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Harry's dirty packing session with Tonks

MrChartier on Sex Stories

'I'll come and help you' Tonks said brightly.

She followed harry back through the hall and up the stairs. Harry led her up to his room and kicked aside the dirty plates and underwear strewn all over the floor. As she changed her hair pink, she told him about her abilitly to change her appearance at will. Suddenly an extremely dirty thought whizzed into Harry's brain. Without hesitation, he quickly asked,

'What about your pubes?'

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size: 10pt; font-family: verdana;">'I beg your pardon??' Tonks said quickly.

'I said, what about your pubes? Can you turn them any colour?'

Harry thought he had said something silly and thought she was off donwnstairs to inform the others but much to his disbelief, she proudly said,

'Of course I can! want to see?'

Harry's mind was racing by now and the thought of seeing his first real vagina, made his dick start to press against the sides of his boxers as it began to extend.

'uhh yeah!?' he exclaimed

She masterfully lifted of her robes standing in his bedroom in just her underwear.

'Jesus Christ' said Harry in awe

Slowly she peeled off her dripping wet knickers. Harry had heard of girls getting wet if they were excited, and felt quite pleased with himself. She stepped out of her knickers and threw them at Harry. Harry caught them and felt the wetness dripping onto his hands. He leaned down and smelt the strong musky warm odour of Tonk's pussy. It sent him wild. He then gave them a quick lick,but before he could do anything else, Tonks was already laid on harry's bed with her legs spread open.

'What did you want me to change then?'

Harry looked down on her Brazillian shave and already thought it was perfect. then, curiously he said,

'make it orange?'

Tonks scrunched up her face and all of a sudden there it was, glowing orange in the dim light. Harry noticed it was getting dark and flicked on the light exposing her glimmering pussy, drenched in its own juices.

'Wow, you must be really horny' Harry said

'I am Harry' said Tonks in a very dirty voice

Slowly Harry made his way over to the bed, crouched down next to the bed and without warning, stuck his tongue right up her tight pussy. Immediately her juices began to trickle don Harry's throat and he liked the taste so went on licking the whole pussy not wanting to spare a drop. Once he had cleaned up, Tonks was moaning loudly and said,

'Right now its my turn'

and skillfully undid Harry's belt and pulled his boxers down so they were round his ankles. Harry's six and a half inch cock sprang to life. Tonks grabbed it and licked slowly aroung the top of the foreskin, and slowly pulled it down exposing harry's full purple head. She began to expertly suck just on the bell. within minutes harry splurted his load right into her mouth and she let it dribble out of her mouth and onto her tits. she unclipped her bra and unleashed the c cup tits with beautiful nipples. she slowly rubbed the cum into her nipples and licked at them.

'I want you inside me harry' Tonks said breathlessly

'Ok but one thing' said harry 'make your pussy completely bare'

and in an instant her pussy was a beautiful skin colour. Harry rubbed his face against it, then his mouth, pushing her fleshy pussy lips around with his own lips. Harry stood up and planted his dick on top of her pussy and let it touch her shaven skin for a few moments before plunging it right in so that his balls hit her asshole. Harry held it in there, feeling the warmth and tightness of his very first pussy. slowly he bagan to move around a little pushing the base of his cock against her hardened clit, making her squeal with pleasure.

'Ohhhh Harry' she murmered

gently, harry began to push and pull a little harder, placing his thumb on top of her pussy feeling her soft labia and now solid clitoris. As he pumped in and out of her he listened to the squelching noise it was making and felt where his cock was going holding the shaft untill in sank inside her. After a few minutes of this, someone called from downstairs,

'Are you ready you two? We have to get going'

'We're just coming' gasped Tonks as they began to climax.

Tonks was bucking and jirating like a bull, moving herself towards Harry's every penetration. it all came at once tonks exploded covering harry's balls with her cum which resulted in Harry shooting his load into the deepest parts of her pussy. panting, he collapsed on top of her. They lay there for a few moments, Harry just feeling her nice squishy tits on his firm chest. before pulling his sagging dick out of her with a suction like noise. Tonks smiled as they pulled thier clothes back on. Harry was greedy for more already, and Tonks seeming to read his mind said,

'Don't worry, I'm sure there will be dozens of opportunities for more of this once we get to

Grimmrauld Place
, we have the rest of the summer!'

Harry just grinned sheepishly and followed her downstairs with his luggage, fondling her pussy as he went.


My first one so don't be too harsh, but please do leave comments! :)

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Two lost girls - one loney man.

davidj on Sex Stories

I was camping out on my own for a few days when a couple of girls appeared.

They surprised me as I usually work around the camp site naked as I am miles away from habitation and well off a fire trail which gets me close to where I am camping. Should a vehicle approach which would be extremely rare and possibly the ranger, I can hear it for about half an hour as the going is very slow for the last couple of miles and is heavy 4WD.

They were lost it seems and had taken a wrong trail. Any how when they saw the smoke from my camp fire they made for it believing there was habitation.

The fact I was naked did not deter or disturb them – when they saw me at the edge of the clearing they sang out and I put a pair of shorts on to greet them.

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They were all hot and tired having walked for a few hours trying to find a way out of the valley. I had to let them know they had stumbled into a blind valley and the only way out was back the way they came – or over the range which was steep and very difficult – or up the trail I came in on – but that would not lead them to where they wanted to be.

Then they said would it be ok if they rested for a while and decided what to do. I said fine and I would make them a cup of tea. They then said well while we are here can we freshen up in the stream and I said I had no problems with it – they could do as they wished.

The next thing I knew they were both naked and walking down to the stream with their clothes in their hands and were going to wash not only themselves but their clothing as well.

Obviously they were not inhibited about nudity. They hadn’t even mentioned that I was naked when they first appeared.

When I had the tea made – some 15 or 20 minutes later I sang out and they both came out and remained naked and hung their clothes on branches to dry. They were both about 25 and had great figures although not much tit. They said I gather you wont mind us not dressing for this – we don’t carry a lot of clothing and we havnt washed for two days. I said I didn’t have a problem and spend most of my time naked here as well. One of them said don’t dress on our behalf – we have seen it all before we wont be shocked and we saw you earlier naked so what the hell.

I took them at their word and slipped my pants off and we were all naked. The sight of their naked bodies didn’t stir me and my cock remained slack.  I gather they noticed that as well as they said something to each other and were looking at my cock.

After the tea we talked about camping and I told them how I come down here regularly and camp often bringing a friend.

The blonde one said are you married or ?

I said no – I have a girl who is a companion – we are not committed to each other – more like a friend with benefits.

The dark one said then you wouldn’t be disturbed down here at all – you can do what you do and have no problems.

I said spot on – she and I enjoy it all here.

After a while the fair one said would you mind if we camped the night here with you and we could move off tomorrow.

I said that was fine – I had no problems with it. I said if you want to do a big job – then the shovel and paper are over there and the spot is just into the trees a bit where there is some soft soil – cover everything well as the local wildlife dig it up at night if you don’t.

The dark one said what is the wildlife like around here, apart from you.

I said no problems – don’t leave any food about and take everything into your tent at night as they do rummage around – in particular the clothing – they can make a mess of it or take it away. I said make sure that those clothes are either on your back or in your tent – referring to their washing.
They then went about putting their tent up and I said we can combine our food and make dinner together if you wish.

After they were set up the blonde one asked me if there was a walk they could do for an hour or so.
I said they could walk along the track I come in on and that would take them up the hill and give them a good view of the valley.

The blonde one Jill said she would go and the dark one Jan said she would stay in camp and possibly have a snooze.

That was not her plan it seemed as soon as Jill was out of sight Jan said to me how serious are you with your girl friend.

I said not very serious – she is a friend rather than a girl friend.

Jan then said do you sleep with her.

I said actually we do when we are here – but there is nothing in it – its just companionship and we both enjoy a bit of loving.

She said would you mind if we slept together.

I said tonight – what about Jill.

She said not tonight - now – I would love to make love to you – I havnt been with a man for a month or so and I am a bit randy – seeing you naked and being alone I though we might just be able to enjoy a bit of sex together.

I said I wasn’t expecting this but if you want to I am not one to refuse an offer like that.

Are you safe as I don’t have condoms with me.

She said I am safe – I am on oral.

With that I said well lets get into the tent and get things moving.

She said can we do it out here – I want to do it in the open.

I said why not and I got a blanket and lay it out.

She lay down and I got down beside her and we kissed.  She was great kisser and I got a hard on very quickly. I usually begin with foreplay which I always feel is nice to begin with and get the coals stirred up so to speak. The kissing led to feeling and soon we were both ready for anything. I had found her wet vagina and my finger slipped into her and she began to slowly stoke my cock. She was no novice.

A few minutes after we started she said to me – I am glad you don’t mind – I told Jill you might be interested.
That’s why she has gone for the walk – to give me a chance – later on you never know she might want a bit as well.

It wasn’t long before I was down between her legs and sucking and fingering her wet cunt. She responded with all the right moves and sounds and it was obvious this wasn’t the first time she had done this.
After a while she broke away and said now its your turn and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me perfectly finger stroking me at the same time.  She was definitely experienced. She did it for a few minutes and said this isn’t the first time for you either is it. 

I said I think we have both been to he same school.

After a while she said ok lets get to the final act and got down ready for me to fuck her.

We stared off missionary and we really enjoyed that, as I fucked her, her small but firm
Tits moved like two fried eggs and looked great. She occasionally rubbed her nipples as if she was enjoying herself. Her smooth cunt was firm and reasonably tight around my cock and it felt good just fucking and not having to worry about whether or not I was making her happy – it was obvious and she was responding and between us we were having a fucking good time. We didn’t say much other than – that feels good - or that’s nice – I like that etc.

I gather we had been at it for about 10 minutes and she said would you like to try doggy.

I said I will try anything with you and we rearranged ourselves and I mounted her from behind. Doggy is not a favourite of mine – I don’t mind it – but I like to see their face when we are fucking. We lasted about 5 minutes and I said can we get back to missionary, and explained there was nothing wrong but I like to see her face..
She said – that was nice – nobody had put it to her that way before and as we were getting ready she said would you like me to have turn on top.

I said fine and pulled out and I lay down. Then as she squatted over me ready to impale herself on my cock.  I said move up here and I gave her oral from above for a while.

She said if you do that much longer I will cum and I don’t want to cum this soon. Lets get back to fucking and then she guided my cock into her and lay on top of me and we kissed as she wiggled her cunt over my cock and got me engaged with her clit. I could tell from her movements what she was doing and we took it slow and she did all the work and pleased herself and me, as my cock massaged her vagina and clit. We were in fucking heaven.

We stayed like that and built the sensation up then rested occasionally as she got worked up then relaxed before bringing herself up again and more or less achieving the same result with me. I told her she was very, very good at this.

She said I have had a lot of practice – I have been overseas and lived with a Spanish girl who showed me how to do this. We both used a dildo and we practiced for ages and she showed me how to read mens faces and movements so I knew when you were close and slowed things down. She was a high class call girl and I learned a lot from her. Jill and I often have a workout together; we are both Bi so we get it together occasionally as well. You never know we may be able to get a threesome working tonight if you are still in the mood.
I said I will have to save a bit for later then.

She said that sounds great. I am sure Jill will be in it.

We fucked like that for another five minutes and she said lets get it finished – Jill will be back soon and if she sees us like this she will want some herself.

She then made all the right moves and I was pretty close to cumming and she said you are close arnt you and I gulped out…..shit……. Yes – as I was almost there. She had read me perfectly. Then she came and the sounds of us both rutting ourselves crazy as we both came within seconds of each other and she groaned and murmured with the pleasure my cock was giving her and she was working it out on herself. She was pinching her nipples at the same time. She was very, very good and I would say it was probably one of the best fucks I have ever had – certainly I had never enjoyed being with such an experienced girl before – she was a classic. My cock had spurted and had filled her cunt full of my warm soapy cum. Because I was under her it had begun to leak back as it had not gone very far up her, as she was using the head of my cock to stimulate her clit and bring herself off brilliantly. I didn’t have to worry about making sure she had a great orgasm – she did that herself.
We lay together for about five minutes getting our breath and heart beat back to normal. Not only could I see the vein in her neck pulsating I could feel mine as well. We had both come off with quite a heavy orgasm, she seemed more than happy with her result.

She said that was fantastic – would you ever believe we would find two people so compatible after five minutes introduction and no previous experience together. I could take a week to find somebody as well educated as you are and train them properly. Wait till Jill come back she will be so jealous but I think we can handle her later on.
We then got up and walked hand in hand to the creek and washed ourselves as we were very grotty down there. Our loins were covered in cum and cunt juice. She paid particular attention to getting as much of my cum out of her cunt I would say to have it in good shape for later.

We were laying back on the ground drying ourselves in the sun when Jill came back.

She looked at Jan and said you don’t have to tell me – you have been enjoying yourselves.

Jan said we saved some for you – he will be ready for you in a while. Maybe he will be ready for both of us again.

Jill said I know you – we are all going to have an orgy are we.
Jan said well it mightn’t be an orgy with one guy but it will be one fantastic three some if he performs with you like he did with me – he is unbelievably good.

Good said Jill – I can get myself in the mood – now I am going for another swim – anybody interested.
I said no.

Jan said I will join you later. I want to tell him what we have in store for him later., and took my soft cock in her hand and fondled me gently. She looked down at my flaccid cock kissed it and said to it – rest quietly little man you are going to be very, very busy keeping two nymphomaniacs happy later on.

Perhaps if I can, I will tell you that story next time – if they don’t kill me having sex with them later on.

Not The Usual

IceBlu on Sex Stories

I arrived home from work around 4.30 as usual to find my girlfriend lounging around watching tv and flicking through her catologues i make a cup of coffee for us both and sit down, we chat loosely as i wind down and she continues surfing the pages , i finish my coffee and head for the shower.

I get out the shower and wrap a towel around my waist and use another to dry my hair as i walk into the bedroom, i am imediately aware of my girlfriend reclined on the bed looking fantastic dressed in the most amazing white lace lingerie although she is 28 she she has the body of an 18 year old, a slim and athletic figure with firm and pert 36c tits and a stunningly cute behind, i'm lost for words, while i admire this arousing sight, she stands up and approaches me taking the towel from my wa

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ist she gently dries me

" Ive been thinking about you all day you know..." she whispers huskily,

" have you now..." i ask

" oh yes " She replies, " i've been wet all day at the thought of riding your hard cock...... i even had to nip to the toilet for a quick play at work....",

She turns me around and lays me back on the bed standing between my legs she leans forward her hair falls on to my stomach as she lightly runs her tongue over the top of my now rock hard cock teasing the tip with her tongue before slowly sucking it into her mouth wrapping her tongue around the underside of my shaft she slowly pulls it out andmovves her hair out of the way before repeating the procees again but this time i could watch her as she sucked and pumped my cock stopping ocassionally to lick down my shaft to my balls. After a while of this she slides up my body laying kisses until our lips meet in a deep passionate kiss, she straddles me all the while continuing our kiss, taking hold of my hard cock she slowly guides it into her tight wet pussy, the feeling as she lowers down and my cock slips deeper inside her is enough to cause an intake of breathe from both of us, she sits up and begins caressing and squeezing her tits, pulling at her nipples even pushing them up to her mouth and flicking her tongue over each one in turn, after seeing this i had to suck them myself so i leaned forward taking a nipple into my mouth i circle my tongue around before gripping it between my teeth and teasing with my tongue as i alternate my attaention on each of her sweet tits she rocks her hips riding me slowly

" I was thinking today that we should go out for a drive sometime like we used to " she says

" I could wear that dress you like and no underwear so you can watch me play with myself as we drive around " she said with a wickedly horny smile

" Then i could reach over, take your cock out of your jeans and suck you until you could take no more and we would have to find somewhere to stop,"

She looked to think for a moment then said " The wood where we sometimes walk the dogs, we could park in there and you could strip me naked in the cool evening air making my nipples stand out " she said while plucking at her nipples making them hard

" you could bend me over the car and fuck me doggy " her pace increased as she spoke and I could feel my balls soaked from her juices

" and while your fucking me we notice another couple watching us " her voice becoming husky " and they look like they have been watching a while as the guy, who looks about mid twenties fairly tall and athletic, already had one hand up the top of a younger looking girl who was stood infront with her back to him, as he played with her tits his other hand was busy inside her pants, her hands were hidden behind her but obviously no less active, both were watching us as we fuck, I wave to them to come over and they cautiously approach as we continue to fuck they become more comfortable and start getting more carried away, soon they are both naked and the guy has bent his girlfriend over and is fucking her beside us on the car, you turn me onto my back and start fucking me again so now i can watch her smallish tits rock in time to her boyfriends thrusts, i reach over to her and pull her head to me as you and he watch i kiss her, she imediatly responds by stroking my tits so i slip my hand down to her pussy where i feel his cock pumping into her tight juicy slit, i rub her clit causing her to kiss me harder, her tongue dancing with mine as her hand wanders down to my clit, her boyfriend reaches over and plays with my tits so you do the same to her squeezing her pert little tits and rolling her stiff nipples between your fingers, as she starts to come she sets me off too, soon we are all moaning as we all climax together" as in our bedroom my girlfriend comes hard gripping tight on my cock.... as i come over my hand in what used to be our bedroom had it not been for the fact she stayed sitting on that couch reading her catalogues night after night after night.........

oh well .........

as i fade off to sleep......

Cold Oregon Winters

bbillotte on Sex Stories

Everyone knows that winters in Oregon bring very short and very cold days.  Most people get depressed at this time of year, that’s why there are so many snowbirds traveling to Arizona anticipating the warm weather.


Well my husband is too young to be a snowbird, but since he has family in Arizona he usually travels there at this time of year.

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: yes">  This leaves me home alone for at least a month or so and since I am in my early thirties, everyone knows I have an over zealous sex drive. 


I have the perfect job to satisfy my sexual needs, I am the manager of a large apartment complex.  So I have access to lots of single and married males.  I’m pretty good at selecting the ones that are willing to satisfy my needs weather they are married or not. 


I have set my sights on 3 males, they must work together as I see this Suburban pull into the complex everyday at the same time and two of them get out and enter their apartments.  They are covered in dirt and mud, nothing could be sexier.  One is tall, thin and is so hot and he lives with his girlfriend, he also doesn’t appear to be too smart, and so he would be an easy target.


The second one is also somewhat tall, good looking, and very quiet, but he is married.  His wife doesn’t seem to be too happy with him, and he never looks happy either, so he should be easy as well.


I definitely choose the right guy for the job.  I made arrangements to meet with him, by offering him a part-time job.  Once he accepted, I started showing up in each apartment he was working in, giving him slight hints as to what I would like to do to him if I had him alone.  After several uneventful attempts, I finally started to give up, thinking he was happily married.


That’s when he shocked me.  He came into the office and asked that I come to an apartment he was working in; he said he had something for me to look at.  Thinking this was actually a work related issue, I went to the apartment after I finished what I had been working on.


When I arrived, I asked “what do you need?”  He stated “It was in the back room” I followed him to the back bedroom and proceeded to look at the blinds he said were defective.  Once I was standing in front of the blinds, he spun me around, pushed me up against the wall, pinned my arms above my head, and wrapped the cord from the blinds around my wrists. 


For a split second I was scarred, and then I realized that he had finally taken my advances serious.  He was being very serious.  He didn’t speak, but he undid my pants, pulled them down past my knees and then took his carpet knife and cut the strings to my thong underwear, causing them to fall directly to the floor.


He spread my legs as far apart as my pants would let him.  He then began to kiss my neck, ever so slightly, probing his tongue in and out of his mouth.  He did this repeatedly until he reached my pelvic bone.  He completely avoided my pubic hair, clit and pussy lips.  He moved down to my thighs and onto the inside of my knees.  I started to feel weak, and thought I would fall, but he must have sensed it, he reached up to cup my breasts, and slowly slid his tongue all they way up to my erect nipples, where he seemed to take an eternity.


In the mean time, I was squirming and basically humping the air, I wanted him to probe my pussy with his fabulous tongue just like he did the rest of my body.  But when I tried to speak, he put his finger up to my mouth to make me stop.  I tried to suck on his finger to show him what I wanted, but he pulled his hand away just in time. 


Since my wrists were still tied up, I couldn’t grab his head and shove it into my pussy.  I knew I had to wait and see what was next, but damn it, he was driving me insane.  I wanted him.  I wanted to feel him inside me, weather it was his tongue, a finger, or his rock hard cock, I could see the bulge in his pants and I knew he wanted it to, but he seemed to be taking forever, and there was nothing I could do.


He gradually moved back down to the area I wanted him at.  His tongue slightly caressing my pubic hair (what little I had left, after a shaving episode the night before).  He then slightly separated my lips to expose my throbbing clit.  He flicked it once with his tongue and I just about jumped out of my skin.  He looked up at me and smiled, this huge ego smile, and continued to probe my pussy with his tongue.


His tongue swirled my clit continuously, breaking only to probe inside me, and to lick my pussy lips.  I begged him to take me, turn me around and fuck me.  I told him I couldn’t stand it anymore; I needed to feel him inside me. He just told me to shut up, and he would do what he wanted, he also said “No more talking or it’s over”.


He continued to torment me this way, for what seemed like an eternity.  At one point, I had an orgasm so intense that I practically broke the string to the blinds.   Then all of a sudden he stopped, pulled up my pants and walked out of the room.  I was still standing there, with horribly weak legs and still slightly twitching from my previous orgasm, looking at my cut panties on the floor.


After about 2 minutes, he came back into the room to ask “Have you had enough?”  Of course hoping there would be more, I said “NO”!  He walked up, untied me and pulled me into the living room.  He pushed me down on the tenant’s couch, pulled off my pants, dropped his pants to his ankles, and told me to take him in my mouth.  After looking at the hardest cock I have ever seen, I gladly did as I was told.   I took it all, every last centimeter.  I kept looking up at him while I performed my best blow job ever.  He was really enjoying it, I could tell as he kept fucking my mouth, harder and harder, faster and faster.  I knew he was going to cum soon, so I stopped, and let it slowly slide out of my mouth, letting him watch it all come out little by little.


Then I turned the tables on him, I let him lie back on the couch and get comfortable, then I slowly slid my pussy onto his face, letting him do whatever he wanted as long as I controlled the movement.  I rocked back and forth on his tongue, providing myself with full clitoral stimulation.  Just as I was getting closer to cumming myself, I reached behind me, gabbed his hand, and slid one of his fingers inside me moving it in and out with just the right rhythm , while his other hand squeezed my ass and assisted me in rocking back and forth.  He knew the more I moaned and whimpered the closer I got to cumming and he worked his tongue like that was the only thing it was meant for.   My moaning and movement became stronger with every thrust of his tongue, just as I was going to pull away; he stopped me and gave me the best orgasm ever.


Since I felt guilty that he didn’t cum, I decided to take care of him.  But I wanted to torture him, just like he did me earlier.  I slid down, staying on my knees and let my pussy hover above his cock.   I sat down on top of it, but made sure it didn’t go in.  Since I was already wet, I made sure it was lying perfectly between my lips and I slide up and down on the shaft, making sure he could feel me, but not enter me.   


I made sure he was watching everything I did; I started to slide it in, letting just the head go in.  I rose up and down, just letting the head in, he tried to pull me down on top of him, but I stopped it.  I let him watch it go in and out, and then in one quick thrust, I took it all in.  I took long slow strokes, always stopping before he had a chance to cum, I did this about 3 times.  Stopping only because I knew he was going to explode. 


The last time just before I knew he was going to cum, I rose up and let it come out real slow.  Then I slid down and put his cock in my mouth, taking it all, making sure he could feel my tonsils on every down stroke.  His breathing was getting rapid, but with short breaths, I knew he couldn’t handle it anymore. I begged him to fuck my mouth; I told him how much I wanted to taste him, how good it would feel to have his cum slide down my throat.  After that it was just a matter of seconds, before he shot his load straight down my throat, and on my face.  He had the biggest smile on his face while he watched me clean off mine.  And we were out of the apartment, before the tenants ever came home, and we didn’t leave any evidence, except my panties on the floor of the master bedroom, but nothing was ever mentioned by the tenants or by us.


Now winter in Oregon is never boring, as long as the handyman is available.

One Drunken Night

Kefka on Sex Stories

Out in the sticks there's often not much else to do on a Friday besides drink, dance, and fuck. I guess I've always had a particular fondness for those last two. In hindsight, I'm certain that's why my father would only pay my tuition if I attended Northwest Wisconsin State University. With my grades, I wasn't exactly in line for any scholarships, so I didn't have much choice. Never heard of Northwest Wisconsin State? It's a little teacher's school in one of those towns that doesn't do anything except serve as a suburb for a college. One little sign on route 53 is all we rate, so no surprise if you missed us.

Not that I'm even studying to be a teacher- that wasn't what my father had in mind. Teacher's school- know what that means? A nine to one gender inequality a
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mong the students, and not in my favor. Not that I'm ugly, but I'm not exactly in the top ten percent either if you know what I mean. Plus teachers-to-be, well, can't say they lit my fire the way I wanted it lit. Have to give my dad credit. I didn't figure out his plan until I was settled into my dorm, but he didn't reckon with my resolve either. Within a month I had two words for his little scheme.

Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Ok. Maybe that's three words. Or four. Doesn't matter, those words are less than two hours away- that's the two that matters.

Borrowing a car proved easier than I thought it'd be- anyplace near our campus was within walking distance and not like most teachers-to-be were going anywhere on Friday night anyway. By early November, I'd learned to spread out my borrowing so that I could be in the clubs surrounding the University of Minnesota every other weekend.

~ ~ ~

"You're the one they call Butterfly, aren't you?"

Do they really call me that? I wondered. I'd been called a lot worse. At least it was appropriate since the upper half of the butterfly on my back was visible above my halter top. With a smile spreading across my face, I spun toward the speaker, placing my breasts right where my tattoo had been.

Beneath a pair of thick brows, a pair of big dark eyes lingered on my bosom. He was older, mid twenties. Sandy blond hair- uncombed wildfire to perfection. Broad shoulders stretching a puce T-shirt. Perfect bit of scruff along a firm jaw and one of those smiles with the upper lip just peeled away from the teeth.

Beefcake du jour.

He'd do.

After a half-second, he managed to raise his eyes to my face.

"Butterfly?" I said, bouncing my eyebrows. "Is that what they call me?"

He shrugged. "Should I call you something else?"

"Depends." I gave my shoulders a shake. "You like my butterfly?"

His eyes dove right to the rest of my wiggle. "Yeah, I like them."

"In that case, you can call me Butterfly. What about you- you got a name?"

His eyes bounced upward with a smile that now included both lips. "Michael, but my friends call me Mick."

"Nice to meet you, Mick."

"So." He leaned that inch closer. "Can I buy you a drink, Butterfly?"

I winked. "I'd rather dance."

Dancing, done right, is some of the best foreplay. Touching. Feeling his hands. Strong. Soft. Getting sweaty. Rubbing. Sliding my body against his. Warm. Hard. And getting harder. Talking. Not that either of us could hear much above Shania Twain's blaring vocals, but we weren't saying anything really- other than "I want to fuck you" with different words.

A half-dozen tunes later I pressed my body against his and raised my lips to his ear. "I'm ready to go somewhere else."

My favorite somewhere else was a short walk and a shorter drive away, the tree-covered slopes between the river and the campus. I could lean with both hands on a tree and watch the world go by while my beau of the moment took care of me. I'm not sure why I like fucking outdoors, especially doggy-style. Maybe it's the animal nature of it all. Maybe it's that added thrill that we might be seen. The chill in the mid-autumn air only heightened the sensation for me. With the leaves gone and the full moon above, the area was better lit than before and I found a spot near a double-tiered maroon bridge with a good view of the river and downtown.

Looking back, I suppose I was foolish much in the way smokers are- lighting up all the time, one can get used to the danger enough to ignore it. Having taken boys to secluded spots for years, I didn't think twice about my safety. After all, I was going to put out- not as if they needed to rape me.

"Did you bring a condom?" I asked, looking for a good place to set my purse. "Because I did if you..."

"I brought something better than a condom." One of his hands grabbed my hair and yanked my face upward. The other moved toward my throat so fast I caught but a glint from the metal before I felt the edge of the knife against my throat. My purse slipped from my fingers. I swallowed and the whole of my consciousness leapt to where my skin flexed against his blade. My wide eyes darted to his. How did they go from pools to beads so fast?

You'd think a mind would race at a time like that, when any word could be your last, but all I could imagine was my father's face when he heard how I'd died.

"No," I begged. "I'll do what you want."

"Oh," he whispered in a tone cooler than the air. "I know you will. You're gonna start by taking..."

"I think she said 'No'."

Four eyes cut toward the source of the feminine voice. At first I saw only the glow of a cigarette as someone drew on it. The tiny yellow light moved toward us and a slender silhouette coalesced within the shadows. "Now that I think about it," she said, taking another drag, "I'm sure she said 'No'."

The pressure of the blade against my throat was gone. Mick released my hair and took a step backward. "It's not what you think!"

A petite blonde in a tweed jacket emerged from the skeletal trees and took another puff. "No," she said, blowing smoke into the night. "It's not what you think."

"What..." Mick began.

I still don't know what he meant to ask her.

The next instant the cigarette hung in the air where she had been. I watched it fall halfway to the ground before a gurgle reached my ear. My attention snapped to my would-be assailant.

The little blonde had him by the hair. Her mouth enveloped his neck. I heard a sickening crunch and a spasm rocked Mick's form all the way from his head to the tips of his splayed fingers. She turned her face toward me, revealing a pair of glowing amber eyes that throbbed in unison with each pulse of her throat.

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

"Oh, God," I managed to mutter. I turned and took a single stumbled step amid the leaves before I recalled how fast she'd moved. Trying not to shake, I forced my spine into a line and spun to face her.

She stopped suckling and stood erect. With no apparent effort, she snapped her hand outward, holding Mick at arm's length. His left hand twitched three times, then his form went limp.

"Was he bothering you?" she asked in a near baby-talk tone.

I swallowed and managed a shallow nod.

"Well, he won't bother you anymore." Her fingers opened, releasing Mick, but he never hit the ground. He had just moved when a handful of shadows converged from the surrounding darkness. Their mouths clamped onto his neck, shoulders, and arms. More yellow eyes glowed in the night.

Before I knew it, she was upon me, her face but inches from mine. Pale, straight bangs hung like a curtain above those eyes, only the rims of which still simmered with the remnants of their amber glow. I caught a sickening whiff of perfume and cigarettes. "Shhhush," she hissed. "You don't need to scream. It really won't do anyone the least bit of good."

I know what it's like to be the deer in the headlights. My mouth was wide open, but my throat seemed frozen. I emitted but a squeak no louder than that of a mouse.

Her hand came upward to my face. She licked her lips once. Turning her palm from me, she raked the edge of her fingernails along my cheek. My jaw rose just enough for my teeth to clatter. She issued the subtlest giggle, then stretched upward, bringing her cold steady mouth to my trembling warm one.

The taste of ash filtered beyond my lips, but it was hardly a kiss.

She bit me. I felt only a little sting, then the pressure as she began to suckle. Two quick draws she took before her lips released mine. Streaks of yellow raced through her eyes again. "I know you're scared," she whispered, "but there's one thing you must understand at this moment. The only thing that will ensure you die is for you to scream."

My eyes clouded. A shiver ran down my spine- and it had nothing to do with the chill. "I don’t want to die," I whimpered.

She shrugged. "Neither did I, but it still happened. Can I trust you not to scream?"

With a sniffle, I nodded.

"Good." She turned her head over her shoulder. "Bobby!"

The other shadows were still huddled about Mick, save one. That one walked toward us, his features fusing in the moonlight until a young man stood before me. He wasn't any taller than I was and, if anything, slighter of build. His face was on the round side with short hair parted on one side. Across his nose sat a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

Not beefcake du jour.

The blonde shook her head, snatched the spectacles from his face, and threw them down the slope. "This is Bobby," she said, looking back to me. "The newest member of our clan. And you are?"

My eyes went to her, to him, and back to her. "Amy," I replied. "Amy Schroeder."

"Good. I'm Norma." She cast her eyes to her companion, then back to me. "Bobby's picked you to take part in the ritual welcoming him to our world. It's quite an honor to be selected for a vampire's investiture. You see, we always baptize a new member with a sacrifice."

"Sacrifice!" I gasped. My quaking lips flew wide, but before I could utter another sound, she pressed her raised index finger over my open mouth.

"Remember," she whispered. "Whatever you do, don't scream or call attention to us. If you do, I have to kill you. That's just the way it is. But I don't want that. No one really does. Bobby would have to pick someone else." Her eyes darted up and down my form. "And he wants you, don't you, Bobby?"

The scrawny vampire nodded. "Yes, Ma'am."

"Go ahead," Norma said. "Kiss her."

I closed my eyes and wondered if it was better to just scream and get it over with. Then I thought of some other girl. I didn't know her name, of course, but if Norma's words were true, she was out there somewhere and she'd take my place if I screamed. I pictured her, whoever she was, sleeping peacefully in her bed, not even knowing I existed. That was the last time I thought about screaming.

The sound of leaves crunching reached my ears an instant before Bobby's lips reached mine. His mouth was cool, like Norma's, but still soft. He did kiss me- a clumsy, timid peck.

"She's so warm," he whispered as he withdrew. "Was I that warm?"

"Of course," Norma said. "Now feed a bit, where I opened her lip- but just a taste."

I dared to open my eyes just when his mouth returned to mine. His lips found the sliver where her teeth had cut me. There he suckled but for a split second. At least he didn't taste like ashes.

"Oh, God," he gasped, pulling away and looking straight into my eyes. Streaks of amber coursed through his irises like little currents of electricity. His throat flexed. The ends of his eyes seemed to droop. His lips quivered. "She's so good."

"I know," Norma whispered. "You're doing fine." She turned, took a half step and picked up my purse. "This is yours?" she asked, looking back to me.

I nodded.

She opened my purse, then stuck her index finger inside and stirred the contents until the keys jingled. These she retrieved with the end of her finger and turned her eyes back to me. "Where is it?"

I licked my lips once and swallowed. "Thirteenth and Fifth."

Norma nodded and held the keys up toward the moon. "General Motors. What kind?"

"Sunfire," I said, before adding a quick, "it's my friend's."

"Nice friend. What color?"


Norma flipped her face over her shoulder. "Ron!"

One of the vampires surrounding Mick rushed to her side.

"White Pontiac Sunfire," Norma said, "in the lot at Thirteenth and Fifth. Go get it."

In a flash, Ron and the keys were gone.

Norma cut her eyes my direction. "Follow me."

Follow her I did. At that point I'd progressed beyond fear into a surreal pseudo-trance. Nothing seemed genuine, especially not the vampires that departed Mick's lifeless form to follow me. One was a short, pudgy female while the remaining quartet looked like refugees from a high school science club. Hardly the handsome hunks or glamorous divas from stories and film.

Pocket protector, I thought. Show me one pocket protector and I'll know it's a dream.

Norma emerged from the trees and looked both ways before extending her hand toward a powder blue minivan parked beside the road. The vehicle chirped, its lights flashed, and the side door slid open. Leaves rushed along the ground toward it. I looked about me to discover they had all vanished except Norma and Bobby.

He walked toward the open door and climbed in. More certain than ever I had been slipped something hallucinogenic, I turned to Norma. "This is your ride?"

She laughed. "You were expecting what, the Batmobile?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure what to expect."

"Probably a good thing. Get in the middle seat. Beside Bobby."

I did. Norma squeezed in beside me and closed the door. Her potent fragrance once again invaded my nostrils. "What's your perfume?" I asked, thinking small talk couldn't hurt my chances.

"Lady Stetson," she said. "You like it?"

I nodded. "Sure."

"You shouldn't lie." She turned and leaned toward the driver as he pulled away from the curb. "Take River Road instead of Hiawatha." With a grin, she returned her attention to me. "It's a much nicer drive. And we'd like to enjoy it, wouldn't we?"

With my lips trembling against one another, I nodded.

"Don't fret so," she said. "You've already passed the two biggest tests, you didn't scream and Bobby didn't try to eat your lips. You'll probably live." She reached into the inner pocket of her jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "You smoke?"

I shook my head.

"Mind if I do?"

I shook my head again.

"What did I tell you about lying?" she asked, lighting up. "You'll have to forgive me. I started before we knew it was so bad for you." She paused to giggle. "Marlboro was a lady's cigarette back then." She took a drag, then turned and pushed the window open before blowing the smoke outside.

"Now," she said, looking back to me. "Why don't you tell us about yourself?"

My shoulders crept toward my neck. "What do you want to know?"

She shrugged in reply. "Whatever you want me to know."

"Well," I began. "I'm from..."

With the van rolling between tree-cloaked mansions and the river, I told her about my childhood, my parents, where I went to college, what I studied, and how I came to be on that wooded slope with Mick.

Norma's eyebrows dropped. "You drove all the way to Dinkytown to get laid?"

"I guess," I said with a shrug. "Kinda silly, huh?"

She shrugged back and tossed the cigarette butt out the window. "I know you could get action there too, but let me have a guess. After being labeled a tramp in high school, it was kinda nice to have some friends who'd be seen with you- so why not come here and do your sleazing?"

"Yeah." The ends of my lips dared creep upward just a bit. "That's nice too."

Norma smiled back. "You're the perfect sacrifice. Pretty. Easy. And not too bright. I think you might even enjoy yourself. Some do, you know."

My lips formed a pout and I wondered why her calling me stupid pissed me off more than the idea that she was about to kill me and somehow thought I might enjoy it.

She reached back into her jacket and brought out a smaller package. Pulling a stick halfway out, she extended it to me. "Big Red. Want some?"

What was I supposed to do, decline a vampire's generosity? I extended my unsteady fingers and accepted her offering. Together, we unwrapped our gum, popped it into our mouths, and began to chew.

No one said another word before we pulled into a dark and otherwise empty parking lot. Instead of stopping there, the driver piloted the van across the asphalt, over a curb, and onto a wide concrete path. I leaned down to peer out the left side of the vehicle as we passed a pair of monolithic, boarded-up buildings- perfect vampire dens.

We continued down a gentle slope and another structure came into view. At first I thought it just a large, round tower, but behind it a long stone wall disappeared into the night. The van traveled past the tower and along the wall until we came to a wide arch sealed by a wooden gate. The wall continued ahead toward some distant trees.

I turned to Norma. "You live in a castle?"

"It's not a castle," she said with a smile, "though I did live here, once upon a time."

The opening of the passenger door grabbed my attention. The pudgy vampire was gone. A heartbeat later, I heard a creak and turned to watch the gates part. The driver pulled the van between the doors and the headlights played across a diamond-shaped courtyard surrounded by a quartet of long, white buildings. We parked at the one point of the diamond. In the distance, at the other point, I could see a narrower, but taller building.

"What is this place?" I wondered aloud.

Norma's brow dropped over her eyes. "Do you know who was president during the Civil War?"

My eyes wandered. My lips twitched. My throat flexed through a dry swallow. I forced my eyes back to hers. "George Washington?"

Norma shook her head and opened the sliding door. "You spend too much time in clubs. This is an old fort from the 1800s, one of those living historical sites where the employees play various characters from the period. It's closed for the season- makes a nice cozy place where we can make a little noise and not be disturbed."

My head leaned to one side. "And you have the key?"

"Some of us work for the historical society. I guess you might call us history buffs." She smiled and nodded toward where the other female vampire closed the gates. "Mathilda plays a cook here all summer. A few of the men portray soldiers."

My blinking eyes fell to the ground. "But, you're, uh, vampires, right?"

"Hey," she said with a giggle, "for a floozy, you're pretty quick."

My lips formed a pout again. "And this place is open during the day, right?"

Norma's head began to move in a slow bob and a broad smile spread across her face. "Oh, that," she said. "Another myth. C'mon, I can tell you about that on the way." She started walking across the courtyard and I fell into step beside her.

"Back in the day," she began, "we used to avoid the sun- and we still do, to a lesser extent. You think you need UV protection?" She paused to guffaw. "And our eyes! Ouch. Back then we didn't come out except at night- we really couldn't or our skin would've been a cracked mess in no time. Now, with sunscreen, some makeup, sleeves, and shades, we can be out for a little while and do ok."

"So the sun doesn't turn you to ashes," I asked, "like in that movie with Brad Pitt?"

"No," she replied, "although I did rather like that flick."

"So it's realistic other than that part?"

She giggled again. "No. I just like Brad Pitt."

We walked a few more steps in silence before Norma stopped. The other vampires continued into the building ahead while she turned to me.

My friend watches our home movie

sprat on Sex Stories

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over six years now and we’ve been “living in sin” for the last two of those.  Phillipa is a 35 year-old diminutive beauty with small pert breasts that she likes me to come over as often as I please. Quite often if we don’t have the time or energy for making love, or if we're just overly horny and want a quick release, I’ll take my cock out of my pants as she shows off her breasts to me and lets me jack myself off over them.

Sometimes she lays flat on the bed or the lounge - sometimes she’ll sit in a chair, which gives her small breasts more shape and allows my cock better access to them. She takes off her top (she rarely wears a bra) and lets me rub my cock over her tits as I jack off over her go
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rgeous body, running my hands over her breasts and through her hair.

Although this happens mostly at home in the bedroom or lounge room, we've also done it in the car, the back yard and even once in the shadows on the footpath while we were walking the dog around the block one night – fuck that was horny. It was her idea. We had just turned the corner and the dog had run on ahead. Pip turned to me, taking her singlet top off and said “Hey, no one can see us here - quick”. She knelt down in front of me and I pulled down my shorts and started to masturbate as fast as possible. A car drove by but the occupants didn’t see us. Pip looked up at me naughtily. She played with her little boobs for me and whispered how much she wanted to see my jizz spurting over them, right here on the footpath. That pushed me over the edge. I told her I was going to come, so she pushed her tits out to catch it all, her eyes imploring me to spurt my cream over her boobs. She's the first girl I've gone out with who genuinely loves to see my spunk land on her tits.

Sometimes instead of jacking myself off she’ll take me in her mouth - which also often means she’s horny enough to want to come as well. She drenches her fingers with saliva then plays quickly with her clit, bringing herself rapidly to orgasm as she lets me fuck her mouth as hard and fast as I like…the faster I fuck her sweet mouth the louder she moans. Then when she comes there’s no way I can hold back any longer.  I pump my cock and come all over her face and neck and tits as she finishes her orgasm.

To be honest with you, I can think of nothing hornier than the girl you love having an orgasm while your cock is fucking her mouth.

Last year we went on holiday to Japan and took advantage of the duty free shopping by buying ourselves a nifty little digital camera with all the bells and whistles.

We spent most of our vacation in Tokyo, but we did spend one weekend out in the country at a fancy hotel by a lake. It was here on a lazy Sunday afternoon that Pip suggested we try out our newly acquired camera - and make a sexy home movie with it. I needed little encouragement and I asked what she had in mind. Pip said she’d like to give me a blowjob while I hold the camera, making it a “point of view” shot.

I should mention here that we had talked in the past about the possibility of bringing another man into our sex lives. Both Pip and I had always fantasised about her taking another man in her mouth but I suppose we hadn’t had the courage to do anything about it so far. But here was the chance for me to at least see what it might be like, by filming sucking my cock with my face out of shot (even though it would still be my cock!) Plus, the thought of filming my sexy girl whilst she pleasured me was getting me hard already.  I asked her once again if she was sure she wanted to do this. “Yes” she said. Then smiling at me she added she wanted me to finish by coming all over her face and tits. “I think I can manage that” I smirked back.

With no further ado I kissed Pip deeply, turned away, stripped naked and headed for the bathroom with the camera.

Thanks to a large skylight the bathroom was nice and bright and perfect for making our movie. My cock was already three quarters hard in anticipation.

A minute or so later as I was still sussing out the workings of the camera, Pip appeared at the doorway, wearing just a thin Japanese robe - untied and open. Her breasts nearly exposed but not quite. Her auburn hair was out and caught the light. Never had she looked so ravishing.

“Wow. You look so fucking hot” I said and I fumbled the camera switch to ‘on’ and hit ‘record’. I turned the viewfinder round to face me and I settled in for the ride. Pip smiled at me and I watched thru the viewscreen as she lingered in the doorway, her robe still only just covering those exquisite little tits. I followed as Philippa slowly, sexily slipped off her robe and ran her hands over her petite boobs and ran her nails along her thin waste and firm stomach. I could feel myself hardening like a steel rod as she slithered over to me. Then ever so slowly she knelt before me, all the while staring up into the lens of the camera. She kissed my stomach once, twice - then noticing, licked at a large glistening glob of pre-come  and smeared it over my cock head. She then rubbed my cock over her tits, using the pre-jizz as a lube -  I saw her nipple catch on the sticky liquid. Then, still staring down the barrel of the camera, she took me between her lips and deep into her mouth. “Fuck” I uttered involuntarily. She smiled and started working my cock with expert precision.

A moment or two later, I noticed Pip looking to her left as she again rubbed her tits all over my eager rod. I looked to see what it was she was looking at – a large wall mirror that I hadn’t even noticed  - right beside me.  Pip was stealing glances at herself as she devoured my cock. It was then I realised that I too had a great side-on view in the mirror. So as Pip kept working at my cock I started filming from side via the mirror.

The fact that it was now really like filming Pip sucking another man’s cock started to get me incredibly horny. I zoomed in on her pretty face as she worked the cock with her mouth and hand using her saliva on the shaft like lube. Her rhythm and technique are flawless…

…I know that Philippa has sucked a lot of cock in her time. she’s not secretive about her past, and she just loves sucking cock! She gave her first blowjob at age thirteen and hasn’t looked back…she is something of an expert I can assure you. She once made me come - from flaccid to spurting my jizz - in less than ninety seconds!

Through the view screen I could tell Pip was starting to get a bit horny as she watched herself swallowing me in the mirror. She’s blown me a few times in the past in front of a mirror and its always gotten her horny – it appears she loves the sight of my cock in her mouth too!

Pip by now was working herself into a bit of a frenzy on my cock and was going at it like a mad woman - her mouth moving at rapid fire speed up and down my pole. Then much to my delight, she stopped briefly.  As she stared down the barrel of the camera she licked her fingers, leaving trails of saliva dripping from them.

Urgently her moistened hand snaked down to her pussy and she started to circle her clitoris with her middle finger. It was obvious that she was getting very turned on performing for the camera. She continued to look up into the lens seductively as she worked my cock with one hand and now her clit with the other.

I was now more thrusting into her mouth than she was working it, but she kept her lips tight around me.  Faster she worked her clit and faster I pounded into her mouth. Then I heard one of her little high-pitched moans  - a tell tale sign she's going to come soon. I thrust a half dozen more times into her beautiful mouth, then pulled my cock out and hanging onto the camera for dear life pumped furiously with my other hand as Pip moaned louder. As I looked about to come she pushed her tiny tits up towards my gaping cock hole ready to receive my load…her hand vibrated frantically as she growled out her own heavy orgasm and licked at my flying gobs of come. Both our orgasms seemed to last an eternity.  Streams of cum had landed over Pip’s little boobs and her left shoulder. I nearly collapsed as my knees shook beneath me and I struggled to keep the camera on target. Quivering, Pip inhaled deeply to get her breath back and rubbed my jizz into her neck and tits, never losing eye contact with the lens.

Pip then licked the last remnants of come off my cockhead as she smiled sluttily at the camera and then, rubbing the last of my jizz into her tits, waved the camera goodbye.

As soon as we’d gotten our strength back we watched the footage back through the viewfinder.  It was fucking amazing to watch  - like the best porn movie ever coz it was super sexy AND it starred my beautiful lady. I found watching all that cum splash over my lover from an “anonymous” cock really turned me on. When I told Pip this she felt my cock under the towel which I had wrapped around myself – only to find I was as hard as a rock again. She casually suggested I jack off over her tits again… what an afternoon!

As if all this wasn't horny enough, the DVD which I then made from the Japan footage got us into a different sexy situation altogether. After I’d made the dvd, I’d watched it a few times and had come quickly and heavily each time. Damned sexy stuff… I’d burnt Pip a copy too which she would take with her when she took off interstate with work.

A few months later an old friend, Pierre, arrived from out of town.  He's been my best pal for nearly fifteen years and has known Pip for as long as I’ve been with her. When I’d told Pierre (when I'd first met Pip) how great she was at giving head, he'd been kinda jealous…because (like most men I know!) there’s nothing Pierre likes better than a good blowjob. Every girlfriend he has had has commented on how much he loves getting his dick sucked and most of the porn he owns is blowjob or oral cumshot related.

So, when I told Pierre during our fairly big night out that I'd made a dvd of her sucking me off as she made herself come and then finished it off by letting me jizz all over her, he not surprisingly (Pierre is a bit of a deviant) asked me immediately if he could watch it. I said "No way, man, its private". He just laughed.

Later that night (or earlier the next morning) after quite a few drinks, Pierre and I took an ecstasy tablet each. Sure enough, an hour later I started to get all horny. Bugger this. I told Pierre I was going to go home to see Phillipa. “Why?” Asked Pierre. “You going home to get a Pip special”?  “I hope so”, I replied. I was actually planning to maybe ask her if I could wank over her tits  - without fully waking her up. Even when she's half asleep she doesn't usually mind me doing this - she finds it sexy that I find her so horny. And sometimes I’ve woken up in the wee hours to discover her sucking my cock for all its worth and not stopping til she’d milk me dry.

In the cab on the way home Pierre complained how it wasn't fair that I was getting to go home to Phillipa but he had nothing. “Bad luck“, I said  But by the time we arrived home he had somehow managed to talk me into letting him watch our little movie!  I said he would have to watch it on my computer in the study where it would be quieter and wouldn’t wake Pip up. 

Funnily enough, by the time we got home and inside, the idea of my best mate watching Phillippa in action in this movie was making me very fucking horny indeed.

We went straight in to the study, I fished out the DVD and loaded it into my computer. Pierre stood eagerly in front of the computer as I sat next to him in my office chair and got the DVD going. The first shot of Pip lit up and so did Pierre’s eyes. As Phillippa stripped on screen I could see Pierre’s pants noticeably bulge, and his hand slowly moved upwards and rubbed his hardening cock. By the time Phillippa had my cock in her mouth on screen, Pierre had his own rock hard cock in his hands.

Fuck, it was such a turn on watching how horny my mate was getting watching this action. As it was shot from my point of view, I could see Pierre imagining Phillipa’s gorgeous mouth wrapped around his own piece of man granite (which seemed to be about the same shape and size as mine).

This was getting too hot - I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Unzipping my jeans, I pulled out my throbbing hard on and started stroking myself.  I alternated from watching Pierre jacking himself off, to watching Phillippa engulf my cock with much enthusiasm on the computer screen.

After a minute or so I made eye contact with Pierre and I could tell he was about to come. This made me damned horny and I could feel my load starting to swell in my balls when suddenly a small cough sounded behind us. ‘Ahem”- it was Phillippa, standing completely nude in the study doorway. Shit! I thought, how long has she been standing there - watching her lover and his best friend masturbate over footage of her being a wanton slut with a cock?

She stepped inside the door. "Well. Why watch that when you can have the real thing?" She walked slowly into the room and motioned for me to get up out of the office chair. I did and she sat in my place, her face at cock height! Pierre couldn't believe what was happening before his very eyes. Pre-come ran down his pulsating cock shaft. He looked at me and I shrugged gently and smiled. He looked back to Phillipa who was already eyeing off his wet rod. She then looked up into Pierre’s eyes, then back down at his cock again. She licked her lips and ran a hand over her tits. Pierre needed no more prompting and was moving in towards her pouting mouth like a magnet.  I was doing my best to hold off from coming right then as he slid his cock sensually between her full wet lips with a massive groan.

I could tell Pierre was doing his best not to come, but he was so horny he could only managed to slide his thick shaft a dozen times between Phillipa's soft lips before he grimaced and, keeping his cock close to her face, let out stream after stream of thick ropey cum over my beautiful lover's face, then the final spurts onto her luscious little tits. This was way too much for me to bear and I groaned as I leaned in to Pip and spewed forth a massive dose of hot jizm all over the sperm lines Pierre had just created. Spurt! Right across her mouth and cheek. Spurt! Over her neck and into her hair. Spurt - a big shot right across both tits. Godamnit, what a sight!

We both stood in front of her, wet and still erect. Spoonfuls of come dripped off her as she licked and sucked us both clean - first Pierre’s dick then mine. After a minute or two of her sucking us dry, we both slowly softened.

Satisfied that her work here was done, Pip smiled up at us. She stood up and kissed us both goodnight through a cum splattered mouth. As she left the room Pierre and I smiled wetly at each other. I patted him on the back to reassure him all was well, then I headed off into our bedroom. I helped wipe all the rest of our jizz off Phillipa’s face and neck and tits with several tissues.

I thanked her, she told me it was her pleasure and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The Conference Room

r2wicket on Sex Stories

It was a typical Friday afternoon at the office and as usual I was working late.  After all, there was nothing really to go home to, so I decided that I might as well be doing something productive.  I was beginning to get a little tired so I looked up from my computer to give my eyes a rest and just outside the door was the conference room.  Looking into the room I began to have the same recurring thoughts I always had when I thought of my friend and co-worker Jordan Stevens.  He was absolutely the hottest man I knew and the fantasies I’d had about him h

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ad always been incredible.  Unfortunately for me, he was married and though we were good friends, we both knew that he would never be unfaithful to his wife and that we’d ruin our friendship if we ever moved into the sexual realm with each other.  Today however, seemed different.  As I focused my tired eyes, I looked out the door and there leaning against the large conference room table stood Jordan with his arms crossed looking at me, smiling and emanating sex.  Oh my god, he was so hot dressed in his black shirt and khaki pants with his dark eyes piercing through me like electrical current. 

 “Are you working much longer?” he asked.  “I’m going to work for awhile longer, how about you?”  “I just called home to tell them that I’d be working later than usual tonight.  Are you up for a break?”  “Yeah sure, you want to go outside and smoke?”  I got up from my desk and came through the door into the conference room. I walked past him and he smelled so good and looked so hot, it took all of my willpower not to reach out and touch him.  He always had that effect on me, but to my surprise he reached out, took my hand and pulled me up close to him.  “Oh god, Jordan it feels so good to be this close to you, but what’s going on?”  “I decided that I wanted us to be together tonight and I was hoping you would be feeling the same way.” 

I reach up and begin to unbutton his shirt and start kissing his chest.  He pulls my face up and as our lips meet the passion ignites a fire that’s going to be almost impossible to put out.  He slides his hands down my arms and pulls my shirt over my head dropping it to the ground.   As my bra drops to the floor, his hungry lips find my breasts.  I gasp as he begins to suck my nipples; first one, then the other.  He moves his mouth from my nipples back to my mouth and we embrace again. 

I need to feel his skin on my skin, so I take his shirt off and throw it on the floor.  Kissing his neck, I kiss and lick my way down to his nipples where I begin to suck them as well.  As he begins to moan, I move further down his chest to his stomach, kissing and licking until I reach his pants.  Unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants and sliding the zipper down, I let my hand barely graze his hardening manhood. 

 “Oh Jordan, kick your shoes off so I can get your pants and underwear off.  I want to suck your cock so badly.  He is so hard and I can’t wait any longer, but I want to take it a little bit slow to drive him crazy with desire.  I lick his right thigh, then his left.  I hear him moan and I reach up and take his hands in mine so that he can’t move my head where he obviously wants it to go.  My tongue flicks out and licks the head of his beautiful cock.  As I lick the underside, I take his balls in my mouth and gently suck on them.  Letting them go, I swirl my tongue along the entire length of his shaft, then all at once I take him into my mouth and begin pumping him in and out of my mouth. 

 “Oh yes, baby, that’s it.  It feels so good.  Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh, yes, suck me harder.”  As I hear his enjoyment I begin to go faster while my hands rub his wonderful balls.  I momentarily stop and begin sucking his balls again as I hear him say, “Oh Fuck, that feels so good, don’t stop.”  I put his rod back in my mouth and suck him hard.  “Oh god, I’m going to cum” and just as he utters the words, he shoots his load down the back of my throat.  I’m enjoying every drop he’s giving me as I moan with the pleasure that he has just given me.  “Oh shit baby, that was so fucking good.”  He pulls me to my feet and kisses me hard.  As we’re kissing he reaches down to remove my pants and underwear.  As they drop to the floor he turns me around and lays me back on the table.

  He starts kissing my breasts and moves down to my stomach.  I begin writhing in anticipation of what I know is to come.  He moves farther down and parts my pussy lips with his tongue.  He finds my clit and begins to lick and suck it.  “Oh fuck, Jordan that feels so fucking good, please don’t stop.”  While he licks & sucks my clit, he inserts two fingers up into my love hole and pumps them in and out.  “Oh baby, I’m cumming and it feels so good.  Mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh, oh my god, your tongue is so hot.  Oh baby, I want your cock in me now.  I need it and I want you to fuck me hard.” 

Jordan climbs up on the table with me.  “I can’t wait to get my hard cock inside your tight pussy.”  “Oh baby, put it in now and fuck me.  I want you so bad.  I need your cock inside me and I want to feel you cum inside me.  Oh that’s it, harder baby, fuck me harder and faster.  Oh you feel so good and so hard in my tight hot pussy.  I don’t want you to ever stop.  Oh god, I’m cumming again, Jordan.”  “Okay baby I’m ready to fill you up, are you ready?”  “Yes, Jordan fill me up with your hot cum and cum deep inside me.” 

 Laying on the table we look at each other and smile.  Neither of us realized just how good sex could be until now and we knew that this would not be our last time together.  Getting up we dress, kiss goodbye and began thinking of the next time.  As I think about the fantasies and the real the thing, having the real thing is so much better.




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After years of giving her shoulder massages while at work, I'd convinced my co-workre and best friend, Jana, to let me practice doing a full body massage on her. She is a good massager herself and many times have given me a good massage, so I was quite interested in hearing how my skills compared. I was on my way over to her place now. When I got to her place I grabbed my duffle out of the car and headed up to the door. Jana opened the door and hurried me inside as it was close to freezing outside. She showed me around her place while telling me that she'd already put Sara, her baby, down to sleep for the night, so we had to be quiet. I apologized, as I'd been talking loud, and knew better than to do that around sleeping children. She asked what was in the duffle, and I opened it to show h
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er the supplies I'd brought: body oils, towels, a CD with some soft sax music on it, some candles, and hidden under the towels were a fur mitten, a feather, and some other surprises. Nodding she asked "Would you like something to drink before starting?" "Sure, whatever you are having will be fine." I replied. I followed her to the kitchen to watch her pull out a frozen pitcher from the freezer. "Daiquiri" she replied to my unspoken question. She poured us both a glass, and then put the pitcher away. We chatted for a bit about the store and what we'd been doing since we worked together the week before. I sipped my daiquiri as we talked; it was very good, if a bit strong for me, but the rum did warm me up quickly. I asked if she was ready and if so, did she have a CD-player in her bedroom. She said yes and she led me to it. I asked her to give me a minute to set up, so she went to refill our drinks. I placed the candles around the room and lit them, then slipped the CD into the stereo and managed to figure out how to turn it on. The volume was already set at a nice soft level, so I turned out the light to see how the room looked. Just about right I thought as I surveyed the room. I removed the soft bath towel and spread it out on the bed. By the time Jana returned with our drinks I'd pulled out my oils and was ready. She placed our drinks on the nightstand and asked what she needed to do. "Only thing left is for you to strip" I said with a grin, "I actually DO need you to strip can leave your panties on if it makes you more comfortable, but I can do a full massage if you strip down completely. Either way I'm going to step out into the hall so you can strip down and if you would lay face down on the towel I've put on the bed. It will keep any oils from running off onto your comforter. I'm going to change into shorts since it's a bit warm in here, by the way...thanks for turning up the heat like I asked earlier." I headed to the door, "Just let me know when I can walk back into the room." I stepped into the hallway outside her bedroom door and shut the door till it was only open a crack. It wasn't easy but I resisted the temptation to peek as I heard her removing the pink sweat suit she'd been wearing. I took off my shoes, socks and pants, then my shirt while in the hallway, leaving me standing there in my boxers. I was in the middle of gathering up my stuff when she called out that she was ready. I opened the door and saw her stretched out naked on her bed. I was very glad she had her head propped up on her arms and wasn't looking at me, as the sight of her bare body in the flickering candlelight had me quickly making a tent in my boxers. I put my cloths down near my duffle and adjusted my boxers as I stood up, only to find that she'd turned her head and was now watching me. I hoped she couldn't see my face turn red as I gathered up my oils and walked to the edge of the bed near her, trying to ignore the still obvious tent at my waist. "Which of these oils do you like?" I asked as I let her smell each of the one's I'd brought with me. After smelling all four she picked out the chamomile and lavender mix. It was one of my favorites, with an invigorating smell that wasn't overpowering. I poured a bit into my hand and rubbed my hands together to warm up the oil. I placed my hands on her back, and started to spread the oil out as I asked her; "Let me know if something feels uncomfortable, hurts or if something feels particularly good, ok?" She murmured a "Sure", and then closed her eyes. For a while I rubbed her back while just listening to the music. I started at the small of her back and worked my up to her shoulders. But after a minute I figured out I wasn't going to be able get a good angle standing next to the bed. I'm going to straddle your legs so I can get an a better position, if you don't mind?" I asked, trying to ignore the other thoughts going thru my head. She opened one eye to look at me for a second before murmuring "Sure" again and closing her eyes. I climbed up on the bed and swung one leg over her body; I placed my hands on her back and started to rub up and down her spine. I couldn't get the tent in my boxers to go away, as I was not only looking at her nude body now, but was now straddling her thighs, leaving me a perfect view of her bare ass beneath me. Starting at the base of her spine, just above her ass, I slowly massaged upwards, and then traced my hands down her sides. Sometimes I'd roll a bit of skin upwards between my fingers, other times I'd let the tips of my fingers trace down her back. I rubbed her shoulders, and the back of her neck, and slowly but surely the tenseness of her muscles faded. I was enjoying the feel of her skin beneath my hands, and occasionally got the thrill of feeling the swell of her breast when my hands would run down her sides. I got up and sat down on her left side, and pulled her arm out from under her head. I then cupped her hand in mine as my other hand massaged each of her fingers, the bit of flesh between her fingers, then her palm before letting her hand drop into my lap as I massaged up her arm. I hadn't even paid attention to where her hand was, but as I started to massage her upper arm I felt the back of her fingers brush back and forth against my cock. Even covered by my boxers it sent a thrill through my system. Since she didn't move again I half hoped she didn't know what she'd brushed against, but knew that was probably a silly hope. I took her hand out of my lap and placed it back up near her pillow, then scooted off the bed to get a sip or two of my drink before moving down to her legs. She was watching me as I looked over at her, and I asked if she'd like her drink. She nodded rolled onto her side as I handed her the cup. I couldn't help but stare at her breasts as they were uncovered when she moved. Just the right size to cup in your hand, her areola was a light brown and topped with large almost half-inch round nipples! Swallowing hard, I took a deep drink of my daiquiri and placed both cups back on the nightstand. I sat at the end of the bed and just admired the curve of her legs and ass as I looked up her body. Wow! Fortified with my last drink I decided that if she was that comfortable around me I ought to be around her too, so I slipped off my boxers before I poured more oil into my hand. I kneeled on her bed and placed her left foot against my chest. I massaged the oil into her foot, between her toes and around her ankle, and trying not to tickle her as I rubbed her foot, then putting it back against my chest as I worked up her calf. As I got to the back of her knee, then moved up to her thighs, she had to spread her legs a bit for me to get my hand around her thigh. I thought about how many times I'd wanted to have my hands in the exact position they were as I twisted and kneaded the muscles of her thigh. With the candlelight I couldn't see much between her thighs, but instead concentrated on the feel of her smooth skin and the heat that was radiating from her. As I reached the very top of her thigh, I felt the side of my hand brush against her pussy. I relished the feeling but avoided brushing against it again. I was enjoying her body with my hands for now and didn't want to push my luck just yet. I stopped massaging her thigh, as I didn't want to move up to her ass just yet, but moved back down and started the process over again on her right leg, starting at her foot. This time when I reached the top I let the side of my hand brush against her pussy a little harder, and thought I detected a bit more heat radiating from between her thighs. Getting a bit more oil, I brushed my hands over her ass checks, squeezing lightly as I went. Watching the oil drip down between her ass cheeks and sliding lower. She had such and incredible ass! I hoped I'd get to play with it more, but for now I moved and sat to her right and ran my fingers over the back of her hand. I slowly massaged my way up her arm, till I reached her shoulder. Then I picked up her hand again, and lightly kissed the back of it. She opened her eyes, and stared into mine as I slowly left a trail of kisses up the back of her arm. When I reached her elbow I had to lean forward to continue and my thigh that her hand had been resting on moved, causing her hand to slide up to my hard-on. Her eyes twinkled as she wrapped her fingers around me while I continued to kiss my way up to her shoulder. She managed to slide her hand up and down my hard-on once before I got up from where I'd been sitting. She didn't want to let go (and I really didn't want her to), but I was determined to last through the night and didn't want to let things go that far yet. Once again I straddled her thighs, but this time I wasn't wearing anything. The oil from earlier had almost evaporated, so I got a bit more and started working on her back again, by now she was completely covered in oil, and was very slippery. Every time I leaned forward to rub her shoulders, but hard-on would slide up the crack of her ass. I think this was more distracting to me than to her, but it felt so good! I slid my body down her legs, so that my face was around her waist and lightly kissed the small of her back while sliding my hands up and down her sides. I explored her back with my lips, slowly sliding upwards, the oil off her ass covering my chest as I let my body lay on hers as I moved up her back. Her skin was so soft! My cock was sliding between her thighs as I kissed up her spine, I had to adjust a bit as I reached her shoulders to keep it from sliding deeper between her legs. I could feel she was breathing a bit fast as I nibbled the back of her neck. I trailed my lips across the curve of her neck, and then lightly scrapped my teeth across her neck, pretending to bite her. When I reached her earlobe and started to nibble I felt her breathing change pace again, and a small "ooohhhhh" escape her lips. I started to slowly move my hips, rubbing my cock against her ass. Enjoying myself, I moved away from her neck and kissed my way down the right side of her body, running my hands over her back, just above where my lips trailed. When I reached her lower back, I moved my hands down to her ass and started squeezing it lightly, letting my hands explore, while I used my tongue and lips to stimulate the nerves in her lower back. Moving down once again, I used my tongue to trace a path from her back, and over her ass, my hands sliding up and down her sides again. As I got closer to the lower part of her ass, I started to smell her; her sent was like an aphrodisiac and filled my head! Especially when she started to spread her legs out a bit as my lips started down the curve of her ass. Having to move away before I lost control I sat back on my feet and picked up her left foot. Massaging it once again, but this time adding my lips, kissing the arch of her foot, the side of her ankle and slowly up her calf. Taking a second to kiss the back of her knee, then up her thigh, kissing the top, then down the outside, before going up a bit, over the top and down the inside of her thigh. I used my hands to massage her thigh just a bit above where I was kissing, and as I reached the top my right and slipped between her the lips of her pussy. She was incredibly wet, a lot more than just the oil would account for. I caught a sharp intake of breath, followed by a low moan as I let the edge of my hand rub back and forth thru her lips, by now my lips had reached the curve of her ass, so I stopped. I removed my hands and took her right foot in them this time, repeating my path up her leg. I teased her with my hand for a bit longer this time, relishing the smell of her and desperately wanting to taste her. I moved forward, rubbing my chest up her body, till I could kiss her neck. My cock was wedged between her thighs, and I moved my hips sliding the head of it up against her pussy...then back again. With each thrust I'd slip between her pussy lips, and press against her, but never quite enter her. I continued to nibble her neck and ears while teasing her. She started arching her back, pushing her ass back against me, causing the tip of my cock to slip inside her. I really needed to cool down for a bit if I was going to stay in control of myself, but I still wanted to keep teasing her. The next time she pressed herself back against me, I moved forward, sinking deep inside her, and sat up, straddling her legs, except this time I was buried inside her. Not moving my hips, I started with routine I'd used when I first started her massage, running my hands up and down her back, rolling her skin between my fingers. This time there were almost no tense muscles. Occasionally when I'd shift my weight to massage different areas of her back, it resulted in me grinding harder into her, moving my cock around inside her. I was really trying not to focus on the incredible feeling of being enveloped within her. She was so hot and so tight I knew I wouldn't be able to last long if I started thrusting into her. It didn't help when she started rolling her hips beneath me, causing all sorts of sensations to shoot through me. I rubbed her back for about five minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore. I leaned forward, laying above her, pulled my hips back, and thrust deep into her. Just the sound of my hips slapping against her ass was incredibly erotic. I was rewarded with a loud "YESSSSSSSSSS!" from Jana as I sank back into her. I reached forward and wrapped my fingers into hers as I started thrusting into her, sometimes deep and slow, other times fast and shallow. It wasn't long before I heard a muffled "OOOooohhhhhooooo...." As she bit into the bed and every muscle in her body locked up for a few seconds, followed by a full body shiver, and her pussy tightening around me. It took every bit of self control not to explode inside her, I was thinking of ice, birthdays, taxes, anything to last just a bit longer. Finally I just stopped moving, which seemed to do the trick, except she kept shuddering beneath me. I stayed deep inside her, my body pressing down onto hers for a bit. Breathing heavily, and still trying to distract myself. I held her for a bit longer like this, I waiting for her to stop shivering. When she finally did, I whispered in her ear "I'm pretty much done with your back, but if you'd like to roll over, I'll continue with the rest of the massage." "Interesting massage..." She said in a playful, if slightly out of breath, voice. I pushed up to let her breathe a bit easier and she turned her head. She looked at me for a second, and then moved her head a bit to kiss me. It was a long slow kiss, and in the middle of it I realize it was the first time we'd ever kissed. It was everything I'd ever dreamed of and more! It went on forever it seemed like, and then suddenly was over, and we were looking into each others eyes. "So you feel up to the rest of your massage?" I asked as I pushed away from her, slipping my cock out from her. "Sure, why not." She replied, "But could you hand me my drink first?" I was a bit dizzy for a second, but moved over to the nightstand and grabbed our drinks, handing over hers. While cooling down with the drink I noticed the CD had finished playing sometime before. I went over and changed to another CD and started it playing. I returned to the bed and put our empty cups back on the nightstand. She'd retrieved a pillow which she propped her head up on and was laying on the towel with her legs spread apart about two feet. I just stopped and stared for a minute, memorizing the sight, her spread legs, topped with a sparse patch of blond pubic hair; generous hips, curving in to show off her waist; Her full breasts floating back and forth as she breathed, her nipples still semi-hard, up to her beautiful face, framed by her blond hair that she'd sometime taken down. "What?" she asked, it a rather strange tone. I shook myself out the spell, "Sorry, just taking in how incredibly beautiful and erotic you look laying there like that." She broke out in a grin at that, and I got on the bed, kneeling between her open legs. I took up her left foot and started rubbing the top of it. Looking down I got my first good look at her pussy, it was very red and swollen after our fun and I could see it glistening in the candlelight. I massaged up her calf and the top of her thigh. I wasn't taking as much time on the front of her legs, as most of the muscles are on the back, and I'd gotten most of the side muscles while she'd been lying on her stomach. But it was a good excuse to cool off and I did want to give her a thorough massage. I was spending more time just letting my fingertips lightly trace patterns on her skin than doing a muscle massage. I finally had Jana spread out naked before me and I wanted to remember every minute of it! I did the same thing to her right leg, and then slowly kissed my way up her leg. When I got to the upper part of her thigh I started to taste her juices mixed in with the oil. I nibbled my way between her thighs, but only traced my lips and tongue around her labia, resisting the urge to dip my tongue into her. I kissed my way up her stomach, stopping as I reached the swell of her breast. I looked up into her eyes, as I ran the tip of my finger in a figure eight around the base of her breasts, then higher, tracing the edge of her jaw, letting the back of my hand run across her cheek. I ran two fingers down her eyelids, causing her to close her eyes and whispered "no peeking." I ran my hands down her arms, and across her stomach, just, caressing her skin. I traced a finger around her breast, spiraling upward to her nipple, then leaned forward to do the same thing with my lips, letting the tip of my tongue trace around and around her breast till I could wrap it around her nipple. Eventually I lightly squeezed her breasts with my hands while sucking on her nipples. I took my time and was learning what she liked, trying to watch her face and read her body language. So far it seemed to be working; as I found her buttons and pushed them I could tell she was getting more and more turned on. As I worked my way lower I teased her, rubbing around her thighs, kissing her mound, blowing lightly across her wetness. When I looked up to find her watching me, her hands gripping towel, "You're driving me insane!" she said as she caught my eye. I stopped licking the outside of her pussy lips, "Good, that's the whole point my dear. Why are you not enjoying what I'm doing?" "Yes, but if you don't lick me or fuck me soon I'm going to SCREAM!" I smiled, "Well, screaming would defiantly be a treat, but I think I'd rather have you scream while I'm doing this..." I plunged my tongue into her, licking her from top to bottom and swallowing every bit of her juices that entered my mouth, then swirled my tongue around her clit before continuing, "than screaming out of frustration." 2 Her mouth had fallen open in a wide O and her head had fallen back onto the pillow as she moaned. Then as I stopped to finish my sentence I felt her hands run through the hair on the back of my head, then push be back between her thighs. "Back here is where you need to be..." As I explored her pussy with my tongue I felt one of her hand leave my head. While licking around her clit I looked up to see her squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. I couldn't have imagined anything better! I continued to lick her clit, but when I sucked on it lightly my mouth was quickly flooded with her juices as her hand pressed my face harder against her. I kept sucking as she gasped and bucked against me. After about a minute another flood of juices exploded from her and I was beginning to worry about drowning as one orgasm after another washed over her. When she finally released the grip on my hair I lifted my head to get a bit of air, my entire face was covered in her juice! There were drips coming off my nose and chin, I was trying to lick up most of it when she looked down at me and laughed, if a bit weakly. "Wow! You look like you've been swimming." "Well you are a bit wet..." replied as I ran a finger down between her swollen lips, causing a shudder to pass through her entire body while she tried to scoot away from me. "Oohhh!" She said as she grabbed my hand, and then said slowly, "A bit too sensitive just now. Well, your "massage" seemed to work, I feel like a limp noodle, I don't think I could move right now if I wanted to." I grinned and laid down next to her on the bed, she rolled over and curled up to me, her head on my shoulder and one leg tossed over mine. I had one arm under her and just lightly stroked her back. We stayed like that through the next couple songs before I felt her stir again. I couldn't tell if she had dozed off or was just that relaxed. But when her hand started rubbing my chest I knew she was still awake. She ran her hand around my chest playing with the bit of hair there, before sliding lower to find my cock. I'd gone soft by this point, but after she wrapped her hands around me and started slowly stroking, it wasn't long before I was hard again. She moved, and I felt her tongue tickle my nipple. She looked up at me and grinned "Payback time..." She moved lower, kissing her way down my stomach then licking around the head of my cock. She brushed her hair out of the way, then took her hair band off her wrist and pulled her hair back with it. She spread out my legs as she moved between them, while continuing to kiss around my thighs. She traced her tongue up and down my shaft, cupping my balls in her hand. Sometimes she'd suck lightly on my balls while stroking up and down with her hand. I couldn't hold back a moan when she finally wrapped her lips around me sucked lightly. Nor could I believe it when she started taking me into her mouth and didn't stop till she had all of me! I'd never had anyone manage that before, but the feeling was exquisite! It took some time but she eventually had me breathing hard and groaning as she got me closer and closer to cumming. When she stopped to get up I was about to scream in frustration, but she just grabbed my bottle of oil and came back to the bed. I couldn't imagine what she needed it for, as I was covered in her saliva, but she just leaned over and took the tip of my cock into her mouth, running her tongue over the head. I saw her pour a bit of oil into her hand, but her head blocked me from seeing what else she was doing. Then I felt her hand cup my balls, squeezing them lightly as she increased the tempo of her sucking. I jumped when her hand moved from my balls and I felt her finger start rubbing against my asshole. I could feel her spreading the oil around and while a little afraid of what she was doing it felt so good I didn't want her to stop. She sucked hard on me when her finger penetrated my ass and I almost came right there. "Ohhhhhhh Gooooood!" I moaned as she started sliding her finger slowly in and out of me, matching the rhythm with her mouth. "Oh God Jana! Keep that up and I'm going to explode!" I was dismayed a bit as my voice got higher toward the end when she pushed her finger deeper into me. All I could do was grip the sheets as I felt my balls tighten, and I exploded into her mouth. She kept the tip of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around while continuing to slide her finger in and out of my ass. I started seeing stars before she finished and slid back up beside me. "Like that did you?" she grinned as she kissed me. I could taste myself on her when we she did, but it didn't stop me from wrapping my arms around her. She moved over to straddle me and I could feel she was still soaking wet when she settled onto me. We kept kissing for a while, and I could feel my cock starting to stir again as her hips moved, grinding her pussy against my now-limp cock. It wasn't long before she was sliding herself up and down the edge of my cock, till she managed to slip me inside her. We both groaned at the feeling! She was defiantly still wet, and very, very hot! We stayed like that for a minute before she started to roll her hips, grinding herself onto me. I could feel myself getting hard inside her as my cock rubbed against her inner walls. She picked up a nice back and forth rhythm, not very fast, just keeping pace with the beat of the music. I ran my hands up and down her back, squeezing her ass every so often. When she sat up I caressed her breasts, then leaned forward (as best I could) and sucked on her nipple. When the song changed to one with a faster pace she changed her beat. Rising up she slide off me, then slide back down, each time going a bit faster. Her ass slapping against my thighs every time she came down felt incredible! I grabbed her hips and thrust upward, meeting her every time she came down. Then just as I was really getting into things, she rose up and just stopped, keeping just the head of my cock inside of her. I looked up to see her smiling at me. "Tease!" I exclaimed, and flipped her over on her back, slipping out of her when I did. I pulled her legs up, and placed her ankles on my shoulders, then rubbed my cock back and through her pussy, rubbing the head against her clit, then thrust deep into her, sliding slowly back out, then quickly into her again. Each time I thrust, her breasts rocked back and forth in the most hypnotic rhythm. I kept pace with beat of the song that was playing, not extremely fast, but quick enough. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, but happy to have the song change to one with a slower beat. I put her legs down and leaned forward over her. She was watching me with a surreal expression till I was laying on her and started kissing her. I moved my hips slowly to the beat while we kissed and after a minute or to felt her legs move to wrap around me. She helped control the pace with her legs. When we stopped kissing I pushed up a bit so I could just look at her while we rocked back and forth. We stared into each other's eyes while, just drinking in each other's presence. "You are incredible!" I said quietly. She smiled, "So are you are you." Her hips and legs started moving fast, "And now it's your turn to cum." Her legs rocked me harder and harder into her. It didn't feel like long before I started to feel a bit light headed. "O God Jana...I'm going to cum!" She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around me, holding me closer to her. Then lightly moaned into my ear "Yes...oohh yes baby, cum in me...cum in me!" That was all it took, I saw white as I exploded inside her, I couldn't see or hear anything, but felt her continuing to rock against me. I couldn't tell if she came with me or not, but we continued to rock together for a while as I caught my breath, holding tightly onto one another. Then ever so slowly we stopped moving, and her legs unwrapped from around me. We laid like that for another song or two, as I slowly went limp inside her. When I had enough strength to move, I managed to scoot down a bit, to rest my head against her shoulder. Her nipple was just in front of my mouth, and as we laid there I just watch her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, her hand stroking my hair. I continued to feel small shudders run through her body the entire time we laid together. I must have fallen asleep like that as the next thing I knew most of the candles had burnt out and the CD was off again. I reached up and cupped her breast, just feeling the swell of her skin against my hand. I moved my hand up and around, just admiring the way her smooth skin felt, watching the way her nipple slowly hardened. Her nipple near my mouth followed suit and slowly tightened up. I stuck my tongue out and licked it lightly, swirling the tip of my tongue around it. "Mmmmm..." With my ear against her chest it almost sounded like a purr. "I'm sorry" I whispered, "I didn't mean to wake you up." "You are fine Suhail. You can wake me up like that anytime you like." I continued playing for a bit before answering "I need to go sometime you know." I felt her sigh before responding, "I know...I just wish this night would last forever." "Me too. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like that before." I could hear her smile, "You can say that again!" I was tracing patterns on her stomach with my fingers by this point. But on a whim slipped my hand lower, running my fingers through her sparse pubic hair till my middle finger slipped between her still wet (if not so swollen) lips. She jumped a bit when my finger slipped between her lips. "Wow, I can't believe you are still so wet." Her hand slipped down on top of mine. "Neither can I." I moved my head forward a bit, and then started lightly sucking on her nipple. Her hand guiding mine, rubbing my fingers up and down her wetness; I could feel myself getting hard as I felt her breath start to quicken again. Without even thinking I positioned myself on top of her again. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing her juices on it, stroking me before guiding me inside her. Both of our eyes were closed as we slipped together again. This time was much slower than before, our hips slowly moving against each other, so both of us could concentrate on the sensation. It was surprising how incredible it felt to just slowly slide in and out of her. It felt like every nerve in my body was extra sensitive. I could feel her body beneath mine, her hands running up and down my back, her breath hot on my shoulder, her thighs pressing against my legs, her nipples digging into my chest, and ohhh how incredible it was to feel the heat inside her, the pressure of her wrapped around me. She didn't make a sound when she came; I just felt her body tense up under me and her teeth on my shoulder as she bit down. She hadn't finished shuddering when I came inside her again. She just wrapped her arms around me till I finished. I opened my eyes to find her looking at me, we both smiled, and then I kissed her. "If I lay back down again I'm going to fall asleep on you." I said as our lips parted. "Mmmm...sounds nice..." she said as she tried to stifle a yawn.

Meg and I part 2

Storky on Sex Stories

I took my cock in my hand and guided my eight inches toward her vaginal lips, she opened her legs and again her vagina showed she was more than ready. She had a beautiful cunt really she had shaved all the hair from above her labia and well below and only had a small shaped patch above her slit. The pink skin inside her was glistening in the sunshine as she used the fingers of one hand to spread herself for me to enter her. I could see her wonder button ( her clit) at the top already exposed and ready for me to stimulate to orgasm for her. She was obviously aroused as there were strings of her cunt juices strung across her cunt opening. She was sitt

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ing up resting on her one good arm and watching me about to go into her, using the other hand to spread herself wide. I put the top against her lips and slowly applied a forward motion and her lips parted and she watched as my cock slid silently and effortlessly into her warm pink canal of warm wet vagina filled with the natural lubrication that makes it easy and painless for somebody my size to slide into her. She lay back and gave a huge sigh as my entire 8 inches fill her to the brim. I lay down on her and just let my cock lay there deep inside her until she adjusted to my length deeply penetrating her. I could feel the warm sun on my back and balls, which were now down deep and rubbing against the cheeks of her ass. Don’t move she said I just want to feel that wonderful sensation of your cock inside me. It feels wonderful. I said how often have you done this, its obviously not the first time. She said I have had two boys. The first took my virginity about a year ago and I never saw him again. I was heartbroken. Then my last boy friend came along and after three months he and I finally made it, he was a virgin himself and a bit reluctant, but he finally managed it. After that we did it at least one night a week and if I could entice him to, a couple of times. Unfortunately he was a bit too quick for me and finally we both realised I wanted sex more than I wanted him. I never managed to reach an orgasm with him. I had had enough so we broke up only recently. She said how about you.

I said my first time I was seduced by an older woman that I mowed lawns for. She was 36 and I was almost 18. She caught me swimming nude in her pool one day when it was hot and I thought she was out. She was, but she came home and found me and seduced me. I had no way of getting out of it and I have to admit I wasn’t really happy about it – her being that much older but as it worked out it was fantastic and she and I did it every time I mowed her lawns and a couple of other times when I was horny and went over hoping she would ask me and she knew exactly why I went and always obliged. She taught me all I know about lovemaking. My next girl was a very inexperienced but not a virgin but knew nothing about lovemaking only laying there and letting it happen. It was pretty mechanical really and we didn’t last together that long, I got what I wanted but it was just like masturbating really only on top of her.

She said how often do you masturbate and I said a few times a week mostly – I said how about you and she said almost every day, I cant go a day without wanting it. I have a collection of vibrators I use mostly. I didn’t want to say anything but I knew she wasnt lying.

Now I have you she said I hope you will replace my need to do that so often. My mom knows about my habit and often says find yourself a good man my lady and she organised for me to get oral contraception to prepare me.

We had been just laying there together not moving and my cock had softened a little and as soon as I moved it hardened and she said god that feel great. Both the cocks I have had have been around 6 to 7 inches but not quite as thick as yours. I can actually feel the difference as it is a bit tighter around my lips. I love it. Then she said come on fuck me and let’s have some fun. I began to fuck her in the usual way. A couple of times she winced and I said am I hurting and she said no I want to feel you more internally and when I move my shoulder hurts, believe me I couldn’t care less if my arm fell off at the moment, my cunt is alive and I love it.  We fucked for about 4 or 5 minutes slow and rhythmically just hardly talking but the two of us were enjoying it in our own ways. I looked at her face and it told me she was enjoying herself. We smiled at each other as we both were enjoying ourselves, each taking pleasure off the other wordlessly. She was quite different to my older lady who also enjoyed fucking but she wanted to talk dirty to get her kicks. Meg was happy just to silently experience her pleasure from the two of being joined together and making music together. What was making it even better for me was the hot sun on my back and my balls were so soft they were rubbing up and down her ass the whole time. Then she said how many ways have you done it, I said what do you mean, and she said positions – how many. I said only this way. Shit she said we have some fun ahead of us, but not today, my shoulder is sore and I couldn’t possibly do it any other way, next time I can show you a few different ways. When I get home remind me to lend you a book and we can really get into I. I said what is it called and she said The Karma Sutra. I said I have heard of it and she said it’s a million ways to have sex according to an Indian I believe or a Chinese, it doesn’t matter, its fun trying the different ways. I said how many have you tried and she said none, my last one bloke wasn’t interested, to him a fuck was just a fuck and that was that , he came and it was all over and I would go home and masturbate, looking at the pages and envisaging one day being fucked like that. Somehow I think I will have to mark the pages I want to try first you will be different. God you are fucking me beautifully I am so hot I can feel that I wont be far off. I never managed to cum when he fucked me. I suppose I must have fucked him about 20 times. I was just a cum bucket for him and he could never last more than 4 or 5 minutes at his best, sometimes it was less than a minute.  This is about the longest time I have ever had a cock in me on any time.  I said I am glad I can do something right. She said you are doing everything right, just go a little harder and a little faster and I am going to give you a show to behold. I lifted my pace and began to thrust harder and her body began to shake and her breast move about a bit on her chest even though they were fairly firm. Aaaaahhh Uuugggggg she said keep it going like that - I am going to cum any moment, my clit is about to explode and she started to grunt and groan and really get herself worked up and I had never seen a girl cum before and this was great, she was really having an experience I had never witnessed. Then I went harder and faster and then my orgasm began to build up and my cock head got more sensitive and I said shit and I began to fuck her like the end of the world was nigh. I was pumping what felt like a gallon of my baby juice into her as my cock and balls virtually exploded and ejaculated into her and I could hear her sort of screaming or grunting - I could or didn’t care, she was pushing her body to meet the last of my now feeble thrusts. I looked down there were tears in her eyes.

Oh shit I said I didn’t hurt you did I. She said no that was the best orgasm I have ever had. As she wiped her eyes, I said I saw the tears and thought I had hurt you. No she said it was combination of the pleasure of my first orgasm being fucked, the wonderful sensation of you inside me and that fucking shoulder as I pushed up to get the ultimate pleasure from you and it hurt like hell, but it was all worth it. That was magnificent. I had softened and slipped out of her and as I leaned back and looked down at he she looked absolutely radiant. Her cheeks were red and her mouth had this wonderful smile.  She looked at me and said oh that poor thing looks dejected now, it has done its job brilliantly and its crying too look at the tears its shedding and the last few drops of my semen dripped out of the eye of it onto the warm blanket beneath her. I said look I am making a mess on your blanket and she said nothing like the mess I am making - I have started to leak already and I can’t wait to tell mom the news.   

I said I have never had an orgasm like that before not even with my lady love, and I had some beauties. I don’t know about you but I could not wish for anything better.  She said you and I are something special and when I tell my mom what happened she will be so happy. I said tell your mom, she said she knows all about me. I keep nothing from her. She is absolutely wonderful. She will love you I can assure you.

Now let’s have a rest and try that again, I could spend the rest of the day doing this. That sun feels wonderful on my cunt.

We lay together and held hands and chatted about everything and kissed lightly every so often and it must have been 20 minutes and she said come on lets do it again.  I didn’t need to be asked twice and I rolled over and we mated like we done before she purred softly as I went into her, this time it was even wetter with the remnants of my cum mixed with her cunt juice and she said its even better and giggled. I am so glad you ran me down she said. This would never have happened otherwise.  I again took my time and we just prodded about taking our time and enjoying the sensation of being joined together as we were, I touched, kissed and sucked on her nipples which she loved, and kissed her lips as often. This to me was the epitome of lovemaking. It was our first time together and already we had made love like the angels would.  Our second occasion seemed to go on for ever but I it could not have been more than about 15 or 20 minutes. We stopped every now and again for a rest before resuming the gentle thrust and parry as my cock pumped out much of the cum from my previous deposit and her cunt juice which seemed to have a never ending supply out of her. Every now and again she said hell it running down my bum again.

When it was time I began as I did before and started to raise my thrust rate and did it bit harder which caused her tits to wobble but every now and again her shoulder hurt her so I took it easy until she said ok I am ready lets do it again.

This time I seemed to go harder and she got into the rhythm and met my every thrust and the sound of our flesh meeting was like thunder, Anybody nearby would have heard and known what we were doing but we realised we were alone and there was  nobody for miles so we made all the noise we wanted to. I have never been so vocal and I don’t think she had been either but we let everybody know we were having one of the best orgasms you could imagine. Even the birds stopped to listen.

We both exploded into orgasm with a few seconds of each other - hers began before mine and she really made sure my cock was rubbing the skin off her clit. I sort of held back for a moment to allow her to enjoy hers but the pressure in my balls was too much and I exploded filling her with a sudden gush of semen. I could feel it flushing down the tube of my cock and out the eye into her. I believe I could even feel the temperature rise inside her as my cum flooded her vaginal cavity.

After we were both spent I stayed on top of her and rested feeling the wetness of our body sweat as I rubbed my whole body against her. We kissed wordlessly and just looked into each other eyes. It was a close to love as I have ever enjoyed in my life. She was a goddess to me now and I didn’t want to lose her. We were going to make love like this forever I hoped. My cock remained inside he soft and it was a few minutes before I rolled off her. We lay together for a few minutes and then she said give me a hand up and I helped her to her feet, we kissed again and she said I am busting for a pee and walked to a few feet away from the blanket. Then she unashamedly squatted and peed looking right at me. When she got up I helped her and then I added to her puddle and peed myself as she watched me. Do you know something she said and I said no what – she said one day you are going to pee all over me – I have often had fantasies about having a golden shower. I said you are disgusting and she said I know but you are going to be disgusting with me and we both laughed.

We both walked around for a few minutes getting the last of the warmth out of the sun. We hadn’t realised what the time was and we would not be taking the bikes back today. I said look at the time the bikes will have to wait for another day – I will move them out of sight and then we will have to get moving. She said lets walk back naked; I just love to feel the warmth and the breeze on my body. I agreed, and we picked up our clothes and stuffed them into her bag put on our shoes and we began to walk back. We had been walking for about 10 minutes and she said this is not a good idea and I said why. She said all your cum is leaking out and down my legs and I said come here and I will lick it off you – she said you are not serious and I said no not this time but that is an another experience I have in store for you. She didn’t teach me just how to fuck, there is far more to lovemaking than that. She said well now you have me wanting you more. I couldn’t possibly piss you off with out lesson No 2 could I. I said well at this rate I will be around for a while she replied good- I want to be well educated as well as fucked.

We walked almost back to the road naked and then got dressed and then I drove her home again. Come on in and meet my mother she said. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of that and when we went in her mother said what have you two been doing you look absolutely radiant – Meg said mom- I have had the best fuck of my life – twice. I was absolutely red with embarrassment and she gave her mom a hug then her mom came to me and held me hard and tightly to her and said – you have made my day. I have not seen her so happy for ages.

The two of you go up and shower and I will make some tea and we can have some biscuits - you will need them to get your energies back. Where are the bikes,? Meg said fuck the bikes we had better things to do. Her mom laughed and said enjoy that shower I want to hear it all.

Meg and I showered together – my first time and it was fun. Her shoulder still hurt so we had to be gentle together, but she washed me, and I made sure her body was well soaped and cleaned and she had expelled as much of our lovemaking juices out of her as we could.

We dressed and she put on a nice gown and we went down to her mom. She opened the gown and said look at happy jack – it has never been so happy and pulled her gown open and exposed her pubic region for a moment and then her mom said tell me everything.

We drank tea and she described in intimate detail our lovemaking moment by moment almost. Her mom held my hand occasionally and squeezed it as Meg really got graphic about our sex. Her mom new she wasn’t exaggerating.

Now I was hooked, she liked me as much as I liked her and we still had to get the bikes home. It might take a week at this rate.

Episode 3 will follow shortly.

The Hunger

johnst on Sex Stories


Walking into the room quietly behind her, he gently resting his hands on her shoulders, lightly kissing her neck. She jumps slightly at his touch, unexpected yet soothing. He slowly slides the straps of her dress down her arms ans he continues his trail of light kisses down her neck and along her shoulders, eventually letting the dress slide down from her body completely, thus leaving her bare for his eyes, his hands and his lips to enjoy. She trys to turn to face him, but he holds her at bay, his fingers then running down the sides of her body, lightly grazing her breasts as he roams her body ever so lightly. He pull

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s her towards him so she can feel him pressing against her, he cups her breast with one hand and her chin with the other, kissing his way back along her shoulders, then lightly biting her neck. She lets out a small cry, and reaches down her body to touch herself, to relieve the building desire growing in her.

At this he stops her, holding her hands behind her back. Again she lets out a gasp, but as more of a protest. He walks her over to the counter and bends her over it, he pushes her legs apart and looks down at her glistening sex. He licks his lips at the sight of his goal, then with out warning he lands a hard firm smack across her ass. She lets out a scream, out of surprise more than pain, again he spanks her, and does so till her ass has a light red glow. Again he looks down at her, he sees her juices now flow openly and are trickling down her thighs. Kicking her legs further apart, he kneels down behind her ... kissing and licking up her thighs, till finaly he reaches her moist lushious pussy.

He so very lightly runs his tongue the length of her slit, then kisses n sucks around her pussy, occasionally flicking her clit. He can hear her breathing picking up and chooses to ignore her pleas. Again sliding his tongue along her slit this time enough as to part her lushious nether lips, he takes a moment to savour the taste and scent of her lust. He then starts to explore her depths with his tongue , rolling it around inside her, he lets go of her arms so as he can slide 2 fingers into her, while with his free hand he rubs gentle circles on her now sensitive clit. A deep moan escapes her lips as he slides his fingers into her, she feels a relief, only to have now another desire build up inside her.

He works his tongue and fingers as though tuning a fine instrument .. as he both feels and tastes her, he then adds a third finger, he hears her cry out and he thrusts in and out of her with renewed enthusiasm. Her moans grow louder now, his tongue laps at her as his fingers work their way in and out of her. She can no longer take it, her legs grow weary and her stockings are drenched in both her sweat and lust, In this moment she lets go, and as she does so he bites down on her clit. She lets out a deep cry, and relishes at the feel of her self release. He laps at her pussy, savouring each and and drop, he draws his fingers from her and stands to offer them to her. She opens her mouth and tastes herself from him, savouring the taste of herself and lapping at his fingers, she then once more feels fingers sliding the full length of her slit. She feels him gathering her juices with his free hand, while gently rubbing her now very sensative clit, he gathers her juices and begins to slowly work his fingers into her ass.

Feeling this, she becomes unsure, it feels strange yet good, she tries to relax as much as she can. He withdraws his fingers from her mouth and traces them back down her body, lightly squeazing her breasts as the pass over. He has worked 2 fingers into her ass, he brings his other hand down and again pushes it into her awaiting wet pussy. Biting down on her bottom lip she tosses her head back, she cant beleive what she is feeling and feels herself getting very close, but he senses it to, and as quickly as she was building up he withdraws his fingers from her. She lets out a cry of frustration, but it is cut short as she is grabbed by her hair and brought down to her knees, before she can protest, he pushes the length of his cock into her mouth.

She gags at first, but quickly adjusts, taking him in she swirls her tongue around the shaft of his cock. He pumps himself in and out of her mouth at a steady pace, both hands gripping her hair. She has now adjusted to be able to take him all in, sucking deeply and slithering her tongue around his shaft, she hears him let out a deep groan. She pulls herself off him and looks up giving him a devilish grin, she lightly licks down to the base of his cock, cupping and licking his balls, then working her way back up the length of his shaft. While massaging his balls she teases the head of his cock with her tongue, then without warning takes him whole, again he lets out another deep groan. She works his shaft, slurping and lapping vigerously, driven purely by lust. She can feel him tightening the grip he has on her hair, he is nearly there.

He is now thrusting harder, with a firm grip of her hair, he forces himself down her throat, and lets out an almost animalistic growl as he cums. He then pulls her back and another thick wad of cum splashes against her face, she gasps, but then takes a finger and wipes it, then licks her finger clean. He lifts her up and they share a kiss, both of them glistening, and the smell of lust in the air he carries her off behind closed doors.

Sex in the city, PtPart 3

kellyweaver40 on Sex Stories

It was a beutiful Saturday morning and Susan and I began talking about how to take advantage of this wonderful day. We knew that my husband had to go in to his work until noon that day, so we decided to go have some fun ourselves. Ken said he would ride his motorcycle to work and leave us with the van. He told us to try to be home soon after noon, so we all could go out together.

Ken pulled out of the yard and down our dirt road. Susan and I ran to the house to get ready. We both quickly showered and slipped on some clothes. I loaned Susan a pair of my thigh highs and some black heels, she and I both dressed alike with nothing but the stockings and heels. I handed her one of my thin coats and grabbed the one I wore the night before. We hurried

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out and took off for town in the big van. Both of us unfastened the front of our coats and enjoyed the feeling of the Sun and fresh air on our bodies. I glanced over at Susan and saw her masturbating in the seat beside me. I took one hand off the wheel and started to finger my own pussy. We were laughing and having a good old time as we drove towards the city.

There was a park at the edge of town with a beach along the river. We stopped the van in the parking lot of the park and began to walk. It was still early, with a chill in the air so there were very few people at the park. On the path down towards the beach, there was no one. We unfastened our coats and let them fall open as we walked. We both were becoming aroused by the fact that we were actually out in public. We walked along and looked around to be sure we were alone. We slipped the coats completely off and walked along, naked except for the dark stockings and black heels. as we approached the narrow sand strip of a beach, we slipped off our heels and carried them. We double checked for anyone watching and then spread the coats out on the bech in plain sight. We quickly dropped to the coats and began to lick each other. The excitement of being in the wide open area of the beach just miltiplied the thrill and we were soon on our way to a simultanious orgasm. As we finished, we gathered up the coats and started for the path. To our surprise, there was an old fisherman standing only a few yards away. He had his chin hanging down and the look of surprise on his face made us begin to laugh. We decided to give him a closer look. Susan and I walked up to the old fellow and opened our coats for him. He stood only inches from us and took in the sight of our naked bodies. We could see the bulge in his trousers that said he would love to do more than just look. We decided, however, to do that with Ken along to protect us if we met up with any trouble. I slowly reached out and took his hand and placed it on my pubic mound, using it to rub my pussy. The growing wet spot on his trousers told me that he indeed enjoyed the feel of me. Susan stepped up closer and had him feel hers too, then put his hand on her nice firm breast. Without another word, we stepped back and disappeared up the path towards the parking lot. As we walked out of hearing range, we both burst into laughter as we talked about the old man shooting his load into his pants.

We walked back towards the van and climbed in. We again unfastened our coats and spread them open as we drove, the darkened side windows allowing us to see the people on the streets without them seeing us. We drove along the secondary road that paralleled the interstate and headed for home. There was one place where the field had been cleared of trees and was wide open, except a border of brush along our little road. I found a place to stop and we got out and walked out into the field. The interstate travellers had a clear view of us, but could not come anywhere near us for the barbed wire fence along the superhighway. We stood there a few minutes, the again we shed the coats and lay then on the grass. within minutes, we were on the coats in a sixty nine position, having sex while the passing motorists could see everything. A couple of the cars stopped and the drivers got out to get a better view of our public sex act. We finished and picked up our coats, walking quickly up to the van with the coats over our arms. We slipped the coats back on and got into the van and drove off before anyone could double back from the next interstate exit.

By the time we got home, it was time for Ken to be coming along so we turned into our private road and stopped. I quickly ran to the mailbox in only my stockings and heels and grabbed the mail, turning to run back to the van before a neighbor could happen to drive by. We got up to the house and shook the sand and grass out of our coats and hung them in the hall closet. Then we went out and sat on the porch to wait for Ken, giggling and laughing about the morning's trip to town.

Ken will be getting home and we will decide what to do next in episode 4

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Watch for my next story soon!

Laura, Susan and Ken

The Adopted Son

Re0mablue on Sex Stories

Chapter 1 : In Control

“M-Mr. Rylie, the other employees might already have an idea of what we are doing…ahh… during ..ahh..lunch time.” , I have heard my secretary’s plea but her body doesn’t condone the idea of me stopping from licking her pussy. Still wearing my formal attire and the necktie in tact, I manage to hold her on my couch with

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her juicy pussy right below my face. She was trembling as I lick at her clit. Few more moments and I am stroking her wet vagina with two fingers. She is extremely hot and about to reach her boiling point, as I look to examine her, she is perspiring like crazy and so I told her.

“Liza it seems your clothes are all soaked, why don’t you remove them. Remember its only lunch time.” I almost laugh at the sight of her quickly undoing her bra and the buttons of her refine clothes. Soon she was naked in front of me, like Eve in the garden. My fingers did not stop from touching her insides which is the reason why she is moaning and is begging me to use my tool for she was already at the verge of orgasm.

I stop from stroking her insides and slowly I undid my clothes, but she was going crazy and is craving of my tool. I didn’t notice that she was already on her knees until I felt her tongue against my penis.  She is really good on this with her right hand assisting in stroking the length of my 8 inch tool; her left hand is caressing my balls. From time to time she will put my balls on her gently scratching with her teeth and tongue.

I was in ecstasy but I am a man and that I cannot let myself be controlled so with force I push her back on the sofa. With her left leg on my shoulder I merge mine with her pussy, she is brought unto a world of lust as I push and pull my throbbing cock inside her. “Ahhhh…ahhh…Rylie..I-I couldn’t take it anymore..p-please let me cum.”

She was pleading and her moaning became louder. “P-Please Im going crazy…ahhh.”

I put her leg down and flip her so I will be fucking her from behind. Our sweat is mixed up and I know the sofa is quite soaking with her scent and wetness. She was in ecstasy as I gain my rhythm; I can feel my balls banging her clit which make her moan more. My balls are tightening as I felt her pussy grasping my cock. I growl as we both reach the climax. Her voice is slowly fading; I can hear her call for me but I ignored her and went on inside my shower room.

After a few more minutes I entered my office with fresh feeling. I checked the clock and it was about 1:00 PM. We’ve been fucking for quite some time approximately 30-40 minutes I guess, too much for me satisfying my woman. I looked at my sofa and found her fast asleep. I wake her up and told her the time. She always leaves at this time of the day to have lunch with his boyfriend who works on the next building. A couple more minutes and her phone ring with her bf on the other line. She answered casually as if I do not exist there.

“I’m leaving for my lunch, boss.”, she open up her lips and started kissing me again. I grope her breasts and reminded her of the pills if she doesn’t want to get pregnant. She told me she loves me, I just smiled and hugged her.

 She agreed to have a relationship with me although she knows I don’t have any plans of marrying her. I told her that straight before I could hurt her. I am a playboy but I have my own definition of respect for women.

After a few more minutes she was out of my sight and I find myself looking into some documents and papers I should be reading thoroughly as the managing director of a respected company. A lot of investors commented me to be youngest Managing Director they know; at the age of 23 I am now handling a big organization. Though they question my age they never doubted my abilities as a manager, and I live to that expectation. I worked hard for this position and I believe I deserve it although my immatureness comes into play as I work with these amazing women who surround me.

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Fucking Suganya pt III - gateway to heaven

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Dom walked over to Suganya, looking in awe at her perfect naked body. As he reached for a condom, she told him to give it a miss. This made Dom’s pulse race even more.

Suganya smiled as he mounted her. Dom leant down and licked her nipples. As he pushed his cock inside her tight pussy, Suganya let out a yelp. He pushed some more to get the rest of his dick inside her; his brown pubes meeting her black thatch in a sweaty tangle.

Dom thrust hard into Suganya making her moan. He kissed and fondled her breasts as Suganya’s sexy legs flapped in the air. He stroked her slim thighs and she wrapped them round his back as the bed shuddered.

Suganya’s pussy was already dripping as she pulled his head towards her chest “Oh! OH! OHHH! YOU’RE SO

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BIG!” she shouted as he continued to fuck her. Dom grunted loudly as his motioning cock got covered in her juices.

Suganya demanded him to fuck her harder and he duly obliged, grabbing her right thigh for leverage and pushing his cock deep into her soaked cunt aggressively. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! OHHHHH!” shouted Suganya as she got the shag of her life.

Dom groped her breasts, and the lusty couple switched positions to have Suganya’s legs over his shoulders. He gave her several hard thrusts kissing her legs, as she continued to moan in ecstasy.

Dom leant down again to work on her neck and shoulders as his motioning hit her beautiful arse.

The room developed a musky aroma from the frenzied love making as he picked up Suganya and grabbing her tight arse, started fucking the beauty against the wall.

She groaned loudly as his eight inches of man meat entered her. “Stop! STOP! You’re pushing too hard, uh UH!” she begged. Dom ignored her pleas as he continued to fulfil his fantasies.

He grabbed her arse harder and Suganya held on tight as she continued to get mercilessly pounded by the young stud.

Rest Day

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Carl turned over to his girlfriend Lucy, cupping her small firm breasts, pulling her hardening nipples between his fingers, he pushed his stiffening cock between her cheeks trying to gain access to he tight little twat. Lucy was in no mood for sex after their argument last night, pushing his hands away and getting up without a word. She returned from the bathroom and dressed for work. “We’ll talk tonight” she said coldly, “I hope your not going to waste your day off by lying around in bed all day. Remember Mum wanted you to look at the draw in the kitchen” “Ok “he said, but before he could say anything else she had left the room. Carl could hear her banging around in the kitchen, the front door slammed shut and her car pulled away. He relaxed no

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t paying much attention to her mood. Lucy was highly strung, which made for a rocky relationship but good sex, catch her in the right mood and wow.

The birds nesting in the ivy next to the open bedroom window kept Carl from falling into a deep sleep; he was drifting in and out of consciousness when he felt a warm wet mouth sucking the end of his semi erect cock. He smiled to himself then suddenly remembered Lucy had left for work. He snatched the white cotton sheet away, “what the fu…” A bottle blond head looked up from his groin not stopping the long slow sucking she was giving him. Cathy, Lucy’s Mum looked at him tightening her grip on his ever hardening shaft with a stare that told him she was not going to stop no mater what he said. Carl just lay back relaxing with the sensation he loved so much. When Cathy felt his cock growing to full length she new she would get no complaint.

Carls breathing was becoming faster as he approached orgasm, when Cathy sucked one of his balls into her mouth and stroked his full length with her hand he held his breath, sensing he was close, she took his shaft deep into her mouth, and Carl let out a low deep groan as he jetted his seed into her eager mouth. Cathy swallowed hard to take his come, almost gagging as each spurt hit the back of her throat, letting his still hard cock fall from her mouth she looked up and smiled at the l