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Night Surprise

SexyChaos88 on Sex Stories

After a long day Jacob drives home. As he walks in his apartment, he remembers his girlfriend is away for the week. He decides to relax and watch a movie. As he sits down he spots a bottle of rum, with a note. “Hope this makes your time alone easier” He gets a glass and pours himself a drink. An hour passes by. He gets dizzy and heads to bed. As soon as he hits the bed he falls i

Come get me :P

littleboo on Erotic Novels

       You make me strip tease right in front of you, taking every pieces of clothes slowly, rub my body all over yours... As I am stood there in my bra and knickers I slide my hands down your chest and across your face and over your lips and slide my down you your arm and leg, rubbing my body against your bending over your knee, sliding my hands

One good turn deserves another

anonymous on Sex Stories

Many years ago my collegues and I were at the airport waiting for a bus which was to replace our flight why? because our airport was fogged bound and there would be no flights till late the next day.

As we went to board the bus I noticed a lady in her late 30 - early 40 trying to get her luggage into compartment at the side of the bus.

The Big Bang

bigboimarc on Sex Stories

After having a hard long day at work I came home and heard some loud moaning coming from the bed room. “Oh Marcus, fuck me, fuck me!! As I peeped though the door I saw my baby riding her huge 10 inch dildo. My dick got so hard I took it out while I was at the door and started jerking off.


The Best Week Of My Life (Getting Lucky, 1st Half)

readyfreddy on Sex Stories

When I got home, I decided to get some rest and recharge, seeing as how my dick had become the flesh equivalent of a machine gun. A little while later, my sister woke me up and took me to a bar where we shot a few games of pool and ended up dropping about $10 worth of quarters and one dollar bills in the jukebox before

Lisa - part one

Bigdaddi on Teen Stories

Lisa was 16 now, and had played around with several boys at school, but she had been having a fantasy about an older guy for almost a year. The older guy was much older, about 50, even older than her dad, but was in really good shape. He had graying hair, but firm strong muscles. And in her fantasy, he had a big cock, that he knew how to use.

Lisa knew she was hot, and unfortunately

Lisa's friend Ivy

Bigdaddi on Teen Stories

Lisa’s friend Ivy

Ivy was Lisa’s best friend, also 16, and the two shared everything, and told each other all their secrets. So as soon as the guy who Lisa seduced had left her house, Lisa was on the phone to Ivy.

“Ivy, you won’t believe what I just did. I seduced an older guy, and he ate my pussy and fucked me and I came three times. It was awesome. I am still tingling

Advanced Anatomy with Angela

LoveSlave11 on Teen Stories

Advanced Anatomy with Angela

So I'm in this Anatomy class at the University, and in this class we have lab sections. Just so happens that in my section, I'm the only guy in a class of 30. As you can imagine, for me, this feels like heaven, because at the University, a majority of the girls are fucking gorgeous! Now, I'm 23, about 6 feet tall, athletic, due to having played football, with a fa

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 5 I had this dream after Part 4.

joanjoan_23456 on Sex Stories

Edited by Wes Holland From Lonely Unfulfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 5. “What's going on Vincent,” I whispered, after looking around the gym and seeing it was full of black teenagers.  I had seen black boys before of course, but why was Vincent bringing me here with a room full of them? “It should be obvious even to a dumb bitch like you, Mrs. Johnson.&

A visit to the Doctor

Budde on Other Stories

A while back my wife and I attended a cocktail party function given by a business associate. After mingling and having a few well deserved cocktails we happen to meet this very engaging woman and the three of us were engaged in some really great conversation, mainly on how boring these things are etc.  She was hysterical with her off the cuff observation f different people and had us both in

Dinner Date

Budde on Threesome Stories

One night about a month a go my girlfriend and I were getting together with an old fuck buddy of mine named Nancy to go out to dinner and drinks. My girl Dee knows about me and Nancy and actually when we first met and started fucking I was doing Nancy at the same time and she used to ask me if I had fucked her or not earlier that night and wanted to know how she was and what we did etc. Lets just

Revised Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 2. I am redoing my story but going to send in Part by Part this time

hungrybareass on Sex Stories

For those who read Part 1. I never clammed to be a great speller or great at grammar. I would have preferred if someone would have volunteered to edit my story instead of picking on my grammar and spelling. If any one will volunteer to help me with my spelling and grammar please e-mail me at gre I did not use real nam

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 4 True Story

joanjoan_23456 on Cheating Stories

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 4.

When I work up the next morning Paul was already gone. I figured he had gotten up on his own to let me sleep. I didn't hear him so figured he must have already left for the day. Just then the pho

A Saturday Afternoon

Dougy on Cheating Stories

This is one story of a long term affair I am involved in. This is One Hot and true story. It started with a conversation on a Friday about getting together that evening, however things didn’t work out. This just added to the sexual desire and anticipation of an awesome time of intimate love making and wild sex that we have had so many times in the past. We rescheduled for Sat. afternoon, an

Introducing Elly part 2

iamfilthy on Sex Stories

It had been a month since Josh and Elly fucked in public. They had spoken little and the sexual tension was as high as ever. Josh had got laid only once with some other slut, and of course Elly had been fucking anyone that showed interest, but she found that nothing could beat how good Josh was. It was a Friday night in September, the group of friends had nothing planned so Elly decided to give J


anonymous on MILF Stories

My name is Julie and I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, so it makes sense that I married an outdoor enthusiast. When we were first married, we went camping nearly every month, sometimes multiple times. We enjoyed hiking, fishing, stargazing…anything you could do out of doors. Eve