My father dropped my off with some clothes to change into for the next morning. When I got there I was greeted by Art who showed me their room, all of them shared the same room they had a bed and a bunk bed and a small bath room on the side. They all seemed pretty nice we stayed up late and played Nintendo and watched movies. Around the early hours of the morning they started watching a movie that had naked people in it and they were doing the stuff my dad did with my step mom. There were blow jobs and anal sex and tons of other things. Art and Jordy started to get horny I guess and begun playing with each other Jordy took off all his clothes and started playing with his dick and Art began fisting his and moaning. they asked me why had I not taken off my pats yet and I told them because I don’t want to! Art kept on moaning and talking to me telling me how good it felt and I should try it, after a while by just watching him I got horny and finally took off my pants and played with my penis. By then Reid already has his out too! Jordy stood up and started shaking his dick around and laughing and art had stopped pumping his huge sex organ!

Art whispered into Jordy's ear and then Jordy stopped jumping about and came over to me. He asked if I ever had a dick in my mouth! I was surprised by the question and jumped back only to find art behind me holding me down on my knees!!! Jordy then walked up to me with his eight inch erection and stuck his head on my lips and asked me to lick it. Come on just once man! Come on man real quick!!! Lick it man! Il do it to you if do it to me! Come on! Finally I did! I slid my tongue between my lips and tasted the precum on his prick!! He moaned softly and said TAKE THIS BITCH! And rammed his eight inches down my throat!!!!! Art held me still while Jordy pulled out only to stuff it back down my swore throat! He continued pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and soon I begun to like it!!! I started to flick my tongue over the head of his penis before he would force my head down on him again!!! He fucked my face for a good thirty minutes! He finally let out a low long moan and I could feel the hot white jizz run down my throat!

He couldn’t stop cuming he kept cumming and kept cumming I thought I would drown in his warm nectar! He continued to fuck my face but this time only deeper!!!! I gagged every time he shoved it in! It went down so far that it started to hurt!!!! He Moaned again and Pulled back and filled my mouth!!! This time I got to taste it!!!! But he pulled out more and shot the rest of his load on my face!!! He slapped me with his dick and said “If your good I'll suck you off in the morning” My dick sucking night only just begun! Art had his way with me and filled me with his jizz and Reid did the same all night long!!! After Reid has let his load go in my throat art said its time for some ass!!! Reid started sucking off Jordy and art begun fisting his prick while putting some kind of jelly on my butt hole….. to be continued!!!

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