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My Aunt and Me

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I had always thought of fucking my aunt but never expected ot to happen, but after a few years of it dwelling inside my head eventually I was having trouble handling it. Think of how good it would feel to have my 8 inch cock buried ball deep in her hot little ass. Precum forms at my dick head almost every time I think of it. So one day I just decided, what better way to try and make it happen than to put myself in situation where the opportunity is present. A part of my felt guilty for even thinking it but I dont know if it was the thought of it being my Aunt or the fact that my Uncle would kill me, probably literally, if he ever found out I even tried. I had to make it inconspicious. Luckly for me that wouldnt be to hard. Me and my Aunt are pretty close so I was always over there and on occasion my Uncle would go out of town for some hours or even over night and I would be asked to stay there with my Aunt and sometimes my cousin. Forunately when I made this decision it was a rare occasion when my Uncle was leaving for a few days and taking my cousin with him. Never a better chance than now I suppose. My Uncle had called me at work and said he was leaving for Atlanta for a few days and wanted me to stay while was gone just like usual. I guess I am the only person he trust. Boy if he only knew what I thought about. Of course I told him I would.

Two days later I drove to their house the next town over. When I got there my Uncle was packing his car up and getting ready to leave. "Hey buddy." my Uncle called as I exited the car. I walked over and he gave me a hug. "Glad you could do this for me nephew. I dont trust any mother fuckers in this town while I am gone." he said. "It isnt no thing you know that." I replied. And it wasnt cause in the long run he was helping me out. We went inside as as soon as I walked in the door a was ebraced with a hug from my cousin, who herself is pretty slammin. She was 17, long brown hair, fair skined, she had to be at least a C cup. Sometimes she would walk around wiht no bra on and her perfect little nipples would poke through and make just about drool. And the feel of her perfect tits pushing into my chest right now was giving a semi hardon. She stepped back and told me it was good to see me and she was sorry she couldnt stcik around. "Awww its ok Michelle, I will catch you when you get back. We can hang out then." She smiled nodded and walked away to her bedroom. As she left I could help but notice her round ass in some very tight hip huggers. Luckly I wasnt caught staring my Uncle was to busy packing drinks and food in a small cooler. About that time my Aunt walked in a rushed over to me with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "Oh Jessie, it is great of you to come keep me company while he is away. I get so bored here by myself." she said. "I cant think of any way Id rather spend the next few days Aunt Lauren." I stated back. And I couldnt, my Aunt was gorgeous. She was pushing 40 but damn she still had it going on for her. Big firm titties, plump tight ass, slim waist, and hopefully soon I would find out if she had the pussy I always imagined.

Not too long after that my Uncle and Cousin loaded into the car and were off on their trip. This was it, the moment I wanted since I played this whole thing out in my twisted little head. My devious thoughts were soon interupted by my Aunt. "Jessie, what do you say we do tonight?" I click out of my dazed and replied "ummm...not about we just get some dinner, kick back, and watch some cable. There is bound to be something on that we could check out." the only thing I wanted to be checking out though wasnt on the tv. "Sounds good, I will get the phone book and order out." Aunt Laurie walked away and grabbed the phone and phonebook. She sat down and called in a pizza. After it arrived we sat in the living room, me on the couch and my Aunt decided to lay in front of me on the floor. Perfect for now I thought because I had a clear view of sweet ass right there for me to gaze at. I guess watching tv wasnt so bad after all. She flicked through the channels for a bit and then kinda just tossed the remote aside. "Ugh." she grunted "There isnt shit on." I kinda just sat there and noticed her pause for a moment and think. "What is it?" I asked. "Oh nothing really, I have been having this sharp pain in my neck and upper back. Just wondering if I need a Chiropractor or not." Suddenly and idea popped. "Nah, maybe it just needs a good rub. Dont you have Uncle Tim message you?" She looked at me and said "I dont even bother. Getting him to do anything is hard enough." She said as she chuckled. "Well here is a one time deal. I could rub it for you, it might help." I answered. She thought for a moment. "You'd do that for your old Aunt?" she remarked. "Your not that old and yes I would." I replied. She just smiled and rolled back over onto her stomach. "Well." She said "Are you gonna come down here or not?" I got down to the floor rather quickly and I dont think my enthusiasm was noticed much which is good I suppose.

I handed her a pillow for under her head and then slowly brought my hands to her neck and began to rub her lower neck near the coller bone. Then I used my thumbs to rub the lower back of her neck. She kinda winced a second and I asked "Does it hurt right there Aunt LAurie?". "Ummmm just for a second but keep going it feels great now." I could feel my cock growing a bit in my sweatpants. I had better try and control it a little better due to noticability. I was only wearing some loose boxers under them. I moved my hand some they were positioned around inbetween her shoulder blades and begin to message around her spine. She groaned a bit as I rubbed and messaged her upper back. This went on for about 20 minutes with her letting out moans of relief regularly. Then she told me "That was wonderful Jessie. I feel much better for the moment.". "No problem it was my pleasure." I said. She smiled. "Well if you will excuse me I am going to hop in the shower and get ready for bed." Damn it, going to bed I guess my chances for not good for tonight. Oh well maybe tomarrow.

She got up and gave me a kiss before walking into her bedroom to get some clothes and then to the bathroom. She must have not noticed the near complete erection I had from caressing her back and neck. As I sat there rubbing my throbbing cock through my pants I heard the shower kick on. At this time I was anticipating her getting in bed so I could pull one off. Then it dawned on me. My Aunt and Uncle have a glass shower door. If I could see her through the keyhole the door hand maybe I could just jerk off real quick looking at her. Thats if the glass wasnt to foggy. SO I brough myself to my feet and walked over to the door. I knelt down before it and by this time my 8in hard cock was already out over the top of my sweat pants and I had began stroking it slowly. As I looked through the key hole I noticed something. My Aunt wasnt in the shower, it was running but she was standing there naked infront of the mirror. She was saying something to herself but I couldnt make it out. Then she kinda just put her hands to her face for a moment and took a breath. I rubbed the head of my sensative prick and felt the precum forming. As I looked on I saw my Aunt move her body a bit so that now I could see most of her front side. I about creamed when I saw that she had a freshly shaven pussy and those tits, oh god those tits. The my Aunt slowly moved her hand to her right breast and began playing with her nipple. She sighed and sat down on the toilet still clasping her tit. As she sat there she then moved one leg to the side and I could see her little slit begin to spread a bit. I started jerking my dick a little faster then, but what happened next bout pushed me to blow my load all over the door. My Aunt took her other hand and put it between her legs and started rubbing her glisting cunt. She began trying to hold back sighs and moans but a few still slightly slipped through.I could tell she was at the edge of a full blown orgasm and I was there myself. She began moving her hips more frequently and quick. Her head lunged back as she let loose her pussy juice all over the toilet seat. I too began to blow my load but as I did I kinda let myself fall forward a bit and my instinct told me to put my hand out to stop myself. When I did though it made a small thud on the door. I gasp and hoped my Aunt didnt hear. Just to check I peered through the hole and seen my Aunt look over to the door. Shit she heard it and I am so busted. "Jessie." She calle dout. "Is that you." I just sat quite and tried to figure out how I was gonna use to clean up my mess, a problem I didnt lan out ahead of time. I looked around and didnt see anything so I pulled up my pants and went to go get so paper towel or something. I went to the kitchen got some and began to walk back. AS I entered the living room my Aunt was already coming out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and all I could think was please dont see the cum dripping down the side of the door. "Jessie were you over here or something a minute ago?" She asked. I paused "uh no why?" I answered. "Oh I thought I heard something." She turned and started to walk away and I found myself asking her "Did you take a shower?" She turned and looked at me "Oh uh um no why you ask." "Oh I notice your hair wasnt wet actually you just didnt look wet at all." But I knew that wasnt true. "No for some reason I have no hot water." What aclear lie however cause I could see steam coming from the bathroom. As she turned around  I saw her notice something. She stood there for a second then hesitently asked "Um Jessie, I dont know how to say this but is this cum on the bathroom door." Fuck she seen it. I just sat there not knowing what to say. She turned and looked at me. "Oh god.....were you watching me through the keyhole?" she looked stunned and embarrassed. "Oh lord Jessie I cant believe you saw that." I looked up and replied "I.....I...Im sorry Aunt Laurie, I couldnt help myself. I mean look at you....your incredibly hot and I have always kind thought so." I could tell she was thrown back by the whole thing. "I  am , I mean you think I am hot?" she said. "Oh hell yes. Your smoking Aunt Laurie and I just kinda got a hard on rubbing you down and had to let it go some how." She smiled a bit which threw me off. Then she came over and sat down by me. She placed her hand on mine and then spoke. "Well since your being so honest with me I guess it is only fair I do the same. Jessie.....oh god I cant believe I am saying this. You doing that is what got me all turned on and is the reason I did what I did."..."Really?" I said...."Yes really. And since we are getting it all out in the open....this wasnt the first time I masturbated while thinking of you." I couldnt believe what I was hearing. My Aunt whom I had fantasized about multiple time has done the same. My cock began to grow again only this time there was no hiding it. "Oh my." she exclaimed "It dont take much does it. She giggled as I said "Not with you." She stared for a minute then placed her hand from my hand onto my upper thigh. Was this about to happen? She took a single figure and began to run it up and down the length of my dick through my pants and each time it made it to the head it would flex slightly. "Jessie.....I want you to kiss me." And with that I didnt hesitate to pull her lips to mine and begin kissing her passionately. She pulled my hard cock from my pants and began stroking it slowly at first but gradually faster. She moved her head away from mine and started kissing down my chest till she got to my nipple where she began to nibble on my right one. Not too long after she released my hard nipple and continued to kiss down to my stomach and then my cock. She kissed and licked the head at first where precum had already began to come out. She licked it up then smile up at me, "Tasty" she said before she placed the head of my cock in her warm mouth. She bobbed up and down on it each time taking more of it until my balls were hitting her chin. I couldnt hold back any more and I let my warm cum blow into the back of her throat. I grabbed her head to keep my dick in her mouth till every drop was out. Then I let her go. "My my " she said "thats sure is a big load nephew." as she caressed my balls. She stood up and undid her robe. She opened it up and began playing with her pussy again. "I want you to eat you Aunts pussy Jessie. I want you to suck my pussy til I cum in your mouth. I reached up and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down to me. I laid back against the arm of the couch and position her so that she was straddling above my face. I took my hands and grabbed her upper thigh and pulled her dripping wet cunt closer till I was able to reach my tongue out and flick it across her swollen clit. My Aunt moaned above me and slightly moved her pussy closer to my face so I wrapped my lips around her pink fuck hole and began sucking every now and again swipping my tongue across her asshole. She let out a sigh or suprise. "Oh that feels so good honey. Lick my asshole, get it all nice and wet." I laid her back and pushed her legs up and back so I had a clear shot of her puckered little asshole. I went down and immediately jabbed at her tight hole. She gasp in exstacy with each poke. I started running my tongue up and down her crack momentarily stopping at her pussy to keep it entertained.  "Hey sweety." my aunt said. "I want you to stick your cock in my virgin asshole." "Mmmmm I would love to Aunt Laurie." I looked down at my cock and spit on it to lub it up a bit then I move in and pressed the head of my dick against her tight asshole. I slowly applied pressure until just the head broke through and entered her ass. She let out a heavy moan as I violated her virgin hole. "Do you want me to keep going?" I asked. "Oh fuck yeah Jessie, keep going. I want it all in me." So with that I forced about half my fuck pole in her ass. I began taking short strokes in and out inching more of my dick in her with each push. Finally I finished it off and shoved my whole member deep in her asshole and she let out a sharp cry as I began pounding fiendishly in her ass. I could see a couple tears roll down her cheek. I almost felt bad but on the other hand this dirty bitch asked for it. I reached up and grab the back of her hair and yanked back on her head. Then started to increase the hardness of my thrust. She whimpered and cried as I fucked her virgin ass and I loved it. This was what I always dreamed of and a bit more. I jerked her up until she was pretty much in a sitting position on top of me sitting and she started bouncing hard up and down on my 8in cock and moaning. I reached around and began playing with her pussy while she pound my dick ball deep in her ass. Suddenly I could feel the cum building up in my cock. "Oh god Aunt Laurie I am about to cum. Of fuck, fuck that dick hard. Slam on it." She began violently slamming her ass down on my dick as I played with her clit. "Oh Jessie I am almost there baby." We both started moaning a bit as I pulled her head back further and began kissing her neck and shoulder. Then like it was on cue we both began cumming at the same time. After our release we lean back into a laying position and sat there catching our breath some. "So what should we do now?" my AUnt asked. "Umm....I guess take a shower and fuck again." We both chuckled and agreed. And that was the night my fantasy became reality. And I still had two more days.

-Thanks for checking out my storie. This is my first of this type so let me know how I did and maybe I will do a follow up. Thanks again.

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