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Tessa'a Jungle Adventure

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Tessa runs as fast as she can to catch up with her parents and their cruise group to get back on the boat. After seeing the sights and all the tour spots, gift shops and food courts the locals had to offer, her bladder was near full on soda. Tessa told her parents she had to go so they told her to meet them back at the dock in 10 minutes. Try as she might the cruise director came for the group early and poor Tessa was still in the stall. With 5 minutes to spare she saw a very peculiar figure in the distance and decided to see what it was. She followed the figure into a clearing and hid behind some bushes. What she saw fasinated her and gave her a creepy feeling all at the same time. She saw young gorillas at play with a young local girl, they seemed to be touching her in a very erotic way.Her eyes widened as she watched them caress and tease the young girl and as the young girl let them do to her as they pleased Tessa began to enjoy watching this strange exchange take place...then suddenly a loud sound scared her and caused her to scream.

 Tessa then realized that she had lost track of time, (the sound she heard was the cruise ship whistle blowing to alert the tour group that it was time to return back to the boat) and had promised her parents that she would meet them back at the docks after she left the bathroom so they could board the ferry boat back to the cruise ship. Tessa turned and ran as fast as she could to catch up to the tour group but she was too late. Frantically she tried to speak with the locals to see if they could get a messege to the captain of the ship to get the boat to come back for her but no one seemed to understand her English.

 Finally Tessa remembered that there was a woman who spoke English down near the clearing where she saw the gorilla. She figured she'd go find the woman and get her to help her. The woman told Tressa that the cruise ship always stops on it's return voyage and not to worry, she would get word to her parents somehow to let them know she was alright and would be waiting for them when they returned in a few days. The woman offered Tessa a room and food at her house with her two daughters and husband. The woman who's name was Ana told her not to venture past the clearing in the evenings because of the local myth of gorillas on the island being attracted to young human girls.

 Tessa only smiled when thinking about earlier that evening when she saw the gorilla with the young local girl. It seemed as if the gorilla was having foreplay with the girl. This only made Tessa very curious to see more and find out if the myth was actually true.So later that night as she prepared for supper with Ana's family she was introduced to Ana's daughter's, Ami(who was 12) and Angie(who was 15). After supper the girls all played games in the back of the house which was near the clearing. Tessa decided to mention the myth to Angie because she was curious to learn more about the human-like creatures who had taken a liking to young girls and tell her what she saw earlier with the young village girl and the gorilla.

 Angie confirmed that it was not a myth and she'd tell her more about it tomorrow because it was now time for bed. She noticed that Ami and Angie were dressed in a rather flimsy sheath-like material as their mother shooed them off to another part of the house. Later as Tessa tried her best to fall asleep in a strange place, her thoughts drifted back to what she saw the gorillas doing to the young girl in the clearing. She imagined it was herself being molested by the gorillas because her virgin body had not known the touch of a male before. It excited her more and more as she grinded her pelvis into the pillow between her firm, young legs wrapped tightly in a fit of lust. She wondered what it would feel like to be touched the way she had seen the gorilla touching the young girl(who seemed to enjoy it).

 Tessa was suddenly brought back to reality as she heard voices outside her window. She slowly lifted her restless body from the bed and rose up to see who was talking outside at such a late hour. She saw that it was a woman and two girls who were blind folded and dressed in the flimsy material she had seen Ami and Angie dressed in before they went to bed that same night. The woman led the two girls onto the path that led to the clearing as she spoke in hushed tones and nervously looked over her shoulder towards the house. Tessa could not help but to wonder where the womam was taking the girls and why were they blindfolded, so she jumped up, ran for the borrowed robe and slippers and quietly slipped out of the house.

 She kept her distance as she followed the woman and the girls down the path and wondered if they were headed to the forbidden clearing. Tessa had a hard time keeping up as it was dark and the heavy foilage prevented her from going any faster. Once she was at the clearing, she noticed with wide eyes that the woman and two girls were not strangers at all but Ana, Ami and Angie. She was tempted to go forth and see what was going on but then what she saw next stopped her dead in her tracks. Ana took each girl by the hand and bound their wrists with a ribbon and began to talk to her daughters and move very seductively as if she were instructing them in a native dance as part of a ceremonial ritual. She watched as the girls began to move in rhythym like their mother and began to wonder again what was going on until she heard a rustling in the bushes on the other side of the clearing.

 One gorilla, and then another came forth from the foilage of the jungle and began to watch as the girls danced. Once the girls were completely engrossed in this ritual, the gorillas seemed to become irritated at the human mother. The gorillas inched closer and closer to the girls as they danced their seductive mating dance which seemed to excite the gorillas. The gorillas began to move around the girls and touch them in places on their bodies that Tessa had only fantasize about. It excited Tessa to see the girls get touched by the gorillas, how she wished that she too could join in. What she saw next took her breath away-she saw the girls mother slowly walk up to the girls and help them remove their blindfolds and their flimsy garments and lay down on a the makeshift bed of flowers and leaves.

 Ana talked hushedly to the girls for a few moments more and then disappeared into the jungle foilage. Tessa turned her attention back to the girls and the very excited gorillas. She could hear little Ami sobbing softly as Angi tried to assure her there was nothing to be afraid of as it was better this way than to have the gorillas come and steal you from your bed in the middle of the night. As the myth goes, a young girl of 12 was stolen from her home in the middle of the night and taken to the clearing to be offered as a human, virgin sacrifice to the gods as was their ceremonial ritual.

Rumor had it that her family actually left her there to be offered to the fertility gods. She couldn't find her way back so as the night wore on she made a makeshift home for herself and went to sleep. She was later awakened to someone or something pawing at her clothes and touching her body. She was so afraid that she just played dead and let the molestation continue until she realized that she was being carried off by a gorilla and used like some sort of sex toy. The girl was taken away by the gorilla to be his mate and never heard from again. For it was said that some of the women in the village were infertile until the young girl was carried off by the gorilla.So it became common practice amongst the infertile village womenfolk to teach the younger girls how to tease the human-like gorillas in the jungle clearing so they would carry them off and make them their human, virgin mates or so the legend went.

 As Tessa continued to watch the mating ritual unfold before her eyes, she began to feel tingly and warm between her legs. The gorilla actually seemed to become tender towards young Ami as he gently caressed her body, licked and sucked her breasts, then began to tease her by lapping at her now surprisingly wet virginal pussy. Fear quickly turned into heat as she realized that she was being taken by an animal from the jungle she had always called home and she liked it and wanted more. The gorilla gave her the kind of pleasure her and her friends had only giggled and heard about from the older girls on their island. As the gorilla began to nibble on her hot, wet, untouched pussy she wondered what else the gorilla was going to do to her and her sister Angi or if she would be able to get away.

 The gorilla held onto her small hips as she watched the other gorilla move her sister away from his furry body, he positioned her on her knees and moved her head toward his hairy middle where a human-like long, thick penis appeared and wondered what he wanted her to do down there. He moved her head closer until her lips touched the tip of the fat, meaty head of the gorilla penis and she opened her mouth and began to lick timidly. The gorilla made a growling noise which scared her and she jerked her head backward. The gorilla gently caressed her face and laid back as she crawled like an animal back toward his penis. She took her cue and continued to massage the gorillas penis with her hands and mouth until the gorilla began to shiver and convulse until she felt a warm liquid began to slid down her throat. She let the gorilla juice spill out of her mouth because now she was so hot that she couldn't wait to see what else the gorilla would do to her.

The gorilla reached for his, huge,throbbing penis, placed her on all fours and proceeded to enter her young human,tight,virgin pussy from behind on a pile of flowers and leaves. Angi bit her lip to keep from crying out as the gorilla slowly stroked deeply into her dripping pussy until he reached her hymen. He pumped in and out until his massive gorilla cock grew with each stab at her untouched love hole. She wiggled her young ass as her excitement mounted, she couldn't believe that she was being broken in by a gorilla, yet it was exciting as well as painful, she wanted more but wondered if her younger sister could take the massive gorilla cock she now couldn't wait to have inside her. Angi raised her hips, and pushed her pelvis into the furry gorilla pelvis as they mated human to animal.

 He pushed faster and faster and harder until he broke through her innocense with a loud growl. She cried out in pain but quickly recovered from the burning sensation of having her inexperienced twat torn apart by this jungle creature. The gorilla moved from behind her and sat on his hind legs and motioned her towards him, she straddled the huge man- like monkey and lowered her young snatch down onto his large,pink cock which seemed to have gotten larger as he waited for her to engulf his shaft with her tight love hole once more. The gorilla grabbed her by her narrow hips and moved her slowly up and down on his shaft, making her moan slowly at the new sensations that coursed through her body. She felt wave after wave of pleasure as this man-monkey used his paws to guide her on his cock, fastser and faster until he got carried away in his animal passion. He began to bang her young, unabused pussy harder and harder until she cried out, her body shuddered as she had her first orgasm.

 The gorilla then did something unknown to mankind, he laid her on her back and entered her once more like a human, slamming into her pussy deeply and pulling back slowly, and then forcefully over and over again until he once again released his thick load of hot, animal sperm into her pussy. She lay dazed until the gorilla picked her up, caressed her face, opened her legs, licked her clean and carried her away. Little Ami stared wide-eyed as she watched her sister being carried away by the gorilla. She was so afraid of doing what she had saw her sister do only moments ago that she wanted to scream and run away. The gorilla was now nibbling at her untouched, 12 year old virginity and she trembled. Tessa who was still in her hiding place, watched little Ami who seemed to be paralyzed with fear.

 The gorilla seemed to want her to move to her knees but she wouldn't move. The gorilla sensed this and began to get angry that his human love slave would not do as he commanded, he began to growl and snort and seemed ready to harm her. Tessa didn't know what else to do to save little Ami from certain death so she slowly emerged from the bushes and seductively moved her body the way she had seen the girls do earlier. The gorilla took notice and began to calm down. He moved aggressively around Tessa at first and then sniffed between her legs. He must have picked up her scent because he pulled at her robe and sniffed at her until Tessa began to undress, distracting the large jungle beast enough for little Ami to scramble to the safety of the bushes where she hid and watched Tessa take her place with the man-like monkey. Slowly the gorilla began to get used to Tessa and her smell of female juices from her earlier excitement. She removed all of her garments and slowly and seductively moved toward the gorilla and reached for his shaft. The massive mushroom tip, then penis emerged from the furry covering and protruded so that Tessa could clearly see how big it was.

 She gasped when she took it into her mouth and began to suck. After watching Angi suck the other gorilla dry she wondered if she could do the same for her first and only lover. She opened her mouth to lick, tease and suck the head of the huge gorilla cock, tip first then lower to the shaft and sucked and pulled slowly until she felt the gorilla cock begin to throb. As she felt he was near bursting she sucked deeper and took the large cock into her throat and choked a little as the hot stream of monkey sperm shot down her throat. She let it spill out of her mouth the way she had seen Angi do and moved to the all fours position. The gorilla teased her with the tip of his huge cock and rubbed the tip at the entrance of her virgin hole. Tessa was so hot and turned on that she began to sway her narrow hips to get more of the gorilla cock inside her. Her pussy was dripping wet and pulsing with anticipation at being ripped open by a massive, thick monkey dick, the biggest she'd ever seen in her life.

 She'd seen her father's once when he and her mother were fucking each other in the den when they thought they were home alone. And she had also seen a horses cock at the petting zoo. Now she had seen a gorilla cock and was amazed and wondered how such a huge cock would fit into her tight, virgin hole. She'd make it fit because she'd wanted to feel a cock in her pussy ever since she'd seen her parents fucking and had heard her mother screaming out her father's name. She knew then that she would get fucked like that so she too could feel what her mother felt. The gorilla began to push his cock a little further into her entrance and she pushed toward the head of the penis because she couldn't stand the teasing any longer. The gorilla entered her with short slow strokes at first and began to pick up the pace as Tessa moved her hips more and more. The gorilla began to growl and get more aggressive as he grabbed onto her ass cheeks and held her firmly.

He went deeper and faster until he bumped her hymen with his swollen cock. She braced herself for the pain she knew was coming as she lost her virginity to her jungle man-beast lover. He nearly pulled out of her tight snatch that seemed to choke the monkey cock and thrust quickly and deeply as he penetrated the thin layer. The gorilla growled fiercely as he continued to tear her love hole apart with his raging strokes of animal passion. Tessa thought she would pass out from the pain but slowly began to recover from the burning sensation as he continued to pump her young pussy from behind. She loved it!! It felt so good,she wanted more and more of the gorilla cock that was filling her tight pussy. She screamed out in pleasure and watched in astonishment as two more very large gorillas came into the clearing. They had been watching and were eagerly awaiting a turn with the young human girl.

 Tessa watched as the other two gorillas began to pull at their cocks which seemed even more massive than the one that was stretching her pussy to the limit. She wanted to suck the cock of the other gorilla while her pussy was being filled with the first gorillas' cock. Tessa wanted to be fucked by all the gorillas but how would he get what she wanted? Find out in the sequel-Jungle Love2(The Gorilla Orgy).

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