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My Little Sister's New Job Part 3

CaligulaCrazy on Incest Stories

Brother pays young sister for sex. Soon he'll start setting his eyes on his sister's friend and eventually turning them all into prostitutes.

“Hey guys, I’m home. Anybody here?”

The front door of my house slams shut and I hear keys hitting the table. Normally I wouldn't care for my mother’s arrival but this time I panic, I was balls deep in my little sister and was just about to bust a nut. My mother is walking around downstairs probably taking off her shoes and going through the mail before going to her room to undress. I completely forgot she was coming home early and I blame my sister for it. She’s such a hot fuck for a teen girl, my little redheaded sex slave that I've been fucking for almost a year. I have to finish off and get ready to pretend like young pussy isn't gett


oralman12 on MILF Stories

This happened early 70's when I was 16 .
I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me to go on holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won but was informed that mum's friend would pop in to see how I was etc .
I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven.
I put on my summer dressing gown which was a sort of short kimono style ,as I was going to my bedroom I passed mums bedroom ,now this was a no go and was never allowed in there since I was young.Well being 16 and mum away for 2 weeks curio

badass son

forstagen on Taboo Stories

My only son Nathan when he started his first year. He was one of the best students at Michigan’s community college, and also a valuable member of the baseball team. He always was quite of a shy guy dating girls. I remember when we used to talk about it, and that’s why I gave him tips about how to establish a nice conversation with them, obviously according to my past experiences in life.
He started looking at dating websites, when he finally found a nice looking girl from Pasadena California.
After no more than a year of having conversations they finally decided to meet in person. One day he asked me nicely for some money so he could buy a flight ticket to go and visit her. Obviously I couldn’t say not, because he promised to pay me back as soon as possible.
After only a week he came

Sarah's Night at the Frat House Pt 1

Omeganess on Transgender Stories

My name is Sarah, for the sake of this story;) I’m a 20-year-old transgender from Colorado. I like to keep the little man under my skirt a mystery, but I am very passible as a girl. For the fun I offer, I don’t get many rejections from the boys even after the surprise in my panties makes his grand standing debut. Thanks to the generous amount of estrogen my body produces and some prescription hormones, my breasts are a natural and firm 32b. They’re not too big, but they fit my slender body just right.

I saw Derrick at a college fraternity party in the summer of ’06. He was about 5’9” and probably pushing 160lbs of a lean build. He was cute, for a freshman. He had a clumsy way about him. You could tell that he tried hard to impress the veteran partiers around him, and it was adorable.

My Daughter at the Family Farm

justinhorny2016 on Animal Stories

I'm Gary and a single father at thirty-seven years old.
I have a daughter Jodie that just turned eighteen and I
have to admit that I find her terribly sexy. And I have
to admit that I've jerked off dreaming about fucking her
pussy and other nasty things.

Jodie and I decided spend the month of July at my
mother's farm since I was just laid off from my job. My
mom is Dee and she lives alone on our family farm. My
mom is fifty-six years old and still a knock at her age.
She's a petite woman with blonde hair small butt and
small tits. I have to admit that I've had jerk off
fantasies about her while growing up.

On mom's farm is a horse that she loves to ride. She
also has a German Sheppard that she keeps for

So it was now Friday night and Jodie and

Mommy's Love

leeann on Incest Stories

Being a 36 years old single mom has meant that I have gone a long time without sex as I was concentrating on raising the sunshine of my life, my only son. We have always been very close as it has been just the two of us – no boyfriends, no husbands. Only a mother can understand when I say that the love between us is unbreakable. The absence of lovers in my life has not been for lack of male attention. I am not bad looking - my breasts are a little heavy, one could say sagging just a little from years of breast feeding, I breastfed Pat until he was 5 years old, and to be truthful the latter years were more for me than for him. I am 5’9” and on the plumper side, being overweight by about 15lbs. Pat has always been on my case about it - he said it was important to be healthy. In some ways h

Life Is Good

NDBareBear on Bisexual Stories

Life Is Good - Chapter 01 - The Capri Theater

feedback greatly appreciated -


Me - Randy
Best friend - Ken
Capri Theater manager - Mr Roache (& wife)
Family priest - Father Michael
Next door neighbor Mr Martin (& wife)
Mom's divorced friend - Dorothy
Ken's sister - Shirley
Mr & Mrs Cameron (Mr & Mrs C) - First apt landlords
Steve - High School football player
Pool Party friends - Me, Ken, Steve and Paul
Andrea, Monica, Beverly, Anne and Shirley
Vick Vapor - Lido Manager
Melissa - Blonde, SheMale, new manager of The Capri
Jerry - local cop at the Capri
Silas - old fart projectionist (seen and done it all)
Don - Cashier/Snack Bar Attendant (probably BI)

First story, poorly written (I do get better!), and way too long, but

Oh To Be Young Again

NDBareBear on Bisexual Stories

Oh To Be Young Again

Randy Rapter (Mr Richard & Mrs Bridget Rapter)
Troy - 16yo at vacant lot in my gym class
Todd - Troy's dad
Jerry - Vacant lot old guy - first bj
Jack - his friend that wants to fuck
Monica - Randy's girl friend
Nancy - Monica's mom

feedback greatly appreciated -

Chapter 1 - My First Blowjob

Why was being naked such a big part of my life? It seems like everywhere I
went I was checking out opportunities to be naked. And, believe me I found
plenty. One of my first, and best, was riding my bike down to the lake. There
was a vacant lot on a hill before you got to the lake, and I saw where cars had
been turning in and driving along the edge of the trees. I didn't see any cars
so I pushed my bike i

The Washing Machine

genman69 on Incest Stories

When you read the title you may find this hard to believe but its a story based on facts. I am Jake and I am 18 and I have a sister, Kara who is 20. She is as tall as I am which is around 5 feet 9. She gets a lot of comments from my friends especially about her lovely long legs and nicely shaped butt that is apparently more boyish than mine. I don’t really understand why they call it boyish. I don’t think it’s boyish at all. She looks very hot in a pair of shorts and her flat abs and c cups make her very exciting to dream about as well. Her figure is a lot slimmer than my mom and that makes her very shapely and hot. Although thinking about one's sister is taboo, I can't help looking down her t-shirt once in a while. She is quite free around the house and more often than not, I have seen h


OhanaLuv69 on Incest Stories

A man meets up with a MILF and her two teenage daughters at a Hawaiian Resort. He first has his way with the mother, then each daughter in turn, then finally all of them together.

*** It was an all inclusive resort on the island of Kauai in Hawaii had been at the resort for two days when I saw the new family walking by, Mom, Dad and two daughters. The mom was a knockout with short brown hair, her large firm tits nicely filling out the one piece white bathing suit she had on. You know the kind, cut low in the front so it showed some nice cleavage, very low in the back, almost down to her butt crack, and so high on the sides her hips were exposed. The suit also had the advantage of being tight enough to show the outline of her pussy lips in the famous camel toe. The older daughter

Sis in Law prianka ki chudaai

sandeepgrover on Desi Stories

Hi guys Iam sandeep from gurdaspur this story is about my sis in law her name is prianka. sorry guys this is my first story, mai pehle kai saalo se stories padhta aa raha hu par aaj vehla betha tha to socha apni zindagi ka bhi koi kand daal do. aaj tak logo ke hi padhta aa raha hu.
ok guys pehle to yeh bata du mai gurdaspur punjab se belong karta hu aur meri shadi ko 6 saal ho gai hai. girl friends to bahut thi, aab bi hai par tym nhi mil pata unke sath kahi jaane ko ya fir milne ko.
hua yu ki yeh aise shuru hua mai aur meri wife natasha dono kai bar mere in laws ke ghar jaate rehte hai or stay bhi karte hai. jo pass ka ek village hai. hum gurdaspur city me rehte hai. vill. 10 km door hai. baat un dino ki hai jaab meri saali nayi nayi college jaani shuru hui thi. shcool going kid se n

Getting caught

Phillerup on Masturbation Stories

Practically my entire life I’ve been sexually infatuated with my dad’s wife (well ex wife now) when I was like 5 she would walk around the apartment naked, or just in small thong panties on the way to the dryer. Once she bought some lingerie (lace stockings, garter, open-cup bra and stilletos. She came out of the bedroom to surprise my father but I saw it all too. I think it was too much too soon, like an overload before the engines are warmed up. It wasn’t long (it was probably that day) that I started sensual jack-of-all-trades sessions centered on jenny. She was beautiful and sexy but still real. She could a dirty girl. She would usually go to the bathroom with the door open so I could watch her urinate or poop and she didn’t mind. I remember standing at the door with my little

My First Time When I Was Naked Outdoor

angelshweta on Exhibitionist Stories

Hi my name is Shweta Singh. I'm 19 years old girl with long black hair, tall legs, fair skin and attractive figure (I think I am attractive lol). I belong to Kolkata, India. I live with my parents and younger brother Sunny. Both of my parents are doctors. My dad is a cardiologist and my mom is a gynaecologist. All of us are very close to each other. I and my brother discuss every single thing with my parents. Even we discuss our sexual problems (if we have) with our mom. Nudity in my family is a normal thing. It doesn't mean we always stay naked lol.
My parents say to us, "If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, take them off."
My mom says, "Nudity is normal. In fact it's good for health. If you stay naked in summer, your body will decrease heat and you will feel cool. Nude sleeping

Hot Wife Katie Chapter 1: Katie's First Facial

HotWifeKatie on MILF Stories

Hot Wife Katie Ch. 1
Katie's First Facial

Katherine Jackson sat in front of the family computer checking Facebook. She had just gotten home from work and had poured herself a glass of wine. It had been a long day as she had to fire an employee for incompetence and had to discipline another for repeated violations. Mrs. Jackson loved her position at the Bank of America and the power associated with being a manager. She moved up the organization after being hired years ago as a teller after she completed her Master’s Degree from the University of Kansas. She was respected at the Bank of America and in the community where she volunteered her time at the local soup kitchens and other charity events.

She had married to Frederick Jackson for seven wonderful years and they had been

Auty seduced me

Sunilman on Desi Stories

This is very true story happens 1 year ago.When I was 24. Sry but I will use some hindi and marathi words according to story as I am not fluent in english. this is my first story.
My aunty\\\'s name is vijaya and she was very fair. healthy. She was 32 years old. with 2 childrens.
I am 24 year old doing job near pune.
Aunty live in mumbai but they comes to village for function. It was diwali and sab ghar aye huye the. an dmai bhi ghar gaya hua tha.
aaj mumbai se sab log ghar aaye the... aunty aaj bhot hi hot lag rhi thi...maine pahli bar aunty ko s najar se dekha...aane k bad aunty sab k pair chu rahi thi and ai uska clevage view dekh raha tha...aunty ne notice kiya and she smiled...mai waha se nikal gaya...
raat ko sab ne eksath khana khaya. We had dinner and then we (all family memb

The House Of Ordeals

graheg on Forced Stories

Brutal, non-consensual multiple rape fantasy story. Contains extreme graphic sexual sadism, obscenity, torture, snuff and offensive content.
All characters are above 18 years and above. None of this is real.

Part one. The arrival home.

It’s nearly two in the morning. The black van cruised down twisted streets, surrounded by the monoliths of silent factories and warehouses. This district is deserted by night and filled with noise and smoke in the day.
Down to the end of the farthest street, obscured by a vast red bricked and grimy building is the house of ordeals. It sits at the edge of this district, facing a dormant and polluted sea where no man roams without reason.

The black van turned slowly and stopped before a great black iron gate, chained and padlocked

Play time with Ms. Helen

bbwlover6969 on MILF Stories

(Real names not being used. True story.)

My name is Joe. I'm in my mid 20s. I'm attracted to older woman about age 40 and up.

No, I don't have "mommy issues". I've always had a great relationship with my mother.

No, it's not a fetish. I just prefer a mature, experienced (in life & in bed), old-fashioned woman. An older woman that has a relationship with God. An older woman that doesn't drink, smoke, or use any drugs. An older woman who can hold an intellectual conversation that isn't about what's trending on social media. An older woman who would rather spend her weekends roaming the crochet/garden areas of Hobby Lobby, rather than the bar area of a nightclub. An older woman who still enjoys cooking and cleaning. An older woman who understands that there are younger men who are m

Ms. Helen, my ex gf's mom

bbwlover6969 on MILF Stories

(Real names not being used. True story.)

My name is Joe. I'm in my mid 20s. I'm attracted to older woman about age 40 and up.

No, I don't have "mommy issues". I've always had a great relationship with my mother.

No, it's not a fetish. I just prefer a mature, experienced (in life & in bed), old-fashioned woman. An older woman that has a relationship with God. An older woman that doesn't drink, smoke, or use any drugs. An older woman who can hold an intellectual conversation that isn't about what's trending on social media. An older woman who would rather spend her weekends roaming the crochet/garden areas of Hobby Lobby, rather than the bar area of a nightclub. An older woman who still enjoys cooking and cleaning. An older woman who understands that there are younger men who are m

WIP - The Danvers Women pt 1

Jonny81 on Incest Stories

*Warning - Work in progress here. This is the introduction to a series I'm working on. Enjoy but forgive the errors please.*

It was the first time the Danvers family had been whole in 18 years, July 4th 2010. Aside from my Mom, I didn’t really know any of them. We had lived in Colorado up until a month before. The day Mom’s divorce became final we packed a U haul and drove all night, but I can’t blame her for dragging me along. There is just something about Texas that made me see her in a different light.

It was a perfect summer day. The lake was packed with women in bikini’s, none more beautiful than the Danvers women. Even my uncle Richard had trouble keeping his eyes off of them. The combination of all these half naked women made for an awkward evening as I’m sure my uncle woul

Helen Gets Punked

Sassyslax on MILF Stories

Helen held the name card in front of her. Her eyesight wasn't as good now. She just hit fifty but was surprised how fast her body went downhill. The name card read "James Booker, Advertising Manager". She looked at the brown building. The place was correct all right.

She entered the office complex and entered the claustrophobic elevator. James' company had posted a job listing last week asking for potential ladies as models for a fashion line catered to mature women. It promised to pay well for two hours work.

Helen fitted the bill more or less. Age between 45 to 65, check. Height at least five feet, check. In good health, check. Bubbly and friendly personality, check.

Helen tapped her fingernails on the metal handles as the elevator creaked upwards. She really hoped this gig wou


switlov on Incest Stories

Cousin Seduction
It was a market day and as usual I, together with cousin and my two sisters, had gone loitering around, meeting old friends. On our way back, when we chanced to be together again, I and cousin conveniently kept a distance from my sisters. At the nearest opportunity, when cousin was sure we were out of everyone’s earshot she asked;
“Do you want to talk about yesterday?” she asked in a low tone, referring to her attempt to seduce me for sex the previous day.
“Sure. You played too rough.” I answered shyly trying to avoid her eye as we moved on.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so. Did you like it?” she asked with a shy smile.
We talked on an on as the distance between us and my sisters increased. A

Mmf threesome fantasy became a reality

CuriousGuy on Threesome Stories

This is the story of how mine and my girlfriends mmf threesome fantasy became a reality.

My girlfriend and I met when we were nineteen years old. Like most new couples, we spent most of our time together in the bedroom. We were always adventurous when it came to sex. We loved finding new places to have it, trying new positions, etc. We were quite honest about our desires. After some time we began fantasising about having another girl join us. Then after some more time we started fantasising about having another guy join us. Then, after a few years of being together, the latter became a reality.
It all started one night when my friend Jake was at our place. The three of us had been out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. I suggested we put some porn on. Not something I wo

The Phone Call

earldevere on Incest Stories


“Hi Bud, this is Fran Hyde, Denise's mom,” the voice on the other end of the line said.

Denise was our daughter's best friend, but we don't socialize much with her parents. We've visited their house for an outdoor barbeque, and they've been over for dinner once. We didn't have a lot in common with them. My wife, Julie, is an elementary school nurse and I'm a junior high school coach and history teacher. Denise's mother is the public relations person for the arts council, and her father is a writer for a local magazine and freelance photographer.

I'm not comfortable around him, and I don't think that he feels comfortable around me. He's a Cowboys fan, but pro football is the only sport he's interested in. Me, I'm into all sports on all levels. I coach footbal

My dirty little secret...

SexySecrets on Sex Stories

So as awful as I feel about this, I still feel the need to tell someone. I can't trust telling anyone I know because I'm terrified that word will get back to my husband so this is my only outlet to let loose. So here goes.

I want to have sex with my brother in-law.

I think about it quite often when I'm alone or when I'm masturbating...Don't get me wrong I LOVE and ADORE my husband but I can't help but wanting them both.
I've even thought about them both. at the same time...I know that its disgusting and it would never happen but if it did, I probably wouldn't say no...I've even caught myself wishing for it. I often think of the both of them stepping into my bedroom, my husband giving his nod of approval and his brother stepping towards me as I sit on the edge of the bed. Him stepp

The Devil In Mr. Jones

RogarMillsRoad on Sex Stories

Roger Mills Road




Beep! Beep! Beep! A short pause. Beep! Beep! Beep! Then a grumbled curse.
“God damn!” Arms search franticly in the darkness of the room. Tired fingers strike the snooze button. Fucking alarm clock! How could it be 5:30? Shit! Must be broke. Paul was

My Best Friend's Mom

diamon6 on Sex Stories

My Best Friend’s Mom

As Mitch and I drove back to Seattle he excitedly told me of his night with "Karen" the hot chick he'd been making out with when last I saw him. Evidently she was a nasty one and he'd had the night of his life. I was not ready to tell him the truth about the "Cumbox" so I lied and made up a story about a girl I met at a different house, letting him believe his night was better than mine (HA!). Mitch and I had grown up together and were best buddies all our lives.

My home life was a mess. Suffice it to say that my parents weren't really "there for me" as they say. Consequently, I spent a lot of time at Mitch's house. His mom treated me like a second son, although I thought of her more like a big sister.

Kari was in her mid thirties but looked much younger. S

Edward and Emily - Chapter 1

Tiavg on Incest Stories

This is the first chapter of a fictitious story. The characters in this story are based on real people, but I have changed most of the names and in some cases their appearance. The events in this story never happened, with exception of some of the minor ones.

My name is Emily and I'm 19 years old. I know that after reading my story, many of you will judge me, will condemn our relationship and will curse my dad. But what if it was me who took the initiative? What if it was the daughter who used tricks to seduce her father? What if it is me who is happy and him who is feeling guilty, confused, doubting?

But I am getting ahead of myself. First I must tell you a bit about me and my family. My parents divorced when I was eight years old. My mom m

My Idea of a Perfect First Date

FatVicki on Exhibitionist Stories

Well, the first thing we would have to do is plan on where to meet. I would prefer a public place because I would leave my house naked and show up to meet you that way. All I would bring with me would be an assortment of sharpie permanent markers, bag of flour, a camera that took video and a lap top. I would put all that in a backpack or something similar.
I would arrive at our prearranged meeting place around 30 minutes before we were scheduled to meet. Hopefully it would still be during daylight time as well. When you were on your way you would call me and we would chat as you drove and once in the place (if other cars were around) I would let you know where I was parked. I would leave it up to you whether you wanted to park next to me or somewhere else and have me walk to where

detention In the Back of My Lesson

rthor360 on Teen Stories

It started from a detention I gave yesterday. It was only at lunch time for ten minutes but I ended up chatting to the girl for about 20. We talked about ask sorts of things and ended up having a bit of a laugh.

During my next lesson we were doing a bit of silent work and I had sat her right at the back in the corner. Everyone was working and faced forward so I went to sit next to her. This raised no suspicion as I would often do this to random students.

Now to explain the uniform if you were in the oldest year like this girl was. You had to wear a white shirt with a your house tie and a dark blue blazer. Girls could wear either black trousers or a skirt. This girl chose to were a skirt like most did.

As I was sat next to her I could see that under her tight fitted shirt she had

Teenie Explores Exhibitionism at Her Uncle's Farm

TeenieFantasy on Masturbation Stories

Showing off my new bikini – in my Uncle's back yard pool


I give my Mexican Uncle a lot of credit for helping me develop my exhibitionist side. And he is the reason I like Latino men so much. We had an interesting relationship to say the least. We kept it private which worked for both of us. I felt no one would have understood and it would have caused trouble for him and embarrassment for both of us.

After spending time with him on his farm, I got pretty close to him. My Mom had divorced my Dad and my uncle filled a void I felt when my Mom and I moved out. But now that we had moved into an apartment, I felt confined to say the least. On our Hill Country Texas ranch, I rarely wore clothes, something my parents, and my older boy sibling eve