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Daughter's Friend, Parts 1 and 2

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Part 1

“Dad, hurry up, we're going to be late.”  I could hear Tamara from the other end of the apartment.  I really didn't feel like being in any hurry to get ready and go.  We were headed for one of those “Have your friends over, get them to buy cheap shit and get free cheap shit for yourself” parties.  I wasn't even sure what it was that was being sold at this one.  The hostess' daughter, Kelly, was a friend of Tamara's, and Kelly had asked Tamara to go.  With the perversity of youth, Tamara had insisted that her mother and I go, too.

I walked into the living room, where Mary and Tamara were waiting.  Mary, my wife, was 35, five years younger than I was, but looked 15 years older.  She'd been drinking a
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lot lately, and there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it.  I'd have walked out, but I wasn't going to leave Tamara with her.  Our daughter was 16, although she looked younger because she was small, only about 5'2”, and slim.  She had long blond hair, and an was absolutely gorgeous, if a father can be permitted some pride in his child.

When we arrived, Kelly, Tamara's friend, answered the door.  She was Tamara's age, but a bigger girl;  about my height (which isn't saying that much, I'm only 5'6”) with shoulder-length, dirty-blond hair, gray eyes, and a great body – nice-size round boobs, slim waist, and flaring hips leading to a round ass.  She was wearing a white peasant blouse (they were making a comeback again), with jeans and sandals.  “Hi Michael, Mary.”  She was just about the only one who ever called me “Michael” instead of Mike.  As we walked in, I felt Kelly's had brush against mine.  It had to be an accident, but that didn't matter – it was all I needed to bring my cock to attention.  Honestly, it doesn't take much lately, with my wife spending more time with the bottle than with me, and Kelly is hot.  All it meant, though, was that I was going to have to sit funny for the rest of the night, and I could add another fantasy to my catalog.

Kelly took us inside and introduced us to her mother, Sandy, who didn't look at all like Kelly.  In her late thirties, Sandy was about the same size and build as Kelly, but had short dark hair and brown eyes, and was wearing wire-rimmed glasses.  Kelly and Tamara wandered off  to talk while Sandy greeted us with "Hi, nice to meet both of you.  Kelly's told me a lot about you two.  Come and meet the rest of the crowd.  We're still waiting for the last couple of folks; would you like something to drink?  I've got beer, wine, or soda."

"I'll have some wine," Mary said, which got her a nasty look from me.  Of course, she didn't care, and it wouldn't matter much, she was already pretty well fried by then.  Fortunately, she wasn't the kind who makes a big scene when she's been drinking.  "Beer sounds good to me," I added.  I don't drink much, but I figured a beer or two would make the evening go faster.  We settled in as Sandy went to get our drinks.  As I scanned the room, I noticed Tamara and Kelly over in the corner talking, giggling, and periodically looking over at us.  I figured they were probably talking about Mary being smashed again.  I know Tamara talked to Kelly about that, and Kelly regularly let Tamara know about her latest run-ins with her mother.  Kelly had a boyfriend who was a bit wild for Sandy's taste, and according to Tamara there was a running battle between them about it.

Before long the rest of the guests showed up and things got started.  The night was about as boring as I thought, but everything went smoothly.  Mary remained pleasantly drunk and didn't say much, and even found a couple of things to buy (the product of the night turned out to be a variety of housewares).  Sandy sold enough to make her happy.  Tamara and Kelly managed to visit enough to keep from getting bored.  The rest of the faceless horde that attended seemed to be pleased with the proceedings.  And I managed to stay awake.  The only odd thing was that both Sandy and Kelly seemed to spend a lot of time looking at me.  I wrote it off as my imagination.  The lack of attention from my wife must really be starting to get to me; now I'm starting to hallucinate.


The following Friday I was looking forward (if you can call it that) to a night at home alone.  Mary was out of town for a few days, visiting relatives in the Bay Area.  Considering the amount of attention I'd had from her recently, her being gone wasn't going to change my life much.  Tamara was going out with friends after school, and had let me know in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't be back until very late, and might not be back until the next morning.  Luckily, she's a smart kid, very mature for her age, and I trust her not to get into anything she wouldn't know how to handle.  Not something I could say for most girls her age.

I had stopped to eat dinner, and was on the way home when I remembered that I needed to get some cigarettes.  I pulled into the mini-mart across the street from our apartment complex, and as I got out of the car I heard a familiar voice, in a surprised tone.  "Michael, how are you?"  I turned and saw Kelly walking up behind me, looking hot as ever, wearing, as it turned out, the same peasant blouse and jeans she'd had on at the sales party.  "Hey, Kelly, what's up?"

"Is Tamara at home?"

"No, she's out running around with some friends of hers.  I'm on my own tonight."  Not sure why I added that last part.  

"Damn.  I had another fight with my mother and wanted to come over and hang out with her until Mom calms down enough so I can go home."  She looked desperate, more than I would have expected in the situation.  Tamara had said that she tended to get carried away with things.

"Boyfriend's not available?"  I knew she had one from what Tamara had told me.

"Asshole's available all right!  He can stay available for all I care!"  Kelly obviously had more on her mind than just a fight with her mother.

I know better.  Really, I do.  But I said it anyway.  "You can over to my place to chill out for a while until it's cool for you to go home.  Just because Tamara's not home doesn't mean you're not welcome."

"God, that would be so awesome, Michael.  Thank you!"

"Hang on a minute while I run in and grab some smokes."

"Oh, could you get me some, too?  I'm almost out, and lately they've been checking IDs, so I don't know if they'll sell them to me."

"Sure.  Wait in the car, I'll be right back."


When we got to the apartment, we settled in on the couch in front of the TV.  I told Kelly to find something she wanted to watch.  I don't watch a lot of TV and wasn't feeling too particular about what was on.  She settled on something that looked like an off-the-wall stoner comedy on one of the movie channels.

Kelly suddenly asked, "Michael, do you mind I smoke a joint to relax?"

"Sure, go ahead."  I wasn't surprised the Kelly would be a dope-smoker - Tamara had talked about her wild side.  And I certainly don't care if someone gets high, although I tend to stay away from it myself these days.

Kelly pulled a large joint and a lighter out of her purse, and fired up.  After taking a long hit, she offered the joint to me.  "No thanks. I don't really do that any more."

"Oh come on, Michael, don't be a wuss.  Besides, I don't like to get loaded by myself.  It makes me paranoid, and I'm not a lot of fun when I'm like that."

I could certainly understand that attitude.  Back in my days of regular dope smoking, I didn't like toking alone, either, and I was real familiar with the paranoia side of the Evil Weed.  It was against my better judgment (there seemed to be a lot of that tonight), but the next time Kelly passed the joint I took it and sucked in a huge lung-full.  I held it in as long as I could, then let the smoke go with a gasp, leaned back on the couch, and relaxed.

"Wow, Michael, that didn't look like you don't do that anymore.  I thought you were never going to blow it out!"

"Some things you just never forget, my dear."  I knew it was a little soon to actually be feeling any effects from the pot, but I was starting to relax.  So was Kelly.  We were both kind of slumped on the couch, almost close enough that our shoulders were touching.

After we'd each had a couple more hits off the joint, I saw Kelly licking her lips.  I was well and truly stoned by now, and seeing Kelly's tongue flick over her lips struck me as being the single sexiest thing I'd ever witnessed.  (Did I mention that I was absolutely wasted?)  "Cottonmouth?" I asked her.  "Yeah, could I get something to drink?  Just water would be good."  She then popped up off the couch and announced, "I gotta go pee."  I admired her ass as she walked away toward the bathroom, and realized that I'd forgotten just exactly how horny smoking dope made me.  As I felt my dick starting to rise, I almost wished that Kelly would get bored and leave, so I could head for the bathroom and take care of myself.

I got back to the couch with a bottle of water first and plopped back down where I'd been, putting the water on the table.  When Kelly reappeared from the bathroom, she picked up the water and took big drink before sitting down, then slid back onto the couch...almost where she'd been before.  This time she was just enough farther to one side that her shoulder was pressed against mine.  That wasn't going to help my condition a bit.

I spent the next few minutes concentrating on what to do about my expanding dick.  I reached one of those states you hit when you're stoned where you really don't notice anything outside of yourself.  I had some peripheral sense of Kelly moving around on the couch for a few seconds, then I could feel her shoulder leaning against mine again, but otherwise I had no idea what was going on outside my head.  I was trying to think about my options...Excuse myself and head for the bathroom with Kelly sitting there...Tell her that I'd forgotten that I had something important to do and she'd have to leave...Run screaming from the apartment and throw myself off the balcony...  The last one didn't sound too bad, but I was afraid they'd find me with my dick still standing up.

Kelly's voice pulled me back to reality.  "God, that is totally hot!  Don't you think so, Michael?"  As I slowly returned to the real world, I became aware that not only was Kelly pressed up against me, her head was resting on my shoulder.  She was holding the remote in her hand, and staring transfixed at the TV.  I followed her gaze, and was transfixed at what I saw on the screen.  One girl with her head buried between another's legs, while a man was ramming his (very large) cock into the first girl's pussy.  Kelly had managed to find one of my porn movies on the DRV  I looked back over at Kelly.  She gave me a wicked smile, said, "Too bad there are only two of us, huh?" and lifted her face toward mine.  I had a choice to make.  I hadn't made a good one yet tonight, why should this time be any different?

Kelly's lips pressed against mine and parted.  I slid my tongue into her mouth; she sucked it in and rolled her tongue around mine as I slipped my arm around her shoulders.  She tasted sweet.  Her hand fell into my lap.  When she felt the bulge in my jeans, she asked, "Did I do that, or was it the movie?"  I chuckled and replied, "That was all you, honey!"  She said, "Good!" and moved her open mouth back to mine.  Out tongues rolled over each other, and mine searched out every corner of her mouth, slipping back toward her throat, then exploring the line of her teeth.  Kelly's hand was still in my lap, and she'd started undoing my belt.  I moved one hand up under her blouse, let my fingers trail over the skin of her belly as I slid the hand up to her chest.  She gasped lightly as my fingers brushed her belly, breaking off the kiss again.  This time when I lowered my mouth back to her, I went to her throat instead of her mouth.  Another gasp from Kelly as my tongue traced the outline of her jaw, then slid down along her throat.  By now she had my belt unbuckled, and was in the process of unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans.  My hand reached Kelly's breast, and she moaned, almost a purr, as I squeezed her through her bra.  "Mmmmm...It fastens in front."  As I worked on the catch of the bra, Kelly finished with my jeans, and I felt her push down my shorts, freeing my cock.  She wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking slowly, at the same time purring, "Mmmmm, nice."  I was thinking the same thing as I felt her fingers moving up and down my dick.  Meanwhile, I'd finished getting her bra undone, and my had closed directly on the skin of her breast.  At the same time, my tongue reached the hollow at the base of her throat.  I licked lightly, then pressed my lips against her skin, kissed her, then began to suck on her throat.  "Oh, god, yeah, Michael!  I love it!!"  Kelly's breath was already coming in gasps.  After a few seconds, she mewled, "Please, Michael, suck on my tits like that!"

I shifted us around on the couch so that Kelly was lying back against one arm, and I was sort of crouched over her.  I pulled her blouse up over her head and off, and she shrugged out of her bra, leaving her big, firm breasts completely free.  I lowered my head to her chest, first burying my face between her breasts, licking between them, then circling first one, then the other, with my tongue.  Finally, I started from the bottom of her left breast and licked up, toward the nipple, which was small, brown, and hard as my cock.  When I reached the nipple, I licked then closed my lips over it, sucking it into my mouth.  Kelly's breathing was getting heavier and more ragged.  I began to slide one hand down her belly, feeling her muscles twitch under my fingertips.  As my hand slipped under the waistband of her jeans, I switched my mouth to her other breast.  Kelly's hips bucked as my hand entered moved into her jeans and then slid inside her panties.  While my fingers wiggled through her soft bush of pubic hair, Kelly was clawing at the button and zipper of her jeans, trying to get out of them.  When my fingertips reached her slit, Kelly gave up on the jeans, spreading her legs to give me access to her pussy.  I pushed my middle finger hard into her pussy.  "Oh god, yes!  Oh fuck!"

I finger-fucked her slowly for a few seconds, listening to her gasps, and feeling her hips thrusting up against my hand.  I took my mouth away from her nipple, and whispered into her ear, "Do you like that. baby?"  Her voice was raspy and weak.  "Yes.  God,  Michael, it feels so good!  Don't stop!"  "This should be even better."

I went back to sucking on her nipple, and slipped my finger back out of her pussy, moving it to top of her slit.  As my finger found Kelly's clit, her hips started to buck, and she began to moan.  "Oooohhhh, aaaahhhh!"  I brought my thumb down against my finger, and pinched her clit between them.  At the same time I sucked her nipple between my teeth and bit down.  That was all it took.  Kelly's entire body went into spasms.  "Oh god!  Oh god!  Oh god!  I'm cumming!  AAAAHHHH!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!"  Finally, Kelly went limp and lay back on the couch panting and moaning a little.  I stood up over her, my cock still pointing out.  Kelly looked up at me and whimpered, "God, Michael, I want you to fuck me, right now!"

I pulled off my t-shirt and kicked out of my jeans.  Then I put my hands on Kelly's waist and pulled off her jeans and panties in one motion.  Kelly was looking at me with a combination of lust and need that was almost indescribable.  Now completely naked, she spread her legs and licked her lips in invitation.  I hadn't said a word since Kelly had cum.  I pushed her back onto the couch, and climbed on on top of her.  She reached down, wrapped her hand around my cock, and guided it to her opening.  I bucked my hips forward and drove into her in a single thrust.  Her pelvis jerked up against mine, and she almost growled in the back of her throat, "I like it rough.  Fuck me real hard!"  I started doing exactly that, with long, strong strokes, pulling almost all the way out of her, then burying myself back inside her.  I could feel her rounded belly pushing against mine, and her big, firm breasts flattening against my chest.  Kelly had her head thrown back over the arm of the couch, and the sight of that, and the sound of her heavy breathing, drove me even harder.  I pushed one of her legs up over the back of the couch, and put my hand down along her leg, reaching for her anus with my finger.  When my fingertip brushed against her sphincter, Kelly hissed, "Yesssss!" and I pushed the first joint inside her ass.  "Oooohhhh!"  Her moan was almost unearthly.  I began finger-fucking her ass in rhythm with my cock-thrusts into her pussy.  Kelly's head began to flop back and forth on the arm of the couch, and she was letting out short, sharp gasps.  "Ahh.  Ahh.  Ahh."  She was close now, and so was I.

I felt Kelly's pelvis and belly start to twitch and I was sure she was ready.  Pulling back as far as  possible while staying inside her, I slammed back into her as hard as I could; at the same time I reached as deep into her ass as my finger would go.  "Oooohhhh fuuuuck!"  Kelly thrashed under me as her orgasm washed over her.  Her fingers clawed at my back.  The muscles of her pussy spasmed around my cock, sending me over the edge, as my balls poured their load out through my cock and into Kelly.  I ground my pelvis against her clit, and wiggled my finger inside her ass.  Kelly twitched and gasped in the throes of her orgasm for about thirty seconds before almost collapsing.  We lay there panting, me still on top of her, my dick slowly shrinking and slipping out of her.

After what seemed like hours, Kelly finally spoke.  "God, Michael, that was incredible.  I guess older guys really are better."

"Well, there is something to be said for experience."

Then Kelly said something that put the capper on just how stupid I had been all night.  "Boy is Tamara going to be pissed.  She's going to kill me."

I squirmed more than a little at the thought of that.  "Kelly, if you tell Tamara, or anybody else, about this, you're not going to be the one that's dead!"


Part 2

I spent the next week in a paranoid haze, watching for any sign from Tamara that Kelly had told her about what had happened that night.  As the days went by and Tamara didn't give any indication that she knew, I slowly began to relax.  I hadn't seen Kelly since the night of our dope-smoking, hard-fucking tryst, and Mary hadn't suddenly decided to start showing affection again, so I turned my attention elsewhere.  There was really nothing sexual about it, but I started to develop a friendship with a woman named Diana, who worked with me.  She was in her mid-thirties, just a few years younger than I was, and had two kids, a boy who was twelve and a six-year-old girl.  She also had the same sort of spouse trouble that I had, except in the case of her husband it was prescription painkillers instead of booze.  He was basically useless, and she was getting tired of it.  Somewhere along the line she'd heard me mention that Mary had a drinking problem, so she asked me one day how I handled it.  The answer, of course, was that most of the time I didn't, at least not very well, but over the next week or so we talked about out problems just about every day, usually over lunch.  I hadn't  noticed any sexual attraction on either side.  Diana was pretty, with a narrow, soft-featured face, pale skin, and shoulder-length blond hair (which she let me know came out of a bottle) and the body you'd expect from a woman her age who'd had two kids - a little more rounded than it had been when she was younger.  I liked her and found her attractive, but that was about it.  And, of course, we were both married, although neither of us was feeling particularly good about the relationships.

It was a Friday, a couple of weeks after the incident with Kelly, and I was spending the afternoon training Diana on a new piece of software.  (Did I mention that I'm in charge of the computer systems?)  We sat next to each other, fairly close because we both needed to be able to see the computer monitor.  As I walked her through the new program, she leaned closer to see what I was doing, and I felt her knee bump against mine.  I expected her to move it, but she didn't; she kept it pressed against me.  That probably should have made me feel uncomfortable, but it didn't.  I actually relaxed more.  Well, most of me relaxed.  One part was starting to be anything but relaxed.  As the training went on, Diana actually moved closer to me, so her thigh was up against mine.  We were close enough that I noticed that Diana smelled exactly like my first girlfriend.  Our hands brushed over each other a couple of times when I moved the mouse.  Then Diana shifted again to get a better look at the monitor, and I felt her breast against my arm.  Again, she didn't make any attempt to move away.  I glance over at her - she was looking intently at the computer screen, but her lips were parted, and the tip of her tongue was running lightly over them.  By now, my dick was screaming for mercy.  It came, but not the kind I really wanted, when Diana suddenly yelped "Uh oh!  It's five; I've got to clock out, they won't pay me for overtime!"  She popped up, said, "I'll see you on Monday," and headed out of the office.  Damn.

I was particularly pissed that things had ended the way they had because I was going to be alone that night.  Mary had out of the blue decided to actually act like a mother for a change and had left that morning with Tamara for a long weekend of shopping in the Bay Area.  They wouldn't be back until Monday night.  Oh, well, at least I'd be able to play with myself in private.

That was exactly what I was planning to do later that evening as I settled in on the couch.  I had my shirt off and my jeans open.  I had just pulled my cock out of my shorts and given it a good pull, thinking about Diana leaning against me in the office that afternoon, when there was a knock on the door.  "Who the fuck could that be?"  I tucked my dick back into my pants so I could walk to the door and check it out.  I looked out the peephole, and there stood Kelly, in a very tight, tank top that barely covered her boobs, and the lowest-cut pair of jeans I'd ever seen.  I seriously was not sure whether to thank or curse the gods.

I opened the door (still not making good decision where Kelly was concerned) and said, "Hi, Kelly.  Tamara's not home."  I didn't really think that would work, but it was worth a shot.

Kelly walked right past me into the apartment as she said, "I know.  She told me she was going out of town."

Once inside, Kelly closed and locked the door, turned around to face me, wrapped her arms around me, and stuck her tongue in my mouth.  I never had a chance.

After a few seconds, Kelly broke off the kiss, looked at me and said, "I want to suck your cock."

She was looking at me with an almost pleading expression.  I laughed and said, "What, are you afraid I'm going to say 'No'?"

With that, she grinned and started digging through my jeans to get to my dick.  I might as well have just left it out.  Now she was kneeling in front of me, with my cock in her hand.  She held it up, and licked the length of the shaft, from the base up to the head, flicking her tongue over the tip, then taking just the head into her mouth and sucking lightly.  I was moaning as she repeated that process several times, then dropped her face to my balls, sucked one into her mouth, and began rolling it around with her tongue.  At the same time she was stroking my cock with her fingers.  I gasped out, "Keep that up and I'll blow all over the room!"

"Oh, no, you're not going to waste it!"  Kelly opened her mouth and took in my whole cock in one gulp,  not stopping until she gagged as it bumped against the back of her throat.  She began sucking slowly, pulling back, letting her tongue glide over the underside of my cock, until just the head was still in her mouth, then sucking and licking the head before sliding her mouth around the entire length again, until I could feel her nose bumping against my belly.

I reached my hands down on each side of Kelly's head and wound my fingers into her hair.  As I held her head, I started pumping my hips against her face, driving my cock into her mouth, at the same time pulling her head to me.  Kelly's hands were now free, and she wrapped her arms around my hips, helping pull me to her mouth.  I felt one of her hands on my ass.  One finger was sliding between my ass cheeks.  I felt it press against my anus, then she pushed lightly and her fingertip popped through my sphincter into my ass.  It felt like my cock grew an extra inch.  "Oh shit, baby, yeah!"  Kelly purred around my cock, making it even harder, if that was possible, and shoved her finger deeper into my ass.  It had been years since any woman had done that to me, and I'd forgotten what kind of effect it had on me.  I could barely control myself as my pelvis thrashed against Kelly's face, while she sucked me like no one I'd ever had before.

"Fuck, Kelly, I'm going to cum in your mouth!"  I no sooner had the words out than my cum exploded from my cock onto Kelly's tongue and down her throat.  She kept sucking, and finger-fucking my ass, until my knees started to shake and I let go of her hair.

I pulled her to her feet, mumbling, "Jesus, girl, where did you learn to do that?  Your turn now!"

I practically ripped her clothes off, and threw her down on the floor.  By now I was pretty sure that I couldn't be too rough with her, which was lucky, because I was in no mood or condition to be gentle.  With Kelly stretched out on the floor, I started my mouth on her throat, kissing and nipping gently with my teeth.  Kelly's breathing became shallow almost immediately, and she began to moan lightly.  I traced my tongue down her throat and in between her breasts, then spent a minute or so on each breast, licking around it, then wrapping my lips around each nipple in turn, sucking it, then biting lightly with my teeth.  This drew gasps from Kelly, who cradled my head in her hands as I moved farther down her body, licking around her rib cage, then down over her belly.  I ran my tongue into her belly button and swirled it around, causing the muscles in Kelly's belly to twitch.  "Uhhhh, yeah, that's good."

As I moved my mouth past her navel and my tongue traced the top of her pubic bush, I spread Kelly's legs out with my hands, her knees pointed out to either side.  I lowered my face to her pelvis, and my tongue licked over her pussy lips.  "Oooohhhh.  Mmmmmmm."  I licked the length of her slit from back to front, then over and over again.  As I did, I let my tongue slide back and flick against her anus.  As I licked, Kelly moaned.  Each time my tongue touched her ass, she gasped.  I laid my fingers against the lips of her pussy and slowly spread her open, then pressed my mouth against her gaping cunt and drove my tongue into her.

"Aaaahhh, yesss!  God!"  I tongue-fucked Kelly for several seconds as she moaned, then a slid my mouth up, flicking my tongue over her clit, and slipped first one, then a second, finger into her pussy.  My fingers became slippery as the moved in and out of her, and Kelly was gasping as my tongue rolled around her clit.  I pressed a third finger against the ring of her anus, and drove it inside, now finger-fucking both her holes.

"Uh...uh...uh."  Kelly's breath was short and ragged as I licked and fingered her.  Her pelvis was humping against me as her back arched up off the floor.  I knew she was getting close, so I intensified my attack, taking her clit between my lips and sucking on it.

"Oh, god, going to...Oh, fuck...cumming!"  Kelly's shoulders jerked up off the floor; her back arched; I could feel the muscles of her pussy and ass clamp around my fingers and then go into spasms.  "Aaaahhhh...Aaaahhhh...Aaaaiiiieeee!"  Kelly's body shook with her orgasm, then she collapsed back onto the floor panting.

My cock was long since hard as a rock again, and I moved up and lay on top of Kelly, guiding my cock to the lips of her pussy.  I slid into her with one thrust and began pumping her hard the way I had the first time we'd fucked.

"Oh my god...Oh my god," Kelly moaned several times.  Her pussy and clit were still so tender that she began to cum again within seconds, her body vibrating again, as she cried out, "Fuck me!  Fuck me!"  Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, pulling me tightly against as she came again.

When Kelly relaxed after this orgasm, I eased up, and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, pulling back until just the head of my cock was in her, then pushing gently all the way back in until my pelvis rubbed against her clit.  I wanted to give her time to recuperate a little.  Kelly's breathing slowed down in time with my thrusts.  After some time, she began humping her pelvis back at me in time with my movements.  That was all I needed to start pumping faster again.  I was beginning to feel the stirrings in my balls that meant an explosion wasn't far off.  Kelly's breathing was shallow and ragged again, and she suddenly gasped out, "God, I'm going to cum again!"  I was hammering her pussy as hard and fast as I could now.

"Aaaahhh!  Uuuuhhhh!"  Then Kelly gave a strangled cry.  Her fingers dug into my back, her legs locked around my waist.  Kelly's entire body convulsed, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock.  That was all I needed.  With a grunt I slammed all the way into her and my balls started pumping my cum inside her.  As I came, Kelly's body suddenly stiffened, becoming almost rigid, then she slumped back onto the floor, with my semen still pouring into her.

When I finally finished, my cock, incredibly, didn't start to shrink.  It was still ready for action.  I looked down at Kelly and her face had the most wanton, lascivious look I've ever seen.

"I'm still hard.  You want to go again?"

Kelly nodded, still panting from last orgasm.

I gave her a wicked smile and said, "I want to fuck you in the ass."

"Oh, god, yes!  Do it!"  At that point I think she would have let me do just about anything to her.

I pulled my dripping cock out of her pussy, rolled her over, helped her get up on her hands and knees.  I positioned myself on my knees behind her, spread her ass cheeks apart, and pushed the head of my cock against the tight ring of her anus.  I leaned forward and popped just the head of my cock into her ass.  Kelly grunted, and I gasped as I felt her ass squeeze my cock-head.  I moved my hips forward slightly, pushing a little more of my cock into her ass, then pulled back until just the head was inside her.  With each stroke I moved deeper.  With each stroke, Kelly grunted and gasped as I opened up her ass.  Finally I bucked my hips forward, Kelly pushed her ass back against me, and my cock buried itself completely inside Kelly's ass.  Kelly moaned, "God, Michael, fuck my ass.  Hard, like you fuck my pussy."

I fucked her with hard, deep strokes, trying to reach deeper inside each time.  When I pulled back and her anal ring gripped the head of my cock, the feeling was incredible.  If I hadn't already cum twice I wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds.

I leaned over her back, and curled one hand around in front of her so I could rub her clit with my finger.  I wanted her to enjoy this as much as possible.  Kelly placed her hand over mine and shoved my finger harder against her clit.  Kelly worked in rhythm with, rocking her ass back against me as I drove into her, rocking her pelvis forward to grind her clit against my finger as I pulled back.

By now I could tell by Kellly's breathing when she was getting close to an orgasm, and there was definitely another one on the way.  She wasn't so much breathing now as gasping for breath, and I could feel her muscles start to shake.

"!  I...aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh!"  As her latest orgasm washed over her, Kelly's arms and legs collapsed and she flopped face down on the floor, still gasping and grunting.  I went with, my cock driving to the hilt again in her ass, my balls banging against her pussy.  The feeling of being in her ass when her muscles spasmed during her orgasm was even more intense than feeling her pussy clenching my cock.  I exploded into her with a grunt, my semen washing up along the walls of her anal canal.  It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life, and when we were done, we simply lay there on the floor for several minutes, neither of us really in any condition to move.

"So," I said, when I finally found my voice again, "you wanna spend the weekend?"

What we did, was it normal?

kcid56 on Taboo Stories

Ok, so for starters, my name is Niki, and I live in a normal neighborhood in a shoreline town in New England.  I'm 13 years old, and I think I'm a little on the chubby side, but nobody else does.  I have an older brother Eric, who is 15 and like all boys 15, they think they know everything.  He has wanted me to get naked with him for a while, but I won't, it's just sick.  He has even come into my room, and barged into the bathroom on me, naked. He is so nasty.  This story isn't about him though. 

So school is out, and summer is here, and it's another month till my birthday, but, enough about me.   It was early in the d

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ay, and I was walking to the center of town to go see a movie.  I was meeting up with 2 of my friends, Katie and Laurie.  We do everything together, and today it was the movies.  It wasn't nice enough for the beach.  So, after the movie, we went to the mall, just to hang around and see who else we would run into.  It was pretty dead so we went to Katie's house, cuz her parents were both working and she is an only child, so we would have the hole house to ourselves.   We decided to play a game of TRUTH OR DARE.  

Laurie started out, daring me to tell about what Eric looks like naked.  They know I have seen him naked, and they both thought he was cute.   "He's disgusting,  he's not muscular and everytime I've seen him naked, his dink is always hard and his sack is all wrinkled,  is that good enough?"   Katie said "No, you have to tell us about his pecker, how big is it?".  "It's not big"  I tell them, "infact, I think the dog has a bigger one."   With that, I thought I was done, but They both wanted more.  "What about his butt?"  Laurie chimed in.  "What about it?" I asked.  "Is it tight?"  "Hell, I don't know, I have never touched it, infact, I have never looked at it... I'm done".    "Ok, ok"  they laughed. 

Then I started.  "So, Katie,  I dare you to tell what Laurie looks like naked."    It wasn't fair, but I know that they have seen each other naked before.  They have invited me to join in, but I never have.  I don't know why I asked this, but now that I had, it was too late to take it back.   Katie stood up and stood behind Laurie and asked "would you like to see?"  "No, "  but that didn't matter,  Katie was already stroking Laurie's shoulders and arms, working her way down to her chest.  As she did that, I started to look away, I was embarassed, and really wish I hadn't opened my mouth. 

It didn't matter that I looked away, Katie started to describe her to me.  Initially, I didn't want to hear it, but I was finding myself more and more intrigued, so I listened, and tried not to look, but found myself with that tingle, and the idea of what she looked like naked was getting more and more exciting to me.  I found myself looking without even knowing I was looking.   Katie was stroking Lauries body, and as she stroked, she told us what she saw, she even included the reactions Laurie was giving, the visible chivers, the goose bumbs, all that.  They saw that I was watching and could see my curiosity and the next thing I see, Katie was taking Laurie's top off, showing her flat stomach, and the few freckles she had.  As I followed up her chest, I saw the mounds that would soon grow into breasts, hers were smaller than mine, but her nipples seemed to be bigger, they looked hard to me. 

As I watched and listened, Katie was gently dragging her hands over her chest, and her nipples seemed to grow harder, this was incredible,  I wanted to touch them, to see what hers felt like, now my curiosity was really building.   I felt a tingle in my crotch, and I liked it.  I had to reach over and touch Laurie's breast, gently, I took my right hand and just placed it over her chest.  It was firm, like mine, but smaller, and her nipple felt different, almost sharp against my hand.  Laurie took her hand and put it over my hand, keeping it there.   All the while this was going on, Katie never stopped what she was doing. Her hands had found their way down Laurie's stomach and to the waste band of her shorts.   She was gently rubbing her hands over Laurie's clothes, and Laurie showed her approval with her moans and the way she was squirming. 

I was feeling tingles like I have never felt before.  My crotch was all tingling and I had a feeling that I needed to do something, I had to touch it, hold it, it was intense.  My free hand went to my crotch and it was wet.  I could feel the cool air now.  I had never felt this before.  Katie saw this and took her hand from Laurie to my crotch.   I jumped but it felt good, I liked it.  The next thing I know, Laurie was rubbing my chest, and Katie was patting my crotch. Nobody has ever touched me like that, even though Eric had tried.  I was scared and excited at the same time.  I still had my hand at my crotch, and Katie did too. 

I don't know when, but eventually, I found that I was completely naked, Laurie was, and Katie had her blouse off.  My chest was bigger then both of theirs, but I didn't care.  Laurie showed signs of hair growing over her crotch, which really had me excited, I had to touch it, and I did.  I was more course then what I expected, but it was nice, it was just barely there, and the area just above her vagina seemed to be puffed out.  Thats when I noticed her breathing was deep and she was obviously excited.  I looked at her vagina and it was glistening, and wet, like mine.  I had a hand on my crotch and felt my wetness, and moved it to Lauries, and she really liked it alot.  I jerked my hand away, but she asured me it was ok. Katie was all naked now too, but she was just watching.  That made me uncomfortable, but she explained she just wanted to watch.  Laurie said that wasn't fair, so she joined us now on the floor, and all naked.  They both took the opportunity to look me over, all over.  They ran their hands all over me pushing and prodding at my parts that had never felt so good before. 

I got the nerve to look at their's too, and it seems they like it when I did.  We spent about an hour, maybe more just looking and touching each other, it was nothing I had ever thought about doing before, after all, I was always told it was supposed to be a boy that made a girl feel like this, but still, this was sending tingles, it was ok that we did this, wasn't it?

Family Friend - Part 24

bjcortland on Teen Stories


Chapter 82

By the time Michelle arrived at Steve’s house the next morning most of the boxes were already loaded into Angie’s parent’s van and the O’Connell’s car. Fortunately, they’d only brought the things they’d need while they stayed there - mostly clothes - so there wasn’t a whole lot. The real work would be arranging everything from the moving van inside the new house.


Angie greeted her with a hug as Karen placed a box in the trunk of the car, trying to watch them without being too obvious about it. Steve caught her eye and she gave him a baleful look before going back into the house. After Michelle and Angie hugged, Michelle gave Steve a somewhat less enthusiastic one

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for appearances and they waited for their parents to finish up in the house.

“The movers should be there by nine,” Angie said, glancing at her watch. It was almost eight-thirty.

“Artie said he was coming to help,” Michelle told them.

Angie grinned and playfully reached down toward her crotch. “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Artie’s home! How’d your ‘date’ go?”

Michelle giggled and sidestepped her hand. “Hey! Behave!” she scolded, playfully slapping her hand away. “I’m a little tender, ok?”

Angie laughed and nudged Steve. “I bet you are!”

“Speak of the devil,” Steve said, shading his eyes as he looked down the street. Artie was coasting up on his bicycle. He slowed to a stop when he came up to where they stood in the driveway. “Hey buddy, welcome back.”

“Thanks,” he said. His eyes moved to Michelle, then Angie. “Hey Michelle, Angie.” They both greeted him with a warm hug, although Michelle added a quick kiss. “Did you tell Steve your idea yet, Michelle?”

Steve looked curiously at her and she shook her head. “No, I wanted to wait for you.”

“What’s this?” Steve asked, slipping an arm around Angie.

“I was saying to Artie yesterday that we won’t have anywhere to go once the weather gets cold. I thought maybe we could build a little cabin somewhere near the creek - kind of a shag shack!” She grinned and Angie laughed at her name for it.

“Shag shack! I love it!”

Artie spoke up. “And all that land around the creek is crown land and it’s just sitting there. No one will care if we build something there.”

Steve thought about it for a moment then nodded. “I like it. What do you think, Ang?”

Angie grinned and hugged him to her. “Sounds great!” She smiled at Michelle. “Good idea, babe!”

“Think you could get us some wood scraps, or damaged stuff we could buy at a discount?” Artie asked Steve.

Steve nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, I think so. It might take some time to get all we’d need, but I think I can. I’ll talk to Bob on Monday.” Bob Werner was the owner and general manager of the lumber yard.


Just then their parents came out and after a brief greeting, and introduction of Artie to Angie’s parents, the O’Connells and Delaneys got in their respective cars and pulled out. The kids all jumped on their bikes and followed them to the new house.

The move went as expected. Cathy and Karen directed the movers on where to place the furniture while the movers seemed to always bring in a piece of furniture that went into whatever room Angie or Michelle happened to be in at the time. Steve grinned when he overheard them commenting on both girls. Far from feeling jealous or threatened, he was pleased that other guys considered his girlfriends to be hot too. Of course, Cathy and Karen got their fair share of lustful stares as well.

By noon the movers had emptied the van and left. All of the big and heavy furniture was more or less where it was supposed to be, leaving only the tedious job of unpacking the boxes and putting all the smaller items in their respective places. While the parents worked in the upstairs rooms, Angie took her friends downstairs to where her room was.

“After what happened last night, I didn’t think Mom would let me take this room,” Angie said as they walked into the large bedroom off the downstairs family room.

“Why? What happened?” Michelle asked.

Angie brought a hand to her mouth and looked over at Steve. “Oh, shit! I forgot to tell you!” She went over and checked to make sure no one had followed them downstairs, then turned back to Michelle and Artie. “Steve and I were getting a little…uh…friendly on the couch last night,” she began. “To make a long story short, Mom caught the tail end of a very messy blowjob!”

Michelle’s eyebrows shot up and she clamped a hand over her own mouth. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, looking from Angie to Steve. “What did she do?”

Angie quickly related the resulting lecture as everyone listened intently. When she finished, Artie grinned up at Steve. “Holy fuck, man, it must have been hard sitting there with her while Angie was in the bathroom!”

Steve nodded, feeling his face flush. “Yeah, not a good time, bro.”

Michelle looked around the spacious bedroom, which was somewhat removed from the other parts of the house. “And they still let you have this room? Wow! My folks would have had me sleeping at the foot of their bed if they caught me doing that!”

“Little do they know,” Angie quipped with a wink.

Everyone chuckled at that and they began unpacking Angie’s things, talking about some ideas for the shag shack, as Michelle had so appropriately dubbed it. Steve made the suggestion that Jake’s grandmother had an old farm that hadn’t been worked in years and there were a few old outbuildings that they may be able to tear down for lumber. He explained that even with damaged lumber from work and using his discount, it would still be a very expensive way to do it. He also mentioned that the farm also had a lot of wooded land that wasn’t being used for anything. It would be better to build on that land, with Jake’s grandmother’s permission of course, than to take a chance on crown land, so he planned to ask Jake about it. By the time they finished and went back upstairs, they had a general idea of what they’d need to do.


Chapter 83


Later that night Angie flopped down on her bed in her new room. While she was happy to finally have a home of her own here in Mason, she was going to miss sleeping in the room next to Steve. Not to mention all the impromptu trysts those living arrangements allowed for! She sighed and glanced over at her computer on the desk, then got up and turned it on. There were a few e-mails promising her a larger penis and several offers from foreign officials pleading for her help in getting millions into the country, but one caught her attention immediately. It was from Lin! She opened it up and read it quickly.

Hey sexy! How’s life in Mason? Gettin’ any? lol. Not much happening here,

except that Jason and I split up. Kind of a bummer, but hey, that’s life, right? I’m

not gonna dwell on it.

The reason I’m writing is because 1) I don’t have your new phone number so I can’t call you! and 2) my parents are taking my brother to college and they’ll be passing right by Mason, so I asked if they could drop me off for a visit. Would that be cool? I don’t want to impose but I miss you so much and I can’t stop thinking about …well, you know! ;) Give me a call when you get this - no matter how late it is, k? Love ya!


Angie stared at the words, re-reading it several times. She missed Lin terribly and wanted to see her very much, but she still hadn’t told Steve or Michelle about what had happened with her and Jason when she’d gone back to Williamstown. Since Jason no longer seemed to be in the picture, maybe they’d be ok with Lin and he’d never come up. She hated lying to them, but some things were best kept secret. Besides, it was only a one-time thing with him. And if Lin were to come for a visit, who knew what may transpire? She picked up the phone and dialed her number. As soon as she heard Lin’s voice, she couldn’t help smiling.

“Hey beautiful!”

“Angie! Wow, it’s so good to hear your voice!”

The talked for a few moments, Lin filling Angie in on why her and Jason had broken up. It seemed that since their threesome, he assumed she’d be open to having one at anytime and with anyone. When he showed up to pick her up for a date one night with a cute blonde in the back seat, she was stunned and refused to get in the car. A shouting match ensued and insults were hurled, the worst of which inferred she was a dyke slut who only wanted Angie. They’d never spoken again.

“Aw, baby, I’m so sorry. I feel like it’s all my fault…”

Lin interrupted her. “Don’t be ridiculous. If he thinks I’m just some sex toy who’s only there for his pleasure, it’s best I found out now before I wasted any more time with him.” She sighed. “Too bad, though. He seemed like a nice guy up ‘til then…and he was my first.”

“I know, baby,” Angie said in a soothing voice, then brightened. “But now you’re free to play the field! And a hot number like you won’t be single for long!”

Lin laughed, her laughter tinkling like delicate bells. “I hope you’re right!” She paused, then said, “So, how are you and Steve getting along? Anything juicy I should know about?”

Angie giggled. If she only knew the half of it! “Things are great! He’s a wonderful guy, Lin. I can’t wait to introduce you to him.”

“Does that mean I can come for a visit?”

Angie giggled. “You better! I have this room all to myself and this great big bed. It seems empty with just me in it!”

“Ooo…bad girl!” Lin teased, but Angie could hear her breathing deepen. “It’ll be next weekend. They can drop me off on Thursday night, then pick me up Sunday afternoon. They’re going to help Sean get settled in his dorm, then spend the weekend at a hotel resort nearby, so we’ll have three days together!”

“Awesome!” Angie replied. “Let me check with Mom and Dad and I’ll call you back, ok?”

They said goodbye and hung up. Angie sat thinking for a minute before getting up and going upstairs, her mind working on ways to get Lin, Michelle, and Steve into bed with her. Maybe even the rest of them as well. If Lin thought having sex with two other people was hot, wait until she tried a full-on orgy!

Her parents were at first a little hesitant to agree because they’d just moved in and things would still be in a state of disarray when Lin planned to visit. But they also knew how close the two girls were (or at least they thought they knew) and eventually agreed she could come and stay with them. Angie thanked them both with a kiss on the cheek and bounded back downstairs to call Lin back. When she heard the news she practically squealed in excitement.

“Before you get here, I need to talk to you about something, Lin,” Angie said after the initial excitement had worn off.

“Uh-oh…sounds serious,” Lin replied.

“It is, but hopefully in a good way,” Angie answered. “I need to tell you about my friends here so you know what you’re getting into.”

Lin chuckled. “Why…are they all freaks or something?”

Angie hesitated before replying. “Well, some people might say that.”

There was a short pause before Lin asked in a puzzled voice, “What the hell does that mean?”

Angie sighed and wandered over to her open bedroom door, then quietly pushed it closed. She lowered her voice. “Well, remember that night we spent with Jason?”

“Of course.” Angie took a deep breath. This was harder than she thought it was going to be. “Ang?”

“Sorry, I’m just trying to think of the best way to explain my relationships with my friends here in a way you’ll understand.” She could hear Lin’s breath catch and continued. “I…uh, that is, Steve and I…well, we kind of have an open relationship.” She paused again, listening to Lin’s breathing. “There’s this girl I met here, and we…well, we all get together sometimes.” She felt a burden lifted from her shoulders as she finally managed to say the words. Lin still didn’t say anything and after a few seconds, Angie couldn’t take her silence any longer. “Lin, please say something? This doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

“I…wow, Ang…I don’t know what to say,” she finally said.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, no, not mad. Just…surprised. I just thought it was a first time for you, too…when you were here, I mean.”

Angie hung her head. “I know, Lin, and I’m sorry. I just didn’t know how to tell you.” There was a long moment of silence before Angie finally spoke again. “I still miss you and want you to come for a visit, if that’s ok.”

“Yeah, I want to…of course. But what about your…” she hesitated before continuing, “… what about your girlfriend? Won’t she be jealous?”

Angie felt a smile creep across her face. “No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I think Michelle would like you very much.”

The insinuation didn’t slip by Lin. “I…uh, wow…are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Only if you want to. I’m pretty sure Michelle would be up for it, and I know Steve would, if you’re interested in him.”

“You’d do that?” she asked in a disbelieving tone of voice. “I mean, share the guy you’ve had a crush on since you were seven?”

Angie giggled. “I share him with Michelle, so of course I would with you!”

Lin couldn’t believe what she was hearing! This was her best friend? The girl she’d known since kindergarten? “I…uh…” she paused, gathering her thoughts. “Let me think about it, ok?”

“Sure, no problem. But can you promise me you and I will still have some fun together, even if nothing else happens?”

Lin remembered the hot sex they’d shared and smiled. “I think I can promise that much.”

Angie laughed and then lowered her voice to a sexy whisper. “In that case, I can’t wait to see you baby!” Lin giggled and after a few more words, they said good night. Angie stared at the phone for several moments, imagining the possibilities of having another partner for a few days. And she was from out of town so it wouldn’t be like inviting someone like Ashley into the group. She began getting ready for bed, her mind racing with the memory of Lin’s sexy, naked body and picturing Steve plowing his hard cock into her tiny little slit. Despite her still tender pussy, she lay in bed naked and pleasured herself before falling asleep.


Chapter 84


While Angie was talking to Lin, Steve was on the phone with Jake. He told him about the idea for the cabin and Jake was all for it. When Steve asked about some of the buildings on his grandmother’s farm and maybe even building it on her land, he agreed wholeheartedly.

“Fuck, yeah…Gram’s been bugging my dad and uncle to get rid of the two closest to the house for a couple of years now. I think there’s still plenty of good wood in both of them.”

“Cool,” Steve replied, mentally calculating how much wood it would take to build something like they’d talked about. If he remembered correctly, one of the sheds was about the same size they’d need and the other was bigger. The roofing was long since deteriorated so they’d have to come up with something for that, but for the most part their lumber needs should be taken care of.

“Why don’t we go out in the morning and see if there’s any useful wood, then we can scout out a place to build?” Jake suggested.

Steve frowned. “I can’t. I promised Dad I’d mow the lawn and clean the garage tomorrow. Why don’t you and Artie or one of the girls go?”

“Sure, no problem. I think I know a pretty good spot. It should be perfect.”

“Yeah, somewhere well-hidden but not too far from the road.”

“The place I’m thinking of is near one of the old roads back there so we’ll be able to use the tractor and wagon to haul everything in,” Jake said. The tractor at the farm was old, but his father and uncle kept it in good running order so they could plow the long driveway in winter and do odd chores in the summer. “And it’s not a long walk from the main road either.”

“Sounds good,” Steve replied. “Call me after you get back, ok?” Jake agreed and they hung up. He thought about calling Angie, but decided against it. Her increasingly hunger for sex - any kind of sex with almost anyone - was beginning to bother him. He needed some time to think.


Chapter 85


The next morning Kristi stood in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of water. She gulped it down and stared out the window over the kitchen sink. It was almost eleven o’clock and another hot day, although not as stifling as it had been. As much as she hated to admit it, the long, warm days of summer were drawing to a close and school was only three weeks away.

She set the empty glass in the sink and listened to her sister Katie talking to one of her old high school friends on the phone in the next room. It was nice having Katie home and she’d enjoyed the time they’d spent hanging out and shopping together, but she needed a break from her and she sensed that Katie felt the same way. As close as they were as sisters, they were three years apart in age and didn’t exactly have all the same likes or circle of friends. Besides, she was going to be home for another week so they’d have plenty of time to be together before she went back to California.

“Kristi! Phone!” Katie called out. Kristi met her at the kitchen door and Katie handed her the phone with a grin. “It’s Jake!” she whispered with a wink and a grin. During one of their chats Kristi admitted to her that she’d recently lost her virginity and Katie suspected - somewhat correctly - that it’d been either Steve or Jake. She accepted the phone with a reddening face and Katie gave her another grin before disappearing down the hall.

“Hey, Jake,” she said, watching Katie go into her room and close the door.

“Hiya, babe,” Jake replied. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much…what are you doing?”

“Want to go for a hike in the woods with me?”

Kristi felt a rush of excitement as she read between the lines. A walk in the woods more likely meant slipping away to the creek for a little naked romp. “Sure, sounds like fun,” she said.

“Cool. Meet me at the school in a half hour, ok?”

“Ok, see you then.” They said goodbye and she went to freshen up before grabbing her backpack and telling Katie she’d be gone all afternoon. As she hopped on her bike, she felt her anticipation growing. Ever since being introduced to sex, she found she craved it more and more and she hoped Jake’s techniques had improved since their last time together.

She rolled into the school yard and saw that Jake was already there. As they rode side by side toward the creek, he explained to her what the purpose of their excursion was and that they were going to his grandmother’s farm about a half mile past the trail to the creek. Kristi’s hopes for an afternoon of sex fell until he explained that they’d also be scouting locations for the cabin. She smiled to herself. Surely there’d be lots of opportunities to jump him in the woods. She looked over and couldn’t help admiring his lean, tanned body as he stood up to pedal up a hill. She leaned into her bike to keep up, driven on by her desire to get him alone in the woods.

They arrived at the farm and had a nice chat with Jake’s grandmother, who seemed pleased to see Jake with a girlfriend. She heartily endorsed their taking down the dilapidated buildings and even gave her approval for them to build on her land, provided they were careful and made it look ‘nice’. They said goodbye to her and walked across the overgrown pasture to the first building and Kristi looked around the dusty interior while Jake examined it for salvageable lumber. She was happy she wore jeans, even though it was warm. The field had many burdock and briar bushes and her legs would have been badly scratched with shorts.

They went over to the other building and Kristi slipped her hand into Jake’s as they walked. He squeezed her hand and she felt the urge to kiss him. She stopped and pulled him close, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his. As she ground her pelvis against his, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, making certain he understood exactly how she felt and what she wanted. After they pulled apart he smiled down at her.

“Wow…that was hot!”

She licked her lips and ran her hand over his groin, where she could feel his cock beginning to grow inside his jeans. “If you think that was hot, wait until I get you alone!” she replied with a sly smile and a wink. Before he could react, she gave him a playful push and ran toward the other shed, looking back over her shoulder at him with a playful grin. He only hesitated a brief second before a wide grin spread across his face and he took off after her. She squealed when she saw him coming and ran faster, reaching the shed and ducking inside just before he caught up to her.

When Jake entered the shed through the open door, it took his eyes a few seconds to adjust from the bright sunshine to the gloominess inside. He looked around, trying to see where Kristi had gone, then sensed movement to his right. He turned quickly and could just barely make out her slender frame standing a few feet away. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, he saw she was leaning against the far wall, her hands moving sensually over her tits. He took a step toward her, his footsteps sounding hollow on the wooden floor. She remained where she was, watching him approach, her excitement growing with each step he took.

“Well, little girl,” he said with a lustful grin, “what are you doing alone in the dark?”

She looked up at him as he stopped in front of her, then her eyes dropped to his jeans and she reached out to unfasten them. She looked back up at him as her fingers deftly undid the button and lowered the zipper. He reached out and cupped her breast over her top but she gently removed his hand and shook her head.

“Later,” she said as she reached into his open jeans and wrapped her fingers around his growing erection. He gave her a curious look and she slid down the wall until her face was level with his protruding member. With a look up at him, she moved her mouth to the tip and gave it a long lick, her eyes never leaving his face. He gasped and watched her as she licked her lips, then took him into her mouth, murmuring contentedly. He moaned and closed his eyes as her warm, wet mouth enveloped his hard cock. She began to move her head back and forth, holding one hand on his butt for balance as she stroked the base of his shaft with the other. Her technique had definitely improved and it wasn’t long before he felt the warmth spreading to his balls and knew he was about to unload into her sucking little mouth.

“Oh shit, Kristi,” he gasped, resting a hand on her head. “I’m gonna cum!”

That only fueled her desire and she began to move faster, her tongue rolling along his length as her mouth worked back and forth. She felt his body tense and braced herself to receive his load. He let out a low groan and she felt him release his hot seed into her mouth. She swallowed it immediately, then quickly made short work of the remainder of his cum. She took a few moments to make sure she cleaned him up properly, then pushed herself back up, licking her lips and smiling.

“Wow,” he said as he fastened his pants. “What brought that on?”

She shrugged and wiped a small drop of cum from the corner of her mouth. “I just felt like doing it. You didn’t mind, did you?”

He chuckled and kissed her. “Hell no!”

She laughed and slipped out from between him and the wall, turning to him. “Well, come on then. Let’s go find a spot to build a cabin!” She took his hand and they went back out into the warm sunshine.

As they walked toward the trees, neither said anything, both reliving what they’d done in the shed. They stepped into the shade of the trees and had just started down an old trail when Jake stopped and took off the small backpack he had slung over one shoulder. He unzipped a small side pocket and retrieved a baggie containing several joints. He looked up at Kristi and grinned. “Let’s change the day,” he said as he lit one up. She watched him inhale deeply, then passed it to her. As they smoked it, Jake told her about the place he had in mind. It was in a small valley between two low hills where a small stream flowed on its way to the creek. “It should be perfect,” he said as he took one last pull off the roach before grinding it into the ground with his toe. “We’ll have water and the cabin will be partially hidden by the hills. And it’s only a short hike from the road.”

Kristi nodded, her head spinning from the weed. As usual, it was very good stuff and she had a pretty good buzz happening. Jake looked over at her and laughed. “Wow, you look wasted!” he joked.

She grinned at him and playfully slapped his arm. “So do you!”

His laughter faded and their eyes met. The next thing Kristi knew he was kissing her, his tongue probing into her mouth. She welcomed the intimate kiss, returning it with the same passion. When they pulled apart, Jake looked down at her and caressed her long hair.

“I have an idea,” he said, giving her a peck on the forehead. He grinned at the cute brunette, his eyes sparkling. “Why don’t we do this in the buff?”

She gave him a curious look. “You mean get naked? Here?”

“Sure, why not?” He chuckled as he scanned her sexy body. “It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before.”

She giggled nervously. It did sound like fun, but she had some reservations. “What if someone sees us?”

He laughed. “No one ever comes here…it’s all private property. You did it at the creek where there was a much better chance of getting caught, so what’s the big deal?” He grasped his shirt. “Come on, I dare ya!”

She studied him for several long seconds before her own face broke out into a wide grin and she nodded. “All right.” She took the bottom of her top in her hands and met his eyes, then they both pulled off their shirts. Jake had nothing on under his shirt, of course, but Kristi was wearing her bikini under her clothes. Her firm breasts strained at her bikini top and her nipples left very prominent bumps in the fabric. Acting swiftly, before she changed her mind, he undid his jeans and pulled them off, hopping on one foot as he worked them over his sneakers. Kristi watched him for a second, then unfastened her own jeans and slid them down. She felt a rush of adrenalin as she took them off and stood up wearing only her socks, sneakers, and bikini.

Jake looked down at her, his cock beginning to show a small tent in his boxers. It sure hadn’t taken him long to recover from her impromptu blow job! She saw his eyes drop down to her tits and looked around as she reached behind her back and untied the string. She lowered it, revealing her small but still very erotic B-cup tits with her hard, stiff nipples protruding from her pink areolae. She felt her face warming and wondered why she was feeling like this. He’d seen her naked before - hell, she’d participated in orgies! Still, the idea of them resuming their hike naked was making her even hornier than she’d been earlier - and she liked it!

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and looked at her. Kristi took a deep breath, holding his eyes, and did the same with her bikini bottoms. As if by some unspoken signal, they simultaneously pulled them down and off and stood facing one another in the woods wearing only socks and sneakers. Jake grinned at her and she couldn’t help grinning back.

“Wow, this feels so cool!” he said.

Kristi nodded, but wrapped her arms around herself and looked around. Despite her nervousness and fear of getting caught, it was very thrilling to be naked outdoors. Sure, she’d done it while camping, but she’d had alcohol to lower her inhibitions. This felt very different.

Jake began putting their discarded clothes into the backpack. Kristi watched him, his sinewy muscles rippling as he stood up and slung the pack over one shoulder. He took a long look at her sexy nude body, then took her hand and led her down the trail.

After about fifteen minutes he stopped and pulled a small hatchet from the backpack. He pointed toward an opening in the thick brush that lined the trail. “In here,” he said, his eyes automatically making a quick scan of her nude body. She was beginning to feel almost comfortable being naked but his lustful look immediately brought back the rush of doing something so taboo. He paused as if thinking, then dropped the backpack and walked over to her, placing his hands on her bare shoulders. She noted that his once semi-hard cock was now back to full hardness, almost touching her lower abdomen. He gave her a sly smile and cocked his head to one side. “You know, I never did properly thank you for that incredible blow job back there.” Before she could respond, he bent over and began to lick and suckle her still hard nipples. She inhaled a deep breath, enjoying the feel of his mouth and tongue on her sensitive nubs.

He kept this up for a few moments, switching from one to the other, then looked into her eyes. He grinned and gave her lips a quick kiss, then dropped to his knees before her, kissing at her stomach and moving his hands around to clutch her ass and pull her closer. He licked her mons and she instinctively parted her legs to allow him access to her now swollen and moist pussy. He moved lower, teasing her clit, then licked back and forth over her engorged labia. Her juices had started to flow when he was working on her tits and now she was practically dripping with wetness. His tongue rolled along her slit, capturing her sweet nectar and sending shivers of pleasure through her young body. When his tongue pushed between the folds of her labia and into the warm wetness of her pussy, she gasped and grabbed a nearby tree for support. He teased her cunt for several seconds, then moved up to her clit. When he began to lick and suck on it, she felt her orgasm build quickly and before long she was moaning loudly as he brought her to fulfillment again and again, until her knees felt weak and she begged him to stop before she collapsed.

He grinned up at her, his face wet from her excretions, then stood up. Her face and chest were both flushed red and she was breathing hard. “There, I feel better now,” he said, licking her cum from his lips.

She managed a smile and leaned in, holding him. “Me too!“ she gasped. He took her trembling body into his arms, holding her until she felt strong enough to stand on her own again. They kissed deeply and she tasted herself on his lips and tongue, reminding her of her and Michelle’s sexual adventure. After a moment, they pulled apart. Jake picked up the backpack and taking her by the hand, they started off through the bushes.

After making their way through the tree and bushes to the spot Jake had chosen, Kristi was beginning to have some second thoughts about naked hiking, and it had nothing to do with embarrassment. While Jake was good about clearing the big branches from their path with his hatchet, she was still getting scratches all over her body from the smaller ones he missed. Only the sight of his naked ass ahead of her and how hot it was to be naked with him like this kept her from asking for her clothes. The oral sex was great and Jake had definitely improved, but she really needed to get fucked. And her anticipation grew with each passing second. If they didn’t reach the place soon, she was going to have to attack and rape him.

Fortunately for Jake, they emerged from the trees a few minutes later and he stood aside to hold a large spruce bough out of the way. She stepped past him and into a small clearing on the bank of a tiny stream. They were in sort of a hollow between two hills at a bend in the stream. The ground was flat and grassy and was big enough for a small cabin and still leave lots of room for outdoor activities.

“What do you think?” Jake asked, walking into the middle of the clearing. He pointed to the stream, which barely had any water running it. “There’s usually more water in the stream. It’s just been so dry this summer.” He pointed to the hills. “We should be well hidden here and the hills will even hide some of the smoke from the stove.”

“Yeah, it’s nice.” She turned to him, nibbling on her lower lip and looking down at his cock, which had reverted to a somewhat limp state. “Maybe we should…try it out. You know, make sure everything works like it should here.” She took a step closer and began to pull on her nipple.

He chuckled, but his face became serious when he saw the look of pure lust in her eyes. “Hmm…yeah…maybe we should.” She stopped and picked up a twig from the grass, then sat down and spread her legs. Her pussy opened up to him, pink and glistening in the sunlight. He felt his cock go from semi hard to rigid in just a few seconds. Kristi watched it rise to attention before her eyes and beckoned him over. He dropped to his knees at her feet and she pushed herself onto all fours, crawling over to him until their faces were almost touching. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, then looked down at his hard cock.

“Mmm…looks like you’re ready.” She gave him a gentle push and he sat down, his cock pointing straight up. She winked at him, then lowered her mouth to his cock and began to suck on it, the taste of his precum filling her mouth. It was turning her on even more to be sucking his cock, but she was already more than ready to be fucked. She planted a soft kiss on the tip, then crawled into his lap, pushing him back until he was lying under her on the grass. She rose up and placed the head of his cock against her opening, then slowly sank down onto him, sighing as his cock filled her needy pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned as their pelvises met. She rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit against the base of his shaft. His cock felt so good and she relished the feel of it after waiting so long. It was hard to believe that she’d closed off this part of her life for so long until finally giving up her cherry. Now she couldn’t imagine life without sex!

She leaned down and braced her arms on either side of Jake’s head, her hips rising and falling. Her tits were just above his face and he pulled her down more so that he could capture them in his mouth. The combination of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy and his mouth on her tits was enough to make her cum quickly. She felt it start and release almost before she knew what was happening. It wasn’t a huge orgasm, but never before had it happened that quickly. She only paused for a brief moment as she came, then resumed fucking Jake with renewed vigor.

Jake watched Kristi mount him and sighed as her warm pussy surrounded his cock. When she bent over him, her tits simply looked too delicious to ignore and he began suckling and nibbling on them. He felt her quiver for a moment and her pussy tightened on his dick, but she made no sound and continued to pump his cock as if nothing happened. It felt like she came, but he couldn’t be sure. In any case, he was determined to show her how much better he’d become and concentrated on not cumming too soon. He wanted to have her in every way possible first!

Kristi felt another orgasm starting deep inside her and she knew this one wasn’t going to be a lightweight like the first one. She began to hump hard, driving her pussy down hard on his cock and rocking against the base. She sat up, pulling her tits from his mouth, and braced one hand on his chest, the other on his leg behind her. She threw her head back and began to slam up and down, using her legs for full leverage. Her orgasm built, faster now. Jake’s cock was hitting on a really good spot and she was aware of her moans becoming louder but was powerless to do anything about it. She concentrated on the sensations deep in her womb while using his cock to increase her pleasure.

When she couldn’t take it any longer, she felt her vaginal muscles contract and arched her back, crying out in blissful ecstasy as her orgasm exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure overpowered her senses and she felt a wet release between her legs. She rocked back and forth, her hair swinging into her face as she came again and again, her body gripped in one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she stopped cumming and her muscles relaxed. She collapsed to Jake’s chest, still shuddering with the occasional aftershock.

Jake watched Kristi’s orgasm with a look of amazement. He felt a flood of warm wetness pour down his cock and balls, soaking his entire genital area. Had her orgasm been so intense that she lost control and peed on him? Whatever happened, she seemed blissfully unaware and continued to cum for what felt like several minutes. Her pussy clamped down so tight on his cock that it effectively prevented him from cumming. He watched her writhe and twist on his cock until she fell to his chest, her skin damp with perspiration and red with exertion. He held her until her breathing returned to a somewhat normal state, then kissed her neck softly.

“Are you ok, Kristi?” he asked in a quiet voice.

She didn’t answer right away, but he felt her shift her position and gasp as his cock moved inside her. Finally she lifted her head and smiled down at him.

“Oh my god!” she gasped. “That was…amazing!”

He smiled and kissed her. “Really?” She nodded and put her face into his neck, kissing him. “Then I guess we need a new rule…no clothes in the woods!”

She giggled, then gasped as his still hard cock shifted again inside her sensitive pussy. “Oh!”

Slowly, she pushed herself up to a sitting position and brushed her damp hair from her face. Her skin was still flushed and she looked like she’d just performed an intense workout. “I’m so sensitive,” she said, inhaling sharply as she moved up and back down slowly on him. “Oh geez…that feels good!”

He still hadn’t cum and he wasn’t through fucking her yet. Reaching up, he grasped her arms and gently rolled her over so that he was on top with her long legs wrapped around him. His cock was still buried in her tortured pussy and she closed her eyes as he withdrew, then pushed back in.

“Mmm…you feel so wet,” he said as he moved in and out slowly, watching her facial expressions change each time he penetrated her to the hilt. She didn’t say anything, just rolling her head from side to side. He continued talking. “I’m gonna fuck you so much, you’ll be begging me to stop.” She moaned softly, still enraptured by her orgasm and the feel of his cock as he pumped in and out of her overly sensitive cunt. While this felt good, he needed more. He wanted to really pound her and drop a huge load inside that pussy, then finish on those perky little tits.

He withdrew from her and she looked up at him as if to ask why he was stopping. He got to his knees and took her legs in his hands, folding them and pushing them to her chest. He’d seen this position in a porno and it looked like fun. Kristi allowed him to manipulate her, not caring what he did as long as he put his cock back inside her quickly. He leaned over her and did just that, sliding into her wet hole easily. She moaned and closed her eyes again, smiling as she was once again filled with hard cock. As he began to move, she felt another orgasm building. It seemed that in this position he was touching on new and very sensitive places. She hoped she’d be able to handle another round.

Jake pushed into Kristi’s tight little cunt and he had to pause part way in. In this position, with her legs together, she felt even tighter and he loved it. He pushed all the way in and began to move, watching as a smile formed on her face. Taking that as a good sign, he started pumping faster, relishing the feel of her tight twat on his throbbing cock.

“You like that?” he gasped. “You like being fucked like this, out in the open? Where anyone could see us?”

Kristi barely heard his words, but acknowledged with a gasping, “Uh-huh!”

He grinned and slammed hard into her. “You little slut!” She cried out and he continued to hammer away at her until her cries became shorter and he felt her body tense in another orgasm. She groaned loudly through clenched teeth and once again he found it difficult to move as her muscles contracted around his cock. Needing to continue, he pulled her legs up, spreading them wide and holding her ankles above his head. This relieved some of the pressure on his shaft and he began to pound away at her mercilessly once again. Her staccato cries became even louder and he soon felt the cum boiling in his balls.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he grunted as he slammed into her over and over. “Get ready…here it comes!” She moaned something he couldn’t make out and he continued to slam into her until her felt the cum surging through his shaft. “Oh yeah!” he cried. He felt a huge load shoot into her waiting cunt, quickly being squeezed out. He withdrew and aimed his spurting cock at her chest, pumping still more sticky white cream all over her tits and stomach.

The sensation of his cumming inside her triggered another orgasm and when he suddenly pulled out, she opened her eyes and looked up in time to see him finish ejaculating onto her chest. She hadn’t been expecting that, but it was so hot!

He finished stroking his cock and remained there, eyes closed and his drooling cock still aimed at her stomach. Still feeling very turned on, she pushed her weakened body up and took his cock in her hand. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as she took his cock into her mouth and looked up at him as she sucked the remaining cum from him and cleaned their combined juices from it.

“W…wow, Kristi,” he exclaimed, stroking her damp hair. “That was so fucking good!”

She released his cock and smiled, nodding. “Yeah…I know…I’ve never cum like that…ever!

He chuckled and lay down next to her. She rolled over and lay her head on his chest, placing a leg over his. “We need to do this again, baby. This naked hiking thing. I mean, look what it leads to!”

She giggled and caressed his chest. “I really liked the way you were talking to me. Calling me a slut, telling me you were going to fuck me.”

He glanced down at her. “Really? Cool…I wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not.”

“Mmmm…” she murmured, “I like it! Where did you learn that?”

He hesitated before answering, not wanting to ruin the moment. “Angie and Michelle,” he finally conceded.

“Right,” she said without a hint of jealousy, “I guess I should have known that. Sorry.” She made a mental note to thank the girls for tutoring him on that and many other things, it seemed!

He kissed her head. “We should all be naked when we’re here. It should be a rule, don’t ‘cha think?”

Kristi lifted her head and grinned at him. “I think that’s a great idea!” She kissed him. “As long as you don’t mind being here with Steve and Artie too. We can’t be selective you know!” Her eyes twinkled.

“Oh yeah…I forgot about that,” he said in a dejected tone.

Kristi laughed and sat up. “Aw, come on! Don’t be so homophobic! If we’re going to have orgies, you’re gonna have to be around them too. It can’t always be just you and us girls!” Jake grunted a response. She reached down and teased his flaccid cock. “Besides, I may want to have two or more guys sometime.” She looked down and gave him a wink. “So you better get over it!”

“Oh geez!” he groaned. “All right, but not if there are no girls here. That’s just gay.”

She laughed. “Come on, stud. It’s getting late.”

They stood up and Jake picked up the backpack. Kristi looked expectantly at him. “What about our clothes?”

He grinned and gestured around. “We’re still in the woods, remember? We can’t be breaking the rules right after we make them, can we?” She giggled and nodded. He put an arm around her and they walked toward the stream. “The road is only a few minutes walk this way,” he said, pointing in the opposite direction from which they’d arrived. He retrieved a roll of orange ribbon form the back pack. “We’ll tie pieces of this to trees so we can find it easily from the road.” He tied one to an overhead branch, then they began the trek to the road.





Chapter 86


That same morning, Steve awoke at seven am and got to work right after breakfast, hoping an early start would allow him to salvage some of the afternoon. He went in after finishing cleaning the garage around ten-thirty and called Angie, but her mother said she’d gone to the mall with Michelle. He went back out and tackled the lawn, his thoughts on his increasingly anxious feelings about Angie’s lustful behavior. He had to figure out some way to tell her enough was enough without jeopardizing their relationship, or any of the other ones they were involved in. What they had now was fine with him, but he felt if anymore people were brought in, eventually the secret would get out.

The chores hadn’t taken as long as he thought they would and by noon he was downstairs in the shower. He needed to talk to someone about this, preferably a girl to get a female perspective. Michelle was too close to Angie so he couldn’t really talk to her. And while his mother had offered her advice, there was no way in hell he was bringing this up with her! That left only Kristi. While she wasn’t his first choice, she was a friend he’d known for years, and the only available option. He toweled off, got dressed and went upstairs to get some lunch, then got on his bike and rode over to her house.

A few minutes later he leaned his bike against the fence at Kristi’s house and went over and knocked on the back door. As he stood waiting, his thoughts once again drifted to Angie’s suggestion that she hook up with Ashley and he was startled from his thoughts when the door was opened not by Kristi, but her older sister Katie.

“Hey, Steve! Wow, you’re looking good!” the cute sandy-haired girl said with a wide smile.

He was slightly taken off guard and it took him a second or two to respond. “Oh, hey, Katie. How are you?” He couldn’t stop himself from checking her out. She was a little taller than her sister, with the lithe, deeply tanned body that only came from hours of basking in the warm west coast sun. While she didn’t have large breasts, they were larger than Kristi’s and her low cut halter top gave him a nice view of her cleavage. Matched with a very short pair of cut-offs, she was certainly a vision that would’ve made any guy look twice. “Uh…is Kristi home?” he finally managed to stammer.

Katie shook her head, her long hair swaying and falling across her face. She brushed it aside. “No, sorry, she went out with Jake this morning.” Steve frowned and kicked at a pebble. “Hey, why don’t you come in and keep me company? It’ll give us a chance to catch up!”

He looked up as she held the door open for him. “Sure, ok, thanks,” he mumbled as he slipped past her, the scent of her suddenly filling his senses.

“Cool!” she said as she pulled the door closed and followed him into the kitchen. “Go on in and have a seat,” she said, waving toward the family room, “I’ll get us some iced tea.”

Steve returned her smile and went in, taking a seat on one end of the couch. The TV was on with the sound muted. Julia Roberts was arguing silently with some lawyers in Erin Brockovitch. He watched the scene absently, wondering just what he and Katie had to catch up on. He knew her a little as Kristi’s older sister of course, but they were never really friends. She was three years older and while always nice to her younger sister and her friends, she was never really close to any of them. He turned as she came in and passed him a tall glass of iced tea before taking a seat next to him on the couch.

“So, what have you been up to?” she asked, her warm brown eyes taking him in as she crossed her long legs. “You sure look a lot older this summer.”

“Thanks,” he replied, taking a sip from his tea. Katie began talking about how much she was enjoying being home but was also looking forward to getting back to LA. They began talking about universities and what California was like and soon he began to relax. Unlike Kristi, Katie was very open and loved to chat. Steve supposed that until now, she hadn’t considered him old enough to relate to. But now she was talking to him like someone her own age, and he wasn’t missing her subtle looks when she thought he wasn’t watching. He’d learned a lot about girls in the past few weeks and he knew when he was being sized up.

Gradually the talk turned to Mason and Kristi, and the rest of his friends. Katie told him Kristi seemed to be a lot more at ease this summer. When she said that, Steve caught a twinkle in her eye and felt his face getting warm. “I finally got her to tell me what happened to make her…um, a little less tight-assed,” Katie said before taking a sip from her glass. Her eyes studied him as she took a drink.

“Oh?” he said, taking a sip of iced tea and trying to sound nonchalant.

“Mmhmm,” she replied, still watching him. “So tell me, Steve…” She paused. “…are you the guy who took her cherry? Or was it Jake?”

Steve nearly choked on his tea and forced himself to look over at the sexy girl next to him on the couch. During their conversation she’d turned to face him, folding one leg under her. She was watching him with a serious look on her face, but her eyes were sparkling mischievously.

“I…uh…” he stammered, feeling his face getting even hotter.

Katie laughed and set her glass down on the coffee table, giving him an even closer look at her cleavage as she leaned forward. “Relax, I’m just teasing you!” she exclaimed. He relaxed somewhat, but was still sitting very still. She leaned in closer, so close he could feel her breath on his cheek. “I only asked because she told me the first time wasn’t that great, but the next time was with a different guy and he was incredible!” She moved closer. “Now, she wouldn’t say who either guy was, but I know you’ve both dated her.” Her hand moved to his leg. “So tell me Steve, were you the first guy to fuck my little sister, or are you the one who really rocked her world?” Her hand moved higher and he felt his cock respond.

“I…I wasn’t her first,” he managed to say.

Katie moved her hand to where his cock was starting to push against his shorts. “But you did fuck her, right?” He managed to nod and she moved even closer, so that her firm breasts pressed against his arm. “I’m curious…how someone your age could be so good in bed,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his ear. “Did you have a good teacher? Or are you just a natural? Hmmm?”

Steve shook his head, watching as her hand began to stroke back and forth over his growing erection. Suddenly, his shorts were feeling very constrictive. “I…I don’t know,” he gasped.

She turned his head to face her. “Then why don’t you show me.” She kissed him, her soft lips pressing against his, her tongue snaking into his mouth. They kissed long and deep until she pulled away and reached for her top. She slowly lifted it over her head and tossed it to the floor, revealing her completely tanned and beautiful tits to him. She cupped each one, her fingers rubbing her stiff nipples. “I haven’t gotten laid since I came home and I really need some cock!”

Steve took a look at her gorgeous tits and the look of wanton desire in those pretty eyes. What the hell, if Angie could have sex with other girls, so could he. He reached out and began to caress and knead her tits as they kissed again.

After a few moments, Katie pulled away and began unfastening his shorts. He welcomed the release as his fully hard cock was freed from the confines of them and lifted up so she could take them down and off, followed swiftly by his boxers. She looked down at his hard cock and back up to him, licking her lips and grinning.

“Wow, not bad!” she exclaimed as she slid to her knees in front of him. He watched as she grasped his cock and began to pump it slowly. Then she bent over and he felt her mouth encircle his head, her tongue moving over it and her silky hair spilling across his stomach and thighs. He moaned his approval and she took him deeper, her tongue continuing its sensual movements. She was obviously no novice to giving head and he leaned back as she began to bob up and down, her hand stroking him at the same time.

“Oh fuck!” he breathed. Her mouth was so wet and she was sucking him so hard it felt like he was fucking a very tight, wet pussy. The sensations she was creating were very quickly bringing him to the point of no return and he gently reached down and lifted her mouth from his throbbing penis. She looked up at him. “Katie…you’re going to make me…”

She smiled and caressed his wet shaft. “Isn’t that the idea?” She dropped down and kissed the sensitive tip. “Let me finish you.” Before he could say anything, she’d swallowed over half of his cock, sucking noisily. He leaned back and closed is eyes. If she wanted it, who was he to argue?

She continued her same technique, her warm mouth engulfing his cock tightly as she moved up and down; in and out. It wasn’t long before he felt the familiar feeling and knew he was getting close.

“Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum!” he gasped, his hand gripping her hair.

“Mmmmph” she mumbled, and increased her pace. He felt the cum rising in his balls and thrust upward involuntarily. She accepted him without missing a beat and as he felt the cum surging through his shaft, he let out a low guttural groan and came hard in her mouth. She murmured contentedly and continued to suck the jism from his balls, swallowing it as she did. When he was finally spent, she pulled her lips from the sensitive knob and kissed it a few times before looking up at him.

“Mmmm…that was fun. You lasted longer than most guys do.” She winked. “I’m told I give very good head!”

He managed a grin and nodded. “No argument here!”

She giggled and stood up. As he caught his breath, she unfastened her cutoffs and began to slowly and sexily wriggle the tight shorts over her sensual curves. She turned around and he watched as her beautiful ass was revealed to him. She had on a very tiny thong under it and both cheeks were bared to him. She paused in her strip-tease so he could knead and fondle her firm ass. When he slipped a finger between her legs, he could feel the heat from her excited twat and the wetness on the small patch of fabric that covered it. She moaned softly and parted her legs slightly so he could continue for a few moments, then turned around to face him again. She was holding her breasts, her shorts lowered part way to her knees, with only that tiny little patch of white fabric covering her pussy. The thong was so wet that her lips could be seen through the nearly translucent material and he noted she was completely shaved. He looked up into her pretty face and knew instinctively what to do.

He reached out and grasped her hips, pulling her closer, then leaned in and licked the wet cloth of her thong, tracing the outline of her excited pussy with the tip of his tongue. She moaned and her hand dropped to his head as she pushed herself tighter to his mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Steve’s hands went to her shorts and he tugged them down until she kicked them off. Without pausing, he pulled her thong down and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her pussy. She bent over to remove her thong and he immediately moved back in, clutching her ass and pulling her to him. As his mouth closed over her pussy, she parted her legs and began to rock her hips against him. He licked at her outer lips, then pushed inside, parting her inner labia and delving into her hot, wet hole. Katie’s moans grew louder and his tongue darted and twirled inside her sweet pussy. When he moved up and began to nibble and suck on her clit, her body began to tremble. Her breathing became shallow and he could hear a small strangled sound coming from her. Then, with a long release of a held breath, she came, but without a loud cry. He could hear only a small gasp and whimper, but her pussy gushed sweet love juice into his mouth and her body shuddered and shook. He lapped up all of her nectar until she finally pushed him away and flopped down next to him on the couch, her flushed chest heaving and her tits swelling with each breath. The sight of her after he’d made her cum was all it took to bring his cock back to life.

She looked over at him and smiled sleepily. “Wow…you’re very good at giving head too!” She took his hand and pulled him closer. His face was wet with her juices, but she kissed him anyway, long and deep. By the time they finished their kiss, he was back to full functionality. She looked down at his hard cock and smiled. “Mmmm…time for round two?”

He grinned. “Round two? We haven’t finished round one yet!” With that, he pulled her up into a sitting position, then motioned for her to kneel over the arm of the couch. She complied with a small smile, her pussy lips poking between her legs as she knelt over and presented her ass to him. “You said you wanted some cock, so here it is!” He knelt on the couch and placed his hands on her waist, then guided the tip of his cock to her swollen pussy. He rubbed it up and down her wet lips, causing her to rock and push back against him, a low moan escaping her lips.

“Please…” she panted, looking back over her shoulder at him, “…please fuck me now!”

He grinned at her pleading words and applied pressure, forcing the tip of his cock into her wet snatch. She let out a small yelp of pleasure and lowered her head, grinding back against him. The feel of her hot pussy gripping his cock made him pause for a second and he resisted her attempts to force him in deeper. She moaned louder and begged him to go deeper, but he held her firmly, enjoying her pleas.

“Tell me you really want it, baby,” he growled. “Tell me how much you need my cock!”

“Oh god…please….I need your cock so bad!” she gasped, looking back at him again. Her eyes held a look of lust that was unmistakable and he loved teasing her like this. Imagine, he was only sixteen and this hot college chick was begging him to fuck her! He pushed in a little deeper and her pussy walls gripped his cock. He could feel the muscles of her tight vagina flexing on his cock and the feeling was incredible! He drove all the way in, unable to resist the hot tightness of her any longer. She groaned when he bottomed out and lifted her head, arching her back.

“Oh fuck yes!” she gasped. Steve didn’t move for a few seconds, the sensation of her rippling vagina trying to milk the cum from his balls. She began to rock her ass against him and he slowly withdrew and pushed back in. She looked back at him, her eyes wild. “Oh yeah, baby…fuck me!”

He began to move at a slow but steady pace once the initial urge to cum had passed. There was no way he would’ve lasted more than a few strokes if she hadn’t blown him first. She moved with him, her toned body rolling sensually as they fucked slowly. Gradually, they began to pick up the pace and after a few minutes, Steve was hammering hard into her. His grunts mixed with her moans and the couch shook with the force of their thrusts. Without thinking, he reached out and grabbed her hair, giving it a pull. She let out a mewling cry and pushed back harder against him, grinding her ass against his groin as his cock was buried inside her. Katie was moaning almost non-stop and he sensed she was about to cum. Sure enough, a few seconds later he felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft, making her already tight cunt feel even tighter. She shuddered and dropped her head down, but otherwise made no sound. He continued to fuck her as hard as he could until she gasped and groaned and he heard a small yelp as she came again.

This time, he did slow down. Watching this sexy girl cum was almost the final straw and he nearly blew a huge load inside her steamy pussy. But he didn’t know if she was on the pill and was hesitant to cum inside her. Besides, she seemed to enjoy the rough sex and dirty talk. It would be so fucking hot to explode all over her pretty face.

When she came down from her second orgasm, he withdrew and turned her to face him. She sat on the couch and looked up at him as he stroked his hard cock, glistening with her juices. “Where do you want it?” he asked.

Her face was still flushed and her hair was damp along her brow. She looked so fucking sexy sitting there with her pussy swollen and red and her nipples hard. She looked down at his hard cock, then back up to him.

“Wherever you want,” she said in a low, submissive voice.

He grinned. “Then suck my cock until I’m ready, then I’m gonna cum all over your face.”

She nodded and leaned forward, taking his cock in her hand before slipping it into her mouth. Steve sighed as she began to suck him the same way she had earlier. Her mouth felt so good he began to feel the buzz in his balls almost right away.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he gasped. She began to move faster and he knew it was only a matter of seconds. He waited until he was about to blow, then pushed her head away. “Oh yeah…!” he groaned as he aimed his cock at her open mouth and pumped it. A second later, he came hard, shooting his creamy jism all over her face and into her mouth. He kept stroking his cock until he was finished, then pressed it to her cummy lips. She licked some of his seed from her upper lip then took the sensitive tip into her mouth, sucking on it until she’d collected all of it. She sat back, looking up at him, his cum running down her face and hanging from her nose and chin in long strings. She looked incredibly sexy like that!

“Nice,” he said, wiping a gob from under her left eye. She took his hand and sucked it from his finger, all the while watching him. She took his finger from her mouth and licked at her lips again, collecting some more of his sticky seed.

“Wow,” she said with a sexy smile, “…you really are pretty fucking good!”

He felt his face flush. “Thanks…you too. Were you…doing something when we were…you know, fucking? I could feel you squeezing me.”

She laughed and stood up, wiping another gob of cum from her nose. “You like that, huh? Maybe I’ll teach my little sister how to do it!” She kissed him quickly. “I’ll be right back…I think I need to clean up a little.” He watched her cute little ass as she went down the hall to the bathroom, then chuckled and began to get dressed.

When she came back a few minutes later, she was still naked. Her face glowed from the scrubbing and she looked so hot he felt his cock trying to respond once again. She picked up her clothes and began to get dressed, pulling on her top first. She picked up her thong, then looked at him and tossed it to him, grinning. “Something to remember me by,” she said with a wink as she pulled on her tight shorts.

Steve put the sexy panties to his nose and inhaled her musky scent before putting them in his pocket with a smile. “Thanks.”

She took a seat next to him and lay a hand on his leg. “My sister’s one lucky chick to have a guy like you,” she said.

“Well, actually, I’m kinda seeing someone else,” he replied. “She’s with Jake now.” Appearances had to be kept up, right?

Katie moved her hand up to his crotch and gave his cock a quick squeeze. “Then she’s one lucky chick!” she said with a little laugh. “Hey, look…I’m gonna be in town for another week.” She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips. “I’d love to hook up again, if you want.”

He smiled and nodded. “Yeah, that’d be great!”

“Cool,” she said, giving him one last rub. She looked over at the clock. “Kristi could be home soon,” she said. “Maybe you better go.”

He nodded in agreement and they both stood and walked to the back door. He turned and kissed her one more time. “This was great, Katie.” He paused, then added, “Um…I don’t think there’s any need to mention this to anyone, ok?”


She giggled. “You can relax, Steve. I don’t think my kid sister needs to know I balled her boyfriend! I won‘t say anything.” She touched his arm as he opened the door. “But I was serious about doing this again. Would that be ok?”

He hesitated, then nodded. “Yeah, sure. But we have to be careful.”

She thought for a minute. “Kristi and Mom are going out tomorrow for the afternoon.” She smiled seductively. “I’ll be all alone.”

He thought for a moment, then nodded. “I have to work until one, but I can come over right after that. I’ll just say I had to stay later.”

“Awesome,” she said as he went outside, “It’s a date then.” She grinned. “A fuck date!”

He laughed and with a final wave, hopped on his bike and pedaled down the driveway toward home. He did feel a pang of guilt about cheating on Angie, but they did have an open relationship. At least that’s how she saw it. He decided there was no reason to say anything about it though. Katie was leaving in a week anyway. What would be the point of risking what he had with Angie and the others over nothing more than a roll in the hay? He rode home, thinking of how tight she’d been. He was beginning to get hard again just thinking about fucking that hot little pussy again tomorrow!





stuck in the Vets office

usafslut1 on Animal Stories

When I was 14 I had one of the worst days of my life.

I came home from school and found out my dog Queen had been hit by a car. My mom told me she was at the Vet and probably would not make it through the night.  My mom was heading to her night job, so I raced my bike down to say good-bye to a dog I had had since I was a little girl.

I got the vet’s office and the assistant walked me back to the kennel area. She apologized for where they were keeping her, but that Queen was a big dog and they felt the kennel area was the best. I walked through this heavy steel door into a huge concrete room. The assistant told me the doctor had to build this room

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as the neighborhood had complained about the barking when he had just a wooden structure. I was looking at a row of 6 pens on each side with the first pen on each side large enough for a huge dog. I looked over at one and there was a medium size great Dane and a big Sheppard. The assistant told me that they she had doubled up the two dogs to make room for Queen as the place was full. She also explained that they tried to put the males on one side and females on the other, but had the two big dogs together on the female side as there was a dog with a broken leg taking the other large cage.  I walked down to the last of 6 rows and there was my dog. I had been crying a little when my mom told me, but seeing her lying there and broken, sent me into a balling fit.  The assistant told me to take my time and left me with my dog. I sat on the floor and took Queen’s head into my lap and cried.

The assistant came back a while later and told me she was going home and that the doctor would come back when he finished up with the other patients.  I put my head on Queen’s head that was in my lap and somehow cried myself to sleep.

I woke up with a start; feeling there was something wrong. I looked down and Queen was no longer breathing. I cried and kissed her and then got up. I felt funny and it wasn’t from crying. I looked at my yellow shorts and saw the red stain. I had gotten my period and was leaking through my clothes. I looked up to the sky and said –“the day wasn’t bad enough.”


Suddenly the two dogs in the first cage started barking and making a lot of noise. I walked out of Queen’s pen and walked past the other dogs. I thought maybe the doctor was in with them. When I got up to the cage the Sheppard had his nose though the bars of the next cage and the Dane was barking. I looked at other cage and there was a Dalmatian bitch. She had her butt toward the other cage and when she saw me she moved and I could see blood on her fur. I wiped the tears from eyes and said “you too huh?” She must have just gone into heat, and she was driving the two males’ nuts. I looked toward the metal door and noticed something odd. There was no light on the other side. I looked through the window and all the lights in the office were out. I looked at my watch and realized I had been a sleep for over an hour it was 7:00. I reached for the door handle and the door was locked. I looked at the lock and it needed a key from either side. I couldn’t help but yell out loud “you’ve got to be fuckin kidding me?”


After screaming and cursing for a few minutes I started to relax and got busy before I broke down again. I had a few problems to deal with. My dog had just passed and was lying in the cage. There was a dog in heat and I needed to move the dogs or something, and my shorts and underwear were absorbing the blood from my period.

I found a sink and a low metal table near it. I made a plan. I was going to put Queen on the table and then move one of the big dogs to her pen and then somehow switch two females so the one in heat was not near a male.


I took my poor dead dog and put her up on the table and found a few towels and covered her. I then took off my shorts and panties and washed them in the sink. While undressing I noticed my shirt was covered in doggie drool I took them off and washed it too.  I was now standing in this kennel totally naked. I laughed for the first time in hours. Just for the heck of it I ran up and down the aisle naked for some dumb reason. All the dogs started to bark… I guess it wasn’t such a great idea.


I hung up all my clothes; it was pretty warm in the place so I thought maybe they would dry quickly. I took another towel and wrapped it around my waist. It was the best I could do and I could keep wiping myself with the towel and there were plenty more. I left my small boobs go free for now as the towels weren’t big enough to tie off up high.

The two male dogs were barking like crazy again and I walked down to their end. Again the bitch had her butt up against the bars driving the males insane.  I changed plans and figured I better move her first.  I went over to one of the other cages and saw a small mixed breed female. I tried to open her cage and couldn’t figure out how to open the cage. I looked up high and there was a second latch up there. I looked around and noticed a step stool that must be just for the purpose. I moved it over and unlocked the door. I saw a piece of wood by the bottom of the cage, like a door stop, and pushed it under the door. I looked around and saw a bunch of the door stops on the floor, I was getting the idea of how this worked – the doors either latched closed or completely opened (like the one that Queen had been in).  I grabbed the dog by the collar and she followed me to cage of the bitch in heat.


I moved the stool over, used the door stop and walked into the cage. I let go of the mix breed and grabbed the collar of the small Dalmatian. She fought me so I picked her up. The two males were barking their heads off. The Dalmatian was kicking and my towel fell off. Somehow I wound up with one of my arms between her legs with her butt almost in my face and her front paws reaching for the ground. I just barely got her in the other cage before dropping her.


I took a few breaths, grabbed my towel, put it on and went to the two trouble makers. I had not figured out who I was going to move, and figured whom ever was the calmest was first. I gave them a couple of minutes to relax after the bitch was moved.  I was looking for a leash but couldn’t find one.  I was sweating already in this warm place especially after fight with the Dalmatian. I wasn’t sure if I was starting to smell or if I smelled the Dalmatian on me. I looked at my upper arm and saw some blood, which must have come from the Dalmatian. I just wiped it with my hand rubbed it clean on the towel.


I got up on the stool and unlatched the door and put the wedge in the door crack so the door would almost completely close so the dogs would think it was closed and not run out. I walked in and the Dane was sitting in the far corned, the Sheppard was still looking frisky so I headed for the Dane. When I bent for the Dane’s collar I got a surprise. The Sheppard poked his head up the towel and I felt his nose on my butt. I jumped and turned and as I did the towel fell behind his head and onto his back.  I looked at him and yelled “no-bad dog”- I leaned over him to grab the towel and as I did he leaned forward he lapped my pussy. I couldn’t believe he did it. As I straighten up he licked me twice more. I was stunned. I was appalled but also realized how good it felt. Out of reaction I yelled “bad” again, put my hand over my pussy and leaned into him again to grab my towel with the other hand. He licked at my hand, but I reached my towel. At that very moment I felt a bigger tongue on my butt. I turned and saw the Dane standing behind me. I forgot  about protecting pussy and as I turned , for a moment both dogs’ tongues caught me. I froze from the pleasure; I stood there for a few more seconds and couldn’t believe how good this felt. My pussy and butt where being licked by these scratchy wet tongues. My brain kicked back in and realize how wrong this and quickly sat down on towel. I pulled my legs up in front of me and tried to figure out what was going on. The scent of the Dalmatian must make me smell like a dog in heat.


The Sheppard moved in front of me and lied down. He then started inching his head closer to my body. I thought I was protected with my knees up against my chest and feet in from of my pussy, but he finally started to lick between my feet, working smartly toward the smell he must have liked from my pussy.  I knew I should get up or something and my body took over from my brain and the licking got to me, I moved my feet apart and gave the Sheppard the room to find my pussy again with his tongue. This time I relaxed as it was me who let him do it.  The more he licked the wider I opened my feet.  The sensation was great and my long nipples got hard and begged for attention. 

Suddenly things got weirder – the Sheppard stood up to get in deeper I guess, as his head never moved from my pussy. Once he stood up the Dane, who had been pacing in the cage, stood over the other dog and started humping his butt. The Sheppard picked his head up and looked at the other dog like he was crazy and shifted his back legs away from the Dane, and then went back to work on my pussy.  The Dane moved and again started to hump the Sheppard. This time I got a look at the Dane’s doggie dick. It was pink and about 5 or 6 inches. I had never seen one before and was interested in what it would feel like.


I spit in my hand and reached forward and slid my fisted hand around his dick. He started humping again and shifted so he was only partially behind the Sheppard. I was leaning forward and this put the Shep’s tongue right along my clit. I lost it and started cumming. I was moaning louder than I ever had during a climax by my own hand (my experience up to this point). The Shep must have liked my cum as he dug back to my slit more. I leaned back a little but never let go of the Dane’s dick. When my eyes opened after my climax I noticed that the Dane’s dick was no longer 5 or 6 inches it was more like a fool long.

I had to put my hand over my pussy as it was started to hurt and the Sheppard just kept licking my hand instead. I was now concentrating on the Dane’s dick.  I didn’t need to wet my hand again as his dick stayed real wet and I could see he was dripping continually out of his dick hole and it was actually getting all over the place.


I also noticed that it looked like his balls were traveling up his shaft.  The top of my hand was about 3 inches from the top and the balls were almost at the bottom of my hand (I guess about half way up his shaft.) The ball continued up to my hand and then the dog started humping even faster (which I didn’t think was possible.) The ball was now about the size of a big orange. I started wondering what it was as it was pushing my hand up the shaft a little and then suddenly the dog stopped pumping and at that moment he shot his load. Cum came firing out towards me and hit me right in the chest. I couldn’t believe I didn’t let go of his dick but I didn’t till a few more shots came out of him, the fourth shot hit me on my face and I let go of his dick, he just kept coming and started humping his butt again, but this time there was not my hand or anything else, but he was still dripping cum.

When he was done there was cum all over the place. On me, on the Sheppard and on the concrete floor.


I figured I better go get some more towels, but before I did I slid my finger across the cum on my face and pushed it into my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. Girls had told me about blowjobs and I wanted to taste what it was like. It was a little gross and real salty and not much thicker than water, but gooier somehow. I wondered how close to guys cum it was.


I stood up and as I stepped over the Sheppard toward the door my heel hit a pool of cum  and I lost my balance. I fell towards the door of the pen.  I grabbed the bars and the door flung open. I tried to regain my balance and leaned back. As I did the door came swinging back to the cage and when it came back to the closed position I heard a loud click. The good news was that I didn’t fall; the bad news was that the door was locked and the wooden stop had dislodged and flew across the aisle. I shook the bars and suddenly the whole day seemed to come crashing down on me. I started to cry, I mean really cry. I had lost my dog, got locked in kennel, had a dog eat me out and hand-jobbed   another  dog, was sweaty, dirty , had dog cum on me and just realized I was totally naked. I stood there crying and shaking the door.


I finally got composed enough to walk over, pick up the dirty towel, folded it and sat down in cage with my back up against the door.  It was after 8:00 and the sun had gone down. The kennel started to get dark and except for a few lights scattered in the hall, the place was getting darker by the moment.  My mom got off work at11 and hopefully would see I wasn’t home and would find me. Then I tried to think if I shut my door when I left home. If I did my mom would figure I went to sleep. I started to cry again. 

(see part 2)



The dogs had been pretty clam since I slammed the door, but as I started to compose myself and stopped the crying I noticed that the Sheppard got up from the corner he had been in and came over to me. I reached out and started to pet him. He came closer to me and started to lick my arm, then my neck and then my chest. I figured out he must be cleaning off the dried cum. I was not in the mood and pushed him away.  He came back at me and this time put his head towards my pussy. I looked at him and said “I’m sorry, I lost it there for a while, but I am not letting you lick me anymore, I was wrong.” The dog tilted his head like he was listening to me.  I reached out and scratched him behind his ears, and asked him to leave me alone. 


The Sheppard didn’t listen however and drove his head back towards my pussy. I pushed him away and said “no”. He walked away and then behind me. I figured he got the message. The next thing I knew he had jumped up and had his feet on my shoulders from the back.  I tried to stand up, but couldn’t, he was pushing all his weight on me and his head was behind my head. He started to back, which scared the hell out of me.  He started to rock and I couldnt figured out what he wanted me to do. Suddenly I felt my hair being pulled, hard. He had my hair in his mouth and was pulling me back. This wasn’t funny, it hurt. I tried to get up again and got myself on all fours to try to get up. That’s when I felt him humping. I then realized that he had been air humping behind me and that was why my head was being pulled back and forth a few moments before.


I felt his doggie dick hitting my butt and started yelling for him to top. The fucking dog wouldn’t let go of my hair and I was thankful that my hair was long enough that he could be in the position he was without snapping my head back any farther than it was. I was trying to figure how to get my hand back to jerk him off like I did the Dane, but I couldn’t.  His legs were now wrapped around me and my butt cheeks were getting wet from his dick. All of a sudden I heard a threatening growl and my hair got pulled hard again.  “What the fuck do you want?” I asked.  I got the answer a moment later, he repositioned himself on me and rewrapped his legs around me and his legs moved under me a little more. His dick was now bouncing around between my legs. A couple of times his dick slid along my labia, it sent a shiver though my body. I suddenly started to panic “no” I screamed, “I’m a virgin you fuck.” 


 That didn’t matter and a few pocks later I felt him in my pussy. The skinny head poked between my labia and into my hole. He started pumping faster and it started to turn me on. I thought about it for a minute and realized that he was only in an inch or two. I figured his dick my be smaller than the Dane’s and that coming from the back, with my butt taking some space between us, that he might not get more than an inch or two inside me, and that my hymen was going to stay intact.  I started to relax and started getting turned on. I could hear my breathing as it was like I was fingering myself, but faster.


Suddenly my hair was yanked back again. “What the fuck do you want now? I am letting you fuck me?” I yelled again. The dog shifted again and this time his paws were right on the side of my boobs. He scooted his legs further under me and in his next thrust he broke through my virginity. I felt a burn and pain, but more than that I humiliated, I was no longer a virgin. I couldn’t get lose of his grip.


The pain I was feeling was soon replaced with tingling deep in my pussy. I didn’t want to feel good, but my body was taking over. His dick no longer felt like a finger but much bigger. His mouth released my hair (finally) and I ducked my head and looked under my body. I say his red dick plugging away at me. His dick popped out, but wemt right back in. I saw the entire thing; it was nowhere as big as the Dane’s but it had to be about 6 inches, bright read, and veiny. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked and feeling good. I felt a climax coming on and started moaning, louder than I ever had before when cumming.   My climax suddenly filled my body and I was involuntarily pushing back against the humping. I was cumming and he didn’t let up.  I started feeling something different and looked again between my boobs to see that his ball (like the Dane had had) was banging against my labia and clit- I was brought to another height and was screaming in my climax. I must have scared the Dane as he was now face to face with me. He started to lick my face. It was gross but I couldn’t do anything about it.


The Sheppard stopped his humping and I felt a warm sensation inside me, he was shooting his load in me. I felt my pussy was getting hotter and wetter. I wanted him to pump me more. I didn’t want the felling to stop. I pushed back on him, but he dismounted me. I ducked my head down again and watched as his dick popped out of me, followed by his cum that rushed out of me. I was admiring all this when something else came into view. It was the Dane’s head. He stuck his noise between my legs and then I saw his long tongue. He lapped across my pussy and I was right back to feeling pleasure. He licked for about a minute and I was about to explode again. He stopped licking and I thought it was because I was screaming. Boy was wrong.


The  next thing I felt was the Dane on top of my back. He was not wrapped around me like the Sheppard had been; he was standing and straddling me. I felt a poke on my butt again. And then felt his wet shaft slide up the crack of my butt. He started to hump my crack. He must have felt like he was in me as he just kept humping. It felt good but not like being in me. I was fine with it though as I could not imagine a 12”dick inside me.

This went on for about another minute. The Dane backed up I felt the head of his dick poke my butt hole. It was right on target. I panicked and lifted my butt a little and the next poke went right into my pussy. He was thicker than the Sheppard and it felt great as it stretched my labia and went in a few inches. The way he was positioned he got about the same 6” in me that the Sheppard had, but his thicker dick had me cumming again in moments.


Without warning, the Dane wrapped one of his paws around me and lifted me up a little. When he did I felt his dick go deeper inside me. I got nervous and stopped moaning. I could feel him hitting my cervix and it was starting to feel uncomfortable. He just kept banging away and he was trying to burry his entire 12” or more dick inside me. I started to shift around trying to find a more comfortable spot.  Suddenly I felt a pop inside me and his dick went all the way in. He repositioned his legs and started pumping harder and faster. I was panicking; did he break something inside me?  I suddenly was flashing back to health class and picturing my insides. I was not in any pain; actually I was starting to get totally excited again, even though my mind was racing. I figured if he had broken through into my stomach or something that I would be in pain, but I wasn’t. I could fell his dick head punching deep inside me. Then I figured it out, he must be in my birth canal. If he was I should be fine, I guessed.  I was already having my period and blood was coming down from there, so I must have something open. 


I started to relax and enjoy the fucking I was getting. It didn’t take me long once I started to relax, to start coming again… I must have cum like 6 or 7 times already. I went from feelings I was being rapped –to times of just glorious sexual release. As with the last dog I started to feel the ball at the entrance of my pussy. This ball was bigger and seemed to slam into my entire labia and clit and I started to scream again and shake in a climax.  As the ball moved up his shaft it pulled some of his dick out and I felt a funny feeling as he came back out of my canal, he was then hitting my cervix wall again, and then that subsided, he must have had only about 6-8 inches in me and I could handle that. I relaxed and just enjoyed the attack from inside and out.  Soon he stopped pumping and closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on my pussy and then, there it was, I felt him shoot load after load of hot cum into me.  A few moments later he pulled out, and again tons of cum came rushing out of my pussy….

(see part 3)


Both dogs retired to one of the corners of the pen, and were almost on top of each other. It was almost 10:00 and I started to wonder what would have happened if my mother walked in with the doctor and I had a dog on top of me and me cumming like I was enjoying it. I tried to get up and my legs didn’t want to straighten, I had been on all fours for over and hour.  I also realized I was exhausted and had to pee real bad.  I figured “what the heck” and just crawled over to the corned with a drain that the dogs had peed near. My legs didn’t want to move- but finally started to move. I got to the corner and used the bars to help myself up. I looked down at my thighs- they were covered with cum (both the dogs and mine) and blood (from my period and the loss of my hymen).  My started to squat and knees hurt too much, so I just opened my feet and pushed. I started to pee and couldn’t believe how much I went. The Sheppard jumped up first and then Dane and they started barking at me. I looked them and just yelled “hey –I don’t care if it’s your corner- I needed to pee.” I had no idea why they were barking and they had no idea what I was saying I’m sure. I got done and walked over to a neutral corner and  sat down. The dogs were still barking at me, but once I sat down they relaxed and went back to their corner. I feel asleep with my back up against the bars.


I was awoken some time later by a pull on my hair again. I looked up and the Sheppard was pulling my head again. I started yelling that I had had enough, but I could see the tip of his dick was already protruding from his sheath.  I was too tired to fight. I got on my hands and knees and let him mount me. He got in with only a few misses and re-shifted himself till he was doing his thing. Even though I was tired it didn’t take me long to start moaning in delight. I was getting turned on that I was being fucked, even though it was a dog. I started to moan in rhythm to his pumping after my first climax. The Dane came over to me again and licked my face. I thought ‘oh shit, not again” I had thought about the last session and did not want his huge dick all the way in me again.  The Dane shifted and I saw he was getting horny.


I don’t know what came over me, but I rubbed my cheek on the side of his body as he was licking my shoulder. He started walking toward my rear and I kept my face along his side. He seamed to react and turned his body, but away from me. He then backed up and had his balls in my face.  I figured if I could get him off he would want to fuck me. It took some nerve but I stuck my tongue out and made contact with his balls. They were leathery and luckily he as so tall that his butt hole was not in my face. I licked again and he backed up into me.


As I was licking the Dane and moaning; I felt the Sheppard’s ball hitting my labia again. I knew he would cum soon and knew I would too. He started banging my pussy and clit and I had to stop licking the Dane to scream. The Sheppard stopped humping and I waited for him to cum. But he did something else. He moved his legs forward and pushed his dick deeper in me. But it wasn’t his dick that was getting deeper, it was the ball. I stopped cumming as I got scared that he was going to bust me in two. I guess my pussy had loosened up after making it with the Dane or something. The next thing I felt was relief around my labia, but then pressure inside me, his ball was inside. He started pumping me again and it started feeling good again. I couldn’t believe the thing was in me and I was starting to cum again.

The Dane must have heard the change in me as he backed his balls up to my face again. I was cumming so hard that I wasn’t even thinking and I licked harder and harder trying towards his dick, but with no luck.

Suddenly the Sheppard stopped his movement and I concentrated closely, and then I felt it- I didn’t feel the squirts this time but I felt my pussy get very warm andI came again knowing that I had taken another load of cum.  A moment later the dog pulled back and his ball didn’t come out. Actually it was an unreal feeling being stretched and I continued my climax – till it started to hurt. We were stuck.  I kept trying to calm him down “just stay there…stop pulling” I said.  He was shifting all over and when I looked over my shoulder I couldn’t believe it, somehow he was b=now butt o butt with me. He started walking toward the corner and I had no choice but to walk on all fours to match his movement. Finally he was in the corner and just stood there. We were attached and the pressure on my insides and labia (from the inside) brought me back to utopia. The Dane came back toward me and licked my face (here we go again, he wants to fuck me). After he licked my face I put my head down and somehow he read my mind. He kept walking over me and soon I was looking at his pink dick, poking a few inches out of his fur.

All I was thinking about at this point is that when the Sheppard pulled out of me that I didn’t want the Dane to hurt me, his ball was much bigger than the Sheps and as big as my pussy probably would be in a few minutes, he might just try to do the same thing and kill me.  I had been ready to give a boy a BJ so why not give it try here and save my insides again.



A few moments later his dick was within reach, I put my tongue out and the red tip ran across my out stretched tongue. It sent shivers right back to my over-stretched pussy. I opened my mouth and let his penis inside. I felt the damn thing grow inside my partially closed mouth. It kept getting bigger and longer. At that moment I realized what an idiot I had been. His fur was near my mouth which meant that there was nowhere for his foot long dick to go but inside my throat. I don’t know how big he had gotten but my mouth was pretty full. A moment later he started humping my face. At first I was Ok, but then he trusted and I gagged. I relaxed and was Ok, but the same thing happened about every few thrusts. This was not being fun anymore. I pushed my head up into his chest and pushed and he took a few steps back. I was finally OK again and had about 6 inches in my mouth. I was getting face fucked by the Dane for a few minutes when I felt a weird feeling in my pussy and the next thing I felt was Shep’s ball coming lose from my pussy. It felt great for a moment, and then there was nothing. I felt like my pussy was wide open. Suddenly I felt the rush of cum pouring down my thigh. 

The Dane must have smelled it as he started pumping my mouth harder and again I was gagging. I moved my head to the side to get him out a little, but for some reason at the angle I was now at, I wasn’t choking and I could feel him way down my throat- now I had to concentrate on breathing.


Without notice I start to fart. But it wasn’t from my butt, it was from my pussy. It must have scared the Dane or something as he backed off of me. My legs where still a little frozen but I was able to crawl.  The Sheppard was now on the other side of the pen. I was still moving and the pussy farts wouldn’t stop. I was starting to laugh and was embarrassed.  The Dane finally came around my behind to check me out I guess. I was stupid again just for that one moment and didn’t move away from him. That was all it took, he was up behind and on top of me.


Just like the first time he mounted me; I felt his wet dick sliding up my butt crack and again I hopped that he would just do that. Of course he shifted and just like the last time he hit my butt hole. I figured I better shift and let him get it over with and try not to let him into my pussy too deep if I could help it. His next poke hit my butt hole again, but this time he didn’t retract, he trust right from there and a few inches when into my ass. I started to scream, “no, no, you can’t” but he could care less and I felt my butt tear a little as he started to pump me. More and more of him entered my dark hole and I tried to drop to my belly, but somehow that hurt where he was hitting inside me as I was dropping and I quickly moved back up.  I felt more and more of him enter my ass and then just started pounding me. After a couple of minutes of crying and screaming something wild happened. I start to pant, but it wasn’t from crying. I couldn’t figure it out.  I was getting horny again. I was starting to like the feeling. “How could this be possible” I asked myself. I never thought about anal sex as getting a girl off, just the guy. But I was feeling better and better, and for some reason, without my pussy even being touched, I was heading for about my twelfth climax. As I started to get more excited I felt him going in even further, the lube from his dick sprinkling kept my hole wet and feeling good. I sure wasn’t worried about his ball going inside my tight hole, but I was amazed when I felt it hit my hole. I ducked my head down to see how far up his shaft the ball had gone and gasped when I saw it hadn’t moved up yet- I had his entire dick inside me.  I guess the thought of that was all it took and I started to cum. It was different from cumming from my pussy or clit, it was actually more intense and I almost started to howl. I heard myself and stopped for a moment in fear that with all this dog sperm in me that I was becoming one. 


My fear soon ended and my climax continued as the Dane’s huge dig kept pumping my virgin ass. I few minutes later the ball was hitting my hole and he retraced a bit from that happening. I was still cumming like crazy when I felt his load fill my ass. He was still pumping and all the cum made it feel even better and I got off one last climax before he pulled his long pole out of me.


Again I could not stand and I wondered if I would ever be able to walk again.  I moved along the floor on all fours and went over to the big Dane. He was cleaning off his dick, but a few moments later he stopped. I lied down next to him and put my head on his chest and fell asleep.


I don’t know how long I was sleeping when I started dreaming of  a man who kept telling me to suck his cock. He kept saying it and then I awoke and realized it was not a dream. I looked over my shoulder and there was the Vet. He was in jeans and tee shirt and he had his dick in his hand. His hand was stoking up and down his pole.  I tried to cover up, but there was noting around and the towel was dirty and wet.


“Hey pretty one; come over here and suck my cock and I will let you out.” He said. It took me a second to realize where I was and remember what I had done.  “Why would I want to do that?” I asked.  “Because from the look of cum on your ass and legs you obviously are a little slut, and I could use a blow job.” I just sat there watching him stroke his dick, it was big but nothing like the Dane’s.


“Would you rather I fucked you up the ass, like one of these dogs obviously did?” He asked next. I looked back and asked “Is it morning? Did my mom call you?”  He smiled and said “it’s about 1:00, I haven’t heard from your mom, but I wanted to see how you were doing.” I noticed his words were being slurred and as I looked his eyes were glazed. 


“You knew I was here all this time?” I asked. “Yes, I figured you could use sometime with your dog. I went for a drink and met a nice or should I say a naught girl, I forgot all about you till she left my place and I was getting into bed. I came over right away, but seeing you lying there naked with your red pussy lips and cum oozing out of your ass, got me all excited again.  So if you want me to let you out now, get back on your hands and knees and come suck me off, or I will leave and come back in the morning with your mother and catch you here in the pen with the dogs. The choice is yours.” He explained.

I figured this day would never end if I didn’t do him, so I  crawled over, took his dick in my mouth for only a few minutes and he shot his load down my throat.


He did as he promised and let me out and brought me home, after he watched me shower in his office.




Family Friend - Part 26

bjcortland on Teen Stories


Chapter 92

Angie was packing her little backpack for the trip to the spot Kristi and Jake had found for the cabin. Michelle called her a couple of hours earlier and told her they were all going out to check it out, with the exception of Steve, who was still at work, and her mind immediately switched to orgy mode and an idea she’d been thinking about since her and Steve’s little rape role play the night before.

Tossing her backpack over her shoulder, she raced up the stairs and told her mother she was going to the creek, then jumped on her bike and rode over to the school to meet the others. As she rolled toward the bleachers, she saw Michelle and Kristi sitting there but Artie and Jake still hadn’t arrived. Perfect.

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She could run her idea past the girls before letting the guys in on it.

“Hey there,” Michelle said as she pulled up and dropped her bike.

Kristi also greeted her with a warm smile and a friendly, “Hi”.

“Hey,” she replied, taking a seat next to Kristi. “How’s everyone this morning?”

“Great,” Michelle said, looking at her closely. “Did I notice a slight limp in your step this morning?” she teased with a wink to Kristi.

Angie laughed. “Oh my god! Wait until I tell you what we did!” Hurriedly, she told them about the rape fantasy she lived out with Steve and the others listened with interest. “…and I came soo hard!” she exclaimed when she finished. “Fuck, it was hot!”

“Wow,” Michelle said, “ Sounds like a lot of fun!” She remembered how good it had been when Steve and Angie treated her rough at the creek and thought it did indeed sound hot to pretend to be raped.

Kristi looked thoughtful. “Didn’t it bother you to let him do that? I mean, tying you up and hitting you?”

“He didn’t actually hit me,” Angie explained, “He just gave me a really good spanking when he caught me trying to escape…and I loved it! It was so fucking cool! You guys should try it!”

Michelle nodded. “Sounds fun, all right. I’ll ask Artie, but I don’t think he’d go for it. He’s not the violent type.”

“Steve was a little hesitant at first,” Angie said, “But once we got going, he really got into it and I think he had as much fun as I did!”

Kristi listened to this and remembered some times when things had gotten a little rough, and even though she was only a spectator to that type of sex, she was intrigued by it. Maybe Angie was onto something here.

“I have an idea,” Angie said, looking at both of them. “Why don’t we do something like that today? All five of us. We could, I dunno, pretend to be lost in the woods and these guys find us and have their way with us. What d’ya think?”

Michelle and Kristi exchanged a look and Michelle could see some apprehension in Kristi’s eyes. “Uh, maybe we should hold off on that for today.” Angie looked at them with questioning eyes. Hadn’t she properly explained how fucking hot it was? Michelle continued, looking back to Kristi. “Kristi’s never been there when Artie was around. I don’t think a game like that would be the proper way to start off.”

Angie looked over and saw the look of relief on Kristi’s face that Michelle had been the one to bring it up and she didn’t have to sound like a whiney kid. Angie’s face immediately softened.

“Oh my god, I completely forgot! You’re right, babe. Sorry, Kristi.”

Kristi gave her a smile. “It’s ok, Angie, but thanks for understanding. As fun as that sounds, I’d rather wait and see how things go with him before I try something like that.”

Michelle nudged her and grinned. “Especially the way he’s hung! That alone takes a little getting used to!”

Angie and Michelle laughed and Kristi grinned. She remembered seeing Artie’s huge cock that day at the creek when she’d watched them from the bushes. She’d been some distance away but was still astonished at his size.


They all were silent for a few seconds, then Michelle looked up suddenly. “Oh, hey! Kristi, tell Ang about what you and Jake did yesterday!” She glanced over at Angie. “You’re gonna love this!”

Kristi’s face broke out into an embarrassed grin and she shuffled her feet on the dusty ground. “We, uh…we were naked the whole time we were in the woods,” she said, looking down as if embarrassed to be telling them.

Angie looked over at Michelle, the surprise evident in her eyes. Michelle grinned and nodded. “Holy shit, Kristi! That’s fucking awesome!”

Kristi felt her face get hotter but looked up, briefly meeting Angie’s eyes.

“Tell her what you guys talked about,” Michelle urged.

Kristi looked up, some of her confidence returning at Angie’s enthusiastic response to an idea she’d come up with. “Jake suggested that we should all always go naked up there,” she said.

Angie looked from her to Michelle and began to giggle. “Oh my god! That’s genius! I love it!”

Kristi looked up, an uncertain look on her face. “You do?”

“Hell yes!”

Michelle nodded in agreement. “Me too. I told you she’d love it, babe.”

“Jake was…well, it was his idea for us to do it yesterday, but he said if it was just the guys up there working it’d be kinda gay for them all to be naked.”

Angie laughed. “They’re so homophobic! But whatever, when we aren’t around I guess it really shouldn’t matter. But I like it…I like it a lot!”

They heard the sounds of approaching bicycles and looked over to see Artie and Jake coming across the football field toward them. As the girls put their backpacks on and began to pick up their bikes, Angie whispered, “Let’s definitely do the no clothing thing, ok? We can think about my idea for another time.” Michelle and Kristi exchanged a quick look, then they both nodded, grinning. “Cool! This is gonna be so fun!”

The guys rolled up and they all greeted one another. Michelle gave Artie a wet kiss and Kristi gave Jake a hug and a quick peck on the lips before they all got on their bikes and began the ride to the woods. Angie was already becoming excited at being naked in the woods all afternoon…and hopefully getting another ride on Artie’s big cock!


Chapter 93


Steve tossed the last two two-by-fours into the back of the dusty pickup and banged on the tailgate to let the driver know he was done loading him. As the truck pulled away, he looked at his watch. Almost twelve-thirty. He wondered if he’d have time to run home for a quick shower before meeting Katie after work.

It was almost one when he heard a honk outside the warehouse and got up to go fill what he hoped was a quick order so he could get out of there on time. He wasn’t all that concerned about Angie wondering where he went after work because she’d told him she and the others were going out to the site of the cabin to look it over. He didn’t feel right about hiding his ‘affair’ with Katie from her, but not because of the usual reasons. He only did it because he knew she’d want to bring her into their group and she was something he wanted to keep separate from that, sort of a normal sexual relationship. He knew from experience there’d be more going on than just looking the area over so he figured he’d have most of the afternoon to spend with her.

When he stepped out into the bright sunshine, he was surprised to see Katie leaning against the fender of her mother’s car, wearing a very short mini and a baby tee that left most of her stomach bared. Damn, she looked hot!

“Katie! Hi! What are you doing here?”

She grinned and took a step toward him. “I just thought I’d drop by and see if you needed a lift.”

Steve heard voices and turned in time to see Bill and Jack watching from just inside the warehouse door. He couldn’t really blame them; Katie looked smokin’ hot and if he were them, he’d be doing the exact same thing. He scratched his head and looked at the Subaru Outback she was driving. “Well, I have my bike with me.”

“No problem,” she said, walking around to the back. He couldn’t stop his eyes from moving down to her long legs stretching from under her short skirt. “Lots of room for it if I fold the back seat down.” She opened the tailgate and crawled in, and he stared in surprise at her bare ass peeking out from under her skirt. She had nothing on under the very short mini! She looked back over her shoulder and caught him checking her out. “Like what you see, handsome?” She wriggled her ass suggestively and gave him a sexy wink. He took a good look, catching a glimpse of her pink pussy between those sexy thighs, then grinned and stood back, taking her hand to help her out. She stood up and smiled, gesturing into the back of the small station wagon. “See, lots of room!”

He looked down at his dirty clothes. “I need a shower, too,” he said.

She grinned. “Well guess what? We have one at our place!” She leaned in closer. “I could use one too. Maybe we could share!”

He laughed and nodded. “Ok, you talked me into it!” He checked his watch and saw it was a few minutes past one. “Just let me go punch out and get my bike, ok?”

She kissed him quickly and sat down on the tailgate, watching him with a wild look of sexual desire. He turned and ran toward the warehouse and grimaced as he saw Bill and Jack standing in the door with their arms folded and big shit-eating grins on their faces.

“Well, well, Jack…it seems ol’ Cassanova here has added another one to his stable of women!”

Steve tried to ignore their good-natured jests and went over to the time clock to punch out.

“Yep,” Bill replied, “And this one seems to be all woman. She don’t look like no high school girl! Think you can handle her all by yerself, young fella?” Steve grabbed his bike and pushed it toward the door where they stood. “‘Cause, ya know, I’d be happy to help out if ya need me to!”

Jack nodded, grinning. “Yeah, you seem a little wet behind the ears for someone like her!”

Steve just kept his head down. “You guys are just jealous!” he said as he pushed past them.

“Damn right we are!” Bill exclaimed. “Now you be careful! We don’t want you to hurt yerself!”

Steve shook his head and hoped Katie didn’t hear any of that. When he got to her car, she stood up and grinned at him. “It seems your friends don’t think you can satisfy me!” He couldn’t think of any reply so he just grinned foolishly and began to put his bike into the back. She leaned in and he felt her hand grope his ass as he pushed it in. “Want me to give them a little show? Just tease them a little?”

Before he could respond, she disappeared and he stood up, looking around the side of the car. She walked up to the front of the car and bent over as if examining something on the front bumper. Her ass was pointed directly at the open door where Bill and Jack stood and he laughed to himself, imagining the looks on their faces. She stood up and turned around, then stretched, raising her arms over her head and forcing her short tee to ride up even higher so that the bottoms of her tits were almost exposed, not to mention that her skirt rose enough that he was certain they got a glimpse of her shaved beaver! Her shirt stretched tight across her tits and Steve could clearly see her hard nipples leaving little bumps in the fabric. He looked over at Bill and Jack and could read the shocked expressions on their faces. While not as close as he was, they were less that fifty feet away and still had a pretty good view. He couldn’t help chuckling out loud. Katie was so cool!

She heard him close the hatch and came around to the driver’s door, winking at him. “That’ll give ‘em some spank bait for a while!” she exclaimed as she opened the door and got in. Steve waved at his two buddies and got in the passenger seat, unable to wipe the grin off his face.

“Katie, you are amazing!”

She laughed and ran her hand up his thigh and over his growing cock. “Hmm…seems they’re not the only ones who liked it!” He felt his face heat and she gave his cock a gentle squeeze. “Why don’t we make a little pit stop before we go to my place?”

He looked over at her. “A pit stop? Where?”

She gave him a mischievous smile. “You’ll see!”

He tried to get more out of her but she refused to say where they were going so he just sat back and allowed her to fondle his increasingly harder cock over his work pants as he began to tease her pussy under the short skirt. He was pretty sure he was going to like whatever she had in mind anyway.

They drove down a few streets in the light industrial section of town and eventually ended up in a newer part of the area where many of the lots were still vacant. She turned down a street with no buildings on it and he saw that it dead-ended after a few hundred yards at a gravel turn around. She drove to the end and parked so that the left side of the car was facing the road they’d just driven down. She turned off the engine and looked over at him.

“I thought maybe we could get started here,” she said, winking at him.

He glanced over the seat at his bike that filled the entire back of the vehicle. They’d be a little exposed here but if that’s what she wanted, he was up for it. “Uh, ok, sure. Just let me take out my bike and we can…”

She cut him off, shaking her head. “No, not back there.” She grinned and gestured outside. “Out there.”

He stared out the windshield, his mouth open in surprise. Yes, they were on an empty dead end street, but it was the middle of the day and there were cars passing by on the street they’d just turned off of, only short distance away! He looked over at her. “Are you serious?!”

She nodded, biting her lip seductively. “Oh, yes! Haven’t you ever had sex in public before? It’s such a turn-on!” She opened her door. “Come on, you’ll love it!”

He watched her get out and walk around to the front of the vehicle. She smiled at him and beckoned with one hand while the other pushed her top up to expose her tits. “Come on, sexy…right here…let’s go!”

He reached for the door handle, still not believing what she wanted him to do. As he opened his door, she moved around to the relative privacy of the right side of the car and leaned over the hood, allowing her short skirt to ride up enough to expose her ass. He stepped out, his eyes never leaving her sexy pose. Slowly, she turned to him and lifted her skirt to show him her pussy, already glistening with moisture. He could only stare as she pushed up her short tee with her other hand to show him her fantastic tits. She could see he was becoming excited and licked her lips.

“Come on, get undressed and fuck me!”

He glanced down the street, then turned back to her in time to see her lean over the fender again, wriggling her ass invitingly. He gulped at the sight of her nearly naked body and began to tug at the button of his own pants. She watched him, her fingers teasing her nipples as he unfastened his pants and pushed them and his boxers both down at once. She licked her lips at the sight of his full hardon, never once looking up the street to see if anyone was watching them.

He started to pull off his work boots so he could take his pants completely off, but she stopped him. “Never mind that, just get over here and fuck me now!” She turned and bent over the hood, spreading her legs and looking back at him with lust-filled eyes. “Come on, Steve, fuck me hard!”

Never one to argue with a horny woman, he made his way over as fast as he could with his pants around his ankles and stepped up behind her, his hard cock bobbing in front of him. He pushed her little skirt up and aimed his cock at her swollen pink hole, then thrust all the way in in one long stroke. She gasped and pushed back against him, wriggling her body.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she cried. He pulled out and drove back in and she yelled out more words of encouragement. As he began to move in and out of her steamy cunt, he looked over her head at the cars passing by on the other road. Katie was moaning and crying out every time he bottomed out and he discovered that she was right - sex in public was indeed very much a turn-on! He continued to pound at her, slamming harder and harder into her until he felt his balls start to contract.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, slowing down.

“What’s wrong? Don’t stop!” she cried, looking back at him.

He pushed all the way in and paused there. “I nearly…lost it!’ he panted.

She pouted. “You don’t want to cum inside me?”

He shook his head. “No, no…it isn’t that.” He paused to catch his breath. “You didn’t cum yet.”

She laughed and he gasped as her body shook and her pussy rippled along his cock. “That doesn’t matter,” she said, “I want you to get off here.” She winked. “You can get me later!” She wriggled her ass. “Now come on, baby, fuck me hard and shoot that hot load deep inside me!”

He began to move again. “All right…if that’s…what you…want!” She began to moan as his thrusts came faster and harder. The short pause had allowed him to quell the urgent need to cum and he found he was able to pound at her for several more minutes before he felt the need arise once again. By then, she was gasping and moaning along with him and he had the feeling she was going to cum too. He increased his speed even more, their bodies slamming together so hard the car was rocking on its shocks. Katie’s hands pushed along the surface of the hood, squeaking against the smooth metal as she fought to get a grip. Finally, she let out a long wail and Steve felt her pussy contract a second before he let loose and groaned as his cum shot into her tight cunt, her spasming pussy milking his cock. He held himself all the way in, enjoying the sensations her clenching vagina was inflicting on his very sensitive cock.

She finally eased up and she felt her body relax, only twitching occasionally as she came down from her orgasm. He felt a flood of their combined fluids leak out and drip to the dusty gravel between her legs.

“W…wow!” she gasped, pushing herself up so that she was leaning against him. He brought his hands up to cup her breasts, squeezing them gently as her trembling body cooled in his arms. He felt his cock start to soften in her oozing pussy and she sighed as it finally slipped out, unleashing a flood of cum that ran down her inner thighs and dripped down to add to the growing puddle on the ground.

Steve was enjoying the feel of their post orgasmic hug and it wasn’t until he heard the whoosh of cars passing by on the street that he realized Katie’s breasts were fully exposed to anyone who happened to look down the street they were on. Well, exposed except for his hands, but the point was anyone who looked down would know exactly what they were doing. He released her firm tits and allowed her tee to drop back into place.

“Katie,” he murmured, kissing her shoulder.

“Hmm?” she breathed, rubbing herself against him.

“We’re uh, a little exposed here. Maybe we should get going before someone sees us.”

She lifted one of his hands from under her breast and kissed it. “So what? Let them see. I love this…being held by you afterward.” She sighed deeply. “I can’t believe how hard you make me cum!”

He felt a surge of pride to know he was able to please an older, more experienced woman but he wasn’t as much at ease out here in the open as she seemed to be. The creek was one thing, but this was completely different.

“Come on,” he said. “We better go. I really need a shower now!” He backed away and she turned to him, then embraced him and they kissed long and deep, tongues exploring and tasting.

“I wish I could take you back to LA with me,” she said, smiling. “I’m really gonna miss this!”

He laughed. “I don’t think I’d like LA,” he said. “I mean, it’d be cool being able to be with you, but it’s too big, too…”

“Weird?” she finished, grinning at him.

“I’m not really a big city kind of guy,” he said with a smile as he pulled up his pants.

She gave him one more quick kiss, then opened the passenger door and grabbed a handful of Kleenex from the console. She turned around and began to wipe the cum from her legs and dabbed at her still drooling pussy, then they got back in the car and headed toward her house. It was almost two and he wondered if Kristi and the others were still in the woods. He hoped so. Getting caught by one of his girlfriends fucking her older sister would not be cool.


Chapter 93


Jake led the rest of them to the old logging road he and Kristi had come out of after leaving the spot they’d chosen for the cabin. It was maybe another five minutes bike ride past the trail to the creek, so it was a good location as far as distance went. They all pushed their bikes into the woods and Jake pointed out the orange ties he’d left on the trees to mark the path.

They’d only gone a few steps from their bikes when Angie stopped them. “Hey, wait a minute!” Everyone turned to her and she glanced over at Kristi and then to Jake. “I thought you guys made a rule about coming here.”

Jake turned red and Kristi’s face flushed a little as well. Artie looked at her, puzzled. “Rule? What kind of rule?”

Angie looked at Kristi. “Why don’t you tell him?”

Artie looked over at Jake. “Do you know what she’s talking about?”

Jake sighed. “Yeah, kinda.” Artie looked at him expectantly, but Kristi was the one who spoke up.

“When Jake and I came here yesterday, we, uh…we took off our clothes as soon as we were in the woods. We thought it’d be cool if we always went nude here.”

Artie looked at Jake and he nodded. “Yeah, but I told her I didn’t want to do it if there were other guys here.”

Kristi corrected him. “Uh-uh, you said if it were only you guys here, and I said that was ok. But there are three girls here today!”

“Shit,” Jake breathed, looking away.

Angie took all of this in with an amused smile. It was fun to watch Jake squirm. “I think it sounds cool!” she said, and without a seconds’ hesitation, pulled her top off. Everyone stared at her for a few seconds, then Michelle grinned and took hers off as well. Artie and Jake stared at the two topless beauties, then all eyes went to Kristi. She smiled nervously, then reached down and lifted her blue halter top off to expose her own perky tits. All three girls turned to the guys.

“Your turn,” Kristi said, tucking her top into her backpack

Jake looked over at Artie. “Well, bud, looks like they got us.” He lifted his tee shirt off. Artie grinned. Unlike Jake, he’d been involved in group sex when Steve was there and being naked in the company of three beautiful girls more than made up for any homophobic feelings he may have. He quickly removed his shirt, then began to unfasten his jeans. Angie grinned and slid her shorts down, revealing her pale pink bikini style panties under them. Michelle quickly followed suit, pulling off her khaki hiking shorts and smiling as her aversion to underwear became apparent to all.

Kristi was also working her shorts down as Angie laughed when she saw Michelle wasn’t wearing panties. “Right on, Michelle!” Michelle’s smile turned into a wide grin as she worked her shorts over her cute little pink and white sneakers and stood up, her beautiful body fully exposed to all.

“I’m starting to find underwear a little uncomfortable,” she said as she watched Angie remove hers. Kristi had on a pair of white boy shorts and she quickly removed them, leaving all three girls completely naked. Artie had his jeans off and was tucking them into his backpack before Jake finally began to unfasten his shorts.

“Yeah, let’s go guys!” Michelle cried, whistling a cat-call as Artie pulled off his boxers to a gasp from Kristi and some lustful looks from Angie and Michelle. Michelle looked over at Kristi. “What d’ya think, babe? Think you can handle my guy?”

Kristi turned her head away and felt her face heating up. A few weeks ago, the idea of having sex with Artie was as foreign as, well, as having sex with another girl. But she couldn’t deny her feelings as she looked back at his long, thick cock, which seemed even larger than it had that day at the creek when she watched him plowing into Michelle.

Jake tugged off his shorts and couldn’t resist a peek at Artie’s package. He couldn’t believe that little fucking geek had a tool that big! He looked away quickly and pulled off his own underwear. While never uncomfortable with the size of his dick, compared to Artie he looked like a little kid and he suddenly began to feel a little self-conscious. Angie finished packing away her clothes and noticed his apparent unease. She noticed him stealing glances at Artie and immediately understood. She went over to him and gave him a hug, pressing her bare flesh against his and taking his semi-hard cock in her hand. Their eyes met and neither spoke, but Jake gave her a little smile and she gave his cock a couple of strokes before releasing it.

Michelle zipped up her backpack and slung it over one shoulder, looking around at the others. “Ok, everyone naked?” A quick scan answered her question. “Good, let’s go!”

Everyone started out along the trail Jake had marked, with him in the lead. Angie followed him, with Kristi behind her and Artie and Michelle at the back of the line. They were trying to hold hands as they pushed through the bushes but soon gave up and Artie was content to walk behind her and watch her sexy ass.

After a few minutes, Angie looked over her shoulder at Kristi. “Awesome idea, Kristi! This is fun!” Michelle called out her agreement and Artie added his approval as well. Jake mumbled something and continued to push forward.

Kristi just nodded to Angie. “Thanks, but it was really Jake’s idea.”

“Well, then I thank you both!” Michelle said with a laugh.

Kristi seemed uncomfortable with compliments, so they let it drop and walked along in silence for a few more minutes until they topped a low ridge and Jake stopped. Everyone moved up beside him and looked down to the little clearing below. He pointed to the grassy area.

“See that group of trees behind that patch of grass?” Everyone confirmed they did. “If we chop down a couple of small trees in the middle, we can build it in there. That way it’s not right out in the open.”

Angie spoke up. “And we can have a bit of grass to play on! Excellent!” Everyone chuckled and they began to move down the gentle slope to the clearing. They stepped across the trickle of water in the stream bed and Jake explained how it usually held more water, so they should have enough for their needs once the dry weather ended. They all dropped their backpacks on the grass and Jake took Artie over to show him the exact spot he thought they should build.

Michelle watched the two naked guys walk off as they laid out their towels on the grass and said, “Looks like they’re becoming a little more comfortable.”

Kristi nodded with a grin. “Yeah, but notice how they don’t get too close?”

Angie and Michelle giggled. “Yeah, but it’s a start!” Angie quipped. Not that she ever believed any of the guys would ever do anything with one another, but she was hoping for a little double-teaming, or maybe even triple-teaming at some point. Just the idea of a cock in each of her holes at the same time made her pussy leak.

She went over to Michelle and gave her a quick kiss, then took Kristi’s hand and kissed her as well. As Michelle and Kristi shared a more intimate kiss, Angie looked over at the guys, who were watching them and starting back over to where they stood. She could see Jake’s cock was nearly at full mast and Artie’s monster was definitely starting to fill out as well. She licked her lips and left the girls to their increasingly sexual kiss and met the guys a few feet away.

“Hey there,” she said in as sexy a voice as she could muster, her eyes moving from Jake to Artie, then down to their hard cocks. She licked her lips and looked back up at them. “Hmm…what do we have here?” She grabbed one in each hand and began to stroke them. Artie reached out and began to fondle one tit and a second later, Jake’s hand was kneading the other. She moaned softly and closed her eyes, enjoying their touch almost as much as having a hard cock in each hand.

After a few minutes, Angie gave each of them a quick kiss, then with a sultry smile, she squatted down in front of them, her hands never leaving their hard cocks. She looked up at them, licking her lips, then pressed her lips to the sensitive tip of Jake’s cock. She heard him gasp, then pushed forward until his cock filled her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth on him while still stroking Artie’s thick cock. She continued with Jake for a few seconds, then pulled off and turned to Artie’s long, thick cock. Stretching her mouth wide, she began to kiss and suck him while stroking Jake. She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she performed oral sex on both guys, switching back and forth every thirty seconds or so.

Michelle and Kristi were soon lying on the towels on soft grass, their arms and legs entangled as their make-out session intensified. Michelle shifted so that she was more or less on top and began to nibble and suck on Kristi’s hard nipples. She heard Kristi moan softly and felt her hand press against the back of her head, urging her to continue. She loved the feel of Michelle’s soft lips and warm tongue on her tits and almost forgot about Angie and the guys until she heard a moan and turned her head in time to see Angie kneeling before them with Jake’s cock in her mouth while giving Artie a hand job. Then she switched and Kristi watched in amazement as the sexy blonde began sucking on Artie’s huge cock. Two guys at once? Was there anything she wouldn’t try?

Michelle looked up from Kristi’s tits and noticed her attention was diverted elsewhere. She turned to see what she was watching and her eyes lit up when she saw what Angie was doing. She bit one of Kristi’s nipples a little harder and she let out a small yelp and looked down at her sexy girlfriend. Michelle grinned up at her. “Does that turn you on, babe?” she asked, tilting her head toward Angie.

Kristi nodded. “I can’t believe how big Artie is!” she half whispered.

Michelle grinned and moved up to kiss her. “Just wait until you feel him in that tight little pussy of yours!” she said before kissing her, pushing her tongue all the way into her mouth. Kristi responded to the hot kiss, sucking on her tongue and wrapping her arms around the sexy brunette’s naked body. She felt her soft breasts pressing against hers and could even feel the heat of Michelle’s aroused pussy on her pelvis. The idea of that huge cock inside her was at the same time exciting and terrifying. She’d seen him fuck Michelle before and knew it was possible, but she couldn’t picture it fitting in her own little cunt.


Angie was loving having two guys at once and going down on them both was making her hornier and hornier with each passing second. She pulled her mouth from Jake’s cock and looked up at him. “I need your cock in my pussy,” she said, a hand stroking each of them. She looked over at Artie. “I want to suck your cock while Jake fucks me doggie style, then switch, ok?”

Artie grinned down at her and nodded, then looked over at Jake. Jake was looking a little uncertain, but finally looked down at the sexy blonde and nodded. Angie moved over to her towel, then grinned and dropped to all fours, motioning to Artie as Jake moved around behind her. “Lie down here, Artie.” Artie lay down, spreading his legs so her head was positioned over his throbbing hardon. She looked back over her shoulder as she felt Jake’s hands on her hips, then the soft tip of his erect cock touching her enflamed labia. She mewed and pushed back, letting him push easily into her dripping cunt. “Oooo…yes…” she gasped as he entered her, not stopping until his pelvis pressed against her ass. She could feel his heavy balls swing against her clit and ground back even harder. He began to move as she turned her attention back to the other cock in her face.

Artie watched Angie’s reaction as Jake pushed into her and began a slow fuck. When she turned back to him, the look on her face was so fucking sexy he almost blew his load right then and there. He imagined his hot cum plastering her face as Jake hammered her and had to close his eyes to fight the urge and regain some semblance of control. He wanted to hold out at least until his turn at her tight little pussy. He managed to quell the feeling somewhat and when her mouth engulfed his throbbing meat, he moaned his approval and leaned back on his elbows, watching as her body moved with Jake’s thrusts and her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

Angie was in heaven. She loved giving head and getting fucked. Doing both at once made her pussy tingle and she knew she’d be cumming hard very quickly. Jake’s cock was touching on her g-spot and the feel of Artie’s massive cock in her mouth made her little body tremble with excitement. She soon felt her orgasm nearing and pulled her mouth from Artie’s cock to say, “Oh, fuck, yes! Fuck me! I’m cumming! I’m oooohhh…”

Her body stiffened and she gripped Artie’s cock in her little hand, dropping her face down so that it rubbed along her cheek as Jake hammered her to a powerful orgasm. Her pussy clenched on his cock and she grunted as wave after wave coursed through her. When she finally could speak, she gasped, “Switch!” She released Artie’s cock and felt Jake pull from her spasming cunt. She pushed herself up so Artie could extricate himself and there was a flurry of naked bodies as the two guys exchanged positions.

Jake sat cross-legged on the grass before her, his hard cock glistening with her juices. As she was licking her lips in anticipation of tasting herself, she felt the thick tip of Artie’s massive head press against her still buzzing pussy. He applied pressure and she groaned loudly as she was stretched wide to accommodate his girth.

“Oh my god!” she cried, her hand wrapping around Jake’s hard, wet cock. She felt Artie’s hands grip her waist tighter and pull her back onto him, pushing him deep into her cunt. She was still coming down from her first orgasm and as she began to suck on Jake’s cock, Artie’s movements brought her to an almost immediate second orgasm. She cried out, Jake’s cock muffling her scream of pleasure, and pushed back until she felt like Artie was pressing against her cervix. She pulled Jake’s cock from her lips and cried out, “Ohhh… fuckkkk…!” her eyes clenched shut as the powerful climax swept through her.

Jake watched her face twist into an ecstatic grimace and felt his balls constrict. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold off any longer. “Shit! I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

Through her orgasmic fog, Angie somehow heard Jake and her mind grasped what he was saying. She opened her eyes and began to pump him as she continued to cum on Artie’s thick cock. “Y…yes!” she grunted, lowering her mouth to his pulsing head.

When her mouth engulfed his cock, Jake couldn’t stop himself. He felt the cum surging from his balls and erupt into her mouth. “Ohh, fuck!” he groaned, his hands going to her head. He felt her swallowing his thick cream, shot after shot until he finished and leaned back, propping himself on his arms as she sucked the last of his load from him.

Artie heard all of this and saw the look on Jake’s face as he came into Angie’s mouth. While watching his friend get off didn’t appeal to him, the feel of Angie’s hot pussy gripping him was quickly bringing him to the edge. As Angie was licking the remaining jism from Jake’s cock, he leaned over and gasped, “I’m gonna cum!”

She gave Jake’s cock one last suck, then turned to him. “Cum in my face!” She moved forward and moaned as he slid out of her gaping cunt, then spun around, gesturing for him to stand up as she got to her knees. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Kristi lying on her back with her mouth open in a silent scream as Michelle’s head bobbed between her spread legs. Then Artie’s wet cock was in her face and her attention went back to him. She licked all of her juices from his long shaft, then began to suck on the large purple head, her hands working his shaft and balls as she did. Artie began to moan louder and his hips moved involuntarily, pushing his cock further into her mouth. Finally, he stopped moving and she felt his balls contract a second before she received her second mouthful of hot cum. Artie’s hit the back of her throat almost forcefully and she almost choked trying to get it down. While some did trickle out and drip down her chin, she did manage to get most of it down and continued to lick and suck him until she was satisfied he was finished. She let him slip from her lips with a popping sound and looked up at him, grinning from ear to ear.

“Wow, that was fucking hot!” she exclaimed, sitting back on the grass and licking the dribbles from her face. Artie returned her grin as Jake reached up to fondle one of her breasts.

“You are such a slut!” he exclaimed with a grin as she turned to him. She laughed and playfully slapped his hand as she pinched her nipple.

“Fucking right I am!” she shot back, “And you fucking love it!” Jake chuckled and nodded and she leaned back against him, her attention shifting to Kristi and Michelle. They were lying wrapped in one another’s arms and kissing. Apparently Michelle had completed her mission between Kristi’s legs and they too were basking in the post-orgasmic afterglow.

Artie sat down next to them and watched the girls making out. Angie noticed that he and Jake seemed a little more comfortable being naked in such close proximity and smiled to herself. She didn’t expect anything to happen between any of the guys, but the fact that they seemed a little more at ease after double-teaming her gave some hope of further multiple cock sessions. She’d read about double penetrations and wondered if there was any chance she might get the opportunity to try it. Just the thought of all those cocks in her was making her horny again.


Michelle and Kristi watched as Angie and the guys got started, then Michelle began to move down over Kristi’s tight little body. Her mouth left kisses down her neck, then she nibbled on her earlobe for a few seconds before moving lower. She loved kissing her soft skin, so much more delicate than a guy, and when she reached the swell of her dainty breasts, she squeezed them as her mouth sought out her hard little nipples. She heard Kristi gasp when she began to suckle one, then the other. She nibbled softly on them, her tongue rolling across the tip and eliciting further murmurs of gratification from the cute little brunette.

Feeling her own excitement rising, Michelle moved lower, her tits brushing over the soft skin of Kristi’s stomach and thighs. She kissed her way down to her belly button and pushed her tongue into it as she hands urged her legs apart. Kristi didn’t resist and spread her legs wide, allowing her girlfriend to kiss lower. When her lips brushed across her mound, she felt her juices really starting to flow and brought her knees up, opening herself even wider and inviting Michelle in.

Michelle knew the art of seduction and wanted to tease Kristi just a little in order to enhance her pleasure. She left soft kisses on her bare mons, then moved over her puffy slit, allowing her warm breath to tease her wetness before moving to her inner thighs. Kristi let out a moan that was a combination of frustration and desire as Michelle’s lips moved up first one of her legs, then the other, stopping just short of her needy pussy.

“Oh, god, Michelle!” she cried, reaching down for her head. “Please!”

Michelle smiled and looked up at her friend. “Mmm…please what, baby?”

Kristi arched her back, thrusting her drooling pussy closer to Michelle’s mouth. “Please…” she repeated, her voice taking on a more pleading tone.

With a grin, Michelle lightly ran her tongue along Kristi’s engorged slit, only once. Kristi cried out, once again pushing her pelvis upward. “Oh, yes! More! Please!”

Michelle looked up, grinning. “You taste delicious,” she breathed, leaning down to kiss her mons again. “Do you want me to do it some more?”

Kristi’s response was a carnal cry of desire. “Yes! Oh god, yes!”

Michelle grinned and lowered her mouth to Kristi’s steamy cunt. She loved watching her squirm, but she’d teased her enough. Besides, the scent of her aroused pussy was almost more than she could bear and needed to push her tongue deep into her friend’s honey pot almost as much as Kristi needed her to. She locked her lips around her swollen labia and worked her tongue into her hot pussy, tasting her sweet juices as Kristi cried out and began to thrust her pussy against her mouth.

“Ohhh…Michelle…mmmm…” she moaned, her head rolling from side to side on the towel.

Urged on by her reaction, Michelle pushed in deeper, then began to lick all over her aroused pussy, moving up to suck on her clit while pushing two fingers deep inside her. Kristi’s moans soon became louder and more urgent as she moved closer and closer to her impending release. Michelle felt her own arousal growing as well and wondered if it were possible for her to have an orgasm just from eating out her friend’s delicious little pussy.

Suddenly Kristi’s body tensed and her back arched, raising her hips off the towel. Michelle could feel her pussy contracting and knew she was about to explode in orgasm. She tunneled deep into her hot pussy in anticipation of getting a good taste of her sweet cum.

She was rewarded only a few seconds later as Kristi’s gasps and grunts turned into a cry of orgasmic bliss. Her pussy gushed her juices into Michelle’s tongue as her orgasm released and sent her tight body into a series of writhing spasms that made it a challenge to keep her mouth on her delicious pussy. She somehow managed to, sucking and lapping until Kristi finally dropped back to the towel, her body twitching and shaking as Michelle’s tongue cleaned the remnants of her cum from her swollen lips.

“Oh my god!” Kristi gasped, her hands lifting Michelle’s head from her very sensitive pubic area. Michelle crawled up, leaving a trail of pussy juice kisses along her bare stomach and suckling lovingly on each hard nipple before taking Kristi’s mouth in an intense and deep kiss. Kristi held her tight, their tongues probing and bodies pressed together. She loved holding her lover after such an intense orgasm and Michelle was the one she loved being with the most. Their loving kiss lasted for what felt like a long time until they both sensed they were being watched and turned to see Angie, Jake, and Artie all sitting and watching them. Angie had a big grin on her face.

“That was fucking hot!” she exclaimed with a wink.

Kristi felt her face flush but Michelle kissed her one more time before rolling off and lying next to her, her hand resting just below her bare breasts. “Doesn’t she look incredible when she cums?” she said, giving Kristi a loving caress and smile.

Everyone agreed and Jake squeezed Angie’s tit. “You look pretty fucking hot yourself.” She giggled and adjusted her position so he could get a better handle on her breasts, then looked over at Michelle and Kristi.

“You guys have got to try two guys at once! What a fucking turn-on!”

Michelle grinned and nodded. “I’m up for that!” she exclaimed, looking at Artie and Jake with a wink. “What about you, babe?” she asked Kristi.

Kristi felt her face heat again. She couldn’t believe she was still so self-conscious about talking about sex when she’d just been eaten out by her girlfriend while watching Angie suck and fuck Jake and Artie. She nodded hesitantly, her eyes moving to Artie’s semi flaccid but still very formidable cock. “Sure…maybe later.”

Angie grinned at her and reached out to fondle Artie’s cock. “Oh, that’s right, you still haven’t had the pleasure of this monster between your legs!”

Now it was Artie’s turn to blush and Jake shot him an almost warning glance. In spite of their unusual arrangement, he still thought of Kristi as his girlfriend and the thought of some other guy fucking her was a little hard to take, especially when he was hung like Artie. Michelle seemed to be the only one who noticed Jake’s look and interpreted it correctly. She decided to take the initiative and stood up, brushing some dried grass from her bare skin. All eyes turned to the sexy brunette as she made her way over to where Jake was sitting. She knelt next to him and smiled as her hand moved to his thigh and higher, until she was fondling his soft, but growing penis.

“Don’t worry, baby. Ang and I will take real good care of you.” She leaned in to kiss him while Angie moved in on his other side. She lay her hand along his cheek and turned his head to her, kissing him softly as Michelle began to kiss along his chest. She could feel his cock responding to her and Angie’s touch and began to slowly stroke him as her mouth closed over his nipples.

Kristi watched Michelle and Angie get to work on Jake, a pang of jealousy going through her as she watched her girlfriend and boyfriend making out with one another. Then she sensed Artie looking at her and turned her attention to him. He was watching her intently, seemingly oblivious to the action taking place next to him. She felt a rush of excitement as their eyes met. Here she was, naked with Artie, a guy she never would’ve expected in a million years to be in a sexual situation with. But something about him was different now, aside from the fact that he was naked with a huge cock. He seemed somehow more mature now, not so nerdy. Maybe getting laid on a regular basis had changed him, but for whatever reason, she now felt like something could happen between them.

He gave her a timid smile and she found herself smiling back at him. He glanced over at the others and saw that Michelle’s head was now in Jake’s lap and he was leaning back on his arms as Angie waited patiently for her turn. When he looked back over at Kristi, she was still watching him but her hand was now on her breast, her fingers rubbing over her nipple. He swallowed hard and felt his cock twitch. Like Kristi, he never believed they’d ever get together. They weren’t even really friends, just acquaintances who had common friends. He’d always felt very insecure around her, even more so than with other girls. But now, as he saw her eyes move down to his hardening dick, he realized that he had something very few guys had and that she now wanted him. He was in the drivers’ seat now; all he had to do was take control.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly pushed himself to his feet and walked the four steps over to where she lay. The whole time, she continued to fondle her tits and watch him, her eyes glued to his thick cock hanging semi-rigid between his legs. As he stood before her, she looked up at him, squinting against the bright sun. She knew this was going to happen now.

“Please…just be gentle, ok?” she said in a quiet voice.

He knelt on the towel beside her taking in her full nakedness. He could see that her pussy was still wet from Michelle’s cunnilingus, her bare lips puffy and beading with her juices. He met her eyes and gave her a smile. “Of course.” She was lying on her side and he reached out to rest a hand on the curve of her hip, then slowly moved it along her soft skin. She closed her eyes and inhaled a long breath. He could feel her trembling and wondered if it was from excitement or fear? She didn’t tell him to stop or move away, so he took it as excitement and continued his sensual caress.

His cock was now pretty much fully hard again and his eyes dropped to the vee of her legs where he could see just a hint of her puffy labia. His hand moved down her thigh, then with the lightest touch, he pushed his fingers between her legs. Without any hesitation or resistance, she parted her legs for him and he began to move along her inner thighs. She still had her eyes closed, her fingers pulling and twisting her hard nipples. As he moved closer to the heat of her aroused cunt, she tugged harder on them and low moans began to escape her sweet lips.

When his fingers finally brushed against her excited sex, she let out a long groan and pulled even harder on her stiff nipples. She couldn’t believe how much just his touch was turning, her on! She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for him, letting out a small cry as his fingers began to probe into her wetness.

Artie watched as Kristi became more and more aroused. When he began to rub along her wet pussy lips, he suddenly felt a need to fuck her like he’d never felt before. The look of sexual desire on her face and the way her body writhed as she pleasured her tits made his already hard cock even harder. Knowing she’d need to be taken slowly because of his size, he leaned over and inhaled the musky sweet scent of her arousal. Her clit was stiff, protruding from its protective cover and swollen with arousal. He flicked his thumb across the little pearl and she yelped.

“Ah…oh my god!” She opened her eyes and looked down at him, her desire burning in the dark orbs. “Do that again!”

Happy to oblige, he began rubbing in circles around her clit, letting his fingers dance over it. She gasped and continued to watch him as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She was becoming extremely turned on now and the sight of that huge cock now rubbing against her thigh made her want him more than ever. His size seemed a small price to pay to have a cock in her needy pussy, and she was more than ready. She pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips, sucking her juices as her eyes burned into his.

“Mmmm…” she murmured, licking her lips, “I need you to fuck me. Now.” The look in her eyes told him this wasn’t a request and he quickly moved into position between her legs, the tip of his cock poised at her tiny opening.

“Are you ready?” he asked, rubbing his head over her slick labia.

Kristi felt like she was about to explode at the touch of his dick and she nodded, unable to speak. Artie leaned forward and the pressure grew stronger. She could feel her pussy stretching, trying to accept his girth, but he felt so big! He leaned down and nuzzled her neck, his breath warm. “Just relax…let it happen,” he whispered. She felt him push harder and suppressed a cry as the tip of his cock spread her and pushed in. She’d never felt anything like this and although it felt like she was being split in half, the incredible sensation of being stuffed by such a big cock overshadowed any feeling of pain. Her arms went around him and she pulled him closer, forcing his cock even deeper into her tight cunt.

“Oh fuck…” she gasped, burying her head in his shoulder as almost half of his thick cock slid into her. “S…stop…please,” she said. Artie immediately stopped and looked into her eyes, brushing her hair from her face.

“Are you all right?” he asked, barely able to control his urge to cum in her tight cunt.

She nodded. “Yes, I just need a minute.” She tried to relax widely stretched vagina, but the thick cock just seemed far too big. After a moment, she said, “We can try now, but don’t go in any further, ok?” Artie nodded and slowly pulled back until just the glans remained inside, then pushed back in with the same slow, steady pace. Kristi gasped and bit her lip to stop from crying out. Unlike Angie and Michelle, the longer they fucked she found it more and more painful to have Artie’s huge cock even half way in. It was so thick it stretched her tiny pussy wide open and even though he was being very gentle, she couldn’t prevent a few whimpers from slipping out.

Artie paused, then withdrew completely. She opened her eyes and looked up into his concerned face. “Why’d you stop?”

He shook his head and moved from between her legs, his cock brushing across her thigh as he lay down beside her. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, meeting her eyes. She opened her mouth to protest, but he shook his head. “It’s no good for me if I know you aren’t enjoying it.” He gestured toward Angie and Michelle, who were taking turns sucking on Jake’s cock in between kisses. “Besides, I’m sure I’ll be taken care of.”

Kristi looked over at the others as Michelle looked up, apparently overhearing Artie’s comment. Angie attacked Jake’s cock with a vengeance, taking nearly all of it into her mouth as he moaned his approval. When Michelle saw that Kristi and Artie weren’t fucking, she came over and knelt down beside them.

“What’s wrong? I thought you two were going at it a minute ago.”

Kristi and Artie exchanged a look and Artie simply looked down at his still very hard cock. Michelle caught on right away. “Ohh, ok.” Kristi’s face turned red but Michelle leaned down and kissed her. “Don’t worry about it, honey.” She looked up at Artie and winked. “He does take a little getting used to!” Kristi giggled and now it was Artie’s turn to be embarrassed. Michelle gestured to where Angie was still happily sucking on Jake’s dick. “Why don’t you go join them and I’ll see if I can take care of Artie.”

Kristi looked up at Artie and he nodded, giving her a reassuring smile. “Go ahead. Maybe another time?” Kristi returned his smile gratefully, nodded, and gave him a peck on the cheek. As she got to her feet, Michelle was already lowering her mouth to the thick glans, murmuring softly.

Angie was getting hornier by the minute as she slurped on Jake’s hard cock. She was aware that Michelle had moved off and wondered where she went. Then she felt a warm hand on her bare back and looked up, the soft tip lodged between her full lips. She was surprised to see it was Kristi and not Michelle. She released the cock from her mouth and grinned at the sexy naked brunette.

“Hey, I thought you were doing Artie?”

Kristi shook her head. “Michelle wanted to switch.”

Angie looked over her shoulder to where Michelle’s head was bobbing up and down in Artie’s lap, then looked back to Kristi. “Oh, ok.” She was still stroking Jake’s cock and pointed it toward her. “Want a taste?” Kristi accepted it, wrapping her small hand around the hard shaft, then bent over and slowly took him into her mouth. Angie alternated between watching Kristi and Jake’s face as she began her blow job. She was so turned on she could feel her juices coating her engorged labia and desperately needed a hard cock in her pussy really soon! Her eyes traveled over Kristi’s nude body, and suddenly felt an almost overwhelming need to taste her pussy.

She allowed her to pleasure Jake for a minute or two, then gently lifted Kristi’s head up and kissed her. At first Kristi seemed startled by her sudden kiss, but then responded, kissing her back passionately.

Angie broke off the kiss and carefully pushed Kristi down until she was lying on her back on the towel. She smiled down at her, then began to kiss her neck and shoulders, eventually moving down to her perky tits. As she began to suckle her left one, Jake appeared at her other side and started on the right nipple. Kristi moaned as two mouths suckled her tits, closing her eyes and losing herself in the pleasurable feelings.

Angie began to rub across Kristi’s belly, then lower until her hand covered her pubic mound and her fingers slipped down to her wet pussy. Jake saw what she was doing and released her nipple, then started to move his head down to Kristi’s sweet pussy. A hand stopped him and he looked up into Angie’s wide grin. She shook her head, then indicated silently that she wanted to do it. With a shrug, he nodded. He enjoyed eating pussy, but part of the enjoyment was Kristi’s reaction. He’d still be able to watch that and the bonus of watching the sexy blonde do it was well worth the sacrifice. And he was certain he could find something to do!

He watched as Angie knelt between her legs and lowered her mouth to Kristi’s tight little snatch. Kristi cried out and arched her back as Angie made contact and began to lick and suck. Jake was so enthralled by the girl-on-girl action it took him a few moments to realize Angie’s hot little ass was up in the air, swaying sexily from side to side as she munched on his girlfriend’s twat. A smile came to his face and he quickly got to his knees and crawled around behind her, gripping her hips and pushing her feet apart.

Angie was about to give up and just tell Jake to fuck her when he finally caught on and moved into position. She felt his hard cock touch her upper thighs briefly before pressing against the slick lips of her highly aroused little cunt. She pushed back against him and moaned softly into Kristi’s sweet pussy as Jake’s cock began to push into her, instantly sending a wave of pleasure emanating from her uterus. She attacked Kristi’s pussy with even more gusto as Jake began to pump in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster and harder. She lifted her mouth from Kristi’s pussy, her lips and face covered with her juices.

“Oh yes, Jake! Fuck me while I eat your girlfriend!”

Jake looked down over Angie’s head to Kristi’s squirming body. She was lying back with her eyes closed and both hands gripping her breasts and tugging at her nipples. The vision of the two of them almost sent him over the edge, but he paused for a few seconds, then resumed a slower, steady fuck. He still found it hard to believe he was fucking this hot blonde while she ate his girlfriend after losing his virginity only a few weeks ago. As a male teenager he constantly thought about sex, of course, but this was way beyond any fantasies he could’ve ever dreamed up.

Angie began to hump back faster, meeting his forward thrusts and grinding herself against him. She turned her head and he could see the wild look in her eyes. “Fuck me hard!” She exclaimed, her pink tongue licking the juices from her lips. “I’m gonna cum all over that big cock of yours!”

Jake increased his speed, slamming hard into her and she let out a little yelp before once again going down on Kristi. He noticed Kristi was watching them and he gave her a subtle wink as he pounded into Angie’s hot cunt. As Angie’s tongue went back to work, Kristi closed her eyes and began to moan, her head rolling from side to side. Angie’s body began to shudder, her movements becoming halting and jerky. Suddenly, she arched her back and cried out as she drove back hard against him. He felt her pussy clamp down on his impaled cock, her vaginal muscles contracting and rippling over it.

“Ohhhh…fuck!” she gasped, shuddering as the orgasm ripped through her. Jake continued to fuck her, the tightness of her clamoring pussy heightening his own sensations. He gripped her hips tightly and concentrated, hoping to allow her to fully experience her orgasm before he blew his load. Finally, he had to stop moving, her contractions making it too difficult to move. She eventually eased up on him as the orgasm subsided, then pulled forward, gasping as his hard cock slipped out of her. She turned to him and gave him a sleepy smile.

“Mmm…very nice, Jake.” She looked down at Kristi, who was still laying there with her legs spread and now had one hand on her pussy. “I think Kristi needs some cock, too!” She moved aside and gave Jake a warm kiss, then whispered into his ear, “Make sure she cums hard!”

He nodded and moved between Kristi’s legs, his hard cock still glistening with Angie’s juices bobbing before him. Kristi looked up at him with an almost animalistic look of pure lust and pulled her fingers from her cunt. She brought them to her lips and began to suck on them, her eyes locked on Jake’s. No words needed to be spoken. She needed his cock. Now.

He leaned over her and felt the tip of his cock bump her inner thighs, then settle against the warm wetness of her excited slit. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a deep kiss. As their lips met, his cock parted her labia and slid into her slippery hole, causing her to gasp into his mouth. He buried himself all the way in and didn’t move until she pulled her mouth from his and their eyes met.

“Fuck me, Jake.”

He’d never seen her like this before. Yes, they’d had sex in groups before, but this was somehow different. It was like she’d unleashed a part of her that he’d never seen before; some kind of wild, sexual animal. He felt her vagina squeezing his cock and began to move with her, their bodies locked together. Her hands went to his back and she wrapped her legs around him, drawing her feet up to his ass and using her legs to help pull him inside her. He could feel her fingernails digging into his skin as her breathing began to come in short gasps.

Suddenly, her body tensed and he felt a warm wetness flood his groin. She held him tight, her body jerking against his and her face buried in his neck. Her legs clamped tightly around him and although he managed to keep pumping her pussy, he wasn’t able to keep up the same pace. He felt her body ease somewhat and she pulled her face from his shoulder, her eyes blazing.

“Oh fuck, Jake,” she moaned as they resumed their previous speed. “I want to cum again and again and….ohhh…” He felt her tense up again as another orgasm consumed her. He wondered how many times she’d be able to do that, although he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. He held her trembling body until it passed and she once more met his eyes. She gave him a slight smile and kissed his neck. “I feel like I’m still cumming,” she said, “God, this feels so fucking good!”

He nodded, feeling the sweat trickling down his face. “Yeah…you’re fucking amazing, Kristi!”

She hugged him to her and he felt her hot breath in his ear. “Fuck me baby. I want to feel you cum inside me!”

He felt his balls tighten at her words. Knowing she wanted him to cum was all the incentive he needed to stop holding back. He began to move faster and felt the sensations building as his cock pistoned in and out of her gripping wet hole. He felt a tingling sensation start in his groin and spread outward, growing stronger with each passing second. He grit his teeth and drove deep into her, unable to stop the tide, and unleashed a flood of hot jism deep inside her. Through his own orgasmic haze, he faintly heard her cry out and felt her pussy clench his cock harder than before. They remained locked together as time stood still, each experiencing a mind-numbing orgasm like none they’d ever felt before.

After what felt like a long time, their minds began to clear and they slowly emerged from the fog of their intense simultaneous orgasms. Their eyes met and they kissed before Kristi removed her legs from around him and allowed him to roll off. He lay on his back and she rolled onto her side, placing one leg over his and pressing her drooling pussy against his thigh. He held her close and they turned their attention to the action on the other towel.


Angie watched as Jake and Kristi began to fuck, then turned her attention to Artie and Michelle. By now, Michelle was straddling him and leaning over him so that her tits were in his face as his big cock filled her pussy. Artie was nipping and sucking on her nipples as she fucked him, seeming oblivious to anyone else.

An idea came to her and she crawled over to her backpack. She fumbled through it for a few seconds, then found what she was looking for. She fastened the strap-on dildo around her waist and spread a generous amount of lube on it, then went over and knelt next to Michelle and Artie. Michelle looked over at her and grinned, then her eyes fell to the lubed up strap-on and her mouth dropped open.

“Up for a little DP?” Angie asked, giving her a quick kiss.

Michelle hesitated, then nodded, settling down onto Artie’s cock. “Uh, ok…we can try it.” Artie watched them in wonderment. Was she really going to let Angie fuck her ass while he fucked her pussy?

“Are you sure about this?” he asked as Angie moved into position and she bent over to expose her asshole.

“I want to try,” she replied in a hushed voice. “If it hurts, we’ll stop.”

He seemed skeptical but shrugged. It was her body. Angie ran two fingers over the plastic cock to capture some of the lube, then pressed them against Michelle’s puckered opening. Slowly, she worked them inside as Michelle grunted and moaned. She pushed in deeper until she could feel the hardness of Artie’s cock through the thin membrane that separated her bowels from her pussy. She felt her own pussy leak a little at the prospect of anally fucking her girlfriend as Artie worked on her cunt. She leaned over Michelle.

“Ready, baby?”

Michelle’s head bobbed and Angie straightened back up. She took the slippery fake cock in her hand and positioned it at the puckered brown hole, then slowly began to work in in. Michelle groaned loudly and reached back to spread her cheeks. Slowly, the tip slid in and Michelle cried out as both of her holes were stuffed with hard cock.

Angie stopped after a couple of inches were in. “Are you ok?”

Michelle nodded and turned her head. “Yes…just let me adjust a little…” She rose up so that most of Artie’s cock was out of her pussy, then nodded to Angie. “Ok, try a little more.”

Angie pushed in another inch and stopped when Michelle indicated for her to. She moved so that only the tip of Artie’s cock was still in her pussy, then gestured for Angie to go deeper. This time, she didn’t stop her until all seven inches of the plastic cock was buried in her ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Michelle cried. “That feels so fucking good!”

“It’s not too much?” Artie asked. The concern in his voice was very evident.

Michelle shook her head. “N…no, I don’t think so. Just…” She looked back at Angie, “…when you go in…” Back to Artie. “…you pull out. I can’t take you both in at once.”

“Sure baby,” Angie said soothingly. “Pulling out now.” She began to withdraw the dildo and when she was almost all the way out, Michelle pushed down and she felt the thick cock moving against the plastic one. Michelle groaned, taking Artie all the way in, then moved back up. As soon as she paused, Angie drove the dildo back into her ass. They began a slow, but steady rhythm and Michelle closed her eyes. The feel of two cocks at once was incredible. There was a little pain, but the pleasure more than made up for it. She could feel the stirrings of an orgasm almost from the beginning. Her hands went to her breasts and she began to tug and twist her hard nipples as she moved closer and closer to her impending release.

Angie watched Michelle’s reaction to being doubled fucked. It was so fucking hot to be doing this that she knew she was going to cum as soon as Michelle did, if not sooner. She could feel Artie’s cock moving against the dildo and it seemed to transfer right back to her own aroused pussy. It was almost like all three of them were fucking each other, as strange as that sounded.

Michelle’s moans grew louder and louder and Angie knew she was about to cum. And from her body language, it was going to be a really good one. She felt herself very close as well and began to fondle her tits. Michelle cried out suddenly and Angie felt her ass tighten so hard she was unable to move. But that no longer mattered. As Michelle erupted into orgasm, her own pussy flooded and she gripped Michelle’s hips as she came with her, the dildo buried deep in her ass.

Artie watched Michelle’s face as she fucked him. He too could feel Angie moving in and out of her ass with each stroke and it did add to the sensations her pussy was inflicting on his cock. Of course, knowing it was a fake cock and it was really another girl helped. He didn’t know if he could do this with another guy. Regardless, when Michelle’s orgasm gripped her, he was mostly out of her pussy, but he felt the warm wetness ooze from her and coat his cock. He watched her face twist as she came hard, her body jerking and her jaw set. When she finally stopped cumming and began to relax, he felt Angie slide the dildo from her ass completely. She immediately pushed herself back down onto his cock and after only a few times, she began to cum again. This was all too much for him and he began to pound up at her as his own orgasm built.

“Oh, fuck!” he cried, “I’m gonna cum!”

Michelle’s second orgasm was waning and she quickly scrambled off of him. “Cum in our faces, baby!” For some reason, it only seemed right for both her and Angie to share his load. Angie had removed the strap-on and quickly knelt beside him as Michelle grasped his thick meat and pumped it. They kissed until Artie cried out that he was cumming, then both of them lowered their faces just as he shot a huge load, hitting both of them with the first shot, then finishing by alternating between the two sexy girls. When his shots stopped, they took turns sucking him clean, then kissed again and licked some of the cum from one another before collapsing to the towels in a twisted pile of naked flesh.

“Wow,” they heard Jake say. All three looked over to where he and Kristi were lying watching them. “That was amazing!”

Michelle and Angie shared a grin. “I’m gonna be sore for a week,” Michelle replied, “But it was worth it!”

Everyone chuckled at that and began to clean up. It was getting late and their sexual needs were more than sated for one day. After a few last minute discussions on the cabin, they shouldered their backpacks and began the hike back to their bikes.