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Meg and I part 2

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I took my cock in my hand and guided my eight inches toward her vaginal lips, she opened her legs and again her vagina showed she was more than ready. She had a beautiful cunt really she had shaved all the hair from above her labia and well below and only had a small shaped patch above her slit. The pink skin inside her was glistening in the sunshine as she used the fingers of one hand to spread herself for me to enter her. I could see her wonder button ( her clit) at the top already exposed and ready for me to stimulate to orgasm for her. She was obviously aroused as there were strings of her cunt juices strung across her cunt opening. She was sitt

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ing up resting on her one good arm and watching me about to go into her, using the other hand to spread herself wide. I put the top against her lips and slowly applied a forward motion and her lips parted and she watched as my cock slid silently and effortlessly into her warm pink canal of warm wet vagina filled with the natural lubrication that makes it easy and painless for somebody my size to slide into her. She lay back and gave a huge sigh as my entire 8 inches fill her to the brim. I lay down on her and just let my cock lay there deep inside her until she adjusted to my length deeply penetrating her. I could feel the warm sun on my back and balls, which were now down deep and rubbing against the cheeks of her ass. Don’t move she said I just want to feel that wonderful sensation of your cock inside me. It feels wonderful. I said how often have you done this, its obviously not the first time. She said I have had two boys. The first took my virginity about a year ago and I never saw him again. I was heartbroken. Then my last boy friend came along and after three months he and I finally made it, he was a virgin himself and a bit reluctant, but he finally managed it. After that we did it at least one night a week and if I could entice him to, a couple of times. Unfortunately he was a bit too quick for me and finally we both realised I wanted sex more than I wanted him. I never managed to reach an orgasm with him. I had had enough so we broke up only recently. She said how about you.

I said my first time I was seduced by an older woman that I mowed lawns for. She was 36 and I was almost 18. She caught me swimming nude in her pool one day when it was hot and I thought she was out. She was, but she came home and found me and seduced me. I had no way of getting out of it and I have to admit I wasn’t really happy about it – her being that much older but as it worked out it was fantastic and she and I did it every time I mowed her lawns and a couple of other times when I was horny and went over hoping she would ask me and she knew exactly why I went and always obliged. She taught me all I know about lovemaking. My next girl was a very inexperienced but not a virgin but knew nothing about lovemaking only laying there and letting it happen. It was pretty mechanical really and we didn’t last together that long, I got what I wanted but it was just like masturbating really only on top of her.

She said how often do you masturbate and I said a few times a week mostly – I said how about you and she said almost every day, I cant go a day without wanting it. I have a collection of vibrators I use mostly. I didn’t want to say anything but I knew she wasnt lying.

Now I have you she said I hope you will replace my need to do that so often. My mom knows about my habit and often says find yourself a good man my lady and she organised for me to get oral contraception to prepare me.

We had been just laying there together not moving and my cock had softened a little and as soon as I moved it hardened and she said god that feel great. Both the cocks I have had have been around 6 to 7 inches but not quite as thick as yours. I can actually feel the difference as it is a bit tighter around my lips. I love it. Then she said come on fuck me and let’s have some fun. I began to fuck her in the usual way. A couple of times she winced and I said am I hurting and she said no I want to feel you more internally and when I move my shoulder hurts, believe me I couldn’t care less if my arm fell off at the moment, my cunt is alive and I love it.  We fucked for about 4 or 5 minutes slow and rhythmically just hardly talking but the two of us were enjoying it in our own ways. I looked at her face and it told me she was enjoying herself. We smiled at each other as we both were enjoying ourselves, each taking pleasure off the other wordlessly. She was quite different to my older lady who also enjoyed fucking but she wanted to talk dirty to get her kicks. Meg was happy just to silently experience her pleasure from the two of being joined together and making music together. What was making it even better for me was the hot sun on my back and my balls were so soft they were rubbing up and down her ass the whole time. Then she said how many ways have you done it, I said what do you mean, and she said positions – how many. I said only this way. Shit she said we have some fun ahead of us, but not today, my shoulder is sore and I couldn’t possibly do it any other way, next time I can show you a few different ways. When I get home remind me to lend you a book and we can really get into I. I said what is it called and she said The Karma Sutra. I said I have heard of it and she said it’s a million ways to have sex according to an Indian I believe or a Chinese, it doesn’t matter, its fun trying the different ways. I said how many have you tried and she said none, my last one bloke wasn’t interested, to him a fuck was just a fuck and that was that , he came and it was all over and I would go home and masturbate, looking at the pages and envisaging one day being fucked like that. Somehow I think I will have to mark the pages I want to try first you will be different. God you are fucking me beautifully I am so hot I can feel that I wont be far off. I never managed to cum when he fucked me. I suppose I must have fucked him about 20 times. I was just a cum bucket for him and he could never last more than 4 or 5 minutes at his best, sometimes it was less than a minute.  This is about the longest time I have ever had a cock in me on any time.  I said I am glad I can do something right. She said you are doing everything right, just go a little harder and a little faster and I am going to give you a show to behold. I lifted my pace and began to thrust harder and her body began to shake and her breast move about a bit on her chest even though they were fairly firm. Aaaaahhh Uuugggggg she said keep it going like that - I am going to cum any moment, my clit is about to explode and she started to grunt and groan and really get herself worked up and I had never seen a girl cum before and this was great, she was really having an experience I had never witnessed. Then I went harder and faster and then my orgasm began to build up and my cock head got more sensitive and I said shit and I began to fuck her like the end of the world was nigh. I was pumping what felt like a gallon of my baby juice into her as my cock and balls virtually exploded and ejaculated into her and I could hear her sort of screaming or grunting - I could or didn’t care, she was pushing her body to meet the last of my now feeble thrusts. I looked down there were tears in her eyes.

Oh shit I said I didn’t hurt you did I. She said no that was the best orgasm I have ever had. As she wiped her eyes, I said I saw the tears and thought I had hurt you. No she said it was combination of the pleasure of my first orgasm being fucked, the wonderful sensation of you inside me and that fucking shoulder as I pushed up to get the ultimate pleasure from you and it hurt like hell, but it was all worth it. That was magnificent. I had softened and slipped out of her and as I leaned back and looked down at he she looked absolutely radiant. Her cheeks were red and her mouth had this wonderful smile.  She looked at me and said oh that poor thing looks dejected now, it has done its job brilliantly and its crying too look at the tears its shedding and the last few drops of my semen dripped out of the eye of it onto the warm blanket beneath her. I said look I am making a mess on your blanket and she said nothing like the mess I am making - I have started to leak already and I can’t wait to tell mom the news.   

I said I have never had an orgasm like that before not even with my lady love, and I had some beauties. I don’t know about you but I could not wish for anything better.  She said you and I are something special and when I tell my mom what happened she will be so happy. I said tell your mom, she said she knows all about me. I keep nothing from her. She is absolutely wonderful. She will love you I can assure you.

Now let’s have a rest and try that again, I could spend the rest of the day doing this. That sun feels wonderful on my cunt.

We lay together and held hands and chatted about everything and kissed lightly every so often and it must have been 20 minutes and she said come on lets do it again.  I didn’t need to be asked twice and I rolled over and we mated like we done before she purred softly as I went into her, this time it was even wetter with the remnants of my cum mixed with her cunt juice and she said its even better and giggled. I am so glad you ran me down she said. This would never have happened otherwise.  I again took my time and we just prodded about taking our time and enjoying the sensation of being joined together as we were, I touched, kissed and sucked on her nipples which she loved, and kissed her lips as often. This to me was the epitome of lovemaking. It was our first time together and already we had made love like the angels would.  Our second occasion seemed to go on for ever but I it could not have been more than about 15 or 20 minutes. We stopped every now and again for a rest before resuming the gentle thrust and parry as my cock pumped out much of the cum from my previous deposit and her cunt juice which seemed to have a never ending supply out of her. Every now and again she said hell it running down my bum again.

When it was time I began as I did before and started to raise my thrust rate and did it bit harder which caused her tits to wobble but every now and again her shoulder hurt her so I took it easy until she said ok I am ready lets do it again.

This time I seemed to go harder and she got into the rhythm and met my every thrust and the sound of our flesh meeting was like thunder, Anybody nearby would have heard and known what we were doing but we realised we were alone and there was  nobody for miles so we made all the noise we wanted to. I have never been so vocal and I don’t think she had been either but we let everybody know we were having one of the best orgasms you could imagine. Even the birds stopped to listen.

We both exploded into orgasm with a few seconds of each other - hers began before mine and she really made sure my cock was rubbing the skin off her clit. I sort of held back for a moment to allow her to enjoy hers but the pressure in my balls was too much and I exploded filling her with a sudden gush of semen. I could feel it flushing down the tube of my cock and out the eye into her. I believe I could even feel the temperature rise inside her as my cum flooded her vaginal cavity.

After we were both spent I stayed on top of her and rested feeling the wetness of our body sweat as I rubbed my whole body against her. We kissed wordlessly and just looked into each other eyes. It was a close to love as I have ever enjoyed in my life. She was a goddess to me now and I didn’t want to lose her. We were going to make love like this forever I hoped. My cock remained inside he soft and it was a few minutes before I rolled off her. We lay together for a few minutes and then she said give me a hand up and I helped her to her feet, we kissed again and she said I am busting for a pee and walked to a few feet away from the blanket. Then she unashamedly squatted and peed looking right at me. When she got up I helped her and then I added to her puddle and peed myself as she watched me. Do you know something she said and I said no what – she said one day you are going to pee all over me – I have often had fantasies about having a golden shower. I said you are disgusting and she said I know but you are going to be disgusting with me and we both laughed.

We both walked around for a few minutes getting the last of the warmth out of the sun. We hadn’t realised what the time was and we would not be taking the bikes back today. I said look at the time the bikes will have to wait for another day – I will move them out of sight and then we will have to get moving. She said lets walk back naked; I just love to feel the warmth and the breeze on my body. I agreed, and we picked up our clothes and stuffed them into her bag put on our shoes and we began to walk back. We had been walking for about 10 minutes and she said this is not a good idea and I said why. She said all your cum is leaking out and down my legs and I said come here and I will lick it off you – she said you are not serious and I said no not this time but that is an another experience I have in store for you. She didn’t teach me just how to fuck, there is far more to lovemaking than that. She said well now you have me wanting you more. I couldn’t possibly piss you off with out lesson No 2 could I. I said well at this rate I will be around for a while she replied good- I want to be well educated as well as fucked.

We walked almost back to the road naked and then got dressed and then I drove her home again. Come on in and meet my mother she said. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of that and when we went in her mother said what have you two been doing you look absolutely radiant – Meg said mom- I have had the best fuck of my life – twice. I was absolutely red with embarrassment and she gave her mom a hug then her mom came to me and held me hard and tightly to her and said – you have made my day. I have not seen her so happy for ages.

The two of you go up and shower and I will make some tea and we can have some biscuits - you will need them to get your energies back. Where are the bikes,? Meg said fuck the bikes we had better things to do. Her mom laughed and said enjoy that shower I want to hear it all.

Meg and I showered together – my first time and it was fun. Her shoulder still hurt so we had to be gentle together, but she washed me, and I made sure her body was well soaped and cleaned and she had expelled as much of our lovemaking juices out of her as we could.

We dressed and she put on a nice gown and we went down to her mom. She opened the gown and said look at happy jack – it has never been so happy and pulled her gown open and exposed her pubic region for a moment and then her mom said tell me everything.

We drank tea and she described in intimate detail our lovemaking moment by moment almost. Her mom held my hand occasionally and squeezed it as Meg really got graphic about our sex. Her mom new she wasn’t exaggerating.

Now I was hooked, she liked me as much as I liked her and we still had to get the bikes home. It might take a week at this rate.

Episode 3 will follow shortly.

The Hunger

johnst on Sex Stories


Walking into the room quietly behind her, he gently resting his hands on her shoulders, lightly kissing her neck. She jumps slightly at his touch, unexpected yet soothing. He slowly slides the straps of her dress down her arms ans he continues his trail of light kisses down her neck and along her shoulders, eventually letting the dress slide down from her body completely, thus leaving her bare for his eyes, his hands and his lips to enjoy. She trys to turn to face him, but he holds her at bay, his fingers then running down the sides of her body, lightly grazing her breasts as he roams her body ever so lightly. He pull

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s her towards him so she can feel him pressing against her, he cups her breast with one hand and her chin with the other, kissing his way back along her shoulders, then lightly biting her neck. She lets out a small cry, and reaches down her body to touch herself, to relieve the building desire growing in her.

At this he stops her, holding her hands behind her back. Again she lets out a gasp, but as more of a protest. He walks her over to the counter and bends her over it, he pushes her legs apart and looks down at her glistening sex. He licks his lips at the sight of his goal, then with out warning he lands a hard firm smack across her ass. She lets out a scream, out of surprise more than pain, again he spanks her, and does so till her ass has a light red glow. Again he looks down at her, he sees her juices now flow openly and are trickling down her thighs. Kicking her legs further apart, he kneels down behind her ... kissing and licking up her thighs, till finaly he reaches her moist lushious pussy.

He so very lightly runs his tongue the length of her slit, then kisses n sucks around her pussy, occasionally flicking her clit. He can hear her breathing picking up and chooses to ignore her pleas. Again sliding his tongue along her slit this time enough as to part her lushious nether lips, he takes a moment to savour the taste and scent of her lust. He then starts to explore her depths with his tongue , rolling it around inside her, he lets go of her arms so as he can slide 2 fingers into her, while with his free hand he rubs gentle circles on her now sensitive clit. A deep moan escapes her lips as he slides his fingers into her, she feels a relief, only to have now another desire build up inside her.

He works his tongue and fingers as though tuning a fine instrument .. as he both feels and tastes her, he then adds a third finger, he hears her cry out and he thrusts in and out of her with renewed enthusiasm. Her moans grow louder now, his tongue laps at her as his fingers work their way in and out of her. She can no longer take it, her legs grow weary and her stockings are drenched in both her sweat and lust, In this moment she lets go, and as she does so he bites down on her clit. She lets out a deep cry, and relishes at the feel of her self release. He laps at her pussy, savouring each and and drop, he draws his fingers from her and stands to offer them to her. She opens her mouth and tastes herself from him, savouring the taste of herself and lapping at his fingers, she then once more feels fingers sliding the full length of her slit. She feels him gathering her juices with his free hand, while gently rubbing her now very sensative clit, he gathers her juices and begins to slowly work his fingers into her ass.

Feeling this, she becomes unsure, it feels strange yet good, she tries to relax as much as she can. He withdraws his fingers from her mouth and traces them back down her body, lightly squeazing her breasts as the pass over. He has worked 2 fingers into her ass, he brings his other hand down and again pushes it into her awaiting wet pussy. Biting down on her bottom lip she tosses her head back, she cant beleive what she is feeling and feels herself getting very close, but he senses it to, and as quickly as she was building up he withdraws his fingers from her. She lets out a cry of frustration, but it is cut short as she is grabbed by her hair and brought down to her knees, before she can protest, he pushes the length of his cock into her mouth.

She gags at first, but quickly adjusts, taking him in she swirls her tongue around the shaft of his cock. He pumps himself in and out of her mouth at a steady pace, both hands gripping her hair. She has now adjusted to be able to take him all in, sucking deeply and slithering her tongue around his shaft, she hears him let out a deep groan. She pulls herself off him and looks up giving him a devilish grin, she lightly licks down to the base of his cock, cupping and licking his balls, then working her way back up the length of his shaft. While massaging his balls she teases the head of his cock with her tongue, then without warning takes him whole, again he lets out another deep groan. She works his shaft, slurping and lapping vigerously, driven purely by lust. She can feel him tightening the grip he has on her hair, he is nearly there.

He is now thrusting harder, with a firm grip of her hair, he forces himself down her throat, and lets out an almost animalistic growl as he cums. He then pulls her back and another thick wad of cum splashes against her face, she gasps, but then takes a finger and wipes it, then licks her finger clean. He lifts her up and they share a kiss, both of them glistening, and the smell of lust in the air he carries her off behind closed doors.

Sex in the city, PtPart 3

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It was a beutiful Saturday morning and Susan and I began talking about how to take advantage of this wonderful day. We knew that my husband had to go in to his work until noon that day, so we decided to go have some fun ourselves. Ken said he would ride his motorcycle to work and leave us with the van. He told us to try to be home soon after noon, so we all could go out together.

Ken pulled out of the yard and down our dirt road. Susan and I ran to the house to get ready. We both quickly showered and slipped on some clothes. I loaned Susan a pair of my thigh highs and some black heels, she and I both dressed alike with nothing but the stockings and heels. I handed her one of my thin coats and grabbed the one I wore the night before. We hurried

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out and took off for town in the big van. Both of us unfastened the front of our coats and enjoyed the feeling of the Sun and fresh air on our bodies. I glanced over at Susan and saw her masturbating in the seat beside me. I took one hand off the wheel and started to finger my own pussy. We were laughing and having a good old time as we drove towards the city.

There was a park at the edge of town with a beach along the river. We stopped the van in the parking lot of the park and began to walk. It was still early, with a chill in the air so there were very few people at the park. On the path down towards the beach, there was no one. We unfastened our coats and let them fall open as we walked. We both were becoming aroused by the fact that we were actually out in public. We walked along and looked around to be sure we were alone. We slipped the coats completely off and walked along, naked except for the dark stockings and black heels. as we approached the narrow sand strip of a beach, we slipped off our heels and carried them. We double checked for anyone watching and then spread the coats out on the bech in plain sight. We quickly dropped to the coats and began to lick each other. The excitement of being in the wide open area of the beach just miltiplied the thrill and we were soon on our way to a simultanious orgasm. As we finished, we gathered up the coats and started for the path. To our surprise, there was an old fisherman standing only a few yards away. He had his chin hanging down and the look of surprise on his face made us begin to laugh. We decided to give him a closer look. Susan and I walked up to the old fellow and opened our coats for him. He stood only inches from us and took in the sight of our naked bodies. We could see the bulge in his trousers that said he would love to do more than just look. We decided, however, to do that with Ken along to protect us if we met up with any trouble. I slowly reached out and took his hand and placed it on my pubic mound, using it to rub my pussy. The growing wet spot on his trousers told me that he indeed enjoyed the feel of me. Susan stepped up closer and had him feel hers too, then put his hand on her nice firm breast. Without another word, we stepped back and disappeared up the path towards the parking lot. As we walked out of hearing range, we both burst into laughter as we talked about the old man shooting his load into his pants.

We walked back towards the van and climbed in. We again unfastened our coats and spread them open as we drove, the darkened side windows allowing us to see the people on the streets without them seeing us. We drove along the secondary road that paralleled the interstate and headed for home. There was one place where the field had been cleared of trees and was wide open, except a border of brush along our little road. I found a place to stop and we got out and walked out into the field. The interstate travellers had a clear view of us, but could not come anywhere near us for the barbed wire fence along the superhighway. We stood there a few minutes, the again we shed the coats and lay then on the grass. within minutes, we were on the coats in a sixty nine position, having sex while the passing motorists could see everything. A couple of the cars stopped and the drivers got out to get a better view of our public sex act. We finished and picked up our coats, walking quickly up to the van with the coats over our arms. We slipped the coats back on and got into the van and drove off before anyone could double back from the next interstate exit.

By the time we got home, it was time for Ken to be coming along so we turned into our private road and stopped. I quickly ran to the mailbox in only my stockings and heels and grabbed the mail, turning to run back to the van before a neighbor could happen to drive by. We got up to the house and shook the sand and grass out of our coats and hung them in the hall closet. Then we went out and sat on the porch to wait for Ken, giggling and laughing about the morning's trip to town.

Ken will be getting home and we will decide what to do next in episode 4

Please look for me in the section marked sex in public instead of here.

Watch for my next story soon!

Laura, Susan and Ken

The Adopted Son

Re0mablue on Sex Stories

Chapter 1 : In Control

“M-Mr. Rylie, the other employees might already have an idea of what we are doing…ahh… during ..ahh..lunch time.” , I have heard my secretary’s plea but her body doesn’t condone the idea of me stopping from licking her pussy. Still wearing my formal attire and the necktie in tact, I manage to hold her on my couch with

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her juicy pussy right below my face. She was trembling as I lick at her clit. Few more moments and I am stroking her wet vagina with two fingers. She is extremely hot and about to reach her boiling point, as I look to examine her, she is perspiring like crazy and so I told her.

“Liza it seems your clothes are all soaked, why don’t you remove them. Remember its only lunch time.” I almost laugh at the sight of her quickly undoing her bra and the buttons of her refine clothes. Soon she was naked in front of me, like Eve in the garden. My fingers did not stop from touching her insides which is the reason why she is moaning and is begging me to use my tool for she was already at the verge of orgasm.

I stop from stroking her insides and slowly I undid my clothes, but she was going crazy and is craving of my tool. I didn’t notice that she was already on her knees until I felt her tongue against my penis.  She is really good on this with her right hand assisting in stroking the length of my 8 inch tool; her left hand is caressing my balls. From time to time she will put my balls on her gently scratching with her teeth and tongue.

I was in ecstasy but I am a man and that I cannot let myself be controlled so with force I push her back on the sofa. With her left leg on my shoulder I merge mine with her pussy, she is brought unto a world of lust as I push and pull my throbbing cock inside her. “Ahhhh…ahhh…Rylie..I-I couldn’t take it anymore..p-please let me cum.”

She was pleading and her moaning became louder. “P-Please Im going crazy…ahhh.”

I put her leg down and flip her so I will be fucking her from behind. Our sweat is mixed up and I know the sofa is quite soaking with her scent and wetness. She was in ecstasy as I gain my rhythm; I can feel my balls banging her clit which make her moan more. My balls are tightening as I felt her pussy grasping my cock. I growl as we both reach the climax. Her voice is slowly fading; I can hear her call for me but I ignored her and went on inside my shower room.

After a few more minutes I entered my office with fresh feeling. I checked the clock and it was about 1:00 PM. We’ve been fucking for quite some time approximately 30-40 minutes I guess, too much for me satisfying my woman. I looked at my sofa and found her fast asleep. I wake her up and told her the time. She always leaves at this time of the day to have lunch with his boyfriend who works on the next building. A couple more minutes and her phone ring with her bf on the other line. She answered casually as if I do not exist there.

“I’m leaving for my lunch, boss.”, she open up her lips and started kissing me again. I grope her breasts and reminded her of the pills if she doesn’t want to get pregnant. She told me she loves me, I just smiled and hugged her.

 She agreed to have a relationship with me although she knows I don’t have any plans of marrying her. I told her that straight before I could hurt her. I am a playboy but I have my own definition of respect for women.

After a few more minutes she was out of my sight and I find myself looking into some documents and papers I should be reading thoroughly as the managing director of a respected company. A lot of investors commented me to be youngest Managing Director they know; at the age of 23 I am now handling a big organization. Though they question my age they never doubted my abilities as a manager, and I live to that expectation. I worked hard for this position and I believe I deserve it although my immatureness comes into play as I work with these amazing women who surround me.

(Please rate this story and comment if you could. It will be an honor to have a critique who will show me what I lack as a writer.)












Fucking Suganya pt III - gateway to heaven

Fletcher on Sex Stories

Dom walked over to Suganya, looking in awe at her perfect naked body. As he reached for a condom, she told him to give it a miss. This made Dom’s pulse race even more.

Suganya smiled as he mounted her. Dom leant down and licked her nipples. As he pushed his cock inside her tight pussy, Suganya let out a yelp. He pushed some more to get the rest of his dick inside her; his brown pubes meeting her black thatch in a sweaty tangle.

Dom thrust hard into Suganya making her moan. He kissed and fondled her breasts as Suganya’s sexy legs flapped in the air. He stroked her slim thighs and she wrapped them round his back as the bed shuddered.

Suganya’s pussy was already dripping as she pulled his head towards her chest “Oh! OH! OHHH! YOU’RE SO

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BIG!” she shouted as he continued to fuck her. Dom grunted loudly as his motioning cock got covered in her juices.

Suganya demanded him to fuck her harder and he duly obliged, grabbing her right thigh for leverage and pushing his cock deep into her soaked cunt aggressively. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! OHHHHH!” shouted Suganya as she got the shag of her life.

Dom groped her breasts, and the lusty couple switched positions to have Suganya’s legs over his shoulders. He gave her several hard thrusts kissing her legs, as she continued to moan in ecstasy.

Dom leant down again to work on her neck and shoulders as his motioning hit her beautiful arse.

The room developed a musky aroma from the frenzied love making as he picked up Suganya and grabbing her tight arse, started fucking the beauty against the wall.

She groaned loudly as his eight inches of man meat entered her. “Stop! STOP! You’re pushing too hard, uh UH!” she begged. Dom ignored her pleas as he continued to fulfil his fantasies.

He grabbed her arse harder and Suganya held on tight as she continued to get mercilessly pounded by the young stud.

Rest Day

aaronrasher on Sex Stories

Carl turned over to his girlfriend Lucy, cupping her small firm breasts, pulling her hardening nipples between his fingers, he pushed his stiffening cock between her cheeks trying to gain access to he tight little twat. Lucy was in no mood for sex after their argument last night, pushing his hands away and getting up without a word. She returned from the bathroom and dressed for work. “We’ll talk tonight” she said coldly, “I hope your not going to waste your day off by lying around in bed all day. Remember Mum wanted you to look at the draw in the kitchen” “Ok “he said, but before he could say anything else she had left the room. Carl could hear her banging around in the kitchen, the front door slammed shut and her car pulled away. He relaxed no

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t paying much attention to her mood. Lucy was highly strung, which made for a rocky relationship but good sex, catch her in the right mood and wow.

The birds nesting in the ivy next to the open bedroom window kept Carl from falling into a deep sleep; he was drifting in and out of consciousness when he felt a warm wet mouth sucking the end of his semi erect cock. He smiled to himself then suddenly remembered Lucy had left for work. He snatched the white cotton sheet away, “what the fu…” A bottle blond head looked up from his groin not stopping the long slow sucking she was giving him. Cathy, Lucy’s Mum looked at him tightening her grip on his ever hardening shaft with a stare that told him she was not going to stop no mater what he said. Carl just lay back relaxing with the sensation he loved so much. When Cathy felt his cock growing to full length she new she would get no complaint.

Carls breathing was becoming faster as he approached orgasm, when Cathy sucked one of his balls into her mouth and stroked his full length with her hand he held his breath, sensing he was close, she took his shaft deep into her mouth, and Carl let out a low deep groan as he jetted his seed into her eager mouth. Cathy swallowed hard to take his come, almost gagging as each spurt hit the back of her throat, letting his still hard cock fall from her mouth she looked up and smiled at the look of shock on Carls face.

Cathy was in her mid forties, short and a little over weight but certainly not unattractive, neat wavy blond hair, deep blue eyes and full lips, she had large firm breasts and a classical hour glass figure. Carl had always found her attractive and had had more than one wank while fantasizing over her. “I bet you didn’t expect that” she said coyly as she moved up his body, letting her hard nipples drag against his skin. Carl rolled her off his chest and immediately clamped his mouth onto one of her erect nipples, he sucked greedily massaging the other breast with one hand and moving his free hand down over her stomach until he felt the top of her knickers, with a little pressure his fingertips slid under the elastic. Cathy held onto his head moving him from one nipple to the other, feeling his hand move over her mound she widened her legs giving him access to her wet pussy lips. Carls fingers lingered on her engorged clit, moving in small circular movements causing Cathy to groan and widen her legs further, his fingers moved down to her open vagina, he was amazed at how wet she was, he easily slipped two fingers inside, slowly moving them in and out of her, he could feel the cold wet material of her knickers against the back of his hand. Cathy pushed his mouth from her breasts, Carl new what she wanted, he positioned himself between her legs and hooked his fingers into the elastic and pulled them down as she lifted slightly to help him, once he had removed her saturated underwear he gently parted her knees, his eyes were drawn to her full mound, he was delighted to see she had a neatly trimmed pussy, the short hair letting her slit show through and her engorged clit begged to be sucked. Lucy never trimmed her pubic hair, she preferred the natural look, Carl had only gone down on her twice in the two years that they had been going out together, he hated the mouthfuls of curly hair; he had choked on some loose pubes on the second occasion, and had never made any further attempt to lick Lucy’s pussy again. Cathy had spread her legs and was holding her puffy pussy lips open, Carls tongue teased around her clit, she moved to try and get him to touch her clit but he kept moving away, he smiled to himself as he herd her call him a bastard through gritted teeth, he wanted to savour the time between her legs and didn’t want her to come too quickly. Carl opened his mouth over her hard clit and inner lips and sucked the whole complex of aroused flesh into his mouth, almost chewing her with his lips he felt her buck hard under him, “Oh yes, Oh God you Bastard I’m coming, you bastard, Oh yes, yes, yes…” She clamped her thighs hard to his head as she came.

As she relaxed Carl softly kissed her mound and inner thighs, being careful not to catch her over sensitive clitoris, he wanted to stay where he was and look at her intimate folds, as he had practically no experience of what a woman looked like. With Lucy it was one, impossible to see through her pubic hair and two, she was a wham bam thank you type, a little bit of fondling and then a hard fuck, which in fairness could be an all night session depending on her mood. Sure he had read porno magazines and seen women on film, but it was the first time he had the opportunity to explore a woman’s inner flesh.

Cathy was totally relaxed and was more than happy to let Carl make her come again with his tongue, she had not had a man since her husband had died nearly seven years ago, she would often lie in bed at night masturbating as she listened to her daughter having sex with her boyfriend. Carl was sucking on one of her fleshy outer pussy lips and testing her by flicking his tongue over her massively swollen clit, he put two fingers inside her and gently rubbed them on her g-spot, Cathy squirmed as her orgasm started to build, Carl took one of his wet fingers out of her slippery cunt and touched the tip onto her tight little rose bud, with gentle pressure he probed further until he was up to his second knuckle, flicking his tongue over her clit faster and harder she came with a long wail, Carl felt her sphincter tighten and relax several times as she came, he lifted his head to see her squeezing her heaving breasts, carefully withdrawing his fingers he sat up, his hard cock had been trying to burrow into the bed, Cathy wasted no time, she gripped his rock hard shaft and guided him to her puffy entrance, he slipped in with ease, she pulled her knees back to her chest allowing him the greatest amount of penetration she could. Carl took long slow deep strokes making her gasp on each thrust, she kissed his mouth, sucking her own juice from his lips, he flicked his tongue into her mouth and she responded by sucking it hard into her mouth. Her legs had crossed around his back pulling him deep into her. Carl lifted himself high on his arms slamming into her, “turn over” he said through gritted teeth “I want to fuck you from behind” she released her legs and turned over with out hesitating, she knelt, presenting her ass to him, her cheeks spread showing her cunt in its full aroused glory. Carl placed the tip of his dick at the entrance of her cunt, he was going to push into her as slowly as he could stand, but Cathy had other ideas, as soon as she felt his helmet at her opening, she thrust back hard taking his full eight inches in one powerful movement, Carl almost came, he had to pull back, he adjusted his position and tried again. Once more she slammed back hard onto his poker, this time Carl slammed into her as hard and fast as his tight muscles would allow him, Cathy reached between her thighs and opened her pussy lips wide with two fingers, allowing Carls balls to bang into her clit, he could only last a few more strokes and as he felt his orgasm start to build, he gripped her waist and pounded her with every ounce of strength he had “I’m coming” he bellowed, and started to squirt into her, Cathy could feel each pulse from his cock, she gave herself a few quick strokes across her clit and she joined him in ecstasy, they collapsed together breathing hard and fast in a sweaty mass of fulfilment.

After about an hour Carl awoke, he could feel his dick being sucked, he thought Cathy was insatiable, rubbing his eyes and blinking the sleep away he could see Cathy standing at the entrance of the bedroom, he looked down at his groin to see Linda, Cathy’s next door neighbour sucking his rapidly stiffening cock. Linda was a real looker for her age, Carl estimated her to be in her early fifties, ample firm breasts and a remarkably toned body, although he had only spoken to her in passing, he had often wondered what she would look like naked, now he knew! Carl was a little dazed by the morning’s events but was not going to complain. Cathy came and sat on the bed next to him and leaned over and kissed him deeply, she whispered into his ear “Linda and I are close friends and share allsorts of things together” She smiled and said to Linda “I think he’s ready again now” Linda moved up Carls body positioning herself over his engorged prick, his heart skipped a beat as her mound came into view, she was perfectly shaved, Carl was transfixed at the sight, he watched as Cathy held his member so Linda could lower herself onto him, she sank slowly, widening her legs, until her mound was pressed hard onto his pubic bone, she started to slowly rock back and forth, Carl reached up to play with her tits, her nipples were small and hard, if he had not felt them he would have sworn she had had a tit job. Cathy stood next to the bed and kissed her friend long and hard, Carl could see the passion between them and wondered how much they had shared together. Cathy put one foot on the bed, widened her thighs in a silent invitation to her fanny, Linda was first there, rubbing her middle finger up and down Cathy’s slit in time with her own rhythm. Carl felt Linda quicken her pace, she was becoming flushed, her face and breasts reddening with her excitement, Linda’s orgasm was approaching fast, she had abandoned Cathy’s clit and leaned back forcing as much cock as she could into herself, “Oh fuck….I’m going to come” she grunted. Carl was close, his eyes glued to her shaved pussy. Cathy suddenly burst out “and me, I’m coming” she had been frigging herself and was now pounding two fingers into her hot pussy. Cathy came first, which set Linda off, they both gasped and moaned as two terrific orgasms pulsed through their bodies, all this was too much for Carl, he slammed up into Linda’s cunt almost lifting her off his cock, he held his breath for the last few strokes, and finally shot his load into Linda’s quivering orgasm.

Linda rolled off Carl’s dick, and laid on her back rubbing her sticky quim, Cathy moved round the bed and put her head between Linda’s thighs, her tongue licked around her open vagina, probing her swollen lips and sucking the mixture of Carl’s come and pussy juice, Linda gasped and dug her nails into her breasts, pulling her nipples hard between her fingers she moaned “suck my clit” Cathy obliged, taking her petal like inner lips and clitoris into her mouth and sucking on her swollen flesh. Carl watched the two women for a while, stroking his cock which had not gone completely soft, he moved behind Cathy and kneeled to face her ample arse. He spread her cheeks and licked her pussy, Cathy responded by widening her legs to allow him better access, she was hot and wet, her scent flooded into Carl’s senses, he breathed in the heady aroma as he licked her stiff clit. He stood and placed his hard tip on her inner folds, rubbing up and down over her clit in a slow circular motion as he watched Cathy pulling on Linda’s clit with her lips, Carl lifted slightly pushing his cock into her, she groaned with a mouth full of pussy. Cathy met each of Carl’s thrusts causing a slurping slapping sound on each stroke; Linda was writhing beneath Cathy and was close to orgasm Carl quickened his pace and reached under to cup Cathy’s swinging breasts her nipples were like pieces of cork on marsh mellow pillows. Linda suddenly screamed and came, clamping her thighs around Cathy’s head, the sight of Linda coming made Carl pound harder into Cathy’s sopping cunt, until her orgasm pulsed through her vaginal walls, gripping Carl’s shaft and tipping him over the edge into his own orgasm, his swollen dick jerked inside her tightly gripping pussy, his orgasm was long and hard, almost painful, his balls had been emptied several times that morning, he almost fainted as he slowly withdrew from her, he collapsed onto the bed totally exhausted and more than a little sore.

Cathy said “why don’t you go and have a shower and freshen up” The two women were lying on the bed as Carl left the room and headed to the shower, he smelled of sweat and sex. The warm water made his skin tingle as he stood in the cubicle, his head flooded with all the images of the past few hours, he realised he hadn’t given a single thought to Lucy, he reflected on his sex life with her, and concluded that he had missed out on so much, surprisingly he did not feel guilty. After washing and drying himself he went down stairs to make a coffee for the three of them, remembering the sticking draw, he gave it a whack and slid it open, the bloody thing was so crammed full of utensils and assorted crap that every time it was closed some wooden spoon or potato masher would flick up and stop the draw from opening. He smiled to himself because it was the draw that had caused the blazing row last night.

With freshly brewed coffee he went back upstairs, on the landing he could hear the grunts and moans of sex, his dick twitched back to life as he crept to the open bedroom door. Linda and Cathy were sitting facing each other with their legs intertwined and their pussies rubbing together, Carl stood in the doorway and watched for a while, his cock was almost fully hard when Linda caught sight of him, she smiled and gestured for him to come in. “Come and watch” she said breathlessly, doubling her effort. Carl put the coffee cups on the dresser and stood over the two women watching their pussies grind together. Cathy started to come; she threw her head back and gave out a succession of little gasping moans, she let herself fall back onto the bed, Linda looked at her with a little annoyance, she had not come and by the look on her face and the size of her clitoris she was desperate, she looked at Carl with needy eyes, untangling her legs from Cathy’s, she lay back and spread her legs wide, Carl transfixed by her shaven pussy moved over to her, he was torn, he wanted to fuck her and come himself, but he was fearful that if she came one more time it would be over and he wanted desperately to lick her, he could not take the chance of missing out on her smooth flesh. Carl knelt on the floor and lowered his face to her mound, breathing her scent in deeply he kissed her soft inner thigh, looking all the time at her protruding inner lips, he wet two fingers and slipped them inside her pussy, Linda squirmed as he pressed his thumb onto her hard clitoris, she reached down and held her lips open with one hand and directed his head with her other to her clit, Carl sucked her engorged flesh into his mouth and greedily chewed with his lips not letting her genitals from his sucking mouth he flicked his tongue over the rubbery petals, sucking hard he let her pop from his mouth, he repeated this action five or six times, she was physically shaking, he eased a third finger inside, stretching her to her limit, he then flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit as he worked his fingers in and out of her. Linda strung a torrent of obscenities at him, encouraging him to make her come. Carl with drew his fingers and lifted her legs, pushing them back to her chest, he then slid his tongue from the top of her crack, over her clit, past her inner folds, down past her vagina, to her ass, he lapped at it with soft flat moist strokes, then he pointed his tongue and stabbed at it forcing in a little deeper each time. Linda rubbed her clit, faster and faster until her hand was a blur, Carls cock was twitching like mad, he thought he would come without even touching himself, he wet a finger and pushed against her ass, he worked it in and out “put another in” Linda hissed, Carl did as he was told, his second finger slipped in with the first, he massaged her sphincter then put two fingers from his other hand into her soaking pussy. This was finally enough to tip Linda over the brink, she screeched “yes, yes, yes” with each pulse of her orgasm, Carl nearly shot his load as he felt each contraction of her ass and cunt on his fingers. As her orgasm faded he couldn’t stand it, he knelt between her legs and drove his throbbing member fully home, even after her own climax Linda still responded by meeting his thrusts. It was over in just a few seconds; Carl stiffened his back and jetted his come into her.

Cathy had been watching from the other side of the bed, she applauded the pair of them and said “I don’t know about you two but I’m knackered, I’m off for a shower, then I suppose I had better start tea” Linda kissed Carl “I’m not just saying it, but that was possibly the best orgasm I have ever had” she said, Carl’s face reddened, “I can’t believe you are embarrassed after what’s gone on here today” she said, “I had better go. Thank you” Carl lifted himself slowly off her, his softening cock slid from her sticky cunt; Linda smiled and headed to Cathy’s bedroom where she had left her clothes. Carl dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen where Cathy was making tea. “I lost count of how many times I came today” she said as if chatting about nothing in particular. Carl could not believe the casual nature of her, after all, he had spent the best part of the day sucking and fucking his girlfriends Mother and her next door neighbour, “no, I can’t remember” he said. Later that evening while Lucy, her Mum and Carl were watching TV, Lucy leaned over and whispered into Carl’s ear “why don’t we make an early night of it, and perhaps we could finish what you started this morning”.





Band Bus First Timers

eljefe on Sex Stories

I remember my first time. I look on it with fondness, like a parent looking at his child learning (slowly and cute even) to throw his first baseball. Only I wasn't throwing my balls. It was after our first marching competition, we did alright making it into the finals. Didn't place too well but I didn't mind, that meant we left later than we normally would have: at about 11:30 pm. Wouldn't seem so bad if one didn't know it was a 4 hour charter bus ride. I think now would be the perfect time for a cliché flashback effect:

I sat in my seat, the window seat. Sure sounds mean that I, the boyfriend, takes the window seat, but hey, she doesn't like the cold. My girlfriend at the time was Sal

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ly, no wait her name was Meghan. Meghan with an H. That right, with an H. I'm kinda bad with remembering stuff, kinda killed some later relationships.

“Hey, Meghan, c'mon, sit down already, you can talk to Sarah from here, ” I shouted at her, patting the seat next to me. Putting on my best evil grin I lowered my voice and added, “I'm getting cold.”

She stood up from crouching in the aisle and whipped around to glare at me. I could feel my cock stir. She always had a way of doing that to me, more so than other girls. I looked at her, admiring her long, straight, shiny brown hair, her hazel eyes, and her lips. I looked down and lingered around her breasts, I think a 34C if I remember our last game of truth or dare correctly, and then moved down to her waist that accentuated her large, sexy ass. She swears somewhere in her family tree is a black person: I believe it.

I put on a silly face and she melted and sat down. I had a tendency of doing that.

About 45 minutes passed and most of the bus was asleep, including the chaperones. The victim of insomnia with the chaperones got up and turned off the movies while the driver turned off the lights. I got my big blanket (fleece, feels oh so warm) and let my girlfriend lay down on my lap so I could cover us up. Her friends fell asleep as soon as they had their pillows propped up behind their heads.

15 minutes went by. Felt like an hour, but I've learned silent calm hours are really about 15 minutes. A few whispers of late night conversations cold be heard in the back and front of the bus, nothing disturbing. I noticed Meghan was looking up at me. She had on that face, she wanted to be kissed.

So I kissed her. And then I kissed her again. Momentum built up and we began making out like demons. My tongue invaded her mouth and she obviously was determined not to be outdone. My hand moved from her shoulder slowly down to cup her perky breast. We both gasped a little, her feeling my hand and me realizing she didn't have on her bra. My cock started to harden. I slipped my hand under her shirt and began to roll her erect nipple in my fingers. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I felt her hand snake up my back and stop behind my head only to pull my head down and herself up to meet my lips.

We made out harder than before and I let my hand slip from her breast and slid down her firm stomach. It found the waistband of her pajama bottoms and quickly burrowed in. Another shock: no panties. And oh god was she wet. I started to rub her clit, slowly at first. We stopped kissing and she started to breath very heavily. If my cock wasn't already rock hard, I can tell you it was now. My middle finger suddenly thrust into her pussy and her entire body clenched.

I started moving my finger in and out, building up speed. The faster I went, the faster she breathed. I kissed her softly and she responded by grabbing my head again and assaulting my mouth. Then she moved her hand and stopped mine, pulling it out. I looked at her with confusion, about to ask why, but she put her finger to my lips, silencing me. She sat up and looked around the bus: all was quiet. She turned to me with that needy face and moved to straddle me.

“What if someone sees?” I whispered.

“They're asleep” she replied, her words quivering with excitement.

She moved my hand back down her pajama pants and I needed no more encouragement in resuming the fingering. I felt her hand seductively move down my chest to my own waistband. Electric shock rippled through me as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my rock hard member out of my boxers. She gasped as she wrapped her hand around my 7 inch shaft and started to pump up and down. Suddenly I realized I had stopped because the pleasure washed all over me, making me forget everything existed except for her hand on my cock. She used her other hand to pull mine out and put it on the side of her hips. She started pushing down, taking my hand and her bottoms down her thigh. She pulled my dick back and pushed her hips forward, making contact with her pussy and the tip of my dick. I nearly came right there.

“But, I don't have any condoms with me,” I half-heartedly protested thinking back to the akward sex-ed class.

She kissed me and whispered into my ear, “We don't need on, I have on my patch.”

With that she started to lower her virgin pussy onto my virgin cock. I was in heaven. The further down she went, the bigger the “O” her mouth made got. I could feel the tight virgin pussy squeeze my dick. The feeling was intense. About a quarter of the way in her knees buckled and she fell, filling her all the way up. I quickly kissed her passionately to drown out both of our moans. Slowly she moved her hips up and down, forming a rhythm with my small thrusts, each one taking me higher and higher into ecstasy land. It was amazing, feeling her soaking wet pussy squeeze my penis. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I looked at her face that looked as if she was in pain and whispered “I'm about to cum!”

I tried to simultaneously pull down and push her up to get out, but she moved my hand and just began moving her hips faster and faster repeating, “Just cum in me, cum in me,” in my ear.

Suddenly I felt it arrive, I grabbed her big ass and nearly slammed it down on my cock while stretching my head back. I felt my load shoot into her and hear her moan as I felt her pussy tighten and her body shudder as she came with me.

The throbbing slowly faded away and I looked into her eyes that started to tear up with pleasure and kissed her.

She slowly unmounted and deftly (to this day I don't know how) pulled off her pajama bottoms, put on a pair of white panties, and put back on the bottoms. We kissed again as she fell back into my lap and slowly fell asleep with a smile on her face. Obviously there was a smile on mine too. I glanced around and thought I saw one of her friends eyes suddenly close and a grin appear on her face. Things were going to get interesting when we got back...

My neighbor !

Boltturner on Sex Stories

My Neighbor.


I am a forty six year old man who has just bought a new house in a rural neighborhood !

Just financially recovered from a bad divorce, I decided it was time to get out of the apartment I was stayin in and buy a house.

The Saturday that I was moving in, all the neighbors came to say hello, they were all very nice and invited me to their homes for dinner or beers.

Most of them were my age or older, but one couple that stopped by had brought there twenty six year old daughter with them, she was drop dead georgous, 5'6" 110 lbs with shoulder length black hair and a rock hard body! Her tits were fairly small but looked to be hard as the rest of her body.

There was no explanation why she was stay

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ing with them, they just introduced her as their daughter, Kyla, and that she was twenty six.

I thought I had seen her somewhere before, but couldnt figure out just where!

Several weeks later, I was working in the yard when I heard a "Hello" ! I turned around to see Kyla on her bicycle, she had on black spandex bike shorts and a white tube sports top.

Hey Kyla how are you? Mark I see you have a road bike hanging in your garage, do you ride?

I havent ridden in years, but need to get back at it.

I ride four times a week, you are welcome to join me if you think you can keep up, laughing as she rode away!

She had one of the best lookin asses I had ever seen, I knew that the chain on my bike was going to get lubricated soon.

I am forty six years old but still in very good shape, I work out at the gym farily reguarly and have maintained a good looking body.

I am 6'2" 200lbs and grey hair with dark skin and moustache.

I got the bike out of the garage and brought it back up into shape and rode several times solo just to get the feel of riding again, it felt really good!

Saturday morning I was working around the yard when Kyla walked up, Hi Mark how are you?

Great and you? Oh ok, just tired of having to stay with my parents, they are kinda old fashioned.

Why is that Kyla?

Well they will not let me lay out by the pool and sunbathe nude!

Blushing a bit, I reply that my pool is always available just help yourself!

Oh Mark, are you joking?

Not at all, I sunbathe nude myself...

Well I may take you up on the offer later, so do you want to go for a bike ride?

Sure, how far you going to go? Until you get tired and we have to turn around she said laughing!

I will meet you at the corner in fifteen minutes, miss smart ass!!!!

Fifteen minutes later we were peddling at a very brisk pace towards the base of the Rockies twenty five miles away, uphill.

Kyla took the lead and I was following her, with ease, about ten feet behind just staring at the finest ass I may have ever seen.

She would glance over shoulder and see if i was still behind her, about thirty minutes out she let go of her bars and sat up on her seat, I pulled along side and asked her if she was out of breath or what?

Nope not at all she said, just wanting to give you a break, so you wont croak of a heart attack !

We can rest when we get back to my house, lets get back at it, smart ass, she laughed and went to sprinting, with me right on her ass dreaming of how it was going to feel !

Can I take a shower she ask when we returned to my driveway? Sure the one at the pool house has extra towels and some shampoo that my daughter and her friends left!

Mark, I wont to put my bike in your garage so my "Old Fashioned" parents dont see it!!

Shit Kyla you are a grown woman, you should not have to hide from them!

Mark can I explain later, I need a shower!

So I put our bikes in the garage as she headed to the shower!

I went through the kitchen and grabed us both a beer and headed to the pool.

When she got out of the shower she had only wrapped a towel around her tits and it just barely covered her ass.

Damn she looked so, damn hot!

She popped open one of the beers and said, ok your turn, so I headed to the shower thinking about what she was thinking.

After my shower I also just wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back for my beer and lounge chair.

She was sitting there running her fingers through her hair as I returned to the shaded pool area.

Did you enjoy your shower she asked?

Yes I did but it would have been much better if we had showered together !!

Blushing, she replies, you are a perv you know! Laughing.

Nope, not a perv, just like what I see!

Being somewhat bolder, I told her that she was a drop dead gorgeous lady that I would love to get my lips and hands on her hard little body.

She had been turned sideway from me across the glass top cabana table until now, and Mark what would you do with your lips and hands, as she turned to face me?

I could nearly see her pussy throught the clear table but it was still covered by her towel.

Oh, do you really want me to tell you?

Please do, because for some reason I have become very wet!

Well lets see if this OLD MAN can get you any wetter than you allready are!!!!!!

I was staring at her covered snatch through the table, and she ask, do you like what you are staring at?

I am fairly sure that I do like it, but, I cannot see it with that damn towel covering it up!

Teasingly she asked if she should remove her towel and let me take a peek, taking the last drink from her beer, she reached up and removed the towel and threw it aside!!!

She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, it was completly shaven with a small strip left just above her clit, and her tits 34 b's were standing perfectly straight up with dark nipples the size of large pencil erasers.

I was speechless, Like what you see mark?

Well yes I do Kyla!

Ok she says, I have shown you mine, now it is time to show me yours !!!

Let me get us another beer, then I will show you mine!

I stood up only with the towel wrapped around me and my semi erection, I could see her gasp a little.

My cock is ten inches long and very large in girth.

I went into the kitchen to get us another beer, and checked the doors to make sure they were all locked, and they were.

Returning to the patio, Kyla had reclined her lounge chair and was laying back with her hands behind her head with her pretty brown titties standing straight up.

As I handed her the beer, I leanded over and started to kiss her on her neck, her hand instantly went under my towel.

She grabed my cock and slowly started moving her hand back and forth, god what a big cock you have, do you mind if I remove your towel?

Once she had thrown the towel aside she leaned over and gave my cock a kiss on the head, I was now at full attention!

She started to lick around the head at a very slow pace, I could tell instantly that she had no intentions of this being an afternoon quickie, she was here for a full ride.

She slowly started to wrap her lips around the head of my cock, moving it in and out of her mouth, but just the head.

She says there is only one thing I like better than giving a man head, thst is for him to lick my pussy until I squirt his face and chest!!!

I nearly blew a load right then and there, are you a squirter I asked?

I have been with many women in my life but have never experienced a squirter.

I had begun to believe that female squirting just a myth.

Was I ever proven wrong, I would be squirted two times in the next thirty minutes with the sweetest tasting pussy nectar you could possibly imagine.

By my new neighbors twenty six year old, live at home daughter.

Well Kyla, I must experience your squirting abilites as soon as possible!

She got up and lay back onto the glass top table and started to run her fingers through her now moist pussy slit.

In seconds, juices started flowing from her slit onto my table, I was totally mystified as she continued her sexy handy work.

She had never taken her left hand from my cock, she now pulls me forward, close enough to where I could easily stick my cock into her wet snatch.

She then told me that she did not want me to enter her, that she was going to rub my cock head on her pussy and clit and for me to just watch, and to pinch her nipples if I wanted to.

She slowly circled her clit with the head of my cock, and I could feel her heartbeat transfering through my cockhead, this was very stimulating......

Slowly she increased the speed of which she was circling her clit with my cockhead, she started to rub it up and down her clit until I heard her start to growl.

Mark, are you ready for me to squirt you all over your chest and face?

Yes I said, and at that time, she just froze, then tilted her head back and began to squirt, it was magnicifant, all over my chest and groin.

I leaned forward so it would hit me in my face, and had my first taste of Kyla's pussy nectar, it was very sweet and smelled of raw sex.

She squirted for thirty seconds, in burst, that sometimes hit the ceiling fan above the table, I had never seen anything like this, but knew I would see it many times in the future.

Kyla's eyes finally opened and she was smiling, so, OLD MAN what did you think of that???

That has to have been the wildest and most erotic sexual experience ever Kyla.

She just rolled off the table and ran to jump in the pool, leaving me standing there with the hardest cock, it was throbing and needing a place to unload.

I jumped into the pool head first and swam between her legs, I turned around and grasp her from behind grabbing a tit in both hands, my dick was between her legs and she was looking down at it in awe!

I have screwed several guys in my life, but none have had a cock anywhere near the size of yours Mark.

I want you to fuck me hard, and I mean hard, do you understand????

I began to rub her little pussy with the tips of my fingers and her head came around and our lips met, it was the first time we had kissed and her tongue was hard as my cock was.

Releasing from our passionate kiss, I began to rub her clit with just a small amount of pressure, she started moaning and said, lets go to the bedroom and do this right!

I carried her from the pool towards my bedroom with my mouth locked onto hers, her tongue was dancing.

Her pussy was wet and ready for my cock, she says that she is ready and that I have to, pull out of her so she may squirt.

Dont worry I will tell you when.

I started the tip of my cock into her tiny pussy slit and it was met with tight resistance, push, push she moans, it will stretch, and then the head started to slide in a inch at a time. Kyla was breathing heavy and wincing just a bit, so I stopped.

Are you ok Kyla?

Yes I am hurting just a bit but it is subsiding, I have never had anything inside of me as big as the end of a baseball bat, the big end she exclaimed...

She slowly started pushing her ass towards me and it starts inching in, inch by inch. About eight inches is all she can take, so she stops and her pussy muscles start to ripple from the head to the end of the eight inches that are buried in her.

Kyla has the hardest ass and tightest pussy, from riding her bike all the time.

She has muscle control that has no way of describing, it is so damn good, she just waves her muscles like ripples the entire length of my shaft.

I was just starting to move back and forth when she screamed at me to pull out, now!!!

As my cock head popped from her pussy, a stream of pussy juice followed it out and started squirting me all over, her ass was arched as high in the air as her back, and legs would allow.

I leaned my face into the spray of juices and tried to get as much as I could into my mouth, I wanted to swallow her sweet cum!!

She started growling and giggling at the same time, and she raised up, grabbed my cock and guided it back into her dripping pussy, that is going to happen many more times, she tells me, and it does!!!!

Damn, I never knew a woman had that much juice in them, the sheets of my bed were completley saturated after her first squirt!

After she had guided the head of my cock back into her tight slit she thrusted her hips hard, and took my full length, until it hit her womb, she held me there for just a few seconds and again screamed for me to pull out, same as before, but she squirted more this time, and I swallowed as much as I could.

I was in shock, just looking at her little pussy with cum gushing out of it, onto my bed.

Kyla's clit was bright red and she wanted me to put it between my teeth and grind it while she sucked my cock, within minutes of her mouth sucking on my cock, I started to cum, it felt like I cummed into her mouth for five minutes, and she swallowed every bit of it.

Damn what a woman I was thinking,as we were both laying back on the bed exhausted.

Kyla says she is going for a shower, and then sunbathing for an hour or two at the pool, do you want to join me?

May I wash your entire body, as I wish?

Sure she says.

I followed her to the pool house, watching her perfect ass and body!

If any man could create a cyber woman, it would be Kyla, she is stunningly beautiful.

She turned on the shower and pulled me inside with her, we began hugging and kissing like we would never see each other again!

I had never lost my hardon, so it was poking her in her crotch,so with one leg raised she reaches down and guides my cock into her hot pussy, jumps up and throws her legs around my ass and impales herself onto my cock!

Shitttttttttttttttttt did this feel good, I started bouncing her up and down the full length of my shaft!

She was shouting in my ear that she was cumming and to please not stop and do not pull out this time. I want you to shoot your load into me as hard as you can Mark!!!!!

I got into a fast rythym and kept this fucking action going for the next twenty minutes, Kyla was having an orgasm just about every two minutes and screaming continuosly that she is cumming!

I finally started blasting my hot cum deep into her pussy, her pussy was so tight that none of my cum leaked out around my shaft, until I pulled it from inside of her, and it gushed out all over the tile floor like a river!

We just held each other trying to regain our breath, until the shower water was completly cold!

Both of us head to the pool chairs exhausted for some sun and refreshments!

Rubbing lotion on her,I asked her about her relationship with her parents?

She became very distant about the subject not wanting to talk about it at all.

But I insisted she explain to me what was the problem and why she was living with them!

Mark I am twenty six and not proud at all about living with the folks, but I have no other choice at this time in my life!

I am, no I was, an athletic sports trainer working with professional athletes, but one sorry ass basketball player filed a mal practice law suit against me for a back injury he says I caused.

I recently lost the law suit and have lost everything I owned including my liscense to practice in this state.

I have been in a very torn emotional state for the last two months, you are the first person other than my parents that I have talked to. Now that I have told you all of my problems you probably will have nothing to do with me!!!

Now I recognize you, you were on the news, I knew I had seen you somewhere before.

Kyla everyone knows that whole deal was total bullshit, dont kick yourself for what happened!

It is hard to believe how much power these pro atheletes have and their bullshit tactics to harm innocent people.

Mark do you really think that is truly happened to me? Yes I do, she got up and with tears running down her face she hugged and kissed me for ten minutes.

I wish my parents thought the same way as you did!

Are they blaming you for what happened Kyla?

Yes they are, they say I was running a sloppy bussiness and should have taken better care of my practice!

Lets go over there and get your belongings right now, I want you to move in with me!

Three months later I married the hottest woman on earth and have been traveling the globe since.

Kyla is now a partner in my company .


More later...

Nat likes what Kat likes.

Vaughan on Sex Stories

Hi i'm Seb and I have been living with my girlfreind and her sister for the last two years and all had been pretty tame until the xmas just gone.

My girlfriend Nat is spanish and is a fiery woman in the bed room. We are both sex addicts and it was rare for us to go longer than a day or two with out it. Her sister Katarina or Kat as i called her is the more timid one and although she is to die for sexy she is single and seems happy that way. Atleast thats what i thought.

On boxing I had come home from a big luncheon where I had left Nat to visit her Pearents. I had thought that Kat would be with her pearents too and that I was coming home to an empty house. I wlaked in and stripped down to my boxers as it was stinking hot and Nat had made me where the presents that her pere

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nts had giving me inculding jeans and a jumper. I was about to enter the bathroom when i heard a something. I stopped in my tracks and listened more intently. I heard it again, a little moan coming from the bathroom. The door was open ever so slightly so i knelt down and peered through the gap. There in all her glory with one leg up on the bath was Kat rubbing her clitty and caresing her breasts.

My hand instinctivly moved dowb to my cock which was already one the rise and grabbed it and started to work it. I continued to watch as she looked at her self in the mirror while continuing to play with her self. Her momentum grew and her hips where flexing back and forth into her hand. Then she started moaning louder and panting "fuck me fuck me" over and over. I was now rubbing my cock into a frenzy as I watched her and i knew i wasnt going to last long at the pass i was setting. Then she said somthing that changed everything. Still panting fuck me she then started to add some phrases. first she siad "fuck me like you fuck my sister" then "i'll show you how timid i am fuck my ass SEb".

My hand froze on my cock as I realized she was fatasizing about me and then started stroking again when I heard her say my name. By this time she had the fingers of one hand rubbing her clit the the index finger of the other hand up her ass. Nat had never let me fuck her ass even though I had asked 100 times. I was ready to explode right there and I started to moan too. She heard me and glanced over to see my outline between the crack in the door cock in hand. She froze, as did i but then she just turned to face me and kept going. I took her lead and prized the door open some more and kept going also.

There on my knees at the entrance to my bathroom while my Kat took herself over the edge I came in a grunting growing mess all over the floor. Kat was shivering and shaking through her own climax as she watched me pump every last drop from my aching member. We stayed in silence and all I could do was smile foolishly. Was this going to end my relationship with my girl friend? Was this going to go any further with Kat a thousand question that cant be answered today but can in the future.......

The Teacher's Sucking Lips

Brigit Astar on Sex Stories

It was Friday afternoon very near the end of the sixth and final period of the school day. Jeannie Boyce sat at her desk in the classroom and watched the students gathering their books and papers and baggage and getting ready to dash out. The bell finally rang and she watched as the students scrambled and dashed for the door. She noticed that one of the students did not join the scramble. She saw him walk back to the rear of the classroom and open the door of the cloakroom and enter it. She waited at her desk for a few minutes, but the student did not come out of the cloakroom. She walked to the rear of the classroom, hesitated for a bit, and then opened the door and looked in the cloakroom. What she saw startled her to say the least. She saw the student standing there with his cock out

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stroking it. She couldn't help but see that he had a full erection; his dick stood out hard and thick and throbbing as he stroked it up and down. She stood there speechless as he turned toward her, pointing his rigid prick at her and looking straight at her face as he rubbed his cock. She was at a loss what to do; she finally broke away and walked out of the cloakroom...

Later that day she kicked off her shoes and laid back in an easy chair in her apartment and sipped a drink as she reflected on the week that was. She pursed her lips and nodded in satisfaction. All in all, it had been a good week—far better than she had expected; for she had completed her first week of teaching, and nothing catastrophic had happened; she had made no major foul-ups, and nothing really bad had occurred. Her students were for the most part "okay"; a few were rambunctious, but that was to be expected from ninth graders—most of them fourteen or fifteen years old. Yes, all in all, it went pretty good, she thought, all but the incident of seeing the student in the cloakroom. She smiled wryly. But even that was not a catastrophe or a foul-up. It's funny, she thought. I suppose I should have reported the boy, or admonished him, or something, but ... my goodness, he just stood there, looking at me, and stroking his ... Umm—his name is Calvin; fourteen, I guess ... he just kept stroking it ... thick and stiff for a fourteen-year-old boy—umm ... Should I report him? ... No, not for that ... gee, but his—his thing was so thick and stiff—throbbing, straining, and he kept stroking it and pointing it at me—and looking at me...

Her throat and mouth were dry; she gulped and licked her lips; her heart was absolutely thudding, and a fizzy tingling had begun in her pussy and had shot upward to her breasts...

She sighed and wagged her head. Ah—it's been too long, she thought; too long since I had a ... how long? Three months? It's just that—here I am, in this new position; I don't know anyone yet—at school or anywhere else—first week of school and teaching and all...

Periodically, through the weekend, she found herself thinking of the student, of his stroking his thick stiff throbbing prick, pointing it right at her, and looking at her as he stroked the cock...

The following Monday she was in the middle of her sixth period class; she had given her students problems to be solved, and they were to raise their hands if they needed help. She saw the boy raise his hand and she walked back to him. He sat in the last row in the rear, his desk behind all the others. She stood over him, and he pointed down on his workbook. "I don't understand how to do this," he said. As she looked down she saw that he had his hand on his crotch and was stroking it. She saw that he had a bulging hard-on.

Toward the end of the sixth period, she passed out graded papers to the students; she walked around the room handing the papers to them. When she walked back to his desk to give him his paper she saw that he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. He looked straight at her as he rubbed his thick stiff throbbing cock.

The bell rang and the students scrambled and dashed for the door—all but Calvin. She noticed that he had made his way to the cloakroom.

Her throat and mouth were suddenly dry; her heart thumped. She got up and walked back to the cloakroom, hesitated, and then opened the door.

The boy stood there stroking his cock. Jeannie looked down at it, and gulped and licked her lips. He walked toward her and tugged his cock up. Jeannie gave out a little gasping sound, and then she went down on her knees, grasped his hips, opened her lips and took the prick in.

The boy clutched her head and drove his dick in her mouth, and she began sucking his cock.

The boy was no virgin; he knew what to do. He let her suck his prick for a few minutes, but he didn't want to shoot his wad in her mouth. He wanted to fuck her. In just a few minutes, he had her down on the floor and was pumping his cock in her pussy,

Jeannie had her arms and legs wrapped around him and was fucking back at him. She was so wrapped up in the fucking that she failed to hear the door of the cloakroom being opened or see the person who had opened it and had stood there for a few minutes watching. The door closed again....

The next day Jeannie was surprised and alarmed to receive a summons to the principal's office. She felt a sense of trepidation about it, and wondered what it could be. Maybe an evaluation, she thought.

She entered the office and looked nervously at the principal, Mr. Stone. He was a heavy-set man with a ruddy complexion and a flinty look. He didn't glare at her but he did fix her with a somber gaze. He stood up from his desk and moved around it and came to within three feet of her. He held a folder.

"Ms. Boyce, I've been reviewing your file," he said. "You've been teaching here for a week." He closed the folder and pitched it onto the desk.

"Yes, sir," she replied. "This makes my second week."

"And how do you like teaching here?"

"Oh, I like it, sir, it's great. Everything about it has been good."

"You want to continue teaching here?"

"Why, yes sir. Very much so."

"Well, I'm afraid that may not be possible."

Jeannie quailed back till her rear end touched against the desk. "Wha ... what, sir? Uh—I mean—I don't understand."

"Well, I'll make it clear to you. Your behavior, your conduct, has been, shall I say, less than becoming. To be specific, you've committed an act, which has no grounds for appeal. I refer to your actions with your student in the cloakroom yesterday."

Jeannie's face blanched and her lower lip dropped. She started to speak, but nothing came out but a stutter.

"Of course, there is no excuse or appeal you can make. Ordinarily, you would be summarily dismissed immediately—terminated, and I don't have to tell you that it would mark the end of your teaching—anywhere. I would be the one to dismiss you—it's up to me."

"Mr. Stone—I don't think—I mean—I—"

"Ms. Boyce, yesterday, when you were in the cloakroom, you didn't see or notice the door being opened and someone seeing you with the student. That someone was I, Ms. Boyce. I saw you and the student, saw what you were doing. So there's no need for you to deny it or try to justify it."

She gulped, wagged her head and looked down. There was nothing she could say.

"As I said, Ms. Boyce, it's up to me, if you are dismissed or not. Now, the way I see it is this: Perhaps something can be worked out. It's up to you, Ms. Boyce."

"Something can be worked out?"

"Yes, Ms. Boyce. You know what I mean. It can be worked out—here and now."

She saw the way he was looking at her body. She also saw the pointed throbbing bulge in his pants. She then realized what the score was. And she also realized that she really had no choice, and there was no decision to be made anyway. Of course she would acquiesce.

"What ... what do you want me to do?" she asked.

He walked over to the door and locked it, and then came back and stood close to her. "You know what to do," he said. He nodded toward her blouse. "The top--and the bottom."

She understood and she complied. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Then she slid her skirt down. He nodded. "Okay, all the rest too—the top—and the bottom."

She unhooked her bra and pulled it off, and then slid her panties down and off.

Mr. Stone looked at her naked body, and he gave out an "Umm." He reached out and clutched her titties and rubbed and squeezed them. He grasped her behind her legs and lifted and pushed her back onto the desk, and lifted her legs and drew them back. He went down on her, rubbing his mouth on her pussy and sliding his tongue along the slit. He clasped her hips and jammed his tongue in her cunt.

Jeannie gasped at the sensation of his tongue jabbing in her pussy. She thrust her cunt up, pressing it on his mouth.

He slid his tongue out and pulled her forward. He hurriedly unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He grasped her around her hips and pulled her forward onto his prick.

He drove his thick hard cock up her cunt, digging it in, stuffing it deep. Then he pulled back a few inches and drove it forward again.

Jeannie wrapped her arms around his shoulders and locked her legs around his waist. He then proceeded to fuck her royally.

"Ohh, ahh, umm, ahh," Jeannie gasped and fucked back at him.

He went down on her tits, licking and sucking them as he pumped the meat to her.

"Unh, ahh, ooh—ahh, umm," Jeannie cooed out as he screwed her cunt.

He gave a mighty heave and crammed his cock in her cunt and let her have it. He squirted a gob of cum deep in her pussy.

Jeannie thrust her cunt up and tightened her muscles. Her pussy sucked on his cock, sucking up his cum.

Jeannie felt good about it. She knew that now she was "protected"; she knew that the principal was on her side, so to speak. She was free—free to suck and fuck, and she intended to do just that.

At the end of the sixth and final period of the school day, Jeannie went to the cloakroom where the fourteen-year-old student had gone. She sucked his cock, and he fucked her mouth. She wrapped her legs around the boy, and he thrust his prick in her cunt. "Ahh—fuck me, boy, fuck your teacher," Jeannie gasped to him, as he pumped his boy cock in his teacher's pussy. "Ah yes, umm—so fucking good," she cooed.

He drove his dick up her cunt and squirted his boy cum deep in her pussy. "Ooh yes—oh sweet fucking boy, ummm yes," she panted as he pumped cum in her cunt.

This is great, Jeannie thought. I can suck and fuck every day here at school ... and there are dozens of students here—boys with nice stiff cocks just waiting to be sucked and to fuck their teacher. And there's the principal Mr. Stone also. I'm going to suck him too.

There was a boy in her third period class that she had her eye on. He was fifteen years old, and big and husky for his age. She got him in the cloakroom, and he couldn't believe his good fortune. His teacher sucked his cock, deep-throating him. Then she got on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up and told him to fuck her from behind. He drove his boy cock up his teacher's rear-end.

Jeannie was in heaven. This is so great, she thought. All the cock I could want is right here in this school. All I could want to fuck me ... all the cock I could want to suck.

Getting Even With Sis

badlybent on Sex Stories

Jess was fuming. How could her sister do something like that? It wasn't just enough that she'd humiliated her in front of her friends last night, but now she'd been bollocked by her parents.

It had just been a bloody party. It was what you were supposed to do when your parents were away. For fucks sake she was eighteen! And ok so she should probably have let Sarah in on the plan – inviting her would probably have been a good plan, but to do what she did.


The phone call that had just come through from Spain had been the final straw. It wasn't fucking fair. If Sarah hadn't been out all day there'd have been hell to pay. As it was it had been stewing up in Jess over the day and now she was reaching
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boiling point.

Ring ring...

The phone went again and she grabbed it from the cradle in frustration.


"Jess it's me –"

It was her delightful big sister...

"Fuck off Sarah" "Look Jess I haven't got time now, I'm calling from a phone box. Tom's going to be there any minute, but my train's been delayed and I won't be there till 5." "Shame..." "Look just give him the message will you Jess? He'll have to find something to keep him entertained till I get there."

Jess crashed the phone back down. Tom was Sarah's long distance boyfriend. He was coming down today from Plymouth and staying till Friday.

Ding Dong.

As the doorbell chimed it seemed to strike a chord in Jess's head, and a wicked idea for getting her own back began to stir.

She jumped off the bed and scampered downstairs to the front door. As her fingers grasped the handle she glanced sideways into the mirror and brushed a few stray dark hairs back into place around her pretty face.

"Tom!" she smiled welcomingly as she pulled open the door. He was cuter than she remembered – five years older than her and much more mature than her eighteen-year-old boyfriends. She didn't know what he was doing with Sarah.

"Hi Jess," he grinned in return and she couldn't help but notice him quickly look her up and down.

"Come in, come in," she beckoned and led him inside the house. She took his bag from him and laid it in the hall, and then helped him off with his coat.

The perfect hostess...

"Sarah called just before you got here," Jess began apologetically. "Unfortunately her train's stuck somewhere and she's not going to be here for ages. Not till 6 at least she said."

Liar liar, pants on fire.

"Oh," Tom replied disappointedly. "Not to worry I suppose."

"Well it's a bit unfair," Jess stirred. "You travel halfway across the country to see her and she can't even be back on time to meet you!"

"That's ok..."

"Well I think it's a bit slack," she said dismissively, "but don't worry, I'll look after you till she gets here."

"Don't worry I'll be..." he began.

"It's my pleasure" she said coyly. "Now you'd probably like a drink after your journey..."

She left him on the sofa with a beer in his hand, and slipped upstairs to change.


'He'll have to find something to keep him entertained' Sarah had said... Jess knew just the thing... Her...

She stepped out of her jeans, and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Just slipping into something more comfortable...

Rummaging through her drawers, Jess searched through her bikinis, looking for the right one. She pulled out a bright yellow one with orange markings. She hadn't worn it for a while because it was a bit small, but it was perfect for today.

Standing in front of the mirror Jess unclipped her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts might not have been as large as her sister's but they were beautiful, standing proudly out from her chest. She pulled the bikini up under them and fastened the string around her back.

The result was just what she was after. Her pert tits pressed hard against the flimsy top, which showed plenty of the tops and sides, and left little to the imagination. She changed into the matching bottoms, and tied a sarong around her small waist to complete the effect.

How could he resist?

As Jess re-entered the lounge Tom's eyes widened as he feasted them on her lithe body. She had a pretty good tan and the bikini contrasted nicely with her skin colour. She smiled in satisfaction as his gaze ran down her body over her chest and down her flat stomach, then further down her slim athletic legs.

She bounced onto the sofa beside Tom and laid her head innocently on his shoulder, her hair tickling his cheek. She could feel his body tense slightly at her touch.

"How are you doing Tom?" she asked. "Bored?"


"I thought I'd change and get out in the sun for a bit. Fancy joining me?" She gave him the puppy dog eyes. How could he refuse?

As he followed her outside she wiggled her bum sexily as she walked, and could almost feel his gaze burning into it. She made sure to bend over provocatively and pick up a blanket and sun-cream on the way.

The back garden was small and private, and the sun was warm against her bare skin. Tom sat on the blanket in his shorts and shirt and she sat by him rubbing cream into her tanned legs. His eyes followed her hands as they trailed up and down, and after untying her sarong, she purposefully spent a long time massaging it into her inner thighs.

"Aren't you hot Tom?" she asked.

If he noticed the double entendre he did well to conceal it. "It is pretty warm" he agreed, and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Oh you are hot Tom!" she giggled flirtatiously, and pulled his shirt away from his chest for a quick glimpse! "I can see what Sarah sees in you!" She lay down on her front next to him.

Tom raised his eyebrow curiously, but grinned and slipped his shirt off completely.

"Well I must say you're not bad yourself young Jessica" he teased, again taking the opportunity to strip her with his eyes.

She smiled modestly and looked down. "Well you..." she began but trailed off. "No..."

"What?" Tom asked.

"No, nothing."

"Come on," Tom bit, "what were you going to say?"

"Well..." she bit her lip as if unsure whether to go on. "I was going to say you wouldn't mind if I... if I went... You see I normally take my top off out here so I don't get strap marks..." She flitted her eyes away self consciously.

What an actress.

Tom cleared his throat and tried to keep his composure. It was hard. "No sure that's fine, whatever, do whatever you like." He gabbled.

Jess sat up, catching him by surprise, and pulled the halter over her neck. Then, looking him directly in the eye she slowly reached behind her to undo the knot of her bikini.

As it fell into her lap Tom swallowed hard and his tongue flicked at his lips. His eyes ran across her bare chest and over her nubile breasts, feasting on the smooth skin and dark firm nipples.

"Wow..." he stammered out.

"Oh don't..." Jess tipped her head to one-side. "I know my boobs aren't as big as Sarah's".

"" Tom managed, "but wow they're fantastic... If you don't mind me saying that is..."

"No... that's ok," she smiled coyly as she reached for the sun-cream.

She sat cross legged and unscrewed the top, it was quite a full bottle and she knew that, so it didn't really need the big squeeze she gave it as she held it in front of her chest.

"Oops!" she gasped as a spray of thick white cream spurted out across her tits. "Now look what I've done."

She thought Tom's eyes would burst from his skull as the sticky white trail ran down into the valley between her firm boobs. He shifted awkwardly in his seat, and then again as her right hand moved up to rub the cream slowly into her skin. Her fingers stroked it into the side of her right breast and then across the front and over the aureole. Her palm rubbed over the smooth skin and then across to her left breast which she cupped as she spread the cream in and rubbed her thumb over the nipple.

Tom gritted his teeth and let out a sigh as he watched this obscene private show. Jess heard his sigh and smiled to herself.

Revenge is going to be sweet.

"Would you do my back?" she asked sweetly.

"Of course," Tom jumped at the opportunity.

Jess leant forward across his thighs, her bare breasts pressing into his lap. Tom could barely believe it, his girlfriend's pretty little sister lying across his lap in nothing but a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms. He picked up the cream and squirted it across her shoulder blades.

Jess smirked. He'd bitten and now there was no going back. He wouldn't be able to resist her now she was sure.

And judging by the hardness pressing against her he didn't want to anyway.

She relaxed her body as his strong hands worked the cream into her skin. It felt good. And for the first time now in this game she began to get aroused herself, thinking about what she was doing.

What she was trying to get him to do to her.

As he finished rubbing her back she rolled over on his thighs and stared up at him. As he looked down at her sexy face her pert breasts pointed up at him and he couldn't resist dropping a hand down to her chest.

"Tom..." she gasped as his fingers ran across her nipple.

"Shit Jess, we shouldn't be doing this," he protested pathetically.

"Doing what?" she giggled as her hand reached under her to his shorts and began to rub at his crotch.

"What if Sarah comes back..." he sighed.

"It's what, 4:30 now? We've got an hour and a half before she'll be home..." Jess lied, knowing all too well that her sister would be back at 5:00.

She knelt up across his lap and pushed him backwards onto the blanket, as her fingers went to the top of his shorts. Tom's protesting faded then and there as she pulled them slowly down under her and off his legs, leaving him naked underneath her.

"Mmmm" she groaned as his hard dick pressed against her bikini-clad crotch.

"Oh yeah..." he moaned back in agreement as she writhed on top of him.

She leaned forward and kissed him forcefully on the lips, and then trailed down to his chest, her hair tickling his skin. As her lips worked down his body Tom lifted his hips in arousal, pressing his dick against her naked tits. It nestled there between them as she kissed at his stomach, and then it was in her hand, and her lips were pressed softly against the tip.

"God Jess..." Tom mumbled.

"Mmmm" was all she could manage as his dick slid between her lips and into her tight mouth. Her tongue worked hard on his shaft as she bobbed her head lower and took as much as she could into her mouth.

Tom was in heaven. Sarah didn't much like giving blowjobs, and would rarely suck his dick, but her cute little sister seemed to delight in it, and he wasn't going to try and stop her.

Jess used her fist to slowly wank him into her mouth as her lips noisily slurped around his dick. He gasped.

She slid him out of her mouth and said arrogantly, "Am I better than her?"

"Oh yeah..." Tom moaned.

He rolled her over onto her back and lay between her legs. It was his turn now to taste her.

"Mmmm Tom," she mewled as he kissed across her flat stomach and down over her bikini bottoms. Gently he slipped the moist material aside and stared at her juicy cunt. She shifted slowly under his gaze and tensed as his finger stroked down the side of her lips.

Tom lowered his head as his finger teased her pussy, and tentatively flicked his tongue across her clit.

"Oh..." she trembled.

He probed harder as she squirmed beneath him and her thighs clamped tightly around his head.

God he knew his stuff, thought Jess as he slipped a finger deep inside her. Sarah had kept that quiet... Her hands stroked the back of his head before moving up her body and caressing her boobs, while all the time his tongue lapped at her cunt.

He lifted his head and kissed her tits lightly, sucking on her small, hard nipples. She groaned again and kissed the top of his head, and then his lips as his head turned to face her.

"Fuck me," she whispered in his ear.

His face was full of lust.

She rolled him over onto his back and straddled him once again. Reaching under her with her hand she found his throbbing dick and pressed it hard against her wet cunt.

They both shook with lust.

"Wait," he said, "I'll get...."

She put a finger to his lips to silence him.

"It's ok... I'm on the pill."

She placed his dick against her and slid down slowly onto her knees, gasping as he sank deep within her.

"Oh god..." he murmured in pleasure. "Sarah never lets me without a condom..."

She raised her hips again and ground her pelvis down against him, loving the feel of his dick inside her. His hands reached up to her face as she bounced on top of him and she sucked seductively at his finger.

She panted with exertion as she fucked herself on his cock and groaned out as his hands left her face and found her up-thrust tits. He rubbed his palms roughly across her nipples and crushed her boobs together hard, cupping one in each hand.

If only sis could see them now...

She would...

Her hair hung across her face as he began to fuck hard against her, and they both grunted out their pleasure. She hoped the neighbours weren't gardening...

Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, she slid from on top of him. He looked up at her in disappointment and she smiled.

"Just moving" she laughed, "don't worry..."

She turned her back on him and knelt down on the grass, falling forward onto her hands and knees. Tom wasted no time as she turned and pouted at him, he knelt up behind her and pressed his dick quickly into her from behind.

"Ungh..." she grunted out as he thrust deeply into her. He was rougher this way and she loved it as he pounded in and out of her. His hand reached round and mauled at her tits and she sank her head submissively into the grass.

"Harder," she gasped out as he fucked against her.

"Whatever... you... say..." Tom breathed out as he began to push into her even harder.

"Oh...oh...oh...oh... ugh... ugh... uh..." she squealed as he took her from behind. It wasn't long she knew, and as much as she wanted to give in to the pleasure she was feeling she needed to keep an eye out...

Tom wasn't going to last much longer though she knew, she could feel his dick throbbing inside her tight cunt and his breathing was more and more laboured as he thrust into her.

And then it was time. From her position bent over on the ground she saw her sister come through the front door of the house. It would only be a few more seconds till she saw them through the window.

And Tom was almost there...

"Cum in my face," she gasped out at him.

"What?" he stammered.

"I want you to cum in my face," she panted.

Tom didn't need asking again, he pulled out of her and with little care spun her round till his dick was bobbing in front of her.

As Sarah entered the kitchen her eyes widened as through the window she saw her naked boyfriend jerking his dick frantically in her little sister's upturned face.

Oblivious, Tom was in heaven as Jess gazed sexily up at him, batting her long eyelashes and awaiting his facial.

"Oh... here... it... comes," he grunted out as he wanked his cock inches from her little button nose.

"Uhhh..." Jess moaned as his first jet of cum gushed across her face. She blushed deeply as the warm sticky fluid splashed over her cheeks.

Sarah burst through the back door just in time to see Tom's second shot spurt across her sister's lips and in her hair. Jess looked her way cheekily with her boyfriend's cum running down her face. Tom followed her gaze, and as he caught sight of his girlfriend the last of his cum sprayed out across Jess's pert tits. She smiled in satisfaction before collapsing back onto the grass.



Intended as a one off, but if there's any interest (email / comments to I might continue it. Hope you liked it.

One Flew Over

mrbones on Sex Stories

night was warm and balmy, one of those nights when you could have a window open
to take advantage of any faint breeze. She lay on the bed staring at the
ceiling. All she could hear was his gentle breathing next to her. The heat of
the night had caused her to throw off all the covers. She could smell the
perfume from the garden waft in on the warm air. She found it all very sensual,
she stirred and looked across at him and let her eyes wander up and down his
naked body. Aroused she lent across and took his limp penis and drew back his
foreskin. She took him into her mouth, sucking gently; with great skill and
technique her tongue cajoled his sleeping penis to an erection. He mumbled

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incoherent as she continued her stimulations. It never ceased to amaze her how this part of
the male animal was always ready long before their brains kicked in. His eyes
were just flickering open as she straddled him. His bleary eyes took a while to
focus on her smiling face. “Morning “ She said in a sexy, husky voice. Before
he could reply she had steered his rampant phallus into her pussy and sliding
gently down its length. “Oh god “he sang out. She was in full control, riding
up and down adjusting the rhythm pleasuring her self on his ever-stiffening
penis. He was fully awake now, synchronising his thrust with her movements. He
reached up and cupped her undulating breasts. He caressed and massaged them,
stimulating her nipples between his finger and thumbs. All her senses were on
fire pulled tight like a piano string. She had started her ogasmic journey
along the stream; up ahead she could see and hear the water going over the
falls. She was so near the edge the anticipation was fantastic .On the bed she
threw her arms behind her, arched her back and rode him harder. For him, his
penis was engulfed in a warm, moist velvety glove that would contract around
his length giving him the most delicious sensations. He too was reaching the
point of no return as she continued to slide up and down his penis. She was on
the brink, the water surging passed, pushing towards the torrent. Then she went
over lost in the maelstrom of fizzing water, lost to the world. She was
deafened by the crashing flow. On the bed she let out a cry “fucking yes” she
tossed her head from side to side and licked her dry lips. “Way to go” she
cooed. His climax had happened right on cue as she cried out, it felt like the
head of his member would explode as her pussy tightened around him and at last
he released his seed into her wetness. She slumped down on top of him spent of
energy. He could feel her still erect nipples on his chest. Still coupled they
turned onto their side.“ That, was one hell of away to say good morning,” He
whispered. “Well, you did say that you wanted to be up early, well you have” she
giggled. They lay cuddling and both drifted back to sleep.


She was the
first to wake in the morning. Rising from the bed she pulled on a thigh length
dressing gown, her long sun tanned legs contrasting the pastel yellow garment.
She made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. It was a welcoming room,
light and airy. The window by the sink fed light into the room, giving a
pleasant morning glow. She busied herself making a pot of tea and loaded up the
toaster with bread. She was standing at the sink looking out into the garden;
she became aware of him just before he touched her. His arms came around her
from behind; they caressed her breasts through the dressing gown. She didn’t
turn to face him, but just allowed her body to relax into him .He planted delicate
kisses on the nape of her neck causing her to sigh a little. Pulling the tie
cord of her gown he slippped it off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the
floor. She could feels his hardness in the small of her back, she slowly turned
to face him their eyes met, his rugged look and deep blue eyes took her breath
away. He was standing naked before her, his skin was tight and the torso was
well defined. Their lips met in a slow passionate kiss, he allowed just the tip
of his tongue to explore the tip of hers, and the sensation was electric. They
held the embrace for what appeared to be ages; he kissed and tasted her lips
whilst he explored her pussy with his fingers. There were firecracker going off
in her head, she had adjusted her stance to help his exploratory digits and was
beginning to moan softly as her clitoris was manipulated expertly. Then gently
he steered her over to the kitchen table where he laid her on her back. As he
stood between her legs, one draped over the table edge with her foot on the
floor whilst the other leg was lifted over onto his broad shoulder. She didn’t
say a word; her eyes had a far away look, as he continued to finger her.
However she could see his cock now in all its rampant glory, it was obviously
eager to start its work as she saw it twitch up and down. He finally withdrew
his fingers from her moist pussy, he pulled her towards him slightly, and
slowly his stiff veiny cock slid into her pussy. Now her firecrackers really
went, as she cussed and moaned. She had to hold onto the edge of the table as
his now slippery member was flashing in and out of her. His increased stroke
speed was incredible she had never been fucked so hard and fast before.
“Fucking hell!” she thought. “This is b-l-o-o-d-y g-r-e-a-t.” Soon she would be
heading down that river, swept away in its crashing water. His stamina was
fantastic after many minutes his rhythm hadn’t abated. He had always lusted
after her, this tall blonde, with those legs that go on forever. His eyes
feasted on her pert upturned breasts especially now as they moved up and down
in sympathy with his exertions, her nipples were tracing out circles with the
energy he was imparting. Still he carried on pumping his meat into her, for her
part she was lost in an orgasm-enriched paradise. For his part he wanted to
last as long as he could, he wanted to shag her silly. He had already
masturbated that morning, he had no intention of climaxing to early, He
adjusted his position so that he could lift her other leg onto his vacant
shoulder, then he pushed her legs forward towards her head then resume his
previous pace, this was going to be his last effort. So he really went for it,
straining to get his last ounce of pleasure for both of them. At the point of
no return five extended thrusts gave the satisfaction he was looking for, his
seed flowed freely, spurting forth to fill her pussy. He quickly withdrew his
throbbing cock then walks around the table and allowed the last drops of semen
to fall on her breasts and face as he masturbated over her. She just lay there
in her naked beauty a smile played around the corners of her mouth, it felt
like her whole soul was vibrating, she was warm, she was glowing. He had
already put his dressing gown back on and he brought hers to her. He smiled at
her, bent over and kissed her tenderly, her body still tried to respond. He
pulled away from her “Do you know you are the most fantastic woman.” And with
that he left the room. She stood up on unsteady legs, whilst she struggled to
pull on her dressing gown, after regaining some composure she made her way over
to the sink, where she dabbed her face with a damp tissue. The pot of tea had
gone cold; so she discharged the contents down the sink and flicked the kettle
back on to re-boil. A suited figure suddenly appeared at the doorway “Hi honey
I’ll just have a mug of tea today, I’m running a bit late “ He said placing his
brief case under the table. She smiled “Ok dear, if you’re sure” She replied
with just the right amount of concern. He produced a diary from his case and
waved it in the air “I’ve a meeting with the big boss today, so I can’t be late
today of all days” He said tapping the diary to indicate its importance. She
served the tea, which he downed quickly itching to be away. On his way out he
turned and said “ Could you apologise to Sam for me, I jumped into the shower
first today. He seemed a bit put out, actually
he looked absolutely fucked this morning. With the warm glow between her legs
still rampant she thought ‘ I know exactly how he feels, I was fucked








In Times Past

Peter_Pan on Sex Stories

The year does not matter. When one is fourteen, nothing much matters except being fourteen and enjoying to the full, those opportunities that life deems worthy of your participation in, at that precise moment in time.

So it was, that fate that morning should have tossed Marion clean across the footpath right in front of me on my way to school. Not that she was overweight in any way I stress, she simply slipped on the icy footpath, sprawling face-downwards into quite deep snow. The least I could do was pick her up.

Now when one loses one’s footin

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g, leading to the humiliation of falling over, and especially in the case of a female, this detracts totally from any sense of outer elegance, denting entirely the victim’s dignity. In falling, her legs had splayed outwards and a momentary glimpse of some light-colored material beneath the gusset of her winter stockings had worked its unavoidable retinal magic. As I hooked my arm beneath hers in an effort to pull her to her feet, she reacted as one might expect a young school-girl to, thus affronted.

"It’s OK, I’m fine thank you," she gritted, seemingly less than grateful for my intercession.

In falling, her satchel had slipped from her shoulders and now lay upturned in the snow which itself lay feet deep, drifted up against the school chain-wire fence. Dislodged from the confines of their leather protector, books, set squares, geometry equipment and her pencil-set were now strewn around her, their final resting places identified by multiple holes in the snow. In hindsight, the scene was not unlike the Titanic wreckage field. Retrieving her possessions in near silence, it was a case of neither of us knowing really what to say.

Handing over her protractor, the last escapee, Marion half smiled.

"Thanks," she said "Sorry I was a bit gruff just now, I was really embarrassed." I wondered for a moment if that included my up-skirt viewing option.

"Oh, that’s alright," I replied. "I’ve never seen you at school, what class are you in? …..I’m Noel by the way." I added.

Shaking gloved hands she told me her name and confided that it was in fact her first day there, having transferred from Dartford Grammar. I had to suppress a grin, our soccer team having crunched the Dartford "invincibles" 5-nil the previous weekend.

It wasn’t until we actually had gotten to school and had stowed our gear in the lockers that I was privileged to catch a glimpse of the real Marion, sans her winter outerwear, gloves, scarf and hat. It was worth the wait.

Laughably inexperienced and with all the predatorial instincts of Bambi, I still could recognise a sexy young body when I saw one…..and right then, I was definitely looking at one. Slim-hipped but with curves in all the right places, those bright blue eyes looked across the hallway at me from the prettiest of heart-shaped faces. A flawless complexion and full "why-not-try-me-now?" lips certainly dropped my anchor. I think I was in love with her before recess. Judging by several other boys’ double-takes however, I certainly wasn’t going to be having this all my own way. I figured I would keep one step ahead of the herd though and asked her if she would like to see me at lunch time. I think I noticed the beginnings of a blush. At least, I like to think I did!

I couldn’t tell you what I had to eat that day but I remember with undiminished recall every last detail of that lunch period.

Marion, having been billeted to 3B (British equivalent of 9th grade) whilst I was resident in 3A meant that we were unable to sit at the same table. Didn’t stop me from looking across at her in-between mouthfuls though. I was encouraged by the fact that she was sharing her table with seven other girls however, rather than mixed company.

Now the canteen in that school was colossal. One supposes that having to cater for almost seven hundred kids in two sittings, it had to be. We’re not talking prison food either. Steaming hot Shepherd’s pie, the width of the plate with vegetables, heated rolls with cheese followed by rhubarb or apple pie with as much fresh cream as you could take on board, together with just about any soft drink you care to name – and that was a bad day. You paid nothing for it either!

I think it had been a roast chicken Tuesday. Shuffling now the remnants of my dessert around the plate, I noticed Marion about to get up. Informing the dorky sixth-form prefect at the head of our table that I had some assignment to complete, he waved me free to leave.

I already had a spot picked out.

At the northern end of one of the three enormous playgrounds, right alongside the tennis courts, sat the largest of oak trees that had probably been there when Oliver Cromwell was a lad. Around its huge base someone had thoughtfully constructed a circular seating arrangement that could probably have housed twenty children shoulder to shoulder. As it was, there was rarely ever more than half a dozen schoolkids clustered around that tree at any one time. On this day, there was no-one.

The air freezing but invigorating, I see it all now as clearly as I did that day. The great tree denuded of its leaves but with snow piled-up thickly at the confluence of its upper boughs. Icicles hanging like stalactites from the roofs of the Assembly Hall and Science block away to our left. Someone had painted the most beautiful vanilla sky also, that hung over the distant playing fields while more snow clouds were obviously building up in the east.

As Marion talked I just looked at her. I could see the gentlest of curves beneath her woollen jumper and as she moved her arms to emphasise a point once in a while, their presence would be highlighted. I tried shifting my focus of concentration but at the back of my mind was the sexual awakening I had experienced with Ruth just eighteen months earlier and I simply wanted now to see Marion undressed. I think my hands betrayed my physical unrest and how sweet was the feeling when she took them in hers as she talked. So wide was the gulf at that moment between a young girl on the very fringes of maturity and a fourteen year old schoolboy with absolutely no control of either his emotions or his dictatorial hormonal urges.

I have no idea whether the afternoon’s concluding periods included, Latin, Chemistry or French…all I remember are successive teachers shouting out "Pay Attention Noel," their pleas falling on majorly distracted ears.

When the final bell sounded at 4.10. p.m darkness had fallen and I walked Marion to her bus stop, pointing out on the way my own home, not so very distant. I asked if she would like to come over at the weekend maybe. Her reply of "I’ll have to ask my dad," was all I needed to hear. Obviously she wanted to.

In contrast to the laissez-faire if not fully unhinged social dictates of the new millennium, fathers of small children and especially young girls in those days, had a keen interest in "sizing up" the family environment whenever any offer was made for a son or daughter to "come over" for a while. Before relinquishing the reins in any shape or form, at the very least, a phone call would be made to determine the family’s suitability to host their child for even the shortest of periods.

Despite passing the preliminaries, Mr Cardiff was adamant he wanted to "meet" me before granting his daughter leave to visit. Accordingly my father agreed to pick her up the following Saturday morning at which time I might be "evaluated."

I had never been so well behaved.

At the point I heard Marion’s mother whisper to her husband "He’s such a nice boy Arthur," I figured I was on easy street. If only she could have known some of the thoughts I was having, looking at her daughter standing there in those figure hugging jeans. More than likely Mr Cardiff already knew. He was staring at me, such as one might ponder a squashed ant.

"We want her back no later than 9 p.m. sharp, alright?" he barked. Dad assured him he would have her home on time.

I was luckier than most.

Our home, being adjacent to a huge park had meant that never in all my childhood had their ever been a shortage of options when friends came over. Every holiday the enormous fairground set-up camp just a ten-minute walk from our rear fence, straight through the forest. Miniature train rides, large well-equipped playground, tennis courts, the Mansion House with its tea-rooms and lavish museum of middle-age weaponry. in Summer, firework displays and the motor boats and skiffs on the lake. Beautiful Olde English gardens to walk through and of course the enormous public swimming center with four separate pools and a refreshment kiosk that doubled as a ball room.

Mid-winter and with the great lake frozen over, kids would spend hours ice skating. It was to this very venue that I took Marion after she had dumped her stuff in our hallway and following our ingestion of a few ham, cheese and cress sandwiches that my parents had kindly provided.

Rugged-up to the max, we could probably have made a decent assault on Everest. One of so many pairs and family groups there that afternoon, just being with her was all I wanted. She clung to my coat-sleeve as I pulled her relentlessly towards the tiny island, now ice-locked center lake, which in summer so many young couples would row out to, for a brief romantic interlude.

As my pace quickened, I unfortunately discovered that my co-ordination skills were not on a par with my directional inertia, resulting in a folding of my lower limbs and the direct placement of my rear-end on the ice. It was also brought to bear that I had no ready-made braking system to hand and was otherwise still travelling at a healthy rate of knots. Marion, in attempting to avoid my ankles, orchestrated her second collapse of the week and lying atop me now was laughing and giggling hysterically. With those wonderfully soft and pliant lips but inches from mine, I kissed her. She stopped laughing!

At the conclusion of a late supper, there was time for little more than a TV show before we had to take her home. Sitting in the back seat, I caught my father’s smile in the rear-vision mirror, as I captured one further kiss just as we negotiated Marion’s driveway. It was 9 p.m. on the dot.

It was to be a further fortnight before she was able to come over again and had Mr and Mrs Cardiff been forewarned of the circumstances to be played-out that afternoon, I would have been welcomed at their front door with an electric cattle prod, if not a double-gauge shotgun. Probably both!

Dad should never have bequeathed me that bedroom – by far the largest room in the house. Now in normal circumstances, the least responsible of parents would think twice about allowing their son to take a fourteen-year old girl upstairs alone to his bedroom for hours un-supervised. Like I would have ever permitted such license towards any of my three daughters? The fact is though, it was rather more than a bedroom. More of a lounge/study really, with a fold-out day and night. The room contained my work desk, and with its own television and stereo system, doubled as an entertainment center, even a small museum of sorts with glass cabinets all around the room, containing artifacts and treasures I had collected since early childhood. With its own intimate gas-heating also, It was always hard getting friends and acquaintances to go home!.

The Saturday in question, Marion and I had walked up to the High Street, but eight minutes distant, checking out the record stores, having sodas in the ice-cream parlor and just strolling around the shops. Not five minutes after we returned home, some friends of the family turned up unexpectedly and forthwith commandeered the main lounge which left us with little or no privacy.

"Would you mind if we go up to my room for a while dad?" I asked hopefully. Never for one moment expecting him to agree, I was staggered when he replied , "Sure kid, I’m sure you two have something better to do with yourselves than hang around us adults." My mother however, more alert to the ways of the young male evidently, shot me a glance. "Just behave yourselves up there." I think I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a smile playing around dad’s lips and a blush forming near Marion’s. Inside, I was performing high fives.

I had no choice but to behave myself as it turned out. So interested was Marion in all my treasures and collectables, I spent the first three-quarters of an hour answering questions and showing her various exhibits. Then she wanted to play records, I was beginning to think this hadn’t been such a hot idea after all. By the time "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" dropped for its fourth play I was beginning to wish Elvis had never been born. I figured I would break the monotony and asked her if she’d like a Coke.

When I got back to my room, Marion was standing over at the huge bay window, which offered up a panoramic vista of the rear garden, the dense forest beyond and the gentle undulations of the parkland east of our fenced border. Most of the snow had melted and though still freezing cold, everything was picturesque in its wintry solitude.

"You are so lucky," she whispered, "No one else has anything like this to look out at. My little bedroom just looks over other people’s boring rear gardens."

She was right of course, I had known that since I could first see over my high-chair. She was standing there hands free at her side, her hair just curling softly at the nape of her neck. I stood behind her, simply encircled her waist with my arms. I knew she could feel my breath on her neck because she put her hands on top of mine and hugged them tighter. A fair bit shorter than me, I could see over her shoulder the curve of her young breasts clearly now and it would have been so easy to cup them and then squeeze them softly but I was little more than a child myself….my technique would doubtless have amounted to little more than an indelicate mauling. Anything more forward than a kiss was going to have to be at her own instigation.

I let her go so we could drink our Cokes. We sat on the day and night and I seem to remember having so much trouble with my hands – trying to control them that is. At the point she turned her pretty face towards me I just kissed her and for the longest time, I just allowed myself the luxury of contact with those wonderfully soft lips. I think my motor sensory systems were shutting down one by one – I wouldn’t even have fancied my chances if the entire ground-floor had been alight.

"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" was long finished and with no likelihood of being replayed for quite a while. At the point I realised Marion had a hold of my hand and was holding it flat up against her left breast I needed little further encouragement. So yielding and warm there, I squeezed the softness enclosed in my palm which only served to make her kiss me more passionately. I shifted my hand to the other side and began fondling her with quite some dexterous passion of my own. During this phase both of us had slipped further down the couch and Marion was almost on her back. Slipping my hand up beneath her jumper took us both to the next level.

She emitted a couple of "Ohhhs" as my hands sought to cross the borderline between soft curvy skin and what lay beneath the edge of her flimsy little bra. I knew little about erect nipples but those that I found that afternoon were the catalysts for the most exciting and arousing of times I had ever known. With growing confidence, I began pulling her nipples gently and the effect on Marion was dynamic. Lots of moans of (as I know now of course) pleasure and the onset of her wriggling her hips noticeably.

Almost supine now and with a healthy few inches of midriff visible, Marion presented as teasing a profile as any fourteen year old boy has likely encountered. Pausing only for breath, we were still kissing in anything but moderation and with an enticing "tunnel" now visible between her jeans and her lower abdomen, I slipped my hand down inside the forbidden zone. This did cause a reaction!

"Nooo, not there," she pleaded, tugging my hand out. Obviously she hadn’t heard of the old maxim, "If at first you don’t succeed…." Thinking to launch a major counter offensive, I kissed her for a bit more….fondled her breasts until she was nudging white-line fever, then recommenced my lower-abdominal activities. On a trajectory that took me beneath the elastic of her panties on my first incursion, I found my hand in a world of hairy softness before Marion could react.

More cries of "Noooo, please not inside my knickers," but so half-hearted were they, her grip on my arm was lessening even as my fingers reached her hot little pussy.

Now this really was education plus! Eighteen months ago I had learned the ins and outs as it were with Ruth, but eighteen months makes for a remarkable difference. I knew what I was doing this time. Pushing two fingers inside, I felt her shudder partly because of her obviously intact hymen and partly because I suspect this was her first ever penetration.

"Just be careful…please," she whispered, nuzzling up to me and obviously clearing the playing board for a completely new game.

"What if we just unfold my bed?" I asked her…well, she didn’t say no at least"

I had the thing pulled apart in milliseconds. Had her under the covers even quicker.

Covered, she let me undress her just as quickly as I could …well all but her panties that is. Fascinated me watching her undo her tiny bra. Like most young girls they don’t mind so much showing off their new and developing breasts but anything south of the belly button is not for easy display. Didn’t bother me I have to say, so long as I had digital access I wasn’t complaining.

We must have spent more than forty minutes ‘experimenting.’ Her breasts she let me do most anything with. Pulling them, rubbing them and best of all, suckling them until my mouth ran dry with excitement. Marion was not even averse to tugging down the covers and letting me just look at her topless and believe me, that in itself beat the hell out of playing Monopoly.

Things were not exactly in remission over on the Western front either. More than aware quite obviously, of the biggest erection I had ever had, I was somewhat keen you might understand to address the problem. Whilst trying to pull her panties down a few minutes later, as she giggled arousingly, my erection brushed up against her hips. I heard her gasp "That’s naughty!!’ I had every intention of being naughtier.

Fully undressed myself I wasn’t expecting her to do what she did. As a cool girlish hand took a hold of my erection I almost passed-out with pleasure.

"Do you like me doing that?" she whispered.

"As much as you like this," I answered, rubbing my fingers the length of her pussy and pushing in a little as I did so. I felt her legs spread apart and saw now what I would later have recognised as "urgency" in her expression. I pulled her on top of me, her breasts flush up against my chest and our genitals together. I don’t know what it felt like to her, but to me, this was heaven beyond my wildest dreams.

After a few minutes of this frictionalised arousal my erection was pressing hard up against her outer lips. More than once I had felt her own hand up between her legs. Would have been years before I realised why!

"We can’t make love Noel," she murmured, "I’m still a virgin and anyway, you could get me pregnant."

Get her pregnant? Right at that moment, that was the least I’d like to have done to her.

I had to relieve myself – that much was beyond question. It was just then I realised that with all the wriggling about we’d been doing, the head of my erection was but a few inches from the entrance to her vagina. She must surely have realised that my hands having a free rein across the soft expanse of her sexy little bottom were gradually re-aligning perspectives and it was no accident that my erection "slipped" suddenly upwards into the most delicate of ingresses.

"Noo, nooo," she cried out softly, shaking her head but making no attempt to move off me. I figured this was the ideal time to kiss her long and hard. Barely able to make headway because of the natural barrier, I was doing it tough. Marion I suspect was doing it tougher.

"We have to stop," she pleaded. All I could see was the light stuck on green. Turning Marion over on her back I got on top of her and would probably have ended up in Juvenile Court had not a series of knocks at the bedroom door put paid to my new-found manliness.

"Noel, can I come in please?"

If nothing else, mom’s timing was impeccable as always.

© Peter_Pan 2005

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Bright eyes

blueshark on Sex Stories

When I was new with North and Walker I was kind of shy.  I didn't know what it meant to design someone's financial future and wanted to learn from everyone before I opened my mouth and looked the fool.   Most of the associates were far more experienced than I was and for the most part, I just wanted to fit in.

In the middle of my second week, an associate that had been on vacation came back to the office.  Sandy sauntered in about noon with a swagger that made me think she was one of the partners.  She had a tremendous smile and the look of a powerful woman.  I could tell that my penis could also see how attractive she was, as it started to take
Read More
notice and steel some of the blood from my brain.

Sandy walked from our bosses office straight to my little shabby desk in the back.  Her eyes looked me up and down as she approached.  Once she arrived at my desk she prolcaimed who she was and how things were going to go.

"I am Sandy, you are Mitch.  I am going to turn you into a winner like me so I can get my partnership and you can make a lot of money.  How does that sound?"

God I was weak in the knees.  Her hands were soft and hot as we shook.  Her perfum filled my brain and her tight sweater absorbed my eyes.  I couldn't think, let alone speak when I heard myself saying, "I like your shoes."

Duh, what the fuck was that?  I like your shoes?  They did make her legs look lucious though.  The four inch heels caused her calfs to buldge, and the leather strap around her ankle made me think of how much I wanted to bind her to my beadposts.  I guess I did like her shoes.

"Thanks, you are not gay are you?"

"No, why?"

"Never mind, lets get to work."

Sandy and I had worked together for a while now.  We became close when she had her share of 'personal' troubles and I was the friend she needed.  Her bright blue eyes had been the reason I liked her so much.   When she shared her stories, and her eyes would well up with tears, they became as blue as the ocean on a sunny day.  We would talk, I would make her laugh and together we would vow not to have another marriage or serious relationship.

I am single and she became single so it would figure that we would spend time together.  She was from a blue blood family in the east and I am a simple man living at the base of the rockies, but we found a friendship.  I would bring my lunch and make enough for her to share, even though I never said that was why I brought so much food.  I just liked her.  If you asked me why I liked her so much, it would be very hard for me to give you a truthful reason.  Maybe she reminded me of my ex, maybe it was because she is so sexy and I am very much a man.  Maybe it was because she is such an amazing woman.

For months we bantered and flirted, laughing and deepening our friendship.  We hadn't kissed or even shared a shoulder massage, but often when we were looking at a project together, she would press her firm breasts against my arm or my shoulder if she was looking over me.  I often noticed her eyeing my crotch and she, more than once caught me looking down her blouse.  I was usually looking at the curve of her coller bone, or the gentle sallow of her neck but she would blush.  I think she believed I was trying to see her full breasts.  I mused that she was about a C cup, but I was more interested in her soft skin and very shaped ass.

After all that time of heating one another up and playing with sexual inuendo, we started this foolish ritual of hugging tightly after we would close a deal together.  It was a firm embrace, like a hard high five and it would only last for a second or two.  We worked hard, made some money and then a mutual bear hug.  Looking back, it was our immature way of being close to one another, but sometimes fear is as strong as passion.

For weeks we worked on the MacMillian proposal.  It was a grind but when we finally got the yes, late on a Friday afternoon, I was ready for my hug.  Sandy gave me that goofy smile she had just before she blasted me with her body and squeezed me tightly, but then she stopped.  Her smile changed to one of admiration and her sea blue eyes stared straight through me.   Her left hand found the side of my neck and her right hand found the small of my back.  She gently pulled me close to her and nuzzled her face into my neck.  I could feel her hot breath against my skin as her strong fingers dug into my body.  I swear she moaned quietly.

Sandy and I held eachother for what seemed hours.  I squeezed her as tightly as she was holding on to me when I felt my cock begin to harden against her flat belly.  Her breath was deeper and stronger against my neck when her hand slid down, passed my wallet and on to my tight ass.  God I wanted her now.

My hand caressed her hair, running my fingers against her scalp and down to her shoulders when her lips found my cheek.  I could feel that she was lending me the weight of her body and I was doing my best to hold on to her as we began to realize how much we wanted to be together.

"Mitch....can we do this?"

"Sandy, I want to take you for a drink and we can sort this out.  Sound ok?"


With the bars crowded and the air too cold to be outside, we went to her house.  I un-corked a very nice Merlot as she found us a nice CD to listen to.  Sandy had removed her shoes and sat on her sofa when I brought the drinks.

"So what in the hell do you think that was back there Mitch?"

"San, I think you and I have been working so closely and we see things so much the same, we feel attracted to one another."

While I was waiting for some confirmation or acceptance of what our friendship may becoming she blurted out, "No I mean, my god how big is that cock of yours that was sticking me in the belly button?  Do you have relatives that were ponies?", she said while laughing very hard.

I was speechless and turned on and embarressed and hoping the buzz of the wine would kick in.  "Um, Yea the way you held me caused it, so it is your fault I guess."

"Then let me see it.", Sandy boldly said.

"Are you really sure?", I said hoping she was.  The head of my cock was now full, wanting her to see, touch and enjoy all of it.  I was hoping I wasn't dreaming and that our friendship was open enough to deal with what might happen next.

As Sandy nodded, I un-buttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and began to take my self from my boxers when she stepped forward and pressed her lips to mine.  Her warm skin pushed into me and her slender fingers found their way to the elastic of my boxers.  Our tongues touched for the first time.  My body felt eletric......

Damn, got to get to work.  Should I write more?  let me know

Drunk Honeymoon

pattie216 on Sex Stories

My name's Cindy, I'm 34, married with 2 kids. I've got DD tits and a pretty good fiure for a 34 year old, I like to think my legs and ass are still great for my age. I'm married to John, who's 35, the perfect husband, also in great shape, with good strong arms and an excellent body. Recently, however, our marriage had stagnated a little, things weren't quite so good in the bedroom and John suggested a second honeymoon would do us both good.

I agreed to a night away in a 5 star hotel in Paris, the most romantci destination we could think of.

The day before we went away I shopping with my sister, Lucy, who is 30. She's single, but with a different man every week. IO bought a low cut, short cocktail dress, two new mini skirts and a selection of lingerie. I bought a silk bra and

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pantie set, a babydoll and a suspender set in Ann Summers and I felt I was pretty ready for our weekend away.

We arrived in Paris in the early afternoon and spent the day sightseeing. It was really pretty dull but I kept showing John my panties to get him excited for the night.

As night fell we went back to the hotel and I put on my miniskirt and a tight top as well as my silk bra and panties. John was wearing jeans and a casual shirt. We decided to go around the city visiting different pubs and clubs and get a little drunk.

The first pub we arrived in was great and I had a few WKD's, the second club I had a pint of beer and by the third club I was feelig a littel buzzed. John bought me a vodka coke and I went up to the bar for another while he danced. I was approached by a blond guy, about 25. "Hey babe," he said "want to go outside) he winked at me.

My pulse began to race, would I dare to cheat on my husband. At the end of the day I was really to drunk to care and I followed him out back. He started kissing me and put his hand up my skirt, I moaned as he felt my pussy. He pulled my panties down and forced his huge cock inside me, I screamed with pleasure and we fucked against the wall.

I got back to John pretty buzzed and asked him for a whiskey, which he bought me. I had another and then another and by the time closing time came I was pretty pissed. I bought a bottle of wine before the bar closed and we left to start to go back to the hotel.

We hadn't enough money for a cab so we walked, I was drinking the wine and staggering along, crashing into bins and lamposts and so on. John was pretty drunk too and he kept slapping my ass and saying "You're so fucking sexy" over and over again.

I was almost finished the wine when he spanked me again and I fell over. I screamed with hysterical laughter as I lay on the ground and tried to get up, I couldn't so I started crawling along, my skirt up around my waist. John tickled me and a screamed with laughter and pissed myself, I couldn't stop laughing at this and John eventually picked me up and draped my arm around his shoulders Together we staggared back to the hotel.

We got into the room and John said "you drunk little bitch" and pushed me onto the bed and started undressing me. I managed to grab the champagne bseide the bed and open it. I started drinking it as John plunged his cock into me "YES!" I screamed "Fuck me you sexy bastard"

"You like that do you bitch?" he asked as he turned me over and spanked me ass. "Fuck yes!" I yelled

I mounted him and bounced up and down on his cock, still drinking my champagne "Oh fuck!" he moaned "this is so fucking good!"

"shut up" I yelled before laughing hysterically. I jumped on him again and he pounded my pussy. By  this stage I was drunk out of my mind and I screamed as he off loaded into me"FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES! Fuck me you sexy bastard" before I fell asleep

We woke up the next day with hugh hangovers, stayed in bed all day having sex and then did it again the next night. I hope we have another weekend away soon!