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 My guilt turns to shock.

 As my hubby takes a hand.


 My husband Richard walked out the room and left me in shock as to what he'd just been part of. Since I'd been raped by his best friend who had caught me all hot from Bruce's licking,my original guilt about being dog licked had upped by a sense of shame for cheating on my husband. It shouldn't have happened I know but the shame part was more because I enjoyed all of it especially the raping as I chose to term being fucked when so hot through my dogs licking.

 I knew I needed to tell Richard all or part of what I'd been up too, but was

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scared of the consequences. Some weeks after the event Richard came in from work in his usual jovial mood and started fooling around as he usually did,squeezing my tits grabbing at my pussy and generally getting me worked up. At some stage in these goings on he followed form and got my knickers down to around my knees.

 This was always the sign he was about to fuck me immediately after he got me to orgasm. Of course I'd play hard to get which always heightened his enthusiasm. On escaping his clutches I scurried into the living room and while darting around our furniture plonked down into a chair while Richard collapsed over the chair on top of me. Kissing and canoodling my face and neck, "I'm going to fuck you" "No! NO! Bruce stop" "Eh?"

 Forgetting Bruce was led down in the living room. He,Bruce had un-noticed by us,stood up with our funning and as Richard was smoothering my upper body,Bruce had helped himself to my pussy. Licking me as was usual now when I was in this position in the seat without knickers. Richard pulled back as I pushed my skirt front down over my legs trying to push Bruce's tongue off my cunt. Hubbies eyes were now rivetted on what Bruce was attempting to do to me. In an extremely intense voice hubby said,"NO,let him, see what he does" Taking this opportune moment, "I can't,its to disgusting" "Go on its only like what I do to you"

 Relishing the feel of Bruce and realizing I had the chance to out my guilt while blaming Richard for making me do it. I flopped back in the chair and covered my eyes with my hands but peeping through them to watch my husband. He said,"I'll raise your skirt to see what he's doing" "Shh! don't speak,do it if you must,but don't speak anymore!" Richard's look was now so intense it was almost frightening. I felt him pulling my skirt up to my belly button while dragging it back under my ass. Through my fingers I could see myself completely naked from the waist down.

 Meanwhile my husband had moved his position and was catching hold of one of my legs and lifting it up on the arm of the chair. "It'll give him more of a chance" "Shh,don't talk I said or I'll stop" "Sorry,sorry,its so damn exciting" "Shut up NOW" Then silence as my other leg was yanked over the other arm. Bruce loved it,he was in my cunt so deep I knew I'd be cumming in minutes. My orgasm burst sending me shaking and girating with Bruce's tongue tracking my pussy all the way. Through my hands I could see Richard pulling Bruce's sheath back,this in itself made me orgasm even more. Bruce true to form stood up on the seat and unable to contain himself,I heard,"Fuck her Bruce, go on get it up her" As the dog cock touched my pussy lips,I said, "Don't you dare" I could feel the heat of Bruce's first two inches as always.

 "NO! NO! STOP NOW" Then came the shock! My husband pushed our dogs ass and I felt all Bruce's length go up to his now prominent knot. Fucking hell, it was just so heated in me. Richard was completely carried away at this moment,but when Bruce was going to fuck me,I would decide not anyone else. With difficulty I pulled myself back and up off our dogs cock,saying, "You stupid gett,he'll give me pups you prick,I trusted you and look what you done,I wont let you do that again" I was of course lying on both counts,but Richard didn't know that.

 All apologetic, "Sorry,it was so exciting I got carried away,I really would like him to fuck you,besides if we let another bloke fuck you he might tell,but Bruce can't. Now for the "Olivier bit" "You filthy bastard,I had a feeling you'd always wanted to see me fuck somebody else" "No!No! not like that,only if you had an incline to do it" "Oh yeah! I bet I can guess who you had in mind" "Stop it" he said,with that he grabbed hold of me bundled me round and over the back of the chair and rammed his eight inches right up my pussy from behind and fucked me stupid,god we were both so slippery it was obvious he was up for doggy stuff probably more so than me if that was at all possible.

  My orgasm hit me with the power of a bomb as he squirted shot after shot of his jism into me. He didn't stop there either,he just carried on and as he rose to a second orgasm with me,through his hot breath on my ear I heard. "Please let me watch you do it again,I don't mind if you let Bruce fuck you,there's no need to worry he can't make you pregnant even if you let him shoot it all the way up you.

 I didn't need that in writing,my husband has given me permission to fuck our dog and it sounds like he'd let me fuck Ted if I asked him. That would be in retrospect but there was no need for Richard to know that I concluded. We were now led against each other with Richard's cock still inside. Just as he was about to pull out a hairy body pushed through our legs and started licking both our middles. A gasp from Richard,then, "Fuck,he's licking your cunt again" anticipating what he's thinking,"No, I'll let you watch some other time but not at the mo" "Stay still and just let him lick us then" "Alright I'll let him do that,but that's all"

 My feeling of power over Richard at this moment was a completely new sensation but I now knew providing he thought he was in charge I'd have an open book to sex,whatever I wanted in fact. Woman power no doubt! "Rich' would you really not stop me from having another cock,really?" I said this as he left the room and after a bit more fondling,so he may have not heard,but after all I had asked him,hadn't I. He reappeared with two coffees, "Did you have someone in mind or were you meaning Bruce?" I went all hot,he had me right on a back foot. "No,I just asked as more a general thing rather than specifically" "Well I've heard my mate say I'm a lucky bastard to have you in bed" "Who Ted?" "Well yes him as well,but I was on about Dave" OMG I could finish up with a queue. "I bet you'd like to tease them,you know,prick tease a bit" I blushed terribly,if Rich' only knew that's what got me raped by Ted.

 But I said,"You promise me you'll never tell them what you done to me with Bruce,go on promise on you heart" He did,like a flash, adding, "Can we do some more sometime soon?" "Only if you're a good boy" it was just like a kid as he nodded. I did have a bit of a reservation about Bruce having me though. Did I ought to do it alone,what if I did get on his knot? what if we got stuck,how embarrassing. Ah well,that's for another day.


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I'm 19 years old and have 3 brothers and a little sister.  I have two older brothers Dwight, who is 22 and Jeremy who is 21.  My younger brother Samuel is 15.  My sister is 9.  I live out in the country with my family.  My dad, who is 40, owns his own cattle ranch and expects all of my brothers to grow up and take over the business one day, just like he did for his daddy.  Mom, she's  36 (yes, she was 13 pregnant,  14 when her and dad got married, and had Dwight), she's your typical mom that runs the household and just the sweetest person you could ever know. Of course a little naive though.  However, I think that there is more to her than she lets any of us see.

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 Since high school, I have been wanting  to move out and find a place of my own in the city.  Dad thinks that I need to stay and learn the values of being a housewife for that special one day.  To find a hard working man to marry and basically live the way they do.  Mom, because she is submissive, encourages the same thing and tries to explain to me that it's the way I should live my life too.  Then again, it's all she has ever known.  She grew up in this very town and I sometimes wonder if she even knows there's so much more out there.

We have never taken a vacation.  There is no need, family is all you need.

I have been working at the local grocery store for about 2 years now, which is about 10 miles in town.  They don't really like me working outside of the farm, but it's only like 20 hours a week. They don't know it, but I have been saving my money because one day I do plan to leave.  I need more than this life.  Besides, there is not one guy out here that I would even want to get involved with.  I dated a guy, his name is Jake, 3 years in high school, but he was smart and left for college. We have gotten close to sex, but it never did happen, the closest, was the time at the river.  We were naked from swimming and made out, until we heard someone creeping about.  Since then, I've always been afraid of being caught.  All, I need is for it to get back to my brothers or dad. Anyway, I spoke to him 6 times and received one letter in the last year.  It basically said that he was where he was and it was great.  Lucky him!

Dwight and Jeremy are totally into this farm thing.  They know they have no plans other than to work hard, get married one day and live "the life".

Dwight has been dating the same girl since he was 15 years old.  Her name is Becca.  Becca worships the ground he walks on and is always nagging about when they are getting married.  I think it will be pretty soon.  Mom and dad have been on his case too about it.

Jeremy, he is the one that every girl wants.  He's 6'2", extremely built and apparently can't make a choice so he has probably been with almost every girl in town.

Samuel, farming is is chore, but he likes the river.  He's always bringing home things that I think shouldn't even exists.  For example, snakes!  Gees, those have to be the grossest forms of life I have even seen. His room is nothing but a jungle itself.  He has different kinds of things in here.  I don't dare step a foot in there and have made it clear he better keep his door shut.  The snakes, he has like 3 different kinds of them.  He's so into them, talks about them constantly,  I already know the species.  He has like 2 black rat snakes.  They freak me out, the are considered powerful constrictors.  One is about 13 inches and really fat, the other one he found about a month ago and it's about 8 inches long.  He also has I think 4 rough green snakes, which 2 of them are about 30 inches long, one is about 12 inches long and the other about 9 inches long.  He also has 2 eastern garter snakes. He's had them awhile and they are about 20-22 inches.

It's Saturday morning and just like every Saturday...errr, everyday actually, My sister and I are up at 5:00 am to help mom prepare for breakfast.  Generally, my dad and brothers get up about 6:00am for breakfast and then  to start with the cattle.  At the start I went to the barn to milk the cow, nothing like fresh milk.  I'm in there, doing my thing and hear sounds coming from one of the pins towards the back of the barn.  After about 5 minutes, I quietly walked over there and peered through one of the holes to the pin.  I see Becca in there, and she's not alone. They never knew I knew, but sometimes she sneaks over at night and her and Dwight spend hours having sex in the barn while everyone is sleeping. BUT, she is NOT with Dwight,  she's sucking on the cock of my german shepard Boonies.  I began to jolt up pissed and wanted to ask what the hell she was doing with my dog, but then I stopped.  I just relaxed back in my spot and observed the nastiness going on.  First off, now I know my dog has a dick about 10 inches long...thank you very much, because I really didn't need to see that.  She was sucking on that thing like it had the sweetest tea in there on the hottest day.  Which it wasn't even hot.  It was about 55 degrees and the middle of November.  Meanwhile, I can hear my mom telling my to hurry up with the milk.

Becca I guess didn't hear that, which was good because then she would have known someone was in the barn with her.  I guess the slurping sounds from her mouth just drowned out the rest of the world. So there she was favoring my dog and he's just thrusting himself right into her mouth.  I get the feeling he's very used to this with her.  She has 3 fingers up her pussy and just going at it.  Banging herself like no other.  Now, I being a virgin, am getting grossed out, but within my own crotch, I'm feeling a little tingly. That was a bit confusing for me.  My stomach feels like there's a thousand butterflies in there and I can't unglue my eyes from the view I had.  Next thing, she's beginning to moan louder.  I can't believe she has all of that cock in her mouth.  That is huge and it's thick no less.  She takes her hand away from her pussy and her mouth away from his cock and starts talking to him like a lover.  Telling Boonies that his cock felt good in her mouth.  Asking him if he wanted more, did he want to cum in her mouth or her pussy this time.  She lays down and takes his head and leads it between her legs.  There she is spreading her pussy lips for him and he's just lapping up the juices from within her.  He seemed like he was the happiest dog alive, going at her opening.  She then gets up and gets on all fours.  Next putting a blanket over her back.  From behind, Boonies licks more and more as his tongue is entering her cunt and then sliding over her ass, over and over again. It stops like he knows the routine, and apparently he does because she had asked  how he wants it this time.  He hops on her back and begins to aim and thrust himself towards her.  Her hand down there helping to guide his cock and telling him that it's almost there.  Finally....he rams it and she lets out a sexy moan that even put me into shivers.  There is was, and there he was fucking my future sister-in-law.  She's taking the whole thing in and she's loving every minute.  I know it's disgusting, but I knew then that my own panties were a little wet, I reached down to feel it and then I realize, I'm touching myself.  I'm getting off at the fact that my brothers girlfriend and my dog that I've had since he was a wee thing are fucking.  Boonie, was going at her and she was having a fulfilling moment.  For an instant, I wondered what that would feel like.  Becca is bucking back into him while he was thrusting forward and I'm over here crouched playing with myself.  I didn't see the fairness in this.  Then she let out a faint yelp and I see Boonie ramming the baseball size balls he has inside of her.  That made something in my pussy pulsate.

"Boonie, I love it when you ram your nuts into my pussy" she says.

Wow, I can't believe that I'm watching this, but I know from this day on, I can't look at Becca the same.  Besides that, would I let Boonies lick me on the face anymore?

For 10 minutes he's just fucking away in her and then it was calm.  I was wondering if he were done, but then he started pumping again only faster and if I could feel it, I would think even deeper and harder.  Becca is sweating and moaning, and then she says, "Boonie, I'm going to cum.  I can tell that you are too.  Cum in me baby, cum inside of your lovers pussy. You know I can't get enough of your hot spermmy cum inside of me."

"I want it, cum in my pussy Boonies, cum........"

She's getting more intense about it, which I understood  because I was getting more wet and and my fingers were soaked of my juices.

"uhhh, uhhh, yes, cum in there. I'm cumming with you. "

It seemed like a very long time that he was continuously cumming, but then you knew it was alot, because his cum started spilling out of her hole and she was giggling over the joy of fucking my dog and bringing him to an orgasm.

I was breathing like I was going to have a heart attack and then I hear my mom calling for me.  I look back in the hole and she's holding his cock, which appeared to be that she was trying to keep it in and he wanted it out.  I couldn't stay anymore, if I didn't go then mom would come to look for me.  I quickly, yet quietly snuck away and grabbed the milk and left.

Everyone sat down and about 15 minutes later Becca came knocking on the door like she had just arrived to the farm.  Yeah right!  Not only had she been here for quite some time, she fucked my dog, made him cum and got me all bothered and horny at the same time. 

"Hi Becca" I said, "you look like you just ran all the way over here from your house or something". 

"Uh, hi Cindy, yeah, actually I was in a rush to get here.  Mr Jones, I didn't know if you wanted any help on the farm today and wanted to get here before y'all started the day."

"Becca" Mr Jones said, " that is mighty kind of you, I wouldn't mind that at all, thank you".

Wow, Becca was good, I see where this was all going now.  She just wants in this family so she can continue to fuck my dog.  If only everyone else knew.  I have always liked Becca don't get me wrong, but after what I saw, and especially after what she made me feel inside my own pussy, I don't know what I feel right now.

For the next 3 weeks, every morning, I would go out there extra early, to see what was going on.  Boy I found out more information that I cared to know.  For the first time when I started getting out there early, her and Dwight were out there.  I have now seen my own brothers dick.  He certainly doesn't have a small one either.  Needless to say, I would watch.  My mission got earlier and earlier and I would start to come out there when she was sneaking in the barn waiting for him.  Some times she would play with herself waiting, sometimes Boonies would be out there and she would let him lick her pussy up to hold her over.  But I never thought of my brother as a raunchy kinda guy.  He did all kinds of things with her.  He fucked her in her mouth, her pussy and her ass.  She really liked his cock in her ass alot.  After about a week of watching them, I actually was getting turned on watching my brother fuck her nonstop.  I started playing with myself and making myself cum.  I was almost tempted to settle for one of the boys in town just so I can feel a cock inside of me.  Anyway, around this time, that was when Becca would just stay in the barn and of course Dwight would go back in the house just before everyone would get up and act like he just got out of bed.  Again, Becca would just stay there, this time I noticed, this is almost a daily routine for her.  She spends almost every night fucking the cum out of my brothers cock and then fucks my dog.  And my dog apparently loves her pussy right after my brother cums inside of her, because he licks it right out of her each time.  Like he's on que each day.  I have to wonder who she wants to be with more, Dwight or the dog.

This particular morning, not only did the dog come back to her, but I started to hear someone walking in and quickly moved to hide.  There was my mom and I just knew she was going to go crazy when she saw what was going on at this moment with Becca and Boonie.  I couldn't wait to see what came of this, but at the same time felt bad because I didn't think that mom should see such a thing...............

more to come.

Wild Animals

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My part time job at the chimp labs was keeping me from being horny in some ways but in another way it made it worse. I now really thought of my hairy friends almost al the time. I needed to have them and looked forward to everyone leaving the labs so I could have them.

An opening came that was from 11PM till 8AM and I took it so that as soon as the 2nd shift person left I could lock up and begin my fun. I first had to check the cages and make sure they all had water and food. One night I had gone in and the 2nd shift person told me they had a new chimp. He was mostly untrained and to keep an eye on him. He liked to piss on you if you got close and so one had to make sure he was not ready to when you went to him. Don left and I went to the chimp room and there he was in a corner c

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age. He was huge for a chimp and to me older and more mature. He had a huge chimp cock hanging between his legs and something between my legs began stirring, I was wet already.

Well, I secured the building and then stripped off my clothes keeping work smocks near if I needed to dress quickly. I went to a couple of my friends and had a little fun and got well fucked. All the time the new chimp sat quietly and watched me, never letting me move out of his sight. I was dripping chimp cum from my lovers and went to his cage. His name was Jacko and he just sat there watching me as I came and put food in his tray and water in his bowl. He never moved just watched me. I decided he was not as bad as I was told and began to relax some and saw that his cock was semi erect and he just sat there watching me. "Like what you see?" I asked him. He still did not move. I began swaying in front of him my tits moving wih my movements. "You do like it don't you?" I said teasing him and without knowing getting closer. I was now two of so feet from the cage and he was still sitting there but since I was playing with myself and getting close to an orgasm I did not see he was now closer to the cage bars. Suddenly my orgasm overtook me and I was squirting on the floor and my mind was lost. I was hit from behind hard and thrown against the cage and my body was held there. A hairy body was against mine holding me to the cage. Suddenly his scream filled my ears since he was right there and his hands wee grabbing and pulling my tits and pushing me harder against the cage. IT was a scream of victory that he gave having made me think he was calm, now he had me in his control and there was nothing I could do.

I managed to turn to face him when he let up some and then his face seemed to me filled with hate, as if he was going to take out his rage on me for something some other person had done. He hit me in the stomach and the air left me and he screamed again as I fell to the floor. He reached down and pulled me up by my breasts and pushed me against the cage again and again hit me, this time in the chest and my tit he hit me in felt like it would explode. Then his teeth were biting my tits, first one then the other. Hard biting as if to eat me and not have sex. He drew blood from both tits and kept biting as if he got excited with the taste of my blood. I was on the floor again on my back, my legs apart and for not reason I felt I was about to be jumped on till I was dead. His hot breath was on my neck and if he were to bite me hard there I could loose a lot of blood and bleed to death I knew. He was biting but not as hard now and I somehow managed to reach down and take his cock in my hand. He stopped moving and looked at me and I began talking to him. "Wanna fuck me? You do don't you. YOU just need some pussy don't you?" I was massaging his cock now and it grew. MY hand now could not fit around it and he was moving over me easier and then I found that he was in the perfect place for me to take him into me. I guided him to the entrance and slipped him in and moved my hips up takeing some in. He looked at me and pushed his cock in, deeper and deeper until it sank all the way into me. I began ,making the sounds I had heard the female chimps make when they were geting a good fucking and my new lover responded by pounding in and out of me hard and deep. He was at it for a long time filling me several times with his cum. Even when he was finished he did not take his cock out but laid there and I could not move.

I woke to the sound of people in the building and my name being called out. "Teresa, where the hell are you?" I looked up and I was in a cage, locked in, naked and bruised, chimp cum dripping from my pussy, bite marks all over my tits and dryed blod from there in the bites. Jacko could not be seen but I was in his cage. He was not. The staff came in, 5 or 6 men and women and saw me there. I pretended to be still unconscious. I had looked over and my smock was all over the place, torn to shreds as if I had been attacked and it was torn off to get to me. I guess Jacko had done that in his anger too. One of the women got a blanket to cover me and help me out. There was a swollen mark on my right cheek where Jacko had hit me and I acted a lot more hurt than I was. Sudenly Jacko came from somewhere and began attacking them and they stunned him and he fell to the floor. I acted glad but was feeling something inside to see my lover, even though he was really rough and see him on the floor then his cage. He looked at me as they took me out to EMS and I made up a great report to cover my ass. I had thought Jacko was hurt and went in his cage and then he attacked me.

After the week off to recover I came back in and was shown new cameras to protect against any other situtations happening. That all but shut down my chimp sex. One night I came in and relieved Joyce and she acted very unusual. "Teresa, can I ask you something, just between you and I?" "Sure" I told her. "I have a feeling that Jacko did not rape you." "You what?" I asked shocked. "In fact, I know he didn't." "What makes you say sonething like that?" I said still shocked. "Well, how do you think your smock was ripped up, Jacko protecting you?" She smiled and I knew now that she had come in and had protected me from getting caught. In fact she had good control over Jacko and took him away to arrange the scene. She dropped her smok bottoms and cum was drippin from her pussy, "You aren't the only one that needs some hot primal sex." She came to me and began undressing me kissing the marks still healing all over my body. We were in the dressing rooms and then there were three chimps, all watching us. "Come on guys, time to take care of the staff." Soon the five of us were a tangle of human female and chimp male bodies and together. I felt cock in my ass and pussy and a human tongue there after. I had a wonderful pussy over my face dripping with chimp cum for me to eat. Joyce stayed through my shift and we spect most of the night in one form of sex or another, but we were both naked all night.

THen she went to Jacko's cage, "Come on boy, time to give momma a good fucking." she went in and laid down and he climbed onto her and filled her up. After a nice long fuck she moved over and told me to come in. Jacko kissed my tits sweetly and sank his nice cock into me also and drove home the hard head all the way in. He fucked me twice both times filling me.

Joyce locked the cages and led me to the break room. She had disabled the cameras and so we had lots of time to enjoy each other. We 69'd to get all the chimp cum out of us then showered and sat later naked kissing and talking of how much we both liked the sex we had at the lab. "Beats the hell out of a man anytime." she laughed. "Sure as fuck does" I told he rand we began kissing again. Joyce and I were later scheduled to work together and enjoyed lots of fucking, with and without the chimps.



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We have had 2 great dane's one 2 years old and a 3 year old befor this happend both males dogs

It all started one night we went to a swingers party it wasnt are frist time there and we all ways drank and had fun that night. After a few games of naked twister we decited to call it a early night kids was gone so we had a friend drop up off home both of us to drunk to drive and we was both horney as hell we was licking and sucking eathouther all the way home (about a 15 min drive) when we got in he took the dogs out and i went to the beed room to put something sexy on i heard him come in and told him to find a good porn and would be down there in just a few min

i found a new pair of thongs i just got went

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to put them on i fell and lande on my knees and befor i could get up i felt a toung on my hot wet pussy at frist i thought it was my hubby then i relized it was not a hume  i turned to look and seen it was the young of my dogs and befor i hade a chance to move or say anything he mounted me and started pokeing my leg then i tryed o pull a way but i could'nt he was to strong he finley hit his mark and i felt his dick pound in my pussy his was huge he started to fuck me faster and harder it felt amazing he was streching my pussyi started to scream in pleasur then i felt this ball hiting the outside of my pussy all of a sudden i popped in it hurt like hell he keep pumping and the paine went away and i keep cuming i was cumming even harder now i could feel his dick and knott growing inside me i tought he was going to rip me into then all of a sudden i felt his hot cum spray my insides and that made me cum again when he was done he laid there on my back till i felt the knot go down then thats when i seen my hubby watching i started to expain and he told me to stop that he got even more turned on watching and asked me about the older dog that it was not fair for one but not the outher

this was my frist one i will be another

Britany, Linda, Maverick And Me

hornylisa on Animal Stories

                                                  Britany, Linda, Maverick And Me

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"Times New Roman">   Britany and I chatted everyday trying to find a day we could get together again. Finally a week later my son was going to spend a week with my parents. I took a day off work and headed for her house as soon as my husband left, we would have all day to enjoy ourselves.

   I pulled into the drive and Britany came running from the stable and threw her arms around me pressing her lips to mine. “I’ve missed you so much.” She said between kisses.

   “I missed you too sweetie.” I said as my eyes traveled over her firm body. I leaned down and took her hard nipple in my mouth. She moaned as I licked and sucked the tiny nub. I heard something behind her and gasped when I saw a cute black girl standing nude in the stable door. Britany looked over her shoulder then smiled at me saying. “This is Linda, I told her about us and she wants to play too. I hope you don’t mind.”

   I looked at Linda and was taken by her beauty, her small breasts capped by hard nipples and her small patch of pubic hair made my mouth water. I smiled at Linda and asked. “How old are you sweetie?”

   She looked down at her feet and said. “I’m twelve, but I’ll be thirteen in a couple of months.”

   My pussy twitched and I swear I could feel my juice running down my thigh, I was wearing a short skirt a halter top and nothing else. We walked into the stable and the girls quickly removed the few clothes I was wearing. I moaned as I felt a hot mouth on each of my nipples and Linda’s small hand slide over my clit as Britany ran her fingers down the crack of my ass. I had been here less than five minutes and I was about to have my first orgasm. Linda dropped to her knees in front of me and I shivered as I felt her young tongue slide over my clit. Then I noticed Britany was on her knees behind me and was sliding her tongue into my ass as she held my cheeks apart. That was all I could stand and I pulled Linda’s face tight against my pussy and screamed as I flooded her mouth with my fluid. “OH FUCK GIRLS I’M CUMMING!!! YOU TWO ARE AMAZING!! YES BRITANY LICK MY ASS! OH BABY IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

   I felt my legs buckling and collapsed onto the blankets they had spread on the floor. I lay there moaning and shaking as they kept up the assault on my body. I finally had to make them stop before I lost my mind. I looked at Linda; she was lovely with my pussy juice smeared all over her coffee colored skin. The girls were lying on either side of me then Britany leaned over and kissed Linda licking my juices from her young friends face. As I lay there watching their tongues wrestle back and forth I slid a hand down their stomachs and slipped a finger into two very wet and tight pussies. They both moaned and I pushed them onto their backs side by side. What a beautiful sight laid in front of me, two beautiful girls both very different, Linda with her dark skin and hair and Britany with her blonde hair and light skin. My mouth was watering as I fingered them both; I wanted to eat them but which one first. I groaned as I buried my face in Britany’s wet crotch. I slid my tongue into her tight hole scooping out as much of her sweet nectar as I could. Then I moved my face into Linda’s crotch and licked her hard clit, it had been years since I had licked a twelve year old pussy and I was enjoying every minute of it. I looked up and saw Britany and Linda kissing passionately as Britany squeezed and pinched Linda’s nipples. I felt Linda’s hips moving, grinding her pussy against my mouth, and her breathing was getting rapid and shallow. I knew she was going to cum and it was going to be earth shattering. She had her fingers in my hair pulling me tighter then her little butt lifted off the floor and she squealed and covered my face with her preteen nectar. “OOOOOOH YES! I’M CUMMING! EAT ME LISA! PLEASE DON’T STOP!”

   As she collapsed on the floor I moved back to Britany and licked along her little slit. I pulled her puffy lips apart so I could get deeper inside her. She moaned as I licked up to her clit and sucked it hard. I slid a finger into my wet pussy making sure it was wet and slick, then I pressed it against her puckered ass and I felt her shiver as it slid in easily. I moved my finger slowly in and out of her tight ass; I could feel it gripping me as her orgasm approached. I gently nipped her clit with my teeth causing her to scream as her orgasm shook her body. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LISA! OH GAWD I’M CUMMING SO HARD! YOU’RE SO AMAZING!”

   We all lay there catching our breath when I heard Maverick snorting and pawing the floor. I looked over and saw his hard giant cock jerking; I guess the scent of three wet pussies was having an effect on him. I smiled at Britany and said. “Poor Maverick is gonna have to get some relief or he’s liable to explode.”

    We all laughed then she crawled over to him and started rubbing his huge cock. She smiled and said. “Come here I have an idea.” Linda and I moved to where she was then she said. “Linda you get on this side Lisa on the other and we can all lick it at the same time.”

   We started licking his huge cock and I could feel his heart beating through it. Suddenly a strange desire hit me; I wanted to feel him inside me. I wasn’t sure I could even get him in me, but I had seen pictures and videos of women being filled with horse cock and damn it I wanted to try it. I looked at Britany, her mouth stretched tight around his cock, and said. “I want him to fuck me.”

   They both looked at me like I had lost my mind. Then Linda said. “Oh my god, will it fit? He’s so big, won’t it tear you apart?”

   “I don’t know if it will fit or not but I want it so bad.”

   A large smile came over Britany’s face and she said. “Oh yea I want to see his big cock in you. That will be so hot to see your pussy stretched around his big cock. How do you want to do it?”

   “I’ll bend over and you can put it in.” I said as I swallowed hard trying to get my heart out of my throat. I moved beside Maverick and bent over placing my hands on my knees. Britany moved me back till I felt his huge cock pressed against my wet pussy. I took a deep breath and thought ‘well it’s now or never’ Then I leaned back and felt my pussy lips spread and his cock fill me.

   Maverick started to fidget so Britany grabbed his halter and stroked his head trying to calm him. Linda was helping me keep my balance as I moved back sliding more of this huge horse cock into me. I started sliding back and forth taking a little more with each stroke. I was moaning as he was hitting places no cock had reached before. I slid back and felt him hit bottom and screamed. “OH FUCK I’VE NEVER BEEN SO FULL! OH YEEESSSS! I LUV IT!” I rocked back and forth taking a foot of his cock at a time. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe how it felt.  I was screaming and panting as one orgasm after another washed over me. Then I felt him get harder and he snorted as his cock jerked and flooded my pussy with what felt like a gallon of hot cum. “OH BRITANY, HE’S CUMMING! HE’S SHOOTING IN ME! OH SHIT I’M CUMMING!! YES, YES, OH YES!”

   Linda held me up as Maverick filled me with cum and my own orgasm made my knees weak. Finally when he finished shooting his cock deflated and slid from my pussy followed by the mixture of our cum. Britany quickly put her mouth on my pussy and started sucking his cum from me. I collapsed as my legs gave out and I felt Linda’s mouth join Britany’s as they cleaned me up.

   When I regained my senses the girls had finished with me and were now locked in a passionate 69. It was an awesome sight seeing Linda’s dark body on top of Britany and each girl was driving their tongues into the other’s pussy trying desperately to make the other girl cum. I watched as they ground their pussies against their faces then moaned as their bodies convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

   As the girls lay there holding each other and kissing gently, I crawled to them and we shared a hot three way French kiss. We lay there holding on to each other and decided we needed a break. Linda and I ran to the pool and dove in splashing around while Britany went inside and brought us a cold soda and a snack. We lay on the deck soaking up the sunshine then Britany asked. “What does it feel like to uh you know get fucked?”

   She blushed bright red and I had to laugh, we had just had passionate sex and she watched a horse fuck me but she was embarrassed to say fuck. I lifted her face and said. “Its wonderful sweetie to feel a hard cock sliding in and out of your pussy is the greatest feeling in the world.”

   “I would like to do it but I don’t like any boys enough to let them.”

   “Yea boys are so stupid.” Linda added.

   I smiled at them both and said. “You don’t need a boy to fuck you. If you really want to know what its like I can show you.”

   Britany had a puzzled look on her face when she said. “I don’t understand. How can you show us?”

   “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” I said as I almost ran to my car. I couldn’t believe it was gonna be this easy to get them to let me fuck their virgin pussies. I grabbed the seven inch dildo I had bought before my first trip here and put the straps around my waist and each leg. Then I grabbed the tube of lube and walked back to the girls. Their eyes were as big as saucers when they saw me standing in front of them sliding my hand up and down ‘my cock’.

   “Ok who wants to be first to get her little pussy stretched?” I laughed as I moved my hips making my cock bounce up and down.

   “I’m not sure I want to.” Linda said.

   “That’s ok sweetie you don’t have to.” I smiled at her as I said it then I looked at Britany and said. “How about you? Do you want me to fuck your sweet pussy?”

    I knew she was scared but she laid back and said. “Oh yes Lisa, I want you to be the first person to fuck me.”

   I kissed her sliding my tongue in her mouth as a slipped a finger in her pussy making sure she was still wet. She was not only wet she was dripping; she really did want me to fuck her. I climbed between her legs and squirted lube on the dildo then ran my hand over it making sure it was well coated. Then I rubbed some on her pussy, I wanted her first fuck to be as pleasant as possible. Linda moved up beside us so she could see better. Then I slid the head of the dildo up and down her slit and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I knew she didn’t have a cherry, anyone who has been around girls and horses knows that most girls rip their hymen while riding, but I thought it still might hurt. I looked into her eyes and said. “Are you sure you want this?”

  She smiled and said. “Yes Lisa I want you to fuck me.” As she said it her hands gripped my hips pulling me to her forcing half of the dildo into her pussy. She groaned as I pulled back then slid back in pushing another inch into her.

   “Are you all right?” I asked as I slowly moved back and forth.

   “Oh yes I’m better than all right, it feels amazing. Give me more, I want to feel it all in me.”

   I started fucking her with a slow steady rhythm pushing deeper with each stroke until I had all seven inches buried in her. “Ok baby you have it all. Now get ready because I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

   I leaned down and kissed her as I started fucking her harder. She moaned and hugged me tight as my hips drove my plastic cock deep into her wet pussy. Her hips were bucking wildly and I knew she would cum soon as I fucked her as hard as I could.


   I looked at Linda, she had two fingers in her pussy and she was rubbing her clit with her other hand. She was moaning loudly as she watched me fuck her friend. Britany moaned as I pulled the dildo from her. I grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her knees then slid my dildo back into her waiting pussy from behind. I knew I was going deeper in this position. As I fucked her doggie style I wet my finger and slipped it up her tight ass. I could feel her ass gripping my finger and I could feel the dildo sliding in and out of her.

   “OH YES SHOVE YOU FINGER IN MY ASS! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM! FUCK ME MOMMIE! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!!! DON’T STOP! OH PLEASE DON’T STOP! OH LISA I LOVE YOU!” Britany screamed as she had the biggest orgasm of her young life.

   I heard Linda groan and looked over to see her hips shaking and pussy juice squirt from her twelve year old pussy. Then she collapsed on the deck her chest rising and falling rapidly as she fought to catch her breath. Britany and I fell into a pile and I held her tight with the dildo still buried deep in her and my body shivered with pride knowing I had made Britany’s first fuck one she would never forget.

   “That was amazing, thank you Lisa.”

   “You don’t need to thank me. Believe me I loved every second of it.”

    “Linda you should try this, it’s amazing.”

   “I want to but not today my pussy is so sore I can’t touch it.”

   It was getting late and I knew I’d have to leave soon but I was still horny and I kissed Britany then said. “Sweetie I want you to fuck me now. Will you do that for me?”

   “I’d love to, but I’m not sure I know how.”

   “Trust me once you start fucking me your hips will move on their own.”

   I quickly unstrapped the dildo and fastened it around her small hips; she was so beautiful standing there with a seven inch cock sticking out from her small body. I handed Linda the lube and she rubbed it all over Britany’s cock then she started to rub it on my pussy but I said. “Not there, rub it on my ass.”

   Their eyes were wide as they realized I wanted Britany to fuck my ass. Linda’s small fingers started rubbing the lube on my puckered hole then she slipped one then two fingers in me. I moaned as I felt her sliding them in and out. I looked over my shoulder and said. “Ok Britany put it in but go slow till I tell you to speed up.”

   I shivered as Linda lined the dildo up with my ass and Britany slowly pushed forward sliding her cock up my ass. She kept pushing till she had it all the way in then she started sliding back out. I was in heaven with this fifteen year old girl fucking my ass. She was fucking me with a slow steady rhythm and I looked back to see her and Linda kissing passionately.

   “Ok sweetie fuck me faster. Let me feel you really fuck me.”

    She grabbed my ass with her hands and started slamming into me as hard as she could. Linda lay on her back and sucked my nipple into her mouth and gently nibbled it. I couldn’t take much of this and I screamed. “FUCK ME BABY! BITE MY NIPPLE! OH MAKE ME CUM! MAKE MOMMIE CUM! OH FUCK YES I LOVE MY TWO GIRLS!”

  My body shook and I could feel my pussy contract and squirt my juice all over Britany’s leg. I fell to my side causing the dildo to slip out of my ass with a pop. We fell into a pile and lay there kissing and hugging. I looked at my watch and saw it was . I had to get home so I’d be there when my son got home and I knew Britany’s mom would be home soon. We all dressed and I kissed the girls goodbye. Britany handed me the dildo but I told her to keep it she and Linda might find a use for it. We laughed and they smiled and waved as I headed for home but I knew I’d see my girls again.


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All Over Red Rover

Peter_Pan on Animal Stories

Author’s Note:


    In the past, Peter_Pan has steadfastly refused to encroach on the subject of bestiality. It is a genre I personally find without any sexual merit, implicitly droll as well as being completely demeaning to the female fraternity.


Read More
yle="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; text-align: justify;" class="MsoPlainText">Â Â Â Â Having said that however, a chance conversation with a young lady this week and I stress, she is a teenage girl of impeccable pedigree and diligence, fully catalysed my thoughts on this arguably sordid topic. Her experience, recounted with neither regret nor embarrassment fully shocked me, but at the same time opened my eyes to the possibility that such an eventuality, whilst hardly a domestic ritual may perhaps occur with a greater frequency than we are led to believe.


    This is Sophie’s story.




    Like millions of young girls worldwide, the last thing Sophie felt like doing was getting out of bed – let alone going to school. Bed was safety, comfort, warmth – the surrogate womb if you will. It was a place to dream of growing-up, of future romance and of late, somewhere to caress her developing body with not a little TLC. At fifteen now, masturbation had become as frequent an event in her life as flossing those pretty teeth.


    If there is anything measurably sexier than a cute young schoolgirl first thing in the morning winging her way to the bathroom just moments after she’s woken up, I can’t immediately nominate it. Tousled hair flopping across her shoulders as she rubs the sleep from her eyes. Youthful figure barely concealed by that semi-transparent nightdress that seems to cling to everything it shouldn’t. And remember, I have three daughters!


    For at least two years, Homer, a huge Labrador of mixed parentage but who Sophie loved with a passion, had slept at the foot of her bed. With the onset of winter a deal was struck between them and Homer was granted leave to snuggle up on the bed with her. She never had need of a hot water bottle let’s say.


    The morning in question, she had dragged herself out of bed and was standing near the full-length mirror wondering if Debbie, her older sister, was yet out of the shower. Her eyes strayed to the reflected surface and as she caught sight of her own image, she stared at the lithe schoolgirl whose young breasts were clearly visible through her nightwear. A hot flush coursed through her as she lowered her eyes momentarily, almost ashamed to have even noticed such an eventuality.


    The girl in the mirror smiled back at her and with slow deliberation gradually raised the hem of her nightdress, revealing a pair of dainty floral panties. Sophie watched fascinated as her virtual doppelganger began to gently rub the front of those girlish briefs, her camel-toe now clearly visible.


   To what extent the reflected apparition may have influenced Sophie’s fingered progress that morning is a moot point. Right that second Homer, perhaps drawn by the girl’s visual sexual activity, maybe latching-on to the female scent...padded across to his mistress and thrust one very moist, if not intrigued nose well up between her legs.


   Fully shocked out of her reverie, Sophie tried to push him away but found him determined in the extreme to further his quest for knowledge.


  “No Homer,” she cried out, as the dog’s tongue flicked her panties centrally. “Get back on the bed!” Reluctantly the dog clambered back up on the coverlet.


   Several times in the past Homer had nosed her somewhat intimately she recalled, never though had he been as determined to intrude upon her maidenly charms as just moments before. She could not though discount the effect his tongue had wrought simply with that one exploratory lap.


    Grabbing her school stuff she walked to the bathroom and finding it empty, went in, showered and dressed. Her hand wanted to perpetuate its earlier mirrored activities – beneath the hot water especially, but she was already running fifteen minutes late and could not afford the luxury of any further digital stopovers. Besides, sitting on the school bus with a wet pussy was not conducive to the educational process – leastways not as far as the school curriculum was concerned.


    It was a normal school-day in the upshot. Two spot tests no-one was expecting, a detention for painting her nails in class and one of the all-time boring lectures on the moral decay of modern society. The day descended into farce late afternoon when, for the fourth time that month, the class jerk Daniel Cramer, asked if she would go out with him the coming Saturday. Another hour of that lecture would be preferable she decided.


    Getting into her mom’s car parked across the way on Carmino Drive, all she was thinking about was whether or not they were still going to Oscar Blue’s for dinner as had been mooted the previous evening.


     As luck would have it – they did and thus following a sumptuous repast and a sip or two of her father’s wine when he excused himself to go to the washroom, Sophie was feeling rather more back on track. She had quite forgotten the earlier Homer incident as she hastened to her room to complete some minor homework tasks.


    Homer evidently had not and as the girl seated herself at her desk, he sidled across and began nuzzling her in areas that might be described as ‘indiscreet” let’s say.


    “What’s wrong with you Homer?” she cried out. “You’re behaving like Daniel Cramer,” she giggled at the sudden image her words threw up, pushing the dog away meanwhile. He sat there looking up at his young mistress soulfully.


    She was finding it hard to concentrate on her schoolwork suddenly, probably due to the multiple indecent thoughts crowding-in upon her. She had to admit to a certain curiosity. Whilst the tongued eccentricities of her beloved pet were hardly the virginal pursuits of a young lady, she could not deny the momentary arousal his unwarranted attentions had bequeathed her that morning.


    Quite without thought for the consequences, she stood up, then making sure her bedroom door was closed, slipped out of her school-dress and clad in just her matching white bra and panties, seated herself on the edge of the bed. She felt deliciously sexy and tentatively holding her small bra outwards, admired the developing contents of both cups, the color rising in her cheeks as she gazed at the noticeably extended condition of either nipple.


    Subconsciously her hands slipped down between her legs. It was so warm and inviting there.


    Homer obviously thought he was invited!


    Padding over to Sophie, he nosed his way between the girl’s thighs. This time she did not push him away but lay back on the coverlet, legs apart and with the delineation of her vaginal mound clearly visible through her panties. Daniel Cramer would assuredly not have needed a “Beginners Sex for Dummies” manual, Homer though was rather more cautious, ever mindful of his earlier reprimands.


   At the precise moment Homer’s nose made direct contact with the front of her discernibly moist cotton briefs, Sophie let out a muffled cry. Every instinct told her this was way wrong by anyone’s standards – but there again, where was the ref?


    As Homer’s tongue lapped at those barely covered virginal lips that first time, Sophie sighed, closed her eyes and spread herself even more indecently. She hadn’t yet realized it, but such movement opened up a gap between her upper thigh and that delectable little pussy itself. Homer liked gaps.


    The next tongued exploratory flicked its way inland, guided one assumes, by the scent of female arousal.


    Simply the sensation of a hot tongue parting her pubic hair as it made its way to the de-fortified campus yonder, had Sophie gasping and clutching at her lower extremities with something approaching desperation. Another lap and she was a convert.


   “Oh God Homer” she murmured to no-one in particular. “You are making me soo hot!” She raised her arms above her head and allowed him then the total freedom to lick her wherever he so desired.


    As the pleasure factor increased, the young girl became less inhibited and by the time Homer’s tenth lick had by accident, almost penetrated her labial fortress she was cruising on hi-octane.


    Reaching down with what one might describe as foolish determination, she held her panties to one side. Homer needed no further encouragement and able to directly lap now the object of his affections as it were, his tongue separated her entire vaginal slit in its quest to extricate that which his taste-buds sought so eagerly.


    Sophie could no longer lay still and she found she had no control over her hips either. The more Homer lapped at the promised land, the more she found herself thrusting upwards in pleasured response. Naturally her clitoral nub bore the brunt of her pet’s tongued incursions and it came to pass – sooner rather than later – that courtesy of a few million highly active nerve-endings, she found herself on the edge of an orgasmic cliff-top. It was fun falling off!


    Homer cocked his ears as his mistress slid to the floor, making little noises he had never heard in his life. She definitely didn’t seem angry!


    Breathless but still in control of her faculties, her mind was a maelstrom of emotions. Guilt, pleasure, arousal, embarrassment all figured prominently. As she sat there gazing at Homer not four feet away, she felt an overpowering urge to perpetuate the moment. Reaching behind her, she had the clasp of the bra unhooked in seconds and disengaging herself from its confines she sat upright fully topless, her proud breasts displayed in their full tempting glory. Kneeling now, she ran her hands across both nipples causing herself to shiver with expectancy.


  “Come here Homer,” she whispered, arms at her side, back arched provocatively.


   Obediently the dog approached his mistress.


   Whether or not her nakedness was an influencing factor or simply that his canine senses latched on to the milky smell of her breasts is a moot point. Certainly they were the nearest point of contact so far as his moist nose was concerned. He nuzzled her cleavage before licking her right breast enthusiastically.


    Sophie felt a hot flush snaking its way south. “Good boy!” she murmured holding the dog’s head to her chest as she arched her back even more prominently. Homer sensed her compliance and began lapping both breasts with little finesse but considerable zeal. Rapidly losing her grip on normality, the girl began to whimper as Homer’s tongue performed a therapeutic service she had never thought possible. She could feel his saliva running down her breasts and her inhibitions had receded to the point her body was starting to take control of the situation.


    Hastily slipping her panties off, she extricated herself from Homer’s attentions just long enough to regain the coverlet where she lay sprawled on her back, her legs draped off the side of the bed and sufficiently wide that Homer’s procreative instincts were guided by the visuals as much as the overpowering scent.


    Straddling the teenager, his crude humping actions brought Sophie momentarily back to reality. Glancing down past her breasts that Homer was still lapping at eagerly she could see his glistening sheath working its way between her legs as the dog, locked now into his pre-programmed state was becoming agitated in its attempts to penetrate his quarry. She sensed something pressing hard against her pussy. It felt huge.


   Panicking suddenly, she tried to push Homer off but he was in no mood for rejection and pinned her to the coverlet, growling now and by far the stronger of the two. She thought of calling out, but how might she explain the situation to anyone? Lying naked on her bed about to be raped when she was supposed to be doing her homework? Yeah right!


   Like most young girls she had thought of how it might be losing her virginity...but to a dog? At the same time some part of her wanted this, no matter how it hurt. Maybe if she didn’t fight him the discomfort would be lessened?


   Deftly, she reached down and took a hold of Homer’s engorged sheath from which something was clearly disengaging itself.



To be continued……  Â

(c) Peter_Pan 2007

"The Complete Harper Valley"">

style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; text-align: justify;" class="MsoPlainText">

Visit also "The World of Peter_Pan"">

style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; text-align: justify;" class="MsoPlainText">


Dogs best friend...

goodbare on Animal Stories

The new neigbor, a single woman who I would learn was named Marie, had been moved in about a week. I had only seen her a couple of times but thought she was kind of attractive. She was early to mid thirties, about five and a half feet tall, shoulder length brown hair and an average figure....curves in the right places but nothing outstanding.

I was upstairs, on the second floor of my home, puttering around in the spare room. It had a window on the end of the house facing Maries house. I had just entered the room, without turning on any lights to take a quick look as I searched for a book I wanted to read. The spare room served as my storage bin as well.

My attention was drawn to Maries downstairs room on the backside of her house. There was a light on in the room, illuminati
Read More
ng it enough to me to see what was going on. Marie was sitting on the edge of her bed with her pet dog, a cockerspaniel, sitting in front of her on the floor. As I was watching, Marie pulled her dress up and spread her legs wide apart. Her dog raised up onto its feet and moved to between her legs...its head deep between her thighs. Marie leaned back on her elbows as the dog remained with its head between her legs. She pulled her dress up higher exposing the dog licking her pantiliess pussy being licked by her dog.

After a minute or so, during which her dog didn't take a break licking her pussy, Marie stood up and removed her dress letting it slide off her onto the floor. She laid back down on the bed and I watched as she patted the mattress, obviously beckoning her dog up onto the bed. The dog immediately jumped up onto the bed and resumed its eating of her pussy.

Marie made it easy for him, placing some pillows under her hips to elevate her pussy for him. As he continued to lick her she would occasionally lift her hips. I could see her facial expressions and he was obviously doing a good job.

After several minutes she again patted the bed and spoke to him, apparently beckoning him to move up to the area beside her upper body. He again responded as she wished and left his place between her legs and moved up to her side. I began to think that they had done this before and was a known routine for them. As the spaniel stood next to her side, she began to gently pet it....eventually cupping his balls and cock in one hand and caressing them. His cock began to come out of its sheath and she gently guided him to where she wanted him.....with his head again between her legs and his cock hanging directly over her mouth.

I now had a hard-on of my own as I watched her stroke and fondle the lucky dogs growing cock, and hanging balls. As he resumed his servicing her pussy, she began to lick his shaft as well.....and eventually took the head of it into her mouth by taking hold of it and aiming it directly down into her open mouth and outstretched tongue.

The lucky dog received a full two minutes of Marie sliding his cock in and out of her mouth before she stopped and got down on the floor on all the classic "doggy fuck' position. Apparently her dog had not caught on to this trick yet. She tried for nearly ten minutes to get him to mount her in this position....and also laid flat on her back and tried to guide him into her but to no avail. He just didn't want anything to do with mounting her. It was after watching this that I got the idea of being a matchmaker for my giant schnauzer, Patton, and the new neighbor.

Trisha's Encounter

CC99 on Animal Stories

Trish was always a bit on the crazy side, which was probably why I was not overly surprised when she started pushing the envelope, so to speak, when sharing our fantasies. Perhaps it was to see how far I would go to the extreme side of the erotic...or maybe just sheer, lusty curiosity. It was one of these nights that I discovered something deeper within her...a sexuality I had never known. It was an unusual night as it seemed for several hours we had been deep in sexual discussion...building fantasies together...kissing, touching, groping. We were sitting on the carpeted floor, against the sofa, with Brock - our large, young dane, lying nearby. She pulled from my mouth for a moment, catching her breath with a teasing smirk. She stretched out a bare leg, sliding her foot toward's Broc

Read More
k's belly as she watched my eyes, laughing at me as she saw me lick my drying lips. Rubbing her large toe beneath his rib cage, she kissed me.

"C'mon....admit it. You want me to."

I laughed, acting as if I didn't know what she was talking about, yet recalling all too easily the times before when she had played with him. "I think it's you that needs to admit you want to."

She bit her lower lip, glancing down as she let her toe glide under his huge sheath, causing him to whimper and roll to his side. "Maybe...maybe I do." She the pink begin to show, her blue eyes flaming over. "It seems so naughty," she turned back to me, her eyes intent on mine, "yet so erotic with you."

I swallowed hard, having a difficult time admitting how much this was arousing me, seeing his member swell against her soft foot. She caught my gaze again, kissing me briefly. "Remember when I got him all hard and jacked him off?" she reached down between my thighs to feel how hard I was becoming as well. I nodded. "When he came all over my hands...." she teasingly tsktsk'd me, "...I saw how turned on you got."

I nodded, breathing hard as she kissed me again. She lifted her shirt to brush her erect nipples against me. We both glanced down at her foot. Brock raised a leg, exposing most of his engorged cock and ample balls. 'Ohgawd' she moaned, looking back at me. She a hand down her smooth leg, sliding closer to the panting animal until her hand found his hot shaft...her other hand wrapped around mine. She kissed me again, smiling with a lusty laugh "Oh gorgeous cocks to play with." I gasped as I felt her lips brush down my body to swallow me, the warmth of her mouth sucking down every inch in one inhale. Like she had with me so many times before, she began pumping Brock's still growing cock...her sucking almost making me cum. She pulled her mouth from me, a breathy gasp escaped her throat as she caught her breath. She turned her attention to our other lover, prompting him to stand. Brock panted like crazy, his torso heaving as he stood before her, his legs her mercy. She pulled my hand, kissing my ear. "Are you okay with me sucking his cock?" I swallowed again, finally nodding. "I want you close by as I do.." she whispered. I touched her hands as the held his huge, dripping cock...she kissed the end lightly, catching a drop and moaning. I thought Brock would collapse as she slowly took him into her warm mouth. She completely caught me by surprise when she turned to kiss me...his salty warmth on her tongue. She groaned so deeply it seemed to vibrate through my body....

Trish couldn't seem to pull her mouth from him...engulfing him deeper with each suck. I slid my hand down her back, over the shapely curve her soft ass to feel how wet she had become. Her lips...swollen...parted...sucking my finger between them before finding how hard her clit was. Her body shuddered against my touch...Brock's flesh slipping from her mouth momentarily as his juices ran from her mouth. He moved against her hand as she stroked him, again sucking him down. She pulled from him, turning frantically to me and grabbing my shoulders with want in her eyes I had only occasionally seen. "Gawd baby I want him to fuck" lost in her need she lay over the couch, raising her buttocks, parting her legs....I was unsure. She looked back over her shoulder, biting her lower lip. "I want him inside me..." My heart pounding, I guided Brock to her, prompting his front legs around her waist. As his pulsating member toucher her warm skin his hips reacted, thrusting against her...his cock shooting a stream of his cum up her spin. He whimpered deeper, frantically thrusting....until I could no longer hold back and guided him inside her. Trish gasped as all of him sunk inside her...her fists clenched the sofa...her small body being pounded against the material as Brock fucked her with total abandon. She turned to me, her hot eyes glazed over with a pleading look at my throbbing cock. She pushed back at him, her dripping pussy sucking his cock down deep when all of the sudden he pulled away....seeming to move in circles as his straining shaft continued cumming...

"Fuck me" I moved behind her, my rock hardness sliding easily into her cum filled pussy. She turned slightly, wrapping her arms around Brock to pull him closer until again he found the pleasure of her mouth swallowing him. I could feel her fingers frantically moving on her clit as she took my cock, and sucked down his. As her body shuddered out of control my body emptied inside her until the insides of her thighs glistened with our cum...

Our hearts pounding in our chest...our minds reeling with what had happened, we both slumped down into each others arms...

Banged by Buster 2/2

pasego on Animal Stories

   The next morning was Sunday and Bri bounced out of bed, naked tits bobbing as she raced for the bathroom. She wanted to get a fresh start on the day. After all, she thought, it was bound to end dirty. In the shower she rubbed soap up and down her body, circling her breasts and pinching the erect nipples. She moaned softly and one hand trailed its way to her swollen clit. She only flicked it once, but it was enough to send her to the edge of orgasm. Even though she wanted to be there so bad, something told her she should wait, that prolonging her pleasure would lead to an even bigger reward.

   Pouting a little, she hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. Buster was outside doing his business  in the yard and Bri watched him from her window. L

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ittle did Buster know the plans she had for today. Bri threw on a nightie and went downstairs to bring her MUCH beloved dog in.

"Buster! Come in Buster and you'll get a treat!" Buster turned around and trotted back to the house, giving her his usual doggie grin. When safely behind closed doors, Bri stripped off her nightie. The musk of her aching, dripping pussy caught his attention right away, and Buster made a bee line to her, tongue lolling out of his head.

"Uh Oh," she thought. She had meant to lead Buster upstairs for more deranged animal fucking, but it appeared he wanted to start right here in the living room. Her indecision soon left her as Buster's tongue found her clit and started to swirl around it. She sank down onto the couch, her pussy lips bulged out at perfect level. Buster was licking her furiously now, his tongue twirled and dug into her cunt hole, going so hard it hurt a little.

   Finally able to take it no more, she pulled his head back up to her clit and held him there as he willingly started up on that area again. Bri felt the now familiar heat start up in her clit and start to spread throughout her body. She shuddered and pushed the dog's head even further into her, his nose was now literally buried in her cunt. Bri came, bucking hard and shouting Buster's name over and over again.

   Buster, seeing that this was now a routine, stood up and looked at her expectanly, his pink and black speckled cock already hard. Bri obediently got on her knees, but to Buster's surprise she leaned over and took his penis in her mouth. She was instantly surprised by how big it was. She knew that it had been a tight fit in her pussy, but for some reason it felt even bigger in her virgin mouth. He tasted like some sort of salt, and Bri found she didn't mind this at all. As for Buster, he was whining deep in his throat and looking down at his mistress with a mixture of confusion and lust in his eyes.

   Quickly she licked his pole up and down, wanting it as wet as possible for her last hole. Bri figured she was already going to hell for sure, so why not enjoy this to the fullest? She wanted to feel Buster's hot smooth cock in her virgin ass hole, and she wanted it NOW. She stopped tounging him and got back on her knees, this time with her elbows on the seat of the couch. She stuck her ass in the air and tried to make her puckered opening the most available one for Buster. Buster hopped on and started humping her furiously, but only succeeded in finding her dripping pussy. He rammed into her and she moaned.

  "Oh Buster, Buster! Fuck me you naughty dog! Fuck me hard Buster, ohhhhhhhh!!!"

  Bri and Buster both could have continued in this wonderful position for quite some time, but Bri finally remembered her original goal. She pushed Buster off the best she could, and he popped out of her with a wet squelching sound. He looked very annoyed about his delayed pleasure. Bri kissed him on the nose and whispered "Don't worry, I'll be right back."

   She ran up to her bathroom and grabbed her favorite brush. It had a short handle that was rubber with ridges all down the sides. She had always thought it felt nice to hold in her hand, but now she had an even better idea for it. She ran back downstairs to a panting Buster and went to her original position knealing in front of the couch. Before Buster could remount, she shoved the brush handle into her hole. It wasn't quite as big as Buster's cock, but the ridges tickled her insides and hit her G-spot in a really nice way.

   She savored the feeling for a minute, then beckoned Buster over with one hand. He jumped back on his mistress and started to pound away. He tried to find her hole, but it was now blocked by some object. Buster quickly made use of her tighter one, and Bri tried to relax as she felt him pound at her tiny butt hole. Finally he got the head of his dick in and Bri let out a quiet scream as it burst past her spinchter. She couldn't believe this, her dog was actually fucking her asshole! She had gone from an innocent little girl into a teenager with a brush handle in her cunt and a dog in her poop hole.

   Buster had now managed to push half his length in, and Bri was in a new kind of pain. It suddenly occurred to her that this would be even worse when the knot grew. She thought about making Buster get off, but when he pushed his remaining length in and started to slowly hump her back, she knew she was in it for the long haul.

   The pain in her ass was incredible, every stroke of Buster's penis brought a small cry from Bri's lips. You need to forget about the pain and focus on the pleasure, she told herself. She reached down with one hand and began to pump the hair brush in and out of her pussy. It felt incredible and she continued to fuck herself silly, matching the pace Buster now had in her bleeding asshole. There was still some pain, but now Bri mostly relished in the pleasure of feeling so filled. She took her other hand and found her aching clit. Slowly she circled it with one finger while Buster panted in her ear. It was too much for her and Bri started shouting unintelligbly. "Oh, oh, god, oh, fuck... me..., oh jesus, oh... fuck... Buster...cock...ass...fuck...shit...ohhhhh!

  Bri exploded into an enormous orgasm, not even minding the way Buster's cock had grown painfully inside her. She felt his cum soak her inner walls and moaned at the fruitless end. It was crazy, but she knew that after this she could never like a human guy again. Her fantasies would all involve one black and pink speckled cock and one very large tongue. And oh yeah... a special hairbrush!  

So concludes Bri's story. All feedback is appreciated!

Me, Pam and Max part 2

kyrocketscientist on Animal Stories


To recap what has happened so far, I was an over the road  truck driver who happened upon a stranded 23 year old perverted, collage drop-out on her way home. She had a German Sheppard dog named Max. I was able to watch her give her dog a big blow job and then as she was sucking his cock I got to eat her 23 year old pussy. After checking into a motel and having a bite to eat, she ended a perfect day by sucking the chrome off my knob. Oh yes, she tried to stick her hand up my ass. She couldn’t but promised to do something about that latter.

The next morning I was up and did my bathroom things and as I came back to the bedroom, Pam was laying there. She slept in the nude and she held her arms up to me. She said “come here you old fart of a pervert”

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. Didn’t have to tell me twice. I went to the bed and she said, “you eat pussy damn good, and your cum taste pretty good also. Let’s see what you can do with that cock”? I saw that hairy beautiful pussy and just could not believe this was happening to me. A 60 year old truck driver from Ky.

She put her arms around  me and gave me a juicy kiss. As she was kissing me I could feel her hand going for my cock. I know she was checking it out. Yes, it was hard. As she stopped with the kiss she started moving down in the bed. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. I knew where she was headed. Sure enough she put those 23 year old lips around my 6 inch dick. Wow, could she suck a dick. I really felt jealous of that dog that seemed to get all the suckin he wanted.

She just sucked long enough to get me to leaking  so I could slide up her little (I was hopping little) pussy. She was on top and she just slide right down my pole. She was so little in size, I could put my hands around her waist and move her around any where I wanted . Yes, she was tight. As she looked in my eyes, that little cunt squeezed  tighter on my dick and, Oh what a feeling. She was damn proud of herself. She could move faster than my 60 year old body and I could tell that she was actually going to cum on my dick. She was giving it hell and then just stiffen. She held it for a few seconds, smiled at me and started again.

They say that the young dicks can go 20 minutes without cumming, well it takes us old farts 20 minutes to cum. I think she came 3 times before I shot my load up that tight little pussy. She smiled and said “alright you old fucker”. We will do that again sometime. She got off and said everyone has got to be happy. You ready to see some good fucking? Not that you weren’t any good, but Max needs a little. All this sexual aroma is making him horny. Please go to the bathroom and get a towel. There is going to be a mess.

She rolled over onto her knees. She smacked her ass and said “come on Max”. He was just like me, you didn’t have to tell him twice. He was on that bed and had his nose in her ass and his tongue was going from her asshole to her clit. Hell, I could have done that. I started to think, hell that was my cum he is licking up. I’m sure she was adding some of her own, but I guess the dog would lick anybodies cum. She started moaning and she dropped her head to the bed. Max was still licking and I could see his cock was out and dripping. She said “alright Max”. That dog knows his commands. He was on her back and started stabbing at her rear.

After a few misses, he finally hit pay dirt. She let out an AHHHHH. She didn’t say that when I went in. His ass was in overdrive. He was pounding that monster cock into that hot little tight pussy that I had just gotten out of. It was a site to behold. I think I saw drool coming out of her mouth. His ass was giving her hell when all of a sudden he quit moving and Pam gave out another AHHHHH. His knot was in her. He didn’t  have long strokes on the way out, but he slammed into her hard on the way in. Every time he slammed, she screamed. I thought he had to be close. He seamed to have stopped pumping. Pam was just giving a low constant moan. I knew they would be like this until his knot became smaller. After about 15 minutes I could hear the plop as he came out. Damn, It looked like the dam burst. Their was cum gushing everywhere. I now know why she couldn’t swallow the cum fast enough when she was sucking his cock. He must have a fire hose. The towel did catch it all, and she took a short break.

I thought if I only had a movie camera! She finely  got up and went to the shower. I yelled  to find out if she wanted to go to breakfast. She said yes.

She dressed and with a smile on both our faces we went to the same restaurant we had eaten at the night before. We got a booth and the same waitress as the night before brought us coffee and menus.

She said “you people must be staying at the motel. I saw you in here last night”. What can I get you? I ordered an omelet and Pam had a fruit plate with yogurt. I thought ‘what the fuck. Is that how she stays so small?’ The waitress brought our food and we quietly ate our breakfast. As we finished and were just drinking coffee and we were the only customers in the place, the waitress came over to talk. She would never have done that with some old truck driver, but I guess Pam had something to do with it.

She told us she owned the place and it was just about to go under. I thought the food was pretty good but still there were no customers. We chit chatted awhile and she went back to cleaning the counter.

A few minutes latter a rough and gruffly looking man came in and went straight for the register. I wondered if we were being robbed. Just then the waitress came running out of the kitchen and yelled,” NO Patrick”. You can’t have the money. He opened the drawer and was taking the money and the girl was pulling on his arm when he gave her a shove, called her a bitch, and was out the door. She had fallen down and we went to her as she was getting up. She was starting to sob. As Pam put her arm around her, they walked to the ladies room. I guessed that was my signal to but out and leave them alone. I went and poured another cup of coffee. After a few minutes they both came out and came to the booth. The girl was still crying, and Pam still had her arm around her.

Pam said that the girls name was Tess. The boy that was here was here boy friend and he was a mean son-of-bitch by the name of Robert. He was all the time taking money from the register and going to the bar. He didn’t have a job and it looked like this is where all of Tess’s money was going. Pam also said that Tess’s money for the meat delivery today was in the register and Robert got it. She said that this is just about the last straw. She can’t stay open any longer and she hates it. She had been there for over 2 years and everything she had was tied up in her restaurant. She keep crying. One of the hard parts was that she had been living with Robert in his house that his parents had left him. She had no where to go and she hated the prick.


As Pam still had her arm around Tess, she told her we were in a motel room and was headed west to go to her parents house and were in no hurry. Tess would more that be welcome to stay with us until she got her affairs in order and could ride with us if she was headed west. Hell she could even stay with Pam at her parents house until she decided what she wanted to do next with her life. It looked like Tess was having trouble deciding on what to do. Pam said that we should go to the room before Robert came back and we could talk. Tess shook her head yes.

When we arrived in the room I sat on the sofa and Tess sat beside me as Pam went to the bath room. When she came out she sat on the bed. We talked for a long time. We found out Robert was using Tess for sex, the money, and was punching her quite frequently.

Tess found out the story about me and Pam. We didn’t talk of Max, but told her we had just met 2 days ago and was having great sex. We didn’t care if we ever left this place. You could tell Tess was rather shocked.

Tess looked to be in her mid to upper 30’s. Medium long brown hair, nice set of tits, about 5’8”, not fat but not slim, and a little meat on her ass. All in all, she looked pretty damn good.

As a great silence came over the room, no one was saying a thing. Finally Pam got up and walked over to us setting on the sofa and told me to get up. I did not know where she was going with this but she seemed to know what she was doing. As I stood up she reached for my zipper. Damn again I thought I knew what she was going to do. I was right, she got Jasper and pulled him out, shook him at Tess and began to  lather my rope. I was doing some UMMMMing and AHHHHHing and Pam was running all I had down her throat. Tess was watching it all. There was nothing getting by her. As Pam would groan I thought I heard Tess give a little groan also. I got to where my eye balls were disappearing up into my head and could take it no longer. I gave a big shout, grabbed her head, and started dumping my load. Pam had her arms around me ass and just held on. I could hear and feel her humming. Tess was watching and hearing also.

Finally Pam let go and turned toward Tess with that shit eatin grin on her face. As she moved closer to Tess she began humming again and blowing bubbles with my cum. Tess moved ever so slightly toward Pam, and then DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, Pam grabbed Tess around the neck and gave her a big sloppy kiss. They were both moaning very loudly. I couldn’t believe it. They were passing my cum from mouth to mouth, and seemed to love it. There hands were all over each other and there legs were intertwining. I thought seeing Pam suck a dog dick and then fuck a dog dick was the hottest thing ever but I was wrong. This 60 year old dick that just filled Pam’s mouth with cum was hard again.

They finally slowed down and came up for air and took a few deep breaths. Tess was the first to talk. She thought she might stay awhile with us and she had to go to the shower and finish what Pam had started. Pam told he she didn’t have to shower. Tess said she did. That bastard Robert had fucked her  this morning just before she was going to work and she had not had the time to clean herself. She could feel the cum running into her panties all morning.

I looked into Pam’s eyes and could see her devilish plan. I waited just a moment and went to Tess and put my arms around her and gave her a big bear hug. As I held her so  she couldn’t move, Pam had her jeans unfasten, hooked her panties and was pulling them off. As soon as they were off I  could smell the odor. It smelled like she had not cleaned her cunt in 2 weeks. Pam glanced at me, and I knew she smelled it also. There was that shit eatin grin and she dived into that smelly pussy. I had a hold of Tess and she was thrashing about like she was trying to get away. It was not long before I thought she was not trying very hard. She was yelling though.

Pam had her arms around Tess’s legs and her tongue must have been doing it’s thing. Tess’s ass was bouncing up and down and Pam’s mouth was hanging on tight. There was some foul language coming from Tess’s mouth and finally she put here hands on Pam’s head and pushed her away. MOTHER FUCK, that was good. Again there was that shit eatin grin. The smell in the room was so ripe that Max was stirring around. He knew there was some fucking going on.

Tess made a sniffing sound and said she was going to the shower now. Pam told her that would be OK and she would go to help her. They both smiled and went to the shower. I could hear the water running and I could hear some laughing. It would get quite and then there came that moaning sound. Then more laughing, quite and more moaning.

They were in the shower more that long enough to wash their bodies 3 times. When they came out, they looked exhausted. They both plopped on our king size bed, hugged, kissed and I think they took a nap

I took a walk outside to look around and give the girls a chance to rest. When I got back they both had on clothes and were gabbing up a storm. Pam looked at me with that shit eatin grin and told me they needed me for some plans they had for Robert. I was getting excited.

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Jag Chapter 6

rreeves on Animal Stories

Just a little note from me.  I am not the original writer of this story.  I found it a few years ago on a now gone website, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  If the original author finds it here, please just know how good I thought your work was


Chapter Six

When Mac finally regained consciousness, after the Ram's savage fucking, she found herself bound and spread-eagled on an altar. From her lightheadedness, she quickly came to the realization that the table was angled head down towards the ground.

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mal">As her senses returned to her, she could feel something cold being inserted into her gaping pussy and enlarging at her from inside. When she lifted her head to look up at where her pussy was and saw one of the apprentices of the congregation using an ornate bulb to her pussy. She could see a tube stretching to a plug like device that was fitted inside her cuntlips.

That's when she knew that the bulb was inflating the plug so that it would become locked inside of her. she couldn't figure out the reason behind this, but she was finding the device was arousing her all over again.

Then one of the many women of the Wiccan congregation approached her labia and tweaked Mac's clit, causing her to yelp at her touch. The woman then inserted Mac's clit into a cup like attachment of the plug that was now locked inside her vagina.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Mac gasped as her excitement kept mounting.

"We are preparing for communion," CPO Merker informed her.

"Com... communion?" Mac had a confused look on her face.

She gaped at her surroundings and could see that the remainder of the congregation were seated around the altar, still naked. Each of them holding a silver cup. The JAG Colonel found this intriguing and wondered what the cups was for.

As she tried to regain all of her senses still, she followed the woman that had inserted her clit in the plug device in her pussy just moments before.

"I accept the gift of our Lord," she said as she filled her cup from a tap on the plug.

That's when Mac came to the realization that the communion was the milky white cum of the Ram and her own juices within. The plug was an ingenious design. It was sucking the Ram's cum out of her overflowing pussy, and add a portion of her own cum whenever the tap was turned.

As her eyes followed the apprentice to the first of the seated congregation, she gasped aloud when she saw her swallow the milky white combination. Then the next would get up and repeat the process on her. This went on until everybody in the congregation had received communion.

"Accept this offering from our Lord and his Mate," CPO Merker would declare before giving out each share.

The Mate referred to was of course Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie.

"I thank our Lord and his Mate," was the response from each member of the congregation once their cup was filled with the whitish fluid.

Then the girl returned and sucked out the last remaining offering from Mac's pussy and presented her mouth as a final offering to Mac. For a moment, Mac was reluctant to place her lips to the Ram- jism filled mouth, but then she recalled all that she had already done with the beast. She wanted this final offering from her bestial lover.

Mac was so intoxicated by what went on this evening that she eagerly frenchkissed the beautiful woman eagerly to the chanting of the congregation around them.

Once each of them had drunk Mac's and the Ram's offering, the altar was leveled and Mac was released. For the first time she had a chance to examine the straps that had been used to tie her to it and saw how soft and comfortable they were. She realized that they were not intended to hold her prisoner, but rather to hold her in place on the altar when it was tilted head down.

'I... I don't believe what I did today,' she thought to herself. 'I can't believe what I'm thinking of now.'

Ever since she experienced the Ram's virile cock in her mouth and pussy, Mac had begun fantasizing about doing it again. Not with this Ram obviously, but she did adopt a drug sniffing dog recently. And he was always sniffing around her panties when she took them off.

'I wonder if Jingo would like a shot at my pussy?' She wondered. 'I wonder how big his cock is? I never checked him out before. God! I can't believe I'm thinking like this.'


Curious Teen boy

hawk_en on Animal Stories


Hi my name is pete. I am 17 years old 6ft and orite looking i geuss. I wanna tell you what happen to me last summer.

 I needed some poket money and my mum kept nagging me to get a job. Couple of days went by and i farted bout the house not really helping out much. My mum came in one day and sed "Mr Pearson up the road has a job for you go and see him now lazy child." I was really bored so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ive never really met Mr Pearson b4 and was slightly nervous. Anyways i ran up to his big house and rang the doorbell. When he opened the door a great big german shepard leaped out and scared the fuck outta me. It was barking like crazy. Pearson just laughed then said "here boy" i wasnt too sure who he was talking too. B

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ut the dog calmed down a bit and sat next to Pearson wagging his tail. "Your Alice's boy ey sorry bout Max hes been a little energetic lately if you no what i mean." I replied cauitosly "emm its ok sir im here about a job? Yeah my mum sent me." P "yes she told me come in boy" I followed him into his bloody antique house loads of crap looked real old. felt like id stepped back in time. I followed him down the hallway and into the kitchen the first thing i noticed was the big Cage in the corner with a padlock it seemed almost scary.

Pearson "well you see boy i need you to give this place a bit of a tidy up and throw some of the junk out and look after Max while im away this weekend. Now dont you dare throw a party or have any funny ideas theres lots of valuble items in this house and besides Max wont like it." It seemed very strange the way Max the fucking dog had his own opion? wtf crazy old timer. "Course sir, how much will i get paid?" Pearson "ahh you cheeky bugger well ill pay u well ill talk to your mother if u do a good job ill pay u more. you hear?" quickly replied "Yes Sir" i thought to my self this will b a doddle.

 That weekend i headed over to the Pearson house with my best friend Lucy who i had a mad crush on at the time. She ran about the house laughing at all the junk while i got to tidy up crap. When id finished dusting the kliving room i went into the Kitchen to get some polish. To my amazement Max was in the scary cage eyes peircing at me with huge concentration it freaked me out a little. i thought he must want outta the cage well i didt have the key to the padlock so i just polised away. Lucy left after she got bored and i was left to feed Max. The phone rang it was Pearson he told me the key to the cage was in the knife draw. So i got some food and water and let max out. He walked around as if he owned the place and laped up his food and water like a king. I left him to it and crashed out in the living room watching bloody black and white TV i could hardly belveive it.

I woke to the most perculier sensation my cock felt all hot and sweaty something was moving round it silthering and ozzing onto it. It felt quite good and i started to think of Lucy Stripping her perfect perky tits and such a flat chest. I have this image of her in her swimming costume from last summer when i saw her then i had the biggest erection in my shorts i had to hide in the pool to cool off. After a while of enjoying the feel of an almost tentecle moving up and down my shaft i look down to see MAX looking back up at me with that weird concentration i freaked and fell onto the floor. "how the fuck did u get in my pants u mut!" He didnt like being called mut i could tell by the way he growled and slowly moved towards me as i was fumbling to pull my shorts and boxers up. I was so scared i froze and as he came forward i fell back he stood over me as if i was his bitch prize or something and just starred me in the eyes. i was so scared i thought he was gonna maul my face off. i layed there with my shorts around my knees and my boxers up around my now limp cock. Max opened his mouth i thought he was gonna bite me then he licked my face quite atentively my heart went from racing to a fast jog i just lay the for a sec unsure of wat to do this crazy dog licking my face. he layed down ontop of me he was very hot and began gently nipping my neck. it hurt a bit and i tried to make him stop. THEN i he started thrusting his hips. I cudnt belive i realised he wanted to fuck me. the thought actually got me slightly aroused but i cudnt belive i turned around onto my side trying to get up. but bloody german shepards are quite heavy and he started to growl and bite me harder. i ended up on my chest in the press up position trying to get up but as i tried harder he would bite harder so i gave up. i was laying there shorts around my knees with a dog trying to hump me. the thought started to get me hard but i cudnt. as i lay there for a sec i hopded he would get bored. Then i heard a knock at the door i didnt no wether to scream for help or just lay there to save my embarrasement. then i heard a voice saying hello it was Lucy omg fuck fuck fuck what do i do. As i tried in one more last attempt to do a big press up and role the fucking dog up just before i went to try i think max realised and he bite so hard into my neck i just stopped my attempt and screamed in pain. Lucy heard me and ran round the back. i heard her coming down the hall way i was so embaraased. I cudnt hear anything for a while. then i heard something. Lucy said oh my god are you ok.

Again i frooze and cudnt even manage to say anything. she came round to my face and said omg agen louder for fuck sake. she started laughing "your gettin humped by a dog ha ha ha." i told her to shut up and fucking get him off. but instead she gave me a look i had never seen before "lust" she took advantage of the situation i was later to learn she was into torture! she disspeared behind me and next thing i no she pulled down my boxers real quick. i gasped "wtf". i could feel maxs huge cock bouncing off my but cheeks as he kept thrusting away. "Lucy plzz stop fuck sake help me" she came round to me and sed "Pete i know uve allwas liked me" pulling her finger along my face "but im a very naughty girl "she giggled "i like to play with boys u c" at this point she put her hand down her pants i cudnt belive it it got me so hard. i found it hard to watch her rbbing herself as Max tried to move me into position. she slowly pulled down her shorts and was wearing some sexy red laced lingerie. she turned to me with a cheeky grin and lift and leg either side of my face. Right in front of my face she rubbed her pussy through her knickers. "do u want this Pete, well? if u do u got to be my bitch!" she turned from cute innocent sexy to strict mistress in that sentence i cudnt belive it this sint Lucy "while u lick me out Max here is gonna fuck you and your gona b mine and Max's little bitch."she got up and dissapeared behind me. I cudnt say much i cud hardly breathe with max ontop of me. But i could feel his cock gettin dangerously close to my but hole i realised Lucy was linnig it up. Then it hit the bulls eye just the tip it was moist and felt kinda nice and there was a milisecond pause then Max for the first time did a huge thrust his cock dived deep into me i gasped up for air and squeled a little. he continued to slowly fuck me. Then lucy came round and resumed her positong with her pussy millimeters from my face. "now my bitch i want you to anwser to me as Miss lusty as u lust for me so much" she giggled at her nastyness "now repeat after me 'i am Miss Lusty bitch and will do watever she says'" i stared at her for a second and the thought of being her bitch sent m e crazy my cock was pumping and the feel of an ouzy rod poking me was driving me crazy. I anwsered defeated "i am miss Lusty bitch and will do wat ever she says" She was took over by ectasy her pussy ran wet with desire it srated to drip down onto the floor infront of me she shimmed closer and pushed her pssy into my face and sed"now eat this bitch" i was so out of breathe it was hard but i licked it like a cat to milk i loved the taste and wanted more its wat i ahve wanted for well over 5 years.

Then all of a sudden i felt something bigger hit my bum hole it was Maxs ball it knocked against my hole looking fo entry i thought it wuold never fit or go in so i had no need to worry. Oh how wrong was i Max started to pant faster and it seemed he was comming very close to comming. this made lucy breathe faster and rub her delisousy pussy into my face. Then MAX really went for it and his ball burts into my ass i screamed but it was muffled by Lucys pussy as she seen the pain i was in she began to cum and scream in ectasy she started to shake vigoursly and juice squited violently into me face. Then i felt some hot cream start to enter my ass Max was cumming it was causing pain the was so much squirtin into me. I staarted to cum as i realised I WAS A BITCH.

I layed there for a moment then max walked off without a care as if i was a common slut. Then Lucy got up and put her shorts on and walked to the door and said see you tommotow bitch. I laided there echausted catching my breathe face dripping ass ozzing and cock still treackling. I was a hotty sticky bitch left to recover for tommorow.

My sister and the horses

mangoman on Animal Stories

I started my own business and my wife took a new job out of town. Maggie would come home on Friday night and leave on Sunday night. This left us horny all week.


Maggie was staying with her sister Bonnie and renting a room from her. Bonnie had been raising mini horses for many years. Since it was springtime on the farm there was a lot of breading going on. The stud horse “Jake” was in heaven as he got to fuck every day.

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pan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> 

Maggie and I were fucking doggy style one Saturday afternoon when she blurts out YES FUCK ME HARD JAKE. I say who the fuck is Jake? Mag said you know the horse at Bonnie. I ask her if she wanted the horse to fuck her and she said no but it turns me on to watch the horses breading. I then asked why she said fuck me hard Jake. Maggie said well I was thinking that I was the mare that he was fucking.


The next Thursday Maggie called and said that she had fallen on the cement steps and skinned her knees. When she got home I looked at her knees and it looked as if the skinned spots were more like rug burns. I got Maggie out of her clothes and was giving her a massage. I looked at her pussy lips and they were all puffy, swelled up and bruised looking. Mag would not let me get near her pussy all weekend. The thought of her fucking Jake the stud horse flooded my mind.


I was to go see Maggie the next weekend and help her with a project. I was to meet her on Saturday morning. I finished my contract on Wednesday so I thought I’d surprise Maggie and go see her early. I got to Bennie’s around 8:30 pm. I knocked on the door and got no answer. Maggie and Bennie’s cars were in the driveway.


I walked out back to the barn area and noticed that all the horses were in the barn.

I stepped up to the door and listened. I could hear Bonnie and Maggie talking. Bonnie said this is how I let Jake fuck me so my knees don’t get sore. I found a peek hole that I could look into and there was Bonnie on her back on a bale of hay with Jakes hard cock filling her cunt. Bonnie had her fingers in Maggie’s cunt and was thumbing her clit. Maggie said “I had that horse when I was young and I’d get so wet every time he dropped his cock, I wanted to have him fuck my but he was to big.” ”Jake fucked me three times last week and my pussy is so happy but my knees are so sore.” Bonnie started to rub her clit and came just as Jake filled her cunt with cum. They had a mare that was in heat next to Jakes pen, she pissed and Jake was ready to fuck again. Maggie got on her back and lay on the hay bales with her legs hanging over the edge. Jake put his feet up on the hay along side Maggie and Bonnie guided his cock into Maggie. My cock was so hard and ready to explode as I rubbed it.


 I wanted to go into the barn and join the party but I thought I’d play some games with Maggie.  I wondered if she would confess to fucking the horse, and what about Bonnie finger fucking her.  Jake fucked Maggie to two orgasms then he filled her cunt with his horse cum.


Jake got down and stood by the mare as she teased him. Bonnie squatted over Maggie and lowered her pussy onto her face. Maggie licked her pussy as Bonnie licked the cum out of Maggie’s pussy. Bonnie tried to fist fuck Maggie but she was to sore for that. Maggie said she could fist her latter. Bonnie said she wanted to be fisted so Maggie slipped her hand in her cunt. As she sucked her clit, That was more than I could take. I shot the second load of cum on the barn wall.


I left for about an hour then returned. The girls were surprised when I pulled up into the yard. We made small talk and I ask them to show me around the place. They said they would the next day. I badgered them enough that they gave in. We went into the barn and looked at the horses and Jake got excited and dropped his cock. I told Maggie look he wants to fuck you. She said well he does that when any body comes in the barn. I said well how many times have you came in the barn. I walked over to the stall that THEY HAD SET UP TO FUCK JAKE. I asked what the hay was for and why was there blankets on it like that. They said it was to let it dry. I then ask why were there hoof prints like that on it. They both started to stutter. 


I walked over to the mare in heat and she was winking her pussy and pissing. She wanted some horse cock. Mag and Bonnie said look she wants fucked. My cock was hard and Maggie grabbed it. She asked me if seeing her pussy winking turned me on. I said the proof if in your hand. Maggie dropped to her knees and took my cock out and started to suck it. I protested the best I could and said but, but, but what about Bonnie. Mag said I know you would love to have both of us suck you off.  With that Bonnie took the lead and moved Mag out of the way and took my cock in her mouth. Maggie took off her clothes and lay on the hay.


 Jake was going nuts and pawing the floor. Bonnie led me over to Maggie and I saw that her cunt was so swollen and puffy. Bonnie dropped to her knees and sucked Maggie’s pussy. She had her ass up in the air as I looked at her big fat puffy cunt. Maggie said go ahead and fuck her. Fuck her hard like Jake does.  I played dumb and said you mean Jake will fuck a women.  Maggie said yes but you fuck her first and fill her with your cum. I slipped my cock into her big pussy and fucked her as she ate Maggie. I spit on her ass hole and gave her a thumb job. Bonnie loved her ass played with and told me to put my cock in her ass.  It did not take long until I filled her ass with my cum. 


Maggie got up and brought Jake into the breeding pen. Bonnie was on her back and waiting for her horse cock. Maggie said this is why the hoof prints are on the blanket like that.  Bonnie took a-hold of Jakes cock and started it in to her pussy. I watched like I had never seen the show before. I was behind Maggie and had my cock in the crack of her ass as I played with her tits. Maggie was dripping wet. I whispered in her ear if she wanted to try him. She said maybe. I asked if that was why her pussy was so swollen and she moaned. I asked if Jakes cock fit into her and again I got no answer just a moan.


I bent my knees and brought the tip of my cock to her ass hole and she said no. I said you always say no that it will not fit. I said does the horse cock fit in your cunt and she said I don’t know. I pushed the head of my cock in her ass. Maggie whimpered, as her ass was very tight. I asked if it took a while to get used to Jakes cock and she gave me the I’m not going to answer that moan. I pushed into her ass farther, with more whimpering. Bonnie was going wild and getting slammed by Jake. I ask Mag if Jake fucked her hard like that. The same moan came. I pushed my cock all the way in her ass. I could feel her heart beat her ass was so tight. I did not have to move in her as her ass milked the cum from my cock.

I told her that I wanted to watch her fuck Jake again.  Maggie said what did you say? I gave her a moan for an answer. I told her that I had come to visit a while before I came to visit. Maggie and Bonnie both said so you saw everything and came back latter on. Maggie started to cry and sob that she was sorry for not telling the truth. I just said Just Fuck Jake. Maggie was on her back and had Jake in her so fast. She fucked like a wild slut.

Jake humped up and started to fill my lovers cunt with his cum.


That little mare had her tail up and was flashing her red-lipped pussy at me and her lube was oozing out of her.  Maggie went over to the pen and opened the gate. The mare had the right height pussy for my cock. Bonnie lifted her tail and Maggie put my cock in the opening.  The mare squatted and her pussy looked like it was going to eat my cock.

I pushed in and buried my cock in her horse cunt. I could not believe how tight and hot a horse cunt could be. Then again if my woman could fit Jakes cock in her, the mini horse would have a small cunt for a horse.


I fucked that mare for all I was worth. Maggie was on her knees and Bonnie was standing in front of her. Maggie had her fist in Bonnie cunt. I always had a thing for wanting to fist a woman. I filled the mare’s cunt with cum and pulled out of her. Her pussy was still winking so I lubed up my hand and shoved it in the mare’s cunt. I have very large fore arms so I only could get in her half way to my elbow.


Maggie puts her hand into Bonnie cunt then makes a fist. Her fist is bigger than the opening, so she can’t pull it out. Maggie loves to rape Bonnie that way. But that is another story.


Angie's Misbehavior (part five of series)

katiestriapach on Animal Stories

He had wanted to fuck her up against the same wall he had gotten to last time, but she wanted to keep him from making a garden of hickies across her chest again. She had been the one to suggest him doing her from behind.

“I’m gonna come,” he grunted.

“Don’t come in me. Do it on me.”

“Where at?”

“Just on the outside.”

He pulled out of her. She felt the head of his small dick rubbing against her pussy as he masturbated himself the rest of the way, then the warm ropes of come as they hit her. She grinned, but he couldn’t see it in the darkness.

Angie stood up straight and smoothed her skirt down, enjoying the feeling of the boy’s come smearing between
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her thighs, still dripping slowly downward. School would be out in just about forty-five minutes, and she’d head to Cara’s car again. It had been two weeks since she’d seen her. She had been suckered into going to her father’s family reunion the Friday before, so she didn’t get to see Cara and Joey. She couldn’t wait for Cara to discover what was between her legs today, though.

“Are you on something?” Robbie asked as he tucked his shirt in.


“Are you on the pill or something?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m on the pill.”

She had been taking the birth control pills her mother had forced her to get. She was being a good girl, where that was concerned.

Her last class of the day was art. She used every excuse possible to keep from having to sit down. She didn’t want anything to rub off onto her skirt. Near the end of class, she looked down and noticed that come had smeared as far as the inside of her knee, making a shiny, sticky streak that was visible from under her skirt. Making no effort to hide it, she just watched the clock. As soon as the second hand made its last tick toward three, she grabbed her backpack and bolted from the room.

Cara kissed her when she got in. It didn’t take her long to spy the come on Angie’s leg, and Angie knew when she had. Cara just tsk-tsked and shook her head.

“Where are we going?” Angie asked when they passed Cara’s house.

“You’ll see. I told you you’d get a real punishment, if I found you’d been fucking around again, didn’t I?”


“I arranged for it. I knew you’d test me.” Cara wore a big smirk on her face.

Now Angie was a little nervous. She couldn’t imagine what Cara had cooked up for a real punishment.

They pulled up in front of what Angie took to be a nightclub, at first. Cara got out and motioned impatiently to be followed.

“What’s the name of this place?” Angie asked.

“It’s called The Dome. You’ll see why when we get inside.”

The club was closed, empty, and dark. The ceiling was high – at least 18 feet – and shaped like a dome, complete with mosaic work to imitate stained glass. She stopped and turned in a circle until she could figure out what the mosaic was depicting. Her eyes widened, and she realized that the place certainly wasn’t your typical nightclub. The mosaic roughly formed the scene of a nude woman chained up spread-eagle, with a man in a mask holding a riding crop, ready to strike her with it.

“Uh, Cara? What kind of place is this?”

“It’s an S and M club, silly. Didn’t know it was here?”


“That’s okay. I didn’t know it was here, until Daniel told me about it.”

“Who’s Daniel?”

“He’s been coming to those pet-lovers meetings. You should attend another one sometime.”

“Yeah... So, who’s Daniel?”

“A friend. He works here as a Dom. He’s one of the guys I’ve been fucking to try to get pregnant. He’s a very nice specimen of male.” Cara winked at her.

A man exited a door somewhere at the back of the club, walking toward them. Cara smirked at his shower-damp hair and hooded eyes. “Hey, John, baby. You have fun today?”

He gave her a sleepy smile. Cara patted him on the shoulder, and his eyes roamed up and down Angie as he passed.

Angie blushed at his look. “That’s another nice specimen of male, as you put it,” she giggled when he was out of earshot. “You know him?”

“Sure do. He’s a sweet kid. Just, ah, ‘broke up’ with his Master. Wasn’t a very nice guy. So, Jonathan’s getting his fix from my friend here, for now.”

“Your friend that we’re going to meet?”

“Oh yes.”

Cara opened the same door in the back of the club that the man they had passed came through. It opened into a large room, colder than the front, with one wall covered by nothing but mirrors. The lights were a bit dim, but it was enough to see fine by. It smelled slightly of antiseptic cleaner. She saw a tall, muscular black man. A chair from the bar area sat behind him. Near his feet lay Joey, who leapt up and galloped toward Angie when he saw her.

“Angie,” Cara said, “this is Daniel. Daniel, this is Angie. She’s the one I told you about.”

Angie looked up – very up – at the man. He was at least a foot taller than she. “Hi,” she greeted him, smiling even more nervously.

“Nice to meet you, Angie,” he smiled back. “I heard you’ve been a bad little girl...” He laughed. It was a deep laugh, the kind that strikes fear into an audience when the movie’s villain chuckles. It invoked a similar tickle somewhere in Angie.

Joey was nudging under her skirt, licking at the drying come. She unsuccessfully tried to push his head away. Daniel grinned at the scene and looked to Cara.

“See, what did I tell you? She’s been getting some on the side.” Cara laughed and turned back to Angie, pointing to the back of the room. “There’s a shower through that door. Just wash the jizz off, though. And come back naked.”

Angie obeyed, hurriedly washing between her legs and drying herself with one of the towels stacked beside the sink. She held it in front of her body as she went back out, self conscious in front of the virtual stranger.

“Drop the towel,” Cara snapped at her.

Angie let it go and stepped over it, walking closer to them.

Cara stepped behind her and gently pulled the holder off her ponytail. “I want your hair loose. I have a gift for you, too...” She bent down and pulled something from her purse, a coil before she’d stretched it wide. A collar. She threaded it under Angie’s hair and buckled it at the front.

Angie heard an extra little ‘click’. She looked in the wall of mirrors. A tiny, silver, heart-shaped lock was securing the three-quarter-inch-wide black collar.

“I’m the only one with the key,” Cara told her, “and I don’t have it with me. You know what this collar means?”

Angie looked in the mirror again. It didn’t look half bad. She thought she looked strangely vulnerable. But she knew people would ask questions, the main ones being her parents. She decided to come up with something later to tell them, though.

Cara continued, “It means that you’re mine.” She put her lips to Angie’s ear, “You’re my little slut. And my dog’s bitch anytime he wants a go at your cunt.”

With a blush darkening on her cheeks, Angie nodded.

“I want her spanked, first off. Good and hard,” Cara told Daniel.

“Wait,” Angie shook her head, then spoke much more softly, “Only Cara spanks my pussy...”

Cara shrugged. “Okay, then.” She hooked her finger under Angie’s collar and pulled her along, over to the vacant chair. “Put your hands against the glass, spread your legs, and prop one foot up on the chair.”

A little awkwardly, Angie obeyed. She bent over, red hair slithering down on both sides of her neck, one foot raised higher and placed on the seat of the chair to expose her cunt. Cara shed her own clothes, down to only the slip of fabric that passed for panties. She tilted her head to look at the puffy mound that formed Angie’s pussy, its pronounced slit already glistening.

Cara ran a hand over the curve of her ass, then drew her hand back and slapped Angie’s pussy hard, making her cry out. She looked at her palm, already streaked with wetness.

“Again?” she asked.

“Mm, again!” Angie nodded her head.

Cara hit the girl’s pussy again, the contact with her slick flesh making a loud ‘crack!’ throughout the room. Angie fell forward a little, whimpering. Cara didn’t ask for more encouragement. She spanked Angie’s wet cunt until it was bright red, her clit swollen, shining like a ripe cherry.

“Stand up,” Cara told her.

She did so, wincing at the pressure closing her legs put on her pussy. She reached down, petting the stinging area as if she could soothe it.

“I have another little present for you...”

Angie looked up to find Cara holding a thin, hollow needle.

“Keep your hands at your sides,” Cara ordered as Angie realized what she was going to do. She licked the redhead’s pale pink nipples, making them stand plump and erect before pinching one and pushing the needle through the tender bit of flesh, making the girl whine and her eyes snap wide in pain. Cara slipped a shiny barbell through and proceeded to the other breast, doing the same to it.

“I didn’t think you’d mind a little permanent reminder of today.” Cara stroked the now pierced nipples gently with her fingertips. “Get down on your hands and knees,” she commanded again.

Angie lowered herself to the floor. Joey took it as an invitation, just as Cara knew he would. He immediately mounted her, humping his furry sheathed cock against her pussy until it began to peek out, the moist point of it poking around at the sore area. She flinched in pain, biting her lip. Cara reached between them, rubbing her hand back and forth on Joey’s cock until it was continuously dripping pre-come and erect enough to guide into her cunt. When it had slipped in, Cara stood back to watch.

She smirked and moaned quietly to herself at the sight of the mound of Angie’s bare pussy being split by her dog’s cock. She pushed her panties down and kicked them off, freeing her own pussy for her fingers.

“Goddamn,” Daniel grunted, standing beside Cara to watch the spectacle. He quickly skinned off his jeans and underwear, rubbing his growing cock. “Think she’d blow me?” he asked her.

“Oh yes, she will.” Cara circled around to Angie’s front with him.

He got on his knees in front of her, his cock curving up toward his belly till he pushed it down and against her lips. Angie turned her head away, mouth shut tight.

“Open your mouth, Angie,” Cara scolded her. Angie shook her head. Cara gave her a quick pop right on the mouth with her hand, shocking Angie into gasping, her mouth open. “The collar means you do what I say. I say you suck his cock. Now.”

Tears shined in Angie’s eyes, but she opened her mouth, running her tongue around the dark head of Daniel’s cock. She worked the slit with the tip of her tongue, making him grunt as he put a hand on the back of her head to pull her forward. She struggled a little, but looked up and found Cara giving her a glare of warning. She opened her mouth wider, letting him push inches of his thick cock into her mouth, stretching her lips wide. She felt the head of his cock nudging at the back of her throat.

“Take a deep breath, bitch,” he told her in a voice that was used to telling people exactly what to do and having them obey him. She got a breath of air into her lungs just as he jerked her head forward, forcing his cock down her throat.

From the side, Cara watched Angie’s neck spasm, swelling with the cock’s invasion. Angie struggled harder, trying to pull her head back, eyes watering so hard the tears dripped down her red face. She was making noises that made it obvious she was gagging. Cara nodded and Daniel pulled his cock completely out of her mouth. Angie hung her head down, gasping and chocking, until Daniel took her head in his hands and began face-fucking her again. He didn’t go back down her throat, but pumped his cock in her mouth until he was ready to come. When he did, he thrust harder, cock almost pushing all the way down, then spurting in her mouth, filling it with come.

“Swallow,” Cara commanded. She did, though with some difficulty, and a string of the white liquid crawled down her chin. Cara leaned down, holding Angie’s face still until she licked up the corner of the younger girl’s mouth, cleaning away the last of the come. She turned back to Daniel, “Get it hard again and you can have her cunt when he’s done.”

She turned back and asked, “Is Joey tied yet?” Angie shook her head. “Okay, then. Just enjoy the fucking till he’s done. Then we’ll continue.”

Angie was glad to hear this. She lowered her head and closed her eyes tight, mouth sore and her throat aching, concentrating only on Joey’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy, and his pre-come slowly running down her legs. She waited for what seemed like an eternity to feel his cock demanding entrance to her womb, but soon after that, it had pushed through and his knot was demanding a similar entrance to her abused cunt. She flinched every time it pressed harder against her opening, making the sore area even more painful. She was thankful that the inside of her pussy wasn’t sore yet as the end of his cock rubbed the full circumference of her cervix, giving her a delicious but slightly aching feeling deep within. She squeezed her pussy muscles around the animal’s slick cock, and when she released them, his knot popped inside. She gasped and groaned as it did. The knot pulled at her with his hard yanks outward.

She whimpered a chant of “Oh... Oh...” with hard gulps punctuating it when Joey began coming fully. She rocked herself back and forth a little with his humps as she felt her womb fill, then the length of her vagina around the bright red cock. She hoped he hadn’t been denied coming since she’d last let him fuck her, but she just knew that Cara had let it build up again. As the come stretched her womb, her abdomen swelled slowly. She reached down to rub her belly.

Cara appeared next to her suddenly, yelling at her, “No!” and reaching under her to jerk her hand away. She slapped her still searingly painful pussy, making her yelp in further pain. “Lean forward like I showed you.”

Angie leaned against the floor, shoulders touching the cold tile, her arms bent on either side of her head. She moaned softly as the dog continued humping and pulling at her, still emptying come into her body.

Minutes that seemed like hours passed before Joey was ready to wedge his knot from her pussy. It came out slowly, centimeters at a time, until it suddenly popped free. She whimpered in relief as the come was released, running down her belly and between her breasts. It pooled around her shoulders and chin where they touched the floor, soaking the last six inches of her hair where it lay in the puddle.

She only had a moment of peace before she felt a pair of rather large hands jerk her over onto her back, smearing the other side of her body, as well.

Cara was standing over her. “Her cunt’s still full of it because she hasn’t stood up yet. Look,” she bent over and pressed a hand flat on Angie’s abdomen, making more come run out of her and onto the floor. Angie groaned and Daniel laughed, positioning his cock at the entrance of her cunt, which was still aching from the dog’s knot being yanked out.

“This’ll feel better,” Cara promised, “it’ll be hitting your clit.” She sat down beside them, wetting her fingers in the come pooled on the floor and beginning to roll her own clit between her thumb and index finger.

Daniel thrust his cock into her hard, making her grunt. He kept thrusting, just as hard, until he met resistance.

Cara grinned when Angie’s body jerked. “Her cervix is wide open. Dog cocks are made to do that to bitches. Keep hitting it. Try to ram on through.”

Angie whimpered again, tensing her muscles for it. Daniel pulled out, just the head of his cock still in her, and thrust harder. She cried out, feeling the broad head slam into her. It was too broad to go all the way through, though. He thrust in and out of her, his cock grinding against her sore, swollen clit as he did so, and his fingers squeezed her slick ass cheeks, rough nails biting into them. She wrapped her legs around his waist, whimpering along with his thrusts as an orgasm began to building her belly. She came, the muscles inside her cunt gripping Daniel’s cock and making him slam harder into her as he came. He grunted again, spurting inside her, and finished just before she had a chance to come.

Cara lifted Angie’s head up, resting it on her folded legs, so that she could easily see her own pussy.

Angie looked up at her. “I thought we were done...”

“Oh no, not quite yet. Stay still and spread your legs open wider.” Cara turned her attention to Daniel, who was standing near her, his cock exhausted. “Get down between her legs. I want to see how far you can get a fist in her.”

Joey wandered over unbidden. He ducked his head down and began licking the come and juices off the mound of Angie’s pussy, dipping his tongue just into her slit every few licks. Angie’s hips tried to writhe as if they had a mind of their own.

Daniel smiled and kneeled between Angie’s open legs, slipping three fingers into her cunt with no effort. Four went in with just a little effort and massaging of the slick, pink hole. Her thighs were coated with a mixture of her arousal and Joey and Daniel’s come. His hand felt huge as his knuckles pushed in and out of her, his thumb scraping across her clit each time. He added his thumb into the thrusting and began to push harder, stretching her opening further. He and Cara were both pleasantly surprised when his hand almost disappeared inside Angie. She lay whimpering, face drawn, in Cara’s lap, watching herself being used. Daniel pulled his hand nearly out once more before thrusting in harder, her pussy now wrapped snugly around his wrist. With each push, he worked his hand in further, a fraction of an inch up his wrist at a time, until he couldn’t get it in any further. He continued pulling it out and pushing back in, savoring the slight swelling and shrinking of her pale belly as he did.

Cara smirked as the girl’s tongue peeked out to wet her lips. She reached out and began playing with one of Angie’s nipples, making her flinch. “A woman’s cunt can stretch to accept just about anything, Angie. Obviously, there’s childbirth. But larger things. It’s all a question of training and exercising the hole.”

Cara leaned further forward to massage Angie’s clit carefully, the already swollen button of flesh turning an even more vivid red with the attention. Joey licked Angie around Daniel’s hand, now licking high on the inside of her thighs. His cock was peeking out of his sheath again, and Angie realized they had been there playing with her body for hours. Cara’s breasts dangled over Angie’s face. After a moment of trying, her mouth finally found and held onto one of Cara’s nipples, making the woman gasp and she sucked and pressed on it with her tongue.

The rubbing Cara’s fingers were working at made Angie’s back begin to arch. Her own breath quickened again. She gasped as she came, her own juices and the remains of the come inside her dripping out around Daniel’s wrist, making it easier for him to fist her more quickly. As her orgasm died off, he pulled his hand out of her with a suctioning sound. She suddenly missed the feeling of being filled.

Cara turned Angie over onto her stomach in the mess on the floor, giving her a good coating again and smearing her face with it. She got to her own feet and left Angie in the middle of the thin puddle of come. “Do you think you’ve learned your lesson? That you’re never, ever to fuck without my permission again?”

Angie sat up, hands sliding in the cool body fluids. She nodded. “Yes, ma’am,” she admitted hoarsely.

“Good. While Daniel and I clean up, I have one more thing for you. Get on your hands and knees and let Joey mount your filthy cunt again. He should be just about done with you by the time we’re finished.”

Both turned and started toward the other end of the room. Angie asked, “Will I get to shower after you?”

“No. You’ll wait till we get home, to clean up.”

Angie started to panic, thinking that perhaps this would be the ultimate of Cara’s punishment, making her show herself to her parents like this. “But – I can’t go home like this! I’m covered in-”

“No, silly, my house.” Cara laughed. “Oh, and don’t worry, Joey won’t come nearly as much in you the second time. You can masturbate, too, if you like.” She disappeared into the bathroom.

Very reluctantly, Angie pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, reaching back with one hand to pat her bottom and tempt Joey into fucking her again. To her dismay, he trotted right up and mounted, stabbing at her pussy twice before sinking his cock in all the way to his knot. She felt the knot swell as he fucked her. it wasn’t as bad as she had feared it would be, seeing as how sore her cunt was, inside and out. It still hurt and burned the abused flesh, but there wasn’t as much friction with her cunt still stretched. She barely felt his cock penetrate her womb. His knot slipped inside her body easily. She lowered her shoulders to the floor, resting her cheek in the strange-smelling mess. Extending one hand, she carefully began to roll her clit between her fingers. At first contact with the nub, she gasped, pain jolting through her. When Joey came, she was relieved to find that Cara was telling her the truth. His come drained easily from her insides with Joey still humping away, drizzling down her stomach. She came quickly, gasping with her mouth wide open. She licked her lips and her tongue grazed the floor, collecting a bit of the cold come there. She licked again, purposefully gathering more.

She heard a laugh. It came from Cara. They had stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see her tongue flick out against the floor. “My sweet little whore...” Cara said, smiling at her.

Joey decided he had finished with her and got down, pulling his cock out and walking away to clean it. Angie tried to raise up, slipping in the come again and landing stomach-down in it once before managing to get to her feet. Daniel found a plastic bag for Cara to put Angie’s soiled clothes in as she wiped the redhead down with a towel and put a terrycloth robe on her, also courtesy of Daniel.

“Don’t worry about any of this. I’ll clean up the mess. This time.” Daniel followed them to Cara’s car, since it was far past dark.

Cara shooed Joey into the back seat and guided Angie into the passenger seat, clicking the seatbelt around her. Angie was half asleep, letting Cara arrange her where she pleased. Her hair, sticky and twisted into clumps, stayed tucked into the robe’s collar. She curled her legs onto the seat.

Daniel walked around to the driver’s side, talking to Cara as she got in. “You two are new to the life, I know. But you, Little Miss Domme, you have to take care of little miss sub. You collared her.”

“I know. Don’t you worry. She’ll be well cared for.” Cara winked and closed her door, driving off.

On the drive home, Angie drifted in and out of sleep. Cara got her into the house and walked her to the bathroom, then disappeared for a few minutes to put their clothes into the washer and feed Joey. She was wearing clean pajamas when she came back. Angie was still standing there obediently, though very nearly asleep. She swayed on her feet. Cara peeled the robe off her and put her into the shower for a while, soaping her down good and scrubbing every inch of her to remove the layers of come from her hair and slender body. She turned off the water when the younger girl was clean, taking a douche from the bathroom cabinet and inserting the tip into Angie, who startled as the cool water flooded her warm pussy. She watched the solution as it flowed down her legs, flushing much of the remnant of the come from her.

Cara turned on the bathtub faucet and guided Angie into it, the redhead perfectly compliant in her exhaustion. She gently soaped and washed her further, kissing her face and telling her how good she had been. She squeezed water from the washcloth over Angie’s newly pierced nipples, making her flinch again. Cara leaned over and carefully took the closest nipple into her mouth, tonguing it, then repeated on the other. One of her hands held the soft washcloth between Angie’s legs, very gently massaging her raw clit. Angie whimpered a little, then sighed, her breath quickening before she shuddered to her last orgasm of the night. Cara rinsed her nipples again before helping her over the edge of the tub, drying her body and rubbing the water out of her hair with a towel.

Cara rummaged through the drawer of her dresser until she found the little jar she was looking for. She kneeled in front of Angie and nudged her legs apart, dipping her fingers into the cream and massaging it into Angie’s pussy as far as her fingers could push inside.

“What’s that?” Angie asked, blinking sleepily.

“Tightening cream. Just in case. I like your pussy good and tight, for all sorts of different reasons.” Cara winked at her and gently kissed her pussy mound before standing up again.

She put Angie to bed, then climbed in beside her. Angie’s damp hair clung to her pale shoulders and back as she squirmed closer against Cara, resting her cheek against the other woman’s breast. One hand curled near her mouth, fingernails against her lips.

In the morning, Angie drifted back toward consciousness. She stretched her limbs and gave a silent, kittenish yawn. She looked up to see Cara looking back at her, smiling.

“Did you sleep well?” Cara asked.


“Good. So, did you enjoy last night? Despite the punishments?”

“Ohh, yes... Because of it. I wouldn’t have kept Robbie’s jizz on me, if I didn’t want you to see it.” Angie smiled coyly.

“Tsk-tsk. Do you remember the promise you made last night?”

Angie blushed. “Yes... I enjoyed last night, but I don’t want all that or worse all at once again.”

“Good girl.”

Angie arrived home later that afternoon. The second she stepped through the door, her mother spotted the collar she wore.

“What in the world is that thing around your neck?” Her mother raised one eyebrow disapprovingly.

“Oh... I bought it last night. When Karen and I ran out to the mall for a new blouse for her.”

“I don’t think that’s something you should be wearing all the time. It’s inappropriate. We’re about to go out for dinner-”

“Oh, good! I’m starving!”

“So, go take that thing off, and we’ll leave.”

“I can’t...”

“And why not?” Her mother tapped a foot on the entryway tile impatiently.

“I don’t have the key. I lost it somewhere at Karen’s.”

Her mother sighed long-sufferingly. “Fine. Go change your clothes. Hurry!”

Angie ran upstairs. She’d almost told her mother that her clothes had only just come out of the dryer, but decided she had pushed her luck enough for one day. She was glad to have a change to get to her room, though. Apparently, Cara had kept her panties.

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