This is a true story of events from my childhood.  These memories were repressed for years and have only come back to the surface in the last 5 years.  I am seeing a counselor to work on many of the issues that these events have caused in my life.  I am a 39 year male old engineer.  As you read this I apologize in advanced for my bad spelling and grammar.   This is not the kind of thing you can have your sectary proofread and am much more comfortable working with numbers than words.  As you read if the story feels choppy it is because in many instances my memories are sporadic and many things are still vague.  Then again some things are razor sharp.

I lived in a fairly large southern city in an upscale housing development.  It was 1978 and a great neighborhood where we had family cook outs and everyone knew each other.  There were only a few kids in the neighborhood and none my age.  All were older.   Our neighbors had 3 kids the youngest a girl was 16, a son 17 and the oldest girl 18.  My parents didn’t go out much but when they did they got Kelly the youngest of the neighbor’s kids to watch me. 

At that age I was hard all the time.  I remember playing with myself a lot during that time.  I had not actually cum I just knew it felt good.  I am not sure exactly how it started but I remember Kelly sitting on the couch watching TV and I was laying on the floor on my stomach facing away from her watching the TV also.   I felt her foot between my legs pushing against my crotch just above my balls.  I froze not sure what to do.  This went on for some time.  She would push me forward, my cock would rub on the inside of my pajamas, and then I would rock back.  When we heard the front door I jumped up and ran upstairs with my hard on.  I could not get what had happened off my mind and thought about it all the time.  It took a long time before I could go over to the neighbor’s house.  I am not sure the time frame here but it is in my mind as a long time.  Kelly’s mom was on the back porch and she told me to go in that Kelly was in her room.  It was summer and I was just wearing shorts.  I know I had a hard on when I went over.   I tried to hide it but I am sure the mother saw.  Well I went in to see Kelly but she was on the phone and pushed me out or her room and closed her door.  I was crushed I thought she would play with me more.   She never came over and I didn’t see her outside.  The next time she came over to babysit I was bouncing off the walls.  I had no idea what would happen.  I tried all night to move closer to her sitting in her lap or putting my head there watching TV.   The whole night nothing happened.  When my parents got home I went to bed and a few minutes later she opened my door.  I of course was playing with myself.   She walked over and pushed her hand under the sheet and grabbed my cock.  She stroked me and in like 2 seconds I had my first orgasm.   She walked over picked her bag off the dresser and walked out.  I laid there with cum on my stomach and the sheet.  My mom stuck her head in the check on me.  I rolled over quickly to hide the cum.  The rest of the night I couldn’t sleep trying to remember everything Kelly had done.   I tried the next night to cum again but couldn’t get it work.   I kept trying to catch Kelly outside, I so wanted to see her.  I finally saw her out on the back porch.  I went over and talked to her.  She was home alone and out brushing their dog a malamute named shanook (sorry don’t know the spelling).  After we talked for a while we went in to get a drink.  I was of course hard.  We went in the kitchen.  While she was washing her hands she just blurted out “take off your shorts and sit on the table” I can clearly remember her voice as she said it and yes it still gets me hard.  I pulled my shorts and underwear off as quick as I could and climbed up on the table.  I sat there in just a t-shirt watching her as she dried her hands and got a drink of something out of the fridge.   She leaned against the counter and watched me as she drank her glass.  “spread your legs” she kept staring at me “lay back” I lay there looking at the ceiling.  I know I jumped when she touched me.  She started jerking me off and I came in no time.  After which she walked away.  I finally got up and wiped the cum off, dressed, and left. 

This kind of thing went on for some time.  I am not sure in my mind how long but eventually we were doing this I think about every day.  I know a few times I got to lick her pussy and we kissed some but for the most part it was her jerking me off.  The next big change was one day we were in her parents garage her mom was home (her dad traveled a lot so was not home much and her brother and sister were out most of the time)  The best I can piece together this all took place during the summer of 1978.  We often played in the garage.  We would hide behind the car and she would jerk me off.   This time as she stroked me she started to push her finger in my ass.  I pulled away from her.  She just stood up and started to walk off.  As you can guess I begged her not to go.  Finally she came back.  She made me get on my knees and as she started stroking me she pushed her finger into me.  I tried to move away and she pushed me against the car tire.  I started to cry because it hurt.  She leaned over me and said that her mother could hear.   About that time I came all over the floor.  Kelly stood up and walked out.  I could hear her talking to her mom as I got dressed.  I couldn’t tell what they were saying but I ran out of the house and hid in the woods.  It had really hurt and I didn’t know what to do.  My ass felt really hot and I felt like I had to pee even though I didn’t.  After some time the feeling started to lessen.  I finally went home and hid in the bathroom for some time.  I remembered when I went to the bath room I was bleeding some.  I thought about not ever going back but at some point I did. 

She got me use to having my ass penetrated.  It was hard to separate the pain from the pleasure of her jerking me off.  She eventually used other things on me than her finger.  The one I remember the most was the top of this amber bottle that sat in the living room.  It was longer and a lot thicker and hurt going in and coming out but was not as bad when it was in.  When it was in it just felt like pressure and the pressure felt like it was going out my dick so I stayed hard.  The one thing about being penetrated was that she could force me to cum more than once.  At first that really hurt as well it was like a sharp pain just behind my balls but I got where I liked it.  After every session I felt really bad I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this and it hurt but then I would get horney again and go back over.  I knew if my parents found out they would be so mad and disappointed in me. 

That Thanksgiving I was off school and tried to stay over at Kelly’s as much as I could.  One day her mom fixed us both a plate of leftover turkey and we sat in the kitchen eating and giving some to the dog.  Her mom said she had to run to the store and she left us there.  In no time I was nude on the floor.  Kelly went over to the warm turkey and dipped her hand in the grease in the bottom of the pan.  She started rubbing my cock with it and it really felt great.  She pushed her finger into me and really had me close to cumming when the dog walked over and started licking my cock.  I tried to push him away but Kelly turned so she was sitting on my chest.  She looked over her shoulder at me “he won’t hurt you” She turned back and kept stroking me and holding me so the dog could lick better.  It did feel really good, not as good as her mouth but very hot and kind of rough in a good way.  As I cam he licked it all up and she started pushing him back.  I went to wash off before her mom got back.  From then on the dog was always around when we played.  She started using mustard (don’t know why mustard but he seemed to like the taste) to rub my cock and finger me.  (in case you are wondering mustard is not a good lube) She would finger my ass till I got really close then she would let him lick my ass.  It felt good with his tong it would go in me some but them he would try to use his front teeth to kind of dig in.  He would get a nip or 2 then she would pull him back.  She would then stroke me more till I was about to cum and she would let him lick more. We would keep doing that till she or he went too far and I would cum. 

After Christmas that year I was going crazy, my family had gone to my grandparents for like 2 weeks.  When we came back Kelly’s family was gone so when they got back on the 31st I was out of my mind horney.  My parents had a big New Year ’s Eve party and I was staying at Kelly’s house.  I was so worked up.  Her dad was gone and her brother and sister were at parties.  So I thought we would have the house to just ourselves.   I was so disappointed when I went over there were all of these people there.  Her mom was having a party.  We stayed in Kelly’s room most of the night.  At one point we went out and talked to the adults.  Everyone was friendly and asked me all kinds of questions.   I just wanted to get back in the room.  To this point Kelly had been playing with me but I had not cum so I know I had a hard on walking around under my pajamas.  Finally we got back in the room and Kelly started playing with me with my pajamas still on.   Her mom knocked at the door and I jumped like a foot.  She came in with Shanook and asked if Kelly would keep him while everyone was here.   So after her mom closed the door we started playing like we always did with Shanook.  At one point I asked why he always tried to bite me.  She explained he want to mount me and was mad because she would let him.  She said it really hurt him not to cum.  I had seen his cock and it wasn’t that big or so I thought.  I told her it was ok if it was what he needed.  I got on my knees on the floor with my head on a pillow and she fingered me working 3 fingers in me.  Once she got me to where it felt good she led him over.  He got over me with his paws on the floor.  I was small enough that on my hands and knees I fit under him.  He started trusting against my butt and legs.  His cock was really sharp and it hurt hitting me I was about to chicken out when he found his mark and went all the way in.  I flattened to my stomach trying to get away and screamed.  I tried to crawl away but he just laid down on me and started humping me.  I cannot explain how bad it hurt I couldn’t catch my breath enough to scream again or to do much.  I think he finished quickly because he got off me and went to the door.  Kelly let him out and came back over to me.  I was curled in a ball crying.  She put her finger in me and I tried to push her away.  She got me on my back and started sucking my cock I had not cum during this and my body wanted it even if I didn’t.  After I came she got me on the bed and hugged me till I fell asleep.   When I woke up I was in the bed alone and nude.  The door was open and I pulled the covers over me as quickly as I could.  I found my pants and pulled them on under the covers.  I got out of bed and dressed the rest of the way.  As I walked through the house there were several people sleeping in the den and Kelly’s mom was in the kitchen fixing something.  I told her I had to go home and went out the door.  My stomach hurt for a few days and it hurt to go to the bathroom but eventually I got over it and went back.  ( I have a lot of guilt because I kept going back)

By summer we were playing all the time.  When her dad was gone we went to her house when he was home we would go in the woods.  I got better about taking the dog but it still hurt and most of the time that’s all she would do.  I always asked to not involve the dog and she would agree but after she got me worked up she would talk me into it.  Sometimes we would play like I was her puppy and she would bring a leash and collar.  She would walk me around in the woods and stuff like that.  At one point we met in the woods she had 2 of her friends with her.  She told me to strip in front of them and had me bend over a log.  She played with me including fingering me while they talked and laughed about it.  I never did know who the 2 friends were but it was a huge turn on for me.  Kelly often told me she would do it again and make me take the dog while they watched.  She never did but it always made me cum.   I remember playing puppy for adults that her mom had over.   It was nothing exactly sexual but I am sure looking back it was sexual for them.

One of our regular things was playing in the garage.  Shahook had a big wire cage next to the door that led into the house.  If no one was home she would have me stand on the wire till I could lean over the top.  She would place my dick trough the gap between the top and the side of the cage so that my weight pushing down on the top trapped me there.  She would stand behind me and finger me while Shanook licked and bit me.  He didn’t often bite hard enough to draw blood but it was hard enough to hurt.  After she had me opened up she would let him out.  He would jump up and mount me. She would hold him still by pushing on his butt till she could jerk me off.  As soon as I came she would let him go so he could fuck me.  She would stand back and laugh at me while he finished.  Her holding his butt against me before she let him fuck me meant he would tie with me.  When he came I had to scramble off the cage and after him because we were tied.  He was much stronger and bigger.  That part always really hurt.  We got to where we would do this with her mom home which at the time always scared me.  I remember going over once and there were people, adults standing around in the garage.  One guy was drinking a short fat glass of probably bourbon he talked to me for a little then looked at this other man and said “I guess we should leave these kids alone.” Everyone laughed at that and they all went into the house.  Kelly started to play with me but I didn’t want to I was afraid of getting caught.  She promised no one would come out here.   She always kept the leash and collar that I wore hanging above the cage.  I know the collar would not have fitted the dog so I wonder what other thought it was for.

I have no proof but thinking back on it as an adult I am sure the adults were watching or at least knew what was going on.  Latter in the story they get involved.

Kelly got to where if we were in her room she would get the dog tied to me then say something about being right back.  She would then jump up and run out of the room leaving the door open.  As soon as Shanook would cum she would run back in closing the door.  I remember one time I was on the floor beside the bed.  It was the side away from the door with Shanook tied with me.  I was laying flat and he had his hips down fucking me.  Kelly had just run out of the room and her mom walked in carrying a basket of clothes.  She went to the dresser that was on the wall at the end of the bed.  She put the basket on the top and stood for a few seconds then walked out.   I tried to crawl under the bed during all of this.  At the time I was scared to death.  I was afraid that the mom would say something and I would get in trouble.  It is not the most comfortable to be tied and scared that someone was going to come in.  I tried to get untied but it hurt too much and that just made it worse.  Kelly finally sat on me and held me till he could pull out.  She held me till I calmed down.   


There is lots more if people want. or feel free to email me.

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