my asshole up to my clit. Wonderful!

Lex stood up and kept licking, maybe even more enthusiastic. I shut my eyes and just let him. I really liked the eager way he was lapping me off. I loved that he didnt’ seem to think I needed to shower that hard pussy smell off. He was going to clean it for me!

Lex stopped licking me whimpered a little bit and I turned my head to look. He leaned forward to lick his dick, which was alert, sticking out pink and eager from his hairy shaft. It throbbed. Lex kept whining and looked at me, his tongue out, he was panting a little bit, and there was water coming off his tongue. He stuck his tongue back into my cunny, squirming it into crevices and sticking it as deep as he could into my ass. Oh my God! It felt soo soo good! His dick was twitching, not too far from my head.

He was taking care of me... why not? I guess because I felt like he was doing me a favor, I should do the same for him. I clicked my tongue, "Come here, Lex." I patted the mat. He didn’t know what I wanted. He stood awkwardly, panting, his dick twitching. He looked uncomfortable.

I got up on my elbow and patted the mat. He came over and stood next to me. I reached under him and scratched his belly, just above his throbbing dick. Could I do it? I didn’t really know. I mean it seemed kind of gross to put my mouth on Lex, but he’d just had his mouth all over me, and that didn’t end up feeling so gross at all. Oh, and I still wanted some more! So it would be selfish to just have him lick on me till I got off all the way, leaving a streak of sweat from my "workout" all over the mat.

Lex was really whimpering now. "Oh, Doggy, I know what you want. Just a minute, let me work myself into it." I kept scratching his belly, and he kind of pushed forward, trying to get me to touch his dick. But I wasn’t sure. How could I do that? I lay back on the mat and just looked at his dick. It wasn’t huge or anything. It looked kind of innocent and reddish pink. It was thin, but as long as my dildo.

I wanted to fuck myself with my dildo some more. I reached for it. Lex licked it, and I brought it back to my pussy. He stood with his legs sprawled awkwardly, his dick so hard, he didn’t know what to do with it.

Well hell. I kept fucking myself with the dildo, and he stretched forward and licked my puss, and I just decided to do it. I touched his dick. He stopped licking me. He was acting funny, like he wasn’t sure if I was going to yell at him. "Come here, Doggy. Good boy." I mumbled as I put my face under his belly and started sucking his dick. It had a different smell, but it wasn’t a bad smell, just his smell. Just like my pussy was my smell. I kept jamming that dildo in, and it felt so good! I arched back, pushing it way in, and as horny as I was, I just decided to suck the dog off.

The dog wasn’t going to have any of that. He stepped back away from my head, and honed in between my legs. His dick twitched. He wanted to mount me! I had the dildo in me, so he couldn’t stick it in, but he was whining, kind of helpless, and it made me feel selfish. What could it hurt? Without thinking about it any further, I said, "Just a sec," and removed the dildo. I put my hands under my butt and thrust my pussy right out there in front of him. He climbed on me, his paws standing on my hips, he arched his back, and he started fucking me. It was weird! He was heavy, and his nails were scratchy. His nails cut into me a little when he shifted around, but he was very focused on the job at hand and he thrust very quickly. His doggy dick was narrow, and slipped around in me easily, but he seemed to get longer inside of me. He was standing above me and not having any problem fucking it in real deep, so I pulled my hands out from under my ass, and held his feet firm on me. I tried to protect my skin from his nails by blocking them with my hands. His butt arched up and down like a piston and his tail was flattened, sticking straight down. His dick was in me nice and deep and it felt soo good.

Then I felt something wild! His dick got really fat, I know now it was his knot, and Lex swelled way up and locked it inside of me. I put my right hand down so I could finger my clit. Intense. He pounded in and out a few more times, my clit was so hard, standing straight out, my own sex was all engorged with blood. Inside of me, it felt like a fire hydrant had burst, or maybe like he was pissing inside! I knew that wasn’t what it was, and it actually turned me on to think I’d gotten a dog off! He whimpered, and then he climbed back off me, and his nose went back to my cunt, and he started lapping me off. The thought of him lapping away all those sex juices got me off totally.

"Ooooh! Gaaawwwd!" I started cumming and the contractions washed through me. The dog just stood over me and lapped. Then he sat and leaned down on himself to lick off his own dripping dick, and to clean his balls.

I felt kind of stupid then. I don’t know why. Just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. I went to shower. I glanced at the clock. Shit! I had about ten minutes to get to class!

I was late of course. I did take a minute to rinse off, and I pulled on a skirt I brought and grabbed my sweater. Damn! I forgot to bring extra panties! I certainly wasn’t going to wear that sweaty thong! So I went to class without. I sat there in English 406 with all those stodgy grammar types and conjugated verbs... and right in the middle of class, a girl walked past who was wearing too much perfume. I sneezed. I felt a huge gush, and damn! All that doggy cum came out–soaking the back of my skirt. I resituated myself, hoping it wouldn’t be too obvious when I stood up to leave. Oh my god. There was the smell! Lingering. I clamped my legs together and tried to concentrate on the lesson, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was Lex, and how diligently he’d lapped up all my sex juices. Wow! Wouldn’t he love licking up that mess I’d just made...

Thinking thoughts like that wasn’t helping at all! At the end of class, I tied my sweater around my waist and felt... well... squishy. I was sure everyone could smell me! I got up to make a quick exit, but Doug was waiting for me at the classroom door!

I didn’t really feel like talking to him! But I couldn’t exactly blow him off, so I walked out as gracefully as I could (with his dog’s cum rolling down my leg) and got into his car. He wanted me to go over to his place. He’d just gotten an A on a Calculus test and he wanted to celebrate!

Oh God. I so wanted to clean off my pussy, but I didn’t have any way to do it. I pressed my legs together. God, I hoped he couldn’t smell me!

"Did you go running today, Hon?"

"Oh yah. I did. Not my whole route, though. Wasn’t in the mood."

Doug continued making small talk in the car. He was really excited about his A, and he wanted to stop and get fast food.

"Can’t we just go through the drive thru and go home with it?"

"Oooh, Honey," he said, "You’re really horny, huh?"

Well I wasn’t really. At least not for him. I wanted to get somewhere I could wash off! But I wasn’t the kind of gal who usually turned my man down when it came to sex. I wanted him to ask more often! So I smiled and said, "Yah Baby. I can’t wait. Let’s just get something, and go home and fuck."

That pretty much shut him up. We ordered McDonald’s and was home in five minutes. Guess who was waiting at the door?

Doug unlocked the door and Lex came right out, wagging his tail, so happy to see us.

"Hey Lex," Doug said, patting the dog. "Whatcha got in your mouth?"

Oh my God! It was my dildo! I’d forgotten all about it.

"Lex!" The dog sat. Doug took the dildo out of his mouth. It was pretty much chewed up. "How the Hell’d he get that? Didn’t you leave it in the dresser?"

"I thought so." I said, walking inside as fast as I could. Lex was right behind me, and I could see he was trying to sniff at my skirt. "I have to use the bathroom," I mumbled as I walked away. I wanted to laugh so bad.

I went in and started running the water. "I’m going to grab a shower real quick!" I called.

Later, Doug and I did get our groove on, and while we were in the middle of it, Lex went into the bathroom and picked up my skirt. He carried it into the bedroom and put it on the floor beside the bed. Then he walked in a circle around it two times and sat down with the skirt under him. He started licking at the fabric–it seemed so loud. Oh God! I hope Doug didn’t notice. I suddenly became a hell of a lot more interested in fucking Doug, hoping I could get him off, then I could get up and put the skirt in the hamper.

Twenty minutes later, Doug was fast asleep and I got up to get the skirt. Lex stood and followed me out to the other end of the house where the washing machine was. He was sniffing at my crotch.

Oh shit! Lex couldn’t talk, but his behavior toward me felt suddenly very different. What had I done?

Catherine Bell's Doggie Ordeal

Lucy23 on Animal Stories


   " Shit shit damn it." Catherine Bell entered her apartment  almost in tears she couldn't believe how badly the audition went." Im such an idiot, I nailed the first one so well, how comes i sucked so much this time. Well i didn't even suck i can believe i did that" She knew she had blow her chance and in the last act of desperation she offord to give blow jobs to the whole casting team. At this point she was joined by Rachel, it was her best friends dog that was staying with her while Kate was out of town and whose kids had given it it's name before anyone had the chance to see if Rachel was a boy or a girl dog. The first time she saw it Catherine couldn't help but notice how much of a boy dog Rachel was. The dog was begging for attentio

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n and had his lead in it mouth.

"Oh ok i'll take you out." looking down at his excited face and wagging tail she didn't feel too bad anymore.

  She walked throught the park letting him off his leash to run and play while she sat on a bench and tried not to let her thought go back to her dreadful audition, she failed. She could her herself say "blowjob" over and over as it echoed around her head and she saw the shocked looked on the panels faces as she unbuttoned her shirt trying to show off her huge rack before security dragged her out of the room and past all the hopeful actresses. She buried her head in her heads.

" Excuse me Miss." a man in a uniform said " Is that your dog?" She struggled to get her mind back to reality." Only it's just dug up the flower bed and well lets just say done it business as well. I will have to ask you to clean up after him and pay for the damage." Great it couldn't get any worse

" ok fine" she said not hiding how pissed off she was" How much?"

" Each bed cost us $100 miss." the man said already guessing he was getting the money without some verbal attack.

" You want me to pay you $100 are you kidding me?" Catherine tried to sound tough but her voice was cracking and her eyes filling up with tears so she sounded like a school girl who had been told to go to bed.

" Im not kidding Miss and it's $200 as he's been a busy boy. i am sorry"

" Fine" she said as she pulled out her check book from her bag and quickly wrote the check. " here" see threw the check at him and marched toward the dog " Home" She decleared and the dog knowing it was in trouble walked behind her with its head bowed toward the pavement. Catherine was now so worked up she had to do what she always did when she was wound this tight, she had to go to the gym.

 Her tight lycra outfit clung perfectly to every curve of her hot body. The work out helped her burn off a lot of the tension in her body the rest she found left her as every wondering eye roamed over her body as it bounced or stretched through her work out. It always turned her on to have guys stare at her body or women wishing they had her figure maybe even want her as well. She stopped running the treadmill slowing to a stop, she allowed a smile to form on her face as she saw the twins looking at her, the girls had only just started at the gym and had been very friendly with Catherine but as she looked at them there was a feeling they where too close but  she thought that was another story for another time. She went for the shower, her clothes where slowly taken off before she stepped under the hot shower and it felt so good it was exactly what she needed it really did feel good. Her hand held the soap and traced it over her firm breasts and a ripple of excitement shuddered through her body. Catherine looked over her shoulder nobody was around nobody would see, would she dare do it here someone could walk in was it worth the risk but as she was thinking this her hand moved down to her pussy, her fingers sliding in and out. This was definatley what she needed. faster and faster her finger moved, the sound of giggling woke her from her extense dreams. She stopped herself and looked around. The twins stared back one groped the others breast and the other had her hand down her sisters shorts. Catherine ran out of the shower room straight to her locker and threw her clothes back on with out even drying herself.

Catherine burst into her apartment still horny from the shower threw her bag to the floor stripped off and headed to her room, she pulled out her dildo and walked back toward her sofa. She tripped over Rachel on the way and fell the dildo falling from her hand rolling under the sofa.

" bad dog look what you done!" she said as she got on to her hands and knees to retreave the sex toy. Her hand was sweeping across the floor trying to locate the toy she was getting more and more desperate the longer she couldn't find it. then she felt Rachels tongue lap against her pussy, she gasped in pleasure before realising what was happening. " No don't" But again he licked and again and again. " Mmmmm noooooooooo. please no don't let this happen." He kept licking and licking and then she felt her orgasm explode within her " Oh Rachel nooooooooo Rachel you bad dog naughty no." She stayed on all fours catching her breath gald her ordeal was over. She felt the dogs paws jump onto her shoulders and push her down she felt its cock rub against her thigh. " Oh no please no" the dog humped at her missing her hole then she felt how big it had become and how hard, she couldn't believe how turned on it got her. This time he got his cock inside her and he didn't wait for her to feel comfortable with him as he rammed her hard with all 12 thick inches of cock. " OH FUCK, FUCKING HELL!" she screamed as the pain tore through her "  Arggghhh nooooo" she whimpered as Rachel just kept fucking harder and faster. After a while the pain died down and was replaced by a pleasure that nobody had given her before " MMmmmm ohhhh good boy oh really good boy" Another shuddering orgasm ripped past her body she found herself riding against the cock loving every second. "I want more baby give me more" She came again much much stronger " ohhhh RAAAACCHHEEEEELLLLL yes baby yes" She was screaming as loud as she could as the dog came inside her, she felt it shoot up into her body it felt so warm jus the excitement of it gave her another little orgasm. To her amazment he was still squirting his load inside her, another minute past until he finaly finished and just turned away and back to its baskett. Catherine collapsed onto the floor she had never been more fulfilled in her life she was so tired she couldn't move even though she could feel dog cum draining from her pussy down her legs and on to the floor she just closed her eyes and slept.

    Next morning Catherine was woken by her door bell, she looked doen at her legs they where covered in dried cum. She had to qucklythrow on her clothes to answer the door and cover her cum stained body. She opened the door to find Kate

" Take your time honey" She joked " I just thought i collect my baby" Rachel heard his owners voice came toward the door " Thanks for taking care of him" She said as Catherine neighbour walked past." Hope he didn't bother you too much" She smile

" Oh i bet she never even noticed he was there" The old lady from next door butted in with a bid smile on her face.    " We could hear her through the walls" She claimed proudly as she opened her front door. " She used to tell us all about her boyfriends before now we have to hear her screaming her girlfriends name!!"

" Girlfriend!" Kate said shocked

" On it was nothing, i'll ring you soon" Catherine said desperatley tring to finish this conversatgion.

" It did sound like nothing, it sound like Rachel gave you a good time, say hello to her from me" The old lady smiled as she entered her flat.

" Rachel?" Kate asked the most shocked expression on her face " You didn't!"


Such Beautiful Horses Pt. 5

Sultrybuxombbw on Animal Stories

I fell asleep and woke to a woman, the same one shaking me and slapping my ass. "Time for more acting hun," she said, "But for you it is not acting is it? You love getting fucked." "Well, usually I do but I really need a break." I said. "You will when we are finished with filming." she told me.

She stood me up and gave me a halter top and shorts to put on. I had slept through being cleaned up it seemed for I could smell soap on myself and the cum was not there. I was led to a bar, or a set like a bar and the woman told me, "You are tending bar and a bike gang comes in. They get really hard to manage and finaly they tel you that either you fuck them all or they kill you, naturally you give in and abo

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ut a third of the way through the rape you begin to enjoy it and begin really fucking them all. Got that?" she said. "Yeh, I guess." I said and she undid my halter a button so I was almost falling out. Signs told me what to do again and so I was wiping down the bar.

The sound of choppers came from what was outside and I looked up. Suddenly a lot of men came into the bar and began ordering drinks, hard and beer. One guy came over, "The Pres wants you to serve him personally, we will take care of what we need." he said and pointed to a huge man with tats and a beard and I was handed a bottle of Vodka and pointed to him. I walked over and he took it from me and opened it and drank from it. "Take off the top lady." he told me. "But, I, I ah," I stammered. "You what, I said take off the fucking top." he said and slapped me across the face really hard. I did as he said now and it fell to the floor. "damn man, we got us a fucking big tittied woman here for such a short bitch." he said and men gathered around me. "Now off with the shorts." he said and he drew back his hand and I took them off and they dropped to the floor to. "Good, you learn fast." he said, "Now take out my cock and get it hard." he said and I bent over and did as he said. It was nice and bulging by the time I got it out and after it got to full size he told me, "Now sit on it and get the pussy working." A sign told me to resist until they said to, "I can't do that' I said. "I can't let you put it in me, please don't." I said holding my legs together. Suddenly hands grabbed me from behind and my arms wee behind me hurting and then my nipples were pulled and twisted and they were pulled away from by chest and I cried out, "Oh please, please don't." I beged.

One man pulled out a huge knife from a sheath and put it to my nipples, "How bout we cut these off Pres. and take them with us, she don't need so much tit anyway." he said and the knife touched my skin and began moving around the base of my tits, first one then the other and a litle stream of blood appeared as it moved. "No, no, leave her tits on, I wanna teach her a lesson on politness. She is gonna fuck all of us and suck us all off and anything else I can think of." he said and they all yelled. "Get the bar" he said and one man left. "Put her up here and spread her out" he said and then shoved his cock into me and grunted a few times and filled me with his cum. "A couple more fuck her, get her ready." he said and two more men did the same just fucking me and cumming in me. Then they moved and I was spread out my feet tied to a maching and they were spread out. In between my legs was a huge probe shaped like a cock. It was thick and long and a huge head was on it. "You see lady, we rip women open and leave them with this little toy. You will never be able to take a normal cock again once this is done." I began screaming (the sign said to) and they all laughed and it pushed against my pussy. It was going slow and the Pres reached over and said, "Oh hell, rip her open." he said and turned a switch and suddenly it forced it's way into me and I felt it tear something inside. They all laughed, "Yeh, now she is bleeding, the bitch will learn now." and I began crying for real. I had horses and other animals in me before but this had torn something inside of me.

It rammed harder and harder and I was screaming and they all laughed. I passed outand somehow later I woke up. I was on my belley and men were fucking my ass. They lined up and were just fucking me, no pleasure, just fucking me, cumming and then the next one. Again I passed out and woke to feeling the night air on my body. I woke and was tied to the back of a chopper and we were moving on the rode out somewhere. "Hey man, the bitch is awake." I heard and I looked around and there were a lot of bikes all up and down the highway. We rode for a couple hours. I was tied to the bike, my hands hurt from the ropes and my tits were tied too, my legs tied to the side and I sat up, my pussy sore. We finally stopped and they came to a place in the wods. There was a group of men there, another bike club, "Here is the bitch we promised you." I heard the Pres say. There were no cameras around, no one I knew. They took me off and laid me on the ground and tied my legs and arms out and they were staked to the ground.

Suddenly again there were men in me, all fucking me hard, filing me up and getting off of me. I was put in a sitting position, "Who wants a cock sucking whore to suck them off?" I heard and now they fucked my mouth, my lips were bleeding from the abuse of men cramming cocks into my mouth and fucking it. OVer and over I was fucked either in the pussy, ass or mouth and finally I woke up. I was back in the studio a Doctor looking at me. "Well, she has really been torn up but we can fix that." he said and I passed out again. The surgery fixed my ass and pussy almost back to normal but I was in a real rape movie, it is out there somewhere.

Good bye.


Aunt Brenda and Mom and Me

Sophiabrendasniece on Animal Stories

I was 17 and had been playing with Mom and Aunt Brenda a lot since I found them in heat, LOL. They both enjoyed me between them and all over for that matter. We were driving one afternoon and Brenda looked at us and said, "I have a surprise for the both of you today." and we asked what and bugged the Hell out of her but she would not say what it was. We pulled into a driveway and then up to a hou

Rex the Wonder Dog

hfisk10056 on Animal Stories

                        REX THE WONDER DOG

Jane felt that when Susan moved in that she would be the roommate for her. She could tell by talking to her that she was real open, as she would have to be, as Susan would soon find out.

Jane had a big male rottweiller named Rex that lived in the house with her and Susan noticed that Jane treated Rex like a human. She saw that Rex was very well trained and devoted to Jane, they seemed inseparable.

As time went on Susan noticed that Jane never went out on dates or anything, which she found strange but didn’t give it another thought. Jane and Susan grew closer as time went on.

One night Susan came home late one night and heard noises coming fro

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m Jane’s bedroom, it sounded like animal noises mixed with human moans. Susan knocked on the door and asked Jane if she was all right but there was no answer so she opened the door to check and saw a sight that stunned her. On the bed was Jane on her hands and knees with Rex on top with his long hard cock driven into Jane’s sopping pussy and was pounding away with animalistic fury unaware that Susan had come into the room. Susan could not take her eyes off of the sight that she was seeing.

Jane was moaning heavily every time Rex plunged his massive cock into her pussy and for some reason Susan could not stop watching even though she wanted to, something deep inside her was

Holding her there taking in the scene and somewhere deep in her mind she knew that she had fantasized about just a scene but had ignored these because she knew they were wrong but still stood there and watched as this massive animal continued to pound his long re dick into her roommate.

Rex appeared to be on the verge of coming as his thrusts got quicker and he was whimpering more.

He seemed to be stuck into Jane’s pussy but knew from training that he needed to stay still until his knot that was embedded deep inside Jane subsided and was able to pull out of her well fucked pussy.

Rexs come drained out of Jane’s pussy and Rex made sure that his master was cleaned hourly before stopping.

This scene that Susan had witnessed really had Susan excited and her pussy was beginning to get damp and had her mesmerized until Jane recovered enough to look over to her and ask her if she was alright .I guess so said Susan.

Come over here and sit down said Jane and let me tell you about Rex and I now that you have seen this, I got Rex as a puppy with the intentions of training him to do just what you saw. He’s more dedicated then any man would ever be and as you can see he is much more endowed than any man I have ever known. He does everything on command and never on his own. So what do you think asked Jane, Susan was speechless not sure how to respond.

Jane looked deep into Susan’s eyes and could see an attraction there and leaned over to kiss Susan who didn’t move away when Jane started to kiss her slowly at first and then more passionately feeling that Susan was liking what she was doing.

Jane began to feel her body slowly and feeling that Susan’s inhibitions was melting began to remove her clothing and Susan allowed her to do it as she was willing to try something new but Jane had other thoughts in mind as she seduced Susan. Soon Jane had all her clothes off and Susan was lying on the bed. Rex was sitting patiently waiting like he knew what was going to happen. Jane then took both of Susan’s legs and pushed them up to lick her sweet pussy which was now dripping with juices from Jane’s attention Jane gave Rex a signal and he leapt onto the bed before Susan could do anything about it and started to lap at her pussy. Susan could do nothing to stop it as Jane had a grip on her legs.

Jane told her that she would give into Rex whether she liked it or not as Susan struggled in Jane’s grip but Jane was much stronger than her. Rex continued licking until Jane signaled him off so that she could turn Susan over which she did with ease all the time telling her not to resist because this was going to happen no matter what she said or did Susan began to get scared as she was about to to be taken against her will by a dog. When Jane had Susan turned over and on her hands and knees she signaled Rex to take and Rex leapt up on her back and began to pump his loins forward until his massive penis found its mark. Susan cried out in pain as this massive animal cock drove into her with fury it was the biggest thing she had ever felt as it drove up into her pussy all the time Jane was at Susan’s head holding her by the arms .Rex continued his assault of this new bitch with all his might as he had been trained to all the time getting deeper and deeper until Susan felt her pussy being stretched to its limit until Rexs knot finally went past and into her insides locking the two together while all the time pounding in and out .Soon the fear and loathing began to subside and pleasure took over as this animal continued his constant fucking of this new bitch soon she was thrusting back to meet Rexs thrusts and soon Rex started to whimper   and his thrusts were getting deeper until he went as far as he could and unloaded a torrent of hot dog come into Susan’s well fucked pussy   as Susan moaned heavily and began to come at the same time .It was a few minutes until Rex’s knot would subside enough to remove it from Susan’s pussy at which time a flood of dog come flowed out of her and as if by command Rex went down and licked Susan clean.

After a few minutes when Susan was able to regain her thoughts Jane looked to her and knew that Rex had another bitch to take care of by the look on Susan’s face



My Second encounter with Rooster

bethy on Animal Stories

My Second Encounter With ROOSTER
Before i begin, i have to Thank All of You who wrote me, to tell me how much You enjoyed my story. For those who didn't i'm be
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thann, i'm a 24 year old, 5'6" , 125 lbs, blonde. My boyfriend John is 28, very handsome, and has a 5 year old german shepherd named," Rooster" and in this chapter my neighbor,
Mr. B, he's a 60 year old semiretired man, who calls me Princess!
    To pick up from last time, it's been a couple weeks since my experience with Rooster!  That night He took me and drove me wild! And made me his bitch!
  My boyfriend is going out of town for two days, and i'm going to watch Rooster for Him! I picked Rooster up after work this past Wednesday, i was dressed in my work clothes. It was a warm day, i work in an office, So i had on a skirt, sleeveless top, was pink silk, a little tight, stockings and heels. i went right from work over to John's place, he was waiting for me, had Rooster on His leash as i got there. He gave me a kiss and said he had to run. Rooster and i went to my car as i drove back to my place, my heart was pounding..............! 
   When we got to my place, i took Rooster to my back yard, to see if he had to relieve himself. The yard is large, has fencing all around it, except one area between me and my neighbor, Mr. B., he is also my landlord, he's a sweet older man around 60 i think, always calling me Princess! The person who lived here before me was a close friend of Mr. B and he and her used to talk a lot, so he told me that's the reason for the missing section of the fence. Rooster will like the yard, he can run and have a good time there. As i stooped down to unhook Roosters leash, He began licking my face and knocked me down back on my rear, my legs went out from under me and before i could get back up, Rooster lifted his leg and began spraying me! He was peeing on me and not a little, I screamed as the first stream hit me in my face, my hair, then down on my blouse!!! My eyes were shut tight, they were burning from his piss, i needed something to wipe my face, i just pulled up my skirt and wiped my face, and when i looked up there was my neighbor looking down at me. He asked me if i was all right, i told him yes, that this is my boy friends dog, that i was  watching for a couple days. Mr. B  had this smile on his face, i was annoyed, but then i realized i'm sitting on the ground, my skirt up, my face and hair soaked with Roosters piss, my silk blouse clinging to me, like  a wet T-shirt, as it is also soaked with pee from Rooster. Mr. B tells me that's how a dog marks his territory and....... he stopped. i asked, AND what? He says that's how a dog marks his Bitch! 
i just look at him and guess i was blushing, i got up real quick and said i have to go clean up, before my clothes stain, He offered to Help! i told him i could manage, thanks......... Rooster and i went inside, me dripping from Roosters piss.
  When we got inside the house, i went right to bathroom to change and shower. As i stood in front of the mirror, i now know why Mr. B was starring at me, my blouse was clinging  to me, my breast, my nipples were very easy to  see thru the sheer blouse. i thought o my god, i think Mr. B was getting turned on with me, the more i thought about it, dam the more excited i was becoming, i was getting turned on by an old man, what am i turning in to i thought! i removed my blouse, skirt, bra and panties and put them in a wash basin to let them soak, hoping they come clean, then took a quick shower. After the shower my thought's were back of Rooster, and what Mr. B said, That i'm now his Bitch, wow, if he only knew how right he is! i was think of my Rooster, his tongue, how he drove me wild, then his enormous cock! i was getting so excited, as i dressed for my Rooster, it was like i was dressing for a big date. It was still warm out so i but on a sheer negligee and nothing else, i felt so naughty, like a whore who was seducing her lover. it was now close to 7pm,  was late for Rooster dinner, i made myself a light chicken salad and got Rooster's bowl ready. i but a blanket down in the living room floor and put Rooster's bowl and my salad down, we would eat together, me and my Rooster.  I didn't eat much of my dinner, was to excited sitting there watching this wonderful animal next to me. How could i be so excited from  a dog! i just starred at him as he licked his bowl clean, that wonderful tongue sent shivers up my spine...... When He finished eating he lied down, i'm sitting here in my sexiest negligee trying to seduce a dog, i'm beginning to think i am a basket case. After a few glasses of wine i was getting extremely horny, i thought maybe if i brush him! All i had was my hair brush, so i got that and started to brush him, at first just his back, he seem to be enjoying it, i moved to his neck but had to remove his collar, as i was doing, i don't know why but for some reason i but his collar on me! i was getting so wet.  He lied down on His side as i brushed him i move to his stomach, he really like this, i went lower.... i tossed the brush to the side and took his hairy sack in my hand and began playing with him, His cock began to appear, that beautiful cock. At first only about an inch or two, i used my fingers working on Him, i was getting so wet, i was licking my lips, without even thinking i bent down and with my hair hanging over his stomach as i took Him in my mouth, sucking on His cock...... Didn't take long before He began getting harder and mmmm much bigger, he was about 8 inches and getting worked up Himself. I had to get him to lick me. i needed His tongue on me, i took some of his food that was left over, removed my negligee, and smeared his food all over my breast and my wet pussy, then lied on blanket next to my lover! Only took a few minutes before he began sniffing me, i spoke softly to him, yes my beautiful animal take me...... He began licking my breast, i was sweating profusely, he licked all of my left breast then was at the other. i thing i had my first orgasm then, as he was licking my right breast he took a little bite, not hard but enough to make me cum. i was shaking as he move down to my pussy, god i was on fire!! I had a couple more orgasms as his wonderful tongue eat me, licking deep inside, me.  i needed Him, that 8 inch cock needed it inside me, i turned an got of all fours wiggly my butt for my lover to take. Didn't take long Rooster was on my back, His legs wrapped around my waist, he was humping me but not inside me yet, then..... he found his mark and with one thrust i screamed....guess i was moaning very loudly, because next thing i heard was knocking on my back door!!  it was my neighbor Mr. B, heard him call out, Princess are you OK? i was in shock, i tried to yell back, everything is ok, but before i could, i looked up and there was Mr. B, His mouth wide open, first thing he says is, HOLY SHIT, Princess what is this? i have my head down, my hair covering my face, to embarrassed to look up at him, i asked him, please leave, i'm ok. He just starring at me, Rooster banging away at me from behind, i have my head down and again ask Him to leave, as i look up he's gone, i feel a little relieved but so afraid also. My attention was back with Rooster He was getting ready to cum, i could feel His knot trying to enter me, then he was in. i tried not to scream but couldn't help, i let out a real shriek! i heard a noise, when i looked up there was Mr. B again, but with a camera, taking pictures, i yelled STOP, no get out, he was laughing, saying this is the sexiest thing he ever seen, and continued to take movie. i had my head down as Mr. B walked all around, taking from all angles, me and Rooster, tied to me. He told me to look up, i refused telling Him again to get out!!!  Mr. B grabbed my hair and yank up, so he could get a clear picture of my face, i was almost in shock! Rooster was beginning to cum, filling my pussy with His hot cum, my body was
Shaking, with the weight of Rooster on my back, my arms were getting tired. As i look up again Mr. B position his camera on a table to continue to take movie, and was sitting on a chair in front of me, his pants here down  at His ankle and he was stroking himself, using my negligee, he had it wrapped around His cock, saying you are no longer a Princess, you are now a dog bitch, and your ass and pussy are mine, get over here and suck my cock BITCH!! i began yelling at Him, get out of here, or i'll call the police! He laughed, go head and I'll post this movie on the web! for all to see, your boy friend, family, people from work. Mr. B walked over to me, Rooster and i still locked together, grabbed me by my hair again, raised my head and slapped me hard!! He said you will do everything i tell you, or i will let the world know all about you, what a slut you are, he went back to chair sat down and again said, crawl over here and suck my cock, NOW! With Rooster still locked inside me i crawled to Mr. B, Rooster stayed with me, His cock still deep inside my pussy! As i go between Mr. B legs he, grabbed my arms and pulled me up to His lap, His cock my in my face, i was kneeling before him, with Rooster in me from behind i took Mr. B's cock and began sucking Him. With tears rolling down my face, Mr. B grabs my head with both hands and faster BITCH, i begin bobbing my head up and down on MR. B's cock, my lips wrapped around His cock, He pushes my head down and His cock goes deep down my throat. Rooster finally slips out from me, i feel his cum running down my back side, my legs,  just as Mr. B shoots His cum down my throat. Mr. B is still holding my head as he lets out a load moan, i'm gagging from His cum and the pressure of His cock  down my throat, He finally releases me, i fall back on the floor, grab my negligee trying to cover up. After a few minutes Mr. B, stands, walks to get His camera, turns off, he turns to me, in a stern voice says, you fucking slut, your ass is mine now, you will do what and when i tell you to do, or this move will be seen by all! You are a pathetic bitch and I will treat you as such. Tomorrow after you are done work you come over to my house, is that clear? i can't believe this is happening, my head is down, not looking at Him, he walks to me, grabs me by my hair again, jerking my head back and slaps me hard again, DO YOU HEAR ME BITCH? With tears rolling down my face i nod, yes! i surrender to Him. He ask me what are you? i whisper back, a bitch, He yells I CAN'T HEAR YOU? Now what are you, and who's does that cunt of yours belong to? And Look at Me when I speaks!!! i look up, i'm a bitch, a slut, and my pussy belongs to you...... He tells me to go clean up and make sure to wear something sexy tomorrow when you come over to My house, and he leaves.......
    As i lie on the floor in a puddle of cum from Rooster, i can't believe this is happening to me. What will tomorrow bring? i crawl to bathroom to shower, As i look at myself in mirror, i still have Rooster's collar around my neck, my face bright red from Mr. B slapping me. I fill the tub with warm water and soak, trying to piece this together. i fall asleep in the tub, wondering what tomorrow will bring..............
 This story is very accurate, i left a few things out, i have serviced Mr. B and some of His friends, all of them in there 60's. If you like for me to write about them, email me and i'll write another story