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sexual encounters with a widow and her three daughters

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A reminder for all the readers, this is a part true and part fiction story…names and places have been changed without deviating from the main plot…this story contains a lot of sexual encounters and I have taken time and words to build up that suspense and give u the utmost jerking thrill possible….its not the usual story wher the main character sees the right opportunity and bounces on its subject and everything happens and ends in a flash…I want to build up the anticipation…the lust…the trust…and grip you to the encounters, you have never experienced…its like virtual reality!! Believe me!
If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don't want to miss it.
It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff

Steamy sex with my teacher

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Before I start my story, I want to tell you something about myself. My name is rihaan and I am 24 years old. I am a resident of Bangalore. I am studying now My height is 6ft. Today, with the sex story that I have brought before you, I hope that you guys will enjoy it and by reading this story I assure you that you will be aroused throughout the session

This story is from the time when I was 18 years old and studied in 12th standard. I also had a girlfriend in college at that time. Her name was akriti and she was very fair and had big busts and a huge ass

I kind of liked her very much, and never forced her for sexual pleasures, most of the time we used to exchange texts and we would rarely meet, but one day out of the blue she asked me that if we could have sex, at first although I h

Tanveer and his master's friends

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Tanveer suggested one day I should meet his master. He had a master long before he and I met. The master was his father's employee -that did not make any difference. Tanveer enjoyed sucking him off, getting fucked and generally be humiliated and degraded.
It was one thing to have Tanveer over and we sucked and fucked eached other and he loved being punished by me.He had his cock in my mouth when asked me
"Will you like to meet Arif?" He asks, he knew I could say anything with a mouthful of cock. I was enjoying it after he shot his load in the new condom , though his cock was deep in my throat. I wanted swallow that cum. He pulls his cock out.
"You did not answer" He says
I slap his balls hard,
"How the fuck do you expect me to say anything when I have your worhtless piece of meat

Awesome Experience with Friend's friend

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Hi All,

I am reading stories more than the decade. I am a big fan of sex stories and Thankful to SS giving me a chance to post my real story.

Dear Readers If any grammatical mistakes in my story kindly excuse me.

Well, am Single/Never Married male from Secunderabad. I met a woman through one of my friend ’s friend one. She’s mind blowing.. was introduced to her by my friend’s friend. We both greeted each other and spoke for sometime and we departed.

Let me explore how she look likes 5’9, Fair, Sparkling eyes, long hairs and stat’s are 36-30-38. The first time is flattered. I reached my home and masturbated thrice, I haven’t slept whole night thinking of her.

I had to visit one of my friend’s place for weekend’s party met few old friends. Some female calling my name wh


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After one morning

She had an argument with me which made her upset.. never i knew she was so dismal that booked the ticket to visit her sister's place which is 400 miles away from our place.
She had gone to college and i dint know a thing about her plan. I was engulfed in daily life. I then texted her asking the plan for evening. She told that she is leaving for her
sister's place in the evening. I was a bit shocked that i dint know that our small bicker had affected her deeply. To this date i cannot figure out the seriousness of it.

Anyway i couldnt stay away from her as i love her and couldnt see her going that way. So i came to her place and requested her to let me go with her. She was
reluctant not to go with me. But i sorted our personal things out and convinced her to

Fucked A Stranger And Made Her Pregnant!!

Rockze044 on Indian Stories

Hi, my name is rihaan and I am 20 years old 6ft tall well-built guy pursuing MBA in Bangalore.and this is my first story in which I am willing to share with you if you find any mistakes please bear with me and any women who want to have some fun or share their feelings can ping me through email( can chat through hangouts trust me it will be safe and secure

So coming to the story, one day I and my friend wanted to go out for a movie.and I called him and asked if I can come and pick him up, but he said that he was in his uncle’s clinic so I should go there to pick I went near the clinic as insisted by him, after parking my bike I went inside the clinic to find my friend to my surprise it was a fertility clinic which helps make any women pregnant by in


Anie on Indian Stories

I was born in Delhi and my parents were my only family I knew of.It all started when i turned 14 and y parents died in a car accident.The police searched for any blood related person who was ready to accept me.They found my father has a brother in Bombay.His name was Ramesh and he was a divorced 46 year old man who lived alone at a big penthouse in bombay. Even after him being divorced the court gave my legal responsibility to him as he was rich and stable.I went to bombay and found my uncle to be very sweet at the start.Also as I started living with him , I found him to be engrossed in his work most of the times.When i turned 15 , he even threw me a big party and called many guests.These included his business partner Mr. Ramakrishnan.
Mr.Krishnan was originally from Bangalore but sh

Aunt fucked by her nephew

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माझे नाव सुनील आहे , मी खोटे काहीच सांगणार नाही हि एक खरी कथा आहे. माझे वय २५ वर्ष. लंड ७ इंच आणि चांगलाच जाडजूड आहे काकूंचे वय ३५-४० असेल. काकूंचे नाव मीनल आहे. दिसायला एकदम मदमस्त गोरीपान होती, २ मुलांची आई असूनसुद्धा तिचे फिगर तिने जपून ठेवले होते . तशी काकू थोडी जाड होती पण कुणीही बघून त्याचा उभा राहील एवढी सेक्सी ती नक्कीच होती. बॉल एकदम मोठे तिची फिगर ३४-३२-३६ अशी असेल. तिची गांड बघून कुणीही वेडा होऊन जाईल अशी, काकूने मलाही वेडे केले होते. काका पिऊन असायचे त्यामुळे ती त्रस्त होती.
एका कार्यक्रमानिमित्त आम्ही घरातले सगळे एकत्र जमलो होतो. काकू पण आलेल्या. मी काकूंना भेटलो होतो. काकूंनी साडी घातली होती, त्यातून तिचे गोरे पॉट न बेंबी दिसत होती. मी काकूंना नमस्कार करायला खाली वाकलो पण काकूने मला उठवून मिठी मारली. मीहि काकूला थोडे जोरात ओढले आणि तिचे बॉल माझ्या छातीवर दाब

my sex experience

sagar25 on Indian Stories

Namaskar mazhya sarva gay lover mitranno aaj mi tumchya samor mazhya babtit ghadleli satya ghatna sangnar aahe...mazhe naav aahe kartik mi call centre madhe job karto mazhe age 26 aahe mi angane thoda jad aahe tyamule mazhe pot ekdum mau aani chhati cha aakar ekhadya gujrathi bharlelya bhabhi pramane vatel asa aahe. Shalet astana kahi khodkar mula tar muddamhun mazhya chhativarur hath firvat va dabat asat mala tyanchha rag yet ase pan manatlya manat khup aananddaayi vatat ase hot astana kadhi mazhya manatlya bhavna badalalya tech kalal nahi. Nantar tar mala sarkhe vatu lagle ki bai chya janmala aale aste tar bara zhale aste ...aso mi mazhya kharya story kade valte.
Mi shala sodun 10 varsh zhali pan tyatle kahi khas mitra astat tase mazhehi kahi mitra hote tyat specialy HARSH navacha mazh

my different experience

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Hi friends m Reyanch mai kolhapur maharashtra ka rehene vala hu
Mai study krta hu mai dikhne m average body h 20years ka hun Yeah meri pheli story hai agar kuch mistake huaii ho to sry or jo girls ya aunty ya bhabi mujse chudwana chati hai to email kare sexyboyxxx0690@gmail.Com par
Ab me story par aata hu jaisa ki app jante ho mai chotte city se belong karta hu aur mai upper middle class family yeah story aaj se char mhine phele ki hai baat thand ki hai meri gf ki behan jiska naam poonam hai subah mai walk p aati thi to kabhi kabhi meri gf jiska naam priya hai uske saath aati the … Me use dekhne ke lie subha subha jlde uth jaata tha…To uske mote mote mamme mera lund khada kar dete the
poonam ek bahut hi mast maal thi wo ek 19 saal ke ek bomb type ladki this uska fig 36 30 36 tha kya

Mom ko frnd se Chudwaya

Kalabhi on Indian Stories

Hello frnds yeh meri pheli story hai.Likhte hue bahut sharam aa rahi hai,fhir bhi aap logo ke sath share kar raha hun.Mere ghar mein teen member hain,papa,mommy aur mein.Papa govt. Employee hain aur mommy house wife. Mera naam Abhi hai aur mein Haridwar mein rehta hun.Mein 17 saal ka hun,aur 10 mein padta hun.Meri mommy ka naam Anjali hai aur wo 37 years ki hai,pur dhekne mein kafi young dikhti hain.Height 5'4,gori brown baal aur bilkul maal hain,bahut jada sexy hain.36c-30-38. Bina bra ke bhi unke boobs tane rehte hain

hot pune ladki ko service diya aur khush kiya

aryanpatil12345678 on Indian Stories

Main aaj aap ko meri ek sacchi story batane jaa raha hu……main PUNE main raheta hu. Mera naam RAHUL hai …..meri age hai 28years….5.8” height aur good looking hu. Main marketing ka kaam karta hu. Aur mera kaam puneke bahar ka hi hai…Ek din main kaam ke silsile main MUMBAI gaya tha. Waha muze 2 mahine ka kaam tha. Main mere ek dost ke ristedaar ke yaha paying guest ban ke raha. Unke ghar main ek uncle the Mr ANIL JADHAV jo ki 40 saal ke the. Unki wife Mrs. SUJATA jo ki 37 saal ki thi. Unke Ek ladaki Miss Rupa Singh jo ke college main path rahi thi. Actully Rupa Pune ke koi hostel main padhati thi. Vaction main hi ghar par aati thi…Jab main waha phucha to sirf uncle aur aunti hi the. Muze ek room de diya tha waha mera sab saman pada raheta tha aur ek cupboard bhi tha. Pahele main bahut sharma

pune Ki hot Aunty

aryanpatil12345678 on Indian Stories

Last month jub mai mumbai tour par tha or aise hi hotel me time pass kar raha tha abhi mera cell phone ring de raha tha. Maine dekha to koi unknown number tha jaise hi mane call recive kiya or hello kaha to ek surili awwaj aayi is this tushar maine kaha yas kya mai aapko jan sakata hu? usane kaha mai Mrs. Shaha bol rahi hu maine kah kahi ye madam mai aapaki kya sevakar sakata hu usne kaha mai aapse dost karana chati hu maine kaha welcome to usane bataya ki who puna ki rahane wali hai or fir hamarai bat chit chalu ho gayi bus only introduction .

usane kaha mai aapko rat me call karati hu ok bye rat ko mai phone wait kar raha tha to uski call aa gayi or usane muze puna ka invitation de diya maine kaha chalo yar or ek friend mil gayi. Jab hamane time or date fix kiya jab mai Pune gaya wh

palam ki ek story

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05/06/2016 today......
hello friends mera naam karan hai aur main
delhi se hoon. Mujhe 9 class ke baad se hi sex
mai bahut interest raha h Or aaj ap sbke sath
apna pahla or ek behtreen haadsa aap
sabke saamne rakh raha hoon(not a story or
fantasy,,, maine sex pahle v kiya so its nt
also my first sexprience,,,,, its my first i
ncident ever had been with me). to dosto yeh
ek mahine pehle ki baat hai. main aksar dosto
Ke sath ghumne ka shokeen rha hu. main abhi
ek student hu or meri age 22 year hai. main dwarka
se nehru place ja rha tha aise kuch kam se
Mujhe bus mein bahut jada maza aata
hai kyuki bus mein bahot bheed hoti hai aur
mast mast ladkiyan aur auratein jati hai. bus
Mein mai ja rha tha subah ka time tha toh
Maine private bus pakad li ki 764 ki
Service to

Akele me randi bulai

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Hello friends mera nam viraj hai mai 20 sal ka hu mai rohtak me job karta hu akele he rehta hu meri pehle koi gf ni thi an to hai or mai use kafi bar chod bhi chuka hu par uski story mai bad me sunaunga mai tab naya naya rohtak me aya tha company me mere boht sare frornd bane ladko me to sex ki bate hoti he h to ek din mere ek frnd ne muje ek number diya ki kabhi sex ka men kare to bula liyo.
Mane mazak me wo no le bhi liya.
Ek dopahr meri chutti thi mai room pe he tha kafk der se mere rum ke upar wale floor pe jo land lord bhaiya bhabi rehte the unki awaze aa rhi thi mane boht tim bad upar jake dekha to upr se sex ki awaze aa rhi thi mai khudko rok nai pa raha tha par control kiya or wapas aa gaya.
do din bad bhaiya be kaha ki aaj rt ko hume jind jana h ek shadi me mainw usi waqt soch li

Pados ki bhabhi ki chudai

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Hi all, mera name pritam h. Me surat m graduation kar rha hu. Yha ek hostel mein rehta hu. Mein college jakar ghr aya.
Phir maine mobile mai porn play kiya aur maine hilana shuru kiya mujhe wo window maise padose ki koi lady dekh rahi thi wo mujhe baad mai pata chala phir maine 15 min baad sab khatam kiya aur uutha tabhi meri nazar wo aunty pe gyi wo mujhe dekh ke ek aalag he smile de ke c

sex with my new

anonymous on Indian Stories

am sandhya frnds call me sandy am frm kerala born and brout up in delhi so that am not shytype and am fun loving girl .comming to story finished my btech and joined in a it company as trainee .my boss was abot 40 y old hes little attracted to me .my office mate told me that he can give me promotion if i impress him .one day i wear green colour sleevless chudi .he saw me and tell me that i look g

village mother and son sex in south india

anonymous on Indian Stories

The story i am going to tell you is a real
one. It happend 1 year before . Let me
tell you about my family. There are three
members in my family. Me ,Nithin (27)
my Mother 'Rajani' (48) my Father
Chandran (53) we lives in a village in
kerala (south india) 5 years before my
father lost his legs in an accident. From
that time i am looking after my family. I
am running a small shop in my vi

Haridwar me Dost ki sister and me enjoying fully

kaamsutrarishi on Indian Stories

Mera Naam Vikas hai or main dehradun ka rehne wala hu, meri height normal hai 5' 7'' or meri body ekdum fit h. ye baat tab ki hai jab main haridwar me apni pdhai kar rha tha. mera sath mera dost vimal bhi tha hum dono sath me hi pdhte the,vo kbhi kbhi hostel me akar pdhta tha to kbhi main uske ghar jakar pdhta tha. main pdhai me bhut technically strong tha or hu i mean. aksar vimal ke bina mera k

my mom and sister

anonymous on Indian Stories

Hi this is prashanth from bangalore i am 20 and working in a bank in place of mi father who expired while on duty.he was cashier of bank and the dicoity in the bank costed us his life. i have one little sister along with mi mom who is around 40. mi little sister is around 18 and we are living as a unit happily.

one day it was some speci


anonymous on Indian Stories

 My name is Mahemood and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I drive a beautiful Mercedes for a rich industrialist. He has a beautiful young wife,Minu Sharma. She is 26 years old beauty with massieve volupterous figures.She has one daughter of 6 years old. Minu is as beautiful as the Mercedes I drive, perfect round breasts like the headlights on the car, she must be more than

Tess Gets Turned Over

slowfix50 on Indian Stories

Tess and I love to drive I-85 and she flashes the truckers a lot. She wears almost nothing and then takes even that off. She loves to suck her nipples and let the truckers watch and if we are lucky some pull over with us to play more seriously.

One evening we were driving and nothing was happening. Tess had a wrap around almost see thru skirt and a silk tank top blouse and no bra or pan

horny aunty

abhisek on Indian Stories

Hello Friends,

                I am 26 years old 5'2 feet from Hyderabad with very normal physique. It was my first time I had sex with my radha (my neighbor lady). There was no one at her home when she came to my house and asked my mom that no one is in her home it will be better if she sleeps with Her as she feel fears at night time my mother said o.k. I will sleep with you.

At the evening my friends were gone out and wont be coming by night. It about 8P.M radha comes to my house and asked me to help her. Then she asked me that I feel fear at night because she was all Alone in her kothi and insisted me if I can sleep in her house. As per my experience I have seen her every time full in an

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ger and generally she talk less I asked her that I have to do some work on my computer So I can not sleep but then she requests me again then I said o.k. I will sleep. It was 10 P.M I went to her house she was wearing black sari in her black sari she looks dam sexy to me.

But because of her behavior every time I stop myself to say anything to her and asked her About my bed she said you could sleep in guestroom. Today I felt that she was talking to me in very good Manner and I gone to guestroom and lay down to sleep on bed. It was about 10.45 when she came to my room and asked me that there is a severe pain in her back as I deal in medicine I asked her if she is having some medicine I could gave her some painkiller but she said That I don’t have any medicine. She said that she is having some pain balm and asked me if I can apply That in her back I said o.k. Then she went to her room and come back to my room and gave to me to apply She sat in front of me and asked to apply I take a pinch of balm and start applying on her back she said That she is uncomfortable here if I can come to her room. I said o.k. I moved to her room and she went to kitchen and came back to room after some time. Now 90% of her Sari was out from the petticoat I was enjoying watching her in that position. Without saying me anything She lay down on bed just near to my legs and asked me to apply I start applying. As I touched her back My heart starts beating loudly she said to apply on all back. Now the entire sari was out of her petticoat.

She said that she is feeling better and asked me that there is a pain in legs to if I can seat on that and Apply. My dick was now at its best I happily accepted and sat on her legs. Now it was difficult to Control myself but suddenly she said that she is fine now I can sleep but now I was not in a position To sleep as my dick enjoyed touch of her legs. But unwontedly I stand up and about to move then she said it could be too cold in guestroom you can sleep Here with me in my room as the AC was on. I also don’t want to go there she switched of the light and Switched on zero watt. Lamp. I was watching her body, which was very good in shape. After some time She change her position of sleeping I was unable to believe that her buttocks was visible to me and NALA Of her petticoat was opened now I can not stop my self and decided to ply a trick after half and hour

I was showing her that I am sleeping and I turned my hand on her breast and leg on her leg at that time I feel that I am in haven. I Slowly start to open her petticoat with my leg, which was on her leg. Suddenly She is start responding me by helping my leg to open her petticoat now her petticoat was on her knees. And her buttocks are clearly visible now she was in a mood to enjoy with my dick, which was already Erect about 9" long. And turns her position now my leg was on her pubic hairs. Now We both was in not Control she touched my dick with her hand and game was now open to play. She touched my dick with her hands and my hands were on her buttocks and mouth was on her breast . She said fuck me like a Goat as I Am Gemini I Luvs to fuck her in that position.

She sat on her knees and starts sucking my black dick I was enjoying so much because I had never done sex before. But she was perfect in sex and asked me to suck her pussy, as it was so hairy so I refused her. Now I was lying straight on bed and she jumps on me and takes my whole dick in her pussy and starts Up and down I was enjoying very much and she was jumping on me making noises ssssssssssssssssssss Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. After five minutes I said that now my semen is coming out she jumps away from me and said you have Not enjoyed anal sex how can you discharge before discharging me. Now she kept a pillow in her back And opened her legs and asked me to touch my dick on her clot and starts to do that and then she hold My dick and starts rubbing on her clot. And said now come into me fast I did that too. Now it was my turn to fuck her I make her like a got in inserted whole my dick in her pussy I was enjoying For me it was dream come true.

And now she wants to enjoy anal sex and got up and applied mustard oil On my dick and asked me to apply on her ass. I did that now she holds my dick and asked me to open Her buttocks I opened her buttocks and as she touched my dick on her anus I felt it was too hot and She was pushing her ass towards my dick as she wants to eat and as the tip of my urethra entered in Her ass she had closed her eyes and said to stop for a minute I said if you if is paining we can leave This exercise but she shake her head and after a few second she asked me to apply more mustard oil rest my dick for smooth sex I applied much of oil on my dick now she was ready to eat whole of my dick And now I can see that my whole dick was in her and we starts rubbing each other and my dick was Feeling tight ass and I said her now I can not stop my self from discharging and she said to discharged In her boobs my dick was servicing in her boobs and I discharged all on her boobs and on her mouth

Now we both were exhausted. And I slept with her nude and next morning radha who looks angry o me every time was lovely lady for me

A Night With the Professor

suhas_rex_masterofpuppet on Indian Stories

A Night With the Professor
By: ReX
My name is Neethu and I am 21 years old now. I live in bangalore but completed my college studies in Delhi. This story that I am going to narrate what happened to me when I was 17. I was in Delhi and I was studying in a pretty good college, I lived with my father back then, my mother died when I was 3 so I don't remember her much, my father had to work a lot so he was rarely home and since I had no authority figure I was quite a mess at the age of 16 itself so he decided to send me to Delhi for my studies. In Delhi I was living in a hostel which was pretty far from my college about 8 KM's I had to take an auto every day.
As every day I got ready for college and left at 10:00. Classes were going on as usual but it st
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arted to rain heavily by the time it was over. I looked for an auto as I came out of the college but there wasn't one in sight. It was pretty cold so I went to the canteen to get a cup of coffee and thought that the raining would stop by the time I was finished with my coffee, I waited for about fifteen minutes and then a friend of mine came over and asked if I wanted a  lift to my hostel, but I was modest and I refused but little did I realize that I would regret that choice. As I sipped my third cup of coffee the rain was still pouring outside. The waiter in the canteen told me that they were going to lock up and I had to leave. I looked at the time on my cell phone and it was a quarter past 6, I had been waiting in the canteen for over two hours. I went outside and looked for an auto, no luck the streets were empty. I was now in deep shit if I wasn't in the hostel by 7:00 I wouldn't be allowed in. I thought that if I called the warden and told her what had happened she would let me off the hook for once. So I called the hostel, the warden picked up, I told her what had happened but she wouldn't understand, she said she knew all about what kind of a girl I was, she told me that my father had warned her about my past, I pleaded with her, but the bitch didn't listen, she told me to go find another place because she wasn't going to let me inside, then the whore just hung up on me.
Another 30 minutes passed and now it was 6:45 and it was still raining, I was standing under a billboard as I saw somebody walk out of my college I didn't know what to do, I couldn't ask for help from a complete stranger, so I walked over just to see who it was. It was my college professor and old man who thought physics by the looks of it he was probably around 55 or 60, he wasn't bald he had a thick coat of grey hair, it was usually uncombed and ruffled up. He turned around and he was startled to see me there in the dark soaking wet, he asked me if everything was alright, I just broke into tears and told him my story. He told me that he would drop me to my hostel but I told him that the warden would not let me. I asked him "Sir is it ok if I stayed with you for the night? ". He told me " No no, my dear That would be a problem for the both of us, I could loose my job if any body found out about it". I started to cry again and he probably felt bad and he agreed reluctantly. I got in his car, it was an old maruthi 800, there was a ton of clothes and books, papers in the back of his car he gave me a towel to wipe myself off. I was wearing a black T-Shirt and a tight denim Skirt, by now they were both completely drenched I looked down and I could clearly see the shape & outline on my nipples through my wet T-shirt. I was really lucky I didn't wear a light T-shirt, if I had then my nipples would have been completely visible not just their shapes. The rain was getting worse now, I thought I was lucky to find this guy when I did. The professor was a slow driver and the rain made him drive him even slower. After about 45 minutes of driving we reached an old house on the outskirts of the city. I was a little afraid because I didn't see any other houses near the area all that I could see was trees and no street signs or any boards, it had been a while since i had seen another vehicle on the street. The only thing that made me feel safe was that an old man this age is probably married and has kids in the house, As he parked the car in the garage I saw that this guys garage hadn't been cleaned in a long time and there were news papers and books and boxes every where, we got out of the car and he led me to the door, it was freezing outside.
 I looked towards his house and the lights were not on, I asked him "Sir, do you think your wife is home?". He looked at me with a sad look and said "No my wife passed away during the birth of our first child, I live alone now". I felt bad for the guy for asking that question. He was trying to find his keys, he finally opened the door and turned on the lights and all that I could see was a couch, a television, a large book shelf and a computer that's it, Majority of the house was nearly empty, It was as if he had been robbed but he didn't appear to be surprised. It was a single storey building with just one bedroom and one kitchen and a living room. He asked me to sit down and he will get me something to drink and eat. he went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine to make some coffee I sat on the couch and looked around, There was a bunch of magazines next to where I sat and I went through them to see if I could find anything I could read, to my surprise I saw a dirty magazine in the bundle, I turned around and he was still busy doing something in the kitchen, I had seen these kinds of books before and I had seen a couple of porno's on the internet as well, but I was surprised that a man this age would be so horny. I opened the book and saw young girls spreading their legs and showing their tits, I quickly closed the magazine as I heard him coming to the living room. I hoped that he didn't see me with the magazine. He came over and there was no place to keep the coffee and the plate which had biscuits, since there was no table or anything. He handed me the coffee and kept the plate on the floor as he tried to make some room next to me on the sofa to sit down I moved over but there was no place as he tried to move the magazines a dirty magazine fell from the Large pile on the ground next to my left foot to my surprise there was not one magazine but there were quite a few, I pretended to not seeing what had happened but I couldn't keep myself from laughing he saw this and smiled at me, I Helped him in picking up the magazines. He sat next to me quietly, he turned to me and said "I'm really embarrassed by what you just saw". I told him "No it was nothing, you don't have to be embarrassed by it". I asked him if he felt bad when I asked him about his wife, he didn't say anything, it was clear that he didn't want to talk about his wife. He finished his coffee and told me that I could use his room which had a bed in it. I finished my coffee and biscuits, he told me that it would be best if I don't tell any one that I spent the night at his place and I assured him that I wouldn't tell a soul.
I went into the bedroom and closed the door behind me but there was no latch or lock to lock it, so i just closed it and went to bed, it was a medium sized bed with a blanket and a pillow. I quickly went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night as I felt really cold, I had covered myself in the blanket but I was still cold I looked at the time on the wall clock and it was 1:20 I tried to go to sleep but It was too cold and I wasn't sleepy enough I looked towards the door and I saw that there was still a dim light passing through from under the door, I knew I shouldn't have but I couldn't resist, I went near the door and peeked through the key hole and saw the professor sitting on the couch masturbating, I found it amusing, seeing a man his age who was older than my father, jerk off looking at a magazine, It was really hard to control but I was giggling, not too loud though. As much as I tried I couldn't see his penis the arm rest of the couch was in the way, all I could see was his face and by the look on his face he looked frustrated, I saw him pulling hard on his cock, I was wondering what he was trying to do, I finally realized that the guy couldn't get it up, this was the most entertaining thing I had done since I came to Delhi, I was laughing at this guys misery I kept watching trying to get a glimpse of the old farts cock but to my despair he gave up and went to sleep after a while. I went back to sleep giggling at what had happened.
I still couldn't sleep. After a while I heard a noise near my door and I thought the professor was at it again but before I could get up I saw the door open and in came the professor only in his Boxers. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. He closed the door behind him. He stood there right in front of me for a while.
I couldn't open my eyes but I knew he was right there in front of me, I felt something move over my face but still I didn't react I was half full of fear and half filled with curiosity. He touched my cheek with his short old stumpy fingers, he brushed my cheeks gently with his fingertips I have to say that I was strangely arousing. He Moved away from my face and moved towards the other side of the bed, he climbed into the bed and slowly started lifting up the blanket that barely covered my shivering body, the professor moved his hand over my right leg all the way up to my knee. His hands were cold and rough, he was shivering I don't know if it was the fear or the cold temperature. He started to remove the blanket completely but most of it was tucked away underneath me, he was moving more cautiously and slowly. I tried to give him some room to free the blanket I don't know why I did that, but I did. he had now removed the blanket completely around my back. The professor was moving his hands around my feet he was quite a horny bastard. He couldn't go any further than my knees my skirt was in the way so he moved up towards my back and started rubbing my back as he massaged my back with one hand the other hand made its way into my T-shirt, this surprised me and I flinched a little bit, this startled him and he stopped moving his hands for a while, but the freak started after a few minutes but this time he was more cautious. I was getting more and more horny and aroused by this and I decided to make a move and give him a little more space to do something. I slowly spread my legs wider apart and I hoped that he would seize this opportunity and do something more stimulating. As I had hoped he took his hands out of my T-shirt and put them on my legs now, I could feel him massaging them and caressing them slowly and thoroughly, I liked the way he was working on my legs. I was still a virgin and was hoping to keep it that way until the right guy showed up, but I was too horny right now to care.
I was loosing my mind I needed him to do more but I couldn't tell him. I sensed him going further upwards now and I wanted this. I slowly at a snails pace I parted my legs wide apart, I finally felt him near my thighs moving upwards the pervert didn't want to stop he wanted more so he kept going and this is what I wanted as well, he slid his fingers near my Panty but he couldn't reach it, my skirt couldn't be stretched any wider but the guys fingers made their way towards my pussy. His other hand was now trying to lift my skirt higher and I lifted my waist a little bit to facilitate that, he got my skirt all the way over my Panty. He could see my Panty and he now had total access he moved his right hand over my pussy and he slowly rubbed it with the panty still covering it. And that was it I couldn't take any more I turned around, and there he was in complete shock. He was probably expecting me to scream and yell and curse but that was not my intention I looked him in the eyes and grabbed his hand and shoved it into my panties he was obviously surprised but why would he waste this chance. I could feel his fingers digging deep into my pussy and his fingers were doing a pretty good job of it. He kept fingering me, he had two fingers in me but his third finger was on its way there my pussy was already pretty wet and now it was completely drenched. I could see his face and was he happy he was smiling and his mouth was wide open. I felt him breathing over my face and his breath was horrible, but I didn't matter because I was way too occupied in his fingering. I felt my body stiffen and my pussy muscles clasp hard on his fingers. I knew I was going to cum and in seconds I did. I left out a moan soft but long he kept fingering me faster and faster as I finished Cumming he took his fingers and started to lick them.
We didn't say anything or speak, he looked at me and grabbed my hand and pulled down his boxers. He made me hold his Penis. I felt the warmth of his dick in my hand it was small but fat it felt a little saggy but I was very hot. His Crotch was covered by a thick coat of long pubic hair, his balls were saggy and big, it was my first time touching a man. as I gripped his Penis I heard him exhale loudly. I touched the tip of his cock and pulled the foreskin back and let go of it. He softly took me in his hands kissed my face. He said, "I've been waiting for a long time to do something to you, I have seen you around the college and you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen". I did not say anything. He slowly kissed my face lips and then my neck. I felt a little disgusted as his breath was foul smelling. It was a real turn off for me but he kept kissing my face and licking my neck. I tried to get up, But he grabbed me from behind forced me to the bed he made me sit on his lap. As I was on his lap I Could feel his penis press forward against the back of my vagina. He slipped his hands from underneath my armpits and held my breasts from behind, his grip was hard and strong. I moaned a little bit, mostly in pain because I didn't expect him to be this aggressive. As it was still raining outside the room was quite cold, my nipples were erect and incredibly hard. He ran his fingers around my nipples he used his index finger and his thumb to pinch them. Although this was relatively painful, I enjoyed it. He could probably tell that I was enjoying this quite a lot as my breathing was getting heavier. He turned me around and we were face to face, but I was still on his lap and his hands were now around my waist. We were now staring at each other, he loosened the grip he had on me and his hands went straight around my neck, I knew what he was going to do next so I just jumped on him and locked my lips around his. His breath still smelled dreadful, but I was overcome by lust. We kissed and sucked on each others faces, my legs were now around his waist and my skirt was covering nothing. After about five minutes of hardcore kissing I was the first one to release the hold, I had to take a breath and I released his face and now I was on top of him he was underneath me with his cock just behind me near my ass, I reached behind and held it in my hands it was now harder than it was the first time I held it, I guess all that kissing and licking of each others faces had made it harder, I held it in my hands and pulled it forward and then backward I guess he liked it as I felt him shudder a little bit. I turned around to look at him and I saw him over come with lust his eyes were on fire and he got up and immediately pulled my T-shirt off I was now in my Black colored bra and my denim skirt which was not covering anything and underneath that was my Black colored panties which were soaked by now. He came up to me and kissed me passionately and his left hand was working on my bra while his right hand was trying to enter my panties, but my skirt was pretty tight and he couldn't get into it from top, I moved back and started to remove my skirt he looked at me and he just ripped my bra off my chest. I was still trying to remove my belt and he had his mouth over my left breast and his right hand over my right breast, he took my nipple in his mouth and was flicking it with his tongue, I finally got my belt off and I was now trying to get my skirt off and I guess he was frustrated with me fiddling with the skirt for so long that he pushed to on my back and held my legs in the air and pulled off my skirt off in one swift motion. he saw my panties now and he was way too horny to wait and pull it off he just pulled it from the side and tore it off.
I had a small pussy with very little hair, my pubic hair was light and the hair was thin, I didn't know what he was trying to do when he slid downwards, I thought he was going to suck on my breasts a little bit more but he was way too low for that, he reached down and kissed my navel and licked it, but that was only for a couple of seconds he was going lower and lower licking his way towards my vagina, I could not believe I was going to get my pussy sucked. I lifted my head to see how he was going to do it but as soon as his mouth reached my pussy and his tongue made contact with my vagina I lost it I gave out a load moan, my head went backwards and my legs were making their way around his neck as for my hands they were gripping my hair and pulling on them. I could not believe the feeling. I managed to get my head up and see his face dug deep in my crotch, I arched my back forward and he probably noticed this and moved his hands from underneath my ass and towards my back, he looked me in the eyes and gave me a good slap from his talented tongue. I let go of my hair and moved my hands on top of his head and pushed it deeper into my crotch, he gave out a loud grunt and looked at me. I was in total ecstasy. I felt my an orgasm building up in me I felt my pussy muscles tighten on their own, now I could feel his movements in my pussy even better. I knew my orgasm was only seconds away, my legs tightened around his neck, his face was now even closer I could now feel him breathing fast and hard over my crotch. seconds later I felt the most amazing feeling I had yet, I released a tremendous amount of my cum in his mouth my legs were still around his neck and my hands were on his head pulling his grey hair. I guess I was too much for him to swallow as he was struggling to go free but I was not in control, my body was reacting on its own, he pulled himself free and liquid was now squirting from his mouth as he tried to catch his breath, this was amazing he spit some of my own juices over my stomach I took my index finger and took a little bit of it I smelled it and I was a little strange but nice I took it in my mouth, It was a combination of his saliva and my cunt juices, he caught me doing this and came over me and kissed me I could taste myself in his mouth it was kinky. He stopped kissing me and said "Now that I've given you a good time it's your turn to do the same for me". I knew what he was talking about, but I was not sure if I wanted to do it, I looked at him and said " You don't have to ask me. It will be my pleasure to do it. He leaned over and said " Young lady where did you learn to be such a hell cat in bed ???". He got out of bed and went to look for something, He came back with a condom. It was good that he wanted to use a condom Because i didn't want that thing in my mouth. He ripped it open with his teeth and the he asked me to put it on his dick, the condom was lubricated and slippery I put it on his small and saggy penis, I felt disgusted touching it but he had given me good time so I was obliged to do the same. I just hoped that it would end soon.
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skjos on Indian Stories

By: Jesolal
Hi! ella malayalee Chedathi / Aunty / Vidhava / Ammachi / Ammamachi maarkkum, Kochiyil ninnum 42 vayas 5’ 8” uyaram, 9” kada kole udamayude pranaamam sweekarichaalum.
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Yen Ambika (Ambi) yippol. 39 vayas, 5” 7”, 42’–32 - 38” size, 77 kgs (venna niranjha ponthiya neyappam) 11 years munne vidhva aayi., yippol keralathil Tvm. il sthira thamasam, 2 sons + prayamaya amma yithryamannu veettu visheshangal. yinni namukhu kaarya
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thilekku kadakkam. ok.

Mumbayil joli cheyunna kaalam, thaamassam (1993-1998) Dombivli yil, stationaduthu main roadil oru 3rd floor buildingil (2 wings ullathu); B wing il 2nd flooril (roadine face cheyunna balcony) nanum bharyaum molum. A wing il 2nd flooril (roadine face cheyunna balcony) oru palakkadan pattarum (annu 42 vayas=valiya kudavayar, 5” height), thirvanandhapuram pattathi (ambikayum (27years)+ 2 sons (6 & 4 years) yevarude praaya vythyaasam 15 years. Swami yennum full formil, minium 6 peggs (yeennalum contol vidilla), mutton & chicken ishtham, pattathikku meenu koodiye theeru, ennal meenu vettaanum kari vekkanum ariyilla, yellam swami mayam. (building il malayalee jhangal 2 family maathram = yenthu cheriya pani aanelum (bulb change / tv tunning, fridge sound vannal, gas cylinder change cheyyan, yellathinum udane Uncle ne vilichu vada Ambi/swami order kalanu. == Vishu, X’mas, onam, easter yellam jhangal 2 veedum onnichu hozhikkum).

Mikka sat/sun kalil jhannum molum chess/charemes kalikalumai avarude flatil valare free aayi enjoy cheyum, yeathu muriyilum (bedroomilum) yeppozhum kayarichellam, yente wife vallapozhum varum. Angane masangal / varshangal kadannu poayi; yidakku palapozhum Ambi chila numberukal irrakkumayirunnu. (1) veetil sithram under cloth yillathe sari udukkunnu, petticoat madakki yeliyil kuthunnu, sofa yil irunnu samsaarikkumbol, oru kaal pokki vachal aa scenery kaannan nalla shelanu, thuduthu kozhutha venna kiniunna thudakalum avayude sanghama thrikonnam, mudiyllathathum chilappol ullathum, yepposhum veluthu kattiyulla lava thudayillude ozhuki iraggunna thumaya aa Pooooor. Free show (2) Hall roomil balcony sidil jhangal chess kalikkum, kuttikal charems, corner seatil irunnal bathroom neare kaanam; kulikkuvan bathroomil kayari yellam azhichu kulithudangi yidakku pakuthi door thurannu mone vilichu purakil soap theachu tharuvaan parayum; yithu Saturday special aanu; (appol blue sceen nearil free, athonnu kannenda kazhcha thanne annu, soap pathayil mathanga mulakalum polliya pappadam poalathe aa ponthiya poorum.! kunna youde sthithi officer ne salute cheunna javan te thupole; nere irikkunna yenne nokki avarude oru vallaatha chiriyum, keezh chundu kadichum, mulakale kaikondu malishu cheayithum, mulajhettu kal valichum, kadakkannu kanichum kothippikkum, yente cherukkan under clothil dheshyam theerkkaan thuppum; theernilla avan onnu santhanaakumbol, adutha sceen varavayi, kuliyum viral pannalum kazhinju veliyil varumbhol onnu kannanam; Mukham Vallathirikkum, vashtram peticot + thukarth puthach. Petticoatinte open side aavashyathil adhikam thazhekku thayyal pottichirikkum, adiyil onnum dharikkathathinal nalla veluthu kozhutha thudakallum karutha kaadu neekkiya aa kothippikunna poorum vyakhthamayi kaannan pattum. Mukalil onnumillathe nanajha thukarthu maathram chuttiyal, watermelon mulakal yevide othungananu, athum oru sthiram fashion parade aannu. yellam kandaallum, onnum ariyath reethiyil Swami irikkum. Pinne vasthram maaral: pazhaya nilayil petticoat, bra yillathe blouse, athinte buttons yidunnathu jhangalude munnil vannum, athum valare nearam waiste cheaythum. Athraym samayam petticotinte vidavillude venna ozhukunna poorum enggum othungatha mulyudeyoum nalla show konttu yente concentration nashta peduthi, swami  game jayikkum. (allathappol jayam pullikku kitta khani aayirunnu). Palapposhum jhaan soochippichirunnu kali jayikkan vendi, chechiyude adavu kollaam, athinu aalu vere noakkanam., yennalum palapozhum pathari poakum.

Naalukalkku shesham orikkal Ambi yude qualiflower pooril adhichu kettiya, sheenam maattan avalude randu karikkinte neer kudikkumbol, Ambi thanne paranjhu: ‘yethra naalukal yithine onnu valachedukkaan yethra yethra Fashion paredukal nadathiyathannu; yellaam swami yude arivode aayirunnu.

Orikkal balconyil ninnu Swami yenne vilichu, terrasil vachu valare nearram
kure veettu kariyangal paranju, koottathil ishttante kudavayaru karanam 4” chunni kondu munnilloode Ambi ye pannan yethunnilla, pinne purakiloode aanu sthiram pani, avalkku onnum aakunnilla, yidakku aval mele kayari paniyum. yi karyathil jhangal yennum udakkannu. Yee aallkku pattilla yengil kazhuvulla aareyengilum tharappeduthvan paranjhu. Annum thudar nattakkathil aval NINTTE pearu paranjhu. Aval Ninthe Pantinte MUZHA prathekam note cheythittunde, Neril kandittilla yengilum athinekurichu prayan avalkku 100 nakkannu. Jhaan vicharichappol Kariyangal Nammallil othungumallo; athinal oru humbly request ‘NEE YENNE ONNU SAHAYIKKANAM, MATTONNUM THONNARUTHE, **AVALE NANNAI ONNU PANNI, AVALUDE KAZHAPPONNU MAATTI THARUMO**, Nee kaiyozhinjhaal, pinne aval veare vashi noakkum‘ yennu bheeshani.

Swami yippol poayikidannurangu, kettu vittitu nammalkku samsarikkaam, yippol nan oru moodilalla pinne nokkam yennu pattatiyedu parayan paranju oru vidhathil ozhivakki.

Pakshe. THAALAVIDHI YE NAMMAL ALLA VITHHU KAALAKKU POLUM THADUKKAN PATTILLALLO. 3nam divasam, office il ninnum vannappol, wife paranjhu nammude Swamy hospitalil admittannu, vannal chellan paranju.

Hospitalil, chennu, doctormai samsarichhu, vayattil balloon mathiri kure
Wast water kettikidakkunnu, athu yethrayum veagam neekkanamm, onnel operation cheyannam, allel aa bladderil marunnu endoscope vazhi inject cheaythu waste water dry cheyannam yithinnu marunnu costly aanu poraathe riskiyum aanu. Swami paranjhu yenthu thanne aayalum yee kudivayar othukkanam. Athinnai Bombay hospitalil aakki, avide vachu operation cheyunnathinu munpile divasam aalu clossayi. karanam ajhatham.

Body raathriyil veettil kondu vannu dahippichu, yella chadangukalum kazhinju relatives mikkavarum pirijhu, samsarathinidayil, yente wife nedu Ambi (pattathi) paraathi aayi paranjhu ”vere yellam sahikkam, yini muthal rathriyile karyathinu jhanenthu cheayum; yenne sahayikkan ningal allaathe mattarumilla; yente kaariyathil upekhsh vicharikkaruthe yennu Lal nedu prathekam parayanam. Yithindayil swami yude chettanum, aniyannum vannu pattathi yeyum makkaleyum naattil 16nu kondupoayi; thirichu vannappol, pattathi yude aniyathi pattathiyum molum koottu vannu (avalude pattar gulfil aanu. Jhanum pattathi yude oru maammante monnum aayirunnu yella chadagukalum nadathiyirunnathu.

Orikkal oru relative pattathi kku vendi oru proposal konduvannu, oru iyyar payan 3 maasam munne bhaarya train accient il marichu, kuttikal illa, Swamiyeyum Pattati yeyum mattum ariyum, yi viveram pattathiyumai samsarichappol aval paranjhu, enikku ventta, (ennedu mathram paranjhu pattumengil Lal enne kalyanamkazhichal mathi, vere aarem noakkenda. Jhanum Susi yum adjustchetholam.) Relatives ellavarum udakki poayi; aa varsham school adachal, yivare naattil aakkuka. Athanu thirumananm. Yithinidayil naattil pattathi yude achaan vadi aayi, athinte chadanghinai kochu Pattathi yeyum moleyum avalude pattar paranjh thin praakaram, plain il naattil vittu; annu pattathi yennedu paranjhu; yinnale Swami swapnathil vannu paranjhu ninte yella kariyavum jhaan Lal ne paranjhu yerpeduthiyittundu, yeppol yenth aavashyam vannallum avanedu paranjhaal mathi.

Yinnu rathri, yenghanneyum yivide varanam, yinnu nammude aadhya raathri aannu, kure naalayi jhaan kothikunna divasam, yenne nirassa peduthiyaal jhaan angottu varum. Kure nallai kothipichathalle, yippol aval thanne nerittu vilichirikunnu Mattoru vazhiyumilla yirunnu, jhaan ente bharya yodu kaaryangal paranjhu; aval paranjhu saramilla, avalum kure show nadathi yathalle, Swami yum paranjhathalle, chennu nannai adichu kalakki kodukkan. Raathriyil uoonum kazhinjhu bharya yude regular quotayum kazhijhu, appurath flatil chennu, balcony yil ninnum aval kandirunnu, kathaku lock cheyathe chaariyirunnu. Door thurannu akathu kayari, oru bedroom il kuttikal random nalla urakkam; Matte bedroom Maniyarayakki yirikkunnu; puthiya bed sheet, niraaye pookkal vithari, spray cheythu, glass il paal, apple, orange, munthiri muthalaya fruits, koottathil 2 packets Condoms, Viagra tablet. Enniva ready.

Annu raathriyil muzhuvanum nool bhandham illathe randallum aadichu kalakki, 2 kutti kal undayengilum, (2 siccerian); pattathi Ambiyude kanya charma seal pottikkunaulla yogam yente kunnakku thanne kitti, aadhyam avalude pongappam poalathe poor aanelum akam vaalare tight aayirunnu; vaalare pressure koduthittanu khattam khattamai yente kunna ye avalude pooril adichu kayattiyath, vedhana konttu bhahalam, bedsheet mikha sthalathum blood aayi, oru 10 minutes kazhijhappol sukham kondu kidakkaporuthi yillathe pulanju adiyude speed koodumbol, avalum parannadichu, angane parannu paraannu avalude poorilundayurunna kozhuppu muzhuvanumm olippicheduthu, oaoro urakalum marimari kuranjhathu 10 kali yengilum kalichittundu, oaro pravashyavum yente thu varumbol kuranjhathu pattathi 4 pravashyam ozhukkiyirikkum, kunna palum, avalude poorninte juice thudakkan vachirunna oru thunni, moatham nanajhu, pizhinjhal varunna paruvathil aathrayum nanajhu; athinum mathram vellam randallum koodi adichu veliyil varuthi. Yeathandu raavile 5 manikku paal kkaran vannu paal veliyil vachittu poyappol, aval vasthram onnum illathe thaanne cheannu paal eduthu, enikku chaya thannittu onnu koodi kalippichittanu vasthram dharikkan anuvadhichathu thanne; appolum aval vannu andhi yeduthu vayilaakki chappi valichu kondirunnu. Angane aniyathi pattathi thirichu varum vare 15 dhivassam yella raathriyilum tharam poale pakalum adichu koduthu; 15 dhivaasam kond pattathiyude yithrayum naalathe kaamaarthi yethandu othukki koduthu, yethandu nanjha khozhi yude thu poalathe parovamm aayi pattathiyude th.

Aniyathi vanna seasham, kuttikale raavile school il konduvidunnathu yilaya pattathi; yente mole jhanum, 7 maniku jhanum, yilaya pattathi 7.30 num school il poakkum. Thirichu jhaan 7.40 varumbol pattathi thyarai balcony il unddakum, roomil vilichu keatti pidichu motham umma vaikkum pantinte zip azhichu chekkane vayiledukum, sofa yude side il kunijhu ninnu tharum jhaan purkiloode avalude pooril adichu kozhupikkum, yithoru daily routine schedule aayi, Avalude poor pothinjirkkubhol, pooril adi nadakilla, vaayil eduppum, mullakalil pannalum mura poale nadakkum. Orikkal aniyathi pattathi yudeyum kamam matti kodukkendathai vannu, pinne palapphozhum 3som. Yippol ekadesham 11 varshangal aayi, avar naattil aannu. Jhanum familiyum kochiyil settle aayi, kittunna avasarangalil yellam Pattathiyude yum aniyathi yudeyum kazhappum kaamavum urukki kodukkunnu. Orumasam adikkan chennillel appol complaint aakum.

Confused & Helpless

sexsteps on Indian Stories

I am Amisa from a very rich Business family.My husband was out for a month for business purposes.I was alone in my palatial house only with my driver,Rajesh at our garage.One day,my driver came and told me openly that madam the thing that I will say you now,by that you may throw me away from my job,but still only for your sake I will have to tell this to you.I asked what? He told me openly that madam you are too sexy and whenever I see you I have an erection.I can give you the tremendous pleasure of sex that you cannot even imagine.

I also have a friend to whom women die to have sex. He is a Truck driver. Just think your husband is not here and you remain unconscious of what is the real meaning of sex.I and my friend can give you the limitless pleasure that you can ever imagine.I

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will come today in evening with my friend,if you think you can just kick me out,and I will never ever come and join your job again.Its your option,either you can have the unimagined pleasure or you can still stay like this till your husband returns and ever in life stay unknown from the fact that what was real sex.By saying this he went away.I stood their still and shocked.

In the evening the door bell rang.I found my driver with his huge build up friend.Rajesh asked what’s your decision?I closed my eyes took a deep breathe told come in.His friend was almost 6-2 in height and have 42 inches chest,very ugly,a fat man,black dirty skin with big pimples and wore a dirty shirt and a lungi, will be of 42 years age and have lust in his eyes.I made all the arrangements for them and was preparing dinner. They came in and sat in drawing room at that time I was in blue sari and a matching sleeveless blouse. He had brought a adult picture and we all were enjoying that movie.But we dint talk and I was too much nervous as I was totally confused. On 9 o'clock Rajesh told me to arrange dinner before that they had taken scotch.

Rajesh introduced him that, this is Mr. Rahaman and this is my madam Amisa. We said hello each other, then Rahaman said you are very much lucky Rajesh; you got such a beautiful madam.I became shy in but we all smiled on his comment. I was in utter confusion too, as by hearing the name Rahaman,' I realized that he was a Muslim..and I was a Hindu. Yet I was getting easy with the situation too. Mr. Rahaman said you are really a beautiful lady and have a marvelous figure I just smiled but I felt his thirst eyes on my body, he was watching my mountains and depths. I felt a lot shy. I was in such a position infront of my own driver. I was wondering what was the next. After completing the dinner we went to guest room and I went to bedroom.

My driver said madam,do you want us together or one by one? I was nervous and kept silent and put my eyes down in shame.Rajesh laughed and told Rahaman you enjoy first and then I will.
    Rahaman came up close to me with Rajesh.Rajesh told him  Rahaman now Amisa is only for your enjoy and he went to the guest. Now Rahaman closed the door and came near to me and said actually I was praying to god, how can I get you and god gave me a chance. Then he said you are really a beautiful lady and he took me in his arms I was silently presenting my self to him he lifted me like a doll and threw me on the bed I got little fear but what could I do? After that Rahaman dropped all his clothes except his underwear.

Then he came to me and opened my hairs, then he put his lips on my lips and started kissing passionately his kisses were very hard and rough during all that time he was slipping his palm on my butt and squeezing them passionately, he did my whole face wet by his. Then he pull my sari. And his hands were moving on my whole body and I really say, in starting I was feeling hate but now I was also feeling wet and was eager to lie under him. At that time I was in petticoat and blouse and perhaps 1/2 hour had spent oh god this time was too much for my husband and in this time we did complete sex so many times. But Rahaman just undid my sari now I was fully aroused and started slowly moaning but he was quite.

He lied beside me and asked to arouse him now it was my chance although I was feeling shame in starting but now I had gotten fully aroused. And I started to move my hands on Rahaman’s body up and down he closed his eyes I started kissing him. His chest was hairy and color was very fair, his thighs were very tight moreover he was a complete man. I kissed his nipples and naval now he started moaning ohhhh....aaahhaaahhhhh yeeesssssss youuu blooooooooody biiiitchhh. Now I wanted to see his big cock, which was trying to come out of his underwear. I fixed my fingers in the strip of his underwear and he lifted his hips and helped me to do him necked.

Now what a glorious seen was there a 10 inch cock is fully erected and two balls were hanging I sat on his chest and started to licking his cock I was very much eager to eat this lollypop because first time I was seeing a huge cock I was just playing with it like a little girl plays with dolls during this time my butt were on Rahaman's face and he was just squeezing them but I was fully concentrated on his huge cock. Now I was licking his precum and moving my mouth up and down I wanted to eat more and more and at last he burst in my mouth and filled me with his cum. He held my head tightly,so I drank it whole.

Then his wildness aroused suddenly and he told some abusing words and got me lie down and came in between my legs I was eager to show my lovely boobs to him because it was my costly property but Rahaman did not take interest to see them. Now he was concentrate on my naval and his tongue has entered in my naval he was licking it I closed my eyes but suddenly I opened my eyes because he toured my petticoat alas!!!! My costly petticoat. Now it was in two pieces, now he bent me and pull down my panty, blouse was still there on my body and I was in little wonder that why he is ignoring my lovely mountains. I was first time bottom less before being topless. Now his palms were moving on my butt also he was squeezing them and kissing them passionately

Now he told me to sit on knees and lift butt upward means like a bitch. I made this condition then he started to kiss my butts sometimes his tongue entered in my shit hole. Actually I was assuming that after sometime he will enter his big Lun in my vagina from back side but when he put his Lun on my shit hole I understood his notion and then I felt very much fear because sometimes my husband tried to do this but I strictly refused due to fear I thought how the 5" cock will entered in this tiny hole but now this is 10" cock so I just bent and told to Rahaman I think you are trying to take my ass but please don't do that it is very much tiny and it will injure but he laughed and told dear Amisa what your driver told previously that for the whole night you are only our.

Then I begged him to entered in pussy I told him to squeeze my boobs suck my nipples why don't you do that? Then he replied “madam, I first saw you in a shopping mall’s parking lot.That time your driver Rajesh pointed towards you and said that you are his madam.I never saw such a hottest and sexy woman like you. Actually madam when I first saw you then I became fan of your butt then I told it to Rajesh for having you, firstly he refused but when I convinced him the pleasure, he agreed and planned all this. So don't show any drama and present me your ass then I felt very much shame but now what can be happened but any how I wanted to protect my ass but he was now started to rape me.

Suddenly I gave him jerk by my ass so he fell backside and I ran away after opening the door and by wrapping myself with the bed cover.I thought to run to the bathroom and lock myself from this animal.But as I opened the door Rajesh who was in guest room ran and caught me.I screamed that let me go,I wont do this!!!!! but My driver pulled and snatched the bed cover and flew it away.He watched me with lust and said you really have a hot sexy figure,how can we let you go hotty??????????At the same time Rahaman came there,my driver  smiled and asked what happened? Rahaman shouted on Rajesh she is not supporting me. Then Rajesh told him no problem I will help you and then my driver and Rahaman lift me in their hands.

I was shocked due to my driver and an stranger was taking or rather raping me like this. But what could I do? Now we all came to bed room. Rahaman said to Rajesh, her pussy is used by her husband and I wanted something new and her ass is virgin because she was saying she refused to for ass fucking so now please help me. Then Rajesh saw me and told, madam don't worry it will be little painful but afterwards you will enjoy. But I was not ready then he undress himself and sat on bed and just tore my blouse what a shameful seen my driver toured my blouse in front of another person. Then Rahaman came near and just unhooked my bra. Now I was fully naked and I was not aware what they are going to do?

Then Rajesh told to Rahaman: Woh! Did you see her boobs???? What a fantastic guns she has!!!!!!!!  I am a great fan of them but Rahaman replied Ok I will taste them later. Then Rajesh held my both boobs and started to squeeze them and took nipples in his mouth then from back side Rahaman came and entered his finger in my pussy now I knew they were trying to make arouse me. Rahaman made me sat on knees like a bitch I was begging but they did not show any sympathy my hands were caught by Rajesh and boobs were in his mouth Rahaman hold my waist and put his cock head on my butt hole I just cried by pain but as soon as I opened my mouth for crying my driver entered his cock in my mouth and I could not cry.

In the mean time Rahaman put his cockhead on my butt hole and pull my waist towards him but could not enter his cock into me then he asked to Rajesh have you some butter in kitchen because her hole is very much tight Rajesh told Ok. then Rahaman told him no no I will go and he left the room then I begged to Rajesh Please save me I can’t do that.My husband will find out & will surely get to know!  Then my driver Rajesh said to me madam just relax and enjoy.Why are you not understanding madam that it was my dream to have you? I am your driver and Rahaman is a truck driver.In both of our life we cannot have a more sexy beautiful woman than you! So how can we leave you,once we have got you?

 Then there was no other way and there was no one to save me so I just left myself free after coming Rahaman I made myself in bitch position Rahaman told yes Rajesh do work on her breast Rajesh started to squeezing my boobs then Rahaman applied some butter on my butt hole and some on his cock then he put his cock on my hole and applied some pressure I was feeling a lot of pain but I was not reacting at the same time they counted one, two, three and Rahaman pushed his cock forward and Rajesh push me backward and I gave out a large gaseous bomb out of my anal and now something was inside my butt hole

After a few seconds Rahaman pull his cock little outside and again they both did the same one, two, three and with another fart now I think his half cock was into my butt hole. My outer rim of my hole was torn & blood oozing out. Oh! that was so tight and bbig! I screamed in a loud voice “ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee hi pleeeeease help, I wiiiill dieeeeeeeeeee. ooeeee my back its torn oo oo hi maa oee ooeeee my back its torn……You punctured my hole, you basted!”

Then they both gave some jerks after a while Rahaman told Rajesh now it is moving easily so you leave now and see the show Then my driver once again kissed my boobs and left me and sat on sofa now I was in Rahaman’s hand he told me Amisa darling now It will be more enjoyable for you also now assume you and me like a bitch and dog and move to and fro then I also thought while it is being helpless & no one to help me out then why should not I enjoy with this big cock. And I started to give support to Rahaman he was now increasing his speed and I also. My boobs were hanging to and fro.

His cock was feeling my hard shit inside my ass.I again requested “please take it out or I'll die,please,I beg you” There were tears in my eyes. Then Rahaman pressed my boobs a little hard and while licking on my ears  said ” I will not let you die, just enjoy it.” While ramming my ass,he moved his hand under my belly and placed his rough palm on my sweet chubby pussy.As I felt the touch on my  pussy I shivered and moaned.

Then he pulled his cock out. As his half  cock became out he pushed it in me with great force. I started crying “ooeee haeee noooooooooo I’ll die, its tooooooo much painnnnnnnnnn, please be still for a moment,pleaseeeeeeeee!” but he didn’t  listen to me and started fucking my ass madly. I collapsed!

He continued fucking without listening me and held my hips with his hands  and started fucking more fast. During fucking his cock was touching my hard shit inside my ass which  after some time felt soft and I discharged a lot of gasses from my ass, with smell, & with great noise. By then I had also  controlled my pains and started moving my ass with his motion.By that Rahaman gestured my driver "look the bitch is enjoying!" He continued fucking, then with his jerks my shit became soft and it started oozing out when his cock was moving out. Both Rahaman and my driver gasped by looking at it.My driver appreciated Rahaman and said you have really done a good job Rahaman! Soon madam will become a sex slave! Rahaman said your madam is a real hotty!

I was tired but was happy after 20/25 minutes he loaded my butt with his cum.Rahaman said “oh madam I am cuming” I dint know how I started uttering words like “hoooo now its pleasures, please cum inside me, pleaseeee & please don’t take your cock out, pleaseeee!” By seeing that Rahaman was yelling and laughing like mad!

    I also reached my orgasm and cummed right on his hand. He laid on my back for few minutes and then he  pulled his cock out. It came out with a “pucch“ sound and my shit also came out. Both of them started yelling and laughing like maniacs!

I laid gasping and then got relaxed now this was 3 am in night.Then Rahaman told Rajesh I got satisfied now I want to rest. Rajesh replied Ok let me enjoy now but I told loudly I am not satisfied they both look wondered me.
    I told you want to take my ass I gave it to you but now I am interested to take your 10 inch in my pussy because I never took such a big thing in my lady ness Rajesh cried on me good see I told you that I will give you the best pleasure of the world. Rahaman told quietly  Rajesh she is correct you may go I will enjoy with her,she is already becoming a sex addict and I will leave your madam when she will completely become a sex addicted woman.Rajesh laughing went to guest room then Rahaman closed the door.

 I told him yes come on and fuck me Now I am in love with you then he came near to me and his palms were moving on my whole body I was also kissing him. Then I lift my hands to tie up my hairs and gave him full look of my ripe mangoes and got success to attract him on them. He came near and took one tit in his rough hand and another tit in his mouth he was really sucking my nipples like a baby. I was smiling and was pleased that in last I made him mad on my boobs. After some time he changed his mouth and hand position on tits, after feeling passionate sucking I became a sex-servant of Rahaman.

After getting satisfied with my boobs he told me let us do 69. I agreed and climb on him and put my pussy on her thirst lips and took his tool in my mouth I was kissing his tool like a banana and he was fucking me with his tongue. He entered his thumb and finger into my pussy and found my clit and took it in his mouth. I was in heaven no doubt he was a complete man I said Rahaman I am coming he replied no problem and I came on his face most of my cum he drank after that he got lied me on bed and came in between my legs I spread my legs and gave a full look of my pussy.

Now he begun to rub over my pussy. He was by no means gentle. He knew only one way. Right there I could sense my pussy getting wet.He saw it too. He began rubbing harder & more passionately. Soon I was all aroused & was giving all of myself to him. I was making sounds like Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm. Suddenly he stopped & placed his ragging bull on my entrance.
    He gave a big big thrust. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo. Plzzzzzzzz slowwwwwlyy. I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.

He entered his cock in my pussy with little barrier because I was habitual of only 5 inch so my pussy was tight but this man has just double. But Only ¼ of his cock was inside me. Suddenly with another big push he tore me entirely. I was bleeding and felt like virgin once again. After inserting he started to move to and fro. He knew only one speed. He was fucking me like a bull. I started moaning myself..ahh..ahhh ohhh yess...ohhh..oooooo woooo ooooooooh…. my god.Really he was giving me full pleasure.He fucked & fucked & fucked me.

I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed my juices on his  cock. I was moaning and producing sexy voices like ” OOhhh Yeahh. Uuuuummmmmm OOHHHHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. .He fucked me at least half an hour,and then he told "Ohh! darling I am about to cum."

I requested him to take it out and told him that I am not protected! But he gave me a wicked smile & increased his pumping. I scratched his face with my nails & started pushing him back. I begged please take it out, you don’t have a condom, please don’t do this please please take it out, please please.You are a Muslim.I am a Hindu! I tried to push him away, but hearing that he started fucking me more hard & with in next thirty seconds the basted exploded deep inside my pussy. He totally filled my absolutely fertile womb.  It seemed like a dam was broken. He filled me entirely & some even spilled out.

With his discharge he held me strongly and tightly jammed my pussy,and right then I arched and reached another orgasm.I was gasping with tears rolling down my eyes.

Then he planted a passionate kiss and went to the next room.

Next, my driver Rajesh came in. He was already nude. My driver was a very ugly man. He was big, bald and had a very thick and big cock.I saw it was half erect. I was lying on the bed.He watched my whole body with a very evil look for few seconds he said that madam you are really very sexy.I was silent and still was dazed to realize that my own driver was having me in this situation.

Then like a hungry wolf he jumped on me and started  kissing me everywhere. he was too much passionate.As he kissed on my neck I let out a gasp.
    After about ten minutes kissing on my lips, face and boob sucking he licked my belly and went down and touched my hairy pussy with my tongue. It was coated with Rahaman's cum and my juices. I shivered & jerked  as if I got a massive shock. He widened my legs and started licking more wildly. Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  I started moaning badly.

Now he stretched my fair flabby legs further upto the point that it can be stretched no more, and so it hurt me like hell. Now my pussy protruded out in font of him, totally exposed. My driver said OHHHHHH! MADAM, YOUR PUSSY IS CUTE!!!!!! I closed my eyes in shame. Then he spit on he nasty cock  and rubbed its head with it and then placed it on my pussy.

As his cock touched my pussy my  body shivered. I was moaning. Then he cupped my big boob with right hand. My driver was playing with my boobs wildly. His cock was ready to enter my pussy. He asked me to put my tongue in his  mouth. I took his tongue in my mouth by saying “my vagina is torn by Rahaman & its paining, please insert your cock as slowly as possible, please!”

 Rajesh gave a evil smile at me and suddenly with a powerful jerk he entered his full cock in my pussy. Oh! Rahaman really loosened and enlarged my pussy badly,as my driver's full cock entered in my vagina easily. Right then I arched screamed and had a good squirt!!!!! My driver looking at that gasped Wow!!!!!! and stayed there for a moment and watched me with an evil look until I calmed down.

But Then just as he started pumping a little I couldn't control and again immediately arched my back & got a real squirting orgasm. They changed my body totally and now I couldn't control myself. They turned me into a sex hungry bitch. By looking at that my driver told that "Madam are you trying to make any world record in cumming??? See how I made you a sex hungry slut!!!!! Soon you will be my sex slave!!!!" By saying that he started pumping slowly but in a very hardcore manner.Just then my screams converted into loud passionate moans. He tried to stretch my legs further but it couldn't go anymore and I moaned real loudly due to my pussy.

I  moaned in sexy voices “oooeee, ooooo noooooo yesssss ooooooooo uffffff……….. what a hard cock you have, its just like any donkey’s cock.” My driver replied “Oh! honey your pussy is so sweet and hot!!!!”.

But just as I was totally getting aroused,may be to tease me,he stopped pumping and started kissing my boobs. I moaned hoooooooo! I begged him please don't stop don't stop don't stop,please!!!!!!!!! I beg you,please don't stop.....please!!!!!!!! He looked at me and with a very big evil smile on his face he said "look madam,how I have turned you into a nasty bitch!!!!!! You are begging your driver to fuck you??????"

I said “when you told me that you would have sex with me and you would give me tremendous pleasure of sex that you cannot even imagine,I didn't know why just by hearing it, I got aroused. I just couldn’t wait any longer & lost control on my body!!!! I didn't had sex with anyone other than my husband and when you said these words to me I don't know why you made me realize that deep down in me I really wanted it badly!”

I told my driver that “Rajesh, I was feeling like I was having my first sex of my life.You truly gave me an extremely fantastic experience! Now PLEASEEEEE,   pump my pussy or I'll die!!!!!!” My driver smiled and started fucking very slowly and said “Madam,you are a very sexy woman. I always used to dream of fucking you. I used to masturbate in toilets with your thought. Madam, I am really taking extreme pleasures from your pussy!”

But I screamed “I cant control any more, please fuck me hard, hard, please hard, I request you.” with this automatically I moved my hips up and down his cock. By looking at that he laughed loudly and kissed my lips and started fucking me like a mad dog. I rolled my head back and started moaning real loudly!

My legs were stretched apart by him and he tightly held my legs in this position. But I dint know why my hips were moving up and down with his cock's rhythm and I screamed continuously with pleasure. suddenly I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed her thick juices out on my driver's cock. I was moaning loudly in sexy voices like ” OOHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII please fuck me hard, please I cant take it, harder please!” within few moments I was again about to cum....

He paused fucking and told me that he was about to cum. I just ignore his words and told him in very seducing sexy voice that yes yes yeeeee hhhhhh ohhhhhh please be fast and fast again and cum inside me!!!!!! He told me but it may be risky if I come into you! But I replied in a low and shy voice that Rahaman has already broken my ordeal and so you can also cum inside me!!!!!!! It will be my fortune to become the mother of your child instead of my wimp husband!!!!!!!!!!" He smiled at me and inserted the full length of his big thick cock in me and loaded his hot sperm in my ovary.Ho! it felt so hot and in pleasure I just seemed to pass out.Right then I arched and shivered my whole body like a malaria patient and got the biggest orgasm of my life....

I went on cumming and stop my squirt....I screamed and gasped madly in pleasure "Ooooooooooooooo Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo.I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII Ammmmm cant stopppppp Comingggg."

After that we both got tired. I told him you are my dream man!! He asked why? I replied because I like brave persons and you are like that! He asked me how? I replied with a shy smile you fuck me on the bed of my husband, me being a gorgeous and millionaire woman you made me fuck a stranger like a cheap ugly truck driver and you changed me completely from a faithful wife to a sex hungry bitch!!!!!!!" By hearing that he smiled and kept kissing me real passionately on my lips and squeezed my boobs and rubbed my pussy.

Then I embraced him and we were lying by hugging each other.Then Rahaman came inside the room.I smiled at him and he also smiled at me. Rahaman said "just few hours ago when I first saw you,you were such a good rich shy and faithful wife,and look now you have become such a cheap slut that two men have violated you.You have become pregnant by your own driver and a truck driver."
Rahaman said, "Really,Rajesh your madam is a fantastic the hottest lay."

My driver asked me, "Honey, did you really enjoy?" I replied "Yeah,. It was really a great experience. both of you had good cocks. I enjoyed very much,”  "Now I hate my husband's cock,I really love both of you after all this. You are really fantastic, Rajesh. From today I’ll call you Rajesh and not Driver. By hearing that both of them started laughing madly.Then my driver gave me a good passionate kiss on my lips.

After this I became their sex slaves forever.Whenever Rajesh gets chances he fucks me,whenever my husband remains outside the station Rahaman comes with Rajesh and uses my body in raw sex.Actually I no more have sex with Rajesh and Rahaman,I just make love with them in sex.
Now I have four kids.The elder one is of my husband’s and the rest three are of my driver Rajesh's and Rahaman's.

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Golden Night part 02

Qupid143 on Indian Stories

Wo mere oopar se hat gaye aur mujhe ghodi ki tarah ban jane ko kaha. Main uth kar zamin par aa gayee aur ghodi ki tarah ho gayee. Unhone meri kamar pakad kar apna lund peeche se meri chut mein daal diya. Mujhe phir dard hone laga par unhone mujhe smajhaaya ki baad mein maza aayega. Ye chodne ki sab se achchhi style hai. Meri shehali Nisha ne bhi yehi kaha tha. Kuchh hi der mein mera dard kam ho gaya aur mujhe maza aane laga. Main ab apni gaand ko peechhe push kar kar ke taal se taal milane lagi. 10-15 minute ke baad wo meri chut mein hi jhad gaye. Unhone apna lund meri chut se bahar nikal kar mere muh mein de diya. Maine unka lund chat chat kar saaf kiya aur hum dono saath hi saath zamin par hi let gaye. Wo mujhe pyar se choomne lage. Kuchh der baad unhone mujhse kaha,"Mina, aur maza l
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egi."Maine apna sar haan mein hila diya. Tab unhone apna lund, jo ki phir khada ho gaya tha mere hath mein de diya aur bole,"Mina, lo ise pyar karo aur chooso."Main unka lund muh mein le liya aur choosne lagi. Thodi der baad unka lund ek dam garam lohe ki tarah ho gaya. Unhone apne muh mein mera baya boob le liya aur daaye ko mutthi se kas kar dabane lage."Kya sakht chuchiyan hain teri, Mina."Unhone mere dono chuchiyon ko kas liya aur beech me apni jeebh phirane lage. Maine bhi apni baho se unke sir ko pakad liya aur apni chuchiyon ko upar ki taraf kar diya. Wo bole,"Mina, kya mast cheez hai tu", aur unhone mere boobs ko jeebh se chatna start kar diya. Ek haath se wo mere ek nipple ko masal rahe the aur dusari nipple ko apne daant se kaatne lage.

Phir dheere dheere wo kiss karte huye meri kamar tak aa gaye. Phir unhone apni beech ki ungli meri chut mein ghusa di."uff...."main tadap uthi. Unki ungli meri chut mein andar bahar hone lagi. Mujhe bhi maza aane laga aur main aahein barne lagi. Achanak wo uthe aur mere pairon ke beech mein aa gaye. Shiv ne mere pair uthaye aur apne kandho par rakh liya. Unka tana hua lund meri chut se bas kewal ek inch ki hi doori par tha. Shiv ne meri aankho mein dekha aur bole,"chodoon, meri rani."Maine apna sar haan mein hila diya aur apni chut ko unke lund se sata diya aur boli,"dheere dheere chodna please, bahut dard hota hai."Unhone meri gaand ke neeche ek takiya rakh diya. Shiv ne meri choochi ko pakada aur nipples ko masalte hue apne lund ko meri chut mein ghusane lage. Abhi tak unhone ek bhi dhakka nahi maara tha lekin unka aadha lund meri chut mein ghus chuka tha. Meri choochi ko dabate huye aur dono nipples ko kheechte huye Shiv bole,"ek baar mein pura andar logi."Main to ek dam josh mein thi aur maine dard ki parwah na karte huye kaha,"Haan."Unhone apna lund bahar nikal liya. Main kuchh samajh pati ki unhone ek hi dhakke mein apna poora lund wapas meri chut ki gahrayee tak ghusa diya. Main apni cheekh badi mushkil se rok payee. Maine apni aankhein band kar li. Wo apna poora lund meri chut mein dale huye thodi der ruke rahe. Maine jab apni aankhein kholi to wo bole,"Abhi 1"baaki rah gaya hai meri jaan."Unhone ek aur jhatka diya to unki dono balls meri chut par takra gayee. Main samajh gayee ki ab unka poora lund meri chut mein ghus chuka hai. Unhone mujhe teji se chodna shuru kar diya. Mere pairo ki payal unke har dhakke ke saath bajne lagi. Payal ki aawaz se unhein aur josh aane laga aur wo mujhe tezi ke saath chodne lage. Unke haath abhi bhi meri choochi ke nipples ko masal rahe the aur mujhe dard ho raha tha.

Dheere dheere wo dard maze mein badal gaya aur main bhi apna gaand utha utha kar unka saath dene lagi. Jab unka lund meri chut mein pura ghusta tha wo mere nipples ko jor se daba dete the aur main dard se tadap jaati thi. Thodi der baad unhone mere pair ko uthaya aur mere kandhon ki tarf jhuka diya ab main ek dam dohri ho gayee aur meri chut aur oopar uth aayee. Unhone mere pairon ko pakad kar bahut hi teji ke saath meri chudayee karni shuru kar di. Wo meri chut mein lund ko andar dalte waqt mere pairon ko daba dete the to meri chut aur oopar uth jati thi aur unka lund meri chut ki gahrayee tak ghus jata tha. Main unke lund ko apne bachchedani ke muh par mahsoos kar rahi thi. Main aur bhi josh mein aa gayee aur apni aankhein band kar li. Mere muh se kewal yahi aawazein nikal rahi thi,"shivvvv.... aise........ hi aur kass....... kasss....... karrr.......... jor........ se chodo........ aur..... jor..... se........ chodo........... phad....... do..... meri......... choot.......... ko."Main josh se ek dam pagal huyee ja rahi thi. Unka mota aur lamba lund meri kasi huyee chut ki chudayee kar kar ke uska muh chauda kiye ja raha tha. Meri chut abhi tak dheeli nahin huyee thi. Wo mere upar aur jyada jhuk gaye aur poori tezi ke saath meri chudayee karne lage. Mere dono pairon ko unhone ab side mein kar ke apni kamar se lapet liya. Unka chehre ka pasina mere chehre par tap tap gir raha tha. Wo rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. Main ab tak 2-3 baar jhad chuki thi. Unhone mujhe aur daba diya to meri to jaise jaan hi nikal gayee. Unke lund se bhi paani nikalne laga aur meri chut bharne lagi.

Wo thodi der mere upar pade rahe aur main unhein kiss karti rahi. Wo ab mere upar se hat gaye aur meri bagal mein let gaye. Thodi der baad maine unke murjhaye hue lund ko apne haathon me liya. Unke muh se aah nikal gayee,"Mina, uhh.... please......."Unhone meri aankhon me dekha jaise ek baar phir chodne ki izazat mang rahe ho. Maine apne hothon ko daant se kaat te hue kaha,"agar aap bura na mano to main aap ke lund ko phir se chusna chahti hoon, plz."Wo bole,"ismein izazat ki kya baat hai, ye lund to ab sirf tumhara hi hai."Main unke pairon ke beech mein aakar baith gayee. Maine dono haathon se unke lund ko pakada aur lund ki tip par dheere se kiss kiya. Shiv mujhe bade pyar se dekh rahe the. Maine unki taraf dekh kar aankh maari aur wapis apne hothon ko lund par rakh diya. Dheere dheere wo phir tan gaya. Mere kano mein Shiv ki aahein sunayee pad rahi thi, jo mujhe josh se aur pagal bana rahi thi. Phir maine us lund ki tip ko muh mein le liya. Lund ko pakad kar main apne muh ko upar neeche karne lagi aur unka lund bilkul tan gaya. Maine use kulphi ki tarh chatna shuru kar diya. Main uth kar Shiv ke upar aa gayee. Apne haath se lund ko position mein kar ke maine uski topi par apni chut ke beech rakh diya aur upar se dabane lagi par sirf topi hi meri chut mein ghus payee. Maine tarsati nighahon se Shiv ki taraf dekha. Wo mera ishara samajh gaye. Unhone meri kamar ko pakad kar kas ke niche kiya to ek jhatke se unka aadhe se jyada lund meri chut mein ghus gaya. Ab main dheere dheere upar neeche hone lagi aur Shiv meri kamar ko pakade hue the. Maine apni aankhein band kar li aur chudayee ka maza lene lagi. Shiv ne mujhse pose change karne ko kaha aur meri chut se bina lund nikale wo bistar ke kinare par le gaye. Shiv ke pair jameen ki taraf latke hue the. Main unki god mein thi. Is tarah wo ab meri choochi ko muh mein lene lage aur maine phir se chudayee shuru kar di. Wo bole,"Mina, meri jaan... maza aa gaya..... Shiv ek dam josh mein aa gaye aur unhone mujhe bistar par lita kar mere dono pair uthaye aur apna khada lund ek hi jhatke se meri chut mein pura ghusa diya aur mujhe chodne lage. Maine bhi apne pairon mein unko kas kar lapet liya. Wo apna aadhe se jyada lund bahar nikalte aur jordar dhakka marte huye wapas meri chut ki gahrayee tak dal dete. Maine apni aankhein band kar li aur unke har dhakke ke saath apni gaand ko utha utha kar dhakka dene lagi. Unki raftaar badhne lagi aur wo itni tej ho gayee ki pata hi nahi laga kab ham jhad gaye. Hum ek dosre ki bahon mein lipat kar let gaye.

Lagbhag 30 minute bad Shiv ne apna lund mere hathon mein de diya. Wo phir tan gaya tha. Unhone apne lund ko mujhse choosne ko kaha aur main unka lund chusne lagi. 5 minute mein hi unka lund phir lohe hi tarah ho gaya. Wo bole,"Mina, ab tum ghodi ban jao."Main zamin par aa kar ghodi ban gayee. Wo bole,"Mina, ab main tumhari gaand marunga."Main dar gayee. Nisha ne mujhse kaha tha ki Shiv gaand bahut pasand hai. Wo bhi apne pati se gaand mara chuki thi aur kahti thi ki gaand marane mein bhi bahut maza aata hai. Main kaha,"bahut dard hoga, plz."Wo bole,"tum ghabdao mat main aaram se karunga."Main bhi mast ho gayee aur boli,"OK, tum to mere pati ho, mera sab kuchh tumhara hi to hai. Tum jo chaho karo. Tumahri Mina tumhare lund ki gulam hai. Shiv, maro meri gaand ko, phad do ise bhi. Main kitna bhi chillaoon tum rukna mat, apni Mina ko bedardi se chodna." Wo mere peechhe aa gaye aur apne lund aur meri gaand par dher sara vaseline laga diya. Phir unhone meri gaand ke chhed par apne lund ki topi ko rakha aur meri kamar ko pakad liya aur dheere dheere apne lund ko meri gaand mein ghusane lage. Main chillane lagi. Abhi tak unke lund ki sirf topi hi ghus payee thi. Unhone meri gaand ke chhed ko haathon se phailaya aur phir se meri kamar pakad kar ek dhaka diya. Main dard se apna sar idhar udhar karne lagi. Unhone thoda zor aur lagaya to main chillane lagi. Wo bole,"Mina meri jaan agar tum chillaogi to kaise kaam banega. Abhi to ye 3"hi andar ghusa hai."Maine kaha, mere chillane ki tum parwah mat karo. Ghusa do apne poore lund ko meri gaand mein. Phad dalo ise."Unhone mere muh mein ek kapda thoos diya aur meri kamar ko pakad kar dhakke par dhakka lagate hue apne lund ko meri gaand mein ghusane lage. Meri gaand mein bahut dard hone laga aur unka lund meri gaand mein aur gahrayee tak ghusne laga. Wo bole,"shabash Mina, mera lund ab tumhari gaand mein 6"tak ghus chuka hai. Thoda sabar aur karo. Maine abhi ise tumhari gaand mein poora ghusa deta hoon."Dard se meri haalat kharab hone lagi. Wo tezi se meri gaand ko chodne mein lage the aur rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. Meri gaand chaudi hoti gayee aur dard badhta gaya. Gaand mein dard ki wajah se main siskiyan leti rahi. Mere aansu bhi nikal aaye par maine himmat nahi haari. Jab unka lund poora ghus gaya to Shiv ruk gaye. Thodi der mein dard dheere dheere kam ho gaya to unhone phir dheere dheere chodna shuru kar diya. Wo apna aadha lund bahar nikalte aur wapas ek hi dhakke mein poora lund andar tak dal dete. Main bhi ab apni gaand unke har dhakke ke saath hilane lagi. Halan ki dard abhi khatam nahi hua tha. Unhone dhakka lagana aur tej kar diya. Ab wo full speed se mujhe chodne lage. Ab wo apna pura lund bahar nikalte aur wapas teji ke saath andar ghusa dete. Mujhe biswas nahin ho raha tha ki itna lamba aur mota lund main kabhi apne gaand mein le paoongi. Wo bahut maze le le kar meri gaand ko chodne mein lage huye the. Main aur jyada mast ho gayee thi aur apni gaand push karte hue boli,"Shiv, chodo... Mujhe, meri gaand phad do... Apni Mina ki gaand chaudi kar dalo... . Mujhe bedardi se chodo.. Shiv."Unhone meri gaand pakad kar apna lund aur gahrayee tak ghusa diya. Thodi der baad Shiv hat gaye aur ham bistar par aa gaye. Unhone mujhe apni god mein bitha liya aur apna lund neeche se meri gaand mein de diya. Ab main upar neeche hokar gaand ko chudwane lagi. Bahut maza aa rahaa tha. Ab dard bhi nahi tha. Phir unhone mujhe bistar par lita diya aur mere pair upar kar ke 2-3 takiya meri gaand ke neeche rakh diya. Meri gaand itni upar ho gayee ki wo aaram se apna lund ghusa sakein. Unhone phir se mujhe chodna shuru kar diya. Pahle dheere dheere aur phir bahut hi teji ke saath. Agle 20-25 minute tak wo mujhe isi tarah se chodte rahe. Maine apni aankhein band ki huyee thi aur 3-4 baar meri chut se paani nikal chuka tha. Thodi der mein wo bhi meri gaand mein hi jhad gaye aur hum phir bister par let gaye. Hamari sansein phooli huyee thi. 20-25 minute aise hi pade rahene ke baad main bathroom mein chali gayee. Wapas aane par maine dekha ki Shiv apne hathon se lund ko sahla rahe the. Main abhi tak nangi hi thi. Unhone mujhe ghodi banakar phir se chodna shuru kar diya. Poori raat mein unhone meri chut ko 5 baar choda aur 2 baar meri gaand bhi maari. Main jab subah latrine karne gayee to meri gaand mein jalan ho rahi thi aur main thik se latrine bhi nahin kar pa rahi thi. Meri chut bhi sooj kar ek dam double roti ki tarah ho gayee thi. Jab main nahane gayee to Shiv ne mujhe bathroom mein hi phir chod diya. Bathroom se naha kar wapas aane ke bad bhi wo nahin mane aur meri gaand bhi mar di. ('..')

Golden Night part 01.

Qupid143 on Indian Stories

Hi, Mera naam Mina hai. Main aaj aapko apni suhag raat ki dastan sunati hoon. Meri ek thi saheli Nisha. Uski shaadi ko 1 saal ho chuke the. Nisha mujhse apni chudayee ki saari dastan batati thi. Uska pati usko bahut hi achchhi tarah se chodta tha. Mera man bhi Nisha ki baat ko sun kar chudwane ko bahut karta tha par abhi tak meri shaadi nahin huyee thi. Nisha ne kaha,"shaadi ho jane de, tab tu bhi lund ka maza lena. Maine kaha,"pata nahin mera pati kaisa hoga. Wo mujhe thik se chodega bhi ya nahin. Main to khoob chudwana chahti hoon."Isi beech ek party mein meri mulakat Nisha ke bhai se ho gayee. Nisha ne mera parichay apne bhaiya se karwaya. Unka naam Shiv tha. Mujhe bhi Shiv bahut pasand aa gaye. Maine Nisha ko bata diya. Unhone bhi mujhe pasand kar liya tha. Shiv ne Nisha se meri sha
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adi ke bare mein baat ki. Kuchh dino baad meri shaadi Shiv se ho gayee. Us samay main 18 saal ki thi. Meri height 5ft 1inch thi. Mera badan ek dam najuk tha. Mera size 32/26/34 tha. Mere boobs chhote the aur rang ek dam gora tha. Mere baal bahut lambe ghane aur kaale the. Nisha ab meri nanad ban gayee thi.

Shaadi ke bad jab main pahli baar saural pahuchi to Nisha hi mujhe Shiv ke bedroom mein le gayee. Bedroom mein pahuchte hi Nisha ne mere kapde utarne shuru kar diye. Maine kaha,"Nisha, tu yeh kya kar rahi hai."Wo boli ki tum bas dekhti jao. Usne meri sari aur blouse utar diya aur ek salwar aur kurta pahnne ke liye diya. Wo boli ki bhaiya ko shalwar aur kurta bahut pasand hai. Wo boli,"tujhe khoob chudayee pasand hai ns aur mere bhaiya bahut hi achchha chodte hain. Mere bhaiya par bhi bahut si ladkiyan marti hain. Mere bhaiya bhi un ladkiyon ki jam kar chudayee karte hain."Maine kaha,"tujhe kaise maloom."Wo boli,"un ladkiyon mein se kuchh meri saheliyan bhi hain aur wo mujhe apni chudayee ke bare mein batati hain."Main kapde badal chuki thi. Nisha boli,"aaj teri chut aur gaand, dono ki khujli mit jayegi."Maine kaha,"gaand se tera kya matlab hai."Wo boli,"bhaiya bina teri gaand chode bina tujhe nahin chhodenge.

Unhein gaand bahut pasand hai. Wo sabhi ladkiyon ki gaand pahle marte hain bad mein chut ki chudayee karte hain."Main dar gayee. Kuchh der baad Nisha bahar chali gayee. Thodi hi der bad dheere se darwaja khula aur Shiv andar aa gaye. Unhone darwaja andar se band kar diya. Wo bed par baith gaye aur unhone mera hath pakad kar mujhe apni taraf kheech liya. Room mein ek night lamp jal raha tha aur lagbhag andhera hi tha. Maine Shiv se bathroom jane ko kaha aur bathroom chali gayee. Bathroom se bahar aate hi Shiv ne mujhe deewar ke sahare khada kar diya aur mere hoton ko chumne lage. Wo dheere dheere bite karte hue mere lips ko chusne lage. Mujhe bahut sharam aa rahi thi. Wo meri juban ko apne muh mein le kar chusne lage. Main ek dam pagal si ho rahi thi jaise jannat ka maza aa raha ho. Mujhe nahin maloom tha ki kiss karne mein bhi itna maza aayega. Main sochne lagi ki jab kiss karne mein itna maza aa raha hai to chudwane me kitna maza aata hoga. Wo meri juban ko chuse ja rahe the aur unke haath meri peeth par chal rahe the.

Unhone mujhe apne hathon mein kas liya aur main unse ek dam chipak gayee. Unka garam badan aur sansein main mahsoos kar rahi thi. Phir unka baya haath meri waist par ja kar ruk gaya aur phir meri baayi chuchi par aa kar ruk gaya. Meri to saans hi rukne lagi. Main poori tarah se kaanp gayee aur kasmasakar unko hatane ki ek nakam si koshish ki, par unhone mujhe kas kar dabocha hua tha. Unhone mera face apne hathon me liya aur mere lower lips ko chusne lage. Wo mere lips ko karreb 3-4 minute tak chuste rahe aur main betaab hone lagi. Unhone mere haath ko pakad kar apne kandhe par rakha aur apne hathon mein mujhe lapet liya. Meri chuchiyan unki chhati se ek dam sat gayee. Unhone apne haathon ko meri peeth par phirna shuru kar diya. Main poori tarah se kho gayee. Phir unhone mujhse deewar ki taraf muh karke khade hone ko kaha. Maine apna muh deewar ki taraf kar liya aur meri peeth unki taraf thi. Unhone phir meri choochi par haath rakha aur mere kaan ke neeche jeebh se chatne lage. Main ek dam pagal si hone lagi. Phir dheere-2 unhone meri neck par bites karni shuru kar di aur main aahein bahrne lagi.

Unhone mere kaan mein kaha,"Mina meri jaan, tu bahut namkeen hai, I love you."Main sirf,"shiv...."hi kah saki. Maine mahsoos kiya meri gaand ke beecho beech unka garam lund sata hua tha. Unhone kab apna under wear utar diya mujhe josh mein pata bhi nahin chala. Mujhe ab dar bhi lagne laga aur achchha bhi lag raha tha. Main poori tarah se excite ho gayee thi. Maine apni gaand ko unki taraf kar diya taaki unka lund theek se adjust ho sake. Unke haath ab dheere dheere meri salwar ke naade par aa gaya. Unhone mujhe kiss karte hue ek jhatke mein hi salwar ke naade ko khol diya. Meri salwar sarak kar neeche zamin par gir gayee. Unhone bina der kiye meri panty bhi kas kar pakad li aur ek jhatke mein utar di. Ab meri nangi gaand par unka lund laga hua tha. Main itna josh mein aa gayee thi ki meri chut se paani bhi chhoot gaya tha. Main unka lund dekhna chahti thi lekin mera muh to deewar ki taraf tha. Phir wo meri kameez ko upar ki taraf karne lage. Main aur josh mein aa gayee aur maine sahuliyat ke liye apne haath upar ki taraf kar diye. Unhone meri kameez utar di. Kameez utarne ke baad unhone pichhe se meri bra ka hook khol diya aur ek jhatke se meri bra ko utar kar phenk diya. Main sharam se laal ho gayee. Pahli baar kisi mard ke samne main ek dam nangi ho gayee thi. Phir unhone peechhe se mere boobs ko dono hathon mein pakad liya aur maslne lage. Phir unhone mere nipples ko masalna shuru kiya to main siskariyan bharne lagi. Unhone mujhe deewar ke sahare aur daba diya. Meri gaand par unka lund sataa hua tha aur mere dono boobs unki mutthi mein the. Wo ungli aur anguthe se mere nipples ko bedardi se masalne lage. Main josh mein ek dam pagal si ho rahi thi. 10 minute baad wo mujhe pakad kar bed ke paas le gaye aur bed par baithne ko kaha. Main bed par baith gayee. Unhone light on kar di. Jaise hi roshni huyee main apne badan ko chhupane ke liye chadar ko kheench kar apni taraf karne lagi to unhone wo chadar bhi kheench kar phenk di.

Main ek kabootri ki tarah shikari ke jaal mein thi aur wo mujhe upar se niche tak nihar rahe the. Unka mota aur lamba tana hua lund mere samne tha. Nisha ne bataya tha ki uske pati ka lund 6"lamba aur 2"mota hai aur main yahi smajhti thi ki sabhi mardon ka lund bhi lagbhag itna hi bada hota hoga, lekin Shiv ka lund to bahut hi mota aur lamba tha. Main unke lund ko dekh kar hairan rah gayee. Main unke lund ko haath se pakadna chahti thi aur muh mein le kar choosna bhi chahti thi lekin sharam ke mare maine Shiv se kuchh bhi nahin kaha. Tabhi Shiv ne kaha,"Mina, isko pyar karo, pakdo ise aur muh mein lekar chooso isko."Unhone mere haatho ko pakad kar apne lund par rakh diya aur bole,"Pata hai yeh 8 inch lamba, aur 3 inch mota hai."Main to ek dam josh mein thi aur mere man ki murad bhi poori ho rahi thi. Maine turant hi unka lund haath mein pakda aur sahlane lagi. Main sochne lagi ki itna mota aur lamba lund meri chut aur gaand mein kaise jayega. Main to abhi tak kunwari thi. Wo bole,"Mina, muh mein lekar chooso isko."Maine unke lund ko pakad kar apne jeebh se chatne lagi. Thodi hi der baad maine use muh mein le liya aur lund ka topa choosne lagi. Thodi der tak choosne par unka lund aur tan gaya. Wo mere muh mein apne lund ko andar bahar karne lage. 5 minute mein unke lund se paani nikla aur mere muh mein bhar gaya. Maine thookna chaha to wo bole,"Mina, pee jao is amrit ko."Maine unke lund ka sara paani nigal liya aur phir unke lund ko apne jeebh se chat kar saaf karne lagi.

Ab unhone mujhese 69 position mein hone ko kaha. Nisha mujhe 69 position ke baare mein bhi bata chuki thi lekin maine anjaan bante hue poochha ki yeh kya hota hai. Wo bole tum bed par let jao. Main bed par let gayee. Wo mere oopar aa gaye. Unhone apna lund mere muh ke paas kar diya aur apne muh ko meri chut ke paas le gaye. Wo bole,"Mina, meri jaan, ise hi 69 position kahte hain."Ab unhone mujhse apna lund choosne ko kaha aur khud apni jeebh ko meri chut par ghumana shuru kar diya. Main josh mein ek dam pagal si hone lagi. Mera sara badan thar thar kaanpne laga. Meri saansein bahut tez ho gayee. Wo bole,"Mina, tum mere lund ko choosti raho aur main tumhari chut ko choosta hoon. Maine unke lund ko muh mein lekar choosna shuru kar diya aur wo meri chut ko chatne lage. Thodi hi der mein unka lund poori tarah phir tan gaya. Unhone meri chut ko phaila kar apni jeebh ko meri chut mein dalne lage lekin unki jeebh meri chut mein nahin gayee. Wo 10 minute tak meri chut ko chat te aur chooste rahe. Itni der mein meri chut se 2 baar paani bhi nikala aur unhone sara paani chat liya. Main bhi josh se apne aapko kaabu mein nain rakh paa rahi thi aur boli,"Shiv, plz jaldi kuchh karo na. Nahin to main pagal ho jaungi."Wo mere oopar se hat gaye aur bed se niche utar kar khade ho gaye. Unhone meri gaand ko bed ke kinare par rakh diya aur wo meri tangon ke beech aa kar khade ho gaye.

Main bed par aadhi leti hui thi mere legs jamin par the. Unhone mere legs ko haathon se pakad kar phaila diya aur apne lund ki topi meri chut ke beech mein rakh di. Mere sare badan mein aag si lag gayee. Tabhi unhone ek jahtka diya, unka aadha lund meri chut phadta hua andar ghus gaya. Main dard se chilla uthi, uyeee........ maa......... mar........ jaungi....... main.......... aahhh......... Shiv.......... ruk jao plz........ . Main rone lagi to wo ruk gaye aur apne lund ko meri chut se bahar nikal liya. Unhone meri gaand ko utha kar ek takiya niche rakh diya. Ab meri chut thoda aur upar ho gayee. Wo mere upar jhuk gaye aur mere hothon ko apne muh mein le liya. Phir unhone apne lund ka topa meri chut ke beech rakha aur ek jor daar dhakka mara. Meri cheekh nikal te nikal te rah gayee kyon ki unhone mere hothon ko apne hothon se daba rahkha tha. Main dard se karah uthi to wo ruk gaye. Unka aadha lund ghus chuka tha. 2-3 minute tak mere oopar lete rahne ke bad unhone dheere dheere lund ko andar bahar karna shuru kar kiya. Main abhi bhi dard se karah rahi thi. Wo phir ruk gaye aur mere hothon ko choosne lage. Achanak unhone ek jordar dhakka diya. Unka lund sansanata hua meri chut mein aur jyada andar tak ghus gaya. Main chillane lagi. Wo bole,"Mina, meri jaan abhi tak to ye 6"hi andar ghusa hai aur tum itna chilla rahi ho."Maine unse ruk jene ko kaha lekin wo nahin ruke aur mujhe teji se chodne lage. Bijli ki tarah unka lund meri chut mein andar bahar hone laga. Jaise hi meri cheekh kuchh kam hoti wo ek dhakka zor se laga dete aur main phir cheekh padti thi. Kuchh der tak wo isi tarah chodte rahe. Dheere dheere unka poora lund meri chut ki gahrayee tak jagah bana chuka tha aur tezi ke saath andar bahar ho raha tha. Main dard se tadap rahi thi. 8-10 minute ke baad mujhe bhi maza aane laga. Maine apne pair unki kamar par kainchi ki tarah kas diye aur apni gaand utha utha kar unka saath dene lagi. Wo bole,"shabash meri rani, ab to tujhe chudwana aa gaya."Wo mujhe lagbhag 15-20 minute tak chodte rahe. Is dauran ma in 3-4 baar jhad chuki thi aur wo the ki rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. To Be Continue.......

With my Minaxi Bhabhi

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I am abhay from pune. Mai 24 year ka jawan ladka hoon aur mere Lund ka size 8" lamba aur 2.5" mota hai. To aaj mai aapko apne life mai hue ek aur sex experice ke bare me batata hoon jo mere aur meri Minakshi bhabhi ke sath hua. Bhabhi ke figure ka to kya kahna Minakshi sex ki murat hain . Bhabi ko pane ke liye betab ho gaya tha mera 8 inch ka land usko dekhte hi kadak ho jata uske boobs kya ga