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(1)Ten years of K9 & marriage.

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This is a tale about our third dog and my desire to watch my wife with him.

Just after we married we had a medium sized dog. He and my wife unknown to me had struck up a relationship I up until then had never thought of. She was letting him lick her cunt. This particular day - I can't recall how it came about now - but I found them doing it. The excitement I felt was stupendous. I wanted her to let me watch her from how she started these moments as I'd caught them nearing the end,but she refused. I kept on and she got her hair off - not in embarrassment - but I suspect it was because she considered it her own private world.

I coaxed her,trying to get her to tell me when she got in the mood for it,but NO she wouldn't. Then I had a break through. Sitting with her one day,she said,get him in then,but don't say anything while I'm doing it. With heart pounding in my chest,I tried to nonchalantly go to the back door and let our mutt in. - He knew,I'm sure as he bounded in and stuck his mussel between her thighs as she slouched low in the lounge seat.

By the time I caught up she'd scolded him for being so robust and told him if he didn't steady up he'd get none. Now looking lovingly into her face he waited for her to say go. She didn't she patted her inner thigh and just said nothing until his nose was deeply between her partly open thighs. It was only after he had nudged her thighs fully apart - "Go! and go steady" In moments as he started licking her her hand came across her panty's saying - "NO! That's too quick,do it more steady" Patch looked longingly at her crotch with his tongue drooling spital - "Now. Started again & do it nicely to me"

My cock was already throbbing; "You,get to where I can't see your staring eyes,they're scarry" - I moved down to where I could watch and finished up on the floor at one of her knees looking up between her thighs. Already a small amount of dog dick was pointedly poking out of his cocks sheath. - "You're getting him hard!" - "Shh. I told you not to speak,I want to make out you're not here" - I was quiet in fear of not being let see her doing it. With cock throbbing I watched as he licked up across her pubes,down over each side of her volva but always outside of her knicker's.

She started reacting now as each time he let his tongue slide straight up the middle groove part over her hidden labia lips he made her lift her hips towards him. With her hand over her cunt now she eased her knickers to one side,removed her hand and patted her pussy lips now revealed - "There! On there now" - In an instant his tongue slid up thro' her cunts slit opening the lips and she jerked violently at the first touch of his tongue on her clitoris. A couple of licks on it and her hand covered it - "Wait! Wait!" - She pushed his nose away as she half lifted and dragged her knicker's down and off.

Laying back,her eyes met mine and then closed as she slapped at her thigh again. - "Now" slap! slap! Back in came Patch's nose and he started on her now naked vagina with a vengeance,up one side of her groove across her hood several times, into her groins then up the other side of the labias and this time her hood peeled back and his tongue got her cleanly on her clitoris. Excitedly she said, - "Grab that towel and put it under me, I'm going to trickle pee to make him go quicker" - Obeying immediately she lifted just enough to let me get the towel under her bum - She looked at me with a smile - "Fuck that's so wonderful. He's going to make me cum in seconds!" - It wasn't seconds as I watched her piss getting lushily lapped up by Patch.

"He's fucking hard" - "SHHH! I told you not to speak - AAH! OOO! AAAAAAAH! OH FUCK! O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O Umph!" It was clear he'd just brought her off. I couldn't control myself anymore and kneeling lifted Patch up until his dick - Not very big mind - touched her vagina opening. She never responded for moments as I tried to push the dogs ass in to get his cock up her. I managed to get just the tip in when she did react. - "Stop it you fucking idiot,he'll give me puppies" She pushed the dog down off her lap and said put him out,that's it,you'll not see it again that's for sure" - Meekly I done as instructed and the dog was really pissed off as well as he yelped and scratched at the back door.

I was hoping that her mind would change but it didn't. Occasionally in the years that followed,she'd relent and let me watch as subsequent dogs lapped at her but she consistently denied she done more than have her cunt licked by them. The third dog - A boxer - was big,had a magnificent cock when hard but still she insisted she only had him lick her. - Too me she was lying because I noticed scratch marks at times on her inner thighs and across her belly. When I risked mentioning this she adamantly denied they were made by the dogs claws. Then it happened. I had a surprise reprieve!

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