She slowly walked home from a late drama practice, when a guy drove up beside her in a black Thunderbird. She recognized him as a sophomore at the local college. He was known to be athletic as well as pretty smart, which is an unusual combination. He was about 6'2 which, when he got out of his car and walked along beside her, towered over her 5'5.

She looked up at him. He was gorgeous, she had to admit. Brown eyes that seemed to look into her soul, and what looked like silky almost black hair. She had the ridiculous urge to run her fingers through it. She was a pretty sensible girl, what was she thinking?

"Hey," he said, revealing his perfect white teeth.

"Uh. Hey," she said warily. There was something about this guy. He made her body want to do things she'd never even fathomed doing with any of the guys around here.

"My name's Jordan, and I've seen you around and just was wondering if maybe you'd like to go out sometime?"

"Uh, offense, but not really," she was afraid of both him and herself. Besides he'd think she was an unexperienced pathetic girl who hadn't even had her first kiss. Which she hadn't.

A brief look, of what looked like, anger crossed his face, then he smiled,"Well, if you ever change your mind, give me a call." He pulled a scrap piece of paper out of his pocket, wrote down his number, and handed it to her.

"Uh, ok."

He walked around to the driver's side of his car, got in, and sped away.

She shook her head. He creeped her out in a way. She slipped the piece of paper absentminedly in her purse and walked home.

Two nights later she had another late drama practice. She was just walking out of the school when someone grabbed her from behind and put a hand over her mouth.

A cloth replaced the hand and she knew it contained chloroform. She tried not to breathe, but her lungs started to burn and she finally needed a breath. And that was it, she was out.

When she came to, she was laying in a bed. It was dark. She felt and found herself to still be fully clothed. "What the hell?" she mumbled to herself.

Suddenly the door opened. The only way she could tell, was the hallway outside of the room was just a shade lighter than the room and the door squeaked as it opened.

"Oh good, you're up," came a very familiar voice. He shut the door and she heard a lock click into place.

"What do you want," she said, backing up against the bedframe as he approached.

"Well, I want you one way or another. We could've went out like a normal couple. But you just didn't want that, so if I can't have you as my girlfriend, then I will have your body."

Callie was scared. She thought fast. Keep him talking. "Why me? I should think you'd want a more pretty girl."

She could now see the outline of him as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. "Because I like a challenge and believe it or not, I actually did like you."


"Well, I still do, but you didn't want the nice way, so here's the choice you chose."

He climbed onto the bed and pinned her down with his body weight. She squirmed underneath him.

"Don't bother," he said sort of lazily,"I am much stronger than you. Oh, and go ahead and scream all you like. We're way out in the country. No one will hear you."

Oh God, she thought, what am I gonna do?

"Just lay back and enjoy this," he said as he pressed his lips on hers. His lips were so soft and full. She found herself kissing him back, until she realized what she was doing and lay ridged under him.

After trying to part her lips with his tongue and failing several times, he sighed and got up. She hoped he was giving up. But next thing she knew she felt a cold barrel of a gun pressed against against the side of her head and he pressed her back down in the bed again. "I tried being nice, but you just don't want it. So now either you cooperate or I'll kill what's it gonna be?"

"Al..alright..I'll cooperate...," she whispered really softly. She was so scared.

"Good," he said as he set the gun on the floor but where he could reach it.

He started kissing her again and this time she allowed his tongue in her mouth and she tried her best to be good at it. She must have been doing a pretty good job cause he didn't stop. She felt his hand slide under her shirt. He cupped her left breast through her bra. He slid her shirt off and her bra soon followed. He looked down at her. "Wow, your breats are huge. That's the good thing about girls that aren't completely skinny. What's your bra size?"

"42 D," she mumbled.

He didn't reply, but slid down and licked her left nipple. He started sucking on it and played with her right breast with his hand. She started to enjoy it. She still resisted a bit though. No way was he getting full satisfaction out of this. He kneeled and slipped his shirt off. His chest was rock hard she could tell. He started french kissing her again, only more rough. He pressed his groin into her and she could feel his arousement. He started to grind down on her through their pants. She felt the button and zipper go on her jeans. He slid them off and next went her panties. he played with her clit. Rubbing it, teasing her. He slid a finger into her and then added another. Soon her body was responding and she no longer wanted to resist. Her legs gave way and opened up to him. He grinned, he knew he was getting to her. She found herself unbuttoning and unzippering his jeans. He slid them and his boxers off in one motion. He traced her clit with the head of his cock. She was so horny that she was practically begging for him to fuck her.

Her hips were lifting, trying to get him inside her.

"No, not yet. He sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come over here and kneel down" She kneeled between his legs. "Suck it." He guided her mouth to his eight inch cock. The minute his cock entered her mouth he could've came. He held the back fo her head and fucked her mouth. She was almost gagging. Right when he was about to cum, he stopped. "Alright baby," he said "lay back down on the bed."

She did as he said. he placed the tip at her entrance and asked,"What do you want Callie?"

"I want you to fuck me," she said with no shame.

"I assume you're a virgin?"

She sighed,"Yeah..."

He pushed slowly inside her until he broke through. Once the pain was over, he pulled back out and plunged back in. He fucked her faster and faster and she met his every thrust. He watched her breasts bouncing as they fucked. He angled so he was rubbing her clit with every stroke. "Faster," she pleaded.

"Aren't you the little slut..."

She loved the feel of his big cock sliding in and out of her cunt. She wished she'd have known this felt so good, she'd have started sooner.

She felt an orgasm building.

When she started, , her walls closed around his cock and he came, pouring his cum deep into her. When it was over, he collapsed on top of her. He rested his head on her breasts. He felt himself still in her, now soft. But just thinking of her tight cunt, made him hard again, and she was only too happy to oblige him again and again.

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