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Monica's 14th birthday.

DavidZXCV on Incest Stories

This is a continuation of the story I started telling you about my sister, Monica, and I.

Our sexual relationship had started a few months ago, and we used to have sex every time we got the opportunity. Most of the time, we’d be very discreet late at night if our parents were home, but if they weren’t home, I’d usually go to her room when she’s asleep and rape her (though she likes the surprise factor, so I don’t think it would count as rape).

Her 14th birthday was approaching, it was in 2 weeks and her birthday is usually a week-long affair. I had recently learned that she got a new boyfriend, and as much as it sounds weird, he told me that she told him from the beginning that she doesn’t want him to screw her, and that she wants to keep her ‘virginity’ till marriage. I laughed inside knowing that I had taken that privilege from the sorry asshole who’s going to marry her.

Plans for her birthday had been so that the party would take place at home, and mum & dad would go on holiday for 5 days out of town. There was one day left, so I drove her around a few shops so that she can buy a dress that she likes. Needless to say of course I took advantage of the fact that its only me and her in the car, so every time we stopped at traffic lights or a jam, I’d finger her till her pants are wet. After buying her dress, and fingering her about 10 different times, she seemed jaded and in need of rest.

We got home and she tried her dress out in front of mom and dad. Our parents went to sleep and I took to her room, as she was undressing.

“Seriously, what if someone wakes up?” She asked me.

“I don’t care, as long as I’m going to fuck you nothing matters”

“Stupid fuck, what if I get pregnant?”

“That should be the last of your fears, girls your age get pregnant to get on MTV”

The conversation stopped here as I got the baseball bat in my hand, and told her to open her legs up. She told me she wants to be stripped and kissed, so I gladly obliged. I took her in my arms, and undid her bra with one hand, while fingering her clit with my index and middle fingers. She kept moaning though careful not to get too loud. I threw her on the bed, and tickled her pussy with the head of my cock, while tonguing her as her breath grew faster and louder. I kept teasing her pussy as she wrapped her arms around my neck, my hands holding both of her legs. I then shoved my cock into her as she squealed like a rat from the pain. We went on for a good 2 or 3 minutes and I came inside her multiple times. I took my cock out while she slightly passed out, got the baseball bat, and started fucking her with it, while she screamed and moaned in the most erotic ways. It was 2am and she had a big day tomorrow, so I kissed her on the lips, and let her get some sleep.

The next day, she woke up and came to my room telling me we should go and buy the cake, and mum and dad had already left on their holiday.

To spare you the agony of reading too much bullcrap about a teenager’s birthday party, I’ll skip that part and go straight to when the party was over. I was tired from cleaning up and so was she, so we both went to sleep, in the same bed of course, as we’re used to when our parents are gone. We cuddled a bit that night but didn’t have sex, both of us were tired, and I’m sure her cunt was pretty worn out from last night.

Over the course of the time since we started our secret sexual relationship, I developed a habit of forcing her into sex if she doesn’t want to. She would be reluctant but she’d still do it. As we slept through the night, I woke up at about 4am wanting to drink some water. I came back to the room and got a boner for no reason at all, or maybe because Monica’s boobs were dangling next to her. I immediately took my boxers off and got on the bed, debating with myself whether I should ravish her, or take her slowly.

She was naked and sleeping in a position so sexy as if to tell me “Please fuck me”. I pinned her down with my arms to save from any violent reaction from her, and she woke up.

“Come on…not now”

“Yes now” I replied, as thrusted my cock into her.

She was still sleepy so her sounds weren’t as erotic as I had hoped. We fucked for a good half an hour before she had started screaming like the little 14-year old slut she is. We stayed in one position through the whole time, she was on her back with her legs wide open and her cunt spilling her juices as well as my sperms. I then got her favourite toy and started screwing her with it while I sucked on her tits, and kissed her. The night faded and sun came up, and we both slept after a good night of hardcore fucking.

Over the next few days and until our parents came back, we both stayed home and didn’t even go out. I’d walk up to her for example when she’s watching tv, I’d finger her and we’d just fuck until we pass out. Another time was when she was in the shower, and I got in with her. I fisted her cunt with my hand and then with the shower head, which seemed to get her aroused even more. I tend to think that she’s probably the first 14 year old girl to have tried all those massive things in her.

Next up is the time I ALMOST got her pregnant, which is a bit funny.


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