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My Sister's New Lover...My Dog.

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                                       My Sister's New Lover 

Fall was a welcome relief from the dog days of August and it signaled that it was time to take a break from work. I was loading my camper on to my pickup truck the day before leaving to go camping with the ides of hunting for a few days in Vermont.  My younger sister DD came over to me and asked where I was going. When I told her, she asked if I would like her to go along with me by first showing me a seductive smile and then pouting her lips. I really hadn’t been giving any thought to DD coming along with me. I thought that she would think of camping as a boring weekend.


We had been secretly bedding each other for almost a year at this point in our lives. We always seem to be hot for one another when ever we would be alone. During the spring and early summer months, we usually stayed home on the weekends when the family would go to our beach house at the sea shore. As summer progressed, we stayed home with excuses for Friday night and then we would arrive at the beach house in the late morning on Saturday. Not staying at the beach on summer weekends would be a very unusual event for my sister who was a sun fanatic and always had to get and maintain a good body tan. During the winter months, the beach house was usually empty and we could spend a day and night at the sea shore with no one around to interrupt our bedroom romps. When DD’s school room mate would go home for weekends, I would stay at DD’s place in the city and we just never seemed to be able to get out of bed. Our very flexible schedules to meet secretly at a different location was a good cover for our torrid fuck sessions since it never looked like we together all the time on every weekend.


Our illicit relationship initially began as a purely occasional bedroom encounter. Within a short time period, we both began to experience a deep emotional coupling that intensified far beyond our initial feelings and at the time was very unsettling for me. Our upbringing and of course community standards said that this was a bizarre and detestable relationship.


I thought about my feelings for my sister from both a sexual and emotional viewpoint when compared to my previous and currant girlfriends at the time. It was readily apparent to me that she had become a significant lover and I was emotionally attracted to her far beyond a purely sexual relationship. Her attraction for me was initially sexual and a convenience to solve a conflict in her sexual needs and her strict moral code of no sex before marriage. Our relationship was a bizarre solution to all the conflicts but blossomed into a strong sexual and exciting illicit bond between us.   


 I was at times very disturbed at what were doing, but at other times so excited that my stomach and chest was filled with unnerving feelings that surged and dwelled through out my body. I quickly came to love and yearned to continue what we were doing. DD had confided to me that she had the same conflicts at times but we remained committed to our relationship. We knew that we were very much in love even though we were siblings but it was extremely difficult to handle at times from an emotional viewpoint.  We shouldn’t be in love… we were brother and sister…. it just should not have happened.


My other sexual exploits with partners were purely sexual in nature. They were beautiful, exciting, hot, and very satisfying but something was different …something was missing …from what my sister and I felt when were together … even just holding hands or cuddling in each other arms without any sexual contact was exhilarating. As far as I could tell DD’s commitment to be faithful to just me was true also.


DD had become an accomplished lover and we now had a strong sexual relationship but with a deep attraction for one another. The illicit brother-sister relationship and the implication of being exposed seemed to heighten our climaxes above any other sexual contacts.  We hoped that our special sexual relationship was not the entire reason for us wanting to be with one another. That wish alone was so bizarre to our upbringing… the idea of being in love as brother and sister was almost incomprehensible. 


DD’s idea was to come camping with me and go to enjoy the fall colors while also being the camp cook for me. I could hunt during the day and she would keep herself busy taking care of the camp. Sounded like a good cover for our nighttime fun!


Our mother did not seem to display any concern that we would be alone in the camper. It was just like being alone in the house while everyone was at the sea shore.  Any idea of any sexual relationship was so bizarre and foreign to our family understanding of life that there was never a hint that anything could be out of the ordinary…. just a brother and a sister going camping for a couple of days. Since we never projected any hint of any ‘affection’ for one another …always a sibling brother-sister family animosity…. no one would ever think we would be doing anything out of the ordinary while we were camping.


We set out the next day with my dog in back of the camper. After a few hours of traveling we arrived at my hunting spot and began to set up camp. The dog was set free to run about and just get out of the way for a little while. The extra gear for the camp site was removed from the camper so we could move about with a little bit of room in the camper. DD looked over the camper interior.


“Where are we going to sleep?”


It was spoken with a mild sarcastic overtone. I told her that I was going to sleep in the over cab bed which was the bigger of the two beds in the camper.

“Oooh ….where then will I be sleeping, in the smaller bed in the back of the camper?”


I knew she was just trying to be funny. I put my arms around her…. cupped both of her firm butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her into me while rubbing my crotch against her pussy area.


 “You can put your special pillow and your teddy bear you brought from your bed at home and put it up in the big overhead bed also.”


 DD just smiled…..pouted her lips…. tilted her face and coyly asked me …….. .


“ Hmmmmmmm …Will you keep me warm all night while I’m sleeping?”


DD was already beginning to get sexually aroused and we had just arrived. I sure did enjoy her sexuality that always came out when we were alone. Our relationship had really blossomed over the year and it was truly a surprise to me that it did with so much intensity. I rubbed her butt with my hands saying…


 “Keep you warm… yes. Let you sleep… hmmmm probably not!”

“Oooohh … Damn you Bobby, I love being all alone here with you and what you do to me….. do you hear me?”


I pulled her in close knowing how sincere she was in her declaration of affection. When I murmured softly in her ear “Yes… I know how you feel.”  DD just snuggled in under my chin and rested her face on my chest and gently swayed us both without any further words spoken. I was caught up in my thoughts of our special relationship and I’m sure she was reflecting in what we had just touched on in our quietly spoken words. 


DD knew very well that she was going to sleep in the king sized bed because that’s where I would be. She had been fidgeting about all the time we were driving to the camp site. I knew what she had been thinking and what she had planned for this camping trip. It was not going out into the woods with me and the dog .…… at least not to hunt.


DD had joined me in a hunt one time before but she had devious plans in store for me at that time and we somehow got distracted in a cool grove of trees. At that time she seduced me into stopping my hunt and had me mount her from behind while she was on her hands and knees under the canopy of trees. From that day to this camping expedition, I knew enough to make sure DD did not tag along into the woods …… that is, if I was in a serious mood to hunt with my dogs and not too play and have fun.


 Even before we finished our little evening meal DD was obviously getting horny in anticipation of us sleeping together in the camper.  I also had good feelings about this camp out since she had mentioned her wish to come camping with me back at the house.  My mind wandered to DD and I getting together in the bed. But there were things to get done around the camp area. I went to cut some wood for a camp fire and scratch out a fire pit.


When I came back into the camper, DD had changed into her sweat pants and top. She had already been preparing a salad to compliment our meal. I tried to pass behind her when she pushed her ass back against me and pinned me to the cabinet. She felt my semi-hard cock pressing back.


 “Ooooooh, are you ready?”


“Are you asking me if I’m ready to eat supper now?”


 “You know what I mean. You’ve been coy with me for a few hours now. I was thinking we could fool around a little before you tucked me in for the night.”


With that, I said “There’s no one around her for miles. Let’s go out side and fool around in the grass before the cool of the evening sets in.”


DD thought that was a dumb idea. I had to admit after thinking about it for a second that her idea of being warm and cozy in bed was a much better idea. I just smiled as she pulled me in close. I slid my hands under her sweat shirt and found as I expected … no bra on her petite tits and puffy nipples. DD shuddered at me feeling her tits. I felt the gentle shapes … I felt the stiffness of her nipple signaling she liked my caressing of her tits or may be the coolness of my hands… but what ever it was, she aroused my feelings. 


 “Your hands are cold…. You need to warm them if you plan on fooling around right now!”


I felt her hands sliding over my hips and then gently feeling my now very stiff cock tucked in my jeans. I took her hands in mine and they were cool to the touch from handling the salad greens.  Unbuckling my jeans, I took her hands and slid them down into my crotch area saying …


 “We can warm our hands down here. You need to warm your hands too …. you good looking woman.”


DD cupped my balls in her hand while making a little joke asking if there was anything in them that I had planned on giving her after we ate. Then she held my cock and moved it around allowing it to point straight up along my stomach while she felt all its hardness.


  “Ooooh ……. you are being a bad brother. You’ve been teasing me all along and just walking around with a hard on.”


DD was now squeezing and gently pulling on my very stiff cock while rubbing the head and smearing a drop of precum over the head with her thumb. She completed the unbuckling of my jeans, pushed down the front of my jeans along with my shorts and pulled my cock out. She coyly examined it with her head tilted to the side for a good view.


 “Gawd, if you only knew how often I think of what we’ve done together in your bed. You know you could have mentioned that you were horny and I could have done something about it before we started cooking. Now you’ll have to wait for a little loving. If you are a good boy, I’ll let you give me a quickie for dessert after we eat.”


 DD then smiled and then sternly spoke.


 “It’s time to eat now…. The anticipation will make it more worth while!”


 She then stuffed my cock back down into my pants with a matter of fact push.


 “Pull up your pants before it catches cold.”  Ohhh, I can see we were going to have a contest to see who will be in control tonight.”


I was far too horny now after this little bit of teasing and sexual display. I thought to my self “The hell with eating first!” Pulling DD in close to me I whispered in her ear …


“You don’t need your sweats on to cook! It’ll get to hot in the camper when you cook. Cook for me without them on!”


DD loved to display for me and she was already starting to remove her sweats before I finished with my request. Now she was totally naked as she walked to camper door to make sure it was locked. I did have to promise to just look and don’t touch. She was excited to see me promise and squirm with wanting to touch. And I did want to touch!


She was a pleasure to watch… a true believer in being a cock tease……. an accomplished one at that. She shifted her weight from one foot to another as she started to cook shaking her butt as she watched me over her shoulder and smiling. She would turn slightly side wards to me and let me see her tits in profile and then lick a finger and rub it over her nipple. Both of her nipples were now hard and stiff from her special attention…. She was excited as I was but she was keeping her self under control. I started to get up to go to her when she pointed her fork at me with a…..


“You promised to be good… just stay right there at the table.”


DD was in all her glory just strutting, wriggling her ass and sending tingly feelings here and there in my body. Then she “accidentally” dropped a fork and bent over and looked at me between her slightly splayed legs as I was sitting at the table. Giggling, she spoke to me while looking between her legs…….


“You probably need to go out and start the camp fire Bobby,….. before you get over heated.”


DD stood and came to me and kissed me. Looking up at me she told me to…..


“Git. You know you’ll be getting all you see and more after we eat. Go start the fire out side now.”


Playing time was over and DD went back to cooking on the camper stove as I left to get the fire going in the fire pit. I turned at the door … she knew I was going to get a last look. She had turned and was facing me with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide to display all she had to offer me.  DD was back to being a comedian…..


“More than any man can handle.”


We ate out side with the dog becoming an annoyance to DD. For some reason my biggest black Lab continued to try and muzzle DD’s crotch besides trying to grab a little bit of our evening meal off of the table. We ate with the coolness of the evening and darkness closing in. DD had made herself a couple of drinks which was a bit out of character for her. She was not a girl to hold her booze too well.


As we had promised each other, we stripped down quickly after we tidied up the camp site and climbed into the bed savoring all its warmth. DD was jovial and playful, seeming not really interested in any sexual activity right away. Finally she settled down quietly saying that she wanted me to give her a quickie. The couple of drinks she had made for herself were beginning to have more than a casual effect.


DD confided that she gets so hot and excited when she climaxes that she never seems to remember how I feel during my climax when we cum together. It sounded like a lot of babble but it was not time to get into a harangue over this subject.  She also wanted to have me screw her from the rear as we lay side by side just like the first time we made love in my bed.


I pulled her leg up and she put it over my legs spreading her legs open allowing me access to her now slightly opened camel toe pussy and what I knew to be a delectable stiff pink clit. I at first placed my fingers at the entrance of her love tunnel and slowly slid two fingers into and out of DD’s pussy. DD’s body pressing back to my fingers intrusion coupled with her sighing…


 “Oooooooh Bobby… do some more to me. Try another finger.” That comment stiffened my cock and encouraged me to slide three fingers into her pussy.


After finger fucking her for a few seconds she asked if I could use another finger. With some difficulty, four of my fingers were inserted into DD’s pussy. Wiggling my fingers and attempting to touch her “G” spot brought on forceful body flexes of DD’s hips. The mental image that my fingers conveyed to me as I felt how wet DD was and her level of excitement to my finger fucking delighted me knowing she was loving my efforts to please her. I wanted her to join in and feel what I was experiencing in my touching of her during our coupling action.


Whispering in an almost inaudible voice I asked her …. “Give me your hand.”


DD now felt my hand and how deep I had pushed my four fingers into her pussy. DD’s voice inflection indicated she was delighted with what we had accomplished while her fingers felt how much was within her. Now excitedly feeling my hand she whispered..


“I didn’t think I was that big down there Bobby!”


Then after a few seconds of reflection and a quiet laughter ….


 “I was so small and tight down there before…. Now look what you had done to me this past year. Please touch me on my special spot now.”


With my fingers now wet and lubricated, I slid up to her clit and gently caressed her clit and surrounding area from top to bottom. I passed over her entrance tunnel quickly sliding my finger in and then withdrawing it …… moving down to her tight brown ring and then all the way back to her clit.  My first contact with touching her clit caused DD to shudder but her body motion quickly went to involuntary squirming and them pumping. She reached down and cupped my hand guiding…. now pressing …. now helping me caress her clit area as she uttered a loud cry of passion followed by long whimpers of delight.


DD touched my hand and I guided her fingers to my cock. We let my hardness slide past our fingers feeling my wet cock slide into her pussy until my balls now touched the lips of her love box. She took some of her seeping love juice from my cock and the lips of her pussy and rubbed the wetness over my balls. DD quickly sensed what I was trying to convey to her in these few seconds of intimacy.  Her body began to gently quiver….her breathing quickened… she was on her way to getting hot. I had felt these body movements may times before and I knew where she was about to go.  After a few strokes,  I asked DD to help spread her pussy lips with her fingers to allow my total access to all her tender pink loveliness.


DD cuddled her bubble ass up to me. She then reached between her legs and began to caress my cock and rub it against her pussy. When I went to help, she told me it was her job tonight to get me ready. DD was sure acting different if not just strange…  She had too much to drink ….. too quick …. I thought. Soon I was hard again and she pressed back against me. She took hold of my cock and proceeded to work the head of my cock in between the moist puffy lips of her pussy. At first, the tension in her body made the entrance to her pussy very tight. I pushed firmly against her and DD reacted instinctively by restricting my intrusion. She cooed “Easy…  easy.”


With a comment from her to let her relax a few seconds, the head of my cock slowly began to slide into her pussy. DD inhaled deeply and the muscles of her pussy grabbed the first few inches of my cock tightly. After another second or so, she did a few little wiggles of her hips as she pushed back against me and buried me to my balls, my cock nestled deep in her pussy. Now she relaxed and caressed one cheek of my ass with her hand. My cock was now able to slide smoothly back and forth in a nice warm and wet love box. I hugged her close and we shifted our bodies just a little as we began moving in unison with very short strokes. I could feel the tip of my cock just touch her cervix with almost every gentle stroke. DD began to make soft purring sounds deep in her throat. She knew what that did to my emotions.


“Go easy. Be careful…..Don’t push too hard…… You know that you could hurt me.”


I slowly withdrew my cock until I felt my cock head just slip from between the protective lips of her pussy. Then I slowly increased my pressure to re-enter her as I felt her muscles tightening to my intended intrusion. Her pussy muscles slowly relaxed letting me in again and I slid in very slowly, inch by inch. After a few of these teasing strokes, DD uttered an annoying murmur along with a hip wiggle indicating her discontent.


 “Stop teasing me! Put your thingy in me and don’t take it out.”


The passion of the moment quickly over took us and we were thrusting against each other. I cupped one of her tits and kissed the back of her neck and shoulder, mimicking our first night we were together.


I quickly got caught up in the memory of our first night together and began to loose control. I whispered that I was going to cum quickly and I couldn’t hold out much longer. DD wanted to feel me cum deep inside her and not to wait for her. She now began to urge me with …..


 “Come on honey you know what I want. Come on … give me a present deep inside me. Come on ….come on…please I want to feel you cum now.” 


DD knew that calling me, her brother, her honey and asking me to give her a special present were the words that would prompt me to cross the threshold of being in control of my feelings and emotions. I began my uncontrollable no stop thrusting while I uttered ….


 “I can’t stop …I can’t stop!” DD knew she had me …she was in command now.


I heard DD giggling as she squirmed and rolled her hips caressing my cock with different positions as I gave her a now serious fucking. I was also placing heavy pressure on her clit area and she placed significant pressure on my hand while whispering for me to do it…


 “Harder…. Yes.. yes.. yes …harder… ooooh … yes … yes ..please.. please..please.”


I took hold of her now protruding clit between my fingers and gently rolled the stiff nub applying a little pressure. DD loudly screamed out another cry of passion while her body involuntary experienced a series of spasms, her legs shuddering, flexing uncontrollably, now contracting, now impulsively straitening out. I held her as tight as possible as I was trying to prevent her from moving away from my caressing and thrusting.


She suddenly began moving while whimpering and attempting to turn over on to her belly while spreading her legs wide. I never lost a stroke while we rolled over. I was now pounding her pussy with powerful downward thrusts. I could feel the cheeks of her ass ripple and splay outward with each downward thrust while the slaps of our body contact became increasing louder at each thrust. She growled seductively like a cat in heat and lifted her ass slightly at each of my downward thrusts. Now her hands were grasping the bed covers tightly in her clenched fists as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy.


“Do it to me slowly now honey …. Do it to me slowly. Yes, yes, … push it in as deep as you can.”


As I approached bottoming out, I tried to feel her cervix with the tip of my cock. At each touch, DD shivered with the excitement of knowing where I was as she instinctively flinched and inhaled deeply just in case I hurt her with a deep push. I had never hurt her in our love making and I always whispered that to her….


 “I’ll never hurt you honey …. Shhhh every thing is alright.”


 It was a reinforcement to quell her anxieties. I believe she was anxious because of a previous sexual experience with someone at school that was obviously not the best of her very few previous sexual experiences in her life time. 


 I held my cock deep in her for a second or so before withdrawing it almost all the way out of her pussy and sliding it in full depth again and again …… each time touching her cervix and feeling her recoil to the touch followed by a moan of pleasure.


DD had been on the pill for years to control her periods. We had whispered previously in a moment of deep passion of what would happen if I filled her pussy with my cream just as my cock was caressing her cervix and she was not on the pill. She told me she had got excited with thinking about me getting her pregnant and having our baby. That was a statement that made me very nervous!  


DD continued with her seductive begging, knowing what she was doing to me.


 “Come on big brother … come on lover….. You know what your baby sister wants from you! Give some to me now.”


Never in all our previous bedroom romps did DD ever refer to herself as my baby sister. I found it to be erotic and exciting to think that my sister was my secret lover and it caused a rush of turbulent sensations through my body. What a rush of sensations…. what a rush!  I felt the beginning of a surge deep inside me as I whispered


 “I’ve got a present for you baby sister.”


Repeating those few words back to DD seem to reverberate within DD as she tried to turn her face to see me and reach back with her two hands to feel the cheeks of my ass. She was attempting to hold my ass tightly against her, keeping my cock buried deeply in her pussy. Her awkward position of being on her belly and reaching back with her hands did little to keep me pinned against her ass. The effort and her desire however did send a message back to me as to her feelings for how much she desired me fucking her.


 DD’s hips were quivering beneath me and it was obvious that she was doing everything to make this a great fuck and make this a memorable hunting trip. I leaned forward and whispered near her ear


 “I going to cum.” As I then gently bit her shoulder.


 DD head arched backward at the gentle bite, her hips were lifted slightly off the bed as she urged me …


 “Now honey … do it now… ooooohhh please. I think I’m going to cum with you.”  She was quiet for a few seconds before calling out to me “Oooooh baby here I cum…. Ooohhh gawd do you make me feel so good!”


She lifted her hips as she came off burying her face into her pillow and whimpering delightfully with the ecstasy of her orgasm. Hearing and feeling DD climax was always too much for me to stay in control.


Suddenly, there seemed to be a great quantity of my love juice surging and spewing deep inside DD’s pussy. There were three or four forceful ejaculations. DD moaned to my cuming while telling me she felt each squirt and saying that she could feel it get warm as I was cuming. DD mentioned that she had never felt such a strong warm sensation of me cuming in her before that time. The cheeks of my face and the top of my head tingled with my climax. Then the feeling surged down the back of my legs and cramped one of my toes as I softly sighed in the blissful rapture of the moment.


I pulled her in close to me and slumped against her back while I came down from my post ejaculation high. We rolled back to our side to side position as my rapid breathing slowly came back to normal with my cock still buried in her pussy. My cock soon softened however and DD’s tight pussy ejected me while she was telling me about all the little moans, groans and little words of love I murmured as I climaxed. She was delighted with what she had accomplished and heard me utter in my moment of ecstasy. DD asked if she made me feel good…. she knew the answer … she just needed to be told each time we screwed that she was a good piece of ass.


 In fact she loved to be told that she was a good piece of ass any time we were alone for a minute. I knew it and would try to catch her helping out in preparing the evening meal at home for the family or washing her hair in the kitchen sink with no one around. I would grab her around her waist and rub my cock against her ass asking her “Are you busy?” She would just stop and push her bubble ass back against me waiting …… always knowing what I would say that was a delight for her to hear…..


 “Did I ever tell you that you are a scrumptious piece of ass?”


Her answer was always the same as she smiled and gyrated her hips against my cock …


“Yes .. but you can always tell me again.”


We were now just cuddling enjoying our moment of solitude with no worries of being interrupted so far from home. I sensed however that while she had climaxed, she was not done fucking. She was soon going to want to continue on with our fuck festival. However, when I questioned her as to her condition she said she was very content, feeling and listening to me cuming and knowing she had satisfied me. She said that we could have some more fun later on during the night and I could make her feel good again. DD chuckled when she mentioned that the camper had done some serious rocking while I was pounding her ass.


We rested and cuddled for a short time. DD said she had to pee and slid out of bed and set out for the bathroom in the semi-darkness of the camper. I was startled to hear…

“Stop that Tar. Get away.” followed by giggles and bits of laughter.


I switched on the over head camper light in time to see my dog with his muzzle buried in DD’s crotch. DD was calling to me to have the dog stop ….“He’s trying to lick all our cum that was on my legs and is now trying to lick my pussy. …….Stop it Tar”


I slid out of bed and saved DD from the aggressive muzzling she was getting. DD went to pee. She was laughing in the bathroom and when she came out with her giggling continuing. “Tar …. You are almost as good as your master.”


The dog tried to restart his affectionate advances when DD came out of the bathroom. I restrained him until DD climbed up and into the overhead bed where she would be safe from Tar. I had to stare at the image of looking at DD’s ass and her shaved puffy pussy protruding between the cheeks of her ass as she crawled in front of my face and into the over head bed. I quickly grasped DD’s ass before she get out of reach and pressed my face between her thighs and at first kissed her puffy and protruding lips. DD stopped her moving further on to the bed as I slipped my tongue into the split of her pussy and licked feverishly for a few seconds.  DD wiggled her hips and ass …


“I think we are going to have a fun weekend Bobby. What do you think?”


DD climbed up into the bed while asking me to come to bed and hold her close to me.

I climbed up with DD and re-snuggled up to DD’s ass. I asked her if Tar was any good. I got an elbow in the ribs for my question and then silence. A minute later DD said


“Tar seemed to really know what to do….he felt good.”


When I said jokingly “Maybe we will let him try again.” I got another elbow in my ribs for my comment.


We drifted off to sleep, never to awaken during the night for another fuck festival.




The morning after. Day 2


The morning broke cool and raining very hard…. too hard to hunt forest grouse. I dressed in my foul weather gear and walked Tar down to the lake and watched the ducks and geese swimming around on the lake. Tar busied himself by jumping into the lake an swimming aimlessly out and around in the lake for a while.


DD found me by mid morning by the lake and said that she awoke with a head ache and the sniffles. She had taken a cold pill.  


We walked over to an old one room cabin with a dry covered porch. There was a tarp covered couch on the porch that was clean and dry under the tarp. We removed our rain gear and sat snuggling while just watching the ducks and listening to the heavy rain on the metal roof. Soon DD dozed off and was asleep, most likely the effects of the cold pill. The day wore on and DD did not awaken until almost noon. The rain had stopped and we walked back to the camper. DD was still groggy from the medicine. I turned on the furnace in the camper and tucked her into her sleeping bag.    


The dog and I left to hunt shortly thereafter leaving DD to sleep. When I returned with two grouse in the late afternoon, DD was just relaxing and puttering around outside the camper feeling much like her old self. DD started the conversation with ………….


 “Loni said that her dog licked her crotch one night when she got smashed with her husband at a party. She said that she liked it and thought about letting her dog do it to her while her husband slept. But she chicken out”


I thought to my self; “Who the hell is Loni and how did this subject get started?”


I let it ride without comment. Then I remembered the previous night’s activity with Tar. That’s when I looked closely at DD… she was half way to being smashed again … a few too many drinks again.


I asked “Have you been partying while I’ve been out in the woods?”


DD just smiled and said “I was just thinking about you and last night. I’m so glad you let me come camping with you. For some reason I’m just horny for you all the time out here in the woods.”


DD got up and went into the camper as I put the birds aside and slipped out of my hunting clothes. I looked around for Tar…. the dog was not with me. I called out to DD who said Tar was in the camper with her. It was about five or more minutes before I walked quietly up the camper steps and opened the door.


DD was half sitting; half lying on the couch, half naked, her legs spread wide, head back with eyes tightly shut while she was obviously caressing her tits and nipples under her sweat shirt. Tar’s nose was buried in her very wet pussy. Every second or so her whole body would jerk in a few uncontrollable movements as she took long deep breaths followed by a long sigh. DD appeared to thoroughly enjoying Tar’s flicking tongue.


The squeaking of the camper door as it opened fully startled DD and she quickly sat up; her hand at first pushing Tar away and then covering her wet pussy. She was more than very embarrassed at being caught. I had a difficult time understanding how she thought she would get away with her act with me just outside the camper. I never said a word…. I just smiled and sat down next to DD. Not being upset and just smiling seemed to have a somewhat settling effect on DD’s composure and embarrassment …. but she still was very apprehensive … never looking at me … staring down at the floor. I lifted her face by her chin and kissed her gently as she quickly wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back hard….but she never could look me in the face. The act of me initiating the kiss seemed to release some of the tension in her in being caught with Tar.


Tar came back for more of her honey that was leaking from her luscious tasting pussy. I pushed him away with my foot as my finger made its way along the crease between the lips of DD’s pussy. DD whispered how wonderful it felt as I played with her pussy sliding my fingers up and around her little pink nub and then down to the still closed entrance to her tunnel of love. I slid my fingers up and down feeling DD getting wetter with each gentle stoke. DD began to slowly arch her hips and grab the cheeks of her ass helping to support her hips off the couch. I was excited by DD’s level of ecstasy. Her body movements and emotional moans after so few minutes indicated that she was already about to climax. I had not contributed very much effort in bringing DD to this level of passion. Tar obviously had done his job… and he did it well. DD whispered that she was about to cum and I smiled to myself at what was about to happen to her. She sure did like being deep finger fucked this weekend.


Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was breathing fast and deep. I slid two fingers deep into her pussy trying to reach her “G” spot as my fingers on my left hand began to massage her clit  ….. gently but quickly, around and around and then over her hard stiff nub. She pushed her pussy and hips upward, her back arched to the intrusion of my fingers. She moaned loudly and commanded me …..


“Don’t stop rubbing me there ….yes… yes… yes… rub right there… push harder …push harder. Oh gawd I’m going to cum again. Go faster …go faster… yes… yes … yes.” Followed by a louder excited exclamation of…“Ooohhhh..  I’m cuming …I’m cuming…A-huh... a-huh… a-huh. Oooohhh honey, my honey. Please don’t stop.”


I watched as her stomach muscles at first quivered and then tighten … she began to loose control. Her hips arched upwards bucking wildly and she grabbed my hands that were strongly finger fucking her pussy.  Her eyes were now wide open holding my hands tightly against her pussy. I could feel the rippling and violent convulsion of her stomach muscles and the quivering of her tight pussy as a series of intense sensations surged through her body. She held on to my hand as she shook in the throes of a wonderful orgasm. DD then at first whimpered my name a couple of times followed by a deep felt moan and then she whispered over and over … “I love you…. I love you!”


She settled back down on the couch as some of her cum began to seep from between the lips of her camel toe pussy and covered my hand and fingers that I gently moved within her love box. She continued moving her hips ever so slightly; then lifting them and gently pumping against my hand. DD wasn’t done! I had never seen her get this hot and so needing to be fucked.


Yes… Tar had done a truly great job of getting DD ready for me. I kept moving my fingers in her as the spasms in her body suddenly grew stronger. I became highly excited. I now began to finger fuck her with strong thrusts of my hand and fingers with a renewed passion on my part while watching the effect of what I was doing to her. DD once again grabbed my hands and pressed them to her pussy while we looked at each other. There was a smile on my face while DD lay back with her mouth slightly opened, inhaling and then panting as she continuously moaned in delight. Finally there was a long drawn out moan and then “Ooooooh honey.” followed by a final sigh of contentment. DD had quickly climaxed a second time. It did not appear to me to be as strong as the first, but just as rewarding from the look on her face as she blew me a kiss with pouting lips and once again whispered …


“I really do love you.”


Now she could not take the intrusions of my finger fucking any more. DD uttered …


“Enough …enough!”


DD now gingerly helped me extract my fingers from her pussy, while issuing a hissing sound as she inhaled between her teeth. She then rolled away from me and pulled her legs up into a fetal position with her hands protecting her pussy.  After several minutes, she breathed a deep sigh and slowly turned back to look at me smiling broadly. I was sitting quietly also flashing a broad smile, being content with what I had just helped her experience. She asked me to please wait a few minutes and then she would be ready to fool around again. I tried to comfort her anxiety of cuming twice without me with…….


 “It’s alright … it’s alright. I loved watching you cum”


I placed a blanket over a very nude DD and settled in with her head on my lap as I ran my fingers through her blond hair. After a while of being quiet and rubbing DD’s head, my still stiff cock didn’t understand the present situation and it needed some attention. I tried to flex my cock that was restrained in my jeans under DD’s head. At first I did not think she had felt my attempts to signal just how hard I was. Slowly DD’s face turned into my crotch and she blew some warm breath into my crotch and then rubbed and squeezed my cock in my jeans. She understood my ‘signal’. I stood and removed my jeans to release a very stiff and swollen cock with a drop of precum slowly forming at the tip. DD slowly removed her blanket from her body.


 I had seen DD like this several times over the past year  …. never satisfied with one or two pussy finger fuck sessions….. just a continuous fuck, day and night  … every way all day .... all night. This could be one of those days. In reality, she seemed to be completely exhausted. I just concluded that my turn would need to be postponed for a while…. How wrong I was!


DD began to emit soft murmuring sounds indicating that she wanted …. no needed some attention again.  I whispered to her while knowing full well what was wrong…


 “What do you want DD?” 


There was a smirk on DD’s face …“Is your tongue tired ?”


DD she spread her legs wide while smiling with pouting lips. If I sensed that I was tired, it was not obvious after that erotic question and visual stimulus as her legs spread and her camel toed pussy slightly splayed open …. still wet and seeping from her previous orgasms. I wiggled into position and began kissing the insides of DD’s thighs in an anticipation to show a little effort of seduction before working my way up to licking her pussy. DD was past playing and she let it be known by taking her fingers and spreading the lips of her swollen pussy lips wide open exposing all the pink and protruding little nub of a clit
“I don’t want to play or wait honey. Please just lick me now for a little bit and then put your thingy in me.”


I approached her wetness and began to suck some of her juices that seemed to every where while helping to spread her pussy open giving me clear and unimpeded access to her clit. Immediately, she move her hands from her lips to my head as I felt a firm set of hands steering my tongue and face directly into her lovely pussy. DD wanted me to bury my face deep into her pussy. She had gone through this forceful attempt to get me deep into her pinkness on several occasions and then chuckled while looking at my face all wet with her lovely tasting pussy juices. It surely did result in a joyful few seconds, I guess satisfying some egotistic antics before wanting to kiss me and taste some of her self with the her juices on my mouth and cheeks of my face. Now the licking and tasting sequence of DD’s pussy was completed and she had satisfied herself that she was in command of the seduction. She took hold of my cock and looked apprehensively at it and said …


“It’s so big I don’t think it will fit in me today!”


I whispered “It will fit nice and tight… you’ll see.”


She was playing to my ego and it worked. She knew that telling me that my cock was too big for her pussy did to my emotions. She had become a knowledgeable lover and knew how to play to my emotions. I eagerly wanted to sink my stiff, straight and slightly elevated cock full depth in her pussy right then. She repositioned herself on the couch…. her legs splayed wide open… her puffy camel toed pussy slightly opened after all the attention it had received in the past hour. I crawled over her and slid my cock in without the least bit of resistance. She was flooded with her own love juice. We tightly embraced… looking deeply into each others eyes as we came together at first for a very passionate kiss. That was a message that was being shared with each other. We now both knew what we needed to experience. This was going to be a very sensual and love filled illicit brother - sisterly love making session …. not a fuck festival. Our level of to be shared passion was rising quickly. We were pushing against one another; slowly and deeply, feeling the sensations as my cock and her pussy caressing each other while we were kissing tenderly. I could still taste that influence of DD drinks as she kissed me… she still wasn’t feeling any pain.


Suddenly I felt Tar’s cold nose brushing against my ass, then nuzzling and attempting to lick my balls and legs. Startled, I pulled out of DD quickly and pushed Tar away with my foot. DD found the situation a little bit comical…. I didn’t.


 I at first looked in the cabinet drawers for Tars leash before deciding to throw Tar out of the camper. Turning around, I found Tar with his nose buried in my sister’s crotch with DD’s hands on his head and not offering any resistance to the intrusion that I could see.


I moved to position myself to grab Tar and pull him away from DD when she whispered a soft ….


 “No it’s ok …please don’t.”


 I was stunned for a second, I did not think I heard right. I was now aware of just how much DD had to drink! She was sloshed. DD moved her hips close to the edge of the couch as Tar tried to climb into a position to mount DD from the front. I now had to ask DD….


“Do you want to have Tar do it to you?”


My questioning was meant as a jest and was not supposed to be taken seriously. She was supposed to say “No.”


DD looked at me and asked me if I would be angry with her if Tar would do it to her? I could not believe the conversation that was being initiated.


“Are you asking me if I would be upset if Tar mounted you? Do you want Tar to fuck you DD? Are you really serious?”


  I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea that my sister was more excited in having picked my dog to fuck her instead of me. After hearing DD’s slurred speech saying in effect it might be fun for me to watch and help, I could see DD’s few to many drinks were blurring her vision and thought processes. Her continuous giggling to the prospects of having Tar as “her lover” finally got me to think of it as a lark and I reluctantly submitted to her requests. I told her to get on her hands and knees on the camper floor so Tar could come from behind.


Tar immediately attempted to mount DD as soon as she got down. Tar wrapped his legs tightly around her waist and started humping her ass but missing DD’s pussy. DD called out in a little bit of pain to the several misses as Tar rammed her pussy lips and ass with his now protruding cock. I reach under Tar as I told DD I was going to help Tar.


 I looked under Tar and DD to see Tar’s bright pink and red six inch cock with a small plum sized knot sticking out of his fur covered sheath. I grab it tightly as Tar was pumping furiously at open air and then some times ramming it into DD’s body. I had my index finger along side of Tar’s cock and felt for DD’s cunt. As soon as I felt the right location I guided Tar’s wanting cock into DD’s cunt. Tar seemed to sense he was in DD’s cunt and began to furiously fuck her very fast and hard knowing he was in the right place. DD was looking back and me and moaning in delight. DD’s tits now began to sway back and forth as Tar rapidly fucked her. I thought that I should hold on to Tar’s cock to prevent him from getting his knot in DD’s pussy, but he turned out to be too fast for me. He was fucking her fast and furious, pumping faster than I could ever accomplish.  Then DD’s eyes opened wide as I guessed Tar had finally rammed his plum sized knot into DD cunt. I do not think she fully understood what was involved with being fucked by a dog.


DD now was resting on her forearms with her ass in the air and Tar giving her a series or very rapid thrusts. DD uttered a squeal as she exclaimed….


 “I think Tar is squirting his cum in me. Yes … yes … yes. O my gosh …. he is cuming in me.”


Tar stopped pumping for a short time. The DD looked back at me while smiling. And with a very few slurred words asked me…


  “Is he done?”


 Tar almost immediately began humping DD as fast as before. I guess Tar had got his second wind. I could not see any of his cock when I looked under Tar. He was buried deep in my sister’s pussy. Suddenly he just quit moving. DD looked back at me. I was concerned but she just stared at me with a quizzical look on her face. Then she broke out in a big smile…..


“I think he is cuming in me some more. I can feel something … he’s squirting I think … I can feel it …..I’m all warm inside.”


Tar went back to resting for a minute or so and then began to move about once more. Tar was straining now to pull out but he was tied to DD. I was afraid he would try to turn around in an attempt to pullout of DD and hurt her. I grabbed his collar and restrained him from turning and trying to dismount. I had to explain to DD what was happening. It was now very apparent of just how naive DD was when it came to being mounted by Tar. DD cautioned me to hold Tar still. He was hurting her pussy when he tried to dismount from DD. It was not something that she had anticipated. DD remained quiet and still for a few minutes as Tar squirmed against my restraining him from turning and attempting to dismount. Tar finally softened slightly and dismounted with a wet and juicy slurping and sucking sound. I opened the camper door and gave Tar a good swift kick in the ass out the door. I guess I was taking some of my frustration with this bizarre happening out on Tar. I did feel much better after Tar tumbled ass over heels down the outside camper steps.


Tar’s cum now flowed from DD pussy, down her thighs and legs with some of it dripping on to the camper floor. We both looked at how much cum he must have squirted inside of her pussy.   I grabbed a box of tissues as I knelt to help DD off her knees. Her pussy was extended…. a gaping hole was apparent and it did not appear that her pussy had started to relax and close to its normal closed camel toe condition. I was astonished by what Tar had done to her. Her enlarged and stretched pussy was not restricting the flow of Tar’s cum. The look on DD’s face gave an indication that she was in some distress and very uncomfortable with what had just happened. I could see she needed to be comforted ….


“Are you alright?”


I placed a number of tissues against her pussy and was going to help DD to her feet but she was too unsteady…. to much to drink and too much of a powerful fuck from Tar. DD reached between her legs and tried stuffing tissues between her thighs in an attempt to stem the flow. I stood over DD with my stiff cock standing straight and tall and my balls slightly aching with the starting of lover’s nuts due to all the interruptions in the last half hour. DD finally looked up and said …


 “Ooooh, I almost forgot about my one and only true love.”  


DD took hold of my cock and gently guided it into her mouth and began to roll her tongue over and around the head of my hard cock. She made several sucking kisses sounds as she proceeded to lick all the precum seeping and being squeezed from the tip. I bent over and said


“I want to make love to you again.”


When she looked up at me…. her eyes were tear filled as she asked …


“Do you still want me to be your lover?”


I slowly helped her to her feet as I cradled her in my arms and kissed her tenderly. She wrapped her arms about me and dug her fingers into my back when I said that she would always be my lover. She took hold of my now aching cock and guided me back to the couch. She laid down prone looking into my eyes with her tear filled eyes and whispered…..


 “I want you to be my lover always too.”


I cradled each of DD’s legs in my arms at the bend of my elbow. Leaning forward I brought her knees close to her shoulders while her gaping hole pussy was looking skyward. She started to guide my cock between her thighs. When she got a glimpse of her once tight camel toe pussy, now a gaping hole, stretched wide open and not yet fully relaxed from Tar’s plum sized knot she whimpered … 


“Oh gawd…. look what he did.”


It was not going to be difficult to find the entrance to her love tunnel. DD gazed at her crotch as she felt her stretched pussy lips with her fingers ….no longer tight and closed. Her eyes were now wide open with a little bit of astonishment and some embarrassment. She glanced up at me and I knew it was time to say something to put her at ease. She was emotionally and physically ‘damaged’.


“It ‘s alright …it’s alright …. I want you … I want you now.”


She positioned my cock at the opening and I pushed slowly.  The first inch or so of her pussy was stretched far wider than the width of my cock. Further in depth, she felt tight as always. I was wider and longer than Tar and DD whispered with a giggle I felt bigger than Tar. She also said I was gentler in my bed manners. DD was trying to comfort herself with small talk.


I felt that DD was trying to make a joke out of her ‘condition’. She was embarrassed by the size of the hole in her pussy.  As my cock slid in, there were quiet slurping sounds of definite wetness. Her pussy was obviously still filled to over flowing with Tar’s cum. On the first downward slide, cum squeezed and flowed around and along the side of my cock. A considerable amount gushed out between her pussy lips and ran down the crack of her ass. Obviously DD was filled with Tar’s cum and there was no room for my cock and Tar’s cum.


Then on the first few following slow long strokes, the head of my cock captured copious amounts of Tar’s cum and dragged it from the deepest parts of DD’s pussy and out to the stretched open pussy lips. Several rivulets of cum continuously seeped down the crack of her ass and legs, finally settling in a little puddle on the couch. DD strained to position herself to watch the flowing cum as my very shiny and slick cum covered cock was at first being pulled out and then very easily pushed back in with very little resistance. Then there were a few strokes that I pulled completely out and then pushed back in that must have caught little pockets of air as my cock pressed it firmly back down into her pussy. As I pulled out almost at the top of my slow strokes, little pockets of air escaped from her pussy producing small soft little fffiittt like sounds as I plunged back in deep and withdrew for the next stroke. When I smiled at DD, a small smile slowly appeared on her lips and the apprehension in DD due to the previous events was once again lessened.


DD arms now encircled me and pulled me down and onto her body. She was whispering..

“Just lay on top of me …I want to feel all of you just laying on top of me while you make love to me.”


I still supported most of my weight on my arms as I settled down on her pressing my cock deeply into her cunt.   She wanted a special present from me….. I knew what she wanted …. There was no real need to ask … I wanted … no needed to cum deep inside her and then cuddle her close to me for a while afterwards. She kissed and licked my ear as I stroked. I was now completely seduced by having my ears kissed. I felt the beginning of the deep surges starting. DD laugh quietly… she could feel the difference in my cadence.  She was now encouraging me with …


“Come on lover … you know what I want… come on now … you’ve waited too long… come on and give your secret lover something special.


 Really there was no need for any encouragement … I was about to cum with powerful surges and squirts of a great quantity of cum after so long a wait. I grasped DD’s legs and raised them over my shoulders as she crossed her feet behind my neck. I leaned forward such that DD’s pussy and ass turned upwards. We both looked at her stretched open pussy as I positioned the head of my cock at the enlarged opening once again. With a swift downward thrust, I slipped my cock in deep. DD winched at the contact but smiled as she grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me in close against her pussy calling out


 “Now honey… now. Give your baby sister a present.”


I held her legs tight leaning on her body while pressing my cock deep insuring I was touching her cervix. It didn’t take long to encourage me to reach my point of no return after holding back for so long and being interrupted by Tar’s intensions.  I squirted several powerful squirts of cum deep in her pussy. It felt as if I had emptied a significant amount of love juice from deep within my body. The exertion from cuming seemed to drain the energy from my body to the point that my head and body sagged after climaxing. I felt very tired but content with the release of so much tension … so much relinquished passion into my very special secret lover. I released my hold on DD legs. DD was overjoyed with feeling my climax and knowing that I still was her lover that she sobbed in her joy. I was at first concerned that I had hurt her in being so forceful but DD comforted me quickly tell me how much she loved what I had done. All was quiet as we now rested together and then DD closed her eyes and fell asleep…. content with what we had shared.


I lay awake for some time. I found my self at first becoming very disturbed with what DD did with Tar. At first I began to excuse the bizarre event due to too much to drink. Now I became more upset at myself for letting it happen and being a part of the seduction. I let the feelings bleed over to our illicit sexual liaison over the past year.  I was not comfortable now with continuing what we had been doing. I was sweating and had serious guilt feelings within my self. Some how sleep came upon me after tossing and turning as DD snored in a deep sleep.


I must have finally dropped off to sleep for some time. I awoke finding the camper warm and dark except for a small night light. I slowly became aware of DD moving next to me. I sensed her face hovering over mine. I slowly opened my eyes just a bit as DD asked…


 “Are you awake?”  I “Mmmmmed” a reply. I was just dozing in my contentment….For some reason I was no longer upset at myself and not angry at DD. The short relaxing sleep calmed me down. She came close to me ear and in the softest almost inaudible murmur and spoke…


“Can you hear me?”   I murmured another “Yes.”  


DD continued with.. “I had too much to drink today didn’t I?”


I didn’t reply. DD knew I had been upset. There a deafening quiet for a minute or so and then deep sobs began emanating from DD.


“Please don’t be angry at me Bobby.. please. I drank too much. I’m your lover as always…. don’t be angry at me please. Tell me I’m your lover too …please.”


I don’t think I waited more that a second or two to tell her everything was alright between us but it was two seconds far too long for DD. DD started to cry so hard that she upset me knowing what she was feeling. I grabbed her tightly too me and kissed her face, her nose, her cheeks and the tears that streamed down her face attempting to convince her she was my lover still.


“Listen to me honey … listen to me… every thing is alright. Do you hear me?”


After a minute of sniffling and nose blowing DD came to me as I held her very tightly to me as she slowly calmed down and snuggled in close…. finally believing me that I was still her lover. After what felt like a long time DD stirred beside me……


DD was quiet for a second before snuggling close and nibbling on my ear. Now I was awake! She continued to lick and murmur into my ear.


 “It’s raining hard again….. listen……….. I think you should sleep in with me tomorrow morning. We can make love all morning before we leave ….. just like we use to do in my bed at school. What do you think about that idea?”


I just made a soft murmur… it sounded like a good idea as I listened to the down pouring rain outside. DD kept up her murmuring….


“And do you know what else honey?  I’m not tired any longer and I’m so horny again. Are you too tired to…..”





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