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Mom's Massage

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When I was seventeen years old, I was a junior in high school and had joined the football team for my school.   I had loved playing football with the guys out on the weekends, but these full padded practices, and the actual games really took a toll on my body, moreso than I had imagined at first.  I was beat up and sore, and some nights after a game I couldnt even move.   Mom used to be a professional massage therapist, before her drinking became such a problem so one night when I came home so beat up  I could barely walk, Mom decided she had seen enough.  She said that she would give me massages after my practices and games and  and help relax me.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, because I was at the point where I was seriously considering leaving the team.  I loved playing the game, but the aftermath and consequences were getting harder and harder to withstand.

So I came in from practice one evening and Mom had already found and set up her old massage mattress and everything.  The oils and things were all laid out, and Mom just told me that as soon as I got out of the shower, I was to just come down and get onto the mattress and she would see what she could do to help.   I finished my shower and threw on a pair of my sweat pants and headed downstairs.  When I came down, I could see that Mom had been drinking again and was a little tipsy, but I was so sore I decided that whatever she did couldnt make me feel any worse.  

She was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of skimpy black lace panties, I could tell that she wasnt wearing a bra by the way her 36DD breasts stuck out against the shirt and her nipples strained against the material.  For a thirty five year old woman, Mom looked pretty damn good.  She barely looked like she was out of high school.   As I stepped into the living room, Mom hopped up off the couch with her glass of Vodka in her hand, and quickly drank it down.

"Brad, why did you put clothes on?  I told you to come straight down from the shower.  I cant give you a massage with those on." Mom said.

"But I thought you were going to just do my back and my shoulders..."I started.

"Come on, Brad.  You dont have anything I havent seen before.  Get those sweats off and hop up onto the mattress." Mom giggled.

"Geez Mom, you know, I dont know." I said, kind of embarrassed about having to remove my clothes in front of her.

"Are you embarrassed Brad?" Mom asked, pouring another glass of Vodka and taking a drink.

"Well, no, but I... I just didnt know this was how we were doing it." I said.

"Maybe this will make it easier for you honey." Mom said, and removed her t-shirt.

Mom stood there in front of me topless, in her black lace panties with one hand on her hip and took another drink of her Vodka.  I couldnt do anything but stare at her tits.  They were so big, but they were incredibly firm and perky, her nipples jutting straight out.  I could feel my dick getting hard and I was wondering what the hell was going on.

"Come on, off with the clothes and onto the mattress Brad.  I used to do this for a living you know." Mom said.

"Okay, whatever you say." I said, and slid my sweats off and stood completely naked in front of my Mom. 

I watched Mom look over every inch of my body, taking drinks of her Vodka as she did so.  I could see her eyes linger on my cock, and I could see that she was surprised that I was shaved.

"Well that's impressive, what brought that on?" Mom asked, pointing to my clean shaven cock.

"You know.." I said.

"No, I dont know.  Why dont you tell me?" Mom giggled.

"Girls will suck it more often if there's no hair to get in their mouth." I said.

"Oh I see!" Mom said, giggling harder.  "Is that what those cheerleaders fight over so much?  A chance to suck that big, shaved cock?" Mom asked

"Sometimes.." I admitted, blushing.

"Dont be embarrassed honey.  I havent met a man yet who doesnt love to have his cock sucked.  Id think there was something wrong with you if you didnt like it." Mom said.   "Well, up on the mattress.  Lets see what we can do."  Mom said, setting her Vodka glass down and getting her oils open.

I got up on the mattress and Mom started oiling up her hands.  I laid down on my back and she started on my arms, massaging my shoulders and pectorals.

"Okay honey, now just relax and trust me." Mom said.

I felt Mom's hands go down my body, and wrap around my penis.  My immediate reaction was to tense and sit up.

"Relax baby!" Mom said, attempting to calm me.  "Im going to massage ALL of your muscles, and if I do this one first, you will be extremely relaxed and will get the most out of the massage."

"Mom...I..." I stammered

"Shhh.  Just lay back and relax.  Im not going to hurt you.  Just look at my tits and enjoy it honey. With all the big titty porn youve got in your room, you have to like these, baby.  I know those girls at school dont have titties this big." Mom said, as she began to slowly masturbate me.

My cock was rapidly stiffening as her soft, oil-slicked hands gently stroked it.  I did as she said and just focused in on her big, gorgeous tits and enjoyed the feel of her jerking me off.  She began to jerk my dick faster and harder, her other hand playing with my balls and rubbing oil into them.  It felt so good and after a little while, I didnt care that she was my mom.  All that mattered was that she didnt stop now. 

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and I began to stiffen and moan as her hand continued to massage my shaft.  Mom's nipples were really hard and I could tell she was really getting hot as beads of sweat ran down her neck, over her big breasts, and dripped from the end of her rock hard nipples as she leaned over and stroked me off.

"Ooooh....Oooooooh Mommmmmm....Momm....Ah!!  Im gonna....Im gonna cum!!" I moaned out to her.

Mom immediately stopped jerking my dick and before I could ask why she had stopped, she had her mouth over my cock and was bobbing her head up and down, her hands rubbing and massaging my balls.  The feeling was so incredible I almost passed out.  As it was, I was helpless to do little more than lay back and cry out in ecstacy.

"Ahhh!  Ahh God Mom!!  Ahhhhhhhh Yesssss!!" I screamed as I blew my hot load into Mom's hot mouth.

I could feel the cum pumping out of my cock like never before.  I had never cum this much or this hard in my life.  I dont know if it was because I was so nervous, or the fact that it was something that should NEVER have happened, but it was incredible. I must have squirted at least five times really hard, but Mom never took her mouth off the head of my cock until every last spasm of my cock had ceased, and every last drop of my cum was swallowed.

I was exhausted. I collapsed completely, almost melting into the mattress. I was dizzy, drained, confused, I was so many things at that moment I didnt know what to do.  I opened my eyes and saw Mom lift her mouth off of my cock, wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and smile, and then she took another drink of her Vodka.  She made things easy, and told me what to do.

"How's THAT for a blowjob?  Lets see those little schoolgirls beat that." Mom giggled. "Now, turn over honey and by the time Im done with you, you'll be out cold.  Just close your eyes, and relax."  Mom said.

I turned over, and did as she said and as I felt her hands rubbing my ass, up to my back, I closed my eyes and soon after, I was asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I was still on the massage mattress out in the living room.  My body felt better than it had in weeks.  The soreness was all but erased.  Mom really knew what she was doing.  I raised myself up and looked around and I saw Mom.  She had removed her panties and was sleeping on the couch, completely naked.  Next to the couch I could see that she not only had finished off the first bottle of Vodka, she was well into another one.   I watched her sleeping for a long time, watching her big breasts heave with every breath she took and I got a really good look at her pussy, which like my cock, was completely shaved.   I could feel my cock throbbing and I realized that I had my typical morning hardon, and this vision in front of me of Mom completely naked was not helping matters at all, especially after what had happened last night.

I went over next to the couch, up near Mom's tits and began to jerk off looking at her naked body.  I figured I would get off one more time because I might not have this chance again.  I was pretty sure that what had happened was alcohol induced, so I was going to get as much out of this as I could.   I stared at Mom's big tits as I jacked off, my balls bouncing up and down as I stroked.  Mom was right, I loved her tits.  I was obsessed with big tits and they really get me off.  Mom's tits were incredible.  I wanted to feel them, to suck on them, to put my cock between them and fuck them, but I knew she would wake up and that could be bad.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes midway through my fantasy of fucking Mom's tits and moments later I felt the familiar warmth and wetness of Mom's mouth over the head of my cock.  I looked down, and Mom had her mouth over the head of my cock, her eyes closed, allowing me to jerk off into her mouth while her tongue swirled rapidly over the throbbing head of my cock.

"Uhhhnnnnn!!" I moaned as her tongue teased my cockhead.

Mom, now sitting up, reached up and took hold of my ass with her hands and pulled me closer to her as I jerked my cock off into her mouth.  I felt Mom's hand come up and take my hand away from my cock, and she began to blow me again, and putting her hand back on my ass, she began to guide me, setting a pace at which I could fuck her mouth.

"Ooooh...Oh...Ohhh God, Mom." I moaned as I thrusted my cock in and out of Mom's mouth.

"Mmmmm...MMMMMMMM!" Mom moaned as she took my cock into her mouth, and then all the way in a full deep throating of my seven inches of hard throbbing cock.

I felt Mom squeeze my ass hard and stop my hips, and she began to suck me like she was possessed.  Her mouth slid up and down my shaft faster and faster, the feeling was incredible.  My Mom was blowing me like a fucking porn queen, and it was the best blow Id ever had.   Almost immediately, I could feel myself about to explode.

"Ohh!  Ohh God Mom!  Youre making me cum!  Oh Jesus!  Oh...Oh God Yess!" I moaned as I felt my cum rocketing up my shaft.

Mom quickly took my cock out and began to jerk me off over her big tits.  Stream after stream of hot sticky cum splattered on her neck and down onto her tits.   She continued to jerk my cock until It had stopped shooting her with my hot mess, and then she slid my cock into her mouth and I could feel her tongue cleaning my cock, and when she removed it from her mouth, every drop of cum was gone.  

I collapsed down onto the couch next to her, and decided to finally get a feel of her big tits that were absolutely covered with my cream.   Mom moaned a little when I squeezed them, and my cum started to run down to my hands.

"Rub it into my nipples." Mom moaned.

I did as she asked, massaging my cum into her hard nipples with my thumbs, and then moving on up, taking big handfuls, rubbing my hot cum into her silky smooth tits.  She was moaning more now, and as I ran my finger through a big splotch of cum, she took it into her mouth and licked it off.   Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth.  I tasted my cum mingled with her saliva and the taste of the Vodka she had been drinking.   I kissed her back, and she broke the kiss after a few moments.   Pouring herself a new glass of Vodka, Mom's demeanor suddenly changed from seductress, back to the Mom I had known all of my life.  She took a deep breath and a serious look crossed her face.

"I have to apologize to you honey.  I shouldnt have done that to you last night.  I shouldnt have exposed my breasts to you, and I certainly shouldnt have masturbated you or performed oral sex on you.  I was drunk, and very horny.  Im  so sorry.  What I did was wrong, on so many levels." Mom said, taking a long drink of her Vodka.

"What?  But you just....I dont..." I started, thoroughly confused with her words after what had just happened.

"Shhh. Let me explain. I passed out on the couch last night after I finished rubbing you down.  I took my panties off and laid down on the couch,  hoping you would wake up and see me naked and unable to control yourself, fuck me while you thought I was asleep.  I was NOT thinking clearly at all.  I waited for you to wake up and see me, but I guess I passed out and you didnt wake up until this morning, and even then you wouldnt violate me, you just used my naked body as a visual aid.   I realized what happened when I woke up and saw you masturbating over me, and I figured after what I did to bring this on, the least I could do was help you to cum again before I explained this to you.  You were right in the middle of masturbating, and you looked like you felt really good, and I just couldnt tell you to stop right then." Mom said.

"But I thought you....but I wanted to..."I stammered.

"Oh no. Honey, you want to fuck me now dont you." Mom said, suddenly understanding.

"I...I..." I stammered, not wanting to admit to what she said but at the same time desperately trying not to beg her for it.

"Oh Brad.  Im so sorry.  I started this whole thing.  This is NOT your fault.  Its mine.  I was so very wrong to do that and now Ive really caused a bad situation for us.  Honey, Im your mother.  You cant fuck me.  We cant have sex, its just...its just wrong.   The handjob, the blowjobs, thats one thing and bad enough as it is that I did that much, but we just cant go that far.   Im so sorry.   I never should have gotten this started, I love you and I never wanted to put you in a situation like this.  I just dont know what came over me.  My drinking....Im so sorry Brad." Mom said.

With that, Mom got up from the couch, picked up her panties and t-shirt and headed upstairs to the shower.  I didnt really know what to say, or what to think, so I went to my room and laid down on my bed.  I figured that Mom would come to talk to me later on, but she never did.   I went downstairs to talk to her at about five o clock, but I didnt see her anywhere.  When I went to her room, I found her in bed so drunk she couldnt even stand up.    She had apparently been drinking all day, I had guessed to try to drown her guilt or embarrassment over what had happened earlier.

Mom's eyes were half closed, and she was under the covers but I could see that she loosely held her bottle of Vodka with her in bed.   I went over to take it out of her hand and set it aside, and she still had a pretty good grip on it.  When I went to lift the bottle away, her hand and arm came with it, lowering the blanket enough for me to see that she was topless.   I felt my cock surge again with another look at her tits, and I lifted the blanket for a closer look underneath and I saw that she was totally naked. 

I knew that if I was ever going to get to fuck Mom, this was the time.  She was so drunk she didnt know what world she was in, and even if she did know, I was under the impression that the alcohol allowed her to act out what she wanted to do with me last night, so why would she fight off more of the same?   I took my clothes off and crawled under the covers with Mom, sliding my naked body up against hers and my cock was instantly hard.

"Mom?" I said

"Hrmmmm?" Mom said, her glazed eyes opening.

I put my hand on her cheek, turning her toward me and I kissed her on the mouth, caressing her tongue with my own.  She moaned a little, but was kissing me back in no time, and I knew I had a good chance.   I grabbed her breast with my hand and squeezed it hard, rolling her stiffening nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and her moaning increased a little, and her tongue went deeper into my mouth.

I played with Mom's tits for several minutes while I kissed her mouth and her neck, and then I began caressing her tummy and running my hand all over her skin in varying patterns, still kissing her.   Then came the moment where I would find out whether or not Id get shut down.   I slid my hand down between Mom's legs and began to play with her clit while I was licking her neck. 

"Mmmmm....ohhh yesss.." Mom moaned, her eyes closed.

Taking that as my cue to go further, I slid two fingers into Mom's tight, hot pussy and began to fingerfuck her while I started to suck on her neck hard.

"Oooooooo!  Oh!  Oh!!  Ohhhhhhhh!  Ah!! Ahhhh Oh!" Mom panted, breathing heavily.

I slid down Mom's tight body, lingering to suck on her tits for a few moments, flicking her nipples with my tongue, before licking my way down her tummy, down to her now dripping pussy.  I began to lick Mom's pussy lips slowly, inching my tongue inside her and flicking my tongue over her hot flesh before working up to lick her clit.   Mom arched her back and began to moan  and cry out so loudly it bordered on a scream.  I sucked her clit into my mouth and rapidly flicked my tongue across her joy buzzer until I felt her whole body shake.

"Ooooooooo!  Ooooo GOD!!" Mom screamed, and she came so hard that her cum actually squirted up into my mouth.  I drank her hot cum down, and lapped up the rest from her pussy lips and inner thighs.  I flicked my tongue a couple more times over her super sensitive clit and her hips bucked hard and she screamed again.

I crawled up, positioning myself above Mom's naked, hot body.  I grabbed her wrists and held them to the bed and I got down inches from her face.  Mom's eyes were clearer now, and I didnt know if she was clearheaded now or if she was still drunk, but the apprehension that I saw this morning about having sex with her son was nowhere to be found.   Her eyes fluttered and I licked her lips, prompting her to open her mouth and take my tongue inside hers.  I kissed her for a moment and when I broke the kiss, I went for it.

"I love you, Mom." I breathed

"I love you baby." Mom sighed back.

"I want to fuck your pussy, Mom.  I want to hear you scream and I want to feel you cum all over my cock.  I dont care if youre my Mom.  I love you and I want to fuck you and make you feel as good as you make me feel." I said.

"You really want your own Mom's pussy, Brad?" Mom breathed

"I NEED it." I said.

"I cant do this just once honey." Mom said.

"That's good, because I can't either." I said.

"Then fuck me, baby." Mom said.

I kissed Mom deeply as I plunged my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. 

"Ohhhhh!  Oh God Mom!!" I moaned as I entered her deeply.

"Uh huh!" Mom smiled as she bucked her hips against me.

"Oh...Oh God!  Its so wet...Oh..Oh fuck!!" I moaned

"Ohh thats it honey, talk dirty to me.  Tell me how good my pussy is.  Oooh does it make your cock feel good?"  Mom moaned

"Ahh! Oh God Mom!!  Your pussy feels so good!  Its so fucking good!  Ive never had any pussy this good!" I moaned.

"And you never will, aside from mine baby.  Oh Bradley. Your cock is so big.  I know what those cheerleaders were talking about now.  Oh honey....oh yes!  Oh yea!  Fuck me hard!!" Mom moaned

I began to fuck Mom really hard, pulling my cock all the way out and ramming it all the way in, over and over.  Mom was writhing underneath me, her huge beautiful tits bouncing with each thrust of my throbbing cock. 

"Ah!! Ahhh!  Ahh yes!!  Oh baby!!  Keep going...oh!  Oh dont stop!!  Ahh!  Im cumming!! Im cumming!!  Oooooooooooohhhh!" Mom screamed as her pussy shook and erupted in a torrent of her cum.  My cock was drenched and her pussy became slicker than any pussy Id ever fucked in my life.  I began to drill my Mom as fast as I possibly could, and she was beside herself with ecstasy.   She was screaming now, crying out and throwing her head from side to side as I pounded her pussy.  I was possessed.  I couldnt get enough of her pussy, and even when my side began to ache, I still never slowed my pace down.  

I fucked Mom like that for at least an hour.  I nearly chewed the inside of my cheek clean through to keep from cumming several times over the course of that wild fuck.   Mom decided she wanted it doggy style, and she got on her knees for me.

I slid my dick into her pussy and grabbed two handfuls of her ass and began to fuck her once more.  I began to slap her ass and she cried out with every smack.  She cried out that she would be my fuck slave and that she would do whatever I wanted.   Any nasty, torrid fantasy that I had, she would gladly do it as long as she was the one fucking my huge cock.

I told her I wanted to fuck her tits, and to get on her back.  She giggled and did as she was told.  I began to slide my cock in and out of her silky smooth cleavage as she pinched her nipples.  After fucking her tits for a little bit I was close to cumming and I told her I wanted to fuck her mouth again.   Mom willingly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, smiling, as if she couldnt wait to get my cock in her mouth.  I moved up to her head, sitting on my knees.  I guided my cock into her mouth and rested my heavy balls on her chin.   I braced myself with my hands on the headboard and began to thrust my hips back and forth, steadily fucking Mom's mouth.

I felt Mom's hands gripping and massaging my ass as I fucked her hot mouth, and soon I couldnt hold back anymore.

"Ahhhh!  Ahhh God yes!!  Ooooooooooooo!" I screamed as I pulled my dick out and jerked my throbbing cock off over Mom's face and neck. 

Stream after stream of my hot sticky cum shot forth and landed across Mom's cheeks, lips, chin, and neck.  When I collapsed and rolled over onto my back, Mom quickly moved to suck my cock into her mouth and clean me up once again.

Mom grabbed a towel and cleaned her face up and lay back down next to me, her hands softly running over my body.

"Youre incredible baby" Mom said.

"Better get used to it." I managed.

Soon both of us were fast asleep in each other's arms.

Im twenty four years old now, and Ive been fucking my Mom nightly for the past seven years.  Mom is the most wild woman Ive ever been with.  When she told me she'd do anything, she really meant anything.  But those are stories for another time.


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