Mom and dad both worked days, Uncle Charlie worked nights, so mom and dad rarely even saw him. I was at home alone with Uncle Charlie most days that summer. A shy introverted teen, with very few friends, and I didn't get out to see them very often. I was terribly self conscious about having developed so young, and appreciated the break from taunts at school about the size of my breasts. I hung out in my room most days writing poetry or sketching pictures of whatever caught my interest that day. I came out occasionally to take a dip in the pool and maybe sneak a glimpse of Uncle Charlie as he lay sleeping on the couch in the den.

It was on one of these days that Uncle Charlie first noticed that I had an unusual interest in him. He awoke to find me adjusting his blanket that he had thrown off in his sleep. I was wearing only my little bikini because I was headed to the pool for a dip. He awoke just as I was bent over right in front of him, my large breasts almost falling out of my tiny top, I picked up the blanket to place it over his sleeping form. From his perspective, he had a view that he would later call "the gates to heaven."

I turned to tuck the blanket over him, when I saw those sleepy blue eyes gazing up at me. Startled, I jumped back a bit, just enough to draw his attention to my perfectly formed breasts as they jiggled from the sudden movement. I held my breath, unsure of how he would take my concern for his comfort.

Slowly as if in a dream state, he reached up and pulled me down to him. To avoid falling over, I had to drop to my knees to receive his hug. He hugged me, and whispered a raspy "Thank you Baby." in my ear, and kissed me on the cheek. Almost immediately he started to doze off again, and as I tried to stand, he pulled me back down to him. I knew he was asleep, so I was not alarmed when I felt his hands traveling over my hip. Before I knew what was happening, he hooked his thumb into my bikini bottom and pulled down, exposing my pubic area should he open his eyes to see. I was horrified, what would he think if he saw that I shave all the hair off of myself to look more like the other girls in school!

"Uncle Charlie, stop. Wake up, Uncle Charlie!" I pleaded as he held me in his grip. His only response was a lusty moan as his other hand traveled to the inside of my thigh. I felt panicked, and somehow aroused at the same time. I wasted no time jumping up this time with such force that I pulled him off of the couch. He landed with a loud thud, on the floor.

He looked up at me, with surprise and shock. "Angie, what are you doing?" he demanded.

I pulled my bottoms back into their proper position and tried to answer him, "Uh, I came in, and you, I mean, I tried to cover you with your blanket, and you hugged me and wouldn't let me go."

I could tell by the way he looked at me, he didn't believe me. "Well, why the hell, did you have your pants down?" He said slowly in an angry tone, as he picked himself up off the floor.

"I didn't! You pulled them down when I was hugging you." I said, barely believing myself, I knew he would think I was up to something.

"Uh- huh, well, tell me then, little girl, why would you hug me in my sleep, wearing almost no clothing on your body?" he asked in an almost teasing tone.

"Uncle Charlie, honest, I was trying to cover you up and make you more comfortable." My embarrassment was obvious, my face was flushed, and Uncle Charlie was having some fun at my expense.

"Okay, Ange, I understand. But, honey-" he said, patting the couch, motioning me to sit beside him, "You have to understand that when you wake a man- sometimes, his body wakes up before his brain." He paused, turning to look me in the eyes, "I'm sorry, sweetie. Will you forgive your old Uncle Charlie?"

"Oh, of course I will, and I'm sorry for waking you." I said with a smile. I turned and threw my arms around his neck, gave him a kiss on the cheek and all was forgiven. "Hey, Uncle Charlie?"

"Yes, Ange?" he asked as he laid back on the couch to get comfortable.

"Can I . . . ?"

"Come on Ange, spit it out, I gotta get some sleep. What do you want to ask?" he asked in his most patient tone.

"Well, I was just wondering, if maybe, we could go do something together sometime." The second it came out of my mouth, I regretted asking. I sounded so silly, but, for some reason I really wanted to spend some time alone with him.

"Why sure, what do you want to do?" he asked.

"Could we, I mean, would you give me a ride in your police car some night?" I don't know what made me ask, I'd never really thought about it before.

"Honey, I don't know, why don't you ask your daddy if you can ride with him? If something ever happened to you, . . . " he trailed off.

"But, I don't want to ride with daddy, I can ride with him any time. Just one night, please? It doesn't have to be when you are on duty or anything." I tilted my head to the side, pursed my lips into the cutest pout I could muster, batted my eye lids over my emerald green eyes and I knew he'd have to give in.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do." He finally agreed.

I watched as his eyes traveled over my body once more, lingering on my bikini bottoms before he rolled over to go back to sleep. It was then that I knew Uncle Charlie didn't look at me like I was a little girl anymore. His gaze was filled with lust and desire, and I thought I saw something protruding from the blanket around his crotch area. Watching him look at me in that way reminded me of the way daddy has been looking at me since I started to grow breasts last year. It also awakened a desire deep inside me, a burning need that was growing stronger everyday.

Out in the pool, the pump was on, filtering the bits of debris that floated on top of the water. The jets were pumping the clean water back into the pool and it didn't take long for me to discover that they were at just the right height for me to use them to bring myself to a fabulous orgasm. I had the pool all to myself every day, and I discovered new positions that I could stand or float in so the that water would pump out directly on my little clitty, bringing orgasm after orgasm in the back yard. This became my daily ritual that summer, and the summers to follow.

It was a about a week later when Uncle Charlie knocked on my bedroom door. I didn't know it at the time, but he had spent the entire week planning our little outing. I found out later that Uncle Charlie's thought were consumed with fantasies of getting his cock inside my virgin pussy. He even told me how he would listen through the bedroom door when I masturbated in my room. He also told me how he watched as I brought myself to orgasm in the pool. He watched from the bathroom window and stroked his cock, planning a way to get inside my tight little hole. However, at the time all I knew was that I had spent my whole week dreaming about how it felt when Uncle Charlie touched me, and the look in his eyes when he saw my naked little mound.

"Ready to go for that ride?" he asked when I opened the door. I noticed that little twinkle in his eyes. "Your dad's already hit the sack and your mom is over at your grandma's for the night. I have the night off, so if you don't have plans, I say we hit the road kiddo!"

I was so excited that I didn't bother to change clothes, I just grabbed my purse and followed him to the car. I loved riding in the police car, it made me feel powerful in some way. When I asked where we were going, he wouldn't tell me. All he would say was that I would be pleasantly surprised. We drove through town, and once we were outside the city limits, Uncle Charlie pulled out a blindfold that he had tucked away in his visor and handed it to me.

"Wanna play a little game with your ole' Uncle Charlie?" He asked with a wink. "Here, put this on. I want to surprise you when we get there." Seeing my hesitation, he added, "Trust me, Hon."

My first reaction was to refuse, but knowing that it would please my Uncle Charlie, I placed the blindfold on my head and brought it down over my eyes. It was a bit disorienting and frightening at first, but Uncle Charlie put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to worry, we'd be there any moment. His hand lingered, gently caressing my shoulder and the back of my neck. The warmth of his hand on my neck was electrifying, I felt myself becoming aroused. It wasn't long before Uncle Charlie noticed my reaction because my nipples were erect.

"Angie, you aren't wearing a bra, are you?" He half questioned, half stated.

"No, I didn't have time to put one on when you came to get me." I tried to cover myself with my arms.

"Don't cover yourself Ange. Be proud of your body." He said pushing my arms away.

I dropped my arms back to my sides, but, I had this feeling that he was watching me. Before I knew it, the car came to a stop. Uncle Charlie got out and opened my door, leading me by the arm he guided me up a flight of stairs to our surprise destination. I heard him fumble with some keys to open a door, I was led into the room and he sat me down on a soft couch. The place had a familiar smell, and feel about it and I thought I heard someone moving around. I begged him to let me remove the blindfold. He insisted that I leave the blindfold on for a little while longer. I heard the door close and the lock latch, then I heard footsteps coming toward me.

"Uncle Charlie? Is there someone else here? So what's the big surprise anyway?" I asked all at once.

Feeling a bit uneasy, I tried to peak out from under the blindfold, but my arms were quickly caught in the tight grip of Uncle Charlie's big hands. "Not yet Baby, I need just another minute, okay?" he asked as he pulled my arms up and over my head.

I felt straps wrapped around my wrists while he held them over my head. "Follow me." He said as he helped me off of the couch to a standing position and walked me across the room. He stopped, and I felt him tug my arms up a little higher as he hooked the straps onto something.

I was standing there, in the room that I hadn't yet seen, with my arms tied over my head and blind folded. I felt panic set in, I was beginning to become frightened. I knew Uncle Charlie wouldn't hurt me, or at least that's what I thought.

"Now Ange, I'm going to keep the blindfold on for a little while longer. I am going to ask you a few questions, and-" he paused, "I expect you to be honest with me. Do you understand?" Uncle Charlie's tone was stern, and I felt uncomfortable, almost frightened.

"Um, yes, okay, but Uncle Charlie-?" I muttered.

He cut me off saying "Not now Angie! You can ask your questions later. Right now, it's my turn to ask questions." He paused waiting for me to acquiesce, when he saw my head drop, he knew I was ready and the questions began. "The first thing I want to know is, do you masturbate?"

"Uncle Charlie!" I was shocked, "How could you ask- Owww!" I yelped in pain, I didn't finish my sentence before I felt a hard smack across my bottom.

"Now, answer me!" he demanded.

"Yes, yes, I masturbate!" I screamed at him.

The questions he asked me became more and more personal as I was forced to tell him how I masturbate, "I rub myself in a circular motion, and fantasize about someone touching me or having sex with me." I explained. Having never had sex, I didn't know exactly what it would feel like, but I imagined I would like it.

"Have you ever put your fingers inside or do you just rub on the outside of your pussy?" He questioned.

"Uncle Charlie! Plea- Oowww!" I howled, before I could finish my plea. He gave me another hard smack across my bottom. "Okay, okay, please don't spank me." I gave in, "I sometimes will use my fingers and sometimes I put things inside me to imagine what it feels like to have a man, um, inside me."

"Do you like the way it feels when you put things inside your pussy?" He asked.

"Yes, yes, I like the way it feels." I answered him quickly hoping to avoid another spank.

"What do you put inside your pussy, other than your fingers?" He demanded.

"I, um, sometimes use the handle on my hair brush." I murmured, so embarrassed that I had to admit the truth out loud.

"Do you fuck it in and out slowly or do you like it hard and fast?" He asked in a stern tone.

"I do it slow at first, but, then I go faster sometimes." I admitted.

"Who do you think about when you're rubbing your little clitty and fingering your pussy? Remember, you have to be honest unless you want another smack." He warned. "And, this time I will take your pants down to spank you!"

"I, um, sometimes I fantasize about boys in school, sometimes I fantasize about men, and even about women or girls sometimes." I was humiliated, I knew I had to tell the truth, I didn't want to get hit again. As I answered the last question, he unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall open. I felt the cool air on my breasts, and my nipples reacted to the soft touch of his hand on my waist by standing at attention. I felt his moving up toward my breasts, and moisture building between my legs. He cupped my breasts in his hands and the warmth of his touch made me squirm. His fingers closed in around my nipples, pinching them, he asked the most embarrassing question of all.

"Do you ever fantasize about Uncle Charlie or your daddy touching you?" he asked as he squeezed, pinching my nipples hard and rolling them between his fingers.

"Yes, yes I do." I was so aroused by his touch, I pushed my breasts against his hands. He lifted my breasts one at a time to suckle and then gently but firmly bite my nipples. "Oh, gosh, Uncle Charlie!" I moaned excitedly.

"You are a nasty little girl aren't you?" he whispered in my ear, dropping my breasts to turn his attention to my shorts.

"Yes" I replied breathlessly. I felt his hands unbutton my shorts. He slowly pulled my shorts off and made me step out of them. I was standing there in just my panties, breasts exposed, when I heard and audible sigh from another part of the room. Panicked I asked "Who's here? There's someone else here Uncle Charlie!"

"Ah, yes there is, but not to worry, you will enjoy his company as much as he is enjoying you right now." He teased.

I made another attempt at begging him to release me or at least remove the blindfold. My only response was a warm hand slipping into my panties to caress my now swollen clit. The hand slid down my mound, into the warm moist folds. I heard a man moan, and I knew it wasn't Uncle Charlie but I was too aroused to even care. I wiggled and squirmed around until I was rubbing my clit against the mans arm as he gently slid a finger into my tight wet hole. He let out another audible moan and said "This is the tightest thing I ever felt! I'll be damned Charlie, I thought you were shittin' me, she really has no hair at all down there! Mmmmmm, bet it tastes yummy too"

That's when I knew, "Daddy? Is that you?" I didn't really need to ask, I already knew. "Oh, Daddy, yes, that feels so good." I moaned as his finger moved in and out of my tight hole.

He slid his fingers deeper, and sounded almost pleased when he announced "Her hymen's already gone! Let's get going, she's dripping down here." Dad told Uncle Charlie.

"Mike take her down and put her back on the couch" I heard Uncle Charlie talking to my Dad, but, I didn't really care what they were saying as long as I had that warm wonderful hand fingering my pussy.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that I was daddy's slut. I wanted him, and Uncle Charlie to fuck me. Daddy removed my blind fold and Uncle Charlie unhooked my arms. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I couldn't believe where we were. "Uncle Charlie! You said you were taking me someplace special! This is daddy's den!" We were back at home and Uncle Charlie had hooked my hands onto the ceiling fan! I was disappointed that we weren't some place special.

"This is a special place sweetie, this is where your daddy and your Uncle Charlie are going to teach their special girl how to be a woman. You want us to teach you don't you?" Uncle Charlie asked, not waiting for a reply to a question he knew he didn't need to ask. He walked me over to the couch, keeping my hands tied together, he removed my panties and positioned me with my knees on the cushions. He bent me forward against the back of the couch so that my behind was fully exposed and my arms were hanging over the back.

"Now Angie, you stay like this, and Uncle Charlie and your daddy will make you feel good." He waited for me to nod my head before he turned his attention to his hard cock struggling to get out of the confines of his tight jeans.

Daddy had taken the opportunity to remove his cock from his pants and was stroking it while he watched Uncle Charlie move me into position. Uncle Charlie spread my knees apart and made me arch my back until my behind was sticking up in the air. Daddy came around the back side of the couch, cock in hand, he stroked it against my cheek before he placed it next to my lips.

"Kiss it for daddy Baby, make it feel good for your daddy." He said in a husky but stern tone.

I did as I was told, I kissed my daddy's cock. It tasted salty on my lips, and I was unsure about how to do it. I kissed the top and the sides, but I could tell I wasn't pleasing him. When I told him that I didn't know how to do it, he had Uncle Charlie play a tape that was already in the VCR. Daddy told me to watch and learn while Uncle Charlie found a place on the tape that showed a woman giving two men blow jobs at one time. I quickly discovered how to open up and suck on my daddy's cock to make him feel good.

"Ah, you are learning already, yes, that's it Baby, suck your Daddy's cock." My head was bobbing up and down on his cock sucking, and licking it like the lady in the movie.

Uncle Charlie walked back over to the couch and slid his hand down between my legs, his fingers heading straight to my little clit. He rubbed it the way that I described to him earlier. I felt his finger press into my wet hole, it slipped in easily. He slid it in and out, taking care to go slowly, until he felt my juices flowing freely. My hips started moving with his hand, and my muffled moans could be heard along with Daddy's loud moans. Before either one of us could have an orgasm, daddy pulled his cock from my mouth and switched places with Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie pulled his cock from his pants and told me to suck him like I did for daddy. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to receive his cock when I felt the most exquisite of all sensations. Daddy had his tongue on my pussy. He was sucking on my pussy lips and it was sensational! Enraptured with the new sensations, I forgot all about Uncle Charlie's cock and just rubbed myself up and down Daddy's face, until, I felt a sharp smack.

"Owww!" I yelped, jerking my body in response to the pain.

Uncle Charlie had given me a hard spank to my bottom again, only this time I didn't have shorts on to protect my sensitive skin from the sharp blow.

"Suck my cock, or you'll get another one. Do it good like you did for your dad." Uncle Charlie ordered, sounding almost angry with me.

I opened my mouth, and Uncle Charlie pushed his cock deep into my throat. He was a lot bigger than my daddy but I still managed to get it almost all the way in and do a good job of sucking him.

"Yeah, that's my nasty little slut, suck that cock for your Uncle Charlie." He moaned as he bucked his hips back and forth at my face. He was more fucking my mouth than receiving a blow job. "I knew you were a nasty little slut." He said. "Only a nasty slut would show me her bald little snatch while I slept." He groaned. "Yeah, you want your Uncle Charlie's cock, I know you do." He said as he fucked my face. Before turning to address my dad.

"I'm tellin' ya Mike it was like getting a peak at the gates of heaven when I woke up that day!" Uncle Charlie was talking to my daddy and moving his cock in and out of my mouth faster, I started to gag as he shoved it down my throat. He pulled his cock back a little, and with a loud "Ah, yes, fuck!" he shot streams of cum on my face and in my mouth. "I've been wanting to do that since I started watching you do your self in the pool every day!" He said as he milked the last of his cum into my open waiting mouth.

All the while daddy was still licking and sucking my pussy, coming up for air a couple times to tell me how good I tasted. I could feel him slide another finger inside me, stretching my tight little hole wide open. Uncle Charlie handed me a towel to clean up my face while daddy sucked on my clitty and fucked my cunt with his fingers. I remember wondering how Uncle Charlie saw me masturbating, I always made sure he was asleep. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt the additional finger slide into my cunt.

"You taste so good Ange! I love your little pussy!" He said excitedly, before asking, "How's your pussy feel, are you going to cum for daddy? Do you like it when daddy fingers your tight little cunt?"

"Daddy it feels so good, oh, sooo good!" I muttered excitedly as I struggled to wipe my face with my hands still tied together.

Uncle Charlie regained composure, and moved behind me to help daddy finger me. I turned to watch him as I felt him slide one of his fingers inside my tight hole beside the two daddy already had in me.

"Ohhh, — ughh" is all I could manage to stutter. I felt so stretched, they were ripping me apart.

Uncle Charlie pressed a finger against my tiny little puckered anus, and slowly pushed it into me. The additional finger in my pussy along with the one in my bottom, stretching me so wide drove me wild with passion. I couldn't help but to buck my hips in effort to feel more.

"Damn, she is a wild one, isn't she Mike?" I heard Uncle Charlie talking to daddy about me. "Ever feel anything this tight? Her asshole just sucked my finger right in! I can feel it spasming, I think she's gonna cum Mike!" he exclaimed.

Daddy came up for air just long enough to say "Yeah, she's daddy's little fuck slut, aren't you Baby?" then he returned to sucking on my now engorged clit.

"Yes, daddy, oh, yes, I am your little fuck slut, fuck me daddy, please fuck me!" I panted breathlessly as the two of them fucked their fingers in and out of me. "Oh, gosh, oh, I'm gonna cum daddy, yes, you're making me cum! Oh, daddy, Uncle Charlie, yes, yes, ohhhhh!" bucking my hips wildly against their fingers and daddy's tongue. The intensity of the orgasm caused me to collapse right on daddy's face.

"How was it Ange? Do you like the way your daddy and Uncle Charlie make your little pussy feel?" Uncle Charlie asked, already knowing that I loved it.

"Yes, oh, yes, I like it a lot!" I told him.

"Okay, Ange, it's daddy's turn to cum. I gotta get my cock inside your cunt before I die!" Daddy said as he rolled out from under me.

Daddy gave me a few minutes to recuperate from my orgasm, taking time to finally untie my hands. I turned around and sat on the couch to rest, rubbing my aching wrists. Uncle Charlie sat beside me, and helped me to remove my blouse. He jokingly offered to "break me in" for daddy, but daddy said he wouldn't share me until after he got the first fuck in every hole in my body.

I smiled at daddy, and said "Thank you Daddy, I always wanted you to be my first."

Daddy's cock was still hard, he stood up in front of me and he asked me to suck him to get him wet, I wholeheartedly obliged. When his cock was wet enough he knelt down in front of me and lifted my legs, pulling me to the edge of the couch. He spread my legs out as wide as they would go saying "Yeah, that's it Sweetie, let daddy see your little pussy. Ahhh- good girl, spread them out nice and wide for me. I want to watch as I slide my cock into your sweet little pussy."

Uncle Charlie sat beside us and watched as daddy's cock met the entrance to my snug hole. "Man, Mike, that thing won't fit in there, even after stretching her, both our cocks are too big!" he exclaimed when he saw that the head of daddy's cock was bigger than my whole slit.

"Trust me, Charlie, I'll get it in there." Was daddy's response. "Now, Ange Baby, you gotta hold still so I don't hurt you too much - okay?" He told me.

"Okay, Daddy, I trust you." I said looking up to see his reassuring smile. I knew I was ready.

Daddy reached down and spread my swollen lips apart, dipped his head down and took one last wet lick before he took aim with his cock. He pushed forward ever so slowly, the head of his cock popped inside where it stopped, meeting resistance, he asked me if I was okay. After reassuring him that I was fine and ready to feel more of him inside me, he pushed forward again. He repeated this several times until he was all the way inside me. Daddy let me rest, and get used to feeling so full, when I told him I was okay, that's when the fucking began. Daddy was always gentle with me, it was Uncle Charlie that liked to spank me. It was strange though, daddy did like to watch what Uncle Charlie did to me.

At first he moved in and out slowly, moaning to no one in particular "Oh, god this thing is tight!" He picked up the tempo of the thrusts, he began grunting "Oh, fuck yes, baby, does it feel good?" another hard thrust, he grabbed my legs and held them back as far as they would go, leaving me utterly open and exposed. He asked "Do you like the way daddy's cock feels inside your tight little pussy?"

"Yes, Daddy, it feels so good!" I cried, rolling my head from side to side, finding it difficult to catch my breath in that position.

He pushed forward again, thrusting as hard as he could "Oh, yes, does your cunt like daddy's big cock?" he asked again, and again. "Tell me how much you want it baby!" He demanded holding himself deep inside me.

I could only moan and grunt my responses, each thrust left me breathless. My pussy was so full, and it was full of my daddy's big hard cock! "Yes, daddy, oh, I want it!" I managed to cry in response to his questions. "Daddy, fuck me, oh please Daddy, yes, yes your cock feels so good!" I screamed.

"Oh, Charlie, this was such a good idea!" Daddy exclaimed as he fucked in and out of me. "Her little puss is milking my cock! I've never had anything so tight! It's so hot and feels like silk!"

Uncle Charlie had a great view of the fucking. I saw that he was watching us, and it made me more aroused than I thought possible. "Watch Uncle Charlie, watch daddy's cock in my pussy!" I cried to him, shocked at my own behavior, but too aroused to stop myself.

Daddy's cock was furiously fucking in and out of my tight hole when Uncle Charlie reached down and used his finger and thumb to pull my lips apart and expose my swollen little clit. Making sure he wasn't in Daddy's way, he pinched my clitty and stroked it up and down until I was bucking frantically at Daddy's cock. "Oh, yes, God! Yessss! Fuck me daddy, fuck me!" I squealed in delight.

I felt my orgasm build, Uncle Charlie and daddy must have sensed it because daddy pulled his cock out shooting streams of cum all over my belly and titties. Just a split second after daddy came all over me, Uncle Charlie gave me a good hard spank on my swollen cunt and exposed clit, followed by two more right after the first. The spank was such a shock to my body that I came hard, bucking wildly and screaming "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, daddy, yes daddy!" Trapped between the two men, I accidentally knocked daddy off balance and he fell over with his cock still in his hand.

Daddy sat back up and laughed "My little slut can fuck so good she'll knock you over!"

I fell back against the couch, legs still spread lewdly, panting trying to catch my breath. Uncle Charlie didn't give me a break, he slid two fingers into my overworked pussy, pulling them back out again, he licked one finger, extending the other for me to lick, and asked "Ready for Uncle Charlie, Ange?"

I took the finger into my mouth and sucked all my juice off of his finger before asking "Will it hurt? I mean you're bigger than daddy and I'm afraid it will really hurt." I gave him my best pouty expression.

"Don't worry Baby, daddy will help get you ready." He said reassuringly. "I'll watch to make sure Uncle Charlie's big cock doesn't hurt daddy's secret little slut." He said with a wink. "You do know your mom can't know about this, don't you Ange.? He asked as his hand lovingly caressed my puffy little cunt.

"Yes daddy, I know." I moaned, wanting his fingers back inside me. "I promise, I won't ever tell anyone." I said bucking my bottom at his hand.

"Good girl." He said as he bent forward and gently licked the length of my cunt, his tongue felt so soothing.

I knew he was helping to prepare me for Uncle Charlie's cock. I felt his tongue push between my pussy lips, worming it's way inside me. I moved my hips with him, I looked up and saw Uncle Charlie's cock. I knew in a few minutes I would have that big thing stuffed inside my swollen little cunny, but at that moment I was enjoying the tongue fucking daddy was giving me.

Daddy got up and stepped aside, Uncle Charlie took me by the arm and told me to get on my hands and knees on the floor. I quickly moved from the couch to the floor and did what I was told. Uncle Charlie seemed impatient when he told me that he wanted my head down and my bottom way up in the air. I felt so vulnerable in that position, but, daddy reassured me by sitting on the floor next to me.

Daddy stroked his limp cock at my face and told me to suck on him. Uncle Charlie got into position behind me. I took my daddy's soft cock in my mouth, this time the whole thing fit in all the way to the bottom. I sucked it in and almost swallowed it because it was soft. I could feel Uncle Charlie's hand on my bottom gently caressing me. He slid his fingers inside my tender little cunny and stretched me open as far as he could. Taking a moment to spread my knees wide apart. He put his hand on the small of my back and gently pushed it down causing my bottom to stick up even further.

"That's it baby, stick that ass in the air for Uncle Charlie. Let me see that sweet little puss, Push it out Baby, give me all you got Ange." He moaned in his husky voice.

I did what I was told and pushed my pussy out for him sticking my bottom way up in the air. My knees were spread far apart and my head was on the floor in daddy's lap. He took aim with his big cock, guiding himself to my tight hole, he slowly pushed forward. I felt the intense pressure, and looked up at daddy. Daddy could see the fear in my eyes and told me I would be okay, I just need to relax.

I did as I was told and relaxed the walls of my pussy as much as I could. Uncle Charlie pushed in again, this time he made it about half way in thanks to the stretching that daddy gave me earlier.

I lifted my head and cried out, "Ughhh, oh gosh, Uncle Charlie, it's too big! Please No! It won't fit!"

"Yeah, baby girl, you just relax and let Uncle Charlie get it all inside." He told me in a calm tone.

He pushed in again and I almost bit daddy's cock because it hurt so much. Daddy took his cock from my mouth and stroked it beside my face. His other hand reached under me to pinch my nipples. Daddy's cock was hard again, and I was wishing it was daddy inside me instead of Uncle Charlie because daddy's cock didn't hurt so bad.

I started to wiggle to try to move away from the huge intrusion, but daddy reached up and grabbed my hips holding me still for Uncle Charlie's cock and said "Now, Honey, you have to hold still for Uncle Charlie so he doesn't hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy, I'll do the best I can, but it hurts." I told him with tears in my eyes.

"It'll be okay in a few minutes, you're little cunt needs to get used to it. Pussies are made for stretching Honey, and Uncle Charlie will make you feel good, but you have to relax." Daddy reassured me once again.

I held my breath, Uncle Charlie used his hand to keep his cock from bending as he pushed forward again. He used enough pressure to force it into me further. He squeezed the bottom making the top even bigger, but he said he had to do it that way to get it into me.

"Augghhh, daddy, oh daddy, it hurts!" I screamed as I bucked my bottom trying to get away when he rammed his hard cock all the way deep inside me with one hard thrust.

"Oh, man, Mike, I'm in! I'm all the way in her cunt!" Uncle Charlie was talking to daddy. "Damn this pussy is tight. Oh, fuck, I could cum right now!"

"Okay, Charlie now just hold still while she gets used to it. Don't hurt her little puss, I'm not done with it yet." Daddy told Uncle Charlie with a chuckle.

"All right, but I gotta tell you, it's so tight that I'm afraid I'll turn her inside out when I pull it out!" Uncle Charlie said back, both of them still laughing at the expense of my stretched cunt.
They were talking about me like I wasn't even there! I held real still, it hurt so bad and I thought he had ripped me in two. After a while the burning subsided and I could feel the walls of my pussy twitch and grip Uncle Charlie's cock.

Uncle Charlie waited until he felt my cunny relax before he started his long slow strokes in and out of my tight hole. After the pain went away, in it's place I discovered how good it felt to have a huge cock fill my tight hole. It wasn't long before I was moving my bottom with Uncle Charlie's long slow stroking. He pushed in all the way and held it there, deep inside me, before he'd slowly pull back. I stretched open enough for him to take his hand off of his cock and stroke it in and out of my hot hole without the need for additional force. He put his hands on my hips for leverage and fucked himself in and out of me.

"Oh, daddy, you were right, it feels so good, Uncle Charlie's cock fills me up and feels so good!" I moaned. Daddy was still stroking his cock and pinching my nipples.

"See baby, I told you Uncle Charlie would make your cunny feel good. Now suck on Daddy's cock again and make Daddy cum while your Uncle Charlie fucks your pussy. Okay?" He guided his cock to my mouth, I nodded and on sucked him like I did earlier.

When Uncle Charlie heard what I said to daddy he started to fuck in and out harder and faster. Ramming me hard with his big thick cock.

"You like that don't you?" He pushed it in me hard. "You're our little fuck slut aren't you?" Uncle Charlie groaned as he ground his cock into me up to the hilt.

I lifted my head from daddy's cock and said, "Yes, Uncle Charlie, I like it, Ughhh!" I cried as he rammed his meat into me again. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be so full of hard cock.

Daddy grabbed my head and pushed my face back down onto his dick. He held my head down, my lips were wrapped around the head of his cock and he stroked the length of his throbbing cock with his free hand. "That's it Baby, suck daddy's cock while Uncle Charlie fucks you. Do a good job for daddy, yes, suck it deeper." He groaned.

Uncle Charlie was fucking his cock in and out of my pussy, and I was sucking my daddy's cock, it felt like heaven. I bucked my bottom up and down as hard as I could on the hard dick. I could feel him swelling up inside me, at the same time daddy's cock was swelling in my mouth.

I felt Uncle Charlie's hands move to my bottom, he was pulling my cheeks wide apart. He pushed his finger against my tiny little anus, I jumped in response to the intrusion. He pushed harder and said "Relax Ange, you'll like it. I'm going to fuck your asshole with my finger. It will feel good, now hold still." He said sternly.

I relaxed my hole and Uncle Charlie slid his fat finger right up my bottom. I squirmed, but Uncle Charlie's big cock inside me held me in position and kept me from moving too much. It hurt at first, but he held it there for a few seconds before he started sliding it in and out of me like a little miniature cock in my bottom.

His timing was perfect, he fucked his cock into me, and pulled his finger out, then he pushed his finger in hard, pulled his cock out. He went on like that until he felt my cunt and tiny anus begin to spasm and twitch around his cock and finger.

"Yes, that's it Baby, you're gonna cum for your Uncle Charlie, cum all over my cock!" I heard him yell. "You like my finger in your asshole don't you! Come on, that's it fuck me back you little slut!" He was taunting me, but I loved it.

I fucked back at Uncle Charlie as hard as I could with daddy's cock still in my mouth. Daddy was the one who came first, he stroked his cock in my mouth, while I sucked on the tip of it, and with one long "Augghhhh! Fuck, yes baby! That's daddy's girl!" He shot his cum inside my mouth. "Swallow daddy's cum Ange, eat it all up Baby. That's daddy's good little girl, keep sucking it baby." He said with a smile on his face as I did what I was told. "Daddy's got lot's more cum for you to suck out of his cock, keep sucking it, Sweetie." He said, and he was right, it just kept coming out. I swallowed the last of it and looked up at him and licked my lips. I could tell by the look on daddy's face that he was pleased with me.

Uncle Charlie was still thrusting his cock in and out of me, his finger was still fucking my bottom when I felt him grab a handful of hair and pull my head back.

"Owww!" I yelped. "Uncle Charlie, wha . . . " my words were cut off by the force of his cock thrusting in me and the angle he held my head by my hair.

Daddy got up off the floor to sit on the couch. He left me at Uncle Charlie's mercy, which I would soon find was lacking in capacity and depth.

Uncle Charlie was really going at it, fucking me as hard as he could, holding my head back by my hair and repeatedly shoving his finger in and out of my bottom. I couldn't speak at all, I could only make guttural noises in my throat. I heard daddy talking to Uncle Charlie again as if I wasn't even there.

"That's it Charlie, fuck my Baby good and hard. Make her cum Charlie. She likes it hard, doesn't she?" Daddy was laid back on the couch watching the show, gently rubbing his cock.

"Yeah Mike, this is the best cunt I've ever fucked! Can you see how her asshole just sucks my finger in and out? He exclaimed, before adding "Ah, you're little girl was made for fucking!"

Uncle Charlie finally released my head only to push it down to the floor. "Put your arms behind your back Angie." He ordered, grabbing my wrists in one hand he held them there behind me. Holding on to my arms like that my shoulders were flat against the floor, I turned my head to look at daddy while Uncle Charlie continued to fuck his finger and his cock in and out of me. He was fucking me faster now, and letting out a loud grunt with each thrust. "Ugghh, yeah, tell me how much you like my big dick!" He ordered.

Because of the position I was held in, I had a hard time speaking "Uhhgg, I like it Ungle Charlie, I like it!" I couldn't believe how much I liked it. "Fugk, me, oh, yes, daddy watch!" I screamed.

Daddy walked over to us, kneeled down beside me and slid his hand underneath my body. He grabbed my little clitty and said, "Now watch my girl cum!" he said tugging and rolling it between his fingers.

"Ohhh, yes, daddy, yes!" I cried as the first wave of my orgasm came over me.

Uncle Charlie released my arms when he felt my cunt clamp down, tightly squeezing his cock. He thrust in hard, pulled back and gave me a hard stinging smack on my bottom. My body jerked and convulsed "Owww!" I screamed in response to the smack. Daddy squeezed my little clit really hard setting off the next wave of my orgasm.

"Cum for daddy- that's it Baby- yeah, I know you like it, my nasty little slut." Daddy whispered hotly in my ear.

Uncle Charlie gave me another sharp spank to my bottom, causing my pussy to spasm again.

"Auuuuggghhh, yes, milk my cock with your tight little puss! Yes! Milk it, milk it slut!" Uncle Charlie was cumming inside me, and I swear I could feel his cum spurting in waves against the walls of my convulsing pussy.

Daddy, still squeezing my clit, whispered in my ear, "Cum again for daddy- come on baby, cum for daddy. That's my little slut, daddy knows how much you like Uncle Charlie's big hard cock fucking your little slut cunt." He taunted. "If you cum real good for daddy, I'll teach you how to take your daddy's cock up your tiny little asshole." He coaxed.

The thought of daddy's cock in my bottom, coupled with daddy squeezing and pulling on my clit pushed me over the edge into the most convulsive and exquisite orgasm I had ever felt. Uncle Charlie pushed his finger all the way in my bottom, wriggled it around and gave one final thrust as I jerked and twitched through my orgasm. Feeling our combined juices leaking down my leg and his cock still embedded in my little hole, we collapsed to the floor. Exhausted, satiated, . . . for a while anyway.


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