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Black Panties

Fyre on Exhibitionist Stories

Black Panties, by Fyre

She dressed in the morning in a short, casual jumper. She’d made it from a fine wale corduroy in deep, autumn tones. She wore a green turtleneck underneath, but no panties. She put the black panties into her pocket.

No one would even suspect such a thing. Not about her.

She’d been awake most of the night. Her mind was floating into the realm of the unknown. Into possibilities of fucking the forbidden. She wanted that guy at work so bad. But he worked on the docks. She worked in the office. There was this interoffice no-no at The Company about being friends with those from "the other side of the tracks" even though they worked at the same place. She was the college graduate, he was the felon. Everyone upstair

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s would die if they knew she was interested.

It wasn’t even daylight yet. He arrived at his job at 4:30 a.m. She walked from the bus to The Company, crossing city streets, into the industrial end of town. She doubted she was going to be able to go through with what she’d imagined all night long. She’d barely slept a wink, thinking of how badly she wanted to capture his imagination, how she wanted to use those black panties to turn him on so much he would obsess about her all day long.

Sure enough, she found him there in the yard, sorting clutter from recycling bins into manageable piles. Gary, the driver of the forklift paused what he was doing to turn and say hello as she approached. He was always so polite, so sweet to her. He already had a streak of black grease across the back of his right hand. One of the things she was drawn to about him was that he worked so damned hard.

She took the renegade panties out of her pocket and placed them next to his hand on his knee. "Here," she said abruptly.

He took them, surprised. He glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed. They were simple black satin panties. Somehow he had lived all his life and no woman had ever walked up to him and tossed her panties at him in a parking lot before. He gave her a look.

He called her 'Trouble' for a reason.

She had never presented him with panties before. This was an alluring twist.

A black flatbed tractor trailer pulled into the lot. "He needs me to load him. Hang on, okay?" He put the forklift into gear and put her panties into his coverall pocket.

"Wait!" she called over the sound of the motor. "Give those back. I might need them later."

"Does this mean you’re not wearing any?" He asked.

"That's exactly what it means."

"You are Trouble." He grinned slyly.

She snatched the panties back and slid them into her own pocket. She turned on her heel and walked away. Her heels clicked on the pavement and she knew he was watching her. She ducked into the shadows against the back of the lot, the walls covered with graffiti, where he went sometimes to smoke pot.

The sun was starting to rise. The pink of the sky was streaking off into blues and translucent grey patches. She stood behind a huge scrap container, surrounded by smaller, waist high bins full of sorted metals, and waited.

It took awhile for him to load the flatbed. The semi driver got out and started tightening straps against the crates on his load. The forklift turned and Gary came back against the wall to find her.

"What the hell’re you up to? I know you have something in mind."

"I always have something in mind," she assured him with a quick smile. "But this time you can tell what it is."

He got off the lift and took her face in his hands and kissed her hard. She pressed up against him. She loved the smell of his hard labor caught in the folds of the denim. His hands slid down her body and her hands crept inside his clothes. Under her jumper, he discovered that the stockings she wore were held up by suspenders, and he grabbed her bare ass. He kissed her neck and started to lift her to hold her against him.

"Don't pick me up." She protested, pleased nonetheless. She was too heavy, and he’d been complaining earlier in the week. "Your back..." she reminded him.

"I don't give a shit about my back." His hands were all over her, exploring and touching soft skin. "Can we do it right here?" He asked, breathlessly.

"You tell me where." She said, silently daring herself to go through with this crazy idea. "It's getting light though. You sure this is a good idea?"

"You already got me hard. I don't really give a fuck."

They were in the far end of the parking lot. There was a wire mesh fence between them and another warehouse yard. There were shipping containers stacked up higher than their heads, but anyone coming to look for his forklift would find him.

His radio squawked, calling loudly. "Gary and Don! Come to the front office." He ignored the dispatcher and kissed her again, his hands leaving smudges of oil on her pale chin.

Oh yes, he knew better. But there was something about her that made him lose track of being sensible.

He lowered his zipper. She knelt in front of him. She felt gravel dig into her pretty knees. What if she tore her stockings? How could she explain it at work? She pulled him deep inside her mouth. He was absolutely rock hard and she loved it. She was sucking a guy’s cock right there in the parking lot! She couldn’t believe her audacity!

His dick was long, but narrow. She worked it back into her throat. She started breathing through her nose. She inhaled the "bad boy" smell of pot that he carried in his pocket.

"That's not what I had in mind," he protested after a minute or two.

"Where then?" she said, pulling off him, breathless, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

His dick sprang up and hit her in the face. He was so hard, so turned on! She wasn’t used to having this effect on men. She was always taken for granted, the little office gal who would fetch coffee, make copies, or run to the store to save someone else in The Company from taking time away from their more important task. She was always That Girl, the one everyone liked, who wasn’t quite threatening enough to back stab.

"Can you sit there?" He motioned and took her hand. He lifted her up on one of the waist high containers. Again, she struggled against having him lift her, but it wasn't a real slick move for her to hop to a level where he could enter her. He unzipped his coveralls and peeled back a layer of his clothes. Just enough to get to what he wanted. He opened her legs.

She looked around her, a little disoriented. It was totally daylight! This had to absolutely be the fastest it had ever gone from dull grey shadows to a bright, sunshiny morning.

"Well I absolutely have never done this before," she said, timid, but excited.

"Me neither."

"And right here in the company parking lot..."

"I can’t help it. You’re too fucking hot."

She could hardly believe her ears, could hardly believe she was saying the words and going through with her thoughts that was allowing this to take place. What if the semi driver found something wrong with the load and needed him? What if he’d noticed her stepping back into the yard and came to find out what was going on? The thought of her being seen with the forklift driver, all gritty with sweat and motor oil, totally turned her on. The thought of someone seeing her, her bare butt perched against the grit of the metal crate while he fucked her, well it made her crazy to think that she was actually going through with it, doing it right there in the yard.

What if the dispatcher comes looking for him?

"I can't wait," Gary whispered, begging. "You have to help me." He was holding her from falling off the container and he couldn't move his hands to steer his rock-hard dick between her thighs. She guided him, then moved her hand back to clutch the side. Somehow, she perched on the tiny edge of the container bracing herself as he slammed his seven inches deep inside of her. His breath was ragged as he sank into her, and she was half aware of the fullness inside her, and half aware that she was going to slip off and land in a big greasy puddle, should she lose her grip. She had to hold it together. She couldn’t go to work if she ended up in the grease! It was all so spontaneous, and so precarious. It made her so fucking wet to know that he just looked at her panties and lost control... Now he had her up on the corner of a great steel container and was ramming her to beat the band. Oh my God. The corner of the metal container dug uncomfortably into her leg, but she didn’t care. It was too fucking wild that he was just doing her, right there, right where anyone walking over to find him could see.

If that happened, everyone in The Company would know by noon. Wasn’t he thinking about what he was doing? This was nuts!

She was torn. The good girl part of her was totally mortified, totally wanted to jump down off the corner of the container, pull herself together and go have coffee with the office girls upstairs. What if someone looked down out of one of the windows to see? Everyone would know it was her, they all could recognize her jumper. One morning, she’d proudly brought it into work to show it off. It was one-of-a-kind. She felt a knot of panic bubble in her stomach. Her wild thoughts added to the thrill.

"I like this," he said. The straggled words got lost somewhere in her hair. His eyes were slightly out of focus, he was lost inside himself inside his head.

He picked up the pace, thrusting intently. She felt the chill of the metal under her ass. She clutched at the edges of the box, hoping she wouldn’t fall off. His eyes closed. The good girl side of her demanded that he hurry.

"I’m gonna come!"

Oh my God, what if somebody heard him? Frantically, she glanced around, certain that he’d been back here too long and certainly his foreman was going to come find him.

The radio receiver on his forklift whistled and squawked. "You there, Gary? Quit fuckin’ ignoring me, Man."

She felt his muscles tighten as he jammed himself in deeper. He grunted and pumped her full of creamy jizz. He had to catch her as she almost lost her balance and tumbled into a pile of used car parts.

Not that it mattered, but she couldn’t cum. Not just then. The whole situation totally thrilled her, beyond her wildest dreams, but she spent the whole time frozen, terrified that someone was going to find her there, being fucked by the forklift driver. Right in the yard. Right there at work! Oh, the girls in The Company would have a complete fit if they found out. She would lose all credibility. "What a whore she is," they would all whisper in their most vindictive voices.

She giggled to think of the looks on their faces.

He backed away from her, his dick still visible, to answer his foreman on the radio. "Yah, I’ll be right there. I was taking a leak."

A leak?

Moments later, she hopped off the edge of the container and part of his load spattered down on the black pavement. ‘Evidence!’ she thought. She wanted to bend over and wipe it up. But then she thought, ‘Hell, there’s EVIDENCE!! He just fucked me in the yard, up there on a container, and there’s a wad of evidence that it happened.’

It thrilled her to think that maybe some day there’d be one of those uptight women from The Company prancing across the pavement, stepping right into their combined juices-- right there in the parking lot--on the way to an all too-expensive car as she went on to climb the corporate ladder.

Upstairs in the bathroom, she rinsed off, still not quite believing that she’d thrown all caution to the wind. She ducked into a stall and started fucking herself with her middle finger. It would only take a minute to cum, she was so hot from thinking about what they’d just done. It made her crazy with lust to think of his jizz seeping out of her twat, lubricating everything.

Then she thought about his foreman, Mike. He might have just stumbled upon them, fucking in the yard. What would he have done? Would he have pulled his own dong out of his pants and started jacking it right there? Would he have wanted to join in? Or would he have taken them both, half-dressed and leaking with cum, into the front office to talk to The Boss? That would have been a disaster. The end of her career. Over. Kaput. All over a little lust in the sunrise. Oh she was so turned on by the idea of being such a horrid slut that she had to be turned in to The Boss! What a scolding she would deserve, such a bad, bad girl.

Her body rocked as she came on the toilet.

She teased herself with thoughts of how embarrassed everyone would be, how horrified that it had happened to The Company. So mortified that she could bring it all to an end with a simple pair of black, satin panties.

She came a second time. She was sure she could cum again. She was sure of it.

Then she glanced at her watch. Oh, shit!

She stood and wiped herself with a Kleenex. She patted her dress and wiped a streak of oil off her cheek. She stepped into black satin panties and pulled them on over crotchless stockings.

Time to start work.


Author’s Note: If you liked this story, you might also check out Diary of a Nympho, another story where I got some at work one day.

Thanks in advance for any comments. I don’t get any money to take chances and post my stories here; your feedback is my reward.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. But then what else was he supposed to say? ‘Thank you,’ he mouthed silently, and waved to her as he backed the lift out from their hiding place and chugged across the lot to the office.

The Lunch Date

JackntheBox on Exhibitionist Stories

There was a beep from my computers speakers. A sound like the tab of a beer can being popped, then foamy liquid pouring into a glass or mug, followed by the spray of tiny bubbles. Then a sexy female voice that said, “You have mail.” 


I grinned and clicked on the mail icon in my browser.


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mal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; text-indent: 0.5in">It was around eleven in the morning on my day off from work. I was comfy; relaxing in a t-shirt and shorts, lounging on my couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table, my laptop balanced on my thighs and bumming around on a singles site when I got the message. I clicked it open and scanned the attached note.


            It was from a woman who called herself LadyLoveBBW. I didn’t know her real name. Her profile had been one of the first to show up when I’d joined the site. She was an older woman – which turned me on – easing into her late 40’s. In her photo she was a little chubby, but she had a great big rack and nice taste in lingerie, so I thought, what the hell?


I sent her a tentative proposition, just for fun. I didn’t think she’d even reply, since I hadn’t uploaded a picture of myself, and my profile really didn’t seem to match what she was looking for. She was attached, engaged to be married, with a couple kids already, and she was doing this on the sly. She wanted to meet someone to share erotic emails, maybe meet a man to develop a short-term – and discreet – relationship.


That sort of crap.


I just wanted to fuck. And her picture made me horny. In my first email to her, I sent her some dumb story I made up about meeting her at a hotel, with lots of kissing and caressing, candles and wine – everything I could come up with. A big, steaming load of romantic bullshit.


Color me surprised when she emailed me back. She continued with my story, writing shit about how she wanted to kneel before me and handle my massive member, swallowing me whole until I was ready to cum, sucking my dick until I couldn’t wait any longer, and then she’d pull me down on top of her hot, naked body and…


It went on and on like that. The shit got me so horny I jacked off reading it, came in a flood. After I cleaned up, I emailed her right back with another story, this one spiced up a little more, and not quite so romantic.


Next day at , boop, she emailed me back with a picture, a chest shot of her in the shower, her titties all soapy and wet. First time I saw her face, too, just in profile. She was smiling over her shoulder at me, soap running down her back and over her big, fat, dimpled ass, using her hands to cup her breasts. She was chunky, yeah, but still…cute.


Had to jack off after that, too. I sent her a reply and included another story. I also told her I was jealous of her washcloth.


Then I got busy and couldn’t check my mail for a few days. When I finally did, she’d left me not one, not two, but three replies, all with pictures and stories. Her last email asked me to send her a photo of myself.


So I broke out my crummy camera phone, snapped a shot of my mug, nothing sexy, just my face, and emailed it to her. Literally ten minutes later, she sent me a reply, saying she was at work and really horny, and asked if I’d like to meet her for ‘lunch’. That’s just how she wrote it, too, with the quotations – ‘lunch’.


She gave me a place and a time and said that she’d meet me there.


How could I refuse? I gussied myself up a little – threw on some jeans that weren’t full of holes, a clean black t-shirt, some comfortable leather boots and my old biker jacket. I ran my hand through my hair and grabbed my car keys, the drove like a bat out of hell the mile and a half over to Broadway and Fremont, a trendy area of town that was chock-full of upscale bistros and over-priced restaurants. I drove and hunted until I found a parking spot only a block or two from the restaurant, then I locked my car and hoofed it along with the rest of the lunch crowd.


The restaurant was pretty nice, only a few months old, and I hadn’t been there. It was a little out of my price range – well, okay, a lot – but you know, you only live once. I was a few minutes early, but opened the door and slipped into the waiting area.


I entered to the sound of soft, piped in piano music, hushed conversation and fine silverware tinkling on china plates. The dining room was bright and wide open with lots of big, picture windows, and there was a full bar set up in the back of the restaurant. The piano seemed to loose a beat when I stepped inside. The chatter and clatter hushed, and a lot of perfectly coiffed heads turned my way. Everyone seemed to be wearing expensive, tailored business suits, the only difference between the sexes being that I didn’t see any of the men wearing short power skirts.


I stuck out like a bloody turd swirling in a plugged-up crapper. Inconspicuous is my middle name.


The hostess gave me a sly once-over. I grinned at her while I ignored the stares and the whispers from the other patrons in the waiting area. “Can I help you?” she asked, and flipped through a reservation book laid out on the polished wooden stand in front of her.


She was strikingly attractive, tall and lean with long, straight hair so dark it was almost black. She cocked her head off to one side and leaned arrogantly on the pedestal stand, kept up with her silent appraisal of me. I tried not to notice the way her big tits strained against the buttons of her blouse.


She hadn’t had me thrown out yet. I supposed that was something, so I tried to make nice. “Um,” I said. “I was supposed to meet someone for lunch…?”


She stared at me some more, until I got uncomfortable. “Was there a name?”


Was there? I thought about the email she sent.... “I think…the message I got said something about a private booth…?”


That sly smile crept back over her lips. She cocked her head to one side and reappraised me. After a moment, she said, “Follow me.”


I did. In a corner behind the bar, was a booth sandwiched behind two gleaming walnut partitions. The table was set for one, sparkling silverware and crystal on a pure white cotton tablecloth. The hostess stood off to one side, her grin fixed in place.


She had a dimple at the side of her lips. I hadn’t noticed it before. It was cute. And she looked strangely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it…


“Have a seat, sir,” she said, and indicated the booth.


 I slid into the booth. The seat was soft brown leather – real leather! – that crinkled under my butt as I settled in. “Um, excuse me,” I asked, “but have we met?”


The hostess just smiled and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”


“That sounded like a line, I know, but…I could swear…”


She shook her head again. I liked how her dark hair tumbled around her slim shoulders. “No. Enjoy your meal sir. Your server will bring it right out.”


“My what? Hey…” I began as she turned and started to walk away. I looked down at my plate and realized that I was still alone. “Excuse me? I was waiting for someone else to arrive…”


“I know.” The hostess glanced back over her shoulder. Her eyes twinkled. Her dimple dimpled.


With another flip of her hair, she was gone, leaving me alone with my reflection staring back at me out of my empty plate and my head full of questions. I looked around trying to see where she skipped off to. I could see glimpses of the people dining around me, and found that I could catch snatches of conversation from their tables, but I was tucked nicely away in a blind spot.


Probably so I wouldn’t interrupt the rich folks’ digestion.


While I was twisting in my seat, a slick, bow-tied waiter and a busboy came. The busboy filled my water glass with ice water, and the waiter brought me an appetizer plate. They smiled and backed away without saying a word.


What the fuck? I hadn’t ordered anything yet.


I stared at the plateful of golden fried onion rings and other assorted little tidbits, and waited until my stomach growled loud enough for the people at the other tables to notice. It was ten minutes after I was supposed to meet my date. I figured that she was either running really late, or she fucking stood me up.


Or set me up, I wasn’t sure which yet.


Either way, my stomach growled again. So I tried a bite of the onion rings.


Mm. Tasty. Another growl ripped from my stomach. It didn’t need to bother. I dug in with a vengeance.


For a brief second, I wondered why I hadn’t seen a menu yet. And then my waiter was back, with a busgirl this time. She looked like she was right out of high school; much cuter than the dumpy busboy from before. They whisked away my empty appetizer plate and replaced it with a sizzling sirloin steak with all the trimmings.


“Voila.” My waiter stood back while I eyed the huge chunk of meat. “Enjoy. If I can be of further service, please just call.”


“Okay, but…” I looked up. They were already gone, just a light scent of the busgirls perfume to let me know they were even there, leaving me alone with my meal.


“Well, hell,” I sighed and picked up my fork and a steak knife. I dug in, hoping I’d brought enough money with me to pay for this. I took a bite of the steak. It was so tender; it literally melted in my mouth. “Oh my God…”


A friend of mine once said she thought food was better than sex. I don’t know about that, but I chewed happily, thinking that even if I did get stood up, things weren’t all that bad. I cut another bite of steak, tried it with a chunk of sautéed mushroom, and sampled the baked potato. Another contented sigh escaped my lips.


And then I almost jumped out of my skin.


There was something under the table.


“Holy sh—!”


I jerked backwards, bumping the table with my knees. Dishes rattled. A pair of hands locked around my thighs, pinning me to the seat.


“Shhh.” A whisper, from under the table. “Calm down. It’s me. Just keep eating.”


I looked around. Nobody around me seemed to care what was going on. No one came running to see what all the commotion was about.


“Jesus, you scared me!” I hissed.


I heard a quiet, feminine laugh, and the hands shifted away from my thighs and began gently petting my crotch.




“What are you…” I bent at the waist and tried to raise the tablecloth, but my hands were slapped away.


“Don’t do that. You just enjoy your lunch, baby.”


She was tugging open my belt, unbuttoning my jeans. When my fly was open, I felt a warm hand reach into my underpants and pull me free. I was uncomfortably hard already, and a yummy sound drifted out from underneath the table.


My legs were pushed open wider. They curved around a soft body that squeezed closer to my crotch. Then something warm and soft and moist completely engulfed me. I jerked again as the woman under the table swallowed me. Her lips slowly slid down the shaft of my cock.


“Oh shit!”


I grabbed the sides of the table hard, and smacked the back of my skull against the wall behind me. I held on for dear life as she began slurping my dick, slowly working her mouth up and down my cock. Her hands shifted again. They circled my waist and slipped into the back of my jeans. She tickled the top of my ass with her fingernails, then shoved her hands down into my underpants and cupped my butt-cheeks.


She bobbed her head and squeezed my ass. She was squished, pinned between my thighs, and my cock was long enough that she couldn’t just bob her head up and lift her mouth off my dick. I could hear her gulp for air. Unless she moved – and I didn’t think there was enough room under the table to lift her head that far – she had to keep her mouth clamped around me and breathe through her nose.


God, that turned me on. Just the though of her down there, barely able to move…It was heavenly.


Little slurping noises drifted up, and I closed my eyes. A strange, random thought filtered through my head – how the hell did she expect me to eat while – whooo! – while she went down on me? There was no way. I couldn’t even pry my hands away from the table. I was as stuck in one place as she was.


She worked me nice and slow, pulling me along, bringing me right to the point of release. But every time I’d stiffen up, wanting to let go and cum, she’d back off a little, just enough to keep me going. It was during one of those little mini-orgasms that my waiter decided to see how I was doing.


He poked his head around the partition and noticed my full plate of cooling food.


“Sir? Is something wrong? How is your meal?”


I managed a grin that I hoped didn’t look to weird. “Everything’s – unh! – fine.” Deep breath, squirm in my seat. Another deep breath. “Thanks…hey, uh, wait a minute, ufff! Maybe a doggy bag…”


“Very good sir.” His eyebrow shot up and he gave me an odd look, but he nodded and his head disappeared.


I heard a chuckle from under the table. The woman under the table was resting her head on my thigh. Her hair tickled. One of her hands was cupping my balls, and her other hand was still buried in my underpants. She alternated between licking the tip of my cock with her wet tongue and then going down hard on me, deep-throating my dick until her lips were pressed against my belly.


She kept me like that, running her tongue back and forth along the underside of my shaft, letting the muscles in her neck squeeze me, just moving enough to keep up the friction.


I felt the orgasm start in my toes. It built and built until I couldn’t breathe. I squeezed the table, digging my fingers in hard enough to leave marks. My ass started to twitch and I blew my load right down her throat. I was coming so hard I gasped, right when the waiter dropped off my fucking doggy bag. My hand shot to my forehead, covering my eyes while I tried to keep my body from twitching spastically.


“Um,” He plopped the Styrofoam container on the table and stared at me. “Can I get you anything else…sir? Dessert, perhaps?”


“Um,” twitch. “…no, thanks.” I managed to squeak. “I’m,” twitch. “…good. Just the” twitch. “check. Please.”


The waiter blinked at me a couple times, then: “Very good sir. But your meal has already been paid for.”


I managed to look up. “What…?”


“The lady who ordered your meal already paid for your check.”


I felt the wet tongue lazily circle my cock, slowly cleaning me up. A hand gently patted my thigh.


“Oh.” I said.


“Have a good afternoon, sir.”


He backed away again. Warm hands tucked my cock away, slipped it carefully back into my underpants, and then zipped me up. I heard a light jingle as my belt was hooked back into place, and then my crotch got another light pat.


“Bye, sweetie.” A whisper from under the table. “Lunch was yummy. Write me soon.”


“Oh,” I said again. “Okay.”


I grabbed my leather jacket and slid carefully out of the booth. Heads turned again as I stood up, and I felt myself flush. I slipped the jacket on in a pathetic effort to hide my burning cheeks, even though I don’t think anyone realized what had just happened.


The hostess winked and gave me her little grin before I walked outside. Right there, I knew that she knew. She leaned on her pedestal, showing me a nice round ass and tiny waist; oozing her sultry, come-hither vibe. She flicked her hair over a slim shoulder, wrapped her arms under her breasts, batted her eyes and waved, wiggling her fingers.


I shoved open the door and found myself back on the sidewalk, smack dab in the hustle and bustle of lunch hour traffic. The wind was cold, so I turned up the collar of my jacket and started off towards my car. I’m not sure why, but just as I got to the corner, I glanced back through the picture windows into the restaurant.


Crawling out from under my table was the woman from my emails. She was dressed in a dark navy power suit, just like all the other business people there enjoying their lunch. She ran a finger across her lips, patted her hair and smoothed down her skirt. Then she headed for the door, like nothing had happened. She walked away like it was no big deal that she’d just crawled out from under a table, in a restaurant full of staring rich folk.


She waved to the hostess, who gave her that patented little sly grin back, and she calmly walked out. That’s when I realized why the hostess had seemed so familiar to me. The two women were spitting images of each other – give or take twenty years or so.


Mother and daughter? Must be. Had to be.


Did they plan this together? Nice.


Very sneaky, I thought, and wondered, what else do they do together?


I grinned to myself and watched the lady as she moved off down the sidewalk, heading away from the spot I was standing, her big ass swishing from side to side with each step. I watched until she turned the corner and disappeared. Then I decided it was time to go myself.


When I turned to leave, I caught the hostess staring at me through the window.


She was laughing, quietly, to herself. A private little laugh, just between me and her. She flashed me the smile. Gave me the dimple. Then she ran her tongue lightly along her lips and blew me a kiss. A warm tingle shot up my spine, gave me goosebumps. The tiny hairs on my arms and neck stood up. The kiss looked and felt like an invitation, like a promise of things to come.


This time I waved back.


She smiled again and played with her reservation book. I felt her eyes on me, burning into the back of my head as I left for my car. I could hardly wait to get my next email. I was so excited that I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to take the rest of my food until I pulled up into my driveway.


Ah, who cares? The meal was free, anyway. I could always make a sandwich while the computer boots up.



~ Fin. ~

A Trip to the Cabaret

hillarysmuff on Exhibitionist Stories

I hadn't been to the cabaret before. It had been raided several times and I wondered what all the hubub was about. I decided to go there when it opened at 10:30 in the morning. I heard the door lock open as I walked up to the door. I didn't know who was behind it, so I waited thirty seconds before going in. I walked in the lobby. Not seeing anyone, I walked past the empty receptionist counter and through the door unto the main floor. It was relatively well lit. A single light illuminated the center of the stage. The bar was empty. I took a seat in the center of the floor and continued to look around. I saw a head bobbing around in the DJ booth, so someone was in there. A moment later I heard the DJ say, "Courtney, there's a customer here". I saw a girl's face peek out from behind
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the dressing room door. Our eyes locked as instant recognition took place. She smiled and walked out towards me in her street clothes. She hadn't yet dressed in any of her costumes. Still, I liked her in anything she wore. "Courtney" was actually Stacy. I had known Stacy through her high school years as we played together in the same community band group. She had graduated from high school earlier this summer, and the band hadn't played together since July 4th. I usually don't have a thing for the local girl types as they can be a bit pretend, but I had always liked Stacy, and kept it to myself as I was twice her age. Stacy stood right at five feet with a petite frame, a face that reminded me of Shiri Appleby, and a set of large boobs that definitely didn't look like they belonged on someone her size. "Hi" she said sitting down next to me. "You caught me by surprise, no one usually comes in before noon. So we sit in the back, play cards or watch T.V." We made small talk about the band, her upcoming year in college, and her family. Finally, I had to break the ice as I was trying to figure out why a girl from a well to do family was working in the cabaret. "So, why are you working here?" I asked. "Making some money for college. I work part time for my dad, but I wanted some big bucks so that I don't have to keep asking daddy for money. So, the one day a week his job forces him to go out of town, I come here. What about you?" "It's my birthday, and I wanted to go out and celebrate". She smiled very widely." You wait here, I'll be back in a few". The DJ started to play a Def Leppard album. Stacy was right, the place does stay deserted. I took in the place for several more minutes before she reappeared in the dressing room doorway. What I saw blew me away. She was completely naked, carrying her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other. Her large tits were topped with large puffy nipples. Her tiny ribcage tapered down to her small hips which featured a bald pussy. My pulse quickened, my throat was suddenly dry, and my breathing was a little difficult as she smiled and cocked her head towards a seating area off of the main floor. My eyes followed her tiny ass as she walked towards a large booth in the center of the remote seating area. She pushed the table out from the booth and had me sit. She put her shoes and purse down. Facing me, she straddled me so that her tits were directly in my face. "Not what you expected huh? I bet you thought they were implants. It's ok, I saw you staring at them over the past year". She pushed one of her nipples against my lips. I started to lick and suck on it. She hissed and I put my hands on her tiny ass, squeezing the small half moons. She adjusted, placing the other nipple in my mouth. She reached down placing my left hand on her pussy. I fingered her slit, then finding her wet spot I inserted my finger. She stiffened leeting out a small moan. Her pussy gripped my finger. I started to finger bang her. She reached down, pulling my hand away from her pussy. Then, placing her hands on my shoulders, she slid down, ending up with her face in my crotch. She smiled as she unzipped my zipper. She reached in, fishing out my dick, then kissing it before taking it's length in her mouth. She gave me several strokes before she stood, turned, and backed into my crotch. She reached down, taking my dick in her tiny hand and guiding me into her. I watched my dick disappear into her. She leaned back into me. "You like your birthday present?" She asked. "Oh yeah, can I have more?" I replied. "Until the first customer comes in". I put my hands on her tits and started pumping her. A few minutes later, we adjusted positions so that she was facing me. I wasn't crazy about this position as I felt I wasn't in control. "Wait" I said stopping her before turning her so that she was laying in the booth. "Hurry, I don't want to get caught, we can get in so much trouble". I hurried, quickening my strokes. We were both building towards an orgasm, but I came first. We laid together several minutes while we kissed. Then we heard the DJ welcome several new customers. "Shit", she said crouching and pulling a bikini out of her purse. While she dressed, I took out my wallet. I started to pull out a wad. "Just a hundred, for my time". she said. She put the money in her purse. She paused. "I feel bad having you pay me for your present. I get off at four. Why don't I meet you at your place and we can do around the world?" "Around the world?" I asked. "Cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. You like it?" "Oh yeah, do you have my address?" "It's in the directory" "Right" I said, remembering the band list. "See you at four" she said with a kiss. It was a nice around the world birthday.

My Office Sex Fantasy

euphoria123 on Exhibitionist Stories

So I've always had crazy fantasies about my boss. He was gorgeous, nice straight jawline that I dreamt of tracing and a perfectly built body. It was perfect... not too muscular but still very toned and his suit would slightly shift whenever he flexed when he was stretching or something. I can only imagine what his dick looked like. I was just his secretary but of course I would get all nervous whenever he asked me to bring in something. I don't think he has noticed because he still acts very nicely to me. Once he told me I did a really great job on one of the reports and put his hand on my shoulder and gently squeezed it. Man did I feel hot then. I started having fantasies about him a few weeks after I started working for him. I just wanted him to screw me. Anywhere… here, there I wo
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uld have done anything. I had many fantasies about him in my dreams and I secretly hoped that my fantasies could come true. So much that I even wore lacy black underwear underneath my normal business casual suit outfit.

    So one day like any other my boss paged me from inside his office and asked me to bring in the new Henderson files. I had prepared them earlier because I knew he would be needing them soon. There was something I wanted to discuss with him about this case so I asked my assistant to cover the phone for me and make sure to hold all calls to my boss while I talked to him. That day I was wearing my black suit outfit that accented my body perfectly. Even I was suprised when I wore it in the store. And I had matching black pumps on. His office had plush carpet and I was always felt so different going from the hard tiles of my office to the soft white carpet of his office. I walked in and closed the door. He was sitting in his leather executive chair with his arms on the arm rests of the chair and smiled at me when I walked in. "Hi Melanie. Leave the files on my table." So I walked over and leaned over to place the files on the table. When I looked back at my boss, I realized I was wearing a low cut blouse today and he had caught sight of my breasts. I smirked to find that even this handsome man who could have so many girls couldn’t stop staring at his secretary's breasts. Oh naughty naughty. So I took my sweet time sauntering to the door and I could feel his gaze on my back, my ass and probably my long lean legs ending in the sexy tips of my black pumps. I definitely had a good body. My last boyfriend told me he loved fucking me because I looked like a damn model. I was just wondering how long it would take my boss to figure that out and lucky for me, he did at that moment. I turned around at the door and loved the primal look that I saw in his eyes. I felt wet between my legs and I knew what I wanted to do. So I locked the door and said "Katie is taking care of your phone so I promise you wont be interrupted. Anything else I can do for you boss?" He coughed and said "Melanie why don’t you make yourself comfortable I think there is something we need to discuss." He probably thought that I was completely clueless to his intentions because he had a really suprised face when I sashayed over and sat on his lap. He smirked handsomely and said "I think you can make yourself a little more comfortable than that.” “Yes boss I definitely agree.” So I picked myself up on his lap and glad to see a surprised face (he probably thought I was leaving now or something) but then I walked over and put my right leg underneath the arm rest and the same with my left, locking my body into his chair. Boy was he surprised. But before he could say anything, I planted my hot mouth on his lips and we started making out long and hard. I was getting hot just from kissing him. I made little moaning noises because his tongue was just so delicious and it made me think of what it would feel like to his dick in my small little sweet pussy. We kissed for a really long time, just getting hot off of making out and inhaling through our noses and boy was he a great hardcore kisser. I knew my mouth was going to be bruised but I hardly cared. He moved his hands to the bottom of my hair and pushed it up and couldn’t help but think wow how did he know. It made me feel so sexy and drunk with him just massaging my head and kissing me hard. I got a little tired from all the kissing so I sat down on him and he moaned because I guess I didn’t realize how hot my little pussy was until I realized I made his pants wet too. He got a lot out of my warm juices so close to his throbbing dick. I felt it trying to rise and dig deep into my pussy but his pants were holding it in. He reached down to unzip his pants but I pushed him away. He put his hands on my back and ran them down my back, making me shiver even though I had all of my clothes on. He then caught sight of my rising skirt (since it was short and rose when I sat down with my legs stretched apart) and when his hands touched my bare thigh I felt a sizzle and shuddered against him. He moaned and said “God Melanie you’re driving me crazy.” “Well that’s the idea I replied with a smirk on my face.” He slowly ran the tips of his fingers so gently against my bare thigh I just screamed and moaned. He then reached the ends of my short black skirt and his strong hands run underneath to rest on my ass cheeks before squeezing. “Mm lacy underwear” he whispered into my ear. He started kissing down my ear and onto the side of my neck while massaging my ass cheeks in a circular motion. He was really starting to turn me on because I subconsciously started grinding against his pants. He rose his hands up to my hips and held them and said “Slowly Melanie don’t worry we’ll have a lot of that later.” I moaned and said “Of course boss.” So he kissed down my neck and then to the front of my neck before descending lower down my body. He slid the chair towards his table and laid my back onto the table so he could go lower down my body without making it too awkward. I unbuttoned his suit jacket and moved it off his shoulders getting a feel of his great arm muscles and moaned before slipping his jacket off and tossing it into the distance. He kept kissing me lower and lower before he reached my shirt and unbuttoned my jacket. I thought was going to take it off but instead he slipped his hands underneath and squeezed my breasts with my shirt still on. I moaned because the muscles in my breasts were so tight and hard from all the kissing. He slipped my jacket off too and started licking and gnawing at my breasts with the shirt still on. I moaned and arched my back against the granite table digging my head into the hard cold table. I was interrupted by his comment of “I can see your black bra hon.” I looked down and realized he had made the part of my shirt above my breasts transparent. I giggled at him and said “You did an excellent job boss.” He took my white shirt off quickly and he paused for a second. I saw his eyes bulge. “What’s wrong?” “I love front closure bras. And black lacy ones. You must have been reading my mind. I’ll just have to reward you with your excellent work.” And with that he dived between my breasts and unclasped my bra. My breasts sprang out of the bra and bounced a bit. “Holy shit” he said. My breasts aren’t that big a 34 B but they were supple so I guess that was good enough for him because he dove in and feasted on them. I arched my back and moaned, feeling like I was on some sort of slanted altar. Jesus was he good with that damn tongue. He licked around and bit them and when I thought I couldn’t get any closer to heaven he bit my hard nipples and I screamed. I tried raising my body and getting my hard breasts as close to his mouth as possible. I felt so good I just knew I had to pay my boss back so while he kept kissing my breasts I started unbuttoning his shirt. After the second button I got really frustrated and yanked his shirt apart, buttons flying off. The flying buttons suddenly woke me up and I said “God I’m sorry I hope it wasn’t expensive. I’ll pay you back or anything..” He shut me up and said “This is going to be worth much more than that shirt.” I smiled and kissed him hard while raking my nails down his body. I loved feeling the rises and falls on his built chest. I started kissing his neck and he slipped my bra off before taking them and squeezing them. His cock was really hard now and I felt quite bad so I got off and unzipped his pants. He was about to get up but I urged him back down so he just picked up his legs while I unzipped his pants and slid them down his leg. I just slid it down enough so I could get to his penis because I knew it was hot and I couldn’t wait to get some of it. I took his boxers off too and his cock sprang forward. It was already lubricated with pre-come and when the thing popped out suddenly the room smelled of sex and boy did it turn me on. I looked at him in the eyes before enveloping his large cock in my mouth and I heard him moan. I started licking and pumping… twisting my head with my breasts touching the skin of his knees. While I was sucking his dick I saw him squeezing the arm rest of his seat tightly, moaning with his body quaking. At some point, he put his hand on my head and urged my head down so I sucked really hard and enjoyed feeling the head of his dick reach almost into the back of my throat. “God Melanie you’re so fucking good. God Melanie. Ughhh eat my dick. Yea baby take all of it. Yeah like that ughhh.” His dick was so hard and pink now I thought it would be a shame. So I walked away and when he got up I said come on boss wait. And I slowly pulled my panties down. I loved him watching me and I knew me just wearing heels was really sexy. I sure felt sexy. Sort of like a naked Victoria Secret’s Model. And I slowly sauntered back to him and put my legs back under the arm rests and he knew where this was going. I took my left hand to separate my cunt lips and placed my right hand on the arm rest to steady myself and lowered myself slowly feeling the two heated organs getting closer before his head touched the beginning layer of my pussy and I let go of my pussy lips, placing my left hand on the other arm rest. I looked down and slowly pushed his dick into me, very slowly liking the feel of his smooth dick part away the layers. He was good to me, not rushing and letting me slowly take him in but he probably enjoyed it too because my layers wrapped his dick tighter and tighter the deeper he went in. When I had not even taken in all of him I felt suddenly a shock and I shuddered. He moved my hair away from my face to look at me and said “G-spot?” “Yeah I think so.” But I wanted to take all of him in so I lowered past it and sat on his balls. I giggled and he said what? I said I’m sitting on your balls pretty face. =) He laughed and said I love watching your breasts jiggle. I laughed and was distracted by my vagina which ached to be fucked because it was squeezing his dick hard. So I straddled him and we frenched while I bounced around, with him grabbing my ass cheeks and massaging them while I held onto the arm rests for dear life. I broke away from the kiss and hugged him tightly against me loving the feeling of my breasts rubbing hard against his chest, feeling the muscles underneath my breasts aching against his smooth chest. We were sweating a lot and the smell of the sweat and our juices drove me wild. I moaned into his chair while we met each other’s thrusts. He held my hips and I let him control me. He started drilling for my G-spot and when he found it (judging on the volume of my screams) he kept pumping the same area. I held him tightly for dear life while his dick drilled up into me like no tomorrow. I was getting so close and I said “Oh Mike baby I’m so close.” So we changed to short, hard strokes and I screamed until suddenly all my cunt juiced spilled all over his leather chair and he exploded into me, flooding out onto the chair as well. He kissed my shoulder while we kept panting, still holding each other. When our breathing steadied, I whispered into his ear “Boss that was so hot. You’re awfully good.”  He pulled me away from him looking at my face and chuckled “Yeah?” He leaned in to kiss me gently, sweetly and I just thought God I love this man and I started raking his arms with my nails and kissed him hard, pushing him into the chair. He broke the kiss and picked me up by the hips. “Naughty naughty secretary.” I moaned just hearing him say that. He put me standing on the floor and hugged me around the waist while he pushed papers away and onto the floor. He picked me up and placed me on the cold granite table. He leaned over me and I spread my legs ready but he leaned over and kissed my lips. “I always thought you were very sexy.” He moved lower and kissed between my breasts. “And that you wore perfect clothes for your perfect body.” He moved down and kissed my stomach. “And I always dreamt about having sex with you.” He moved down and lingered before kissing my pussy. “But never did I think I could have the pleasure.” And he kissed my pussy. “Of having sex with you on my office table.” And he started eating my pussy licking it with his amazingly talented tongue, holding my wrists down with his hands while the rest of my body writhed on the cold table. I screamed “Mike oh Mike!” He stopped and said “Do you want my dick again Melanie?” I begged “Oh yes oh yes please” He got off the table and moved my ass close to the edge. I always wanted to have table sex. Hot table sex with my really hot naked boss. He picked up my legs and drilled his long erect penis into me. I grabbed the edges of the table and pumped for dear life meeting his thrusts hard and long, making sure that we covered the whole length of my vagina and his penis. Sliding on and off the table. “Fuck Mike!” “That’s right Melanie. Tell me what you want.” “Fuck me harder faster! Godamnit it fuckin fuck my brains out.” He held my hips grabbing tightly onto the bone and I kept my legs rested against his body. He slammed me hard against him, as close as we could possibly go and god was it damn good. I was having the best sex of my life with my hot boss pumping into me at the end of the table. He looked so good concentrating on pulling me back hard towards him so we could feel each other. I was coming so close, my pussy ready to spill again. “God Melanie you’re hot tight pussy feels so good. God it’s so tight and warm.” His sex talk was driving me wild and I was so close and he must have known and leaned down to lick my cunt lips. I exploded and he kept pumping. I wanted to feel his cum in me too so I squeezed my vagina hard against his dick never letting it get loose and he exploded in me too. He laid down on top of me from the exhaustion and I kissed him. He got onto the table and lied next to me. We rested for a while but I got really restless and started drawing circles on his abs. He looked at me and said “What is it Mel?” I giggled and said “We made such a big mess.” He smiled and pulled me down for a kiss and before I knew it I was wet again and stroking his penis while I lied next to him. He put his hands on my hips ready to move me on top of him but I broke the kiss and said “No” follow me. I knew exactly where I wanted to go so I took my hot boss and his hard penis by the hand and walked into his closet. Luckily it wasn’t too packed so I walked in and pulled him in after me. I closed the door and it was pitch black. “Mmm you kinky little sex kitten” “that I am.” So we started making out and he leaned into me, pushing me against the wall. He kissed me on the neck again and I was so happy he didn’t just go to straight fucking but man did I need it. It was so great with all the kissing and fingering my pussy and stroking his dick in this dark closet because I felt like all my senses were heightened. A cold gust blew in and I shivered, accidentally pushing my wet cunt onto his penis. I think that was just a little too much for both of us. He picked me up by the ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist welcoming his penis. He backed me up into the wall and screwed me. I snaked my long legs around his muscular legs feeling the muscles move as he pumped in and out in and out. I wanted it hard and rough so I banged my body against him. He must have gotten the message because he drilled hard, calling my name and making me feel as if he would fuck me through the wall. He kissed me and I orgasmed all over his body and he came too. We slid onto the floor and I felt the carpet. He was still panting when I started sucking his dick. He laughed and said “I cant believe you still have more energy you damn sex kitten.” I didn’t say anything and just kept pumping. I fingered my cunt and sat on his stomach, slowly sliding down until I felt his erect dick hit my lower back. “Hehe bullseye.” And I rode him. He swept the air trying to find my breasts and I caught his hands and guided them. He squeezed them and they ached from all the kissing and squeezing and bouncing. I came so close this time (It must have been the darkness) before he flipped me around and said “I don’t think” He drilled me and I just came with two hard long thrusts. He kissed me and said “I think people are going to notice.” So we slipped out but just for fun, we dressed each other. We looked at each other and he slammed me back into the wall, kissing me hard and pulling my blouse out of my skirt, ready to start all over again. But I broke away and said “Later boss” before blowing a kiss and leaving the room.

Average Blonde Part 2

bugmenotagain on Exhibitionist Stories

It was my 18th birthday this sunday so i had planned the whole day i would have a pool party because we had just got a pool put in the month before and invite all my close friends over. The day went all to plan, i got heaps of pesents and a lot of hugs which i loved.

That night while i was cleaning up i found a envolope addressed to me with money in it, but there was not return address. When i got in my room i looked over the envolope to try and find any clues as to who had sent it, but i couldn't find any.

The next day i was thinking of what to spend the money on i could always buy a 6 pack. When i was driving home from school i past this sign that advertised a adults only store that opened up last week so i desided to go in and look at what they sell.

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There was things like DVDs, uniforms with parts missing some had just the tops or some had hole where the nipples could show through, there was whips and collars, and then i got to the toy part. There where dildos and strapons, double dildos and long fat ones, then i came to the anal plugs. Most of the were long and fat but there was one that was short and skinny. I thought to myself what the hell, so i brought it with the money given to me in the envolope.

When i got home my parents where out so i went up stairs but then thought what the hell and went out side to the lounge chairs and lay down i looked over the package the plug came in and read the safety rules, like don't keep in direct sunlight and all that. I then looked at the plug and felt a tingle in the pussy, i quickly ran up stairs and came back with the egg i got for my 17th birthday, I had an idea.

I stripped off down to my socks, which i always thought looked sexy in and felt down the lips of my pussy, the idea i had suddenly got me to orgasm straight away and i cummed all over the chair. I started to lick the plug getting it lubricated to insert in my ass hole. It felt funny at first as i lay there on the chair so walked and lay on the grass on my towel i got from my room while i got the egg. Lying on my stomach still naked i felt hot even with the plug up my ass. i started to pull in and out i rubbed my pussy. Orgasming after two minutes felt amazing. As we lived in a suburben area we had a large backyard with high fences and  a large hedge surounding the fence for maximum privacy. As i cleaned off with my towel i started to walk around the yard still naked mind you, it felt wonderful with the air on my body and on my wet pussy.

The plug still being in my ass felt amazingly hot as i walked, it moved side to side as my legs moved my ass cheeks. It was a hot day so i desided to go for a swim i pulled the plug out with a "pop" and put it with the egg. Then i ran and jumped into the pool with only my socks on. The water against my body felt smoothing and relaxing. I desided to clean myself out so i opened up my pussy and let the water fill me up, i quickly closed up to hold as much water as i could in my pussy and got out of the pool.

I collected my clothes and toys and walked back into the house to take a shower feeling the water try to come out i held my legs together to hold it in. I let it out in the shower and cleaned of the rest of my cum, then i masturbated abit to the sounds of the water.

When my parents came home i was up in my room lying on my bed, the idea i had would have to what till the weeked cause i fould out i had to look after my cousin till her parents came back from there star wars convention interstate.

The week went slow i didn't masturbate incase my cousin found me, so i had to wait till she left. On saturday we went shopping and then i spilt and went of on my own as i was waking back home i saw a couple making out and i started to feeling horny just looking at them. When i got home i ran straight up to my room and found my toys knowing that i had at lest a couple of hours till my parents came home i got undressed but left my runners and socks on, i went and got the toys and i found my sunnies and hat and walked downstairs and got a towel. The idea i got was to go to the park where it was not muched used and masturbate with the two toys at once. Our house had a gate at the back fence so i walked down the back and out the gate with only my shoes, socks, hat, and my towel over my shoulder. I wasn't afraid of being caught naked outside and in the park cause most of the neighbours were on vacation.

When i got to the park there was no one there the couple i couldn't see anywhere so i walked over to trees to a pivate area i found one day and lay my towel down. I lay there finger fucking myself for a while and then i heared a nose from the bushed near me. As i looked though the branches of the bushes i gould see the couple. The guy was lying down on his back and the women was over him sucking his cock. I was shocked at what i saw but i then relised that i was naked as well so i didn't much care as i was about to go back to masturbating i saw the guys cock. It looked at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick.

Suddenly i felt my own orgasm come on i started to rub my pussy and then i felt it coming i had to hold onto the trunk of the tree to keep myself up right. When it past i felt angry i wanted to orgasm with my toys in me so i desided to go home and try again tommorow.

The next day mum and dad went to visit her sister and i stayed home cause i had something else to do. When they left i got ready i took my clothes off and got my toys i inserted the plug up my ass and put the egg in my pussy and turned it on random but put up the strength of the vibratios then i put my sunnies and hat on and left my shoes and socks on and then put sunscreen all over my body. I got into my jeep and drive for about 20 minutes to a private parkland. There was nobody there so i got out and got my towel i started to walk along to the most surcluded area i could find.

I layed down and started to rub my ass agains the ground so my ass got a workout from the plug, that alone gave me a very intence orgasm you wouldn't believe unless you try it.

I got up on my knees and took out the egg i push it against my pussy until it went it the feeling still shocked me but it felt great to have it iside me. I took the remote and turned it to low and just sat there for a while then the felling of my next orgasm started to come, so i turned it to high and lay down on my towel and started to rub my nipples when i suddenly let out a load moan. At first i thought someone had heared my but it was just a bird.

When i finished i went for a walk around to see the surounding area. There was a small playground with a swing and a small slide with a sandpit at the foot of it. My plug felt amazing as it moved to the motion of my legs as i walked that i got another two orgasms out of it.

I hoped back into my car and drove back to my house just as i got out of the shower i heared my parents drive in the driveway. I had many time that i could strip of and masturbate and many outdoors in public. But the most exciting ones were in class at school. The though of pleasuring myself in public or even just outdoors is the most erotic feeling anyone can have.

My date and new friend

hardrockbombay on Exhibitionist Stories

Me and my date(who
I call daddy hehe) went out to the mall. I was wearing this cute
little skirt and top that showed off my big tits. Whenever we were not
directly standing next to someone he would slide his fingers down my
skirt and make me wet. Daddy whispered to me that he wanted me to go
into the dressing room and wait for him. Which I did with no
question. I waited in anticipation as I saw him walking down the
corridor and open the door to wear I was. He looked at me and bit his
lower lip which I knew meant that he was turned on with how I looked.Â
He ripped out his rock hard cock and pushed me down on my knees and
fucked my throat so hard that I couldnt stop the tears from coming
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. He blew a huge load down my throat and I sucked every last drop
out of his cock that I could get because I loved the way he tasted.Â
After we left the dressing room we made our way to the movie theaters.Â
As we were sitting in the theater he started to rub my thigh and
gradually went higher up my leg. Eventually he started pulling at my
panties and gave me a look that I knew he wanted me to lift my ass so
he could take my panties off. Which I gladly do again because I know if
I dont listen to him he will punish my ass as soon as he can. He takes
my panties off and puts them in his pants pocket and tells me to come
over and sit on his lap. I get wide-eyed about this considering there
are people sitting in front of us and to the left. He tells me again
to come over and sit on his lap or I will be punished. I whimper and
he grabs my hair and pulls me over. I notice that he is already hard
and waiting for my body to be lowered onto his rock hard dick. Daddy
puts his cock inside my warm, wet, tight pussy so he can get himself
wet. He takes my panties out of his pocket and rolls them up and
stuffs them into my mouth because I make a lot of noise when I am
excited. He then oddly takes his cock out of my pussy only shortly
after I started bouncing up and down on his cock. I turn to him with a
puzzled look and he gives me a sly looking grin. He proceeds to ram
his large cock into my ass and my entire body shakes from the pain and
I start to cry. But daddy whispers to me that he won't stop fucking my
ass until he is good and done. As daddy is fucking me he notices that
there is a beautiful red head sitting in our row watching him fuck me.Â
We both can tell that she is turned on by this because her huge nipples
are pointing out of her shirt and she is rubbing her crotch. Daddy
motions to her to come over and sit next to us which she does. Daddy
unbuttons her pant and starts to rub her wet pussy. He takes his
fingers out for a moment and take my panties out of my mouth so I can
taste her sweet juices. I moan in pleasure because she tastes so good
and it turns me on. Daddy then stuffs the panties back into my mouth
and takes her hand down to my pussy and shows her how to finger fuck me
the way I like it. My body shivers from all the stimulation, having
daddys hard dick ramming my ass and the beautiful red heads fingers
deep inside my pussy. Daddy whispers that he is about to cum and wants
to know who wants the load.  The red head tells him that she wants it
and he lifts me off of his cock motions for her to get down on her
knees in front of him. She takes off her shirt and bra once she is
hidden on the floor and waits for Daddys cum to cover her big beautiful
tits. And Daddy came so hard that he covered her tits with his cum.Â
Daddy tells us that he wants that cum to be licked off and that there
should not be a drop left of her body. I kneel down to the floor and
start to lick the cum of her breasts and I spend a little extra
attention bitting her nipples so hard that she starts to moan and daddy
has to take the panties out of my mouth and put them into hers. I take
a mouthful of her cum and spit it in her mouth so she can know how
sweet daddys cum is after taking the panties out of her mouth for only
a moment after I stuff them back into her mouth. Daddy tells me that I
should be polite and make our new friend cum and I asked him how. He
tells me that I should suck her clit and tongue fuck her pussy until my
face is covered with her cum. I push her down of the floor and I
follow her down and start to do as Daddy told me to do.  And I get her
to cum so hard within moments. I come up to look at Daddy with her
juices all over my mouth and Daddy licks it off my face as our friend
gets dressed and comes up off the floor. She sits in the seat next to
Daddy and I and kisses us both before leaving the theater. Daddy and I
soon leave after her and spend the evening fucking in the privacy of my
own house.Â

the sexy schoolgirl

sexkitten1029 on Exhibitionist Stories

This is my first story so I hope you like it


As Hannah walked into the party she knew it was a bad idea as all the guys in the room began to stare in amazement. She had gotten a call from her boyfriend Dj telling her to dress in an extra sexy costume for his halloween costume party. She normally would never do anything like this but she felt bad for not doing anything for his birthday the week before. She entered the party in a sexy school girl outfit the uniform shirt tied in front under her chest with the shirt opened exposing her silky black bra that perfectly held her 38D cup breast. She wore a short skirt that any bending showed off her sexy silk black panties over h

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er plump round ass.

 She walked through the party and every guy she walked past seem to start or whistle or try to make a pass at her. Dj stood in the kitchen staring out into the party until he saw Hannah wading through the group of people. He then walked out to meet her. Embarrassed Hannah walked outside onto the small room sized balcony of the 18th floor apartment. Dj followed her out closing the door and locking it behind him and shuting the curtains on the door so noone could see out the door.

"I feel like suck an idiot I knew I shouldn't have worn this I feel ridiculous." Hannah said.

 " Oh but baby you look so sexy" Dj said

"I wanted to look sexy for you not for everybody to be staring at me." Hannah said

"You do look sexy and just for me too." Dj said walking up to Hannah wrapping his arms around her and kissing her on different places on her neck.

"Mmm that feels good baby but stop not now you have a party full of people."

"They won't miss me I won't be gone too long and somebody wants to see you."  he said grinding his 8in dick in against her ass cheeks.

"Ugh I want to see him too, ok lets go to your room." she said in between soft moans

"No babe I can't wait" Dj said massaging her breasts over her shirt with his left hand and rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. Her moans began to come faster and louder.

Hannah reached her arm behind her and began to rub his hard dick through his pants. He rubbing faster and harder, her pussy getting wetter and wetter soaking her panties. He slid her hand into her panties and began to slide his index and middle fingers in and out of her tight soaking wet pussy while playing with her clit with his ring and pinky fingers. His other hand slid her bra up and began to play with exposed breasts pinching her rock hard nipples.  She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick wrapping her hand around it and stroking it up and down. The feeling got so overwhelming that his fingers began to slow as he stopped to enjoy it

"no don't stop baby mmm please dont stop" she said biting her bottom lip tryin to contain her moans .

He snapped back to reality and returned his fingers giving his attention back to her pussy. She let out one last loud moan before she rode one of the best orgasms she's ever had as it shook through her. Dj slid his fingers in her mouth and she sucked her juices off of it. Then he slid her panties down and leaned her forward and held her waist before he eased his dick into her dripping wet pussy.  She couldn't help but moan as he began to slowly slide his dick in and out slowly picking up speed. Making her moan louder and louder until she  came all over his dick.

"Mm stick in my ass D." 

 He got on his knees behind her and slid his finger in her pussy getting them wet before sliding them in her ass. He licked her pussy while sliding his fingers in and out of her ass then he ran his tongue up and replaced his fingers wit his tongue getting her ass really wet. He then ran his tongue up her back  sucking on her neck again before  he placed his dick at the entrance of her ass then eased it in real slow causing her to bite her bottom lip harder as half of his dick slid into her ass stopping to let her get use to it, then he continues to move it in farther until the whole length of his cock is inside of her. He slides his dick slowly in and out of her ass before moving it faster and faster making her throw her head back and moan loud. He felt like he was on the edge of exploding.

"I'm about to cum baby."

"Cum in my ass D."

He pushed his dick as deep in her ass as it would go before pumping her ass full of his hot cum. Then pulled out and Hannah turned around and got on her knees and began to suck out any trace of sperm left. She kept sucking until his cock return back to full length and hard as a brick. He then laid her down on a chair on the balcony and began to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy and sucked on her clit making her scream. He kissed his way up to her breasts and began to suck on then as he ground the length of his cock against her pussy lips then he began to pound his dick in and out of her pussy. She moaned so loud she nearly lost her voice and she was coming up onto her 4th orgasm

"I'm gonna cum" they both said in unison 

"Im cumming"  Hannah said as her pussy squeezed the cum out of Dj's dick making him shoot his hot cum into her waiting pussy. They lay there kissing, Dj's cock going soft in Hannah's pussy. He brushed her soft brrown hair out of her face and looking into her eyes.

"See that wasn't so bad was it."

"Mm no babe it was amazing."

"good cuz i wanna go again."

"not until the next party sweetie."


Hey guys feel free to comment and tell me what ya think I'd love to hear what you think about it


breakfast & a suprise

donutthrower on Exhibitionist Stories

saturday night comes fast when you wake at 8:00. as i woke i already had plans same as every saturday, go to the club, (owned by my cousin) have a good time, catch a buzz, and maby get lucky.

  tonight was just like any other.  i arrived and went to my normal seat in the back next to the dj's booth.  i was greeted by my friends like always.  mutt mud and i go back for years, mutt the dj, and mud the bouncer, were always there early even the crowd dont show up for a few hours.  like always we bullshit. tell jokes, go to the lot and get high, and enjoy the calm befor the storm (so they call it).

around 10:00 the crowd starts coming in. my friends go to work (wh

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ile also helping my scope out the chics), while i go up front and have a few drinks.

  around 1:00 mud points out this chic on the dance floor, she is bout 5'6",140,nice perky rack, and her shape is almost out of a zz topp song (36" 22" 36"). after watching her shake her lucious booty alone for the rest of the song, she comes to the bar, luckily right next to me. i say hi, to break the ice, and bought her a drink.

we sat and talked for a few hours. i learned that she was just looking for friends. so (for the first time) i did not try to work her. she had lemonade only while i proceded to get fairly ripped on budweiser and tequilla without chaser. when the club closed, i offered to buy her breakfast if she would drive me to my car aftwards. she accepted, and we went to this greasy spoon down the road. not many places to eat in the middle of nowhere at 3:00 am. we ate like it was our last time, and talked for a while. the entire time i never came onto her at all. we were getting a little tired so she drove me back to my van in the club parking lot.

  when we arrived i was still really sloshed. planning on sleeping in my van alone i turned to her to say goodnight, when i noticed somehow she was no longer wearing her pants. i must have dosed off to have missed that (they were exxxtreamly tight). she was stroking her toatally bald pussy and starting to breath heavy. myself in a moment of suprise almost blanked untill she grabbed my hand and slid it down to her crotch. i started to speak, when she said "i like it very forcefull. dont talk, just fuck like you are rapeing me"

  i had heard about freaky chics like this before. and instantly, with one hand full of hair and her throat in the other drug her out of the passenger door to behind the bushes. she fought like her life depended on it. she was kicking and screaming as i pinned her down on the ground face first. i ripped her shirt off and used it to gag her, then her bra to tie her hands behind her back. i then rolled her over as she kicked me right in the jaw. looking at her in shock i heard her muffled voice mutter "rough you pussy". it was on!

now i knew wat the game was

  i wasted no time taking back control by force, dodging her next kick and using it to my advantage.  i grabbed her leg as i stood violently stepping on her other as i removed my belt.  she put up a hard fight as i fumbled to get it around her ankle. again she mumble  " you pussy" moving her legg to the side i bitch slapped the hell out of her. she then laughed and muttered dont hold back you bitch, and kicked harder.  before i could stop i slugged her right in the eye. knocked her out cold for about 45 seconds, justlong enough to have her hogtied.

   the first sound she made when she came to was "yes baby dont hold back choke me" ignoring her i drug her to the side of my van across the gravel lot, every few steps slapping her ass and head. i opened the door and threw her in so hard, she hit her head on the other side and lost conciousness again.  seizing the opportunity, she woke as i forced all 10" inside her cunt fast and hard. she squeeled and bucked as i grabbed a piece of rope and worked it around her neck. she broke her leggs loose but to no help as by that time i was fucking and chocking her with all i had.

   she came to and came all at the same time. her pussy clinched so hard i thought it bit my dick off. when it relaxed i felt her juices run out around my fast thrusting cock quickly traveling across the floor to my feet.

  after repeating this chain of events for almost an hour, i let my jizz fly. i felt my cock pulse at least 30 times as she muttered "not in there pull it out it burns" her voice said one thing, but her pussy said "give it all and more"

  between exausted and still drunk i passed out right on top of her.

the next morning when i woke she was lying next to me, still tied and gaged. i untied her, and offered to take her to breakfast again. she accepted.

  as we entered the same diner as earlier i had a busted lip dried blood on my face and her with a huge (rocky balboa) shiner dried blood on her nose and lip busted and limping bowlegged, we had a couple of cups of coffee.  she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye "that was what i have been looking for. i really needed that"

  as i got her back to her car, she gave me a folded up piece of paper and told me to wait till she was gone to read it. with a kiss and a big smile she drove off.

  as soon as she was out of sight, i unfolded the page. inside was a key.  the note said simply "use your imagination. suprise me!" followed by an address.

             my first story.

                        all true no shit

The Thrill of Getting Caught

punkguy on Exhibitionist Stories

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Sara had some seriously big tits. Most men didn’t care how perky they were because of their size, but when she was getting close to age thirty, they had started sagging a little and it bothered her.

Sara’s tits were her favorite bodily feature. She was shy and awkward throughout school. She didn’t start feeling better about herself until college when guys started making a big fuse about the size of her breasts.

The Marriott on Ontario had everything you could imagine—a supermarket, a trade school, a military recruiting center, and a gym. She worked in the administration office at the t

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rade school. When she noticed her tits were sagging she immediately signed up for a membership at the gym on the top floor.

It had been a few months. Her tits were high and mighty once again and her confidence had returned because of all the men (especially male students) who tried to hit on her every day.

None of them sparked her interest except for one. He was one of the men who worked out with her at the gym.

He was tall and bald and very muscular. His eyes were sexy and he reeked of sex appeal. His name was Chris. She’d met him shortly after she’d started lifting weights.

She wasn’t sure which exercises were good for developing the pectoral muscle. She asked Chris because his pecs were huge.

He took one look at her tits and started cracking jokes about how hard it would be for her to get through the door if her chest got any bigger. She explained why she needed to work that part of her body and that’s when the compliments and flirting started.

They’d been doing it ever since, but Sara was really disappointed that flirting was all they seemed to do. Chris never made a move on her, never asked for a phone number, never asked her out on a date. She made it obvious that she would accept but still no luck.

Lately they had spent a lot of time talking about sex, wild places that they’d had sex, in particular. Chris had the most interesting stories. He’d had sex on beaches, public rest rooms, parking lots, in his backyard, and he once tried to fuck an 18 year old girl on a school bus, but she was too chicken to go through with it.

The wildest thing Sara had done was give her ex-boyfriend a blowjob in a parking lot after they’d gone to a pro basketball game. Listening to Chris’s stories and seeing the joy in his eyes as he told them made Sara more curious to try something daring.

On her lunch break she took the elevator to the top floor. The gym was empty, and since this gym was in a 5-star hotel, there was no need for an attendant. She slipped into the men’s locker room put her workout clothes in a locker.

It was Tuesday, the slowest day of the week at the gym. Normally there would be Sara, Chris, and maybe two other people at this time, but it was still totally empty when she got off work, which was good for her.

Her stomach was flipping in knots as she walked into the men’s locker room for the second time that day. She was nervous, but extremely excited and horny as hell.

The room smelled of sweat. Normally she would have found this scent to be repulsive, but tonight it was turning her on.

She opened the locker door and reached for her workout clothes. Instead of getting those, she took out the bathing suit that she was going to use for swimming after she’d finished working out. It was better suited for her mission tonight.

She removed her boots and lifted her shirt over her head, and out spilled her enormous DDD tits. She took her pants off next, which left her sitting completely naked in the men’s locker room.

Her heart was pounding really hard now. Her hands were shaking badly. For a brief moment she started having doubts about whether or not to see this thing through.

Before she could make up her mind, she heard shoes scraping the floor and then a shadow stopped next to her. Sara looked up and saw a pair of the widest eyes that she had ever seen in her life.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked.

Chris said, “Well, this is the men’s locker room. What are you doing in here?”

He wasn’t making much of an effort not to gawk at Sara’s tits, which was a good sign, but it made her feel a little awkward so she covered them as best she could with her arms.

“Oh,” she said, “I don’t really know my way around here yet.”

“Do you even know your way to the weight room?” asked Chris. “Are you gonna go work out?”

“Uh, yeah, as soon as I get my clothes on.” She uncovered her breasts and picked up her clothes.

For the first time, Chris looked away, but it was only briefly. “Okay, well you put your clothes on and I’ll wait right here to make sure nobody else comes in.”

He put the dumbbell down and stood with his back to her at the door. Sara was a bombshell. He already knew she had a nice build, but now that he’d seen her naked he knew he had to have her.

And now that he thought about it, she didn’t seem too concerned with having her body on display in front of him. Sometimes it even seemed like she was moving her clothes out of the way so he could get a better view.

Looking back on it even more, she didn’t seem very embarrassed like a woman who had been put in that situation would. She smiled at him a lot—with her mouth and her eyes—during their whole conversation.

Maybe she’d planned it, thought Chris.

After all, she had been flirting with him for the past few months. And the only reason he didn’t make a move on her was because he figured a woman who looked that good would be too high-maintenance to go for someone who drove a school bus for a living.

But what if she was trying to seduce him? What if she was serious about him? What if she really liked him and wanted to make their friendship into something sexual? What if—hmmm?

He looked over his shoulder to get another peek at her. There was a brief moment of eye contact before Sara turned her head trying to pretend she didn’t know he was watching. It seemed like she was trying to hold back a smile.

Chris flirted with her and she flirted back, but he was lost in deep thought as they walked into the weight room. Luckily it was still completely void of human life other than them.

Chris sat at the exercise bike and started pedaling. Sara walked past him, sat at the bench press machine, and started lifting.

Chris was really confused. There were so many things about the last few minutes that were so out of the ordinary. And now that he thought of it, there was something about Sara at the very moment that was out of the ordinary too, but he couldn’t figure it out.

“What are you ganna be working today?”

“I’m gonna work my pecs,” she answered and smiled.

“From what I saw when I walked into the locker room, I’d say you’re alright there.”

Her smile grew wider and she stuck out her chest as she lifted the weights into the air. She replied to his compliment but Chris couldn’t hear it too well. Sara was very sexy and there was something about the way she was pumping iron in her skimpy swim suit that was getting him really excited.

That’s when it hit him. It was the swim suit. Sara never lifted weights in her swim suit. She usually wore jogging pants and a T-shirt.

He watched a few seconds longer, his cock slowly beginning to slide down his leg as he watched her enormous tits heaving in and out. He still had his doubts, but now he was almost sure that Sara was trying to seduce him.

“How have your workouts been coming along?” he asked.

“I don’t know. My workouts have been kind of stale lately. Do you think you could give me a few pointers?”

He got off the bike and approached her. He gave her a tip on how to improve her form to maximize the results of each lift. He talked about the way she clenched her jaws when she lifted and how it shifted energy to wrong place.

She stopped lifting as he spoke. She was sitting with her hands over her chest as if surprised that something so simple could affect her workout.

Chris was feeling tingly. Sara looked so pretty in that pose, but it wasn’t just that. It was everything.

It was the tight swim suit that barely covered anything. It was the months that they’d spent flirting with each other. It was the thought of fucking her like a whore in the middle of the weight room. It was the possibility that fucking her in the weight room was probably what she wanted. Above all else, it was the fact that he’d seen her naked and he couldn’t—for the life of him—get that vision out of his head. His cock was throbbing so hard it hurt.

Chris started breathing so hard that he was almost hyperventilating. He was more nervous now than he had ever been in his life. He’d never done anything this bold, but all the signs were there so he had to try and just live with the consequences if his assumption was wrong.

“There’s a limit,” he said, pretending to be referring to the limits of exercise.

“What’s that?” asked Sara.

He felt a queasy feeling in his stomach that was followed by an intense rush of excitement. He looked around to make sure no one had entered the gym.

Then, with one swift movement, he reached into his jogging pants and pulled out a throbbing, rock-hard dick and put it in front of Sara’s mouth.

She still had that rye smile on her face, but she was really surprised. She was hoping to get him to come home with her later on. She had no idea that he was going to do this.

Her first thought was to tell him to put it away. They were in a weight room with glass walls. Even if no one came to work out, somebody could walk past on their way somewhere else. It was too risky to try something here.

She started joking as if she was really going to do something with it, like she was really dumb enough to believe that sucking a dick would improve her work out.

When she was done joking, she opened her mouth to tell him to put it away, but the thrill of getting caught had taken control of her body. Instead of saying anything, she leaned forward, opened her mouth a lot wider, and closed it around his meaty cock head.

Chris twitched as sheer shock and ecstasy raced through his body. He gasped as he felt her soft lips gliding over his shaft, getting it nice and wet with her tongue.

He ran his fingers through her blonde hair as she cupped his balls and fed more of his penis into her mouth. She started sucking faster and harder. Chris closed his eyes and held onto the wall for dear life.

She started twisting her head with every rise and fall of her head. She pulled his cock free of her jaws, licked the sensitive underside, and wiggled her tongue across the head. Then she stuffed him deep in her mouth, so deep that she felt the cock head yielding to the muscles in the back of her throat.

“Ohhh!” Chris moaned, but just a shade above a whisper. He didn’t want to add to the risk of getting caught by screaming out loud. Instead, he distracted himself by keeping an eye on the glass walls for anyone who might be walking by.

Sara started licking the bottom of his cock every time she went down on him. The slurping was louder too. Chris fought off the urge to scream again and started humping her face with a handful of hair in his palms.

Sara’s pussy was oozing. She was so horny. It was better than she could have ever dreamed. She pulled her tits out of the bathing suit and let them hang as she covered Chris’s dick in her saliva.

Chris took a step back. He glanced at the wall to make sure it was still okay. It was, so he motioned for Sara to follow him to a weight bench where he lay down with his dick pointed happily to the ceiling.

Sara arched her back and eased her swollen pussy lips over his hot cock. They were both completely naked now.

They didn’t care about getting caught anymore There was a part of them that wanted somebody to see what was going on. Sara liked having her body on display and Chris was getting off on how horny she was acting because of it.

She was riding him in the reverse cowgirl position, Sara’s favorite. From this angle, Chris had the perfect view of his cock squeezing in and out of her tight cunt. It felt so good, so warm and wet.

He lifted her off his cock and bent her over the weight bench. He crouched in behind her and slipped his cock inside her. Her ass was cute, but small, and since Chris’s dick was so huge, it was like he had an unimpeded path to the pussy.

“Ohhh!” moaned Sara as she felt him enter her hot nest. He’d back out of her until nothing was left but the head, then stuff his love tool to the hilt back up in her.

The pace was quickening. The moans the smacking of the hips was getting louder. Her tits and hair swayed with every thrust.

She was doing a good job of keeping quiet until Chris started eating her pussy. Chris was sucking fiercely on her clit while he fucked her with his fingers.

She was lying flat on the bench, which put her at a better angle to see the door than any of the other positions. Her eyes were closed most of the time, but every now and then she’d open them and look at the glass walls imagining someone seeing her getting fucked like a cheap whore. It sent a rush of tingles through her pussy that sent her over the edge.

“Oh, yeah! Oh…oh, oh!” she screamed as cunt juice spurt into Chris’s mouth.

He opened her legs and stepped between them. His cock was dying to cum. He needed to cum, plus they’d been there way too long. Normally when he did things like this, they did it in one position and they rushed it along. Their chances of getting caught was getting better with every minute that ticked by.

He looked her body over. She looked damn good. How could anyone have tits that big? It didn’t seem possible.

He felt his cock jump as he placed the head on Sara’s hole and pushed. She was slippery now. The pussy licking had moistened her up considerably, but she had that same tight squeeze that was bringing him closer to popping his load.

Her huge tits were flopping like fun bags and she was staring at him with a passionate grimace on her face, her teeth clenched tight enough to bite through wood.

She spread a little wider, giving him deeper penetration into her tight snatch. He kept looking at her breasts and the disoriented facial expression etched on her slutty face.

“Fuck my pussy,” she whispered.

He felt an orgasm building in his loins. He pumped her tender cunt faster. His cock was burning as cum started making its way up his shaft.

“Aw…oh!” groaned Chris.

He pulled his cock out of her twat. He didn’t ask if it was okay to cum in her mouth. She was getting it whether she wanted it or not.

To his delight, Sara opened her mouth and lapped greedily at every sticky drop of nut that sprang from his cock. Some of it landed in her mouth, but a large portion of it landed on her cheek and dripped down the side of her face.

Sara smiled as she savored it’s bland, salty taste and tossed it around in her mouth with her tongue before she opened her throat muscles and let it seep into her stomach.

Mmmmm, she thought.

There’s nothing better than a protein shake after a hard workout.

Copyright 2005">"> All Rights Reserved

gettin low on the monte carlo

xtc69 on Exhibitionist Stories

its been a long day...  Simon gets off
work and comes and picks me up only find me standing their waiting for him in a lil black dress that i know he always happy to see me in.. simon walks into the house and  puts his arm around my waist with him hand moves down to my ass and i feel him grab it, its a lil habbit he has i always liked it.. I give him a kiss and walk out the door with him fallowing behind  not knowing what i was up to.. i lean up againest the hood of his monte carlo and give him a smile a smile a smile that i useally give him before were about to have sexx. He asks " so whats going on are you comming back to my place" he takes a few steps closer to me, i smile and laugh  " yes  we will go b

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ack to your house but not rite now theirs is something you have to do for me first" i say while pulling  him closer to me by his shirt  and kiss him hard..  i can smell the sweat smell of his work on him he always comes picks me up  smelling like that but i have never told him that it turns me on seeing him all dirty and sweaty... "ok what do you want me to do for you then?"  simon  asks..  that same smile comes back to my face again.. I pull Him close enough that i can whisper in  his ear " i want you now to fuck me  on your car"  he pulls back and gives me a look like I think am jokin but then he realizes i was being very serious.. he gives out a lil laugh and says " its the middle of the day an outside in public someone will see us"   I pull Him back in so your in between my legs  and start kissing his neck " please baby no one around i have been fantasizing about this for a long time and i think its a good time  to go through wit it"  we have done it outside before but not this open theirs a few houses around everyone still at work tho and a chance of gettin seen made it even more of a turn on..i stand up and and push my straps of my dress off my shoulders letting my dress fall to the ground, I am standing their naked i can feel me getting wet just thinkin  about being fuck onto of his monte i have a fetish for nice cars i have already made his fuck me upon his daddys classic cars but that was hiddin away in a garge and planned out not as fun as this..  simon gives  me alook as if i am crazy  and steps back  he looks me up and down standing their infront of his car, hes has talked about this before uds fucking opon his car but  has never had the guts to go through wit it..but then all of the sudden he and pushes me back onto the car and starts to kiss my body... my back burns from the heat of the hood being basked out in the sun all day but i was to into the moment to care.. as were making out, i take off his shirt to reveal  his tone body, i start  to kiss his chest and bite his neck  pullin him into me even more i can to feel his erect dick through his jeans. as he plays with my tits  suckin and massaging them, i start to tug on his pants trying to get them undone... i can feel  one of his hands start to rub my pussy  pushing his finger deep into my hole...  it felt so good..i knew it wouldnt be long before he would be fucking me on top of  his monte carlo... I pull down his pants and boxers and see his dick stiff an hard just waiting to be sucked..  i start to kiss down his body untill am head and head wit his cock...  I lick the shaft of his dick movin my tounge to the head of his dick and then look up to see him smiling and waiting for more.. slowly i take his dick in my mouth  with every stoke takin more of it in my mouth till  he is fully in my mouth and down my throat, Simon leans over and put his hand on the car for support and the other  on the back of my head playing with my hair ... i keep sucking  listening to him breath hard.. finally i stoped knowing i needed to fuck be now... I stand up and  before i can even say anything you simons  huge dick is deep in  me with just one big thrust, pushing it all in at once  I let out a scream  of pleasue knowing it will only get better... slowly he starts to fuck me but increasing the speed with every thrust... both of us breathing hard, it wasnt long  till i had my first orgasm, i almost go limp i feel my cum run down my leg,  but i want more... he was fucking me fast  i can feel his balls smack againest me with every thrust.. i try to match his pace makin him  fuck me even harder push his  cock  deep into me... i am screaming "fuck me  simon ohh baby dont stop" while outside in the middle of  the day havin sex is suxh a rush  making the pleasure  so much more...  as am screaming and moaning  i can feel  it all building up for me to have another orgasm.. the pleasure was amazing like pure extacy...  my pussy tightins while i burst wit my second orgasm makin my lips go numb .. i hear simon moan and say "oh baby a cummin in you feels so good"  i could feel him burst inside me, both of are cum mix together and drip out of me.. i lean more on the car almost layin on it as you hold me simons dick still deep in me...  it was amazing my fantsay ful filled, it was better then i tought it would be... simon gets offf me and put on and trys to put on his pants and  all i can say to him as a lying naked apon his car is " thanx you"....

My Blowjob Queen - Part One - Meeting Gina

NightTiger on Exhibitionist Stories

 My Blowjob Queen
Part 1 - Meeting Gina

She showed up at my regular bar one night looking like a class AAA slut. Tight fishnet stockings that led up to a pair of red short shorts, a bare midrift exposing a slim yet firm stomach with a pierced belly button. Her perfect tits were barely covered by the too tight black halter top and her nipples threatened to tear the fabric apart and expose themselves to the world. A pretty face and big red lips that were made for sucking a hard dick finished things off.

I felt my cock stir and unconsciously sat up straighter on my stool. She looked my way and I stared right into her dark eyes. She smiled and walked towards me. She sat down next to me and whispered into my ear that she wanted to take me out into the parking lot and suck

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my dick. I tried not to looked shocked and walked her out of the bar.

I guided her to the back seat of my car and took down my pants as soon as I closed the door. I held my rock hard seven inches in my hand and said, "Suck it, bitch."

She dove right for it and swallowed it to the hilt. I felt her throat constrict around the shaft of my cock and bob up and down, actually fucking her throat with my cock. I nearly popped right then and there. I thought of a toothless old lady blowing me kisses and almost lost my erection. She squeezed my balls in her left hand and kneaded them lovingly, coaxing as much cum out of them as she could.

She kept using my cock to fuck her throat when she finally came up for air. She gasped and took in large gulps of air, a string of drool falling from the corner of her mouth. She smiled and grasped my hardon in her hand and stroked its full length in a corkscrew motion that was driving me insane.

My cock disappeared into her mouth again as she stroked and sucked in an increasingly faster rhythm. Up, turn, down, suck. . .  She kept squeezing my balls all the while and I could hold back no longer.

She sensed I was ready and locked her lips around my cock and stroked and sucked and stroked until I could feel my load making its way into her mouth. I came so hard I thought she would gag on the power and volume of my sperm. She guzzled my cum down her throat like a greedy fucking dog and didn't stop until my cock was flacid from expelling about ten strong jets of cum into her throat.

She layed back and was gasping for breath, shivering as she had cum as well by giving me a blowjob. I knew I had to keep her around, and I did. She looked at me and said, "HI, I'm Gina. Nice to blow ya."

I laughed and took her back inside the bar for a few drinks before I took her into the bathroom for an encore. She was more than willing too, shoving me into an empty stall and dropping my pants before i had a chance to think. My cock was hard and in her warm mouth instantly. She flicked her tongue while sucking the head between those red blowjob lips. Around and around the head, then plunging my cock deep into her throat, again and again.

There was no hesitation, my balls blasted a load of salty sweet cum into her mouth and down her throat. She moaned and played with her pussy through her shorts. She had obviously cum again herself. She was the first woman I ever met that could orgasm while giving a guy head.

The door to the restroom squeaked open and I stiffened up. Gina stood up and looked me in the eye and asked, " Wanna watch me suck this guys cock?"

"What guy," I asked.

"Whoever's using the john. I don't care," she smiled and exited the stall and walked toward the unsuspecting drunk taking a piss.

I poked my head out of the stall and saw her squat down next to the guy taking a piss and reached out for his still pissing cock. She held it until he was done and stroked the last drops of piss from his dick and started to suck his cock. He wasn't real big, but had a huge set of balls and Gina caressed them like her personal play things.

It wasn't long before he came into her mouth, but she couldn't swallow all the cum from those big balls and let the excess fall out of the corners of her mouth. He shook and spasmed as he finished ejaculating in this gorgeous strangers mouth. Gina placed the quickly shrinking penis back into its place and zipped him up. Gently she patted his crotch and stood up in front of him.

"Thanks," she said and looked toward me. "Well, you gonna buy me a drink before you kiss me again or what?"

I smiled and said, "Sure thing, Gina." I held  the door open and she sauntered out gathering the attention from everyone close to the restroom. The men ogled and the women looked shocked with a hint of jealousy in their eyes. I took her hand and led her to the bar with the biggest shit eating grin on my face. I was going to have fun with her.

PART 2 - My Blowjob Queen
Gina and I have sex in some crazy places in the next installment of, 'My Blowjob Queen'.

The Theatre

Caise on Exhibitionist Stories

Your hand is pressed to the small of my back as we pay for the tickets to an early show. Just before lunch. Dressed appropriately for a warm spring day. You in cargo shorts, me in a long tank style dress. I look slightly hippyish. We skip snacks and head straight for our seats. Middle row, all the way in the back. The theatre is fairly empty, being so early and a weekday. It loses a bit of the thrill, but not enough to make me change my plans. The previews have already begun rolling. Your hand resting on my thigh. I pick it up, bringing it to my mouth, tracing a finger with my tongue, nipping your finger tip. Then your palm. The inside of your wrist. I lean over to gently bite your earlobe. Your fingers caress the inside of my thigh. My palm finds the bulge in your lap, groping eagerly. Yo
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u groan slightly. I work my fingers at your button and zipper, freeing your thick hard cock. You sigh, almost as if with relief. The previews ended some time ago. I’ve no idea what’s going on in the movie. I really don’t care. My hand wrapped around your shaft, I use the other to pull your face to mine. Kissing you hard, my tongue exploring your mouth. I nip your bottom lip as I pull away. You never felt me move but as you open your eyes I’m on my knees, between yours. I lick your hard cock from the base up. My breath hot, making you tense and sigh. I pull as much of you in my mouth as I can. Feeling my mouth so full of your cock makes me cream. My left hand gripping and tugging at your balls while I blow you, my right between my own legs. My pussy is so wet. You tense and I stop. I’m far from done with you. I slide my tongue around your balls and back up. Your hands tangled in my hair. I’m dripping wet, I need to cum. I sink my head back onto your cock, you grunt, holding back a moan. I feel you in my throat, you tense again, holding my head down and shoot your load in my throat. I swallow every drop and keep sucking and licking. Wouldn’t want to leave you a mess. I slide back into my seat as you regain your composure. You lean over and whisper in my ear, “You’re an evil woman, fuck I love it” And lightly bite my neck and slide my dress up. You groan again, this time feeling my wetness. You shove 2 then 3 fingers into my drenched pussy. I bite my lip and tightly grips the arm rests. Quickly you drop to your knees, pulling my legs over your shoulders. There’s no telling how much of the movie we’ve missed. Don’t worry, I’m still not complaining. I love when you eat my pussy, its everything I have to not moan out loud. You flick your tongue over my clit, over. Over. Over. I start bucking my hips into your face, your hands under my ass. I bite my hand hard trying not to scream out as I cum. You pull me to the floor, leaning me over a seat and plow your thick cock deep in my pussy. I clench from my orgasm, you pull my hair. You pound your cock into me hard and fast, hitting my cervix. Your balls slap my still sensitive clit sending wave after wave of lust and ecstasy through me. You bite my shoulder as I beg you to fuck me hard. You grip my hips and slam into me, I cum again. You slam your cock into me a few more time, busying it to the hilt as you fill me with your cum. You help me into a seat, taking the one next to me, both of us breathing heavy. The credits are rolling. What an amazing movie!

Average Blonde

bugmenotagain on Exhibitionist Stories

On the day of my 17th birthday it was a saturday so my family and friends had a party for me with lots of presents, which i love. I got the usual from my aunts and uncles which where always clothes and books for school and my friends got me little nick nacks of no real use but one of my close friends got me a vibrator in the shap of a small egg, it came with a remote which i guess was used to operate it. They gave me this of course away from everyone later with a note saying "happy birthday, fought this would be a fun thing to get."

I never though about vibrators and toys like this before i just use to pleasure myself with my fingers, but now that i have one it was kind of exciting, i was thinking with the remote i could
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use it anywhere i wanted too and nobody would know i was using it , like the mall, while watching tv and even in class at school.

That night my parents went to dinner with friends so i was home alone. I started to watch tv but after an hour that got boing so i went up to me room. I lay on my bed and started to read a magazine, on one of the pages there was a photo of a hafe naked man advertising some men's product. From what he was wearing which was not very much it suddenly got me thinking of the present i had gotten for my birthday.

I got up and found where i had put it. From what saw the remote was wireless which was handy i guess. There was a sudden inpulse to try it out. So i stripped out of me clothes but still wearing my socks, i should might say im not a very sexy looking person but what i had i like. I had blonde hair which came down to my hips, i had a smooth body not many pimples, a pair of 34DD tits which i like to play with when nobodys around and a firm ass. Cause i shaved i didn't have much hair around my pussy lips but what i had i was proud of.

I started to insert the vibrator past my pussy lips and into my hole. I lay back on my bed and went back to reading the magazine while getting use to this thing in me. After i finished reading the magazine i got up since my parents weren't home i just left me room still with only my socks on and went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. After i finished eating i started to play with the remote and see what all the buttons were for. I went over to the sofa and i put my legs up on the coffie table and spread them apart. One of the buttons i pressed started it vibrating, the next made it go faster then the next made it even faster.

The last button which said random, seemed to make it vibrate for a second then stop and after a little while it would start to vibrate again, i thought to myself i like this option so i left it on.

I watch tv for a little while but what i was watching got boring, so i click over to a different channel which i found out had some porno movie showing. I started to feeling a orgasm comng so i lay back on the sofa and played with my nipples which had gone hard cause of all the vibrations from the egg. Soon i got to climax i started to moan louder and louder. After it passed i looked down at my pussy and saw all the juices run out so i pulled on the string attacted to the egg and out it came with a loud "POP", i lay there for about another 10 minutes while i got over my orgasm. I suddenly heared my parents car drive in the driveway so i run up stairs to clean off and get dressed.

The next few days went by very quickly and when it got to thursday night i had gotten an idea, i would wear the vibrator to school on random mode for the friday.

During the whole day i had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning out load. My friends asked me whats wrong but i just said i as dizzy not real telling them i had a vibrator in my pussy.

When i got home i went straight up to my room and shut the door. I took of my panties and bra and top but left my skirt and my shoes and socks on. I was feeling very horny with all the vibrations all day so i started masturbating to the rythem of the vibrations soon i was at climax as i started to moan i felt the egg start to move out my pussy and as it did i felt a rush of cum follow. It all came out so fast that it shot out all over the place when i finish my whole blanket was drenched and most of my skirt.

I love the feeling of a good orgasm but this one felt very over welming so i lay back on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my parents coming home from work so i kicked my shoes off and got my jumper and track pants on leaving my underwear off and took out the vibrator and put in my side draw. I went down and put my sheets in the washing machine with my skirt, and went to have dinner.

After that week i had alot of time alone so i would usualy stay naked and masturbate with the vibrator, my fingers or anything around the house that would work well. Maybe next birthday i can get myself another toy but that another story....