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Christmas Visit from the Sister-in-Law - Chapter 1

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Christmas Visit from the Sister-in-Law - Chapter 1

Dean worked as late as he dared just to get ahead of things for the next morning. It was two days until the office closed for Christmas and he wanted as much out of the way as possible. the work had really picked up this year, and Dean was proud of what he'd achieved in his small engineering firm over the past 12months since his partner left to become, of all things, a paramedic. He would have gladly worked until midnight, but he knew his wife Tina needed him home to help tidy the house. Her sister and her husband were arriving from interstate the following day and were staying with Dean and Tina in Dean's study for 10 days.

Dean liked Heather and Doug. He got on really well with Heather, which stood to reason as she was also a civil engineer, and Doug, as quiet as he was, always seemed ready to enjoy a joke.

Dean looked around the deserted office and sighed. Since his wife had lost interest in sex a few years ago, Dean had been occasionally fucking his PA, Brenda, but she was long gone today, so he figured he'd have to just store away his horniness until the New Year. Brenda had promised him a special surprise in the storeroom when they got back to work after NYE, and he smiled thinking about what that could mean. He and Brenda had had some great adventures, having sex in every room at the office, including the boardroom table, at Brenda's house, and once even got her husband to join them in a threesome, but he tried to keep a lid on that relationship. Partly to keep it fresh, but also because he didn't want things to get even more complicated at work.

A quick glance at the clock showed him he was already 10 minutes past his appointed leaving time so he slid his notebook into his backpack and headed out the door to help at home.

The following day Dean left the house early, while Tina finished the last minute preparations for Heather and Doug before collecting them from the airport.

He worked hard and at lunch time said to Brenda that he was calling it quits and going for a sandwich. She looked up from the spreadsheet on which she was working and said, "Mind if I come, too?".

They lingered over a sandwich and a coffee at the local cafe and Brenda asked, "So have your guests arrived yet, Dean?".

"They get in a bit later today. I'm sort of looking forward to it but also not.", replied Dean.

"Oh, really? Why?"

"I'm just so busy and I really wanted to spend some extra time in here prepping for next year, but I doubt I'll be able to do that. Although, I have to admit, it'll be great seeing them again, especially Heather. She's always good value.", said Dean.

"She's and engineer as well, isn't she? You could offer to bring her in here and kill two birds with one stone. Catch up with her and fit in a bit of work too. Who knows, she might even be able to help!", offered Brenda.

"Yeah maybe. I have to admit I'm not looking forward to two weeks cooped up without access to my study at home. It's the only place I get a bit of privacy for you-know-what now that Tina has shut up shop.", lamented Dean.

"Oh, poor baby," mocked Brenda, "Does the poor little boy want his naughty governess to blow him one last time before the holidays?".

Dean was out of his seat in a second, "Well there's nobody else at the office so why not - I'll even reciprocate and send you home with a nice wet pussy for Damon".

Brenda laughed as she followed him out of the cafe and walked back to the office, teasingly telling Dean how much she wanted his cock in her mouth.

What began as a simply blow job, turned into a very satisfying fuck for both Brenda and Dean. He managed to get Brenda to sit up on a filing cabinet and proceeded to lick her until she nearly toppled off when she came, and after she'd given Dean some amazing head while he reclined in his chair, they decided to top it off with a slow fuck on the couch in his office. As usual Brenda insisted on Dean drenching her tits with his come. She said she got a kick out of rubbing it into her flesh, the aroma reminding her of their fun all the way home.

They parted with a quick kiss and a simple "See you tomorrow - last day before Chrissy!" from Brenda as she sashayed out of the office.

Dean finished up what he was doing and headed home to say hello to his houseguests, feeling satisfied - for now.


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