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I never knew my mother, she died when I was a year old. My old man moved his girl friend in to take care of me and my sister and she was a real bitch, a good match for him. Somehow me and Carla survived till the witch got fed up and moved out. By then I was eight, Carla was thirteen and she got stuck in the roll of mother and housekeeper.Six years later the old man got killed in a freak accident.

My Boner turns me Invisible - Part 2

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NOTE: There is a Long BONUS SEX SCENE at the end of the story.

My boner turned me Invisible – PART 2

Once again, I’m John Logan. I’m 16 years old. I’m a geek, average body, average penis of 7 inches, I have dark hair and I wear glasses, although my life is not quite as average. I gained the ability

Mary seduces her 14 year old nephew 2

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Mary wore a red V blouse with black slacks without a bra. The top is not see thru but very thin and her nipples and areola shows through when cold and when she bends forward or turns to her left from a sitting position her complete right breast shows from the left hand side. We have used this blouse many times to show her off at parties and diners.


Finding Our Way Chapter One: The First Two Times (Part 2)

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The next three days, Mom escalated the “desensitization” process. “I want to be able to sunbathe in the yard without worrying that you might freak out.” she explained. So each day the clothes revealed more and more of her lithe 5'10” 120 pound body.

My female cousin raped me

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My name is Erin i have shoulder length brown hair and b sized breast im pretty much tall and lanky i love to have fun and im never shy to speak my mind and im one of the few girls that have never been penetrated by a penis lol. Anyways this story takes back to a month ago my uncle has never married this lady but only because they cant afford it but she is pretty much family well ive always spent

The Apology

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            Oh my… GOD. What is THAT Wes? Oh honey, oh honey I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have come in but I just I just wanted to talk and oh god and oh god is that a little boy and a woman having SEX? And it’s cartoons with such bulging features look at her breasts my god in his mouth that’s not re

Finding Our Way Chapter Two: Experimentation (Part 1)

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Mom and I showered together that morning, but didn't end up doing the kind of sexual things I wanted. Despite what you may read or see in movies, the shower can be a pretty poor place for sexual activity (at least if you're in

Wife Seduces 14 Year old Nephew

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Now that the kids are out of the house we keep a couple of really sexy pictures of my wife displayed in the bedroom, nice see-thru tops and short skirts. I like to see the reaction when new friends see them for the first time. We keep our Mac in the bedroom so it is easier for Mary to use the video cam when she performs for her friends on the internet.

Her sister and hubby had a t

My Mum

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My best sexual expience was incest was with my mum when I was 14. We were away up the coast for the weekend and had to share the same bed and room. That afternoon after being out in a small boat fishing, my mum polish of 4 beers while siting out on the balcony. Atfer her last beer she the weather turn bad and force us both inside. While we were lying on the bed and no air con back then, my mum go

A Mother's Mistake

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I wrote this true story two years ago at another site mostly to vent the feelings and confussion I was having back than. There is a second part to this story but I will post after I see how everyone feels about part one. For those of you that are wondering, yes I am still having sex with my son at this time. Please comment if you would, thanks.

Red With Love-Chapter 2 The Secrets Out, Chapter 3 A Slight Chance Of Showers

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Chapter 2 The Secrets Out

            My mother started stripping off her blouse and this started to get me going again. As she slid her skirt down her legs, I started to rub my nipples in excitement. Here was my mother standing in front of me in nothing but a white lacy bra and a white thong. As

Red With Love-Prologue and Chapter One, Getting Caught

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Kelsey is a 17 year old who loves pleauring herself, but one day her mom comes home early and catches her. Kelsey finds out from her mother that and her sisters and insest and love pleasuring each other.

Leah's Sex Consultant Agency

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Tales of the Sexually Frustrated

To see my life is sexually frustrated is a vast understatement. A more accurate adjective would be non-existant, and I haven't been barren for a couple months, its been years. Sex is a hassle. I jack-off daily whenever my wife and children aren't around. My wife Cassie and I married at 23, and shortly rattled off 3 kids in a 5 year span. Sarah is the oldest at 16, Hannah at 14, and Nathan at 12. We abruptly stopped and Cassie went on birth control. As science will tell you, libido decreases on birth control, but even when she stopped taking birth control, the sex life never picked back up.

 There's no reason for it either. Cassie and I are very much in love, but t

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he sex is boring and stale. We kiss, we gyrate, we undress, she lays back, I mount and I orgasm. Sometimes she succeeds too, but it seems like a chore each time. 

I devote my time to my kids and with my daughters growing into curvy young ladies, I have plenty to worry about. Sarah and Hannah both have their mother's brunette hair, although Hannah currently has blonde streaks cascading through hers. Sarah is the spitting image of her mother, rail thin with perky but small breasts and a thick butt. Hannah is already developing larger breasts and fairer vanilla skin. I try not to describe my daughters in lewd ways, but I'm just their father, I'm not blind. 

In fact it's Hannah's low cut top that gets me thinking about sex one morning before she heads off to school. Cassie has already left, mumbling something about how inappropriate Hannah's outfit is. When it comes to the pair of them, Sarah is just as reserved as her mother, flirting dangerously with being uptight. Just like a librarian or a lawyer. Hannah is much more adventurous, almost promiscuous.

In either case, my daughter's cleavage is enough to tittilate me in the morning, so after she leaves I jump on the computer and look at breasts that I'm not related to, so that I'm not ashamed. One heated self-session later, I'm cleaning myself up with a kleenex when I see an ad on the side of the screen.

There's a scantily clad model embracing an ad saying, "Does your love life need a boost? Leah's sex consultants...slip into something new."

I have an hour left for work, but I click anyway, if anything out of curiousity.

I'm left underwhelmed. Its a blank site. There are no links or ad information of any kind. Just a blank screen. Disappointed, I click out of the window and leave for work.

My day was boring, until there was a knock on my office door. Irene, my assistant came over the intercom and announced that a "Jenny" was here from the Leah Consultant company.

Confused, I acknowledged the knocker to come in. Framed in the doorway, stood a statuesque brunette with a pencil skirt, black wire glasses and an open blouse. She stepped in curtly and shut the door. It was a very austere scene until she smiled and sat in the chair across from me.

"Hello, I'm Jenny. I'm here from the Leah Consultant Company. Better known as Leah's Sex Consultants. I'm here in response to your inquiry into our ad."

"How did you find me? I just clicked on the ad?"

She nodded and set her briefcase down, adjusting her blouse. "We understand that most of our clients wish to adhere to the highest levels of secrecy, only clicking the ad through curiousity. We want to help you maintain that level of secrecy until the time you are ready to share your desire for help with those around you."

"Its still creepy." I stammered.

She nodded again, "We have unconventional methods of tracking you involving your IP address and email usage. Nothing is meant to harm you. Only to maintain your privacy. You have the option to back out of the contract at all times."

"Contract?" I ask.

"Of course, we offer our services provided that you maintain our secrecy, pay the appropriate fees, treat the clientele with respect during any sexual activity and of course keep an open mind during the proceedings."

I clung on to the middle part and blurted out, "Clientele?" 

"Yes," She smiled and repeated to me, "Clientele. Which would be me in this case."

"You mean you're offering to have sex with me?"

She shrugged, "If you so choose, although I must stress that this isn't an escort service or a prosititution institution," She giggled at her clever work play. "Instead, please understand that any intercourse involving myself is strictly professional and educational, while still achieving the highest level of pleasure.

I laughed at her, "You must enjoy your job."

She smiled again, removing her jacket, revealing more cleavage, of which she had plenty. Her breasts bobbed around in her blouse freely. "There are perks to my job, but I take it very seriously." She paused, "Do you agree to the conract."

I'm a very rational person and all of the things Jenny represented threw up warning signals. But playing it safe had led me to wear I was now, alone and frustrated. Against my better judgement, I nodded.

She grinned and pulled out a couple sheets of paper that she asked me to sign. Nothing in the documents were a surprise. Jenny had already covered everything. I signed hesitantly and Jenny snatched the paper up quickly. She deposited in her briefcase and leaned forward exposing more of herself to me. She chewed on the pen and eyed me coolly.

"Let me guess. You want variety? Everything is too stale between you and your partner." She laughed when I nodded. "Communication is always the easiest path to sexual fulfillment. I'll bet that you and your partner hardly ever discuss your needs or wants."

"Its not that easy" I'm a little offended.

"Of course it is," She says shaking her head, "Just tell me what you want. Tell me something you enjoy doing sexually. Just state it bluntly."

It was hard to articulate or pinpoint a single desire and eventually my heart spoke for me. "I like giving eating my wife out, but the time never seems right."

"When you put things plainly like that, it allows me to respond plainly. For instance, I enjoy recieving oral sex. Now that both of our intentions are clear, we can make the decision to pursue you performing Oral sex. Just like you should with your wife."

"You mean, you want me to eat you out?"

She smiled, "I would very much like that. Would you like to?"

I could only find myself nodding as she stood up and produced a scarf from her bag. "See that wasn't so hard. I'm going to add a blind element to this exercise. Blinding your partner can add alot of variety to your sex life."

With this she snuck behind me, whispering in my ear and deftly tying the scarf around my eyes. It was black, but sheer, so I could still see hazy images in front me.

"Please lay across the desk James." She whispered in my ear. "On your back please."

I"m enchanted, blindly following her every order. I sprawl across the death, feet supported by my chair and my head hanging off the desk. I can't see much, but I think I can hear a zipper unzipping. Confirming my suspicions, I hear her pencil skirt fall to the floor.

I have an erection now, and I can feel her fingers running through her hair. Her thigh brushes against the side of my face and she smells like vanilla. Her fingers run from my hair, down the side of my face and closer to her own thigh. Her thigh turns and I can feel the heat of her pussy on my cheek. The only thing separating my cheek from her pussy is her fingers. I can smell that she's wet and its intoxicating. 

My cock is straining in my pants and Jenny doesn't help matters when I feel her fingers begin to circle. I can only assume that she has begun to play with herself.  That thought was enough to further banish any thought that this was a bad idea. This gorgeous, sophisticated and sufficiently slutty woman was masturbating inches from my face and I couldn't see any of it. I could only imagine what the scene looked like. I could hear her steady breathing and smell her intoxicating vagina as she alternated between circling and inserting a finger up her cunt. 

I can't take it anymore. I reach a hand to my crotch, to free my cock but she slaps my hand and coos. "I'm making you wait on purpose. This is a classic tease and should never be underestimated. Keeping your partner waiting can only increase arousal."

The entire time she talks, she never removes her hand. It just keeps moving in and out while her breathing becomes more labored. Just when I'm beginning to think this exercise is solely for her benefit, she stops and straddles my face hanging off the desk.

I'm not upset to have my face buried in her cunt. My tongue immediately goes to work and my nose is thrust against her asshole, something that is taboo and extremely exciting. Much to my relief, she begins unzipping my pants and rubbing my cock through my boxers. Slowly and agonizingly she tugs and pulls at it, while I eat her out. She reaches her other hand around and pulls my head closer to her cunt. She's rocking her face  on my tongue and nose and I can tell I'm stimulating her ass and cunt. 

Suddenly, she moves up slightly and my tongue nips her asshole. I stop but only for a moment when she pulls my hair slightly and whimpers.

"Keep going James. Lick my asshole. You have to be open to a little variety." I never wanted to stop anyways, it was only surprising. I alternated between her asshole and pussy, successfully bringing her closer to a climax. She rocked violently while rubbing my dick through my boxers.

Violently, I spasm and can feel the semen flowing through my cock. It spills out onto my chest and she stops rocking. When she lifts herself off me and frees me from between her thighs, I'm still licking my lips and breathing heavily. Before she removes my scarf, I hear her shuffling in my office. When she removes the blindfold, I see that she is completely dressed, briefcase in hand.

"This was a good first session, but if I'm going to help your love life, I will need a session with you and your wife together."

She turned and left calling out to me, "We'll keep in touch."