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Bandit's knot for me.

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Let me tell you about myself right off. My name is Daisy. (my dad says it’s because I reminded him a flower when I was born) I’m not to hip on it, but, what are ya gonna do? Mid twenties (+-) and out on my own since college. 5’ 7”, 130 pounds, light brown hair, 36C, 26, 36. I’m doing OK in the looks department. Bi, so is my ‘boy’friend, Alex. Lately, though, he seemed to like the dick more than he liked me. There ya have it.

I met my friend, Susan, when I was in college. She always had her own place, while I was in the dorm. Her and I had hooked up on many occasions when the pickin’s weren’t so hot on the local scene. She had the sweetest tasting pussy.

She had always talked about getting a dog as she had had one growing up. I didn’t know poop from dogs and was a little interested as it seemed to be always on her mind. I like animals, but was never able to have one. We would talk, and I would find things out about raising them from pups, how to make them obey commands and what-not. During our senior year, Susan acquired a male Bull Mastiff/Great Dane mix as a pup, Bandit. Since I was around the house quit a bit, Bandit and I got to be pretty good friends. Susan taught me how to control him when we would go for walks, the commands she used, how the leash was a tool, along with gentle words to keep him calm. I was learning a lot with her guidance. As he grew up, I was amazed at his size.

“Teach them young and they will be a companion for their life”, was what she always told me. After a year or so, I asked her why she never had Bandit fixed. “No way!” was her response. “Castrate a dog and they turn into wimps. I don’t want a wimpy dog! I want something with balls I can control.”

After college, we both stayed around the city taking jobs. Susan was moving up a little quicker than me and needed to go out of town every now and again, asking if I could watch Bandit while she was gone. I would say yes, and bring Bandit to my place. I liked having him with me. When I would go to the park, for a walk, I felt ‘safe’. Alex was never happy when I had Bandit. Bandit was none to fond of Alex.

I was at Susan’s one day and she told me she was moving to Idaho. She had applied for a position in the company. Idaho??? She asked if I could keep Bandit for a few months until she found a place big enough to let him roam. The day came and she left Bandit with me, saying goodbyes to him and me. Alex was OK with the idea of me watching him as Bandit seemed to like him.

Getting used to having Bandit around full time, for more than just a few days, took quite a toll on my social life. When I would go out, those I knew would ask me where I had been hiding and soon all knew I was ‘puppy-sitting’ for Susan. I spent more and more time at home and found the company of Bandit was, for the most part, better that that of my ‘friends’.

I was out walking Bandit in the park, one day, and a girl, a few years older than me walking a Black Lab, came up, introduced herself as Jodi, and started asking me about Bandit. The dogs were doing the usual dog thing, sniffing butts, and I told her I was sitting the dog for a friend while she got settled in another town, how I had known the dog since he was a pup…blah, blah, blah.

“He minds so well”, she said. “I have seen you here before with him. I’ll bet you have to keep a tight leash on him when the girl dogs are around. He’s got quite a set on him. A girl would be happy to have a package like that between her legs.” We talked for a few minutes longer, and went our separate ways Jodi saying maybe we could walk our dogs together in the future. Thinking about what she had said got me a little curious about Bandit’s privates. I had watched him pee and all that, but never thought about dogs having sex. It was one area that Susan had never told me about. Oh…I knew how they did it, but never saw the real thing. Walking back to the house I let Bandit roam in front of when I could and really started to look at his sack.

It WAS huge, I just had never noticed. It hung down 5-6 inches and held two huge balls. When he would turn side-ways to snoop around at something, I could see the sheath that held his dog cock. It seemed the length of my forearm. Well, why not, I thought, big dog made to mate with a big dog equates a big cock. (unlike big guys, by the way) I decided when we got home I was going to check him out and see what was what. My mind was having a tough time with this. I was actually thinking of Bandit in kind of a sexual way.

Home at last. Unleashing Bandit, he went to his favorite spot in the middle of the living room, plopped down on the floor and started to snooze. Dogs can fall asleep at the drop of hat, a quality I found perplexing. Must be the ‘no stress in my life’ thing. Eat, walk, poop. How tough is that! After having a little supper, I went to Bandit, sat next to him and started to pet him. I got him to roll onto his back, rubbing his belly, getting closer to his sheath. As I ran my hand over it he tensed just a bit, but I was talking to him, keeping him calm. It might have been my imagination, but I swear I heard him give a little doggie sigh. Moving my hand back further I took one of his balls in my hand. It filled my palm. I gently squeezed each one, then back up to stroke his sheath. Bandits cock started to emerge from inside, it’s pointed tip a pinkish-red.

His cock continued to grow, blood pumping into it, head rolled to one side, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Even his tongue was big. One hand stroking his sheath, the other softly massaging his balls more cock emerged, big around as my wrist. 7-8-9 inches, fluid starting to run from the end. I realized my pussy was getting wet looking at, playing with this huge thing. It HAD to stop growing at some point, I thought. I moved my hand away from his balls and caught some fluid in my hand, rubbing it along Bandit’s penis, getting it slicker than it already was, my other moving up to join as that was the only way to encompass the whole thing, noticing it was hotter than my hands, keeping his dog dick wet with his pre-come. I stroked until a his full 11-12 inch, bright red cock was outside his sheath.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing!!! I was jacking-off a dog, but I wasn’t able to stop. My pussy was soaking my panties, Bandit’s fluid running from the tip of his huge cock. His haunches jerking with each of my strokes. I leaned down, taking the tip into my mouth, tasting his pre-come. It was salty, but not to. My mind screamed at me, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! YOU’RE SUCKING A DOG!!! STOP!!!’ I couldn’t. Taking 3 or 4 inches into my mouth, stroking the rest with my hands, his fluid filling my mouth, me swallowing it down. I looked past my hands and saw a ball forming at the base of his penis. As I pumped Bandits 12 inches, the ball grew bigger, bigger, until it was the size of a big baseball. ‘What the hell was this all about”, I thought.

I took my mouth away from Bandits cock, swallowing (finally, my mind said) still tasting his fluid on my lips, looking closer at this ball. Still stroking with one hand the other moving around his knot. (found out later it was called that) This must be here to keep him from going to deep into his mate. (WOW, was I naïve) I stopped what I was doing, my mind getting a bit of control, stood and left poor Bandit in a state of full excitement. He growled at me as I walked away, I thought ’That has never happened‘. Wet, excited, my pussy flowing, I went to the bedroom and masturbated into an intense orgasm, thinking all time about Bandit’s huge cock. I had NEVER had a guys meat that big in my hands.

Bandit and I spent the next couple weeks out walking in the park. We met Jodi a couple of times and she told me of an off-leash “rover run”. We went there and let the dogs go. It was good for both of them to get to stretch their legs. We got to know each other better and I even spent a night with her, but that’s another story. She would hint around at how big Bandit was , but never really came out and said anything.

Alex had not been around to much lately and I was really starting to get horny, feeling the need to need to get dicked hard. I came home from work one afternoon, got into my robe and popped a rental porn movie in the player (yes, guys, we watch them, also) intent on playing with myself, coming and then heading off to bed. The movie progressed predictably and I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I wanted, but I WAS hot, my pussy wet from my hand. I started to think of Bandit’s big dog meat, it had never been far from my mind since the day I had it in my mouth, pumping a full 12 inch cock, his juice filling my cheeks, swallowing it and that REALLY started my juices flowing. His cock was SO big! As if he could sense what was on my mind, Bandit stood up and walked to me. His snout sniffed once at my pussy and his long tongue snaked out, licking across my soaked fingers, getting a taste of me. That was all it took. His nose pushed my hand away, his long rough tongue replacing it, licking my cunt, running across my clit, each time bringing me closer, diving deep into me to get all of the juice flowing from it. I held his head to me, Bandit licking into me. I looked down and saw his cock growing from his sheath. It FELT SO GOOD! His tongue inside, his nose pressed against my cit, I jerked once, twice, thrice and came, moaning in the release of my body…he didn’t stop, taking me over the edge again. I had never been eaten this deeply. His cock was at full attention. I could see it swinging beneath him. I wanted that huge thing inside me. I pushed his head away from my crotch, grabbed his collar and led him to my bedroom, knowing that he would need the height of the bed to get behind me. I got on the edge if the bed, my ass up, robe up over my hips and called Bandit to me.

He was jumping around a bit, not quite sure what to do. I guess Susan had not taught him this maneuver. I got his front legs up on the bed, his big dick swaying underneath, spraying pre-come at me, my mind reeling, knowing I was going to take this thing inside me. I was going to let a dog fuck me. I was presenting myself to him, wanting his big cock in me. I got back on my knees under him, his haunches searching, his dick hitting everything but where I wanted it. I reached back grabbed that big piece of dog cock and guided it to me. Bandit’s cock tip entered me, the cream from my cunt running down the insides of my legs. I had never been this wet, this wanton. Bandit figured out what was up. His bitch wanted to be mated, and moved forward, DRIVING his cock into me. My head pulled back in pain at the intrusion, his cock reaching a depth inside me I had never felt. Bandit never pulled back, his hips pushing against my ass, the tip of his cock at the entrance of my cervix.

The pain/pleasure of his huge cock stretched my pussy wide, hitting at my womb, the pain was unbearable, the pleasure of being so full, unbelievable, there was no stopping him. I was swooning in the pleasure, his dick pounding me relentlessly. He now knew what he wanted and was not to be denied. I was coming, moaning, screaming, begging him to fuck me harder, HARDER!. He was fucking me as no man could, his 12 inch cock pushing into me, his balls hitting against my clit and lower abs with each push. I was thrusting my ass back onto him, the pain still there, the indescribably great feeling of whole body sex, just a pure, raw, dog fucking, wanting more of that huge cock, not realizing I was about to get more than I bargained for. Bandit moved a little closer into me.

I felt his knot banging against the lips of my cunt, pushing them further apart. I was thinking this was all the further he could go. Again, how naïve of me. I realized he was trying to it get inside. I wanted all of him. He was pushing harder into my full pussy, the tip just inside my cervix, my lips spreading wider, opening wider, wanting that big ball in my cunt. GIVE IT TO ME!!! His knot pushed into my cock ravaged twat, my pussy closed around it, sucking it in, pushing back harder onto it, wanting all he could give me, screaming in both pain and ecstasy. I was his bitch, writhing in orgasm. He was locked with his mate, his big, hard meat inside my womb. FUCKING ME!!! COOOOMING!!! That wonderful, painfully HUGE knot rubbing my G-spot bringing me to orgasm again and again. Bandit fucking into me harder, never pulling away, buried inside me, pounding into my burning hole, his mouth around the back of my neck, biting me, my cunt full of huge dog cock thrusting back onto him, COOOMING!! COOOOOMING!!!FUUCK ME, OHHHH YEEESSSS FUUUUUCK MEEEE HAAAARDER!! Pure, raw, dog sex! I was pushing onto him, my cream running out of me, down my legs, soaking the bedspread. COOOMING!! My whole body shaking with the FUCKING I was receiving. My mind reeled! My orgasms rolled! No love, just hard fucking. FUUUCKING!! This is what I had wanted!

It seemed forever. Fucking me. Fucking my stretched pussy. His cock swelled inside me, his release immanent. I could feel his big, hard pole grow inside me. BIGGER. FUCK ME!!! COME IN ME!!! PULSING INSIDE ME!!! Bandit pushed hard into me. held me against his hips, releasing his hot seed into me, filling me again and again, his sperm unable to escape because of our tie, his HUGE knot, a stopper at the entrance of my clenching cunt, pumping, streaming hard into my womb, a seemingly endless amount of hot dog come filling me, filling me again and again, Bandit’s cock, a fire hose, spraying, COOMING, my lower ab stretching to accommodate the continuous flow. I was shaking in orgasm, pushing back onto that wondrous cock, my cunt milking more come from my mates HUGE dick, my neck in Bandit’s teeth, his spittle running in between my beasts, down my stomach to met the cream in between my shaking legs. Still pushing my ass back into him, never having been SOOO FUUULL, so full!

Minutes passed, Bandit’s streaming come, stopping. I was shaking almost uncontrollably. His instinct took over. He turned around, his ass, unmoving, placed against mine, his bid dog cock still buried inside me. I tried to pull away and couldn’t, Bandit’s knot still locked inside me, my pussy unable to let go of that hard piece of meat, little orgasms running through me. 15 long minutes passed, his knot getting smaller, until finally, with an audible pop, his shrinking knot left my cunt his cock pulled out of me leaving my pussy gaping open, clenching uncontrollably. His hot dog come GUSHED from me, running down my legs to joining the pool of fluid on the spread. I collapsed on the bed, reveling in the complete fucking I had just had. Bandit laying on the floor, licking his receding cock clean of out combined juices. No stress. Eat, walk, poop and now FUCK his wanton bitch.

I had just fucked a dog, willingly. As I lay thinking about what had just transpired, I knew that Alex was going to have fun with us. He had always wanted a bigger cock in his ass and I was going to introduce him to one. I thought, though, Jodi and I were going to have more fun.

Daisy (knotter)


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