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Lydia's Discovery

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As quietly as she could, Lydia crept across the hallway and listened at her parents’ bedroom door. It was only after they went to bed that she dared to go online to look up the things she really wanted to. Satisfied that they were sound asleep, she hurried back to her room and closed the door, sliding into her desk chair and bringing up the site that her friend had written down the address for, along with a username and password. Nervously, she typed them in, as if her mere presence on the site might set off an alarm. She sighed in relief as she was allowed entrance.

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The site indeed listed downloads for video clips of all kinds of things. She downloaded a few. First, a man and woman, barely more than she’d seen in racy movies. Then, two black men with a blonde woman, a cock each in her pussy and ass. Lydia squirmed in her chair, feeling tingles growing in her own pussy. The next she watched was a woman giving a blowjob, her throat bulging as a long, thick cock was forced down it. Feeling brave, she downloaded a bondage clip and watched as a woman with her wrists and ankles strapped wide to bars had her pussy whipped with a riding crop. Unable to stand it any longer, she slipped one hand into her panties and dipped a finger into the bit of wetness there, swirling it over her clit. She froze as another clip caught her eye. ‘Dog fucks woman’ it was entitled. She clicked it. Her eyes went wide. She felt her pussy grow slick almost immediately. A large golden Labrador was mounting the woman, its cock bright red and stabbing at her. The woman groaned loudly as the cock slid into her. Lydia’s fingers were covered with wetness, as were the insides of her thighs. It took only seconds for her to come. She was shocked at herself. ‘Anyone who enjoys animals having sex with humans is sick!’ she thought. She changed her panties and went to bed.

The next morning, after her parents had left for work, she sat down at her computer again and went back to the site. With only a few minutes before the bus would arrive, she went to the profile of the man who had posted the clip she came to the night before. To her shock, he lived just a half dozen streets away from her. There was no picture, but there was his screen name- Jamie- and a note asking for women interested in bestiality to contact him. She sent him a message, asking if he knew the woman in the video, then grabbed her backpack and hurried out the front door. She was so excited when she got home, she didn’t even care to check if her mother’s carpool had dropped her off. She went back to the site and found a message from the man:

“I more than know her. She visits my dog (the one in the video) once a week. You should visit us sometime.”

Lydia chewed at her bottom lip, wondering if she actually could. After daring herself for ten minutes, she messaged back:

“I’d love to. What’s your address?”

Not five minutes later, she received a reply:

“My house is at the corner of Fourth and Pine. You can come by anytime between 12pm and 3am. I look forward to meeting you.”

* * * * *

She was nervous, and not just about going to the stranger’s house. Lydia was skipping half her school day to pay this visit. She wasn’t the type of student to skip school. Hell, she’d never made anything less than A’s, and her parents never let her forget it. She just hoped that her teachers would overlook her absence this one time.

The house was painted pale blue and had navy blue shutters. She approached, shaking a little, and knocked on the door. Just as she had lost her nerve and took a step backward to hurry away, the door opened.

A woman with long waves of dark brown hair stood there. She looked Lydia up and down, raising an eyebrow. “You the one I spoke with last night?”

“Y- yes.” Lydia swallowed hard, then narrowed her eyes. “Jamie?”

“You thought I was a man.”

“Well, yeah.”

The woman waved her inside. Lydia stepped in and followed Jamie, hovering near the sofa as the taller woman sat down, one leg gracefully sliding over the other to cross them.

“People usually do. They couldn’t imagine that a woman would enjoy watching other women get fucked by a dog.”

Lydia laughed, betraying her nervousness again. The woman had a hint of an accent that made her go warm inside.

“What’s your name?”

“Lydia Merchant.”

“Jamie Sandifer.” She held out a slender hand. Lydia took it in greeting. “I’m assuming you’re eighteen.”

Lydia blushed and looked down, her shoulder-length red hair falling across her face. “Um...”

“You’re eighteen.” Jamie raised her eyebrow again, willing the girl to catch her drift.


“Good. You can have a seat, you know.”

Lydia put her backpack down and sat down on the middle cushion, a good foot and a half away from Jamie.

“Why did you come here?”

“I don’t know... I guess I was just curious.”

“Do you want to experience it.”

Her eyes went wide. “No! Er, I mean, I don’t think so. I just- I’ve never done anything like that, and I’d be afraid he'd-”

“Ah. And here I thought you were extinct.”


“The virgin?”

Lydia blushed deeply and looked down.

“You want to be taught?” Jamie asked, leaning forward to look at Lydia’s face past the satin curtain of hair.


“About sex. About everything about sex.”

Lydia smiled, taking in the offer. It didn’t sound dangerous. “Yes.”

“Hmm.” Jamie moved, closing the distance between them and resting a hand on Lydia’s bare knee.

“What is it?”

“But I won’t deflower a virgin.”

Lydia’s face fell.

“You’re open to lesbian relationships, then?”

“Yeah. Sure. My best friend is bi. Oh, you mean for me? I guess... I guess I could try.”

“Come back tomorrow. Make sure you aren’t a virgin, if possible. And bring me proof. If you can’t get yourself fucked on your own by then, I’ll just work around it until you do.”

Jamie stood and strode to the door. Lydia picked up her backpack and followed. “What kind of proof?”

“I’ll know just by looking at your pussy, but you can let him come in you, all the same. It can't hurt to practice beforehand.” She virtually pushed the girl out her door. “See you tomorrow.”

* * * * *

Lydia looked around the campus at morning break. There weren’t many guys in her school she'd want to sleep with. Most just plain disgusted her. There was one, though... He’d been trying to get her to let him fuck her for a year and a half, now. Before, she wouldn’t have lowered herself to such a thing. But now? She just wanted to get rid of her virginity so that Jamie would ‘teach’ her. She located him in a group a few yards to her left. Just before the bell rang, he met her eyes. She grinned at him.

She was jerked out of the thick stream of students by a rather big hand. “Hey, Lyds.” He smirked and pulled her close to him to keep her to the side.

“Jason. Hey.” She plastered on a sweet smile. “I’ve been thinking.”

“Oh, really?” He ground his crotch against her.

“Yeah. About that.” She looked down. “Still want to?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Um... Okay, meet me in the gym girls’ room at lunch.”

“Definitely. He reached up and roughly squeezed one of her breasts before stepping into the stream and disappearing inside.

She was more impatient than she’d ever been. She had decided that she would let Jason fuck her, then hurry to Jamie’s house immediately afterward. She would have to have some good excuses for her teachers, but it was worth it. Lunchtime finally rolled around. Lydia ran around the back of the gym to avoid being seen by wandering students, but when she got to the restroom, Jason had already arrived.

“How do you wanna do this?” He asked, the same smirk on his face.

“However you want.”

He pulled her over to the sink and turned her to face the mirror, taking his pants down quickly. He pushed her forward, to lean over the sink, and yanked down her skirt and panties at the same time. Lydia felt a twinge as he tried to thrust into her pussy the first time.

“Damn, you’re dry. I thought you wanted this?”

“I do. English class isn’t exactly conducive to wetness.” She gripped the sides of the slick white sink and tried to imagine things that would make her wet. She went through a dozen fantasies before remembering the video of the dog and woman. As soon as she imagined Jamie's Labrador humping at her own rear end, her pussy convulsed. Taking the opportunity, Jason slipped into the wet hole, ramming right past her hymen and in as far as he could go. Lydia gasped at the twinge of pain and kept imagining. The image of the dog in her mind made her move back against him, attempting to get some pleasure out of it.

Jason’s hands were set on her hips, fucking her as fast as he could. It took less than five minutes for him to come. He didn’t ask if she wanted him to pull out. He shot inside her, then rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit a couple of times before pulling his pants back up.

“Thanks.” He said, turning her around and kissing her, pushing his tongue awkwardly into her mouth just as quickly. He was gone by the time she got her skirt and panties pulled back up.

Lydia hurried out for her own reasons, walking as fast as she could without drawing attention.

She knocked on Jamie’s door and slid past her when it opened.

“Let me see.” Jamie demanded.

Lydia raised her skirt and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, spreading open the lips of her pussy to reveal a dribble of blood-tinged come.

“Very good. Now, we can start. Go get cleaned up. Shower. The bathroom is the second door on the right.” She pointed down the hallway. “Then, I have a gift for you.”

She restrained herself from skipping to the bathroom. Lydia showered well, scrubbing her pussy and swirling a finger inside to try and get all the come out that she could. When she finished, she dried her hair with the hairdryer that hung on the wall. The heat left her cheeks pink. She wrapped a towel around herself and went back out.

“Lose the towel.” Jamie said immediately.

Lydia dropped it. Jamie walked around her as if appraising her body. She drew a hand across the paler girl’s asscheeks, then stopped behind her and cupped a hand over one of her breasts.

“Very nice. I accept you as my pupil.”

“How many pupils have you had?” Lydia asked shyly.

“Two others. The first was three years ago, the second a year and a half. They ‘graduated’, I suppose you could say. Turned out that I didn’t like them well enough to keep them.” Jamie smiled and stopped behind her again, this time sliding a hand down her body, over her stomach and abdomen, then spreading her fingers over the soft red down between Lydia’s thighs. “This will have to go. No pubic hair.”


Jamie circled back to her front and looked down into Lydia’s dark blue eyes. “As my pupil, you will obey me unquestioningly. You will belong to me until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes... ma’am?”

“Just ‘yes’ will be fine.” She took a small pink box off the coffee table and handed it to Lydia.

Lydia opened it, peering inside. Taking the gift out didn’t answer her question. She uncoiled the narrow choker and looked back up at her new teacher.

“It is a collar. It stays on, no matter what. I am the only person allowed to remove it.”

Lydia nodded. Jamie took the black leather collar out of her hand and stepped behind her, buckling it and putting a tiny silver lock on it. “I will know if it has been tampered with. If I find that it has been, your tutelage ends immediately. Understand?”

Lydia nodded again.

“Oliver, heel!” Jamie called.

Lydia heard dogs’ claws on the tile. She jerked around to see the golden Labrador from the video standing happily in front of her.

“Oh, no, not yet, please! I can’t yet!”

“Don’t worry. You won’t yet be doing what led you here. Very soon, though. His cock really isn’t large for a Labrador, though. And he won’t be the only dog who mates you.” Jamie smiled. She commanded Oliver to sit and stay, then left the room. When she came back, she carried a wooden dining chair. She looked at Lydia. “You, sit.”

Lydia sat down and looked to Jamie again.

Jamie patted her thigh to call Oliver over. “Open your legs wide and put your hands flat on your thighs. Otherwise, don’t move unless I tell you.”

Lydia did as she was told. Oliver began to lick at her pussy, his tongue delving into the slit only a bit at first. Jamie pulled her forward and opened her legs wider, so that the dog could access further inside. Lydia’s legs, as well as the rest of her, trembled. Her breath came in faster gasps as Oliver’s tongue licked deeper and his nose nudged harder and harder at her swollen clit. Suddenly, she came. She struggled to stay still, but failed. She gripped the sides of her seat, throwing her head back and only barely stopping herself from screaming as her pussy flooded the dog’s tongue with come.

As soon as the last wave of orgasm had gone, Jamie jerked her up out of the chair and sat down in it herself, pulling Lydia face down over her lap.

“You will learn to stay still when I tell you to. When you can’t, you’ll be punished.”

Jamie struck Lydia’s bottom with her hand, giving it a hard, sharp blow. Lydia squeaked in shock and instinctively put a hand back to protect herself. Jamie took it and held both wrists in one of her hands, continuing. She spanked Lydia hard, coloring the girl’s bottom with bright red handprints until she approached twenty strikes. Lydia began crying at the twelfth. Just as Jamie gave her the last one, Lydia lost control and pissed herself. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for Jamie to know what she’d done. Jamie pushed one of Lydia’s legs off her lap and gave her bared pussy five equally hard strikes, then plopped her hard onto the floor, where the girl cried in hiccups until she had calmed enough to cry quietly.

“This is your punishment for this once. Pussy spanking is something I usually use for pleasure, but only this once, it was to punish. Go home. Be back at six tomorrow evening. Don’t forget to shave.”

Lydia watched Jamie stride from the room. She was afraid that she'd ruined her chance at being the woman's pupil, and surprised when she was told to come back. After washing her face at the kitchen sink, she put her clothes on and reluctantly left.

* * * * *

Lydia had hurried home after school to shower and prepare for her teacher this evening. She had vaguely entertained thoughts about not going back, after what Jamie had done to her the previous session, but she knew she would have to return. The rub of the new collar around her neck was a reminder that she belonged to the older woman, now. In the shower, she had shaved the soft curls from her pussy’s mound, then massaged some of her mother’s lavender-scented body lotion into the area. She put on a pair of jeans and a baby blue t-shirt before walking over.

As soon as she was in the door, she shed her clothes and stood naked, waiting for inspection.

Jamie ran her fingers over the smooth pussy, opening the lips and checking to make sure that her pupil had done a good job. She smiled and patted Lydia’s bottom gently. “Good girl. Follow me.”

Lydia followed her to the bedroom. The room was simple, but elegant. A four-poster bed clothed in white sheets and blanket, a hope chest at the foot of the bed, and an armoire just across from it. A picture window was covered with heavy white curtains, and a chest of drawers sat askew in one corner. Jamie turned on the overhead light and crossed to the drawers, pulling out three dildos of varying lengths and thickness.

“Have you ever given a blowjob?”

Lydia smiled and turned pink. “Once. Sort of.”

“Deep throated?”

“No... I just... sort of... sucked on the head.”

“You’re going to learn. Get down on your knees, look up at me, and open your mouth.”

She obeyed. Jamie took the thinnest dildo and began working it in and out of the girl’s mouth, pushing it deeper every once in a while. When it got to the back of her throat, she gasped and gagged, pulling away.

“Relax your throat. Don’t try swallowing. Act as if you’re going to take an easy breath of air.”

Lydia did as she was told. Jamie pushed the silicone cock down the redhead’s throat and pulled it out. She continued, leaving it in for a few more seconds each time.

Jamie smiled. “Very good girl. I think we can skip the next one and go all the way to the goal.” She picked up the thickest and worked it in and out of Lydia’s mouth, then shoved it down her throat all at once. Lydia’s eyes watered, but she did what Jamie had told her. Jamie caressed the bulge that the fake cock forced her student’s throat to stretch into, kissing it and licking up her jawline as she worked the dildo in and out of her throat with one hand. Finally, she removed it.

“Oh yes... You are my very good girl.” She closed her mouth over Lydia’s, kissing her deeply. When she pulled away, she commanded the breathless girl again, “Turn around and get onto your hands and knees.”

Jamie took the saliva-coated end of the dildo and ran it up and down Lydia’s already wet pussy.

“I don’t know if I can take something that big...”

“Oh, you can. You will.” She pinched Lydia’s clit between one thumb and forefinger, rolling it between them as she began working the tip of the thick dildo gently in and out of her slickened pussy. Lydia grunted and whimpered as it was worked into her a half inch at a time, feeling herself stretch around it. Jamie kept pushing it until she felt resistance- the girl’s cervix. She pulled the dildo out and figured that the girl could take a good eight inches of cock. Perfect, for her Labrador. She’d enjoy watching other, larger dogs mate Lydia, though, and that was her ultimate goal, for the time being.

When she’d finished training the girl’s cunt to the large dildo, she had her turn onto her back. She wrapped her lips around Lydia’s clit, teasing it with her teeth and sucking at it until the girl came.

“I want you to see what you’ll be doing the next time you visit.” Jamie grinned and whistled for Oliver. Lydia sat up as Jamie quickly took her black slacks off and got onto her hands and knees.

Oliver knew just what he was to do. He mounted Jamie, humping his sheath at her exposed pussy until the shiny pink cock emerged. Lydia watched, wide-eyed, as Jamie grunted with the dog’s thrusts. His knot swelled, and it quickly disappeared into Jamie, locking them together. She watched Jamie orgasm once, then crawled around in front of her, sitting down and kissing her. Jamie grabbed a fistful of Lydia’s hair and kissed her back, hungrier. She dropped the hand between the girl’s legs and pushed three fingers into her as she sucked at Lydia’s tongue. Lydia came once more.

“You can go now.” Jamie told her. “Same time on Monday.”

“Why Monday?”

“I have to go out of town for a couple of days. You'll be here at six on Monday evening.”

Lydia stood and started to go to retrieve her clothes. “Are you sure you want me to leave you like that?” She motioned to the dog, with its knot still stuck inside her.

“Positive.” Jamie winked. “I’ll be just fine.”

* * * * *

“Lydia?” Her mother called as soon as she had stepped in the front door.

She could feel the wetness that had leaked from her pussy. It was still slick between her legs. “Yeah, Mom?”

“You’re home awfully late.”

“Sorry. I was at a friend’s house.” She walked into the living room, where her parents sat watching television.

“Come here.” Her mother narrowed her eyes at her. “I don’t like that necklace.”

Lydia sighed and rolled her eyes. “I like it. Everybody’s wearing them.”

“It looks silly.” Her father agreed

"Well, I like it." Lydia stuck her tongue out quickly before grinning at them and hurrying up the stairs to her bathroom, to clean up.

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A Christmas to Remember

EquusMaxx on Animal Stories

Chapter One
  This story begins last December at my home in the Colorado mountains, where I was just finishing testing the new security and surveillance system. We had a mare about to foal, and I had installed extra surveillance cameras so that I could check on her condition frequently without having to bundle-up and drudge through the snow several times nightly.
  It was just before dark, and I was about to go feed the horses when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door, and to my amazement and delight, Nikki, my adopted daughter, and a strawberry-blonde female friend stood huddled closely together as they tried to hide from the biting cold air. I quickly ushered them inside.
"What are you two doing

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up here?" I asked as I took their suitcases.
Nikki giggled as she took her jacket off. "We're on Christmas break, Jack".
She had always called me "Jack". All of my friends always have. Nikki knew she was adopted. She had always called me Jack, and I never had a problem with it. To me her way of keeping her individuality intact.
Realizing my impoliteness, I turned to take her friend's jacket.
"What were you working on?" Nikki asked. "We rang the doorbell twice".
"Sorry about that" I said, as I turned and placed her coat into the closet, "I was testing some additions I made to the surveillance system".
"Again?", she asked. "You're always adding more to that thing. What now?"
"Come and see" I said.
Nikki and Lydia followed me into my bedroom where the glow of the computer screen showed areas of every room in the house, the entry, the sides and back of the home exterior, and of the views from the new cameras in the stables.
"They're all easily controlled by a joystick, plus they're all color, and I can zoom in and out." I said.
Why the stables?" Nikki queried.
"Because we have a mare that will be giving birth soon." I answered.
"Baby horses? That is so cool!" Lydia said.
"It also keeps me from having to freeze myself at night to check on them" I said.
"Speaking of cool..." Nikki said as she turned and walked out of my room towards the fireplace to warm up.
I couldn't help but stare at her as she walked. Nikki is a petite and curvaceous young lady of oriental-american birth. She stands about 5'1" and weighs in at about 110lbs soaking wet.
We had adopted Nikki through an overseas agency after we had learned that we wouldn't be able to have kids on our own. Nikki was everything we had ever dreamed of. She was very intelligent, with straight, raven-black hair that fell to just above her tiny waist.
Her face was angelic, with steely blue eyes that could pierce your heart.
As she turned around to warm her shapely derierre by the fireside, her tiny nipples stood out firmly against her blouse, making her perfectly-shaped 36-C's look enormous.
I turned away. She was a knock-out, but she was also my adopted daughter.
Humpy stood up and wagged his tail as Nikki patted him on the head.
"Did you forget what today is, Jack?", Nikki asked in a teasing tone.
I looked at my watch. It was December 24th...Christmas Eve.
Obviously embarassed, I stammered, "Uhh...yeah."
I'd completely lost track of time since my wife was killed in an automobile accident several months ago. She had went down the mountain to pick up our dogs from the local vet. Tricia (my wife), and Tasha (our female dog) had both been killed instantly. The only survivor of the accident was Humpy; Nikki's 5 year old "puppy". Humpy is actually a big, loveable mixed breed. He looks like a Golden Retriever, except that he's about 130 lbs. He survived the accident with little more than bruises and scrapes. Funny how that happens sometimes.
When we let Nikki pick out the pup she wanted from a neighboring farm Nikki didn't name Humpy at first. She couldn't decide on a name until she found one that fit. She finally decided that "Humpy" fit him perfectly because ever since he was old enough to walk he'd hump anything- the table, your leg, whatever. I don't think our cat will ever be the same. Animate or inanimate, Humpy would wrap his paws tightly around it and give it heck. When Nikki told us the name she'd decided on she didn't need to tell us why... all my wife and I could do was laugh.
  We picked up our female- Tasha, from the local animal shelter just a few months earlier to breed with Humpy. She was another beautiful golden lab, and we'd hoped to have some pups when Nikki returned home from college for Christmas break. Tasha was pregnant, and Trish had been getting her checked out at the vet. When Trish left to return home, the police speculated that she never even saw the semi that slammed into the SUV.
The workload since then had overwhelmed me so much that I'd completely spaced everything.
Humpy is mainly an indoor pet, and he had dealt with the loss of his mate in his own way. These days he stayed by my side faithfully everywhere I went. We each somehow knew what the other was going through.
Nikki spoke and brought me out of my thoughts and back to the present,
"I didn't think you'd mind me bringing a friend by to help cook you some dinner for Christmas Eve".
Humpy didn't want to be ignored. He lifted his head, nudging Nikki in the crotch so hard that she lost her balance and almost fell down.
Nikki laughed, bent over, and stroked Humpy's long, silky fur.
"Hey, us old bachelors...Humpy and I...we'd love to have both of you beauties here" I said.
Nikki and Lydia both smiled.
"Where's your boyfriend?" I asked Nikki.
"He's history" Nikki said. "He wanted what I wouldn't give him".
 She didn't offer any further explanations, so I didn't pursue it.
Nikki changed the subject quickly, "Jack, meet Lydia" she said.
Lydia, the pale-skinned strawberry blonde had removed her coat and was waiting politely for me to take it from her.
At 5'-4" Lydia was a little bigger than many aspects, but she was still probably only about 135lbs at the most.
I tried to lock my eyes onto Lydia's eyes, but it was extremely difficult. Lydia was stacked with a set of large D-cups barely hidden inside a tight-clinging, low v-neck sweater.
It had been months since I'd even looked at a woman sexually. Since my wife's death, I had immersed myself in work to forget everything, especially the pain and the loss.
I caught myself staring, looked up, and gazed deeply into Lydia's eyes. They glowed a sparkling green that was stunning. She smiled an impish grin that not only implied that she knew exactly what I'd been looking at, but there was also a hint of approval and appreciation. Lydia's gaze reminded me of the sultry look in Trish's eyes when she was very horny.
As I hung Lydia's coat in the closet, I forced the thought away, remembering that this young lady was half my age... but my cock couldn't forget.
It'd been months and my cock was hungry for sex. Hot sex. Wild sex. Any sex.
Feeling my cock stir, and knowing that I was about to develop a growing lump in my pants, I quickly excused myself and exited the scene before I embarassed my daughter.
"Make yourselves at home" I said, "...and don't worry about food...I've already got enough cooking for all of us in the slow cooker".
Because of all of the work I'd buried my feelings in, I often made meals that would last me a day or so.
  Once outside, the snowy ground slid and crunched beneath my workboots, but the winter chill did little to cool down the firey-hot poker that kept growing and begging to be released from its cotton confinements.
Inside the heated shed, I fed and watered the horses, and did my best not to think about the two hot little hard-bodies relaxing inside my home.
That didn't work very well, so I decided to take more extreme measures.
When I walked back into the house the guest shower was steamed up, and I heard the girls talking and giggling in front of the fireplace. I surmised that the girls had taken some relaxing, hot showers.
I slipped unnoticed into the Master bedroom and showered with icy cold water. My aching cock ran and hid in fear of the freezing fluid.
Convinced that I had quieted him down for a while, I donned some briefs, my loungers, a soft cotton shirt, and my favorite robe which Nikki had sent me through the mail as a birthday gift while she was away at college. The robe was made from red silk with black trim, and had a gold oriental dragon design embroidered into it.
When I entered the Dining room, I was quite surprised to see the table set with our best china, some of our finest wine, and candles. Nikki and Lydia were adorned in their own silky oriental robes. From the lacy top under Nikki's robe, I knew she was wearing a nightie underneath.
I also immediately saw what the girls had been giggling about. Humpy was licking and kissing Nikki all over, and nipping and pulling at her long hair as Nikki rolled, laughing on the large, plush floor spread. "Same old playful dog" Nikki laughed.
She rolled over and onto her knees, and as she went to get up off the floor, suddenly Humpy jumped up and mounted her, quickly wrapping his paws around her waist. It was then that I noticed the red tip of Humpy's doggie meat quickly inching its way out of it's furry covering.
I had to act quickly. Humpy is not only horny, he's also strong and pretty darn fast at finding the mark.
I leapt to Nikki's aid and quickly grabbed Humpy's collar, one of his forelegs, and pulled him off of her.
"Humpy, sit!" I commanded him. He obeyed, but his demeanor showed his pent-up sexual frustration.
Nikki stood up quickly; a look of shocked surprize on her face.
I turned to apologize to Lydia for the horny dog's actions, expecting to see a look of embarrassment or shock.
To my surprise, what I saw on Lydia's face was a look that revealed raw sexual hunger.
I followed her gaze to see what she was looking at; it was Humpy's semi-erect slick cock. Humpy was hung with a thick bone that was now hanging at half-mast, and about five inches long.
Lydia came out of her erotic trance and started laughing, then Nikki began laughing...and for the first time in months I laughed too.
Once again, there was laughter and love in our home.
It was good.

Chapter Two

Humpy laid on the floor in front of the fireplace, enjoying its warmth, as we finished our evening meal.
We were finishing up when Nikki poured us all another glass of wine from the decanter and said,
"A toast- To a future of love, laughter, and excitement!".
We tipped our wineglasses together; the crystal making a beautiful ring that seemed to resonate forever, then we downed the wine.
Sensing an end to the evening, we all left the table, loaded our dishes in the dishwasher, and turned it on. It hummed away, making a lullaby of watery sounds.
Lydia politely excused herself, "It's been a fun day, but it's late and I'm going to turn in for the night".
"There are plenty of blankets in the hall closet", I said. "Make sure you bundle up. It's supposed to get really cold tonight, and even with the fireplace going, it'll still get cold in here".
"Oh, I'm sure I won't get too cold" she smiled back. She walked between Nikki and I and kissed Nikki on the cheek, then to my pleasant surprise, she also kissed me softly on the cheek.
For a moment I wondered about her kissing Nikki. Was is just a "girl thing", or...?
And what about the kiss on my cheek? We were relative strangers, but suddenly I felt very close to her.
My cock twitched impatiently in my robe.
As Lydia turned and departed, I couldn't help but notice that the slit in her robe ran all the way up to her nice, round ass.
Her white skin glowed as she disappered into the darkness; her shapely legs sliding sexily in and out of the robe as she walked.
My cock was beginning to move, and I was powerless to stop it. I felt a bulge growing quickly in my boxers.
Realizing what I was doing, I turned and caught Nikki's eyes.
She'd seen me eyeing her friend. She knew me. She knew where my thoughts had been.
I didn't say a word, but rather put my head down, embarassed.
Nikki spoke softly, "It's okay Jack".
She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. She wanted to comfort me.
Here I was, a big, strong man weighing twice what little Nikki did, and yet as my emotions overwhelmend me I found myself sobbing gently in her arms. Tears ran down my face onto the top of her head, and Nikki pulled me tighter.
She was warm, she was sexy, and she felt good.
It was at that moment that I noticed that even though my cock was now facing downwards, it was also almost fully elongated. It was becoming hard, and very noticeable.
As I turned to move away instinctively, my movements seemed slow.
I didn't want to move away.
As I backed away, Nikki let her arms drop away from my body, her fingers gently ran over my cock.
Did she do that intentionally, or was I just ultra-sensitive because I was so horny?
I turned and walked to the fridge hurriedly, opening the door, hoping that the cold air would make my erection subside quickly.
"I'm going to have some ice cream before turning in" I said.
Nikki bit on the tip of her long painted figernail and gave me a sensual grin. "Ice cream? On a cold night like this Jack?"
Her voice implied that she knew something was "up".
Nikki knew exactly what was up. She had felt it.
"Ummm...yeah." I stammered, as I felt my cock receding from the cold.
"You might not want to have that on top of the wine" Nikki scolded.
"You're probably right" I said.
Nikki walked over and shut the fridge door.
She reached out and took both of my big hands, looked deep into my eyes and said, "Jack,  you are an exceptional man".
She looked down, and I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. It was at that moment that I thought I saw her staring not down, but at the still swollen lump in my boxers.
"Good-night Baby" I said. Ihad to exit this scene quickly.
"Good-night Jack" Nikki returned softly; her voice a deep whisper.
She looked into my eyes and gave me a cute, alluringly sexual pout, then she kissed me on the cheek.
She turned and walked toward her room. I watched her walk down the hall and into her doorway, then she turned and blew me a kiss.
I was momentarily stunned. The "kiss" was what Trish had always given me when she turned in for the night...and was horny.
Did Nikki know that?
  I went to bed and fell asleep surprisingly easily. I was extremely tired, and the wine had warmed and relaxed me.
I dreamt about making love to Trish. It was beautiful. I wanted it to last forever.
I was awakened at around a quarter til midnight when I tried to roll over with a raging hard-on.
I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to put another log on the fire.
As I walked towards the fireplace, the lights were out in the girls rooms, but for a moment I thought I heard sounds.
I listened intently, and heard nothing else, so I passed it off as the wind. I washed my hands, and went back to bed.
My hard-on had subsided, and I gently fell back into a peaceful slumber.
I faintly remembered hearing the sound of snow gently falling against the window pane, and the old Grandfather clock tolling at the stroke of midnight.
My dreams returned to my lovely Trish. I slumbered deeply as she told me how much she loved me, and how badly she wanted to pleasure me. Instinctively, in my slumber, I reached in and pulled out my fully erect shaft. I slowly stroked it.
I heard something click in the background of my dream, as if far away. And then, another, softer click. The dream seemed more vividly colored now. Trish told me how beautiful my cock was. I felt her tongue lovingly tease the underside of my shaft. Then she went down on me, gently sucking my cock into her mouth. It all felt so wonderful, and so real. I felt like Trish had returned to my bedroom to make sweet love to me again.
It was at that moment that I heard Nikki gently calling my name, "Jack..." she said softly.
Sleepily, I opened my eyes and saw Nikki's gentle eyes gazing into mine, smoldering with sexual desire.
The sounds I'd heard in my dream were really in my bedroom.
Slowly returning to reality, I suddenly realized that I was still gripping my hard-on, and tried to cover it up.
It was also at that moment that I felt the cool air chill Nikki's saliva on my cock.
It had been Nikki talking to me, and loving my cock gently, not Trish, and the sensations I'd felt were real, not a dream.
Dazed and stunned, I gave Nikki a confused, questioning look, but before I could say anything Nikki kissed me on the lips and said "It's okay Jack", and gently moved my hands away from my cock.
Before I could object she put her finger to my lips to silence me, climbed onto the bed and straddled me in a sixty-nine. Within moments her warm lips engulfed my prick and her warm mouth began slowly and very purposefully bobbing up and down my shaft.
I hadn't had sex in months, and I gave up all restraint. It simply just felt too wonderful to resist.
I melted into the bed as she did her best to swallow my whole cock into her tiny mouth.
After several wonderful minutes of wonderfully delicious oral sex, Nikki stood and disrobed.
God, she was beautiful! I drank in the view of her shapely ass, and the scent of her tempting honey box that glistened with erotic dampness. I then pulled her forward by the waist and buried my tongue hungrily inside her.
She instantly began quivering delightfully, moaned softly, and brought her sex to meet my probing tongue. For the next few minutes she gently rocked back and forth, as I concentrated on her clit, swirling my tongue and flicking it across the tiny bud. Finally she could stand no more. She ground her crotch hard and fast against my face as her body shuddered violently with every wave of her orgasm, and to my pleasant surprise, tiny jets of Nikki's cream squirted into my mouth.
I'd never experienced a woman who squirted when she was cumming, and I was fascinated. The taste? It was like pure, sweet honey to my sex-starved mouth.
Nikki qickly changed positions, pulled her panties off in a flash, and unbuttoned her nightie to let her breasts swing freely. My eyes absorbed the ravishing beauty before me. From the neatly trimmed jet black bush, to her tiny nipples, Nikki was incredible!
I sat up, gently cupped her breasts and kissed her nipples as Nikki positioned herself above my throbbing shaft. As she slowly came down on my cock, she slid the slick lips of her sex back and forth over the head of my shaft. I could feel her hot moisture. Maybe it was the "taboo" of the whole thing, but she was totally turned on by the fact that she was about to fuck the man who had adopted her...and so was I!
 Nikki rotated her hips in a circular motion very quickly, and the head of my cock disappeared into her body.
"Ohhhh...God, yesssss!!!!" Nikki moaned in unbridled passion. "That  feels so incredible,'!!!"
She was so tight inside that I moaned with her in a unison of pleasure.
Slowly she rocked and rotated on my dick until she had taken his entire length inside her body.
I let her fuck me in this position slowly for the next half hour. She would bring me to the very edge of coming, then stop completely, until she felt my cock stop twitching completely, then she'd smile at me and start the delicious torture again. I held her tiny waist, which now had beads of sweat rolling from it. Her long hair was wet from the ride.
I gently pinched Nikki's tight nipples, and she responded my moaning softly and stopping for a moment. It was at that point that I felt her pussy twitching and clamping tighter around my rock-hard cock. I sucked on her nipples for a few moments as she slowly rotated her hips and ground her clit hard into my pubes. I couldn't take any more. Nikki felt my body tense up, and saw the contorted look of passion on my face.
"Oh yes Jack!!! Nikki moaned loudly as she started fucking my cock hard. She'd lean up quickly, pulling several inches out, and then slam all the way down to my pubes as hard as she could.
I thrust upwards with my hips and felt my cock swell as it shot the first load of cream deep inside Nikki.
Nikki gasped in response to the sudden swelling of my shaft, and the shot of cum.
I quickly rolled her onto her back and mercilessly pummeled her tiny pussy.
She bit her lower lip and shuddered violently as my cock continued to swell and jerk back and forth inside her.
Nikki's sex clamped tightly around mine as she rode into the waves of her own orgasm.
When both of our waves of joy had subsided, I kissed her gently on the nape of the neck for several minutes.
Tears of joy streamed down my face.
Holding my shoulders, Nikki rolled me onto my back without dislodging my shaft, and then she lay on top of me.
Nikki looked deeply into my eyes, "Merry Christmas, Jack" she said softly.
The burning fire within her eyes had been satisfed...for now.
Nikki laid her head down and kissed my chest softly. We breathed together as one for several minutes. The last thing I remembered hearing was the soft sound of Nikki breathing slowly in gentle slumber, and then I too fell asleep.

Chapter 3

When I awoke at my normal 3 a.m. to check on the horses, Nikki had rolled over and snuggled up beneath the blankets.
I felt a little awkward about what had happened last night. Instead of having to brave the cold, I walked over and turned on the monitor on my computer. The barn temperature was good. I panned the camera and saw that the mare was doing fine. She was probably still a week or so away from giving birth.
Seeing nothing unusual in the stables, I strolled to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk. I noticed that the light was still on in the guest room where Lydia was staying. The door was slightly open, and I thought I heard sounds. I was tempted to go peek in, but decided it would be wisest for me not to.
When I returned to my room, Nikki had awakened, wrapped a blanket around her body, and was sitting at my computer.
"Jack...come here" she giggled excitedly.
I noticed that Nikki had changed cameras and clicked the button to record.
The screen said "File Saved. Saving New File".
"What did you record?" I asked.
"I'll show you later" Nikki said, "Sit down and just watch what I'm recording now!"
I sat down, and Nikki removed the blanket and sat on my lap.
My cock stirred to life as she wrapped the blanket over us both.
The camera was recording the scene from the guest room where Lydia was lying on a blanket on the floor, legs spread wide, and eyes shut. Her panties were off and she had her nightie pulled up to her waist.
I turned the sound on low. The eight inch vibrator hummed rythmically as she worked it in and out at an ever-increasing pace. From the look on her face, she was nearing orgasm.
The scene was erotic. Feeling my erect shaft, Nikki leaned forward and guided my prick into her hot box.
She eased herself down slowly onto my cock until I was in to the hilt, then she leaned back and kissed me deeply.
There was a sound from the hallway, and Nikki and I looked back at the screen just in time to see Lydia quickly jerk the vibrator from inside her pussy and hide it beneath the blanket.
She held perfectly still, eyes shut. Obviously hoping that whoever entered would think she was asleep.
The door to the guest room opened slightly.
Nikki slowly began humping my shaft.
What happened next was wildly unexpected.
Humpy quickly entered the guest room and went straight for Lydia's crotch, lapping her crotch with his long tongue.
Lydia opened her eyes, surprized at the sensation, muffled a squeal of surprize, and looked as if she was going to kick at him or slap him as she raised her legs and arms quickly.
Suddenly she stopped, and looked around the room. No one else was there.
She gently pushed Humpy aside, then stood and walked to the doorway. She peeked out, and seeing nothing and no one else near the room, she stood for a few moments, obviouslt thinking about something very seriously.
Next, she slid the door shut slowly, and carefully, quietly locked the door from the inside.
Then she quickly scurried back over and laid down on the blanket.
You couldn't help but see her flushed color, and the wild, sexual grin on her face.
Lydia laid back on the blanket on her side and said, "Here Humpy...c'mere boy!"
Humpy stood.
'Cmere boy!" Lydia urged.
Humpy was only too obliged to return. He walked over and licked Lydia's face.
She kissed him on his snout and said, "Here boy, let's see if you like this...", then she offered him one of her swollen nipples. Humpy licked on her breasts and Lydia moaned, "That's it boy...good boy!"
After a few moments of this, Lydia lay back on the blanket.
Humpy licked on one nipple while Lydia closed her eyes and pinched the other.
Lydia moaned sofly.
This was fun, but not exactly what Humpy wanted. He left her side and walked between her legs.
Seeing what Humpy wanted, Lydia quickly placed all of the pillows and blankets she could find on the floor , and lay down with her ass and pussy lifted high to make it easier for Humpy to lick her.
Lydia bent her legs upwards as she felt Humpy's probing tongue begin lapping at her wetness.
She spread her legs wider and said, "Oh yes Humpy...lick me!"
Humpy did exactly that.
Lydia had been close to orgasm before, and within a minute or so, she gasped loudly as her first orgasm started.
Nikki humped me a little faster. Her juices flowed down my cock. She was obviously turned on as she watched her friend engaging in this forbidden taboo.
Lydia arched her back, grabbed the back of Humpy's head and pulled him hard into her pussy. For a moment I thought she might suffocate Humpy, as his snout disappeared completely, sinking deep into Lydia's sopping box.
She moaned loudly, her head thrashing from side-to-side as she pulled on his head, thrusting his snout in and out of her body like a cock.
She held his head and humped her hips wildly.
After what seemed like a minute, Humpy finally pulled free and panted for air.
Lydia lay limp, twitching and shaking in the afterglow of a monster orgasm.
Lydia's cum glistened on Humpy's snout, and he licked the sweet juices until they were gone.
Humpy then returned to licking Lydia. She seemed drained of energy as she rolled over onto her stomach.
"Lick all you want baby..." she said softly.
Humpy wasn't thinking of licking for long though. His bright red eight inch prick was stiff and he wanted pussy.
He stepped over her ass and wrapped his paws around her waist quickly.
Lydia started to get up, not sure if she was ready for this.
Humpy had already made the decision for her though.
He wanted pussy. Her pussy. Now.
Lydia thought of escaping and raised up on her arms and knees.
Humpy firmly grabbed her by the neck. His powerful jaws clamped down, and he growled low to let the bitch know who was in control now.
Without warning her further, Humpy made several fast, short jabs.
Perhaps she feared that he might hurt her, or jab his cock into her asshole...or maybe she just wanted it more than she thought, Lydia reached down and guided the long red cock into her pussy.
After she helped him find his mark, Humpy relaxed his grip on her neck slightly and thrust his cock in to the hilt all at once. Lydia let out a squeal.
Feeling her sex tighten around his cock, Humpy fucked hard and fast into Lydia's slippery pussy.
Within moments, Lydia was trying to meet his thrusts. She was enjoying being doggie-fucked!
Humpy had been banging her hard and fast for about five minutes when the next monster orgasm began wreaking her body.
Humpy pounded her as she arched her back and muttered loudly, "Oh fuck...oh fuck yeah baby...that's it! Give it all to me...and give it to me good..pound my pussy!"
She collapsed in a heap on the pillows as Humpy kept pounding at a furious pace. For several minutes, the large knot full of cum slammed hard against her pussy lips, then he pulled her tight against the knot, and the swollen knot slowly sank inside Lydia, locking his body to hers on the inside. The knot was bigger in diameter than the largest cock Lydia had ever taken, and she writhed in pleasure, humping furiously at the cum-filled intruder.
Nikki slammed her pussy onto my cock, her eyes glued to the on-screen erotica.
Humpy let out a howl, and Lydia's face contorted in waves of new orgasmic pleasure as the flood of Humpy's cum filled her pussy, then began trickling down her inner thighs.
The scene was just too hot. I held Nikki tightly as she and I exploded together.
We lay in the chair, sweating and satisfied for the next few minutes.
When Humpy stepped off of Lydia and walked out of the room, Nikki hit the "Save" button, and I carried her back to bed.

Chapter 4...may be cumming soon

***This is my first submission to this site. I hope you enjoy reading it, and look forward to hearing your feedback. There is much more in store for naughty Nikki, lovely Lydia and friends if this story generates some interest.

Ladies, if this story turned you on please feel free to send your fantasies to and I will work them into the continuing storyline... with a few extra kinks to keep you entranced!


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and me there roasting a hotdog. My life feels boring, nothing ever happens to me. I’m not particularly smart or athletic, though I am on the football team, and in the “harder” classes. Coming out here makes me different from other people; I’m unafraid of being alone in the dark where others would be.
                As the hotdog is starting to sizzle, I hear something. A twig snapped, and I think that it must be a raccoon or something like that, maybe even a deer if I’m lucky, so I stare into the shadows where I think the noise came from. For several moments, nothing happens, but as I take a bite out of my hotdog a light shines.
                Dam! I think. I hadn’t considered that it might be human, and I’m not supposed to be out this late. I start to get up, but stop as the light draws into the clearing of trees. My first thought is that it’s a horse, a horse so white that the moonlight reflects off of it like snow on a sunny day, but looking closer I realize that it has a horn. It’s a unicorn!
                “Please, sit down.” Says the unicorn, and although I didn’t see it move, save for the swish of it’s tail, the voice couldn’t have been anyone else.
                “Whoa, you just talked. A unicorn just talked to me.”
                “Yes, I am a unicorn, in fact I am one of the last. There are only five unicorns left, and they are all female, like me. I fear we will die out before too long.”
                “Well that’s horrible,” I say, taking a bite out of my hotdog. “I wish I could help you, but…”
                “Oh, but you can,” she says, eyes sparkling. “That is why I’m here tonight. I’ve been watching you, and I think you’re perfect.”
                I swallow the rest of my hotdog, using the time to think. I can see already where this is going, this imaginary creature is going to have me go on a quest or something, just like some sort of gay dungeons and dragons deal, and I’ll wake up next to my fire after having dozed off before I’m even halfway done doing whatever she asks me to do.
                “Sure,” I say. “What can I do to help you?”
                The unicorn looks away, as if it were suddenly shy, but then looks me in the eye.
                “I need you to become a unicorn. Believe me when I say this is a last resort, but if you’re willing to help, I will turn you into a unicorn, and you will breed with me. If you accept, there will be no turning back, and the process itself will be long.”
                I stare at her, trying to figure out if this is really a dream, she certainly looks real. Still, I suppose I must be dreaming, or hallucinating. What can the harm be? Besides, this might be sexy. I’ve only just started high school, and I haven’t been getting much action, so what’s the harm in some fantasy.
                “Ok…so if I accepted, how would I become a unicorn, what would happen.”
                “Well, magic users for centuries have used unicorn hair, horns, and blood in their magic, greatly increasing the potency of their power and potions. Many great and terrible things have been done through the use of unicorns, and as a result of the demand for unicorn the numbers of unicorns dropped from hunting. Still, no magic user has discovered this secrete. Unicorn milk also has great magic potential, and if drunk by a human, who is not yet fully grown, it will turn them into a unicorn. You must drink my milk every night, until what I have is not enough to fill you, for until then you will not truly be a unicorn. I do not know how long it will take, but I am lactating tonight, and, unless you help me, tonight only. You need not worry about being hunted yourself, for the males of our species resemble horses, and do not have the distinguishing horn. We shall protect you and take you to a safe place once the transformation is complete.”
                “Wait, so I’m your races only chance?”
                “It would appear so.”
                I look into the fire. “Well then I guess I have no choice then. What do I do.”
                She walks over to me, the clop of her hooves on the rock echoing through the woods.
                “You must drink, as the young of our species do.”
                I kneel down beside her, and examine her soft white underbelly. Indeed, there are two nipples under each of her rear legs. Reaching up in a sudden act of free will and carelessness I put my face against her fur, latched onto the nearest black nipple, and began sucking. Immediately gushes of hot, thick, and creamy milk start pulling out as I suck, now enormously hungry and thirsty. The unicorn sighs from relief as the pressure is released, but very quickly I start becoming full. It’s almost as if the milk had expanded in my stomach, and now rests like lead.
                “Very good, and thank you. My milk is very nutritious, so you may not have much of an appetite, even though you will be experiencing a great deal of growth, and I would ask that you not eat anything so as to save as much room as possible for tomorrow night. I will see you tomorrow, little one. Go back to bed.”
                “Ok…” I say, suddenly very drowsy from the warm, filling milk. I decide that I might as well sleep outside tonight, and I set my watch to wake me up early, so that I can slip into my bedroom before my uncle gets up.
                “Sweet dreams little one.”
                The next morning I wake up to the beeping of my watch. I had fallen asleep on the rock, up against the firewood.
                That was a heck of a dream, I think. Standing up, I brush myself off, and kick the ashes from the fire into the creek. Quickly, I sneak back into my room, and head into the hall to use the restroom. I pull down my pants to go number one, but very quickly find that I can’t find my penis. A thrill of panic runs through me, was that dream real? Did that unicorn turn me into a woman? I look down, and realize that my dick isn’t gone, to my relief, but rather hidden inside a sheath of skin with the head just barely sticking out. The head of my penis is huge, and from my time on the internet I realize it’s a horses penis. The area around my penis his covered in quarter inch long, thick brown hair, as well as the inside of my legs. My ball sac has become leathery and black, as well as my penis, and my balls themselves have practically doubled in size, now the size of large walnuts.
                Damn, I think. How am I gonna piss? The angle is all wrong, unless I wanted to arch it into the toilet. Maybe I can give myself a chubby, so I can have a little play to aim with. And so I start rubbing the head and thinking sexual thoughts. Almost immediately my new penis starts expanding and sliding out of it’s pouch, so I stop masturbating, and with a foot long flaccid cock I piss like a race horse into the toilet, literally.
                Shit, I think. That was definitely not a dream then, unless I’ve just gone crazy and I’m in a rubber room right now. I don’t think I’m crazy, so what am I gonna do? I sit down on the toilet seat. Well, I guess I go with it. She did say I was her only hope, and I made a deal. Besides, who’ll miss me? And what do I have to look forward to in life except a low paying job? Heck, like I said, this could be sexy, correct that, is sexy.
                I look down at my shrinking cock, and I get an idea. Might as well test the new system ,I think, since I might not have hands for long. Taking out the hand lotion from the cabinet, I squirt a large amount into my hands after setting aside a pile of unrolled toilet paper. Rubbing my hands together, I start massaging my member, and it immediately responds to me by extending more and more. I realize I made a miscalculation on how much lotion I’ll need, and fill my hands up with more. Very quickly I have a rock hard boner, and it has to be at least two and a half feet long, almost as thick as my wrist, and reaches up to my mouth. I can’t pass this opportunity up, so I wash off the top end of my dick in the tub, then start sucking it. The head is huge, I have to open up all the way to fit it in, and then I start massaging the shaft while sucking the end, licking the piss hole and the head, and trying to deep throat it, though the angle is all wrong for that. It’s definitely not a human cock, and looks a whole a lot different than my cock had before I met the unicorn, the head being bumpy instead of smooth, and my sheath that had been hiding most of my cock had extended out with it, connected to the middle of my dick, creating a two layer appearance.
                BANG BANG BANG. “Jake! You in there?” asks my uncle.
                I take my dick out of my mouth, “Yeah, just dropping a duce.”
                “Ok, I’ll use the other bathroom then.”
                I let out a sigh, wait a minute, then resume my attentions. After a while I feel myself about ready to cum, so I quickly stand up, still sucking and massaging, and then grab the wad of toilet paper.
                It’s all I can do to keep from yelling as an explosion of cum streams out and hits the toilet paper. The stream keeps going for a few seconds, running off the toilet paper and into the open toilet, then a second wave hits and fresh gust of cum fills the toilet. The toilet paper had been woefully inadequate for the amount of cum, but luckily I had held the wad over the toilet. I then get into the shower, after flushing what had seemed like a cup of cum down the toilet, and clean myself up including my new horse cock, which slowly retreats back into it’s sheath.
                Skipping breakfast,(I’m not hungry anyway), I head out to work. My new penis and balls, even though my penis has mostly retreated into my body and sheath, has made a large bulge, and since it’s anatomy forces it to aim upwards it appears that I have a hard on, so I had to un-tuck my shirt and fill my pockets with junk. I get to the local grocery store alright, and clock in for a long shift of selling and bagging groceries. I was doing fine until I started thinking about last night and this morning in the bathroom, and I start to get a boner.
                Oh no, I think, but my situation only makes me harder. I try to think about other things, but the presence of my new horse cock pressing up against my skin counteracts all my efforts. My dick, because it’s a horses dick, lays flat against my belly, and reaches higher up than my human one, so it's already past past my buckle as it is. The problem is, however, as it grows in size is starts to arch out, so I take the red tape that we use for marking items outside of the bags, pull out a long strip, and tape my penis to my chest. I repeat this two more times, and to anyone watching it only looks like I’m putting tape up my shirt and on my chest.  I lean forward a little too, to help disguise any bulge.
                Uh oh, I think, running out of shirt. And I really am. As my new huge penis is enlarging, its now working its way up my collar, and showing no sign of stopping. I turn off my light, indicating line closed, bag up the little old lady in line faster than I ever have bagged before, then I race off to the bathrooms. Just as I close the stall, my penis pokes out of the collar and keeps going, still not completely rigid.
                Dam, I don’t remember it being this big before. Could it still be growing? It finally levels off at about three feet, and is now just above my head.
                “I can help you with that.” Says a woman’s voice from outside my stall, and the stall door opens. Standing there is Jessica, a fellow employee that I’ve always thought was hot. “I had heard some things, but nothing like that,” she says, motioning to my swaying dick, obviously very turned on by it.
                “This is the men’s room, besides, what if someone comes in?”
                “Don’t worry, I told the manager that you looked like you had the flu, and I’m here to make sure you’re ok, but maybe not here? I won’t tell anyone about it if you come to my house, we can tell Tom that I’m driving you home. I need to have that cock in me.”
                “Sure.” I agree, eager. “But I need to get rid of this boner.”
                “Just think non-sexy thoughts, and hurry up please.”
                “Easy for you to say,” but I concentrate anyway, and after a minute my penis has shrunken enough to be hidden again when I bend over a little.
                At her house, her mom and dad are obviously away.
                “Yeah, they’re at work, and neither will be back for at least five more hours.” She says when I ask. “Now let's see that cock!” and she pulls my shirt off, and I step out of my pants. My cock has withered a little from the ride, but is still out of its sheath. I notice that my balls too have become substantially larger.
                “Omigod, it’s just like a horse’s.”
                “Yeah, tell me about it.” I reply, but am cut short as she grabs it and puts it in her mouth. She has obviously done this before, if not for this large a cock, and I’m back to full mast once more. I have to lay down for her to keep at it, and right before she stops she sucks my dick into her mouth, taking me deep down into her throat.
                “Now me,” she orders, “but don’t let me cum, not yet.” I get down and start teasing her cunt. I find that it’s already hot, the lips have puffed up and spread apart slightly, and a small dribble of cum is leaking out. I tease her a little at first, flicking my tongue across her folds, then go for gold, digging out her clit from beneath her hood, and swirling my tongue around it. Immediately her back arches, pressing her snatch into my face, and she cries out from the sudden over stimulation of her little love button.
            “If you liked that, you’d love this.” I say, in between sliding my tongue up  and down her slit and licking her clit. I begin multitasking while still keeping at her clit, with her jerking and rubbing her nipples, and I slip a finger into her vagina, then two fingers. Dam, she’s tighter than a virgin, I think, but am still able to spread my two fingers apart inside her, straining my hand with the tension, and begin steadily massaging the wall of her vagina that’s right against her belly, pressing and rubbing against the lesser know bump that is the g-spot. She screams in pleasure, unable to contain herself, and thrusts her pelvis in the air with a humping motion, trying to trigger the overwhelming need to cum, and cum hard, but right then I stop, leaving her writhing on her mattress in a frightening amount of frustration.
            She reaches up and grabs me forcibly by the shoulders, digging her nails into me, and pulls me on top of her, my mammoth cock pressing against her hot skin and in between her breasts.
            “Why! Why’d you stop!!!” but she doesn’t wait for an answer, rolling me onto my side, and scooting up to position herself on top of my dick.

            “FUCK ME!!!” she cries, shaking with the need to cum and lack of stimulus. She slides up the matress and aims the head of my dick at her opening.

                I comply, and apply force, pressing my huge head up against her slick pussy lips. At first it doesn’t seem that I’ll fit inside, but after a bit more force her lips part, and I’m in about an inch. We join hands, and pull ourselves together, slowly inch by inch burying my member into her incredibly tight pussy, until nearly thirteen inches are inside her.
                “I want it all.” She says, pushing hard against me. So I pull out a few inches, then ram back in, planting deeper inside her and making her writhe. She lets go of my hands, and I pull back again to slam another inch into her, and now I finally hit a wall, her cervix.
                “Deeper Jake! Come on!” I oblige, and pull back a full six inches, then slam into her cervix. She clenchs on my dick and squirms, I’m now close enough to hold her beautiful breasts, and I lean in to hug them. Once more I pull back and hit her cervix, and now I feel it start to give way. It’s starting to open, and I quickly draw back again and slam into it again and again. The third times the charm, and just like her pussy, her cervix spreads wide and I slide all the way in and bottom out in her cervix, though I haven’t reached the bottom of my dick. Jessica orgasms, screaming in pleasure and pain, and squeezes my penis like nothing ever has before. After she releases my dick, I begin pumping, the tight seal causing a large amount of friction, despite her wetness, and her belly inflates and deflates with each pump. I fuck like a wild animal, going faster and in longer pulls that I ever have before. In only a few minutes, I feel my balls begin to tighten when I feel her about to orgasm again, and in seconds she clamps onto me, right as my orgasm hits. My penis explodes with come, but can’t be pressed back because of the force with which Jessica is gripping me, and neither can the come go around my dick. Her already overinflated belly expands like a balloon, and I keep cumming, not twice, but three times.
                “Oh, ohhhhhhhh.” She moans, rubbing her belly. She looks as if she swallowed a small mellon, and we lay there , still joined, until my dick slowly starts to shrink. When I pull it out, our cum runs out like a faucet, and onto the bed.
                “That was incredible Jake, I haven’t been laid in weeks, and that was one hell of a lay. Thank you.”
                “No, thank you. Just don’t tell anyone, this was between you and me.” Then I get out of bed, dress, and leave her house. When I get into my car, I feel like the whole interior may have shrunk, and I have to scoot the seat back all the way.
                “Huh, I must be growing.”
                I drive home, and spend the rest of the day watching TV and surfing the internet. When it’s near six, I call in work, and tell them that I won’t be able to work tomorrow, and possibly for the next week, and shortly after my uncle gets home and plops down in front of the television.
                “Hey, Jake?” he asks as I pass through the living room to the kitchen. “You growing a pony tail?”
            In a moment of panick and stupidity, I grab my ass to see if a tail had sprouted.
            “No, ya idjit, I ment your hair. You high or something?”
                I reach up and feel the back of my neck, and discover a line of soft hair growing there, a mane. My uncle has mistaken it in the dark for a pony tail.
                “Yeah, didn’t you notice?” I respond. He just grunts, and I head back into the kitchen to eat, then remember the unicorns advice, and head back up to my room.
                I wait in my room until I hear him head to bed, then wait a little longer until it’s almost completely dark out. Again I sneak out, and head to the same spot as last night. When I get there I find the fire already going, and the unicorn already waiting.
                “How are you young one?”
                “I’m fine, and your milk is working too if you’re asking.” I take off my shirt and pants to show her the changes.
                “This is very good, and a good sign that the changes started in your loins. Did you eat or drink today?”
                “Not really.”
                “Then you must be hungry,” she says, eyes sparkling in a smile. “Please use the other nipple, it would comfort the pressure, and I would like to try and keep it somewhat even.” She presents her other side to me, and I walk up to her and again kneel. I find the nipple much more quickly, and immediately start suckling the thick, rich milk out, warm streams of it flowing down my throat. I drink for a much longer time, eager to fill my belly, and soon find that I can’t drink any more. With a stomach full of liquid, I again lie by the fire, sleepy from the large dinner of warm milk.
                “You know, I never asked you your name,” I say, yawning.
                “My name is Lenail. Now rest, and grow little one.” She nuzzles my cheek, and I slowly drift off to a dreamless sleep.
                The next day I wake up with a start. I had forgotten to set my watch, so uncle must have noticed I had gone,  but since this isn’t very unusual for me, I calm down quickly. I then realize I had neglected to put my cloths back on after showing the unicorn my body, and I look down at myself with a start and stand up. Coarse dark brown fur has grown over all of my body, and my muscle definition has increased greatly. I get up, and find that my hearing has improved, and my sight seems more spread out than before. Feeling a light brush on my legs, I look behind me and see a black horses tail swishing. Feeling my head, my face feels normal, but the hair on the top of my head has shortened, with exception to a mane of hair running along the back of my head and my neck. Also I feel that my ears have migrated to the top of my head, and are now the ears of a horse.. I walk over to a pool of water, and as luck would have it there isn’t any breeze to ripple the puddle. My face is indeed the same, though covered in brown hair and a little bit wider. My mane is also black, to match my tail.
                I walk over to my pile of cloths, and find that they don’t fit anymore. The size is wrong, my muscles, limbs, chest, and everything are now thicker and bigger, and also a little off in the dimensions. I’m too tall, my arms are too long, and my chest too wide.
                That magic stuff sure was busy while I was asleep. I think. I can’t go back home. Uncle will probably send out a search party, but mostly he’ll be relieved to be free of me.
                 I decide to go and try to find where the unicorn is staying, and start off into the woods. Everything feels different, the way things sound and look, the smells, the feel of the breeze. I feel free. Even walking feels different, as if my bones had changed shape slightly, which they probably had. I know of a nice little clearing a little ways away that I like to go to as well, so that I can watch the rabbits, and head there. After a quick jog over, I find the clearing, but no unicorn. I walk out into the middle, and sit down in the tall grass. A rabbit comes out of a hole right next to me, and hops past me as if I wasn’t there, or maybe it knew that I wasn’t a threat somehow. A sound, a snort, comes from my right, and my ears angle toward it automatically.
                “Is that you Lenail? You know, you’re not very quite.”
                “I’m quite when I want to be. I’m simply announcing my presence so that I won’t startle you. Why aren’t you at your home?”
                “Because I can’t go back if I look like this. It was going to happen eventually you know, and if I had gone back today, I would be in a metal room with scientists looking all over me right now.”
                “Then it is good that you didn’t go back. Would you like to follow me to where we’ll be staying now?It’s a farm quite a ways away, and the people there have been secretly housing unicorns for generations. It’s sort of a hotel, if you will, and you can stay as long as you like when we get there.  It’ll take several days though.”
                “Then we should get started.”
                As we are walking, the unicorn pointing the way, she startles me by asking, “Who was that girl you slept with yesterday?” I choke.
                “How did you know?”
                “I could smell it on you of course. It’s not a bad thing at all, if you think I’m mad. I think that it’s very good that you had sex with a human one last time before you became entirely a unicorn. You may even do it again, if you're lucky, but probably not in the near future, as you must impregnate all of the unicorns first.”
                “I have a question, if male unicorns look like regular horses, then how do you know that there are no more male unicorns?”

                “That’s a very good question little one. Male unicorns do greatly resemble horses, but there are a few things that set them apart. One, they generally are very strong, fast, and agile by horse standards, are a little more elegant, almost with an elvish quality to them, they are incapable of impregnating a horse,  are capable of impregnating a unicorn, and they can talk, but the easiest and most effective way to tell is the way they smell. You can just smell it, at least if you’re a female unicorn that is.”

                “Oh, do I smell like a male unicorn then?”
                “Yes, very much so.”
                After about four hours of walking, with short periods of rest every hour, I feel a gurgle in my stomach.
                “I’m hungry, can we stop?”
                “Of course.”
                We stop, and while I drink more of her milk, filling my belly like a balloon, she eats the grass, flowers, and plants nearby.
                “You’re getting much bigger, you nearly emptied me on the left side.”
                “I think I might vomit if I walk with a full belly like this. I’m getting sleepy again, could we just stop for a quick nap? Warm milk makes me so tired.”
                “Yes, I could use the time to eat. Sweet dreams little one.”
                I wake up and try to stand up again. I find that I can’t, and fall down onto my hands. Looking down, I see that hooves have replaced my hands, and that my entire bone-structure had shifted as I slept. My face feels elongated, and I can see in a nearly 350 degree radius. However, next to Lenail, I’m still very small and weak.
                “How long was I out?!?” I say in garbled English.
                “Only about eight hours, you’re growth is accelerating, but you still need to put on a lot of weight. Can you walk?” I nod standing up on all fours. Surprisingly it’s easier than I expected, my head is level, my arms have elongated, and all my joints have rearranged, especially my hind legs, which have switched direction at the knee.
                “Let’s get going young one, or we’ll never make it to the farm.”
                We travel far faster with me on all fours, even though I’m still humanish in appearance, with Lenail’s glow lighting the way in the dark. My endurance has increased, I’m faster, stronger, and it felt like my lungs are huge. We ran for another seven hours, with many breaks, and made a lot of progress, but for all my new strength it was clear that Lenail was waiting for me, leading me like a bumbling child, not even breathing hard. At last we stop for the night, though dawn is breaking.
                “I must rest, I’m very sleepy child.” She says to me, stopping near a road, the first we’ve come across ever since going into the woods last morning.
                “If you’re hungry, drink now. I’m going to lie down.”
                I nuzzle up to her nipple, unable to answer her now because my vocal cords have changed. My elongated face is much more adapt at reaching the nipple, and I quickly drain it. It felt like it held a gallon. Still, however, I’m not full, and I move to the other. I become pleasantly full of milk before she runs out, and we both lay down in the grass under a tree together.
                I awake to Lenail nudging me with a hoof. I get off the ground, heavily, and I feel a lot bigger. Standing straight up, I realize I’m almost as big as Lenail, and my footing feels much surer.
                “You are starting to look the part, little one. We will need to cross this road, and then it’s only a half day’s journey to the farm.” I only nod back at her. “What is it?” she asks, sounding worried. “Why don’t you talk?”
                “I don’t know how to,” I think.
                “Yes you do, you just did.”
                “You mean you heard that? My thoughts?”
                “Yes, but I’ll only hear the thoughts you want me to hear. If you ever want to talk to humans, however, then prepare to be disappointed, most humans won’t be able to hear you. That’s what makes you so special, and part of what makes this family we’re about to meet so special.”
                “Ok…What’s that smell?”
                Lenail sniffs. “Thunder. Let’s hurry.”
                We reach the road, and gallop across. We’re now in a cornfield, and sprint the last leg of out journey. In about eight hours, I see a collection of building on the horizon, but just then the rain hits like waves of buckets, and we stop beneath a small collection of trees, just off the edge of another field. It’s the afternoon, and very hot and humid, even with the rain. Both of us are sweating and dripping wet, and Lenail stops next to a small creek and drinks from it. Realizing my own thirst, I join her, and bow my head to drink, but Lenail gently blocks me with her head.
                “Oh, sorry, forgot. May I have some milk?”
                “Would I say no?” she answers, laughing.
                I need to once more kneel to reach her nipple I’ve grown so much, and I drain the first one after a few minutes of guzzling. She seems to have even more milk than before, but I too have more room in my stomach. Pulling at her other nipple, I drain every last bit, with a little room to spare.
                “Congratulations little one, the transformation is complete.” I stand up and realize that I’ve been taller than her for a while now, by several hands, and am definitely heavier.
                “Race you there!” I say, and sprint off like the wind, hooves pounding the soft earth and sending mud into the air behind me. Amazingly, Lenail is able to keep up, being very nimble and light on her feet. She seems almost to glide across the ground, and I can see her at all times is my near 360 vision. After what seems like only a few minutes of running in the rain, a large farm house, a barn, and a two silos appear out of nowhere in front of us.
                “Lets go see if they’re home, shall we?” says Lenail.
                We trot over to the door and Lenail nuzzles the doorbell. After a few moments footsteps arrive, and an ancient, chubby grandfather opens the door. He wipes the condensation from his glasses, then looks at us again.
                “Darla! We’ve got a horse and a unicorn out here in the rain! Come help me dry them off and settle them in. Let me show you two to the stables.”
                The old man walks over to a small stout building on the other side of the barn, and opens the door for us. We walk in, steam rising off our backs, and pad across the loose dirt and hay floor to the stalls. A teenage girl bursts in behind us.
                “Grandpa! Where’s the unicorn? What’s her name?”
                “Her name’s Lenail sweetie, if you remember her, but right now they need to be rubbed down, they’ve been running in the rain. I’m afraid we can’t cool you two down though,” he adds, addressing us. “Not enough room in the stable.”
                “Actually, we’re both unicorns.” Corrects Lenail.
                The old man walks up to me with a towel as if he didn’t hear nothing, but the teenager stops dead.
                “Grandpa, Lenail just said that they’re  both unicorns! A male unicorn!!! Where did you find him Lenail?”
                “Less talk, more rub.” Says the old man as he begins drying me off. “Quite the handsome young man you found though Lenail. He must be seventeen hands tall, and in very good condition.”  After toweling us dry, they show us to separate stalls, put a hay bale in each and a bag of oats, and fill the troughs with water.
                “Thank you.” We both say in unison.
                “They said thanks grandpa, now can you tell us where you found him?”
                “I found him not far from here, but he was a young man only a few days ago. There were no more males in the world, I’m sure of that now, so he volunteered to become one.”
                “No way! Can I become a unicorn too? Pleeeease?”
                “I’m sorry, but this was a one time thing, and it had to be a male. I chose him. Besides, you’d miss being human, and you’d miss your family and talking to your grandpa.”
                She looks at her feet, “I guess, but I still wana.” She turns to me. “What’s your name,” she asks me.
                “Jake.” I answer.
                “Nice to meet you Jake, my name’s Darla. Is there anything more you need?”
                “I wouldn’t know, I’m new to this frankly.” I reply.
                “Nothing more, thank you both.” says Lenail.
                “No problem, We’ll see you both in the morning, looks like we’re gonna have to sit this one out, hope there’s no tornado.”
                “G’night you two,” says the grandpa, and he shuts the doors, closing off the driving rain.
                “Do I really have to eat straw?” I ask Lenail.
                “It’s hay, and yes, you need to eat it. It’s good for you. You should get some solids into your system anyway, so eat up.” She herself takes a mouthful of hay, careful not to hit her horn on the wall, and begins chewing it. Sighing, I too take a bite of hay, and find it not at all bad tasting. I also take drinks of water every once in while between mouthfuls of hay.
                “What’s that smell.” I say, nostrils flaring. “It smells good.”
                “I don’t smell anything.” She answers, though she walks out of her stall and over to mine.
                “I think it’s you,” I say. As she moves closer the smell gets stronger, and my penis pokes out of it’s sheath. “I think you’re in heat.”
                  “Ooo, that’s very good timing then. I wasn’t sure myself.” My cock is getting longer, and is now pointing at the ground, about a foot long. I can’t help but snort and stamp a hoof, the smell is very arousing.
                She doesn’t even need to say anything, I back out and she turns around. Her vulva is opening and closing, dribbling liquid, and my dick becomes as hard as it’s going to get. I walk up to her, sniffing her opening, then probe my tongue into her vagina. My tongue is now quite long, and I dip it all the way into her, causing her to shudder, and her vagina opens up all the more. I then rear up, gently laying down on her back, and walk myself forward until the tip of my member is touching her vagina. I then arch into her, breaking right through her hymen. She whinies right as the thunder crashes, and in one more thrust I’m buried completely inside her, all three feet of me, my member buzzing in the steaming hot hole of her vagina. 
                “Are you alright? I ask.” But I get no more out as her vagina starts contracting rhythmically on my dick, massaging it and pulling it deeper. I immediately start pumping, pulling nearly all the way out, then slamming back in, pulling at her vagina with tremendous force. Faster and faster I pump, stretching her with every powerful thrust and retreat, and slamming in to the hilt. I feel like an animal, thrusting in and out so powerfully and quickly. It seems to last forever, and at the same time all too quickly I feel myself about to cum, and my tennis ball sized balls clamp down. Her orgasm hits first though, and she clenches down impossibly hard on me, but I don’t stop thrusting until I cum like a fire hose, pressing the tip of my dick up against her cervix. I feel her uterus fill up, but before I'm done cumming a second wave hits, my body involuntarily shuddering, causing her to also spasm again as her sensitive genitals’ are becoming stretched by the pressure of my cum. Her clamping only serves to send wave three of cum crashing in, completely filling and stretching her uterus, and leaking past my penis. I thrust upwards one more time, again over stimulating out genitals, and we both come one last time, her squeezing and spazming vagina holding back all of our cum.

            We stand there, me still on her back, and still hard inside of her. Oddly, I’m not exhausted like I should be, and without warning she clamps down on me again, sucking the lingering cum out of my dick, and with that I begin fucking her again, the pulling and pushing causing cum to squirt and fly from her full vagina. All the way in, then back out, all the way in, and back out of her deep, warm, tunnel of a vagina. She somehow stays stable on her feet the entire time. With one last thrust, pressing up against her cervix again, I empty my balls completely, cumming for a full ten seconds and expanding her uterus to well over twice it’s normal size, while at the same time her vagina spasms with astounding strength once more on my cock, pressing all of the cum out of it with enough force to keep me cumming for the full ten seconds, right up until I actually run out of cum, and the feeling of my balls completely empty sends a shockwave of oversensitive pleasure through my entire body, making me shiver.

            She walks away from me, sliding my cock out to let it hand, steaming hot. To my surprise, only a slight dribble of our cum leaks out of her vagina.
            “I think your cum is trapped inside my uterus Jason.” Says Lenail. “You must have forced it open, and now it’s clamped shut.”
            “All the better I think, there’s no way that that didn’t get you pregnant.”
            “We’ll have to make sure though, Jake. Every night that I’m in heat.”
            “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I reply. “Still, I thought that you said there would be other unicorns.”
            “In time, young one. I’ll send for them tomorrow. For now, I want you to focus on me, then you may impregnate the others.”
            I yawn. “You were very good, thank you, it was an amazing experience. And thank you for turning me into a unicorn.”
            “No, thank you. I enjoyed it more than I could ever have imagined. Now let us rest for tomorrow young one.”
To be continued, Jake works around the farm, races, and meets the other unicorns, as well as laying Lenail every night.

Kathleen Trains Mom and Daughter - Part 3

K9Lesbian on Animal Stories

Kathleen walked Janet down the stairs, through the living and dining area, through the kitchen and pantry, and out the back door. In the yard, Kathleen stopped and called to Boomer. Boomer was Brenda’s huge Great Dane. Friendly and playful, the big dog sauntered over toward the two women. In route, his keen scent noted the aroma of feminine arousal. There was a drenched wet pussy in the area. The

Bruno and I get Mom

sugaray on Animal Stories

This episode happened a few years ago when I was 15.  I was seated in the living room, on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons.  My mom yelled from the bathroom upstairs, telling me that she was going to take a bath; and since Dad wasn't home (he was out playing golf all day) she could take all the time that she liked.  You see, Dad didn't like for us to use alot of water.  He thought it was a big waste, and he thought that we needed to conserve the water that we had.  I guess it was just his way of being anal about something.  So, with Dad gone, Mom could use as much water as she wanted without someone yelling for her to turn the water off.

I could hear Mom running water from time to time, and I know that she felt like she was in heaven.  After Mom h

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ad been in the bathtub for about 30 minutes, our dog, Bruno (who was a rather large german shepherd) came plodding into the living room with his tail wagging.

I spoke to him, "What are you up to, boy?"  He just wagged his tail and gave me a little bark.  Suddenly, Bruno's ears perked up as he heard mom splashing upstairs.  I guess he decided that he was going to see what was going on up there, as he ran up the stairs.  About one minute later I heard mom yelling at Bruno.  I just sat there in the living room and paying them both no mind.  But, Mom's voice got louder and louder, so I thought I had better go and see what was causing all the fuss.

As I got to the entrance to the bathroom door, the site before me was one to behold.  There was my mom laying on the bathroom floor with her legs sprawled out in front of her.  I had never thought of my mother in a sexual manner- until that moment.  As I stood there, I took in her entire body, which had some remarkable dimensions.  I had never really noticed her breasts before, but they were huge; both tits were hanging down, and almost laying on her upper stomach.  Her pussy was gaped open and wet from the bath water- and then there was her butt, which was really big, just as I liked them.  As I stood and took in her entire body, my cock began to awaken from its dormant stage.

As I began to ccome out of my daze, I realized that she was yelling at me.  "Ray(that's me), what are we going to do?  RAY!!!" 

"Oh, what Mom?"

"I said, what are we going to do?  Bruno won't let me get up from here.  Each time that I try to get up, he growls and acts like he is going to bite me."

"What happened, anyway?" I asked her.

"I was finishing up my bath and I was getting out of the tub, when I slipped and fell on my butt on the floor.  Immediately, Bruno came over to me and began sniffing my crotch and tried to lick my private area.  Of course, I yelled at him to go away, but he wouldn't.  He was determined to continue his assault.  I must have made him angry, because he will not let me get up."

"Here, let me help you up", I responded.  As I reached down to try to help Mom get up, Bruno lunged at me as if he was going to eat me up.  In fact, he scraped his sharp teeth on my arm..

I stood there and tried to think of some  way out, and finally something that my biology teacher told me came to my mind.  He said that many times if a male animal thinks that his female counterpart is tempting him with sex and then changes her mind, he will not give up until she gives in.  I knew that this was not what my mom wanted to hear, but I knew I had to tell her.

"Well, what are we going to do"? she asked again.

I then proceeded to tell her what I had remembered.

"There ain't no way in hell that I am going to let that dog fuck me.  No way in hell!!!  That's disgusting!!!

"Well, it's your choice", I answered.  "You can just lay there until dad comes home and listen to him yell at you about using too much water- and tell you that if you had taken a shorter bath, Bruno would not have been up here."

"Shit!!  I don't guess I have much choice, do I?  I sure don't want to listen to his mouth all night.  How is this done?  I just need this to go by very quickly, and never tell anyone what happens here next.  I can't believe that I'm going through with this."

"I think you have to roll over very slowly and get on your hands and knees, so he can take you from behind."

"I can't believe this!!!!  SHIT!!", mom said.

Mom slowly rolled over and got on all fours, as bruno got on her back and wrapped his front paws around her stomach.  He then started humping like there was no tomorrow.  I could tell that, at first, bruno was having trouble hitting the honey pot, but when he did hit her pussy just right, he humped even faster.

Mom started yelling, "Damn!!! he's too big for me- he is going to rip me apart.  GOD!! he's hurting me.  OOHHH NNOO!!"

But, slowly, you could tell that mom was starting to get into this act.  She stopped yelling that it was hurting her, and she began moaning with pleasure.

"OH YEAH!!!  MMMMM  YEAH!! OH, you feel so good.  OOHHHHHHH I'm going to cum.  OH Bruno!!!!!"  You could tell that bruno was shooting his cum up into mom"s soaked pussy, by the fact that his sperm was running out of mom's cunt.

When bruno had finished fucking my mom, he got off her and ran downstairs, wagging his tail.  "Please, don't ever tell anyone what just happened here", mom asked.

I stood there in front of her, as I helped her up, and began stroking my erect 8 incher.

"What do you think you are going to do with that thing," mom asked me.

"I'm going to fuck you with it."

"Oh no, you're not.  You are my son, and I'm not going to commit incest with you.  That is just plain wrong. Move out of my way way so I can get cleaned up," mom spoke up.

I grabbed mom by the arm and pulled her into her bedroom.  I threw her down on the bed and I immediately got on top of her and started sucking on her big tits.  Mom tried, at first, to pull away, but that didn't last very long as I moved my mouth down to her dog-soaked cunt.  I kept flicking my tongue against her swollen clit, as she began to moan.  I knew that I had her, then.  She began pushing her pussy up to my face as I kept licking her cunt.

"OH, Baby- please fuck me!!  You have gotten me so hot that I can't stand it any longer.  I want your big fat cock inside my willing pussy.  I want you to shoot off inside me, and make me cum."

As mom was saying this, I began pumping my dick inside her as far as I could get.  I kept pounding her ass with my cock, until I heard her scream- "DAMN Baby FFUUUUCCKKK MMYY FFATT Pussy.  FFUUCKK my cunt.  God, you are driving me crazy!!!!  Here I go.  Shit!!!"

Mom's entire body began to shake and tremble as she orgasmed against my pounding member.  As we both climaxed, mom said, "I have to have more of that- I never knew what I was missing all these years.

Needless to say, both me and bruno fucked mom many times after that.


My Daughter Gives Birth to a Horse!

Seneca on Animal Stories

"My Daughter Gives Birth to a Horse", by Carolyn Matthews

About a year ago, I was having breakfast with my daughter "Amy", and decided to ask her about why she has gained so much weight in a short period of time. She is about five feet five inches tall and normally weighs under one hundred pounds, but I would guess that she has put on about twenty pounds in in the last month.

When I asked h

Kathleen Trains Mom and Daughter - Final

K9Lesbian on Animal Stories

Brenda fucked her wet pussy to 4 or 5 orgasms as she watched the huge mastiff mate her mother in Kathleen’s sun room. Brenda’s pussy was so sensitive, swollen and sore she could hardly walk. In all her life, Brenda could not have would not have ever thought she would witness a sex event you base, so decadent, so rich in eroticism and SO NASTY as what she had just seen. Sitting in a tub of cold wa

At The Bar, Then The Farm

Sultrybuxombbw on Animal Stories

We like to go for rides, my husband and I and usually end up in some situtation for me to get well laid. In fact, that is usually the reason for the rides. A few weeks ago I went in and put on a mesh dress and black thong and sandals, but no bra and came in and took Steve's nine inch cock out and gave it a good sucking till he gave up his cum for my throat. We kissed and he said, "So what do you want, you have that look." "You mean, 'that I really wanna get laid' look?" I said. "That is the one." he said and I told him we needed to go for a ride. He got his shirt on and shoes and we got in the car. "What direction?" he said. "How about south." I said and we drove out to 441 and headed to the south side of Athens. Past Watkinsville and on down. We crossed I20 and drove on a little ways then
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towards Augusta. He had gotten on I-20 so I could flash truckers but there were no takers.

We turned off and down a few country roads and there was a country bar there with some cars out front and a litle ways from there a farm that looked really nice. It was a profesional kind that it looked like someone with a lot of money wanted to spend it. We turned around and went back to the bar. Steve helped me out and I kissed him so that the hem of my already short dress came up showing my ass to a guy at the door. We went in and I held Steve's hand and we walked to the bar and he lifted me up on the stool. About a dozen men were there all drinking and some shooting pool. Steve got a beer and I ordered shots of vodka and beer. I asked for 5 shots and several that heard me started looking my way. I turned around and lean on the bar and crossed my legs and my elbows behind me on the bar and smiled and said hello to the men there. They all said Hi and Steve just ignored my flirting and drank his beer. My shots came and I turned around, my skirt now over my hips and I let it stay there. I looked at the man behind the bar and took the 5 shots one after the other till they were all down and the burn spread over my body..then I sipped the beer. "Set up 5 more for me." I said and he looked at Steve and Steve told him "Do as the lady likes." and so he did.

Now the men were kind of gathering near the table near the bar and I turned again and now the skirt was above my hips and I let my legs come open. The shots came and I turned again and took them down again and sipped the beer. One guys staepped up, "Why the 5 shots lady?" he said and the men were listening now. My head was lite and I felt really hot now, he heat spreading to my breasts and legs, my nipples were hard and showing thru the mesh dress. I turned and said, "Cause I like things in 5s." "Really, what else do you like in 5s?" he said. "Well, my husband has nine inches and he fucks me 5 times, I like 5 shots and a beer and I like other things in 5s." Now the men were slose and he said again, "Is there anything else?" I leaned towards him and slipped of the stool and he caught me, his hands barely touching my tits as he stood me up. "Yes, I like to have 5 men at a time too." "And how do you do that?" he asked me, bulges now showing in the pants of those that gathered. "Wel, I sit on one in my ass, and I get leaned back and take one in my pussy, then one stands so he can sink it down my throat and then one in each hand. Then after everyone cums I switch them off or get 5 more." Now they were all laughing and saying, "Shit now way." and "Are you for real?" and One asked Steve, "Is she serious?" He looked at me and kissed me. "Yeh, she is for real and she needs some cock." One closed the doors on the front and I was picked up and put on the table and 3 men got on it too. I was stripped and one got under me and they lowered my onto his hard cock into my ass and then another the pussy, another stood over me and his cock slipped down my throat and then I grabbed two more. I don't know how long but they all filled me and then laid me down and 5 more took their places. I was really getting off good and spraying all over.

After they finished I laid there fingering myself and licking my fingers. I sat up and Steve looked at me and smiled. "Damn, well, that was good but now I need a really good fucking." I said. They all laughed, "Lady you just had some great cock. I looked around and said, "Well, I need more." A man stepped up and grabed my face and presswed his cock into my mouth and I sucked him off swallowing his cum. "How was that?" he said. "I said I need some real fucking cock." I shouted. The bartender said, "Hell lady, nothing left except the horses out back." They all looked at me, "Now that is some cock." I said and ordered 5 more shots. I got off the table and drank them down and Steve came over and held me up. The guys led us to the back door and there was a small barn a little from the bar. THere were 6 horses there and 4 were stallions. Two were mares. I walked over to one and began stroking his head and neck. He liked it and moved to me. I was naked and cum was dripping from my body. I looked at another and then the other two and walked to the second one. "I want him first." I said. We were in a clear corral and outside and I said, "Bring something I can lay under him on and you guys come hold him for me." Two bails of hay were brought and a blanket put on top. I stood next to him and massaged his sides and his scent made me hotter. I was getting close to an orgasm just knowing what was going to happen. I got to his flanks and my hands slipped under him and he stirred looking back at me. Three men held him and I got on my knees and took the head thay was coming out in my hands. I was there in the dirt and my pussy sprayed all over and there was a puddle under me and I licked the head and it came out more and more till it was fully oput and I was massaging it. The horse was excited and they held him for me. "I wanna jack this one off." I said and began massaging the full length of his huge cock and he was moving for me in the right ways. Finally he made a snort and his cum sprayed all over my chest and then I took soe into my mouth and swallowed all I could. He had a good ful load and it was all over me. The horse was let to move and I motioned for another to be brought. The men were all drinking beer and they held the other one, this time near the hay. I got the second one hard and moved under him and on my belley and he found my pussy that streached around his cock. He was excited and began to buck and each time they held him and it rammed my pussy, hard, really making mush out of my pussy. He got into a rythum and soon he gushed and overflowed my pussy. I was having orgasm after orgasm and finaly he slipped out I stood and fell in the dirt and one helped me up, "You look like that is it lady."

I leaned against him, "Two more wonderful horse cocks to go. I laid over the hay again and they led another to me. I massaged his cock to hard and then told them, "Put this one in the ass guys." They moved him and I reached back and the horse knew what to do. His hips moved and I let him inside the entrance. My ass burned and hurt and then gave way. He went in and then he drove deep. He seemed to have some reason the begin bucking and every time he did he drove all the way in as far as I could take him and then I felt as if he were pushing my guts into my chest. I began to yell all kinds of obsence things about how great he felt and they were all cheering for both the horse and me. I felt he was ready and I said, "Oh please don't let him fall out till he has fucked my full." They held us together as long as they could and he fell out and cum gushed out of my ass. I could not walk but told them to bring the last one over and they led him to me. I reached up and masssaged him hard and he was ready to fill me up. I told them to get some rope and tie me to him, my legs spread aournd him and my arms too so that if he moved I was there with him. Also this had me with his belley against mine and so, they did it. My arms and legs ached and yet I begged them to do it and they did. His cock was hard and a man guided it into me then pushed me down so that I was on it. I moaned louder and louder and then begged them to move me down on it as far as it would go. It was in and maybe a could inches out. "Walk him around so it makes me rock on it." I said. They did and the motion was wild. I moved up and down on his cock as if riding a man only filled beyond anything a man had ever done. The horse began to move faster and I felt him really getting ready to unload. I began yelling, "Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh yes damn it fuck me." over and over. His cum filled and stayed in for the most part my pussy. I felt bloated and then they took him to the hay and untied me from him. I lay sprawled out, legs spread and arms out and tits with hard nipples from rubbing his belley. His cock let the plug go that held in the cum and it came out like a bucket of cum.

I know I laid there a little while and a man came over, "Need anymore lady." I reahed up and took his cock and sucked him off. I was carried back to the bar and laid on the table again. Steve sat there drinking beer. "she had enough yet?" he said and I looked at him and smiled. MY cunt was gaping open and so was my ass. I was covered in cum and I reached down and scooped it from my pussy and licked it into my mouth. "If you guys wanna fuck her more go ahead, I think she still needs it." Steve said and a man climbed on top of me. His cock would not fill me now and so he jacked off in my pussy and shot onto my stomach. "She is too loose now." he said and got off. I moaned and said, "anyone gotta piss?" They all looked at me, "I said anyone of you fucker s gotta piss? If you do I still need something for sex." Where do you want it lady?" a man said his hard cock in his hand. "Put her on the floor" the owner said. I was laid on the floor and he moved to me. I took his cock and pointed it at my mouth and said, "Do it." and his stream filled my throat and over flowed. Two more came over and began pissing on my chest and body. I had an orgasm and was going nuts. "Piss up my cunt and ass" I yeled and I was rolled over and a cock pissed in my ass and then another in my pussy.

"Give me something really huge, realy fucking big" I said and I was given a really big bottle. I went to my pussy and began ramming it in me and orgasms came again. I ladi there and finally, Steve asked if I were ready to go. "Yeh, or another bar." I said and laughed. The owner gave me the blanket I had laid under the horse on and I wrapped it around me in the car and Steve drove me home naked. He helped me in and I laid on the flor wrapped in the blanket and woke up the next day, cum all dried all over me. I was sore and felt great. The tub was hot and made me feel really good again.

Love ya

Part Dog, Part Man (part one in this series)

sexy_erotique_1 on Animal Stories

Part Dog Part Man



Let me get straight to the point here. My name is Austin and I am half man, half dog. I know this sounds crazy but it is very true. My mother was really into bestiality especially with dogs and one of her male suit

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ors impregnated her. Because she had allowed an entire pack of dogs fuck her, she is not sure which dog did it but what she could tell me was that I was either part, German Sheppard, part St Bernard, part Akita and even possibly part Wolf.


Although my physical appearance is that of human my beastful side comes out when I am in the throes of passion. I had no idea about my true identity until I lost my virginity… to my mother.


I was an awkward eighteen year old boy. Barely any friends to speak of and I preferred it that way. The only thing on my mind all of the time was fucking. I thought of fucking so much that I could smell a female when she was in heat, so to speak. College was torture for me because most of the girls there were in heat most of the time. Every time I walked past a horny girl and got a whiff of her sex scent I would almost die trying to fight the urge to throw her on the ground and fuck her senseless. I began jerking off to suppress this urge. That worked for a while but I needed more. Then one day things changed…


I was in the library doing research on a paper I was to write when the hottest girl on campus walked past me. I got a whiff of her sex scent and I was ready to pounce on her. I immediately jumper up and headed to my dorm room to jerk off before I did something very illegal. I entered my room and locked the door. I stripped down to nothing and laid down on my bed. I grabbed my manhood which was average sized, about 5” and began to fist it. It felt so good. I needed some kind of lubrication so I went into my roommates’ closet and pulled out his KY gel and applied liberal amounts to my cock and my hand. As I began to pump my cock, pleasuring myself well, the strangest thing happened, my dick began to grow, and grow, and grow. The longer I fisted my dick the more enormous it became. It grew from 5 inches to a massive 14 inches and three and a half inches in diameter. So freaked out was I that I immediately stopped before I could cum and dressed. I was in my car and driving down the highway doing 110mph to get home to mother.


As soon as I got to the house I burst into the living room about to tell my mother that something was wrong with me when she raised her hand in the air to silence me. Something in her eyes told me to put aside what I needed to tell her for the moment and listen to her. She asked me to sit down, which I did and then she told me the story which rocked my world. She told me that she was impregnated by a dog and that I was the product of that pregnancy. I sat absolutely still with my mouth hanging open not knowing what to say. She said that she started fucking dogs when she was a very young girl and had never had the pleasure of a man when she one day found that she was pregnant. Instead of telling anyone, she ran away and had me in secret. When I was born she was relieved to see that I looked like a normal and healthy human and not an animal.


She told me that as I got older she began to notice that I behaved more and more like an animal in some aspects of my life, especially when it came to girls. So she sheltered me and home schooled me to make sure I did nothing to harm anyone. But when college came it was time for me to go away and she simply hoped for the best. She told me that she knew that this day would come and she was prepared for it. Then she came closer to me and told me that before my sexual urges got the best of me and I fucked some girl she needed to test me to see if I would indeed become like a dog while fucking.


She grabbed my cock and began to stroke it thru my pants and I could feel it growing. “Take off your pants” she ordered and I obeyed. This was my mother but pussy was pussy to me and I would gladly fuck her if she let me, I couldn’t help it. She seemed to know what I was thinking and told me it was ok because dogs fucked no matter what. Male dogs would fuck their mothers, sisters and even brothers if need be, it didn’t matter to an animal it was all instinct. When she had me hard she stripped everything she was wearing off and lay on the couch with her legs spread wide. I could smell her arousal and without being able to help it I had my nose pressed into her pussy. The smell of her juices drove me wild.Something had taken over me and I could not control it. I began to lap my tongue in her slit just like a dog. She gasped at first and then began to moan out in wild pleasure. I slipped my tongue into her pussy trying to get every ounce of her fluids from that hole. The more I licked her pussy the longer I felt my tongue get. It had become long like a dogs tongue and I was able to lick her slit from bottom to top with one swipe before slipping my tongue into her hole and extricating all juices from within her. My tongue traveled farther and farther in her pussy until I could feel the cervix. Before I knew what was happening she was moaning like crazy grabbing my head and trying to hold it in place and suddenly I could feel her juices release from her pussy and this excited me even more as I eagerly lapped her pussy and lapped it until she was convulsing. Even when she was no longer in orgasmic heaven I continued to lap up every drop until she was clean. She had to push me away to make me stop.


When I was done I looked down at my cock and it had grown considerably. My normal five inches was now 9 inches and throbbing. My mother noticed this as well. Still shaking she sat up and got on all fours in front of the couch. I had no control over myself as I leaped onto her wrapping my hands around her waist as I found her hole and plunged deep within. She let out a low guttural moan. Instinctively I knew what to do. This was my first time inside of a pussy and I loved it. Her pussy tightened around my dick as I thrust deep hard and fast, faster than I had ever seen any man move before in my life. The more I plunged into her, the bigger I could feel my cock getting. “It’s so big baby… still…growing…” My other was almost screaming as she spit out profanities… “fuck me like the dog you are… Give mommy…  your dog juice… you beast… so big….so big… fuck me you animal…” While inside of my mother my cock had grown to fourteen inches and I could feel it almost entering her womb. My mother was in the throes of ecstasy and I was right there with her.


When my cock finally stopped growing I could feel myself filling with cum. I began to groan as I felt a knot begin to form almost at the base of my dick. WTF!!! It hurt like hell but I couldn’t stop. It also felt more pleasurable than anything I ever felt in my life and I could feel a tingling in my balls as I neared my climax. The closer I got to releasing my seed into my mother the bigger the knot became. I thrust and thrust with only one thing on my mind, releasing the hot liquid that was in my knot.


The more I fucked her the bigger the knot continued to grow. I had to get that knot in her pussy and I wouldn’t stop until I did. The need to get the knot in was driving me crazy and I forced and forced watching her pussy spread as I tried with all of my might to get that knot into her. I gripped her tighter forcing her to keep still and I pounded her pussy fast as lightening and equally as hard, I had to get that knot into her. She screamed as I stretched her pussy beyond its limits when finally the knot went into her pussy. It felt so good and soothing as her warm pussy squeezed my knot massaging it with its hot juices. She began bucking wildly on my dick and I could barely contain myself. I was ready to shoot my doggy sperm into her pussy. The next thing I knew my mother began to yell like a wild untamed beast as she began to cum. Feeling her juices on my cock made me reach an explosive orgasm.


I could feel my balls tighten first as the cum raced from them to the knot now buried deep in her pussy. The knot began to pulsate as the cum forced it’s way out of the knot, through my shaft, into the head of my dick and out into her pussy. I growled like a dog when I began shooting my loads into my mother. The knot acted like a plug keeping every drop of my cum in her pussy. I could feel her pussy expand more as I released load after load after load into her pussy. Her stomach began to swell as I continued to shoot out jet streams of cum into her. “YESSSS baby fill mommy with your cum… feels…  soooooooooooo…  gggoooooodddddddd” she yelled as she reached another more electrifying orgasm. After two minutes I was still filing her up with my human/dog mixed semen. My body began to spasm as the last of my mixture filled her hole. I felt as though I had released a gallon of my seed into her by the time I was done. I relaxed my body and lay on her back a few seconds before trying to pull out. When I did try to pull out of my mothers pussy, to my surprise I could not. I was stuck. Try as I might I could not pull out and my mother and I were locked together. I began to panic as I came to my senses. What the hell had I just done? I had just fucked my mother like a dog!! I was an animal in the literal sense and the mental sense.


Calm down, she said to me. It will come out eventually. Besides there a lot we need to discuss and this is as good a time as any. Neither of us are going anywhere for while. For the next 20 minutes my mother and I were stuck together. All we could do was talk. She said that I had done just what she suspected I would do, I fucked her like a dog and she had fucked enough of them to know what she was talking about. She told me that I would have to be careful when I fucked females because I would scare them with my condition. In the mean time she said that it might be best to fuck female dogs which didn’t sound like a bad idea to me. Pussy was pussy and I lost control when I needed it. She told me that I would be able to smell every female in heat within a mile radius and would instinctively want to follow them and lick their pussy. She informed me that I would never be able to fuck just one woman because I was a dog and I needed it all of the time.


When she stopped talking I had a few minutes to think about everything. I was ok with this, as a matter of fact I was downright ecstatic about it all. I could fuck all I want and if my mother was any indication of how the women would react I was sure to have a very large following of women that I would be able to control as long as my dick was 14 inches long and I could fuck them like a dog. Mom had it all wrong, this was wonderful. Suddenly there was a plop and my dick was free again. I looked at my mothers open cunt and watched in amazement as loads of cum freely flowed from her pussy. Her stomach went back down to normal size with every ounce that flowed out of her. After what seemed like eternity the flow stopped and she stood to go to the shower. I looked down at my dick and watched in amazement as the knot shrank and my dick went back down to its original five inches. When she returned fresh from the shower and looked at me she became aroused again and just as my mother predicted I had a very strong desire to shove my nose into her pussy and lick her until she screamed but I would get to that another place and time… I had some females to fuck and even possibly some males. Yeah...Austin was just getting started.


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