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"Raped" by a dog.

RedLana10 on Animal Stories

I had just got out of the shower. The water still clung to my large beasts and tight body. I am not, and wasn't a virgin, but my body was still real tight. Iwalked out of the bathroom without putting my robe on, what was the point? I lived alone, with my Great Dane, Rusty, and nowhere near the city. I went into the kitchen, Rusty followed me. I noticed him licking humself earlier, and now his dick was unseathed most of the way.

I was in the kitchen making a snack when I dropped a spoon, I got on my hand and kness. The spoon had rolled under the conter, so I was reaching under it to get it. I felt something warm in my pussy, I turned around and Rusty was licking me. I sighed and tried to shoo him away with one hand and tried to get the spoon with the other. Suddenly I fekt a heavy wight on my back, Rusty was on top of me. I tried to get out from under him, but he was to heavy. Suddenly I felt his dick prode my pussy and I struggled but was stuck.

His dick got further into me as I struggled, rubbing my insides and making me cum. I tried to resist, but it felt better than anything else I had ever had done to me, so I got weaker as I had an orgasim. I thought he would dismount d=soon, he had lasted about as long as a human would, but he picked up the speed, pounding faster and faster. I felt something big prode me, but before I could question it , Rusty gave another trust, and the ball pushed into me. He punded harder and faster pulling all the way back then forward, rubbing my insides, giving me orgams after orgasm. I was starting to get sore, but Rusty gave no sign of tiring. Pounding harder and harder, he suddenly stopped , then a warm fluid brust inside of me, pushing and warming my pussy walls. I had already cummed twice, now I cummed a third time. Rusty was begining to dismount, stepping off of me. I fell to the cum covered floor, and moved onto my back, I would need another shower. I stared at my huge dog, his dick was still out. I looked up at the clock and saw that he had fucked me for a good 45 mins.

 I looked back at my dog, he was sniffing e agian. "Oh no," I thought to myself. I tried to get up, but I was still sore form the first time. I fell back down as Rusty walked over top of me. He put his paws on either side of me, I was still to tired and weak to rise. This time he licked my breasts, makng me even weaker with pleasure. His dick came out agian, a good 12 inches including the giant ball, he began to hump. I couldn't push him off, I couldn't even move as his dick hit my insides agian. He pushed his ball into me even faster this time, and began to hump quickly. I was unbearably tired as Rusty contiuned to push. His dick rubbed my already sore pussy, I had nothing left, but he was just starting. He humped and pushed ih me for a long time before he let his warm fluid go in me. He finally seemed tired as he stood there for a moment watching me. He got off of me and fell asleep on the couch. I laid drenched in sweat and covered in dog cum to tired to move.

It was the best expirence of my life. 



Hot little story. Thisstory has the potential of being great, by just adding more details. Weather it is a true story or fiction, just talk about the details a lot more and let us know if you do. Looking forward to more.

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