Brother: I stare at my sister with a wicked grin on my face as I feel the blood start to pump through my cock making it hard so it tents my running shorts.

"I have her" I think to myself, "she will be mine."

I pull her closer as soon as her top hits the floor and spin her around for when she takes of her short black mini skirt.

Sister: my body is shaking from being nervous and feeling so ashamed showing my own brother my naked body. I let my miniskirt fall to the floor and bend down to take off my panties....My face is red and my brother feels my butt with his hands...."hey don't touch said all I had to do was strip..." my eyes water..

Brother: smiles big as her butt comes into view...feels how soft and tender it is as I stroke it. Stares at her shaven pussy lips as she bends down to take off her panties.

Smacks her butt, "you want me to tell mom and dad??" "I didn't think so"

looks her up and down as she stands up from removing her panties..

"Turn around slowly with your arms at your side." I tell her as my hard cock begins to pulse with my ever-increasing heart rate.

Sister: *gulp* I turn around and my eyes meet with my brothers....His devilish smile makes me more nervous..."Now give your big brother a kiss sis," he tells me.

"B-but no that's not right...please no." I start to sob.

Brother: I stand up and I tell her with a wicked grin on my face,

"Give me a kiss now..or I'm gonna go tell mom and dad everything."

I reach out and grab one of her hands and pull her to me mashing my lips to hers while grabbing her butt with my other hand and grinding our crotches together.

Sister: I purse my lips at first...I can't believe my own brother is kissing me! His tongue violently pushes on my lips making me open them and he slides his tongue in my mouth...I have no choice but to let my tongue touch his...we share a warm soft kiss as his hands slide up and down my body making my nipples harden...

"see that wasn't so bad was it sis?" He asks stroking my face and wiping my tears from my face...

I say nothing just look up at him. "Now sis I'm going to take off my clothes for you and I want you to watch," My brother tells me in a stern tone.

I look away.....

Brother:I grab her chin in my hand and force her to look at me.

In an angry voice I tell her, "I said look at me damn it!"

I watch her eyes fill with tears as I slowly take off my shirt. I hear her gasp a little as my muscles come into view.

She begins to slowly unbuckle my belt as I see her hands reach out to caress my chest and slowly make their way down. I lean down and kiss her again as her hands reach my pants and work them off her.

Sister: My brother is down to his boxers...he stands looking at me..."Ok now sis take them off for me."

I hesitate and he grabs my hands and puts them at his waist..."Now do it or else..."

I do as he says and bend down to remove my brother's boxers...I'm so afraid to look up and see his cock, but at the same time I want to look so bad!

"Ok sis since you're down there put your cock in your mouth."

I look up shocked. "What? B-but.." I stare at my brother's hard cock. It's so big!

"Do it sis. Suck my cock."

"I c-can't do that! It's wrong! Please don't make me do that."....

Brother: I grab a handful of her hair in one hand and my hard cock in the other. I bring her head close to my crotch and begin to slide my cock against her lips.

"Come on up and suck my cock." I say and precum starts to smear across her lips

Sister: I cringe at first but eventually take my brother's cock in my mouth. Immediately I taste his salty precum in my mouth. He moves my head back and forth and makes me look up at him...

"I'm gonna cum in your mouth sis, and I want you to swallow..I want you to swallow your big brother's cum," You tell me sternly....

Brother: moves my cock in and out of your mouth faster and faster as I feel the cum begin to rise. I look down into your eyes with love as I push my cock in all the way.

I groan, "I'm cumming sis...drink my cum!!"

Sister: I flinch at first feeling the first rope of cum hit the back of my throat....I try my hardest to swallow it brother keeps pumping my mouth and moans loudly. He looks at me and smiles....he helps me up and puts his arms around me...

"mmm good girl".....

Brother: I her close to me as I wrap my arms around her. I look into her beautiful eyes as I brush the hair out of her face and wipe the tears from her cheek. I then lean down and kiss her passonately.

I feel her melt into my kiss as her arms wrap around my neck. she whimpers softly as I slowly end the kiss.

I look deeply into her eyes and tell her, "I love you sis. I didn't know how else to let you see how much I love you...this is the only way i knew how. I promise I won't tell mom and dad....but I do love you and i want this to continue."

I stand there looking into her eyes waiting for her reply...

Sister: I look at my brother with a small hint of lust..."B-but we are brother and's wrong...we can't..." I put my head on his shoulder...

Brother: I stroke her hair..."I will stop only if you want to. I don't want to hurt you anymore...I just needed you this one time...I don't want to stop this ever. I can take care of you."

Hold her close as I rub her back and stroke her hair.

"How about you sleep on it and I'll talk to you tomorrow?"

I kiss her cheek and watch her dress as she walks to her room down the hall.

Sister: Late at night I cry thinking that I'm falling in love with my brother...I keep wanting to just get up and go to his room and let him make love to me but still the idea of incest haunts me....I keep feeling his lips on mine and his touch..oooh I want him! ...

Brother: Late at night I try to quietly walk to her room under the sounds of the floorboards creeks at night. I stand at her closed door with a hand resting upon it. I dare not enter. I told her I would wait till tomorrow. I let my heavy head fall and hit her door, but the sound is lost to me. I can't think of anything than to hear or taste or touch or smell no one but her.

Sister: I get up knowing i have to go to him...oh god he felt so good! I open my door and there he is his eyes full of lust and he steps in my room and locks the door behind him...."I knew u wanted this..." he says softly pulling me to him.

"I-I do want you. I want you so bad," I reply in a trembling voice.

his lips touch mine and once again we are locked in a sensual kiss.

Brother: All of a sudden her door opens and I stare at her. I know what I have to do. I walk into her room and lock it behind me. I say, "I knew you wanted this." as I take her into my arms. She says something back..but i can't hear heart is pounding to hard to hear anything, but I can see it in her eyes. She wants me too. I pull her close to me and kiss her with all my love for her. She is now mine. I will not let her go. We slowly walk back to her bed as I softly lay her back upon it.

Sister: My brother lays me down gently and takes off his shirt...I'm wearing nothing but my white cotton panties and a long t-shirt that was once his ...I look up at him and blush...He is left in his pj plaid pants and he rubs my legs gently...I love his touch...

"Mmmm are you ready for your brother to make love to you sis? Do you want this?" He whispers.

"Y-yes I do. I do!" I wail quietly....

Brother: I pull off her panties and shirt. I stare down at the angel beneath me.

"You are so beautiful sis."

I lean down and kiss her deeply and then trail kisses down to her breast. I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it and nibble it gently while massaging the other..then I switch breasts. I then switch breasts and do a repeat performance on the other one. I slowly kiss down to her belly button and lightly run my tongue around it, and then I kiss it softly. I travel further down and lightly lick around her pussy lips. I then move up to her right knee and lightly kiss it. I then lightly plant kisses down the inner part of her thigh making my way towards her pussy. Once I get next to her pussy I lightly lick around it and gently blow on the clit again. I then move up to her left knee and do the same thing to this leg like I did to the other. When I get to her pussy I lick around it and then gently blow on her clit.

All of a sudden I suck her clit into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.

Sister: I try my hardest to keep quiet but it feels so damn good! My brother is between mylegs and our eyes lock. I bite my lower lip as I feel hot sensations running thru me...."Oooh yess! more! please more!" I beg...

Brother: I hear my sister plead for more, which gets me even more aroused. I suck harder on her clit and mash my tongue hard against it and then I begin to hum sending the vibrations through my tongue to her clit. I then slowly insert my index finger into her wet pussy. I reach up with my free hand and begin to play with her breasts.

Sister: I start to get that strong sensation of cumming...yes i'm gonna cum oh god I'm gonna cum on my brother's tongue! "Hmmmgggghh yess! Oooh I'm c-cuming!" I try to say feel my juices ooze out of my pussy and into your mouth...

Brother: I hear her start to cum as I suck her juices flowing into my mouth. I continue to suck lightly as she comes down from her climax. I move up her body and kiss her deeply. i push my pants off letting my hard cock spring to life between us. I nestle myself between her legs and hold myself there.

"I don't have a condom sis." I say as I look into your lust filled eyes with my own.

Sister: "Oh bro I'm so scared..but I don't it...I want you to cum in me..." I smile up at you now with more love than ever before...

Brother: I smile and lean down to kiss her. I slowly push my cock inside her wet pussy.

I whisper, "Your wish is my command, my princess." We then lock lips and kiss passionately. I feel her legs wrap around me and lock together so I can't escape. I feel her pussy contract around my shaft that is now slowly pumping in and out of her.

Sister: I wrap my legs around my brother's waist pulling him closer to me and letting him make love to feels so damn good better than with any other man! Love the way his cock just rams in and out of me while he kisses me passionately....

Brother: push in deeper and harder with each thrust. I grind into her hard.

I think to myself, "I must be in deep when I cum. What am I thinking. Oh god...I must get her pregnant. She will look even more beautiful with her belly swollen with my child, our child. Oh god...I must be deep when...."

"I"M CUMMING", I shout in a whisper while I thrust myself deep inside my sister as I paint her womb with my sperm.

I know now that there is no one else for me besides my sister. I remember back to the days when I took care of her. When we were children and I used to wash her scrapped knees and held her hand as we walked through the woods out back. How we laid together in a storm. Then when we grew up, how she would clean up after me when dinner was over and how she dressed for my special occasions.

I knew from this point on...that she would be with me forever.

Sister:I feel my brother's cum shoot in me and I know he's making a baby in'll be our child..I know he's the one and only for me.

Brother: lay down beside her while taking her into my arms and kisses her passionately.

I stroke her hair as we are both trembling while coming down from our climaxes.

I look her deep into her eyes. "I love you so much sis. I don't want anyone else in my life but you. I hope that we made a baby tonight. I would love to start a family with you. You can come live with me next year when you go to college. I was gonna go on a trip this year, but I think I'll stay here with you instead....and spend my money on something else."

gets a wicked grin

Sister: And we live happily ever after *s*

The End

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