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Chapter 2


I heard the clip of hooves on concrete before I opened my eyes. The sound of it made my heart stutter in my chest. Surely, they didn’t expect something else to fuck me again so soon?
I felt the hands slide out of my two orifices and breathed a sigh of relief. Then came the slow dribble of dog semen and male cum.
When something sniffed at me, I gathered up the energy to turn my head and look behind me. I think my eyes popped wide, nearly bugging out of my head, if the laughter was anything to go by.
Benjamin sto
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od over me, a long thick pole in one hand (literally, not metaphorically) and a chunk of rope in the other. On the end of the rope was a very large, very aroused boar.
“Holy shit!” The sight of that gaping mouth and the sharp incisors fuelled my energy levels from zero to rocket. I scrambled to my feet and leaped toward Ryan, trusting him to protect me from the beast.
Rhianna laughed her tinkle laugh and leaned down to stroke her hands over the wiry hair of the boar’s sides. He hunched his hips as she crouched and began to stroke his sheath firmly. “I’d like you to meet Dojo. He’s very friendly, and harmless unless you try to get between him and his sow during mating.”
 I took another step back, just in case. “Does he bite during…when he…”
Ben looked at me quietly, with those beautiful eyes that had held me fast even as he fucked me, and smiled. “We fasten a ‘bit’ in his mouth when he’s covering. It stops him from being able to close his mouth fully. But he isn’t for you today.”
I blinked. “He’s not?” Oh, thank God!
“No.” Something of the relief on my face must have shown through, because he grinned and cast those eyes on Ryan. “Ready to have your anal passage explored, Ry?”
My lover’s face blanched so quickly I thought he was about to pass out. I grabbed hold of his arm, ready to steady him if he went down. His eyes locked on the boar, and the long cock Rhianna was busy manhandling.
It was an interesting cock, I thought. About eighteen inches long, a deep pink in colour, and although the tip was as curly as the proverbial pig’s tail, it thickened considerably in the middle from the width of a finger to the width of several fingers.
This, I mused, could be very interesting.
“You want that…you want that to…to stick its cock up my ass?” Ryan’s voice was far from steady, and he was slowly turning a very nice shade of green.
“That’s the general idea.” Ben smirked.
Rhianna left the boar’s penis alone and moved to Ryan. “Benjamin, stop it. You’re scaring the poor boy. Now, Ryan, why don’t you come with us three girls, and we’ll get you ready for your server.”
He looked positively shell-shocked when Donna took his other arm and we led him back to where I’d been ‘prepared’ with Rhianna leading the way.
“He needs to be on his stomach,” Rhianna said smartly and moved away to glove up.
Donna and I helped Ryan lay down on the chair with little effort; it seemed coming face to face with the boar had stunned him into sheer complacency.
 “Now let’s have a look here.” Rhianna pulled the stool to where she wanted, angled the light down. “Rebecca, has Ryan had anything up his ass before?”
I couldn’t help it; I smirked. “Oh, plenty.”
“Good, that will make things a lot easier.” She lubed up her index finger on her right hand, and worked it into Ryan’s rectum. There was a low, delighted moan from the man himself. “There, that’s made you feel better, hasn’t it? Donna, why don’t you flip the catch under the table – I’m sure Ryan would like a nice wet blowjob while I finish up here.”
I watched avidly as Rhianna painted Ryan’s asshole with a clear liquid, and then tested her syringe. My insides clenched at the thought of where that needle was going to go, but an interested moan from Ryan drew my attention to Donna.
She was crouched under the chair, and she was stroking Ryan’s cock as she pulled it through a gap in the chair. He was hard, the foreskin sliding easily over the violent purple head before Donna’s waiting mouth enveloped it, and took his length down her throat.
A bit taken aback, my eyebrows shot up. It was very rare that I could take his cock deepthroat without gagging, but she did it the first time without so much as flinching.
I could only stare, transfixed at the slight bulge in her throat steadily working itself toward her stomach. “Wow.”
“Just relax, Ryan. This will hurt a little.”
There was a harsh scream muffled against the chair, and then I saw Ryan’s testicles tighten viciously. His cock swelled visibly in Donna’s throat, almost choking her as he ejaculated abruptly and sent a pint of cum straight into the bowels of her belly.
Donna began to choke, and pulled the jerking cock from her mouth as the last streams of thick white juice spurted. “Jesus, what brought that on?” She asked, hooking her fingers under the ropes of cum hanging from her hair and guiding them to her mouth. She looked entirely too pleased with herself.
“All done.”
I straightened as Rhianna dabbed at the blood trickling from Ryan’s tight ring. My lover, bless him, had gone quiet after shooting his load into Donna’s eager mouth, and for a moment I wondered if he had passed out.
Then he lifted his head as Rhianna gave him a light pat on the ass and we pulled him off the chair backwards and got his feet back under him. “Wha?”
“This way, big fella.” Rhianna gave his arm a soothing stroke. “You’re going to love this, trust me.”
We escorted him back to the ‘playpen’, where Dojo, Toby, and Ben waited somewhat impatiently. It took several minutes to get Ryan in position on his hands and knees, but when he was in the ‘accepting’ position, Dojo decided he wanted his sow, and he wanted his sow now.
With a chorus of deep snorts, he battled for control against Benjamin, who wisely kept him on a short leash. His vocals became high and insistent, almost keening.
“Let him go, Ben.” Rhianna knelt in front of Ryan, whispered something in his ear, then stood back out of the way as the boar bulled forward, his snout shoving between Ryan’s ass cheeks.
If the metal bit in his mouth hadn’t been there holding his jaws apart, he would have closed his mouth, teeth and all, over that delicate hole.
Instead, he grunted, using his nose to push Ryan forward violently. When his arms gave out, Ryan simply lay on the mat, ass up in the air, as Dojo gave Ryan’s cock a good fondling.
That intriguing cock was now out to its full length; it began thrusting before Dojo mounted my boyfriend. Then the boar was up, hooves scrabbling on Ryan’s back before the pig was firmly in place.
I watched Rhianna crouch next to the pair, watched her hand slide under the boar and direct the corkscrew-like tip of the cock at Ryan’s asshole.
In one deep thrust, the cock speared into Ryan’s ass like fury. The pig grunted, over and over, his big head tossed back in almost orgasmic pleasure with each violent thrust.
Ryan shouted out as the cock drilled deeper into his intestines. His hands fisted on the padding. Drool from the pig’s mouth coated his neck and shoulders, and anyone watching him would have thought he was undergoing an ancient torture.
Unless you took a quick glance at his cock, spewing precum liberally onto the floor beneath him. It was amusing to see Toby take that thick arousal in his hands; wrap a piece of rope around the base and balls.
“God, get him off! Get him off me! He’s going to-” Ryan’s sentence cut off short as the boar rammed so hard that the base of Dojo’s cock was forced out of its sheath like a knot, and shoved through Ryan’s tender sphincter.
Helplessly I watched Ryan struggle, and cast an imploring look toward Ben. Toby moved behind me, settled his mouth against my ear as his hands slid down my waist, his long fingers delving into where I was incredibly wet.
“Don’t panic. He’ll be fine once…ah.” He bit my earlobe as my hips bucked into his hand. In front of us, Ryan tried to pull away from the boar as Dojo’s hips mimicked the action I was making.
“He’s coming. Jesus, get him out of me!” Ryan shouted it, but no one moved to do anything. Precum spurted out of his blue-steel cock.
Dojo’s grunts turned into a piggy bellow, and Ryan’s flat abdomen began to bloat. And without warning, Ben yanked the rope around Ryan’s genitals, eliciting a high-pitched roar from my boyfriend. A second later, Ben knelt beside the copulating ‘couple’ and wrenched the rope free.
The minute the rope loosened, a look of pure relief crossed Ryan’s sweating face. Cum jetted from his pisshole like creamy white streamers, shooting onto the padded matting for a good four minutes before the violent streams ebbed and cum simply bubbled from the tip of his swollen cock.
Exhausted, he tried to collapse, but Dojo hadn’t managed to yank himself free. Benjamin leaned over the pig’s back, pushed down on the hindquarters, and hauled the boar backwards.
There was a hoarse yelp from Ryan, and a disgruntled snarl from Dojo, but the minute Dojo’s cock left Ryan’s asshole completely, Benjamin was squatting behind my boyfriend and inserting his thick cock into that bloody, semen-filled hole.
Donna was on her back beneath the boar, licking and sucking the pig’s glistening cock for all she was worth, closing her mouth over the twisted end and literally vacuuming the last remnants of pig sperm from Dojo’s rather large balls.
Toby lifted me, one arm around my waist, the other grasping my thigh as he dropped me unceremoniously onto his cock. It felt very weird, as he missed my dripping pussy and sank up to the testicles in my ass.
I discovered that my anal passage hadn’t quite recovered from its thorough fucking and fisting, but the sensations still managed to be arousing.
Rhianna was on her back in front of Ryan, urging him to finger her as Benjamin drove his dick into semen-filled bowels. Cum surged out around Ben’s cock with each sharp, short thrust.
“Put it in me, Ryan. Put that big hand into my tight pussy. Feel those muscles squeezing your hand. Oh. Oh god, yes. Yes!” Her head thrown back in ecstasy, Rhianna grabbed Ryan’s wrist and encouraged him to move his hand in and out of her exposed cunt.
I was shocked to see that, while Dojo had ejaculated copious amounts of baby pig batter into Ryan’s rectum, his cock was still as thick as my arm, a hue of fiery red, with savage looking veins popping up along it.
Toby’s fingers had closed over my clitoris and he was rubbing it between his fingertips. My entire body was jerking helplessly like a puppet on a string, and it seemed Benjamin was having the same effect on Ryan on the floor.
Benjamin had wrapped the section of rope around his throat, and was pulling the ends, garrotte-style, as he thrust his dick further and further into Ryan’s stuffed intestines, displacing more and more cum.
His face was an unhealthy red as he kept the ends of the rope in one hand, and gripped Ry’s hip in the other, knuckles white, as his thrusts became brutal. Then his eyes rolled back as his hips slammed flush to Ryan’s buttocks and began to jerk.

My dog realy loves me

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I had a cinimon Chow several years ago,and boy did was he protective of me. I found out why one night when I came home a little tipsy from fucking my girl freind. I had been out with my girl and we got busy at her house and when I came home like always my chow followed me to my bed room. Now first let me say that I am not gay but have let a few ladies play with my back door and stick a few things in there, it dosent feel bad but I dont like it all the time. Anyway this perticular night I got undresed as usual when my chow came over to me and started sniffing me. I guesed he could smell the smell of sex on me. I stared to toss his ball with him and one time he brought it back it rolled under my bed. I told him that was it but he kep

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t pestering me, so i got down on all fours to get the balland thats when it hapend. In a flsh he jumped up on me from behind. Now he was about 2 years old and had never been with another dog to my nollage and when he started humping at me I felt sorry for him. He must have been really horny,and the alcohol wasnt making me think things through real clear either. So I decided to let him have alittle fun humping the air and went back to getting the ball. It had rolled pretty far under the bed so I had to get down a little lower and stick my head under the bed. When I did it lowered my ass down some and be fore I could stop him he found his mark and ramed his pointy cock right up my ass.I tryed to get up but he had me stuck under the bed. He wasnt very hard I geuss and he sliped in and out a few timesand it didnt hurt so I figuerd what the hell no one would ver know so I just relaxed and went with it. He found his mark again and this time went into me good. It actualy started to turn me on. Then I found out how big his dick really was, it started to grow and man did it grow. He felt like he was the size of a base ball bat and it was streching me to the limit. But I couldnt move form his weight and being under the bed. He really started pumping me and then I felt his knot hit my hole. It felt huge and he was trying to get it in me. My god I thought to my self thank god that thing wolnt fit in me. But then to my suprize with a very hard thrust he rammed it home and it poped in me. It burned bad and I started to sream but he wouldnt stop. It was then that I noticed that the pane was starting to fade and be replaced with plesure. As he fucked me with no care for my pain I could feel him deep inside me and his not was rubbing on my prostrate really hard. I started to get a hard on and I could feel a load start to build in my own cock. He pumped away at my ass for a while and then stated to shake and thrust really deep. It was then I relized he was cumming inside me I could feel hot jets of dog cum filling me up. About that time I lost it and I came as well and it must have trigerd somthing in him because he went nuts and started fucking me even more. Finally he slowed then stoped all together. He just layed there on top of me with his cock still pulsing in my ass. After a couple min. he turned and tryed to pull away but we were stuck, His knot had swelled to huge size and woudnt come out of me. I got scared thinking we might be stuck like this for ever. He started pulling real hard and it felt like my ass was going to e ripped open. Then with aloud pop he pulled free. Dog cum ran down the back of both my legs and I could feel air rushing in to my gapping ass hole. I gathered my self and turn around. He was standing there just lookin at me. I then saw how big his cock really was I coulnt beleive that it fit in me. He was at least 8" long befor his knot and bigger around than me but hi knot was the size of a base ball. I just sat there and watched him lick his now srinking cock and when he was done he came over to me and started rubbing against me. I petted him and fially got to bed the next day my ass was sore but at the same time wanting more> I wound up letting him fuck me many more times after that and he even did one of my girl freinds once. She loved it and went out and got her a big black lab after that. He finally got old and died but I will always remember the fun we had.Â

Magic Encounter

Leo P on Animal Stories

Hi my name is Johnny i'm 17 and from London, England.  My story happened last summer on my visit to my aunt Shirley's.  She lives in a small town outside Leeds and lives with her fiance who is never around as he has a job which involves long haul driving.  Nearly every summer as long as i could remember i had gone to her house in the summer as it was so beautiful near where she lived and it allowed my mum to look after my little brother and sister without worrying about me.  My aunt was pretty cool as she would always let me do whatever i wanted and wouldnt mind me bringing any of the local girls home who always fell for my charm and my cockney accent.  The only one annoying thing we had to do was every night around 6 when my aunt fin
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ished work we would have to go and sort her horse Magic out which meant feeding and grooming him which always bored the shit out of me unless I got to ride him which wasnt to bad.  On about the third day of my trip my aunt arrived home from work, she was a midwife at the local hospital, she got changed and we left to go see Magic.  We arrived at the stables and got the feed and brushes out.  The stables were crap and isolated with only two horses in there, my aunt kept Magic there cos it was cheap.  We were halfway through feeding Magic when my aunts phone rang.  She left me to keep brushing Magic while she left to answer the phone.  She returned about 5 minutes later to explain that she had to leave for the hospital immediately as one of her patients was going into labour.  She said she would be 3 hours at most and that would i finish brushing Magic and if I really wanted to I could ride him which i had done before i told her it was fine and on that she left in a hurry.  How fucking gutted was i having to stay here by myself but i decided to finish brushing him and give him a ride around the field.  I brushed down his back and brushed his front legs before i moved onto his back legs.  Halfway down his back legs my eyes noticed the horse's penis which I had never seen before.  I'd never thought about a man's cock before but this penis interested me as it was there covered in skin which was covered in hair at the base.  Thinking on it i decided to touch it just this once.  I reached out my hand and on touching it felt its warmth, so i slowly traced my hand along a thick vein and suddenly began to see the head of the penis emerging from the skin.  I didnt consider myself gay, and I assumed that this wasnt, but i had the urge to try giving the horse a blow job.  I got down on my knees beneath his belly with his cock close to my head, fortunately he didnt move, and i slowly kissed the head. At this point the head came further out from the skin and i noticed firstly how long it was but also its width.  I just managed to fit my mouth round the head and i slowly moved it into my mouth at the same time moving the skin backwards and forwards as though i was wanking myself. My cock by this time was fully erect in my pants.  I began to jerk Magic off quicker while my mouth stayed glued to his head, luckily he was tied to the post as his legs started to move around a little as i could tell he was close to cumming through my vigorous working of his penis.  After a few more minutes of stroking i felt his cock strain and suddenly a torrent of cum was released from his penis and after swallowing a small amount i had to spit the rest out it was inreal that so much cum could be released like that.  I slumped down on the grass and found myself smiling at what had just happened when i noticed his cock was still rock hard.  I found that i felt the urge to have this beast inside me although i wasnt gay the thrill seemed unreal but how to lube my arse was a real problem cos i didnt want him ripping me a new arsehole.  But then i remembered my aunts bag had some baby lotion in it to keep his coat clean.  I stripped my shorts and boxers off after making sure no-one was around and after finding the lotion rubbed it all around the inside of my arse and all over his huge penis. I then bent over by the side of him and beckoned him forward. When he was close enough i pulled his cock to my arsehole at a funny angle and started to ease him in.  On sensing what i was doing he moved forwards and climbed over me with to hooves on the fence he was strapped to.  Although fearful of this i realised it was the only way for him to be able to penetrate me properly.  The pain was steadily decreasing as initially even with the lube the pain had made my eyes water now as he thrust into me surprisingly slowly the pleasure was growing as my insides shook and my own erection felt as though it was about to blow its load without me even touching it. So as he rode me like a bitch i began to stroke my own cock and within minutes i had cum all over my bare chest and the horses chest, close to hitting myself in the face.  Then i felt his pace quicken some of the pain started to return and then without warning he squirted his load into my burning arsehole which after load upon load filled it up began to leak. I pulled his cock out and moved away cleaning my still dripping arsehole with my boxers before throwing them in a bush. I pulled my shorts on as i saw his cock shrinking back inside the skin while wondering how that monster got inside me only to imagine a man's cock in there.  When my aunt returned everything had been cleaned and we returned home with my thoughts remaining with the horse that had given me so much pleasure.


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 Richard's a pest.

 But Sandra's a revelation!


 I really enjoy my start to each day. Its simply a very good fucking from hubby before he goes off to work. With him having gone to work happy,I revel in his jism as its seeps out my pussy. While,still lying in bed I think as always about what sexual fun I will give myself later.

 Of late my husband has been getting on my tits a bit because he's forever pestering me to let him watch our dog Bruce get me. That is; fuck my brains out. I have let him watch as Bruce licks me off a few more times since the first time,but he still d

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oesn't know I have been fucked by our dog.

 Trouble is after he got a bit carried away the first time and pushing the dogs ass made Bruce's cock go right up me I'm not inclined to trust hubby with me on all fours freely presenting my pussy but more so my asshole in case Richard really gets carried away as I'm in an orgasm and stuffs Bruce's cock up my ass.

 I have let Bruce fuck me a couple of times a week since he first had it up me but I'm now in control not Bruce. Niggling away amongst all this sex,I'm still dying to know if my friend Sandra has been fucked by my dog. The real reason this bugs me is,while letting Bruce get me I've tried watching from a rear angle with some mirrors placed strategically to assess whether I can trust hubby with my vunerable ass but also I'm integued what Bruce's knot looks like before it enters me and more especially how my pussy protrudes when he's in and also when he's turning and trying to pull it out. - this was pre-camcorder days- of course.

 This day my minds in overdrive on how to raise with Sandra, one: has she had my dog? and two: if so how she'd feel about letting me watch her doing it? Fuck! this is what's been on my mind since Bruce had that quick lick of Sandy back awhile. I'm sure Bruce is giving her a regular licking because on arriving there some days ago,on hearing her door go,I heard her say "Quick go and lie down" and on entering the inner door, "Oh its only your mistress" and to me, "phew,I thought that was someone else" Sandy looked extremely hot and flustered and was still smoothing her skirt down. I was just about to ask about my desire when that someone else appeared. What a bummer that was? She appeared so hot I'm sure she would have gone for it.

 Although we are close I've concluded if I can catch her sexually hot it will be almost a certainty she'll go for it. Picturing what it looks like is not the same as seeing it for real and the way it sent Richard into the cosmos, I need some of that! I've arrived at the first stage. Bruce has gone in the direction of Sandra's. I reckon if I follow in about 8 to 10 minutes she''ll be at it, - I feel so sneaky on a friend - but I'm desperate to see her do it. Entering Sandra's I'm calling "Only me" in the hope that she continues any activity she may be at,unlike the last time.

 Damn! No Bruce,Sandy guestures me to the chair opposite while saying nothing. So strange I think and Sandy's sat straight up in her chair whereas she is usually slumped comfortably. She's also very near the front edge. In nievity I assumed she had been about to rise from her chair, but the dreamy look on her face didn't fit with that scheme. Very often she wore really long skirts and this day was no exception.

 "You alright?" I query,looking at me dreamily she lifted a finger to her lips in a shh! manner and raised her eyes to the top of their sockets. Having now alighted on the other chair I started to watch her in curiosity. The penny dropped as I es-spied a bushy tail I recognised immediately showing from under my friends dress as it wagged on hearing my voice. I wanted to say but only thought... so as not to disturb my horny canine "Bruce you horny bastard,you're wanking my best friend off"

 As my friend got nearer to an orgasm her torso started to move and gradually with rather erratic motions fell back in her chair while her mouth eminated little jerky sexual sounds. Of course I could relate exactly what her sensations were, I whispered with a hiss,"Let me see it, lift your skirt up" Up it came. Trembling white thighs,then shaking white belly with a mass of black pubes immediately above my dogs nose as he resolutely licked Sandra's horny cunt.

 I was now conscious of my own heat in my excitment,I knew I was trickling juice and didn't care. Fuck! was I hot. "Open it! hook your legs up" Sandra did just that,then jerked, Slightly smiling, "Fuck,that hurt, he caught one of my ass hairs with his tongue" Then she was off,girating her ass and belly as my Bruce tracked her clit as only he could. Sandy exploded in a gigantic orgasm and I knew now what had carried Richard away when I came off for him with Bruce licking.

 I heard myself unbelievably saying, "Get down and fuck him. Have you ever done him before" To which my friends head was nodding No!Yes! I knew she had as she slipped off her chair and and took up the doggy position. God my heart was thumping out through my tits,talk about chest! "Good boy Bruce,go on rape her she needs it" Fuck have I gone mad? Was that my voice? All this while Sandy was now slapping the cheek of her ass. Me, "What about Charlie?" - "don't worry he knows,he've seen me do it"

 With no more ado,Bruce got her,fuck did he get her? His paws were squeezing her hips so tight I expected Sandra to yelp but no,her ass was thrusting back on my dogs cock like a mad thing, "Go on,harder,harde'er'er, All of my dogs cock was out or in I should say with his knot trying to pound my friends pussy lips to a pulp. Did I take it that hard? No wonder my cunt ached afterwards. 

 Then it was gone,Bruce's knot just disappeared up Sandra and in an instant her vulva started to swell as Bruce pulled back,I could see Sandra's cunt try to open showing the pink of the knot. Her lips parted till her hole was about 3" across but could stretch no further, I fully expected Bruce's knot to then pop back out but I could tell by her ass cheeks swelling and where her leg bones would be that the dog knot was much bigger than I had thought and I now realised just how far my own cunt had expanded to take such a knot.

 Realising the pleasure Bruce was now giving Sandra, my own pussy twinged and burst in an orgasm. I had made sounds unknowingly because I heard Sandra's voice saying, "Me too,fuck what an orgasm this is because you're watching,no wonder you came off as well" As I descended from my thrill I saw Bruce had turned and was pulling at Sandra's pussy to get free. "Shall I hold him to stop the pulling? "No I love that bit" Me, "I've got to pee" I shot from the living room to her lavatory,plonked down and pissed to relief. My knickers were soaking with love juice so I took them off and pocketed them.

 My mind was whizzing around as I made to go back in. Is Sandra expecting me to let her watch me now or what I wonder? Having now dropped my skirt back down,just as I exit the lavatory,the front door swings and in walks Charlie - Sandy's hubby - "Oh,thats lucky I'm bursting for a pee" I again flush up but say nothing as in passing he catches hold of my wrist and pulling me saying,"Have a look at this" So I follow the dragging back into the toilet thinking he's going to show me some of his DIY handiwork.

 To late I see the handiwork he has in mind is now in his other hand in fact in both his hands having let go my wrist he had his hands rapped round an amazing piece of man meat and yet there was still two inches plus the whole helmet of his cock in front of his hands. I'm like a rabbit in a headlight looking at his cock yet wanting to scoot out of there. A golden jet of pee is splashing into the pan as he says "What do you think of him?" Again releasing a fist of cock he gets my hand and wraps it around his cock where his had just been.

 Hot innit? unwillingly my naughty hand grips his cock when my brain is saying run, - this is my friends husband and she's only a few yards away. All in the same instant I felt the pipe stop peeing the cock going harder and my hand gripping and moving up and down on it. Well not me but charlies fist around my fist making it move up and down. Close to my ear now, "My missus with your pooch in there" Zombie like my head nods yes - I can't believe I've split on my friend to her husband, "Knotted?" Again I nod an affirmative. "Good" and in a split second Charley has turned me against the wall and I can feel his very big cock up my skirt searching out my pussy.

 Struggling I hiss "NO DON'T" Then in a deep Irish brogue, "Will you hold still woman while this man is trying to service you'h" It made little difference,although moderately sinued/muscled Charlie was all hard muscle and what I was about to receive was even harder. Being very juicy my pussy was ready and willing for the large portion of cock he now started to deliver. I felt my pussy lips follow his helmet then burst open for his penetration,he pulled back slightly to which my pussy lips clung on not wishing to loose this new large cock. Then he thrust up me to his hilt and try to resist I might but my bum started to go in rythm as I was cumming on this cock almost as soon as it hit my womb neck. As I was cumming I felt him explode his semen in my womb. He gave no finesse, just a hard fucking.

 This fuck was rough,hard and dare I admit it en-thrilling. "There you needed that" he said as he pulled his dripping end from me. "That you Charlie?" Sandra called, "Just give me a minute or two. Jackie still there?" "Yeah,she's just on her way" "Squeeze the rest of my stuff out before you go" Unbelievably I caught hold of his rolled back foreskin and squeezing my forefinger against his cock's tube ran my hand up his cock and forced a big glob of spunk out the end of his prick. "Off you go now" "There's plenty enough up in you to do what's needed" As I walked off home I was thinking "The cheeky sod,not only did he talk as though I was a cow being serviced,he then got the audacity to tell me he'd spunked me with the intension of giving me a baby" In my mind it was lust,in his it was thrust.

 Bruce almost beat me to our door, nuzzling and tail wagging I ushered him in. "You fucking traitor" I joked, "You're a two woman fucker,you are" Still nuzzling his head slipped up my skirt and regardless of Charlies spunk started to lick me. "No don't I'm all weak I'll fall over" I whispered,I don't know why I whispered. Guilt I suppose although as it turned out it was just as well I did. Clinging on to a kitchen rail where we now were, I stood open legged as this damn hound tongued into my pussy ever harder. "OOH NO! I'm cumming" "Keep going Bruce,she wants it" Fuck it was hubby, "Where did you appear from?" "Likewise you! I just got home a bit early,you were up Sandy's,yes.I was just about to pop up" Fucking hell,that would have been something,good job Bruce is licking the spunk out of me.

 By now I'm back on the orgasm trail. "Are you going to let him get you for me? I promise I'll only watch and not touch.Do you think he'll manage to get it up you without help?" I have no idea,I lied,but I will let him try,just for you mind.But if he can't do it don't you dare help him. - lying bitch,but I had limited options on how I could hide any of Charlies spunk left up me and dog spunk seemed the best way.

 As I orgasmed I gradually sunk down onto the floor and rolled into a kneeling position. Richard sat on the small step into the hallway and with eyes glazed over watched expectantly for Bruce to get me. I innocently just knelt waiting for Bruce to mount. Nothing, as I knew it would be. Bruce knew and I knew that our start is when I smack the cheek of my ass,but of course as far as hubby knows I haven't got a clue how to start. - hubbies in charge - he thinks,remember - "Coax the stupid sod" says hubby unable to control his eagerness. How? "I don't know,hold your ass open or something" Almost at bursting point,I'm holding out to see if he loses his control in his excitment - cruel bitch! - I know.

 Perhaps if I slap my bum cheeks,I say. "Yeah, do that for fucks sake,what's a matter with him with all that pussy on display he just walks round looking at it with a fucking great hardon. He must be nuts,I'd have fucked it by now,perhaps he's gay" ooh,don't be cruel,he doesn't know. I lied again as I slapped my ass. Here it comes his mighty grip is on my hips and that precious knob is up me in seconds touching every button as usual. About ten strokes in, Richard has his cock in his hand wanking himself stupid.

 He's moved closer and starts giving me a running commentary on events that I myself had witnessed first hand about a hour before. My orgasm rose as did Bruce's then hubby was on his feet as his spunk spewed from his cock end and splattered all over my ass cheeks/groove and I could feel it trickle towards Bruce's cock stem now he had turned in me.

 Hubby,- "You should have seen that,as he turned his knot made your cunt ripple as it tried to follow his knob,what did that feel like?" Like when you try to put your hand up me and turn it trying to get it in but bigger. "Judging by his knot I aught to be able to get my hand up you" Don't start that again,what do you think I am a bucket. Piss off now. "Sorry,alright don't get your hair off,I'm only saying" WELL DON'T!

 That sorted him.


My shame

Jman1111 on Animal Stories

My Shame.

            The man in the black mask stood with a bowie knife in one hand and a rope in the other.  “Why are you doing this?”  I cried out.

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ont face="verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif">            “You don’t understand.  You and your perfect tits, your perfect round ass held up by those long legs.  You never gave us a chance; instead you went for the popular guys.  Always being a bitch to us, so now I’ll make you a real bitch.”  He steadily stepped forward.  “Dare move and I’ll gut you.  Be a good girl and you’ll live.”  He pushed my head down till I was kneeling.  Taking the rope to my hands he tied them, tightly, together and again around the tree trunk.  My tears meant nothing to him, my pleas were ignored…the sick bastard.

            “Let me go, please.  I’m sorry, really I am.”

            “I know your sorry Ashley.  You still need to learn your lesson.”  He walked into my cabin and quickly came back out with a stool and a bag.  He put the stool under my stomach and stretched out my feet so I arched over it.  “Don’t move,” he pulled two large steel stakes out of the bag, along with a hammer.  One stake he hammered into the ground near my stretched out foot.  His rough hands took hold of my foot, tying the rope to it and then to the stake.  Taking my other foot, he stretched it out far until I screamed.  Using that spot as a marker, he hammered the next stake in at that spot.  He tied a rope to my free foot then stretched me wide again, wider than last time, till tears of physical pain trickled down my face.  My freedom vanquished as my last free limb tied to the stake.

            I now laid arched over a stool, stretched tight from arms to feet, and stretched tighter from foot to foot.  He sat on a stone in front of me.  “Ashley, Ashley, Ashley,” he shook his head, “Your friends won’t be arriving for at least another day.  What a sight they’ll see, your boyfriend will come to find you like this,” he trailed off in thought.  His hand rubbed my face, wiping the tears off.  Remaining silent, he got up, moved his hand lower on my body.  His hand rubbed my back, over my white tank top, slowly, then he moved lower to the outer side of my thighs over my cut jean shorts.  The hands reached back up, over my flat stomach, around the stool, right to my tits.  He rubbed soft, then vigorously.  He flicked, then pinched.  The hands found their way lower, to the waist band of my shorts.  His fingers slowly dug into them, reaching over my cotton panties, Right to my cunt.  “Not wet yet?”  He laughed while pulling his hands out, then smacking them hard across my ass.  “One way or another Ash, you’re going to get fucked, so just enjoy it.”

            “Fuck you!  Let me go you fuck head!”  The bowie reached up around my neck, almost slitting me.

            “If I were you, I think it would be very smart to shut up right about now.”  The bowie knife moved away as I shook in terror.  He gent dragged the knife on its side, up and down my back.  “Enough foreplay,” he took the knife to my tank top, under the back of my collar, and cut it down to my lower back.  His other hand held back on the tank top hard so it ripped with little force of the knife.  The tank top dropped low, still connected  around my arms by the straps, falling to the base of the tree where my hands were tied.  No bra, half naked I lay.  The knife moved to my shorts, he ripped a small hole in the center of them.  Setting the knife down, he put his hands in the small hole and ripped the shorts wide.  He cut and ripped, cut and ripped, until they laid as shreds on the ground.  “Now the panties,” his poked his index hard against my ass hole then my cunt.  I clenched when feeling the pain.  “What?  You don’t like that?”  The knife quickly after came to my panties, cutting them right over my crack.  Shreds fell to the ground until my bare ass shown. 

            I tried to look back but I could see nothing.  “Look back again, I dare you,” he said while slowly rubbing the knife on my ass, the cold steel giving me a shock.  I didn’t look back again.  But I heard or felt nothing for a few minutes.  Silence…

            I shrieked loudly.  His cock abruptly from no where fell into my twat.  Easy access with my legs spread so wide.  Each thrust he pushed me forward, stretching my legs.  His hands pushing all his weight into my back.  With every thrust he breathed through his teeth.  He was thrusting as hard as he could, ripping my unprepared pussy in two.  He didn’t last too much longer, I felt the hot goop spurt into me.  All his wait laid on me, his masked head rested on my back.  A minute later he got up; his hand kept scooping at my pussy.  A second later it reached to my face, filled with his cum. 

            “Lick it up,” he ordered.  I shook my head.  “Listen,” his other hand pulled the back of my hair really hard.  “We don’t have time for you to say no.  Do it, do whatever I say without question or else,” he pushed my head forward.  I reluctantly stuck my tongue out.  I didn’t have time to lick it; he wiped it over my tongue.  “Now swallow it.”  I…I did.  “Good girl.  You been so good, I wont fuck you again.  But you still need to learn your lesson.  If you act like a bitch, you’ll become a bitch.  Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

            When he left I started tugging at the rope as hard as I could.  I tried to, but couldn’t get free, no slack even, no use.  Minutes later he returned, not alone though.  A big black dog on a leash walked to his side.  “Don’t let him bit me, please.”

            “He’s not here to bite.  He’s friendly, harmless, well I shouldn’t say that.  What I should say is he won’t bite you, he only want one thing,” he said casually.

            “What’s that?”

            “Since you asked,” he put the dg in front of me.  He now had a gloved hand which went for the dogs cock.  He started rubbing it.  “All he wants is love.  You’ll give it to him…bitch.”  He kept rubbing until a red tip came out.  Walking the dog over me, so my head was under the stomach and the cock stuck out to my face.  “Stick it in you mouth.  Harm the dog though and,” he reached for the knife.  I quickly gulfed the cock up, tilting my head up, before he came back with the knife.  “We learn fast, don’t we?  Now bob your head.”  I did the best I could with such little movement.  The dog seemed to enjoy though.  I felt it grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.  This was the hugest I had ever felt.  The taste was salty and he kept leaking his precum into me.  I started to drool, I started to moan.  The fluids leaked out my mouth as the dog began pumping my throat, slowly suffocating me.  Back and forth, down my throat, in and out.  I…I started enjoying it.  While gulping for air I started gulping up hot sticky cum.  The dog was dumped his load in my throat.  “Drink it up,” the voice said.  I did so, I started sucking the cock of the juices until I could get every drop I could down past my throat.

            The masked man pulled the dog out and off.  He lead him to my rear end.  “Whatever he does with you is up to him now…you’re his bitch.”

            The dog started sniffing me, licking my cunt.  He hit my clit just right, his soft hair gently massaged my inner thighs.  I softly moaned.  The dog quit licking as soon as he started, he’s ready again.  He mounted me, proudly stood over and started thrusting back and forth.  He hit all over, missing every time.  He poked me for about five minutes, his huge cock making me soar.  His red giant rubbed over my clit, slid into my waiting hole, back out.  “Come on already,” I begged.  I feel so ashamed, wanting this, wanting my pussy to be filled with that cock of his.  The cock played around my hole, then trouble began…wrong hole.  He pushed in a bit into my ass, feeling like needled poked all the sides of my small hole.  I’m not ready, I don’t do anal, my asshole is petite, no lube…oh shit.  His precum provided enough lube for him, but not enough to take away from half of the pain I felt.  With one strong push he was up my ass, the giant pushing far up till I felt a sharp pain.  No stopping, no time to adjust even a bit.  He was out, he was in, pushing, pulling, thrusting, harder, harder, harder.  My eyes were sobbing with tears again, I cried as he fucked me.  Pumping my ass like I was a bitch…a bitch.  Then it felt even bigger, something did, a little smaller than baseballs.  They pushed and pushed.  Stretching my hole wider, slowly pushing in.  “Fuuuccckkk nnnoooo,” they got half way, then bam all the way in.  The dog still humping me, his hot breath on my back, tongue drooling his slobber all over me.  So much pain in my ass it was going numb.  My legs were nervously shaking, still tight against the rope.  The Dog started going at me harder yet, like a jackhammer.  Hot cum erupted into my now not virgin ass…my used bitch ass. 

            The masked man walked up to me.  His cock hard sticking out. Within seconds he pumped a load onto me, all over my face.  “You’re a good sport Ash.  Now I’ll leave you two alone until your friends get here.  Where they can find you like this.”

            “Please no.  Release me,” I yelled to him.  He was gone.  After a half and hour with his cock in my ass it slipped out, along with all the juices.  I could only imagine how wide my ass had become.  On and off through night the dog fucked me.  Pussy, Pussy, ass, pussy, ass.  He fucked me until he could hardly move, until he was unable for more.  I was unable for more after my ass got spread wide, but I still remained his bitch, in pain or not.  My boyfriend got my out when he arrived.  He was freaked out more than I, and I had been raped seven times last night.  The dog ran off when he tried to beat it up.  Running off into the woods.  Upon checking my ass, I could fit my hand up it with little effort, it still felt smaller than that dog.  I never truly recovered.

            A year later my boyfriend’s friend found me on the internet.  A camera had been hidden in the bushes, even after the masked man had left.  He came back for the footage of me being the bitch.  I’m a bitch…I’m a bitch.       


Teresa Gets Caught, Hubby Gets It All On Film

BBWLuver on Animal Stories

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Teresa talked her husband into getting a dog after playing with them a few times with me and at a couple parties. She thought that having one at home when she needed one would be the best thing to do.

Well, her German Shephard, Tango, was her perfect solution. He is a medium sized dog but very well endowed and he is really a big puppy and she was able to train him to do what she wanted him to do.

She began training him to lick her and to let her massage him till his hips were jerking in passion. Then she took him orally and finally got him to mount her whenever she needed to have him. She made a video for us and had brought it over and we watched it several times as Tango sat next to her close. Then last week, she came home and

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hubby had papers for her to sign or be exposed. She came in and he made sure eveyone (the kids) were gone. He put the video in and sat there as she watched all she had done with Tango. Sucking him, swallowing his cum, playing with him naked and laying down for him to enter her pussy and ass and one day, another dog that Tango had brought home took her too as Tango mounted her the other was taken into her mouth. Hubby made her a copy and gave it to her after she signed the papers and began moving out. He said it was "for her friends and other lovers."

The catch to the whole thing was that she had come over to get some final things and he slipped her something in a coke. She felt dizzy and then she was undressed with men all over her. She was caught in the passion of the gang bang and remembered what had happened and there he was watching and filming again. She tried to get up but was tied down and men kept coming in and fucking her in every hole, all of them drunk and all not caring except to get off. Finally, there were about 10 or so guys around and there were 4 dogs brought in. "Wanna she Teresa really fuck like and animal?" He was saying drunk also. They all cherred and said yes. She was tunred over and tied to a bench and the dogs were led to her, one mounted her and his huge cock slipped in and then the knot. She was lost in passion and could not help her responses. All 4 dogs took her then she was getting mad, really pissed. "Let me up from her and I will fuck all of you until yu can't move." Her hubby was stunned. "Let her up man, lets do it." She was untied and sure enough she began with the closest man, cuking him deep and swallowing his load. Now she was the aggressor, taking three and more at one time. Cum was all over her and the rug. She finished and walked to the camera. "Hope you got what you fucking wanted cause you never gave me what I needed. If you had I would have never gone and done it. You fuck so bad that I had to fuck dogs to get laid good." Then she turned around as she grabbed her shirt and said. "Oh yeh, something you never got on film, I have gang banged black guys too, some you work with." she said as she laft. She is here now until we get her another place. Tango loves sniffing around and since she is usually can guess...

see ya

Betty's Animal Farm pt. 5

asweetheart4ever on Animal Stories


Betty’s Animal Farm

Pt. 5


Squeaking noises sounded

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as the adults started wrestling on top of the bed while the girls slept. Quiet laughing moans could be heard filtering from the girl’s room; they were both actively dreaming as they slept. Betty had slipped between Stacy’s open legs and was moving like she was having sex with her and both of them were mumbling and giggling as they slept.


Stacy asked, “How did you find me in all this hot steamy foam Betty.”


“I smelled your sweet pussy.” Betty sang and then added, “I want to put my hard dick into your cunt.”


“I really wish you could but I promised mommy I wouldn’t take my diapers off.” Stacy answered almost in tears as she stared at Betty’s huge dripping red cock and then energetically added, “You have a doggy dick I can see your giant knot! I will suck it for you!”


“You can suck it but I still want to put it in you.” She paused as she rubbed it and added, “See how I have my dipies pulled to the side enough to get my cock out.”


“Yea see my legging is a little loose too see.” Stacy eagerly pointed out as she opened her diapers enough to see her pussy.

“Hold your leg just like that.” Betty ordered as she stepped in close.


“It’s so hot.” Stacy gasped as Betty slipped her dick in and then warned, “Don’t make me wet the bed.”


“How can you wet the bed you have dipies on?” Betty teased as she shoved her huge knot into Stacy’s womb.


“Oh god Betty your sperm is so hot!” Stacy breathlessly gasped as her vaginal well filled with Betty’s hot sperm.


“Oh that isn’t sperm I’m going potty!” Betty roared with laugher.


Stacy awoke in a tizzy grunting and blinking her eyes as the room spun around and feeling her diaper filling as she grunted and then her urine gushed out uncontrollably. All her wriggling around woke up Betty as she rubbed her pussy and looked around and then she quickly spun onto her hands and knees and grunted and her diaper grew larger with each grunt and then the sound of her gushing urine filled the room.


“Betty what do we do now?” Stacy asked in a trembling voice.


“Well we wait for mommy to come in and change us or we can go and find her.” Betty answered and then cautioned, “We will have to ask her nice or she might make us wait.”


“Lets go find her.” Stacy urged as she grimaced.

“You want to give mommy a thrill go pee right after she wipes you off.” Betty gigglingly informed.


“Oh sure you are teasing just like you did in the dream when you pissed in me.” Stacy whined.


“No! Honest it was sperm!” Betty pleadingly explained.


Stacy’s eyes grew large as she thought about what they were talking about and then exclaimed with astonishment, “We had the same dream only different; I dreamed you were pissing in me with your doggy dick and…” Stacy went silent as Betty interrupted.


“I had a cock like my dad’s and I seduced you into sucking it.” Betty paused as a smile beamed and then added, “I started sucking on your clitty only it was a lot bigger in the dream; and as soon as I slipped my dick into you I started squirting my sperm well… that is when I woke up.”


Stacy laughed, “I got so mad at you for pissing in me I woke up thinking it was real.”


“Lets go find mommy and ask her to clean us up.” Betty stopped at the door and cautioned, “Remember ask her nicely; and make sure we don’t interrupt or we will be in these shitty wet diapers a while longer.” She paused again adding, “I mean it she really does like to see me pee so I know she will want to see you pee.


“I was about to go again but I can hold it till just the right time.” Stacy assured Betty.


The two girls walked up to the open door to Sheila and Randy’s bedroom and opened it with a gentle push and found it empty but the room was heavy with the smell of sex and the covers were off the bed and there were two big wet spots on the sheet. They turned and headed down the stares trying to be quiet as they walked. The smell of sweat filled the down stares and they heard sounds coming from the front room. As they slowly rounded the corner there was Randy sliding his penis into Lana’s hairy pussy and Jake was rhythmically humping Sheila with long slow steady strokes. Sheila was so wet and dilated that Jake was making loud sloshing noises as he pistoned his grapefruit sized globe inside Sheila’s vaginal canal. The two girls quietly watched them arm in arm as they had sex; they noticed Sparky was sleeping in the corner; Mytoy was sleeping in his box. Jake let out a loud groan and licked his chops, and Randy took his penis out of Lana’s vagina and planted it in her rectum and started humping her hard just like a dog and making exaggerated grunting noises, but the way his anus was sucking inward as he grunted his climax was real. Jake started slapping Sheila’s buttocks with his hairy haunches and his gasping gruntings sounded exhausted as he spent the last of his strength squirting his sperm into Sheila’s womb.


All of them lay there motionless for several minutes panting like the animals they are but the smiles on their cheeks were quite clearly happy ones even old Jake had a smile as he noticed the two girls watching from the corner. Randy pulled out and stood up warbly at first and cum still dripping from his penis, then a loud wet sucking noise sounded as Jake gave a yank and pulled his cock out and started licking Sheila’s genitalia and his own and started licking the sperm from Randy’s now flaccid penis and then followed Randy as he said, “Come on boy lets get us something to eat and drink.” Randy passed the girls completely oblivious to them Jake being the only one to see them gave them a glance.


They looked back at Lana and Sheila; Sheila was French kissing Lana tweaking a nipple with one hand and unstrapping the strap-on and sliding her dog dick shaped toy in through Lana’s thick wet matting of raven black pubic hairs with the other a loud wet squish sounded as the globe vanished into Lana’s vaginal canal. As they looked on they could see Lana’s long thick nipples and they appeared erect Sheila twisted them in turn while pistonning the toy and after several minutes Lana’s stomach started heaving as she took several deep breaths and then clamped her legs shut and purred as Sheila lifted her head, “I can’t spill another drop of cum.” She paused as she took a deep breath and added, “I think I will be sore all day.” And they both gave a soft laugh and Sheila yanked the dog dong toy right out making a loud sploosh.


Betty motioned Stacy behind the corner and cautioned, “Now follow my lead.” And they stepped a little further into the front room.


Sheila lifted her head, smiled at them, and purred, “Your up I thought you two would be down till noon at least.” She paused as she sat up her legs parted as the girls looked they could see semen leaking out onto the cushion.


“We had a really funny dream.” Betty snickered as she talked.


“Yea.” Stacy chimed adding, “We had all most the same dream.”


“I had daddy’s cock and I was cumming in Stacy and…”


“She had a doggy dick and she was pissing in me!” Stacy interrupted as she excitedly kicked in.


Sheila and Lana laughed with both girls and as their laughter turned into soft sighs Sheila started combing Lana’s long black pubic hairs with her fingers pulling them and stretching them out twelve inches or more and remarked warmly, “You have the hairiest pussy I have ever seen.” She paused as she marveled and added, “I love the way the rest of your body hair lays so neatly across your fanny and thighs and how beautifully wavy it is as it winders up your inner thighs and around your navel and up your spine. Little treasure trails that is what it is little treasure trails showing the way to your beautiful pussy.” Sheila paused and kissed Lana’s belly button and asked, “Roll over on your stomach and spread your legs and let me suckle on your thick meaty labia and fill my senses with your scent!”


“Well maybe what’ll you give me?” Lana teased.


“I’ll tell you what; you let me have my fill of your scent and then pump me with your brand new horse sized dildo I’ll give you my little girls for the whole night.’


“Well I don’t know are they potty trained.” Lana asked sarcastically still teasing Sheila.


“They certainly are!” Sheila brayed and continued to brag, “If you tell them not to go they hold it! Right girls?”


“Yes mommy!” They both excitedly chimed.


“Well I don’t know the way those diapers are sagging they are packing a full load.” Lana continued to tease Sheila as she watched the girls blushing faces turn to a bright red.


As Sheila looked at them she sang, “They are mommy’s little babies and they know how much mommy likes to clean their dirty little bottoms.”


“Well how about the rest of today, tonight, and I will bring them back washed and dressed by noon.” Lana posed and then added, “and I’ll give you a nice long fucking with my brand new horse dong dildo.”


“Okay now roll over and spread’em baby.” Sheila eagerly directed and proceeded to part her hairs and suckle on her thick meaty labia as she inhaled Lana’s vaginal aroma. For several minutes Sheila hungrily slurped Lana’s juices and quaffed deeply her vaginal scent and when she started licking her anus a stream of urine spewed out and Sheila started slurping up as much of it as she could as the flow turned to a trickle and stopped Sheila laid her head on Lana’s buttock and purred, “I guess I better get you girls cleaned up.” And then slipped her fist and forearm into Lana’s vaginal well up to her elbow and looking at the girls blinking their eyes said softly, “You two go on up stares and into the big bathroom and I will be right up.” As the girls started up the stares Sheila gave each side of Lana’s buttocks a wet kiss, slowly pulled her arm out, and quietly suggested, “Come up in a few minutes I’ll save a treat for you.”


“Okay sounds very exciting.” Lana cooed as she rolled back over and sat up and as Sheila started for the stares Lana called out, “Stop and hold still.” And Lana crawled up to her fanny and sucked the long stringer of sperm dangling from her vaginal opening and then purred, “I love the taste of semen after it has been in a woman’s womb. Now go on up stares and after I have had a little bite and a drink I’ll be right up.”


Sheila bounded the stares two at a time and as she entered the bathroom she was breathing a little heavy and smiled at the girls as she looked at them tossing her t-shirt into the laundry hamper and was now naked. After kissing them both she ordered, “You first Betty up on the washing board.” Betty quickly climbed onto the slanted smooth vinyl counter top that resembled an over sized bassinette and emptied into the toilet, and lifted her bottom as her mother pulled the rubber panties off and as she unpinned the diaper softly remarked, “You sure filled this diaper.” And threw it into a large utility sink warmed up the hand held shower nozzle and proceeded to wash Betty’s whole body, soaping her up twice. Stacy watched as she ran her hand over Sheila’s wet hairy mons and her upper thigh.


“There now it is time for an enema.” Sheila purred as she attached a long tube onto the nozzle and then directed, “Up with those legs to you chest that’s my girl.” She cajoled as a lazy stream arced from the tube and then she slowly slipped it into her rectum.


“Oh mommy that is so warm!” Betty excitedly remarked as the water escaped from her anus and ran into the toilet. She filled Betty’s rectal cavity with hot water several times stopping when the water was finely clear.


As she opened a drawer and pulled a red bag with a long red hose Sheila announced, “And now we will give an antiseptic douche. You can let your legs down for this honey.” 


“How come you never told me about your two pet guard dogs mommy?” Betty somberly asked.


“Well honey you never asked and I never thought to tell you because I still miss them.” Sheila answered as she filled the bag.


“Tell us a story paleeease!” Stacy pleaded and asked “Did you like that show.”


“No they just got into trouble all the time like the TV characters in the story about Starsky and Hutch?” Sheila teased, “Well…” She started as she mixed Betty’s douche, “I was walking them to the leash free zone… We had to keep our dogs chained and or leashed where I lived when I was young.” She explained and paused to insert the tube in Betty’s vagina and release the fluid.


Betty hissed, “Mommy that is so hot!”


“Is it too hot honey?” Sheila asked.


“Oh no it is feels really good!” Betty excitedly assured and then begged, “Come on mommy tell us!”


“There were a lot of other dogs there when got there but then that is the way it is suppose to be any way I had just taken their leashes off and started throwing sticks for them to chase when another dog got a little too close to me and they were there in a flash getting between me and the other dog and growled really loud but stayed right there. Finely he ran off with his tail between his legs and we started throwing the stick again.” She paused as she pulled the douche tube out and hung the empty bag on the hook and then looked at Stacy and ordered, “Okay your turn up on the table you and Betty into the shower with you.”


“Oh tell us more!” Stacy eagerly begged as she climbed onto the table and lifted her legs up high.


“Oh my that is a big one!” Sheila remarked as she pulled the diapers open and then threw it into the sink.


“Yea mommy, tell us more!” Betty prodded as she stepped from the shower and stood close and watched her spray Stacy down.


“I had been throwing the sticks a few times when this woman brought her female German Shepard close and took her leash off. I should have known something was up by the way she was smiling but I was still pretty young.” She paused as she rinsed the second soaping off and fixed the tube to the shower nozzle. Stacy had her feet to her chest in the blink of an eye and grunted a little as the hot water started flowing into her rectum. When it turned clear she put the douche together and started it running.


“Well her dog was in heat and Starsky and Hutch were onto her in seconds. The lady started laughing, walked over to me, and asked me if I minded. Well they were having so much fun I said no but I still didn’t know what was happening yet. She told me that she wanted to bread her bitch and knew that she could find one dog here at least. Well that is when it hit me, I looked at my dogs I saw their doggy dicks poking out, and they looked so hard.” She stopped pulled the douche tube out, and Stacy got right into the shower.


“More tell us more!” Stacy pleaded as she stepped out.


“Both of you into the tub and soak in the hot water for a while and I’ll finish this story.” Sheila bribed.


“It’s really, really hot mommy!” Both girls shouted.


“It isn’t that hot now is it?” Sheila teased. They grunted and groaned as they sat down and tensed at first but they soon relaxed and Sheila chimed, “Now that wasn’t to bad now was it?” Just then a soft tapping sounded and Lana walked in completely naked.


“You two look like lobsters in a pot.” She teasingly remarked and then asked, “What is going on in here?” Then wrapped her arms around Sheila’s waist kissed her neck and fingered her pubic hairs.


“Mommy is telling us about Starsky and Hutch.” The girls sang together and then prodded, “Come on mommy tell us more!”


“She started to say something but Starsky mounted her bitch and my knees turned to rubber and she caught me just as I started to fall and helped me to the ground I sat there on my knees peeing harder than I ever had wetting my panties and watching Starsky bury his cock into the ladies dog and start pounding it’s behind. I started to burn with jealousy at first but the lady started stroking my hair and said doggies need love too and I smiled and became aroused for the first time. We sat there and watched my doggies mount her bitch several times. They chased away any of the other dogs that wandered by and I never forgot that funny popping sound when the boys pulled free. She finely asked me if this was the first time seeing animals doing it and I said yes. The boy looked so tired when she finely put her dog’s leash back on and I ordered them to sit while I put their leashes on too. I never told my mom or dad about it.


“When did you have sex with them?” Stacy eagerly asked.


“Yea mommy when?” Betty urged.


“Go ahead tell them Sheila.” Lana egged on.


“Oh okay…Oh okay A few days later I was in the yard watching my cats Buddy and Samantha stalking a bird when out of nowhere these two dogs pounced and began chasing them and I started screaming as loud as I could and Starsky and Hutch were there in a flash. The fight didn’t last five seconds when the strays ran off yipping louder than I had screamed. I pet my kitties and the dogs gave them doggy kisses I was so glad nothing happened to any of them. Well when I started petting Starsky and Hutch at the same time and letting them lick my face my stomach turned really warm and my nipples started to ache. Just then I heard my mommy calling me so I dried my face because she didn’t like the… as she put it the dirty dogs licking my face and took a bunch of deep breaths and answered she just wanted to tell me not to scream so when I was playing; the neighbors might hear and to tell me they were going out…”


“That was terrible your kitties almost got eaten and all they could think of was telling you to be quiet?” Stacy groaned with disgust.


“Oh it was what I was use to and besides I was close to my governess and tutor and of course Starsky, Hutch, Buddy, and Sammy. Any way when she went back in I let them lick my face and I pet them a lot more and when they drove off I started to sweat and tremble again and my body turned so hot and I ached all over and I couldn’t catch my breath. I started to feel weak like I did in the park when they mated with that lady’s bitch. I jumped to my feet and shouted come boys and ran as hard as I could for my bedroom and my doggies were right on my heels; as soon as I shut my door I stripped and lay down on the floor and the boys started licking every inch of my body I started to screech and stuffed my hand in my mouth so I wouldn’t make my governess come in to see what was happening. The room just spun around while they licked and sprayed me with their scent; I exploded several times and that just seemed to make them hungrier.”


“It was then I remembered that day in the park and how they mounted that dog and rolled onto all fours; it was all I could do to keep from screaming as the two of them licked my pussy, and when one of them mounted my heart started to race and I couldn’t breath fast enough. I didn’t even know or care who went first all I knew was I could feel a hot liquid being sprayed on my pussy and then the whole room turned bright and a terrible pain raged throughout my body and soon the most pleasurable feeling I had ever felt washed over me. My vaginal well filled with his hot seed, his hairy body stopped moving and went limp, and after a few seconds I felt a yank and heard that popping sound. It hurt and it felt good at the same time I couldn’t catch my breath; there was warm liquid running down my legs and I could feel both their tongues licking me and then I was mounted again.”


“I wanted to scream for joy and knew I couldn’t; god that hot hairy body felt so good as it rubbed against my smooth skin and again I was filled with one of my doggies hot sperm. I felt my muscles tighten inside my vagina gripping his penis when he went limp; and a few seconds later he gave a little yank and then another harder this time and it sort of hurt, he waited a second or two and then started frantically yanking and yanking hard so much so it hurt and now we were butt to butt and he was kicking at my bottom with his hind legs. I just stayed still and hoped that we could get free; finely one of the boys started licking my butt and pop out it came. We went at it till the early hours of the morning that is when my governess came in my heart stuck in my throat when the door opened because I was hung up again but when she started sweet talking me and telling me that this would be our little secrete and started to diddle my clitty and I started to feel better and out he popped. Maria said we had to get the room cleaned up cause my parents would be home soon so the two of us worked together, and we became bed mates and later after I got kicked out of the house we lived together as lovers for a few years. The end.”


“That was beautiful mommy!” All three of the girls chimed Lana included.


“But why did you get kicked out of the house mommy?” Betty asked.


“Well daddy caught me sucking Starsky’s dick. Hell he tried to have him put down but Maria and I saved both of my doggies and my kitties then we started living together. I have never talked to either of my parents since.” Sheila answered.


“What happened to them?” Stacy pressed.


“Well honey they got old and died almost at the same time.” Sheila explained as a little tear dripped from her eye.


“You still miss them don’t you mommy.” Betty consoled.

“Yea from time to time. Well let’s get you two dressed; out of the tub.” She directed.


Both Lana and Sheila grabbed towels, dried them off, shuttled them to the bedroom, and put them on the bed while they tried to pick out dresses, shirts, socks, and panties.


“Aw mom do we have to wear panties?” Both girls whined.

“Now girls you belong to Lana for the rest of today tonight and until she brings you back and so you be my good little girls and you are to do exactly what she tells you to do. Exactly…!” Sheila firmly ordered.


“Now Betty.” Lana started and smiled saying, “You know I like to finger you through your panties.


Betty just lay on the bed, fanned her legs, and squirmed. Sheila and Lana stood back and marveled at the girls lying on top of the bed.

“Look!” Lana excitedly pointed out adding, “Stacy is still in season see how she is opening up see her little pussy turn pinkish and her sweet nectar is starting to show!” Lana paused as she watched and then asked, “You want Aunty Lana to finger your wonderful pussy.” All she could do was make quiet murmuring sounds in her throat, lift and open her legs and wait.


“I think that is a yes.” Sheila remarked warmly and pushed Lana towards Stacy.


Just as Lana knelt down and started to thumb Stacy’s clitoris and finger her little anus Randy came to the door and announced as he stood in the doorway, “Guess who is still in the back yard.” And when all eyes were on him he said, “It’s Bobo he is st…”


“Bobo…!” Stacy blurted out as she squirmed. She gasped and started shooting little squirts of urine all over as she squirmed. Some of it got on Lana and Sheila and then she pleadingly asked, “Oh mommy I want to go play with Bobo… Please can I?”


“You have to ask Lana you are under her orders now.” Sheila directed.


And with pleading eyes Stacy asked, “Please Aunty Lana may I go play with Bobo for a little while!”


“I don’t see why not.” She stopped as Stacy bounded to the floor and started for the door and then she snapped, “You come right here this instant young lady.” And when Stacy stopped in her tracks and turned around she directed, “You give Betty a little sugar.” She watched as Stacy bent over and gave Betty a wet French kiss, and when she stood up directed, “Now give mommy some sugar.” And watched as Stacy licked behind both lips and then suckled on her upper lip and then snaked her tongue into her open mouth and sealed their lips. Both Sheila and Stacy were making little murmuring noises as they kissed, and when Stacy broke the kiss she slurped some of Sheila’s saliva into her mouth and smiled wetly at Lana as she fingered her nipple.


As she lifted her arms up and asked, “Please pick me up so I can kiss you good Aunty Lana.”


Lana scooped her up and Stacy lavished her with a long wet Frenching and when she broke the kiss Lana warmly purred as she set her down, “That was a wonderful kiss Stacy your mouth tastes so sweet; okay now go play with Bobo.”


Me too Aunty Lana can I go play with Mytoy… Pleeease!” Betty begged.


“Sure your mommy and I are going to be having sex with my new toy for a while so yes go ahead.” Lana warmly ceded.

Betty jumped to her feet, hugged Lana, and then begged, “Please Aunty Lana can I have some of that scent so Mytoy will really want me.”

“Yes dear but just a drop.” Lana agreed and Betty lay back down on the bed as Lana opened the jar; Stacy walked back in and watched as Lana put a small dab onto Betty labia and then she said as she knelt, “Both of you pick a nipple and suckle.”


Both girls began noisily suckling and kneading the pliant fleshy mounds with their eyes closed while Lana placed a hand behind each head and held them firmly to her breasts, while both Sheila and Randy watched. After several minutes she softly directed, “Okay girls go play.”

The girls laughed loudly as they raced down the stairs and screamed out when they saw their doggies waiting for them at the foot of the stairs tails wagging. When the girls left the bedroom Randy slinked in brandishing a big wide and long box with stars and horses on it and big block printed word WOW…! On the top, and underneath the caption ‘The worlds largest strap-on dildo.’


“Well I guess you ladies are ready for this.” Randy teased and then read from the back of the box, “Congratulations you have purchased your very own squirting horse dong strap-on.” Looked up and added, “I took the liberty of warming the imitation horse sperm up as well as this huge dong.”


“Well what are you waiting for Sheila strap me up!” Lana excitedly ordered.


“Randy you are sweet.” She purred kissed him and took the toy handed the remote ejaculator handed it to Lana and then looked at Randy.


“Yes dear I have already inserted the large tube of fake sperm and yes it is really hot.” Randy automatically assured.


“You are a dear.” Sheila cooed and when she finished to strapping Lana to her toy stood and straddled it and greedily Frenched Lana.


“My god honey!” Randy excitedly gasped adding, “That thing has to be two feet long and two inches thick!”


“A few days ago…” Lana started to say when Sheila slurped her across the mouth and as she started to suckle a nipple she continued, “A few days ago Sheila and I just finished having sex with Brutis Jerry’s over grown Great Dane she sighed saying that she wondered what it would feel like to have a really huge cock plunged into the very bottom depth of my pussy.” Lana stopped as she gave Sheila a kiss and then went on, “I offered to mate her to one of my studs at the ranch…”


“I was still afraid to try the real thing!” Sheila butted in and added, “I get so hot watching you and Mr. Nibs mating; he is so good acting with you bu…”


“That is okay.” Lana interrupted and consoled, “I found the perfect toy for you to try first and if you like it… Well we will just have to mate you to Mr. Nibs I’m sure he won’t mind. Now honey get this thing greased up!” and handed her a tube of nice and slick.


Both Randy and Sheila’s mouth gaped when she started to slather a thick coating onto the toy horse cock and her own genitalia and then turned around hoisted a foot onto the counter as she bent over enough to open herself to Lana’s gentle but firm pushes, and groaning loudly as the flat flared head passed through her vaginal sphincter,


“Diddle your clitty honey it will help.” Lana warmly directed and continued her subtle pushing. Randy lubed his penis and slowly stroked it and watched as little by little the horsy dong strap-on slipped into his wife’s pussy. Soon Lana was close enough to kiss Sheila on her neck, there was only eight inches of the two-foot long dong, and still Lana subtly continued to gently push as the broadest part of the base squeezed in forcing loud grunting noises from deep inside Sheila’s throat.


“That’s enough!” She desperately gasped and then groaned, “My god I’m being stretched deeper than I have ever been stretched before.” She paused as she squirmed and raspyly sucked in a deep breath as Lana kept her toy firmly pressed into her loin and then she gasped pleadingly, “Enough…! Enough please Lana…! Please slip it out.”


Randy groaned as he ejaculated all over Lana’s back and Sheila’s moans quieted as the dong began to slide out. When there was just six inches left Lana pressed the button on the remote ejaculator.


“Oooo…! Oooo…! It is so hot and explosive!” Sheila excitedly expressed. Her inner thighs had tendrils of white imitation horse sperm windering down past her knees. She gasped a sigh of relief as the flared head popped out followed by several long stringers of the fake cum dropping to the floor.


“Well was it as good for you as it was for me?” Lana teased.


Breathlessly Sheila asked, “My god is that how big Mr. Nibs is?”


“No he is a little smaller in the head and a little more spongier; but he is… a little longer.” Lana described as she removed the strap-on and then excitedly added, “He squirts a lot more sperm when he ejaculates!”


“Is he as explosive when he cums?” Sheila pressed.



“Well you will definitely know that you are being cummed in!” Lana assured and then added, “There really is only one way to know for sure. Randy! Put another one of those sperm tubes in the micro.”


Lana eagerly strapped the horse dong toy onto Sheila and lubed it up and then gigglingly commented, “My god that thing looks a lot bigger on you.”


Randy returned from the kitchen and gasped, “Shit honey that looks a lot more deadly on you!” and chuckled as he inserted the warmed tube through the slit in the underside of the base.


“I know I am smaller than Lana but that much.” Sheila said exasperatedly.


“Well honey I have you by a foot plus in height inches in girth and more than thirty pounds in weight and the only reason I’m not fat is cause I workout in a gym! Lana stated with confidence.


“Well okay! Okay you’re a lot bigger than me!” Sheila admitted and then impishly ordered, “Spread’em baby!” Sheila stepped closer and with a little push the first nine inches vanished, and a few more wriggles and pushes and all but the last seven inches slipped into Lana’s vaginal canal.


With seventeen inches of toy cock that was two inches at the narrow end and three inches at the thick end now buried inside her Lana pulled Sheila’s face close to hers and whispered, “This toy cock has gotten me into the mood for the real McCoy!”


“Yes I know what you mean.” Sheila stopped and smelled Lana’s hair and continued, “Your doggy dong strap-on is my favorite toy but it still can’t replace the dog’s hot wet cock, so yes I ‘am…!’ ready for Mr. Nibs.” Sheila slowly slipped the toy out and with the last six inches still inside she pressed the remote ejaculator and watched Lana’s eyes blink and a smile beam.


“Well you are right about our toys they just can’t take the place of a living cock.” Lana paused as she watched the imitation cum run down her legs and then cajoled, “Mr. Nibs…!” she smiled and rubbed her clitty and then continued, “He has a lot more sperm, it is hotter, and when he ejaculates it is much more forceful. So what have you to say?”


“What are we waiting for!?” Sheila sang excitedly and with a yank out popped the strap-on horse dong followed a stream of fake sperm.


“Lets see what the girls are up to.” Lana paused as she thought and watched the long stringers of imitation cum hang from her pubic hairs and then drip to the floor and then eagerly directed, “I’ll get them settled introduce them to my sister and let the six of us have a little tumble; I better call when things are ready, and don’t worry Mr. Nibs is all you’res.” Lana stopped and smiled adding, “You know that does feel sort of real as it drips out.”


“Yea it actually feels good almost real.” Sheila agreed.


The three of them headed down stairs and to the back window and there in the back yard was a sight to behold; Mytoy was draped across Betty’s back with his front paws dangling at her side, tongue flailing by her ear as he panted, and his sperm dripping out from around his cock. Bobo’s head rested on Stacy’s; he had his haunches tightly pressed to Stacy’s buttocks, one front leg on the ground and one holding her belly to his, and she had a beaming smile on her face, with her cheek resting on the ball they used last night.


“God damn what the hell is ole Bobo doing?” Randy asked emphatically as he watched Bobo give several slow strokes and stop.


“You should take notes!” Both women observed and then Lana added, “Ole Bobo is giving sweet Stacy a long slow ride.”


“There he goes again just slow short strokes.” Sheila quietly noted and added, “There goes Mytoy hopping off; I bet he has had his fill for a while.”


“Look how Stacy’s toes are curling and see her body is quaking and how she is pressing her fore head into the ball you can see her breath gusting from her mouth.” Lana excitedly observed.


“I wish we could see her thighs I bet there soaked.” Randy said.

“Honey you know they are.” Sheila consoled and then added, “Yea Mytoy is asleep laying his head on Betty’s belly; but just look how she’s eyeing Bobo you know she wants more.”


“Will you listen to that growling groan!” Randy brayed and noted, “Look at him push his haunches and lift her fanny; you would think he hadn’t cum all week.”


“It looks like we will be able to get them dressed sooner rather than later.” Lana purred as she watched the last few wiggles from Bobo as he squeezed the last few drops of sperm into her vagina.


“We may have to bribe them.” Sheila warned.


“No we won’t.” Lana securely argued and watched Bobo pull free and hop off noting, “You were right Sheila those ‘are…!’ some really soaked thighs.” The three of them watched as Bobo gave Stacy a thorough tongue bath, and then they knocked on the door and walked in after he started cleaning his penis.


“Well girls we have a surprise waiting for you out at my place!” Lana cheerfully announced.


“What is it?” Stacy quickly asked. As Betty rolled onto her side waking Mytoy.


“Can I still sleep with Mytoy?” Betty asked.


“Yea may I sleep with Bobo?” Stacy nervously asked.


“Yes Stacy, Betty Mytoy looks spent and ole Sparky has been watching you two I can promise you he has the hots for you.” Lana stopped to catch her breath from answering the barrage questions and then went on, “Now if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. So lets go up stairs and get you dressed.” Lana directed. The girls raced passed them and bounded up the stairs.


“You did bribe them.” Sheila whispered.


With a giggle Lana replied, “If they don’t know it is it really a bribe?”


“I know like the tree falling in the woods if no one heard it did really make a sound.” Randy kicked in and headed to the kitchen.

Lana and Sheila started up the stairs to joined the girls in the bedroom and, but stopped at the head of the hallway. “Lets sneak up to the door and see what they are doing.” Sheila suggested teasingly.


“You are naughty but lets do it!” Lana eagerly approved.


As they neared the door loud slurping noises could be heard as well as loud heavy breathing joined with the squeaking of the bed. As the women furtively looked around the door jamb they saw Stacy on top suckling on Betty’s clitoris and gently slapping her very wet labia while Betty was teething and sucking her clitoral hood fingering her anus and just started rapidly rubbing her labia. Stacy began cooing and moaning as her head bobbed up her vaginal opening flooded with creamy white nectar that Betty was noisily slurping up as she continued vigorously rubbing her labia. A spray of urine erupted and arched over Betty’s head; fanning out across the foot of the bed from the rubbing of her hand and quickly turned to a trickle and soon only Betty’s slurping noise and Stacy’s sighing, it was then Lana and Sheila walked through the door unannounced.


Both girls looked shocked but at the same time had a lascivious smile beaming from their beet red faces when they turned to see who came in; Stacy’s flushing face shimmering from the thick coating of Betty’s sweet cream covering her face nose to chin, and Betty’s hair soaked with Stacy’s urine and her red cheeks copiously covered with the fruits of Stacy’s passion.


“Just what do you girls think you are doing?” Sheila teasingly asked with her hands on her hips as if she disapproved.


Both girls giggled as they cooed and replied with eyes rolling, “Ooo mommy we were still thirsty!” and burst out with impish laughter forcing the women to join in. Soon the uproarious outbreak quieted to an extended rash of giggles and cooing as Sheila walked up to the bed.


“Well!” Sheila paused as she started to spank Stacy but only loud enough to make a slapping noise and to the rhythm of her strokes continued, “Stacy you are a naughty, naughty little girl.” She stopped as she started to laugh again and after regaining her composure while massaging her buttock began again, “We have to get you both cleaned up again and dressed for your ride to Lana’s now both of up and into the shower.” Sheila paused as they jumped up and headed into the shower she continued as they walked saying, “Lana might want to take you into town and we can’t have you smelling like pee-pee and cum now can we?”


The shower lasted only minutes, as the girls were eager to get on their way. Sheila and Lana quickly dressed them in matching plaid skirts, white blouses, white cotton panties, and white socks brushed their hair and pulled it into pony tails tied with pink ribbons. When they were ready for the drive to Lana’s everyone kissed and said their see you soons as if they were going on a long trip and piled into Lana’s Caravan; Lana, Sparky, and Betty in front, and Stacy and Bobo in the back and off they went.


As they turned onto the main road Betty asked, “Don’t we even get a hint Ms. Bronoski?”


“You do trust me?” Ms. Bronoski asked.


“Yes…!” Both girls chimed loudly.


“Well then you both know that it will be fun no matter what it is.” Ms. Bronoski assured and then admonished, “Stacy don’t go and get Bobo’s scent on your clean dress we may want to go to the café and you can’t go smelling like doggy cum.” She paused as she looked at Stacy through the mirror and then added, “Besides Bobo knows better than to horse around in the car.”


“Why Ms. Bronoski.” Stacy pressed.


“Because there are people that just wouldn’t understand so we must learn to keep up appearances.” Ms. Bronoski explained, paused, and then pressed Betty, “And why is that Betty?”


“They will make trouble and we don’t want trouble.” Betty securely explained.


“That is right.” Ms. Bronoski confirmed and added, “After you have learned how we are than you will be able to bring someone into our little club like Betty did with you.” She stopped as she made a couple of jogs on the road and then continued, “You are Betty’s first admission and she asked us, the group first.”


“She’s a keeper right?” Betty kicked in teasingly and then added warmly, “She worked good yes.”


“Yes Stacy is a sweet little passion fruit and a lot of fun to play with.” Ms. Bronoski said loud enough for every one to hear.


“Thank you Ms. Bronoski.” Stacy sang happily and cajoled, “You are too.”


“And you are too Bobo.” Betty said in mock baby talk causing Bobo to rap the seat with his tail and then asked, “Ms. Bronoski are you still seeing that preacher?”


“Yes. Why?” She pressed.


“Well the way Stacy looks at him and the way he licks her ear they must be in love and they should get married.” Betty answered a warm lilt in her voice.


“We’ve never done that in the group.” She stopped as a broad smile beamed brightly and added; “I think that is a beautiful idea Betty! How about you Stacy?”


“Hell yes I’ll marry Bobo. You think mom and dad will let me sleep with him every night and what about his owner?” Stacy rattled of a few questions.


“You just leave his owner to me and yes mommy and daddy will let you sleep with him all you want.” Ms. Bronoski confidently assured.


“Can we just go straight to your house?” Both girls asked pleadingly.


“You both timed that just right; to the left is the café and to the right in the ranch?” Lana offered a choice.


“To the right, to the ranch!” the girls chanted as they bounced on their seats causing the doggies to bark softly. As the van turned to the right they quieted right down.


“Now I want you two to act like proper women until I let you know otherwise.”  Ms. Bronoski cautioned.


“We are almost there!” Betty shouted as the rounded a corner and the driveway soon appeared.


“You have company tonight.” Stacy pointed out as a large mobile home parked at the end of driveway came into view.


“Your good behavior; call everybody by their introduced names and act like ladies.” Ms. Bronoski reminded.


“We will be really good for you Ms. Svetlana Bronoski.” Both girls chimed their assurance as the van pulled into the garage.


As they gathered around the van Betty snapped Sparky’s leash to his collar and Stacy snapped Bobo’s leash and as if ordered both dogs heeled and they walked in to the front room. Stacy was surprised when another woman appeared from the kitchen; she knew her but couldn’t figure out exactly from where.


“I have some goodies fixed up and ready to eat if anyone wants a snack.” The woman cheerfully informed everyone.


“Girls this is my sister Ms. Arena Katrina.” Ms. Svetlana Bronoski announced and then continued, “This is Stacy Ormond and you know Betty Riley.”


“Glad to meet you Ms. Arena Katrina.” The girls chimed together and Betty added, “If you will please excuse us we have to take the dogs to the backyard.


“Well tell me their names please.” Ms. Arena Katrina asked.


“This Bobo, sit Bobo.” Stacy introduced and maintained a mater of fact composure.


“This is Sparky.” Betty said as he sat.


“I thought that was his name. He is Ms. Svetlana Bronoski pet isn’t he?” Ms. Arena Katrina inquired.


“Yes Maam.” Betty answered.


“And how long have you had Bobo Stacy?” Ms. Arena Katrina pressed.


“This is only my second day Maam.” Stacy informed and her heart dropped into her groin as Ms. Arena Katrina smiled warmly and looked right into her eyes.


“Well he certainly is a well behaved animal.” Ms. Arena Katrina observed and then directed, “Go and get them into the backyard with some food and water.” The two girls headed for the backyard and Ms. Arena Katrina headed towards Ms. Svetlana Bronoski.


“Lana she is a dear!” Ms. Arena Katrina excitedly whispered.


“Yes Ena wait till you kiss her mouth she is as sweet as honey and well she melts all over your hand!” Lana eagerly recounted.


While Stacy poured food into the dish she whispered, “She is hot for an older woman; shit I thought I was going to wet my panties when she looked into my eyes.”


“Hell yes she’s a hottie!” Betty agreed as she turned the faucet off and the two girls headed back into the house.


“Oh now I remember!” Stacy enthusiastically expressed and added, “You are a doctor at the hospital. Mother calls you the Lady doctor and your mother’s doctor!”


“Yes I am a doctor and yes I am a lady doctor that takes care of ladies.” Ms. Arena Katrina explained as everyone sat down.


“I think you are a really nice doctor.” Betty gleefully added while Ms. Arena Katrina passed out the whip cream covered tarts and hand made chocolates and Ms. Svetlana Bronoski poured the tea. Soon the room filled with oohs and ahhs yums and coos as the desserts vanished.


“Oh my…!” Stacy started to speak but put her hand to her mouth in an effort stop a chocolate colored drool from running down her chin. Everyone giggled politely and waited for Stacy to finish and shortly she continued, “This was a heavenly snack Ms. Arena Katrina thank you!”


“Well my sister Ms. Arena Katrina is a dessert chef when she isn’t being a doctor.” Ms. Svetlana Bronoski informed. And everyone looked at the table for a hidden tart or chocolate something anything.


“I must say that you two are the most polite young ladies I have run into for a while!” Ms. Arena Katrina cajoled and added, “I would have been disappointed if someone hadn’t drooled a little.” And she smiled warmly at Stacy.


“Enough for formality!” Ms. Svetlana Bronoski blurted out and then said, “My sister likes to be called Ena and you know I like to be called Lana.”


Stacy and Betty’s cheeks and fore heads began to blush turning a bright red as they each cast glances at the older women wondering who was going to go with who first.


“Come over here Betty.” Lana asked as she broke the stalemate and when she stood next to her Lana started taking little tugs at her white cotton shirt and untucking it and then she said, “Tell Ena who Stacy is today.”


As a broad licentious smile began to beam from her face Betty said, “Stacy is my sex slave and I am teaching her how to be a barnyard slut!”


“Come here dear.” Ena directed Stacy to her side and when she came into reach Ena put her hand to Stacy’s fanny and pulled her the rest of the way to and held her firmly and like Lana started tugging slightly at her blouse and slid her hand up and down Stacy’s fanny and then added, “So tell me what has been the best part so far.”


“When Betty made me cum the first time, and when Mytoy took my cherry.” She stopped and looked around and started again, “I really liked Mytoy and Sparky but when Bobo mounted me the first time it was the best. We had a group of hounds that night and being mounted so many times by so many dogs over and over and having them fight over me I was in heaven.” She paused as her shirt pulled free from her dress.


“Oh tell me more honey don’t stop now!” Ena eagerly urged.


“It was when Bobo and Sparky claimed me for their own they just chased the other dogs away and Bobo mounted me after making me cum with his licking I could see Sparky keeping them away while he was inside me it felt like so good I started cumming and cumming. When he was finished cumming he hopped off licked me and then Sparky mounted me but I jus kept cumming Even when they weren’t inside me I was cumming.” Stacy stopped when Betty’s dress fell to the floor and she watched Lana fingers sliding over her panties and mons.”


“What were you going to say about Bobo’s knot?” Ena pried.


“I heard music and started to float when it first slipped into me.” Stacy went silent as her dress fell to the floor.


“Yes I felt the same way when I had a penis inside me the first time.” Ena softly confirmed and gently directed, “Here sit on my lap and let’s watch Lana and Betty for a little while.” And as she hoisted Stacy onto her lap she purred, “My you feel hot to the touch.”


Lana was suckling on Betty’s nipple and fingering her clitty through her panties and Betty has her arms around Lana’s shoulders and a foot on her thigh. Soon Betty started sighing loudly and pushing her pelvis into Lana’s torso and stumbled a little as her knee buckled and Lana picked her up and put her in her lap and both of them looked at Ena and Stacy with a satisfied smile on their faces and Betty’s eyes swimming.


“Stacy would you mind if Betty kept Bobo and Sparky entertained in the backyard while Ena and I have some fun with you.” Lana asked softly.


“Oh Bo…”Stacy went mute as she struggled within Ena’s arms.

“That is just fine honey it is okay I have to wash these clothes anyway.” Ena consoled the squirming girl, started fingering her clitoris, and calmed her squirming and she began ooohing.


“What happened as if I didn’t know?” Lana jokingly asked.


“She wet herself and me too as soon as she started to say Bobo.” Ena laughingly said and then pried, “Now what were you going to say?”


“Oh just that there is enough of Bobo to go around.” Stacy cooed as she nestled to Ena’s neck.


“Bobo has the hots for Stacy not me.” Betty calmly pointed out.


“Oh let Aunty Lana take care of that.” Lana assured and reached for her purse. Betty’s face lit right up when she saw a plain brown tube in Lana’s hand and Lana directed, “Now get your shirt and those panties off and clear off the table.”


“You too Get undressed the rest of the way and help clear the table.” Ena urged.


Both women watched the naked girls quickly shuttling back and forth clearing the table. Their eyes wandering over their smooth white skin; from their firm mounds and perky nipples to their jiggling fannies and following the contours of their flat little tummies. Both Ena and Lana marveled at the shiny wetness of the girls inner thighs and how eagerly they went about their task, and with the table cleared and wiped the girls stood in the middle of the room.


“We’re waiting!” Lana prodded.


Quickly Betty took hold of Stacy’s ponytails with one hand, pulled her to the floor, and in a sultry voice asked, “Which of you wants my slave?”


“I do!” Ena shouted instantly. And Betty pulled Stacy on her hands and knees to Ena and ordered, “Ask her nice!”


“Ena would please have me.” Stacy pleaded.


“Yes honey you sweet little dear.” Ena cajoled as she took hold of Stacy’s ponytails and then ordered, “Now give Betty some sweet and low.” And pushed her towards Betty and when she started to suckle noisily and directed farther, “Now tell her to have a good time with Bobo.”


“I hope Bobo does you really, really…really good Betty.” She obediently complied with her mouth still on Betty’s pussy. Ena with her hand holding her ponytails pulled her back onto her lap.


Everyone cringed as a chair scrapped across the floor and as Lana petted the pad she ordered, “Now be a good little doggy and upon the chair.” Everyone could see her squeeze a copious amount onto her finger and Betty shivered as she slipped it into her pussy Stacy’s mouth gaped as she watched Lana swirling her finger around Betty’s pussy and out it popped and she squirted another healthy amount the digit and slid it right in and held it there for several minutes as she gazed at Stacy and Ena.


Lana popped it out and directed, “Undress me fold and put my clothes on the table and then go right out top the backyard. In just a few minutes Lana was naked and Betty was scampering off to the yard on all fours.


“Spread those hairy legs of you’res Lana.” Ena jokingly asked and then directed, “Now you go over there and comb that beautiful matting of wet black hair and let me look at her big meaty labia and clitoris.” And gave Stacy a push. A few seconds later Stacy had her hairs parted and exposed Lana’s genitalia, and sat back with a broad smile on. Ena got to her feet, walked over, and ordered; “Now suck those lips and make it loud I want to see your face vanish with only your sweet blond locks swinging in the wind.


“That is just right baby.” Lana encouraged.


“Has she drunk the glass of horse sperm yet?” Ena asked.


As Lana put her hand to the back of Stacy’s head and pushed her face deeper replied dreamily, “No. But we have two studs that haven’t been milked yet this week.”  


“Well hell lead the way.” Ena excitedly encouraged.


And they all followed Lana to the barn; as they entered soft little bells started to ring as they passed the first horse Stacy asked, “Mr. Nibs?”


“No we are saving him for later.” Lana answered and as they neared the last two stalls it was obvious the first horse was ready to be milked his huge member was quite hard and he was neighing quietly. As they approached Lana pulled a cock sleeve from the cabinet and Ena put a small stool next to the horse and motioned for Stacy to sit. Her eyes grew large as she watched the sleeve slid over the stud’s member.


With amazement ringing in her voice Stacy pointed out, “The end is broken.”


“Not broken.” Lana assured as she snapped a clear globe with a long clear straw onto the open end, handed the straw to Stacy, and directed, “You’ll know what to do when the time comes.” And giggled.


Soon a quiet humming noise came from the sleeve and it started to twist around the horse’s cock. Soon clear liquid dripped from his slit and ooze into the straw. The horse started snorting and nickering a little but knew not to lift his hooves.


When the liquid was turning milky Stacy asked, “Now?”


“Sure go ahead and suck.” Ena coaxed.


Tentatively she sucked the precum into her mouth she grimaced as it entered and then smiled and announced, “It tastes good.”


Soon the oozing precum was a greenish white, the animal was snorting with every breath, and Stacy was keeping the globe emptied. Soon the horse’s haunches dropped down a little and loud deep groaning came from his throat his cock sagged and then flexed and started ejaculating as he pumped his hips slightly. Stacy made loud gurgling noises as she swallowed every thick rope of sperm that shot into the globe; as the flow stopped the animal quieted but continued to breathe heavily, and Stacy slurped the last of the semen. In the silence Betty’s gleeful screeches could be heard coming from the backyard as she licentiously romped with the hounds.


Stacy was the first to talk saying, “My god that was a lot of sperm!” and all three of them laughed and continued to listen to Betty’s erotic noises.


“Well you ready for number two.” Lana teased.


“Hell yea bring it on.” She eagerly replied and noted, “That sperm is really hot.”


“Little Stacy is getting so much protein tonight she won’t have to eat for a week!” Ena boisterously noted as they walked to the second stall. Stacy watched with the globe in hand and straw in her mouth as Lana slid the masturbator onto the horse’s erect cock take the globe and snap it into place. Even before it was turned on the horse began to emit precum that Stacy started sucking up. Again a quiet hum sounded and the sleeve began to twist and the horse started snorting; he too knew not to dance about in his stall. This time when he dropped his haunches he made a series of very loud staccatoed grunts from deep inside his throat and started filling the globe with his seed with Stacy sucking it out almost as fast as it flowed in, and he too soon turned quiet.


“I think we should let her see what it is like to that much cum in her sweet little pussy.” Ena suggested.


“No maybe tomorrow Mr. Nibs is all I have left and he is promised.” Lana smiled, as she looked a Stacy licking her lips and gave her a congratulatory stroking and kiss.


Just then a blast of screaming laughter sounded; “I bet ole Bobo is pounding it to her!” Stacy suggested as she giggled.


Lana Pushed Stacy’s face into her wet hairy pussy saying, “Suck my big clitty that’s it suck it!” She vigorously ordered and then commanded, “Get those clothes off Ena and come over here it is time we gave Stacy a really big surprise.” And in seconds Ena was nude and licking Stacy anus.


“Oooh that feels good Ena.” Stacy cooed as she squirmed and begged, “Please Ena let me do it back.”


“Close those eyes.” Lana warmly teased as she gently pulled Stacy by her ponytails behind Ena as she stood and bent over then pushed Stacy’s face and ordered; “Now play with those mushy cheeks and spread’em and lick that tender anus.”


“They aren’t hairy!” Stacy noted with surprise as she kneaded Ena’s buttocks.


Lana moved Stacy’s face further down, held Stacy’s mouth over Ena’s wet pussy, and asked, “What is that?”


“It is a really wet pussy that tastes good.” Stacy answered as she noisily slurped at Ena’s juicy pussy.


“You sure?” Lana asked teasingly.


“Oh yea I can feel her little clitty pulsing with my tongue.” Stacy purred.


“Keep your eyes closed and come here and give me some sugar.” Lana warmly coaxed.


As Stacy felt her way she found Lana lying on a bale of hey crawled on top of and kissed her. Lana pulled her down onto her and sucked on her tongue.


As Ena lay on top of Stacy she said, “I guess I am going to get my first toy inside me.”


Ena whispered as she lay on Stacy’s squirming body, “This is a real penis.” And continued to slip it in even deeper as Stacy gasps were stifled by Lana’s mouth.


“Oh god it is bigger than my dad’s and it feels like you are inside my throat.” Stacy gasped as her head popped up writhing and then groaned, “That’s it auw that aches no deeper your stretching me.”


Ena pulled back an inch and started a long slow slide out to Stacy’s opening and back in again and again making Stacy’s sweat run over her whole body. Lana stifled her loud moaning with her mouth and soon Stacy was bucking between the two women lifting Ena and soon she settled and Ena pulled her still erect member from Stacy’s loin and Lana turned her onto her back and with Stacy’s eyes still closed she wrapped the fingers of both hands around it and started massaging it’s full length of the rigid shaft.


“The head Stacy just squeeze the head.” Ena whispered as her body started to quake and with a long loud exhale a surge of sperm spewed from Ena’s gland forming a huge pool on Stacy’s belly and arching over her shoulder and into Lana’s face. As she ejaculated Ena slipped her penis between Stacy’s legs and entered her letting her semen fill her vaginal well to over flowing pulled it out and milked her shaft onto Stacy’s belly the flowing ooze pooled on both Stacy and Lana’s bellies. Stacy pulled the now flaccid member into her mouth and sucked it till the semen stopped flowing.


“Kiss me with your labia.” Lana whispered as she gazed at Stacy her eyes half open.


As Stacy started to move Ena put her fingers over Stacy’s vaginal opening saying, “Lana wants to drink my sperm from your womb.”


Stacy began moaning and cooing as Lana coaxed Ena’s sperm into her mouth from Stacy’s vaginal well; she entwined her fingers into Lana’s hair and as Ena hugged and held her up Stacy lifted her leg opening her vagina even more to Lana’s eager licking and suckling.

“Did you like that Stacy?” Ena asked in a whisper.


“Oh yes!” She eagerly replied and purred, “I want to feel you explode inside my womb.” Stacy paused as Lana gave her a hard suck and then purred, “Your cum is so hot and thick feeling, and there is so much of it!”


 “I was hoping you would ask me to cum in you.” Ena kissed Stacy on the ear and asked, “Would you do me a favor first?”


“Just name it!” She excitedly dared.


“Would let me watch you and Bobo mating!?” Ena eagerly asked.

“I would like that very much.” Stacy said raspyly as she rubbed her vagina all over Lana’s face and then cautioned, “I have to pee Lana.” Lana just opened her mouth, held Stacy’s hips, and swallowed as a few short squirts pulsed into her open mouth. Stacy’s urine washed all over Lana’s face as the flow over filled her mouth between swallows.


“Save me some!” Ena excitedly blurted out, got on her knees in front of Stacy, pulled her to her waiting mouth, and swallowed the last few squirting trickles.


As the women walked to the house Ena scooped the layered semen from Stacy’s belly and Lana scooped it from her belly and hungrily swallowed it. They walked through the side gate into the backyard and there was Bobo waiting by the foot of the path tail wagging; Betty and Sparky had just finished mating as Sparky pulled out when they rounded the corner. He looked too tired to lick as he stood there panting with his head hanging down, his eyes half closed, and his red tongue flailing about. Bobo quickly jumped up on Stacy placing his paws on her shoulder and started eagerly licking her face. With a bark he jumped down, took her hand, and pulled her into the center of the yard by a padded stool. Stacy quickly got down on all fours and rolled onto her back and Bobo began licking the remaining sperm from her belly and thighs. Ena fell to her knees and watched with fascination as Bobo’s attentions soon focused on Stacy’s pliant vaginal flesh and how her body writhed as his tongue passed over her labia. Her own penis became stiffly erect as she watched Bobo spray Stacy with his scent and bark at her and as soon as she turned over started licking her anal tuck causing Stacy to moan out loudly as she wriggled her creamy fanny. He soon straddled her and started licking her ear and neck.


“My god that is a beautiful cock!” Ena excitedly observed and pulled her sister to the ground got behind her and the full length of her member vanished into Lana’s loin.


When Bobo started his whiny growl Stacy scrambled to her feet and onto the backless padded stool. Both Stacy and Ena gasped with Ena being the loudest as Bobo mounted Stacy and quite easily found and entered her vaginal opening causing Ena to groan loudly and cum in Lana without moving a muscle other than involuntary twitching. Bobo wasted no time as his nose pointed to the sky tongue hanging out and casting glances from side to side as he started vigorously rubbing his hairy haunches firmly against Stacy’s creamy white fanny.


Stacy’s moans turned feverish as Ena’s turned into quiet murmuring sighs and both her and Lana intently watched the hairy black hound pounding Stacy’s buttocks. Sparky changed sides and betty opened her eyes and all four watched in quiet awe as Bobo’s tongue curled up and a noiseless barking erupted from his throat as his body heaved into Stacy’s and soon he only trembled as he kept his haunches pressed the her behind.


Both Bobo and Stacy slipped to the ground as he pulled free and slowly licked his huge knot and Stacy’s opening and thighs and then lay down next to her with his head on her belly and nose between her breasts. Sparky rolled back onto Betty laying his head between her breasts and front paw across her tummy. Lana and Ena were cheek to cheek in each other’s arms the whole group rested in silence.





End pt 5



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