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Daddy and I

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Daddy and I

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>By Jolly1

Hi my name is Casey and now I am 25 years old. I am sort of a tomboy,
and I always have been. I am an only child and my father wanted a boy,
but he ended up with me, a girl with slim hips and very little breasts.

Dad never let on that he didn’t want a girl; he was always very good to
me. As I grew up we became sort of buddies, I did everything with him.
When he worked on the car I was there to hand him wrenches. If he
worked on the house I handed him tools and helped carry anything he was
working on. Soon I think he forgot I was a girl, because we went
fishing, hiking and even target shooting together.

I worshiped my dad; in my eyes he could do no wrong. When Mom tried to
dress me up in a dress and frilly undies, dad would step in and tell
her to leave me alone. They had many a fight over me, but dad always
won out. Mom would say it was not proper for me to hang around dad all
the time; I should be out with girls my own age. Dad would tell her I
should be happy and do what I wanted.

Things suddenly changed between dad and I, he had taken me on a fishing
and camping weekend when I was 14. Everything was lovely and we caught
enough fish for dinner, so I decided to take a dip in the lake. I
entered the cold water in my shorts and tee shirt; I had never taken to
wearing a bra, because my breast were almost flat. Needless to say
being 16 years old, I did not have a lot of boys from school chasing
after me. Dad called out to me after a while and told me to come in; it
was time to head back to camp to clean the fish before dark. It was
when I got out of the water that I noticed dad staring at my almost
flat chest. The cold water had made my nipples stiff and poke out and
the water had made my shirt translucent.

Dad hardly said a word as we hiked back to camp, when we got there I
went to our tent and changed into a dry shirt. I felt funny about the
way he had looked a me, it made me feel kind of strange. When I got to
the fire, dad had already cleaned the fish and had them in a pan over
the fire. So I pulled up a camp chair and sat across the fire from dad,
who tried his best not to look at me. I though he was mad at me for
something I did and tried to talk to him, but he answered me with short
and to the point answers to every question I asked him.

I offered to clean up the dishes and dad went to our tent to change his
clothes. That is when I noticed him, staring at me from outside the
tent as I bent over and cleaned the plates and pan. He appeared to be
drinking something from a bottle, which was not like dad. Yea he drank
a beer or two, he had even shared a beer with me, but I had never seen
him drink hard liquor. He came toward me and sat at the fire, but his
eyes never left my body.

When I finished cleaning up, I went to sit by the fire also. Dad
offered me the bottle to take a drink, I took it and gulped a big
mouthful. My mouth was on fire and it burned all the way down to my
stomach. I coughed and sputtered as I handed the bottle back to him, he
just laughed and said his little girl was growing up. Dad never called
me his little girl before; he always referred to me as his buddy. I did
not know what was going on but I felt warm all over. After a while he
said it was time to turn in, so I went first to the tent to get ready
for bed. I removed my shorts but left my tee shirt on, crawled onto the
camping cot and covered up with my blanket. I called out to dad to say
I was in bed so he could get to bed.

I pretended to have my eyes closed, but I must admit I peeked as dad
removed his shirt and shorts and got into his cot with just his boxer
shorts on. I must have drifted off to sleep, because I came awake after
hearing a noise and just stayed still and kept my eyes closed. Then I
felt the blanket being lifted off of me as the cool night air touched
my body. I cracked my eyes and saw dad standing there looking at me.
After a few minutes he reached inside his boxers and pulled out his
penis. I had seen it before, because when he went to pee I had snuck a
peek. But I did not remember it being that big, and he started to
stroke it. Damn my dad was jerking off while looking at me. I shuddered
even though I was feeling warm all over. Seeing him like that made me
feel warm and funny between my legs.

Of course I knew about sex, but I never though I would turn anyone on
much less my daddy. I had to say my little virgin pussy was wet as dad
stroked his penis faster and faster. I tried not to move or make a
sound, because I was afraid he would stop, and for some reason I did
not want him to stop. As he kept doing it, my pussy was getting wetter
and wetter, my panties were soaked and I felt like my cunt was on fire.
Just when I thought I could stand it no more, something hot hit my
face, he was moaning and cumming and jerking off faster and faster. But
when his cum first hit my face I sat up, he did not even notice as his
eyes were closed and his hand kept pumping.

When he was finished he finally opened his eyes and seen me sitting
there with his cum running down my face and shirt. He just cried out he
was sorry and ran from the tent. I got up and slipped on my shorts and
wiped my face ( I have to admit I did take my finger and wipe some of
the cum with it and put it in my mouth) with my towel and walked out of
the tent to try to talk to my dad.

I found him sitting by the fire pit; the fire had been put out before
we went to bed, with his face in his hands crying. I went over to him
and put my arm around his shoulders and tried to tell him it was all
right. He just kept saying he was so sorry and it must have been the
whiskey he had been drinking that made him do it. I told him it did not
matter that I knew he would never hurt me. That I still loved him and
always would, no matter what. He slowly looked up at me and I pulled
his head to my chest and stroked his hair as he cried against my chest.

I began to feel warm again as I held him, I could smell his after shave
even though he had not shaved since we had left. I felt his beard
stubble snagging my shirt, but nothing seemed to matter, but that we
were together.

Dad finally stood up and wrapped his strong arms around me, in a hug I
had never experienced before. Sure dad had hugged me before but it was
always a quick hug and release like you would hug your best buddy when
he caught a big fish or something. This was different as he pulled me
against his body tightly and put his head on my shoulder. This was a
long hug and I did not want it to ever end. He moved his head and
looked into my eyes, he again to me he was sorry and kissed my
forehead. But he did not stop, he kissed my eyes, nose, both of my
cheeks, then he brushed his lips across my lips. I must have moaned
because then I felt his lips fasten to mine and his tongue darted into
my mouth.

My knees felt like rubber and dad was holding me up against his body. I
could feel his hardness against my belly. The kiss seemed to last
forever, and when he removed his lips from mine, I felt empty inside. I
said dad, but he cut me off saying hush little one everything will be
all right. I felt his lips on my neck and move up to nibble on my ears,
his hand were on my butt pressing me against him. I was having trouble
breathing and I must say my pussy was soaking my panties.

Dad sat down on the camp chair and pulled me onto his lap. He started
kissing me again and as he pulled me to him I noticed the hair on his
chest tickled my arms. He started moving his hands all over my body, I
felt him caress my breasts and rub my legs. His kisses were becoming
more demanding, as his hand went up under my tee shirt and rubbed my
bare breast. My nipples were rock hard and he played with them,
pinching them and pulling on them. I felt his hard penis grinding
against my ass, and he grabbed the tail of my shirt and pulled it off
of me. I know I must have been wetting his boxers as my pussy was
flowing like crazy.

I felt dad’s hairy chest rub against my hard nipples and his hands
pulling down my shorts. I lifted my butt to help him, and he tossed
them onto the other chair. His hand was between my legs now and I had
my arms around his neck trying to hang on. I felt his finger trace the
lips of my pussy lightly, then a little firmer pushing my soaked
panties into the crevice of my pussy lips. Then an animal growl came
from my dad and he grabbed my panties and ripped them from my body. I
shook in excited fear, as his fingers went where no other man’s fingers
had been.

He found my clit and I thought I would pass out from the sheer pleasure
I was receiving from my dad. He would stroke my pussy from my ass to my
clit and sometimes dip into that forbidden hole. I bucked and twisted
and never noticed his penis had escaped thru the hole in his boxers. He
bent and fastened his lips to my nipples and sucked and chewed them
until I thought I would pass out. Then he put an arm under my legs and
around my shoulders and stood up carrying me to the tent.

He laid my naked body on my cot and crawled on top of me. He continued
to kiss my face and move slowly down my body stopping at my nipples
again. As he sucked each nipple I felt him rise up and take his hands
and spread my legs. After they were open and hanging over the edges of
the cot, he settled back down on top of me, his hard penis pressed up
against my belly. In my mind I knew what was happening to me but I did
not want what I was feeling to ever stop. Then I felt dad slide down
and kiss my belly stopping to lick my bellybutton, and then kiss the
top of my legs. His kisses continued down the top of my legs to my
knees then started back up the inside of my legs. All I could do was
squirm and moan, daddy, daddy.

His lips soon touched upon my wet pussy and I almost jumped off of the
cot. I felt his tongue spread the lips of my hot pussy and lick me from
my ass to my clit. I wrapped my fingers in his hair as he sucked and
nibbled on my clit, and then move to the entrance to my pussy. His
tongue pushed in deep and I squirmed and pulled his head closer trying
to get him deeper. He lapped up my flowing juices, and moved back to my
clit. Then he did something strange, with my clit in his mouth he
started humming. Oh my god, I flooded the cot with my cum, and went

Daddy slowly crawled back up on top of me, a big grin on his face. He
kissed my lips and let me taste my juices, then asked me if his little
girl liked that. What could I say to him, like that, I loved it. I
again felt him rise up but this time his hand went between out bodies
and I felt something hard and hot rub my pussy. Dad rubbed his penis up
and down my wet slit hitting my clit on the up strokes and making me
shiver. Then I felt it at the entrance to my hot hole, just a little
pressure at first then I felt the big head of his penis slip into me.
Dad stayed still and let me get used to the feel of it, while looking
into my eyes. Then he started moving in little in and out motions until
more of him was lodged in me, when he came against my cherry, he
stopped and asked if I was ready.

I was not prepared, but I wanted to feel all of him in me, so I
whispered yes. Dad pulled almost all the way out of me, then with a
powerful lunge ripped my cherry apart with his huge penis. I felt a
white hot searing pain and screamed at the top of my lungs. Dad just
stayed still and kissed the tears flowing from my eyes. I heard him say
he was sorry little one, as he slowly started to make slow shallow
pumping movements inside of me. It hurt and burned for a while but I
guess I had been super wet and soon it was feeling pretty good.

In a little while it was feeling great, dad was pumping faster and
faster and his balls were slapping against my ass. He held me in a
tight embrace and kept telling me how much he loved me and what a great
little girl I was. My ass was now thrusting up to meet his, I had my
legs wrapped around his waist and my hands were clawing his back. I had
never felt anything like this and came two or three times, when I felt
dad’s penis swell and he tried to push it thru me, then I could feel
him shooting rope after rope of his hot cum in me. I must have passed
out from pure pleasure. Because when I woke up dad was gone, I jumped
up and ran for the flap of the tent. Naked and peeking slowly of the
flap I saw dad making coffee over a newly started fire.

I returned to my cot and looked down and saw it was covered in blood
and cum stains, that is when I noticed my pussy was also covered in the
same stains and the hair on it was kind of stiff. I took a towel and
poured some water from a canteen and started cleaning my poor sore
pussy up. When I was done I slid on some shorts and a tee shirt and
went out to get some coffee. Dad was smiling and came over and gave me
a big kiss and asked me how his little girl was this morning. As I took
the coffee he offered me I smiled back at him and said just great.

As I sat at the fire, while dad was cooking breakfast, he said he
needed to talk to me. I said ok dad and he started telling me about him
and mom. He said while he loved mom very much, she had lost interest in
sex a few years ago. So he had relieved himself with his hand since
then, that is until he saw my breasts and hard nipples when I came out
of the water yesterday from my swim. He said that he had never intended
to make love to me, but laying on the cot so close to me and trying to
jerk off quietly, that he just could not get the picture out of his
head of my breasts an nipples.

He had gotten up and just intended to look at me again, he just could
not resist. Then some how he had started jerking off while looking down
at me. He was going to stop before he came, but just lost control. Then
when I came out of the tent last night and hugged him telling him it
was all right, he lost control again. That what he did was wrong, and
that when we got home he was going to tell mom about it. She would most
likely have him arrested and jailed as a child molester, but that it
was the right thing to do.

I stared at him dumb founded, I did not want to lose my daddy. And what
we did last night was wonderful. I wanted to do it more, and I only
wanted to do it with him. So that is what I told him, and I told him
not to tell mom. He looked down at me with tears in his eyed and asked
me if that is the way I really felt. I jumped up and flung my arms
around him and started kissing the tears from his eyes as he had done
mine last night. I told him I loved him and he could do it to me any
time he wanted, because I loved it and want to make love to him.

I guess breakfast burned, as he carried me back to the tent.

Daddy and I are still best buddies and always will be. I think my daddy was glad he had a girl.

The end

This was my first attempt at a dad and daughter story---please let me
know how I did. And do you thing I should write more of them?



If it's possible I'd like to see your template. In all actuality, this story, while fun to read, wasn't exactly a turn on. Certain points that needed more explaination while others you expand way too deeply. My best advice... write the story, and then


dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a

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