And then there were the suits they were wearing. Dave' daughter Amber was wearing a bikini that was two little triangles barely covering her areoles. The bottom as well as the sides of her breasts were plainly visible. I could barely take my eyes off of her breasts. And the bottom was almost as small - just a line up her butt showing all of the most perfect pair of ass cheeks I have ever seen.

And the front didn't start until what had to be almost her clit - she obviously shaved her bush. And you could see the edges of her cunt lips on the sides of the suit. I think as she was walking the front mostly moved into her cunt so I was seeing most of her pussy lips. She was a walking wet dream and I drank in the view.

One of her friends, Rose, was even better. Her suit was two straps that ran down over her breasts barely covering the nipple and then down to her cunt. On the back they ran back up over her butt cheeks and over her shoulders. I don't think the two straps were connected at all. From the back her asshole wasn't covered at all by the suit - if only she would bend over. I was so hard from knowing that her she had nothing covering her asshole, yet I couldn't see it.

And on the front it looked like she had rings holding it in place over her breasts. When she moved her breasts moved so deliciously, jiggling around and yet moving the straps with them keeping them always over the nipples, yet giving views of everything else. I think she had rings in her nipples and was using them to hold the suit in place.

And at her pussy I think it was another ring, maybe even through her clit, holding the two straps together. I don't think they were actually sewn together at the bottom. Instead each just ran over a pussy lip. That was her pussy right there between the straps, if they would just move apart a little.

Suzy, the third girl looked almost conservative by comparison. A simple one piece bathing suit. Granted it was almost painted on her and she had a killer body. But it covered all of her. Then Amber pushed her in the pool and when she got out, my heart almost stopped. The bathing suit was almost transparent. I could see all of the most beautiful pair of full DD breasts I had ever seen. And there was no doubt in her case, she shaved her pussy and there it was, all of it. I thought I was going to die. And I gave up pretending and just stared at this point.

There were three others too. Six pieces of incredibly sexy jailbait, wearing almost nothing, and running around the pool just playing like teens do, ignoring my stares.

"Pretty incredible - huh?" Dave said as he sat down next to me.

I started and looked over at him guiltily. "What do you mean?"

"I could see what you're looking at - and I don't blame you. You’d have to be a faggot not to enjoy looking at them" he replied.

"Well. well they are pretty" I stammered.

"Rachael, Rose, come on over here and say hi" Dave shouted over to the girls. Rose (the one with the two straps) and another girl came over. Rachael was a tiny little blonde with her hair in two pigtails and an enormous pair of breasts. She wore a cut-off shirt that didn't quite cover the bottom of her breasts and on the shirt it said "Young, Dumb, & Full of Cum." Her shorts were incredibly skimpy and made of flesh colour spandex. You could easily seeher puffy cunt lips outlined.

"Hi Mr. Hill" they both sang out with smiles.

"This is Lee Manning - he's Rosemarie Manning's father" he said.

"Hi Mr. Manning" they both said giving me gigantic smiles.

"Hi" I replied weakly while staring at Rachael's tits and cunt. God she was a walking wet dream.

"Sit down" Dave said.

Rachael sat in Dave' lap and leaned back against him placing her legs outside his giving me a gigantic beaver spread through her spandex shorts.

Rose sat down in my lap sideways throwing her arms around me and landing her butt right on the raging hard-on I had.

"Mr. Manning, you sure seem to like me" she said smiling.

I couldn't say anything - I was staring down at the most beautiful pair of boobs, barely covered by the straps running over them. Without even thinking of it my arms went and surrounded her waist.

"Well, what do you think?" Dave asked me.

"Huh?" I said looking up at him. I suddenly realized he had his hands up under Rachael's shirt and had to be massaging her boobs. And Rachael was sitting there with a smile as though it was the most natural thing in the world for her friend's 40 year old father to be feeling her up.

"What the fuck is all this?" I asked.

"This is why I invited you over - this is what I wanted to show you. These girls live for this - for sex. For sex with us grown-ups, for sex with each other, for sex with their friends."

I suddenly realized the Rose was gently kissing my neck and my cock was threatening to break out of my pants. "I am so horny Mr. Manning" she whispered.

My brain was short-circuiting. I was not sure what to do. I don't think I could do anything. A volcano could erupt right there and I don't think I could have moved away from it.

I suddenly realized that Rose was pulling my hand up to her boob. Suddenly I was holding the most incredible breast in my hand. I just started squeezing it. It was incredible to look at her firm young breasts and feel them.

"They also know to respect men" Dave said. "They understand that women are the weaker sex and that their role is to listen to their man. To their father until they are married and to their husband after that."

Rose pulled my other hand down to her cunt. My fingers slipped between the two straps into her cunt. My god, it was so smooth and tight and wet. And she started kissing me - French kissing me and grinding her ass against my cock. I thought I would explode.

And then I got the energy - barely - to take control of my body. I pulled my moth away from her and pushed her off my lap and she fell to the ground.

"Ow" she said looking pained as she landed on the cement.

"What are you doing" I said looking at Dave. "I'm married, I have three kids. These girls - these girls are just kids. They're my daughter's age."

"You have a chance now to change your life" Dave replied. "Look at what you can have. There is nothing like fucking teenage cunt. These girls are so tight and so firm - what more could you want." And as he spoke he ran his other hand under Rachael's shorts and started fingering her cunt. I could clearly see it through her shorts.

"Look, you work your ass off to provide for your family. And you do a good job. And the Bible says that as the man of the house you are the lord of your family. You're wife's job is to make you happy and obey you. It is not to get in the way of your happiness."

"But this is wrong" I replied.

"Wrong how?" Dave countered. "Everyone wants this. You clearly want this. The girls want this. And you have provided well for your family so you are doing your job there. Do you really want to say no to this - and for what? Look at Rose - you only hurt her when you pushed her away."

I looked down at Rose. She was looking up at me with sad eyes. They were all made up with heavy blue mascara and bright red lipstick. And through it all you could see that she was a young girl. An young girl made up to look like a slut.

I moved my hand down to her face to comfort her and she reached for it and held it while kissing my palm. Kissing it with her tongue as well as her lips. She then started sucking on my fingers while looking up at me like a scared puppy.

"Did I hurt you when I pushed you off my lap" I asked her.

She shook her head no and started to get up. She stood up holding my hand and continuing to suck on the fingers. She then leaned over and started French kissing me. As she stood there bent over at the waist kissing me she took my hands and pulled them up to her tits. She placed my hands on her tits and placed her hands over mine and used her hands to make my hands massage her tits.

I just enjoyed the moment. Fuck it. I did provide well for my family. And my wife was not giving me a whole lot of sex. If she didn't want to fuck, then I could get some elsewhere.

Feeling her tongue in my mouth and moving my tongue around hers was heaven. And her tits were out of this world. Especially the rings in her nipples. I squeezed and rubbed and enjoyed the feeling of tits that were so soft yet so incredibly firm.

Then I realized that she was fumbling at my pants. She pulled down the zipper. My cock hurt so bad I didn't care what she was doing as long as she would free it up. It was going to break if it stayed in my pants.

And then she had it out and was stroking it. I thought I was going to loose it. I was ready to explode. And then I did explode - it was too much. I shot my cum into her hand and over her stomach. I think I almost squeezed her boobs off of her chest as I came it was so intense.

"So you do like me" Rose said and giggled. She then sat down on my legs facing me and stroked my cock with one hand while she rubbed the cum into her stomach with the other. "God I love getting a man off like that" she said.

"That was incredible" I replied.

She then reached down with her other hand and started playing with my balls. I was getting hard again. I don't know how I did so fast but having this little nymphet stroking my prick and caressing my balls was doing it. We kept kissing and I kept squeezing those incredible tits.

"Do you know I'm only 14" she whispered to me. "Do you like feeling my baby tits?"

My cock gave a jerk as I thought guiltily about my own daughters.

"I'm really just a little girl" she whispered as she tongued my ear. "Do you like fucking little girls?"

My cock was rock hard now and I realized she was shifting and was moving her cunt above my cock. She started sitting on my cock and I have never felt something so incredible. It was a small tight wet hole that just sucked up my cock as it went in.

"You're fucking a 14 year old pussy" she whispered. "Do you like fucking my little baby pussy?"

And with that she stopped 1/3 of the way down my cock and pulled her head back and looked at me. I looked at the sexy slutty face, the half closed eyes, the smooth, wrinkle-free young face. She looked so desirable and so innocent and so wanton.

"Tell me you want to fuck me" she said.

"I want to fuck you" I replied.

"Tell me you want to fuck my 14 year old pussy."

"I do, I want to fuck your 14 year old pussy."

"Tell me you like little girl pussy best."

"I like your pussy best - I love your pussy."

"Tell me you like little girl pussy best" she insisted.

"I like little girl pussy best."

She lowered herself down on my cock and it was as though my cock had been swallowed up. "You're fucking my little 14 year old pussy" she whispered in my ear as we started fucking. "Your daughter Rosemarie is almost my age and you're fucking me. This is what her pussy would feel like."

Feeling her little young body was incredible. Running my hands all over her while she bounced in my lap running my cock in and out of her cunt was incredible.

"I love cock" she started whispering. "I'm a slut, I'm a whore and I love cock. I love cock in my cunt. Fuck my cunt. Fuck your little whore. Fill me full of cum. I'm just a cum bucket to be filled up with men's cum."

It was too much. I shot my load into her cunt. The thought of this little girl fucking me like this and talking like this had turned me on more than anything else ever had.

As I came down I looked over at Dave. He was still feeling up Rachael and there was another girl kneeling down between his legs sucking his dick."That's it Amber" he said, "suck daddy's dick like a good little whore." His own daughter was sucking him off. This was unbelievable.

And at the same time he was feeling up Rachael, one hand playing with her massive tits and the other fingering her cunt. And Rachael was looking like she was about to cum and saying "oh god, this feels so good. I love it when you play with my pussy. Make your little cum slut cum, please make your little cum slut cum."

And then I could see both of them cum with Dave reaching around Rachael to push Amber's head all the way down his cock and hold it there as she choked on it and struggled. Finally he let her go and she came up for air coughing and with cum running out of nose and mouth.

Rachael jumped off of Dave' lap and started kissing Amber and licking the cum off of her face. And Amber kissed her back. Just when I thought I couldn't see anything more erotic, here were these two nymphets kissing each other like sex starved lovers.

"Here's the deal" Dave said looking over at me while stuffing his cock back in his pants. "This can be a one time deal, never to be repeated, never tobe mentioned. Or you can join our club."

"What club?" I asked. "How do I join?"

"You join by bringing your wife and daughter into the club."

"Even if I would, they wouldn't" I replied.

Dave leaned forward. "We all thought that once. There is a place. We call it the camp. This place will teach them. It will teach them to love sex and want sex as often as they can get it. And it will teach them that as husband and father you are the master of your family."

"You're kidding - right?"

"No, no joke. All of these girls have been to the camp - right Rose?"

Rose turned and snuggled up against me. "Yes I went to the camp. Before I went there I didn't realize how incredible sex can be" she said looking at me with those intent 14 year old eyes.

"And who should make the final decisions in your life?" Dave asked.

"My daddy of course" she said giving him that look young teens reserve for adults who ask dumb questions.

"It's not just your daughter, it's your wife too" Dave continued. "They will teach her too. And they will get her back in shape so she is sexy again."

"All three of my daughters?" I asked.

"No, the twins are too young. They will have to wait another year or two. Just Rosemarie." He explained. "But Rosemarie, and your wife Marsha can both go - and will both come out of it as sex crazed women there for your pleasure."

I thought about it. I thought about it a lot as Rose snuggled up against me and kept licking my ear. I thought about it as I ran my hands over Rose's perfect young body, squeezing her breasts, squeezing her ass, fingering her pussy - all of which made her hum in contentment. I thought about it as I looked over and saw Rachael and Amber in a 69 going wild on each other, licking each other's young smooth pussy. I thought about it as I saw one of the girls rubbing tanning lotion on one of the others everywhere on her body as the other one ran a double-headed dildo in and out of her pussy.

I thought about how I had worked my ass off to provide a really good life for my family. And in return I had never had anything that came close to what I had felt in the last 20 minutes.

"They'll want to do it?" I asked Dave.

"By the time the training is done - yes." He affirmed.

I thought about it a little more and as I started to get hard again I told Dave yes. And then I fucked his daughter Amber to seal the deal. And when I was done Rose ate my cum out of her pussy. Seeing a little 14 year-olds
face buried in another 14 year-old pussy is such a turn-on.


I sent the twins off to a summer camp that is affiliated with the training camp. While to all appearances a normal camp, the camp is designed to encourage girl's thoughts of sex and a father ruled universe.

I sent Rosemarie and Marsha off to the training camp, telling both of them that it was very important to me that they go and that they follow the training regime at the camp. Neither was happy that I wouldn't give them details, but both went when I insisted.

While they were gone, I dated. Not women my age though. I took turns with the girls in the group. And in return I promised the other men turns with Rosemarie and Marsha. Little did Rosemarie and Marsha know, they were already being promised as whores in return for the sex I was getting.

The girls were all different ages, from 14 to 50. Some were daughters, some were wives. And they would always do as I asked. I would get blow jobs whenever we were driving. We would go to dinner and I would finger them through the meal as they would jack me off. We would go to strip clubs and we would both get lap dances at the same time.

But mostly I would enjoy the young ones. The 14, 15, and 16 year olds. They all had big tits and smooth pussies. They would fuck me whenever and however I wanted. And as I fucked them they would tell me "I love having your big prick in my little young cunt daddy" as I would explode in them.

A New Start - Part I

They had me picking up Rosebud a week before her mom (her name had been changed from Rosemarie to Rosebud by the camp). As I was walking up to the main building, there was an explosion out the front door and I realized that Rosebud was running out to meet me screaming "Daaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyy."

She looks beautiful running toward me wearing a light summer dress that buttoned up the front. I stopped she was so stunning. She hadn't buttoned much of the dress and it parted up to the waist as she ran toward me. I could see her bare legs flashing all the way up to her beautiful little pussy. And her pussy was totally bare - I could see her little lips and her clit peeking up at the top.

The dress wasn't buttoned up much at the top either. As it shifted back and forth it gave me a beautiful view of her cleavage and glimpses of her nipples. And that was it - she was obviously not wearing panties or a bra. No shoes or socks. Just running barefoot across the grass to me.

And then it was like a hurricane hit me as she ran into my arms and threw herself on me kissing me and talking a mile a minute. "Daddy, I'm so glad you sent me here. But, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad to see you again. But this was so wonderful. I learned so much. Oh, daddy, you need to meet everyone here. I love you Daddy."

And with that she placed her mouth over mine and gave me the biggest French kiss I have ever had in my life. I pushed my tongue as far down her throat as I could and hugged her tight and enjoyed the feeling of her young firm body against mine.

We finally broke for air and I realized someone up at the main building was calling to me. "Mr. Manning, can you and your daughter come on up here" he asked. We turned and walked on up to him.

"Oh daddy, this is Mr. Miller, he's the director here. He is so nice, he has taught me so many things about myself" Rosebud said as she dragged me up to the building with her arm around me. I mostly just looked at how pretty she looked. The dress was very transparent out in the bright sunlight and I could run my eyes up and down her body enjoying how it looked.

Until a month ago I would occasionally glance at beautiful teen girls. But the last month fuck-a- thon had me now viewing them all as fuck meat and I was now viewing my own daughter this way. A daughter who I was pretty sure had not even engaged in heavy petting when I had dropped her off here a month ago.

"I'm just so glad I did this, I've had such a good time here daddy" Rosebud babbled on.

"Rosebud!" Mr. Miller said in a stern voice, "you're not paying attention to your daddy's needs."

Rosebud stopped and looked at my crotch. Needless to say, my dick was straining out against my pants.

"Oh, daddy, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you" she was talking so fast the words jumbled together.

"Rosebud - you're still not addressing his needs" Mr. Miller said sternly.

Rosebud turned to me and said "Daddy, can I please take care of your hard-on? I would love to suck it or you can fuck my cunt or my ass. Or my titties have grown and you can fuck between my tits."

Looking at that earnest angelic face, framed in the long wavy blond hair, asking me if she could fuck me. I almost came in my pants. And that face, with the heavy slutty makeup on the eyes and lips, and under it a face that was clearly still only 14 years old.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle first having sex with my daughter. My daughter that I had tricked into coming here. But this was solving it for me. Although I was not wild about doing it right out here where people walking by could see it.

"Mr. Manning" Mr. Miller said, "we've found that having the man get head right here, right now, solves a lot of problems. They don't need to worry about when to first have sex. And it makes it clear that anywhere they want it, the woman should give it to them."

"Rosebud" he continued, "suck your father off please."

Rosebud looked over at Mr Miller, then looked at me with a questioning look on her face. "Go ahead sweetheart" I told her.

Rosebud smiled and dropped down to her knees. She unzipped my pants and my raging boner sprung out. The next thing I know, she's swallowed my entire dick. Her nose is buried in my pubic hair and the end of my cock is down her throat. And boy is she milking it.

I look down and see that beautiful little face stuffed full of cock, her mouth wide open and her cheeks sucking for all they are worth and I lost it. I came right then pouring my cum down her throat. And Rosebud, my little slut, sucked it all down emptying me out.

"That's a good little fuck-slut" Mr. Miller said approvingly.

Rosebud looks up at me and gives me a big smile. "See daddy, I've learned how to be a real good cocksucker."

"Yes you have angel" I said as I stroked her hair. "You're a beautiful little cocksucker and I love you." She looks so beautiful kneeling in front of me with my cock out by her face. I know her mouth has some of my cum still in it. I can see her beautiful big tits and I can remember her adorable bare pussy. But mostly it's the beautiful smiling face of my 14 year old daughter staring upat me that I love.

"Lets go on in and chat for a minute" Mr. Miller suggests.

He and I turn and walk on in and behind us Rosebud gets up and follows us. We go in to a comfortable sitting room and we both sit down.

"Rosebud, you were bad out there weren't you?" Mr. Miller asks her.

Rosebud looks up at him with a guilty look. "Yes I was sir."

"Tell your father how you were bad."

"I wasn't thinking of you daddy. I'm sorry but I was so happy to see you. But I didn't see that you needed, that your dick needed to be taken care of."

"Rosebud - how should you be saying this?" Mr. Miller was clearly getting upset.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry daddy. I didn't notice that daddy wanted to fuck his little cum-slut daughter. I didn't mean it daddy."

"And Rosebud, what happens when you are bad?" Mr. Miller continues.

"I get spanked" Rosebud whispers.

"And why do you get spanked?"

"Because you are trying to teach me to do the right thing. Because you care about me."

"And who in this room cares the most for you?" Mr. Miller asks her.

"My daddy of course. My daddy loves me so much."

"So ask him" Mr. Miller replies.

"Daddy" she says looking at me plaintively, "will you please spank me for being bad?"

I look at her standing there, heavy slut makeup, mussed up hair, and little bits of saliva and cum on her chin. She stands with her arms by her side and I can see her beautiful breasts, half in the gap of the dress and half through the dress. And her pussy barely peeks through a slight gap in her dress. Her face has that little girl yearning look that in the past she would use when she wanted me to give her something.

I look at Mr. Miller and he nods at me. "Ok darling, I'll give you a spanking." I wasn't sure what was going on, but I wasn't about to say no to anything right now.

Rosebud undoes the remaining buttons on her dress and it falls to the floor leaving her totally naked. I had never been so aroused before in my life. Here she was, my little slut daughter, totally naked in front of me. And smiling happily as she walks over to me.

Rosebud lays herself over my lap. I feel her breasts press into one of my legs, her hips on the other. My dick is poking into her soft taut stomach. With one hand I stroke her hair and with the other I stroke her ass. She has the most perfectly formed ass I have ever seen.

"You must punish her for being bad" Mr. Miller tells me. "Spank her."

I lightly spank her ass and my cock gives another lurch.

"Daddy, you're hard again" Rosebud says and giggles. "Can I take care of it for you?"

"Yes" I tell her. I feel her reach for my cock and balls and she starts stroking my cock and fondling my balls. I love having her hand rub my cock as it presses into her belly.

"You need to spank her hard" Mr. Miller reminds me.

I start slapping her ass.

"Harder, much harder" Mr. Miller comments. "She must be punished if she is going to learn. Your job is to teach her."

I start spanking Rosebud's ass hard. I can see it turning red. She starts wiggling on my lap and my other hand instinctively holds her shoulders against my leg.

"Oh daddy, daddy it huuuuurts" she cries. Her hand is now squeezing my cock each time I pound her ass.

"Daddy please, I'm sorry, I won't do it again" she sobs. I can tell she is trying to hold the tears back. My cock is about to explode in her squeezing hand. Suddenly the tears let loose. "Daddy please, it hurts so much." She is trying to wiggle off of my lap but I hold on to her. "Daddy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll always fuck you when you need it. I'll always watch for when your cock wants me. OW OW OW, it hurts so much, please daddy. I'm your little fuck slut. I'm your little cum bucket. Please daddy, please please please. Oh god it hurts so much - IT HURTS SO MUCH."

And with that my cock exploded against her stomach and I really wailed on her butt, spanking her as fast as I can as I cum.

"OH GOD DADDY - I'M SORRY. I'll be a good little slut. I'll suck you and fuck you and do everything. I'll be good from now on. I'M SORRY DADDY. WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" And she just cries and cries.

I stop spanking her and let go of her. She falls to the floor on her side and rubs the cum from my cock on her stomach still crying and crying. I start to reach toward her not sure what to do. I didn’t want to hurt her, it just got away from me.

"Comfort her" Mr. Miller directs.

I reach down and pick her up and sit down with Rosebud in my lap. Her head is pressed against my neck and I am cradling her with one arm around her back and one under her legs, holding her like a little baby.

Rosebud sobbed into my shoulder tears streaming down her face. "I'm so sorry daddy. I won't be bad again. Please don't be mad at me for not sucking your cock right away. I'm sorry daddy. I'm trying to be a good daughter. I really am. I love you daddy - I love you so much. I didn't mean to hurt you."

I hold her tight against me and try to comfort her. "It's ok baby. I love you too. I love you so very much too."

Rosebud looks up at me with a hopeful smile on her face. I look down at that beautiful face. She has mascara running down, tears all over her face, smeared lipstick. And I smile at the gorgeous face and lean down to give her a kiss. She throws her arms around me and hugs me tightly while we deeply French kiss each other. And I feel the sobs shake her body as she cries and kisses me.

Suddenly Mr. Miller speaks. "It is necessary that you punished her. Otherwise you might not do it when you go home. And you have to remember, she is still just a child. A little girl only 14 years old. Your job as a parent is to correct her when she makes mistakes. Please don't ever shirk your responsibility as a parent."

I look over at him and he smiles. "She'll be ok" he reassures me. "She actually needs this. She has been spanked worse than that here a couple of times." And he then gives me a smile. "Comfort her, but remind her that you are her father, that you will guide her, that you will need to punish her when she is wrong - because you love her."

"I love you Rosebud" I tell her softly. "I love you so very much. I did this because I had to baby - you made a mistake and I have to correct you when you make a mistake." I look at Mr. Miller questioningly. This does not make sense to me. He nods his head at me to continue.

"It's ok angel" I tell her as I stroke her hair. I hug her hard. "I did this because I love you baby. Do you understand?"

"I. I understand daddy" she tells me. "I'm really sorry daddy. I really do want to suck your prick whenever you're horny daddy - I do - I really do. Please believe me."

This is amazing. My little daughter desperate for me to know that she wants to suck my prick. That she is sorry she did not suck it as soon as I was hard. "I know baby, I know you want to suck me."

"You do?" she asks and I can feel her body shudder. "Oh daddy thank you, thank you" and I can feel her body as she heaves. I hold her tight as he entire body trembles. She calms down.

"Thank you daddy. I'll be good, I'll be so good - you'll see. I love you so much. I'll make you so proud of me. I'll suck your cock and fuck you and be the best little slut a daddy ever had."

I give her body a squeeze and kiss her on the forehead.

Rosebud gives me a giant smile. "Daddy you haven't even had a chance to fuck my cunt yet. I have a really wet cunt. I know you'll like it. And I can feel you starting to get hard again."

It was true. Impossible I would have thought. But having this sexy naked little body in my arms was doing it to me again. I reached down with one hand and put a finger into her pussy. God it felt so wet and tight.

"Oh daddy, I can feel your finger in my cunt. I love having you feel me up. I'm a little slut daddy. I love it when someone feels me up. I will be such a good little whore for you daddy. Can I please fuck you daddy? I want your cock in my cunt. Please daddy."

"Go ahead my little slut daughter."

Rosebud moves around and sits over me facing me and lowers herself on to my cock. God this felt so good holding my baby in my arms as she fucks me.

I look over at Mr. Miller. "Thank you for what you've given me."

"With a hot little slut like Rosebud it's a pleasure" he replies. "Now a couple of things we need to finish.

I can't believe this. I'm fucking my daughter and talking to this guy and he is acting like it's the most ordinary thing in the world. So is Rosebud, to her all she is doing is fucking me and kissing my neck.

"First off" Mr. Miller continues, "you need to be aware that for the past month Rosebud has had sex everywhere and at all times. When you go back into the world you need to make sure that she behaves herself in public. Please stay two days in town here at the Ritz Hotel. They are very circumspect and it will give you a chance to practice - both of you."

"Second, you need to have her take these pills for the next three months" he holds up a bottle of pills. "They continue the hormone treatments that we have put her on that dramatically increase her sex drive."

I can feel her sex drive, she is pounding up and down on my cock and mumbling "you have such a wonderful cock daddy. It feels sooooo good in my cunt. I love you daddy. I love fucking you."

"When three months is up her doctor will give her a new set of pills with a lower dose" Mr. Miller continued "after six months, the pills can be stopped because her body will naturally keep her at this new hormonal mix. And she now has a new doctor, someone who we work closely with. You should work closely with him for any medical issues with Rosebud."

"Is there anything I need to worry about" I ask.

"No, no not at all" he replies reassuringly. "But you may want some additional changes. Plastic surgery, hormonal changes, things like that. Now these pills" and he holds up another box of pills, "these she needs to take for the next three years. These will cause her breasts to grow. She should end up a EE or FF. You can stop if you want, but I recommend continuing until she finishes growing."

It is getting hard to keep listening. Rosebud's cunt feels so good on my cock. And she feels so good in my arms, with her boobs pressed into my chest and rubbing up and down on my chest. I run my hands up and down her body. "You feel so good baby. Your little cunt is really making my cock hard."

"I'm so glad daddy" she murmurs looking up at me. "I love being able to make you feel good."

"This is what she needs to listen to each night" Mr. Miller continues looking at me. "It will play in a continuous loop and reinforces what we have been teaching her here. You should really do this for the rest of her life. But at least for the next year. Have her wear this headset each night when she goes to sleep."

I can feel myself getting ready to cum. It's amazing what a sexy tight little body can do to a man. Especially when she's both gorgeous and his own daughter.

"You need to tell her what she is" Mr. Miller is staring at me insistently. "This is important, you need to tell her that she is a whore, a slut, a cum bucket. That she is here for your pleasure. You must make this stick in her mind - from you - do it."

He has a way about him, I almost lose my hard-on his insistence is so strong. I reach down and grab Rosebud's head in both hands and turn her head up to look at me. I see that adoring face with her big young girls smile - happy because she knows she is pleasing her daddy.

"Rosebud, you're a slut, a cunt, a tight wet hole for me to get off in." I can see her face frown as she tries to understand what I am doing. "You're nothing but a hole to stuff my prick in to. You're a mouth and a cunt and an ass. I'm using your cunt to masturbate my cock. That's all you are, a way for me to get off." I can see her face get all scrunched up ready to cry. I look at Mr. Miller and he nods very insistent that I continue.

"You're a cum rag, a whore, a fuck-toy made for getting men off." Mr. Miller had gone over this with me by phone earlier today - what I had to do. But my heart was breaking. This is my little baby and I was making her cry.

I kiss her on the forehead and then the eyes and then gently on the lips. "I love you my little fuck-hole" I tell her gently. Rosebud gives me a nervous smile. "You make your daddy so happy this way Rosebud darling." Her smile gets bigger. "Just keep fucking your daddy like a good little whore." She smiles some more and gets back to energetic fucking.

"I love you daddy - I just want to make you happy" she says.

I lean back and just enjoy the feeling of her cunt riding my cock and look at her beautiful body as she bounces up and down, a smile and a look of determination on her face. I suddenly shoot into her pussy, cumming for the first time in my little girl. She has a giant smile on her face as I fill her pussy with my cum.

I move Rosebud gently to the floor and she curls up against my leg.

"We permanently removed all hair from her from the neck down" Mr. Miller continued as though nothing was unusual. "No pubic hair, no underarm hair, no hair on her legs or arms - totally smooth everywhere."

I reach down and stroke Rosebud's hair. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Most important, she has a sex drive that won't quit - and she understands that her job is to please the men in her life." Mr. Miller leaned back with a satisfied smile on his face. "Rosebud, tell your father what a woman's role is."

"A woman is here to take care of her man" Rosebud said happily. "The men take care of us and we take care of them - that's what love is."

"And who's the boss" prompted Mr. Miller.

"The man is silly" Rosebud said with that look 14 year olds reserve for stupid adult questions.

We Take our Leave

As we walk out to the car there is a blur from the side of the building and a voice screaming "BAAAAAAARRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIII." I watch as another young nymphet slams into Rosebud.

"I'm going to miss you soooooo much" I hear the new girl exclaim. She throws herself around Rosebud and the two are hugging each other and kissing, tongues thrust deep into each other's mouth.

I tug on Rosebud's arm and she let's go of her friend. "I'm going to miss you too Amber. But I'll call you" Rosebud tells her.

I walk Rosebud over to the car and hold the door for her. She is once again wearing her transparent dress, barely buttoned. She lifts up the back of the dress so her ass is sitting directly on the seat and spreads the dress to er sides so her pussy is clearly visible.

I go over to the other side and get in. As I buckle in Rosebud snuggles up against my side and one of her hands drops to my crotch to caress my cock and balls through my pants. As I drive off I see Mr. Miller and Amber waving goodbye. Then I see Amber turn and drop to her knees to suck Mr. Miller off.

As we are driving I press down on Rosebud's head and she then pulls down my zipper and leans over to suck my cock. "Gently" I direct her. I just want her to hold it in her mouth - there is no way it can get hard again but it still feels good resting in her mouth.

I look down at the top of her head, at her beautiful body barely covered, and I realize that I love her so much. "I love you angel" I tell her. "You are the best daughter a daddy ever had." I can hear her almost purr in contentment.

As we got close to the city I have Rosebud sit up and zip me up. "Ok honey, we're back in the real world. And you have to act correctly in it."

"Ok daddy" she replies.

"So button up your top so people cannot see your nipples. Button the bottom so they can't see your cunt."

Rosebud sticks her tongue out at me but starts buttoning.

"Don't worry angel, you still look like a complete slut" I tell her.

"Really daddy, you're not just saying that?" she asks as her face brightens.

Rosebud snuggles back up against me and I wrap one arm around her holding her bob while driving with the other hand. It's going to be hard for me to maintain in public around her too.

"Sit up baby" I tell her as we pull up to the hotel.

The valet's eyes almost fall out of his head as he holds her door open. The dress is tight on her body and you can almost see through it in the shadows of the entrance overhang. Rosebud gets out, flashing her cunt at the valet. "Thank you sir" she tells him as he stands there unable to speak.

I get out on my side and give the keys to the valet. "Bags are in the trunk" I tell him.

Rosebud walks around the car to me and in so doing walks out into the sunlight. God she is beautiful in that dress - you can see her entire body. If it wasn't for the lack of pubic hair everyone would realize they were looking at her cunt. As it is, they are looking at it without realizing it.

"I love you daddy" she says giving me a hug.

"I love you too angel" and then I lean down to whisper to her "in the sunlight it's like you are naked. Everyone can see your tits and cunt."

Rosebud gives a start and looks up worried. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"Don't worry about it" I reassure her. "You're just another slutty teenager. Mostly they're thinking about how they’d like to fuck your adorable little pussy."

We walk in to registration. Inside Rosebud's dress looks very normal, a nice flowing dress that hugs her body. But she still attracts stares - she is definitely prime meat.

While the receptionist goes off to get our paperwork, I lean my back against the counter and direct Rosebud "face the counter and undo the buttons right over your pussy."

She turns and does as I ask. "Why daddy?"

I casually reach over to her front and run my fingers down her stomach to her cunt. I start to finger her through the opening in the dress. "All these people here, all the men are looking at you. What do you think of that?"

She jerks and starts to turn around.

"Don't turn" I tell her strongly.

"But daddy. Daddy, I don't. what should I do?"

"Just tell me that you love me angel. I love you. A daddy and a daughter should love each other."

The clerk comes back at this time. I turn around and finger Rosebud with my other hand. I turn to her "I love you angel."

"I love you daddy. I love you so much" she says and then she hugs me tightly.

The clerk looks at us and smiles.

This has to be heaven. Here I am in the lobby of this beautiful hotel, my sexy daughter pressed up against me wearing the thinnest dress in the world, and I have a finger in her smooth wet pussy.

I sign us in and we walk into the elevator, up to our room.

hope you all enjoy

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