"See what I mean," Mom replied to my father. "It's probably not a really good time." I could see Dad's face twist up, almost in pain, at the thought of pulling out. Still, I knew he would do it, if Mom told him to, or if I objected. My Dad was a wonderful Dad! I felt sorry for him too, I could almost hear him mentally pleading, "PLEASE!" I guess Mom could too; having lived with Dad so much longer than I have. "Oh, go ahead," she conceded, "But only a little then you'd better pull out. I don't suppose just one small squirt will hurt anything."

Dad's face turned from anguish to pleasure as he started rutting into me even harder; while I rutted back almost as hard. The tiny worry about having Dad's baby was pushed out of my mind by his super hard cock and Mom's assuring words. After all, as Mom said, this would be the first time he actually shot his cum inside me since I started getting my period last fall. One little squirt wouldn't make that much difference. Mom's so sweet, always worrying about me. She knew what she was doing. "Oh, OH! Here it comes, Honey," groaned Dad; shoving himself hard into my crack. I felt Dad shiver and the pulse of his prick. I and knew the first thin squirt of my father's seed was being splattered into my body. I wasn't sure what to expect next ... was he going to pull out before the second squirt came like Mom suggested? I knew from watching him cum on my tummy and boobies that it would be much thicker, heavier, and probably absolutely teeming with his sperm but I didn't worry, Mom knew best. Dad's face had an almost strangled look on it, from the strain of holding back after letting go of his first squirt. He just knelt there between my legs, perfectly still, red faced and teeth clenched, his hard cock buried in my cunt, trying to keep from letting go with the rest of his cum and staring wide eyed at Mom.

"Oh, go ahead," she told him shaking her head. "Your impossible..." she laughed, "you might as well finish the job. Go ahead, let her have the rest. Think of it as an early Christmas present!" Dad's eyes lit up; and he looked at me for confirmation. A third orgasm was in the midst of rushing up my spine, not the best time to answer a question. I gave him a slight nod, that was all it took. (Well, after all, his sperm already WAS inside me by then. A little more wouldn’t make any difference.) Dad grunted and came down hard, shoving my whole body back against the couch as his rod pounded into my hole. I could feel it while his prick twitched, swelled, and spurted the remainder of his thick white goo inside me. Geeze, I was really fucked, but good. I thought briefly again about my Dad’s sticky cum bubbling inside me that, he might get me pregnant ... but I trusted Mom. She wouldn't have let Dad do it if she thought I might get pregnant. GEEZE, what a deliciously FUCKED feeling I had as Dad's prick slowly shrank inside me. Whew, I felt wonderful.

"Now", Mom had gotten up and was standing beside us, "when your father pulls out", I looked at Mom as she looking down at where Dad's cock was draining the last few drops of cum into my well fucked pussy, "I want you to SQUEEZE his prick as hard as you can, so it doesn't make a big mess when he pulls out. I just had this couch and carpet both cleaned before we put up the tree and I don't want a big cum spots on them when my sister gets here tomorrow, okay?"

I looked up at my mother and obediently tried to clamp down on Dad's prick as he started to pull out of me. I had sort of forgotten about that part. It had been at least three months since he last got to cum inside of me. She used to have me do that to keep from making a big mess in bed too, that way she didn't have to change the sheets as often. "That's it, now squeeze hard... squeeze as hard as you can!" It had always been hard to do, this time was no different, but somehow I did it. Hardly a tiny bit of white ooze dribbled from Dad's prick as he almost collapsed on the floor. Then, somehow he managed to stagger erect to stand beside Mom. I looked at his now wilted prick, shiny with my juices and his cum and only a tiny drip threatening to fall from the tip. I guessed I DID do a good job of containing Dad's cum. All that cum he had been saving in his balls since last Sunday night was inside me and I hadn't spilled a drop.

In somewhat of a daze, my thoughts wondered. Sometimes I felt sorry for him, that he had to go away on those 4-5 day business trips and had to go so long without anybody to drain his balls for him. That must really get uncomfortable. I moved a bit and could feel that my split was all slippery with my own juices and the goo he had spurted inside me. Again, just for a moment I had a vision of all that sperm of Dad's squirming around inside my tummy, search for one of my eggs to fertilize, but I dismissed it, my Mother knew best, I was sure I would be fine. Geeze it felt good to really be fucked. To have orgasm after orgasm then get that wonderful warm sensation of cum spurted all over your insides! Sometimes I just didn't understand Mom. Why she decided she was a lesbian was beyond me!

She had tried to explain it, but I guess I just didn't get it. She says likes to "make love" but she didn't like it anymore when Dad fucks her just to unload his nuts. I just don't understand the difference. It's always way better when Dad fucks me. When Mom showed me how to do the lesbian stuff, it wasn't nearly as good as being fucked by a real cock. Sure, I had orgasms, who wouldn’t? I mean, she and I and her “girlfriend” spent a whole day almost doing nothing but sex stuff. We licked each others pussies, finger fucked each other, did all kinds of stuff, but it just wasn’t the same somehow. I guess then, probably the only thing those huge plastic cocks they strap on. I have to admit, they are a whole lot bigger than Dad's cock or any of his buddies. I really, really didn't think it was going to fit in my hole when Mom’s girlfriend came at me with one the first time. I was really scared. And it’s not like a guy that quits after he shoots his cum. She just kept fucking and fucking my little pussy with that big, black cock while it rubbed her to several orgasms of her own. I was pretty sore after that fucking. But still, it's nothing but plastic. It really doesn't feel anything like being really fucked by a real cock and having real cum sprayed all over your insides. I just like being fucked by guys I guess!

As I thought about Mom, Mom it seems, was still thinking about me. "Honey, you probably better go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet to let your father's sperm drain out as much as possible," she instructed me. "I'm sure you'll be fine, but we don't really need you to take any extra chances, ok? And besides you might leak on the sofa." I grabbed a pillow for my head and turned over lazily gazing up into the Christmas tree, "Yes, Mom," I mumbled in agreement. I'd get to that later this afternoon. Right now, after that big lunch and such delicious sex for dessert, I needed to rest. The squishy feel of dad's sperm inside me was actually wonderfully soothing, nothing mattered.

I heard Mom expressing her annoyance with Dad, as my parents moved around the corner into the kitchen.. "That's quite a chance you took, you know," she sounded like she was scolding a bad child. "Cumming in the kid when we don't know what time of the month it is for her."

"Yes, Dear ... I mean... no, dear... I mean...", Dad was obviously in no state to deal with this right now.

"I KNOW what you MEAN," Mom responded, "You men always do your thinking with the wrong head."

By now, I was extremely comfortable, sort of drifting in and out, absent mindedly wondering what she meant about the "wrong head" while listening to my Mother's other remarks.

"So, I'm guessing from what Mary-Ann told me that her husband is planning on tonight, it's our daughter's turn for you and your poker playing buddies to play "poke-her", right? Just remember she hasn't had all you guys since what ... September, three months? It seems like you guys used to get around to the girls more often then that. Oh, and what is there now, ten of you perverts in your little club now? I heard some new guy joined."

Dad seemed like he was getting it a little bit more together. "That probably would be Jack from the hardware store. But actually, if everybody shows up there's nineteen now, unless some of them bring friends, but only twelve of us have girls old enough to screw. It doesn't seem that long since we all did Missy, but I guess your right. Twelve girls, one per weekend, that's about every 3 months that one of the girls gets her turn, huh?"

My Mothers voice raised a little which caused me to pay a little more attention, "NINETEEN? OH GEEZE! You guys are creeps!", Mom laughed, "Well, she's your REAL daughter so I guess how you use her little pussy is up to you. I imagine she can handle it. You guys have been playing "poke-her" since her boobies started to show, so she's well trained. She shouldn't have any problem. Still, nineteen, that really is a lot of hard cocks. What about John and Marge, isn't that girl they have, what's her name, Cynthia. Isn't Cynthia about old enough. Why don't you perverts start using two girls at a time?"

Dad said something I didn't catch. Mom went on, "Oh geeze, so she actually was number twelve last weekend ... and all of you her first time? Oh that poor girl ... her poor, poor pussy! Hey, does what's-his-name... the Police Chief... does he still burn the girl's boobs with his cigarettes to keep track of how many times he's screwed them?"

Again, I didn't get to hear Dad's answer but I knew what it was. I already knew Dad and his friends had fucked Cynthia last weekend. I ran my fingers over the circular burn scars under my left nipple and thought about the burns on both of Cynthia's nipples. The week before, it had been Jolene, and before that, Kathy. Mom's voice interrupted my thoughts, sounding incredulous, "You don't mean that! Their nipples? That guy is getting worse! He's a real sick-o freak!"

Another string of muffled sounds from Dad, then Mom again, "Sure, I know, you can't get rid of him. I've heard it all, he's the police, and he gets rid of all the problems. Well, there's some burn salve in the medicine cabinet, ok?"

Mom went on, "Well I bet Margie was pissed about having DeLuke barbecue Cynthia's nipples! I'll have to call her. Well, anyway, remember to tell the rest of the guys that our little girl has started having her period now. It probably won't matter to them, but maybe you could suggest that they might be a bit careful when they cum, and you too. But I suppose since I let you cum inside her, it won't hurt anything if you guys cum in her tonight, just be sure she takes time to do drain her cock hole every once in a while. I don't want her leaking cum all over everything tonight, ok?"

I heard Dad's voice again, nothing understandable, Mom added more instructions, "Oh, and don't forget tomorrow afternoon, my sister and her family should get here about one o'clock and our plane leaves at two-twenty. So while we're gone it'll just be you, Jim, they're three boys and our little girl for the next three weeks. We'll be back on New Year’s Eve."

"If you remember, Jim and the boys banged away at our little girl last spring when they were here and that was just for three days. I feel awkward talking to him about this sort of stuff, so you tell Jim and his boys that when they screw her, be careful!" she finished. "I don't want you guys taking any unnecessary chances with her. The last thing I want to do is to give Chief DeLuke another problem to get rid of, more fodder for one of those sick movies. He enjoys making those way, way too much."

Dad sounded rather irritated, “It sure seems to me that his way of handling problems works fine. And look at the money! Would you rather have a bunch of pregnant girls running around town?”

Now Mom sounded disgusted, “WELL NO! All I’m asking is that you try to be careful. You know, just… just… you know!”, Mom sounded totally flustered now.

"OK! Don’t worry about it. We will... or… we won't… or… whatever", Dad answered, trying to placate Mom, “Just don’t worry!”

As I laid there still sort of floating on the edge of sleep, in and out, all this stuff I was over-hearing had me pretty overwhelmed so I decided not to even bother trying to think about it. It made no sense at all. Mom had told Dad to be careful, Dad said he and his friends would, that should be the end of it. What was the big deal?

I was glad to hear Mom dropped that subject as she spewed on, "Hey, maybe you can take Jim and the boys with you when you play poke-her with the Witherspoon girl next weekend. You said sometimes you guys bring guests. Are kids as young as their boys allowed?"

"As far as the sleeping arrangements while I’m gone, Missy and boys are going to be sleeping out in the camper. That way, you and Jim can each your own bedroom."

"Now I'm going to get my hair done, then going out with Mary-Ann while you guys have your club meeting. And have sleeping beauty put some clothes on before your buddies start to get here. I don't want them to think we've raised a slut for a daughter."

"Oh, and one more thing, if Chief DeLuke brings Samson, put some socks on his paws so Missy doesn't end up with scratches all over her back and legs and stuff like last time, ok?"

I peeked out of one eye and Dad's voice got closer, "Yes dear.", he answered Mom.

Dad stood over me, I looked up and smiled at him as he leaned over to spread a throw over me. As he kissed my cheek he whispered, "Wow, you really worked me over good. I'm pooped." He grinned and held his limp prick for me to see. "We've got several extras tonight, so you better get some rest. The guys will be showing up here about six-ish. Oh, and the guys that do the hot tub just called they're almost here. I told them to come in when they're done and you would screw them both or whatever they wanted. You know, just a trade out for them doing the hot tube. But for goodness sake, don't make a mess on Mom's precious couch! Maybe you should go outback and wait for them. I’m going to go take a shower."

Then he walked away, down the hall toward bedrooms. I heard the Mom’s start up and garage door close as Mom left for the night. Then I was asleep. It was a happy sleep. I had every trust in my Dad, his poker friends, Uncle Jim, and my three cousins. I hoped Dad remembered to tell the spa guys to be careful… he probably did. This was going to be a great time, a Christmas to remember.

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