I meet up with a women on line. She was a bit older and She said she was a freak. She Was bout 5ft 5in with a grate ass with little tits. But I was just horny. I did not care that she was 46. So I meet her at her house and as She let me in She Garbed me And stuck her tongue down my thought. At the same time as fast as I could she pulled my dick out. She was just wearing a Little scert and slid it in. She was already wet. It was almost like I all ready fucked her. We slowly got from the front door to the living room undressing all the away. She pules me to the floor and we fuck harder then I have ever fucked before. She even did something I have never had. She slid a small dildo into my ass which made me come harder then ever. I have to admit she was not hateing hottest thing Ive ever been with but she could fuck. One after another after another. In between we dranck large amounts of whiskey. I got drunk to the point of whiskey dick. And passed out on the floor completely nude.

When I woke up I found My self bond to a speeding bar. My face was buried in the Capet with my ass in the air. My hands hand cuffed and tied to the bar. I could hear her moving about behind me. She came over and told me I told you I was a freak. But you did not ask how much. Now you are to far to back out know. I get to have my way with you. Oh yea by the way same for my friends. You liked that dildo in your ass so You will like My friends. Meet Rosco. She opens a door and a large German Shepard came out. He was very existed when he saw me. He went right to my ass. He stuck his nose right in my ass. Then I felt His tongue go from my balls to my ass. He was licking up the over spill from Are sexapaid. It was very wrong but My dick could not tell the difference. But no women had a tong like this. He cleaned all the sticky mess till he was done She pulled out a little vile that had some liquid in it. She pored it down my crack. That will get him really existed. That piss from my little bitch in heat. I looked between My legs to see Rosco's Dick coming out from his sheath. I pan iced but could not move. She just Left . Then I felt two legs straddled my back. I struggled more When I felt teeth sink into my back. The more I struggled I could feel my skin tare. Rosco probed around a bit. She was inpatient so she helped him find my hole. He pushed in I let out a yelp. Like a good bitch. she said. She got down right in front of me. Pushing her pussy right into my face. This might help you relax. Eat. I hesitated. She shoved my face into it. It still was ditched in my cum. As I started licking I thought that it was like some one fucked her before I did. It was more like some dog. When she said that You will like the taste of your and Rosco's cum. I tried to pull away but she yelled Sick. And Rosco bit down hard. I continued. I went to he clit. I teased and sucked as hard as possible. She was petting Rosco as if he was eating her. She must have felt Rosco cumming because she cam to. She held my head there to clean her up. His not swelled and took about five minutes to pull out. I noticed I was dripping cum to. From both my ass and dick. She gave me a brake then brought three more dogs out. By the theed on I found to in joy it. I came at least ten times that night. I still come back to her at least once a month.

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