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Grandpa's Lessons Part 3

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Sara had been busy preparing for the poker party hoping perhaps if she did a good job, he might forget. She hd beer on ice, all the snacks he wanted, and the table set up as ordered. At 6 oclock his friends were to arrive and sure enough five men, all older men who looked to be grandfathers themselves, entered. One even looked like Santa Clause a bit but as he passed her he stopped and pinched her ass as she was squeezing his own crotch.

Her grandfather had seen but just continued to greet his guests and soon had them down as she offered them beers, dressed only in short shorts, a thong and bra, as ordered.

Her grandfather dealt. "Who ever wins this hand lets say gets a blow job for the entire next round?"

The old sant pulled her close as she pass

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ed. "Good incentive to win. You'll like my ten inches."

Fighting the tears she stood there watchig as they played, and all too soon the hand was one, not by Santa bu by a balding black mn who from the logo on his shirt worked for the local mechanic. She was forced to crawl under the table and unzipping his pants, remove his cock. Hidden from view she allowed the tears to come as she sucked and licked the man till he came, praying it would be the end but she foud herself forced to continue for more as she was reminded the prize had been for the rest of the round.

She had not heard the second prize but the old store ower who had been eying her all day ripped off her bra and made her sit in his lap but facing him. His mouth went down to her large ripe breasts and bega suckling on them though he sunk his teeth deep into each nipple, causing her to hiss in pain.

 He whispered as he turned her around. "You get to sit with me all nicely for this round."

 Her grandfther looked at her. "We play for holes now, first call on each hole. You get your choice by win."

She sat here, her breats painfully groped through another three rounds. Old Santa won her ass, the black man whose cock she sucked won first ride of her pussy and one the others got first round on her mouth.

Her grandfather pulled her off his lap but dragged her, strippig her bottoms into the bedroom but she realized i shock the old black man went to lay bottom naked on the bed. She stuggled and fought but she foud herself forced to straddle the man and her grandfather pushed down hard on her till the cock was burried deep in her. But she was soon to learn the reaso for the bed.

The old santa positioned himself. "It has been decades since I road a good ass. You be a good filly now."

She screamed as he drove into her ass and she found herself being forced up and down the other cock by his movements, feeling fuller then she had ever had in her life. The third man was soon in front of her and she was forced to somw how perform oral s the other two road her hard. There was no end, as soon as the three climaxed they changed positions and once again all her holes were filled. It continued on and on until each man including her grndfather had at least two tries at each hole.

She was finally allowed to slump down on the bed. The old Santa pet her. "What a good little filly."

One of the men who was a farmer smiled. "Bring her to my barn tomorrow, I have a few to try out on her."

 The men were lead out but she remained where she was as her grandfather ordered her not to move, but whe he returned he shooed her naked into the kitchen to clean up the mess. She could barely move and she waas crying the entire time, but she did as she was told. It seemed though her grandfather had not forgotten and after she was done she was bet over the desk chair for a paddling.

Her grandfather fucked her through the night and whispered. "Tomorrow should be exciting, I have always wanted to see a pussy eaten by something other then a human tongue." 









Grandpa's Lessons Part 2

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Sara woke up the next morning praying it had been a horrible dream but as she laid in bed she knew even though alone she was naked under the blankets and her body was cramping. She barely made it into the bathroom where she took a long hot shower trying desperately to feel clean. She noticed as she dressed she had bruises along her breasts and her body. As she dressed she desperately hoped if she continued to be good it would not happen again. She knew if she told her mum she would be locked up in the juvenile hall like school for her mother would never believe her.

She headed into the kitchen where she foud her grandfather was already gone from the house but there was a list of chores for her to do. After a quick breakfast of cereal she headed out hoping perhaps if she fini

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shed the chores she could head into town. She had a bit of money left, though she was told she would wait till the fall for  job. She was nearly done when she went to take some buckets into the old barn when her Grandfather appeared and she knew from the look he was giving her, it was not over.

He walked over to her. "Get over there to the saw horse and lean over it now."

She shook her head whimpering. "No."

He wripped her shirt and bra off of her. "I told you that you would get a spanking, now get over there."

Trying to cover herself with her hands she had walked over to the horse and was leaned over it so her ass was up in the air. Before she could react she found he hands being tied with rawhide to the horse, and after her shorts and undies were stripped off he tied her legs in place.

He leaned down and kissed her neck. "You'll learn to be a good little girl quick, just like your dad did."

She felt the leather of a whip run along her back. "Please, I'll do better. I was just scared."

Listening to noe of her cries he demanded that she count the whips and if she missed a count they would go back to the start, a whip for every year she was alive. Howling in pain and bitig her lip through it Sara just barely managed to get out the last numbers.

Before she could recover she felt his cock forcing its way in her crotch once again and he was soon pumping away but he was not quiet, telling her she would learn to use all her holes today. He climaxed inside of her cunt and she was soon to understand what he meant when she felt some grease smeered on her ass.

She tried to struggle. "No. Not in there, please not in there."

Her grandpa smacked her ass. "I guess you'll get another spanking tonight. Now shut up whore."

If the pain last night had been bad she thought she would surely die from the pain as he forced his way into her and she did pass out eventually as he pumped inside of her over and over again, not minding she had passed out at all. when he was done though she woke p to a spray down from a hose and when untied she was handed her clothes and a grocery list.

Her grandpa put a hand between her legs. "I am having friends for a poker game tonight."

Sara hoped it would mean she would have a break. "I will go and get the things."

 Pulling her back in he kept a hand between her legs and whispered he would not forget about tonight either and she would still be in for a spanking till she learned her place.

He pulled away. "By the way a few of my friends will be enjoying your services tonight as well." 












Grandpa's Lessons

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Sara stood at the bus stop holding her suitcase and waiting. At sixteen Sara had been expelled from the last of a line of schools and her parents had enough. Her father had died when she was lttle and her mother had remarried and with her stepfather had several small children. They decided they no longer had the time or patience to del with her disobedience and had arranged for her to live with Grandpa Mike in Kansas. He lived on a farm outside of  smll town and he was willing to take her in.It was summer but she would stay there till she graduated and if she got expelled this time she was looking at military school.

Grandpa Mike was her biological dad's father and she had not seen him since she was little. She had grown up in DC and the thought of living on a small far

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m did not excite her. Her grandfather she was told would have an old truck for her to drive and she would be expected to find work in the fall. The summer she would help her Grandfather where ever he needed. He was too old now and had rented out his farm land but he did have a small garden and some animals still.

A rusty old pick up truck pulled up and a man well into his sixties with graying hair and the start of a bulge climbed out and came her way. He was  bit gruff but he ushered her into his truck and drove her along through the two street town and out to the nearest farm. Though the land was rented out there was a small barn ad the old  house with chipped paint. He led her into the house and explained she would be expected to help feed the cats and dogs, pick up after herself and cook for him. he motioned to another old truck outside s hers and told her the store in town had  tab for him for groceries.

The bedroom she was given she was sure once had been her dads though there was now a double bed but there was a faded cowboy border on the walls and some toys. She was only relieved there was a computer and  small television added though she soon foud out there was no internet and her grandfather only got a few stations.

Her grandfather was a bit gruff but after dinner she joined him for some television in the living room before she headed for bed. She woke up later that night though to find him standing over her. It took her a few seconds to realize the blankets once covering her were gone and her nightdress was hiked up around her waist, and her underwear she realized with shock dangled from his hands.

She tried to cover her crotch area but he swatted away her hands. "No, let me look."

Sara cringed as came to the bed and she realized he wore only boxers. "What are you doing?"

He did not answer at first but pulled down his boxers and she watched in horror as he knelt down on the bed straddling her legs on either side of her.

She tried to move away. "Grandpa, you can't do this. Stop this Grandpa."

He slapped her. "You were sent here to learn obedience litle girl. You will learn it as your dad did."

Reminded her dad had left as soon as he was old enough and never told her or her mother why, she cringed. She fought him but she found her hands being tied with some rawhide to the headboard and before she could protest another piece was shoved in her mouth as a gag.

 Her grandfather tore her nightdress off. "You have been a very bad girl and Grandpa is going to teach you. Yoi learn your lessns well and you and I will get along. You will learn how to please your Grandpa soon."

He lowered his mouth down over one of her young breasts and began suckling it, sinking his teeth into each nipple and making her cry out against the gag. He cotinued to suckle at the breasts as one of his hands strayed between her legs and his figers ran along the lips of her pussy.

He pulled away as she tried to close her legs. "You be good or I will tie your legs open and tomorrow you will get the spanking of your life."

She sobbed and tried her best but as one of his fingers slid inside of her virgin cunt and screamed and bucked, trying to get him off of her. This could not be happening. He let go but only long enough to get more rawhide and tie her legs so she was in a spread eagle and helpless.

 He sighed. "Kathy was right, a slow learner. We will have this lesson every night and if you don't lean quick you will have a nice taned ass which will make me fucking it even harder for you little girl."

Sobbing she desperately tried to close her legs but couldn't as her grandfather sunk down between her legs and stuck his face betwee her lips and began lapping at her. Against her protests her body desperately began responding, her body jerking in hugry response to the attention his tongue was giving. He took such pleasure when she climaxed and he lapped up her fine juices.

He positioned himself to take her but whispered. "Your daddy was a bit younger his first time but never too late."

Even with the gag in her mouth her screams could be heard as he hunched forward and in one swift thrust he buried his cock deep into her, a good eight inches and two inches thick, rock hard for an old man. Her cherry popped the first time and her body jerked up in flaring pain. Her grandfather held still for a few moments but the soon started pumping in and out of her, taking no notice of the pain she was in. Suddenly he was slowing and she could feel his cock pulsating inside of her before it exploded with cum all inside of her. He flopped dow next to her when he withdrew and removed her gag.

He whispered. "We will tan your pretty bum tomorrow in the barn. Little girl better learn her manners quick or mommy will here and you will be sent to that detention camp like school she threatened you with." 











A Father's Nightmare Part 5

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I could still taste cum on my mouth when we got to the stable. Cindy got her horse and I rented two for me and Katie.

This was actually kind of nice and relaxing after the morning with my daughter.

Cindy knew these trails so she led the way. She led us down some rocky and overgrown trails well off the beaten path. She stopped in the middle of a field.

“Okay. This looks good.”

The girls got off their horses and I followed.

“Okay, Daddy. Take off your clothes.”

I looked around. We were in the middle of the woods but there was no guarantee that we were alone.

She flicked me with her riding crop. “Now!”

Cindy let me put my shoes back on but otherwise I was naked out in the middle of the woods

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. She took out another pair of reins and put them bit in my mouth. She’d done this to me before but only in her basement.

Katie stroked my dick until it was hard.

“Okay, you’re first.” Cindy said to her.

She helped Katie up onto my back and handed her the whip.

“Go, Daddy!” She kicked my thighs, narrowly missing my balls. I took off at a slow jog, trying to conserve my strength.

“Watch out for his balls, Kate. He can’t run very well if you kick him there.” Cindy laughed.

Katie used the whip, making me run faster and faster, and jerked the reins to turn me.

Finally she rode me back to where Cindy stood, whipping me the whole time. My legs burned with effort and I gasped for breath.

She slid off my back and I collapsed to my hands and knees trying to catch my breath. Cindy opened a bottle of water and poured it out on the ground in front of me and I leaned forward, eagerly gulping the muddy water.

They let me rest for a few minutes and then Cindy ordered me back to my feet.

She put the bit back in my mouth and jumped up on my back. She was heavier than Katie and a lot better with the whip. She had me running as fast as I could, expertly controlling me by yanking the reigns back and forth.

I stumbled and landed hard on my hands and knees. I was gasping for breath and my heart was hammering in my chest.

“Get up, you useless piece of shit!” She whipped me.

I vomited on the ground in front of me. I staggered away from it on my knees and elbows and collapsed in the grass.

“Pitiful!” Cindy got up and started to whip me hard. I couldn’t even resist, just lay there moaning.

Finally she stopped. She picked up the reins off the ground and tied my hands tightly behind my back. The she flipped me over and poured more water onto my face. Some of it even made it into my mouth.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be able to ‘ride’ him again in a few minutes.” She told Katie.

A while later I got my breath back and realized I wasn’t going to have a heart attack. Cindy took off her clothes and got on the ground with me. She started rubbing her big, heavy breasts against my dick and it immediately became hard.

She tit-fucked me until I was incredibly hard and even flicked my head with her tongue. Then she straddled me and started fucking me.

“I’m jealous.” Katie said.

“Huh? You…get him next.” she gasped.

“No. I mean of your boobs. I wish mine were that big.”

Cindy giggled. “Yours are nice. Cute and perky.”

Katie squeezed her breasts through her t-shirt. Then she came over and put a hand hesitantly on Cindy’s.

She squeezed. “They‘re so soft. Your nipples are so big.” She took one bouncing breast in each hand. “Wow, they’re so heavy!”

Cindy was blushing. “That-that feels really nice. Keep squeezing them.”


Katie squeezed and caressed Cindy’s fantastic breasts as she rode me, pinching and teasing her big nipples.

“Oh! Oh yeah!!” Cindy gasped and her hot pussy clamped down on my dick. I thrust my hips upward, coming inside her.

She sat there on my cock with her eyes closed, savoring her orgasm. Katie still had her tits in her hands. She slowly leaned forward and kissed Cindy.

She was surprised but opened her mouth for the other girl’s tongue to slip timidly inside. They kissed for a few seconds then Katie straddled me and sat on my chest. Her cute little butt, covered by her thin shorts, was inches from my face. I couldn’t see what the girls were doing but I could use my imagination. Cindy slipped Katie’s shirt off then unsnapped her bra.

“See? I told you yours were cute!”

I listened to the soft sucking and kissing sounds as I stared up at Katie’s long black hair cascading down her bare back. Cindy’s wet pussy was still against my cock and thinking about the sexy young girls making out on top of me was turning me on. I started squirming, rubbing against her a little.

“Oops, we forgot about Daddy down there.” Cindy giggled. “Do you want his cock now?”

“Oh yeah!”

The girls stood up and Cindy pulled Katie’s shorts down and squeezed her sexy little ass. She finger fucked her for a few minutes while they kissed and Katie stroked her big, beautiful breasts. Watching this made my cock extremely hard.

Then Katie got on top of me and started fucking me. Cindy knelt behind her squeezing her sweet little breasts and nuzzling her neck and shoulders.

Katie gasped and moaned and road me even faster as Cindy’s hand dropped down and started stroking her clit.

After a while she came around in front of Katie and stepped over me. Her round, sexy butt descended right toward my face. Her wet, hot pussy rubbed against my nose and face.

“Lick, Daddy!” She commanded.

I started licking while they both rode me and, I assumed, kissed and touched each other.

We all came and Cindy’s hot pussy juice flooded my face.

The girls left me laying there with my hands still tied and went over to the trees where the horses were. I lay there for a while, half asleep. I assumed the girls were playing together some more.

“Bye, Daddy!” Katie called.

I rolled onto my side. “Wha-”

The girls were dressed and on their horses. Cindy was leading mine.

“Have a nice walk home!” Cindy teased.

I stumbled to my feet. “Girls, no! Please!”

Cindy waved to me with my shirt. They had all my clothes, of course.

“You can spend the night, can’t you?” She asked Katie.

“You bet!” She blew her a kiss.

“Girls! Wait! Please!” I ran after them, naked, with my hands tied behind my back.

They kicked their horses into a fast run and were quickly out of sight.

A Father's Nightmare Part 4

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I woke up cramped and aching. I opened my eyes. I was in a dog cage at the foot of my daughter’s bed.

So that hadn’t been a dream. My wife was actually allowing my daughter and her friends to keep me as a slave. After Jill left, going god knows where, Sarah’s courage returned and she pulled me out of the cage. Her friends were still pretty freaked out by the encounter with my wife but with Sarah’s encouragement they were all soon using me for their pleasure again. After they left Sarah made me carry the cage up to her room and after a couple of hours tied to her bed and many new bruises from her whip she locked me in it for the night.

It was a long time before I fell asleep but I never heard Jill come home.

I mo

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aned and squirmed around in the small space, trying to get comfortable.

Sarah’s smiling face appeared over the cage.

“Hi Daddy. How’d you sleep?”

“Sarah…Mistress, please let me out of here!”

“Sure. You’ve got to make breakfast for me and Mommy.” She unlocked the cage and laid back on the bed. “But first get up here and eat my pussy!”

I crawled out of the cage and up onto the bed between my daughter’s legs.

She slapped me. “And you better show some enthusiasm this time!”

I thought I always did. Though I was trapped in this hellish situation by my devious daughter and her friends, I’d found that I lusted for my daughter’s incredible body. The scent and taste of her pussy drove me wild!

I started licking and sucking. She moaned as I sucked her clit. I buried my face in her hot, wet, swollen pussy and licked as fast and deep as I could. Her thighs squeezed my head and whipped it back and forth painfully as she writhed around on the bed.

She screamed out in orgasm then she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me farther up the bed. She straddled my face, pinning my hands under her knees. I continued licking her pussy as she rode my face to another orgasm.

Then I felt a hot, wet flow that was definitely not her pussy juices. I turned away and pulled my hands free, gagging.

She reached behind me and gave my balls a hard yank. “Stay still, slave! And open your mouth!!”

I lay there helpless as my daughter pissed in my mouth and all over my face and ordered me to swallow.

Then she got off the bed and started getting dressed.

“Now change those sheets and go get breakfast started.”

Wearily I got up and started pulling the wet the sheets off the bed.


My daughter sat at the table watching me cook breakfast naked.

“More juice, Daddy.”

I rushed to refill her glass.

We both turned when my wife entered the room leading another naked man.

“Morning, sweetie.” She said nonchalantly.

“Mommy!” Sarah gasped. “Who’s that??”

“Oh, this is my slave, Michael. Say hello to my daughter, Michael.”

“Hello, Mistress.” He said softly.

He appeared to be barely in his early twenties, nearly half Jill’s age. He was very handsome and in excellent shape. I could see that Sarah was aroused by the sight of his naked body and insanely I felt jealous and a bit embarrassed by my own body even though I was in excellent shape for my age. And by the fact that his dick was quite a bit bigger than mine.

“Go ahead, take a closer look.” Jill invited.

Sarah walked up to the young man and boldly took his dick in her hand. She stroked it as she groped his muscular body with her other hand. He looked extremely uncomfortable being molested by a teenage girl but he remained silent and kept his eyes on the floor. When she moved away from him his dick stayed standing.

“Wow! I’m so jealous, Mommy!”

Jill chuckled. “Yeah, he’s fun. But it looks like you’ve been having plenty of fun with your father. So tell me, how did you get control of him?”

I served breakfast while my daughter told my wife how she’d enslaved me. When everything was on the table I knelt next to Sarah.

“So how’d you get Michael?”

“Oh I met him at a fetish club. He was looking for an older woman to dominate him. That worked out perfect cause I was looking for a young submissive stud.” She laughed again.

“Actually, you taking control of your father works out perfect because now I can move him in here.”

Michael was still standing and she fondled his dick as she talked.

“So he’ll be here all the time now? Ooh, can I borrow him some time?”

“Only if you do your homework.”
They both laughed.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Daddy, crawl over there by Michael.”

I obeyed. I knew what was coming but prayed I was wrong.

“Now suck his dick.”

I hesitated.

Her whip cracked against my ass. “Now!!”

With a whimper I leaned forward and took about half of the big organ in my mouth.

“Lick it!” Sarah commanded. “Get it wet. Now suck it! I want to see it all the way down your throat, Daddy!”

Michael stood there submissively. My wife obviously had complete control over him. Only his dick gave any response. It was hard and hot and throbbing in my mouth and had swelled to eight inches.

Sucking cock while my wife and daughter watched and laughed. Really, could prison be any worse than this??

“He’s pretty good at that!” Jill said. “I always knew he was a little cock sucker at heart!”

Sarah grabbed the back of my hair and shoved me forward, burying the big cock in my throat. I gagged and she pulled me back. She started pulling me back and forth, ravaging my throat with Michael’s big cock. He stood perfectly still, not helping or resisting.

Finally she shoved me all the way forward, impaling me on the huge cock and held me there. I gagged and he pumped his hips forward and shot his load down my throat.

Sarah pulled me back and hot, thick cum filled my mouth. As she pulled me off of it more cum shot out, splattering my face.

“Now lick up all that cum. Get that big, beautiful cock clean for Mommy.”

I leaned forward and started licking the cock clean. This couldn’t get any worse but I knew that somehow it would.


So Michael moved in with Jill and I was moved into Sarah’s room where I slept at the foot of her bed or in the cage according to her whim. Since Jill knew everything now, Sarah didn’t let me wear clothes in the house anymore. The rest of the girls got over the scare Jill gave them and now they were around the house constantly. Michael was only twenty-two but he came with a big trust fund which Jill now controlled, so she had no problem with the girls spending all the money I made. We were still technically married but I was under girls’ complete control, especially Sarah. Jill did, however, give the girls lots of cruel new ideas.

Sarah obviously lusted after Michael and I couldn’t help feeling jealous. Finally Jill had to go on a business trip(a real one, I assume.), and couldn’t take Michael with her. Sarah was ecstatic at the prospect of having him to herself for two days.


Jill was getting ready to go. I was at the sink doing the dishes.

“Okay, have fun. Call me if you need anything.”

“I will. Bye, Mommy.”

“Bye, baby.”

Michael came in from putting Jill’s bags in the car.

“Remember, Michael, Sarah’s in charge. Do whatever she tells you or she’ll punish you. Then when I get home I‘ll punish you.” She squeezed his balls threateningly.

“Yes Mistress.” He grunted.

She released his balls then he knelt and kissed Jill’s shoes and she left.

“Stand up, Michael.” Sarah said.

She took his balls in her hand and led him up the stairs.

“Come on, Daddy. You too.”

I slowly followed them up the stairs. The next two days were going to be hell.

When I got to Sarah’s room she already had Michael on the bed and was tying him down. I stood there silently, hoping she’d just forget about me.

No such luck.

“Come here, Daddy.”

I shuffled forward. Of course I knew what was coming.

She took his big, flaccid cock in her hand. “Make it nice and hard for your little girl, Daddy.”

I knelt by the bed and started licking. When he stood erect I looked questioningly at Sarah.

“Keep going, Daddy. I want it as big and hard as you can get it.”

I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck and bob my head up and down. I took it as deep as I could. Better to get it over with before she ordered me to do it.

“Okay, okay, Daddy. That’s good.” She giggled. “I didn’t say you had to use your mouth. You must really love sucking cock, huh?”

I turned bright red, realizing I could have used my hand. “No Mistress.”

“Yes you do. And since you love it so much I’m gonna make you do it more often. Now kneel over there and watch me fuck Mommy‘s big stud.”

Sarah took off her clothes and climbed up on top of Michael.

She smiled her superior smile down at the helpless male under her. “Does Mommy tie you up like this, Michael?”

“Y-yes Mistress.”

“Have you ever been tied up and fucked by a high school girl before?”

“No Mistress.”

“Well Daddy has, haven’t you Daddy?”

“Yes Mistress.” I sighed.

“Tell him how much fun it was.”

“It…was fun.” I mumbled.

I couldn’t believe how jealous I felt as my daughter slid back onto that big, hard cock. She continued to humiliate him as she bounced up and down on his cock. My own started to get hard watching her. Even though my daughter was a sadistic bitch, participating was a lot more fun than watching.

“Get over here, Daddy!” She gasped. “I want your tongue!”

She pulled me in between them where I could lick her clit as she bounced up and down. Of course it wasn’t easy and I also tongued the thick, hard shaft of Michael’s cock quite a bit, tasting Sarah’s juices on it.

Sarah sank all the way down on his cock and grabbed me by the hair, cramming my face against her. I sucked hard on her clit as she screamed and came.

“Ahhhh, that was fucking awesome!” She gasped.

She rolled over and sprawled across Michael, spreading her legs. Thick, white cum leaked out of her pussy.

“Clean me up, Daddy. Yes, you have to use your tongue this time.”

I moved to the humiliating chore of eating another man’s cum out of my daughter’s pussy then kept licking till she came again.

“Now, since you love cock so much, Daddy, you may suck Michael off.”

She slid back and sat on his stomach as I knelt to take the semi-hard cock in my mouth.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Oh, there’s Katie and Cindy. Go let them in, Daddy.”

I’d completely forgotten that I was supposed to take Katie and Cindy horseback riding today but for once I would be very glad to see them. I let them in and led them up to Sarah’s room.

She had pulled on a robe. “Hi guys!”

“Hi Sarah. Whoa!” Katie said as her eyes fell on Michael.

“Man, your mom’s slave is so hot!” Cindy said.

“Yep. And this weekend he’s all mine!” She stroked his dick.

The girls all pawed and groped the helpless man in the bed.

“You’re just in time. Daddy was about to suck his dick.”

“Oh boy! I bet Daddy’s a great little cock sucker!”

They all sat down and leaned forward eagerly.

Sarah gave me a little shove. “Get to it, Daddy!”

Helping my Mom

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Remembering back, it's hard to believe it really happened, and, of course, I still get a boner

recalling those splendid days.

When I was fifteen, my mom slipped and sprained her right wrist rather badly, and, being

right-handed, this made her life somewhat difficult, especially since my dad had just left for a

one year tour in Korea.  He was a sergeant in the army.  The doctor put my mom in a cast on

her lower right arm.  It allowed her to move her elbow and use her fingers, but the wrist was

immobilized.  The doctor told her not to get the cast

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wet, or it would start to fall apart. "Don't

worry," he promised.  "A few weeks with the cast and then we can put on a support bandage


We did not have a bath tub, only a shower, in our apartment.  So I guess, my mom had to

shower with her right arm outside the shower curtain for the first day or so.   It must have been

difficult for her, so she decided to have a little discussion with me about her showering


"Clark," she said, I can't really do a good job washing myself in the shower.  Would you mind

helping me out?  If you just take care of my left arm and part of my left side.  You can wash the

parts I have trouble with and my left arm.  I can do the rest myself." 

"I don't know, mom."  I was worried about seeing her naked and was somewhat hesitant but

finally agreed.  "Well, I guess I can."  I knew that I would probably get so excited she would

see  me with a hardon.  Damn, I  might even come in my pants, and she would see the big

wet stain!  My mom was kind of sexy-looking and just thinking about her got me excited.   In

fact, when I jerked off in private, it was her image I always had in my mind.  But then I had

quickly realized, she would be inside the shower and probably just see my arm and head. 

That evening I heard the water running, and soon my mom's voice yelled out above the

shower noise to come in to help out.  I went into the bathroom and saw the curtain was pulled

completely across the shower stall.  I took off my shirt so that it would not get wet and pulled

the curtain back a little.  My mom was right there facing me, her wet skin covered with water. 

She was inches away from me, and, jumping back in shock,  I got a full frontal view.  She did

not make any big deal about it, just turning away so that I could reach her back and left side. 

Needless to say, my cock was as hard as a steel nail after seeing her.  She was magnificent,

better than I had imagined.  Her heavy round breasts were tipped by large dark nipples in the

middle of brown aureoles.  A neatly trimmed thicket of hair was wetly flattened at the bottom

of her soft, slightly protruding belly. 

Even at that age, I was taller than my  mom and had to bend over to wash her.  I took the wash

cloth she handed me and lightly scrubbed her back.  I looked down, seeing how her narrow

waist flared out to her ample waist and luscious round buttocks.  I began thinking about how

good it was going to feel to jerk off that night with the real image of her body fixed in my mind. 

I could not resist the temptation to extend my washing farther in order to caress her fine ass.

She turned a little more and asked to get her left arm and armpit.  She had turned enough so

that I had a nice view of her left boob, water streaming off the tip of the nipple.  I groaned

softly, but my mom did not seem to notice.  That dark nipple was so firm and jutted out saucily

from her pale breast that I was tempted to touch it.  Mom did not say anything and turned to

rinse off and then shut off the shower.  I stepped away from the shower.

"Be a dear and hand me a dry towel," she said before I could exit the bathroom.

I turned back and grabbed one off the rack.  When I turned toward her, mom had pulled back

the curtain, and I had another great frontal view of her -- Holy shit, what a body!  I started to

hand  her the towel, but she asked me to dry off her right arm before any water ran down into

the cast.  Trying to keep my eyes on the arm, I dried her arm carefully and handed over the

towel.  I saw her look down, and there was no way she could miss how my shorts were boldly

tented out in front.   Red-faced, I grabbed my shirt and scooted out of the room.

I was not in my bedroom two minutes when I heard a knock on the door.  I yanked my hand out

of my shorts very quickly, having been trying to resolve the aching need of my erect penis.  I

groaned loudly and my mom must have thought I told her to come in, and so she did, dressed

in a thin robe.  I could see her dark nipples through the wet fabric.

"I know I got you very turned on, baby.  I'm sorry if you got upset," she said. 

"I'm not upset, mom, just... well, a bit excited."

"You're becoming a fine young man, Clark.  I've seen you looking at me a number of times

and I can see just where you are looking."

"I can't help it mom, your body... you are just so beautiful."

"I can help you out, baby, if you want, but I'd like you to help me too, okay?"

I must have looked puzzled because I was.

She then explained that she knew I was masturbating regularly, and that was okay.  She said

that everyone did it and admitted she did it herself now that dad was away.  Then she

admitted that she was doing it a lot, or trying to, but was having trouble because she wasn't

quite adept at using her left hand.  Meanwhile, her hands were stroking upward on my legs,

and she was gazing at the significant bulge in my shorts.  She began tugging at my shorts.  I

lifted my butt up to help her, why I don't know.  She pulled my shorts down, showing my

protuberance barely concealed by the thin fabric of my briefs.  She reached up again and

tugged my thin cotton briefs down my legs. 

"This," she whispered, "is much better than I had hoped.  Clark, just lie back and mommy will

give you a hand with this problem." 

As I lay back, completely naked, mom grabbed my erect cock and began to stroke me.  It felt

really good with her soft, still damp hand sliding up and down, slowly and teasingly. 

Whenever her hand dried out from the erotic friction, she spit into her palm to lubricate it

again.  As she pumped me carefully, she shifted back and forth, and her heavy breasts

swayed in the same rhythm.  I watched her wet, pink tongue slide across her lips as the first

thrills spread through my loins and made me quiver.

Groaning shamelessly, I watched my sperm flood out, dripping down her sweet hand onto my

belly.  My mom milked my cock, running her thumb across the swollen head until the last

pearly drops emerged.  Then she rubbed my gooey emission into my skin as if it were some

precious lotion.  I knew I had made a bit of a rumpus with my moaning and gasping as she

jerked my off.

"Oh god, mom,"  I panted as she wiped the last wetness off onto my belly, "that was


"I'm sure it was, baby.  Now that I took care of you, I want you to hold me and rub my pussy for

me."  She shucked off her robe and lay down next to me.  Guiding my hand to her hairy pussy,

she instructed me how to please her.  I began to rub her moist, warm cunt slowly and carefully

and found her interior wet and slippery when I  pressed a few fingers into her.  She and I were

in a tight embrace with her body rubbing against mine, becoming damp from our excitement. 

Our naked perspiring bodies were pressed tightly together, rocking on the bed. 

Mom's breathing became hard, and her hot breath washed across my skin.  Soft sighs

became whines and groans.  Her pelvis began to grind against my hand faster as she urged

me to move my hand more rapidly.  Finally, she let out a loud yelp, but quickly mumbled,

"Don't stop!"  So I kept on going, producing more groans and moans until she finally pushed

my hand away and buried her face in my neck.

We lay like that for a long time.  I think we both napped a little before mom got up and put on

her flimsy robe. 

"What would you like for supper, baby?" she asked with a big grin.

At my request, mom made us burgers and fries.  As we sat there eating, I had some trouble

looking her in the face at first.  She noticed my new shyness immediately, and began talking

to me, reassuring my that I had done nothing wrong.  We had been merely helping each other

out, giving our partners loving pleasure.  Mom explained that incest was more common than

most people wanted to admit, and many family members enjoyed each other sexually.  Of

course, such matters were not the business of anyone else, so I understood that I was not to

discuss our new relationship with anyone.

"What if dad finds out?" I asked.

"Clark," mom replied, "I know that your dad is having his own sexual adventures right now. 

When soldiers are assigned on a tour like this, they find some friendly Korean lady and

support them like a wife during the tour.  I have even heard that some soldiers even have

children with these women, so that they have a second family over there."

"But," I asked again, "what if he finds out?"

"I don't think he will even ask what I have been doing when he comes back, so don't worry

about it.  He won't want to raise any issues about sexual activity.  Just play it cool and keep

mum about it, right?"  

"Sure thing, mom."

She then told me that we could continue helping each other like that, or, if I wanted, I would

find out that the two of us could have a lot more fun.  I would also be learning a lot of pleasant

activities and become a good lover.  After all, some day I would meet girls that I liked and

would want to give them the pleasure they deserved.

I began helping her with the supper clean up.  It was quite nice, brushing against her and

getting a waft of her sexy perfume.   Glancing at her, I could still imagine how she looked

under her clothes.  Afterwards we sat next to each other on the couch and watched a few TV

programs and talked quietly.  We held hands as though we were on a first date, playing little

games with our fingers.  These same fingers had been fondling each other to wonderful

orgasms only a few hours ago.

"Why don't you go up and take a nice shower, dear, while I straighten up a little down here. 

Then you can join me in my bedroom tonight if you want."

"Okay, I would like that."  My mind was whirling about the possibilities that I might expect,

things I had only heard about in snickering whispers at school.

I don't know how many steps I took to the bathroom because I felt as if I was floating through

the air.  I took a quick, but careful shower and dried off.  I pulled on my pajama bottoms and

emerged from the misty bathroom to find the apartment in darkness except for a faint light

coming from beneath my mom's door.

I tapped lightly and heard mom's sweet voice invite me in.  Opening the door, I found the room

lit only by two candles on her bureau. My mother was lying in the bed, covered by a sheet, and

propped up by several pillows.  She pulled the sheet back on the empty side of the bed as a

gesture of invitation.  I slid in next to her and lay on my side facing her with my head propped

up with one arm. 

"We just have to take it slowly, dear, because of my arm, but later when it gets better we can

have quite a vigorous romp in this bed."

Mom leaned toward me and pressed her lips against mine.  I draped my arm around her

naked shoulders as she proceeded to give me stimulating lessons on kissing.  Whatever she

did, I followed as best I could as a  novice.  The simple kisses I had experienced with past

girls were nothing to this -- This was real kissing!  Our kissing became more extensive as our

lips began to rove more widely.  I learned that her lips could stimulate my manly nipples, but

not nearly so much as my own moist kisses on her firm breasts excited her.  My mother's

body became moist with her growing readiness, and she flung the rest of the sheet away from

our hot bodies and hidden, intimate caresses. 

Glowing in the soft light, mom began to kiss her way down my body, sticking her tongue into

my belly button as one of her big boobs pressed against my erect penis.  Sliding down farther

her head bowed down to my manly pole.  Her eyes fixed on my own as she planted wet

kisses on the dark, swollen cockhead.  Mom observed the changes crossing my face and

then took the entire head into her mouth.  Alternating between kissing the hard shaft along its

entire length and taking more and more of my hardened tool into her mouth, she smiled up at

me as if enjoying the immense suffering she was imposing on my quivering body.  Abruptly,

before I exploded, my mother stopped and slid up along side me.  She locked her lips to

mine and played a nice game with my tongues. 

"Okay, baby, now it's your turn to go down on me," she informed me as she placed a hand on

my head to give me a gentle push in the right direction. 

I started to work my way downward, a little confused about what I was supposed to

accomplish when I ultimately reached my goal.  After all, my mother had a completely different

set of equipment down there.  I could not exactly copy what she had done!  I did not need to

have worried because as soon as my lips were brushing her neatly trimmed pubic hair, she

began to whisper instructions as she panted lightly in her own excitement.

"Kiss me, baby, right on those pussy lips, big wet kisses and don't be afraid to use that nice

wiggly tongue you have either."

Inviting my closer approach by spreading her legs, she reached down, and her outstretched

fingers ruffled my head encouragingly.  I could see those two outer labia parting to allow her

pink, wet folds, glistening with her love juices, to invite my oral attention.  Without any more

hesitation, I gave her hot pussy a big slobbering kiss.  Soon I was kissing her with enormous

eagerness, tasting her womanly excretions with my tongue probing deeply into her.  Without

her telling me, I pushed a couple of fingers into her, exploring the depth of her slick vagina. 

Mom began to rock her pelvis against my face.  I felt her lift  her legs, draping them across my

back and allowing their gently weight to press me onward to my lascivious slurping and

probing.  She was becoming super worked up and was crying out and moaning.  I wondered

if I was supposed to stop at that point and lie next to her again, but I soon found out 


"Oh god, baby, make me come... I need to come so bad... Fuck me with those fingers... Don't

stop, baby!  Oh yeah!  Lick my cunt more with that tongue! Don't stop!  Ahhhhh!"

In the back of my mind, a little thought flashed that she had not brought me off when she went

down on my cock, but it faded, giving way to my overwhelming desire to give her the pleasure

she craved.  I began shoving my fingers deep into her as my lips and tongue focused on a

slick protuberance at the top of her pussy lips.

I heard her cry out, but it was not anything I could understand.  I just knew that her body shook,

and her heels drummed on my sweaty back.  I began to pull back my face only to find her

hands pressing me hard against her dripping cunt.  I labored onward to give her more.

Eventually, my mom released my head from her passionate embrace.  I rose up to see her

body gleaming moistly in the dim illumination.  Her chest rose and fell with her panting as her

head lolled back and forth on her pillow.

"Are you okay, mom?"

"Oh, yes!" she gasped and held her hands out to invited my embrace.  "I'm really just fine!"

It took her about fifteen minutes to get herself together while we cuddled together.  We

kissed, and I knew that she could taste herself in my mouth.  Then, slowly extricating herself

from my arms, she moved off the bed and knelt on the floor.  Pulling my legs over the edge,

she squatted back on her heels and looked up at me lovingly.

"I'm going to pay you back now for what you did to me."

Mom began kissing the insides of my thighs until my cock was as hard as it ever had been at

my horniest moment of my life.  Holding onto the head delicately with a few fingers. her lips

began to kiss my sperm-filled testicles.  Her tongue probed my scrotum, busily pushing my

hard nuts around.  Sucking each one into her mouth she laved them softly in warm wetness. 

My fingers dug into the mattress.

I could  not help myself in my growing enthusiasm for her lewd actions.  I put my hands firmly

on her head and combed her soft hair with my fingers as I gazed down, hardly believing I was

enjoying such expert and loving ministrations.  Pausing briefly, mom lifted her beautiful face

and smiled at me.  The thin drool on her lips was exquisite.  Then she bent over my cock and

swallowed it, her lips gradually slipping down to press into my unruly, curly pubic hair.  I could

feel her doing wonderful things with her throat before she let my mucus-coated shaft slip

entirely free of her mouth.  Ringing the shaft with her thumb and forefinger, my mom slowly

pumped my swollen rod.  As she stroked me, she would give my cockhead and frequent wet

kiss, then take the head into her mouth. She even found time to smirk  at me knowing the

desire for release was about to drive me to lose complete control.  That was on the verge of


"Baby," my  mother whispered,  "I want you to come in my mouth."

Those words were the final stimulus, but mom was quick and had the head back inside her

mouth as the first violent gush emerged.  I could see her flinch a little, as if my ejaculation was

a surprise, but I did not have time to think about anything but the torrent of creamy syrup that

shot into her with each spasm of my groin.  As the flow abated, she used her hand to milk me

clean, pressing the last few drops from my depleted reservoir of male juices. Then leaning her

head backwards, she opened her mouth wide to display the pool of white cream she had

gathered from my depleted body.

As I gazed down on her loving face, she closed her lips over her juicy reward and swallowed

the entire mouthful in one gulp.  When she opened her lips again, everything had gone away. 

Her hands reached up and pulled my face to hers.  We kissed deeply, and I could taste the

residue of my own sperm in her. 

We lay together and slept deeply until dawn.  I awoke with the need to urinate, and made my

way to the bathroom, causing my morning erection to fade.  I rinsed off my cock, washed my

hands and mouth and returned to bed.  My movements had awakened my mom.  She also

needed to use the bathroom and returned with her tousled hair combed and a fresh

appearance about her.

Without a word, we began kissing once again in the morning twilight.  My swollen and flaccid

penis was soon ready for more action.  Mom's hand locked around it, and I began to fondle

her pussy, finding it slick and wet, ready for more action.

"Well, baby, there is one more big thing for us to do," mom whispered. 

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, lifting her knees at the same time.  She guided

me between her legs, and, reaching out for my manhood, my  mother guided the head right

into her juicy cunt.  I automatically thrust myself into her going deeper with each gentle shove

until I was buried all the way in my mom's vagina.  I could feel the soft membranes gripping

me tightly as my balls rested against her ass.

"Mom, this is so great!"

"Yes, baby, so it is, and your big dick is doing a good job on me already."

Mom began to rock her pelvis under me, and I picked up the same rhythm, driving my penis in

and out.  Our incestuous coupling was immensely exciting.  I never had imagined that my lewd

daydreams would ever become reality.  She locked her legs around my torso, almost lifting

herself off the bed as we bucked against each other violently.  I could tell from the previous

day's activities that she was easily reaching her climax.  Her orgasmic excitement was

contagious, and I came myself, spewing a newly generated load of come into her.  Each

spasm found me driving my hard cock deep into her belly, as if to pump my fertile juice

directly into her womb.  I didn't even care what the consequence was in my total abandon.

I allowed myself to slump onto her hot body, keeping most of the weight off with my elbows. 

Our mouths met and locked with passionate kisses.  As my cock lost its turgor and slid from

her, I remembered that I  had implanted a rich load of my fertile seed inside my own mother.

"Mom!" I gasped, "What if you, you know, you get pregnant?"

"Don't worry, dear, that's not going to happen.  Everything is under control."

That's the way it was for the entire next year.  My mom taught me many things, and I was an

apt student.  The next time she showered, I stripped and got in with her.  We had loads of fun

under the warm spray, giggling and touching and making threats about what we were going to

do to the other as soon as we finished. 

Mom's arm was soon better, and I discovered she could be a wild woman in the sack.  It was

really great.  Unlike the other guys, I never got horny and frustrated.  My schoolwork improved.

 I even went out on a few casual dates with girls my own age.  I never pressed them to hard to

put out, and most seemed to appreciate that.  I had a steady after a while and fingered her to

little climaxes.  Soon I had persuaded her to help me out too, and she would give me a

handjob whenever I asked.  It was all kind of cute and innocent.  Sometimes we would talk

about "going all the way," but I never pressured her to do it.

Anyhow, my dad got back from Korea, so I had to let my mom take care of him almost

exclusively for a month.  She would give me a quick handjob or sometimes a blowjob if I told

her I really needed some help.  She also confessed that I was a better lover than dad and

promised that we could be together soon.  Well, what do you expect, she trained my to do

things her way! 

Soon we were lovers again.  We were careful and never gave my dad any sign that there was

anything unusual going on.  Between tumbling in bed with mom and fooling around with my

girlfriend, I was a well-cared for young stud.  Even when things became more serious with

Cindy, my girl, I never could give up mom completely, at least for a number of years.   I

introduced Cindy to oral pleasures.  Soon Cindy was excited about getting on the pill so that

we could have intercourse.  The affair with my mother  finally came to an end when I was in

college and mom went with dad on a long tour of duty in Europe.

It had all been just so fine.

A New Life, Part 1

mkirros on Incest Stories

A New Life

Part 1

George was feeling nervous.  He was 55 years old and set in his ways.  He'd lived alone for 12 years, since his wife had been killed in an auto accident.  He was used to the absolute freedom that living alone and not having to answer to anyone.  And that was about to come to an end.

George's daughter Jeannie had finally gotten rid of her useless husband, Jack, leaving Jeannie on her own with George's 13-year-old granddaughter, Kylie.  Jeannie couldn't afford to stay in the apartment she and Jack had rented on just her salary, so George had offered to let Jeannie and Kylie stay with him, rent-free, until Jeannie got back on her feet and was able to find a smaller place.  George's house wasn't huge by a

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ny means, but it was certainly big enough to be comfortable for the three of them.  The move was happening this weekend, and on Saturday George treated himself to a large breakfast at the local diner to get ready.  At his age, a day of moving furniture would take plenty of fuel.

George had rented a small truck for the move, and recruited his friend Bill to help.  There were just enough big pieces of furniture that trying to do it any other way wouldn't have worked.  They pulled up at Jeannie's apartment about 9:00 in the morning to get things started.

Jeannie was 34, about 5'4", fairly medium in size all around, dark hair and brown eyes..  She had nice sized breasts and flaring hips.  Kylie was a typical 13-year-old, about five feet tall, skinny, without much in the way of curves.  Her hair was naturally the same color as Jeannie's, but now it was more of an auburn color with lighter streaks.  George noticed all of this as the day went along without paying too much attention to it.  It registered mainly because it had been several months since he'd spent this much time with his family.

The move went quickly and smoothly.  George and Bill took care of the larger items, the females handled the clothes, kitchen things, and some smaller furniture.  A few things that weren't needed wound up in the garage, to be sold later.  Once everything was pretty well organized, it was time for the standard ritual that caps off all moving days - pizza and beer.  There was plenty of both.  Jeannie even let Kylie have a beer, since she'd been such a big help with the move.  Kylie managed to work it so that she actually got two, which left her feeling a little crispy by the time everybody finished dinner.  Bill had hung around to have pizza, but then had to head home to his wife, so by about 8:00 that night, it was just the three family members.

Kylie said, "I'm going to go call Britney," and headed for her bedroom, leaving her mother and grandfather in the living room.

"I'm still a little worried about her, Dad," said Jeannie.  "I know she seems to be taking everything OK now, but what's going to happen when school starts and she has to make all new friends because she's in a different district?"  The move had been timed partly so that it would fall during Kylie's Summer vacation and not disrupt a school year.

"Oh, she'll be fine, Jean.  We moved to a completely different city when I was in high school, and I managed to survive.  And I wasn't anywhere near as well-adjusted as a kid as Kylie is.  Besides, these days with their cell phones and MySpace and all that crap, she can still keep in touch with all her old friends if she wants to."

"Well, I suppose.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

"That's right.  And right now I'm just going to relax and have another beer instead of worrying about it."

Kylie curled up on her bed in her new bedroom and called Britney.  Brit was her BFF and had texted her that she needed to talk about Derek.  Derek was the hot guy at their school, he'd just finished 8th grade, a year ahead of Kylie and Britney.

"Hey, Ky, how's everything?  Move go OK?"

"Yeah, we're all settled in.  Mom let me have a beer with dinner, and I snuck another one, so I'm a little buzzed.  What happened with Derek."

"I ran into him at the mall, and he totally kissed me!"

"No way!  Tongue?"

"Yes!  And that's not all.  He like felt me up, and he let me touch his dick!"

"He did not!  You are totally a liar!"

"He did too!  Here's what happened..."

As Britney began her story, Kylie felt an unfamiliar heat rising through her body.

George finished another beer and said to Jeannie, "Well, I think I'm going to call it a day.  Between the heavy lifting and the beer, I'm about worn out.  See you in the morning."

"Goodnight, Dad."  Most of Jeannie's attention was on the TV show she was watching.

Once in his bedroom, with the door locked, George started getting undressed, but made no move to go to bed.  Instead, wearing only his boxers, he plopped down in a chair in front of his computer, and started browsing his collection of porn videos.  (Moving the computer into the bedroom was one of the changes that had to be made with Jeannie and Kylie moving in.  He couldn't be doing stuff like this in the living room any more.)  George didn't check out porn a lot, not as much as some other guys he knew, but he was certainly no stranger to it.  And tonight he needed something.

Maybe it was all the exercise of moving furniture around.  He was no couch potato, but wasn't a world-class athlete, either.  Maybe it was the beer.  Maybe (although he didn't want to think about it) it was having two good-looking women (or one woman, one girl) in the house after so many years alone.  Maybe it was just a good time for him.  Whatever the reason, George was hornier than he had been in months, at least, and needed to do something about it.

George preferred "amateur" videos.  He knew the people weren't really amateurs, but at least they weren't the dead-eyed pros just going through the motions for a paycheck.  He found one with a woman in her mid-twenties who resembled a younger version of Jeannie, and got it ready to start.  He pulled off his boxers, put on this headphones (didn't want anybody else hearing the video) and hit Play.

Jeannie headed for her room not long after her father had turned in for the night.  She was feeling nervous, and wasn't quite sure why.  She had the same bedroom she'd had before she had moved out of the house, although everything in it was different.  Still, there were lots of memories here, including losing her virginity to a neighbor kid at the age of 15.  Now why did she think of that all of a sudden?  It had been pretty much a disaster anyway.  The boy was only 16 and a virgin, too, and neither one of them had really had any idea of how things were supposed to work.  Jeannie had learned quickly after that first time.  She didn't know about the boy... what was his name, David maybe?  He'd been so embarrassed by the way things had gone that he'd barely ever talked to her again.

Jeannie suddenly realized that while she'd been thinking about her first time, she'd been undressing.  Now she had nothing left on but her bra and panties.  She checked herself out in the full-length mirror on the closet door.  Surprised Dad hadn't taken it down.  Probably never even thought about it.  Jeannie had demanded it when she was about 12, so she could see how she looked.

Now, she didn't look too bad, if she did say so herself.  Her hair was dark brown, medium length, framing a face that was slightly round, pretty, with an upturned nose and full mouth, small cleft in her chin.  She no longer had the skinny girl's body of the days when David (yes, that was his name) had first stuck his cock into her.  There was a slight swell to her lower belly that hadn't been there in years past, but she thought it looked sexy.  She had fairly large, upturned breasts that still stood out.  Or at least, she thought they did.  She hadn't really looked lately.  She reached behind her back, unfastened the clasp of her bra, and let it fall to the floor.  Yes, they still stood out, maybe not as high as when she was 20, but there was no real sag.

Almost unconsciously, Jeannie raised her hands to her breasts and cupped them, rolling her fingers around them, massaging, squeezing lightly.  God that felt good!  Jack was an asshole, and useless for most things (like keeping a job), but he was always horny and was decent in bed, which meant that Jeannie had been able to stay satisfied most of the time.  Since their relationship had deteriorated, though, she hadn't had any attention in several months.  She'd been too busy worrying about her marriage falling apart to be concerned about her sex life.  Now she could finally relax enough to do something about that.  Still massaging her breasts, she walked over to her bed and lay down on her back, pulling off her panties in the process..

Kylie had propped her pillows up against the headboard of her bed, and was half-sitting with her back against the pillow, as she listened to Britney tell her about the adventure at the mall with Derek.

"So, what happened at the mall?  And don't even think of lying to me!"

"Don't worry, I don't have to lie.  This was so cool!  I just like ran into him out at the mall by accident.  He was with a couple of other guys that I didn't know, and when he saw me he was like, 'Brit, hi, can I talk to you for minute,' and he like dragged me off and said, 'Do you want to hang out with me.  I want to get rid of these two dweebs.'"

"Oh," Kylie chuckled, "so he wasn't really interested in you, he just wanted an excuse to ditch the other guys?"

"Oh just be quiet and listen.  You'll see.  So he told these guys that he was going to hang out with me, and then he got like this really funny look on his face and said, 'So, do you want to go someplace where we can be alone?'  I was all 'Yeah, totally,' but I didn't know where we could do that.  But you know where they're doing all that remodeling shit there at the mall?"

"Over by the theater?"

"Yeah.  He took me over there, and there's this little hole in the boards they've got put up around it, and we went back in there through the hole and nobody could see us.  He was like, 'Brit, I think you're really hot and I want you to be my girlfriend,' and I was all 'Wow, Derek, I think you' re really hot, too,' and then he like put his arms around me and kissed me.  He put his tongue in my mouth and we kind of wiggled our tongues around, and it was really hot and I started to feel kind of funny."

Kylie was starting to feel kind of funny by now, too.  She wondered what it would be like to kiss Derek.  Or to kiss any guy.

"So?  What happened next?"

"He like grabbed my boob and started squeezing it, and I'm all 'What are you doing,' and he's like, 'Do you want to be my girlfriend or not?'  So I shut up and let him keep doing it, and pretty soon it started to feel pretty good, except he was squeezing a little too hard, so I told him to take it easy and then it was better, but then all of a sudden he took his hand away and started trying to put it down my pants!"

"No fuckin' way!"  Kylie was genuinely shocked.  She knew things like that happened, but they weren't supposed to happen until you were older.

"Yeah way!  I told him to stop but he just said, 'It'll feel good.  Besides, you're my girlfriend now, right?  That's what boyfriends and girlfriends do!'  So I let him put his hand in my pants, and he like stuck it all the way down until it was inside my panties, then he put his fingers between my legs and starting rubbing me down there!"

Kylie found herself starting to breathe heavily.  The thought of having a boy squeeze her boob, or touch her down there was having an affect.

"And he was right, it did feel good.  I started to get all hot, and I had this really funny feeling my belly."    Like the one I'm getting now, thought Kylie.  "And then he undid his pants, and he took his dick out, and I actually saw it!  It was was all straight and hard.  He made me put my hand on it and kinda... you remember when we had a field trip to that farm a couple of years ago and that guy was milking a cow?  Well that's kinda what Derek made me do with my hand.  And when I started doing that, then he took one of his fingers and stuck it into my hole!"

"Oh my god!  What was that like?"

"It felt really good.  I like can't even tell you how it felt, except it was really good.  And he was kind of sliding his finger in and out of my pussy," (both girls were secretly shocked that Britney had used the word) "and I was pulling on his dick, and then he sort of shook all over and this stuff came out of his dick, it wasn't pee, it was something else, and then his dick got all soft and got smaller.  He said, 'Wow, Brit, that was great!' and I said it was too, then he kissed me again, and he said, 'We better get out of her before somebody finds us!'  And we went back out through the hole.  And that was it."

"So, are you going to do it with him again?"

"Yeah, if I get a chance.  Ky, it felt really good when his finger was in me!"

They talked for a few more minutes, but Kylie got Britney off the phone as soon as she could.  She had better things to do than talk to one of her friends.

George watched as the woman in the video dropped to her knees and pulled the man's cock out of his pants, began licking and sucking it.  George thought about how it would feel to have a woman's mouth wrapped around his dick again.  It was something he hadn't experienced in a long time.

He'd just have to make to with his own resources, and he proceeded to do just that, stroking his cock lightly with his fingers as he watched the on-screen blowjob.  He was taking it easy so far, he didn't want to cum too soon.  He wanted to make this last and enjoy it for a while.

Now the young woman was on her back on the bed, getting her pussy licked by her partner.  The guy was tall and muscular, and appeared to be very good with his tongue.  The woman was making very satisfied noises, and her pussy was definitely wet.  George's cock was throbbing now, he wasn't sure how much longer he was going to last.

"Go on, man, fuck her, damn it!" he mumbled under his breath at his computer screen.  As if listening to George, the man rolled the woman over, positioned her so she was leaning over the side of the bed, and rammed his cock into her from behind, fucking her mercilessly, doggy-style. George was stroking his cock faster now, feeling his cum start to churn in his balls.  The camera angle on the video cut to a close-up of the woman's face, contorted in that pleasure that's so intense it's just this side of being pain.  Somewhere in George's brain it registered that she really did look like a younger version of Jeannie.  Anything happening in his brain, though, was overwhelmed by the rush of his semen out through his cock and onto his naked belly, as his body bucked and jerked on the chair.  After shooting all of his load, George relaxed for a few minutes, then stopped the video and took off his headphones.  He made a trip to the bathroom, to piss and wipe the cum off his belly, then flopped down on the bed, still naked, anticipating the dreams that always came when he jerked off right before going to sleep.

Jeannie stretched out on her back on the bed, spreading her legs slightly.  She squeezed her breasts again, and moved her fingers up to her nipples, teasing them, then pinching lightly.  She gasped, then bit down on her lower lip to keep from making too much noise.

Keeping her left hand at work on her breasts, she let her right drift down over her belly, her fingers tickling slightly as they brushed over her skin.  Jeannie ran her fingertips up and down her belly several times, then let her hand drift down through her dark pubic hair to her crotch.  She held her fingers flat and rubbed them over her slit several times, feeling her pussy start to get wet.  Her legs involuntarily spread wider as she stimulated herself.  She was starting to breathe more deeply as sensations coursed through her body that she hadn't felt in months, at least.

Jeannie brought her right hand up to her mouth and licked her middle finger, then sucked it deeply into her mouth.  She hadn't sucked anything in a long time, and it felt good to have something in her mouth, touching her teeth, gums, palate; something to wrap her tongue around.  And, even though the finger hadn't actually been in her pussy, she could smell and taste herself on it, and that excited her even more.  

After sucking on her finger for about thirty seconds, she lowered her hand back between her legs.  This time as she laid her hand over her crotch, she curled her middle finger, so the tip slipped between the lips of her pussy.

"Mmmm... yessss!"  It had been so long since anything had entered her, she'd almost forgotten how good it felt.  Down went her hand, her finger moving deeper inside her, her legs again spreading farther outward to give her hand more access.  She pushed until her finger was completely inside her, then drew it out, slowly, scraping it across her clit as it came out.

"Aaaahhhh!"  In again, then back out.  In, and out.  Jeannie felt her pussy getting wetter, felt her belly heave when her finger ran over her clit.  She stopped, pulled her finger out and brought it back to her mouth.  She sucked again, this time getting the full taste of her pussy juices.  Her mind swam as she tasted herself.  Jeannie had never made love to a woman, but if this was what it tasted like, she might have to add it to her list.  Now the finger returned to her pussy, this time to be joined by a second.  They drove in as far as they would reach, and Jeannie was getting hotter and hotter, but it wasn't quite enough.  She needed something that would reach deeper.  With her left hand she fumbled around on the table next to the bed, finally coming up with what she was looking for.  Her hairbrush had a cylindrical handle, smaller than what she really wanted, but thicker and longer than her finger.  She guided the brush between her legs, and thrust the handle into her pussy.  As it entered her, she felt her pussy clamp down around it, and when she had the handle all the way inside, she discovered another benefit - the bristles of the brush rubbed against her clit, sending a shock rippling through her body.  She began pumping the brush in and out of her pussy, thrusting her pelvis out against it as she drove it in.  She had never fucked herself this way, and she liked it.

Her held tilted back, her eyes closed.  She bit her lip again to make sure she wouldn't make so much noise that her father or daughter would hear and wonder what was going on.  The noises she did make were low, back in her throat, almost animalistic.

"Uhnnnn...  Uhnnnn...  Uhn, uhn, uhn."  Her pussy spasmed, squeezing hard against the hairbrush.  She twisted it inside her, raking the bristles over her clit.  Her legs clenched together around her hand and the brush, causing the bristles to dig into the skin of her thighs, intensifying her sensations.  Her belly jerked several times, and she bit down hard on her lip now to keep from screaming, as the best orgasm she'd had in years surged through her body like a bolt of lightning.

She rolled over onto her side, and pulled the blankets up over her, drifting off toward sleep.  She'd need a new hairbrush.  And she might want to invest in some sort of dildo, too.

Kylie's mind was working overtime, imagining how it must have felt to Britney, being with Derek that way.  Even more, thinking about what it would feel like to have Derek's dick in her hand, to have Derek's finger in her pussy.  Kylie pulled off her T-shirt, reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, freeing her budding breasts.  She cupped her breasts in her hands, squeezed them.  She felt a tingle as her fingers coursed over her nipples.  Experimenting, she pinched her nipples, and gasped at the feeling.

"Wow, cool," she mumbled under her breath, as she felt something warm and dark start to rise in her belly.  With her left hand still massaging her breasts, she moved her right down, her fingertips tickling her belly lightly as they went.  Her fingers reached the waistband of her shorts.  She hesitated.  She'd never done anything remotely like this, and if her mother found out, she'd be in big trouble.  Then she thought about Britney's description of how Derek's fingers had felt.  She unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, and let her hand glide down, inside her shorts, into her panties, her fingers brushing through the light downy hair that covered her mound.  She spread her legs and allowed her fingers to run over the outside of her slit.

"Mmmm...  Ahhhhh."  She'd never felt anything like this before.  She felt like her belly was on fire, and she clamped her lips together tightly to keep from making too much noise.  Kylie rubbed her hand up and down over her crotch several times, moaning, then slowly pressed the tip of her middle finger against the opening of her virgin pussy.  She wiggled her finger slightly against her pussy lips, then felt the tip pop through inside her.

"Ohmygod!"  Her breath exploded out of her in a single blast.  Her eyes widened, her pussy rippled, the muscles of her belly clenched and relaxed.  It was the first time anything had ever been in her pussy, and it felt [I]incredible[/I].  Kylie slowly pressed her finger deeper into herself, amazed at how warm and wet her pussy felt around her finger, at how the walls of her pussy seemed to grip her finger as it moved into her.  While her finger explored her pussy, she continued to massage her breasts with her other hand.  Her body responded, her breath becoming short, tiny fingers of ice and fire alternately coursing over her skin.

"Ohhhh.  Uhhhh."  Her moans were becoming more pronounced.  A little afraid of what she was feeling, she pulled her finger out of her pussy.  It was wet, and the air made it feel cool.  She raised her hand in front of face, moved it closer, smelled her own juices on her finger.  Kylie snaked her tongue out, licked her finger lightly, tasting her own juices for the first time.  The taste was sharp and sweet at the same time.  She opened her mouth, took her finger in and began sucking her juice off.  She'd heard older girls talk about taking boys' dicks in their mouths and sucking on them.  She wondered if it was anything like this, if a boy's dick tasted anything like her pussy.

"Mmmmm, good," she moaned.  No longer scared, only aroused, she moved her hand back down, pushed off her shorts and panties, and slid her hand between her legs again.  This time as she spread the lips of her pussy, she slid both her index and middle fingers inside, unconsciously thinking that a boy's dick would be bigger than just her finger, at least, from what she'd heard and seen in pictures.

"Aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh."  She began fucking herself with her fingers, slowly feeling the sensations coursing through her body intensifying with each stroke.  She found that using the two fingers, not only did she open her pussy up wider, but she could reach farther inside herself, heightening the feelings even more.  Then, as she pulled her fingers back from one stroke, she brushed against her clit for the first time.

"Fuck!  God!"  An electric shock shot through her entire body.  The muscles in her belly convulsed.  Her shoulders came up off the bed with a jerk.  Her thighs clamped together around her hand, trapping it against her pussy and clit.  Her pussy muscles tightened around her fingers.

Slowly, she relaxed, and began finger-fucking herself again, this time making sure that each stroke included the tiny bud at the top of her slit.  Her chest and belly heaved with the strain of her gasping breaths.  She discovered that she could use her thumb to rub her clit, allowing her fingers  to concentrate on violating her pussy.  A tingling sensation started to spread through her, beginning deep in her belly where her fingers strained to reach even deeper.  She could feel her entire body start to vibrate.  Suddenly, she was struck by a lightning bolt.  It was like the first touch of her finger on her clit, but that was a tiny Fourth of July firecracker compared to the massive bomb that shook her body now.

"Ohhhh... fuck!  Fuckfuckfuck!  Uh uh uh!"  Her head thrashed from side to side on her pillow, her hair flying.  The muscles in her pussy and her lower belly spasmed uncontrollably.  Her toes curled, her feet driving into the bed, lifting her ass  up into the air.  She wanted to scream, but she had no breath.  Her pussy flooded with juice; she could feel it spilling out past her fingers onto the bed.  Wave after wave of her first orgasm rolled over her, until she simply wore out.  Exhausted, she curled up on her side on the bed, ready to sleep.

"Now I've got something to tell Britney," smiling at the thought of being able to out-do her friend..

George rolled over, looked at the clock.  Two AM.  He needed to piss again.  That's what you get for drinking more beer than you're used to.  He levered himself up off the bed and walked into the bathroom.  And stopped dead, staring at Jeannie, naked on the toilet, wiping herself after peeing.

Jeannie was startled when the bathroom door opened.  And even more startled to see her father walk in, naked as she was.  Neither had quite gotten used to the new living arrangements, or the fact that the bathroom had two doors, one opening directly into George's bedroom.

Jeannie's attention immediately went to her father's cock.  It wasn't the first time she'd seen it.  When she was 14, she'd walked past her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.  They'd neglected to close the door, and Jeannie saw her mother on all fours on the bed, her father behind her on his knees, fucking her doggie style (although Jeannie hadn't even known that was what it was called then).  She could clearly see her father's big cock ramming in and out of her mother's pussy.  She'd stood there as long as she could, watching, feeling dirty as she imagined what it would feel like if her father's cock were plowing into her own virgin pussy instead of her mother's.  Finally, she went back to her own room, afraid that she'd be caught if she stayed any longer.  Back in her bed, she masturbated to a massive orgasm, fantasizing that it was her father's mouth, and fingers, and cock bringing her to a climax instead of her own hands.  For several years afterward, her father was one of her favorite fantasy partners when she masturbated.

And now she saw her father's cock again.  And as she stared at it, she could see that it was stiffening.  And she decided she needed to do something about that.

George was frozen.  He simply couldn't move.  The sight of his daughter, naked, was too much for him.  He didn't know whether to move towards her, run away screaming, or simply give his soul to Jesus.  So he did nothing, as Jeannie finished wiping herself, rose off the toilet, and began to walk toward him.  He knew his cock was beginning to get hard, and he was ashamed.  But his shame was nothing compared to the lust that began to race through him as Jeannie approached.

As Jeannie walked toward her father, she finally took her eyes off his cock and looked up at his face.  She saw the lust, knew that he wanted her.  Her body was on fire as she dropped to her knees in front of him.  She wrapped her fingers around the shaft or his cock, and took the head into her mouth.  Her father's deep groan told her that he wanted this as much as she did.

George's body twitched as Jeannie began sucking his cock.  He felt the warmth and wetness of her, felt her tongue sliding over his shaft, her lips circling the head as she pulled back.  The feeling as she sucked hard, hollowing her cheeks around him, was like nothing he'd felt before.  She really knew what she was doing.  Good as the blowjob was, though, George wanted more.  He reached down, lifted Jeannie's face away from his cock, and said, "You don't want me to come in your mouth, do you?"

Jeannie looked up at him with an evil grin and replied, "Not this time!"

Jeannie stood up, they faced each other, and clutched at each other, embracing, kissing, their hands and mouths exploring.  George lifted Jeannie up, sat her down on the edge of the washbowl, and moved toward her.  Jeannie reached out and took George's cock in her hand, guided it to the opening of her pussy.  George hesitated for second, thinking about exactly what it was he was about to do, realizing that it couldn't be undone.

"Fuck me, daddy!"  It was what she'd always said in her fantasies, and as she finally spoke the words for real, her mind went blank, letting her body take over completely.  For George, hearing his daughter ask him, no beg him, to fuck her was all he needed.  He drove forward into her with a grunt. and felt his shaft sink all the way inside her.

"God, daddy, it feels so good!"  She hadn't called him "daddy" in years, but now she felt like a little girl again, as she lived out her fantasy of having her father's cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.  She clutched at him with her hands, wrapped her legs around his hips.  His cock filled her, sliding over her clit as he drove in and out.

They were like two animals, their minds blank, controlled by their bodies and their instincts.  George felt like his cock had grown an extra inch since he'd buried it inside his daughter.  He assaulted her with his mouth as well, sucking on her neck, her throat, her earlobe, raking his teeth over her, biting lightly.  Jeannie dug her fingers into the flesh of his shoulders, leaned her head back, closed her eyes.  The feelings were overwhelming.  His cock inside her.  His mouth on her throat.  Her nipples pressing into his chest.  Their bellies flattened against one another.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh.  Please, daddy, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

Hearing his daughter talk like such a slut was driving George wild.  He was pounding his cock into her pussy harder and harder, and could feel her muscles clenching at him as he fucked her.  He could feel himself getting close to a climax, his balls feeling heavy and full.  He felt her fingernails rake across his shoulders, and the addition of the pain was too much.  He felt his cum start to rise from his balls into his cock.

"Shit, honey, I'm going to cum inside you!"

"Yes, da...  Oh, fuck!  FUUUUCK!"  Feeling her father's semen pour into her was just what she needed to trigger her orgasm.  She felt the spasms in her belly, clutched at him convulsively.  Her mind dissolved into shards of broken glass, as she felt her father's cum mix with her own, filling her pussy until she couldn't hold it all and it began to seep out of her where her pussy lips clenched his cock.

As the last spurt finally squirted out of his cock, George moved to pull out of his daughter.  Jeannie kept her legs locked tightly around him, saying, "No, dad, don't take it out yet."

George chuckled slightly.  "Remember why I came in here in the first place, honey?"


To be continued

A New Life, Part 2

mkirros on Incest Stories

Part 2

On Sunday morning, George was relieved to find that Jeannie didn't seem to be upset about what had happened the night before.  In fact, she seemed to be in a particularly good mood, which is how George felt himself.  Kylie was pretty chipper, too, for some reason.  Maybe things were going to work out okay.

After breakfast, George headed off to his usual Sunday retreat, joining what he referred to as the "old farts" at the local sports bar to drink beer, watch ballgames (whatever sport was on, didn't matter), and shoot the bull.  George was actually one of the younger members of the bunch, and he often wondered if he was there because he liked being in a group where he was considered one of the kids.

With Grand
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pa gone, Kylie decided it was time to talk to her mother.  About boys.  And things like that.

"Mom, when you were my age, did you do things with boys?"

"What kinds of things?"  was what Jeannie said.  What she thought was, "Oh, shit!  What's she doing?  She didn't hear dad and me last night, did she?  Oh, god, what if she's pregnant?"

"Oh, you know, kissing, touching their dicks, letting them touch you."

"Damn it, Kylie, have you been doing things like that?"  Jeannie was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"No, mom, not me!  God!  Britney was telling me about some things she was doing with one of the guys from school, so I got curious."

"Thank god.  Maybe you shouldn't spend any more time talking to Britney."  Jeannie was relieved, but still concerned.

"Oh come on, she's my best friend.  Besides,  you didn't answer my question.  Did you do things like that when you were my age?"

Jeannie suddenly felt guilty.  "Well, yeah, actually I did do some things like that when I was about your age.  I might have been 14 before I started doing any of it, but I was pretty young."

"How old were you when you got your cherry popped?"

Jeannie squirmed.  She should have been jumping all over Kylie for asking her something like that, but somehow she felt like she was on the defensive.  What had happened with her father the night before had to be a big part of it.  But she also really didn't feel like lying to Kylie was going to help, especially since Kylie would probably know it.

"All right, I was 15.  And, no, I'm not going to tell you anything more about it, except that it wasn't all that great.  It usually isn't the first time, so don't expect a bunch of fireworks to go off.  And don't get the idea that you have to do everything that Britney does, either."

"Don't worry, mom, I can make my own decisions.  But you know that means I might make the same decisions she does!"

"Yeah, I know.  Just be careful.  And if you have to do things, do them with somebody who won't just wind up using you for sex and hurting you."

Jeannie wasn't entirely happy with the way the conversation had gone, but she had to admit that it could have been a lot worse.  She at least felt like Kylie would be honest with her about what she was doing, and listen to whatever advice Jeannie gave her.

That night at dinner, Kylie asked if Britney could come over the next day to see her "new" house.

Jeannie replied, "I've got to work tomorrow, remember?  And I think Britney's parents do, too, so I don't know how she'd get here."  Jeannie was also thinking, but not saying, that she wasn't sure she wanted Kylie spending the day alone with Britney after the conversation they'd had that morning.

"I'll be home most of the day, Jean."  George's work these days was mostly free-lance consulting, and he worked mainly from home.  "I could go pick Kylie's friend up and bring her over here, and I'd be here to make sure they didn't get into too much trouble."  He added the last with a grin at Kylie.

Kylie said, "Thanks, grandpa," grinning herself.  She was planning to see if she could get into some trouble.

"Well, if you're sure it won't be any trouble for you, dad."  Jeannie still wasn't sure it was a good idea, but didn't have a reasonable argument about why.

All three headed for bed about 10:00.  George was getting undressed, just pulling down his pants, when Jeannie appeared in his bedroom through the bathroom door, absolutely naked.  She walked over to him, put her arms around him, and gave him a long, deep kiss.  Then she lowered herself in front of him, pulling his pants and boxers down the rest of the way.  Just before she took him into her mouth, she looked up at him and said, "This time I do want you to cum in my mouth!"

George had been completely unprepared for this.  He'd figured that what happened the night before was a one-time thing.  His dick hadn't yet started to rise when Jeannie took the entire thing into her mouth and began to suck it, at the same time cupping his balls in her hand, massaging them.

"Uuuuhhhh!  Shit, honey!" he grunted, as his cock began to harden and fill up his daughter's mouth.  He felt her lips circling the head, then plunging down until they reached the base of his shaft, the head of his cock wedged in the back of her throat.  The entire time her tongue swirled around his cock, licking up and down, flicking open his pee hole, sending shivers through his entire body.  Her fingers squeezed and released his balls rhythmically.  This wasn't going to take long at all.  George could already feel his balls starting to churn with cum.

"Oh, fuck, I'm going to shoot it down your throat, Jean!"  He twisted his fingers into Jeannie's hair, pulled her face to him, burying himself completely in her mouth.  His balls spasmed, his cum spurted out through his cock into Jeannie's mouth.  She swallowed furiously, and surprised George by being able to take every drop down her throat.  George's legs almost buckled as his body responded to his orgasm.

As Jeannie gulped down her father's cum, she tried to think of the last time she'd had a man cum in her mouth.  It had been a while, Jack had been more into straight fucking the last couple of years, hadn't really wanted to do anything oral.  Now she realized how much she'd missed it.  Now she needed to feel a mouth on her pussy.

"Dad," she gasped, "I really want you to eat me out!"  She couldn't believe she was saying that.  And George couldn't believe he was hearing it.

"I thought you'd never ask, honey."

George helped Jeannie up onto his bed, and immediately buried his face between her legs.  He began licking her pussy, long strokes of his tongue, moving the entire length of her slit, letting the tip of his tongue dip in between her lips.  The first taste and smell of his daughter's pussy left him helpless, unable to think or reason, now simply reacting to the situation.

Jeannie lay back on the bed, closed her eyes, and began to moan as her father's tongue violated her pussy and she felt her juices begin to flow.  Again, she was living out one of the fantasies of her teenage years, when she'd imagined what it would be like to have her father eat her pussy.  Fantasies could still be a part of her life, she found, as in her mind she imagined herself at 14 again, having just seen her father's cock for the first time.  Her fantasy carried her away.

"God, daddy, yes, lick me.  It feels so good!"

George lapped the juice out of Jeannie's pussy, driven on by the sound of her talking dirty to him.  He felt her body respond, her hips moving against his mouth, her belly heaving.  Jeannie's breathing turned to shallow gasps.  Her hands gripped George's head, pulled his face tighter against her cunt.  His mouth moved up, his lips fastened on her clit and sucked it in.

Jeannie had been close to an orgasm anyway, and when her father sucked on her clit it pushed her over the edge.  Her backed arched up off the bed, slammed back down.  Her shoulders jerked up, her eyes wide, as she felt her pussy spasm.

"Daddy... cumming...yesssss!  Ohhhh, ohhhh!!!"  Her father was still sucking on her clit as the orgasm shook Jeannie's body.  Finally she pushed him away, moaning, "Stop!  Please!"

After she recuperated from her orgasm for a couple of minutes, Jeannie, said, apologetically, "I really need to get some sleep, so I can get work in the morning.  Is that okay?"

"Sure, honey, that blow job was plenty for me tonight anyway!  Besides, now I know you'll be back!"

On Monday morning, after Jeannie headed for work, George relaxed with his coffee and a doughnut.  He'd promised to take Kylie over to see her friend Britney, but that would be later in the morning.  Now he had some time to think about what had happened over the weekend.  He knew he should feel guilty, dirty, about having fucked his own daughter, but he didn't.  She was an adult, she'd wanted it as much as he had; in fact, she'd started it.  And she clearly didn't have any remorse over it.  No, there was no guilt there, only a pleasant feeling at finally being able to get laid.

Kylie finally dragged herself out of bed about the time George finished his coffee and pranced into the kitchen with a breezy, "Morning, Grampa!  When can we go pick up Britney?"

"Whenever you're ready."  Kylie was wearing her usual tank top and jeans, and George idly thought, "She's going to be driving the boys crazy pretty soon.  If she's not already."  He realized that he had no idea when kids these days started doing...  well, pretty much anything.  He might need some time to actually get to know his granddaughter and figure out where she was on the maturity scale.

"Okay, let's go!  I've got a lot to talk to her about so I want to get her over here."  Kylie was clearly excited that her friend would be coming over.

On the way over to Britney's house, George and Kylie actually talked for the first time in ages.  George found out what Kylie thought about his house (pretty cool), school in general (mostly lame), having to go to a new school after the move (a hassle, but she'd get used to it), and her mother (not bad, for a mom).  There was no talk about boys, which suited George just fine, since he figured he'd probably be too embarrassed to talk to Kylie about anything like that.

Kylie, meanwhile, found out that her grampa was really happy to have her, and her mom, living with him, and that he actually listened to some of the same music she did.  Kylie was into things like alternative rock instead of the bubble-gum pop girls her age usually liked, and George's taste in music had always been pretty wide-ranging.  They agreed to compare their music lists and see about trading tracks for their MP3 players.

George did a double-take the first time he saw Britney.  He knew, of course, that 13-year-old girls didn't dress the way they did when he was that age, but he wasn't quite expecting what he saw.  First of all, the girl was absolutely gorgeous, with a heart-shaped face, full mouth with just a hint of a pouty lower lip, straight nose with light freckles, long light brown hair with reddish highlights.  She had a typical 13-year-old body, mostly flat and straight, although her breasts were definitely developing.  What was on the body, though, was something else.  Like Kylie, she was wearing a tank top and jeans, but comparing their outfits would be like saying a house cat and a black panther are both felines.  Britney's tank top was skin tight, and ended at about the bottom of her rib cage.  It left no doubt that she wasn't wearing a bra.  And her jeans were cut so low on her hips that when Britney turned away to close the door behind her, George could see the curve of her ass cheeks above them.  The little girl's belly was completely exposed.  No, they definitely didn't dress like that when he was that age.

When they got back to the house, Kylie and Britney disappeared into Kylie's room.  George told them to let him know when they wanted some lunch.  He headed for his computer.  To do some work.  Even though he would have rather called up a little porn after looking at Britney in her "little-girl slut" outfit.  That wouldn't be a good idea with both girls in the house, though.

As soon as the girls were in Kylie's room by themselves, and plopped down on the bed.  Britney said, "Your grandfather's hot!"

"What?!"  Kylie was shocked.

"He's hot.  And I was talking to my cousin Lisa, she's like 18 and she's done sex with guys and stuff.  And she said that older guys are better because they've got more experience and know what's good for a girl.  And she said their dicks are bigger than guys our age, too."

"God, Britney, you are so sick!"

"Oh, come on, like you never think about things like that!  Have you ever seen his dick?"

"Brit, he's my grampa!  It's not even right to think about that.  Besides, shut up, I've got something to tell you."

"All right, go ahead, brat."

"After you told about what you did with Derek, I was... all horny."  Kylie didn't usually talk that way, but she didn't know how else to explain it.  "And I took off my clothes, and I played with myself!"

"Wow, Ky, what did you do?"

"I did all the stuff to myself that you said Derek did to you.  I played with my boobs, and I rubbed myself... down there.  And then I put my finger in... and then another finger.  And I found something."

"What, that you're actually a girl after all?"

"Oh, stop it!  No, I hit something with my finger, and it felt like...  I can't even explain it, it was like incredible.  And I kept touching it and it got better and better until it was like it was so good I couldn't even stand it any more."

"That doesn't even make sense."

"I know.  I just have to show you.  Pull down your pants."

"Oh, now you think you're a lezzie or something?"

"No, silly!  I'm not going to touch you.  Oh, here, I'll show you!"  Kylie unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to around her ankles, and spread her knees apart.  She moved her hand between her legs and pointed with her finger, so Britney could see.  "It's right here, at the top of your... pussy."  Kylie was still trying to get used to talking like that.  "Now pull your pants down and touch yours."

"Okay, if it'll shut you up!"  Britney undid her jeans, and pulled them down the way. Kylie had.  Britney reach between her legs, run her finger along her slit.  She could feel the heat starting to rise inside her.

"A little higher," Kylie instructed her.  Britney moved her finger up, let it slip just inside the lips of her pussy.  Then she felt it.

"Oh my fucking god!"  The shock that went through her body when her finger hit her clit was like nothing she'd ever experienced.  Derek hadn't done anything like this to her.  She could feel it through her entire body.  Her eyes were wide as she looked over at Kylie.

"Yeah, that's it."  Kylie was giggling.  "And it gets better.  Let's both do it.  But don't make too much noise, we don't want Grampa to walk in on us."

Britney bit her tongue.  What she wanted to say was, "Maybe you don't want him to walk in on us!"

The two girls lay back on the bed and started masturbating together.  For once, Kylie had more experience than Britney, and could give her pointers.

"If you put two fingers in instead of one, it fills you up more.  And you can get them in farther.  And then you can use your thumb on the little thing at the top."  Neither one of them really knew what the clit was called yet.

Kylie knew what to expect, and relaxed as her breathing got deeper.  She could feel her juices flowing in her pussy, and her muscles pulsing around her fingers.  Her clit was hard and throbbing.

For Britney, this was new.  She'd had Derek's finger in her, but, as she realized now, he hadn't really known what he was doing.  He'd only had one finger in her, and had never touched the little bud at the top of her slit.  Her cousin Lisa was probably right - older guys would know what to better than guys her age.

Those thoughts vanished from Britney's mind, along with everything else, as her body responded to the touch of her fingers, and the feelings surging through her body made everything else irrelevant.  As her fingers drove into her pussy, her juices coated them, her pussy gripped them.  Every time she touched the bud at the top of her pussy, a small shock coursed through her.  She was breathing heavily, and moaning, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out.  And then she was hit by the full force of a sexual climax.

Britney's pussy spasmed wildly, pulsing around her fingers.  The muscles in her lower belly clenched tightly, bringing her head and shoulders up off the bed.  Her body shook, and her mind, unable to take it all in, simply gave up and went blank.  She gasped for breath, opened her eyes wide, and looked over at Kylie, who was shaking on the bed and moaning softly.

"Oh... fuck... fuck... aaaahhhh!"  As the final convulsions of her first orgasm wracked Britney's body, she flopped back onto the bed trying to catch her breath.  She realized her fingers were still inside herself, and she slowly drew them out, the feeling almost painful because of her sudden sensitivity.

She heard Kylie's voice, seeming faint and far away.  "Did it happen to you?"

"Yeah, god, that was incredible!"

"See, I told you."  Kylie's voice was coming into focus now.  "Lick your fingers, it tastes really good!"

Britney lifter her hand to her mouth, sniffed, then slowly licked her fingers.  Kylie was right again.  It did taste good.  She might have to find out more about that.

The girls rested for a few minutes, then pulled their pants back up and put themselves back together.  They spent the next couple of hours alternately surfing the web, talking about boys, and discussing how it felt when they played with themselves.

Britney now definitely wanted to find out what it was like to do something with an older guy.  It was so much better when she played with herself than when Derek did it that she wanted to know if an older guy could do it as well as she did, or if it would be just like with somebody her own age.  She wasn't about to say anything more to Kylie, though, because she was beginning to develop a plan.

Eventually, Kylie went to the bathroom.  While she was gone, Britney checked out Kylie's address book on the computer.  Sure enough, there was an entry for "Grandpa."  Britney wrote down the email address for future reference.

George finished up the work he needed to do, then relaxed and worked on catching up on his reading while he waited for the girls to decide they needed lunch.  About 12:30 the girls appeared from Kylie's room and announced they were ready to eat lunch and go the mall for some shopping.

"Hope you've got some money, then!"  George grinned wickedly.

"Grampa!"  Kylie could whine as well as any 13-year-old girl when she decided she needed to.

"Just kidding!  Don't hit me!  But don't expect to spend a fortune, I'm not a rich man, you know."

They stopped for pizza on the way to the mall, then spend about three hours shopping, which was about two and a half hours more than optimum for George.  He took it well, though, partly because he hadn't had to do anything like that for years, partly because it was the first chance he'd had in a long time to spend so much time with his granddaughter, and partly (he had to admit it) because he was enjoying being around Britney.  He'd never really thought of himself as a dirty old man, but maybe he'd have to reconsider.  The girl was definitely hot.  And seemed to know it.  And a few times during the day, he got the impression she was flirting with him.  He'd have brushed it off as an old man's fantasy, except that one of the times Kylie gave Britney a really disgusted look.  He didn't think Britney caught it, but it was almost like Kylie saw what Britney was doing and didn't like it.  Not that it made any difference, even if she was flirting with him, nothing was ever going to come of it.

The girls each bought a few things, nothing extravagant, and Kylie asked if Britney could stay for dinner so both girls could show Kylie's mother what they'd bought.  That was fine with George, and he checked with Britney's mother to make sure she didn't have any objections.

George fixed dinner so it was ready when Jeannie got home from work.  After they ate, Jeannie drove Britney back home.  George watched some TV, with Jeannie and Kylie joining him when they got back. 

At one point, when Kylie was out of the room, Jeannie said, "Rough day at work today, Dad.  I'd just like to get some sleep tonight, if that's okay.  I can make a visit to your room tomorrow night."

"Sure, honey.  That's up to you.  I'll be ready any time you are."  George grinned.  He still couldn't quite believe what was happening with his daughter, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Oh, I'll be ready a lot!"  Jeannie was getting to live out one of her fantasies with her father, and was going to keep doing it as long as she could.

George headed for his bedroom about 10:30 and fired up the computer.  He didn't need to worry about watching porn before he went to sleep anymore, since he was actually getting the real thing, he just wanted to check his email.  When he opened it up, there was a message with the subject "c u" from an email address he didn't recognize.  He opened the email.

{Want 2 c u bad email back. b}

"What the fuck?"  George was at a loss.  Who the hell was that?  Then it hit him.  It had to be Britney.  Maybe she really had been flirting with him.  And maybe she wanted to do more than just flirt.  And maybe he should get his ass as far away from this situation as possible as fast as he could.

He looked at the time on the email.  Just a few minutes ago.  Against his better judgment, he hit <Reply> and typed in a message.

{Why did you send me that?}

He hit <Send>.  The reply seemed to take only seconds.

{Do u have im?}

{Yes.}  He added his instant messaging address.  Hit <Send>.  Cursed himself for being an idiot.  And waited to see what would happen.  He was already signed on to his IM service.  He always did out of habit, even though he almost never used it anymore.

The message came quickly.

{Want u}  Suddenly a webcam image appeared on his screen.  There was Britney sitting at the computer, wearing a T-shirt and not much else.  What kind of parent let a 13-year-old girl have a webcam?  Probably the same kind that let her go out dressed the way she'd been today.

Britney smiled, then stood up.  George could see that all she had on besides the T-shirt was a pair of panties.  Probably what she wore to bed.  Britney slowly raised the hem of the T-shirt.  George's mind told him to shut down his IM service, but his body refused to obey.  He couldn't take his eyes off the screen as the little girl pulled the T-shirt off, showing him her small, perfect breasts.  She ran her fingers over them lightly, then licked her lips.  George could feel his cock starting to stiffen in his boxers.  Britney smiled again, then bent down and slipped out of her panties, dropping them on the floor.  George could see the downy hair between her legs, the outline of her pussy.  Britney sat down again, completely naked, and typed.

{b hr 2morrow 10 mom wll b at work}  The webcam image disappeared, the IM screen showed she had gone offline.  George shut down his computer and went to bed, shaking.

Britney trembled with anticipation.  She was sure Kylie's grandfather thought she was hot, she'd seen the way he looked at her today, and the way he'd reacted when she'd flirted with him.  Kylie had given her a dirty look one time, and Britney had been afraid she was going to say something and blow it all for her, but Kylie had kept it to just the look.  Britney was pretty sure that the look she'd given the old man over her webcam was enough so that he'd show up in the morning.  She sure hoped so.

The next morning George had to force himself to act calm as he drank his morning coffee at the kitchen table with Jeannie and Kylie.  He wasn't sure what he was going to do when 10:00 approached.  He was afraid to think about it.

As Jeannie prepared to leave for work, George said, "Hey, Jean, I have to go out to see a client this morning.  Kylie's old enough to stay by herself for a while, isn't she?"

"God, of course I am, Grampa!"  Kylie sounded exasperated.

Jeannie laughed at her daughter.  "Yes, Dad, she can stay by herself.  Just make sure you lock up anything dangerous!"

With that, Jeannie headed off to work, and George started doing some actual work on his computer to occupy his time until just before 10:00.  Kylie disappeared into her bedroom.

At about a quarter to 10, George knocked on the door of Kylie's room and said, "I'm heading out, kiddo, I'll see you later."

"Okay, Grampa, see you when you get back."

George headed out to his car and started the drive to Britney's house, almost shaking with anticipation.  He wasn't sure what his granddaughter's friend wanted from him, but he was definitely sure of what he was hoping to get from her.

By the time George reached Britney's house he was so charged up that he practically ran from the car to the front door.  He knocked, had to wait only a few seconds before the door opened.  She must have been waiting for him.  Britney was dressed the way she had been on the webcam the night before, T-shirt and panties.

"I wasn't sure if you'd come," she said, smiling nervously.

"What, you thought I wouldn't want to see more of that?"  George chuckled.  "Speaking of which, let's see more of that!"

"You first.  I haven't seen you without anything on yet."  Britney surprised herself by being so aggressive.

"Okay, but first you've gotta answer a question for me.  Why did you want me to come over here?"

"Uh, well, my cousin told me that older guys are better to do things with.  That they do things better than guys our age."

"What kinds of things?  What have you done with guys so far?"

"Well..."  Britney decided to tell him.  "I held a guy's dick in my hand and played with it, and I let him put his finger in me.  Oh, and I kissed him."  She giggled.

"That's it, huh?  Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Uh, is that where you feel funny and kinda shake all over?"

George chuckled again.  "That's it.  I guess you must have had one, then."

"Yeah, but not with a boy.  I... uh I did that to myself...  Kylie showed me how."

"I see."  George was thinking to himself that his granddaughter might not be quite as innocent as she put on.

"So, do you not want me because I haven't really done anything?"  Britney was afraid that he might think she wouldn't be good enough.

"Don't worry about that, by the time we're finished you'll have done plenty.  Are you ready for that look now?"  George was trying to keep from looking too eager, or too excited.

"Yeah, I want to see you naked!"  Again, Britney was shocked at how forward she was.  She licked her lips as she waited for him to undress.

"Okay, but let's go into your bedroom first."

Britney giggled as she led George down the hall to her room.  She was a little embarrassed when he looked around at the girlie things and the posters on her walls, but he didn't say anything.  He just started undressing.  Britney realized she was holding her breath as she watched, and began breathing, heavily.  When George finally slipped off his boxers, she stared at his dick.  It was hard.  And it was a lot bigger than Derek's, both longer and thicker.  Britney licked her lips again as she thought about what it would feel like to touch it the way she had Derek's.  And maybe even do other things with it.

As George stood naked in front of the little girl, he realized how long it had been since he'd been with anyone even remotely this young.  And that he'd better take advantage of it, because he'd probably never get another chance like this.

"Okay, Britney, your turn.  Take it off, like you did last night."

Britney took in a large breath, and held it as she lifted the T-shirt over her head.  She'd never been naked with a guy before.  When she was with Derek they hadn't taken off their clothes.  And the night before, when she was naked, Kylie's grandpa could see her, but he wasn't there.  And she couldn't see him.  Now he was in the room with her, and naked himself.  But as she tossed her T-shirt onto the floor and began pulling down her panties, she realized she didn't care.  She wanted him to be there with her, and she wanted to be naked.  And she was.  And she looked at him and saw him staring at her with a wicked grin on his face.

George pulled Britney against him and pressed his lips against hers.  His tongue snaked out into her mouth and began searching it.  Britney rolled her tongue against his, reached in between them and wrapped her fingers around his dick and began stroking it the way she had Derek's.  She felt his hands running over her breasts, and down along her sides and belly.  Britney's cousin Lisa had been right about older guys; she could tell already that this was going to be a lot better than what she'd done with Derek.  Kylie's grandpa was stronger, knew exactly what he was doing, but was gentler at the same time.  Britney closed her eyes and felt his hands roam over her body as she stroked his dick.

George's cock was hard as a rock and ready for some action, and Britney's hand was going to bring him off before long if this kept up.  He wasn't sure what Britney wanted, but he knew that he didn't want to just shoot his load all over her.

"Have you ever had anybody lick you?"

"Uh, no.  Lick me where?"  Britney wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she thought it sounded a little weird and maybe yucky.

"All over."  Kylie's grandpa gave her that smile again, then added, "Let's try it.  If you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop."

"Okay.  Uh, what's your name?"  This time Britney smiled.  "If we're doing things like this I can't call you 'Kylie's grandpa.'"

"It's George.  Just don't call me that unless we're doing things like this, okay."

"Yeah.  George."

George suddenly put his hands on Britney's waist, picked her up, and tossed her onto the bed on her back.  She giggled, then watched him walk over to the bed and hover over her, looking at her body, before he bent over, dropping his head to her chest, and began licking her left breast.  When he started licking it tickled, and Britney giggled again.  Within seconds, though, the giggles turned to low moans, as she felt his tongue glide around the base of her breast, then move up, flicking over her nipple, before  moving to her other breast and repeating the motions.  The feeling of his tongue on her skin was sending shivers through her, and her breath was becoming short.  When George's mouth reached her right nipple, instead of merely swirling his tongue around it, he drew the nipple into his mouth and sucked it.

"Uh!  Wow!"  A jolt shot through Britney's body as she felt the tug of George's lips on her nipple.  She couldn't believe she was afraid this would be yucky and she wouldn't like it.  She didn't want him to stop.

George hadn't had this much fun in years.  He'd always enjoyed showing women new things, and the taste and smell of Britney's body were putting an incredible charge into him.  It was just as good as fucking his own daughter.  As that realization hit him another thought raced through his head - has Jeannie ever been with another woman?  Would she be interested in a three-way?  Those thoughts only lasted for seconds, though, as he had other things to occupy his attention.

Britney was a little disappointed when George's mouth moved away from her breasts, but that didn't last long when she felt his lips and tongue glide down the middle of her belly, licking, his teeth nipping lightly at her skin.  His tongue swirled around her belly button, licking inside the little hollow, then moved lower, to where downy hair covered her skin.  George put his hands on Britney's inner thighs and spread them apart, opening her pussy, then moved his face in between her legs.  She felt his breath, hot against the lips of her pussy.

"Uh!   Mmmmm."  Britney moaned and purred as she felt George's mouth close on her pussy, his tongue spreading her lips and poking inside her.  It felt different than having Derek's finger, or hers, inside her.  The tongue was softer, wetter.  Britney felt the juices start to run through her pussy.

Maybe it was just because the girl was so young and innocent, but George thought Britney's pussy was the sweetest he'd ever tasted.  As he ran his tongue up and down along her slit, he knew he was going to have to fuck her soon or he'd go crazy.  But he wanted to make sure he made her cum first.

Britney leaned back, closed her eyes, and let the feeling of George's tongue on her pussy carry her away.  Up and down her slit, flicking in and out between her lips.  Then it charged upward, hit the bud that sat at the top of her slit.

"Ahhh!  God, yes!"  It was like the first time she'd touched it herself, but different somehow, more intense.  Maybe because it was a tongue instead of a finger.  Maybe just that it was someone else doing it.

Licking the little girl's clit got the reaction that George was looking for.  Now he attacked it with his tongue, lashing it.  He flicked his tongue against her clit over and over, fast and quick, and felt her body respond.

Britney began to gasp as George's tongue worked over her bud.  She reached down and gripped his hair with her hands, pulling his face tightly against her pussy.  She was beginning to feel like she had when she'd played with herself while Kylie had showed where to touch herself.  Then George's mouth closed over her bud, sucking on it, and the climax hit Britney.

"Oh god!  Yes!  Uh... uh... uh...  Aaaahhh!"  The spasms started in Britney's pussy, then tore through her entire body.  The muscles in her lower belly clenched.  Her shoulders shot up off the bed.  Her thighs clamped together around Georges' head.  She twitched, once, then again, and again.  Finally, she collapsed back onto the bed, mewling like an animal.  As good as her first orgasm had been when she'd played with herself along with Kylie, this was better.  Much better.

George pulled himself up, hovered over Britney's still-quivering body.

"Do you want more?"  He certainly hoped so.  If he had to quit here, he'd lose his mind for sure.

"Yes!   God, yes!  I want you to do it to me!"  Britney's eyes were wide, her breath still coming in gasps.

"You want me to do what to you?"  George was in a playful mood, teasing.

"You know what!"

"Maybe I don't.  Or maybe I just want you to say it.  Tell me what you want me to do!"

"I want you to..."  In spite of what she'd been doing lately, talking dirty was still something Britney had trouble with.

"To what?  Come on, baby, say it!"

"FUCK ME!"  Britney forced it out, almost a scream.  That was all George needed.

George pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips, then forced just the head inside her virgin hole.  He groaned as he felt the lips of her pussy grip his cockhead tightly.  She was as tight as anyone he'd ever had, and he suddenly worried if he'd even fit inside the thirteen-year-old.

Britney groaned and moaned as she felt the head of George's cock enter her.  She was breathing in gasps now.  This was a lot bigger than anything she'd ever had inside her.  But she didn't care.  She had to know what it was like.

"You ready for this?"  George wanted to make sure the little girl really wanted it.  He wasn't about to force anyone into sex.

"Yes, do it to me.  Fuck me!"  With that, George drove himself into Britney's pussy in one vicious stroke.  His cock felt like it was being held in a vise, her pussy was so tight.

"GOD!!!!"  Britney sucked in a huge breath, then felt it explode out of her as she felt George's cock rip her open.  The walls of her pussy were forced apart, violently, and she felt pain knife through her as her hymen was shredded.  "Ohhhh, that really hurts!"

It had been a long time, but George was no stranger to virgins.  "Hold still, try to relax and see if the pain will ease up.  I don't want to hurt you."  As George looked down at Britney's face, he saw tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.  "Do you want to stop and not do this?"

"No!  You have to ... fuck me!"  Britney had gone too far to stop now.  And George could no longer wait.  He saw Britney's face begin to relax, felt her pussy pulsing around his cock, and he began to fuck her.  Long, slow strokes at first, getting her used to having a cock inside her, then, as he felt her start to respond, shorter, quicker, more violent thrusts, the kind intended to bring a woman to a screaming orgasm.

Britney felt her pussy begin to relax around George's dick as he moved it in an out of her.  She was filled with new experiences.  The way her belly felt filled up by George's cock.  The sensation of her pussy opening to take his cock in, then shrinking back again as he pulled back out of her.  Her entire body vibrating as his cock drove all the way into her, and his pelvis crushed against the bud that gave her so much pleasure.  She stared into his eyes, her breath deepening with each stroke of his cock up the entire length of her pussy.  Britney slowly realized that she wasn't a virgin any more.  That she would never again feel the exquisite pain of having her cherry popped.  And somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that there would be many more pleasures, some mixed with equal amounts of pain, to take the place of this one.

Britney felt the spasms overcoming her again.  Her pussy squeezed George's cock, while her legs locked together around his hips, trapping him inside her.  Her fingers dug into the flesh of his shoulders.  Her belly and chest pushed hard against his, needing to feel as much of his body against her as she could.

"GOD!!!  FUCK!!!  YES!!!  Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!!!"  Britney's body convulsed against George's as the orgasm shook her.  If he hadn't held her tightly, she'd have been thrashing all over the bed.  And the pulsing of Britney's pussy around his cock was all George needed to send him over the edge.  He felt his balls tighten, then twitch, and stream after stream of cum shot out into Britney's unprotected pussy.

Britney's orgasm intensified as she felt George's cum flood her pussy.  Since her pussy was already filled with his cock, his semen squeezed around his cock, some oozing out past her pussy lips onto the bed.  Still more forced its way through her cervix and into her womb.  Britney was completely filled now, by George's cock and his cum, and she couldn't think of anything that could be better.  She looked up at George, who was still staring at her face.

"Did I do okay?"  She was still afraid she might not be good enough.

"God, baby, you were great!  I've never had anything better.  Did it feel good to you?"

"God, yes!  I want your dick in me all the time!"


Passed out sis

Baratsbereta on Incest Stories

            I am 14 years old and my 16 year old sister is the biggest slut in school. She would wear the shortest skirts and the lowest tops around campus to make sure all eyes were on her.

            Let me describe her to you. Shes about 5’2 105 pounds with the roundest most

Our Favorite Fantasy

BigboyXIX on Incest Stories

  Her: These days, Bridget was beginning to look  a lot like her mother, Dana had at her age.  Bridget was named after a saint, of course, Saint Bridget Kilbride of Ireland, and it seemed that it couldn't be any more fitting due to her mother's own Irish roots.  Bridget was a smart girl, probably did her father very proud as far as grades went, but lately she was discovering some kind of energy that she was having trouble getting rid of.  Catholic schools weren't big on explaining the birds and the bees very well.



 She sat, like she did every night, just aft

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er school, at the kitchen table, still in her uniform, her deep red hair pulled back into a single braid down her back.  One of the nuns had to take her shopping for her bras, things like that, though she was still pretty naive to the whole thing.  She was daddy's little the truest sense of those words.


 Me: He, like he did every night, went about the kitchen, cooking dinner. He'd removed his robes the moment he got home, and enjoyed walking around the house in simple short and t-shirt. These days were falling into repetition, and they were exactly what he enjoyed. These days he enjoyed the time with his daughter, knowing exactly how old and big she was getting.. In fact, time and again his eyes were drawn to her familiar form. He found himself pulling his eyes away, pulling the hamburgers from the stove just in time to keep them from burning, grunting as he splashed grease on his wrist. "Gah!"


Her: Just finishing up the last problem in algebra, she glanced up when he grunted and exclaimed out in pain.  A frown fell over her features as she got up, and removed her vest from over her simple white button-down shirt, and she approached him from behind.


 "Hey, you okay, Dad?"  He insisted upon Father, as everyone else called him, but she wanted something of her own to call him, so it fell to 'dad' or when she was in trouble...'daddy' which wasn't often.  "You should run your wrist under cold water.." she turned the faucet on and touched his arm lightly.  Of course the sprayer on the faucet stuck sometimes, and she cot hit in the chest with a cold spray of water, before the sprayer unstuck and the water came from the tap.




Me: He nodded, letting himself be led to the faucet. "It's alright honey, it's just a little burn, nothing to..." trailing off, his eyes traveling over the rapidly transparent front of her shirt. Clearing his throat and pulling his eyes away after a few moments, he stared pointedly at hi wrist. "Maybe you should go change honey.."


Her: "Well, I worry about you.." she pouted pointedly up at him and then shrugged.  She put him first, which seemed like the right thing to do.  She loved her father...and nothing and no one was going to come between the two of them.


 "But I've got to change for supper anyway..." she leaned up to him, pressing herself into his side, though not realizing she was doing it.  She kissed his cheek and smiled.  "I'll be right back, Hamburgers are my favorite.."


 She turned and put a little bounce in her step, she paused to gather up her books before she would head upstairs to change.


Me: He smiled kindly before she walked off, trying to suppress the groan as she pressed her young, warm body against him. "Yeah, I’m making them just how you like ‘em, so hurry back!" His eyes remained on her as she bounced out of sight, pointedly following her backside under the pleated skirt. Groaning, he began preparing dinner, which was set by the time she got back, their usual two spots across from each other at the table, meal and milk all waiting for her.


Her: She came back down, her hair brushed out from the braid, she wore shorts too, though cotton ones that might be close to being too short.  She wore a white tank-top too.  She very much like her mother, from the sleek form right down to those expressive green eyes.


 She sat at the table and grinned to him.  "Looks so good," she reached to take his hand...preparing for the night prayer before dinner.


Me: He looked pointedly at his plate when she arrived, glancing up to offer her a warm smile. He couldn't help his eyes roaming over her for just a moment, resting on the valley  of her breasts. Shaking his head, he'd take her hands, marveling on how warm they were before starting the prayer. (Insert prayer here)


Her: Once finished with the prayer, she gave his hand a squeeze and than began to eat.  "I passed my English mid-term..." she said with a bit of pride radiating from those deeply emerald eyes.


 She did catch a few of those glances and it made her brows knit with worry, "Is there something wrong...daddy?"


Me: "Mmm? Oh, no honey, nothing wrong." Pulled out of his reverie by her voice, he smiled assuringly, glancing down at his food and eating. "That's good that you're passing your classes. Your teachers were worried about you not so long ago, I remember."


Her: "Mn, well....I'm just going through some changes. I feel strange.."  she murmured lightly as she rubbed at the back of her neck.  "Like I have all this nervous energy that I can't...get rid of ..."


Me: "Changes...?" He raised an eyebrow, images fleeting through his mind before shaking his head. "Well, if you have all that energy young lady, maybe you should work on keeping your room clean. Or maybe you should think about a sport. Softball is coming up, maybe you should consider joining."


Her: "Mmn, I know..I don't like shopping with Sister Elizabeth.  The undergarments she chooses are just so...big.. and uncomfortable.."  She shrugged lightly.  "It's not that kind of energy's different...makes me all hot...and bothered.."


Me: "Er, well... I'm sure if you told Sister Elizabeth about it, she'd get you something more your size." He coughed slightly at her last words. "Er, well, perhaps if you had a talk with one of the Sisters..."


Her: "I've tried...Sister Elizabeth said it was evil.." she rolled her eyes and took another bite of her burger.  "I know I'm not's just frustrating..."


Me: "Well, I don't think it's evil. It happens to all girls... Have you talked with any of your friends at the school?"


Her: "Not really, it's emberrasing.." she said in a small voice, though all the talk of it was making her feel that heated energy right now.  Her cheeks were becoming flushed and she squirmed slightly in her seat.


Me: He raised an eyebrow ever so slightly at her actions. Part of his mind told him to drop it, but the rest had to push on. "Oh really? Why's that? What does it feel like..?"


Her: She licked her lip lightly, "well..there's feels so warm everywhere, and everything is so sensitive...but especially.." she quieted some.  "..between my legs.."  she whispered that...blushing nearly the color of a beet.


Me: Unconsciously, he leaned in toward her over the table, an eyebrow raised and a rather hungry look in his eyes. "Have you tried... Touching it, at all?"


Her: "No!  No.." she lifted her eyes to him and then brought them back down to her plate.  She felt very uncomfortable and ...scared at the moment.  "I..should go..shower before bed.." she said in a tiny voice.


Me: The tone in her voice snapped him out of it. He blinked and shook his head, as if getting chills. "Ah, yes.. I'll... Wrap up the rest of this before bed, so you cna have it for lunch tomorrow, alright? You go on ahead, I'll clean up."


Her: Bridget jumped up out of her seat and seemed to run up to her room.  She needed a nice long shower, probably longer than she would usually indulge in.


 His voice kept echoing through her head, when he asked if she touched felt so sinful and naughty.  As she washed herself she kept thinking of it, and realizing that the heat had returned.


 A soapy hand trailed down along her stomach to between her legs, she bit at her lip before she touched, just a small amount of pressure where that heat came from, and that sent a spike of pleasure through her that made her sigh out.




Me: He'd walk by the bathroom, heading toward his bedroom when something stopped him just outside of the bathroom door. He heard the shower on, as it was every night after bed. Something compelled him now to move silently to the door, turning the nob ever so slowly and opening it just a crack, peeking in through the sliver of space.


Her: The shower door was foggy, but transparent, he'd see her slender outline standing under the flow of the water, seeming to enhance every little curve it ran over.


 Her fingertips pressed past the soft lips of her sex and when she, for the first time, touched her clitoris, she moaned out and her free hand moved to brace herself against the wall.


 "'s so nice.."


Me: He quietly took in a deep breath at the blurry but obvious sight. Biting his lip to keep from groaning, he opened the door slightly more, trying to be as quiet as possible. Meanwhile, a free hand would glide down to the front of his shorts, a long familiar and awaited bulge pressing against the palm of his hand.


Her: She had to lean on the wall of the shower, which made her face the shower door.  She could barely make out that the door was open, but she knew...she could see..just barely.  She didn't make like she saw him though.  She was too blinded by this fierce pleasure.  Her head fell back to the shower wall as her fingers slid over and around that little bud of a clit.


 "Oh..oh god.." she moaned out as her other hand slipped up to touch very delicately at her breasts.  Her touch was unknowing...but to her it felt wonderful.


Me: Licking his lips as he spied on her through the slim crack inthe door, he began breathing heavily. His hand caressing over the bulge in his shorts. He strained, just a little more, to see her. She looked so much like her mother when she... The thought nearly caused him to moan aloud.


Her: Her sweet features were drawn up into a  look of sheer exstacy.  She arched her back and let out another soft moan as she felt something building within her.  Her whole body seemed to tighten, but the pleasure was so much that she couldn't will her fingers to stop even if she wanted them to.


 A few moments passed and she groaned out a louder moan, and her body seemed to shudder and then relax.  Breathing hard, she slid down along the shower wall, shivering to herself.




Me: He matched her moan as she reached climax,, gripping himself firmly. When he realized she was finished for now, he slowly and quietly shut the door. Images of it fresh in his mind, he quickly moved to his bedroom. Shutting the door behind him, he would immediately disrobe, sit himself on the bed, and begin stroking his aching manhood.


Her: She let the water rinse away the shame she suddenly felt.  She let her own father watch her do something unspeakable.  She bit at her lip..she had to go appologize.  After drying off and dressing, she brushed out her hair and then slowly made her way to his own room.


 She reached for the door knob, then thought wrongly of it, and decided to knock instead.


Me: The knock pulled him out of his imaginary reverie. Stunned, he released himself and immediately grabbed his robe, cinching it quickly and perhaps sloppily. Opening the door, he offered her a warm smile. "Ah, hello honey. Did you need something..?"


Her: "Can I come in?"  She asked quietly as she looked up to him.  Her features seemed to hold a deep shame in them, she was sorry for what she did, now she had to confess.  She hadn't yet noticed the state of his robe, however.


Me: "of course sweety, come on in..." Smiling genially, he stepped aside, letting her into the room and closing the door behind. "Something wrong?"


Her: "I um..." she bit her lip.  "I did it," she spoke lighty as she went to sit on the bed.  "I touched..the warm..between my legs..and it felt so good, Daddy.." she cleared her throat.  She wondered if he'd admit to it, to seeing it.


Me: "Ah... So you did. Well, you know child, it's a natural occurance, and while it is considered a sin to shame yourself, I'll tell you that every person has done it in their lives. So long as you ask for forgiveness, Jesus shall forgive."

Her: "I ..knew you were there.." she said it in a tinier voice as she stood up and stepped toward him, just now noticing how sloppily his robe was done up and she blushed again, deep red.  "you' of your robe.."


Me: The admission caught him dead, and he became very quiet. And, at her notice, he blinked down at himself. "Ah, ah! Um, yes, er..." Quickly pulling the robe shut, he leaned back against the door, sighing. "I'm afraid you're right honey, I'm sorry. I... don'tknow what came over me. I... I shamed you, and myself.." Lowering his head and closing his eyes, he looked in a lot of pain.


Her: She stepped toward him and she slipped her arms around him.  Looking up at him with a soft tiny smile, "I knew you where there when I did it..." she said it softly.  "I...think I w..wanted you to see.." she leaned up and kissed his cheek...and then his lips very delicately.


Me: The admission, again, caught him completely by surprise. His eyes widened at her as her lips pressed lightly against his own. For a moment, he withheld, as if to pull back... Before his arms slid around her waist and her kiss was returned warmly. "Bridget..."


Her: She breathed out a little sigh, "show me.." she spoke softly as she leaned up against him, her fingers curling into his robe.  "Show me how to make you feel good, daddy.." she whispered just as lightly.


Me: He gazed at her for a long moment, mixed emotions storming across his features. Finally he groaned, speaking softly. "Sweety, if.. If we do anything, we would be committing a serious sin, you know that? Incest is wrong..."


Her: "But I love love would never hurt me..I know that," she said as she slipped her fingers past the opening of his robe, just to part it again, so she could run her fingers along the skin of his chest.


Me: "I do love you honey, and I don't want to hurt you, but..." He sighed, her small, warm hhand on his chest was almost too much to blame. Being of firm belief that sound mind followed sound body, he made sure to get to the gym every day, and her fingers trailed along warm muscles. One particular muscle jumped at her attention, poking at her thigh from his now opened robe. "Mmm.."


Her: She glanced downward and she bit at her lip as she lifted her other hand up, to push the robe off of his shoulders, to leave him as bare as he'd seen her only minutes ago.  "I've disrobed you...disrobe me.."


Me: ((What's she wearing?))


Her: ((Just a pair of shorts and a tank...panties...that's it))


Me: A flicker of doubt crossed his features, but the sight of her, eager, wanting crushed any thoughts of saying no. Quietly, he brought his hands up. At first resting them on her hips, he leaned down to catch her lips in a warm, sensual kiss. Letting his hands wander, slipping under the hem of her top, he'd slowly slide the cloth up, breaking from her lips to place hot little kisses along her neck. Kissing a trail along the hem of her top, stopping  for longer kisses just above her budding breasts, he'd slide the top up and over her head, letting it flutter to the floor.


Her: She breathed out a warm sigh against his mouth, she loved kisses before this, but these kisses were so much more, so much warmer.  She was putty in his hands.  Her head fell back at his kisses on her neck, his lips felt so lovely on her skin.  " nice.." she breathed out in a moan as she was left topless before him.  Her skin was soft and pale, as if it hadn't been punished by the sun once in her life yet.


Me: His kisses would continue, down the valley between her breasts, then around each, every kiss becoming more lingering. He made a spiral trail of kisses on each, saving the hard little tips for last. A warm kiss on each then, and then his tongue would slip from his lips, caressing her nipples lightly. All the while his hands slipped up along her bare back, then down again. Curious fingers slipped under the shorts she wore, tugging them down her legs, leaving her in just a little pair of white panties.


Her: She leaned against him a bit, her hands snaked into his hair and curled there.  She never felt so close to him as she did now.  His mouth drew soft moans from her and her knees shook just a bit, as if she were weakened by this.


 "Oh..oh..daddy," she whispered as she lowered her head to rest it against the top of his.


Me: His arms wrapped around her then. Easily and gently, he would pick her up and walk her back to the bed. Setting her down on her back, his hands slid along her sides, over her hips. tangling the corners of her panties, he began slowly pulling them down, eyes watching her, filled with love and a hunger, drinking in her now nude body.


Her: She had a small amount of thin red hair over her sex, which was damp, glistening lightly in the dim light.  She rested back on her elbows as she watched him, her eyes reflecting that look up to him.


Me: Slowly, he's slide down to his knees in front of her, hands on her knees. Gently, he'd spread them apart, revealing and opening her sex to him. Whispering, his eyes never leaving her excitement, he spoke softly. "You know the name of this, right? It's your sex, your vagina, and, in less medical terms, your pussy or cunt... Understand sweety? You should know all the names for your parts..."


Her: She bit her lip as she watched him, she nodded quietly, she knew what it was called, but she didn't want to contradict him right now, especially the way she felt.  "It's ...all wet ..and warm," she said softly, squirming lightly at being under such scrutination.


Me: Nodding, he'd lean further in, his hands sliding up from her knees to her waist. "That's what happens when you get excited... When you're ready for sex. Sometimes it happens just because, and other times because you're touched, or hear something, or smell something that turns you on..." Gently, a finger began running along the slit, tracing the outer lips. "I'm going to do something sweety, and you have to keep your legs open, okay? It's going to feel very good."


Her: She took in a shuddered breath, but nodded quietly.  "O..ohkay daddy.." she nodded quietly, doing her best to keep her legs parted for him, despite the pleasure he was already causing.


Me: Offering her a reassuring smile, he leaned forward. With his fingers, he gently parted her lower lips, leaving her open and exposed to his warm breath. Soon, she'd feel something warm and wriggling tracing her slit, slowly working its way further inside her. His tongue had a mind of its own once deep into her, running in circles, tracing the outer edges before plunging again inside her.


Her: She breathed out a light sigh at the touch of his fingers and his breath, but the feel of his tongue was like nothing she'd ever known.  Her eyes widened and she let out a deep moan.  "Oh..oh th..that's..that's so ...ohmnn.." she trailed off into a moan as she fell back against the bed and let her back arch from the pleasure he was feeding into it.


Me: His tongue continued to lap at her, even as his arms went around her waist, ready to hold her down just in case. Soft sounds of his drinking her juices would begin to fill the room as he again and again plunged his tongue within her. Soon, his tongue would trace along the top of her slit, his nose bumping into that particularly sensitive spot.


Her: She was so content to just lay there and experience this forever and ever, it was sweet pleasure, not like the shower, that was sharper and more intense.  When his nose nudged that bud of a bump, she whimpered softly at the intense pleasure that slipped into her body.  Her hips jerked and she moaned a little more loudly.  "Oh..oh there..please..there.."


Me: He pulled back, licking his lips of her juices just long enough to speak. "Your clit, baby." With that, his mouth would open, engulfing her sensitive spot and letting his tongue brush over it. He's begin gently poking, prodding and nudging, all the while holding her hips down as he did.


Her: "Oh..oh yes..yes..yes...!"  Her fingers curled into his hair and tugged faintly, then ran through his hair softly.  She was drowning in this pleasure.  She turned her head a bit to the side and whimpered.  "It''s happening again..oh it's's happening again," she moaned out as her body began to stiffen beneath his mouth, and she tried as hard as she could to keep her legs open for him.


Me: He wouldn't tell her this time. Instead, he would lean in, his teeth gently pressing on either side of her clit at the base, and gently, he would pull back, tugging at her spot, all the while his tongue caressing the exposed tip.


Her: That seemed to push her over the edge, her body stilled for a few moments, except for a bit of irratic breathing, before she'd let out a louder cry of a moan, and she'd suddenly release, her sweet juices coming fast to flood his mouth and chin.  "ohhmm..."


Me: He'd take a few moments to lap at her still before rising, chin and lips shining from excess juices. He grinned, rising to his feet. "You came baby... You had an orgasm."


Her: She was breathing hard, like she'd run and run and run.  Her hands came out of his hair as he lifted his head, and fell to her own face, and she giggled, faintly.  "Oh..oh orgasms are wonderful.."


Me: "mmm, yes they are. You don't always need someone to have them, but they are God's little gifts to us.." Chuckling softly, he'd sit on the edge of the bed next to her, placing his hand on her belly.


Her: "I ..want to give you one too," she looked up at him and she put her hands over his lightly on her tummy.  She lifted his hand up slowly to let it rest directly over her left breast.


Me: A slow smile came on his features. He gave her breast a squeeze before releasing and sliding back, putting his back to the headboard and motioning her over. "Come here... Have you ever seen a naked man?"


Her: "Mm-mm.." she said as she moved, shaking her head as if to make her answer perfectly clear.  She smiled gently as she crawled her way up to him, but it turned into a grin.  "Well..not until now.."


Me: "Mmm, good.. But you know the difference between boys and girls, I hope.." Reaching forward, he'd gently take her hand, pulling it toward him, resting it against his hard member. "Mmm.. Know what this is?"


Her: "Of course, it's a penis.." she watched with wide eyes directed on where he'd put her hand.  She bit her lip, it was a lot larger than she'd imagined.  She let her fingers wrap around it before giving a very gentle squeeze.


Me: Sighing softly at her touch, he nodded. "More naughty terms are dick or cock, but yes. Mmm... Go on sweety, touch it. It feels good."


Her: She focussed her gaze down at her hands, at the length of his shaft, she stroked slow yet gentle strokes up along his length and back down.  She smiled faintly and then an idea came to mind.  She leaned down and like he'd licked at her own sex, she let the tip of her tongue run over the head of his erection, in a slow circle.


Me: Her moving so quickly caught him by surprise, and a slightly startled, but pleased, moan slipped from him. "Mmm... Yes baby, that's nice... Mmm, put some of it in your mouth... Like a tootsie pop..."


Her: She glanced up, but nodded, while she continued stroking along his length, she suckled part of him into her mouth, not much past the head, but enough to let her suck at it gently, and still swirl her tongue around it.  She hoped she was doing it right, she mimicked what he'd done to her.


Me: "Ahhh, good girl.. Mmm.." Sighing, his fingers would move forward, entangling into her hair. "Mmm... under the head sweety, lick there, it's nice. And use your hand on my balls.. They're further down.."


Her: She let her eyes close, the sound that she was pleasing him was enough to make her happy.  She slipped her hand down to touch at his testicles, very tenetively at first, then she grasped them gently, rubbing them softly as she moved her tongue to where he dictated, she sucked at him just as she would a lolly pop...just as he'd instructed.


Me: "Ahhh, yesss, good girl.." Sighing, one hand would remove itself from her hair to slip to the hand around his hsaft, tightening her grip and motioning her hand up and down a bit quicker. "Just like that baby.."


Her: She followed his instructions easily, "mmm" she'd sigh out, unknowingly spreading the pleasure of vibration through his length as well.  She liked the sound of his voice like made her feel so proud that she could make him feel so good.


Me: Letting out a shuddering breath at the extra vibrations she gave him, he leaned back, his hips beginning to gently move up into her fist and mouth. The years of not having anything mroe then his occasional hand were getting to him, and he could feel a tightening. "Mmm.. I'm getting close baby..."


Her: She wanted him to have his orgasm too, she didn't pull back, or stop in anyway, in fact, her hand moved just a little faster along his shaft as her lips tightened around him, to give a slightly stronger suckling, "mmmnmm.."


Me: Breathing raggedly for several minutes, eyes closed and head leaned back against the headboard, he seemed in utter bliss. Moaning, he'd finally shout out as his testes tightened under her touch. "Ahhh, I'm cumming!" Holding her head close, he erupted inside her mouth, several weeks' worth of frustration filling her mouth and throat in one sweet release. Twitching slightly, he laid back, gasping for air.


Her: She partially gagged, though swallowed reflexively just so she wouldn't choke.  she didn't expect anything like that, hers seemed so...cleaner that...once he laid back, she pulled away, coughing slightly, and licking her lips.  "..good?"


Me: He smiled lazily at her, nodding and groaning. "Mmm, wonderful baby.. I'm sorry, I should have told you what to expect... Mmm, when a man cums, his semen shoots out.. Ahh, but you were fantastic.."


Her: She wiped off her mouth and crawled up beside him, kissing his shoulder, then his neck before nuzzling into it.  "I love you...I love you so much..I'm so glad I could make you feel good."


Me: His arms wrapping reflexivvely around her, he pulled her gently into his lap, kissing her forehead and holding her tight. "I love you too baby, more then anything... And you were so wonderful..."


Her: "Can we do it again?" She smiled.  "I mean..more later..?"  She bit at her lip as she cuddled against him, adoring the feel of his skin on hers.


Me: He smiled, letting a hand wander down to her backside and giving it a squeeze. "Mmm.. We can do even more then that, if you think you're ready. You're so beautiful..."


Her: "Mm...ready..?"  She nodded quietly.  "I am ready.." she giggled at the touch to her backside and she bit at her lip.  "..for what?"


Me: "Mmm, well.. After all that, there's only one thing left..." Taking her hand in his, he pressed her palm against his member, and then against her sex. "We bring them together..."


Her: "Oh.." she bit her lip but smiled eagerly.  "I..I want that, very much, Daddy.." she kissed at his chin lightly and nuzzled her cheek up against his.


Me: "Are you sure baby? It'll hurt the first time, but then it'll get better.." Smiling, he'd give her body a gentle squeeze in his arms, his manhood slowly rising up against her thigh.


Her: "I'm sure, daddy," she said softly before lowering her head to kiss at his neck, as he had kissed hers.  She nibbled faintly and let her tongue trace over his flesh.


Me: Sighing loudly, he'd shiver under her ministrations, his hands wandering along her sides, one slipping down between her thighs, tracing her lips again. "Mmm, Alright baby... Get on your back.."


Her: She smiled and did as he asked, movign to lay down back on her back.  She smiled softly as she watched him with that ever-loving gaze of hers.


Me: Carefully, he'd roll over her, his arms on either side of her head. Returning her gaze with a loving smile, he nodded down between them. "Alright baby, open your legs... I'm going to make you a woman.."


Her: She let her lengs slowly part, and slide up along the outside of his thighs and hips, she smiled gently up to him, and she traced her fingers over his face and through his hair.  She leaned up to kiss his mouth very gently.


Me: He returned her kiss warmly, positioning himself above her. Slowly, ever so gently he would press forward, his manhood pushing against her sex. He stopped as the tip slipped in. "How's that feel baby?"


Her: "mmn.." she looked up to him, her eyes were half-lidded due to the pleasure and heat of the situation.  Her arms held onto him tightly.  "N..nice..mmn..."


Me: Nodding, he leaned down to kiss her as he pushed further into her, taking care to be slow and gentle. Soon, he would press against her virginity. Whispering to her, "Brace yourself baby.." he'd push in entirely, remaniing still within her for a time.


Her: She'd moan softly, gently as he'd press into her, she'd turn her head to kiss his cheek and his neck.  She steeled herself to pain, and when he tore through her virginity, she whimpered and pushed her face into his neck.  She was a good girl..she didn't cry..she didn't make a peep.  She was still...but slowly she'd begin to relax...the pain would ebb and she would just nuzzle and kiss at his shoulder.


Me: "Mmm... such a good girl..." Sighing, he'd lean in, catching her lips in a warm kiss. Slowly, carefully, he began to pull back, party way before pushing back in, starting a slow and gentle rythm into her, whispering into her ear as he did, "Ahhh, so nice baby, so nice.."


Her: She couldn't put two words together even if she tried.  She moaned softly against his ear, her breath came hot against his skin and she pressed her hips up to his again and again, crashing into him.  "Yes...." she finally said, after a long bout of nothing but soft moans.


Me: His forehead pressed against her shoulder, his own shoulders slumped as he continued to rock with her hips, sighing softly on each. His lips would run along her neck, kissing up to her ear, biting lightly at the lobe as his thrusts slowly built up.


Her: "" she moaned out softly as the thrusts continued to escallate.  She hooked her heels behind his knees to gain some leverage, so her own thursts could be felt a bit more.  " nice..oh God.."


Me: "Ohhh yes baby.. God, so tight..." Rolling his hips into her, he pressed as deeply as he was able, biting and suckling at her neck as he did, moaning into her ear. "Ahhh, just like.. Mmm.."


Her: She turned her head and bit at his shoulder, then sucked at it, alternating slowly as her body began to tremble beneath him.  "I..I'm ..going to ...again.." she whispered hoarsely against his neck.


Me: Turning his head to lick her lips, he nodded, groaning. "Ah, mmm... Then go ahead baby... It's okay, you can, ahh... say it... You're gonna cum.."


Her: "I'm ..I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum..oh..oh god.." she buried her face into his shoulder as her body tightened beneath him.  Her arms gripped him until they shook, her very core took ahold of him tightly, like a velvet vice.  She let out a whimper as she seized up..and then suddenly, with a delicate sounding moan, released beneath him.


Me: The pressure and sensation of his little girl releasing around him caused a strained moan to leave his lips. With a shudder, he would pull himself out from inside her, moaning heavily as his climax took him, several bursts covering her flat tummy and up to he rbreasts. Groaning, he slowly relaxed, panting above her.


Her: Breathing like she'd run for miles and miles...she gazed up at him, trying to catch her breath, was slow going.  "oh...oh"


Me: Panting through a smile, he leaned in to kiss her sweetly. "Mm... Wow is right... Ahhh, so good sweety, I went and made a mess on you..."


Her: She glanced down to herself and chuckled, "I don't mind.." she said it with a blush and looked up to him.  "I can just take another shower.."


Me: "Mmm, you can.." Smiling warmly, he leaned in, kissing her cheeks, chin and lips softly. "How do you feel baby? You're a woman now.."


Her: "I feel..." she smiled softly.  "good..and tired.." she said softly, and touched his cheek lightly.  "..I'm your woman now.."


Me: "Mm, yes you are... My woman and my little girl, all wrapped into one.." Smiling warmly, he kissed her once more, before groaning. "Mmm... But you should get showered up honey, and then come to bed.."


Her: "I can stay in here with you?"  She asked quietly and smiled up to him.  She kissed at his shoulder, almost giddy at the thought that she'd be sleeping with him tonight.

Me: "Mmhmm.. I can't send you back to your room after this, can I? But, sweety.." His face grew serious. "You know we can't tell anyone of this.."


Her: She nodded quietly as she began to get up.  "I know,'s our secret.."  she smiled softly and moved off to the bathroom again, unabashed in her nudity now.