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Uncle Takes A Niece

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            I never thought about my niece in a bad way until she flew out to visit with me while I was on business. I had a few pictures of her but never thought anything different of her until she got off the plane and met me at the gate. My little niece was only 17 and getting ready to start her senior year in high school after summer. She had grown up quickly. She had the looks of a twenty year old. Skye had filled out in all the right areas. She reminded me of a young woman and not a teenager when I spotted her.

            We hugged each other and headed out to get her baggage. When she gave me a hug, I was surprised at myself for looking at her the way I did. My own beautiful niece had stirred something in me that was not right. However, I could not get over how sexy she looked as we drove in the car to the hotel. She had beautiful long blonde hair that lay down her back while she walked. It helped to accentuate her nice figure. I continued to get mad at myself for the things that I was thinking about.

            Finally, we got to the hotel and headed to our room. As we stepped into the room, I immediately noticed that there was a king size bed and that was it. I got angry and started to call the front desk when my niece just told me that it would be fine. Skye said that there was plenty of room and that we could both sleep in it. I told her that I would call down and see about getting a roll away. She said not to bother. At first I was trying to convince her that it wasn’t fair to her. All Skye could tell me though was that she would be just fine with this. So I finally relaxed and said okay. Personally, I told myself that it was going to be nice lying in bed with a beautiful woman like her.

            Once we started unpacking and putting things away, Skye then noticed that she had forgot to pack her night shirt. I told her that we could go down to the local store and get her another one. She just said no and if it was okay with me she would just wear one of my shirts. I had no problem with that. I am a tall muscular man and she is such a tiny beauty, so I knew she would be swimming in it.

            All this time I could feel that sensation building inside of me that was not the right type of thoughts or feelings for an uncle towards his niece. I went into the bathroom and changed into my swim shorts while Skye put her swim suit on. We were going to go down to the beach and do some swimming in the ocean. I figured that this would be a great idea so that I could get these thoughts out of my head. Once I walked back into the room, I was back to square one again. There stood my niece in one of the sexiest bikini’s I had ever seen any woman wear. It fit in all the areas it was designed for. “Wow, that there is some suit you have little lady”.

            Skye just smiled and gave me a little nudge in the side like she used to do when she walked by me. We headed to the beach and my eyes kept watching her body. I could feel my dick start to stir. I could not believe that my own niece was turning me on. I hurried up and drop my towel and ran into the water while my sexy little niece stretched out the blanket we brought along. I got into the water and felt my dick start to go down from the cold ocean waters. I was feeling like I could now control myself. This was until I watched my niece run into the water as her tight figure flexed with every stride. She had nice firm tits that were definitely bigger than a hand full but held themselves up high on her chest.

            Skye dove into the water and swam right in front of me. I watched as her suit became wet and formed itself to her tight little ass with a perfect curved shape. I was glad that I still had my sunglasses on because all I could do was look at her chest and ass whenever she went by. I just knew that it was going to be a long week but I didn’t care because I was with my wonderful niece. I told myself that it was just because I hadn’t been home for awhile and I would be fine soon. I continued to stay in the water as my niece walked up to the blanket and laid down on it. I then took this opportunity to hurry up and make my way to the blanket. Skye stayed on her stomach as I then laid down on the blanket next to her making sure not to get to close.

            Skye and I talked a while before we finally got up and headed to the room to shower and get ready to go out for some dinner. I took my shower after Skye. I could not help but think that she was just in this shower all naked wet and soapy. I was left with no options except to grab hold of my dick and jack myself off while envisioned my niece naked. I could only imagine it but it still lead to one hell of a great ejaculation all over in the tub.

            Finally, I was able to relax a little bit. Now that I had jacked off, I had those guilty feelings for having such bad thoughts about my niece. I got out and dried myself off and put on my shorts and shirt. When I came out of the shower room, I was led right back into those wild unnatural thoughts about Skye again.

            There was my niece standing by the bed. She was dressed in another one of her outfits that fit just right in every way that makes a male notice and get excited. “Mercy, you sure aren’t a little girl any more”. Skye just looked in the mirror with a big grin and turned to adjust everything just right. “I can see that I am going to have my hands full just trying to keep the guys away from you tonight”.

            Skye finished adjusting and walked up and stood in front of me. She looked up at me while putting her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you uncle, I just wanted to look good enough for the night. You were so nice to pay for me to come out here and see you that I would hate to disappoint you”.

            I put my arms around her and held her loose while I tried to be natural about everything. Actually, I was really in a bad situation. I could feel her body and its heat against me and this was really getting me going again. I could feel her firm breasts as they pushed against my body. My hands touching her back were really having a hard time not just grabbing a hold of that beautiful ass that she had. I broke the embrace as normal as possible and then we headed to dinner. My hands were still feeling the hot touch of her back. My cheek could still feel the sting from her hot lips touching them. My dick was now in another bad condition. I was glad that it was night as we walked to the car. I was able to keep my niece from seeing my hard-on.

            We drove for awhile until we came to a very nice restaurant that I liked and knew that she would like. As I came around and opened the door for her, I was able to look into the car and down at her. Skye let one leg out and I was able to see right up between her legs. I could tell that she was wearing a pair of deep red panties. My heart beat extremely hard for a few seconds while she then took her other leg out and stood. Again, I was glad that it was getting dark. My little sexy niece was creating a very hard situation for myself. Her dress reached about half thigh, so I was able to watch her legs as she entered the dinning area. Her dress was loose and swayed with every step she made. I looked up at all the guys watching her as she walked by them. One of them even had the balls to turn and lean over when she went by him. I took it upon myself to accidentally bump his head with my fist when I walked up. I played it off like I didn’t mean to. He sat back in his seat and gave me a look like please don’t beat me. Skye had no idea any of this went on. She walked up and I pulled out her seat for her while she sat. My beautiful little niece smiled up at me and said thank you. I smiled back as if to give that your welcome kind of look. In actuality, I was able to see down the top of her dress and got a great view of her cleavage. In the back of my head I kept telling myself that this is wrong. She is your niece. My dick was telling me other signals though.

            We ordered our dinner and talked about how things were going back home and such. I ordered a drink and was sipping on it while talking. My niece kept looking at my drink as if trying to say something. I asked her, would you like to have some. She admitted that it crossed her mind but she was afraid that she would get caught. I told her that I would keep an eye out. She smiled at me and took a pretty good swig. She almost choked on the alcohol. She then told me that she liked to drink occasionally but her mom frowned upon it. I just told her that her mom was not here and go ahead. Skye snuck a few more sips before dinner came. I finished it off and ordered another one for dinner. We ate and drank as we talked some more. I was enjoying having her here with me because I usually eat alone and it was nice having someone to talk to.

            The idiot in me was playing full stream. I figured that it was okay for her to drink because it would make both of us tired and I would be able to sleep that night. I really don’t know where that stupid thought came from because I was getting a nice buzz going and my foxy niece was feeling pretty good to. She was still keeping her wits about her but I could see that her eyes were starting to look glossy. She said that she wanted to dance so we got and went onto the dance floor. I may have been in my forties but I could still dance okay. I was in a trance as I watched my sexy niece swing in all different directions. Her dress spun around with her as her legs her being shown off to everyone. We danced and laughed for quite awhile. We sat down for a little while and three guys came up and asked if they could dance with her. Skye just shook her head no and they left. I was glad that my niece had run them off because I was really enjoying my time with her. I even started to lose those wild urges in my head. It was just a good time all around.

            Everything was fine until my niece decided that she wanted to dance a slow dance with me. I wanted to say no but got up anyway. As we stepped onto the dance floor, she put her arms around my neck again and held me close to her as she rested her head against my chest. I could smell her fresh blonde hair and I could also feel her whole body resting against my frontal region. Skye’s dress was silky to the touch and I could feel every bit of her warm body against my palms. My beautiful niece’s tits were pressed against me and they were doing a number on my crotch. She held me close while I tried to keep myself off to one side of her. It was enjoyable but painful as well while we danced.

            Finally the song was over and we stepped off the floor. As we were stepping off the floor, my beautiful niece was holding my hand and she actually lost her balance a little. She recovered quickly and no one saw her. Skye turned to me and said that if it was okay she would like to go. I thought she was upset but she informed me that the alcohol was starting to get to her. She was worried that the restaurant would get upset if they knew that I let her drink. I informed her that they would not but we could leave only if she wanted to. She said yes because she was starting to feel pretty tired.

            As we were stepping out into the front of the building, a young man walked up and tried to get her to go back in. Skye said no and that she was sorry. His friends that were standing around him started to laugh and tease him. So he decided to be a jack ass. He stepped in front of her and spoke the wrong thing and called her a bitch. He told her that she couldn’t handle any but and old man like me. I reacted without thinking. I stepped in front of my niece and punched this idiot square in the face. He flew back and fell to the ground. My niece stayed behind me while the door man came running up. I started to apologize for everything. The stupid kid started yelling and trying to get things going even worse. The door man looked the punk in the face and told him that he needed to shut up. He also told him that he saw the punk trip and fall. The kid looked angry as if he was going to rise up. The door man leered at him again and told him to either leave or he was going to have to witness him falling down again.

            The kid got up and left with no hassles. The door man apologized for letting things get as far as they did with him and his wife. I just smiled and slipped the doorman a twenty as I shook his hand. Skye was a little shook up about what went on but shrugged it off as they headed to the car. She held my hand and arm while she leaned against me. I looked at her and said I was sorry for letting him say those things to her. She just grinned back at me and giggled a little as she spoke.

“That man thought we were husband and wife”

“Yeah, I wanted to correct him but I just didn’t feel like it was the time”

            My beautiful niece just held onto me and walked with me. We got into the car and were heading back to the room. Skye then turned towards me with another smile. She obviously was really starting to feel the effects from the alcohol because she had her leg bent so that I could see right up her dress again. My niece rested her head against the back of her seat while she held my hand. She was unable to see me but I was able to get a great shot of her panty covered womanhood. My dick forgot all about the fight and was now back to the same condition it was at the whole day. I   knew that I was going to be up for quite a while before he would get tired enough to lye down next to her. I was just glad that she was tired because it was going to be easier to calm down if she wasn’t awake and still driving me into that incestuous thought process. While my sexy red pant wearing niece rested her head with her eyes almost asleep, I continued to look at her cleavage and her firm legs which led up to that sweet little honey pot that was hidden under her panties. My dick was as stiff as it could get. It was so hard that it ached to get out of my shorts. I had to finally pull my eyes away from her sexy, fuckable little body. I had to really work hard at telling myself that this is my niece. I can not be thinking these crude thoughts. I was going to have to relax before we got to the hotel or she was going to see my stiff cock poking against my shorts when I open her door.

            Finally, I was able to divert my train of thought to something else. I continued to look forward as we pulled into the parking lot. I went around and opened her door as I looked away from her while I held her hand and guided her out of the car. I was really doing well. Everything was fine until I held the door open for her and she brushed against me while she stepped through the doorway. Her tits came into contact with my body and she fell towards me a little. Her hands reached out and grabbed my sides. She continued to walk in as if nothing had happened. She was to far gone to realize what she was doing. What she didn’t know was that she had brushed against me and caused my dick to spring back to it hardest form. I walked behind her and watched as her fine young ass swung back and forth with her steps. It was then that I was glad it was Friday. I was going to be up almost all night trying to calm down before I could sleep. I was starting to realize that this not such a good idea to have my niece staying with me for a week. It was to late that night but I planned on getting a roll away tomorrow.

            I opened the door and we went into the room. Skye grabbed her shirt and went into the restroom to change. I took this opportunity to try and adjust myself so that it was not so evident about my hard dick in my shorts. I sat down at the desk and turned on my laptop while she changed. My wonderful niece then came out of the restroom and stumbled a little bit as she looked at me with those glossy eyes and grinned. I watched as she tossed her stuff into her luggage. I immediately noticed that she had removed her panties as well. I now knew that she was not wearing any panties as she stood and walked over and behind me while I stared at my laptop. Skye reached up and put her arms around my neck as she rested her chin on my shoulder. I was finding it hard to try and concentrate with her tits poking me in the shoulder blades and her hot body resting so close to me. She watched for awhile and then said she was going to bed. As she did this, she gave me a kiss on my cheek again and said goodnight. I tried not to look but the mirror in front of me forced me to look up as she pulled the covers back and crawled across the bed. I was able to get another great look at her legs and ass while she crawled. I was unable to see everything but I did get a glimpse of her gorgeous little pussy. I did not see any hair but I did get a quick look at her lips. They were a perfect sight and they were a pretty pink. My dick pulsed with my heart beat. I thought I was going to bust a load right there.

            Skye finally settled down into the bed. She had turned herself away from the light. I got up and turned off the light. All I needed was for light was my laptop. I sat back down and tried to concentrate on my work. I kept getting pictures of her sexy little body as it danced with me tonight. I was also getting images of her getting into bed. My mind could not stay focused on the task at hand. I tried numerous times to work. I sat in the chair for about an hour and a half. I was unable to do any work. I was too turned on by my foxy niece that I finally gave up and leaned back in my chair. My dick hadn’t gone down a bit. It had a mind of its own. I looked back at the bed and my niece was now lying on her back and I couldn’t help but notice that her legs were slightly parted. I felt like I could see through the blankets. I envisioned her legs spread and that tight little pussy of hers out in the open. I couldn’t help but grab my dick and caress it a few times. I told myself that I was going to have to relieve my nuts before I could sleep. After I jack my dick off, I would be able to get some sleep.

            I got up and made my way toward the restroom. I wanted to make sure that Skye was asleep before I went in and shot my load. I didn’t want her waking up and hearing me. I walked to her side of the bed and called her name. She did not budge. I then nudged her a little bit to make sure she was asleep. She did not move at all. I could tell by her breathing that she was fast asleep. I figured that the coast was clear and went to stand back up. I made the mistake of looking down at her tits as they pushed against my shirt. They looked so perfect as they poked out and up. They were so firm to the sight. I was so turned on that I didn’t realize it as my hand then reached out and came to rest on her breast. I was out of control once I felt her nipple against the palm of my hand. I even gave it a little squeeze. All night long I had been watching and staring at this beautiful creature. I now had my hand on her tit and it felt absolutely wonderful.

            I was uncontrollable now as I brought my other hand up and grabbed her other succulent tit. Her body heat was incredible as she heated up my hands and my body. It would be a terrible thing to have her wake up and see me feeling her up but I was not thinking about that. All my mind and cock was thinking about was how hot she looked and felt. My shirt never looked so right for someone. I caressed her tits for awhile as my dick throbbed in my shorts. In the back of my head, I was telling myself to stop but my dick was talking for me now. It was telling me everything I needed to hear. I continued to feel up my niece for a few minutes before another thought came into mind. Before I knew what I was doing, I reached up and started undoing the buttons that were keeping me from seeing everything in its glory. I worked the buttons loose and then I pulled the shirt out of the way very carefully. I got the greatest sight of all. My niece had very sweet looking tits that had small nipples. They looked just like the porn stars titties. They were perfect in shape and size. They were anything but small. They definitely did not look like the tits you would see on a seventeen year old.

            I was lost in lust as I then undid my shorts and kneeled down beside the bed. I took hold of my cock and began jacking on it slowly. I could not help but lean over and bring my lips to rest on top of her nipple. My niece did not move or nothing as I then began to lick the tip of her nipple. It immediately got hard and I was drawn to it more as I took her tit in my mouth and began to suck on the whole mound. I flicked my tongue across the hard nipple why I sucked it into my mouth. All this time, I was still pulling on my dick. I couldn’t help but do the same thing to the other firm melon in front of me. Skye’s tits tasted so sweet as I changed back and forth. I finally let go of my dick and reached up to play with her mouth watering tits while I sucked on them. I loved the way they stayed so firm to the touch and grasp while I played with her nipples. My niece was causing me to really lose myself in her succulent beauty.

            After I had succeeded in mauling her teenage tits I then began to wonder about the rest. So I raised back up while keeping one hand busy with her nipples, I slowly slid the blanket down further. I wanted to see that little snatch that she had been teasing me with all night. I removed the shirt out of the way and was looking down at her blonde little hairs. She obviously shaves herself and I was able to see very little hair at the opening to heaven between those sweet looking legs. I almost dove my face right between those hot legs of hers but instead I slid my hand down and brought it to rest against her swollen mound. I kept my hand in place to see if there was any movement in her yet. Her belly was firm and her sexy little twat was even sexier than I thought.

            Skye did not move as I sucked on her tit and nipple. My hand then slowly slid forward and between her legs. I fingers were right at her opening. I could feel nothing but steaming heat radiating from her. I was unable to control myself as I slid the tip of my finger between her lips. I could feel heat and was aware of something else. My little niece was wet with juices. I almost shoved my finger into her but I still held onto some sort of control. I just kept my finger at that depth and rubbed her pussy lips slowly back and forth. This is when Skye reacted to my touch as she sighed and shifted a little bit. I froze still. My hand was still on her pussy and my mouth was still on her nipple. My niece adjusted a little bit more as she opened her legs slightly more and moaned her boyfriend’s name.

            I could not believe it. My sexy niece was dreaming about her boyfriend playing with her body. I kept my hand and mouth where it was and waited for her to relax again. She had said something about playing only because she wasn’t ready for the rest. I was in a dream land. My sexy niece was dreaming that her boyfriend was having fun with her. I waited until she was relaxed again before I started to play and suck some more. I still kept my finger at the same depth inside of her as I went back and forth across her lips. I had given up on sucking her tit. I was to busy watching my hand slide between her pussy lips. She was getting wetter and wetter. My finger was shining from the wetness between her legs. I actually removed my hand and licked her juices off my finger. As I tasted her young sex, I just had to taste it some more. I was not going to be satisfied unless I could lick between her lips and lap up more sweet nectar.

            I stood up and pulled my shirt off and let my shorts fall off the rest of the way. I just had to get between her legs and stick my tongue where my finger was just at. I walked to the end of the bed and slowly crawled up and between her legs. I still kept myself back a ways. Her legs were far enough apart for me to get my head between them and that was about it. I carefully slid my hands under her thighs and brought them to rest at her sides. I could smell her sex as I drew closer to her mound. I was unable to crawl any closer but I was plenty close enough to reach her pussy. I lowered my head and stuck out my tongue as I aimed it at her opening. Finally, I had my face against her pussy lips and I had my tongue just inside her. I began lapping at her juices while they continued to flow into my mouth. I contained a slow licking of her juices and could actually feel her hips moving a little bit. I knew that if I kept this up, she was going to wake up. I did not want that to happen. I wanted to enjoy my naked little niece as long as possible. My dick was poking into the bed so hard that I thought it was going to make a hole in the sheet.

            I slowly worked her pussy over as I made sure not to get her fully awake. I could not get enough of her sweet taste in my mouth. I was actually getting it on with a beautiful teenager. I told myself, “not bad for a forty one year old.” I wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible. I didn’t care about the rest of the week. I was living for that moment right there in front of me. It was at this moment that I decided to take things a little bit further. I was so turned on by this hot little minx that was lying in front of me that I decided I needed to feel some of that sexy little pussy of hers with my cock. I rose up from my niece’s succulent and sweet tasting pussy as I slowly crawled up between her legs. I had to move them gently wider to make room for me to get between. I moved cautiously up her body. I could feel the heat coming from her legs and was really getting wilder by the second. My dick was dripping with pre-cum as I moved up her body. I told myself that I was not going to be able to fuck her. I just wanted to put my cock inside that wet little pussy of hers and feel her insides against my dick walls.

            As I got into position, I looked down and saw this vixen of a body looking so small compared to her uncle. My cock was so big compared to her little pussy lips. I was almost like an animal out of control. I felt like I had power over her and could do and take whatever I wanted. Skye just lay there with her legs spread wide and my dick was just centimeters from her love tunnel. I pumped it a few times as I smeared some of my pre-cum on it. I brought the head to her opening and rubbed it back and forth a few times to get her juices coating my cock as well. Then I started to give a little bit of pressure as I slid into her pussy lips. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I just barely got the head of my cock in her and stopped for a minute. I could already tell that it was a tight fitting virgin pussy.

            I waited for a short minute. I then could not help but slide my dick back and forth into her hot wet juicy lips. My mind was telling me to just grab hold and give it all to her. I was not aware that I was pushing a little bit further than I should of. It felt so incredible that I just could not control anything anymore. I told myself to stop and leave my niece alone. However, my cock was telling me something different. I continued to rock back and forth inside my sweet niece’s tight little pussy. I lost control of watching what I was doing or when to stop. Her pussy was squeezing me so nicely. I guess that I wasn’t paying attention because it was about that same time that Skye came out of her sleep and became fully aware that she was not dreaming and that her uncle was over her and slicking his thing in her. She quickly reached up and tried to stop me as she began to fight me off. “Uncle no, this is wrong, this is gross,….you have to stop now”.

            I didn’t hear anything that she said. I could see her mouth moving and the scared look on her face but I was now lost in what I was doing. The minute that she reached up and started pushing against me, I went into another zone and started to defend what I was doing. My cock was still inside her as she tried to get out from under me. But she was so tiny compared to me that she was pinned with no where to go. All of this raw power came over me at the same time and I could not take it anymore. I let go of my dick and grabbed both of my niece’s hands as I pulled them above her head. I laid down over her as I brought my mouth over hers and began giving her the deepest French kiss she ever had. She tried to fight my face away to scream but I had her pinned under my body as I prepared to take my young little niece’s virginity.

            My hands held her arms way above her head as I rose up to look down between us at my dick sticking just inside her tight lips. I looked my niece back in the eyes like a wild man as I again lowered my body onto hers. This time I put my mouth back over hers as I entered my virgin niece with all my strength. I tore right through her virgin wall and came to rest balls deep in my niece. My mouth covered hers as she tried to scream. I buried my tongue in her mouth again. Her whole body got stiff as I penetrated completely into my niece. I stayed like that or a few seconds while I enjoyed the inside of her mouth with my tongue. I could feel her tits against my naked chest and her tight little pussy was squeezing me hard. It felt like I was being squeezed into a vise, my niece was so tight. Finally I couldn’t lie still anymore and started to give my niece and slow but deep fuck. I pulled back to where my dick was inside of her only to the head. I think she thought I was going to stop. I surprised her by burying my cock back into her. It knocked the wind out of her. I finally let my mouth off hers and stared her straight in the eyes with wanton lust. I continued to look her in the eyes as I began to pick up my pace of fucking.

            I leaned down and buried my face into the small of her neck as I rose up and continued to rape my niece. She did not say anything else as I assaulted her young body with my animal driven cock. I pumped my dick into her back and forth. As I first started this, I thought that I was going to cum right away. However, now I was just enjoying this tight pussy as it squeezed my cock. I could hold onto her hands anymore and I let go while at the same time I reached down and grabbed my niece’s tight little ass and raised it up while I sank further into her body. I could feel my balls slapping her ass cheeks as I rammed into her over and over again. I was beyond thinking about who I was fucking. I was just enjoying the tightest fuck I ever had. The headboard to the bed was slamming against the wall as I pounded my cock into her tight hole. The sound of the headboard made me even wilder. I was really drilling into my niece now. I could here my juices slick between us as my dick slapped against her wet pussy. I didn’t want this to ever stop.

            All good things must eventually come to an end though. I was fucking my niece back and forth and suddenly became aware that she started to move her hips with me. This made me even more excited. Skye even reached down and grabbed hold of my hair between her fingers and held me against her as she then started to grind her hips against my cock. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist as best as she could while she held me tight. I continued to fuck my niece as she leaned down and licked my ear. “Yes baby….God uncle,….dooo mmmeeeee…..fuck your little niece hard”.

            I could not believe my niece was telling me this. She didn’t sound like a teenager then. She sounded like a full grown woman going after something she wanted. She pulled my body against hers while she fucked my dick with her pussy. Every time that I would shove into her, she would lift her hips to give me full access to her womanhood. I now could really hear our juices mixing together. She was creaming all over my dick as we fuck each other.

“You are…..goooiinnnggggg to……make your…..niece……cuuummmmm”.

            As I heard her say this I felt her body tense up as she let loose with her cum. She gripped my cock so hard with her pussy that she forced me over the edge as well. “AAAaaaarrrrrr…..Fuuuckkkk yeeeaahh baby”. Was all I could say as I emptied my nuts into this hot little woman. I felt my dick pulse as my niece pumped spurt after spurt from my cock and into her body. I could feel my toes tighten up it was so much. I felt it fill her body up and push out past her lips and my dick as it drained onto the sheets. My hot niece’s pussy was pulsing every bit of my cum out of my balls and she was giving me every bit of her cum as well.

            Finally, I could not take any more and I collapsed on top of my niece. Skye held me tight in her arms as she caressed my hair. She let her legs drop down and left them spread out to either side of me. Both of us were having a rough time trying to catch our breath. I was sweating all over her body as I felt her tits still mashed against my chest. I was still deep in my niece’s young and tight pussy. I could tell that I was still hard.

            My niece then began to get upset. She started crying and telling me that we hadn’t used any protection. She started crying about possibly getting pregnant. I could feel my dick still stirring inside her tight young pussy as I informed her that it was a very good possibility that could wind up pregnant before this week was over. I told her that she could move to my home town and live with me. I would tell her mom that she is going to work for me. She could get all the books she needed and challenge her senior credits and get out early. I told her that I am coming off the road so that she and I could be together all the time. After our baby is born, she and the baby can come with me on the road until it is time to settle down and get our child or children into school at that time.

            My niece just looked at me and saw that I was not joking. She gave me a very sensual kiss and said that she was going to enjoy being my woman. She also became aware that my dick hadn’t gone down and was actually starting to do some moving inside of her again. My niece told me that she would greatly enjoy having our baby. I couldn’t believe my wishes. I was going to fuck my niece for the rest of my life. I rose up and my niece pushed me back onto my back as she grabbed a hold of my dick while she straddled my waste. She guided my cock into her as she sat down on me. We again fucked each other to a mind exploding orgasm.

            By the time that week was over, I had given her every bit of fucking energy I had. I had fucked her every way possible. She even had me show her how to suck on my dick and swallow. I fucked her tits and we even tried anal sex. That was a little painful for her, so we decided to take our time with all of that. By the time she left to fly back we were deeply in love as a man and woman are.




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awesome story. i think the buildup just made it better when they finally got down to it. the only part i had a problem with was that she was suddenly ready, and looking forward to, having not just any man's baby, but her uncle's. that was a little weird t


I really enjoyed this one. If you're trying to improve your writing, there are a couple of errors, "handful" not "hand full" and you misuse "to" a couple places where you mean too. Otherwise the action is hot, hot, hot. I don't personally need promises

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