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Spying on Mom

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At 17 I am one horny young man. My fat cock is always hard it seems and I have to relieve it 2 and 3 times every day. From what my pals tell me that is pretty average for a 17 year old dude. I am a hard worker and have a good part-time job. I make decent money but I spend it all on porn - internet live chat stuff. I love to go to my favorite sites and cruise the cams looking for things that turn me on and that would be nearly everything for the most part.

I bored of jerking off looking at young girls as I actually fuck plenty of girls my age from school. It's gotten around I have a pretty big cock so I do not lack for female company and my mom is cool and lets me bring home girls as long as I am not blatant about it. I tried jacking off watching a guy once. I came but it was not too thrilling really. The only thing I really always want to see is granny or mature porn. Since I have fantasies about my mom all the time, jerking off to mature women is pretty natural to me.

I like the nastiness of mature women behaving slutty. It really gets me off, so it is my weakness. I have taken lately to wishing I could turn my fantasies about my mom into reality. I have spied on her in the shower and the bath many times. I have seen her naked dozens of times and it makes me want her even more. My mom is matronly - about 5'3" probably 160 lbs or so and she is way curvy - big hanging tits, a waist, fat ass, nice thighs and pretty feet. I do not have a foot fetish but mom's feet are petite and hot to me. When I see her barefoot I wanna loose a load right there sometimes.

Every time I see her in the bath I jerk off. I have gotten a little to bold at times wishing I would be caught and see what happens, but I am scared to. What if she calls the cops and says I'm a perv or something? Still, my attraction to matronly women is strong and at times almost worth getting caught on the hope that it will turn to sex. Alas, I dream a lot and jack off almost as much.

Recently I was sitting at my computer rubbing my cock through my shorts. Mom was in her room with her door closed so I was safe to do whatever I wished. I was going through the list of "grannies" on a particular site I especially like and came across a woman's picture of her figure - not a face shot but a great photo of big tits spilling out of a sexy outfit. The woman wore black gloves and was fondling her exploding tits. I clicked on her picture to chat and eyeball her but it said she was in a private show at present. I busied myself until she finished by looking at her photos and I was going to click on her video to get warmed up and see if her face was attractive enough to go with her awesome mature figure. I nearly fell outta my chair when the second picture I clicked on showed her smiling and alluring look - it was my fucking mother!

Then it all made sense. My mom did not work outside the home. She was a medical transcriptionist and got in on that deal years ago when the Internet became popular. She made a fairly decent living but nothing to brag about. We certainly were not poor, but I drove an old second hand car she bought me until last year when she bough me a brand new car. She said she'd worked hard and wanted me to have it and I gladly accepted it and thought little more of it. Oddly though our finances did seem to improve about that time too and now it all made sense. Mom was an Internet whore.

I paced my room, my fat cock busting at the material of my gym shorts. I was in a real state thinking of all this. I crept to mom's door and listened intently. I could hear her voice very faintly over the sound of her TV on in the background but could not hear what she was saying. Then she got quiet and I silently hurried back to my room and closed my door. I ran to my monitor and she'd returned to the public screen. There was my mom, wearing little, her huge honkers busting from her lingerie. She was smiling and using voice chat to entice her customers. I was duly enticed. I started typing into chat and she responded to me, of course not knowing it was me.

I checked and I had almost two hours worth of minutes for private shows so I clicked "Private Chat" and suddenly the screen went blank and then returned with mom at a mic asking me what I liked about mature women and such. I typed in all kinds of crap - what I don't recall specifically, but I was raring to go. I told her I wanted to see her suck her own nipples and various stuff like that. She gladly did and I was over the top watching her. I wanted to jerk off, but I also wanted to savor this, so I gently rubbed the monster but not to cum, not just yet anyway.

Then I typed in I wanted to have a mom/son fantasy with her and she was all for that and said many men liked that and it really turned her on to think of fucking her only child - a son - in real life. I was so hot now I rubbed my cock about ten strokes and came all over the floor. The temporary release allowed me to really get into the fantasy. She played it up really good, saying "Mommy loves her big boy," and stuff like that. I jerked off again, more slowly this time as mom fingered herself. She looked into the camera a lot at my request. I dumped another cum load all over my leg and the carpet again.

My time was running short so I clicked off thanking "Miss Behavin". She was gracious and accommodating. I turned off my light and peeked out my door. Still closed tightly, mom was probably entertaining more guys. I wanted to jerk of again but I wanted to formulate a plan too. I got in bed and rubbed my cock again until I fell asleep.

I startled awake at 8:30 that Saturday morning as mom called to me to come have some breakfast. My cock was so fucking hard I had to try to beg off until it subsided, but she told me to get downstairs now before my eggs got cold. I slipped on some loose jeans hoping to hide as much of the python as I could and headed down. Mom was puttering around the kitchen in some loose flannel Pj's and she was barefoot. I tried to eat but I could not concentrate nor could I look her in the eye. She detected something weird was going on with me.

"Are you okay Josh?" she inquired. "Yeah mom, just kinda tired," I replied fighting the urge to admit what I knew. "I'm surprised you're so tired. I checked on you at about midnight and you were snoring away with your shiny butt hanging out," she kidded me. "I didn't know you slept in no clothes Josh," she added. "Ahhh," I stammered, "not usually but I was just tired and laid on the bed and sorta fell asleep," I explained. She seemed fine with that and dropped it. I ate as best I could but food was most definitely not on my mind. "Whatcha going to do today Honey?" she asked me sort of absentmindedly. "Just hang out I guess," I replied hoping she hadn't lined up some work project for me. She hadn't. It appeared she was just being friendly. She cleared the table and I was in awe as she jiggled and everything rippled as she moved.

She was not wearing a bra beneath her PJ top and there was some cleavage exposed to my delight, but I was as hooked at looking at her ass jiggle as she walked as I was hoping to get a peek at the tits. Besides, I had spied on her so many times that her nudity wasn't as much a thrill as seeing her wearing something I could then fantasize about. I guess I'm just a weird little pervert, but I like it!

I went back to my room and slipped out of my jeans and wanted to jerk off just to get my head clear to consider whatever else I might do on this lazy weekend day. I decided I'd wait until a little later. Besides, all this confusion in my head was kinda cool. I was almost dizzy with lust so it was almost like smoking weed I was so euphoric. About 11AM I was going to go shower and I saw my mom's bedroom door not quite closed all the way. I peeked in and she was in her bath, naked, preparing to shower too. I stood outside her door and stroked him. It seemed I was destined to dump a load before noon so I quit fighting it and said fuck it to myself and rubbed my cock slowly.

I never saw mom look up and see me through the partially open door. Nor did I see her throw a towel around herself - sorta - as she lunged from her bath and to her door. It happened so fast by the time I knew she'd seen me it was too late. She opened her door. I tried to hide the monster but to no avail. Gym shorts do not hide 8 inches of hard 17 year old cock.

"What the fuck are you doing Josh?" she asked in not the nicest of tones. I was in shock and fearful. "You're spying on me, aren't you?" she asked, more intent this time. "Aren't you Josh? Answer me!" she was louder and a bit more insistent this time. "Yes, I am spying on you!" I screamed in anger. She slapped me across my face. I saw red and now it was on!

"You fucking bitch!" I yelled. She recoiled and slapped me again. Bad idea. I pushed her away. She fought to hold her towel up and to try to slap at me again and scream her ass off at me. Then I played my hole card.

"You've got a lot of room to talk, Miss Behavin!" I announced. The look of fear on her face was priceless and worth a dozen face slaps. She looked at me in horror. I smiled my pleasure. "Why did you call me that?" she asked. "Fuck mom, are we going to now pretend you don't do Internet cam porn? Is that what we're going to do? Are we?" The sound of frustration and disgust was in my voice.

She backed away from me and sat on the side of her bed. She glared at me and if looks could kill she'd have been childless, because her eyes burnt through me. "What?" I screamed. "Mad because I was spying? Mad because I know about your little side job? What is it?" She just shook her head at me. I thought she was going to cry but she didn't. I decided considering where we were it couldn't get any worse if I came clean.

"I was 'bigdick93' who paid you last night to have a mom/son fantasy with me! Remember him?" She looked even more shocked and was speechless. "You said you fantasize about having sex with your son all the time. Was that a ploy to separate money from your little clients?" She didn't reply. "You are either the best actress on the planet deserving Oscars and Emmys. or you like thinking about your son fucking you!" I left that hanging in the air. She looked mad, bewildered and almost resigned. I began to regret my anger and words. She looked at me and appeared hurt. I was so upset by now I started bawling like a baby. I was scared, horny, wanting her and wanting to run all at the same time.

"What I say working is not your business," she said seeming to get her wind and her moral outrage back in full force. "It is when I am the one paying for it!" I reminded her. I decided it was as bad as it would get so fuck it. I dropped my shorts and started slapping my nearly hard cock on my leg. "Want this mom? Do you fantasize about me fucking you, or is it you who fucks me? What does your filthy little mind imagine? Do I rape you, the poor unwilling victim? How does it play out mom? Tell me!" I insisted.

"Josh, you are cruel. I never raised you like this." "No, I am not cruel mom. I am horny and wanting you. I have spied on you for nearly a year now. And last night only made my desires worse," I said as I ran my hand up and down my swelling cock very slowly. She looked down at it a couple of times. I could see her fighting the desire to look. I was enjoying this. She might be my mom, but she wanted me and she knew it and I knew she knew it.

I stood there, letting my cock go and I just stared at her. She stared back. "Well, what's it going to be?" I asked. "I am not having sex with you Josh, so you can get that idea out of your head right now!' she adamantly announced, but her conviction wasn't there. It was a rote and canned statement.

"Fine! I'll just go jerk off again then." And I picked up my shorts and left the room. I left her door open and I left mine open. I turned on my computer and sat at my desk. I pushed my chair back, sat my wireless mouse on my naked leg and jerked off. My cock was hard, and although I was angry I was way too horny to let it go. I leaned back in my chair and gently tweaked my nipples as I looked at the monitor at some fat old broad. Mom was much prettier than this woman was, but I was determined to win, how I did not really l know, but at 17 impulse is often one's guiding hand, and so it was with me.

About 3 or 4 minutes later mom was at my door. "Goddammit Josh! Stop it!" she screamed. She was covered in her robe. As she strode into my room I could see her fat tits shaking under her robe. She misjudged me and as she neared me I reached out and pulled the robe off of her. She was naked. I stared at her and I was shocked that she did nothing but stood there in front of me not at all trying to cover herself. "Go ahead Josh. Jerk off while your mom is standing here you rude little bastard!" I did. She stared at my eyes and I found her anger turning me on all the more.

I dropped my cock, put the mouse back on my desk, picked up her robe and got up. She recoiled and backed away trying to grab her robe from my grasp. I let her have it without a fight. She slipped it on and wrapped it around herself but did not tie the belt.

"What do you want from me Josh?" I don't know," I replied. "Everything, I guess!" "Life doesn't work like that son," she informed me, as if I didn't know that already. Then her face softened. "You really want this Josh?" "More than anything mom. I have fantasized about you for years. In fact at every jerk off session or even when I am having sex with the girls you know I sneak into the house I am thinking of you." She recoiled again, but her reaction was more pleased and shocked than anger.

I stood there naked, my cock slowly shrinking but even totally flaccid it was almost 6 inches long and very thick. It hung below my balls and mom was sneaking looks at it. "How come you haven't made a remark about how big my cock is?" I asked. "Every woman that has ever seen it is amazed and goes on and on about how big it is," I announced proudly.

"I've seen it before Josh. The bulge in your crotch is no secret. In fact Mrs. Crystal next door even once made an offhand remark about your crotch growing into manhood before your body caught up," she sheepishly offered. I grinned at her and hit back with "Yeah Betty told me herself as I fucked her a few times when her husband was away on business." "You're kidding?" she asked shocked. "Nope, dead serious mom!" I added. "I knew that bitch's comment wasn't just an offhand joking observation," mom replied. "Nope mom, it wasn't. I have had sex with her for a year now. Whenever her old man goes away she is all over me." I added. She just shook her head and a slight smile crossed her lips.

"My son, the neighborhood man whore" she sluffed, resigned and not too awful upset now it seemed. Then she teared up and began to sob a little. I went to her and was going to put my arm around her but realized I was still naked so I went to slip on my shorts. She stuck out her hand and stopped me. She looked up into my eyes and smiled. I gently lifted her from sitting on my bed and gently opened her robe. Her breasts were so full and gorgeous. Her nipples were extended and covered with goosebumps. I looked back at her as I towered over her. She smiled warmly and looked into my eyes with feeling that sent me over the edge.

"I haven't had a man in years Josh," she quietly said. "I am not thin or young anymore. Men my age want trophy wives, and I am not a trophy." "You are to me," I interjected. She smiled at me and took my hand. "How long has it been mom...I mean since you were with a man in real life?" I gently asked her.

"I dated some a few years ago when you were younger, but in the last four or five years I have been working and just not too concerned about it. But I too have a confession," she almost whimpered to me. "I have spied on you more than once too. I was okay with you bringing girls here because I could sometimes spy on you and her. I let it fuel my fantasy's and yes Josh, fantasy's about you," she offered through tearing eyes.

I gently reached for her right breast and hefted it in my hand. "Kiss me now Josh before I lose my nerve." I leaned down, she tilted her head back and I took her in my strong young arms and kissed her deeply. Her lips parted and welcomed my tongue as we searched each others mouths. She grabbed me around my neck and began to softly moan. I slipped her robe form her shoulders and embraced her so hard I nearly squeezed the breathe form her lungs as we kissed and I held on for dear life.

She pulled me toward the bed and I was in her pussy before she was fully reclined. She gasped as my fattening cock slid past her labia and into her soaked cunt. She looked up at me as I entered her. "Oh my God Baby," she whispered. I leaned down onto her and slowly pushed all the way into her. She gasped again as I went all the way, pubic bone to pubic bone. I lifted up to look at her. She was licking her lips slowly looking in my eyes. She was very sexy and deliberate. We hardly spoke as we made love. It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. No fantasy did justice to our mating - not even close.

The remainder of the day we spent in bed of course. We talked some but mostly it was sex - very hot sex - oral, fondling and every other variation nearly. But by evening it got really interesting. Mom proposed what if we did incest sex on the Internet? I grew curious as to how that would work and mom told me of a sight that was genuine incest and not the fantasy crap coming from Eastern Europe. She told me it paid exceptionally well - about $1000 per day, per person. I was dumbstruck at her suggestion, but pleased and excited.

Our evening came and exhausted we slept together for the first time. We awoke early in the morning - it was still dark when I awakened to feeling mom running her hand along my naked side. I opened my eyes and she was laying in the dark looking at me. She smiled so warmly and we kissed passionately. I pulled her onto me and she slid down onto my now stiff cock. We rocked slowly as we kissed and laughed. She held herself up with her hands on my chest as she fed me each breast one at a time. I suckled her and she cooed in bliss as we rocked.

I especially enjoyed the little beads of perspiration that arose in her hairline as we fucked so passionately. It was probably the most incredible event of my 17 years and I wanted it to last forever. We orgasmed in unison with her on top of me. My sperm filled her and ran out all over my legs. Then she flipped me out by sliding down my body and licking the cum from my cock, balls and legs. I flipped her around and sucked her cunt until she begged me to stop but I possessed her now and I drove her to the edge of sanity as I stayed locked on her labia and clit. She squirted in my face as she gushed and started to apologize for it. I told her I loved it and that made her crazy.

I released my grasp on her thighs and she slid around and collapsed onto my chest. We kissed more and she jumped up and took me by the hand to her bath and she bathed me in the shower. It was incredible to feel her matronly hot body slipping and sliding against mine as we soaped each other. I spent the entire shower staring at her incredible shape. I told her how much she drove me crazy with her body, and especially her looks and her eyes. I told her I loved her more than anything I could imagine. She admitted her feelings for me too and we agreed they extended well beyond mother and son. We dried off and climbed back onto the bed.

Mom lit a cigarette. She asked if I wanted one too? She told me she knew I would sometimes steal a pack of her smokes from her and she said "Well, you're almost 18 and I can't stop you...besides, anyone who can do what you have done to me is a man and can do as they please." We sat up in her bad and smoked and I told her I wanted to get high with her. She grinned and said she hadn't gotten stoned in years but it sounded interesting to her now. We got high together and got to laughing.

Then mom really shocked me. "Hey, wanna double your pleasure?" she asked. I looked at her and she was grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Okay..." I retorted. She reached into her purse, pulled out her cell and made a call. I sat there wondering if my mom was now so giddy she was into making prank calls. I figured the next thing I would hear was her asking "Is your refrigerator running..." or maybe "Do you have Prince Albert in a can..." type prank, but my shock was more profound as she waited for an answer. I heard someone pick up - who I did not know.

Then she giddily asked "Are you alone?" The voice on the other end replied but I could not hear that too well really. Then I was knocked over with a feather when she whispered, "Josh and I have been fucking all night since almost noon yesterday!" I heard a gasp on the other end, still not knowing who it was. Mom was looking at me, brimming with pride it seemed as she briefly recounted what we'd done and briefly explaining how it came about.

I was in shock for the four or five minutes it took to explain it to whomever she was talking to. Then I could tell the call was winding up and my anticipation grew.Just as she was ending the call she said, "okay, see ya then," and she clicked off and tossed her phone back into her purse and turned to look at me. Her eyes betrayed joy and devious pleasure. "Okay, I'll bite. What is going on?" I asked puzzled beyond imagination.

"That was Ellen," mom matter of factly announced. I almost shit myself. "Aunt Ellen?" I gasped. She nodded vigorously and smiled as wide as I had ever seen her smile. "You're fucking kidding me?" was all I could muster in reply. "Yep, and she's on her way over here to get some too. Do you mind Sweetie? Ellen and I have been lovers since we were kids and have shared almost everything except husbands - that would be too, too messed up to fuck her husband," mom said. "Besides, he isn't my type, but you are and guess what?" she taunted. "What?"

"You Ellen's type too. She and I have discussed your full crotch before and she wanted to have sex with you for the last couple of years but I always refused. She knew I wanted you but was afraid. She would tease me and tell me she was going to take you away from me if she ever got the chance." I looked at my mother in awe. She then confided that her and Ellen had been making love regularly and while not having a man mom did not lack for passionate love and sex, it was just with her sister.

"You are awesome mom!" I blurted out. "I know!" she said back to me. Within 5 minutes flat Ellen had let herself into our house and was standing in the bedroom doorway looking at us. "You told him then?" Ellen asked mom. "Sure did! And he's all for it, so why aren't you naked yet?" mom teased. Ellen was dropping clothes so fast I thought she'd tear them off. I watched in delight as mom's younger by two years sister stripped and grinned at me. "I have been wanting to get my hands on you forever Josh," she said as she stripped.

Ellen walked naked to the bed. She was mom only taller. Built almost identically I was in Heaven. "Ever watched two women make love Josh," Ellen asked. "No," I replied, "but something tells me I am about to." Ellen grinned, looked at my hardening cock and said "Christ Almighty Josh! Now that's a cock!" she said letting her fingernails slide down the shaft. "Now you just sit back and watch this young man," she ordered. I slid back and watched her put her knee on the bed and slide into mom's arms. Mom looked at me for approval. I grinned and said "Oh, am I a lucky guy or what?" Ellen hefted mom's left tit and leaned in and kissed her. Their tongues were all over the place.

I managed to watch in awe without rubbing one out, but then I wanted to save plenty for my two mature girls. Ellen looked up after about 10 minutes, moved to the edge of the bed and patted the area between her and mom. "Are you joining us stud?" My mouth hung open and I nodded. Ellen took me in her arms and we kissed. Then mom leaned in and the three of us tongued each others faces, necks and shoulders. Mom guided me into a supine Ellen and encouraged me to pleasure her and I damn sure did. Ellen screamed out "God damn! It's bigger than I thought and he sure can sling it." I pumped her even more vigorously as mom fondled my ass and encouraged me to please her little sister.

Ellen gushed repeatedly on my fat cock pistoning in her hole and mom muttered, "What an awesome family I have. I think we're going to have one whole lot of fun!" I dumped into Ellen and collapsed, thoughts of these two incredible women. I lay gathering my strength again as they discussed the wonders of my cock and all the fun our future potentially held. But I was good with it. I was damn sure good with it.

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