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Tasting Little Sister

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 Tasting Little Sister

    I dont know when the first time I noticed my sister looking so sexy but when I did it was hard not to look. We grew up in seperate homes sharing the same dad but different moms. I was older, 25 to her meer 15 years. I wouldnt be what you called athletic but had some definition to my arms and legs that I was proud of. She was thin really th

Brotherly Love II

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    The next morning, Jake woke up, got ready, and went downstairs for breakfast. While he ate, his brother came down and joined him. They talked and David made no indication that he knew what Jake had done to him the previous night. Today, Jake knew he would take it a step further.

    He got ready to go to school and then walked to the bus stop. When he

Family Love Part 3

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I awoke to my mum and aunty rushing around the kitchen, eating their toast while they finished packing and several other things all at once. I watched them, especially my auntie, whose huge boobs were swaying side to side as she moved quickly around. I soon discovered I was being aroused by this and there stood a tent under my quilt but luckily they were

My Friends Innocent? Sister.

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It was a Friday. I had gone to my friend's house to exchange an adult video cassette. It was around 11.00 AM. My friend Shanker's house is away from the road, and access to the house is through a small three feet wide by-lane, which was almost 50 feet long. The house was pretty isolated from the surroundings. Just I had reached almost to his house, I saw Sha

Mother's Desperate Measures

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~ Chapter One ~
Carol Olson was by all accounts the perfect mom. She made a decent living as a dental
hygienist, maintained a clean and comfortable home for her son, and prided herself on always doing
the right thing. During the spring and summer of 2009 the “right thing” suddenly became more
“Mom, I have something from the

Family Love part 2

anonymous on Incest Stories

I awoke lying on my sister’s and cousins bed with both if their naked lying on top of mine. I heard the door open and instantly knew my aunty and mum were home. I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom to pretend I was having a shower as Ashley and Holly but their clothes on. I turned on the shower and jumped in. It was a refreshing se

Mom sucks her son's cock daily...

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I had nearly finished question 19. My two and a half hours of writing were about to come to an end. This was my third practice exam paper of the day and I was exhausted. Summer had just started and I had just turned 18. I longed to be outdoors doing something rather than cooped up inside all day studying but the upcoming exams were important. At times I felt like giving up b

Helping younger brother part 2

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Later that same night, Tim was in the bathroom, sitting on a stool, naked with his big dick hanging, reliving the days events over in his head, thinking of his hot sister. Just thinking of her got him rock hard. He knew he wouldn't be able to resist until he gets to fuck that tight pussy.

The door behind Tim suddenly opened. Kim was wearing the same bikini she had wore in those pictures!

Helping out younger brother part 1

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Tim was in the privacy of his bedroom, looking at pictures of his last family vacation on his compiter. He particularly likes the picture of his older sister, Kim in her bikini that she let him take. She at the time had no idea where her 14 year old younger brother was pointing his dslr camera. Kim is 17, stood at 5'5. Brunette, hot petite body. 30D cup and hazel eyes. She has a perfect tight as

My fuckin sister

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Last week I came home from colleges early. As I walked to my room I past my sisters room and the door was shut – that was the no visitor sign we had adopted – I guessed she could have been masturbating. The thought of her doing it got me thinking of how good looking she was – she had just turned 17 and her body was

Helping younger brother Part 1

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 Tim was in the privacy of his bedroom, looking at pictures of his last family vacation on his compiter. He particularly likes the picture of his older sister, Kim in her bikini that she let him take. She at the time had no idea where her 14 year old younger brother was pointing his dslr camera. Kim is 17, stood at 5'5. Brunette, hot petite body. 30D cup and hazel eyes. She has a perfect

Mom and Daughter

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This is what a lady told me about her childhood experience with her mother.

Her mom and dad divorced when she was 8

Linda was 14 at the time and wishes that it had happened when she was 12.

For a couple of years she had heard moans and pleasure from coming from her moms bedroom. Linda had started

Me and my Father In law – 11

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Now Baba was enjoying this teasing and I too. Sujata was watching us and breathing heavily. Her fingers were busy as she massaged her clit. Now I wanted Baba from behind! So I turned around and put my hands on the couch. Baba came behind me and thrust his lund in my choot from backside. ...........“ Ohhhh Baba! Stop fucking that choot and put your lund in between these hard breasts and fuck them.

Me and my Father In law-12

jeevan_1950 on Incest Stories

so I signalled Sujata and we both brought our mouths to FIL’s Lund. We pushed our tongues out and licked our FIL’s ramrod all over. .... I told Sujata that we should not allow him to cum outside our choots. And I wanted Sujata to take all his spunk in her choot and get pregnant with his seed. .... I sat down facing Sujata’s choot and with the other hand I p

Me and my Father In law -13

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I lay on the floor and called all the old men. I told them to jack off on my body while I lay in ecstasy. My body shook and the choot spasmed! Ohhh it was great orgasm, quite different from all previous ones. It was sustained orgasm and lasted for over a minute. When I opened my eyes I saw all six men holding their lund in hand and jacking off. Ohhh it was so dirty!

Me and my Father In law-14

jeevan_1950 on Incest Stories

When I met Sujata next day I told her what FIL did to me. How he fucked me in front of his old friends. How Bhidekaka fucked me in the kitchen and how all the fellows jacked off over my body. Suju was thrilled!......... Baba pushed his finger in my ass along with Sujata’s. it touched my sphincter and could not go in easily. Baba moved the finger side ways and found some sma

Me and my Father In law-15

jeevan_1950 on Incest Stories

“Sudhir! This is my soonbai (bahu), Neelam. And Neelam, this is my friend Sudhir I told you about. We are all broadminded and love to enjoy life as you know.”

FIL shook hands with Neelam and pulled her to him, placing soft kiss on her lips. They saw us as we entered and FIL welcomed us and introduced us to Bhidekaka and Karnik Kaka. They both kissed us lovingly. We all settled down on the s

Parents teach their daughter part 10

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     I opened my eyes, felt one of my hands cupping Misty's succulent left breast, while my other hand was curled around her right hip. I saw Samantha with Darrin still spooning her, one hand cupping her mound, the other against her belly. The bedside clock said 4:45 PM, and I could feel my stomach rumble. Nothing like great sex to work up an appetite,

Gang Initiation : A mother fucker option 3

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Brazil is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world with the top 10 percent of
its population earning 50 percent of the national income and about 34 percent of all people living
below the poverty line. This how our story begin.

"Mom, As you know, We are living in ghetto, gangs infested city." I explainted

 "I am keeping myself