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I fucked my stepson

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I fucked my stepson - I awoke to the sound of my husband’s cell phone ringing. I opened a bleary eye and glanced over at the clock as he answered it. 4 AM and a Sunday to boot. After a few words, he closed his phone and started to get out of bed. Mark is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a negotiator for a large industrial holding company.

“Sorry hun, they want me to catch the 6.25 morning flight to Chicago, the deal has collapsed. I feared this was going to happen. They have booked my flight and are sending a car around.”

I lay back on the bed and groaned. I could not complain though, he earned a lot of money. I had given up my job six years ago to stay at home and look after Robert and Craig, his now 18-year old identical twin sons. Mark is 42, ten years my senior and had gained custody of them from his first marriage.

He opened the shower door and started the water running. I loved looking at his naked body, although a nice, long Sunday morning of sex was certainly out of the question now. That was a shame, because I was getting horny. Slipping on my short silk robe, I went into the kitchen to start the coffee brewing. He was a light eater, and I knew he would get breakfast on the plane anyway, courtesy of his first class ticket. I decided that I would make myself a bacon omelet while Mark was getting ready.

By the time he appeared in the kitchen I had eaten and was rinsing out the dishes in the sink. He swigged his coffee down, came up behind me and put his coffee cup in to the soapy water.

His hands slipped under my arms to fondle my perky C cup breasts. I closed my eyes and murmured appreciatively which encouraged him to pull my robe open. His strong fingers tweaked my nipples before his right hand ran down between my legs. I thought for a minute we might have time for a quick one, but we heard the company car pull up in the driveway.

“Sorry Lindsay, I got to go.” Mark kissed me on the lips and left the house, travel and laptop bags slung over his shoulders.

I turned back to the dishes and suddenly noticed Robert standing in the doorway from the study. Casually closing my robe, I wondered how long he had been standing there. He sauntered over as if nothing had happened and sat at the breakfast bar.

“Morning hun, didn’t know you were up.” I greeted him.

“Hey Mom, well I heard Dad getting up, and then the smell of bacon cooking.”

“Do you want some? I can quickly rustle up eggs and bacon.”

“Sure, if you don’t mind. Have you heard from Craig?”

“He should be back tonight. The Parkinsons are going to take him to see a movie and then drop him off later.”

As I broke the eggs, Robert poured himself some coffee. He was wearing black pajama bottoms and a light blue T-shirt. His short dark hair was tousled from his sleep and I unconsciously touched mine. Like his Dad and brother, they all have startlingly grey eyes. I was the odd one out with long white blond hair and blue eyes, courtesy of my Scandinavian genes. “My blond warrior princess” Mark often called me.

Placing the plate in front of Robert, he immediately started to devour the food. I thought “Teenage boys! Always hungry, always…” My mind went back to earlier this morning; just how long had he been standing there? Robert, now filled up with some calories and a little wired on the caffeine, started to chat. I half listened as he talked about school and his computer gaming friends.

“So, you don’t have a girl friend yet?” I smiled. He blushed. “I’ll take that as a no then.” He started to say something and stopped. I made eye contact and he looked away.

“What? What were you going to say?” I leaned forward across the countertop as if to interrogate him. His eyes glanced at me and then down to the opening of my robe. Until this morning I had never thought that he might be sexually interested in my body, I guess I had just been naive. A little tingle fluttered in my tummy as my mind continued its turmoil. “No, that was just a normal male reaction to cleavage. Well, there is one way to see.” I thought.

I poured myself a coffee and sat on the bar stool in a manner to expose a tantalizing amount of leg. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him staring. It excited me a little, so I crossed my legs and allowed the robe to slide up even further. It was now so high he was nearly able to see my pussy. Without him seeing me do so, I slackened the tie on my robe so that as I reached over on the countertop to pick up a magazine, the front of the robe pulled open.

As I pretended to thumb through the pages, I glanced down and saw that the pale underside of my right breast was visible. From Robert’s body language, he was certainly excited. I could not believe I was doing this, but I could not stop myself.

I found myself still hungry and fancied some cereal. I saw his eyes shift again as I slipped off the stool. Glancing down I saw he had a large erection. This time it was my turn to look away in embarrassment. As I reached into the cupboard for a bowl, I broached the question that had been bugging me.

“How much did you see this morning?” I half expected a denial.

“See what?” I heard him put his plate in the dishwasher behind me. There was a pretend innocent tone in his voice.

“You know.”

I jumped as I felt his hands on my hips. At first, I thought he was just trying to get something out of the cupboard and was stopping me from stepping on his toes.

“Dad knew I was watching.”

I froze with that comment, my mind spinning. He took my silence as permission and his hands slid up to cup my breasts through the thin silk material of my robe.

“I saw him fondle you, and then his hands open your robe, like this.”

I know I should have stopped him right then, but my mind kept imagining Mark standing behind me. I groaned as his hands covered my breasts through the thin material and gently squeezed. His thumb and forefinger sought out my nipples and tweaked them erect. My robe started to slip off as Robert kissed my bare neck and ran the tip of his tongue across my shoulders.

His erection pressed up against my ass and I realized he was now standing between my legs. I could not think straight, things were moving too fast.

“You shouldn’t do this Robert.” I pleaded, but the weight of his body kept me pinned against the countertop. His hands moved off my breasts and then after a few seconds rested on my hips to lift up the bottom of my robe. I realized he had untied his pajama bottoms because I could feel his hot, hard cock between my legs.

“Robert!” I cried out, but he parted my legs and tried to push into my vagina. Only the tip of his huge cock managed to penetrate me. He only managed three short thrusts before crying out in pleasure and he pumped his seed into my tight pussy, spurt after spurt.

There was a brief pause before he withdrew. I managed to stand up and turned to face him, my first instinct was to yell at him, but seeing the look of shame on his face, I lowered my voice.

“Robert, was that your first time with a woman?”

“Errr, yes. I am so sorry; I just could not control myself. I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry Mom.” Tears welled up in his eyes.

I moved forward and hugged him for a long time.

“Don’t worry Robert; I shouldn’t have led you on. Dad should not have teased you either.”

“I am a terrible lover, I came too quickly and girls will laugh at me.”

I kissed him. “Every boy cums a little quickly the first time, it’s just the excitement.” I comforted. “The next few times you will be able to control yourself, do not worry.” He did not seem to believe me and was starting to fret.

“Look I’m going to have a shower, you take one as well. When you have umm, recovered, we will do it again, okay? Just let me know when you want to try a second time, you need to build your confidence up.”

“You mean it Mom?”

“Yes, but we are not going to make a habit of this though.”

I went into the bedroom, leaving the door open, and tossed my robe into the laundry bin. Cum was trickling down my legs in a quantity I have never seen before. I turned on the shower until it was warm, stepped in and washed my body and hair thoroughly. I ran the events back through my mind. Mark knew his son was watching, but now I could not say anything. I will cross that bridge later I thought.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself off and tied back my damp hair. I was just about to put on some underwear, when Robert walked in with a towel around his waist and closed the door.

“I think I’m ready again.”

“Already?” I raised one eyebrow and then the other as he dropped his towel revealing a full erection. No wonder he had difficulty getting it inside of me. He was big, very big. Not having had children also had kept my vagina tight.

He walked forward, took my head in his hands and gave me a long passionate kiss. I returned it, putting my arms around his neck. My nipples hardened on contact with his chest and his large cock was sandwiched between our bodies. We collapsed onto the bed, me underneath, my feet still touching the floor. He pushed my breasts together, licking and sucking on my cherry red nipples until they were nearly half an inch in length.

I moaned in pleasure and stretched out my arms on the bed as he kissed my tummy, going lower each time. When he reached my blond haired apex, he paused, as if unsure what to do next.

“Pull my pussy lips apart and lick.” I counseled. A lightning bolt of pleasure surged through my body as he touched my clit.

“Ahhh yes, take my clit in your mouth and suck it, oh God that is so good. Run your tongue from my ass to my clit. Yes, keep it up, oh oh oh oh ahhhggg.” I started to climax, my body thrashing as his mouth worked my secret parts.

“I need you in me, but take it easy or you will tear me apart.”

He switched position and the tip of his penis touched the entrance of my sopping wet pussy.

“Easy….” I begged as he pushed inside of me. “Go easy.” The first 3 inches of me are my most erogenous and I could feel myself begin to cum as he entered me. My body seemed to be splitting apart with the size of his cock. “Please don’t cum yet.” I thought.

Inch by inch he gently pushed inside of me. I was so tight he was having a little trouble. “Okay ease out, almost all the way and ease back in again. Oh fuck I’m cumming. Just keep that up, oh yes, oh yes, ohhh yes.”

I hit a tremendous peak, driven by a little pain and the intense pleasure of his hard cock thrusting inside of me. I was being so stretched I was almost passing out.

“I’m cumming.” Robert cried.

“Fill my cunt up, ahh yes.” I begged as his seed shot deep inside of me. Wave after wave of that beautiful warm fluid surging into me made my orgasm pulse throughout my body.

He collapsed on top of me. After our breathing changed from ragged to just panting, I gasped. “I told you it would be better. Was it good?”

“Oh, so good, you were right. I just wished I could get myself fully inside of you.”

I slumped back against the bed. “How much more was there to go?”

He glanced down at his cock that was firmly embedded in my pussy. “Another 3 inches.”

“Oh God, that is going to take some time to stretch me that much.”

He pulled out of me and lay next to me. “Does that mean we are going to do this again?”

I just lay on the bed, relishing the sensation. “Well whenever you feel ready, but that will really be the last time.” He gathered up his towel and left the bedroom.

The early morning and the heavy sexual activity weighed on my eyes. I rolled over on to my side and fell soundly asleep. It must have been three hours later when I woke up. I got up; my legs still a little shaky; got dressed in a pair of pink string bikini panties and pulled on of one of Mark’s shirts.

I walked into the kitchen to find Robert making a cheese and salad sandwich. He made no comment about our earlier encounters. He had dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

“Hey Mom, do you want a sandwich?”

I rubbed my face. “Please hun. Water also.”

“Have mine, I’ll make another.” Robert placed it in front of me. I could not believe the change in him. He had gone from a shy, quiet boy into a confident male.

It was my turn to eat ravenously and we ate silently, matching mouthful for mouthful. I finished and pushed my plate away and took a long drink of water.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Coming up for twelve.”

“Uhh, I need to set the cable box for the tennis.”

I walked over to the back of the sofa looking for the remote control. I bent over the chair, picked it up and programmed the cable box, still leaning over the back. Just as I finished, Robert came up behind me and massaged my butt cheeks. I felt my juices starting to flow immediately, knowing he was going to try to sink his full length into me.


“I want to bury my cock fully into you.”

“Oh nooo.” I begged, but his youthfulness took over. He pulled my panties aside and rubbed between my legs as I hung over the sofa, helpless to his advances.

“See, you are wet.”

“No hun, that is your cum from last time.”

“One last fuck, I promise.”

He grasped the waistband of my panties, ripped them off, spread my ass cheeks and again that large cock entered me. Bent over the sofa, I knew he could go very deep. “Go really carefully.”

I took a deep breath as he started to push all the way into me. I could feel the tip of his cock touching my cervix. “Steady.” I warned.

I felt his hips touch my buttocks. “Oh, I’m totally in, ohh that feels soooo good.”

He started to pound into me, his hips slapping against my ass. His long thrusts, pushed into me, deeper than I have ever felt.

I started to scream in pleasure, my poor pussy brutalized and pounded as he wantonly used me.

“Yeah, you like this Mom? Like my big cock inside of you?”

“Oh please, please.” I begged.

“You are going to be my love slave?”

“Yes, please fuck me harder.”

He took up the challenge and slammed into me, time after time. I started to cum for a second or third time, I had lost count as the raw sexuality took over my instincts. “Yes, yes, ahhhhhhh.”

My verbal cries pushed Robert over the edge and for the third time that morning, he emptied his cum into me. “Oh you are such a tight fuck, such a whore. Arrrgggggg.”

He pulled out leaving me spent, laying over the back of the couch, my cum covered pussy leaking his juices.

“I’m going out, but I’ll be back my little cum bucket.” He zipped up his shorts. “Craig is going to enjoy taking you also. You say anything and I’ll tell Dad.” He left the room and I heard the door close.

I stood up, my legs shaking. “What have I started?” I whispered to no one.

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