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Fucked by a hott older man.

sunfire84 on Cheating Stories

I was in a two year relationship...I loved him....but I was bored. What can I say? Sadly happens. I met this g amazinguy online through a close close friend...we chatted online and exchanged photos...he was totally hott, so we decided to meet up with this mutual friend and get to know each other. From the second he got out of that car I knew I was going to fuck him.

He was tall and dark with the most amazingly sexy hair and smile...and god that body. *bits lip* The three of us decided to get some beer and a hotel room. Only room available had one kind size bed ...the guys asked if that was ok with me? HA hell yes. It all started out innocent enough (yeah right) a few beers, some pizza...a few more beers. Well Kyle (my friend) had a few two many and ended up passing out on one side of the Chris and I had the other side. We crawled under the covers and layed in silence...he was naked...(forgot his And so incredibly hot. His body was like a greek god...thin but rock EVERY way.

He sloooowly began slipping his fingers between my legs...(his hands were SO big). I could barely breath...I knew the guys name...but that was it. He hadn;t even told me his age...but I knew he was as hell...So I let him finger me...slowly and then harder and faster. Those fingers seemed to go on forever, and they fucked me harder than any cock EVER had.

He grabbed my ass and threw me on top of him...without even saying a word to each other...he pulled my panties to one side and stuck his dick inside me. omg it was soo much bigger than I had EVER felt before. I moaned and immediatly began to sweat. "oh Fuck" he said as we moaned and fucked on the bed.

All of a sudden Kyle rolled over and said "wtf is all the noise guys...I'm trying to...." ZZZzzzzzz...he was out again. yes...

So we decided to try our luck in the bathroom. We snuck inside and he sat on the toilet seat, I jumped on top of him and rode him like craaazy then he jumped up and set me on top of the sink. He dropped to his knees and started fucking my pussy with his amazing tongue. Licking the entire thing and making me cum all over his hot face.

We got back into bed...thinking maybe we were finished. Not a chance...seconds later he was grabbing my ass saying he HAD to have me again. Never in my LIFE had I had a guy this sex driven and I was loving it. We ended up falling off the bed and he had me screaming for him to fuck me. As he drove his huge hard cock into me he fingered my ass.  I could only take so much and we both finally came...him all inside me. It was fantastic...and Kyle never woke up again that night. Chris and I fell asleep in each other arms...and the next morning I found out he was 35...=}

I'm 20...and still engaged...and have been sleeping with Chris for 1 and 1/2 years now...and have maaaany more stories even better than this one. It may be wrong...but everyone needs a good fuck now and again....and again and again. ;)

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