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By: Griz


My Baby (his name), is a black lab, 4 years old, weighs near 100 pounds. Gentle as a lamb, usually, except at times when he gets protective, or sexually excited. Which he seems to be in the latter state at the moment.

I lay on the floor, wrestling with him. He is very excitable, but very gentle. Sometimes he just completely stops everything except his breathing and looks into my eyes, almost saying, "I want you". I can almost feel the doggie words coming out of his eyes. Then once again, into the fray, but maybe with a little more sexual intoning to his play. He nuzzles my neck, licks my mouth, paws my legs, little innuendos most people would not think anything of.

I myself an starting to get excited, warm, breathing a little quicker, ju

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st knowing where this play is heading. Again baby stops all movement and again looking right into my eyes. I can almost detect a leer with a slight grin.

I sit up and look back at him. It only takes a slight smile to melt him. His tail starts to wag, wiping the coffee table clean and paying no attention to the damage he’s doing. Now I know what he has in his mind. And what I have in mine.

I sit and while looking into his eyes, I reach for the buttons of my shirt and start unbuttoning from the top. His sign that bitch is nearly ready. He slowly walks to me and licks my open, almost panting mouth. I don’t berate him. I enjoy him, his love, his caring, his want, his need. Slowly I tease with the buttons, going too slow with the unbuttoning process. He dips his head to my hands, noses my hands and looks in my eyes again. I don’t move. He noses my hands again. Still I do not move. He noses my hands aside and sticks his nose down the throat of my shirt and licks between my breasts. He knows. I know. I undo buttons now until my shirt is hanging open. He walks close and almost humanlike, with his nose, he opens first one side of my shirt, then the other. The edges of the shirt hanging outside my breasts, he retreats a step backwards. He looks at my eyes, then at each breast, then back into my eyes. An imperceptive smile starts everything.

He lies on the floor and crawls towards me whimpering almost. His chin first rests on my knee, his eyes darting up and down from my eyes to my nipples and back again. He raises his head a little and noses one nipple. It hardens immediately, the areola tightening and puffing up, capped with a proud nipple of nice proportions. Finally he sits on his haunches.

He licks one nipple, it’s shiny with his saliva. I touch it, pinch it gently as he licks at just the very tip exciting it even more. He looks up at me and nods down to lick the other taut nipple. We do this several times, switching from breast to breast. His cock starts to protrude from his sheath. At first it looks menacing, a single evil eye looking for blood. I lick my fingers and touch it as he looks right in my eyes. At first it almost goes back in, but with my rubbing, it quickly comes back out. I tenderly run my wet fingers around it, up and down all that is protruding from his sheath. More of his cock comes out. I rub more. I lick my whole hand and take is cock into my soft grip. A slight whimper escapes his mouth against my breast.

I kneel and unbutton my jeans. Baby is dancing around me, yipping and very excited. I peel my jeans and panties down over my hips and sit again. I pull my pants and panties down and off my legs. I throw my shirt off my shoulders. Baby stops moving. He looks at first my eyes, then, my breasts again, down my belly to his place of happiness. He licks my mouth again, twice and steps back a little. I lie back on the floor and spread my legs. It is like a magnet to hip. He immediately has his snout in my most private place. He licks, a long lap right up and between my slit. My lips open to his mouth like a flower, dewy and warm. He licks gently, but with enough pressure to make it known that he wants all of it. His tongue goes increasingly deeper and deeper the longer he licks at me. I moan and sigh and almost climax from the wonderful sensations he is giving me.

I reach for his back leg to pull him sideways to me. I see his wonderful cock and gently grasp it with adoring fingers. I pull him closer and closer until his extended cock is near my lips. I blow warm air on the tip. He whimpers and his hips involuntarily start a slight humping movement. I pull my head up and take his cock between my lips. My tongue washes over the tip. My cheeks hollow as I suckle. He abandons his licking to get the greatest extent of personal feeling of what I am doing for him. His tongue hangs from his mouth. He pants loudly as I suckle as much of his cock that I can get in my mouth. My lips are at the start of what will become his heavenly knot. I suck and drink his precum. I swallow it greedily.

I let his cock slip from my mouth and lie my head down. He is up now, nudging at my side, my hips, trying to roll me over. I tease him for a second as he whimpers and almost cries. I start to roll with him straddling my legs. I pull my legs up under me to his favorite position. His tongue adores all that is exposed. He tastes my cunt, my ass, all over my butt and halfway up my back. His cock is jerking and dripping. I spread my legs so he can stand between. My hips up, head down in a subordinate sign of….."Take me".

He licks at my cunt, again it opens to his ministrations. His tongue goes deep this time rasping against my tender folds driving me animalistic. My juices start to flow. I can almost feel them seeping out of me. I feel him lurch up, his chest settling over my hips. Surprisingly gentle, he gets his position, just very gently probing at my wetness. Then……..I feel his want, his need. His front paws grasp my hips with almost alarming strength. I feel his back legs jumping, his cock right at the brink. Just barely touching my soft lips. Then, without any warning, his hips thrust forward. His cock drives into me, deep and he holds deep like this for one, two, three seconds as I feel him still growing in my heated channel. I can feel his knot start to form filling just inside my stretched lips.

Then he starts his dance of love. First a hard deep thrust which makes him nearly penetrate my cervix, he withdraws, not so slowly this time and rams his cock deep again. Now I feel it in my cervix. It must be tight for him that deep because he never withdraws again until this dance is over. With short and very strong thrusts, he absolutely fucks me out of my mind. My first orgasm makes me scream loudly. It seems to incite him to harder thrusts. His paws hold my hips and pull me back on his wonderful cock. His knot is starting to stretch me tight. He is all in now, his knot buried for the duration. My second orgasm is a repeat of the first but lasts agonizingly long, maybe 3 minutes. Even with the pressure of his knot, I feel his long cock swell even larger and seemingly deeper into me. His thrusts are now erratic, although short, but very deep in my body. Deeper than any, ever before.

His paws pull me, his hips thrust into me, he whimpers and nuzzles my neck, licks at the nape. His orgasm explodes in my depths. I can almost feel his cum shooting through his cock as it pumps into me. Again and again and again his seed fills my womb, my whole being. Another very extreme orgasm wracks my whole body as his cock pumps seemingly gallons of his cum into me. Each pump of his cock causes my orgasm to go higher and higher until it erupts like a volcano. Both our juices leak out around his throbbing cock and knot to run down my legs. It is so nastily exciting to be Baby’s bitch. I have no cum left to cum again, but he is yet still filling me more and more. I am so very full of his precious cock, his heavenly knot, his seed that makes this all worthwhile.

He pants and drools on my back, but he stays calm, apparently knowing he would tear me if he tried to depart. This is part of the love we have for each other. I treat him as he wants, he treats me as I wish. It just seems to be an understanding between us.

Finally with enough pulling pressure, his cock literally pops out of me and my cunt gushes Baby’s seed, my cum. I collapse as my body empties. Baby takes care of his own hygiene, then tends to mine as I lay exhausted, slightly sore, relaxed and completely satiated. I wake several hours later, warmed by Baby’s body tight against my side.


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 Shocked no more... Update offered.

 Continuation from 'It shocked me'


 I was sure my wife had gone the extra mile with our dog Bruce but she still denied it. She'd become okay about me mentioning it,but wouldn't admit or let me watch him fuck her. My balls ached to see this and she knew it. "Its more a case of getting it right" she kept saying but wouldn't elaborate. So I goaded her that she was trying to get me to offer Bruce my ass. After the original reaction and when in pensive mode,she'd said,"Do you really think he would then" Although I knew exactly what she was asking,I played hard ba

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ll. 'Really think who would what?' "You know what,Bruce with yours" 'Yours?' "ASSHOLE! Asshole,you know I meant that. Do you think he'd fuck you in the ass?"

 I laughing, "You'd be a better judge of that,has he fucked yours?" "Not intentionally. BASTARD! you BASTARD! You never give up do you" Going on, "Alright,so what if he did,he didn't know he'd missed my pussy. Bastard,so now you know,yes he did get my ass and yes he has fucked me" 'Did he make you cum?" "YES & YES,both times,now are you satisfied" She really looked pissy, not letting go. 'BOTH TIMES?' "That's what I said,up the front and up the back,so there" She had turned the tables on me. 'I thought we agreed you'd only fuck with me there just in case' "NO,you ordered,I didn't agree,anyway,its nowhere large enough to lock in my quim and up my ass it didn't get up there it acted as a stop,that's all"

 I was gutted,all this and she hadn't let me watch. She went on,as she was obviously very horny, "Here's the deal,you can watch me being licked providing you let me try to get him to fuck you. Then if you're very good,I'll let him go all the way with you watching" My heart was running close to a coronary as she pulled her clothes off without waiting for my agreement. "Go and get him" By the time I had,she was laying ready for a licking" This time she's flat on her back on the floor. "This way he wont be able to fuck me,then when you see me cumming,kneel into my chair,so I can make him mount you" 'Kneeling,he wont be able to grip my hips,I'm to wide for him' "Rubbish,he grips me and my woman hips are a whole lot wider than yours"

 I would have bet money he couldn't have,I assumed she'd lay on her back and hold his elbows for him to get a purchase. Bruce didn't care,he was to busy working at my wife's clitoris. "Put that cushion under my ass so he can lick my asshole,it opens better if I've got a cushion under me" I saw what she meant,with her hips higher,her ass opened as she let her legs drape wider. Her belly and tits were like jellies as Bruce work the magic of his tongue. Loosing self control,I knelt beside her and fingered her clitoris. Opening her eyes, "Hold the lips apart so he can get his tongue in deeper,I can't do it by myself" Pulling her labia hard each side,her hole was open enough for me to see the inside muscles. "Fuck that's hot" Bruce was a natural,I came off as I saw him push his tongue in her just like I do,that is funneling the shape so it resembles a smallish pink cock then pressing it up as far as possible. She was raising her hips as though she had a young boys cock up her.

 "Fuck that's a gorgeous feeling,its like you do but he gets his long tongue in much deeper" She started to pant, "He's making me cum quicker,because I'm so fucking horny. Get yourself ready" I dropped all my clothes off,cum was all over my jockeys and cock. As she bobbed around in orgasm, "When did you cum?" She babbled. 'When his tongue became a boys cock' She screamed, "FUCK,I'm cumming and slumped" while Bruce tried to mount her all ways. With his cock now bouncing around by her face squirting liquid on her mouth. Spitting it away from her lips,"THWWW! THWWW! Fuck that's hot" Bruce was now trying to fuck her armpit. "Wait you dumb mutt,trying to turn herself to reach my butt,she squirmed around enough to smack my ass cheeks. "Bruce,this one,up,go on get his asshole" I felt his claw scratch the back of my calf. "NO,BRUCE,Steady now,do him like you got me" A smack on the top of my ass, "Up boy,up here,go on get him you fucker" I could tell she was so worked up my ass was going to be fucked come what may.

 One paw went across the top of my ass then it came down hard on my calf again. I looked back to be confronted by eight inches of dog flesh flapping around close to my body. A squirt of hot fluid hit my ass cheek and ran down then dripped onto my calf. "I know what he needs" she bent her knees outwards and her hand went between her legs into her quims entrance. With a scooping action she pulled her hand away and brought it near my face. A pool of cunt juice was present. Cocking her leg over my body,she poured it on and into my sphincter. Her fingers put juice up my ass and she smoothed the residue on her hand across my ass cheeks and scrotum.

 Like a drug Bruce steadied,and his cold snout hit my ball bag followed by him licking at my skin furiously. Up one side of my ass cheek,across and up the other over the top then into my scrotum area again. Then he hit me right on my crinkly hole,fuck the sensation was amazing. "I bet you don't want that to stop,I can't get enough of it. When his rough tongue hits my bum hole I piss everytime" Bruce now satisfied with his tongue work put one paw on my back. "He's to the side,spread your knees so he can get between your legs with his legs"

 Both paws came up but he was having difficulty gripping me. With a slight grip his dick hit my sphincter,the point was almost sharp and the sensation did make me piss some drips. My wife giggled, "See what I mean,good job you pissed before starting,I told you you would" In the meantime his cock was now poking my scrotum which didn't do much except get wet from whatever juice it was squirting from his prick. "Its not working this way because you're taller than I am. Move from the chair and let him have another try" Now clear in the middle of the floor,I put my shoulders right down making my ass high ready for Bruce's cocking. Up he got and hit me right on the hole. 'Its in' "NO,it did go in but he pulled away,you're to high bend your thighs right forward against your belly to get your bum lower.

 Now in a low crouch, I was amazed,Bruce rose onto my back and pushed about three times quickly,each jab hit my sphincter sending thrills through my body,then spot on,his cock sunk up my ass,quickly and deeply. No pain,no problem. "Fucking hell,you'd never believe how easily he pushed that right up you" Suddenly he'd got a furious grip on my hips and the speed he was fucking me at was phenominal. 'That juice stuff is still squirting even though he's in me' then he took another purchase at my hips and his knot pressed till it hurt against my asshole's sphincter. 'He's trying to get his knot up there' "I know,I can see it,it wont go you're way to tight" 'FUCK, his pricks oh so hot' "I told you that didn't I" I could feel his legs dancing around and on my calves, 'He's still trying to get me with his knot' "I know,your ass is trying to open bigger" 'Fuck,whatever you do don't let him get me with it'

 He now started giving me some long powerful stroked, "You should see it,its slippery and deep red,you must be so tight and the veins are big like they're gonna pop" His knot hit me really hard and stayed pressed to my ass. A scoulding hot spurt of jism shot through my rectum. 'Fuck he's shooting,its burning hot' "Yeah I know,it feels hotter than it really is" Another shot,then a pull back and a thrust to end all thrusts, "FUCK! He's up there,his knots disappeared" 'No it hasn't my sphincter give in under the pressure,its not just inside,its going up farther and farther' Bruce gave some super quick short thrusts but it was enough to let me know his knot was to big for my rectum. There was the stem,then the knot now lodged solid inside my rectum with even more of his cock spitting very hot cum deep up my ass.

 A lot of cum,far more than a man cums. My wife looked worried,"What if it wont come out again?" 'It will,it came out your cunt' Sheepishly she put her head down. "I lied,I listened to you,this was going to be the first time" Bruce started to try turning. 'Grab him,make him stay the way he is. Either his cock will finish like a cork screw or I'll be walking bow legged for ever. There's no chance of his knot sliding in my rectum,not without fucking me up' "Shall I do what they say you do to dogs fucking,get a bucket of cold water and chuck it over his ass" 'No if you went and got it,he'll turn and fuck me up'

 She smoothed his head,"Its ok Bruce,you didn't know it was an ass,you thought it was mummy's pussy didn't you the naughty man was too tight for Bruce's lovely hardon" 'Keep talking like that,I'm sure its getting smaller' "Yeah, or your ass is stretching for it" 'No it is,he's going down,how long has that been?' "About 15 minutes" 'Are you still prepared to let me see him have you,seeing that your confession has changed things a bit' "Of course,but we better wash it being that it stuck up you" 'Oh yes,of course we must' My rectum feels hot but okay,lift him and let him try pulling away how they do' She lifted him off my back and he immediately pulled. Looking closely, "The thin part between his body and the knot is outside you and there's no blood on it. He must still have some knot inside because the rim of your ass is bulging each time he pulls" Another pull, 'Fuck that feels like a hard dump,you know what I mean' Another pull, "OO! OO!" 'What? What can you see' "Its ok, it was just that you sphincter swelled up and his knot plopped out all slippery with his cum"

 'Stupid bitch,I thought he had bust me. Sorry I didn't mean bitch,it just made me shit a bit' "Shit a bit" she repeated. We both laughed. "What do your inside feel like?" 'Alright,just well fucked really' Calling Bruce to go with her,she drew water and washed his dick. Back with him now. 'Are you going to let him lick again' "No, although I was a bit scared when his knot went in you,fuck the juice was pouring out me,look. From her cunt to her knees was sopping wet,I touched her,it was oh so sticky. "Leave me to do it on my own" still naked,she stood over Bruce and smoothed his head,then flanks until putting the right hand under his chest she moved from chest to groin area.

 Talking gently now, "Come on,let mummy see that big fat juicy dicky you have hid there waiting for mummy's pussy" Now sitting on the edge of the chair with her thighs wide,she stretched along Bruce's back and felt under for his cock. With the flat of her hand she rubbed at his sheath. An inch then two peeped out of it and she let this wet slippery part slid between two fingers. Having just had the fucking of my life and still feeling his cum leaking from my ass. I was sure she had no chance of getting fucked for a while yet.

 Then with tongue limply hanging from his mouth and his hot breath being panted towards her open cunt,she flinched as he licked her a couple of times. "Fuck his hot breaths blowing on my quim again" She raised her eyes up in her head to show the sensation it was giving her. "A smile crossed her lips as Bruce started humping into her hand,then his cock peeled from its sheath including the knot and dangled with yet more of that liquid dripping from it. "See,told you,men just can't compete with him" She moved onto the floor on her back and with thighs wide she patted her belly. Bruce stepped between her legs and started licking her upper thighs,groins and belly. Each stroke making her belly and tits quiver. She rolled onto her belly and I so much wanted to climb over and poke my cock up her bum.

 Lifting her ass some, "Go to it Captain, AH! NO I mean Bruce,give mummy the fucking she needs" She quivered again as he drew his tongue through her ass and cunt crack. He lifted,she adjusted on feeling his cock and he slid the length of it right up her,just as a man would. Jabbing haphazardly, he seemed to be on slow then he changed up a gear as he lunged deeply up my wife's quim. 'What happened? he was all haphazard,then he rammed right in you and started fucking super fast' Between pants and sexual jerks and squeaks including dirty encouragement to Bruce to make her pregnant. "The pointed bit was searching for my uterus,as soon as he felt the neck of my womb he rammed in and AAAH! AAAH! UGH! CUMMM! We're cumming, AAGH! HOT,FUCK SO HOT! More Bruce mummy wants more, AAAAGH" What,What's he doing? "His knot is pressing against my uterus,it stops the sperm from escaping from my womb"

 That piece in the book about not getting cross impregnated. I was surprised to see some tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. 'What's happening,is he hurting you?' "NO! Its just not fair,I want his puppies and Captains" 'Captains!' that's my cousins Boxer' "I know,I know! He's been doing me for ages,everytime we dog sit for them I spend days knotted with him. With a hardon like iron. 'But his cocks massive compared to Bruce's' "I know,but we didn't have Bruce when I started" 'what about pregnancies?' I never cared about that really,it was just a ploy to stop the pressure from you till I got up the courage to tell you I love K9 fucking" Bruce had turned and was pulling at her pussy. I was not surprised he came away while fairly big at the knot,not now my wife had admitted having Captains cock. I knew his knot was as big as my fist. I felt all horny,it just occured to me if Captain had been there then I would be able to fist her.

 'Do you know,you're proving to be such a liar when we're talking about sex,I don't know what to believe and what not to' "Silly,I'm a woman,haven't you noticed" With that she put a leg up on my chair,Thrusting her doggy dripping quim in my face. "Lick,go on you know you want too" Meekly I spent the next ten minutes licking dog sperm from her orifice and surrounding skin. Bruce lay watching with his tail flicking every now and again. The cheeky bastard came over as if to inspect my handy work when I finished. HE'S MINE! Do you think she meant me to the dog or the dog to me?

 "Come on,now its your turn" Squatted on the chair with me standing she put her hand under my cock and started wanking me off. Like the dog I started pressing at her hand with my hips. Unlike the dog,up till now that is, - she pursed her lips letting my cocks helmet press against her lips. Now she pumped her hand for all it was worth while wrapping her lips around my knob and sucking like mad. My ass cheeks clenched and shot after shot spurted between her teeth. With lips over the teeth she sucked like a vacuum with her cheeks hollowed in until my balls ached. Cheekily looking up at me she showed me my spunk floating all around inside then swallowed the lot. Before when she done it she put her mouth to mine and transfered my cum into my mouth and I freely admit I didn't like the slimmy feel at all,but I had no problem with the taste. I do like the taste of her or for that matter any woman's pussy.


My shame

Jman1111 on Animal Stories

My Shame.

            The man in the black mask stood with a bowie knife in one hand and a rope in the other.  “Why are you doing this?”  I cried out.

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ont face="verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif">            “You don’t understand.  You and your perfect tits, your perfect round ass held up by those long legs.  You never gave us a chance; instead you went for the popular guys.  Always being a bitch to us, so now I’ll make you a real bitch.”  He steadily stepped forward.  “Dare move and I’ll gut you.  Be a good girl and you’ll live.”  He pushed my head down till I was kneeling.  Taking the rope to my hands he tied them, tightly, together and again around the tree trunk.  My tears meant nothing to him, my pleas were ignored…the sick bastard.

            “Let me go, please.  I’m sorry, really I am.”

            “I know your sorry Ashley.  You still need to learn your lesson.”  He walked into my cabin and quickly came back out with a stool and a bag.  He put the stool under my stomach and stretched out my feet so I arched over it.  “Don’t move,” he pulled two large steel stakes out of the bag, along with a hammer.  One stake he hammered into the ground near my stretched out foot.  His rough hands took hold of my foot, tying the rope to it and then to the stake.  Taking my other foot, he stretched it out far until I screamed.  Using that spot as a marker, he hammered the next stake in at that spot.  He tied a rope to my free foot then stretched me wide again, wider than last time, till tears of physical pain trickled down my face.  My freedom vanquished as my last free limb tied to the stake.

            I now laid arched over a stool, stretched tight from arms to feet, and stretched tighter from foot to foot.  He sat on a stone in front of me.  “Ashley, Ashley, Ashley,” he shook his head, “Your friends won’t be arriving for at least another day.  What a sight they’ll see, your boyfriend will come to find you like this,” he trailed off in thought.  His hand rubbed my face, wiping the tears off.  Remaining silent, he got up, moved his hand lower on my body.  His hand rubbed my back, over my white tank top, slowly, then he moved lower to the outer side of my thighs over my cut jean shorts.  The hands reached back up, over my flat stomach, around the stool, right to my tits.  He rubbed soft, then vigorously.  He flicked, then pinched.  The hands found their way lower, to the waist band of my shorts.  His fingers slowly dug into them, reaching over my cotton panties, Right to my cunt.  “Not wet yet?”  He laughed while pulling his hands out, then smacking them hard across my ass.  “One way or another Ash, you’re going to get fucked, so just enjoy it.”

            “Fuck you!  Let me go you fuck head!”  The bowie reached up around my neck, almost slitting me.

            “If I were you, I think it would be very smart to shut up right about now.”  The bowie knife moved away as I shook in terror.  He gent dragged the knife on its side, up and down my back.  “Enough foreplay,” he took the knife to my tank top, under the back of my collar, and cut it down to my lower back.  His other hand held back on the tank top hard so it ripped with little force of the knife.  The tank top dropped low, still connected  around my arms by the straps, falling to the base of the tree where my hands were tied.  No bra, half naked I lay.  The knife moved to my shorts, he ripped a small hole in the center of them.  Setting the knife down, he put his hands in the small hole and ripped the shorts wide.  He cut and ripped, cut and ripped, until they laid as shreds on the ground.  “Now the panties,” his poked his index hard against my ass hole then my cunt.  I clenched when feeling the pain.  “What?  You don’t like that?”  The knife quickly after came to my panties, cutting them right over my crack.  Shreds fell to the ground until my bare ass shown. 

            I tried to look back but I could see nothing.  “Look back again, I dare you,” he said while slowly rubbing the knife on my ass, the cold steel giving me a shock.  I didn’t look back again.  But I heard or felt nothing for a few minutes.  Silence…

            I shrieked loudly.  His cock abruptly from no where fell into my twat.  Easy access with my legs spread so wide.  Each thrust he pushed me forward, stretching my legs.  His hands pushing all his weight into my back.  With every thrust he breathed through his teeth.  He was thrusting as hard as he could, ripping my unprepared pussy in two.  He didn’t last too much longer, I felt the hot goop spurt into me.  All his wait laid on me, his masked head rested on my back.  A minute later he got up; his hand kept scooping at my pussy.  A second later it reached to my face, filled with his cum. 

            “Lick it up,” he ordered.  I shook my head.  “Listen,” his other hand pulled the back of my hair really hard.  “We don’t have time for you to say no.  Do it, do whatever I say without question or else,” he pushed my head forward.  I reluctantly stuck my tongue out.  I didn’t have time to lick it; he wiped it over my tongue.  “Now swallow it.”  I…I did.  “Good girl.  You been so good, I wont fuck you again.  But you still need to learn your lesson.  If you act like a bitch, you’ll become a bitch.  Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

            When he left I started tugging at the rope as hard as I could.  I tried to, but couldn’t get free, no slack even, no use.  Minutes later he returned, not alone though.  A big black dog on a leash walked to his side.  “Don’t let him bit me, please.”

            “He’s not here to bite.  He’s friendly, harmless, well I shouldn’t say that.  What I should say is he won’t bite you, he only want one thing,” he said casually.

            “What’s that?”

            “Since you asked,” he put the dg in front of me.  He now had a gloved hand which went for the dogs cock.  He started rubbing it.  “All he wants is love.  You’ll give it to him…bitch.”  He kept rubbing until a red tip came out.  Walking the dog over me, so my head was under the stomach and the cock stuck out to my face.  “Stick it in you mouth.  Harm the dog though and,” he reached for the knife.  I quickly gulfed the cock up, tilting my head up, before he came back with the knife.  “We learn fast, don’t we?  Now bob your head.”  I did the best I could with such little movement.  The dog seemed to enjoy though.  I felt it grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.  This was the hugest I had ever felt.  The taste was salty and he kept leaking his precum into me.  I started to drool, I started to moan.  The fluids leaked out my mouth as the dog began pumping my throat, slowly suffocating me.  Back and forth, down my throat, in and out.  I…I started enjoying it.  While gulping for air I started gulping up hot sticky cum.  The dog was dumped his load in my throat.  “Drink it up,” the voice said.  I did so, I started sucking the cock of the juices until I could get every drop I could down past my throat.

            The masked man pulled the dog out and off.  He lead him to my rear end.  “Whatever he does with you is up to him now…you’re his bitch.”

            The dog started sniffing me, licking my cunt.  He hit my clit just right, his soft hair gently massaged my inner thighs.  I softly moaned.  The dog quit licking as soon as he started, he’s ready again.  He mounted me, proudly stood over and started thrusting back and forth.  He hit all over, missing every time.  He poked me for about five minutes, his huge cock making me soar.  His red giant rubbed over my clit, slid into my waiting hole, back out.  “Come on already,” I begged.  I feel so ashamed, wanting this, wanting my pussy to be filled with that cock of his.  The cock played around my hole, then trouble began…wrong hole.  He pushed in a bit into my ass, feeling like needled poked all the sides of my small hole.  I’m not ready, I don’t do anal, my asshole is petite, no lube…oh shit.  His precum provided enough lube for him, but not enough to take away from half of the pain I felt.  With one strong push he was up my ass, the giant pushing far up till I felt a sharp pain.  No stopping, no time to adjust even a bit.  He was out, he was in, pushing, pulling, thrusting, harder, harder, harder.  My eyes were sobbing with tears again, I cried as he fucked me.  Pumping my ass like I was a bitch…a bitch.  Then it felt even bigger, something did, a little smaller than baseballs.  They pushed and pushed.  Stretching my hole wider, slowly pushing in.  “Fuuuccckkk nnnoooo,” they got half way, then bam all the way in.  The dog still humping me, his hot breath on my back, tongue drooling his slobber all over me.  So much pain in my ass it was going numb.  My legs were nervously shaking, still tight against the rope.  The Dog started going at me harder yet, like a jackhammer.  Hot cum erupted into my now not virgin ass…my used bitch ass. 

            The masked man walked up to me.  His cock hard sticking out. Within seconds he pumped a load onto me, all over my face.  “You’re a good sport Ash.  Now I’ll leave you two alone until your friends get here.  Where they can find you like this.”

            “Please no.  Release me,” I yelled to him.  He was gone.  After a half and hour with his cock in my ass it slipped out, along with all the juices.  I could only imagine how wide my ass had become.  On and off through night the dog fucked me.  Pussy, Pussy, ass, pussy, ass.  He fucked me until he could hardly move, until he was unable for more.  I was unable for more after my ass got spread wide, but I still remained his bitch, in pain or not.  My boyfriend got my out when he arrived.  He was freaked out more than I, and I had been raped seven times last night.  The dog ran off when he tried to beat it up.  Running off into the woods.  Upon checking my ass, I could fit my hand up it with little effort, it still felt smaller than that dog.  I never truly recovered.

            A year later my boyfriend’s friend found me on the internet.  A camera had been hidden in the bushes, even after the masked man had left.  He came back for the footage of me being the bitch.  I’m a bitch…I’m a bitch.       


Growing up with dogs

JDMad on Animal Stories

My first submission and feedback welcome to JDMad  This is the first of a series about my own experiences with dogs.

My earliest memories of having a fascination with dogs and sex were when I was about 13.  My dad always had small beagles for hunting and there were always 3 to5 of them around the house.  We lived in a rural area with only a couple houses within walking distance so the dogs were free to roam.  One bitch was almost always either raising or carrying a litter of pups.  The dogs that she bred with were her own sons,

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each of them taking turns, which fascinated me.  I would try to get somewhere where they were taking turns so that I could watch and beat off.


One day they were breading back in a small patch of trees that hid me and them from view. The males that were waiting while one was tied to the bitch were so turned on and jumping around, I could see their dicks poking out and dripping.  On an impulse, as one of the males came near me and sniffed my now wet dick, I reached down and grabbed his dick sheath and pushed it back so his red dick cock was showing.  He seemed to like it, taking a lick at my dick and tasting the pre-cum, started really licking away. I pumped my dick and started stroking his cock.  He started humping my hand and his cock started growing bigger.  More and more of it came out of the sheath and a small knot popped out.  I shifted my hand from the sheath so it now was on the dog’s wet red and growing cock.  He kept humping, moving over and grabbing my hand with a front paw on each side of my hand. His paws pushed my hand tighter against his cock and his pumping became furious.  I felt the knot getting bigger and bigger in my hand while a clear fluid started squirting out the end of his cock. As his pace started slowing I could feel the dick pumping out his cum with the dick jerking with every squirt.  He finally stopped pumping but he still held my hand in place on his cock and his dick still jerked and spurted cum about once a second.  After about a minute he let go of my hand and dropped down on all four paws.  He just stood there as I released my grip, and his cock hung way down, the knot keeping it from retracting back into the sheath.  I don’t think he wanted it to retract though because he was still cumming, the tip of his dick jumping up a couple of inches with each time a jet of cum.  Man was that a turn-on.  He stood there just looking into space with almost a smile on his face as he kept cumming for about 10 minutes. When my hand released his cock, I took the opportunity with my right hand now free to really pump my dick.  It only took a few strokes until my spunk started shooting out.  One of the other males immediately came over and licked the cum from my dick until it was too sensitive for more stimulation. 


After that first experience I found that I could jack off any of the males at any time, whether the female was in heat or not.  They all liked it and would follow me and gather round me when I went to the place in the trees.  As I would take my dick out to beat off, they would jump up and try to lick it.  With them around me I could jack off two at a time, and usually there would be a third licking my dick or ass while waiting his turn.  Man was it hot watching the two that were cumming with their dicks hanging down, while I was jacking off another one with my left hand and pumping my own dick with my right.  That patch of ground was well fertilized with cum since I got to do this routine at least twice a week for a couple of years. 


Mean time, I also found that our small Chihuahua female liked to get off too.  We had a basement that could only be entered from outside the house, and was not really finished.  It had a concrete floor but hardly anything else.  The washing machine was the only thing of significance down there besides things I brought down for play. It was an ideal place for a young boy to keep his magazines hidden for jackoff sessions during the day or evening when things got boring.  Our little pet Chihuahua, Teeny, often followed me down there, but since she didn’t have a dick for me to stroke, didn’t think of her sexually.  That changed one evening while she was down there with me, as I had my Playboy spread out on a table while I sat on a bench jacking off.  When my first jet of cum spurted out on the concrete floor, I didn’t see that she was licking it up, but felt her tongue when she started cleaning the head of my dick.  After that, when she was down there, I would get on my knees and she would lick my dick as a jacked off. As I started cumming she would eagerly lap up the cum, further stimulating me to a harder orgasm.  One time while she was licking me as I was pounding away, I wondered if she got wet smelling my dick.  I carefully eased my hand under her belly and felt for her pussy.  I found that I didn’t need to be careful.  When she felt my finger touch her pussy, she hunched forward pushing my finger harder against her opening.  I switched to my small finger which I thought might fit up into her little hole.  Like the male dogs she moved over and grabbed my hand with her paws as started humping like the male dogs.  I was startled but was really surprised with my little finger went sliding up inside her.  She was panting as she humped and suddenly I could feel her pussy rhythmically contracting on my finger.  She slowed down her pumping motion, but like the males, she too kept hold of my hand as she stood there with my little finger in her.  Her pussy muscles were still squeezing and relaxing and she was panting from all the exertion.  It didn’t take me long to get a good cum started as I kneeled there with a finger up her snatch. She held on to my hand as she still licked my cum from my dick.  After that I could have dog sex more often, but I still liked jacking the male dogs best. 


It was a few years later before I had a new dog experience.  I had moved to a nearby town as I was going to college, in my first year.  My younger brother had gotten 3 Vizsla hunting dogs, two males and one female.  Vizslas are used as pointers for bird hunting, and as I found, a good size for giving a fucking.  Vizslas have a reddish/pink nose and about a 10 inch tail, but his were about 50 pounds, and about 2 feet high at the shoulder.  They are an extremely friendly dog, love to be handled.  .  They were caged in a run lot at the back of the house (they still lived at the same place I grew up).  I petted and played with them before, and wondered if they would like to be jacked off too but never had a chance to try.


My parents and brother were going on vacation and asked if I would come over each day to feed and water the dogs.  The beagles just needed their dry food bowls filled and the water trough filled each day.  I had to get in the run lot with the Vizslas to retrieve their food and water bowls so I thought this would be my opportunity to see if the dogs would like to be jacked off.  The first day I went over for the feeding, I took care of the beagles quickly and moved down to the run lot. I opened the gate and gathered up the water and feed bowls. All three of the dogs came over eagerly wanting attention as well as their daily feeding.  I went back to the house and filled the bowls and brought them back to the lot.  The lot was too visible from the road for me to take any chances with playing with them there. I had spotted a lead leash hanging over the fence when I went in to get the bowls.  I knew that the dogs would be too distracted eating if I put the food in the run lot before trying anything.  One of the males, Jim, had seemed friendlier than the other male so I got the leash and attached it to his collar.  I lead him up to the house down into the still unfinished basement.  I closed the door and took the leash off.  He eagerly came over to me, wanting me to pet him and trying to stand up and lick my face.  My pants quickly dropped to the floor and I discarded my underwear.  Jim started sniffing at my crotch and wagging his tale… so good, so far.  I squatted and stretched the foreskin back from my uncircumcised dick.  He quickly started licking and showing a lot of interest in my ass too.  I let him lick my dick and ass for a couple of minutes before trying anything with him, not knowing how he would react.  It would be hard to explain if the dog had bitten my dick while we were in the house basement!   Satisfied that he was friendly, I started rubbing his back and then moved down his sides.  Then my hand was on his belly near his front legs and he was just standing there enjoying the attention.  My rubs went further and further back until the edge of my hand touched the tip of his dick sheath.  He didn’t flinch so I ventured further, moving my hand gently over his dick covering.  He stood still, just wagging his tail.  I slowly gripped the sheath and started pulling it back.  At first the covering didn’t move much and his dick seemed to be too high and not aligned with the opening.  My hand again gripped the shaft and slowly moved back and forth in a jacking motion.  Slowly the red tip of his dick started moving out of the covering.  As I gained confidence that he wasn’t going to attack, I moved a little faster and his back started bowing up.  I pulled the sheath way aback and a long thin dick came out, about 6 inches worth.  It was just starting to get thick and there was no sign of a knot.  As I picked up speed with my jacking, his dick got thicker much quicker and I felt the knot forming at the base of the dick, but still inside the sheath.  I pulled back harder to get the knot out before it got too big to pop out of the small sheath opening.  I’d learned that from playing with the beagles.  With the growing knot now out, I moved my hand down to his now wet and growing red prick.  All of a sudden he started humping and panting hard.  I moved my knee over and put his chest on it so he could grasp my leg while humping.  My hand would never support the large dog if he wanted to grab it like the beagles.  His dick ballooned and the knot grew to the size of a tennis ball.  The cum squirts started and my leg was getting splashed with each spasm.  Since I was jacking Jim with my left hand (habit from playing with the beagles), my right hand was free to pound my own dick as the dog stared into space, still humping my hand and the knot and dick as hard as steel.  I was holding on tightly to his dick, feeling the huge pulses in the tube that runs along the bottom of his as each clear, watery load of spunk squirted out.  He finally stopped the humping and, like the beagles, he stood there, me holding the hard throbbing dick, and he was just staring into space with the continuing orgasm.  I let go of the dick so I could concentrate on getting my rocks off, and it jerked up about 4 or 5 inches with each load of cum that came out.  The cum was clear and came out in a really thin, but forceful, stream. My dick was so hard that I thought that I was made of steel.  This was so much better than with the small beagles!  I felt my balls tighten and my dick got so stiff it almost hurt.  Then that feeling of relief as the first jet of cum squirted out on to the dogs shoulder.  He turned to look at my dick and slowly started licking the cum as it squirted from my cock.  Jim’s dick was still bobbing and shooting but he lay down and started licking his dick.  Finally it started deflating and retracting into his body.  He slowly stood up as I connected the leash to his collar again.  I knew then that I had to try to get him to fuck me in the ass the next day. 


I was anxious the whole next day as I waited for the time to go to feed the dogs again.  I think that my shorts were wet the whole day as the pre-cum leaked every time I moved.  When I arrived there, I quickly took care of the beagles and didn’t waste time getting their bowls filled first.  I went to the lot and grabbed the leash and clipped it to a dancing and seeming excited Jim. I think that he knew that he was going to get his rocks off again, but he didn’t know that I had more of a surprise in store for him. 


(I’ll finish this part as soon as I can.) I really didn’t mean to stop here but just ran out of time. There are at least three other dogs that I’ll tell you about when I get a chance to write more.



BeastlyDreams on Animal Stories

(Please read the first story entitled "While the Owner is Away, the doggies will play" If you'd like to follow the storyline)

Becca remained on all fours even after the smaller dog, Patton had extracted his member from her pussy.
Her whole body was tingling, both from the sheer pleasure of it all, and possibly due to the multiple scratches she had recieved while under the two dogs control.

Both the dogs had retired for now to lick themselves and rest up for later that evening. It was most likely clear to the three of them that this was going to be a very satisfying weekend after all.

The two dogs did not let her out of their sight, if she left the room they would follow her. She was their bitch now, and they would guard her to make s

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ure no other male's had their way with her.

Becca showered once again after she had managed to pick herself up off the floor. She had brought a suitcase of things to last her the weekend, but everytime she tried to put on some clothes the dogs would walk over to her, and nose her hands from pulling the clothing onto her naked body. They wanted her ready for them whenever they wanted her.

She got the hint and let them have their way, as she made her way downstairs to start cooking something for them to eat, the dogs were of course on her heels the entire way.

"No sense in me cooking a whole meal just for myself eh?" she looked at the two male rottweilers once she had reached the kitchen that was well stocked with food. As she said this, and their tounges lolled out, tails just a wagging as if agreeing with her.

Butch the bigger dog, walked to her and pressed his cold nose against her leg as if to say, Get to it then!

She laughed and pulled three huge T-bone steaks out of the fridge and began to prepare everything to cook them. As she did this, Patton rewarded her by walking up behind her and pressing his snout against her ass, licking between her legs letting his tounge flick against the outsides of her pussy.

Once the steaks were cooking, Becca took a seat in the kitchen near the table, facing the dogs. Butch didnt waste any time lumbering over to her, eyes fixated on her body... He got up between her legs and set his two front feet on the chair between her legs, staring her down for a moment before he began licking her face.

Butch's warm tounge licked against her lips, embracing her in a kiss before beginning to tounge her deeper. She leaned back against the chair, but she could only get so far away from him, with the chair keeping her from bending too far from him.

As she leaned back, Butch moved his paws to her sides, now on the outside of her body but still on the chair, he moved his body towards her once again as he still licked deep inside her mouth. She responded quickly to the forceful gestures and opened her lips wide for him and closing her eyes, enjoying the sensation this gave her.

Butch didnt do this for long until she felt something wet slicking against her stomach.. before she could realize it was his cock springing back to life, he had wrapped those huge paws about her waist and was tugging her downwards so that her ass would be hanging just slightly off the chair. All this while still throating her deep with his tounge.

His hips moved into action once Butch felt he had her far enough off the chair for really good access to her warm pussy. She moaned once she realized what he was doing to her.. the dog steadily pumped his hips, trying to find access to her warmth. The dog was whining, he must have been anxious to blow his load inside of her and he couldnt find the hole fast enough to suit him.

She responded by opening her legs wider, and reaching down to help guide his dick into her pussy with her hand. She felt his long sticky cock poking around and grasped the furry sheath, pointing him in the direction he needed to go. In his frustration Butch had restrained himself from licking her anymore, he needed to concentrate. After he felt her hand on his dick, he relaxed a little and focused on hitting his mark along with her help. She had to push his cock down a little bit, as he was up too high to have ever reached her.

But once she did this, almost immediately Butch's cock slipped inside of her, she froze as his dick filled her she sucked air in through her teeth as she felt him sticking her with his dick again and again. Each time he bucked his hips, he sent his thin little cock inside her. Butch was focused now on fucking her as deep as he could, and from this position, he was going to wear that pussy out.

The dog began to fuck her faster, he knew his knot was going to start building quickly inside of this tight pussy. He needed to get his entire length worked inside of her as fast as he could.

Butch wrapped his paws around her waist, and began fucking her so furiously that the momentum of his thrusts actually moved her upwards, as if he were holding her up in the air with his two front paws.

The dog didnt say a word, he was enjoying his wet pussy to the fullest extent. Driving his dick in deep.. they could both feel his knot growing. Becca encouraged him by telling him, "Good boy Butch fuck me.. Mmmm, yeah that's it boy..  Give me that cock"

But butch was already giving her all that he had, he was balls deep in her sloppy well fucked pussy, his claws digging into her flesh, holding her tightly as his hips banged against her with every push.

Finally Butch released his grasp and let her drop back down to the chair, he leaned his head down against her stomach preparing himself for the coupling. He was grunting low, Becca's pussy must have felt good to him so tight on his dick.

Butch thrust himself against her, fucking her hole until his member began to grow larger.. Becca's legs were already splayed out as far as she could get them, the vibrations from his animalistic fucking were jarring her teeth together, shaking her whole body.. teasing her every sense. She was on the verge of cumming.. "Fuck Me Butch! Make your bitch cum... Oh God Yes!!

Her enthusiasum must have turned him on as much as it did her.. because soon as her juices started flowing she felt butch's knot sink deep down inside and seal off the path for everything to come out. 
Pumping out his own cream to mix with her's in short spurts.

Ready to collapse in a heap the two of them suddenly caught whiff of the steaks.. "Oh No!" Becca realized that during their heated passion they had forgotten all about the steaks that were cooking on the stovetop. Now here she was.. naked with a huge assed rottweiler with his dick stuck deep inside of her, propped on a chair in the kitchen. This was not going to be easy, Becca thought.

Becca did all she could, and that was to swing one leg over the dog, and somehow turn herself off the chair so that they were rear to rear. Obviously Butch wasnt going to help, suit him just fine to nap on her stomach while his cock finished dumping it's load inside of her. Becca was finally able to get into the position she needed, and now stretching herself up towards the handle of the pan, she felt Butch's cum shooting even MORE than before. Somehow stretching out his cock unkinked it somehow and Butch was able to REALLy give her his cum then. It felt like buckets were washing up inside of her, she felt surely that she was going to push him out with the force of all the liquid pushing against him. But he stayed stuck fast as she reached the pan, pushing it off the burner, standing up to turn off the burner would not be an option, as she didnt want to hurt him and that would lift him too far off the ground. Soon enough, the smoke detector started going off from all the smoke that was built up in the house during all of this. "Shit Shit Shit!!" Becca knew this was not a good situation.. "That's all I need! Explaining to the fire department why there's a dog cock lodged inside my pussy!"

Sure enough, the phone started ringing shortly after the fire alarm started to go off. She assumed it was the Security people making sure everything was ok. Becca knew there was no way she was going to be able to make Butch shrink before he was done dumping his load but she had to get to that phone!!! She scrambled across the tiled floor trying to reach the cordless phone that was at the end of the counter. She dragged Butch along behind her, he yelped every so often when she went too fast

.. She lept for the reciever grabbed it and put it to her ear, "hello?" She didnt hear anything, her heart was pounding.. was she too late? "Hello?" She was out of breath by now. "Mrs. Henderson.. Mrs Henderson?" A voice on the other line was heard finally. "No, no this is the housesitter I'm staying the weekend While Mrs. Henderson is out of town on business." The man on the other end of the phone seemed a little concerned. "I wasnt notified of any such business" He snipped back. "The fire alarm is going off there, is everything alright?"
"Yes yes of course, I. I must have left a pan on the stove, I was.. uh.. I was just taking a shower."

Soon as she finished that statement, she heard a loud pop, and she could hear the cum dumping out of her, she was sure that it was loud enough that the Security Guard could have heard it through the telephone. "Alright ma'am sorry to bother you" and he hung up. She lowered the phone and clicked the button, turning towards Butch. "Oh boy.." And then she exhaled deeply before remembering the burner was still on. She hurried over to turn it off, glaring at the scorched steaks. Butch barked triumphantly.. or perhaps he was just wondering if it was ready to eat or not.

-Look for the next Edition Soon!-

Farm Animal Fun Chapter 2

joe25116 on Animal Stories

My cock was raw red and covered in cum, but I looked at Tess with a satisfacted look on my face. I successfully raped this dog in the pussy. Tess licked my face and I pulled out of her pussy slowly as not to hurt her cum-coated muffin. Mica had returned with a warm moist towel and a lotion. She rubbed Tess\\\'s pussy and slathered lotion on her. "I\\\'ve never seen her this much in ecstacy," she said, impressed. "it takes a lot to make ol\\\' Tess proud like that." I didn\\\'t know how to answer so I changed the subject. "Ok, so can I go on over to the male dogs?" I said while wrapping a soft towel around my waist. "Sure," she said, patted Tess as she laid down for a nap, and led me out of the female dogs gate.

"His name is Petey,"

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Mica said to me once we got into the male dog pen. Petey was an rather large terrier with long curly fur. I knew that I wanted him inside me, and fast. "Petey is an agressive dog in the manner of giving sex, but he is good-natured and knows when to stop. You want him, or another dog?" "Petey is fine," I said, trying to look at the size of his cock. "Ok, great. You might want to start by rubbing his sheath and licking it. Rmember, but once he gets fucking, there\\\'s no turning back." I nodded and gave a thumbs up. "Alrighty, have fun, I\\\'ll see you in a bit."

I laid on my stomach on the soft hay and went under Petey. I looked at his furry balls and began to pet them. Petey\\\'s body shuddered, and I started to rub his shaft. He bucked his hips and began to lightly fuck my hand. I saw his prick and rubbing harder. Petey\\\'s breathing became harder and soon, he was fully fucking my hand, a 14 inch cock fully out of it\\\'s sheath. I drew in a sharp breath and started at the pink tool. How would it ever fit inside of me? Then, I covered the huge penis with my mouth and sucked it off. Petey was vividly fucking my mouth now. I deepthroated the cock and almost gagged. The cock head was brushing against my tonsils, and I could feel the doggy cum rising up. There was a burst of warmth and sticky semen flowed into my mouth. I swollowed every bit of it and my horniness kicked in. I slipped out from under him and kneeled in front of him, my ass in the air. Petey sprang foward and placed his forepaws on my hips and his furry cock sturggling to find my asshole. Finally, the head fit inside and he began fucking me hard. His huge shaft went deep inside me; it felt like it might come out of my mouth. I yelled and gripped the hay under me. my ass felt like it was being ripped in two.  Then, it felt good and I bucked along. Still, he was going strong and went faster. I felt his knot form and attempted to pull out but he was pinning me to the ground. His knot knocked at my asshole and struggled to get in. I yelled out again but the knot had gone in with a sharp stab of pain. Then my ass exploded and I saw stars in my eyes and got temporarily knocked out. When I came to, my ass felt warm with dog cum, and Petey was lying on top of me, waiting for his knot to retract. I pet him and he licked my cum covered hand. Suprised, I looked at my own cock and saw it bleeding cum madly.

Mica came over and smiled at the sight of a dog on top of me. "I see you let the knot in. Then again, I did forget to tell you the safe word. it was rabbit anyways." there was a small pop and pain shot through my body. Petey\\\'s knot fell out and he got up and walked back to his bed, licking his own cum off of his cock. My ass was destroyed; cum filled the entire rectum and my cheeks were sore from Petey\\\'s balls slapping against them. "Clark? We need someone to fuck this poor boy," Mica called into barn 3 and Clark came out 2 minutes later with nothing on. He had a shaven penis that was a nice 8 1/5 inches after taking almost double the size. "I\\\'m just going to do a quick afterfuck, ok Joe?" he said reassuringly and I nodded. His cock head slipped in and he softly fucked me, gently pumping my ass. It felt good as hell after Petey\\\'s beating. Kayla came into the barn with Mark, the other guy, who was naked and ready to fuck a goat.

"Howdy joe," she said, looking at me who was absorbing a pounding from her husband. "First cock in the ass? Dont worry; we\\\'ll get you trained enough to take on King." "King? who\\\'s King?" I asked her and grunted from the cock in my ass. "Why, hes the bull. 700 pounds and a 3 foot penis," she responded. "WHAT?! I dont think its possible to fit a cock that big in someone!" I exclaimed "It sure is. Now, lets take you on over to the horses. I think I nice pony can do you good..."


To be continued: LOOK OUT FOR CHAPTER 3!


A.G.Thomas on Animal Stories


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>                                                        A. G. Thomas

When it was that I first became aware I'm not certain. Maybe I was always aware and because I didn't know what it meant didn't recognize it. Or maybe it came to me slowly and only after I arrived at my new home. Whichever the case may be, I always knew I was somehow different from others of my kind. Maybe you'll understand a little better if I tell you my story.

My master, who by the way is married, is a Corporate hot shot who travels a lot. Enough said about him I believe, except to say that I am eternally grateful to him. Because of him, albeit unknowingly, his lovely wife became my life mate. It is around her, and the events that led up to her becoming my willing bitch, that my story revolves.

Nancy, sweet Nancy. Some two legged creatures might describe her as comely but to me she is the most beautiful creature alive. She is neither a tall statuesque woman nor is she a blue blood snob like the majority of women that my masters friends and business associates are married to. So that may very well be the reason for their descriptive when they talk about her behind her back. Perhaps, though I've already said that she is the most beautiful of creatures, it would be best if I described her.

By their standards, though she has the breeding of the best of them, she's a diminutive woman. She stands a little over five feet tall and weighs maybe a hundred odd pounds soaking wet. Another thing about her that's different from the other creatures, who her husband entertains on occasions, is that she's half their age. One last descriptive if I might. Her petite figure, I've heard it described as school girlish, gives her the appearance, at least in my eyes, of the quintessential Thoroughbred amongst plow horses. And since this is my story, my descriptive is the only opinion that matters.

Anyway back to how and when I first became aware of sweet Nancy. I've all ready told you that her husband brought me to my new home but I didn't tell you why. Protection. It was as simple as that. Oh sure, the home has the best alarm system that money can buy, but nothing, and I mean nothing, puts the fear of the two legged creatures God in their hearts like a guard dog. Especially a mastiff like myself.

Though I was only sixteen weeks old when I was brought home I stood about eighteen inches at the shoulder and weighed maybe seventy pounds. Though I was still only a puppy I sensed that Jonathan, my master, was afraid of me and yet he brought me home to his wife. Cooing gibberish that I didn't understand she threw her arms about my neck and pressed her face against me. At first I was skittish for no human had ever done such a thing before. But her soft pleasing voice calmed me and it was at that moment that I instinctively knew that nothing or anyone would ever stand between us.

Being an animal I didn't possess the same reasoning skills, or were my actions premeditated as were those of humans. Or at least they hadn't been until the moment that Nancy's arms went about me and my nostrils filled with her heavenly scent. The pleasurable feeling in my loins intensified as pulling back slightly I bathed her pretty face with my large tongue.

Now in most cases involving humans and animals, when the animal is skittish and the human cuddles and whispers endearments, it upsets the animals pack instinct. Which is to say that it disorients and confuses him. If such behavior continues, sooner more then later, it is the animal, aka the dog, that becomes the alpha instead of the human. Such is what happened to me. But in my case it was not solely because of Nancy's constant loving attention in which, by the way, I luxuriated. It was due mostly because of an incident that happened one night shortly after I was one year old.

As was often the case Nancy and I were alone in the house. But unlike as so often before when we were alone, for some reason that I still don't understand; certainly it couldn't have been because I tried to attack the gardner when he had touched her, she shut me from her bedroom. Can an animal feel rejection? If so that might explain my feelings that night as I uneasily prowled through the house.

Looking back on the events of that night I can honestly say that that was not the only reason I was uneasy. The uneasiness that I felt had been growing for several days, but on that night, it was almost palatable. My masters strange behavior in the days leading up to his latest business trip was part of it. Another was, though my master assured my mistress that every thing was fine, for some unexplained reason the security system was erratic. So you can understand why on that particular night, because I was not with my mistress the uneasiness that I felt would have been described as a full blown panic attack if I had been human.

Yet the first indication that I had of trouble was the sound of tinkling glass followed a moment later by the tread of feet. It was more a sense of foot fall then actually hearing them for I was asleep in my masters downstairs study. Though my ears had twitched and I had stirred restlessly at the strange sounds, it wasn't until long minutes later when her scream shattered the silence, that I staggered upright. Shaking my head as if to clear it from a drugged sleep I ambled slowly across the study toward the door.

Was it possible that I had only been dreaming. For several long minutes I stood in the doorway looking toward the stairs that led up to my mistresses bedroom. But other then the faint funny sounds, such as happens when my master is at home and they sleep together or when she is having a restless night, not another sound touched my ears. As the sound stopped I took a step forward. Should I investigate and possibly incur her anger? But even as that thought flitted through my mind the muted rustling and creaking of the bed, though more intense, as well as her ragged moans started anew.

Again shaking my massive head I started to turn back to my resting place beside the fireplace. My movement was halted though when my mistress again screamed. Her scream, though not as loud and better described as a groan of protest was short lived and ended in a gurgling hacking sputter. Needless to say that short lived hacking groan sent shivers through me. It seemed like a life time but in actuality probably took me less then thirty seconds to race from the study and up the stairs. I truly believe that it was at that exact moment as I stared at her partially open door through which intermittent brilliant flashes of light appeared, that complete and total consciousness came to me.

That I understood every word that was coming from within, should have mystified and given me pause, but it didn't. Still, and even though I knew that my mistress was in peril for several rapid beats of my heart I hesitated. Though the room was rather large it would have been foolhardy for me to blunder in without knowing where they were. As the sounds of heavy and rapid breathing, of boisterous gleeful laughter from more then one throat came to me, I mentally sought to fix the whereabouts of each voice. With the natural instinct of my kind in a micro second I knew the location of the three men that I had heard and without further pause lunged forward.

In two strides my hundred and forty plus pounds hit the door and with another I launched myself into the air and straight at the man beside my mistresses bed. As I did so a fourth mans guttural snicker of didn't I tell you mother fuckers the bitch would get off on two cock's came to me. It was to late to second guess myself, and far to late to pause. I would deal with the fourth individual, and a hundred others if need be, after I dispatched the three about my mistress.

My attack was so swift and his attention so focused on what the other two were doing to my mistress that he wasn't aware of my presence until it was to late. His snickering harangue of that's it, ram it to her. Fill the sluts mouth and cunt with nigga cock became a shriek of pain as my jaws closed on him. Even as my teeth closed on the arm holding the flashing thing in front of his face I twisted and fell atop the bed. As I came up snarling the two men who had been atop my mistress screamed in panic and almost as one fell from the bed before I could launch myself at them.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement. As I whirled to face the new threat the man, as naked as the others, along with picking up something shiny from her dressing table pushed away from the wall and extended his arm. Gathering my legs beneath me I launched myself into the air even as a pin point flash of light and a noise as loud as thunder erupted from his hand.

I had intended to rip out his throat but at the last second I lowered my head hitting him square in the chest slamming him back against the wall. Ignoring the sound of grating bone and gurgled breath as he slipped to the floor I again whirled and launched myself at the two men who had been hurting my mistress. My mistresses sobs, my repeated name from her stuttering lips stopped me though.

Cocking my head I looked at her askance. Why was she stopping me. I wanted to maim, perhaps even kill the men who had been hurting her. From out of the corner of my eye I could see the men gathering up their clothes. See them pull the one whose chest I had caved in from where he lay, yet I made no threatening move toward them. Though I instinctively knew that if I delayed they would get away I dismissed them.

All my attention was on my mistress and since she was now safe that was all that mattered. Mystified by her actions I stared into her tear streaked face. That was the first, but by no means the last time, that I saw her without her silly covering. She was sitting upright and holding her arms out toward me repeatedly sobbing my name. The men now completely forgotten with a soft woof of pleasure I jumped atop the bed and into her arms.

There were stringy globs of a strange smelling substance on her face, chest and between her legs, but none of that mattered. All that mattered was that we were together and that her face was pressed against my neck and she was holding me. When finally her tight hold on me loosened and I chanced to look around the room it was empty except for the two of us.

Turning my massive head back to her I began licking her face. The pungent substance not only had a strange taste but awoke the warm glow in my loins more intense then any I had previously felt when she held me. No Lance no she murmured, as together with my straddling her now prone small form my rough tongue moved methodically from her face over her neck and across her bare chest.

As I licked all traces of the strange smelling substance from her upper body her hic cupping sobs ceased and her breathing smoothed. Though at times, like when my tongue lingered on the small bumps with their protruding nipples, her breath caught and she softly hissed my name. Encouraged by her lack of pushing me away my tongue trailed downward across her belly then between her legs.

When I first moved between her legs they tightened on my head and she tried to push me away. But I was persistent, and as my thick rough tongue lapped at the strange funny smelling substance leaking from her, her hands fell from my head and her legs opened slightly. Thus encouraged my tongue trailed several inches down each leg in turn before always returning to where she was leaking. Again and again my thick pebbly tongue delved into the source of the discharge. Soft whimpering murmurs of no Lance, no, issued from her mouth yet she made no effort to push me away or close her legs.

In fact just the opposite occurred. With each long slurping lap of my tongue her legs opened a little wider and her hither to fore fluttering fingers pushed through the hair between my ears. No longer was she whimpering no Lance, no, as if vainly commanding me to stop but neither was she verbally encouraging me. Her breathing, ever more rapid and ragged frightened me and for a minute I lifted my head from between her legs. No Lance don't stop! Don't stop licking mommy she squealed as along with tugging on my ears her legs rose and encircled my back. As her hips rose from the bed my head dropped back between her legs.

Long minutes later, her small body shuddering as if buffeted by a strong wind, together with her fingers pulling harder on my ears more juices flowed from her. This time, unlike before, the fluid leaking from her was sweeter, more flavorable. Greedily my thick pebbly tongue delved into the source of her discharge as she, while thrashing about on the bed, repeatedly simpered yes Lance, oh God yes, lick mommy. An eternity later her fingers released my ears and her quivering legs fell from about my heaving sides.

Though the need to breed my mistress was almost more then I could endure I somehow knew that she was not ready to accept me. Soon though, and of this I was certain, she would willingly be my bitch. As if made of stone I stood silent between her splayed legs and watched as her eyes drifted shut and her breathing slowed. Then dropping down between her still widely splayed legs I licked my aching erection, before, with my muzzle against her slit and after a last pleasurable lick I closed my eyes.

I awoke to the light tap on the door and the maid softly asking if she might enter. Raising my eyes I looked directly into those of my mistress. She was sitting pressed against the headboard with her arms tightly about her knees staring at me. Her expression was such that I unquestionably knew that she was thinking about last night. Not only about what had happened before I got to her but after.

Raising slowly I jumped down from her bed and laid down beside it. As I did so she shoved her torn nightgown beneath her pillow then pulled the covers up to her neck. Only after the maid had left, did I then question why none of the servant's had heard my mistresses screams and rush to investigate. Granted they were downstairs in another wing and there were closed doors between them, but surly they had to of heard something. If not my mistresses screams then the hasty and clumsy retreat of her attackers.

It was not until many long minutes later, when she knelt down beside me and together with pressing her face to my neck hugged me tightly, that my thoughts shifted. My quandary forgotten I climbed to my feet and with her hand resting lightly upon my head we walked from her bedroom. Not once during that long day did my mistress let me out of her sight, nor did I quit possessively brushing against her as we walked together.

We even went shopping together, and when I appreciatively woofed in answer to her question as to whether I liked her new lounging dress she laughed. If I could have talked I would have said what's not to like. Not only was it sheer but it had a split up the front. The only thing that spoiled the full length gown was the skimpy panties that came with it. Over the next few weeks that followed not only did I take every advantage to possessively brush against her but I kept others from getting to close to her.

More then once, by leaning heavily against her, I made her go other then where she had intended. Not because I wanted to go anywhere special, but because I was indoctrinating her in her new role as well as affirming my status as alpha male. During the day whenever I could, and with great relish, I lay my large head in her lap. I also took every advantage to lick her face, throat, and when ever possible, like when she wore a low cut gown, her chest. Her lips especially tasted sweet.

Not always, but at times she scolded me when she thought I was becoming to familiar. But a heartbeat later, and always her voice ringing with light musical laughter, along with throwing her arms about my neck she would tell me what a naughty boy I was. It was after one such incidence that each of our roles would be defined and strengthened   

Though I had been certain of such for the last couple of weeks, and had been methodically working toward that end, it did not begin to dawn on my mistress until the night my master returned home. With him were three well dressed black men, who, though for the most part acted appropriately, never took their eyes off her. Her husband had introduced them as business associates explaining that they would be discussing a lucrative deal.

Her tension was almost palatable in the presence of the black men, and it increased when after she tried to excuse herself, her husband insisted she stay. As usual I sat beside my mistress with my head in her lap while they, my master included, did more drinking then talking business. I knew my presence gave her comfort and I did my best to strengthen it by licking her hand as often as possible. Though my eyes never left her face at all times I was aware of everyones location. An hour later, and after many drinks, when one of the black men, after sitting down beside my mistress and putting his arm about her, told my master to put on some music he obeyed as hurriedly as if he were a servant instead of their host.

On his way to the stereo he told her to lock me in one of the spare bedrooms saying he didn't want a mangy dog getting in the way. When she refused he grabbed her and dragged her from his study. Growling menacingly I stood to follow but she told me to stay, that everything would be alright. Alone with the others, but with my ears straining to hear my master and mistress, it wasn't until one of the black men chuckled, don't let her innocent looks and small frame fool you bro's, Johnny boy assures me she's a real slut for black cock, that I began to pay attention.

What I learned made me not only want to rip out their throats, but my masters as well. He wanted to give my mistress to them. When the door opened I bolted through it knocking my master aside in my eagerness to get to my mistresses side. Pressing my bulk against her I steered her in the direction of the stairs. As her foot touched the bottom step her husband  chuckled so softly that I'm sure she didn't hear his bravado but I did.

Don't worry gentlemen, the slut might act shy but I assure you she's not. And as to any worries you might have as to whether she likes more then one cock at a time, well let me put your minds to rest. The four negroes that have been slamming cock to her nightly for the last several weeks told me she's so cock crazy that they've even had to bring along some of their friends. Rest assured gentlemen, and don't blame me if the little slut wears you out in the process, not only will she pleasure you in any and every conceivable way tonight, she will do the same with any clients you deem to give her to in the future.

Now gentlemen, what say we give the slut a few minutes to slip into something a little more appropriate then head up to the bedroom so you can sample the merchandise. Then laughing uproariously he sputtered I'm sure you'll find that she's worth every bit of the seventy three thousand I owe you. The voices raised in discord assured me that the black men didn't believe him. And well they shouldn't have, because, in addition to having witnessed her initial reaction, the second we entered the bedroom, though they weren't immediately aware of it, she locked the heavy door.

Dropping to her knees and throwing her arms about me she sobbed oh Lance did you hear him? Did you hear Jonathan? What am I going to do? He ---- he ---- he said ---- he said he knows I've made love to negroes before. He ---- he said these three were cleaner then the four that I've been spreading my legs for every night after the servants retire. When ---- when I denied it, he said that he knew differently. He said ---- he said that he had pictures, and that if I didn't cooperate he would give them to his lawyer. Then ---- then putting his arm about me he said that the choice was mine. That I could either cooperate and continue to live in comfort, or I could live on the street. Either way I was going to be spreading my legs for darkies, so why not do it in comfort and luxury instead of in some filthy fleabag hotel. Oh Lance do you think that he ---- No; it's just to ---- to preposterous. Surly he didn't send those bad men? Did he?

Her fears were justified, but I couldn't tell her so. As gently as I could, because she was becoming ever more hysterical, I pushed her off balance. Straddling her small prone form I lowered my head. The first swipe of my pebbly tongue went across her cheek and over her ear leaving a slimy trail behind. I could have continued licking thus but that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted her to want and accept me as the alpha male in her life. I wanted her to throw her arms about me and look up into my face as I time and again licked every beautiful inch of her small petite body.

With infinite patience, and as if we were the only two creatures alive, I waited. Her face still turned from me, so softly that I had to prick my ears to understand, she muttered it's wrong but I do love him so. Slowly, ever so slowly she turned her face to mine and stuttered. Your the only one that truly loves me aren't you Lance? You would never intentionally do anything to hurt me. Not like my husband. In affirmation my tongue moved over her face glorying in the taste of her. The first couple of times I was careful to stay away from her lips, but the third time my tongue moved over her small face it lingered just long enough to prod ever so lightly against their puckered tightness.

Another long swipe over her face. Another lingering pause over her lips and this time they weren't so tightly puckered. By the seventh time that my tongue lightly lingered over her lips they parted and her cute little tongue flicked from between her teeth to stab at mine. As my tongue moved up and across her eyes her arms went about my neck and she buried her face into my hair. Because her face was pressed so tightly against my throat I almost didn't hear her softly murmur oh Lance you will protect me won't you? You won't let Jonathan make me their whore?

Naturally, because I couldn't, I didn't answer. For another minute she clung tightly to me then slowly her head fell back and she looked up into my hazel eyes as if willing me to speak. Lowering my head my tongue again stabbed out, this time directly at her slightly parted crimson lips. As my tongue touched her lips they opened. Without hesitation I pushed my tongue into her open accepting mouth. For several beats of my heart she simply let my tongue fill her mouth then her lips closed and she began to suck on my tongue.

The sensation was such that if I had been a two legged creature I would have ripped off her dress and fucked her brains out. Instead what I did was pull my tongue from her mouth and move downward soaking the front of her dress. Her arms loosened their death like hold about my neck as my tongue soaked her chest and the two bumps protruding from it. Soft funny sounds of what I assumed were pleasure issued from her mouth as she squirmed beneath me. The spell was broken though by the sudden unexpected pounding on the door and my masters angry voice.

Slithering out from under me she crawled toward the bed and huddled against it with legs drawn up and her arms about them as he screamed unlock the God damn door you fucking black cock slut. These niggers ain't ---- What else he might have said was cut off as something slammed heavily against the door and an angry voice hissed don't you ever call your betters niggers white boy. The sound of fist hitting flesh and the resulting cries of pain were the only sounds heard for several minutes and then a voice chuckled forget it bro's. Even of we'd of found the cunt satisfactory there's no way she could have earned enough to pay us back for what this piece of shit owes us.

I did not realize until total and utter silence filled the void that I had turned to the door and a low rumbling growl was vibrating in my throat. As the deathly silence stretched out and I was sure it wasn't simply a subterfuge, that the men had indeed left, I turned and slowly moved toward my mistress. As my large hairy body pressed against hers her arms again went about me and she buried her face into my ribs. Her hot breath ruffling my hair reawakened my arousal that had only moments earlier been slackened.

The head of my cock slipped further from its protective sheath lightly touching the exposed portion of her leg. A tingling, whether because of anticipation, desire, animal instinct, or a combination of all three I cared not, rippled through me. All I was certain of, and had been since guiding her up the stairs away from my master and the three black men, was that this night would herald the beginning of her new role. Though Nancy would continue to shelter and feed me she would no longer be my mistress, she would be my bitch.

Dropping my head between her bent knees without hesitating I pushed straight for the source of her nectar. As my muzzle pushed against her and my pebbly rough tongue licked repeatedly over her slightly moistened thin panties a stuttering gasp whooshed from between her lips. Her arms dropped from me only to return as I adjusted my stance to better get between her legs.  

For a second her fluttering hands weakly pushed against my head, then along with her fingers tightly gripping my ears her legs opened wider. Repeated soft simpers of oh Lance interrupted but did not lessen her increased ragged breathing. Her cute little bottom wiggled against the thick plush rug as she pulled me tighter to her. Slowly, as if she were fighting against the inevitable, she slid downward till her back was against the rug. With her dress now up over her hips I had a clear shot at the intended target and I took advantage of it.

Continuous soft whimpers of what I was sure was pleasure issued from her lips as my tongue lapped harder over her gossamer panties. Wider her legs opened. Tighter her fingers gripped my ears and pulled me to her. Her cute little buttocks previous slow undulations increased to almost frantic writhing as my tongue pushed harder against the ever increasing dampness of her almost nonexistent panties. Intangible soft mutterings issued from her lips yet occasionally with the musically pleasing sound like that of a tingling ceramic bell she clearly hissed my name.

Like a puppy eager to please I danced around her, my now fully extended ten plus inch cock occasionally brushing across her pretty face. The smell, the diluted taste of her was almost more then I could take. Baring my teeth I nipped at the whisper thin material keeping me from that which I sought, but her squirming hips prevented me from gaining purchase. A low rumbling growl of frustration began to well from my heaving chest but it turned into a yip of surprise as her lips closed over the pointed knob of my cock.

My lack of success to get through her panties was temporally forgotten as along with the warm wet moistness of her mouth encasing the head of my dick her fingers lightly fluttered over the remaining nine inches of exposed purplish flesh. For an innumerable number of rapid beats of my heart I stood shivering in glorious bliss as her lips, with every up and down movement, slid ever further up my twitching length. Not until together with gagging sounds coming from beneath me as well as Nancy's small hands shoving franticly against my belly did I realize that I had almost lain down on her.

Along with forcing myself upright I shifted position so that I was no longer astraddle her but between her legs before again lowering my head. Baring my incisors I nipped at, and against all odds trapped the whisper thin material of her panties between my teeth. The sound of ripping cloth greeted the savage shake of my head as the sheer material easily separated. The heady scent that wafted up from between her legs and slammed into my nostrils was as intoxicating to me as the alcohol my master and the black men had been consuming.

Greedily, as if my tongue hadn't touched nourishment in days, my tongue delved into the sweet nectar emitting from between her legs. A garbled screech issued from her lips and her hips jerked from the floor pushing her slit against my muzzle as my tongue slathered over and into her. Her fingers tightly grasped my ears holding my muzzle to her as she bucked and twisted in ecstatic pleasure. Minutes later along with repeatedly screeching out my name her small body convulsed violently.

As she lay silent, yet continuing to shudder, I lifted my head from her. Backing from between her legs I shifted about so that my head hung over her chest. A second later my teeth closed on her dress and moments later it like her panties earlier was in tatters. Pushing my muzzle beneath the small of her back I both pushed and lifted and a moment later managed to roll her over onto her belly. I tried to get my muzzle between her belly and the rug in an effort to raise her hips but failed.

Frustrated, I danced over and around her before moving up between her slightly parted legs. As I did so a low moan escaped her lips as if she were awakening from a deep sleep. Her head twisted around to look back at me. For several moments our eyes met then of her own accord she pulled her legs beneath her raising her perky tight bottom into the air. Together with opening her legs a little wider she wiggled her buttocks. Without hesitation I mounted her but my weight was to great for her and she collapsed beneath me.

Twice more we tried and failed to couple, and the frustration of each of us was becoming apparent. Climbing to her feet she fell onto her back atop the bed. With the lower half of her body hanging off the edge she opened her legs and softly whispered come Lance come to mommy. Moving between her splayed legs I rose up only to let my front paws fall to either side of her chest. Pushing her hands down between us she grabbed my long thick cock.

All the while her delicate fingers squeezed and stroked my hardness she softly murmured your sooooo bigggggg. You will be gentle won't you Lance. You won't hurt mommy. It was as if my haunches were on fire and try as I might I could not keep from dancing about in my eagerness to hump her. Her soft voice was like a soothing balm as together with guiding me to her she lightly laughed easy Lance, easy. But I had no control, for she had long ago driven me past any that I might have had. Every pore of my being was fixated on copulation, and when the head of my cock touched her my hips drove forward sending better then half of my thick angry crimson cock into her.

As I buried myself in her a long drawn out gurgling groan burst from her lips and her body stiffened. Had she lost consciousness and if so did it really make any difference? After all she was my bitch, and awake or not I was going to breed her. Pictures of her with swollen belly, of her lovingly, tenderly nursing our puppies flickered through my brain as after drawing back I again rapidly and forcefully thrust into her. Again, and again, and yet again, with the forceful rapidity of a pile driver I pushed into her without cessation. And with each push another inch of my cock felt the tight clinging warmth of her cunt.

Slobber fell from my madly panting jowls to land like raindrops on her rapidly rising and falling chest. Without pausing in my instinctive urge to bury every inch of my member into her my head lowered to her chest and my sandpaper like tongue licked over her breast. When it was that I became aware that her fingers were tightly gripping my haunches and that her legs had encircled me I'm not certain. Perhaps it was when I also became aware of her softly crooning voice repeatedly urging me to fuck mommy. To fuck mommy hard.

The ache in my scrotum was both like it was on fire and at the same time being squeezed in a vise. My hind legs were moving about so frantically as I humped into her, that if her legs hadn't been wrapped about me I would have climbed clear over her. With each frantic lunge forward my almost orange size knot slammed against her cunt lips. I could feel my cum bubbling, wanting to get out. With a last mad dancing, twisting, lunge forward the resistance that had been keeping my knot from entering her gave way.

Every muscle in her small body tensed and a shrill gurgling stuttering wail erupted from her throat. A minute, two minutes, a lifetime, and though still she didn't move as my knot moved within her her the stuttering wail that had burst from her soon became repeated soft oohs, umps, and yeses. Then slowly, together with her legs tightening even harder about me, she began to undulate and push against me. Her otherwise musical voice rose to near hysteria as she repeatedly shrieked oh God Lance fuck mommy. Fuck mommy good. Make mommy your bitch.

But even as she began to move faster against me I froze and my cum burst from my nuts in a torrent so forceful it was as if I were pissing. For a split second as my cum flooded into her she again tensed, then with squeals of oh God, oh God, oh Godddddddddd she shuddered uncontrollably. Seconds later and even before she quit shuddering I was again driving madly into her. Minutes later as my cock repeatedly slammed into her womb she again began moving against me trying to meet each rapid thrust.

Repeated stuttering whimpers of fuck me Lance, fuck your bitch hissed from her lips as shudder after shudder rippled through her. Her willing acceptance of me as her lover, her acknowledgement of her role slammed into my brain with the force of a sledgehammer making all but was happening at that moment mote and insubstantial. The hot clinging moistness, the rippling of her cuntial muscles as they massaged, caressed and milked my cock was beyond belief.

Though it was probably only minutes it seemed like hours before once again my cum flowed like a raging river into her willing accepting womb. Several thudding heartbeats later I tried to back away but we were locked together. A single soft word wormed from my brain. Patience. If I had been human, a contented sigh would have escaped my lips as I collapsed atop her. As it was I instead lowered my salivating jowls and licked her glistening sweaty flesh. That I concentrated on her tits and the little nubs centered thereon was a given, for instinct told me that next to me licking her between her legs she liked that best.

Her soft contented sighs as well as her squirming response to my administrations understandably did little to shrink my knot. Long innumerable minutes later, despite her soft whimpering pleas to the contrary, as well as her best efforts to prolong our coupling, I did manage to pull free. Hardly had all four of my feet hit the floor then I pushed my muzzle to her cunt. Like a drunkard consuming alcohol, I eagerly lapped up the cum, which, because it was no longer constrained by my knot, flowing freely from her.

Three more times that night I bred her. And with each breeding her acknowledgement of being my bitch came ever more readily from her lips. When at last we slept it was with her snuggled against my back and her small hand resting lightly on my scrotum. Hours later I was awakened by the feel of her lips upon my growing hardness. As her hot moist mouth lovingly suckled her delicate fingers stroked and pulled at my lengthening cock. Minutes later with her fingers tightly about my cock just in front of my growing knot I filled her mouth and throat with my hot thick spunk.

I honestly believe that in the next moment, if not for the light knock on the door and the maid asking if she could enter, I would have been knot deep in my beautiful bitches cunt. A heart beat later even as my bitch was wiping all traces of my discharge from her pretty face and licking her fingers clean the key turned in the lock and the maid entered. It was then, even as she covered her nakedness, that she was informed that the master had left late last night with the gentlemen and was returning to Atlanta.

Later, after she had eaten and bathed, oblivious to the fact that I understood every word, she held several dresses up asking which I wanted her to wear. That I woofed and wildly wagged my tail when she held up a diaphanous stretch lace gown with cascading sheer ruffles, which because of its design would have been no barrier or caused any difficulty in my pressing my muzzle to her made her laugh.

Telling me what a dirty boy I was she ruffled the hair between my ears then getting down on her knees and wrapping her arms about me she husked that if I was a good boy, maybe, just maybe she would wear it for me that evening. With the exception of when I pushed my head beneath her dress and licked her panties as she, trying to act as if nothing was happening, tried to eat dinner, I was real good. Hardly had she finished then together with professing a headache and saying she was retiring for the night she dismissed the servants.

Less then fifteen minutes later when she came out of the bathroom, it was not the diaphanous stretch lace gown that I had liked so much that she was wearing. It was a jewel blue, open front ultra sheer chemise, and she wasn't wearing panties. Tongue lolling and panting heavily I danced around like an eager puppy that was being offered a treat. Her light lilting laughter acknowledging my eagerness was like music to my ears.

But it was her light feathery touch over my belly and scrotum, followed only a heartbeat later by her slim fingers encircling, massaging my ever lengthening cock while softly murmuring does Lance want to fuck mommy. Does he want to fuck his bitch and fill her nasty pussy with his doggie spunk that once and for all, and forever, acknowledged and affirmed me as the alpha male in her life and she as my bitch.

How it was that I managed not to rip the sheer flimsy garment to shreds when my sandpaper rough tongue and teeth playfully tortured her breast and later when I had mounted her after she had pushed pillows beneath her for support neither of us knew. As it was, what with all my slobber on it, it was as wet as if she had just washed it.

I was to soon learn that she preferred to lay on her back looking up at me as with arms and legs tightly about me she tried to meet my every hard thrust. At first it was awkward for me to breed her that way. But because she liked the feel of my large hairy body atop hers, and because I gloried in the feel of her soft lips raining kisses on my face in between whispered words of endearment as I powerfully thrust into her, it soon became as natural and pleasurable, perhaps even more so, as the normal manner in which one breeds his bitch. Still though, her discovery of the pillows stood her in good steed in the weeks and months that followed.

As for her husband, well she never saw him again. At least not alive. His body was discovered in an alley only days after his return to Atlanta. The police said that his untimely demise was a mugging that had gone bad. Yet they were at a loss to explain why he was beaten to a pulp before being shot in the head.

Oh, as for the puppies. Well, as of yet she hasn't presented me with any. Some bitches are just hard to impregnate I guess. Still though, every time she willingly comes to me, and with each wanton breeding of her, I'm still hoping she'll give them to me. Maybe I should start breeding her six times a day instead of just five....             

Tessa's Jungle Adventure Part 2(Jungle Orgy)

kureeus on Animal Stories

Tessa nearly passes out from the pain of being ripped open by the huge monkey cock that filled her virginal hole just moments before. She must have passed out because there were no gorillas in sight and she was now in a different location. She opened her eyes and saw her newfound friend Angi still naked from when the gorilla had carried her off before in the clearing. She tried to make a sound to say something to her but Angi kept walking as if she were in a daze or something but her voice wouldn't come. She just closed he mouth and watched to see where Angi was going. Tessa nearly choked as she saw Angi walk over to her mother and father as they sat dressed in regal clothing and seemed to be talking in a strange language to the gorillas that surrounded them in total reverence.


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e rolled over onto her side  to get a better view to see what else would happen. What she saw next excited and scared her a little as she sat watching in half excited horror as Angi's father held her hands as she knelt obediently before him, took his cock into her mouth and began to suck with little Ami watching. When she was done sucking her father's cock, her mother replaced Angi with her younger sister Ami and she began to lick timidly at first and then got more comfortable as she watched her father's face relax in pleasure as her small lips engulfed his swollen member. He then let out a loud growl which seemed to excite the gorillas who were watching nearby. (Growling or moaning was a mating call that was used to excite).

As Tessa watched she once again became excited and wanted to join in too, she lowered her hand to her hot snatch and began to finger herself thinking back to when she had seen her mom and dad fucking at home, she'd seen her dad's large cock and wanted to know how it felt & tasted. As her excitement grew, her scent  must have alerted the gorillas too because the next thing she knew, one of the smaller ones came over and began to sniff at her sopping hole and lap at it a little. When Angi's mom saw this she motioned for the gorilla to bring her over to where they were. She examined Tessa and then spoke in hushed tones and began to explain the mating ritual. Tessa shook her head slowly understanding clearly what was expected of her and the other two girls, including little Ami who was still a virgin. Ami & Angi's father was sort of a king and the gorillas were part of sex slave ring started and overseen by there father & mother which had been passed down for many generations. It had begun as an experiement for science to see if certain animals would respond sexually to humans and more like humans. Then it became more of a sick sport and began to include members of the family but especially the young girls because not only did the gorillas seem to like them more but so did the village men as they watched these girls get taken by these man monkeys.

Most of the village people adjusted and accepted this strange custom but the ones who didn't lost their daughters to mating ritual fatalies or during the birth of half human, half gorilla babies if they were of age. If not and they survived the first mating ritual which lasted all night, they would be allowed to return home at the break of dawn. If they did return home it meant that a monkey child would be born and when the birth was near the young girl was left in the care of her new gorilla family. The new breed of monkey people is the result of modern day technology. Tessa tried her best to not look so shocked and quickly recover from all this information being told to her as she listened to Angi's mother explain quietly and hurriedly to her because her turn was fast approaching and she couldn't wait to suck the kings dick.

Just as she was told the final details she saw little Ami being placed on her father's lap where his bulging erection was waiting for her virginal twat. With her sister and mother's help she was held while the king slowly placed tip of his swollen member at her tiny entrance. Her mother said a few final words then bowed before her husband as if giving her blessing for him to take thier daughter's cherry. He caressed her tender body to get her wet and fingered her clit until she relaxed. He then inserted his finger into the hairless folds of her chubby, pink baby vagina while kissing her gently. She began to move seductively on her father's lap and slid back and forth on the friction between her now wet pussy and her father's thick cock.

He saw his wife walk over to one of the larger gorillas and lay before him. He had been eagerly pulling on his cock watching, so she wrapped her full lips around the gorilla cock that was twice as big as her husband's and began to suck. The gorilla pumped her mouth as she stroked with her hand, this excited her husband so he took his young daughter and forced the tip of his cock head inside. Ami tried to free her burning young twat of the full feeling but he held her there as he watched his wife who was now being entered fiercely by the gorilla. Ami knew she had to let the gorillas see her father open her flower so that it would ready for the large monkey cock she was to recieve if she was to survive this ritual. So she bit her lip as her father forced her cherry down on his cock. He moaned loudly as her vice grip pussy encased him.This excited the gorilla who was waiting for young Ami's dripping pussy, he could smell it as he growled and roared with excitement.

He then knew it was time to let her begin her ritual with the gorillas. He hugged her tight knowing she was afraid for her life but kissed her and told her to go on and be brave. He also couldn't wait to get his hands on Tessa the fresh American girl with big boobs and tight pussy. He wanted to fill her up with his seed and make her have his baby, not the gorilla child. So he went over to her, watching his wife get taken by two gorillas as he walked by. This excited him even more, so he wasted no time putting his mouth between heTessa's thighs and nibbled on her monkey raveged pussy. He rolled her hardened nipples between his fingers as he licked and sucked on her pussy. Tessa was so excited she could barely stand it so she began to buck her hips wildly against his face that was now soaked in her 15 year old juices. He removed his face and said, "no matter happens here tonight, you will never be able to retun to your family, I will make you my slave and you will bare my child". Tessa just shook her head, she was too far gone to respond her body began to tremble with ecstacy as he continued to love her like a man does his wife.

When he sensed Tessa was ready to receive him he slowly carried her away from the others and made love to her very slowly for what seemed like forever. She thoroughly enjoyed every touch, kiss, caress and stroke of his massive cock, as she had never experienced anything like this before. She loved it and wanted more and more of his cock buried deep inside her and he gave it to her because she was now his. Her mating ritual was complete, she would continue to be fucked by him until she was impregnated and she would be his new queen and his wife would remain overseer of the mating rituals. His wife would still live at home but she would take care of the girls and if one of them got pregnant with a gorilla child she would be nursemate and caregiver.

Meanwhile young Ami was being prepped by the gorilla to have her virgin hole ripped open by another of the gorillas waiting to mate with her. He worked on her hot snatch dripping with her baby love juice. Then he laid her down gently and lovingly and prepared to enter her. He placed the monkey cock at her tiny entrance and inched it in little by little as she wiggled away from the ripping and full feeling in her hole. The gorilla could sense her pain and as if a human then eased it slower and slower until she relaxed and opened a little more for him. Angi hated to see her baby sister go through this pain for her experience had not been so frieghtening, she had seen her mother and a few other girls go through it so she was hot and ready. Besides her father had opened her just like he had Ami only moments ago careful not to take the treasured hymen that was reserved for the gorillas.

Once the gorilla had finally gotten enough of his extremely swollen head inside her small opening, she began to relax as he worked to get more of it in. He slowly stroked her like a man in love as if trying not to cause her anymore pain. Then all of a sudden he pulled out flipped her over to her hands and knees and re-entered her not so tiny hole from behind. She winced at the tightness and eased back a little to get more of it inside, it had begaun to bleed a little which seemed to excite the other gorillas. So another gorilla approached and began to lap at her now bleeding pussy. It felt good, so she moved her petite hips to get more of the tongue lapping at her swollen clit while being filled with the other monkey cock. She was being licked by one and fucked by the other, she was liking the feeling and getting turned on. Finally the first gorilla began to push in & out picking up the pace until little Ami felt the massive gorilla dick would pop out of her chest. He began to bang her slowly at first, taking her cherry then harder and fatser as her moans and cries could be heard in the deep of the jungle.

Her father heard and knew she had finally accepted her fate and was now a monkey slave to be used by the gorillas for their sexual pleasure. This gave him even more plaesure in fucking the American stranger who would be his new child bride, he drove his stiff shaft deeper and further into Tessa which caused her to cry out in pleasure. Ami & Angi's mother was still being gang fucked by three or four of the largest gorillas, her screams of pain intermingled with Tessa and her daughter Ami, while Angi was nearby fucking one gorilla while sucking the other, getting close to her own climax. This excited the remaining gorillas and they began to growl & roar with sexual excitement because they knew the night was not over and every gorilla would be fucked and sucked thoroughly before the morning light. Tessa found herself cumming and when she released her orgasm she knew she would never again be the same. The king had given her so much pleasure and when he released his seed into her young womb, they came together in a gloriuos loud cry announcing the new queen had taken her rightful place in the jungle.


four of ten on Animal Stories

After Michelle and Sally discovered the attributes of a neighbor's chocolate Lab Luka the story continues after Michelle's adventures are captured in a journal.

Apologies are made for the lack of formatting skills and as some feel being grammatically challenged. My goal is to relate my experiences help others who question their up bring and their passions as I did.  As for my handle, the fourth of the ten dogs that I've loved.

Part two Michelle's New Interest.
It wasn't long before I moved out of my apartment and found a small house with a tall wooden fenced back yard. My Vet told me that Blue was vulnerable to other male or fixed dogs. She asked me,
            "How did you get this d
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 I told her I got it from a abused dog rescue mission. She commented on what "different" breed he was and that she has never seen one before. 
She advised me that he was herding dog and could be very aggressive toward strangers or groups.
 I said, "I think he channels his aggression in other ways,"
I have never seen him upset.
We were enjoying our typical routine, I was bent over a small Victorian padded footstool and Blue was tonguing my clit to my asshole. His long snout would allow him to stick his nose in my ass and nibble or lick my labia and clit.
I began to reminisce my first anal experience decided to give it another try. I could look under the footstool and see Blues purple tool at its best half exposed and glistening drips of nectar on the tip. As I gave him the signal of patting my butt, I had to get a hold of Blue's dick before it was planted in my pussy. The only problem was when I grab his dick he goes into hyper-drive and pump his hips like crazy. I did this once in a while when I didn't want his knot in me and wanted a hyper-drive orgasm, which was totally different than him packing me to the max.
I decided to put my four fingers in my pussy so that Blue couldn't get his dick in. He got the message right away, one hit on the back of my hand and the next in my tight ass. It was like he knew the difference, he pumped my ass with slower and longer strokes. As the pain eased I began to meet his thrusts and my fingers were making magic in my pussy. I could feel his dick pumping in and out of my ass with my fingers as they tickled my cervix. This was so good, slow smoldering orgasms peculated up as Blue knot was knocking at the door. I clamped down my sphincter muscles to keep his knot from entering me. Well, I just should have just grabbed his dick, because that sent him into hyper-drive and he started jack hammering my ass. So I reached around and grabbed that knot to keep it out of my ass and he went into hyper-drive heaven until my ass was filed with Blue's boiling cum.
I had a wonderful home and a beautiful dog; things couldn't have been any better. I rarely saw Sally anymore; I just went about my business. Until my doorbell rang un-expectantly one day, I looked through the peephole and saw my Vet Andréa.
As I opened the door she said,
 "Hi, I was in the neighborhood and saw your car in the driveway, so I though I'd drop by and see how you and Blue are doing. Is that okay?"
I was shocked and wondered why she would be here. We have had only the most professional relationship. I have only been to her office twice with Blue and those visits were brief and unremarkable.
Andrea was forty-something, not tall with a small frame but not skinny. She didn't wear make-up and her hair was a lightly graying auburn with that tan-peachy colored skin that some redheads have. 
I opened the door wider and invited her in. I went in to automatic hostess mode, small talk and offering something to drink and serving iced tea. It wasn't long before Blue bounced in the room checking out our new visitor. Andrea patting Blue on the head he caught a scent on her fingers and began to lick them. Andrea moved her hand away slightly embarrassed or nervous saying,
 "He must smell another dog on me."
She began to question me about what I knew about Blues past history. I did my 'best blonde' and acted clueless. She went on about how odd it was for a dog to be de-clawed and to have filed down the pads on his feet.
I asked "Why would some one do that to a dog?"
She just kept talking about Blue's particularities and then got to the part about his sheath being surgically adjusted. At that point she called Blue and he came right up to her. Andrea took a hold of his collar and pushed his rump down so he sat and then pushed his head down so Blue was on his side with his belly facing me in the next chair. She knelt next to him then sitting on her legs, she moved his sheath out of the way with two fingers and pointed out the finest line of a scar. Someone who was very knowledgeable about plastic surgery did this. She then pointed out how the sheath was reattached to form a tube to protect his penis. This was a very intentional surgery designed for a specific reason. While she was holding Blues sheath to show me his almost invisible scar his dick started to grow.
It's one thing about this dog, touching his dick means it's show time!
 "Of my," Andrea said, I think he likes this.
She didn't move her hand, she held his sheathed dick between her two fingers as his dick got bigger and bigger until it was about as big as it gets. She slowly slid back his sheath exposing his dick to the knot. She looked me square in the eyes and said,
 "This was done to make it easier to have sex with him. This dog is designed for sex with humans. Do you know anything about that Michelle?"
I was squirming in my seat like a kid getting caught masturbating.
"Oh really," was the only thing I could say.
Andrea was staring me down with those light green eyes but didn't let go of Blue.
"Come here, let me show you something." as she waved me over and patted the floor next to her. Not thinking I sat cross legged, Indian style right next to her. As I looked down at Blue I saw a wet spot on the crotch of my baggy shorts. I didn't have any panties on so I guess she could get a peak of my shaved pussy if looked in that direction. I just pretended everything was okay and kept my eyes on hers.
Andrea slid back Blue's entire sheath exposing his knot. She began to explain how dogs tie to insure conception pointing out how the now swollen knot seals the joining. She gently picked up my hand and placed on Blue's dick .
"See how warm and smooth it is."
I froze in place, now only looking at and holding Blue's dick, which was starting to twitch. I then felt Andreas touch on my pussy as the tip of her finger moved my puffy labia out of the way so she could get at my clit and my hole.
"You are so wet" Andrea said as she leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips as she slid her finger deep in my pussy.
I moaned and then she filled my mouth with her tongue. I let go of Blue's dick and pulled her head closer to mine and returned her kiss. With her other hand she worked at my shorts to undo the snap. I didn't know what attracted me so to this women. As our kiss ended she asked,
"You do know about sex with dogs, don't you?"
"Well, I have seen some things on the internet" I said.
"Oh I think you know more than that my dear, this is only the second dog I have in my whole career that has been changed in this way."
By now Andrea had my shorts undone and wide open.
 " Lay back my dear," as she held my shoulder and pushed me back.
 I laid back on the floor and untangled my legs and if right on queue Blue's nose
was on my clit and began probing the depths of my folds with his tongue.
Andrea slid my shorts off and I let my legs spread open and enjoyed the moment. Andrea unbuttoned the shirtdress she was wearing to show all she had on besides it was a thong.
I decided to take control of the situation though difficult, pushed Blue away and stood up.
"If we are going to do this, I need to make some changes.
I went to the door and locked the double bolts and closed the blinds.
 "Please take your glass and pick up your dress and come with me."
As I lead the parade Blue's nose at my butt and Andrea behind him we went into the guest room.
The room had high rectangular windows at the roofline with heavy back out curtains. Double padding under the faux oriental print wall to wall carpet which hides stains well. A modest double post bed with small night stands with lamps and plenty of room around it. In one corner was a modern block style red leather covered foam rubber chair and in the other, a wing backed cloth-covered chair with a small needlepoint cushioned Victorian footstool. As we entered I cranked down the thermostat to 68.
"Please put your things on that chair," pointing to the wingback chair and picking up the footstool. As I placed it on the floor in the middle of the room I gazed at Andreas body. About five one or two and flawless, smallish tits with puffy nipples she would have been a model if she was ten inches taller.
Light freckles speckled her skin, she was in good shape but not muscular. I asked,
"What would you like to do?" 
With a devilish grin she said, "Get to know you and your dog better."
"That can be arranged."
 I slid the footstool out of the way with my foot and moved the red chair into the middle of the room. The chair is designed to accommodate various sexual positions. Kind of the same shape of an "M" with one point much lower than the other." Please sit here" as I gestured to the chair. Andrea sat in the chair and I knelt down at the foot and reached up and slowly pulled her thong off of her. As she lifted her butt to let the strings pass her glistening pussy appeared. Not what I was used to, she had almost no pussy lips and the most protruding large labia with a clit as big as the tip of my pinky finger. Now it was my turn, as I spread her legs wide apart and reached in to tickle her flower. Her labia was thick and firm not at all like my soft and floppy one. I sank two fingers into her soaking hole as she thrust to meet them. I explored the inner regions of her pussy finally hitting her cervix she moaned in approval. My thumb worked her clit.  I felt the hot breath of Blue over my shoulder, he was getting anxious.
I move away and finally with drew my fingers. Blue took my place devouring her pussy, lapping a way like a machine. Andrea was trembling all over so I decided to tweak those puffy nipples. I gently rubbed her tits as she gazed up at me with her mouth half open like she wanted to kiss.  She had at least three orgasms in less than five minutes. I moved around behind Blue and took a hold of Andrea's legs just at her knees and gently pulled so she slid on the leather until her asshole was at the edge of the chair. Blue took advantage of the better access to her asshole. Andrea was hanging on by the small handles on each side of the chair. I could see Blues dick twitching and dripping pre-cum, 5-4-3-2-1. Blue hopped up between Andrea's legs burying his dick to the hilt, knot and all in one clean stroke. Andrea shrieked with the pain of so much dick at one time but quickly began to meet his thrusts so hard the chair was rocking. I was getting so hot watching her do what I do almost every day. The best part of it is, that it gets better every time.
Blue dumped his load and was tied with Andrea's tight pussy. I didn't need to tell her what was happening. Blue's head was lying on her chest grunting and gasping a wheezy breath as he deposited every drop in her pussy.
 His first load of the day was always the biggest, that's why I usually sucked him off first. Blue slipped out of Andrea and like a good dog began to clean up his mess. Andrea's pussy was electric she couldn't take anymore for a while.  I sat next to her and had to give her a kiss which she hungrily sucked my tongue out of my mouth. The chair is barley big enough for two but her slight frame made it easy. I had my arm under her neck with a hand on her tit teasing her nipple with my finger. She in turn and started probing my pussy with her fingers while kissing my rock hard nipples.

Andrea slid off the other side of the chair making more room for me. Blue was next to the chair cleaning himself as to say "Whenever you're ready."


itsonlyfun on Animal Stories

 How stupid of me? I had been warned.

 I did warn you Jackie didn't I? Still you're alright now!


 I suppose I was a bit arrogant about sex,after all my friend Sandy told me to watch out for myself when her husband and his mates were on the rampage for pussy. Now as we sat on my settee,my cheeks still a bit damp with tear streaks. Still wearing if you could class the remnants of my knickers hanging from there waistband elastic as something wearable. Here with Sandy having just checked my pussy for damage, - there was none she reported, - only plenty of my goo plus a load of my dog Bruce's when I had to wank him

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for them to watch.

 I did tell you never get in their lean to with them didn't I? Yeah,well I didn't,it all happened here in my house. "Yeah,but letting them in amounted to the same thing. Why did you let 'em in anyway? after I told you what they're like" "Well I will admit,it was partly my own fault,after we tormented them the other day,I found it exciting,you know doing it with the dirty bastards watching and do you know they even got some binoculars to get a better look at my cunt,fucking dirty fuckers" Sandy chuckled, "And you're not girl?" "Well,it is a buss,you know that,that's why you got me doing it with you the other day!"

 "Yeah,it didn't half wind the bastards up though,dinnit?" "That's what this was all about,I'll tell you what happened before you came down" They knocked my door and asked me again about coming over and making the tea for them and just tidying around a bit. I declined again,making the excuse I'd only just got up and being in my dressing gown and with only panties under, - I didn't tell them that bit though, - I said I'm just not available at present, (Course it escaped me that,while having my first cuppa,I'd been sat here with the gown open so I didn't splill tea on it and in fact only put the knickers on after to answer the door) they must have spotted me as you know,they're dogging up all the time. Mind I'm not complaining because I like the flash thing like you.

 So they buggered off. Must have been at least an hour later,back they come, "Were buggered missus, - your Charlie calling me missus mind,that's a laugh innits self, - we both chuckled, - "I'm feeling better now!" Yeah, missus,our waters off,can't make that tea! "That was ages ago?" "Well we only just got time now,of course,I guessed the bugger's had probably been dogging me or some woman over the other side's back windows with those binoculars. "Better still how about we come in and let you do it here?" That seemed safe enough to me as you warned me about that dog of theirs and Bruce is no problem.

 Get your mugs though,I expect mine won't be big enough for you lot . A snigger aught to have warned me but I was focused on making a kettle of tea. So back they come all carrying mugs and two of them were dragging a tool box between them. "Can we just stick this in your passage we got to be away as soon as we've drunk it" - again a snigger over the 'stick it in my passage' - god I can be so dumb sometimes, - "You're in good company,we've all fell for that double talk and I bet they told you after,'we said we wanted to put it in your passage' like I said you're not the only one. Sorry,go on with what you were telling"

 Yeah! Anyway,nothing amiss as they drunk their tea and I gave 'em some biscuits even. All okay up till then, funny thing though,that was the first time I'd noticed the one they call 'Sparky' talked rather posh. So I mentioned this,"I expect you know already" He's a clever bugger,said he dropped out of the electronic field he was in before it done his head in. That big one chipped in "Yeah,anytime you want a point put in,in your bedroom,he's you putter inner" They all laughed and this time I knew exactly what was meant.

 Oh shit! This was when it changed. That Rod is it? said speaking of putter inners,the way you're still dressed I bet your old man was a putter inner before he went off this morning. "You lot better get off to where you had to be" I said,realising from your wisdom,they had a plan and I was it. "Come on show us I bet its still wet" I had been sitting between two of them on here and got up quick, "Come on show us" "Fuck off,I'm not showing you lot anything" In a flash that Rod was behind me and his knees bent into mine and I was on my way to the floor.

 I never got there,now off balance,Rod caught me under the arm pits and up round grasping my tits. "Fuck,they're nice and soft,somebody grab her legs quick" I was lashing out with my legs,I've kicked my old man against the wall when he tries to tickle my feet,but I was no match with the three of them now holding me and I was panting like hell with the exertion. "Hold still,they only want to see your pussy close up and you've showed us it so often where's the problem?" I must admit I did steady a lot because what he said was true,it wasn't as if they hadn't but then again seeing from afar as too touching distance wasn't the same.

 "I told them you wouldn't mind because you let me see it" That was your Charlie! "I did tell you about him din'ni?" "I know you did" I decided I wasn't having any but they had a different opinion. Now Rod is down on the settee with me lead on his stomach,he's fucking strong mind,I just couldn't move and his knob was hard and against my ass cheeks. Charlie and the other,not Sparky,he was watching,mind I could see he was hard,I assume they all were. Get her cunt out,lets see if she's getting wet. Up till then it never entered my head what I was feeling. Fucking hell! I could feel now prompted I was soaking. So holding my legs between their arm knee and waist, my legs were bent at the knees and wide open.

 Get her drawers off, - weakly I hissed,they're panties or knickers not drawers you fucking bastard, - oooa! Get her panti-i-ies off boys lets see her pus-pus. "Fucking Bastards,Fuck off will you! "NO! Get the fucking things out the way lets get on with it,get and get her cunt out,stop pissing about with her clothes,get the fucking thing out for christ's sake" The two at my thighs tore the gusset so easily and started prodding in me with their fingers you can't forget that experience? Go on" So they were both smoothing my pussy's fur and would you believe it my cunt was responding,I could feel me trickling inside. "He might have had her she's wet but there's no sign of spunk inside,did he?" "None of your fucking business! No wonder you came away from them cussing the other time"

 "Lets help her old man out a bit" "I knew now I was going to get fucked,but not with what they used,so I said,come on then,lets get it over with if you must have me" "Charlie then said" "I know what he said,you got it all wrong Jackie,we're not going to rape you,we're only going to give you our special type of foreplay" "Yeah,that's it exactly. Oh! You too I suppose" "Every time they dream up a new way of bringing a woman off" "Yeah,well the start wasn't new,they got Bruce and tried to get him to lick me. He looked at me,then my pussy and just sat with his tongue hanging and dribbling spit,course as you know he's good at it but he seemed to realise this routine was all wrong"

 "I know what it is,let go of her and lets just sit and watch" Says one of them. Bruce did have a little go then stopped and sat watching my quim. "This will work" Rod jammed his fingers in my butter dish and slapped it on my pussy and all over my pubes and groins as well. Bruce went to it and I started to get horny. I must admit to sliding out to the edge so he was getting my ass as well. It was only then that I realised my dressing gown was gone off me.

  Strange that,must have been the struggle. Then Bruce stopped,all the butter was licked off! "Get some more,no says Sparky,try this and push some in her hole both of them" Fuck I must admit though I was wary of them using my fishpaste on me,when his hand,that Rod it was,pushed those fucking fat fingers up my ass,I nearly cum on the spot. "Fuck her ass didn't half pucker on my finger when I got some of it up the length of that" He's holding his finger up with some paste still on it. Then he licked it off his finger,the dirty sod.

 Bruce liked this taste and started in earnest on my cunt then your Charlie said "hold her open more" let him lick right up inside. I felt them pulling my vulva parts open and Bruce licked like hell in the groove between my vulva and the inner lips,I felt his teeth nip my lips a bit though. "Get her hole open says Rod let his tongue get right up her" I felt again their fingers go in my hole and pull it apart. Fucking hell,they didn't half pull it hard but I enjoyed it as Bruce put his long tongue up as far as I've ever had it. 'Course you can't pull it so wide as they could and I admit I was beginning to cum and was by now loving all their attention.

 "Turn her over,let him get her asshole" No! No! I've not had him in my ass before. "No! We're talking about him licking up your asshole you silly cow" I admit I was a bit wary because you warned me that they were dodgy. Anyway what they said they'd do they done. I marvelled how deep Bruce's tongue got up me again, mind it hurt a bit as they pulled my asshole apart. I tell you I yelped a bit till Bruce soothed me with his tongue. Then fuck, did I cum,they all joined in rubbing my cunt and clit,I had no idea,which fingers were doing what to me,I kept cumming, I couldn't believe myself,I thanked them for making me cum so hard and long. I felt as weak as a kitten.

 They'd taken their cocks out and I now just lead on the floor looking up at them,they all had love juice dangling off their ends and somehow a cushion had been put under my head. I thought,they are,they're going to take turns. Your Charlie said. "Its okay,we got them out just for you to look at" Course I thought he was lying. Sparky said "I better get our tool box" Still in my orgasm mode but drifting back down,I watched as the box appeared, I just watched with curiosity. Sandy said "I know what's coming!" Yeah! So Sparky got a piece of clear plastic tube or it might have been glass. It was about your husbands cock size. I thought,they're going to look inside my pussy,that's ok. I've had his so the size will be ok.

 I admit,I closed my eyes and waited for the sensation of it being pushed in my pussy. Sure enough it came against my lips and I enjoyed the feel of them pulling my lips out of the way to push it up. But it was only pushed in a tiny bit and I could feel it was bigger than I thought because although it was in it still had my clit inside the circle. I concluded,I'm ahead of the game here I listen for my fridge door to go. They're going to make my cunt all cold like my Richard does by putting some ice cubes in the tube, - although my old man uses an ice lolly, - No door slam? then magic,something is tickling my clit and the sides of my hole its enough to drive my clit mad.

 I have my mind in overdrive trying to figure out what they're using on me. I open my eyes to see but all I can see is the top of this tube and their eyes intently looking at my pussy. "He is,I reckon he will,you watch" "HE? what the fuck do men refer to as he? they call cars and ships she! but,HE!" My mind racing as the sensation is working on my clit,well two now even three different sensations, a treading feeling then a tickle that's driving me up the wall like if someone tickles your feet but small very small, then the intermitent pushing at my hole as though whatever it is going to go up me. The hair on my head and neck tingles and stands on end,I go all hot. NO,Never they wouldn't not that? I'm scared stiff of them. As I made to get up,I'm held, "Not yet,stay still,It'll work on you in a minute,I fall back,then I get even more of a feeling than even more.

 Although I'm now convinced I know what they're using on me the added sensations are taking there toll, the'yre rolling around or something and making me go into an unbelievable orgasm,I'm jigging about,"Keep it on her,she's cumming off again,they'll have to paddle with the amount of juice coming out of her" It was right I knew the tube was getting my cum in the bottom part. "Fuck,look at him he must be the diver,he's going in farther" He was whatever he was,I felt it trying to burrow up me,No don't you'll never get him out if he goes in there. "If he goes in there with all your juice,he'll drown" I heard them laugh as I violently cum again.

 Fuck it was unbelievable,I must admit by now I knew it had to be a mouse or more like mice. I hated them,I say hated because its the past tense,up to now I'd only thought K9. I must go up the pet shop and get some,fuck it was an unbelievable cum I experienced. "I know Jack,I had that treatment as well,its brilliant isn't it?" Then it went horrible or it did as far as I am concerned! "Yeah! I know what you're on about,I come to your door just after they started doing it,but I was held on this chair so I couldn't help you. I hate to admit it,but fuck it made me horny watching you get it though. Yeah,by the time I got my senses back the tube of mice were gone and they had my ass on a smooth piece of board. As I'd been so receptive to their fucking about with me. I couldn't figure why they were gripping my legs and arms so tightly.

 Sparky was stood away a bit and said let them go now. I could see down my naked body,my pube hairs were a bit matted with my and Bruce's love juice,most of his shot over my fur but they would be,after the mice thing as well. But I couldn't see between my thighs. Alright if its something terrible I'll scream at the top of my voice, Idiot you dare not, if a neighbour comes running,how would I explain four blokes and these animals being used, Fuck!call in Sandy,for fucks sake call in! You did but not before they stupid bastards gave me a heart attack,or could have,fucking silly bastards.

 So,they got me down and I'm helpless,then as Sparky said let them go,I felt one wriggle against my inside leg,"That mouse wasn't strong enough to get up her but one of these will. Fuck,one of what? "What! one of WHAT? will! I try to move to see by wriggling my ass and straining with no success. I feel another on my other inside leg. My minds now racing,it feels smooth and coldish,but slippery,dry slippery! I had no idea really, Eels,are they wet and slippery? or dry? Fuck why didn't I know the answer to that? Little Snakes? I knew they were dry,god I hate Snakes. I automatically say OW! It'll bite me as one comes up against my cunt lips. Knowing I had no hope now, I said, "Put it in tail first,then it wont bite me inside" The bastards all laughed. "Don't worry we'll only let it suck you" your old man Charlie said. "Yeah,he has been known to have a warped sense of humour" Sandy comments.

 I knew they were all trying to enter me. "Its going to be that one,Arthur that is,fuck he's one of the biggest one's,she'll know he's fucking her if he can get right up in there. I was fucking petrified,I'll tell you. "Get a mirror,let her watch him take her" My hall mirror duly arrived and as one got behind my head they got it to where I could see these three creatures that they intended to fuck me with. A greenie brown colour I was frightened to death as the first one nuzzled its head at my entrance and started to open my cunt lips. "Please Charlie,hold it and push its tail in instead of head first,if its mouth gets to my cervix It'll bite me because its to big to get in that part, They were wriggling and sliding forward still. Picking one up he showed me it only had a small mouth and he putting his finger by it, "See It wont bite"

 I was a bit fascinated even now as I watched the head of the one they said was Arthur,that head looked pretty big to me,perhaps its too big to get in there. No luck,I felt my pussy opening as it started to penatrate me. The feeling was quite strange,like pushing and increasing and decreasing in thickness. Must be how Snakes move, mesmerized, Arthur was disappearing up my insides as I watched and I could do nothing to stop him. What if he gets right in and disappears. Saying this to Charlie he laughs and reassured me it can't. I'm not convinced. I'm sure now I've got 8 or 9 inches up me,thinking,he must be by my cervix, I lay back as another orgasm hits hard.

 "I'll do it,I'll do it she's at orgasm,Fucking hell,in my orgasm I knew Arthur was expanding and some sort of shock thing made me nearly pass out, I knew they'd totally let go of me and every nerve end from my toes to my tits was in spasm. It was absolutely wonderful,That must have been when you arrived, - "No I got there before that,when you were getting the mouse treatment" -  because as if in a dream,I heard "let her in,its your missus" - "must have been all the orgasms disorientated your time scale a bit" - I heard you say,"What have you done her with? Is she ok?" "Course she is she's only cumming off" "What's that up her now you bastards,you better not have hurt her" "Don't be daft,we've just been giving her orgasms,not one of us has fucked her" "Why's all your pricks out then?" "Just to make her fruity like we did you" "Yeah,but you didn't use that Snake up me" "No it was George you took"

 I felt the snake getting pulled out of my pussy and lay there throbbing from head to toe. "See,its a Sparky thing,he modified it when they decided he was off the bond project" "Yeah" chipped in Sparky, "That's when I said 'fuck it' I've had enough,I brought a lot of my trick gadget stuff home,fuck 'em ,they weren't getting my talent for free" I must admit, "It done it for me" I was evil the silly buggers never told me it wasn't real but I do owe them a fuck each for giving me those fantastic cummings.

 "You and me both Jack' I want to try it again as well,Arthur you had was it,I was got by George,if I hadn't come down here I'd still be thinking it was a real Snake the bastards. They never let on to me and they wouldn't have to you if I hadn't turned up. You'd still be quaking in your pants that they'd do you again some time. They're fucking evil at times.

 perhaps a sequel maybe!


Animal Farm

publisher on Animal Stories

Chapter 1


As a reporter, I learn things about the human race that are often…alarming, often sickening. The rape, for example, of a young girl as she played in the park with friends; the atrocity of war and the blood spilled by nations civilized and not so.
          My first exploration into journalism happened in my final year of high school; part of the work experience program the local council urged the headmaster to introduce to us tearaways who had no ambition in life, no career in mind.
Read More
        I chose to follow a reporter around for those two weeks, and became so fascinated with the day-to-day routine of a country journalist that I enrolled in college and university to gain my degree in journalism.
          But my desire was not that of my first tutor; no, I didn’t want the weekly spot in the county-wide paper, shoved between the Weekender section and the classified ads. I wanted to star in the country’s top papers, offering my story of the day far and wide from Scotland to Wales.
          From the age of sixteen to twenty, I studied hard, and played little. When I wasn’t working my ass off, my spare time was taken up by the short articles and commentaries I wrote to bring in a bit of cash to pay the rent and buy my monthly packs of Bachelors dried soup.
          By the time the ink dried on my degree, I’d applied for several jobs writing for daily tabloids, but none were responsive to my inquiries. Disheartened somewhat, I kept writing my opinions, my articles. Eventually, I launched my own website, posting my work twice daily.
          The hits it received were…astronomical.
          Anyway, before I get any further with the adventures I have to tell you, let me introduce myself. After all, I will be your guide to shocking events and taboo pleasures.
          My name is Trelawney, Rebecca Trelawney.
          I guess I’m about average height; a well-muscled five-eight. Though I’m not slender, I find that the one man in my life thinks that my build is…highly arousing. My hair is shaggy, a burnished red that I like. For the foreseeable future, at least. He also has an affection for my eyes; clear, direct blue.
          And we both have one spectacular flaw: the constant desire to try anything and everything. To us, living means living. Whatever life has to offer should be taken, tried, and passed on to the next.
          So, when I heard about the concept of Animal Farm, my curiosity was peaked.
          “It’s illegal.” Ryan, my boyfriend of six years, stated flatly.
          My response was short. “Since when has that stopped us?”
          He grinned, his dark eyes winking mischievously. “Since never.” His fingers flicked through the brochure, long, clever fingers that can tune a female to climax without even a hint of effort. We met when I was eighteen, meshed together on the dance floor of a nightclub one memorable evening. He is my first and only lover. “Are you sure you want to experiment that far?”
          I considered. Sex is one of my favourite pastimes. I slid onto the bed next to him; let my hand work under the covers. He was already hard as I wrapped my fingers around him. “Why not? We’ve done most everything else. Besides, haven’t you already…” I tapped a finger on a page of the brochure. “Transposed my face onto hers?”
          His eyes locked on the page, and then they blurred. I worked him with long strokes, felt his muscles tense. “Jesus, Bex. Jesus Christ.”
          “You like that, don’t you, baby? You want to see my pussy invaded by dog cock? Is that what you want? Tell me,” I murmured. I was hot, horny as, well, a bitch in heat. “Would you like to see me on my hands and knees, being serviced by that Alsatian? Imagine that big cock, rammed up to the balls in my pussy, Ryan. You can see it, can’t you?”
          He throbbed in my palm, moments away from ejaculating. Smiling seductively, I peeled away the covers, swung my leg over his stomach so that I rode him, my back to his face. The first taste of him was, as ever, addicting.
          The brochure fluttered to the floor as he grabbed my hips, lifted me onto him. He set a hard pace, bucking his hips up, driving his blue-steel cock deep into my drenched pussy.
          Within half a dozen thrusts, I tightened around him, my whole body quivering with orgasm. Seconds later, he rolled so that I lay beneath him. My hands were trapped under his vice-grip on the wrought iron headboard in front of me. Flesh slapped against sweaty flesh as he pounded into me.
          Then, with a sharp, almost painful thrust, driving himself into me to the hilt, he gasped out a long, pained groan. The hot flood of his semen inside me sent me tumbling over the edge again, filling me as we collapsed on the bed, exhausted and utterly satisfied.
          Purring like a cat, I turned my head and spoke quietly. “So that’s a yes?”
          He kissed the back of my neck, ran his hand through my choppy hair. “I guess so.”
          “Good. Because you’re booked in to see the Alsatian too.” With a snort, I curled into him and fell asleep before his sated brain registered what I’d said.


The drive was long and full of anticipation. I watched the flow of traffic along the motorway as my heartbeat mounted. Every mile was another step closer to fulfilling the ache in my belly. Every mile took me closer to a dream I hadn’t known I’d been harbouring.
“Don’t tell me you’re still pissed,” I said mildly.
Ryan shot me a sideways glance. “Pissed? Why would I be pissed that you’ve booked an appointment at the bestiality place, for me? Why would I be pissed that you want my ass full of a dog’s cock?” He muscled between two haulage wagons, put his foot down. His Ford Focus bulleted along the tarmac.
“Hey, I just figured that if I’m going to have a dog’s cock raping my ass and pussy, I should get to have some fun looking at you sharing the same experience.” I shrugged lazily, studied my nails, then lit a cigarette with casual indifference. “Look, if you don’t want to go through with it, just say so. I’m sure they’re used to people backing out.”
With barely controlled temper, he flicked the indicator on and took our exit. We shot down the ramp and onto a dual carriageway. “Are you calling me a coward?”
“Of course not. It’s your decision.” I blew smoke out of the open window, watched it whip away. “I don’t see what the problem is. You seem to enjoy it when I service you with a strap-on.”
“That’s when it’s you,” he muttered.
“And I stop if I hurt you,” I realized. I knew that was what was bugging him. He had no control over what a ten-stone horny dog would do to his tiny asshole. “I’m sure if we asked, they’ll have something smaller. A Yorkshire Terrier maybe.”
He began to laugh, and the strop was over. Quick as a whip, he stole the cigarette from me and took a drag. “You’re a real hoot a minute, Bex. Remind me of that when the dog mounts me, won’t you?”
I grinned. “Only if you remind me first.”
“Deal.” He pulled off the dual carriageway and continued down a little country road for another fifteen minutes. When we both saw the sign for Mountie Enterprises, and sucked our breath in simultaneously. “Here we go I guess. Three whole days of sex, animals and sex.”
“Fun, fun and more fun,” I agreed.
He drove sedately up the long tree-lined lane. Through the gaps between the tall majestic oaks, I could see field after field, green and wonderful, as far as the eye could see. There were horses, separately fenced off, and sheep and livestock milled around under the electric fences.
The lane opened up into a large farmyard; a long low barn took up an area of about a hundred feet in length, twenty width. Ivy climbed the white washed walls, crawled over the red tiles that must have been from the original building. The windows were high, about ten feet up, and looked similar to the old hay holes that farmers used to toss hay through to the livestock below.
Beside that were a gate, and a long stone path. A sign was stapled onto the gate, but from where we were parked, I couldn’t read what it said. The farmhouse, the same white washed stone and red roof, was a small affair, a lot smaller than I had imagined it. The front door was open against the summer heat, I presumed, and a woman stood casually in the frame.
A Range Rover and sleek black Jaguar were parked in front of the fifty-foot long garage. Probably a heated deal, I thought, to pamper the poor cold cars in winter.
Ryan and I looked at each other, gave each other small smiles, then climbed out of our respective sides.
“You’ve made good time!” The woman hurried across, tall and lean with a shock of rich chestnut hair. Green eyes greeted us as warmly as her voice when she met us with a friendly handshake and kiss on the cheek. “Welcome to Animal Farm.”
“It’s, ah, interesting to be here.” Ryan said.
“Your email said you were setting off at eight, so we didn’t expect you for at least another couple of hours.” She smiled. “I’m Rhianna, and my husband is Ben. You’ll meet him at lunch. We have two other couples staying with us this weekend, one of which are complete novices like yourselves.”
“What’s the other couple?” I asked with a lifted brow.
Her smile turned wicked. “Regular visitors and highly experienced. They do have voyeuristic tendencies, and are very open to being watched if you’re interested in seeing how it’s done.”
“All right, well I’ll see what I can do. If you leave your keys in the car, Ben will bring your bags in on his way through. Please, come with me.” She turned, all grace and elegance as she walked toward the house. “Lunch will be served in an hour, so I can either show you around or you can rest after your drive.”
“I’m not tired,” I said immediately.
“Good. Now, we do have one or two rules.”
Ryan narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “And what might they be?”
“A wise man, your guy,” Rhianna gave me a subtle nudge as she led us into a warm kitchen. There were china plates on the walls, and an old Aga stove in the corner. “Have a seat.” She took one herself, drew a file across the scarred oak table. “Rule number one. Once the papers have been signed, no clothes are allowed on the premises.”
I was sure my eyes goggled. “You mean, we walk around naked? But you’re not…” I gestured to her jeans and purple sweater.
“I always greet new guests fully clothed. It lessens the shock of being met by a nude woman, eases guests into the atmosphere we aim to provide here.” She opened the file. “Number two, when in the vicinity of food and animals, we do ask that you not feed tidbits. It distracts them from their…goals.”
“Rule number three, and this is the last rule we have, I promise. Ben and I do choose the animals you’ll be working with, and we have our own system of doing so. However, if you feel that that animal isn’t suited to you, we do ask that you trust us to know what will give you the best experience.” She slid a piece of paper over to us, topped with a pen. “Safe words are given before each session in case of any problems, but Ben and I have been doing this for a long time. You’ll be perfectly safe.”
I scanned over the contract. As far as I could see, it was a normal liability waiver. There was a confidentiality clause, which I had expected. The rules were written on it, and there was a notation that any breach of said rules would be punished by means deemed suitable by the owners, R and B Habersham. “This seems really basic.”
“It covers both you and us, and we dislike spoiling your time here with paperwork. This contract will stand for any occasion you might return here for our services in the future.” She watched us both sign, then tucked the contract away in the file. “I’ll show you to your room so you can adhere to rule number one.”


It was a disconcerting feeling, being naked and in someone else’s house. But naked I was, from my red hair on my head, to the triangle between my thighs. My breasts were perky, and that at least was a relief, especially when I saw Rhianna in all her natural glory.
There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. That had my jealousy gland surging to life. She was lean, muscled, tanned and had beautiful breasts. She was a natural chestnut.
I know for a fact that Ryan found her desirable; the strain of his exposed cock said it all. We followed her outside like lambs, straight to the gate where the sign was posted.
I could read it now.
Entire animals loose on premises.
Owners take no responsibility for any injuries incurred through ignoring this sign.
It was very clear and very concise.
“What animals do you have in here?” I asked as she led us through the gate. I blinked as we rounded the corner of the house that jutted out into the field; a twenty-foot square shack was seemingly attached to the back of the house.
“Gazebo, our Black Angus bull and Shamus. He’s our piebald stallion. While he only measures up at thirteen-three hands high, he’s a vicious beast and we only use him for our more experienced and…daring guests.” She led us through a small garden gate into their back garden, and asked us to wait for a moment. Then she disappeared into the shack.
“What do you make of it so far?” I asked Ryan.
His answer was a drool. “I think I’d like to see her ass get reamed.”
“Ryan!” I hissed it.
“That’s one fine ass,” he murmured, then yelped when I punched his arm none too gently.
I was about to ream his ass when Rhianna stepped back out and gestured us forward. “Ben is with our experienced couple right now. They’d like you to watch if you feel up to it.”
“Sure.” As we walked toward the shack, I thought we’d be watching something along the lines of the bestiality DVDs we occasionally watched of a dog humping a woman’s pussy. When I walked through the door behind Rhianna, I gasped.
“Holy shit.” That was Ryan’s awed whisper.
There was a woman, face obscured by a tangle of blonde hair, resting front-forward against a contraption that looked like something out of the torture ages. Her arms wrapped around what appeared to be a barrel leant at a thirty-degree angle; her whole body was leant forward at that angle.
Her thighs were spread, as though riding the curved seat running between them, and her feet were in stirrups that raised her buttocks up a good six inches off the padding. She could only have been six inches off the floor, but it looked like she was high up from my perspective.
“Are you ready, Donna?” There were two naked men; one I presumed to be the woman’s husband as his hand was on his cock, rubbing and tugging on his erection. He had matching blonde hair and blue eyes that were dark with desire. A very attractive specimen.
The other man, I guessed, was Ben. He was tall and stocky, sweat gleaming on his upper chest and stomach. Not surprising, I mused, when he had an eight hundred pound Black Angus bull attached to the end of the chain he was gripping. The chain was looped securely in the bull’s nose ring, but still…he looked like he could kill with a toss of his head.
His hair was as black as the bull’s and he had green eyes that were focused completely on the situation at hand. His cock was at least ten inches long. If Ryan could have the hots for Rhianna, I thought with anticipation, I could sure as hell have many erotic fantasies about this guy.
“God yes.” The blonde moaned, and I felt my own pussy flood. We were about to see something spectacular take place, and I was hankering for it. “Let him loose, Ben.”
He let a foot of chain slide through his gloved hands, and the bull took his chance. He snorted, his black wet nose snuffling around the woman’s cunt. He obviously smelled something good, as h