I have been fucking my mom’s sister and her daughter for almost two years.  It was always a big turn on for me.  Aunt Jackie was always hot.  She is about four years younger than my mom and has a slim body and a great set of double D’s that I couldn’t resist.  Her daughter Melissa is every bit as hot as she is.  Mel is only 15 but such a hot little slut that every guy that sees her wants to part those sweet pussy lips of hers.


I am not too bad myself.  I’ve been blessed with pretty good genetics and am tall, really tall and well built to say the least.  To top that off, I have been blessed with an eleven inch cock that can stay hard all night and can cum as often as I like.  Just lucky I guess.  Of course I get the good looks from my mom though.  She has never looked her age.  When she was forty, she looked like a hot thirty year old that spent most her time tanning on the beach.


Most of my adult life has been spent traveling, I’ve never been able to settle into one place.  On one particular trip I was going to pass through Missouri and figured I would stop to visit Aunt Jackie on the farm.  This place was in the middle of nowhere.  I called to tell her I was coming and told her I would be there around eight or nine o’clock that night.  She was very excited because she had not seen me since I was very young.


I arrived a lot earlier than I had told her though, around three thirty.  I saw her car in the driveway and thought it odd that nobody came to the door when I knocked.  So I walked around to back of the house and got the best view that I have ever had of my Aunt.  She was laying on a lawn chair completely naked.  I just stood there, not knowing what to say, then she opened her eyes to see me standing there and almost jumped out of her skin.  I apologized and said that I knocked but nobody answered.  She didn’t try to cover up at all.  She just smiled and told me she didn’t care that I saw here naked, she was just not expecting me until later.  I was still admiring her body and couldn’t quit looking at her.  She told me that if it made me feel more comfortable, that I could take off my clothes as well, but she had no intentions of getting dressed.  She said that she was a nudist and if anyone wanted to come to her house that they would have to accept that fact.


It was a little strange at first but I had nothing to hide.  But I did want to get my bags inside first.  She understood and walked into the house with one of my bags while I had the other.  I asked her how Mel was since I had not seen here since she was a baby.  Jackie said that she was good but was an absolute handful.  We reached my room and dropped my bags.  I stripped off my clothes while talking to Jackie and she was in the middle of telling me about Mel when she noticed my cock.  She just stopped talking.  When I asked her what was wrong, she just said that she had never seen a cock that big.  I told her that I hear that a lot, and she giggled and proceeded to talk about Mel again.  All very normal dialogue, even though we were both completely naked.  She told me that Mel was a real handful.  I asked why that was and she said that she was a very sexually active girl and that she has a hard time keeping the boys away from her.  I started laughing and told her that it couldn’t be that bad.  Just then my Aunt walked me down to Mel’s room and opened the door.  Mel was laying on her bed totally naked running a big realistic dildo in and out of her pussy.  She didn’t even flinch when Aunt Jackie and I came through the door.


Mel looked over at her mom and told her that she was so horny that she wanted her mom to let some of the neighbor boys come over and fuck her.  Jackie looked embarrassed and told her that was not going to happen while I was visiting.  Mel looked at me and saw that my cock was getting hard from watching her fuck herself with that big dildo.  Her eyes got big and she pleaded with my aunt to let me fuck her.  Aunt Jackie immediately apologized to me saying that she didn’t know what to do with her.  I told her the best way to handle a girl like that is to wear her out with what she wants.  Jackie looked at me with surprise and said that she didn’t think that I would be so quick to want to fuck my cousin.  I told her that she would have to stay there and help out though.  Jackie said she thought I would never ask.


Without hesitation she sat down on the side of Mel’s bed and slid my cock into her mouth.  Mel turned and spread her legs so that I would have a better view of her fucking herself with that huge dildo.  Within seconds, Jackie had my cock at full mast.  I wanted to blow already but she stopped long enough to ask Mel if she wanted to suck on my cock.  Mel said she did but didn’t want to quit fucking her pussy so she just stayed were she was, I walked over and got onto the bed and fed my cock into her mouth.  She is only fifteen but sure sucks cock like a pro.  Aunt Jackie said she has had a lot of practice keeping the neighbor’s boys busy.  My cock was so big that Mel had to let go of the dildo so she could keep both hands on my cock, I told Jackie that she should help Mel out by running the dildo for her while she sucked my cock.  She just game a look.  You have no problems fucking your mom’s sister and your cousin, do you, she asked.  Of course not, I told her.  I have wanted that since I could remember.  If I could fuck my mom I would.  Jackie didn’t even flinch when I told her that, she just looked up at me and told me how much that would turn her on if we could all fuck each other.  She said that she always wanted to suck on my moms tits and pussy since she was little and saw my mom getting fucked by her older brother.  Mom never spoke of this, but it definitely got me hot, so hot that I started cumming in Mel’s mouth, and like a good slut, she drank it down, swallowing every last drop.  Aunt Jackie looked so disappointed, she wanted to fuck me before I came and she didn’t think she would be able to now.  Quite to the contrary I told her.  Mel also noticed that my cock had not gone soft at all, she looked at her mom and they both smiled.  Aunt Jackie pulled the dildo from Mel’s pussy and planted her mouth on her swollen young pussy lips, I got into position behind Aunt Jackie and guided my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy.  She let out a grown into her daughters pussy and Mel squealed with delight.  Mmmmm.  You like when cousin Matt fucks you mommy? She asked.  Jackie was cumming from the moment I slipped my cock into her.  When I finally got all eleven inches into her she was cumming continuously, moaning and trying to keep her tongue on her daughters hot pussy at the same time.


Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and she told Mel to switch with her.  I had never stuck my cock in a girl this young and I told her it might hurt her.  Aunt Jackie started to laugh and told me that she has personally seen to dicks fucking her daughters pussy at the same time, so she thinks she will be ok.  When I first shoved it in, Mel thrust backwards onto me taking the full shaft in one shot.  She squealed with delight, and even though she is used to getting fuck, she was not ready for me.  I started to fuck the shit out of her while she was eating her mom’s pussy.  Aunt Jackie was feeding off of the thoughts that she wished that I was fucking my mom right now while she was sixty-nine with her so she could like my cock while I fucked my mom.  Between that and knowing that I was fucking a tight little fifteen year old pussy sent me over the edge.  I shoved my cock deep into Mel and started to cum, giving half to her, then pulling out and shooting the rest onto her pussy lips.  Aunt Jackie turned around as quickly as she could and started licking and sucking the cum from her daughters pussy.  Mel wasted no time in diving back into her mom’s pussy with her tongue at the same time.


Still hard, I worked my way around to Jackie’s pussy and when Mel came up for air, I slid that cock into her.  Pumping her from the start.  Mel started bucking feverishly, saying, oh my god, you are making mommy cum so hard she is sucking all your cum out of my little pussy.  That got me going again and I told Mel it was her turn to suck cum from her mommy’s pussy, so I let go and erupted inside of Aunt Jackie but kept it close to the pussy lips so that Mel could get a mouthful.


I stayed there for about a week and we seemed to fuck constantly.  We were always making up scenarios where I got mom involved.

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