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My Cousin Sara part 1

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This story is about how I come to be sexually involved with my cousin. I've had a thing for her for a few years now and she's had a thing for me aswell. It started out as a normal cousin friendship. My family always goes over to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate and be around one another. Us cousins generally ended up outside throwing a football, baseball,

Monica's 14th birthday.

DavidZXCV on Incest Stories

This is a continuation of the story I started telling you about my sister, Monica, and I.

Our sexual relationship had started a few months ago, and we used to have sex every time we got the opportunity. Most of the time, we’d be very discreet late at night if our parents were home, but if they weren’t home, I’d usually go to her ro

Family of Sex 2

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Soap and water ran down Jason's naked body. Lily had gone home and Janessa decided to go with her to get pizza and maybe see a movie after, so Jason went and took a shower. He was still in shock from what had just happened; he couldn't believe he had fucked his sister's hot friend! Just thinking about it made his cock shoot up again, so he covered his hand with soap and went to work. However, he

Only for you, My Brother: Part 2

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"My God… Your cock is soooo Beautiful," I whispered.


"You're such a naughty boy…."

"No, Sis…"

"Is this what you want, huh? Your big sister playing with your big, fat cock? You're such a bad, bad boy, Ron!"

"Aw fuck!"

"God… Look at this thing… You're oozing out so much slime, Bab

Spying on Mom

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CHAPTER ONE"You look hypnotized," Pat said.
She smiled at him. He was damn cute. He was also very young. She had picked him up in a fast-food joint near the office. She'd had her eye on him for weeks and now here she was with him in a motel room, her tits uncovered to his hot eyes, his cock out of his pants, big and swollen and his prick-tip dripping. This was ju

Saving her from herself - Chapter 5

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The next day Nate did everything he could to avoid seeing his sister. He knew if he faced her there was a very real chance that he would betray himself and she would finally know his secret. He could only imagine how disgusted and upset she would be if she knew that he was one of those men who sat there hungrily watching her fuck herself with her favored

Saving her from herself - Chapter 4

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

Nate took the stairs two at a time as he hurried toward his bedroom. The sick feeling he got in his stomach when Claire was telling him about the girl from the site was a thousand times worse. He stopped at the top of the stairs and stared at her door for several long seconds. He thought about busting in and telling her everything but he just could not bring himself to do i

My first time with my sister, Monica (True)

DavidZXCV on Incest Stories

This is a true story, of my first sexual encounter with my younger sister, Monica.

Monica is my younger sister, 13 at the time, and I was 18. That was about 5 years ago. We don’t see on many things and we disagreed a lot back then, but I’ve always felt like I’ve felt sexual feelings towards her, since her body was starting to develo

Breaking Taryn

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

It was a quarter ‘til three in the morning when the soft click of the tumblers moving in the lock broke the silence in the small fourth floor apartment. The jingling of keys soon followed as Taryn pushed the door open. It was unlike her to be out so late but it was her best friend’s 25th birthday and they had to celebrate the night away. Her left hand fumbled fo

The time I saw my brother jerkin it

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I'll never forget the night that I caught my older brother jerkin it. He didn't know that anyone was home so he was in the living room jerkin it. I came home from dance class early and I'm VERY glad that I did. I walked into the house and I saw that my brother was watching some of my dance video's. So I came in and that's when I noticed that he was jerkin it. He was so big and it made me wet k

Sarah and Daddy part 5

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     I awoke to the wildly exciting sight of Jessie sliding down my morning stiff cock, letting out a squeal of pleasure as she pushed down hard, impaling herself completely. The tight heated wrap of her around me brought a groan of sheer pleasure from me,  Sarah was watching, and she grinned at me.

     "Good morning Daddy, yo

How It Began 4

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The rest of that day was spent with me chasing after dad, always looking for a moment to wrap my lips   around his dick and fill my mouth with his delicious juice.  On two occasions that day I was successful.

The first while enjoying a swim in our pool, Dad was standing in the shallow end talking on the p

Saving her from herself - Chapter 3

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

The drive across town was nightmarish. He tried to concentrate on driving but he kept hearing the sound his sister made as she came replaying over and over in his head. He considered just pulling over to the side of the road and quickly relieving some of the pressure that was building but he knew to do that he would be risking getting arrested. By the time that Nate arrived

My Brother and His Friends (True)

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When I was 15, and my brother was 18, we had been together for a year.  No one knew about our relationship, and that is the way we wanted it. He had dated other girls during this time, and it never bothered me.  He was not my boyfriend, and I wanted him to be happy and find a girl to love and marry. 

Judit grows up

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I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just have to share something now. When I was screwing my daughter the other night, she did something so completely unexpected that I was totally baffled at first, and later figured she'd just taught me something about female (or at least female-teen) sexuality I hadn't known before.

You see with us it usually goes like this.

Saving her from herself - Chapter 2

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The heady aroma of charred meat greeted Nate as soon as he climbed out of the car. The mouthwatering scent caused his stomach to loudly grumble a complaint at him. The sweet and sour pork he had eaten at lunch left him wanting something more substantial. He waved his friend on and went inside. The door closed nearly silently behind him.  He could hear the

Saving her from herself - Chapter 1

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

It was late and the house was quiet and dark with the exception of one of the upstairs bedrooms. The room was awash in the pale glow from Nate's lit up laptop screen. He had just gotten back from bar and was in need of some relief. He had just logged on to his favorite forum and began to skim through the long list of the latest posts when he saw it. It was a p

How it Began (Revised)

Grownupnow on Incest Stories

I’m guessing my parents were quite a sexual couple, as a young child climbing in bed with them it was very evident that they never wore clothes to bed. Whether it was a stormy night or a weekend morning when we would sneak in to tickle them awake, they were always in bed naked.   Around the age of 7 wanting to be just like mom I slept naked also

Family of Sex

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    It was a normal day for the Richardson’s. Thirteen-year-old Jason woke up and threw the covers off of his naked body. He gently rubbed his growing cock and sighed. It was Monday; he had to go to school. As slowly as he could, he got out of bed and strolled downstairs to the kitchen, not even thinking about putting on clothes.

    His sixteen-yea

Mother With The Hots Part 5

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 9

It was late when Marilyn awoke.

She had been sleeping deeply and for a moment failed to understand whatwoke her up. Then she felt it again and smiled.

She was sprawled across the bed, uncovered. Donny was down between herspread thighs, licking and kissing her smooth ass, caressing ittenderly.

Marilyn wiggled her ass against his lips and tongue. "Mmmm