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Passed out sis

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            I am 14 years old and my 16 year old sister is the biggest slut in school. She would wear the shortest skirts and the lowest tops around campus to make sure all eyes were on her.

            Let me describe her to you. Shes about 5’2 105 pounds with the roundest most

Our Favorite Fantasy

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  Her: These days, Bridget was beginning to look  a lot like her mother, Dana had at her age.  Bridget was named after a saint, of course, Saint Bridget Kilbride of Ireland, and it seemed that it couldn't be any more fitting due to her mother's own Irish roots.  Bridget was a smart girl, probably did her father very proud as far as grades went, but lately she was discovering some kind of energy that she was having trouble getting rid of.  Catholic schools weren't big on explaining the birds and the bees very well.



 She sat, like she did every night, just aft

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er school, at the kitchen table, still in her uniform, her deep red hair pulled back into a single braid down her back.  One of the nuns had to take her shopping for her bras, things like that, though she was still pretty naive to the whole thing.  She was daddy's little the truest sense of those words.


 Me: He, like he did every night, went about the kitchen, cooking dinner. He'd removed his robes the moment he got home, and enjoyed walking around the house in simple short and t-shirt. These days were falling into repetition, and they were exactly what he enjoyed. These days he enjoyed the time with his daughter, knowing exactly how old and big she was getting.. In fact, time and again his eyes were drawn to her familiar form. He found himself pulling his eyes away, pulling the hamburgers from the stove just in time to keep them from burning, grunting as he splashed grease on his wrist. "Gah!"


Her: Just finishing up the last problem in algebra, she glanced up when he grunted and exclaimed out in pain.  A frown fell over her features as she got up, and removed her vest from over her simple white button-down shirt, and she approached him from behind.


 "Hey, you okay, Dad?"  He insisted upon Father, as everyone else called him, but she wanted something of her own to call him, so it fell to 'dad' or when she was in trouble...'daddy' which wasn't often.  "You should run your wrist under cold water.." she turned the faucet on and touched his arm lightly.  Of course the sprayer on the faucet stuck sometimes, and she cot hit in the chest with a cold spray of water, before the sprayer unstuck and the water came from the tap.




Me: He nodded, letting himself be led to the faucet. "It's alright honey, it's just a little burn, nothing to..." trailing off, his eyes traveling over the rapidly transparent front of her shirt. Clearing his throat and pulling his eyes away after a few moments, he stared pointedly at hi wrist. "Maybe you should go change honey.."


Her: "Well, I worry about you.." she pouted pointedly up at him and then shrugged.  She put him first, which seemed like the right thing to do.  She loved her father...and nothing and no one was going to come between the two of them.


 "But I've got to change for supper anyway..." she leaned up to him, pressing herself into his side, though not realizing she was doing it.  She kissed his cheek and smiled.  "I'll be right back, Hamburgers are my favorite.."


 She turned and put a little bounce in her step, she paused to gather up her books before she would head upstairs to change.


Me: He smiled kindly before she walked off, trying to suppress the groan as she pressed her young, warm body against him. "Yeah, I’m making them just how you like ‘em, so hurry back!" His eyes remained on her as she bounced out of sight, pointedly following her backside under the pleated skirt. Groaning, he began preparing dinner, which was set by the time she got back, their usual two spots across from each other at the table, meal and milk all waiting for her.


Her: She came back down, her hair brushed out from the braid, she wore shorts too, though cotton ones that might be close to being too short.  She wore a white tank-top too.  She very much like her mother, from the sleek form right down to those expressive green eyes.


 She sat at the table and grinned to him.  "Looks so good," she reached to take his hand...preparing for the night prayer before dinner.


Me: He looked pointedly at his plate when she arrived, glancing up to offer her a warm smile. He couldn't help his eyes roaming over her for just a moment, resting on the valley  of her breasts. Shaking his head, he'd take her hands, marveling on how warm they were before starting the prayer. (Insert prayer here)


Her: Once finished with the prayer, she gave his hand a squeeze and than began to eat.  "I passed my English mid-term..." she said with a bit of pride radiating from those deeply emerald eyes.


 She did catch a few of those glances and it made her brows knit with worry, "Is there something wrong...daddy?"


Me: "Mmm? Oh, no honey, nothing wrong." Pulled out of his reverie by her voice, he smiled assuringly, glancing down at his food and eating. "That's good that you're passing your classes. Your teachers were worried about you not so long ago, I remember."


Her: "Mn, well....I'm just going through some changes. I feel strange.."  she murmured lightly as she rubbed at the back of her neck.  "Like I have all this nervous energy that I can't...get rid of ..."


Me: "Changes...?" He raised an eyebrow, images fleeting through his mind before shaking his head. "Well, if you have all that energy young lady, maybe you should work on keeping your room clean. Or maybe you should think about a sport. Softball is coming up, maybe you should consider joining."


Her: "Mmn, I know..I don't like shopping with Sister Elizabeth.  The undergarments she chooses are just so...big.. and uncomfortable.."  She shrugged lightly.  "It's not that kind of energy's different...makes me all hot...and bothered.."


Me: "Er, well... I'm sure if you told Sister Elizabeth about it, she'd get you something more your size." He coughed slightly at her last words. "Er, well, perhaps if you had a talk with one of the Sisters..."


Her: "I've tried...Sister Elizabeth said it was evil.." she rolled her eyes and took another bite of her burger.  "I know I'm not's just frustrating..."


Me: "Well, I don't think it's evil. It happens to all girls... Have you talked with any of your friends at the school?"


Her: "Not really, it's emberrasing.." she said in a small voice, though all the talk of it was making her feel that heated energy right now.  Her cheeks were becoming flushed and she squirmed slightly in her seat.


Me: He raised an eyebrow ever so slightly at her actions. Part of his mind told him to drop it, but the rest had to push on. "Oh really? Why's that? What does it feel like..?"


Her: She licked her lip lightly, "well..there's feels so warm everywhere, and everything is so sensitive...but especially.." she quieted some.  "..between my legs.."  she whispered that...blushing nearly the color of a beet.


Me: Unconsciously, he leaned in toward her over the table, an eyebrow raised and a rather hungry look in his eyes. "Have you tried... Touching it, at all?"


Her: "No!  No.." she lifted her eyes to him and then brought them back down to her plate.  She felt very uncomfortable and ...scared at the moment.  "I..should go..shower before bed.." she said in a tiny voice.


Me: The tone in her voice snapped him out of it. He blinked and shook his head, as if getting chills. "Ah, yes.. I'll... Wrap up the rest of this before bed, so you cna have it for lunch tomorrow, alright? You go on ahead, I'll clean up."


Her: Bridget jumped up out of her seat and seemed to run up to her room.  She needed a nice long shower, probably longer than she would usually indulge in.


 His voice kept echoing through her head, when he asked if she touched felt so sinful and naughty.  As she washed herself she kept thinking of it, and realizing that the heat had returned.


 A soapy hand trailed down along her stomach to between her legs, she bit at her lip before she touched, just a small amount of pressure where that heat came from, and that sent a spike of pleasure through her that made her sigh out.




Me: He'd walk by the bathroom, heading toward his bedroom when something stopped him just outside of the bathroom door. He heard the shower on, as it was every night after bed. Something compelled him now to move silently to the door, turning the nob ever so slowly and opening it just a crack, peeking in through the sliver of space.


Her: The shower door was foggy, but transparent, he'd see her slender outline standing under the flow of the water, seeming to enhance every little curve it ran over.


 Her fingertips pressed past the soft lips of her sex and when she, for the first time, touched her clitoris, she moaned out and her free hand moved to brace herself against the wall.


 "'s so nice.."


Me: He quietly took in a deep breath at the blurry but obvious sight. Biting his lip to keep from groaning, he opened the door slightly more, trying to be as quiet as possible. Meanwhile, a free hand would glide down to the front of his shorts, a long familiar and awaited bulge pressing against the palm of his hand.


Her: She had to lean on the wall of the shower, which made her face the shower door.  She could barely make out that the door was open, but she knew...she could see..just barely.  She didn't make like she saw him though.  She was too blinded by this fierce pleasure.  Her head fell back to the shower wall as her fingers slid over and around that little bud of a clit.


 "Oh..oh god.." she moaned out as her other hand slipped up to touch very delicately at her breasts.  Her touch was unknowing...but to her it felt wonderful.


Me: Licking his lips as he spied on her through the slim crack inthe door, he began breathing heavily. His hand caressing over the bulge in his shorts. He strained, just a little more, to see her. She looked so much like her mother when she... The thought nearly caused him to moan aloud.


Her: Her sweet features were drawn up into a  look of sheer exstacy.  She arched her back and let out another soft moan as she felt something building within her.  Her whole body seemed to tighten, but the pleasure was so much that she couldn't will her fingers to stop even if she wanted them to.


 A few moments passed and she groaned out a louder moan, and her body seemed to shudder and then relax.  Breathing hard, she slid down along the shower wall, shivering to herself.




Me: He matched her moan as she reached climax,, gripping himself firmly. When he realized she was finished for now, he slowly and quietly shut the door. Images of it fresh in his mind, he quickly moved to his bedroom. Shutting the door behind him, he would immediately disrobe, sit himself on the bed, and begin stroking his aching manhood.


Her: She let the water rinse away the shame she suddenly felt.  She let her own father watch her do something unspeakable.  She bit at her lip..she had to go appologize.  After drying off and dressing, she brushed out her hair and then slowly made her way to his own room.


 She reached for the door knob, then thought wrongly of it, and decided to knock instead.


Me: The knock pulled him out of his imaginary reverie. Stunned, he released himself and immediately grabbed his robe, cinching it quickly and perhaps sloppily. Opening the door, he offered her a warm smile. "Ah, hello honey. Did you need something..?"


Her: "Can I come in?"  She asked quietly as she looked up to him.  Her features seemed to hold a deep shame in them, she was sorry for what she did, now she had to confess.  She hadn't yet noticed the state of his robe, however.


Me: "of course sweety, come on in..." Smiling genially, he stepped aside, letting her into the room and closing the door behind. "Something wrong?"


Her: "I um..." she bit her lip.  "I did it," she spoke lighty as she went to sit on the bed.  "I touched..the warm..between my legs..and it felt so good, Daddy.." she cleared her throat.  She wondered if he'd admit to it, to seeing it.


Me: "Ah... So you did. Well, you know child, it's a natural occurance, and while it is considered a sin to shame yourself, I'll tell you that every person has done it in their lives. So long as you ask for forgiveness, Jesus shall forgive."

Her: "I ..knew you were there.." she said it in a tinier voice as she stood up and stepped toward him, just now noticing how sloppily his robe was done up and she blushed again, deep red.  "you' of your robe.."


Me: The admission caught him dead, and he became very quiet. And, at her notice, he blinked down at himself. "Ah, ah! Um, yes, er..." Quickly pulling the robe shut, he leaned back against the door, sighing. "I'm afraid you're right honey, I'm sorry. I... don'tknow what came over me. I... I shamed you, and myself.." Lowering his head and closing his eyes, he looked in a lot of pain.


Her: She stepped toward him and she slipped her arms around him.  Looking up at him with a soft tiny smile, "I knew you where there when I did it..." she said it softly.  "I...think I w..wanted you to see.." she leaned up and kissed his cheek...and then his lips very delicately.


Me: The admission, again, caught him completely by surprise. His eyes widened at her as her lips pressed lightly against his own. For a moment, he withheld, as if to pull back... Before his arms slid around her waist and her kiss was returned warmly. "Bridget..."


Her: She breathed out a little sigh, "show me.." she spoke softly as she leaned up against him, her fingers curling into his robe.  "Show me how to make you feel good, daddy.." she whispered just as lightly.


Me: He gazed at her for a long moment, mixed emotions storming across his features. Finally he groaned, speaking softly. "Sweety, if.. If we do anything, we would be committing a serious sin, you know that? Incest is wrong..."


Her: "But I love love would never hurt me..I know that," she said as she slipped her fingers past the opening of his robe, just to part it again, so she could run her fingers along the skin of his chest.


Me: "I do love you honey, and I don't want to hurt you, but..." He sighed, her small, warm hhand on his chest was almost too much to blame. Being of firm belief that sound mind followed sound body, he made sure to get to the gym every day, and her fingers trailed along warm muscles. One particular muscle jumped at her attention, poking at her thigh from his now opened robe. "Mmm.."


Her: She glanced downward and she bit at her lip as she lifted her other hand up, to push the robe off of his shoulders, to leave him as bare as he'd seen her only minutes ago.  "I've disrobed you...disrobe me.."


Me: ((What's she wearing?))


Her: ((Just a pair of shorts and a tank...panties...that's it))


Me: A flicker of doubt crossed his features, but the sight of her, eager, wanting crushed any thoughts of saying no. Quietly, he brought his hands up. At first resting them on her hips, he leaned down to catch her lips in a warm, sensual kiss. Letting his hands wander, slipping under the hem of her top, he'd slowly slide the cloth up, breaking from her lips to place hot little kisses along her neck. Kissing a trail along the hem of her top, stopping  for longer kisses just above her budding breasts, he'd slide the top up and over her head, letting it flutter to the floor.


Her: She breathed out a warm sigh against his mouth, she loved kisses before this, but these kisses were so much more, so much warmer.  She was putty in his hands.  Her head fell back at his kisses on her neck, his lips felt so lovely on her skin.  " nice.." she breathed out in a moan as she was left topless before him.  Her skin was soft and pale, as if it hadn't been punished by the sun once in her life yet.


Me: His kisses would continue, down the valley between her breasts, then around each, every kiss becoming more lingering. He made a spiral trail of kisses on each, saving the hard little tips for last. A warm kiss on each then, and then his tongue would slip from his lips, caressing her nipples lightly. All the while his hands slipped up along her bare back, then down again. Curious fingers slipped under the shorts she wore, tugging them down her legs, leaving her in just a little pair of white panties.


Her: She leaned against him a bit, her hands snaked into his hair and curled there.  She never felt so close to him as she did now.  His mouth drew soft moans from her and her knees shook just a bit, as if she were weakened by this.


 "Oh..oh..daddy," she whispered as she lowered her head to rest it against the top of his.


Me: His arms wrapped around her then. Easily and gently, he would pick her up and walk her back to the bed. Setting her down on her back, his hands slid along her sides, over her hips. tangling the corners of her panties, he began slowly pulling them down, eyes watching her, filled with love and a hunger, drinking in her now nude body.


Her: She had a small amount of thin red hair over her sex, which was damp, glistening lightly in the dim light.  She rested back on her elbows as she watched him, her eyes reflecting that look up to him.


Me: Slowly, he's slide down to his knees in front of her, hands on her knees. Gently, he'd spread them apart, revealing and opening her sex to him. Whispering, his eyes never leaving her excitement, he spoke softly. "You know the name of this, right? It's your sex, your vagina, and, in less medical terms, your pussy or cunt... Understand sweety? You should know all the names for your parts..."


Her: She bit her lip as she watched him, she nodded quietly, she knew what it was called, but she didn't want to contradict him right now, especially the way she felt.  "It's ...all wet ..and warm," she said softly, squirming lightly at being under such scrutination.


Me: Nodding, he'd lean further in, his hands sliding up from her knees to her waist. "That's what happens when you get excited... When you're ready for sex. Sometimes it happens just because, and other times because you're touched, or hear something, or smell something that turns you on..." Gently, a finger began running along the slit, tracing the outer lips. "I'm going to do something sweety, and you have to keep your legs open, okay? It's going to feel very good."


Her: She took in a shuddered breath, but nodded quietly.  "O..ohkay daddy.." she nodded quietly, doing her best to keep her legs parted for him, despite the pleasure he was already causing.


Me: Offering her a reassuring smile, he leaned forward. With his fingers, he gently parted her lower lips, leaving her open and exposed to his warm breath. Soon, she'd feel something warm and wriggling tracing her slit, slowly working its way further inside her. His tongue had a mind of its own once deep into her, running in circles, tracing the outer edges before plunging again inside her.


Her: She breathed out a light sigh at the touch of his fingers and his breath, but the feel of his tongue was like nothing she'd ever known.  Her eyes widened and she let out a deep moan.  "Oh..oh th..that's..that's so ...ohmnn.." she trailed off into a moan as she fell back against the bed and let her back arch from the pleasure he was feeding into it.


Me: His tongue continued to lap at her, even as his arms went around her waist, ready to hold her down just in case. Soft sounds of his drinking her juices would begin to fill the room as he again and again plunged his tongue within her. Soon, his tongue would trace along the top of her slit, his nose bumping into that particularly sensitive spot.


Her: She was so content to just lay there and experience this forever and ever, it was sweet pleasure, not like the shower, that was sharper and more intense.  When his nose nudged that bud of a bump, she whimpered softly at the intense pleasure that slipped into her body.  Her hips jerked and she moaned a little more loudly.  "Oh..oh there..please..there.."


Me: He pulled back, licking his lips of her juices just long enough to speak. "Your clit, baby." With that, his mouth would open, engulfing her sensitive spot and letting his tongue brush over it. He's begin gently poking, prodding and nudging, all the while holding her hips down as he did.


Her: "Oh..oh yes..yes..yes...!"  Her fingers curled into his hair and tugged faintly, then ran through his hair softly.  She was drowning in this pleasure.  She turned her head a bit to the side and whimpered.  "It''s happening again..oh it's's happening again," she moaned out as her body began to stiffen beneath his mouth, and she tried as hard as she could to keep her legs open for him.


Me: He wouldn't tell her this time. Instead, he would lean in, his teeth gently pressing on either side of her clit at the base, and gently, he would pull back, tugging at her spot, all the while his tongue caressing the exposed tip.


Her: That seemed to push her over the edge, her body stilled for a few moments, except for a bit of irratic breathing, before she'd let out a louder cry of a moan, and she'd suddenly release, her sweet juices coming fast to flood his mouth and chin.  "ohhmm..."


Me: He'd take a few moments to lap at her still before rising, chin and lips shining from excess juices. He grinned, rising to his feet. "You came baby... You had an orgasm."


Her: She was breathing hard, like she'd run and run and run.  Her hands came out of his hair as he lifted his head, and fell to her own face, and she giggled, faintly.  "Oh..oh orgasms are wonderful.."


Me: "mmm, yes they are. You don't always need someone to have them, but they are God's little gifts to us.." Chuckling softly, he'd sit on the edge of the bed next to her, placing his hand on her belly.


Her: "I ..want to give you one too," she looked up at him and she put her hands over his lightly on her tummy.  She lifted his hand up slowly to let it rest directly over her left breast.


Me: A slow smile came on his features. He gave her breast a squeeze before releasing and sliding back, putting his back to the headboard and motioning her over. "Come here... Have you ever seen a naked man?"


Her: "Mm-mm.." she said as she moved, shaking her head as if to make her answer perfectly clear.  She smiled gently as she crawled her way up to him, but it turned into a grin.  "Well..not until now.."


Me: "Mmm, good.. But you know the difference between boys and girls, I hope.." Reaching forward, he'd gently take her hand, pulling it toward him, resting it against his hard member. "Mmm.. Know what this is?"


Her: "Of course, it's a penis.." she watched with wide eyes directed on where he'd put her hand.  She bit her lip, it was a lot larger than she'd imagined.  She let her fingers wrap around it before giving a very gentle squeeze.


Me: Sighing softly at her touch, he nodded. "More naughty terms are dick or cock, but yes. Mmm... Go on sweety, touch it. It feels good."


Her: She focussed her gaze down at her hands, at the length of his shaft, she stroked slow yet gentle strokes up along his length and back down.  She smiled faintly and then an idea came to mind.  She leaned down and like he'd licked at her own sex, she let the tip of her tongue run over the head of his erection, in a slow circle.


Me: Her moving so quickly caught him by surprise, and a slightly startled, but pleased, moan slipped from him. "Mmm... Yes baby, that's nice... Mmm, put some of it in your mouth... Like a tootsie pop..."


Her: She glanced up, but nodded, while she continued stroking along his length, she suckled part of him into her mouth, not much past the head, but enough to let her suck at it gently, and still swirl her tongue around it.  She hoped she was doing it right, she mimicked what he'd done to her.


Me: "Ahhh, good girl.. Mmm.." Sighing, his fingers would move forward, entangling into her hair. "Mmm... under the head sweety, lick there, it's nice. And use your hand on my balls.. They're further down.."


Her: She let her eyes close, the sound that she was pleasing him was enough to make her happy.  She slipped her hand down to touch at his testicles, very tenetively at first, then she grasped them gently, rubbing them softly as she moved her tongue to where he dictated, she sucked at him just as she would a lolly pop...just as he'd instructed.


Me: "Ahhh, yesss, good girl.." Sighing, one hand would remove itself from her hair to slip to the hand around his hsaft, tightening her grip and motioning her hand up and down a bit quicker. "Just like that baby.."


Her: She followed his instructions easily, "mmm" she'd sigh out, unknowingly spreading the pleasure of vibration through his length as well.  She liked the sound of his voice like made her feel so proud that she could make him feel so good.


Me: Letting out a shuddering breath at the extra vibrations she gave him, he leaned back, his hips beginning to gently move up into her fist and mouth. The years of not having anything mroe then his occasional hand were getting to him, and he could feel a tightening. "Mmm.. I'm getting close baby..."


Her: She wanted him to have his orgasm too, she didn't pull back, or stop in anyway, in fact, her hand moved just a little faster along his shaft as her lips tightened around him, to give a slightly stronger suckling, "mmmnmm.."


Me: Breathing raggedly for several minutes, eyes closed and head leaned back against the headboard, he seemed in utter bliss. Moaning, he'd finally shout out as his testes tightened under her touch. "Ahhh, I'm cumming!" Holding her head close, he erupted inside her mouth, several weeks' worth of frustration filling her mouth and throat in one sweet release. Twitching slightly, he laid back, gasping for air.


Her: She partially gagged, though swallowed reflexively just so she wouldn't choke.  she didn't expect anything like that, hers seemed so...cleaner that...once he laid back, she pulled away, coughing slightly, and licking her lips.  "..good?"


Me: He smiled lazily at her, nodding and groaning. "Mmm, wonderful baby.. I'm sorry, I should have told you what to expect... Mmm, when a man cums, his semen shoots out.. Ahh, but you were fantastic.."


Her: She wiped off her mouth and crawled up beside him, kissing his shoulder, then his neck before nuzzling into it.  "I love you...I love you so much..I'm so glad I could make you feel good."


Me: His arms wrapping reflexivvely around her, he pulled her gently into his lap, kissing her forehead and holding her tight. "I love you too baby, more then anything... And you were so wonderful..."


Her: "Can we do it again?" She smiled.  "I mean..more later..?"  She bit at her lip as she cuddled against him, adoring the feel of his skin on hers.


Me: He smiled, letting a hand wander down to her backside and giving it a squeeze. "Mmm.. We can do even more then that, if you think you're ready. You're so beautiful..."


Her: "Mm...ready..?"  She nodded quietly.  "I am ready.." she giggled at the touch to her backside and she bit at her lip.  "..for what?"


Me: "Mmm, well.. After all that, there's only one thing left..." Taking her hand in his, he pressed her palm against his member, and then against her sex. "We bring them together..."


Her: "Oh.." she bit her lip but smiled eagerly.  "I..I want that, very much, Daddy.." she kissed at his chin lightly and nuzzled her cheek up against his.


Me: "Are you sure baby? It'll hurt the first time, but then it'll get better.." Smiling, he'd give her body a gentle squeeze in his arms, his manhood slowly rising up against her thigh.


Her: "I'm sure, daddy," she said softly before lowering her head to kiss at his neck, as he had kissed hers.  She nibbled faintly and let her tongue trace over his flesh.


Me: Sighing loudly, he'd shiver under her ministrations, his hands wandering along her sides, one slipping down between her thighs, tracing her lips again. "Mmm, Alright baby... Get on your back.."


Her: She smiled and did as he asked, movign to lay down back on her back.  She smiled softly as she watched him with that ever-loving gaze of hers.


Me: Carefully, he'd roll over her, his arms on either side of her head. Returning her gaze with a loving smile, he nodded down between them. "Alright baby, open your legs... I'm going to make you a woman.."


Her: She let her lengs slowly part, and slide up along the outside of his thighs and hips, she smiled gently up to him, and she traced her fingers over his face and through his hair.  She leaned up to kiss his mouth very gently.


Me: He returned her kiss warmly, positioning himself above her. Slowly, ever so gently he would press forward, his manhood pushing against her sex. He stopped as the tip slipped in. "How's that feel baby?"


Her: "mmn.." she looked up to him, her eyes were half-lidded due to the pleasure and heat of the situation.  Her arms held onto him tightly.  "N..nice..mmn..."


Me: Nodding, he leaned down to kiss her as he pushed further into her, taking care to be slow and gentle. Soon, he would press against her virginity. Whispering to her, "Brace yourself baby.." he'd push in entirely, remaniing still within her for a time.


Her: She'd moan softly, gently as he'd press into her, she'd turn her head to kiss his cheek and his neck.  She steeled herself to pain, and when he tore through her virginity, she whimpered and pushed her face into his neck.  She was a good girl..she didn't cry..she didn't make a peep.  She was still...but slowly she'd begin to relax...the pain would ebb and she would just nuzzle and kiss at his shoulder.


Me: "Mmm... such a good girl..." Sighing, he'd lean in, catching her lips in a warm kiss. Slowly, carefully, he began to pull back, party way before pushing back in, starting a slow and gentle rythm into her, whispering into her ear as he did, "Ahhh, so nice baby, so nice.."


Her: She couldn't put two words together even if she tried.  She moaned softly against his ear, her breath came hot against his skin and she pressed her hips up to his again and again, crashing into him.  "Yes...." she finally said, after a long bout of nothing but soft moans.


Me: His forehead pressed against her shoulder, his own shoulders slumped as he continued to rock with her hips, sighing softly on each. His lips would run along her neck, kissing up to her ear, biting lightly at the lobe as his thrusts slowly built up.


Her: "" she moaned out softly as the thrusts continued to escallate.  She hooked her heels behind his knees to gain some leverage, so her own thursts could be felt a bit more.  " nice..oh God.."


Me: "Ohhh yes baby.. God, so tight..." Rolling his hips into her, he pressed as deeply as he was able, biting and suckling at her neck as he did, moaning into her ear. "Ahhh, just like.. Mmm.."


Her: She turned her head and bit at his shoulder, then sucked at it, alternating slowly as her body began to tremble beneath him.  "I..I'm ..going to ...again.." she whispered hoarsely against his neck.


Me: Turning his head to lick her lips, he nodded, groaning. "Ah, mmm... Then go ahead baby... It's okay, you can, ahh... say it... You're gonna cum.."


Her: "I'm ..I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum..oh..oh god.." she buried her face into his shoulder as her body tightened beneath him.  Her arms gripped him until they shook, her very core took ahold of him tightly, like a velvet vice.  She let out a whimper as she seized up..and then suddenly, with a delicate sounding moan, released beneath him.


Me: The pressure and sensation of his little girl releasing around him caused a strained moan to leave his lips. With a shudder, he would pull himself out from inside her, moaning heavily as his climax took him, several bursts covering her flat tummy and up to he rbreasts. Groaning, he slowly relaxed, panting above her.


Her: Breathing like she'd run for miles and miles...she gazed up at him, trying to catch her breath, was slow going.  "oh...oh"


Me: Panting through a smile, he leaned in to kiss her sweetly. "Mm... Wow is right... Ahhh, so good sweety, I went and made a mess on you..."


Her: She glanced down to herself and chuckled, "I don't mind.." she said it with a blush and looked up to him.  "I can just take another shower.."


Me: "Mmm, you can.." Smiling warmly, he leaned in, kissing her cheeks, chin and lips softly. "How do you feel baby? You're a woman now.."


Her: "I feel..." she smiled softly.  "good..and tired.." she said softly, and touched his cheek lightly.  "..I'm your woman now.."


Me: "Mm, yes you are... My woman and my little girl, all wrapped into one.." Smiling warmly, he kissed her once more, before groaning. "Mmm... But you should get showered up honey, and then come to bed.."


Her: "I can stay in here with you?"  She asked quietly and smiled up to him.  She kissed at his shoulder, almost giddy at the thought that she'd be sleeping with him tonight.

Me: "Mmhmm.. I can't send you back to your room after this, can I? But, sweety.." His face grew serious. "You know we can't tell anyone of this.."


Her: She nodded quietly as she began to get up.  "I know,'s our secret.."  she smiled softly and moved off to the bathroom again, unabashed in her nudity now.

My Daughter in Slumber

skinnyharry2000 on Taboo Stories

       Ever since my daughter starts to develop, my desire for her body develops as well. But I love my daughter. I won’t forgive my self if I do anything to hurt her, so I hid this taboo desire deep inside me. I took my role as a perfect father and husband, but the desire for my daughter’s small sexy body became a devil’s seed in me. Every time I touch her smooth skin, every time I see her breasts and underwear by accident, every sexy post she made unaware serves like water and nutrients for that seed. For years I hid my desire, and for years the seed grows, until it grew strong enough to shatter my last defence of morality. My dau

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ghter is now 14.


       The chance has finally come when I obtained a bottle of seductive used in date-rape. I waited for my chance, a chance when my wife has to work overnight. And that’s tonight. I dropped a few drop of the seductive into my daughter’s milk she drink every night before she go to bed. She drank it without any doubt. I waved her goodnight like we do every night, and then I waited for the drug to take effect.


       Half and hour has passed, I thought the drug would have taken effect by now. I stealthily sneaked into my daughter’s room. Just to be on the safe side, I tried to wake my daughter up.


“Honey, honey wake up.”


       No reply. Well, what about a pinch in the nipple?




       She let out a moan, but still didn’t wake up. I knew the time has finally come. I quickly stripped all my cloth. And then I took off my daughter’s pyjama, but leaving the panty on. I don’t want to ruin all the excitements at once. Carefully I examine her body: a bit tiny for her age, but that only made her cuter than ever. Also it is a perfect match for her A-Cup breasts, make them look bigger you know? Her skin was as smooth as a baby, and I swear, she looked exactly like she was four years ago.


       Slowly I reached out my shaking hand to her. She is my dream, she is my desire, and now, she is finally mine. I felt a shock coming from my finger tips the moment I touch her, a shock of excitement. I allowed my self to feel every inch of her body carefully, savaging the feeling. Although I am committing an immoral deed, I still love my daughter. I want her to feel as little pain as possible, so I inserted an egg-shaped vibrator into her vagina. I made sure her panty would keep it from slipping out, and then I resume my action with my daughter’s body. I kissed my daughter and put my tongue deep into her mouth. Mmmm, the fresh scent of mint. My hands never stop moving. My right hand kept on touching her leg. It was as smooth as paper. My left hand was massaging her breast, and I used my fingers to flick her nipple like a light switch.




       The sensation was so intense even in slumber she can feel it. The vibrator was doing its job. My daughter’s panty was all soaked. She kept on wiggling her body unconsciously, trying to shake off that stranger feeling inside of her vagina. Oh the look on her face was just gorgeous. Trying to bare the intense stimulation, yet it won’t go away no matter how much she twists her body.


“It’s time,” I thought to myself.


       I carefully remove her panty. Slowly her holy place reveals to me. It was so wet that it looked like a spring. She doesn’t have any pubic hair. It’s either they haven’t grown yet or she shave them. Regardless, I enjoy the sight of her hairless cunt. I spread out her leg as wide as possible, so I could have a good taste of her cunt. I sucked on her labia like lollypops sometimes, and tease her clit with my tongue the other times. The combine stimulation of my mouth job and the vibrator in her vagina was so intensive that she let out some loud moans.




       She twisted her body as if she would go crazy any second if that feeling keeps up, but there is no way I would have let her go. And finally, she reached her climax.




       A string of love juice shot out from her vagina unexpectedly, spited out the vibrator as well. This continued for 10 second, but she was still shivering in the upcoming 30 second. Obviously she was still in her climax. I never would have expected my daughter to have such talent. I was very happy because not many girls could do that, and it also means we were going to have a lot of fun tonight.


       My cock was as hard as it can get, I couldn’t hold it much longer, not after my daughter’s erotic display. I opened up her legs and carefully place the tips of my cock into my daughter’s cunt. When everything was set, I gave a hard thrust, hoping to break my daughter’s virginal membrane without causing her too much pain. But to my surprise again, my cock hit the bottom of her vagina with ease. My daughter was not a virgin anymore!


       I was so mad I started to bang my daughter furiously. She looked so painful, but I don’t care. I was so mad at her because she had sex with another man in such a young age. I was even madder because I am not her first man. But as I fuck her intensively I slowly realized there is actually an advantage to that. Now no matter how hard I fuck her, nobody would know. With that in mind, I started to slowdown and enjoy the moment. The bed was so wet I suspect my daughter had her second climax when I fuck her mindlessly earlier.




       She was breathing hard, but at the same time give out a moan for every thrust I gave her. I hold her waist with my two hands and lifted her up. Her body was so tiny that she looked like a doll in my hand. Her upper body lean backward. Her hands and head dangling in mid-air like an abandon doll being raped by a bear (me). I kept moving her body up and down, so my entire cock can go deep inside her with every moving.




       Her moaning sounded so satisfying I felt great. I tried changing into different positions. I tried putting her back up against the wall. With one hand holding up both her arms, one hand keeping her leg opened wide for me to fuck her. She was like half of my size, so she did not touch the ground the entire time. Then I tried laying her on the bed with her facing down, so I can fuck her like a dog. This was my favourite position. It allows me to insert my whole cock deep inside of her. When I think I can’t hold much longer, I started to fuck her with full power on. So fast, so furious. Even she agrees with me using her cute moaning.



“Oh honey I am coming…you are so tight…I can’t….hold it….GR!”



       Together we came to our climax. I had my condom on so I didn’t mind coming inside of her. We were breathing so hard after all the intense exercise. I thought I saw her smiling in the dark, but I bet it’s just my imagination.


       Of course there were some cleaning up to do, but it was no big deal. I made sure it looked like nothing had ever happen. After all, I don’t want to get busted if I want to do it again in the future. Right?

Family Fuck Time

donna_mom on Incest Stories

I had always thought that my parent’s friend, Christine was the hottest looking woman ever since I was little. Christine had long blonde hair, dark tan skin, a pair of DD’s and a big fat ass. Over years I had fantasized about making love to her. Finally, I had the plan all set up and now I was 18.


My family always had a barbeque in our backyard. My parents would invite their friends and some of the neighbors over to drink, eat, talk, and dance. It would start around 6 and would go until the last people left

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, around 2 in the morning. It was funny seeing all the people get drunk and start dancing. My mom and Christine couldn’t hold their liquor at all, but neither could I. My parents let my older Denise and I drink at these little parties. Denise was 19 and still lived with us, she had brown hair, with blonde highlights, a cute ass, and fairly large breasts. My mother, Dana looked almost exactly the same, but with a lot larger breasts, probably a D cup. My friends always made jokes about my sister and mom being hot. I think it is sick to think about your family members in a sexual way. But back to my plan, I was going to pretend to drink like a normally did at the parties, but really I was going to drink soda. I was going to let Christine get drunk so I could take her inside once when no one was looking, and then fuck her drunk ass.


Christine was the first to arrive at the party. I opened the door, “happy late birthday” Christine yelled. She grabbed me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She smelled wonderful. She stepped back and I took a quick glance at her. Christine had a short jean skirt on, a pair of black flip-flops, and a black halter top, which showed a lot of cleavage. “Mom and Dad are in back” I said, already hard. “Thanks, hon” she responded. She walked past me and I followed her to the backyard, staring at her tight ass the whole time.


We got to the backyard and my parents said their hellos. “Where is Dale”, Christine’s husband, my dad asked. “Oh, he had to rush out of state for a business emergency” Christine told us, “perfect” I thought in my head. I looked over at mom, she had a pair of tight jeans, and a light blue halter top on. “Shit” I thought, “Mom looks kind of sluty tonight. “Can I get you some beer to drink” I asked. “Sure” everyone responded. I poured everyone one a cup of beer and poured water into mine. I walked back and handed everyone their drinks, “Let’s have a chugging contest” Mom suggested. We chugged, filled up again and chugged once more.


A couple hours later we ate dinner with all the other guests. My sister came down wearing a see-through pair of shorts, an bright orange bikini, and a pair of white flip-flops. Denise had came back from a friends house and had been drinking in the afternoon. I decided to get her really drunk and see her get in trouble. I got my mom, Denise, Christine, and a few other people to take shots. I had 2 while the others slammed down one after the other.


It was around 11:30 and Denise could hardly stand. That’s when Denise walked up to one of our drunk neighbors and kissed him on the mouth, with lots of tongue. Dad grabbed her and told me to take her to her room. I grabbed Denise by the arm and dragged her up the stairs to her room. Denise grabbed me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I pulled away quickly, “Sis, that isn’t funny” I said. Denise tried to take her shirt off but ended up falling on the floor and passing out.


I walked back downstairs to see Christine drinking rum out of a bottle outside. I was going to walk outside and bring her into the house when I heard “Happy Birthday”. I turned to face Mom. “Thanks Mom” I said. “I’ve been waiting for years for this day” Mom said, “I can’t believe it, let’s fuck, now” Mom yelled. She stumbled over to me and fell into my arms, she started to laugh. She regained her balance and untied her halter top in front of the window. My jaw dropped as her massive tits flopped out in front of me. Her boobs were tan and had a small pointed nipples and looked perfect. Mom rubbed her hand on my hard cock through my shorts. I grabbed Mom’s hand and took her to my room. I ripped my clothes off and flicked and sucked on my mother’s hard nipples. Mom moaned as I pinched her other nipple with my hand. I laid Mom down on the bed and pulled her tight jeans off her tan body. I threw her sky blue panties onto the floor and started lapping at my mother’s cunt. Mom shrieked as I rubbed her clit. I slipped a finger in her cunt and Mom gasped. In one swift motion I grabbed my cock and slammed it in my Mom’s sloppy pussy. I grabbed my mother’s tits ands squeezed them together. Mom was screaming as my balls slapped against her ass. Mom’s cunt squeezed tight as she started to cum. It was so tight that I could hardly even cum inside her. I rolled out of her pussy and laid next to her. Mom was still gasping when I played with her tits. Mom fell asleep and I got out of bed.


I grabbed my shirt and shorts when I heard a scream from downstairs. I tiptoed down the stairs to see Christine grabbing the edge of the kitchen counter tightly. Her pants were off and she was screaming as someone licking her cunt. The person then stood up, it was Dad! My dad had his cock out and was slapping Christine’s ass with it. It was huge, probably 10 inches and pretty wide. “Ready bitch” Dad yelled as he positioned to himself to shove his cock up her ass. “Fuck me” Christine screamed wildly. I looked threw the window to see that about 15 people were still outside and could easily see through the glass door to see them fucking. Dad then slammed his hole cock into her ass in one thrust. Christine’s scream was so loud, that my ears started to ring. Dad realizing that someone was going to run into the house, picked up Christine, cock still in her ass, and carried her to the bathroom. I sprinted downstairs. The door slammed shut. A woman ran in, “what happened” she asked, “Christine just fell, she is all right, just a little drunk ya know” I said. “Lets go back outside my Dad’s taking care of her” I offered. We went back outside. I wondered how Dad had kept her quiet. I waited outside a couple of minutes before I went back inside. The bathroom door was open, nobody inside it. I went upstairs and checked all the rooms, no one. I opened the basement door to her the screams of Christine. I closed the door and crept down the stairs. I peeked around the corner to see Christine jumping on Dad’s cock, getting ass fucked. I was jerking my cock harder then ever, seeing her plump breasts bounce all over. Dad then stood up with Christine still on his cock and was thrusting into Christine while standing. Christine juices were flowing like a river down my Dad’s legs. Christine let out an ear splitting scream as Dad shot his load deep into her ass. Dad threw Christine onto the couch and laid next to her. They kissed for a long time until they were both asleep.


I came all over the stairs as this took place. I walked upstairs and noticed that everyone had left. I went upstairs and went to my parent’s bedroom and went to sleep.   Â


I woke up early the next morning and checked on my family. I made some food and watched some television for a little while. I heard Denise come down the stairs. She had the same clothes on as last night. She grabbed a plate of food and sat down next to me. “So, how was last night” Denise asked putting her plate down on the table. “Not bad, you probably wouldn’t remember” I laughed. “I remember little bro. We were right about here”. Denise pulled her top off over her head. I gazed at her large nipples. “Let’s finish what we started” Denise said slipping her tongue down my throat. Denise pulled my shorts down and started sucking my hard cock. Her tongue swirled around my cock and up and down, “I always knew you were a dirty slut” I said. Denise took my cock and slipped it between her two globes. In minutes I came on my sister’s hot tits.


“I have something important to show you” I said grabbing my sister’s hand. We went up to my room were I showed my sister are whore of a mother. “Does Dad know about this” Denise asked. I laughed and showed her Christine and Dad. We went upstairs to our parents room and I ate my sister’s cunt out. Right as we finished we heard our front door close. We ran to the window to see Christine get in her car and drive away. “We are going to have some fun with that little slut” Denise laughed.


donna_mom on Sex Stories

No one knew that me I, Ellen was bisexual. It all started a couple months back, when my older sister told me to get some cash from her underwear drawer to go shopping. I opened the drawer and found thongs and g-strings. “Holy shit” I said as I picked up a tiny black thong. I looked at some others before Elise, my sister yelled for us to get going. At the mall I finally noticed what all my guy friends saw in my sister. She had long light brown hair with blonde highlights, just like me. We are also both thin and athletic. One of the only difference was she was 2-3 inches taller and had a way better ass and bigger breasts.

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0pt; text-indent: 0.5in">

Once we got home from shopping I called some friends to come over and Elise left to her boyfriend’s and wouldn’t be back till about 1 in the morning. I went upstairs after Elise left and searched in her drawers. I found that she had huge D-cups compared to my b’s and some more sexy thongs. I decided to borrow one and wear it that night.

Later that night my 3 friends Sarah, (blonde hair tiny breasts and ass) Lindsey,(brown hair, a little heavier but huge breasts) and Jessie (my best friend, brown hair, small breasts like mine) came over first. We only talked for about 5 minutes when my boyfriend Matt, Sarah’s boyfriend Tony, and Jessie’s crush Greg came over. Matt brought vodka and beer over and started watching a movie. We didn’t have to worry since my parents were on a cruise for another week and Elise never comes home early, or even at all.

After the movie all 3 of the guys were totally drunk and so was Jessie. Jessie got up off the couch and told Tony to come upstairs with her. It was around midnight Sarah had to go home and she took Tony with her. Once Sarah and Tony left Matt started making out with me with lots of tongue, the way I like it. A couple minutes later I remembered that Lindsey was sitting right next to us and pulled Matt off “sorry Lindsey” I said. “Ohhh she can just get in the action with us” Matt said, he leaned in and stuck his tongue straight into her mouth. Lindsey knew this was going to be one of her only chances with Matt and she took it. They swapped spit for about 5 minutes before I pulled Lindsey away and started making out with her. Her tongue was flipping in and out of my mouth, for not having a boyfriend she was turning me on. Suddenly I heard my sister’s voice yell “what the hell” from upstairs. Lindsey and I got up and ran upstairs from the basement. Elise was standing with her arms folded. “What are they doing” Elise pointed at the kitchen table. Jessie and Greg were both completely naked and fucking on the kitchen table. “Jessie, stop” I screamed Jessie tried getting up and putting on her clothes but she was to drunk to even stand. “Were you guys drinking” Elise shouted. “Yes, please don’t tell mom and dad” I begged as I tried helping Jessie up. Elise saw I was sincere about this “ok” she said “but we’re taking everybody home now”

Everyone climbed into are parents van, Jessie sitting in front with my sister knowing that she and Greg would try screwing if they sat together. We dropped everyone off and headed home. I noticed Elise’s hair was a little messy and her tank-top fell off her shoulder and her bra was missing from before she left. “What did you do tonight” I asked. “Nothing” she said. We sat in silence for a little while. “What’s it like you have sex” I said as we pulled into the driveway. Elise turned around “what makes you think I know” she asked. “You were at a party tonight, you drank, and your bras missing” I said looking at her half naked breast. She pulled up her top and we walked into the house. “You really want to know” she said and walked up the stairs. “Yes” I begged and followed her up to her room. Elise opened the closet and pulled out a shoe box and opened it. Inside where a 10-inch vibrator, and a 10-inch strap-on. “You sure you want to know” She turned around and asked. I knew what she meant and said “yeah”. She pulled out the strap-on and pulled off her white top. Her breasts were so big and her tits were brown like mine and completely stiff also like mine. She walked over in her tight jeans and pulled off my shirt. Then she pulled off my bra and squeezed my tits together. We kissed a couple of times until she bent down and sucked on my tits. Matt had done this several times but nothing like my sister was doing. She bit on my tits a little and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, “is this mine” she asked. I looked to see the dark blue thong I borrowed earlier. I nodded, Elise smiled and pulled my jeans off. She stood back up and pushed me onto her bed. Elise pulled down her tight jeans, she had a sexy light green and shiny g-string. She then stepped into the strap-on and got on top of me. “Suck” she demanded. I stuck the cock in my mouth and sucked it like Matt’s cock. I grabbed her hips and sucked long and deep mouthfuls. “You’re good at his and she slightly swung her hips. After the cock was well lubricated Elise turned me around and got me in doggy style position. She pulled off the thong and she started to rub my clit. I was already soaked. Elise realized this and stuck one finger into my cunt. I moaned loudly, she then put in another one and started to fuck me with her pink painted fingernails. When she put in a third finger I thought I was going to go crazy. Elise thought I was ready and stuck the dildo into my pussy. I was being stretched and I yelled “fuck yeah keep on going”. She kept on going and broke my hymen.  “Virgin, just the way I like em” she said and started to rub my thighs. Elise got seven inches in and started to pump. I let out loud screams after every thrust. We banged for awhile until I came off the first time. I collapsed on the bed Elise pulled off her strap-on and thong. I returned the favor and licked her shaven cunt. Elise loved in and gave out similar yelling shrieks. Liquids filled my mouth as my big sis came in mouth. Minutes later Elise and I fell asleep together in her room.