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Mom Gets Hot Part 4

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 4

To Jodie's relief, Dane didn't talk about what had happened. They ate their lunch, had another swim, and drove back to town, and he didn't say a word about his mother jacking him off.
She knew he'd bring it up sooner or later, though. The next time he got horny, he'd be sure to ask her for a repeat performance or even more. She decided she'd better he

Mom Gets Hot Part 3

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 3

The moment Jodie saw her son at breakfast the next morning, she knew she had trouble. Her eyes hadn't been playing tricks on her yesterday. Dane really was as cute and sexy-looking as his father. Jodie just didn't trust herself to behave around him.
She figured they'd better not be alone together any more than they had to. It would be better to get ou

Mom Gets Hot Part 2

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 2

Jodie hadn't actually thought much about her son that evening, but there was nothing strange about that. Dane hadn't been part of her life for many years.
Jodie had been married very young, and she'd gradually realized that it was a mistake. Her husband Larry was a nice enough guy, but they had little in common, and they seemed to want totally differe

Mom Gets Hot Part 10

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

Chapter 10

A week had passed, and Jodie, Craig and Dane were driving home from city hall, where the couple had just been married. Jodie looked beautiful in her white lace wedding dress, Dane thought. In fact he'd never seen his mother look so inviting and sexy.
That was too bad, because it was their wedding night and surely they wouldn't want Dane hanging aroun

Rob and Tracy part 3

Morgen on Incest Stories

     Rob got behind the wheel, after helping his sister into the car. Tracy's muscles were howling in protest over the misuse she been dealt, her ass felt stretched and sore, like a hot poker had been rammed up inside her. Her cunt was somewhat red and inflamed also, though less so since her natural lubrication had made the gang-bang of her cunt easier.


Rob and Tracy part 2

Morgen on Incest Stories

     With the end of the school year, the family moved out of the city for the summer, it was too hot and stuffy to stay there during the hot summer months, and they rented a restored Cape Cod style home close to the beach. Rob was thrilled, he'd seen some very hot female bodies down at the beach, and they'd flashed him friendly smiles, not the pissy smirks that

My Cousin Sara part 4

anonymous on Incest Stories

I had sex with my cousin again a few days ago. I was laying in bed with my cousin and she fell asleep. I was so horny I slid my hand up her shorts and panties and started fingering her pussy while I jerked off. I couldn't handle it anymore knowing she didn't mind if I fucked her in her sleep. Though I know it would of been fun for her to wake up and catch me and we continue, I wanted to

Family of Sex: Part 3

sexyboy22 on Incest Stories

    "Oooooooooohhhhhhh yeah." Jason moaned. "Keep it up, sis." Janessa stuck her tongue deep into Jason's asshole. "Oh, Nessa, you're the best." She kept French kissing his butt, and then pushed the handle of her brush into it. "Ooooohhhhhh," Jason moaned. She fucked his ass with the brush for a while and started fingering herself. She pushed

A Mother's Mistake Part 1 (Repost)

CountryGirlJill on Incest Stories

This is a re-post of Part 1 of my story "A Mother's Mistake" from over a year ago about when I had sex with my 23 year old son Mark for the first time. Also the first time I submitted this story it was done as anonymous but it, as well as part 2 and my other story are all really my true stories and not fiction.  

My Cousin Sara part 3

anonymous on Incest Stories

This is chapter 3 I have two chapter 1 by accident. This is about my third and latest encounter with my cousin. It actually happened this past weekend. I had borrowed my grandfathers trailer to get a car. Well upon returning the trailer I found out that a few of my cousins had come over for the weekend. I didnt know that when I picked up the trailer cause no one was there at that time. When I

My Cousin Sara part 1

anonymous on Incest Stories

This is about the next time my cousin and I got together. This time it also happened when we were at my grandparents house. I was staying in the bedroom with a shower. My cousin was using the shower and when she was done had to walk through my room to get to hers across the hall. Well I wasn't paying any attention because I was in my own little world jacking off and she walked in on me masturbati

My Cousin Sara part 1

anonymous on Incest Stories

This story is about how I come to be sexually involved with my cousin. I've had a thing for her for a few years now and she's had a thing for me aswell. It started out as a normal cousin friendship. My family always goes over to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate and be around one another. Us cousins generally ended up outside throwing a football, baseball,

Monica's 14th birthday.

DavidZXCV on Incest Stories

This is a continuation of the story I started telling you about my sister, Monica, and I.

Our sexual relationship had started a few months ago, and we used to have sex every time we got the opportunity. Most of the time, we’d be very discreet late at night if our parents were home, but if they weren’t home, I’d usually go to her ro

Family of Sex 2

sexyboy22 on Incest Stories

Soap and water ran down Jason's naked body. Lily had gone home and Janessa decided to go with her to get pizza and maybe see a movie after, so Jason went and took a shower. He was still in shock from what had just happened; he couldn't believe he had fucked his sister's hot friend! Just thinking about it made his cock shoot up again, so he covered his hand with soap and went to work. However, he

Only for you, My Brother: Part 2

SueBrasil on Incest Stories

"My God… Your cock is soooo Beautiful," I whispered.


"You're such a naughty boy…."

"No, Sis…"

"Is this what you want, huh? Your big sister playing with your big, fat cock? You're such a bad, bad boy, Ron!"

"Aw fuck!"

"God… Look at this thing… You're oozing out so much slime, Bab

Spying on Mom

varunpal89 on Incest Stories

CHAPTER ONE"You look hypnotized," Pat said.
She smiled at him. He was damn cute. He was also very young. She had picked him up in a fast-food joint near the office. She'd had her eye on him for weeks and now here she was with him in a motel room, her tits uncovered to his hot eyes, his cock out of his pants, big and swollen and his prick-tip dripping. This was ju

Saving her from herself - Chapter 5

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

The next day Nate did everything he could to avoid seeing his sister. He knew if he faced her there was a very real chance that he would betray himself and she would finally know his secret. He could only imagine how disgusted and upset she would be if she knew that he was one of those men who sat there hungrily watching her fuck herself with her favored

Saving her from herself - Chapter 4

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

Nate took the stairs two at a time as he hurried toward his bedroom. The sick feeling he got in his stomach when Claire was telling him about the girl from the site was a thousand times worse. He stopped at the top of the stairs and stared at her door for several long seconds. He thought about busting in and telling her everything but he just could not bring himself to do i

My first time with my sister, Monica (True)

DavidZXCV on Incest Stories

This is a true story, of my first sexual encounter with my younger sister, Monica.

Monica is my younger sister, 13 at the time, and I was 18. That was about 5 years ago. We don’t see on many things and we disagreed a lot back then, but I’ve always felt like I’ve felt sexual feelings towards her, since her body was starting to develo