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Jerking off to my lesbian friends fucking

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A few weeks ago I stayed with my friend Karla--we've been friends for years and dated in high school. She was the first girl I ever fucked but that was a long time ago and she's been dating a woman named Nicole for the past couple years.

I finally visited her after about 3 years, and met Nicole for the first time. Karla is petite with curly brown hair and smaller tits but a nice ass. Nicole is a little taller with long brown hair and has phenomenal tits. We spent the day wandering around, getting sushi and drinks, and hit another bar before going back to their place. We had a drink together before we all went to our rooms.

I was stretching out on the guest bed when I heard a faint moan, and a creaking from above. I was silent for a minute and heard another moan. I realized they we


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I am sitting here naked in my garage, well I have a pair of pantyhose on normally and another I cut the crotch out of and pulled over my head and used the legs as arms covering my upper body.
I wanted to tell you about the fun I had last night. I was horny as always as my sexless wife was sleeping on the couch. Wearing only my full slip, I wander out to the kitchen to see what I could find that was fun and satisfying. Looking in the pantry I found a fresh can of Crisco and then a banana. I took them out to the backyard and began to look for something to fuck with them. I found it, the cold cinder block wall and my wild imagination. I pulled the slip over my head exposing my whole body. I opened the Crisco and smeared half the can on my chest, belly, cock, balls, and under my crotch and

Best Orgasm ever in my life

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This is a true story and really happened

When I was just a boy I realized that women’s clothing was softer and sexier. I started to steel panties from my sisters and loved the way they fit and felt,When I was just a boy I realized that women’s clothing was softer and sexier. I started to steel panties from my sisters and loved the way they fit and felt, it was so smooth and hugging. I would wear them to school. Then I moved up to pantyhose, skirts and blouses. I would go out at night sneaking them out, finding a secluded place like the high school stadium, put them on and walk around. I would always get to horny and end up beating off. When I was old enough to get a car I had a place to hide my collection and would also drive around fully dressed in women’s clothing.

It was m

Fucking myself

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I am a 60-year-old man now, married to a Korean woman who does not like sex and is not willing to test fun things out. Since I am not the best-looking guy, and cannot pick up women, and a sex acholic, I had to find alternatives. I have learned how to play with myself and found some real fun. I started like any other guy by masturbating but craved more.

One of my passions was soft silky sexy woman’s clothing. Since my wife is so much smaller than me, I had to buy them myself. Starting with panty’s in Walmart, stockings, garters, slips, dresses, and blouses. When my wife was at work, or I was on road trips I would put them on and walk around the house and beat-off while wearing them. This was still not enough. I loved to get dressed completely up in women’s clothing, silky and sexy, putt

Classroom Slut

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First off, I should probably tell you that I'm the horniest slut you'll ever see. My favorite thing to do is masturbate, but I'm to shy to ask a guy to fuck my brains out. I masturbate all day, I can't help it! Usually, I do it at school. My name is Cassy and I'm a 15 year old sophomore at an urban school. I have dirty blonde hair, perky teen tits, a nice round ass I got from playing soccer. My female friend say I'm super hot, but guys say I'm unapproachable. It's so frustrating! The problem is, there are so many hot guys in all my classes! It makes it even harder for me to resist my urges, so recently I just gave up trying to resist and mastubate whenever I want.

Today I was in math class, my first block of the day. It was also probably my favorite because the desks were closed on the

Samantha's Release

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It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and had hair that grew down to the small of her back. Her dark bangs framed her lovely round face as if it were a window to her cheeky smile. She was what most considered a fat girl, but despite the commo

Samantha's Release

hootowlhoot on Masturbation Stories

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and had hair that grew down to the small of her back. Her dark bangs framed her lovely round face as if it were a window to her cheeky smile. She was what most considered a fat girl, but despite the commo

Teenie Explores Exhibitionism at Her Uncle's Farm

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Showing off my new bikini – in my Uncle's back yard pool


I give my Mexican Uncle a lot of credit for helping me develop my exhibitionist side. And he is the reason I like Latino men so much. We had an interesting relationship to say the least. We kept it private which worked for both of us. I felt no one would have understood and it would have caused trouble for him and embarrassment for both of us.

After spending time with him on his farm, I got pretty close to him. My Mom had divorced my Dad and my uncle filled a void I felt when my Mom and I moved out. But now that we had moved into an apartment, I felt confined to say the least. On our Hill Country Texas ranch, I rarely wore clothes, something my parents, and my older boy sibling eve

Getting caught

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Practically my entire life I’ve been sexually infatuated with my dad’s wife (well ex wife now) when I was like 5 she would walk around the apartment naked, or just in small thong panties on the way to the dryer. Once she bought some lingerie (lace stockings, garter, open-cup bra and stilletos. She came out of the bedroom to surprise my father but I saw it all too. I think it was too much too soon, like an overload before the engines are warmed up. It wasn’t long (it was probably that day) that I started sensual jack-of-all-trades sessions centered on jenny. She was beautiful and sexy but still real. She could a dirty girl. She would usually go to the bathroom with the door open so I could watch her urinate or poop and she didn’t mind. I remember standing at the door with my little

I cum riding a train with a stranger

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This is a story of fiction.

It was a summer rush hour in LA. I need to take the train to meet a friend early in the evening for a party in a club.

I'm all dressed up in a tight fitting top that doesn't leave much to the imagination. I'm not wearing a bra either. My silk skirt is short and flirty. A small breeze will lift it up to show my white thong that is clinging to a shaven pussy.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I can tell that I'm getting some attention when my skirt lift up with the breeze. I can only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present to my friend.

Everyone was feasting on my nice ass. My boyfriend always tell me that I'm the only girlfriend he had with an ass to kill for. I take that as a comple


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I own a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland and have worked for 9 years building it up with accolades from most of my patients. Part of my success is from my excellent staff of women who seem to cater to every need of the clientele. My best asset is my Head Nurse, Lynn, who seems to have ESP when it comes to meeting needs and is competent as hell to boot.
Anyway, I was in clinic one morning when a long-time patient arrived for her appointment for a ‘check up’. Lynn recorded her intake height, weight and vital signs, determined that she was neither bleeding nor infectious then put her in the exam room. I quickly read the past visit notes in her chart, then entered the room alone. I normally don’t take a female staff nurse into the exam room with me for these visit un

Life, Wife, Stepdaughter (Part I)

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Paul, i am almost 40 years old and married to my lovely wife Betty for about 10 years now. Betty is a few years younger than me and is a really gorgeous woman: From her long dark hair, to her nice breasts and her tight ass, e

A Very Hot and Erotic Roleplay: Only for Girls

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Hello readers! This is Niloy and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My email address is: Many of you requested me to write a roleplay story. So, here I wrote a short and sexy roleplay for you.

You have been lying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now. You haven't seen anything for a half hour. I've

My Morning Shower

mariampatterson on Masturbation Stories

I got into the shower and washed my hair quickly...pinning it up when it was done because I hate the feel of it clinging to my neck and back when it's wet. I love the scent of my new shampoo and shower gel. It's cinnamon/nutmeg and when I'm finished, I smell like a freshly baked spice cake.

I lathered down my whole body......paying particular attention to my nipples as I do my breas

My Step Sisters, bother and me

Tcaer on Masturbation Stories

It all happened When Me and My Dad moved in with my step-mother. My step-mother had 2 kids A boy and a girl. A the time they were 15 and 14 and me being 15 as well. It was a small house for to live in together so it was pretty cramped.

So When One Day When my Dad and my Step-mother went out all appeared to be normal. I was in my room, My step-brother was on the computer in the living r

My neighbor and masturbation

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I have always had a thing for my neighbor Mrs. Laura ever since I was younger. She always seems to turn me on whenever I see or think about her. She is about 5'10", very slim, smally perky tits, nice tight round ass, and short blonde hair. She is in her later 40s and still sexy as hell. I have masturbated to the thought of her and fantasizing about her forever. I cant even count the numbe

Sam (Part two)

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His sister’s game plagued him all afternoon. Was she seeing how far she could push him? What would she do if he were to go into her room and force himself on her? That idea appealed to him, but the potential fall-out would be too high a price to pay… What would all his friends say if they knew he had raped his own sister? No, never. Sam did his best to forget that he had even considered that as an option. But still, he so desired her! The arrival back off his parents provided a welcome distraction. As usual his sisters attitude towards him at the table was cool. As they sat at the table eating, his mother turned to Sam. “Do you fancy making some holiday cash Sam?” Sam stopped eating, Intrigued. “Possibly. What is it?” “I have a friend at work who
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hates gardening. Unfortunately for her, she has a large one.” “So why does she not get her husband to take care of it?” enquired Sam. “Probably because she is single.” Laughed his mother. “Ahh that might prove to be a drawback I suppose.” “I’ll let you think about it. If you are interested, I’ll give you the address and you can go and see her.” “Cheers mum.” ‘Bonus’ thought Sam. Pocket money. His sister soon destroyed his happy mood. She had obviously decided to turn the heat up. That evening, whenever she thought their parents were not looking, she gave her brother long sultry looks. Sam tried to ignore her, with little success. Sam imagined himself going down to the opticians to see if they sold ‘Come to bed contacts’ as his sister seemed to be wearing a pair. Every time he caught her gaze he developed a raging erection. Perversely, Sam did not want to leave the presence of his parents, as he did not want to be alone with his sister. He even made sure that she went to bed before he did. As he stripped and got into bed, he expected the door to open and his sister walk in. Tired as he was, sleep eluded him. He decided to do the gardening job. Not so much for the money, but to get away from his sister. The next morning he told his mother that he was interested. She gave him the address and explained that her friend had tools and would provide lunch. Putting on some old clothes he wheeled his bike out the garage. Hopefully he mentally waved his sister and his physical desire good bye. The day was pleasant, with the promise of heating up later. The area the house was in was upper middle class. All with large, well kept gardens and neatly trimmed lawns. This helped to identify his destination, as the garden stood out like a municipal tip. The grass was so long and unkempt that if any flower beds had existed, they were beyond redemption. It looked like he would have to work for his money. Leaving his bike leaning against the dilapidated front fence, he carefully negotiated the grasping barbarous that had once lined, now dominated the path. Safely at the front door, he rang the doorbell. Sam was surprised when he heard the chimes reverberate around the inside of the house. The condition of the garden had not provided good omens on the condition and workings of the house. He did not have to wait long before the door was enthusiastically wrenched open. Sam found himself standing in front of a rather vivacious, mid thirty something old woman, who’s conservative style of dress did not seem to match the rather excitable nature on show. “Are you Sam?” Unconsciously Sam looked around before replying. “Yes.” “Come in. Come in. No need to stand out there like a stranger. You will get plenty of time to look at the garden over the next few days.” Sam found himself all but dragged into the house. Inside, Sam discovered the interior to be at odds with the exterior. The inside, he noticed as he was ‘assisted’ along the hallway, was spotless and well maintained. Surfaces were clean and shiny. Pictures adorned the walls and shelves and cabinets were tastefully placed. Some contained old, possibly rare – and by default, expensive- books. Others held nick-knacks and other, not quite fitting in, ornaments. “I’m Lorna. If your mother hasn’t already told you.” Sam couldn’t recall his mother telling him her name. That did not mean she had not. He did not always fully listen to his mother, as she had a tendency to harp on a bit. “Uh. Hello Lorna” He replied some what lamely, remembering some small vestige of manners. Lorna noticed him studying his surroundings. “I’m not a great fan of the outdoors, I’m afraid. All that mucky dirt. Creepy crawly things, and thorny bushes that rip into your legs. No not for me. I much prefer a feather duster to a spade.” “Riiiight.” Sam said slowly, thinking that Lorna may be a bit ‘lost’ upstairs. “There’s a toilet through there, kitchens through here. If you get hungry, like I’m sure a growing boy like yourself will, there’s plenty of food lying around that you can help yourself to.” “What about the garden?” Sam asked. Lorna stopped to look at him. “What about it?” “Well you know, what do you want done with it? Apart from tidying it up, that is.” “Anything you want. As long as it looks tidy I’m happy.” Sam mentally pictured the wilderness that he had just walked through and the words ‘blank check’, popped into his mind. “Fine, I’ll get started then.” “Lunch about half twelve suit you?” “That’s fine by me. By the way where are the tools kept?” “OH! Silly me. The garage round the back has all the tools. Rummage around and help yourself.” “Cheers. I’ll err, see you later then?” “O.k. then, byeee” “Christ” thought Sam “What have I let myself in for.” The garage, though neat and ordered like the house, showed a thick layer of dirt over every surface, proving that it had not been entered -at least by a human, if the varied little tracks in the dust were anything to go by- for some considerable time. There was a wide variety of power tools on offer as well as the more mundane, hand and muscle variety. That had been one of his worries. That he would turn up and there would only be a spade and a fork with a broken handle. There was a petrol mower looking rather forlorn in the corner, so he wheeled it out into the sunlight. It did not appear to be in to bad a nick. Sam cast his eye around the interior of the garage for something that might vaguely be liquid and flammable. A jerry can sat under a long disused workbench. Sam kicked it experimentally. It sloshed. “Bonus” he said as he flicked the top up and sniffed the contents. It smelt like petrol. Sam looked at the mower, “Soon find out.” Sam filled the mower tank, then tried to suss out how to start it. After five minutes of starter cord pulling, he was about to give up when the engine kicked into life. Thick black clouds of smoke belched from the exhaust. “Bloody hell” Sam retreated back from the mower. Slowly the smoke began to disappear and the engine ran smoother. Reassured that the mower was not about to turn into the gardening version of a claymore mine, he approached and took control of the handle. The work was hard going as the grass was so long that the mower did not cut it properly on the first, second or third passes. Nor could he relax into it, as every now and then he would hit something that would make the mower buck with a loud bang. Occasionally when it kicked, something would fly away with such speed that he only caught the movement out the corner of his eye. As exhausting as it was, the sheer simplicity of the work was calming. Sam slowly settled in and pushed all thoughts of his sister away. “YOU WHO!” Sam jerked out of the daze that he had unconsciously slipped into and looked over. Lorna was waving at him from the back door. Sam turned the mower off. He headed over to her, his ears ringing slightly, his hands and arms feeling funny after the prolonged vibration. “I’ve made some lunch if your are interested?” Sam stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it, to see if made a difference to the ringing. His attention brought back to reality, he noticed that he was indeed hungry. “Great!” He replied. Lunch turned out to be a salad, with thick slices of meat and a selection of sauces in pots. Sam wolfed the lot down with gusto. Only afterwards did he feel embarrassed over his haste. Lorna appeared not to mind. As they ate, Lorna kept up a steady stream of conversation, with Sam, mouth full, grunting occasionally. Hunger satisfied, Sam left Lorna to tidy up and headed back out to the garden. At the doorway he paused to admire his work. The garden looked different already. He had almost finished cutting the grass and the difference that cutting the grass made surprised him. In his minds eye he started to plan where he would put flowerbeds and some of the ornaments that he had discovered in the garage. As his stomach settled down, he made his way over to the lawnmower. By the time he had raked all the cut grass up and cleaned the lawnmower it was time to head back home. He said his farewells to Lorna and with the confirmation that he would be back first thing the next day, headed home. He arrived back home just in time for tea. “So, how did it go?” His mother asked him. “All-right. The gardens big and in a terrible mess and she’s a bit, you know, weird” His mother laughed, “You noticed” Sam smiled wryly. After tea Sam had a much-needed shower, then surprisingly tired, went to bed. No sooner had his head touched the pillow than he was out like a shot. For the first time in several nights his dreams were of gardens and not of his sister. So deep was his sleep, that later on that night he failed to wake when his sister slipped into the room. She padded, softly as ever, over to his side. She looked down on her brother’s relaxed prone form. Her hand unconsciously moved under her slip to between her legs. As her fingertips traced her lips, she pressed the silken fabric into her cleft, rubbing hard at her fleshy button. Her breathing deepened, but apart from her hand, she still did not move. Slowly she felt her orgasm build up inside her. She had not come into his room for this purpose, but now that she was well on the way, she was content to see it through. She looked further down at her chest. She was so aroused that her nipples were perfectly visible through the thin fabric. She raised her idle right hand and caressed her left breast. Briefly she imagined that the hand was that of her brother. Bolts of pleasure ran through her and the image of her brother faded as her need took precedence. Her palm rubbed over her highly sensitised nipple, her fingers digging into the flesh of her breast. Her other hand stopped its own rubbing and slipped under the fabric of her panties, her fingers running around her circumference before slipping deep into her. She failed to contain her gasp of pleasure but still Sam did not stir. She continued to stand at the side of Sam’s bed. Her head low, chin resting on her chest, her hair falling forward over her face as her orgasm reached its fiery crescendo. As the pleasure subsided and her frantic hand movements slowed she slowly raised her head. Sam still lay oblivious. She continued to play with her breasts as the fingers of her left hand slipped from within her. She raised her hand, which glistened in the moonlight with her cum, and brought it to her nose. She deeply inhaled her sent, then lent over Sam. She allowed her hand to drop then moved it over to his face. She lightly touched her glistening fingertips to his lips. “Thank you Sam” she whispered softly, and then left the room. Sam, deep in slumber, did not move. Sam woke in a start as he was rudely awakened by the blare of his alarm. Groggily he thumped the off button and swung his legs out of bed. A motion that elicited groans from his lips. He hurt. He hurt all over. Aware that it would only get better with movement, he made a shaky attempt at standing. As he stood, his bladder joined the clamour. Co-ordination slightly off, he stumbled to the toilet. Sighing with the pleasure of release, he allowed his water to flow forth. As he finished, he stretched his back, listening to the sounds of his vertebrae cracking and licked his lips. They tasted slightly funny, so he ran his tongue round them again. He puzzled over the strange taste for a minute then ditched the thought. Back in his room he changed into his work clothes and headed downstairs for something to eat. The rest of the household was still asleep and Sam luxuriated in the peace and tranquillity. After a slightly larger breakfast than usual, he checked his watch and noticed that if he did not get a move on, he would be late. During the bike ride over to Lorna’s house, he finally felt his muscles start to loose some of their stiffness. By the time he reached her house he almost felt human again. Sam was not surprised to find Lorna up and about. By the looks of things she had been for some time. Sam let her know he was here and with the thought that it should be illegal for people to look that lively in the morning, headed back outside. The garden looked strange in the fresh light of a new day. The freshly mown lawn hinted at the possibilities the garden could offer. Leaving the mower alone, Sam retrieved the fork. There was not much to be saved in the borders, so Sam decided not to waste time looking. As he dug into the weeds, he breathed in the rich earthy smell. The topsoil was of good quality. Looking around he decided that where he dumped the grass clippings would do for the weeds, until a more permanent solution could be found. Sam noticed that he seemed to be digging up an exceptionally large amount of bricks before he realised that they had been originally used as the boundary between border and lawn. He left them piled to one side as he slowly went along. It was turning out to be a beautiful day. Sam removed his T-shirt as an aid to cooling and as a chance to catch some rays. He had got less than halfway down before the blisters in his hands forced him to look for an easier task. Looking at his handiwork he decided to reset the bricks. It was not too much work to cut a fresh clean edge in the lawn. The bricks had been set in a forty-five degree angle so that just one corner showed above ground in a series of triangles. The style was simple and easy to replicate and once the soil had been backfilled in, looked good. He had just caught up to where he had stopped weeding when Lorna came out to tell him lunch was out. Sam was caught off guard. He hadn’t realised so much time had passed. Lorna looked appraisingly at the work done so far. “My, you have been a busy little bee, haven’t you? You have managed to make such a big difference already. I really like it, thank you” Sam stopped in the process of removing his muddy boots “I haven’t finished yet.” She watched him like a hawk as he placed his boots at the door before entering. She watched fascinated as the muscles in his lithe young body rippled and flexed in the process of boot removal. Sam looked up and saw her staring at him, a hungry look in her eyes. She did not look away and met his gaze. Embarrassed, Sam looked for a way out. “Umm, I’ll just go get my shirt” Lorna only nodded. Sam felt her eyes bore into his back as he walked across the lawn in his socks. As he stooped to retrieve it, Lorna turned and headed back inside. It was with a great deal of trepidation that he re-entered the house. Inside, Lorna had changed back into her dippy self and over lunch Sam failed to get a word in. Sam put all effort back into his work and the afternoon passed just as quickly as the morning had done. After storing the tools he made his farewells and headed back home. The previous evening was repeated in that after tea, he showered, read a comic for a while then went to bed. Slipping asleep just as fast as the night before. As the previous night he failed to wake when his door opened and the form of his sister drifted over to him. Again she watched him in the moonlight. At lunchtime, Lorna effused loudly about the amount of work he had done and that they should pay a visit to Home base or B&Q, to get some herbaceous plants to fill her newly revitalised borders. Sam nodded nervously at the ‘we’ part. There was not much to do in the back garden and Sam found his thoughts slowly turning to the front of the house. He had to admit, they would have to get some plants for the front. It would look stupid bare of colour and vegetation. Sam found himself slowly slipping into a regime. Work-tea-shower-read for a bit-sleep-work… In her room Sam’s sister allowed her towel to drop from her damp naked body. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, not critically but curiously. Leaving her image she walked to her drawers and removed a clean chemise and matching pants. She had long given up wearing either pyjamas or a nightie. The material of either tended to be weighty and restricting. She liked the way chemises floated around her body, clung to her contours. The way the material whispered between her thighs as she walked. The way the silk and lace rubbed against her nipples. How in bed, her skin slid smoothly against the soft glossy fabric. Just thinking of it was starting to turn her on. Aroused she slipped in between her sheets, the hem of her chemise riding up to her waist. Her now exposed panties in direct contact with the cool cotton sheets. As hard as she tried, she could not help but lie on her front and slowly grind her pubis against the yielding pressure of her mattress. But it was not enough she wanted more. She rolled once more onto her back. Her hands slowly and inescapably, slipping to rest with pleasure, at the juncture of her legs. Her back arched as she pulled the rough lace of her pants between her fleshy folds. The fingers of her other hand pushing the lace further in and against her clit, grinding the material into a sodden crumpled strip. Her orgasm had yet to fully subside as, in what was becoming a regular and compulsive habit, she slipped from the clammy heat of her bed and headed for her brothers room. The cool air of the hallway drifted around her bare legs and arms. The bunched and twisted lace of her panty gusset still trapped between her fleshy lips. As she walked down the hallway, the rough lace continued to grind against her sensitive folds, the cool air adding yet another dimension to the sensory flood of emotions. At her brothers door she neither paused to check if he was asleep or to readjust her attire. Quietly shutting the door behind her she advanced on her sleeping brother’s form. As usual she paused at her brother’s bedside. She looked down on his peaceful recumbent body. He had kicked most of his sheets off in the hot summer night air. She looked with undisguised and unequivocal lust at his almost naked figure. Slipping between her legs, her fingers slipped past the lace obstruction to delve deep within her yet again. Not surprised that the sight of her brother brought her to another climactic release, so soon after her earlier orgasm. As her heartbeat slowly subsided and her blood pressure lowered, she continued to look at her brother. She imagined herself slipping into bed alongside him. His arms wrapped tightly enfolding her, his maleness pressing against her. She imagined the caress of his rough bare flesh, pressing closely against the soft and tender pale smoothness of her own. She dreamed of his breath on her neck, her face, and her lips. To her surprise, she felt the waves of a rapidly returning orgasm. She had never experienced so many orgasms so close together and definitely not of such fervent intensity. Hastily she put a hand to the bed as she felt her knees start to buckle. Her teeth bit hard on her bottom lip as she tried to stifle her cries. She looked up, expecting Sam to be watching her with those big eyes of his. Sam still slept soundly. She licked her lips, feeling and tasting the wetness of blood. She looked at his lips and was overtaken with the desire to share her pain and intimate pleasure with him. She slowly bent forward, her lips moist and flushed with the colour of blood, moved towards his dry, slightly parted mouth. As she lent further forward, the distance between them rapidly dwindling, her long hair fell forward. The tips of her dark locks lightly brushed his cheeks as she closed the gap. Sam, still deeply asleep, felt the feather like touch of her hair, grunted and rolled over onto his side. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Sam’s sister found herself looking closely at the back of his head. Suddenly deprived and at a loss, she straightened and stepped back. Aware that the moment was lost, the spell broken, she turned and reluctantly headed for the door. The fluid of her orgasm was starting to rapidly cool and as she softly walked to the rooms exit, the damp lace started to chaff uncomfortably against her young and tender flesh. Pausing at the threshold, she was caught by a passing mischievousness streak. She slipped her hands under the slip and slid her sodden pants down her legs. Stepping out of the material she brought the garment to her nose and inhaled a deep lungful of her musky scent. She walked back to the side of the bed, the air moving torpidly around her bare, still damp valley of the gods. She placed the lacy fabric on the pillow next to his head, her fingertips trailing over the damp gusset. She looked fondly down upon him. “See what you do to me. See how my body hungers for you. Smell me, dream of me.” Her hand moved from the pillow to lightly touch his hair, and then reluctantly, she finally headed for her own room. The next morning Sam slowly roused from sleep. He opened an eye and looked at his alarm clock. Ten minutes before the alarm would sound. He closed his eye and relaxed in the warm comfort of his bed. Under the duvets comforting weight and warmth, he stretched out, taking perverse pleasure in the pain of his protesting muscles. Suitably stretched, he rolled over onto his side, determined to make the most of his remaining eight minutes or so. Something tickled his nose and a ruck pressed into his cheek. Discomforted he wriggled his head in an effort to remove the crease from his pillow. The material of his pillowslip failed to move as expected and he was assailed by strange smell. Sam opened his eyes and looked at his offending pillow. Sam did not know what to think, or how to react, as he stared at the silken underwear lying on his pillow. He thought back to the previous night, but swore blind that he had gone straight to bed. He did not recall ever having slept walked before, which only really meant that another party had placed them there. Looking at the style and fabric, this pointed only to his sister, which created yet another question. That of what she had been doing in his room the night before. Sam rubbed his cheek, feeling the outlines of the lace embedded in his flesh. He realised that he must have been sleeping on the panties for some considerable time. Inquisitively he lifted the garment from the pillow and held it close to his nose. They were definitely worn. He lowered them from his face and looked at them in resignation. What on Earth was he supposed to do with them? Keep them? Hand them back? Throw them out? Sam discarded the last almost as soon as he thought it. What if they were not his sisters and had been placed there by some one else? That thought made him shudder. What was he to do? He continued to look at the intimate worn underwear, his hands unconsciously caressing the silky fabric. Sam suddenly jumped as his alarm went off. Stuffing the offending article in with the rest of his female attire he resolved to deal with the problem at a later date. As he worked in Lorna’s garden his mind pondered the problem. Maybe he should seek advice. That led to the question of who to seek advice from. Family was definitely out of the equation. He heard Lorna singing to herself in the house. Lorna maybe? Then he remembered the look she gave him yesterday. Even in his young age he realised that would open an even more complicated can of worms. Violently he thrust the fork into the ground “Bugger” His fourth day, Sam was getting used to the various aches and pains that greeted him in the morning. With trepidation he looked around his bed then the room. Nothing untoward. He raised the sheet covering him. Still nothing out of place. He lowered the sheet and slipped out of bed. He looked towards the poster on the wall. “No visitors, quiet night then.” Sam reached over and turned the alarm off, just as it was about to ring. He quickly dressed and headed downstairs. Determined to be out before his sister rose and spoilt the day. It was uncomfortable riding the bike at first as the handles, padded as they were, pressed painfully against his blisters. Lorna greeted him cheerfully as she did every morning. Sam wondered if she ever got sullen moody and/or depressed. “Like every other woman that I know does on regular monthly basis.” “What was that Sam dear?” Sam was horrified that he had spoken aloud. “Uh. I was just thinking aloud.” “You’re a bit young for dementia aren’t you” Lorna laughed at him. “Whatever” Sam carefully muttered under his breath. Sam tidied up the back garden of all the loose bits of rubbish and for want of relief to his hands, strung up the washing line he found discarded in the garage. Unable to find any other light work, he reluctantly picked up spade and fork and headed round to the front of the house. The gorse and berberis proved heavy going so he left them alone till he could lay his hands on something that would chop them back. That left him back with spadework. There was no choice now. He’d have to take a day off to give his hands a chance to heal. That lunchtime he put forward the idea that he would take the next day to do some ‘essential shopping’. It sounded better than his hands hurt. Lorna didn’t mind, in fact for one scary moment Sam thought that she was going to volunteer to go shopping with him! Back outside Sam despondently kicked at some rubbish. For some strange reason his whole life seemed to be heading for disaster. The only choice he seemed to have; was which express train to hell he jumped on. Having no particular task in which sink his energies, time seemed to drag. With great relief when the time came to depart for home, he put away the tools with considerably more energy than he had shown all day. As he let Lorna know he was leaving she stopped him. “Here you go Sam. Payment for work done so far, you can use it to offset your shopping” Sam took the proffered sealed envelope. “Thanks Lorna. I’ll see you the day after?” “That’ll be fine Sam. I will be waiting for you.” “Bye” “Bye” She waved him off. Sam worried about her closing statement. Worried about it so much, a car almost ran him over. Safely back at home he parked his bike back in the garage. The path from the garage side door took him round to the back door of the house. His sister was sitting in a garden chair reading a novel. She looked up as he approached. “Hi Sam. It’s been quiet round here without you.” Sam stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her. She wore a remarkably restrained and modest sundress though several of the top buttons were undone leaving rather more of her cleavage to his eye than he was particularly comfortable with. “Will you sit with me? It’s nice in the sun.” “I’m dirty and smelly. I really need to shower.” He tried to calmly continue to walk to the back door. He was aware that he was failing. “Mmmm... Shower” Sam dared not look back. That was it. He had not planned on going into town, but there was no way on Earth he was staying within pheromone distance of his sister. Inside he met his mother. “I was speaking to Lorna on the phone earlier. She was over the moon with your work” “Really?” “Actually no. She said your were bone idle and determined to eat her out of house and home.” Sam’s jaw dropped open in shock. His mother lifted a hand and pinched the flesh of his cheek between thumb and forefinger, wiggling her catch gently. “Don’t look so horrified, love. I’m only teasing. She genuinely appreciated the work you have done.” “Christ mum, you had me worried there.” “I know.” She giggled and headed back into the kitchen. Sam watched her retreating back. His mum had giggled. It just did not seem right. Mums in his book did not ‘giggle’ like schoolgirls. He turned back towards the stairs and jumped, startled. His sister stood in the back door way. The sun beaming down behind her some how made the material of her dress almost transparent. Although her dress almost reached her ankles he could clearly make out the contours of her legs. He could almost make out her underwear. He suddenly realised that she was intently watching him staring between her legs. He looked up bashful and ashamed. She just smiled that knowing little smile of hers. Desperate to get away he rushed up the stairs. Stopping briefly in his room for a change of clothes, he checked that she had not followed him upstairs. He heard her voice downstairs speaking to mum. Relieved he headed into the bathroom for a shower. Before he started to undress he made sure the door was locked. Twice. Under the warm spray, his thoughts turned back to his sister. Practically instantly, he developed a large, almost painful erection. It had been several days since he had last wanked and the need for release was strong. Visions of his sister in provocative poses swam in front of his eyes, as his hand gently massaged the end of his cock. Release was not long in coming. The release of some of his sexual tension helped him sit near her at the table, but he was all too aware of her bright, shining eyes. To Sam it was as though she had captured a small part of the sun and had it contained within her vision. As he left the dinner table and headed back up to his room, his erection returned, pressing urgently and painfully against his trousers. He jammed his chair under the door handle, stripped and lay on his bed. The image of his sister was still so strongly burned into his retinas that he did not need to retrieve any of her lingerie to aid in his orgasm. That evening Sam’s sister declined to dress after her shower. She lay naked on top her bedclothes. Reaching over she retrieved her dildo from an otherwise empty shoebox. She ran a hand over her pubis, allowing a couple of fingers to slip inside. As her fingers dipped inside she looked at the dildo, imagining that it was her brothers cock. Unthinking, her lips parted, allowing it to enter her mouth, tasting the stale and fresh pussy juice. She allowed it to delve in deeply, curious as to how much of it she could take. Her tongue flicked over the end as it slid in further. She was curious as to what her brother would feel and taste like. Frivolously she noted that she had never, ever taken her dildo into her mouth, nor licked her juices from it. Again she wondered what her brother would taste like, after he just taken her. His fleshy rod liberally smeared all over with a mixture of his and her cum, like some exotic desert topping. Her back arched, lifting her rear off the bed. Her calves cramped and her toes curled tightly as her orgasm took complete control. Feeling cheated at the speed at which her orgasm had overwhelmed her. She retrieved the wet and slippery dildo from where it had fallen, forgotten from her mouth. She ran the tip along the top of her sensitive ridges. Deliberately teasing her-self, seeing how far she could last before she buried it deep within her in frustration. It was not long before it was buried as far as it could go. Even after her second orgasm, she was neither content nor finished. She reached behind her head and fished under her pillow for what she had been teasing herself all night for. Her brother’s worn underpants. She had fished them out of the laundry basket earlier in the evening. They had still been warm. She let the rough cloth rest against her face. Breathing deeply, his most personal of scents. She wished that her head were in his lap, with only the thin fabric that she now touched, separating them. Her mind drifted off, to an earlier incident in the evening. She pictured the scene in her mind. She had just come in from the garden and Sam was talking to their mother. She had stood waiting for them to finish. He had jumped when he noticed her. Watched in fascination as his pupils dilated as he slowly moved his eyes over her body, over her legs. She could see him mentally undressing her. His eyes came to rest between her legs; his mouth had dropped open slightly. She wondered if he knew that she had cum there and then under his incestuous gaze. She wondered if he could see her juices as they seeped from her and ran down her inner thighs. She had so wanted to follow him up the stairs but she could not move. She feared that the simple movement of her pants against her burning flesh would cause her to call out in unmistakeable ecstasy. Her mother had called to her. She did not remember what it was or what her reply had been, but it had given her a moment to gather her senses. Quickly she had silently fled up to her room where she brought herself off simply by pulling the sodden material of her undies away and down her legs. Even after her second orgasm she was still producing fluid. So much so, that her fresh panties were sodden almost as soon as they were on. In desperation, she had inserted a tampon to soak up the excess fluid and slipped on a third fresh pair of pants. Unfortunately the tampon had the effect of a set of Ben-wa balls and left her continually aroused during the course of dinner. As she lay, still naked on her bed, her third orgasm was longer and more satisfying. Finally she drifted off to sleep, the dildo still deep inside her and the image of her brother still in her mind.


_Brent_123 on Masturbation Stories

Shelly was sure the others were asleep by now.   It had been at least 20 minutes since she heard a sound from anyone except their soft breathing.   Mike, beside her, was definitely out. He’d had quite a bit to drink, and after 3 years of marriage she knew the rhythm and sound of his breathing when he was asleep.

Shelly was enjoying the camping holiday with Brent and Debbie, but sleeping with another couple in the holiday trai

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ler certainly put a cramp in one’s ‘marital privacy’.   Two or three days wouldn’t have been too bad, but now after 6 nights without any sex, she was almost going out of her mind. Shelly loved sex and wanted - needed, it every day. To top things off, her passion was certainly not abated by seeing Brent every day.   “Debbie was a lucky girl”, Shelly considered. She couldn’t help but imagine what Brent was like in bed. Earlier today, it was all Shelly could do to not stare at Brent in his Speedo.   She did secret a few quick glances at his substantial package and was rewarded with a warmth in her pussy that had been nagging her since.

‘Yes’, she thought, ‘I’d love to have a sampling of that right about now…mmhhmmm’, a light shiver ran over her at the thought.  

She was certainly not going to be able to sleep tonight unless she was liberated from the passion she was almost past controlling.

She considered waking Mike, then decided against it.   Were she able to convince Mike to make her cum, she was so horny she knew she wouldn’t be able to control her fervor, and would be way too loud in the little camper. She decided she would have to solve this little dilemma herself.   She felt that she could maintain some control that way and would hopefully not make much noise – although she was almost past the point of caring about now.

It was pretty warm at this time of year, because of that Shelly had worn only a light nighty over her panties tonight. The nighty was light cotton, and covered her to mid thigh.   Shelly was laying on her side and peered through the subtle light in the camper. She looked over at Brent and Debbie’s bed to ensure they were asleep.   Brent was closest and turned away from her. Seeing only the gentle rise and fall of the covers from their breathing, she felt a certain amount of confidence as she slid her hand under the covers of her bed.

Slowly Shelly moved her hand along her outer thigh to the hem of her nighty.   Gently and quietly Shelly took the hem of her night gown and slid it up over her hip.   Her ears piqued to any sound of stirring from Brent and Debbie, she silently raised her hip off of the bed to slip the right side of her nighty up to her waist.   She felt naughty and extremely horny as she slid her hand down to her panties.   It reminded her of when she first discovered the joy of fingering her pussy when she was thirteen. She had been in the same room as her older sister.   Shelly had made herself cum countless times with Jenny sleeping quietly only 10 feet away.  

Slowly she slid her hand under the waistband of her panties as she gently brought her knees apart.   Raising her knee high she tucked her left foot behind her right knee as her fingers slipped through the light hair of her pussy.   She continued to keep a cautious eye on Brent and behind him Debbie, as her fingers sought out the throbbing itch of her pussy.

An unintentional moan escaped her as Shelly’s fingers finally touched her wet clit.   She was absolutely soaked and as she slowly circled two fingers over it she could hear the slurping sounds of her juices under her fingers.   Reflexively she thrust her pussy forward against her fingers her eyes closed in pleasure. She slid her hand further into her panties - as the bottoms of two fingers and then the top of her palm slipped wetly over her clit she sunk two fingers as deep as she could into her itching slit.

She was having extreme difficulty remaining quiet as she stroked herself, her fingers soaking wet with her own juices.   The pleasure was incredible as she massaged her clit with her palm and wiggled her fingers inside her musky wet canal.   She found herself starting to gently hump her pussy against her own manipulations and had to make a conscious effort to settle herself down.  

Slipping her fingers out of her needy slit, she slid one finger along her lips up to her clit and back down again, with only the tip of her finger between her salivating pussy lips.   Her panties were now a hindrance to her and she determined she had to have them off.  

She opened her eyes to once again survey Brent and Debbie’s sleep.   She saw that there was no change in their position and then noticed that she could see almost clearly in the camper now.   The full moon had come out from behind a cloud showering   their little camper in a soft glow.  

Since everyone was clearly asleep, Shelly boldly rolled to her back and raised her hips. Hooking both thumbs in the waistband, she slid her panties down over her bum. Bringing her knees forward she slipped the panties off –just as she heard a stirring in Brent and Debbie’s bed.   Shelly froze and listened closely.   Someone was turning over.   She slowly lowered her feet to the bed then layed very still, as whoever was moving settled.

If she wasn’t so horny she might have decided that it would be too reckless to continue, but she was very aroused and determined to cum – tonight.   Shelly layed still for what seemed an eternity, then feigning sleep sounds, turned her head to take a cautious look at Brent and Debbie.   She saw in the soft light that Brent had turned toward her now and was breathing quietly, still asleep.   Now, out of her panties, she felt a freedom that was erotic and naughty as she quietly slipped her damn underwear under her pillow.

Mike, pretty much passed out beside her, was not a big threat to wake up, but with Brent stirring the threat of being caught added excitement to her already overly excited passion.

Her knees were still drawn up and as she slipped her hands down her tummy her knees instinctively separated.   Her hands with a mind of their own continued down her body drawn by the needs of her pussy.   Again soft wet sounds could just barely be heard as she slipped one and then two fingers into her eager pussy.   She slowly and deliberately massaged her desperate pussy. She played slowly to both remain as quiet as possible, and to maintain this sensation for as long as she could stand.   She was so horny she could make herself cum quickly if she tried, but she was loving the feeling too much to have it go away.

Gently she rolled her fingers around inside her pussy as she massaged her clit with three fingers of the other hand.   She couldn’t prevent the soft moans of pleasure from escaping her, and tried her best to make them sound like sleep noises.   She was trying to keep as still and quiet as possible but her passion was becoming stronger, and she was loosing what little inhibition she had left.  

She was now uncontrollably thrusting lightly against her hand as her fingers fucked her pussy with increased vigor.   ‘Mmhmm’ quietly sounded in her throat.   The camper was starting to rock slightly and Shelly almost didn’t care.  

She was enjoying this too much to make it end so soon – she wanted to cum, but wanted more to maintain the pleasure.   Slowing her pace she slid her fingers out of her drenched pussy and slid them up and down her wet lips. The camper was rocking too much now - she mustered all her control and slowed - then stopped her movements. She again piqued her ears to hear if there was any sign of others being awake.

The camper still continued to rock slightly though, even after she consciously stopped thrusting against her hand.   She stopped moving completely and there was still a slight movement of the camper.

Opening her eyes slowly Shelly’s senses were alert as she looked, felt and listened in the camper.   She could hear a slight noise from Brent and Debbie’s side of the camper.   As she turned her head slowly to look, the noise stopped and she could feel the camper stop its gentle sway.    She could see quite well in the soft light and Brent was still lying facing her, she could see well enough to tell his eyes were closed, but she could see by his breathing that he was not asleep.   He was not breathing gently and easily as sleeping people do, rather his breathing was rapid and more intense.   Shelly grinned to herself as she guessed what was happening.

Turning quietly toward Brent she discretely slipped out from under the blanket as she spread her knees. Again slipping her hand down to her pussy she slipped a finger inside and wiggled it quickly.   Soft sucking sounds were plainly heard now not muffled by the blanket.   Brent’s eyes opened then widened as Shelly’s fingers and pussy were plainly visible only a few feet away.   Brent smiled and slowly slipped his blanket back exposing his obviously fully erect cock.   Her suspicions were correct, Brent’s hard cock was evidence to the fact that he had heard Shelly’s play and had started to masturbate as well.   His cock was gorgeous. It was quite long and very thick.   As he started to stroke it, his fingers barely reached around it.   Shelly relished the view of her husband’s handsome friend stroking his huge cock only 6 feet away.  

The sight of Brent’s rock hard cock leaking pre-cum was hugely erotic to Shelly and she again buried two fingers deep inside her wetness. She stroked her fingers in and out in rhythm to Brent’s long stroking of his rigid cock.   They tried to maintain control of themselves lest they wake their spouses as they continued to masturbate for their and each other’s pleasure.  

Shelly was getting too, too horny now and was bucking harder and harder against her hand.   She ground her clit against the heel of her hand as she rode hard on her fingers reaching deep inside her wet slit.   Moans were coming more and more quickly from her as she fucked her pussy mesmerized by Brent’s stroking of his cock in front of her.   Brent’s stroking grew in time to her own play could tell that he too was close to orgasm. She wanted to see his cum, wanted to taste it.   She felt very mischievous, naughty and horny as she ached to cum and watch Brent cum too.

Shelly had her legs wide open and her fingers buried deep inside herself.   She was fucking herself forcefully now, too excited to be restrained - both she and Brent were on the verge.  

She could feel the passion welling up inside her, and knew she was past the point of no return.   Suddenly Brent tensed up, his hand stopped stroking his gorgeous cock, his eyes were squeezed tight as his whole body stiffened.   A stifled moan escaped Brent as Shelly saw his cock twitch then sprays of cum erupted from Brent’s hard cock.   Stream after stream of hot semen jumped from his stiff penis, landing on Brent’s stomach, his chest, his arm, the bed – it gushed uncontrolled from his hard cock as he lay taut in pleasure.   It was all Shelly could take – as Brent lay across from her, his cock erupting cum - a great rush of pleasure came over her - she bucked hard against her hand and felt the wash of orgasm roll over her.   She reflexively plunged two fingers inside her and held her hand tight to her pussy.   Rocking the heel of her hand against her clit she bucked hard against it, grinding her itching, aching clit to satisfaction.   Her orgasm, so much in anticipation, was intense.   She was barely able to suppress her squeals of passion and pleasure as she rode her hand through her orgasm – the vision of Brent’s cock shooting cum making her pleasure even more intense.

Slowly the waves of her orgasm subsided, and as Shelly lay in the afterglow she smiled at Brent and winked.   He winked back smiling, he was a beautiful sight to her right now – naked and covered with his own cum, brought on by his excitement at her own play.   The orgasm she had, intense as it was, only took the edge off of her passion though.   Now actually seeing Brent’s cock she had an even greater urge feel it fill her up.   Tonight might not be the best situation to do that however.

They both lay quietly now surveying their situation.   They listened intently to their spouses breathing.   Shelly surmised that Mike had slept through the entire thing and Brent indicated to her that Debbie too was still asleep.   ‘It was a good thing that both Mike and Debbie had tied into the whisky that evening,’ Shelly considered. In retrospect she was certain that she and Brent had been not very quiet.   She even remembered the camper squeaking slightly from their play.   She was too wrapped up in her pleasure to really think about it at the time mind you.   Thankfully though, it appeared that they were undiscovered.  

Brent was in a bit of a state however.   He and the bed were covered with his cum.   He looked down at the sprays of cum and frowned.   He gave Shelly a funny look and she suppressed a giggle.   Reaching under her pillow she pulled out the panties she had tucked there.   She held them up to him with her eyebrows raised in a questioning expression.   He nodded with a grin and she gently tossed them over to him.   The implication was not lost on either of them.   Tonight he would be using her panties to wipe his cum from himself – another time her panties might have his cum in them for a better reason.

The panties she tossed landed on his chest. As he picked them up he could feel the dampness on his fingers.   Sliding the crotch of them between his fingers he shrugged his eyebrows at Shelly and then winked.   She smiled back with a slightly shy/embarrassed look - knowing herself how wet she had been before she removed them.  

Brent then did something that surprised her.   Taking Shelly’s panties in his hand he drew them up to his face, and took a long breath of her scent.   His body visibly wilted as be smelled the erotic juices of her pussy on the panties.   It struck Shelly oddly to see Brent sniff her panties.   She was slightly grossed out, but she was more aroused. The thought that she had turned him on so much that he wanted to smell her underwear was very arousing to her.   Arousing so much in fact, that she was surprised to feel a familiar warmth growing in her loins.

After taking several long whiffs of her scent from the panties, Brent removed them from his face and began to wipe up his cum with them. Sometimes Shelly found cum to be kind of gross, but tonight even after her intense orgasm she was still horny enough to find it a turn on.   As Brent moved slowly to keep from waking Debbie, he rubbed the panties over himself, wiping the cum from his chest, stomach, arms and bed into Shelly’s panties.   He was not really able to absorb a lot of it into the scant filmy panties, but he cleaned it up enough to have it not running down his body as it had been.

He held up the panties to Shelly with a ‘Now what do we do with these’ expression on his face.

Shelly held her hand out to him and waved her fingers, indicating that he was to toss them back to her.   He made a funny ‘grossed out’ face and tossed them into her outstretched hand.  


Shelly caught them and brought her hand back to the bed.   Having seen Brent smelling her panties had stirred up erotic thoughts in her, she knew exactly what she was going to do with her now cum covered panties.

With a coy smile at Brent she winked and held the panties out letting them hang free.   She could see the wet patches of Brent’s cum clinging to the filmy fabric.   She held a finger to a string of cum that was starting to hang down from the panties.   Wiping some of the stringy cum with her finger she smiled at Brent and drew her finger to lips.   Maintaining her gaze on Brent, she opened her mouth and slid her cum covered finger onto her tongue.    Brent’s eyes opened wide as Shelly grinned naughtily and sucked the cum off of her finger.   Withdrawing her finger from her mouth she smirked at Brent and visibly swallowed his cum.

Brent smiled back at her, visibly turned on by Shelly’s actions.   He was still on his side, uncovered, facing her and she could see that as she sucked his cum off of her finger his cock was beginning to come back to life.

Shelly returned her attention to the cum soaked panties. Looking them over carefully, she found a large patch of cum and drew the panties to her mouth.  

Shelly slipped out her tongue, and touched it to the cum covered spot.   First taking long licks she then placed the panties against her lips and sucked the cum into her mouth. After swallowing the spot of cum, she surveyed the panties again, finding a fresh spot to suck. Each time she found a fresh spot she hungrily sucked in all the cum she could.

Brent watched in amazement and arousal as Shelly sucked all of his cum off of her panties.   His cock had responded to the sight of Shelly sexily eating his cum.   Although it had only been 10 minutes previous that it had shot great gobs of cum in a fantastic orgasm, his cock was now fully erect again. As Brent watched Shelly sucking his cum from her panties, he instinctively began stroking his fully erect cock.

Shelly, satisfied that she had removed all of the cum she could from her panties looked over to Brent.   Seeing him stroking his cock again made her grin.   ‘As turned on as I am’ she thought.   She smiled at him and shook her head from side to side pointing at his hand wrapped around his cock.

She mouthed to him, “No…..Tomorrow….”










































Sam (Part one)

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Sam lay naked on the bed. The rest of the house was quiet. His parents had gone to bed an hour ago, and his sister was at University. With growing excitement, he dragged his schoolbag closer and opened it. Earlier that evening, he had been at a friend’s house playing on his X box. During the nights gaming, he had come across a Freeman’s clothing catalogue in the living room. Out of curiosity, he had opened it. Straight to the underwear section. Faced with the surprising sight of so much naked flesh he had been momentarily stunned. Sam recovered quickly and managed to secrete the catalogue into his bag. His mind on the unexpected prize, he had lost badly on the computer.

Eventually he gave in to the inevitable, made his excuses and left. Sam had resisted the temptati

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on to look at it until now. His young cock was positively throbbing in anticipation as he withdrew the publication. It was only a few weeks ago that he had started wanking. It was as if eating Pringles, once he had started; there was no way on earth he was going to stop. When he had first started getting erections, he had been embarrassed and frustrated at the inconvenience the bulge created in his trousers.

It was only listening by chance to some older boys, that he learned that there was a way to relieve the pressure. That night he had tried what they were talking about on his own manhood. At first, he was unsure what the fuss was about, as stroking had little effect. After a bit of experimentation, he discovered that by pulling back the skin at the end of his nob, he could induce a feeling of expectancy and mild pleasure. Somewhat let down by the anti climax of it all, he had been about to stop, when the feeling started to get stronger and a pleasant tingle started at the tip of his bell end. His interest refreshed he had carried on.

The sensation got greater, stronger, his hand movements faster. The warm glow at his tip got hotter and began to spread down the underside of his nob. The sensations coursing through his cock were the most intensive he had ever felt. As the pleasure built, his cock began to twitch on its own accord. Pure pleasure spread from under his ball sack, racing up his nob. Gasping his hand motions stopped, his nob twitched mightily, convulsions running up its length. The end of his nob seemed to explode and jets of thick, sticky cum exploded to land on his neck and chest. Stunned, he had lain on his bed, cum dripping down off his neck onto the bed.

Eventually he got up, using his pants to mop up the not inconsiderable amount of cum over him. Since then, he had not looked back in his newfound quest, to find the bigger, better orgasm. With anticipation that was almost making him come, he opened the catalogue. Everywhere he looked, there were beautiful women. Within minutes, he was ready to blow. Looking at the women in eveningwear was too much, and he happily succumbed to his orgasm. Reaching over, he retrieved the toilet roll that was now ever present, and wiped up his cum.

He paused to take a drink from his bottle of pop, and then went back to perusing the catalogue pages. The sexual tension released, he skipped to the lingerie pages. Within seconds of looking at the first pages, he could feel his loins starting to stir. Unconsciously, his left hand started to stroke his cock as his right turned the pages. He could not believe the amount of curvaceous pink flesh that was displayed for his pleasure. The models seemed so perfect, unblemished by the stress of reality. Sam began to superimpose the faces of girls he new over the models faces. In no time, at all he was reaching for the toilet roll. Resting, he wondered if he could make it three times.

Never one to let a challenge go he opened the catalogue again. Looking for something different, he leafed through the pages until he came to the teen’s section. Laughing, he realised that one of the girls in his class wore some of the items on a regular basis. Curious he skipped to the girl’s underwear section and tried to work out what underwear she might have. One thing that he immediately noticed was that the girls had smaller breasts and that instead of having lacy front panels on their pants, they tended just to have all cotton fronts. This was a bit of a let down, as there was no glimpse of hair as revealed by the more adult clothing. Enough was exposed to bring him to the brink, and the mental picture of one of his classmates standing in front of him, dressed in the underwear shown, swung the balance. Tossing the sodden toilet roll containing his third endeavour into the bin, he stashed the catalogue, turned off the lights and went to bed.

The next day he started to look at women in a new light. Trying to picture them as models in the catalogue. Seeing, in his minds eye, similarities in the cut and design of the clothing. Looking at the pictures had also improved his mind in other ways. Previously, he had known clothes as just clothes. Now he knew that each type of item had its own type name. No longer was a top a top, was it a jersey top, or a halter neck, or a tank top, or a lace-up, the list was endless. During the bus ride to school, he tried to work out what the women and girls on the street might be wearing under their clothes. What type of bras and knickers they wore. Were they a matched set or separates? Was that girl with the short skirt wearing tights or stockings? Before he knew it, the bus was pulling into the school playground.

It had seemed like he had been on the bus for only minutes instead of the usual half hour. During the day, he amused himself by picturing some of the more physically advanced girls, in some of the lingerie that he had seen. So enthralling was this new pastime, that he was forced to go to the toilets at dinnertime for a wank. And gain at afternoon break. The bus ride home was just as enjoyable. That night he availed himself of the catalogue. For the next few days, life had definitely taken a turn for the better. Like all things in life it was not to last. Sam had studied the catalogue with such intensity, that it no longer had the same level of buzz.

It was taking longer to reach orgasm, and the orgasm was not as intense. He needed a new sensory injection, but what? He had no access to another catalogue. He lay on his bed idly flicking through the lingerie pages. His gaze fell to a picture of a brunet, who seemed to be wearing an item of lingerie, which consisted of more straps than was right for it. He flicked his eyes to the description. Basque. Very nice, just like the young women that was modelling it. Lying back on his bed, he let his eyes wander the room. They came to rest on a family portrait on his bookshelf. His imagination away with the fairies, he wondered what his sister wore, underwear wise.

He lay there for a minute more, thinking, and then looked back at the catalogue. What did she wear? The thought reverberated around his head. The more he thought about it, the more he was curious to know. Desire also started to course through him, taking root in his cock. Why, he could go to her room and find out? The thought hit him like a sledgehammer. No, he could not. Why not? His subconscious niggled. Fired with the danger and excitement, he arose off the bed and hastily donned some clothes. It was still early in the night and his parents were still down stairs watching the telly. As quietly as he could, he moved across the landing to his sister’s room.

Holding his breath, he slowly turned the door handle. With movement downstairs nil, he slipped into her room. Turning on the light, he noticed that the room was barer than he was expecting. Then, he rationalised, most of her kit would be at uni. He hoped that she had not taken all her clothes with her. Tiptoeing, he crept to her chest of drawers. He paused, not believing that he was doing this. The adrenaline rushing around his body was causing his heart to beat painfully against his chest. He slowly, almost reverently slid the top-drawer open. And was some what let down when it was revealed to be empty. Pushing the drawer back in he tried the next one. Bingo! Although it was, half-empty it at least contained some socks and pants. Sam gazed down at the lingerie contained within.

Almost to scared to move, he slowly reached a hand into the drawer and picked out some knickers at random. The first thing he noticed was the feel. They did not feel as rough as his cotton pants. In addition, there appeared to be a lot less fabric used. He turned the panties over in his hands, studying them curiously. They were plain blue with lace around the edges with a strip of cotton between the legs. A black bundle caught his eye. Replacing the blue pair, he lifted out the black pair. Again, they were soft to the touch. Where the last pair had been plain fabric, this pair was mostly lace and there was not much of that.

He spotted the label, and held the panties by where he thought the hips would press against the sides. The front - well it was opposite the label- was just a patch of lace that started about a hand span in width and grew narrower until it was only about a thumbs width at the bottom. It stayed that width on the journey back up to the label, only growing wider by a triangular inch just as it reached the label. They looked the most uncomfortable pants ever in Sam’s eyes. He put them back and carried on looking. He had just picked out a very feminine looking pink pair, when he heard movement downstairs.

Startled into the verge of panic, he hastily shut the drawer and left the room, only just remembering to turn off the lights as he left. Safely ensconced in his room he let out a sigh of relief, then realised he was still holding the pink panties. He listened carefully to make sure the coast was clear then laid the panties out on the bed. Like the last pair, they were silkily smooth to the touch, with a predominant amount of lace at the sides and along the front. Unlike the last pair however, they had considerably more material, yet still less than that of any pants he owned. They looked vaguely familiar somehow, so he looked in the catalogue. The catalogue did not have a matching pair, but it did have a similar pair in white. Looking at the model closely, the patch of lace tantalisingly revealed, but just failed to expose the pubic hair that the model undoubtedly possessed. Had the pair been black, not white you would not have seen the dark shadow of the black hair against the lace. Sam wondered if you could see his sister’s pubic hair against the lacy fabric.

Just that mere idea was enough to give him an erection in need of attention. Hastily, he stripped naked and lay atop his bed, has hand gently stroking his pulsating shaft. In his minds eye he visualised his sister standing at the end of the bed wearing nothing but the panties. That was enough. Over the next few nights, he had many an enjoyable wank with the aid of his sister’s panties. As with the catalogue, the excitement soon started to fade. It was the weekend and he was bored. His sister was also back this weekend, so he could not swap the panties or look for something else. Therefore, he sat there on the edge of his bed, looking forlornly between the panties and the now very dog-eared and stale catalogue, wondering for the umpteenth time what the panties would look like filled with flesh.

In a flash of inspiration so simple, he wondered why he had never considered it before; the image of him wearing them crossed his mind. With hands shaking with suppressed excitement, he stripped off all his clothes. He went and stood in front of the mirror, naked but for the pink panties in his hand. With a shaky breath, he bent over and put his feet into the leg holes. Looking in the mirror, he slowly stood up, sliding the wispy material up his legs as he did so. The sensation was incredible, the materiel so soft, so friction less. He stopped just short of his genitals, pausing to look at his strange reflection in the mirror. He smiled and almost provocatively, slid the panties the last bit over his cock. When the panties were finally in place, he looked again at his reflection.

He watched as he slid both his hands across the lace covering his cock, watched as it started to become erect under the caress. Sam stood motionless but for his hands as he watched his hands in the reflection slowly masturbate himself. His orgasm was not long in coming, and the waves of pleasure were enough to buckle his knees. Happy that a completely new avenue had just been opened to him, he climbed into bed and pulled the sheets up and over his body. Still wearing his sisters cum soaked pink panties he drifted off to sleep. The next morning Sam woke refreshed after a good nights sleep. The panties had dried during the night and as he rolled over, he revelled in the feel of satin and lace. He lay there and wondered why boy’s clothes were not made to feel like this.

Eventually, he got out of bed. He wandered over to his clothes drawer to pick out clothes for the day. As he removed a pair of his pants, he decided not to wear them and kept his sisters on instead. As he walked around the room, he enjoyed the way his trousers glided over his satin covered bum and the way his trouser fly rubbed against the lace. When he went downstairs for lunch, he looked at his sister and wondered if this was how she felt. What did she wear under her trousers? As he ate his lunch, his excitement continued to grow. With what was becoming a regular habit, he excused himself and dashed off to relieve the pressure. His sister was hardly out the door, on her way back to Uni, before he was back in her room, raiding her panty drawer. With a bit more time and a bit more knowledge, he was starting to notice little things that he had missed before, like the subtle, flowery, smell that pervaded the room.

Even her underwear drawer had it’s own unique and pleasant fragrance. Thanks to the catalogue, he was starting to differentiate between the various types of underwear. He now knew that the pair of panties that he had first picked up, that had seemed to consist of only straps and a small patch of fabric was called a thong. He had tried it on, but found that the materiel at the front, could not contain his tackle and having a strip of cloth between his arse cheeks was uncomfortable. There were many items of lingerie.

He would have liked to try on many of them, but his sister did not seem to possess them or items similar to them. Basques, teddies, corsets, body’s and the like were all tantalisingly out of reach. He could look but not touch, as it were. What had started out as pleasurable was starting to become comforting. He was starting to enjoy the smell and feel if the clothes. Even just being in his sister’s room was enjoyable. As the days past, Sam started to take more liberties.

At first, it had been stealthy raids, which had become lingering forays. Now he changed and tried on her underwear in her room. If his parents went out for the night, he would slip on a pair of her pants and lie on her bed, smelling her essence in the bed sheets. The orgasms he had, lying on her bed in her panties, were among the strongest and most intense he had. Sam longed to fall asleep and wake in her bed, but the fear of being caught was too great. All too soon, he grew tired of the small collection in the drawer, and his searching expanded elsewhere. He had tried on some trousers and T-shirts but they did nothing for him.

When he had tried on one of her dresses, he had felt more stupid than turned on. Bras just looked ungainly, so he had to content himself with her panties. All said and done, it was still an enjoyable experience. One that he preferred over watching TV or playing on his mate’s computer. In addition, he would have to make the most of it, as the school holidays would start soon and his sister would be back, denying him his newfound playground. It was this thought that was going through his mind one evening. Sam had a couple of hours between the time he got home and the time his parents got home, to indulge in his fantasies.

And he planned to make the most of it. He lay on her bed wearing the pink panties, now his favourite. One of her music C.D’s played quietly in the background. One hand lightly stroked his hard on through the pink lace, his mind wondering what it would be like, for it to be someone else’s. “What on Earth are you doing?” The shock at the unexpected sound of his sister’s voice caused him to jack-knife upright. So lost in his reverie, he had not heard the front door open and close. Sam stared at his sister in the doorway, in utter abject horror. 

“I. Well. Uh.” Words failed him as he tried to find a plausible reason as to why he would be lying naked, but for a pair of her panties, on her bed. No reason was forthcoming. Filling with shame and complete terror, he fled the room. His sister stood to the side of the doorway, to let the fleeing boy escape. Safely in his room, he removed the panties, got dressed into his normal clothes and burst into tears. As he lay on his bed, he tried to think of a way out of his predicament. His mother was going to go ballistic; his father was going to kill him. 

God knew what his sister was going to do. When he heard his parents come home, he waited for the inevitable. And waited. And waited. He heard his mother call him down for tea, he called back that he was not hungry. Unable to face another human being, he lay sobbing on his bed. All night he lay on his bed, feeling wretched, waiting for the clash that he knew was building. Nothing. Eventually, late at night he heard footsteps on the stairs. Terrified, he leapt out of bed and switched the light off. 

Hoping that if he feigned sleep he could delay the inevitable, he pulled the duvet over his head. The footsteps did not go to his room. In the distance, he heard a door open and shut. Sam sighed in relief. Sam must have dozed off, as a gentle knocking roused him. He ignored it in the hope that the knocker might leave. No such luck. The door opened, the room light came on and the door closed. Panic started to build as the footsteps approached his bed. Sam silently prayed for the visitor to leave. His bed rustled and sank down as his visitor sat on the edge. Silence. The silence seemed to stretch forever until; finally, his visitor spoke. 

“I know you’re not asleep.” The sound of his sister’s voice sent a wave of fear through him. A period of silence followed. “I’ve not told mum or dad. Nor do I intend to.” Another long stretch of silence. “You can look at me you know.” Sam sighed and gave in to the inevitable. He turned over and stuck his head out of the duvet. And almost died of shock. His sister sitting on the edge of the bed was to be expected. What was not expected was what she was dressed in. His jaw, uncontrolled, dropped. Sitting on the edge of the bed in an air of demureness, she wore a stone grey lace and silk chemise. The front was plain grey silk, which seemed to defy gravity and cling to her breasts. Her nipples protruded proudly from the silk sea. The lace ran round the top of her breasts and ran in a strip down her side. When the silk garment reached her waist, it split down her side. The split was laced along the edges in grey lace. 

The way she sat on the bed caused the split to spread open. Visible under the lace was a matching set of stone grey panties. She wore no bra. His eyes could not help but follow her form. Her legs were long, smooth and lightly tanned. Unconsciously his eyes travelled back up to rest at her groin. He could not help but wonder if the front of her panties were lace panelled or smooth silk. “I have matching suspenders.” She said coolly. Sam looked back up at her face. Framed by her long brown hair, it was a face to die for. 

He swallowed and tried not to think too much about it, as he started to harden. She continued to look at him. Her green eyes had never seemed so bright, so obvious before. “Will I see you at breakfast tomorrow?” As she spoke, the movements of her lips fascinated Sam. The way her tongue caressed her inner, cherry darkness. Sam tried to reply, but only a primal grunt was forthcoming. “Till tomorrow.” With that she slowly, almost provocatively, rose from the side of the bed. 

His eyes followed every move, every ripple of silk as it glided over her body. With the grace of a ballet dancer, she stood and seemed to float over the floor to the door. The silk chemise floated around her body, but managed to cling momentarily to the curves of her body. As she walked under the light, the thin silk became transparent, her perfect silk clad panty cheeks, wonderfully and tantalisingly revealed. At the doorway, she paused and turned round. The diaphanous quality of the material, brought out by the light, revealed that her panties did indeed have a lace front. “Goodnight, Sam.” With that she turned the light out and softly closed the door behind her. 

Lying on his bed in the dark, he could not believe what had just happened. Dream or reality, his erection was real, as was the orgasm that soon followed. The next morning found him in chirpier mood. As he walked into the kitchen, his sister was already sat down. His mother asked him if he felt better, he looked at his sister, she ignored him. “Yes” he replied. As he tucked into breakfast, trying to sneak surreptitious glances at his sister as he did so, his mother prattled on. Sam only half listened, trying to figure out what his sister’s game was. As his mother blathered on, she explained that his sister was back as term had ended early. When his mother left the room, he expected his sister to say something. Nothing. She just put her empty dishes in the dishwasher and left the room. Perplexed, he finished up and got ready for school. All day he could not focus his mind on the schoolwork at hand. Everywhere he looked he saw the phantom image of his sister in the grey chemise and matching panties. He was looking forward to home time with equal amounts of trepidation and eagerness. 

When he got home, he was almost bouncing with excitement. The thought foremost in his mind was, what his sibling would be wearing. The TV was on in the living room, as was she. To see her dressed in trousers and T-shirt was a great disappointment “High sis.” She looked round at his voice. “Oh, high. How was school?” Sam was thrown somewhat by the question. “Okay, I suppose.” She nodded in reply then went back to watching the telly. Sam stood around waiting for something more. Nothing was forthcoming. Bewildered, he headed up the stairs to his room. Inside he abandoned his bag on the floor and sat on the edge of his bed. Confused at the whole situation. He considered sneaking into her room and stealing the chemise and panties, but discarded the notion straight way as foolhardy and asking for it. 

Though what ‘it’ would be, he had no idea or a desire to find out. All through dinner, she was coolly distant, making polite conversation, but refusing to be drawn into prolonged conversation. The rest of the evening followed in a similar vein. Eventually giving up he retired to bed. As he lay in bed, he expectantly looked towards the door. It never opened. The next morning, more confused than ever, he went downstairs for breakfast. Again, she was coolly distant. At a loss, he gathered his school stuff and departed for school. Lessons just seemed to drag and more than one teacher remarked on the absence of any form of attention. On the bus home, all women seemed to have his sister’s face. 

He may not have been able to spell infatuation but he sure knew what it meant. That night followed the same pattern as the night before. The sexual tension was driving him crazy. Again, he waited for her. Again, she never showed. He wanted her, wanted her so badly. It was Friday tomorrow and the end of term. He was not sure if he could stay in the house all day with sexual tension so strong. He was practically rubbing himself against objects, like a dog in heat, as it was. But what could he do, approach her? The image of him walking into her room and asking to wear her grey chemise, made him giggle hysterically. The last day of term went like any other. It dragged. No work was done just the playing of games and other activities the teachers thought would ‘be fun’. His mind was not on the games of kerplunk, connect four, bucking bronco and other such ilk that they brought out every final term day. As per the norm, the day finished early. 

As he sat in the bus, he wondered if his sister would be home. Maybe she would be at the shops and any potential unpleasantness might be avoided. He thought about his situation again. Maybe he was ill and should see a doctor. No other boy that he new, had a desire to wear female clothing. On the other hand, if they did, they were as embarrassed about as he was. So wrapped up in his thoughts that he almost missed his stop. Hastily he ran to the front before the driver could pull away. There was an Irn-Bru can lying on the pavement and he idly kicked it all the way from the bus stop to his front gate. The house appeared quiet but his hopes were dashed when he tried the front door and it opened. Downstairs was quiet but he heard music emanating from his sisters room upstairs. 

Sam cursed to himself and footered around in the kitchen. He made himself a sandwich. Not because he was hungry. It was just something to do. Swearing again, he grabbed the sandwich and headed up to his room. As he climbed the stairs, he expected his sister’s door to open. Her music was not loud; she would have heard the door open and close. Nothing. He shrugged his shoulders as he walked past her room. He opened his door and froze. Sitting innocently on the bed was a parcel. A pretty, neatly wrapped parcel. He stood in the doorway and stared at it. It did not move. Not that it was any consolidation. You could have placed a small bomb on the bed and it would have made less impact amongst the mess of the room. At that moment in time, Sam wished that it did indeed go tick. 

Music still played from behind his sisters closed door. Sam wanted to turn and leave. To run away, to hide. The parcel just sat there. Invading his life. Denying him his room. Taking a deep breath and summoning his courage, he stepped across the threshold. Nothing happened, the parcel did not move, the heavens did not collapse and a pit straight to hell- refused to open. Sam shut the door behind him and walked over to the bed. He stood at the side of the bed and stared at it. There were pictures of flowers on the paper. It had a ribbon and bow. It smelt. It smelt awful. It smelt…. Girly. It had his sister written all over it. 

A pit opened in his stomach. He reached out with a hand to pick it up. His brain fought to connect with the rest of his body and eventually succeeded in reminding him that the hand still held a sandwich. He put the untouched sandwich on the bed next to the parcel. He moved his hand over to the parcel and prodded. It was solid. Taking the parcel in both hands, he lifted it up. It was deceptively light. Part of him hoped that it was empty. Part of him hoped that it was not. He walked over to the dresser and rummaged around the contents until he found his pocket-knife. Opening the blade, he walked back to the bed, neatly sidestepping the toys strewn across the floor. With a growing sense of trepidation, he sat back down on the bed. He looked at the package in his hands. He wondered if opening it was a good idea. 

Maybe he should not. He was in enough trouble as it was without complicating the matter. He cut the ribbon. He could have undone the bow, but that would have offended his boyish and destructive mentality. He caught himself slicing the selotape, stopped, put the knife down and ripped the wrapper off. Revealed in front of him was a plain grey box. He was not sure what he was expecting, but this was not it. Sam opened the box. And nearly died. Neatly folded in front of him, the same colour as the box was lacy material. Without a doubt, it was underwear. Not just underwear but lingerie. There was a matching small grey card on top, nestled in the middle. Sam picked it up and turned it over. “Since you liked mine so much, I got you a set of your own.” His sister’s name was at the end. Sam sat there, looking at the box, stunned. 

Eventually he put the card on the bed beside him. He picked up the two straps in either hand and lifted them from the box. The chemise unfurled in front of him. It was the same as what his sister had worn when she had entered his room. There was hardly any weight to it and it seemed to move on its own invisible wind. He looked at the label. Pure silk. He had never touched silk before. It felt so soft to his touch. He was unaware of his raging hardon. He looked back into the box. Two items remained. One was the matching panties. The other must be the matching suspender belt that she had hinted about. He put the chemise back in the box and stood up. Something fell to the floor behind him. He looked behind and seeing what lay on the floor, groaned. He had only gone and sat on the sandwich. The contents of which were now spread over the duvet. He twisted and looked behind again. Bits of bread, butter and jam were spread over the seat of his trousers. 

Sam reached for the roll of toilet roll and tried to clean as much of the mess off the bed as possible. All he succeeded in doing was rubbing it into the cloth. He gave up and settled for turning the duvet over. Satisfied that the problem was dealt with, he removed his trousers. The remains of the sandwich were well ground in. The only option would be the washing machine. He discarded the trousers on the floor. He stopped, half-naked and looked at the box and its contents. For the first time that night, he became aware of his erection. It would not take much to swap his pants for the grey pair in the box. He tried to the resist the thought. Like a seed, once the thought was planted, it grew. He tried to fight it. He lost. He reached into the box and lifted out the panties. On closer inspection, they were not the same as the pair his sister had worn. They lacked the lace panel at the front that his sisters had. The edges were still grey lace. 

Like the chemise, the majority of the material was grey lace. The material felt incredibly soft. When the silk was rubbed against itself, it glided past with almost no resistance. He had to try them on. Sam almost tore his underpants off in his haste. As he pulled the panties up his legs, he almost came. He had never felt any thing like it in his life. He stood there, in the middle of his room revelling in the sensation. He had no idea how long he would have stood there had he not heard his sister’s door open. He panicked. Hastily he looked around. Spying a clean pair of jeans, he leapt over to them. Frantically pulling them up his legs. He breathed a sigh of relief as he both fastened the button and his sister never walked in. Which, he reasoned was a good thing as the opened box and its contents were in plain view. 

Also plainly noticeable was the fact that there were only two items on display. Taking that as a warning, he shoved the box, its contents and the wrapping paper under the bed out of sight. The reason for his sisters burst of life soon became apparent. His mother was home. She called up to him. Trying not to appear furtive or suspicious, he called back and made his way downstairs. As he walked, Sam was acutely aware of the way the fabric of his jeans slid over his silk and lace panties. 

The way the front of his trousers glided over his crotch, made it feel as though he was being gently wanked. He considered going back upstairs to change. As his mother put away the messages, she asked Sam and his sister how their day had been. Sam, as ever, was non-committal. His sister, as usual, went into full verbal flow. Leaving them to it, Sam headed back upstairs. Safely in his room, Sam breathed a sigh of relief. He could still hear his sister nattering away downstairs. His erection was uncomfortable and he stuck his hand down the front of his trousers in an attempt to rearrange its position. Sam could not help stroking himself through the silk. Sam was aware that the only relief possible would be to cum. With so many close shaves he decided to do it in the toilet. 

That way he could lock the door and prevent any accidental interruption. On a spur of the moment decision, he picked up the chemise as well. Furtively he darted to the toilet. Inside, with the door securely locked he breathed a sigh of relief. Hastily he removed his trousers and t-shirt. With increasing excitement, he picked the chemise off the floor and allowed the material to glide down over his body. Sam looked up and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was surprised to see that he looked as feminine as he felt. 

His mind pictured his sister clad in a similar fashion. It superimposed her face over his. A wave of pleasure unexpectedly ran through him. His cock spasmed, without external manipulation. Sam realised that he was close to cuming and he was still to touch his erection. Sam ran his palms over his breasts, pretending they were larger like his sisters. His hands travelled down over the silk, passing his waist. He stroked his erection through the silk of both chemise and pants. He felt himself start to cum. In haste, he quickly freed his cock and ejaculated straight into the sink. Sam struggled against the pleasure, to keep his knees straight. 

As the final drops dripped from his tip, he leant over and tore some toilet roll from the holder. Carefully moping up all traces of his fluid, he tucked his now flaccid cock back into the panties. Mournfully he removed the chemise, but decided to keep the pants on. Slipping his trousers back on, he flushed the toilet and collected the bundle of grey silk from the floor. Checking that the coast was clear, Sam quickly unlocked the door and darted into his room. Stashing the chemise back under the bed, he lay atop the duvet and reflected on the activities and sensations of the previous ten minutes. The remainder of the evening passed uneventfully. 

The next morning, after an exceptionally good nights sleep, he was woken by his mother. “Your dad and I are off to the shops. We will be there most of the day. Do you wish to come?” Sam declined. “Okay, I have told Jackie where there is food in fridge that you can use for lunch. We should be back for tea. Behave yourselves, no squabbling.” “Yes mum” Sam watched her depart. He lay in bed, but was not tired. Slipping out of bed, he went in search of cleanish clothes. Sam could not resist slipping on the grey pants. 

Managing to resist putting the chemise on, he drew on his jeans and a top. Peckish as ever, he made his way to the kitchen. Pouring some cereal, he considered the plan of the day. Deciding that festering in front of the TV was a sound idea, he made his way to the box. The house was surprisingly quiet. He had expected his sister to either go with his parents or at least be floating around the house. Not bothered, he settled down to watch the cartoons. An hour later, his sister walked into the room. Sam flicked his gaze her way. Dressed in a conservative dressing gown that was securely fastened, she sat down to watch the cartoons as well. After a minute, Sam was acutely aware that her attention was no longer focused on the telly. It had drifted towards him. He tried to ignore it, but she continued to stare at him. 

He wanted to say something, but knew of nothing. A cold shiver ran down his spine. He tried to resist the urge, but the more he tried, the harder it became. He glanced quickly her way, then back to the screen. Out the corner of his eye, he watched her watching him. He glanced quickly her way again. Still she did not look away. He was becoming unsettled. Eventually he could stand her scrutiny no more. “What are you staring at me for?” She did not answer, just continued to look at him. He was about to repeat the question when she finally spoke. “You are still wearing those pants aren’t you” It was phrased as a statement not a question. Sam’s mouth opened and closed in horror like that of a fish. 

“You can not wear them all the time. You have to wash them at some point.” Sams brain engaged denial mode “Who said that I was wearing them?” She tilted her head to the side fractionally before she spoke “The lingerie was packed in a box with scented beads. I can smell the scent of the beads on you. If I am wrong, prove it by showing me the waist band of your underwear.” Sam was caught he knew it. What hurt more was that he knew that she knew it. It was a bitter pill to swallow. “What do you want?” His brain was now engaging panic mode. 

With a calmness that was starting to terrify Sam, she tilted her head slightly the other way. “I want nothing. It’s you that’s wearing woman’s underwear.” “Why are you doing this?” “Why?” She shrugged “Maybe I like to look at boys in woman’s underwear, or maybe I think you look cute in lingerie. Maybe the power of control excites me. Alternatively, it could be good old-fashioned maliciousness. What do you think?” Sam frantically tried to think of a way he could turn the conversation round. 

At least steer it in a more favourable direction. “I…” Sam knew a lost cause when he saw one. This could not get more lost and still be on the same planet. She went back to her earlier train of questioning. “What did you plan to wear when you put those pants in the wash? You are going to wash them aren’t you?” Sam nodded in misery “Were you going to wear a pair of your own boy’s pants, or do you have another pair of mine in your room?” Sam hastily shook his head “So what were you going to wear?” Sam mimicked a fish again. “Do you wear the chemise Sam?” Sam’s voice came out in a croak “No” Jackie was visibly surprised “No? Is it not to your taste?” “No. Not enough privacy.” “What? Worried about being caught?” She smiled at him. “Something like that.” “Do you wish to wear it now?” She looked at him intently. 

Sam lowered his head in shame. A shadow fell across him. He looked up. His sister stood in front of him. She reached out and tenderly grasped his hand. “Come” She stepped back, he rose to follow her. Gently but firmly she led him out of the room and up the stairs. She led him not to his room, as he was expecting, but to hers. She led him over to her chest of drawers. “You can borrow my pair while yours are in the wash.” She handed him the silk and lace panel panties. “I... I can’t wear just these around the house!” “You won’t be. You will have the chemise on as well, wont you?” “What happens if some one comes in?” “Sam, people normally ring the doorbell first, then wait for the door to be answered. 

Mum and dad will not be back until later. Now go and change, go, shoo” She gently ushered him out “And don’t forget to bring back your pair so they can be washed.” Sam walked back to his room on autopilot. Back once again in his room, he sat on the edge of his bed and pondered the situation. On his lap, his hands played with the fabric of his sister’s pants. Turning the fabric repeatedly over and over. Feeling pressured into a situation far from his control but not from his desire, he stood. With shaking hands, he unbuttoned his trousers. Pulling them down, he stepped out of them, and then removed his t-shirt. Clad only in the grey pants he retrieved then donned the matching grey silk chemise. 

As the silk fluttered past his waist, he pulled down the pants. They were starting to smell as though they were in dire need of a wash. He took hold of his sister’s pair and stepped into the leg holes. Sam went over and stood in front of his mirror. Curious he lifted the hem of the chemise to get a clear view of the pants. The pants were slightly smaller than his pair, the fit tighter. The front lace panel pulled tight against his cock. The sensation of the lace was one that he could not work out. He was not sure if it felt uncomfortable or pleasant. He allowed the hem to drop free. Picking up his own dirty pair, he headed for his sisters room. 

Pausing at her door and feeling foolish for wearing only attire of an intimate female nature. He knocked. “Come in Sam” Came his sister’s melodious voice. Eyes downcast, he opened the door and stepped into the room. His sister was sitting down at her dresser combing her hair. She turned round to look at him, Sam looked at her. Clad only in a skimpy pair of white high cut briefs, she seemed totally impervious to the sate of her undress. Sam was not. He tried hard not to look at her bare breasts, but his eyes would not obey his command. She did not so much rise as uncoil from the seat. Sam watched the fluid grace of her limbs. As she walked over to him, Sam was certain that she deliberately accentuated her movements. The deliberate slow pace of one foot in front of the other. 

The deliberate hip swing. Her hands at her side, made no move to conceal her breasts, or block his view of the junction between legs and body. A little voice in the back of Sams mind pointed out to him, that if her pace were any slower she would start to go backwards. As she approached, he could not help but feast his eyes on her breasts. Like the rest of her body, they were perfectly proportioned and firm. Not yet having suffered the full vagaries of age and diet. The edge of his vision took in other small details, like the flat stomach and firm, fatless thighs. Sam was struck by a streak of envy so large and green that it could accommodate a football pitch. 

The knowledge that someone shared that body at university tore him up inside. That she would sleep alone or desire to was blatantly alien to her. Even Sam in his inexperience, could see that she was more than comfortable being naked in the presence of others. One quick look at her face showed that she was not only comfortable, but enjoyed it. His envy did nothing to dampen his desire. His erection had fought free and was standing out proud. His sister’s gaze did not even flicker from his face as she approached. Sam desperately wanted to swallow, to lick his dry lips. The only part of his body- apart from his groin and eyes- that was working appeared to be his heart. 

His heart seemed determined to make up for the rest of his bodies inactivity. It painfully beat against his chest, and all he could her was its beat. Jackie closed the distance, stopping only when her body lightly touched his. Sam became aware that the tip of his half-free cock was touching the bare skin of his sister. It was warm. She moved fractionally closer. Her bare nipples pressing lightly into his chest. Sam was all too sensitive to heat building up between them. She slowly moved her head closer to his. 

Sam could make out every detail. The small flaws of her flesh only emphasised the overall beauty. Another streak of envy ran through his soul. Oh how he so desired to wake up in the morning, his head next to hers so that it was the first sight of the day to greet him. Her mouth seemed to take over the role of her eyes. Sam could not feel its touch but he felt the passage of breath through her open lips. 

The passage of air traversed over one eye then the other. It explored his ears, his nose, his chin, yet the soft flesh of her lips never touched his skin. Her lips stopped opposite his. Sam’s mouth opened, awaiting hers. He could feel the breath from her mouth enter his. She lifted a hand containing his worn pants. Sam was not even aware of releasing the fabric from his grasp. She moved her head back, breaking the thin contact of air. She raised the fabric between their faces briefly, inhaling as she did so. She lowered the crumpled wad of grey silk. “Thank you Sam. I will give you them back later when they are dry” She turned and headed back to the dresser to continue combing her hair. Realising that the moment had passed and he had been dismissed, Sam stumbled from the room.

Fun Together

anerotic54 on Masturbation Stories

‘Why don’t we go back to my place? We wouldn’t touch off course, but it would satisfy our immediate needs. How do you feel about that Mike?’ ‘Very interested’ I replied as Jennifer continued ‘I would like to change into something I know you would like. Give me 20 minutes before you come’ and she got up and left. I sat thinking about what we had spoken about surprised that we shared the same fantasy and fetish she was after all quite a lot younger and my prick started to twitch as I finished my coffee. Twenty minutes later I knocked on her door. She opened it wearing a long see through cotton shirt and nothing else. My prick immediately began to harden as she stepped aside invited me in. ‘Looking at the bulge in your pants’ s
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he whispered, closing the door, her eyes fixed to the growing lump in my trousers ‘you like what I am wearing.’ I stood there, my eyes feasting on her nipples as they stiffened under my gaze. ‘Why don’t you take your cloths off? You will feel more comfortable, and it will also lets me have a good look at that hard prick of yours.’ As we moved to the bedroom, I undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and slid them down to the floor and she gasped as my hard prick sprang up throbbing at her ‘You are ready, I see’ licking her lips and I had to wonder if she could restrain herself from touching it. ‘Are you?’ I almost breathless asked and she slipped a finger between her thighs ‘Mmm yes, I think I am. What do you think?’ bringing it up under my nose as I groaned and smelt her aroma and saw how wet she was. ‘We’re keeping touching to a minimum’ she whispered, her eyes still looking at my throbbing prick as I took off my shirt then sat on the edge of the bed spreading my legs so she could get a better look. She stood with her back to me, her eyes never leaving mine as she watched in the reflection of the wardrobe mirror, then moved back between my open legs, almost sitting in my lap and began opening her shirt from the front. As it dropped to the floor, she ran her hands over her firm cheeks, parted her legs and bent down giving me a delightful look at her wet lips and arse. Swaying her hips she reached around and parted her cheeks gave me an eyeful of her puckered hole, then slowly dipped a finger into her pussy and slid it up into her arse. I sat there groaning, my prick hard as steel, fighting my urge to slide it into her rear end. I could see in the mirror her firm breasts and hard nipples as she played with herself. Then she turned cupping her breasts in her hands, pushing them up as she brought her mouth down and licked each nipple making it stiffened. She looked at me, gazing into my eyes with lust, ‘Like what you see? Everything you imagined?’ My prick throbbed, cum running from the head ‘Jennifer, you’re beautiful,’ I replied. ‘I’m glad you approve,’ she said rubbing her hands between her legs and moved towards me as I fell back on the bed. She climbed over me her nipples grazed over my thighs then paused to let her breasts swing in front of my face. As she continued to move over me, I could see the juices glisten on her lips and smell the aroma of her arousal. Then she propped herself up on a couple pillows at the head of the bed and I slid over closer and knelt between her spreading thighs, her juices flowing down over her arse. ‘Let me see you slide your hand up and down the shaft,’ she purred ‘Ohh God this is going to be so good,’ brought her hand down over her smooth shaved pussy and began massaging with two fingers. ‘Ohh Mike, stoke your prick and tell me what you are thinking right at this moment’ as she worked her fingers up and down on her clit then slipped two into her pussy, drawing out more wetness putting them to her mouth and sucked them clean. ‘I want to slide my prick between your pussy lips and push it against your hard clit, then as you finger your arse, slide my prick down to join it. But first I want to lie down and have you on your hands and knees over the top of me, leaning in close, smothering my prick with your breasts, moving them up and down until I leaked pre-cum.’ I was slowly stroking myself, cum dripping from the head as I watched her bring her knees up to her chest, inserting her fingers into her dripping pussy again I could see her arse open and close as she fingered herself. She had her fingers inside the folds of her pussy and then slid one into her arse and moaned loudly as I continued. ‘Then you take my prick between your lips and suck my pre-cum off, cleaning me with your tongue. You cup my balls in your hand and lower your mouth over them, licking and sucking, then run down over my arse, probing with your tongue making it wet as you slide a finger in.’ ‘Oh God yes’ she moaned and continued ‘Mmm, imagine me sucking you as your stroke your prick. When I felt your balls tighten as you’re about to cum in my mouth, I let go of your prick and straddle your face so you can lick my pussy with your tongue. Then I’d turn around and you work your tongue in my arse.’ I groan almost cuming.’ ‘Ohh, Mike my arse feels tight as you work your tongue in and out and finger my dripping pussy.’ I was stroking my prick faster now as I imagined giving Jennifer’s beautiful arse a rim job. ‘Ohh God,’ I moaned ‘I am getting so close.’ ‘Stop, baby, let go of your prick it will make it last a little longer. Please hold off a little longer. I have a treat for you’ and pulled her finger out of her arse and pussy, rolled onto her hands and knees and straddled my legs, just above the knees. The she took her fingers and slowly dipped them into her wet pussy, covering them with her juices. I watched as my prick throbbed and cum was dripping down the shaft and over my balls, leaking but not quite cuming. Jennifer then brought her wet fingers to my open mouth and spreading her juices over my lips. ‘Do you like my smell and taste?’ All I could do was groan as I felt my orgasm build in my aching balls. ‘Can I have some of yours?’ her eyes on fire as she looked down on my hardness cum oozing from the head. She gently reached down and ran her fingernail up the shaft so as not to touch me, collecting the overflow and then sucked her finger ‘Mmm, tasty.’ It was all I could do not to cum. Then she turned around with her arse pointing straight at my face. She looked down at my hard prick and a long strand of pre-cum attached itself to her nipples as they grazed the dripping head. She brought her hands around pulled her cheeks open, letting me see her wide open and leaned back so it was almost touching my face. Then I moaning as I watched her fingers disappear into her arse. ‘Do you like my arse? Would you like to lick it, slide you tongue inside and taste me? Would you like to finger my arse while I hold it open for you? Slide your throbbing prick in deep and cum in my arse? Would you like that?’ Her arse opened and closed around her finger as she pushed it deeper ‘what are you thinking right now Mike?’ she moaned. ‘I want to lick and fuck your arse. Ohh God yes, I can feel you stretch as I push my hard prick deep in your arse. Jesus, I need to cum Jen, I can’t hold it any longer’ Panting, my breath getting heavier ‘God I’m so turned on I can’t hold on much longer either’ she groaned, then stopped all movement drawing short breaths her face flush she moaned ‘Ohh Mike, ready?’ ‘God yes’ I replied. She turned around and straddled my thighs almost touching me with her pussy, then leaned back as her fingers spread her lips wide open pointing her hard clit at my prick, her breasts high as the strand of cum dripped from her nipple. ‘I want you to cum on me, let me feel you’re hot cum over me.’ I looked down I could see her clit, swollen and throbbing, her pussy dripping with juices as I gave one last stroke, my prick brushing against her swollen clit, sending us both over the edge. Her pussy squirted juice over my hand, my balls, my legs as cum shot from my prick. ‘Yes, cum on me, cover me with your cum.’ She closed her eyes for a second as her orgasm overtook her. ‘Oh dear God,’ I moaned as my throbbing prick spraying her with strings of cum, spurting over and over covering her pussy, thighs and breasts. Jennifer was shaking and fell forwards on top of me, her rock hard nipples pressing into my chest, my prick dripping between her arse cheeks as my orgasm slowed down and my prick softened against her puckered hole. She breathed deeper as her orgasm started to subside. She smiled at me, purred then kissed me lightly ‘that was so good. Can we do that again but perhaps with a little touching and some holding?’ My prick throbbed and dripped cum over her arse. ‘Mmm, I felt that, I guess that means yes’ and clamped her cheeks around me as I started to harden. anerotic54

An old frind and a new experience

Dawn_1 on Masturbation Stories

I folloed him into his bedroom and he said yesterday his cousin had visited and showed him how to masturbate. Then he took his pants down and began to rub his cock. I was facinated and my cock was now hard in my pants. He said take yours off too and we can do it together. I did and followed his example and he two of us were masturbating together. He then lay on the bed and said how about you do it for me then I can do it for you. I was a bit hesitent as I had never touched another boys cock before. I did what he said and as I stood beside the bed and stroked his cock like he told me to he played with mine. It felt wonderful both the feeling of his cock and his hand on mine. I kept stroking him and looking at it as I stroked it and after a few minutes I became mesmorised by the look o

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f his cock and my hand stroking it and the head of it popping into view each time I rubbed it downwards. Without realising what I was doing I bent forward and put my mouth over it and sucked it. It felt absolutly wonderful in my mouth and I tried to do every thing to make it feel good for me and at the same time it was better for him. It didnt take long and he began to wriggle and move about as if he couldnt control himself and he moaned and held my head down on is cock. after a minute he said get off it I cant stand it any more  my cock is so sensitive. I said what happened and he said I came. I didnt know what he meant and said what do you mean. He said hop up here and I will do it for you and he proceeded to hand job me and I was really enjoying it and then the same thing happened to me. The pleasure that raced through my entire body gave me a sort of spasm which affected every part of me and the sensation in my cock was unbelievable. God I said tha felt good and he said you came too. Thats what happens when you masturbate. My cousin did it to me three times yesterday and I did it to him. He is older than me and when he cums stuff spurts out of his cock like white glue. He called it cum or baby juice - its what makes a girl pregnant evidently. He said his cousin told me i would do that pretty soon so I guess you will too. i said lets do it again it felt great so we both got to and started wankomg ourselves to orgasm once more. While we were wanking he said why did you suck me, I said I couldnt help it I just got so worked up I wanted to. He said what did it feel like and I said it felt great, then he said do you want me to try it on you and I said yes please.

He then got down on me and sucked me till I came and it was one of the best sensations I had ever had when he was sucking it. I bucked about quite a bit when I came and had to hold his head down on me till I had fiished cumming.

After that we talked about how good it felt and then I said if we do it right we could both suck each other at the same time and when I explained it to him we got on his bed and did it what we know know now as 69.

All the next week we masturbated together every day and sucked 69 as well. We always managed to do it about 3 times to each other or wank ourselves.

A couple of weeks later his cousin visted again and as my parents were playing golf my house was empty so they came to my place and the three of us wanked each other off and sucked on each other. I saw him cum and spurt this white stuff out of his cock every time he had an orgasm. He wanted me to suck him and let him cum in my mouth, he said it was ok and it was not dangerous and i would like it. I was a bit apprehansive and he said if you do that for me you can fuck me afterwards and I wasnt sure what he meant because you only fucked girls. Anyhow I said I would try and he said if you like you can spit my cum out if you dont like it and that made me feel better and I said ok. My mate watched and I had a feeling he was glad it was me and not him that was sucking him and going to have his cum in my mouth.

Any how I loved sucking his cock as it was bigger than either of ours and it felt really good. As I did it my friend masturbated as I knelt in front of his cousin and sucked him. He told me to hold his balls while i sucked and he held my head onto his cock most of the time which felt sort of nice too. Then he said I am going to cum, get ready, and then I felt this warm stuff in my mouth as he sort of pumped his cock into my face at the same time as I sucked on it. After he finished pumping his cock into my mouth he told me to suck it out and I sucked all the cum out of his cock. I had actually swallowed quite a bit already and it seemed ok. I still had a bit in my mouth and on my tongue and now I could taste it. It had a funny taste a bit salty or a bit like vinegar I wasnt sure but it didnt taste like pee smelled which is what I was expecting so I said it was ok. My friend wanted to know what it tasted like and I couldnt quite describe it properly but I said it was ok and not a bad taste. Arnold his cousin said next time you can try it and he said I dont know and I said he was a chicken. He said would you suck it again and I said yes I cant see a problem. After Arnolds cock got hard again he said come on I will fuck you now and he said I have to have a pee and I will be back. He went out and the two of us talked about sucking and cum.

Arnold came back and he had some butter on his fingers and he said to me bend over the bed and I did what he said and then he opened the cheeks of my ass and rubbed the butter on my ass hole. I said what are you doing and he said i am going to fuck you. I said what and he said I am going to put my cock up your ass and fuck you like you fuck girls. I said no way and he just pushed me down and held me there and while I resisted a bit I didnt want a fight and then he pushed his cock between my legs and said spread them wider and I did and then he pushed his cock against my hole and it wouldnt go in. I was sort of tighening my bum hole up too as it didnt feel right. Then he spanked the cheeks of my ass with his hand and while i was protesting about that he pushed and his cock into me and boy did it hurt. I felt this pressure as his cock went in which seemed his cock was twice as big as my ass hole, but it must have stretched me and at first it felt sort of hot and I thought he had split me open but it turned out he hadnt. He just started to fuck me with his cock and after about a minute it started to feel ok, but at first it really hurt. The butter was making his cock slippery and that helped. He was hitting something inside me and it felt like I was cumming time after time and my cock was hard and jumping about each time he hit what ever it was. Any how after a few minutes I began to like it and he was telling me how good I was and how warm and comfortable my bum hole was. I said what about the shit and he said its ok there wont be any. I really began to like what he was doing to me and it was feeling really good when he started to go faster and harder and then he came as I could tell from what he had done before when he came and I could feel his cock get softer and then the warmth of his cum in my bum. He pulled it out and I felt sort of let down as I was really enjoying it. Then Arnold said to my mate go on you do him while he is enjoying it and he said what about your cum and stuff and he said just think it is butter and he then went into me but it didnt feel anywhere near as good as his cock wasnt as big as Arnolds but it was ok. He fucked me until he came too and by then the cum and butter was running down my legs and it was feeling uncomfortable. I went tot he bathroom as I really felt like I wanted to shit and Arnold was there washing his cock and balls which were also covered in cum and butter. I said was there any shit on your cock and he said no. When I sat downa lot of air blew out and I farted for a while and his cum and stuff ran out and I managed to do a little shit and then he said its better if you have a shower and I undressed and showered and Arnold got in with me and we played with each other cocks as we had a shower. it was fun. 

After that my friend and I wanked and sucked each other almost every day and he fucked me a few times before I managed to let me fuck him. It sounded like it was a bit like me only it didnt hurt him as I had a smaller cock. I came too but didnt cum in him because we hadnt started cumming then.

Every time Arnold visited the three of us all sucked and fucked each other and I got used to his cock and it went into my bum easy and he bought special lubricant to do it with rather than butter. He ended up fucking his cousin too and the first time he did it to him it was almost as bad as when he fucked me the first time but at least he knew what it felt like before he put his cock in him the first time. Both of us ended up fucking Arnold as well and after about 6 months we started to cum so sucking and fucking each other became quite a game. I dont know how much cum I drank but it was a lot as we sucked each other off mostly because we liked that better than wanking but we all enjoyed fucking and being fucked too.

After a couple of years we all met girls and we started to fuck them and they sucked us and we never went back to sucking or fucking each other after that but we occasionally wanked off together.


davidj on Masturbation Stories

I had been wanking myself for about 4 or 5 minutes when I saw a shadow on the wall move. I though shit who was that - I hoped it wasnt my dad who I was sure was not home. I dived for cover behind the bench and this female voice said where are you I know you are here. I recognised the voice of Kerrie from next door.

I had taken my pants off and they were out where I had been pulling myself so I was reluctant to come out from behind the bench. Kerrie said I know what you are doing I saw you through the window, its ok I just want to watch. I said you scared shit out of me, she said I am sorry but I have been watching you come down here every day and a couple of days ago I looked through the window and saw you doing it to yourself. Dont be ashamed or anything I do it too. I

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just want to see a boy do it.

I came out and my cock was soft and dangling down and I had my hand over it. She sort of giggled and said sorry I am not laughing at you I was expecting to see it all hard and not sad like that. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit and showing a lot of bare fleash and I immediately began to get hard again and it was harder to cover my cock. She said please can I see it, I am fascinated and will you do it for me and let me watch. I was extremely embarrassed by being caught with my pants down, masturbating and now with a hard cock she wanted to see and was asking me to wank myself in front of her.

See she said it wants to do it its all hard again, and it looks lovely. Can I touch it and without waiting she came toward me and had her hand out ready to grab my cock. I couldnt help myself and let her feel it and it was wondeful with her nice small soft hand around it and then she use her fingers to play with it a bit and move it about. She said go on do it for me and I realised if I didnt she would have me cumming by doing what she was already.

I said ok but you stay there and i wanted her a couple of feet away. She stood back and I began to stroke myself and she said that looks great, I have always wondered how boys did it, I have to slip my finger in a  bit and rub my clit. Without realising I said will you show me how ou do it and she just slipped her pants down and spread her legs and began to finger her downy covered cunt. She eveidently had just started puberty as her hair was just growing, mine had been fully grown for about  a year.

She said look its not very comforatable here how about we go to my place and do it and we can do it in comfort. Nobody is home and they wont be till late. I said ok and I got dressed and we went to her place into the pool cabana by the side of their pool.

There were lounges there and she said take all your clothes off and we can start again. She was already slipping her pants off and then her bra. She looked beautiful standing there all naked. I followed and the two of us just looked at each other. I said you look beautiful. She said thank you I like you too. 

I was hard already and began to stroke myself sitting on the edge of a lounge and she was opposite me about 3 feet away doing it to herself. She said do you cum, and I said yes. Good she said I want to see it as I have never seen a boy cum or what its like.

By now I was stroking hard and after a couple of minutes I was getting the feeling like I was going to cum pretty quick. With her watching me I worked up much faster than normal and I said get ready I am nearly there and I stood up and spread my legs and half squatted and pulled a bit quicker and then it started and I grunted a bit and I shot cum everywhere. I was saying  OH GOD OH GOD as I pumped it out - it felt great with her looking at me. It spurted out about a yard or more in three or four big spurts before it stopped and began to dribble out. I had to sit down as my legs went all weak.

She sat there wide eyed and watched me intently. That was fantasic I loved it she said and got down on her knees and started to poke at the cum and look at it all spashed on the tile floor. She had quite a bit on her finger and was making strings with it, she said its all sticky and white like, and I said yes. She said I love it, I thought it was clear like piss or something.  She played with it while i milked the rest of the cum out of my cock and let it dribble onto the floor. Then she picked up a bit on her finger and put it in her mouth and sucked it off her finger,I couldnt believe it. She said it doesnt taste very nice, I dont know why girls swallow it when they do it to men with their mouth. I am not sure if I could or not. 

Then she got up and said now its my turn and she spread her legs and began to rub her finger into her cunt and along her slit and over the top of it and then ran her finger around in rings over the top of her slit. I got down between her legs to watch and it was great, my first close look at a cunt. She went for about 4 or five minutes rolling her head and ouching her nipples with her free hand and she was really having a great ime. I was fascinated. My cock was hard again and I was playing with it as I watched her.

Then she gasped and murmured and said its happening I'm cumming I'm cumming and she rubber her clit harder and opened her legs a closed them a bit and pulled her nipple with her finger and grunted a few times and sort of had a spasm like I do sometimes. I was getting the best show of my life.

I started to wank hard and saw some juice run down her cunt which she wiped up with her finger and wiped on the lounge cover. She was laying back on the lounge now completely exhausted, with her legs over the edge of the lounge and her cunt all wet and looking wonderful.

I dont know what came over me but I leaned forward and kissed and licked her cunt and she sat up real quick, I got some juice on my tongue which had a strong taste. Why did you do that she said - and I said because I couldnt help it I have never seen anything so beautiful before - that was wonderful and your cunt looked so nice I couldnt help it.

The two of is just sat there for about 10 minutes talking about masturbating and how often we did it and when we started. We really opened up and I told her things that I would never have told anybody else and she did the same.

I said can I kiss you and she stood up and we embraced and everything just went wild in my hed and we really started to kiss madly and rub our bodies together and my cock was hard and against the outside of her cunt and we ground into each other having what we both realise now was a dry fuck. I was rubbing her tits and she would put her hand down and adjust my cock into a position she like to feel me in. I suppose we did this for about 5 minutes and I couldnt help it and I came again. I knew I was going to and instead of pulling back I let it spurt up between us and over our bodies where they were touching and rubbing. She sighed and said that was great, I didnt realise it was warm too as we parted and my cum ran down our stomachs and thighs. She said I nearly came myself and she said next time we know what to do.

I said I have never had so much fun and held her to me and we kissed again and spread my cum all over us as we rubbed together again, this time it was cold and didnt feel as good. she said I want to do this again with you, I love you - and I said I love you too. We kissed and cuddled again but we never made another orgasm together.

After that we had a shower together in the cabana which was great fun rubbing soap all over each other and I slipped my finger into her cunt and she said - do it some more and told me where to rub and after a few minutes she had an orgasm that I made for her with water showering down all over us. She was so happy. She said thats the first time anybody had made me do it without me doing it myself. I said I hope I can do it again for you, and she said so do I.

We dressed and kissed a lot again and she said can you come over tomorrow and I said try and keep me away.

From that day on our sex improved and within a month we were into real intercourse and fucking like rabbits and every other form of sex as well. More about that later.