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In the car at the bar

ptsteve on Interracial Stories

Now talk about some fun times I love to fulfill my fantasies. It has always been my desire to see just how far my wife of 35 years would go in the sexual situation so one night I got my chance.

    You see my demure wife is a great looking lady despite our middle ages, of course age takes it toil but she holds her age wonderful and the guys still look her way when she wa

my ex-girlfriend and mother of my son is a huge whore for big black cock

anonymous on Interracial Stories

Hello everyone, My name is Thomas. This story is about my ex who I unknowingly turned into a big black cock whore. It all started when I was 13 years old and got a web TV. For those of you who don't know Web tv is like internet that hooks straight to the TV. So Their I was looking at porn and came across a video of a cute little white girl sucking a big black cock. At first I was upset cause I wa

Taboo , Black Superior 1

anonymous on Interracial Stories - Taboo , Black Superior 1From Racist To Love – Yukie And Jason

Yukie is a lovely asian teenager , she is slightly tangoed., small ( Crotch height ), she have gorgeous eyes that are like little pointed jewels , her smiles are a little shy, and very serene. Her body are slim and small breasted, which is exquisite. Her skin is wonderful - white

Jen big black bang

Kaos on Interracial Stories

Hi my names Jen and I just turned 18 . A little more about myself I still go to highschool
like to think im in pretty decent shape . I have brown hair 34 d breasts , I guess thats why the guys
try and get at me all the time . Well my freind cindy shes 17 had met a few guys , we never really hanged out
with black dudes . They were a little older , and I dident do anything bad. I d

My favorite day at the outlett

journwme on Interracial Stories

Working where I do I see a lot of random people. Each person being different you have to wonder what they are all thinking from one point to another.

Some folks express their minds pretty well and others are two steps above grunting and pointing! In the business of people you learn and see a lot of things, buetiful women being one of the best.

The outlet where I work sells damaged goods f

Chocolate On The Outside

slowfix50 on Interracial Stories

I like to drive late at night and wear shorts that have the liner cut out, you know the joging shorts. I wear them under jeans and a tank top and drive with the windows down and the shorts on and cruise for truckers that have a load to get rid of. I drive next to the cab and turn on the dome light and if they stay then I try to see where they will get off at and if they drop back I go on. Well, o

Fucked by a black guy...ummmm..two

cindy4u on Interracial Stories

My first black guy experience was actually 2 guys...jerome and jason. I was 16 and on spring break at Panama City Beach. Obviously the trip was about drinking and fun and lots of sex and I was clear before going that it will be a new guy every day. What I did not plan was that this will be my first time with a black boy, in this case two!

The morning started as usual...pushing out a guy out of

Saturday At The Beach

Loverboy69 on Interracial Stories

Beth's parents invited us to their beach house for the weekend. We went down Friday night, got in late and in the morning rose about 8 and headed for a day of Sun. Beth's parents went antiquing for the day so Beth and I found a nice spot on the empty beach and set up. We sat on the beach for a few minutes and about 50 yards away another couple - a black man and white woman sat there stuff.

Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 4

mandawg on Interracial Stories

Breeding Little Momma:

Chapter 4:

(FF/M,1st bbc,voy,cock)

After BBC Louie, had given Little Momma a slight dose of what

a huge black cock can do to woman’s pussy, Little Momma had in fact

been absolutely terrified to even fuck around on me at all !

Now sure we had our "threesomes" with both, other men, and

women alike, But that fucking around

First time

dwild on Interracial Stories

I'm a str8 white male but I have injoyed toys when my GF is not home.I was only curious up untill two days ago.The guy next door ask me if I wanted to watch the laker game with a few of his friends. Sure I said. After when everyone was gone he said would you mind hanging out in case someone comes back for something they forgot. Know problem I said Cool I'm just gonna take a fast shower. When he

Olu's Adventures Part 2

MayaMiko on Interracial Stories

The biggest difference between schools in Britain and schools back home is the Lunch time. Back Home lunch time meant everyone walked to the nearest store and picked up a snack and found a place to sit and eat usually whilst discussing a new rap song they'd heard, some of the kids myself included who didn’t come from wealthy families couldn’t afford a trip to the store everyday so we came with re

Grace and a Gang Bang

sandyisflat on Interracial Stories

I id an intern job for a while at a local hospital near here and enjoyed seeing people get better and of course there was always the ones that did not get better but I concentrated on the ones that did. One of the nurses, Grace, was wonderful and took me under her wiong to teach me what I needed to know to do my job. Most of it was keeping the patient records and making entries and such. A few ti