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Triplets - Home Tuition

Gehenna on Incest Stories

Elizabeth was in trouble. Our mother had found out that she was no longer a virgin at sixteen and was planning on confronting her. The youngest of we three triplets, she had always been the one everyone looked out for, protected. Made allowance for.

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I was curious to see what would be happening this time.

Carrie, the eldest of us by some twenty minutes, had given me quite explicit instructions to make sure I didn’t come home until the following day, something long planned for anyway. There was going to be some ‘girl-talk’ going on and they didn’t need the last remaining male in the house getting underfoot. Gramps had already cleared the way by making a surprise excursion up to Manchester to meet up with some old army friends, planning on being away for a few days at least.

OK – I was interested in hearing what would happen. So shoot me!

I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to listen in on the lurid details of Lizzie’s secret sex-life, not to mention my mother’s reactions. That would have been the best I could hope for, but I half expected it to turn into a ‘birds and bees’ talk because of Carrie’s presence, better than nothing, if not as amusing.

It was pretty simple to fake my departure, leaving home as scheduled and just reversing my frequent escapes during the evening to team up with my mates when we would mess around, chatting up the birds and generally doing all of the fun things sixteen-year-old boys do. Up the tree outside my window, onto the trellis work and in through my unlatched window. Easy.

Things only started going wrong when I took up my planned listening post on the top landing, out of sight but in a perfect position to hear everything that was said in the living room.

“Ok then – everyone upstairs and get ready for bed. Then we can meet in my room and have our chat,” I heard my mother say, her voice coming closer all the while.

Seeing the back of her head as she headed to the foot of the stairs, I had bare moments to get out of sight. Unfortunately, my room was at the far end of the upstairs corridor, next to the girl’s room. I slipped through my mother’s open bedroom door just barely avoiding early discovery.

Hide. I had to hide.

My mother’s Spartan tastes in furniture left me few options. No ‘under the bed’ action here with a thick box spring under her mattress. Her en-suite shower and toilet would soon be in use if she was getting ready for bed herself, and there were no convenient high backed chairs or screens so beloved of filmmakers or fantasizing schoolboys when sketching such scenarios.

I slipped into the large closet, hugging a far corner and hoping that I wouldn’t be seen through the far-too widely spaced slats of its concertina doors.

Hand on heart, I swear that I had no evil intent as I waited there. In fact I was sweating profusely and trembling violently as I awaited discovery and subsequent condemnation as a pervert or worse.

“I need ten minutes,” said my mother from the door, calling down the corridor to the girls. “Give me a chance for a shower and put my nightie on – then we can talk.”

My heart was in my mouth as I watched from the darkened depths of the slatted closet, my mother immediately cross her arms before her then swiftly lift away her light pullover top, revealing white lacy bra-covered breasts. I almost called out then and there, wanting to stop this before it went too far, but my throat was suddenly too dry to utter a sound. Her hands stretched behind her as she unhooked the last remaining cover to that forbidden sight.

This was the point where she turned away to walk into the adjoining shower room to run her water, allowing it to heat up before use. It also stopped me from seeing more than I should of my mother.

I had just about worked up my courage enough to get out of there while the going was good, encouraged by, of all things, the natural sounds of my mother making use of the toilet, when I heard the girls outside, arguing who would use the main bathroom first.

No en-suite facilities for us!

I think mother was on the point of emerging to sort out the argument when my two sisters went silent, obviously resolving the issue themselves.

I couldn’t risk it. I had to stay as I was.

It had to have been at least ten minutes that I waited there, I know, but it felt more like mere seconds before my mother was stepping out through the toilet door wearing one of those sheer satin-like dressing gowns. The ties hung loose at her sides but she was holding her skirt and other items of clothing she’d removed for the shower in front of her.

My breathing stopped, my heart too I think, when she walked around the bed and straight towards me, reaching out with her free hand to slide back the door and discover me – yet all I could think of just then was that I could see not only her nipples pressed up against the material of her covering, but, I swear, the areola too.

Just to make sure that I would get in as much trouble as was humanly possible when she found me there, eyes bulging and panting for air – which would of course be seen as lust rather than the fear it was – I had a rock hard erection bulging out from beneath my jeans.

Then, if only to show that it doesn’t take a cheesy script in a film to make last second reprieves fall into place, the girls were once again raising their voices in argument, a regular occurrence in the house, believe me.

Mother spun about with a mild under her breath curse, dropped the clothes she’d been carrying on the bed and headed for the conflict, tying off her dressing gown at last.

I wasted no time taking my bug eyes, dry mouth and bulging jeans quickly and quietly out of the closet, closing it so softly and slowly that I started worrying that I might be taking too long, then through into the recently vacated shower/toilet suite, getting in behind the stain glass of the shower cubicle itself and pulling out the privacy curtain within, though only barely enough to hide behind.

Just in time too.

Someone stepped into the toilet and pushed the door closed with a muttered curse at a ‘bloody cow’, the voice that of Carrie. I heard clothing being slipped down, the inadvertent snap of knicker-elastic, and once again the tinkling sound of splashing liquid, only this time from a mere couple of feet away. All Carrie had to do was lean to one side and she might have seen me behind the curtain.

Then she switched off the light and was gone, the door left open by mere crack.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying very well, so, as I was dead meat anyway when I was caught, I moved out of the shower and close to the door.

All three were sitting on the end of mum’s bed. I could see both of my sisters, they half turned towards our mother as she spoke to them. She was wearing the same dressing gown as before. Lizzie had her pajamas on, Carrie a knee length, semi-transparent nightgown. I guessed that she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath it from the way she held a light shawl around her shoulders. I could see the top of her knickers though, so she wasn’t completely naked beneath.

I had to adjust my ‘dress’ a couple of times due to discomfort, or at least, that’s the excuse I gave myself. Slipping my hand down my jeans to actually move my dick around went well with what I could see and hear.

“ – but who told you?” Lizzie was asking. She sounded more annoyed than worried. “No one’s being hurt. I’m on the pill for cramps anyway, just the same as you two – what’s the harm? We even use ‘johnnies’ when we do it too!” She seemed to think that pill and condom were a telling point.

“You’re sixteen –” mother said, patiently. Lizzie was having none of it though.

“Rubbish! You’re thirty-three. That means you had us when you were seventeen,” she pointed out damningly. “And that means –”

“ – that you were sixteen yourself, when you – um – did it!” finished Carrie, surprised into commenting. “I never thought about it before –”

Nor had I for that matter. I knew my mum and dad were married before we were born, but I never thought to check out how long before. With dad being dead, along with Granny – Mum’s mum, soon after we were born, the question had never come up before.

At least she didn’t try to wriggle out of the little trap she’d fallen into.

“That was then, and this is now,” she declared, using parent’s fallback reasoning, trying to keep control of the conversation. “Your reputation could be ruined if other boys and girls from school found out.”

“No mum, you don’t understand. It only happens in the gang – and only Eric or our boyfriends are allowed to do anything with us. And Eric and the boys don’t let anyone give us any grief.” Interesting arrangement they had there, I thought.

“This boy Eric – and your boyfriend?” asked mum, catching the main point immediately. Carrie was staring wide-eyed at Lizzie open-mouthed with amazement.

“Yeah. All the girls in the gang belong to Eric, all five of us. Then he gives us to one boy in the gang for a couple of months as his girlfriend. We get switched around so we don’t get bored after that.”

I saw mum’s hand rise to her mouth and could imagine the look on her face at this revelation.

“But that’s aw– ” mum started to say, stopping mid-sentence. “This doesn’t bother you? You don’t mind being handed around like – like – a sex toy?”

She was trying hard to maintain her calm. I was really quite impressed with her control, considering what she was hearing from her daughter.

“I like sex mother. I like that tingly feeling I get sometimes when they’re doing it to me. I like these guys. They take care of me.” Lizzie was trying to sound reasonable too. “And what will happen if you take me away from the school? I’ll just end up going somewhere else – and I’ll still like having sex. Only then it will be with people who might not be as good to me as Eric and the boys.”

After a pregnant pause of silence, I thought I heard my mother say something that really surprised me.

“You don’t need to have sex with a boy to get that ‘tingly feeling’, you know,” she said softly. I had to strain to hear it.

Carrie’s wide-eyed stare and open-mouthed amazement was turned now to mum.

“Lots of people masturbate,” said sweet, dear, oh so proper mother.

Lizzie giggled at this, and even the still shocked Carrie had to suppress a grin.

“Even you, mum?” Lizzie was living dangerously I thought at first.

“Even me,” came the unexpected response. “Don’t look so shocked, you two. I haven’t been with a man since your father died.” She grinned, I think, because the two girls did too while looking at her. “I like that tingly feeling too, you know.”

Lizzie giggled again, and I saw Carries mouth twitch as she tried to smile more broadly while still being properly shocked at what she was hearing from the other two. My dick twitched also, in response.

“I don’t!” said Carrie predictably, if belatedly.

“But I can’t make it work right,” Lizzie confessed, ignoring her sister’s hurried exclamation. “Sometimes I feel something, and other times it just gets sore down there with all the rubbing.”

My hand was down the front of my jeans on a permanent basis now, slowly massaging my dick against my belly. Crazy as it seemed, all of my own masturbatory excursions into fantasy had never featured my sisters or my mother. It simply hadn’t occurred to me. My mind drifted momentarily as I wondered why.

“Then you’re not doing it right, love,” responded my mother simply. “You’re not lubricating enough.”

My entire knowledge of females was of the ‘behind the bike-shed’ variety of male virgins, so I had no idea, precisely, of what she was talking about. The description – the words used, said much of course, but without more intimate knowledge of the female body, they evoked only blurry images in my mind.

“But I couldn’t use anything for that – Eric doesn’t like the taste.”

I nearly lost all caution at that point. I had a vivid picture in my mind of the guy she said she belonged to, a big rugby-type seventeen year old, ‘eating her out’ – something I’d only heard about from friends reading about it – and some even boasting that they had done it to unnamed girlfriends. It surprised me that they didn’t hear me in my hiding place.

Lizzie spoke as though our mother had accepted her relationships in the gang. She hadn’t. She tried to use what Lizzie said though.

“I don’t mean creams and oils,” explained our mother. “If he was worth the effort, he’d know what he was doing. Your Eric sounds like he needs to learn a bit before he should be telling women what to do.”

Clever. Turning Eric’s inexperience back on him. It was a lot more effective than simply ordering her not to do what she was doing.

“Tell me what you do when you masturbate,” she suggested unexpectedly.

“I rub my clit!” answered Lizzie, as though her intelligence had been questioned. “It just doesn’t work.”

“Well – have you ever had an orgasm?” mum asked after another pause, changing her approach.

“No, just the tingly feeling like I said.” I saw clearly as Lizzie looked down, almost as though shamed at her failure. “I don’t know why it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m not old enough to have orgasms.” Her suggestion might have worked with me. Not mum.

“Nonsense. Show me what you do,” mum commanded. Lizzie just sat there, surprised, and looking embarrassed.  Then mum went a step further.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about – we’re just three women together. We’re alone,” she emphasized, declaring them her equals rather a mother and than her children. “I’ll tell you what – let’s all take our clothes off. All three of us.” Forcing the issue, she immediately stood up, undid the dressing gown’s ties and slipped it off, still facing away from me, unfortunately for my awestruck gaze. I saw just her bare back, her naked ass, and one momentary, glorious glimpse of her right breast in profile as she twisted to drop the discarded garment onto the bed behind her before sitting down again.

“Ok,” Lizzie responded, totally at ease with the suggestion. She, it turned out, was used to being exposed and even naked in front of others of her gang at times. Only Eric and her boyfriend might be permitted to touch her according to their rules, but that didn’t mean that said ‘touching’ was done at all times in private.

I watched open mouthed as she stood up and dropped her pajama bottoms, getting a clear view of the dark snatch of hair at her groin before she sat down again, half facing in my direction. Unhesitating, she then removed her top after releasing the four oversized buttons down the front, exposing her breasts.

They were still cone-like in shape, but developing into the fuller shape shown in the magazines that I was used to. She had dark nipples, with equally darkly tinted surround of her areola standing out against the paleness of the remaining breast tissue.

I started rubbing my dick in earnest at the sight, eyes riveted on my sisters tits.

Then, even surprising me into stopping my semi-masturbation, Carrie dropped her shawl, showing me that she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her nightie. She didn’t look at all happy at the way things were going, but she didn’t want to be left as the odd one out in the room. As our mother before her had done before her, she crossed her hands in front of her and, obviously with great reluctance, pulled the semi-transparent night attire up and over her head.

Disappointingly, she retained her knickers.

I resumed my dick massage, pre-cum already starting to make wet noises. I was worried that they might even hear me due to the noise I could hear, but they remained as they were.

“Show me what you do,” mum instructed again, gently, but insistent. I just felt annoyed. They were on the end of the bed rather than the side near my own position. I couldn’t see anything when Lizzie’s hand dipped out of sight between her thighs and started moving up and down.

All I got from it was the sight of her breasts jiggling about in time with her hand’s efforts below. At my own experience level, that was plenty, but I knew there was more, and so felt the loss. I wanted to actually see what she was doing with her fingers.

“I rub here,” said my little sister, looking down at her agitating hand, “and squeeze on my titties at the same time, sort of pinching the nips and tweaking them.” She looked up at mum. “Sometimes Eric sucks and nibbles on my nipples – or maybe Roger.”

I think I hated boyfriend Roger, along with Eric, just then. Jealous. Envious.

Just then I ejaculated into my cupped hand, unable to control myself following the eroticism of my sister’s fingering activity, turning away from the three females in the bedroom, almost as though they could see me. I barely managed to stifle the vocal demonstration of that culmination of my voyeuristic pleasure.

Quietly, I cleaned the semen carefully drawn from my jeans in my hand, tissue quietly torn from the convenient roll and dropped into the water.

I hurried back to my station behind the door.

Lizzie was lying back on the bed, both hands resting, fingers interlaced upon her belly, her breasts jutting upwards, gravity spreading them downwards only a very little, her dark nipples enticingly protuberant and begging the attention of properly attentive lips and tongue.

Mother was leaning to one side, her left arm supporting her as she half turned to her daughter. The view this gave me of her left tit as it hung there, seemingly above the prostrated form of Lizzie, starting my erection off once again immediately. I could see also that she was reaching forward with her right hand, that arm now thrust out before her and out of my sight.

“ – and you don’t just rub like this,” mum was saying softly down to Lizzie, “you have to dip inside to use your natural wetness. You have to wet your fingers with it to lubricate them.”

She leaned forward to kiss Lizzie on the forehead.

“You were rubbing everything down there – but it is the clitoris that is most important.”

Obviously, I had missed something while cleansing myself from that first spending of my seed. Watching my mother’s right shoulder moving rhythmically, it only then occurred to me that my mother was actually masturbating my sister, her daughter.

Lizzie was lying there, open mouthed and panting. I saw her interlaced fingers clenching across her sweating belly, her nipples and their immediate surrounds swelling and extending from the rest of that gorgeous breast tissue. She was moving her hips too, I saw, even though only her belly was clearly visible beyond the leaning form of our mother.

Mum’s visible tit was swaying rhythmically too.

Then she paused, and my sister’s unfocused gaze turned sharply to my mother.

“It’s alright, sweetheart – I just wanted to be sure that your hymen was broken –” I understood then that my mother’s helpfulness had an ulterior motive as well. The only way she could have been sure of this was by thrusting fingers deep into my sister’s hole.

I was hard put to stop my moan of desire, the thought of what was doing before me almost overwhelming my senses. My hand once again delved into my jeans.

Beyond the two participants of my living libidinous dream, Carrie sat watching, as was I, only she was better able to see what I desperately wanted to view myself. Much to my surprise though, besides the expected shock that I knew would be there in the expression of that ever-prudish sister of mine, I saw also a suggestion of curiosity.

Interestingly, I saw the same protruding nipples on Carrie as I had noted on Lizzie. One was as aroused as the other!

Vivid imagination filled in the gaps regarding the state of my mother’s breasts, remaining unseen from my vantage point as they were at that time. I assumed they were no different than my sister’s, making of this a pornographic display for me.

– as it would for any sixteen year old guy!

Just then my mother dropped to the floor from her seat on the bed, exposing the length of Lizzie’s body, complete with the top-end view of her pubic hair and down to her knees where her feet dropped to the floor. Mother’s breasts, though, were now visible to my lustful gaze as she looked up through the spread thighs of her daughter.

“You finish it, dear, just as I was doing” she commanded encouragingly, and Lizzie’s right hand slipped immediately down her body, covering her pubic hairs from my view again, then moving vertically up and down at right angles to her groin. This time I could actually see her hips moving spasmodically, increasingly so, moans intermingled with grunts coming from her.

 “That’s right, my love – that’s right –” mother cooed, smiling encouragingly.

Then, thrusting her hips upwards and frigging herself vigorously in a final, almost violent finale, Lizzie cried out inarticulately, shuddering – her clenched thigh muscles, tensed hip muscles, and belly convulsions subsiding by degree thereafter.

“Oh mother – I didn’t know. I didn’t know,” whispered Lizzie huskily, her voice change to me as erotic as her prior activities. Even mother’s gentle approving kiss on Lizzie’s knee was somehow erotic to me.

I wanted to kiss Lizzie’s body too – all over. Then, equally, mother’s body!

Next, mum looked across to the stunned form of my other sister. She smiled, standing upright and then pausing – as though posing as a full-frontal display for my lustful gaze – she stepped around to the other side of the bed.

Mother, dark auburn hair to her shoulders, wide mouthed and ruby-lipped, her twinkling eyes with tiny creases beneath and to the side, was a pretty woman with a pretty smile, and could easily be mistaken for a mature teenager, or a young woman in her twenties. She wasn’t a fitness fanatic, nor was she without padding – although that was clearly appropriately dispersed about her body. Her breasts were firm yet mobile, simply an older woman’s version of those adorning the chests of both of my sisters, her daughters. She had a thick ‘v-shaped’ thatch of hair at her groin, above a narrow gap between inviting, rounded thighs.

That morning, learning of the ‘girl-talk’ evening plans, I would not have dreamt of what I saw before me then, any more than I would have dreamt of the raging lust I would find in myself for not only my sisters, but even the previously sacrosanct body of my mother.

“Let me show you too,” she said to Carrie as my sister looked up at her, gently pressing her shoulder and laying her back onto the bed alongside Lizzie.

Mum knelt next to her, this time facing me though, and reached forward to draw Carrie’s knickers down to mid-thigh level, giving me the same top-end view of dark pubic curls I could see on my other sister. I don’t think she really wanted this, but something was controlling her, suppressing her more normal prudishness.

Right hand gently caressing Carrie’s hair, soothing, I watched her left rest first on the girl’s thigh, then stroke softly up to meet the base of the pubic hair. This time, the view wasn’t obscured by my mother’s body, nor was it covered by the hand dipping into my sister’s slit. I watched, transfixed, my mothers thumb ruffling the stiff pubic hairs while her fingers delved deeply between Carrie’s thighs. Her fingers were immediately glistening with her daughter’s natural oils, I saw – just as my own masculine fluids now moistened my own fingers.

I watched then as my mother’s hand dropped lower between Carrie’s thighs, just her thumb visible as it moved up and down even as her hand gently moved into the body.

“Ow! What –?” said Carrie, shocked out of her increasingly dream-like state by her mother’s intrusion. I had been watching her hips moving with my mother’s intimate ministrations, holding my breath as I concentrated my attention on mum’s left hand.

“I’m sorry, darling. Just making sure you were ok down there,” she said, quickly withdrawing her hand completely.

Carrie was a confirmed virgin then.

“You finish it too, love. You’re well on the way now,” said my mother sweetly as she looked down upon her daughter’s first hesitant fingering of her own, already aroused pussy. Being right-handed, Carrie blocked my detailed view of what she was doing as Lizzie had on her turn.

I didn’t mind though. From my point of view, directly above my older sister’s increasingly vigorous finger activity, her moans and little gasps a beautiful musical accompaniment to the show before me, there hovered my mothers lovely tits, gently rising and falling with each breath. My mouth was actually watering at the thought of sucking on either or, better still, both of those luscious mounds of flesh.

Then, sadly, it was over.

Carrie shuddered convulsively, just three times, each accompanied by a deep sigh, achieving orgasm. I stopped playing with myself though, rather than rubbing my dick to a ‘second cumming’, so to speak. I wanted nothing more than to get back to the privacy of my room so that I could do a good job of my five fingered fuck.

Lizzie had other ideas though.

“Now you mum,” she demanded, patting the bed between Carrie and her. “It’s your turn.” Lizzie’s voice sounded odd to me. Then again, I think, my voice would have sounded odd too after whet she’d recently experienced.

“No, I don’t think that I –” mother started to demur, cheeks flushing scarlet.

“Lizzie!” yelped Carrie, belatedly remembering that she was the prude of the trio.

“Uh uh! She’s got to be fair. We did it.” She patted the bed once more, firmly, she the adult, almost, and our mother the reluctant child. “I want to see how she does it properly. She said we were just three women and that it was ok. So – its her turn!”

My hand was already diving deep into my jeans again. Between them, they’d probably kill me when the caught me now anyway. I decided that it would be worth it!

She was kneeling next to the bed, silent. She had not said anything more – then I noticed the movement of her right shoulder. She was sucking and biting on her bottom lip. I wanted to crush those lips with my own just then, when I realized that she was masturbating, taking her turn.

It was actually Carrie that protested, voice uncertain to be sure, that mum was cheating. She was hiding, as though shy, or even maybe shamed at what she was doing.

“Yes mum. Do it up here so that we can see. Be fair,” said Lizzie joining her sister, complaining. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself joining the protest.

Amazingly, mum stood up, moved to the end of the bed and sat down. Head lowered, she brought her right hand forward to reach between her legs, with not a single word from her. Nor did she say anything when Lizzie, and even Carrie, gently pulled on her shoulders until she at last laid herself back onto the covers looking up at the ceiling.

This suited me fine. Not only could I see her much more extensive bush of pubic hair, compared to the offerings of my sisters that is, but I could also look at her gorgeous tits, my fantasies involving them affecting both salivary glands and my ever more rigid dick.

Oh for a camera so that I could blackmail them, I thought. It didn’t occur to me that I was thinking in terms of a boy about all that I could see. Even as I watched three females masturbating with and to each other, I wanted to do the same to them. I wanted to fondle my sister Lizzie’s tit the way she did when she was wanking herself off.

Seeing my mothers left hand cross her chest to tease her right nipple, pinching and tweaking, plucking – then massaging the whole mound, all this while her right hand snaked down to delve deeply into that hair I so wanted to stroke, I knew that her’s would be the first that my fantasy blackmail would demand access to. As had the girls, mum’s hand too rubbed up and down, using short energetic bursts of activity. I noticed that she, unlike the other two though, also at times rolled her wrist.

I desperately wanted to see what she was doing.

“See,” cried Lizzie excitedly. “She does it differently!” Unheeding of any such dignity there might be there in the room, given their experimentation and play, Lizzie then got up off the bed and placed herself at her mother’s knees, insistently prying them apart. “I want to see,” she said emphatically. I’m not sure if mum’s reluctance was embarrassment at the close-quarter inspection of her pussy, or just that she wanted to continue rubbing her thighs together. Maybe it was just a little of each.

‘I want to see!” I moaned silently to myself.

“I want to see what it looks like in real life, not just in text books.” She hadn’t seen any porn mags then. I had a couple in my secret stash I could loan her. For a price.

Mum started making little animal noises, moans and tiny gasps, her hips in motion timed to synchronize with her busy fingers, my busy fingers.

“Ah – ah –Ah!” we almost whimpered as her body responded ever more readily to her pleasure probing.

That was the point when I almost lost control completely.

Lizzie pushed mum’s legs widely apart, pulled her hand to one side, then leaned forward to lick, once, twice and a third time from back to front. Carrie, leaning close to see for herself what Lizzie wanted to see, actually yelped with surprise. Mother froze, bewildered in her near-orgasmic state at what had just happened.

I almost snapped my dick off.

Lizzie looked a little shocked herself.

“I – I – um, that’s what they do,” she tried to explain. “Eric, and Roger I mean. I just wanted to see what it was like to do that. It was my only chance –”

“I’m sorry, mum. I’ve ruined it for you!” the girl sobbed.

Our parent was laying back again, once more looking up at the ceiling as she took deep breaths in, she subsiding from her near orgasm, tiny aftershocks causing her rising and falling tits to tremble enticingly.

“If that’s all they can do then I know you can do better!” she said eventually.

None of us, the two in the open, nor the uninvited lurker in the dark playing with his dick, could believe what she’d just said.

“Mum!” cried the two girls in unison, shocked by this more than anything else that had happened in that bedroom all evening.

Mum actually giggled at this like a schoolgirl up to no good.

“Well – I mean!” she declared disparagingly. “If all they can do is slobber all over a girl as they lap at you like puppies –”

Carrie squealed with delight at this, surprising the hell out of me. Lizzie wanted to grin, but she looked confused.

“Yeah, wouldn’t they like to have someone teaching them!” she said uncertainly. “But they can get their own mum. You’re not annoyed with me?”

“Too right they can get their own mum!” ours responded with a laugh. “From all you’ve told me about them, I don’t think I’d like to entrust my pleasure to their hands – or anything else of theirs for that matter!” My mother was actually enjoying herself with this girl-talk evening of hers. Then, “Ok girls – get down where you can see, and I’ll tell you what they should have been doing!”

I was starting to wonder if she already knew I was there. I wondered if she was punishing me by allowing all of this to go on, but just out of my view.

Oh, it was nice to see her tits squashing together as she reached down between her legs with her left hand, cupping her pussy and then moving her fingers apart. Her right hand, joining the other, reached between the spread fingers – probing as she searched. I wasn’t seeing what the girls were though, both of them leaning close in avid curiosity as though they were being shown the secret of the universe.

And so they were, from my point of view.

“See this bit here – I think – just below – this –” She was twisting as she tried to reach down, without at the same time sitting too far forward and thus covering over what she was trying to show. “Damn it, this isn’t going to work. Come on Lizzie, lets trade places,” she said, bouncing up off the bed and pulling the girl to her feet.

Now what?

I saw Lizzie bounce as she fell back onto the bed, pushed there playfully by mum, Carrie falling back with her as she tried to help control her naked sister’s fall. All three were laughing gleefully for whatever reason it was that they had.

“Spread ‘em girl,” mum commanded, beaming happily at her daughters.

Carrie reached across and dragged her sister’s nearest leg wide. “Yeah, spread ‘em girl!” said the prude.

A moment later mum was resting her elbows on Lizzies knees, her hands reaching into her groin. Carrie was bobbing and weaving her head, trying to see what mum was talking about as she poked and prodded her wriggling daughter’s pussy.

“The man needs to put his tongue here,” I heard her say, speaking into Lizzie’s cunt as though it was a microphone. “Then, if the labia lips are held apart, he can suck down onto the hood and –”

“Mum, I can’t see,” Carrie complained. “you’re in the way.”

“I can’t see either,” Lizzie whined, frustrated. Aroused, I think.

Mum lifted her head and eyes to look first at Carrie, then up her laid out body to Lizzie. Her expression changed, a decision made.

“If either of you say anything about this, you’ll die a gruesome death,” she threatened jokingly. At least, I think it was jokingly. She sounded serious.

With one last hard stare at each girl, she lowered her face into my sister’s groin.

“This is what it should be like,” she muttered.

I was watching my mother eat out my sister.

“Oh mum – oh mum –” Lizzie was clutching at both of her own tits, moaning as she kept pushing her cunt up into my mother’s face, all of this to the accompaniment wet sucking sounds. From time to time mother’s eyes would look up along her daughter’s body, then down again at what she was doing.

I have no idea how long it went on, I just stood there in the dark, barely breathing. I was just floating in space.

Then, hours – or maybe just seconds later – who cares – my mouth dry from hanging open for some unknown length of time, I saw my sister’s spasmodic arching of her body as she cried out her release, cumming with spectacular energy, mum having to wrap her arms beneath and back over Lizzie’s thighs and pushing with her face, sucking – sucking. Sucking.

“I’ve got to teach Eric how to do that!” croaked Lizzie shakily as she looked down at mum’s smiling eyes afterwards. I almost shot my load when I saw mother’s lower face and neck glistening with my sister’s love juices, and came even closer to it when she leaned forward to plant a loving kiss at the very site of her recent attentions.

I saw Carrie reach out to grip mum’s wrist, shaking her.

“Show me mum – it’s my turn. I want to learn how it’s done,” she pleaded.

I wanted a turn too!

Mum sounded kind of resigned when she responded.

“Yes, of course. You need to know too.” She smiled stickily, her expression turning a little worldly as she looked at Carrie. She lightly slapped Lizzie’s thigh. “Shoo, wicked little girl, you sister needs a taste of what’s to come –”

Lizzie was recovered enough hear something funny in mum’s words and laughed as she rolled off the bed. Carrie scooted across quickly to take her place.

“No fella’s going to get away with slobbering on me again!” Lizzie declared. “Get your ass over here sis! You won’t believe what you’ve been missing, you little virgin.”

Before the start of the girl-talk night, they would have been fighting words, up to and including full contact, no holds barred hair pulling, slaps and scratching – not to mention the punching, kicking and kneeing besides!

Those two can get nasty when they get going.

Now I was witness to different passions though.

Carrie looked nervous when she laid herself back onto the now sweat dampened covers of mum’s bed, she calmly taking up her station between her eldest’s thighs.

“It will be slightly different for you sweetie, your sister has been stretched by her boyfriends, at least. Her skin is looser,” she said, leaning forward a lightly kissing her target. “You need to relax, love. After this no man is going to short change you.”

Again I saw my mother lower her lips to the snatch of hair between a sister’s thighs. Carrie, herself, laid there, still – staring at the ceiling pale faced. Unlike Lizzie, she did not fondle her own breasts, or tease at the nipples as mother had done while she masturbated. Carrie didn’t like people touching her tits, I knew. Not even herself, it seemed.

Her hands were at her sides, clutching at the bedding, mum’s head in motion as she worked on my sister’s clit. I saw little waves of tremors washing over Carrie’s body, seeming, if only in my feverish mind, to be radiating out from my mother’s point of contact on her virgin cunt lips.

For the first time, I realized that I’d taken my cock out of my jeans as I watched them. It was almost a surprise to see it there in my hand, working it back and forth gently. I didn’t care any more – if I was going to get in trouble for something, it may as well be as one guilty rather than an innocent found in a compromising position.

“Are you all right Carrie?” I heard mum ask softly, muffled by the position of her mouth between the girl’s legs. Her voice sounded soothing rather than concerned. I heard the sound of sucking renewed, even the hint of a sound suggesting pleasure on mum’s part, taking the whole thing to another level.

“Ah – ah – ah – ah –” was her only reply, the girl’s breath becoming too ragged to articulate any more than basic sounds.

Lizzie, seeing her sister’s fall into that zone of bliss, dared to reach out and lay her hand on her breast, even starting to massage it when Carrie did nothing more than moan softly.

“No Lizzie,” mum said, softly so that she didn’t break the mood. Lizzie grinned wickedly and bent over to lick, then quickly suck her sister’s nipple momentarily into her mouth before backing off. Mother returned to her task.

I don’t think Carrie even realized it had happened.

Then it was done. The panting, gasps and little catches in Carrie’s breathing then started multiplying, almost smoothing out in character as they became more rapid-fire – like an engine at higher revolutions.

I was new to this, ok? A sixteen-year-old virgin in voyeuristic Nirvana. You try to think of a simile for the situation!

All I clearly recall is seeing my sister’s crotch being pushed up into my mother’s mouth – relaxing – then being push up again just as desperately, rhythmically, with a sort of ‘uh – huh, huh, huh –” sound coming from somewhere deep inside of her throat, the bedding from beneath her clutched in her hands being drawn up in white-knuckled fists as she tried for some reason unknown to me to hold onto something – anything, probably, during ‘that’ moment.

My own breathing was becoming just a little ragged too.

Lizzie stood up, moving next to mum, who climbed to her feet as well, wiping the back of her hand across her lips, only partially clearing the sheen of cum-juice from her face. The two hugged each other closely, joined then by the still shaken, weak-kneed Carrie.

My fantasy changed instantly to one of being in the midst of those three naked females, compliant tits all somehow level with my face and my all-too eager lips and tongue, my knowing fingers exploring more than just my own cock.

 This then was the end.

Or so I thought.

“Time for the final exams, mum,” bold Lizzie said, reaching across her body to take mum’s left arm in her two hands. The family prude turned her naked body the other way, taking the right.

“Yes mum – it’s time to see if we’ve got it right.”

She didn’t so much fight the suggestion, nor did she even resist their insistent tugging on her arms as they maneuvered to the edge of the bed once more, seeming resigned to the inevitability of what was to happen next.

“This was not what I had in mind,” she told them – us – softly, “when I set up our little chat. This has gone way beyond –”

“Mum – mum!” said Carrie, bending to kiss her shoulder. “This was exactly what I needed from our little ‘girl-talk’. I never knew –”

Then it was Lizzie’s turn to interrupt.

“Oh mum,” she said, hugging herself close on her mother’s captive arm. “I thought I was so – so – oh, I don’t know – ‘grown up’, with the boys.” She reached across to stroke her sister’s arm companionably, more at peace with her than she had been in all their sixteen years.

Well, I would be at peace with her too, I thought, if I could only get my lips on her titties as Lizzie had done! But that’s just me of course –

“Now I can show them –” she went on to say, to her mother’s dismay.

“But I wanted you to understand that you didn’t need –”

“Mum. I like belonging to Eric,” she explained gently. “Now it can be even better. So much better.”

“Now you sit down there, madam,” said Carrie then, primly, incongruously, in her nudity. “We expect a full report on how well we’ve done –”

“Yeah,” grinned Lizzie. “– after the ‘oral’ exam!”

Mum made one of those snorting, snuffling laughs at that as she fell back onto the bed, pushed away by the two girls and ‘assuming the position’. A good thing too. The sight of her beautiful boobs bouncing as they settled after her fall to her back, and the thought of what was surely to come tricked me into making my first audible sound throughout the whole affair.

Both girls laughed with us too, so my contribution went unnoticed, thankfully.

For the first time that evening, Carrie took the lead, bending forward, her own not entirely displeasing fleshy mounds momentarily pendant and alluring in their own right, and pushed apart our suddenly hesitant mother’s knees. Again, I don’t think it was resistance, just an all too natural adjustment to the unusual circumstances. My sister then sank to her knees, her body upright as she looked first at her mother – seeking not approval for what was to be, so much as acceptance. Understanding maybe. Then she turned her head to face Lizzie, her expression perhaps a sign of a new understanding between them.

Hell! I didn’t care – I just wanted them to get on with it.

Carrie then placed her forearms on either of my mother’s knees, drawing them out and back until her palms rested against mum’s inner thighs. With stroking motions knee-wards, each softly starting from further and further towards her goal, caressing a now increasingly shivering recipient of her full attention, the back of her hands eventually brushed against mother’s brush. The direction of the strokes changed, little finger edges of both hands now fluffing abundant pubic hair ‘northward’, making it stand out from my mother’s body as it had not before.

– brushing it out, and away from hidden cunt lips beneath its protective canopy.

I saw the wet, tiny pink tip of Carrie’s tongue protruding from her lips as she lowered herself, and as she buried her mouth and nose in the auburn brush of her mother’s pubes, I couldn’t stop myself from increasing the tempo of my previously slow, anticipatory massage of my almost painfully hard dick, not even slowing when I sprayed the inside of the door with my seed.

So focused were they in the bedroom on what they were doing, what was taking place, none noticed the totally abandoned sounds of my vigorous activity so near to them.

I drew blood with my teeth on my left hand, a small price to pay to stop myself crying out as my balls paid tribute to the beauty of what I was observing – even sharing.

Lizzie knelt herself up on the bed, her hand resting on mum’s belly, knees trapping her left arm against the body, blocking that hand from joining the other as that one kneaded and fondled her own right breast.

Our mother answered with little inarticulate puffs of breath through partly opened mouth, eyes held dreamily closed, when Lizzie questioned her, whispering, if Carrie was doing it right. Her hand slid up from the belly to cup mum’s left breast, aiding the woman’s participation in that quest for ‘the tingly feeling’ as she and Lizzie had described it before. My youngest sibling then dared to imitate her mother’s play with the nipple and its surrounds on the right breast.

I wondered if perhaps Lizzie might now perhaps find herself even more amusing for the boys of the gang, when they discovered, that is, her seeming newfound interest in female anatomy.

For the second time now I saw a woman’s areola swelling, almost independent of the breast itself, as if it might want to burst open through the, clearly, hardened nipple. Lizzie saw it too, and immediately lowered her lips to suckle on the aroused left breast.

Mum’s eyes opened, then closed, her own fingers on the right breast missing not a beat, simply accepting, the rhythm of said beat extending now to her hips as she started moving them up and down, from side to side beneath the insistent mouth and tongue of my other sister.

I watched dumfounded then as Carrie’s right hand dropped out of sight between mum’s legs, the opened eyed shock that flooded our mother’s face that coincided with vigorous right shoulder movement from my older sister, she concentrating her oral efforts at what must have been the very front of mum’s cunt.

“Its ok, mum,” said Lizzie wickedly, pausing in her own oral ministration only long enough to see what was happening. “She’s only checking to see if you’re ok down there.”

“But I was only – I was only – When I did it to her, her – her –” sobbed mum, losing control. Then, “Ahhhh – uh, uh – uh – UH!”

Carrie seemed to have done well in her test.

Lizzie raised her head reluctantly from the saliva glistening nipple she’d been suckling and smiled happily.

“Now its my turn!” she declared, immediately throwing her right leg across her mother’s torso and descending immediately upon mum’s yet to recover pussy, almost before lustfully grinning Carrie could get out of the way. She, not yet satisfied herself, it seemed, climbed to her feet and swiftly got onto the bed, positioning herself next to mum’s shoulders.

She then proceeded to give her groaning parent a close up demonstration of what two fingers from her right hand had been doing while she was ‘checking’ below, though I could see at once that what she was doing to Lizzie’s cunt, was much more leisurely in pace than it had been on mum’s poor pussy.

I think I made some whimpering noises, though less loudly than the combined licking and sucking, intermingled with pleasurable moans coming from both mother and Lizzie. I was almost drooling, stupid in my amazed lust at the sight of one sister’s fingers slowly, wetly penetrating the other sister’s cunt hole to the knuckles.

It crossed my mind that if I never saw anything like this again, I would still have no further need for the dull, lifeless porn magazines I had hitherto thought myself blessed to own.

Let others dream. I had seen!

I don’t think I can recall a single thing beyond that steady two fingered fuck Carrie was giving Lizzie, while she bobbed her head, stretching her neck to get down and around the bulk of mother’s mons veneris to work on the seat of pleasure of the woman beneath her.

None of us saw Gramps enter the room to stand quietly in the doorway, observing with what would seem supreme detachment. How long he watched the bobbing, inverted head of his youngest granddaughter between his daughter’s writhing thighs, no one knew. He probably came in after Carrie draped her free left arm across Lizzie’s naked buttocks, using her fingers to help spread love-juice whipped to a white foam by the actions of her other hand, she leaning close to peer in at the effects she was inducing.

Mum, if she opened her eyes at all, would have seen only the displayed charms of her youngest receiving the two fingered attention of her eldest, but was probably blinded by the total control of her rising, shattering orgasm to be.

I had tunnel vision just then, so I missed him too.

Mum’s cry of total abandonment to lustful fulfillment was shared by Lizzie, she too being carried to the blissful heights by Carrie’s well-timed intervention, the white frothy foam of her cum looking not unlike the contributions that a male might deposit there, at least to my inexperienced eyes.

The first I noticed him was when he stepped forward to stand between mum’s widespread knees. He was wearing his somewhat disreputable three quarter housecoat.

Conclusion to follow -----