She must of notice me looking because she said out loud, "What you looking at"?

I have always been forward with her, I just said "I'm looking at your ass".

Laughing, "You've turned out gorgeous".

"Thanks!" she said with a little smile.

"Have you got boyfirend yet?, I asked."Yes, his name is Adam."

Some lucky snotty nosed teen I thought,

"You had sex yet?" I laughed. Jen and I had always been open with each other.

"Shut up! " She said, laughing.

I continued to ask, "Come on, have you?"

"No!" She said annoyed "I'm not old enough. I'm only 14!"

"How about touching?"

"No!" she said out loud.

I had the impression she was lying, "You're lying, You've given a blow job or hand job haven't you?" I asked laughing.

"No" she said blushing a little.

"Ever been licked out then?"


"I'm a master in the tongue," I winked at her we both laughed, "so what you think of my place?"

"It's nice, though I haven't seen it all."

"Oh, you mean upstairs? Yeah we're decorating up there that's why" I explained, "want a quick look?"

"Sure would like to," she smiled.


Then we moved around the crowds. Susan still busy chatting with people to even notice me going upstairs with Jen.

I first showed her the new bathroom we put in.

"God, what a massive tub!" She said.

"Yeah, I know, Susan and I always share a bath so we got one big enough for both of us to fit in," I laughed.

"Nice" she smiled laughing.

I carried on the show, "This is the master bedroom," I told her showing her Susan's and my room.

"Wow! a four poster bed!"

"Yeah, first thing we bought!" I told her.

"It's lovely" she said.

"Wanna lie on it?" I asked.

"Sure." She then jumped on it and lied down. I laid next to her.

"Lovely and soft" she said.

I know I was looking at her she was looking so great next to me in those white silky covers. I just had the urge to kiss her and I did. I turned her toward me and brought her close. I kissed her. At first she tried pushing me away but as my tongue started darting in her mouth and my hands caressed her body her resistance stopped. She started kissing me back. It got more and more passionate as my hands caressed her breast. Softly, she moaned as I teased her nipples. My hand squeezed her tight ass as I brought her closer to me. My hand slid down her body my long fingers sliding into her panties. Inside, her wet pussy felt like she had been horny for a while. My fingers teased her clit, circling around and around making her moan louder. She started grinding her body into me saying "oh god please".

Her hands began to caress my body. She felt my bulge in my pants and unzipped me, taking out my hard throbbing cock. She looked briefly and cried, "Oh my god its so big!" Thats all she could say as I took her breath away with my increasing speed of the circles on her clit. She started rubbing my cock like an expert. This definately was not her first time doing this. She used teasing strokes rubbing up and down my shaft twisting it around making me moan out loud.

I was close to exploding in her small hands. I could tell she was close, too. I stopped her and simply said, "I'm going to fuck you now!"

She looked surprised as I got on top of her small body, slipping my cock slowly inside her virgin cunt. She moaned in pain, trying to push me off. She was saying no, but after a while she started to enjoy it. After a few deep strokes she was wrapping her little slim legs around my waist and pulling me in deeper, moaning my name. I was inside her warm little tight hole and I was going to come real soon. Then we both felt it. I started squirting my load deep inside my little niece's cunt. She was creaming my cock dry of every single drop I had left. The explosion inside set her off a mind blowing orgasm which she surely had never experienced in her life.

After a few minutes laying there me on top my cock still inside her, both out of breath, I told her we had better go back down before anybody notices were gone. She was silent and seemed to be a little bit shocked by what had just happened. I left her there in tears thinking about what she had just done... lost her virginity to her uncle. I smiled to myself knowing that she would always lose herself to temptation now, I could have her whenever I wanted.

One of my first stories on this site looking for volunteer editors email if interested

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