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Mom and son Brazil style part 1

mind_warrior_2000 on Incest Stories

People often asked in E Mail that how did that come about that you were

able to do that with mom ?. The answer is thing took roots over many years.

I am the final product of mom wild day. She got preggo from one night

stand. Since she is a good catholic so abortion wasn't an option. And since

I didn't have a father at birth. Mom has been more

My robbery expirience with mum

bazza101 on Incest Stories

Mom and I were just sitting on the lounge peacefully watching a movie when suddenly the door was smashed in by four men,all of whom were wearing balaclavas.


“Stay down,nobody move or il blow your fucking head off!!” said one of the hooded men.



Home Schooling - Ch3 "The Climax"

writethis69 on Incest Stories

Please first read: Home Schooling - Ch1 and Ch2

There were no more lessons until the weekend but Chrisa's room became a beehive of activity. They left her  door open so I often saw them naked and playing together. The faint sound of the vibrator would soon be accompanied by Chrisa's loud climax. With so much sex going on in the house I found myself constantly aroused.


Home Schooling - Ch2 "Toy Shopping"

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Please first read: Home Schooling - Ch1 "Bad Date Produces Revelations"

On the way home from work I popped into my favourite "Toy Shop" and bought some supplies. At supper Chrisa asked if Bobby and her could practise their lessons. I said it's OK under two conditions, one only with mutual consent, no one can make the other do anything they did not want and two, they

Home Schooling - Ch1 "Bad Date Leads To A Revelation"

writethis69 on Incest Stories

To all parents of young teens,

My name is Betty and I am a proud Mother of a hansom boy and a pretty girl. They were born only a year and a half apart. My husband was an army office killed in Iraq three years ago. Between my job, insurance and some help from my parents we are scraping by.

When my husband was alive we enjoyed a vigorous sex life. At the time we thought we wer

Just Like That?

writethis69 on Incest Stories

With a Mom that she could only remember from photographs it was no wonder that Melissa's Father was her world. No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder but for one thing. He had lost his wife to cancer and was dam sure he would not loose his last link to her through skew

Forbidden Lust Part 3

cassilac on Incest Stories

This is the third chapter of an incestual story about an uncle and niece who are in love. Click my username to read the first two chapters.

Chapter 3:

Around 11am the next morning, I woke up. I was only half awake, and was trying to figure out if the night before had been a dream. I opened my eyes, and rolled o

Forbidden Lust Part 2

cassilac on Incest Stories

SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 1: Cassie had the hots for her uncle George for a number of years, and he just made the first move on her. (I advise reading the entire chapter 1 before you read this chapter.)

Chapter two:

When we all woke up, we had some coffee, a beer, and then George and I were on our way. George

Bad Dreams

writethis69 on Incest Stories

It would be hard to understand if I had not been Neil's neighbour these last 18 years. I hadn't imagined what was going on in their house or his relationship with his daughter. To the outside observer he was a single parent making a go of it, after that fatal collision with a drunk driver, which took his wife's life leaving him and his daughter unharmed.

To be the sole parent of a youn

Andy and Tina visit SSP (author Orchidspray)

SSPAdmins on Incest Stories

    Andy and Tina were lying in bed with their lap top. This is something new they’ve been doing to spice things up. They’d take turns finding hot pictures or videos and use them to get the other hot and bothered. This particular night Andy stumbled across Sex Stories Post and they took turns randomly choosing stories and reading them out loud to one another.

On The Tip Of His Tongue

writethis69 on Incest Stories

Darcy was a sweet innocent newly minted fourteen year old. Due to over protective parents she was naive about physical love making. If you asked her what oral sex was at best she'd answer that it was phone sex, at worst it was when people talking about it.

At supper Darcy's announced that everyone in science class was assigned a project on genetics. This project was worth half the term

Public sex with Daddy and all tied up

Spencer84 on Incest Stories

"Daddy" i called out from the bedroom. "Whats up baby girl?" daddy called back from the bathroom. "We got some comments on our story about our 1st time doing anal. Come have a look." i replied. Daddy came in, lifting me off the seat and sitting me on his lap as we read the comments. "hmm baby i like the sound of this one, 'nj_baby 130 really

Innocence Lost - Ch5: Happy Birthday!

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Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1 - Ch4"

As luck would have it Pat and Gwen could not get together as her friend had relatives visiting and was assigned as the full time baby sitter. Pat was cool with it because it was a way to show her Mom why she deserved the extra allowance.

This gave Gwen time to edit the two video recordings into one knockout home porno.

Innocence Lost - Ch4: Top that

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Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1 - Ch3"

The next day, before Gwen could say a word, Pat said "Top that my slutty friend!" Gwen shook her head replying "That was unbelievable. I think I came harder than I did with my own Father. You have such a wonderfully dirty mind. Your Daddy must be so proud."

Pat laughed "You're right, this morni

Innocence Lost - Ch3: More show than tell

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Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1 and Ch2"

That night Gwen was much too tired to call Pat and turned her phone off. Frankly she was a little hesitant in telling Pat the whole story as a line between Daddy and Daughter had been crossed. Any illusion of her innocence in this sexy play had evaporated. The next day, on the way to school, Gwen reasoned that she actually need

Innocence Lost - Ch1: The Beginning

writethis69 on Incest Stories

Gwen and Pat had been best friends since kindergarten. Their Mothers even worked the same late shift at the local factory. Gwen's Mom was shift supervisor while Pat's worked on the assembly line. Now at the age of 14 the girls knew each other's most intimate secrets and no topic was taboo. Their usual chats were dominated by boys they liked and how far they would go given the chance.

Innocence Lost - Ch2: Doing it without

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Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1: The Beginning"

The next morning, Gwen was a little nervous when Dad served up her usual plate of bacon and eggs but it turned out to be just another meal. The girls met at school but did not mention anything about what had happened. They instinctively knew that if over heard their lives would likely change for the worse. After all they

Winter Wonderland

klm0559 on Incest Stories

Winter Wonderland Hi. I'm Kevin. I'm 5'10, 190, 6 1/2" cock. Not big but it is pretty thick. I have never had a problem with the ladies. I am also a paramedic so I have to stay in shape. This happened one winter day in the mountains while my family was snow mobiling. My sister, her husband and their 2 girls, Kassy, 15 and Karen 13. They brought up their 2 snowmobile's and my parents and I br