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The advert on the university notice board seemed innocent enough. ‘FEMALE MODEL REQUIRED FOR EROTIC DISPLAY. VERY WELL PAID.’ Her modelling credentials were in no doubt. At 5’ 10”, slim, tanned, with striking blonde hair, she had attracted plenty of male attention. She’d even had a couple of offers from men’s magazines to pose in their ‘Student of the Month’ sections. At the time she had turned them down, but a year latter times were hard and the student debt was mounting, making the prospect of earning some easy money too tempting to ignore. The phrase ‘erotic display’ worried her a little, however she was not a shy girl and had enough experience to be comfortable with her body. Quickly she keyed the number i
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nto her mobile phone and pressed the call button.

‘Hello?’ The voice on the other end of the line was distinctly male.

‘Hi, my name’s Abi,’ she replied. ‘I’m calling in response to your poster requiring a model.’

‘Ah yes,’ he said. ‘Let me give you some more information. The display is for an art project I’m working on. I will pay you £500 for one evening’s work, although of course I will require you to be naked during the show. I trust that will not be a problem?’

‘No problem at all,’ she replied, trying to match his confidence.

‘Oh, by the way,’ he added. ‘The show will focus on the art of bondage so the model will be tied up.’

A tingle of excitement ran through her body at the mention of this. Although she’d never admitted it to past lovers, she was always aroused at the thought of being bound and at another person’s mercy. After agreeing quickly to the terms she was given the location, a smart art gallery whose name she recognised, and a time before putting the phone down.

The night of the show arrived. After getting through almost a whole bottle of wine to build up her courage, Abi took a taxi to the gallery. Once there, she was greeted by the owner, obviously the man she had spoken to over the phone. She had a few questions for him, namely how many people would be at this show.

‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ was his reply. ‘Now, if you would care to remove your clothes, I would just like to confirm that you are what we’re looking for.’

His failure to answer her question and his haste at getting her to undress unnerved her a little but the alcohol and the fact that the place seemed genuine enough; a beautifully smart place on the edge of town, reassured her. Abi took a deep breath, thought ‘Why not?’ and lifted her top, exposing her expansive chest enclosed in a lacy white bra. She reached down, un-buttoned her jeans and slid them over her pert bottom and onto the floor. Stepping out of the trousers and kicking off her shoes she stood before him in her underwear. He looked at her critically.

‘Very nice,’ he mentioned calmly. ‘Now remove the underwear.’

She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, revealing her pert breasts, nipples hard from exposure to the conditioned gallery air. Finally she slipped of her knickers, standing before him completely naked. At last he seemed genuinely impressed.

‘Perfect, just perfect,’ she heard him say before handing her a bathrobe. He clicked his fingers and a female assistant appeared from one of the back rooms.

‘Take our model away and prepare her for the show,’ he ordered.

Abi was led away into a dressing room, where she was greeted by another two girls. Without speaking they directed her to stand in the centre of the room and got to work. One girl began to apply makeup; mascara to accentuate Abi’s long lashes, blusher and ruby red lipstick. Another girl began to rub moisture all over her body (a strange but not unpleasant sensation for Abi), before she got to work painting her fingernails and toenails a ruby red to match the lipstick. The third girl began to plait her hair. However, she was also plaiting a long length of red rope into the strands of hair. Abi pondered this for a second but succumbed to the delicious feeling of being spoilt. Once the girls were complete they stepped back to admire their work. Abi had never looked so good or felt so pampered. ‘I could get used to this!’ she thought to herself. Before she had chance to admire her reflection, Abi was led into the next room, obviously the main hall of the gallery. She was directed to a raised plinth in the centre of the room and felt two of the girls apply pressure to her shoulders. They obviously intended her to kneel on the plinth so she complied, finding a padded groove on either side which her legs fit into. From cupboards around the room the girls removed lengths of red, silken rope. Abi tingled with sexual excitement at the sight of these bindings, a warm feeling of desire spreading through her body. A length of rope was wound around each of her ankles and attached to the platform. A similar binding was placed around the top of her calves, securing her firmly in the kneeling position. Her arms were pulled gently but firmly behind her back and were bound together at the wrists by the rope plaited firmly into her hair. Finally, by pulling down on this rope Abi’s head was pulled back and the rope was tied off to the platform between her feet. She was now fastened tightly to the plinth, her body arched provocatively, pushing her chest forwards. Her legs were held firmly apart, her pussy stretched open slightly to reveal a thin sheen of moisture giving away her sexually aroused state. To complete her bondage a ball gag was forced between her bright red lips and fastened behind her head. Without word the three assistants left the room and Abi was alone.

She tested the bindings but each held firm, leaving her securely fastened to the platform in the kneeling position. At best she could drop down slightly, thus providing some relief from the tension of having her head pulled backwards. By now a seed of doubt was being sown in her mind. Here she was, completely at the mercy of anyone who chose to take advantage of her situation. She tried to make her fears known, tried to call out, but her cries were muffled by the gag in her mouth. The feeling of helplessness increased her level of arousal. By now her breath was coming out in ragged gasps, partly as she struggled in her bonds and partly from desire. Suddenly she heard a noise. Holding her breath she listened to the sound of a small motor somewhere within the platform. She strained her body to enable herself to catch a glimpse of what was causing the noise but her tied state prevented this. It was then that she felt it. Some sort of object was rising from the platform between her legs. She raised herself up to try and prevent the object touching her in her most intimate of areas but soon reached the extent of her mobility in her bindings. It continued to rise, positioned directly beneath her spread cunt. She felt it slip between her wet pussy lips and recognised it as a type of smooth dildo. By now she was panicking wildly, thrashing around in her bindings to try and free herself from this intrusion. However, all she was achieving was to coat the dildo in her own cum. It was wider than any of her own personal toys, stretching her pussy lip around it. Just when she thought she could take no more; that it was about to split her in two, it stopped moving. Her entire pussy was filled with this object. She was stretched in her bindings, her head pulled back as far as it would go to try and lift herself from the platform. She could not force herself down onto the dildo any further and so was completely immobile. Perspiration covered her body from her struggles to achieve freedom. A thin trail of saliva had escaped her gagged lips and was running down her chin and between her naked breasts.

The door to the room opened and the owner walked in. She tossed and turned in her bonds, screaming into the gag in protest at the treatment she was receiving.

‘No one will hear your muffled cries,’ he said as he walked towards her. ‘Anyway,’ he continued as he reached between her bound legs, fingers sliding over her exposed pussy lips. ‘Something tells me you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on.’

With that he removed his hand, fingers slick with her cum and held it to her face for her to see. Abi tried to back away as she caught the aroma of her sexual excitement and cringed with humiliation. She could not believe she could be so turned on by this violation, but her body had betrayed her. Enjoying the feeling of complete power his position gave he ran his hand gently down her cheek and across her lips, smearing her with her own juices and ensuring she could not escape the smell of her arousal. With that he strode to the other side of the hall, opened the double doors and called ‘Gentlemen, let the show begin!’

Abi’s eyes widened with fear as into the room walked a steady stream of men. All were smartly dressed but she could not help but notice the look of desire in their eyes as they spotted their ‘model’. Soon a crowd had gathered around the platform, each man critically examining Abi. She pushed and pulled at the bindings, feeling exposed and vulnerable, but all she succeeded in doing was to force the dildo further inside her cunt. The act of being put on display and the feeling of fullness from the dildo had increased her sexual desire. Her pussy was soaking wet and a thin trail of her own cum ran down the toy, exciting the men who could witness her arousal.

‘I trust she is to your liking?’ asked the gallery owner to the gathered men. A murmur of agreement came as a reply.

‘I that case, she’s all yours!’ he added, leaving the room.

At that the men closest to Abi began to remove their belts and unbutton their trousers. The first man reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock, which was rock hard as a result of the display she had been putting on. He stood in front of her and stroked his length, never taking his eyes off hers. She tried to look away in disgust but to either side of her men were doing the same. She was now pulling madly on her ties and moaning into her gag, her body glistening with sweat. However her bonds held firm and her actions only served to encourage her audience. The man in front of her was obviously close to climax, his strokes quickening. As he reached the point of orgasm he shot his load of cum directly at Abi, hitting her square in the chest before it ran down between her breasts. Once satisfied he dropped back into the crowd and his place was taken by another man. The men at her sides were doing the same, one man cumming in her face, covering her cheek and lips with spunk. She felt more cum splatter over her back, making it clear that she was surrounded. More and more men appeared, each one masturbating himself to orgasm. Soon she was completely covered. Cum dripped from her face and onto her body; it ran over her exposed breasts, down her flat stomach and between her legs, mixing with the juices from her pussy and dripping onto the platform. Her beautiful blonde hair was coated, sticking it to her body; as was her back, spunk dripping between the cheeks of her arse. She could even feel it running between the toes of her bound feet, obviously provided by a number of men with a particular fetish. The aroma of sex was everywhere, she could not escape it. She was being used as a toy for their sexual release, obscenely bound and vulnerable.

As more and more men continued to degrade and humiliate her, inexplicably she felt her arousal level increasing. The sight of all these men, with their long, hard cocks in hand, coupled with her helplessness, was making her pussy burn with passion, her own orgasm building up inside. Soon she found herself forcing her body down onto the huge dildo impaling her cunt, in an attempt to find a release. Her actions, and the moans of desire escaping her gagged lips thrilled the men surrounding her, who, spent, stood back to enjoy the show. This excited her yet more and soon she began to loose control. Her body writhed as she rode the toy pushed deep inside her, eyes closed in passion as warm sticky cum and sweat dripped from every patch of her skin. Abi screamed as the climax took over, her whole body shuddering with desire as her pussy tightened around the plastic toy buried inside her. As the orgasm, the longest and most intense she had ever experienced, subsided she collapsed into her bindings, utterly exhausted.

The next time Abi opened her eyes she found herself lying naked and alone on a bed in a small room. She realised that she must have passed out from the intensity of the orgasm and, unconscious, was untied and taken here. Her clothes lay neatly by the side of the bed and in the corner of the room stood a shower. She sat up uncomfortably, her body covered in drying cum and her pussy lips sore and tender. After showering gently and dressing she left the room and found herself outside the gallery, a taxi waiting to take her home. For the whole ride home she thought about what had gone on that evening. She was shocked but equally disturbed by how her body had betrayed her. How had she climaxed after what had happened to her? She was more disturbed when she discovered the £500 tucked into the pocket of her jeans and found herself thinking, ‘Maybe that wasn’t so bad after all!’

Temptations of Tanya (Revised Edition) pt 1 on Sex Stories

written by starsapphire
edited by andey
 A torrid tale of 13 year old temptress Tanya, who manages to capture and coyly seduce all the women in her life she loves including her babysitter, her mother and best friend.


The Temptation of Tanya by StarSapphire (C)2005. All rights reserved. Please write if you like my story and maybe I'll post some more here.
Chapter 1
I only spied Tanya briefly as she entered the condo opposite mine shortly after she moved in. But in that brief moment she turned and flashed me a brilliant sm
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ile and I was instantly smitten. Tanya had lustrous dark hair that fell in a gentle wave to her shoulders, big blue eyes, delicious bee sting lips and a pert little elfin nose. She was about 5 foot 1 inch but had a truly graceful figure for one so short. Her breasts were only gently suggested mounds but her bottom took on a completely rounded, squeezable look and set my heart racing. She was exactly my type. That she was only 13 years old shocked me to my core.
I had been spending my days in a depressing routine of work, television, reading and generally staying out of touch with the human race as much as I could. I had recently left a gay relationship of five years and felt old and betrayed. Julia had left me for someone else, someone all of 24 years old. Having just turned 40 I felt the pain much more intensely for all of this and longed to be reaffirmed as an attractive, sexy, worthwhile woman. All I could manage for my self-esteem was to work out at the gym, frantically trying to preserve myself against the ravages of age. That that reaffirmation would end up coming instead from a lively, self-assured young girl just reaching adolescence still astonishes me. If anyone were to 'rescue' me, I had actually pinned my hopes on Tanya's mother, whom I had seen more often. Leanne Grainger was 35 with honey blonde hair and a wonderful figure, standing much taller than her daughter. I'd also 'known' her for years as a local TV reporter and part time anchor, though I'd never actually met her before. I wasn't in any way 'star struck' though. As a psychotherapist I'd had several high profile clients and wasn't intimidated. Not that I needed to be. Leanne seemed as genuinely warm and self- assured in person as she did on air and my heart did little flip-flops whenever I bumped into her.
In my present emotional condition I didn't fully trust my 'gay-dar', but I thought I caught that 'look' from her and I quietly pinned up my hopes. Tanya must have taken on her father's characteristics except for her face, which was a smaller, more delicate version of her mother's. In personality she seemed only-child precocious and lively, a little more energetic than her mom but still with all her warmth. Leanne and I struck up a friendship at the strata council meeting in our building that took place a couple of weeks after she'd moved in. Being new the only person she had even a nodding acquaintance with was me, so she sat beside me as the condo owners bickered and feuded as they always did. Being a newcomer Leanne was fussed over by a few fawning fans and some of the more lecherous old men who lived in the building after the meeting ended, but I was able to steer her clear of the worst attentions. By way of thanking me she invited me over for coffee where I got to know both her and Tanya on a more personal basis. "This is Carla, honey. Carla, this is my daughter Tanya," As Leanne spoke the words Tanya popped up from the couch and came over to shake hands. I was a little startled at her eager response but I gladly took her proffered hand in mine and felt its delicate texture. As I looked into her baby blues a little tremor ran through me. What in God's name was happening to me? I'm lusting after my neighbor's child! "T-Tanya, that's a pretty name," was all I could blurt out. "Thank you. It's my grandma's name. And you're pretty too!" Tanya giggled, covering her mouth and looking at me with her laughing eyes. My knees felt weak. I was definitely losing it. I did take some pride in my features and tried to dress the part. No blue jean grunge look for me. I am all lipstick lesbian, slim, trim and feminine with 36C breasts and the same 34 butt I had in high school but somehow Tanya's compliment had touched me deeply. When I got home later I cried for the first time since Julia had left. Then I felt so overwhelmed by my letch for Tanya I masturbated, getting off at least 3 times to images of her spread out before me naked, or her head buried between my legs, something that brought on a wave of shame when it was over. I spent the next few weeks utterly amazed at having fallen so in love so fast with someone so impossible to possess and swore I would never attempt to consummate my feelings. I would love Tanya safely from afar. And I did amazingly well.
Leanne worked often odd hours and asked me to mind Tanya for her until something more permanent could be arranged. I was only too happy to oblige, already having no life and now being given the chance to spend several hours a day alone in the company of this little moppet that I desired so much. But I promised myself to be good - and I was. The trouble turned out to be Tanya, or so I tell myself. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked me out of the blue one evening. "Well uh, no," I hesitated. "I just left a relationship a couple of months ago but that was with another woman." I looked into her face trying to read her reaction but she just stared at me as if I'd mentioned it was warm and sunny outside. "We were lovers," I added, expecting her to be shocked I suppose. She wasn't. "Oh, that's so sad. You must be in a lot of pain." "I'm learning to cope and I'm enjoying being free," I lied. "Did you love her?" "Yes, very much. Why are you asking me about this, sweetheart?" "Well it's just that, uh, I have feelings for someone that I think is really special too and I don't really know what to do. I mean, I'm only 11 and... and it's a girl. Like your friend." Tanya lowered her face and then covered herself with her hands. "My mom said she thought you liked girls, and when you said about your lover that she was a girl, I-I guess that you do, so I wanted to ask you about it. Gosh, is that okay?" "Oh honey, of course it is!" I exclaimed. "And how did your mom figure out that I liked girls?" I laughed. This was intriguing. "I don't know. She didn't tell me." Tanya looked up at me with a grin. "But I'm sure glad she got it right. I really don't know what to do. About my friend I mean." "Are you good friends with her?" I asked. "Oh yes. I see her all the time and she is so beautiful sometimes I can't stop looking at her." "That sounds serious. You're a very pretty girl yourself. Do you catch her looking at you now and then? That's usually a good sign." "Yeah, I think so. She seems to like my boobs, like I have any!" she laughed. "I've even caught her looking down my shirt!" I, of course had been doing the same thing to her and shared her erstwhile lover's infatuation with her young breasts. Had she caught me looking too, I wondered? Inwardly I shuddered at the shame of discovery yet envied this anonymous object of Tanya's affection who surely wouldn't turn her away. Tanya was too precious. I already hated this girl for stealing away Tanya's amorous interest but was also grateful to her for providing me with something of an 'out'.
If Tanya could be safely coupled up with this unknown girl it would help me to withdraw from the intoxicating love I felt for her. "Your boobs are going to be fine, girl. My God you're only 11!" I laughed. "But hey, wear some tops that make the looking easy. You might as well dazzle her, honey. If she's interested it'll drive her crazy and if she's not, well there's no harm done," She seemed to contemplate that advice for a moment then gave me a sly little look. "Perfect!" Tanya declared and we both dissolved into giggles. The next evening Tanya came over and settled into the far end of my black leather couch and drew her knees up to her chest a place and position fast becoming her own. She looked ravishing in a pair of navy blue tight slacks and a white, square collared loose cotton top. She grinned at me and lowered her knees. "This is what I wore today," she giggled, pulling at her loose top. "When I bend over like this you can see right down it to my boobs." And she did just that, giving me a tantalizingly brief glimpse of her pink pert young nipples and a wicked look that caught me staring. I blushed a deep red. "Tanya, you are so naughty! So did you impress her?" "I think so," Tanya said with a cute smile. "I'm just all confused right now about her. I mean I want to be with her and kiss her and cuddle but I don't know what to do." She seemed instantly so forlorn. "Can you help me?" "Tanya honey, I don't know," I replied, my heart going out to her as my own need to kiss and cuddle her mounted. "What do you think I can do?" I said placing a hand on her shoulder as she sat next to me. "Well," she said. "Could you teach me how to kiss? I've never kissed anyone before. I mean, it wouldn't count, you know? Just to show me how." A very pleading look was in her eye. I was taken aback, to say the least. Kiss her? Of course I would but how would I make it 'not count'? I-I guess so, Tanya. Here, close your eyes and pucker up," I instructed. I nervously leaned in and brush my trembling lips against hers. The touch was magic and a shocking current of lust shot through me down to my aching pussy. I lingered for a second and fell the full rich texture of her lower lip against mine as I ever so slightly parted my lips, but only enough for a quick taste with my tongue. I pulled back slowly.
"There, how was that?" "Oooh, I loved it. Do it again, okay? Only longer this time!"
Tanya moved her face eagerly into mine and our lips met in a much deeper kiss. But I kept my lips closed not trusting myself to go further with this experiment. My feelings were intense and I heard Tanya moan gently as we continued. I decided to break it off. "Doesn't seem like there's too much I have to teach you, you little minx." I whispered with a grin. I was red and flustered while Tanya looked up at me all dreamy eyed and out of focus. "I like kissing," is all she said. Then she laid her head against my shoulder and wrapped her delicate pale her arms around me. I gently stroke her lustrous dark hair and felt my tummy tying up in anxious knots. "This girl is very lucky, little one," I told her as I gently kissed the top of her head. "I hope you'll both be very happy together." Tanya breathed a deep sigh against me and hugged me tighter. "Me too, " she murmured into my blouse. Then she quickly looked up at me again.
"Let's kiss some more!" she implored. "It's okay it doesn't count, remember?"
"What do you mean 'it doesn't count'?" I wanted to know.
"I mean it's just practice, okay? It - it doesn't mean anything so we can do whatever we want, you see?"
"Not really, but okay. And Tanya, you just can't tell your mom I was teaching you how to kiss. She'd have a bird!" I laughed, but meaning it all the same.
"Of course not silly! Besides I don't think my mom would want to know that I've got a crush on another girl, do you?"
"Probably not. But this is something you'll probably have to tell her eventually, " I cautioned her, recalling with a shudder my own dreadful experiences with 'coming out'. I felt certain though that Leanne would be far more understanding than my mother had been. "I will, but right now I want to practice kissing with you." Without wasting any time Tanya leaned across me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and planted her lush full lips square against mine, this time moving them around a little then parting them slightly. It was then I realized her lips and mouth were full grown adult size, something I knew in my head would be the case, but somehow I'd irrationally expected them to be smaller to match the rest of her. All sorts of crazy feelings were rushing through me at this point. I so wanted to just open my mouth and devour this young creature but I knew there might be no turning back. I was dizzy with excitement and my throat was achingly dry. A deep wet throbbing began in my loins and spread up through my breasts to elongate my sensitive nipples. I moaned as I felt her hot wet tongue start to push against my closed lips. "Wait Tanya!" I cried, pulling back from our kiss. "This is starting to 'count', and I need some air!" I gasped, fanning myself. "I know! That was so cool Carla! You're a great kisser!" "But honey, I don't want this to go any farther. Look, I'm 40 years old sweetheart, and your only 11. Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore," I reasoned.
In that moment Tanya looked shattered. Despite all her grown up precocity she was still just a young girl emotionally. I thought she might cry. "Besides," I said, "What about your friend?" I asked, trying to revive her spirits. "She's the one you want to be kissing and making it 'count'. I'm just your big old baby sitter. I bet she's much better looking than me and now you can teach her how to kiss." "I don't have to teach her," Tanya said sullenly. "You don't?" I asked puzzled. "No, she already knows how to kiss." "How do you know that?" "She - she told me." Tanya stared down into her lap. "Who is this girl, Tanya? "I - I can't tell you yet. But I will. Is that okay?" "Sure it is honey." "Besides, I don't care if you're 40," Tanya looked up at me seriously. I looked back at her squarely. "Gosh honey, but did you know that 14 years ago, before you were born, I was in graduate school? And that a full 15 years before that I graduated from high school? And that 7 full years before that I was the same age as you are now?" "Hey, so what? I'm the one who gets to decide if you're too old anyway, not you!" she giggled. "Yeah, but then I get to decide if you're too young, " I countered with a poke in her chest. "But we're just practicing so it doesn't count, remember?" "Okay, but you be good this time. No tongues, alright?" Oh boy, I thought, But Tanya was good - at least for a while. We stay locked in a light embrace for several minutes then with the heat obviously rising between us as our mouths moved softly against each other. This time we pulled away slowly and smiled. "That was nice," I whispered to her.
"Mmmm it sure was," Tanya replied, squeezing me tightly. We sat cuddled together for the next hour or so, behaving ourselves, watching TV, then snacking until Leanne came by to pick her up. "Was she any trouble?" Leanne asked me at the door. "Of course not. She's a real sweetheart. She can come back any time," I felt so guilty I couldn't look her in the eye as Tanya walked past me into the hall. "See ya tomorrow!" Tanya called out as she entered her doorway. I slowly closed my door then leaned my shoulders against it. What on earth was I going to do! I thought frantically. I headed for the shower and took a long look at my ancient body in the mirror and decided I wasn't so bad. My breasts were still firm and full and my figure still trim. I decided to trim my light brown bush between my legs and contemplated shaving it off completely. How absolutely depraved, I thought with a chuckle. Getting under the hot water brought back all the steamy emotions I'd been having on the couch with Tanya and it wasn't long before I had two fingers deep inside my pussy making myself come. It took only seconds and a slower and deeper orgasm followed in bed after I'd dried off and hopped under the covers naked. I drifted off to a troubled sleep however.

David Did It

Kayho on Sex Stories

Jessica worked in a modeling office.  Not only was she constantly surrounded by gorgeous people, most of them were men.  Chiseled bodies, dark hair, tanned complexions, and other 'attributes' made them very valuable for this single 30 year old.  David was one of the agencies top models and he was the top model for the past 2 years.  Jessica had always found him extremely attracted, but never did anything about it because he was a model. 

One night after a long photo shoot, David asked Jessica to find him a hotel room for the night so that he didn't have to take the 2 hour drive and come back in the morning.  After setting the room up for him, a wicked idea came to play in Jessica's head.  She had been lusting after this man for years and never did anything ab

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out it, and now she had the perfect chance to get it over with.

She only had 15 minutes before he was set to arrive.  While making the hotel reservations, she also made arrangements for food to be sent up to his room.  She decided to slip out of her work clothes and wait for him practically in just her black thong panties and high heels, leaving her tits bare.  As she waited his arrival, she started to get excited thinking of all the things she was going to make him do to her tonight.

As he opened the door she positioned herself in front of the bed, obviously suggesting something.  The face he made, she would never forget.  She had never seen a man look at her with so much lust before. 

"What are you doing here and why are you not dressed?" he asked.

"The question is what are you going to do about it?" she asked.

"Well for starters, I'd like you to take off those high heels because it won't be comfortable when I've start fucking you up against that wall."

After removing her heels, it made her 5'5'' heing a lot smaller to his 6'7'' height.  As she crooked her finger towards him, he stood there shaking his head.  Repeating the gesture with more force, she continued to get the same answer. 

"Get over here now,"  She said pointing to the spot in front of her.

As he slowly came towards her she asked for him to crawl on his hands and knees.  When he did so and ended up on the ground in front of her, shivers ran up her spine.

"Like what you see David?"  as she pushed the thong away from her already dripping pussy.  "If you do, then get to work"

With as much force as possible, David picked her up and threw her down on the bed.  As he ripped away at her panties, she gasped at the feeling of such force being used. 

"Your pussy is perfect Jessica, I've thought about doing this for a while and now I get the chance to do whatever I want and you will like it."

He then proceeded to spread her legs wide, using his arms to weight her down.  Sticking a wet finger into her pussy and finding her clit, he squeezed it just enough for her to get aroused.  As she started to twist and turn on the bed, it knelt his head down and started nibbling on her pussy.  At first he spread her apart and stuck his tongue inside of her opening, lapping up all of her pussy juices.  She arched her back off of the bed literally pushing her pussy up into his face.  As she came, he continued to bite and suck on her pussy until her orgasm stopped.  She continued to pinch and tug on her tits that were turning into hard nubs.  Watching this David decided to get up from the bed.

As he stood over her, looking down at her spread eagle on his bed he took off his clothes.  She watched him take every piece off.  This man was perfect, there wasn't a flaw anywhere.

"Come to me Jessica, on your hands and knees.  Crawl over her right now and suck my dick!"

As Jessica came closer to him, she realized that they didn't use a dock for David's underwear shoots...they didn't have to.  His dick had to be at least 9 inches!  She had never seen a cock that big let alone experience one.  As she crawled over to him standing by the door, she realized how much she wanted that big cock inside of her mouth, pussy, and maybe in her ass too.  When she finally got up to David she licked the wetness on his tip with her tongue.  She heard and felt that deep groan through him and into her.  It caused her whole body to tense up.  Her nipples became very hard and her pussy got very wet.  She slowly licked the length of his dick, taking time to suck and lightly bite down on each of his balls.  After making her way back up to the top of his dick, she started moving her head up and down his length.  He didn't waste any time.  He put his hands in her hair pulling up and down, helping her suck him off. 

She could feel him trying to pull out right before he was to come but she just dug her nails into his ass and kept him there in her mouth, shooting cum into her throut.  The amazing thing was that she swallowed every drip smiling as she looked up at him.

"You're not done yet bitch!"

Confussed Jessica looked up at him.  "What?"

"Get up here.  What did you expect was going to happen with you looking how you did when I walked in here?  I'll tell you what I expect, you will do what I say and when I say and you are going to like it all!"

"You can't tell me what I have to do, I'll do what I want when I want."

The next thing she knows, she's up against the wall with him pressing in between her legs.  She could feel his cock start to grow hard again and it excited her.  He wanted to fuck her so badly but stopped.  She was smiling.

"I want you to fuck me right now, against this wall, like you said you would and you better pound me against that wall I want it as rough as you can give it.  Don't you dare stop until I say either."

Upon hearing her demands, David pushed his cock into her, smacking her between him and the wall.  After getting his rhythm, he felt her legs come up and lock themselves behind him.  She was helping him pump harder and faster into her tight wet pussy.  She had never been fucked so hard and fast in her life.  The wall wasn't helping at all because they were both moving too fast.  He ended up throwing her on the ground, pounding into her until she felt her orgasm pass through her.  He continued to fuck her to get some release as well.  Again she beat him too it.  As she thrived back and forth beneath him for a second time, David watched as her tits bounced up and down as the pounding continued.  As his orgasm hit he tried to pull out but realized that she locked her ankles at his back and wanted him to shoot all of his hot cum inside of her.

"Fuck Jessica!  That's so good!"

As his hot cum shot into her, all Jessica wanted to do was continue the fucking.  When his dick went limp, she took it in her hand to get him aroused again. 

"Not yet," he said,"I need some rest."

"You may think you have to rest but your dick sure as hell thinks otherwise."

Sure enough, his dick went rock solid in the palm of her hand.

"Where do you want it this time?"

Jessica proceeded to turn around with her ass up in the air.  The astroglide she bought earlier was going to come in very handy here.  She started rubbing her asshole with the jelly, David decided that instead of jerking off her wanted to do it.  So he grabbed the tube from her and put some on his finger and started rubbing the jelly all over her asshole.  The excess on his finger allowed him to put one finger and then another into her hole.  It hurt, but it felt good.  She moaned as he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out.  Positioning himself behind her, knowing that it would hurt, he started slow.

"None of this slow shit, I want you to ram into me hard and fast right now!"

With that he pushed into her.  She shouted and tears started coming down her face from the pain.  It still felt good and she was pounding onto him, matching him thrust for thrust.  As he felt his orgasm coming on, he tried to pull out again.  This time she let him, and as he started drip cum out of his dick, she was there to catch every drop.  As soon as the last drop fell however, she used her mouth on his dick again and started sucking him till her was hard again.

This time he threw he over the side of the bed with her ass sticking up in the air and entered her pussy from the back.  Grabbing her around the waist and pumping into her back and forth excited him even more and got him to go faster.  As he was about to cum, she pulled away from him, turned around, and put his big dick into her again.  Since he was on the verge he tried to pull out again. She held onto him and he came right into he stretched, red pussy. 

When he was finally able to pull out of her and she licked his dick clean, they layed there not doing anything but breathing heavily.


"I just wanted to have a great fuck and since you look good and your cock is big and you can obviously keep up with me I figures why not.  I hope you don't think anything of it, do you?"

"Can't we continue doing this?"

"Yeah, under one condition.  You can't stop until I say.  I will know when you or your cock can't take it anymore."

With this she grabbed his cock again and started to suck him off.  Granted his dick was sore, his body was sore, and he was just exhausted she had so much stamina that David had never experienced marathon sex before because he thought he couldn't do it.  They fucked 9 times that night, David never lost his touch and he learned that he could fuck more than once in a night.

Sophie's Story

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‘My cunt is me, some one please help me...I want your flesh inside me...make love to me...any body....please love me....I want to be laid....I am dying for it…....’


I was sitting on the couch waiting for the token number to flash on the indicator. Usual stuff, visiting in morning hours in bank once in a month, to credit the funds remitted by my husband working in Dubai. Life routines.. kids, Shopping, cooking, household work, re

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latives & festivals. It seems that I always took care of time & people, but time & people never cared for me.


‘What am I doing.... Sophie?’ ‘Where is the excitement you always thought of, before getting married ?’


Before marriage, My friends always used to tease me that I shall drive my man nuts. All except the true friends were jealous of my looks & body. There were many other good looking girls in the college, but I was someone very different,..someone very special. I had asked one of a very close friend of mine who was a guy happened to be with us for only one year, after which he left for foreign education.  Yes...I remember him,…..Marc, he told me, that the only difference between me and the other girls was frankly & simply "Sex Appeal" !


‘Oh god….when the fuck shall my number flash?’…..’Gotta go home soon, kids are waiting to be prepared & sent to school’


I don’t know what happened today morning, but suddenly my cunt was extremely wet, lubricating love juices. While sitting on this couch, I had crossed my legs tight & am feeling that the lower part of my body is on fire. If any one tells me now, that he wants to fuck me, I am not going to argue a bit at all.


‘Masturbate, Masturbate, Fantasizing, & Fingering that’s it.. Sophie, that’s it’ ‘That’s all you have done so far within these PAST THREE YEARS’.’I just don’t know, are there any sexy females on earth who remains Un-fucked for 3 years !!!????’ 


My Husband left to Dubai for Work after five years of our Marriage. I was left with my New-born Twin daughters. If you ask, me I’ll tell frankly, that I am living here only for them. Or else, swear on god, I would had ran away…and  had settled for some one else. Did I tell you that I am one of those women, who are crazy to get laid & fucked day and night ?


‘C’mmon Sophie, hook-up with someone. You badly need it. Someone trustworthy. Someone lonely like you. You need a man don’t you?’ ‘Wow, that guy on the counter …what a manhood he is having…..’ ‘Oops he is looking at me….’


Here I met.….Michael… for the first time.


‘Oops, he is still gazing at me’…..’look at him’ ‘look at him & give an angry look’…..’Ohh, he got flushed….’ ‘he is not looking at me anymore’ ‘Sophie, you shouldn’t had done this’


I stood and went to the queue where he was standing,  Probably he had a number previous to mine.


“Excuse me,  please, what token number are you having”


“its 90, Ms.”


“Oh no, Mrs please, its Mrs. Reynolds,  Sophie Reynolds. Hi how are you”


“Nice to meet you Sophie, I mean Mrs. Sophie, by the way I am Mike. Michael Mathews”


“Pleasure to meet you too. Can you help me Mike? I have my kids to be left to school & am already late before I could rush  home….and you see, there’s no one else in my house to take care of  them. If you could exchange the token, and if that’s convenient to you?  My number is 94”


“No Probs Sophie, here you have it, my token”


We exchanged the tokens and he took opportunity to rub my hands.  Soon I withdrawn the cash and when was about to leave…


“Well, thanks for this Mike…..I am grateful…..”


“It was my pleasure”


“Alright then,  Bye”…


I said that word ‘BYE’ with a passionate length….with a smile, he shall never forget.  I was at the corridors, when he came from behind… my surprise  !


“Wait,  Sophie, Hello, Sophie,,,,,please wait”


“Oh tell me Mike”


“I was just wondering if we can meet somewhere again….may be..may be…just for a coffee? Or…. If that’s convenient to you….and if not,….. please tell No without any heart feelings”


“Yes sure Mike, that’s not a problem for me. Sure, don’t worry “


‘Sophie… slut, aren’t you  getting too bold……?


“Oh, thank you……well can I exchange numbers.. or may be you can call me when free.?”


“Give me your number, I shall call you”


He gave me his Mobile Number & I wrote down in my diary.


“I’ll call you mike whenever I’m free, See you then”



I never spoke to any stranger like this before. I was too bold & open. I was a bit fast indeed. But that’s my desperation. I needed some one to be my friend more than a sex partner. I went home, send the kids and did some house hold jobs. I kept thinking about him, he looked like kind & honest gentleman. He respected me while talking, as he never focused on my curves. He saw straight in my eyes and was eager to establish friendship. He must have got attracted by my looks, but I was still wondering, what he would want me talk with a coffee.


‘Its 5.00 pm, let me call him’


“Hello Mike, …”


“Yes, Mike hear”


“Oh, Hi its Sophie…”


“Oh hi there, its pleasure to hear you, Sophie”


“So whats up?”


“Nothing much, I am working in an Ad Agency known as ‘Max Adworld’ as a Photographer…I am almost done with my work…wanted to meet you”




“I am in south, were do you stay….”


“I live near  Roxy cinema… know?”


“Yes, ofcourse not so far from my place…….do you know Cladius Cafeteria?”




“Can we meet there…..may be at 5.30 pm”


“Make it 5.45… “


“Done, ill be there at Cladius sharp at 5.45 ”


“Ok then, bye”


I wore a Long Skirt & a Sleeve less top. I am 5 ft. 11 inches & Slim with perfectly shaped Boobs. Some of the best part of mine at close-ups, are My lips which are voluptuous & when highlighted with a Red lipstick, looks very sexy, my nicely shaped spotless legs, hands and very seductive sets of fingers.


I was excited but also bit tensed. I don’t know, but something about Mike made me secure. I  felt that he was a generous person. I went to the cafeteria and he was standing there. He looked fresh, in his tight Jeans, T-Shirt, with sunglasses inserted in between & wearing a Cap. He was not clean shaved but the slight grown beard made him look smart & sexy. He just looked like Brad Pit.


He saw me and gave me a very sweet smile which reflected his innocent excitement. He greeted me, took me to a table, pulled the chair & offered me a seat.


“It’s a pleasure in meeting you again sophie”


“So, what made you want to meet me again?”


“Nothing….I don’t know, but just wanted to meet you” “you can call it as an intuition to make a nice new friend” & he smiled.


“So tell me something about you”


“See,  I work in an Ad Agency….as a Photographer” “I enjoy my Job, I have good friends, I am unmarried, am 24, I leave alone, I have a messy house (laughed), like to make friends and am self-contained personality”


And our talks started like this. We shared our interests, I told him about myself and about my husband.  He took a great deal of care for me, asking for various coffees, suggesting me some good tastes. He had nice sense of humor. He gave me very good attention and always stared directly in my eyes. Sometimes, I thought to place my mouth immediately giving him a passionate kiss. I wanted to tell him I liked him.


“I like you, Mike, you are very friendly” “You See,  Mike you know I am lonely….but its nice to have a friend, a caring friend”


“Sure Sophie…..I understand your feelings”


We left the cafeteria and I gave him my numbers. Days went by, he used to call me, we went to movies, go to dinner. He even used to come during my Kids school programmes. My kids liked him and he too  took very good care for them.


Once, he told me that he wanted to shoot me. I was excited.


“Where, Sophie, can I shoot you at the beach”


“No, at your house !”


“Really, can you come to my house ?”


“Yes. Put it tomorrow afternoon, its Sunday!”

'That was a Bold attack, Sophie, you slut!'


I was dying for this day. I had made up my mind, that I am going to laid for this Man.


I wore a Knee length skirt, with a Short sleeveless top exposing my flat tummy & deep naval. I went to his house, rang the bell and was at his doorsteps. He opened the door and exclaimed….


“You look beautiful Sophie!”


I walked close to him….


“Don’t I look.... S..E..X .YYYYY….?”


“I didn’t knew whether you could acknowledge that compliment, but shall admit, you look a like a Sex Bomb Shell”


“Thank you Mike, I am flattered” (Both of them Laughed) “You are a Photographer, you must have many Girl Friends, don’t you?”


“No Sophie, you must be surprised, but its true, I never had any”


“What you define a Girl Friend?”


“Well  some one whom you aspire to be so close to share all your feelings and there is true love and ……”


“Stop that Mike, you know that concept sucks! Wife  is the only true Girl Friend. Whereas all relationships before marriage are just for having sex !!!!!”


“Goodness, you are Bold today…..thanks for reminding that Sophie !” (both laughed) “Lets get going with the Photography….”


“But on one condition, the poses shall be of my choice”


He fixed the camera and was ready.


So I was standing near the Sofa. I slowly raised my skirt and placed one leg on the sofa. I turned my face seductively, led my hairs from side of the shoulders lying on of my left breast. I parted my Lips which was glowing red. I raised my hands and inserted in my hairs. The Pose was ready.


I saw it……the erection in his pants…


“That’s a sexy pose  Sophie….” He clicked it.


Now I placed my hand on my skirt over the leg resting on the sofa. I raised my skirt more exposing my gorgeous thighs. I kept one hand on the skirt and other hand on the either side of the skirt and raised a little.


He clicked.


Now I sat on the sofa, spread my legs wide. The skirt had partially covered both of my thighs. I leaned forward and pressed my forearms, squeezing the breast a little to pop out. I turned my neck up with my face facing the ceiling.


He clicked.


When I just was about to pose something else, he seemed to get disturbed and moved out from the camera.


“I can’t concentrate…..I cannot”


“W..h..y…..dear Mike ?” I asked him seductively. “Are you feeling uncomfortable ?”


“You know that Sophie…don’t you?”


“You said you never had sex with any one? Didn’t  you?”


I took his hands and we both sat on the sofa. I closed his eyes with my fingers, and placed my lips on his. I gave a passionate kiss and placed my palm on his bulge. I pressed the bulge, and he moaned.


I whispered in his ears “You know, mike, I haven’t had Sex from Past 3 years. Do you have any idea what is it like for not having fulfilled, the sexual desires for such a long time”


“Yes Sophie, I understand”


“So do whatever I say”




I removed my Panty from under my skirt. I took his hands and placed it on my left breast which ofcourse was covered with bra & top. I opened my legs wide. I took his other hands, slid it inside my skirt and placed it right on my Twat. I was in heaven. My god… Shivers ran through my body. I badly needed this sensation … a touch of a sensational hand on my burning hot love spot.


“Now Mike, just keep your hands for few minutes like this… it hard”


I closed my eyes, rested my head on the sofa & enjoyed this sensation for more than a minute. Like a nice boy, he pressed his hands on my pussy and other on the breast squeezing it slightly.


His fingers was all wet. My Juices poured out and dripped towards my thighs. Never in my whole life, I  had such a load of vaginal juices pouring out so desperately.


Now I turned and sat on his lap facing him, with my legs crossed on either side of his thighs. I Removed my top and exposed my breast covered with a fancy violet bra.


“Have you touched a woman’s breast…mike my dear?”


“No sophie……you have beautiful pairs”


I unfastened the strap and asked him to remove the cups. There laid my beautiful spotless large sets of bangers hanging desperately for him.


“Mike, No one, I mean no one has touched these boobs for long time, baby”


He placed both his hands each on my tits. His eyes was desperately wide open without a single blank.


“Wanna take it in your dear?”


He started sucking my breasts. I felt his erection. My ass was resting right on top his bulge.


“Bite the Nipples mike, bite it hard”


He was careful, he bit it slow


“Bite it harder, mike, give me some pain”


He bit hard and sucked. He fondled and played with my breasts almost for another 15 minutes. I used to kiss him frequently. We had very wet kisses, leniently pouring out our saliva. Both of our faces were shining wet with saliva.


I stood and unzipped his jeans. I pulled his Jeans and inserted my hands through his underwear and held the Penis. He was trembling passionately. His cock was mind blowing 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. I couldn’t believe it, that after so long time I am gifted with this monstrous dick.


I removed his underwear and unbuttoned his shirt. I stood and removed my skirt. I was all nude in front of him. I laid on the sofa and he came on top of me.


“Please enter me… please give your hardest fuck of life time” “Fuck me”


I helped him enter his love shaft enter my heavenly wet canals. As he slid his shaft in me, my body stunned tight like a statue for a second.


“Remove it mike, renter it. I want this feeling more and more…..Remove and enter as many times you can”


He did it for several times. He removed and entered….And always I relished that heavenly feeling.  Passionate currents shimmered by  body and all my body parts was screaming sex. My Nipples were erect and my breasts were burning.


“Place you hands on my breast. Squeeze it as much you can, mike, please squeeze it”


“Enter me now, and blow me with your hard thrusts” “Fuck me like a dog…fuck me”


My cunt was sort of alive and held his prick tighter and tighter. It seemed that my vagina just didn’t wanted to let it go out. When I looked down, I saw he used to enter only half his length.


“Whats the matter Mike, Insert you dick completely. Deep inside…….slowly enter your entire flesh please”






“yes  Deeper’


And to my surprise my pussy had eaten entire of his monstrous cock in to the canal. Wow what a feeling was that.


I was close to rock an orgasm. But wanted to prolong.


“Stop fucking mike. Just keep your penis inside me for sometime” “I want to enjoy that sensation”


He kept his dick inside me, while I rubbed my hands on his hairy chest, on his back, on his face and inserted one of my finger inside his mouth. He was hot inside. He started sucking my finger, and I got elevated to the final levels of heaven.


He didn’t had to give me more thrusts. I exploded an orgasm. My body shivered and I felt multiple strokes of mind blowing muscular contraction. It was like fire crackers exploding in my lower body.


“Oh mike, my darling, that was wonderful…..this was the most wonderful experience of my life time”


He started stroking again while we climaxed together. He fired hot loads of viscous semen inside me and filled my poor hungry pussy.


“Mike you know,…… the smell of  semen…….its the best aroma in the world” “I was dying for this”


I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I was feeling something extraordinary.


“Mike you’re not a Photographer aren’t you”


“How do you know that”


“How could you not control yourself while shooting me?”


“You wanna know that, Why?”


He took his mobile and dialed some number. And spoke on the phone “ Well sir, I have accomplished. Sophie is feeling like the most satisfied woman in the world now !”


“Who is it Mike ? Whom are you talking to?”


He gave me the Phone and I was zapped to find that it was my Husband, Monty !


“Hi Sophie, darling, I wanted you to be happy. I knew that if I had asked you whether you like to have sex with someone else in my absence, you would say no” “So I experimented by sending Mike to approach you and possibly take care of you” “I am happy sophie now. I understand your feelings, and this way we also are not going to spoil our  relationships”


“ Oh …Monty……I feel that I am the luckiest woman on earth to have such a great husband” “Please comeback to me soon, I want you”


“I will Sophie, but meantime, you may treat Mike as your husband. Just go ahead and enjoy your life”

Coral and Herb Part 1: The Couch

pussylicker55 on Sex Stories

Coral and Herb were a odd couple living in a huge house. Their adopted daughter, Mary Sue, had previously moved out on her own. One day, Coral and Herb were relaxing on the couch as Coral drifted off to sleep. Herb flipped through the channels on the TV. When seeing there was nothing on basic cable, he turned to the Pay Per View menu. It automatically opened to porn and adult movies and realized his thirty- nine year old wife had been recently watching some. His cock grew hard as her thought about his wife masturbating and finger fucking her hairy pussy. Even though she was getting old her body was still perfect. Her 36 D tits were perfectly shaped with no sagging. Her creamy skin had no wrinkles. She was still slender and curvy. And her tight ass was to die for. Herb tur

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ned to Coral and saw her huge chest rising up and down.

Herb could feel himself getting harder and looked back at the TV. He ordered the movie with the hottest sounding title. The movie was called “Fun in Lesbian Valley.” The movie immediately started with a sexy lesbian orgy. Herb opened the fly of his boxers and pulled out his 8 inch cock. Pre-cum had already began to spill out of his cock as he watched a hot blonde with 38DD tits fucking another blonde with a 12 inch strap on. Herb began to stroke his cock slowly as the moans of both blondes drifted out of the TV. The blonde pulled the strap on out of the other girl and then grabbed a vibrator. She shoved the plastic strap on inside of the girl’s ass and clicked on the vibrator, resting it on her clit. The girls moaned, groaned, and grunted as they pleasured themselves. By now, Herb was moaning right along with them. His cock was swelling up and it began to throb, signifying his up-coming ejaculation.

Coral awoke from her sleep and heard moans and groans. She first looked ahead of her and looked at a girl eating out a girl who just came. Then she lookerd up at her husband. His eyes were closed and his hands were all over his cock and sperm sacks. She grew horny and jumped on his lap. Herb’s eyes shot open and he stared at Coral.

“Fuck me Daddy!” groaned Coral. She lifted up her mini skirt. There wasn’t much to lift, for the fact that in came 3 inches below her pussy. Coral lifted a little and grabbed Herb’s hard manhood. She guided it into her wet, awaiting pussy. She began to grind her husband’s cock. Herb screamed and let Coral’s pussy have all of his milky white fluid. Herb lifted off Coral’s tube top and squeezed her 36 D tits. Coral moaned delightfully and screamed for her huge orgasm. Both Coral and Herb were panting heavily as Coral rolled off of Herb’s lap.

“Dammit Herb,” Coral said breathing heavily. “That was so fuckin’ good.”

“Fuck yeah,” Herb agreed.

Just then, Coral got up slowly and waved her finger so Herb would follow her. Coral walked slowly to the glass, sliding door and opened it. She walked slowly outside. Behind her, Herb watched her nice shapely ass jiggle and move up and down, following the pace of her movement. Fully nude, Coral shifted over to the diving board and gracefully plunged into the crystal, blue water. She was purposely teasing her sixty-two year old husband. Herb slowly dragged him and his pale, saggy body into the blissful water and sat down on the steps. Coral came at random and grabbed Herb’s cock from underwater. She quickly devoured the huge cock in her mouth and began to give Herb underwater head. Herb screamed and groaned loudly. He didn’t worry too much about the neighbors for the fact that Coral allowed the surrounding male and female neighbors to watch her fuck herself while her husband was at work.

After 10 minutes making Herb cum twice, they were going to go back inside and continue fucking. But as soon as they emerged from the pool, a young, beautiful blonde appeared at the gate…



Little Red Panties

Arenae on Sex Stories

We just get to my place after you walked me home from work. You’re a bit bored because it ran an hour late and I made you wait. Your not sure what's up because I haven't been chatty the whole way home. You’re a little annoyed but won’t bring it up because you don’t want me to feel guilty over things that are so small.

I sit you on the couch, kiss you and put in a movie while I change out of my work clothes. You’re sitting on the couch, not really paying attention to the movie. You think ‘why the hell did she put this one in… she knows I hate action.’ You shift your position and prop your legs on the coffee table. You get uncomfortable with that position and shift again.

After a wh

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ile you decide you’re thirsty and call into me, "Baby, you buy me any pop?"

I call back, "yep and I put it in the fridge this morning so you could have some cold when we got home."

You give a small smile as you get up to get yourself a drink, you feel a bit guilty for feeling impatient. As you crack your pop though you happen to glance at the clock above the kitchen table. You have been waiting for me for over 20 minutes just for me to change my clothes… your lips go tight and the muscles in your shoulders tense.

‘Its ok,’ you tell yourself, ‘she wouldn’t be making me wait this long on purpose.’ You sit back down on the couch and pretend to pay attention to the crappy movie. You shift positions a few times, put the pop down, pick it back up again, realize that its all gone. You lean over and look at the clock, sit back in a huff. ‘What the fuck is taking her so long?’ you think as you lean forward and set the empty can back on the coffee table.

You’re annoyed and almost half-asleep by the time you hear my bedroom door click open. You think: ‘its about fucking time woman!’ I go over to the fridge and pour myself a glass of orange juice. Your so annoyed with me for not even acknowledging that I had made you wait so long that you don’t look up at me until I’m almost standing over you.

You were going to play cool and unresponsive, pretend that you hadn’t noticed that I finally came out of my room, but you catch this smear of frilly red colour riding high on my upper thigh. You turn your eyes to get a better look, though not your head; you’re still annoyed with waiting for me.

Your breath catches as you realize just what this frilly piece of red actually is.  You get quick flashes in your mind of what it would feel like to slowly pull the garter off with your teeth…

You glance up a little and notice that it happens to match the rest of what I am wearing… that means that I didn’t just throw together pieces that I had collected from here and there… You get quick flashes of me looking though lingerie stores to find that perfect outfit. You could tell that I had bought it with care and wonder when I had the time normally I go shopping with you. You sigh a little, once again I'm showing you just how much I love you, just how much I want to impress you and make you happy.

As your eyes travel up your mouth slowly looses the sexy little smile it just had, your body goes limp… though not all of it does, you can feel a sudden tightening in between your legs and know that I would definitely notice this boner- and quickly.

I'm wearing red lace. The pattern doesn’t have a picture that you can see right off, but the cut is amazing. It accentuates the roundness of my hips and plays up my natural curvieness. The top of my panties are just low enough for you to see a leg of the spider on my left hip. You feel another pull of tightness and you wonder just why you had been annoyed a few seconds ago.

Your eyes travel across the top hem of my panties and up my belly, definitely firmer than you last remember three weeks ago. You think about booking more time off work.

My body has tensed since you started looking, I can feel you caressing every part of me with your eyes and the anticipation is making me tingle. I feel a similar kind of pull between my thighs, deep inside myself. You're looking at my bra now, ahhh, you just notice how shear the lace is. You can see my nipples through the lace and I get this ghost feeling of your thumbs gently sliding over them, they both harden and poke at the fabric.

Your eyes finally finish their first circuit of my body and reach my eyes. My breath catches as I see that amazing colour of blue. Your pupils are dilated, fuck baby I can hardly stand the look your giving me. Your breath is faster than normal; I can see your chest heaving gently.

My heart fills with love for you and I cant help but stretch and allow the feeling to grow. You think that I'm just teasing you, showing you the line of my body. I reach out a foot and rub your left shin with my toes, you know that I am definitely teasing you.

I walk around the coffee table and for a second you think I'm going to get freaky and give you a table dance. I put my juice down and pull the table out just enough and walk around to you. I reach beside you and pick up a pillow and place it in-between your feet, you wonder what I'm going to do until I bend my knees and start to kneel… you know what's coming…

"I'm sorry for making you wait honey" I say in that sexy, low, almost purr of a voice. You know just how much I'm turned on already… and all you’ve done is look at me… so far. I run me hands up the outside of your thighs, lightly pull at your belt with my finger tips then run them back down. I never took my eyes off of yours.

"I missed you baby. It’s been way too long," I pout slightly, "and you haven't even been giving me phone sex either." You gently caress my cheek with the backs of your fingers.

"I'm sorry baby but you need some anticipation, its good for us right?" you say while giving me that knowing look, like you really know best, you bastard. I give you a smirk and a look that says ‘all its going to do is get you raped and you fucking know it!’ I bite my lower lip and undo your belt, loosen it a little. I undo the button.

"You’re going to kill me with all your fucking anticipation baby." I wrench the zipper down, surprisingly without grinding the metal, your stomach tightens a little and you make a mental note; ‘three weeks is too long to make my woman wait.’

I grab the top of your belt with my fingertips again, but this time I don’t let go, and I hook your boxers at the same time. You arch your back a little and pick yourself off the couch just enough for me to slip your pants down around your shins. I leave them there. I run my hands up your thighs again and gently dig my fingertips into your skin on the way down; you feel another pull in your crotch but this time I can see the full effect that I'm having on you. I lean forward and kiss your lips… gently; I don’t want you taking control of this situation.

I reach for your shirt and help you lift it over your head. I tilt my head to the side slightly, look you in the eyes and drop it on the floor beside us.

"Umm… baby you look cold." I give you one of my sexy smirks. I lean forward, breathe my warm breath gently over your cock.

"You want me to warm you up?" your breath comes out in a fast, wonderful exhaling sigh, fuck baby I love that sound…

I take your cock in my hands and gently rub it between my hands. I wrap one hand around you while the other slowly, gently, reaches up your leg and around to grip your back. I slowly move my hand up and down while my tong reaches out for your head. You gasp faintly when it makes contact. I lick your head softly for a bit then stop and look you in the eye; I take you in my mouth, your back arches slightly, involuntarily trying to push it in further. I take your body’s cue and take you deep inside my mouth sucking it in. You moan softly… ‘Baby that’s not all I have for you’ I think as I grasp your hips pull it in and out then suck it back in again. Your hips move with my motions and I hear your panting, I feel a surge between my legs and there is a wetness there like you wouldn’t believe… Your hands are in my hair and I think I hear you whisper in a half moan

"baby, I'm not sure how long I can hold on." But I need to give this to you… you turn me on so much, and you taste sooo good… I stop deep throating you and take it in my hand again, I lick your head and nibble a bit. I kiss it and there is wetness there that has not come from my mouth… I moan and lick it up, fuck…. You taste so good.

"That’s it baby, that’s the last straw. I can’t take it anymore," I moan out the words

"Where were you hiding that baby?" you ask me, impressed. You look a little nervous as I open the package though and try to take it from me. I evade you and put it to my mouth while pushing you back on the couch. I grab your cock and make like I'm gong to give you head again. I slide the condom on with my mouth and you think ‘holy shit… she’s got tricks for everything!’ I roll it down over your cock and suck a little when I get back up to the tip… just to leave enough room for you to come… I reach behind me to the coffee table where I left my juice and swish out my mouth a bit, I lick my lips to help get the taste of your cock gone… I stand up and look down at you.

"Are you ready for me baby?" I ask you with a knowing smile. You move yourself forward on the couch and grab me by my hips and pull me toward you.

"Yes and you fucking know it, you fucking bitch!" My breath catches just before your lips press hard into mine, fuck baby! You make me feel so good. Your need makes me melt and I move the way you make me without thinking about it.

You start kissing my neck and suck hard then bite. A moan escapes my lips... You kiss down my chest and take one of my nipples in your mouth through the fabric. I gasp and grab a handful of your hair; I pull you closer as your tong moves over the fabric. It feels so good but I can’t stand it for long and I move aside the red lace for you. You take my nipple in your mouth and suck hard, running your tong across my nipple as you suck. You toss your head and let it snap out of your mouth.

You move aside the other cup of my bra and start working on the other nipple. Your hand is gently squeezing the first breast and you run your thumb over my nipple as you bite the other. I gasp and moan and try to pull you closer. Your free hand drags down my side, over my ass and snakes around until its on my inner thy. I feel you caressing the fabric between my legs, I know you can feel the wetness there.

You reach your fingers underneath my panties and graze the hot skin just waiting for you. I press myself against your hand as you pull the lace away further so you can stick your fingers deep inside me. I cry out and you lean back to watch my facial expression. My eyes are closed, my head thrown back. I am gripping your shoulders so I don’t fall over; baby it feels so that good my knees are getting weak.

I open my eyes and see you looking at me. I lean in and we kiss hard, I can’t stop clinging to you, your fingers hitting the right places inside me. I take your tong in my mouth and suck hard, fuck baby I need you so bad, I want you so much… I can’t stand it any longer and I take your hand from inside me, I push you back on the couch and pull down my panties. You hold your arms out and help me settle on top of you. I reach down and guide you inside me… we both gasp with relief.

I clench my muscles and push onto you, you arch up into me, but baby I can’t get enough. I try harder to take more of you into me, I strain and grind on you but it doesn’t help much, its not enough.

"Take me to our bed" I tell you, in between panting breaths. You moan and kick your pants off the rest of the way. You reach down and cup my ass with both of your large man hands and hold me against you tightly. I wrap my arms around your neck and grip you with my legs. You stand slowly, afraid to drop me, but baby I totally trust you.

We make it into the bedroom and you slam me down on the bed falling on me in just the right way, but your no longer inside me. I cry out in dismay until you grip one of my legs pull it high and slam your cock into me so hard I cry out. Oh! Baby I never knew you could be like this!

I wrap my arms around you and hold you close, I can’t get enough of kissing you, and you know it. I reach my pique quickly and you keep going, seemingly oblivious, bringing me closer and closer to another. I'm so loud and I can’t fucking get enough of you, I anchor my heels into the mattress and start pushing back onto you. You ride me so good I'm getting yet another- "Oh! Baby!" I cry out, "Ohhh! Baby, I need you- need you- please!" I can hear you moaning… fuck, I can’t stand it! "Come, please! Baby! Need it…. Need you so bad… please!"

You moan louder "You need me baby?" fuck baby… I'm getting another; I need your come in me so bad. Finally I feel you start so shake and we cry out together.

Ahhh… release! We move a bit more then you collapse on top of me. For a moment I can’t even think. Your weight feels so good on top of me… makes me feel so safe. In this moment I feel the love for you so much I have no clue where the hell I store it all. There aren't enough words to describe just how much I feel for you.

We doze for a bit, then you slide out of me and turn me over and wrap your body around me. I'm half sleeping and can’t willingly move any part of my body, I am completely made of putty in this moment.

You kiss my shoulders and back and it makes me feel this wonderful contentedness. You can never seem to get enough of kissing me. It makes me feel so needed, so loved.

I wish we could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives. I snuggle back and press my bum into you and feel a second stirring, I giggle and smile and press even harder, I grind a bit and turn my body so I can kiss you, its slow and deep and completely full of love…

and I reach behind me to where I was hiding the condom in the back of my panties. You smirk at me.

Outside Activities

drhummel on Sex Stories

Outside Activities

It is a Saturday after and Mary and I are sitting in the living room lounging lazily.Â

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  There is not much going on. Mary is a pretty brunette about 5 feet 7 inches tall, Hazel eyes and a beautiful body.  Her Tits are full and firm and her ass is beautiful to the eyes.  She is wearing a button down shirt with short sleeves and a denim skirt that zips up the back.  I am getting anxious and don’t really want to sit around the house all day so I suggest to Mary that we take a ride.

We go outside and Mary gets in the passenger side.  I lock up the house.  I have my little bag of goodies with me.  Mary does not know what’s on my mind.  I come to the passenger side of the truck and open the door and kiss Mary hard.  I tell her to trust me.  She looks at me quizzically.  I ask her to place her hand behind the seat she is sitting in.  I handcuff her there and she can not leave the seat.  I lay the seat all the way back so she is laying down.  She looks beautiful.  I unbutton her blouse completely leaving her tits covered.  I start the truck and leave for our afternoon of driving.

After a few moments the vibration of the truck and road cause you blouse to fall away from your body leaving your tits exposed for my viewing pleasure.  They are beautiful.  We are headed toward the countryside.  I am searching for a secluded place where I can play with your body.  After driving for a while I find a woods patch that looks like it will provide us a place to play. I pull over and park the truck out of the way.  I reach down and massage her tits and pinch her nipples until they are standing at attention.  I stroke her pussy and she is very hot.

I get out of the truck and go to the passenger side and sit her up in the seat and release her handcuffs.  I kiss her hard.  You button your blouse as we go into the woods.  When we are a little ways into the woods I turn around and stop.  I unbutton her blouse and remove it.  I then unzip her denim skirt and remove that also leaving you naked except for your sneakers.  We continue into the woods until I find a proper area for me to secure her so she will be accessible to me for all my desires.

Once there, there is a good size tree.  I ask her to place her hands above her head and on the tree with her legs spread wide.  She does so without hesitation.  She is breathing heavy with anticipation.  I give her ass a couple of hard spanks to get her attention.  She asks for more.  I tie her hands to the tree so she can not move.  I give a couple more spanks on the ass because I like to and it makes her ass look even better.  I pull a large vibrator from my little bag and place it in your pussy pushing it all the way in.  It is vibrating hard and you are squirming from the pleasure.  I spank her ass a few more times and it is becoming pink in color, so beautiful.  I turn you around and push her up against the tree and tie her to the tree at the waist.  She feels the rough bark against her skin.  I press myself against her and kiss her on the mouth.  I work my way down to her tits and nibble on her nipples.  I slowly slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy.  Her pussy is wet.  I remove the vibrator and begin to lick your pussy.  She loves this and is about to cum when I stop and untie her waist and turn her around so I can see her beautiful ass.  I have my dick ready to go and I insert it into her pussy.  I reach around and grab her clit between my figures and gently rub and squeeze while I slowly pump my dick in her pussy.  She loves it when I do that to her.  She cums.  Then I cum.  I release her hands and we stand there together for a few moments to calm down.  I hand her her blouse and skirt and she dresses.  We walk back to the truck and drive home.  We are happy.  The End.     







The perfect end to a Lazy Day…

TexRanger69 on Sex Stories

After our afternoon visit the rest of my day could not go by fast enough. I picked up the kids, fed them, gave them a bath and got them ready for bed. As the time drew near, I began thinking of what might happen this night. It would be the perfect topper to an already great day.

Around 8, I jump in the shower and try and cool myself off. Getting out of the shower I put on a pair of loose shorts and tee shirt. I go out to the living room, my hair still wet, hoping that sitting in the room with a fan on would help me to stay cool. The only lights is the soft glow of the T.V., the only sound is that of the fan as it tries to keep the living room cool.

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 Sitting on the couch I lean my head over the back and close my eyes and dream about what I hope will transpire over the next few hours.

I hear a faint sound from outside, opening my eyes, but not moving my head I try and see who, or what is going on outside. Thanks to the full moon I can see and figure moving across the yard, I watch as she glances over to the living room windows and continue on to the sliding glass door. Since it’s so hot I left the door open, I hear a voice "Is it okay to come in?" "Yes" I say, "everyone is in bed it just me.” Just before she has a chance to speak, I notice a second figure standing at the door with her.  Since she is standing in the shadows I can't really tell what she looks like.  "I hope you don't mind, but while I was at the bar having a drink with my friend, I happened to mention our meeting this afternoon."  She says as she steps through the doorway, "Oh?" I say, "What exactly did you tell her?" A slight grin crossing my lips. "I told her that you have an extremely beautiful cock and that she would have to see it to believe it." Now standing in front of me making her way over to sit next to me on the couch. "Her name is Beth, I really hope you don't mind. But after or meeting earlier, I knew I was going to need some help with you." Her friend still standing in the doorway. "Its up to you, I don't mind." Hearing this, Beth steps through the door and moves around to the back of the couch. Standing over me, I lean my head back and look up. All I can see are Huge Tits, I mean, I thought my wife had nice tits, I even thought Sam had great tits, but these were like nothing I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to start sucking one them, maybe even get a chance to stick my cock between them, but knew that would have to wait.Â

I could feel a hand sliding up and down my leg, a finger gently moving under my shorts. I lift my arms and stretch them over the back of the couch.  "Look, its growing." I hear, "Mmmm, just wait, its going to get bigger." I look down and watch as Sam start to pull at my shorts, lifting up so she can pull them off easier I hear a soft "Oh my." Running her hand through my hair Beth moves from behind the couch giving me a perfect view of her. She’s about 5'4", the same as Sam, which to me is perfect. It looks like she is wearing a one-piece dress that is tight to her hips, and even tighter to her chest.Â

Sam has now taken my cock in her hand and starts moving her hand up and down.  Leaning over she begins kissing and licking the head of my cock. I feel the warmth of her mouth as she lowers it over the head and begins giving me a blowjob. Beth, now sitting next to me unties the front of her dress and pulls it open. Reveling two of the biggest nipples that I have ever seen. I reach over and caress the nipple with my thumb, as the nipple gets harder, I gently begin to twist it between my thumb and forefinger.  Leaning over, I first lick then begin sucking. Softly she moans, I lift my head and make my way over to the other tit. Sliding my tongue all the way over to the other waiting nipple. Showing it the same attention as the other.

I can feel Sam paying all her attention to my now throbbing cock. Her hand is moving up and down getting faster and faster. Beth seeing this scoots down and getting on her knees she joins Sam, first sucking on my balls, then kissing and licking the shaft. Watching them both going to town. Beth move between my legs as Sam gets up and lifting up her mini-skirt up revealing her completely shaved pussy. After lifting up her skirt, she takes off her shirt. I look down and watch as Beth taking her tits in both hands surrounding my cock and begin to move up and down. Licking the head of my cock each time it parts her tits. I can feel the pressure building up, "God, don't stop." I say between deep breaths, "I'm going to cum." "I want you to cum all over my tits," Beth says "shoot your load in my mouth and on my tits."Â

Hearing me Sam drops back down and after kissing Beth they take my cock out from between Beth's tits and both of them grab hold and begin to stroke me faster and faster. My stomach tightens; my head leaned all the way back. Grabbing hold of the couch, "I going to cum," I say as I begin to shoot my load. Sam places her mouth over the head and catches the first shot. Lifting her head Beth instantly places her mouth in its place and catches the second load. The rest of my load is shot onto Beth's big beautiful tits. My cock getting limp by the second both Sam and Beth begin licking the rest off the head. After they have cleaned up my cock, Sam begins licking and sucking on Beth's tits. I lift my legs up and lay back on the couch, Sam stands and straddles my stomach. Moving up onto my chest I can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy. She inches higher and higher onto my chest until her pussy is in the right spot. I start licking on Sam's pussy, moving my tongue up and down. Looking up I see that Beth has made her way around the side of the couch and is standing in front of Sam. Stepping up, and over the back of the couch Beth sits down on the back, her feet on each side of my head, her skirt up around her waist.Â

Licking and sucking on Sam's clit, I feel her thighs begin to squeeze my head. Grinding her pussy onto my face and tongue, as she leans forward and begins doing the same to Beth. Moving her hips back on forth onto my face "Ummmm, Shit Don't stop." Sam says. "God you know how to eat a pussy." Grabbing hold of Beth's legs for support Sam moans loudly as she lets go and cums all over my face. I keep licking and sucking on her clit until she lifts herself off. Moving out from under her Sam goes back to work on Beth's pussy. My cock now getting hard again I begin stroking it, making it ready for the next round. I move behind Sam, spreading her legs I slide my cock under her ass, the head of my cock finding its target. Slowly I begin to push forward, parting her lips. Sam arches her back as she continues to lick and suck on Beth's pussy. I hear Beth begin to moan as I push my cock deeper and deeper into Sam's tight pussy. I begin to move back and forth, Sam stops licking Beth's pussy for a second and says "Harder, Dave, Harder." I grab her by the waist and begin slamming my cock as hard as I can into her. I look at Beth and watch as she leans back as far as she can "Mmm, Sam, I'm going to cum," she says "don't stop. OH God." Beth squeezes her thighs and grabs Sam's head as she lets go and cums all over Sam's face.

Sam arches her back; she starts moving herself back and forth to the rhythm. "I'm going to cum again" Sam says "Oh my god. Harder." I can feel her pussy tighten and loosen on my cock with each thrust. Sam tightens up her pussy one last time as I slam my cock as deep as it will go. I feel her juices flowing down my leg, as she buries her face into a pillow and screams "I'M CUMMING!"

I pull my cock out of Sam's pussy and move over to Beth. "I want to feel you in my ass." Beth says, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you just fucked her, but in my ass." "If that’s how you want it, then that’s how you are going to get it." Beth steps back over the back of the couch and leans over it. Reaching around behind her she spreads her ass checks. I get behind her; licking two of my fingers I get them good and wet and start to slide them into her ass. Getting it good and wet, I place the head of my cock into position. Slowly push the head in, then a little farther. "Mmmm, that feels good." She says "Give it to me Dave, give it all to me." I pull out a little then push it in farther; I keep doing this until my entire 9inch cock in deep inside Beth's ass. I start pushing and pulling my cock in and out, Beth gasping for breath with each thrust. I look over at Sam, who is sitting in front of Beth and I watching and rubbing her clit. "Uhmmmm Harder, oh God Fuck me harder!" Beth says between deep breaths. I grab her by the waist and begin pushing and pulling as hard as I can. My balls slapping against Beth's pussy. After several minutes of my cock slamming in and out I hear "I'm going to cum, don't stop" "I can't hold it back any longer Beth, I'm going to fill your ass with cum."  "Fill it, OH YESSSS. I'm Cumming!!" At that same moment I shoot my load deep into her ass. I keep pumping until I have nothing left to shoot. I pull my cock out and make my way back around to the front of the couch. Sitting down next to Sam, Beth gets up and moves around next to us. All of us sitting next to each other. Sam leans forward and looking at Beth says, "What did I tell you, that is one nice dick." Smiling Beth leans forward and says "Yea, your were right. So, Dave, What are you doing tomorrow night?" We all get a slight laugh and I tell them both, "I'll be right here, if you want it, come and get it."Â

We get up, straighten up our clothes and I escort Sam and Beth back to the wall. Giving each of them a kiss, I watch them climb back over the wall.

I can't wait to tell you about the next night.

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francis on Sex Stories

One Friday afternoon, whilst at work, I received a phone call from a college friend called Vera.  She was distraught, as her long-term boyfriend - also from college - had left her for another girl.  Over the phone it was difficult to be of any consolation, and Vera asked if I could come down to Clapham for the weekend.  As I was living not too far away in Buckinghamshire, I of course, said that I would grab a weekend bag straight after work and see her as soon as possible.  So about 5.30 pm I loaded my BMW bike and set off for south London.  Although it was an early Friday evening - always a busy time for travelling to or from London - I quickly made the journey and shortly after 7 pm I arrived at Vera’s flat.

Vera was always jovial, with an almost permanen
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t large grin on her face.  But that night she was very different.  She looked as if she had spent the day in her pyjamas and an old dressing gown.  Her eyes were red and looked sore and it was obvious that she had been crying on and off all day.  In the kitchen, I made some tea and Vera started to tell me about the break up.  I continued to listen to her story, feed her tissues to wipe her tears and make appropriate comments and noises.

When she had finished, I started to be practical and as she had not eaten since the previous day, I suggested I fetch a take away meal and some wine.  I was soon back at the flat and Vera had found some plates, cutlery, and glasses, which had briefly taken her mind off her break up.  I opened the wine, and after talking about some of the things I’d been up to since college, Vera started to laugh and join in the story telling.  The crying had finished and the food and wine seemed to put her in a better frame of mind.  Having put the remains in the kitchen, I returned to the living room.  I told Vera she would feel better after a bath and a change of clothes.  So I started to run a bath for her, while she found something to change in to.

Vera soon entered the bathroom, as I finished filling the bath.  She unbuttoned her pyjamas top, slipped it off and after untying the bottoms, let them slide down her slim legs - her Scandinavian ancestry meant she had never been shy about her body - seeing her tiny pert tits, and a smoothly shaven cunt had my cock straining against my jeans.  So, I said I would see her when she had bathed.  Vera said no, she still wanted some company and I could always help with her bath.

I knelt by the bath and started to wash her hair. Vera has wavy, naturally pale blonde hair, cut in a short bob.  I finished rinsing her hair and after soaping a sponge, I started to wash her face.  I moved on to her back and Vera splashed the soap off her face.  I moved around to her breasts.  She said I might as well use my hands now.  I was now felling uncomfortable as I still had a large erection pressed against the fly of my jeans.  As I washed her breasts, her nipples become very erect, and as I lent forward Vera lent towards me and kissed me.  Her arms went around my neck and our kissing became more passionate and I was becoming soaked by the bath water.

“Take your clothes off, and get in” she whispered.  I must have broken some record, and I soon had them off.  My newly freed cock felt more comfortable out of its confines. Vera splashed me with water as I got in the bath. We embraced and kissed again. I started to play with her tits.  Her breasts were tiny but her nipples were long and rosy pink.  I lifted her out of the bath and perched her on corner - where the two walls around the bath met.  Taking the soapy sponge I soaped her belly and down to her thighs.  Vera opened her legs and as I rubbed her pubic mound she began to moan sensually.  I rinsed the sponge and washed off her flat belly, cunt and legs.

I lowered my mouth to her cunt that had started to open its pink love petals.  I ran my tongue around her outer lip. , In doing so, her inner flaps engorged and her cunt opened even more.  Vera’s sighs were becoming more vocal.  Her hands moved to my head and gently pulled me towards her.  I pushed my tongue into her vagina, flicking in and out.  Reaching up I inserted two fingers into her, fucking her with my hand and moving my tongue onto her clit.  Vera let out a gasp as I circled her love bud, which was now visible as it become engorged and peeked out from its hood, allowing even more pleasurable sensations and causing several orgasms to course through Vera’s body.  Her body slumped down into the bath and onto my body.

I moved her forward so that she was facing the end of the bath, and on her knees.  She leaned in front of herself and held on to the end of the bath.  The small globes of her bum were tilted upward and I positioning myself behind her.  Stroking my glans along the pouting lips of her cunt - as Vera groaned in pleasure - I pushed forwards and stretching her wonderfully tight little cunt and was bollock deep inside her.  Having been erect for quite some time I knew that I would not last long, especially as Vera was gripping my cock so tightly.  I pushed in and out as slowly as possible, but soon I was pounding Vera with increasing speed and her cries increased with pleasure as a string of powerful orgasms wracked through her.  Then I shot spurt after spurt into her body.  She flopped back onto me and I reached around her to caress her tiny tits, and kissed her neck and face.  I picked her up and wrapping her in a large towel we stepped put of the bath.  I quickly dried her and then she dried me.

I carried her into the bedroom and we dropped onto the bed, kissing and intimately touched each other.  I spent a long time caressing her firm breasts, and flicking my tongue over her nipples, teasing them with my lips, and gently biting them.  Vera was even more ecstatic and reached down to stroke my penis, rubbing its velvet skin up and down.  Then she bent and circled her tongue around its tip and ran saliva down its length, as her tongue ran up and down, before easing it into her mouth.  She bobbed her head until I very quickly started to cum, as her lips increased their pressure on my cock, shooting into her mouth.  She swallowed it all.

I rolled her onto her back, and lifting her legs up, placing them on my shoulders, then leaning forward, thrust into her pussy.  Vera to gasped, and then let out shouts to fuck her harder and faster.  I did and having cum several times, continued much longer than before.  Vera came again and again and I stopped noting how many.  She was pushing to meet my thrusts, whilst cumming even more and with increasing strength.  Her cunt tightened with every orgasm and pushed me over the edge.  Again my sperm flooded her, then run out and down the crack of her arse.  As her cunt continued to pulse, I slipped from her.  I lay alongside her and with her back towards me we cuddled together, after we had pulled the covers over ourselves.  Warm, glowing and sated, we soon drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I was woken by having my cock wanked.  Looking up I saw Vera with a big smile on her face.  It was no longer red and puffy.  Now I was awake, she kissed me.  As I was lying on my back Vera climbed on top and still holding my cock guided it past her slick wet labia.  She slowly slipped down my stiff pole, her lips gripping very firmly.  Vera began moving up and down, her pace slowly increasing as her cunt leaked more and more love juice.  Her sighs and moaning was enough to wake the neighbours and as I played with her breasts I started to thrust up into her. After several orgasms during which her cunt rhythmically squeezed my penis, I was near to cumming.  Vera lent forward and kissed me, and slipped of my cock.  I thought she was going to finish me off with her hand or mouth, but instead she gripped the base of my cock and squeezed tightly to stave off my ejaculation.  She then reversed her position, and again guided me back into her warm, slippery pussy.  She pumped my cock and I reached to her breasts and rubbed and pulled on her nipples.
To my surprise she asked me to finger her arse - the first girl to suggest this to me.  I put a hand to her cunt and using her copious fluids, lubricated several fingers. I then gently stroked her anus in a circular motion, before pushing its centre.  It slipped in with unexpected ease.  I moved it in and out, before I introduced a second digit.  Vera was moving quicker and after another couple of cum’s she suddenly stopped, raised herself off my cock and fingers.  She shouted to me to fuck her in the arse and placed my tip at the entrance of her bum and gentle pushed down.  As I gripped my prick, it disappeared into her tight rear hole.  I slowly moved in her, whilst I rubbed at her clitoral hood.  As we gently moved we both came quickly.  An exhausted Vera rolled over onto the bed as my now soft prick left her arse.

After a short rest we had another bath and we fucked there again.  We spent the rest of the weekend naked - except when we had to briefly shop for provisions, to keep our strength up - and fucked as often as we could.   Vera now seemed to take a stoical attitude to the break up, and early Monday I left to start work.  We had several other weekends together, but with the busy schedule we both had and Vera being such an obviously sexy, beautiful woman she soon had another lover whom she later married.  So an enjoyable interlude in my life ended.  I also found a new love and married - though that turned out to be a big mistake.  May be I should have tried harder and married Vera?


Camping - Part Three

amt66 on Sex Stories

Waking bright and early the next morning, rubbing my head on
you as usual to wake you, “Pooh bear…” Groggily, “What?” “Can we pack a picnic
lunch and go on a hike through the woods?” “Sure baby.” We got up, dressed, and
ate breakfast, cold cereal again. I packed a blanket, some sandwiches, cookies,
and fruity, girly drinks into a backpack and we headed off for the hiking path.
He stopped periodically to look at some deer grazing out in the grassy
clearings and to look at the different animals out in the woods. We walked
longer, hand in hand, until we came to a small clearing. It looked beautiful.
We spread out the blanket and cuddled up on it, eating our lunch. Snuggling,
laughing, and talking. The snug

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gling led to kissing. The kissing led to
touching. The touching led to the removal of our clothes. Lying out in the
woods, naked. We heard people walking down the path, knowing they couldn’t see
us, too caught up in the moment, we continued our love making. It made it that
much more thrilling to know that other people were around. Neither of us were
able to contain our excitement, we came together, letting out a moan as we did.
We laid there for a bit, cuddling and regaining our strength. We then dressed
and packed up our lunch. Too tired to continue our walk, we decided to go back
to camp. When we got back to camp, I got my shower things and pajamas together
while you got the fire going. I sat down on the bench near the fire wearing my
pajamas and a robe, wrapped up in a blanket. You kissed me and said you were going
to go hop into the shower too. I sat by the fire reading a book, waiting for
you. You put your stuff back in the tent and came and sat with me. Wrapped up
together in the blanket, cuddling. “Wow, today was awesome, wasn’t it?”
“Mmhmm.” “I love you Pooh bear.” “I love you too baby.” We sat there cuddling
for a while; I fell asleep wrapped up in your arms. You sat there with me,
watching me sleep for a while longer before you decided to wake me and help me
into the tent. You helped me get into bed, then went and put out the fire. As
soon as you climbed into bed, I curled up next to you, you wrapped your arms
around me, “I love you.” These first three days have been wonderful, what will
tomorrow bring.

A Widow's Adventure

kahanabay on Sex Stories

I trudged the 100 yards to the building and ducked into the door, the wind almost blew me thru it, but the warmth felt good and the place seemed nice enough.  Then I started to take in my surroundings. Porno magazines and "Marital aids in packages lined the walls as far as the eye could see!. Large posters of busty naked women jumped out at me, and the inventory section of video tapes had headliners announcin the subject matter in bold print.  Cocksucking..Anul Sex ...Incest.... Animal sex...Straight fucking!!  I got on my cell phone and called my emergency road service.  The dispatcher said it would be at least 90 minutes before they could promise any help. "Please hurry  i said , the place I'm calling from isn't the grea

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test".  Soon as we get a truck you'll be the first he said, and hung up.          After about 5 minutes I noticed the man behind the counter watching me, and I began to feel uneasy......"hey lady, you can't just stand there, house rules, either buy something, buy a ticket for the movie, or get tokens and go to a booth.    "Well I'm not buying any of YOUR merchandise, and certainly am not watching that kind of movie,  but you mentioned a "booth" , whats that?  "There's privat booths thru that door he pointed , and you buy tokens to watch movies on a small screen.   "Do the booths have doors that lock? I asked.   Yeah , buy you can't just sit there ya gotta put the tokens in the machine to run the film, can't have loiterers back there.  "Alright I said how much for one hour of tokens, and will you let me know when the tow truck gets here?"..  Sure sure  that'll be $10.00.   A rip off I thought but what choice did I have ?  I went into the darkened rear of the store a selected a booth near the middle, After securly locking the door i sat on a small stool like device in one corner and dropped 10 tokens in the slot.  On the screen a couple appeared locked in a passionate embrace totally naked and screwing like teenagers. In fact they were teenagers! Where do they find people so attractive, and so young to make these films I wondered.I watched the action on the screen for about 5 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw two fingers poking thru a hole in the wall on my right side. There was a hole in the wall leading to the booth next to mine, in fact there was two holes, one a bit higher then the other, and the same set of holes was on the other wall of my booth!!. Some privicy I thought. The fingers disappeared and I felt more at ease, until I heard the sounds of sucking comming from the booth next to mine.  Being more courious the frightened I leaned over and peeked thru the hole to see what was happening, and got the shock of my life!  In the next booth a man was kneeling in front of the wall with the holes and he was making the sucking sounds I had heard! Now my sex life had been limited to my husband and a couple of backseat romances in highschool, but we had both enjoyed oral sex and there was no mistake that guy was giving "head!"   Holy shit,   what kind of a place is this I thought?   Then I heard the door to the booth on the other side of mine open, close and lock. Tokens drop in the slot and  A ZIPPER SLID DOWN!!! What's going on I worried, and without a how do you do a flaccid half erect COCK  was pushed thru one of the holes.!!  My God I thought what have I got myself into?  "Comon, get me hard" said a gruff voice through the wall ,"What are you waiting for bitch?" My husband always said I was a bit of a  submissive , and I instinctivly reached out and took the cock in my hand and began to stroke it!.  It seemed to come alive in my hand and was fully erect in just a couple of strokes .  "Gee's you got a great touch " the man said, and to my embarrasment I felt complimented. Now I haven't seen many cocks but this would be considered a nice one by any one. Straight and 8inches of curcumcised manhood with a large head that was beginning to glisten with precum. I stroked the full length and was becomming hypnotised by the sight a the smell of his cock when the voice said "Get to it , I ain't got all day.  You gonna suck it or not?"  Suck it! My God ! I couldn't do that in a million years I said to myself, but when I felt him start to pull that nice cock back thru the hole I just leaned over and PUT MY MOUTH ON IT !! I was sucking on a total strangers cock and I seemed to be "getting into it" as they say. I turned to face the wall and began to take more of his cock in my mouth, and remembering the things my husband used to like so  I started sucking so the slurp sound I made as the head of his cock slipped through my lips was clearly heard. And as I bobbed my head up and down on it I tounged the underside of and took it deep into my mouth.  I did like it when I gave pleasure to my husband and I now began to feel the same thrill giving head to this stranger.  "Oh man , your good " the voice said , and I felt as though I was special.  I must have sucked him off for about 10 minutes when I felt this lovley cock begin to throb and push deeper in my hot sucking mouth.  He was going to cum, what do I do Now, suck, spit , jerk him off, what?   Before I could decide I felt the first sprut of cum hit the roof of my mouth, and I just had to finish him off, I thought.  His cum was not my first, but it was the most.  He kept cumming for what seemed a really long time and I kept sucking until my mouth was actually full !  I had to pull back, and I spit the thick mixture of cum and saliva on the floor of my booth.  "Thanks pal" and the cock and the man were gone. The door opened and he was gone!  The taste of a strangers cumm in mouth was exiciting and not bad , but what was I thinking of ? !  Giving a blowjob to a a place like this....and he thought I was a man.  How perverted can a woman get? I wondered. Just then I heard the door open again as a new guy came into the same booth and again I heard the sound of a zipper comming down. Well...I guess we'll soon know , I said to my self.  Sure enough a new cock was presented for me through the hole and this time it was BLACK!!  I mean BLACK, and BIG!  Atleast 10 inches and already erect!  My eyes must have popped at the sight, and I had butterflies in my belly. What a beautful cock!!  Can I ... should I...  what will happen if...... "Please" a rich baritone voice said.  A gentleman I thought, oh well it's a day of firsts' .  As I wraped my hand around this black love stick I became aware of the girth and had doubts regarding the size fitting between my lips.  I opened my mouth wide and slowly let his cock slide over my lips..tounge..and finally well into my mouth.. It was big, but I could take almost half the length into my mouth, but found it difficult to really suck  it was so wide... So I used my mouth like a pussy, sliding up and down the length and stopping only to lick the underside if his enormous cock head.  I was just getting a good rythum going when I felt my jaw begin to cramp.  When I paused to rest he began pumping his cock like a piston.  It made me wonder what it would be like to be fucked by this black beauty.  Not made love to, but really FUCKED!  I began to finger my pussy thru my skirt and panty hose and I could feel the wetness around my pussy lips dampen my panties.  Quickly I stood and almost tore my hose and panties to my ankles, flipped my skirt up over my ass and presented my pussy doggie style to the magnificent cock. I guided the head into my cunt lips and was about to push when the voice from the other booth said. "I don't fuck gay ass man"!  He pulled away!!  "HEY lady , your tow truck is here" the counter man hollared . And I put my self together, open the booth door and walked out . Right into a very nice looking black man standing in the aisle. His eyes widdened and he trid to say something but could only gawk at me.  I smiled and as i walked past him I said "I'll be back".   And I did go back , and that story I'll tell you later.

Christmas Leave

UncleDan on Sex Stories

C H R I S T M A S  L E A V E

A young GI’s train ride

This is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the privacy of those involved.   If you like it let me know --

copyright by the author  2004

To ‘Lisa’, if you chance to read this, thanks for the many memories.  I have enjoyed them greatly over the years and hope that you might have also.

I have thought about this trip many times but this is my first attempt to try to write it down.  The story turned out much longer than I had expected.  If you are impatient, skip to the observat
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ion car.  Also keep in mind, for those of you that didn’t have to go through life before the ‘pill’ that things were very different then.  Viva la time between 1960 and 1980, after the pill and before AIDS!!!

 ( Day 1 )

   In 1959 I was stationed in Ft Ord, California.  I was 22 years old, 6 feet tall and 185 lbs.  I guess that I had been told that I was a handsome lad, but it hadn’t gone to my head, yet.  At that point in my life I suppose that the best thing I had going for me was a mischievous grin.  

   I hadn’t been back home to see my parents since the previous Christmas, so around Thanksgiving I applied for a 10-day Christmas leave.  Luckily it was approved and I started to make arrangements for travel.  At that time airline travel, if available, was beyond the reach of an average GI.  I never much cared for traveling by bus so that left the train.  It would be quicker and just as reasonable.  Besides from previous trips I found I really enjoyed sitting in the observation car and watching the countryside slide by.  Little did I know how much scenery I was going to miss on this trip.

   When the time arrived I took a bus to Oakland and boarded the Union Pacific for the long ride across California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska.  I had packed a couple of books that I had been wanting to read and settled down for the trip.  In order to be eligible for a military discount ticket I was required to wear a ‘Dress Green’ uniform.  

   The train departed in the late afternoon, around 4 p.m., so it wasn’t long before the Porter came thru and announced that dinner was being served in the dining car.  I ate a light dinner and then wandered into the lounge car for a drink.

    The bar was quite small, L shaped and I believe about six or eight bar stools.  I had taken the end stool, up against the window.  Not being much of a drinker, I ordered a shot of Seagram 7 with a water back.  A trick I had learned in college was with this combination I could appear to be drinking while toying with the 7 and bending my elbow with the water.  Nobody seemed to notice, or at least they never said anything.

   Always a people watcher, I noticed a lady who had been in the dining car, as she entered the lounge car.  She appeared to be about 30 or so, a little older than I would normally take interest in  (Young and foolish that I was).  She was blond, about 5' 5", quite slim (Varga Girl if you remember), looking as if she had just double-checked to make sure that every thing was in the right place.  And it all seemed to be.  She was wearing a light gray ladies suit with a white high necked blouse, high heeled pumps and hose.  (Remember the days before panty hose?)  Her skirt was rather short for the time and tailored narrow accenting her figure.

   The lady approached the bar and seated herself, leaving one stool between us.  When the bartender arrived and asked her pleasure she ordered a Vodka and seven.

   When her drink arrived, she sampled it, sighed appreciatively and turned to me.

   “Enjoying the trip soldier?” she asked, smiling pleasantly.

   “Yes ma’am,” I replied, “trains have always fascinated me and I love to sit and watch the countryside stream by.”

   “Me too,” she said, “the motion of the cars and the sound of the wheels on the tracks are so relaxing.”

   “I’m headed to Chicago,” she said, “where are you bound?”

   “I’m going home to central Nebraska to see my parents for Christmas” I replied.

   We chatted for a while about things in general.  She had been born and raised on a farm in Iowa so we were both Midwestern farm kids.  She was just recently divorced and was going to stay with her sister for the holidays and then was headed back to California after the first of the year.  I told her that after college I still had no idea what I wanted in life so I had enlisted in the Army.

   After a few minutes she slid off her stool, displaying a very shapely calf and some nice thigh, and moved over to sit down next to me.  I was sure that she had noticed the attention I had given to the exposure of flesh but gave no indication that she knew or cared.

   When she sat closer, I became aware of the scent of her perfume, the same scent that the first girl I dated more than casually, always wore.  To this day that aroma brings back memories whenever I encounter it, a sweet and wistful nostalgia.

   After about ten minutes, Lisa suggested that we go to the observation car as a nearly full moon had risen.  She ordered another drink and I got a refill on my water.   I let her lead the way thru the cars and up the stairs to the observation deck, throughly enjoying the view of her slim waist and shapely hips.  Other than the moonlight the only illumination was small lights near the floor that lighted the aisle.  She led the way to a center seat and sat closest to the window.

   The moon shone brightly, casting a silvery romantic glow on everything as telegraph poles whizzed by in the night.  We discussed the pros and cons of growing up on a farm.  We talked about our activities in high school and college, finding that we had a number of common interests.

   Some comment struck us as funny and as she laughed she placed her hand on mine.  Without conscious thought I gently squeezed her hand and immediately became aware of her silky smooth skin.  She made no effort to remove her hand but instead continued to hold and discretely massage my fingers.  At that age any contact such as that stirred a sudden sexual response.  Trying to get more comfortable I shifted slightly to relieve the growing pressure, hoping that she wouldn’t notice.

   The conversation took a sudden turn in subject as she began to question me about the girls I had dated.

   “Are you currently involved with anyone?” she asked.

   “No,” I replied, “I still have some good friends at home, one girl that I write to and will probably go out with when I’m home, but no romantic involvement at the moment.”

   “Who was your favorite girl and why?” she queried.

   I hesitated, going over the girls I had known.

  “Oh come on,” she chided, “don’t be bashful.”

   Finally I replied, “I hope you won’t think badly of me, but I believe that my all time favorite is a cousin of mine that is two years older than I.”

   Her immediate response was to tighten her grip on my hand and say, “Not at all, my favorite person is also my cousin.”  “I’ve had a crush on him since I was 12 and he was 15.”

   We were both silent for a moment then she turned to me and asked, “Did you ever DO anything with her?”

   Again I hesitated, then thinking, ‘What the heck’, I said, “Yes.”

   “What?”, she urged.

   Figuring the cat was already out of the bag I replied, “We had oral sex.”

   “How old were you and did you do it more than once?” she asked.

   “I was 15 the first time and we did until she got married.” I said.

   “She’s your favorite because you had oral sex?” she asked.

   “Well, not just that, she was the one who taught me how and just knowing that has made my life way more interesting.”

   “How is that?” she pressed.

   “Well, especially in college, well you know how girls talk, anyway when the word got around that I was willing to do that, well I never had any shortage of dates, I mean the girls could still get off and didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”   The words just seemed to tumble out.

   She released my hand and my first thought was ‘Oh damn, I blew it, it’s all over now’.   However my fears faded as she looked at me and grinned, placing her hand on my crotch, grasping my hard cock.

   “If we could find a suitable place, would you like to demonstrate your expertise?”

   Completely taken aback I could only nod my assent.

   “Good,” she said, “now follow me, stop in the lounge car, pick up a large 7up to go and come into the next car.  I’ll be waiting there.”

   I stood up, stepping back to let her get up.  As she moved into the aisle she smiled, touched my crotch playfully and with a grin said, “Don’t let that get away.”

   I followed her down out of the observation car and into the lounge car.  She continued on past the bar and out the far door without looking back.  I stopped at the bar, got a large paper cup of 7up and continued on through the door she had used, still not sure what was really happening.

  When I opened the door to the next car, I found myself in a First Class Pullman car.  There she stood, about half way down the car, motioning me on.  As I approached, she turned, opened the door to a compartment and stepped inside, holding the door for me.  As I entered, she took the 7up, and without a word placed it on the small cabinet.  Then turning to face me encircled my neck with both arms and kissed me deeply, grinding her pelvis against my rigid dick.  I responded by pulling her close and probing her mouth with my tongue.  I circled her waist with my arms, placing a hand on each of her firm round buttocks, pulling her against me.  With one hand remaining on the back of my neck, her other hand snaked between us and began to undo the buttons on my uniform blouse.

   When the buttons were unfastened, she opened the jacket and pressed her full breasts against me.  The heat of her body penetrated my shirt.  As I moved to unbutton her jacket, she broke the kiss and backed away.

   “Hold on a second,” she said, “I have a notion that this may last a little while.  Do you have a bag where you were sitting?”

   “Yes,” I replied with some question in my voice, “there is a gym bag under the seat.”  

   “If you don’t mind, tell me where it is and I will go get it.  That will cause fewer questions than if you were to traipse back and forth.  Besides if I go get it now I won’t have to get dressed just to go for it.”

   I told her which car and what seat and described the bag and the tag that was on the bag.  I didn’t mention that it held my stash of condoms but knowing that she would be bringing them back gave some hope.  I might be glad they would be handy.
   As she opened the door to leave, she turned back to me.  With a smile she said, “Don’t be shy, kick off your shoes and at least loosen your tie.”  Without waiting for my response she closed the door and was gone.

   I stood there at least a full minute, probably with my mouth hanging open in amazement.  In all the times that I had ridden a train I had never been a First Class compartment.  There was a couch on one side and on the other a bed (bunk?) already made up and turned down.  A door opened into a small shower combined with a commode and a folding lavatory with a mirror,.

   I removed my uniform blouse, took off my necktie, unbuttoned my shirt sleeves and rolled them up. I sat on the couch and removed my shoes and socks.  I leaned back, exhaled deeply, hoping I hadn’t gotten in over my head.  About that time the door opened and she entered carrying my bag.  I rose to meet her.

   She grinned, saying, “It was probably best that I did go get this.”  “The porter looked at me rather quizzically but I just smiled at him and all he said was ‘Have a good evening ma’am’.”

   Lisa placed my bag on the floor, extended both hands, grasping mine and pulling me close saying “Now where were we before I so rudely interrupted?”.

   I stood back slightly, and with both hands unbuttoned her jacket.  She shrugged her shoulders and the jacket fell to the floor, forgotten for the moment as we resumed the kiss where we left off.  As our bodies pressed together I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest.  Lisa moved slightly and I sensed her hard nipples.  My hands went up her back searching for a bra strap.  Not finding one I moved my hand around and cupped her breast, exploring with my thumb and forefinger for a nipple.  I found it, hard as a little pebble.  When I massaged it she moaned quietly and pulled me closer, moving her pelvis in little circles against my reawakened manhood.

   Lisa removed one hand from the back of my neck and reached for my other ‘head’ which by now seemed to have more blood than my brain.  She laid her open palm against me, her fingertips cupping my balls and slowly drew upward pressing against me.

   Her small ‘Mmmm’ mingled with our kiss.  After a moment hesitation she reached for and mastered my military belt buckle followed by the button and zipper of my pants.  As they slithered down my legs I felt a smooth warm hand enter the fly of my military style boxers. She took a light hold on my cock, her palm facing me, three fingers extended downward to my balls and her thumb and little finger along each side of my engorged member.  The heel of her hand pressed my dick against my stomach as she began a slow easy massage.

  I wanted to return the favor and moved my hand toward her pelvic area, thinking I could get my hand into the waistband of the skirt.  I fumbled, finding the skirt too tight to get into I tried to unbutton it in the back but failed at that also.  She stepped away saying, “Let me help, see if you can keep up.”

   She turned her back, removed her blouse, reached back and unzipped her skirt.  With my eyes glued to what was transpiring I raced through removing my shirt, my GI boxer shorts and T-shirt.  When she unbuttoned her skirt, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  Lisa lowered the skirt in agonizing inches displaying a bit at a time an amazing pair of buttocks, matching little dimples on each cheek.  Pausing for effect just as she reached her thighs she then released the skirt and let it fall.  Her legs were just as gorgeous as I had imagined.  The seams in her hose were as straight as an arrow.  She undid her hose from the garterbelt and discarded the garterbelt.  She rolled her hose down her legs, bending forward from the waist as she did each one.  My position behind her allowed tantalizing glimpses of her pussy as she did.

   When she stood up after removing the last stocking I stepped up behind her, my cock laying upright in the crack of her ass.  I reached around and placed my hands on her breasts.  Firm and perky, her nipples seemed to drill into my palms.  I leaned down, nuzzled her hair aside, kissed her on the neck, holding her close to me.  She threw her head back against my shoulder.  I looked down and beheld the most perfect set of tits I had ever seen.  The quarter sized areolae were tipped with nipples standing straight and proud, the size and shape of gumdrops.  I traced a finger around each and felt her inhale.  I cupped my hands under them and let them rest in my palms, feeling the weight and texture.

   Lisa ground her hips seductively onto my dick then quickly turned to face me.  Tilting her head back she reached up and pulled me to her.  Our mouths met and we began a passionate probing kiss.  Her hands found my penis, drawing and squeezing.  I held her with one arm around her shoulders and reached between us with my other hand, searching out her pussy.  My fingers encountered her pubic hair, fine and sparse, and probed on, questing for her clit.  I touched the hood covered nubbin and she reacted as if to an electric shock.

   “Oh, yesss” she hissed, momentarily breaking our kiss.  We stood together, our hands gently exciting each other as our bodies swayed with the motion of the train.  Our kisses and actions grew more intense with each passing moment.  Our tongues probed and our hands explored.  My fingers slid downward spreading her moist labia, reaching for her hot and willing hole.  I inserted a finger and massaged front wall of her vagina as I pressed the heel of my hand against her clitoris.  Her hips began to thrust, trapping my cock against her pelvic bone and shoving my finger ever deeper into her cunt.

   A sudden motion of the train car broke our rhythm and caused us to step apart to catch our balance and breath.

    After a quick peck of a kiss she turned and stepped away to open her overnight case.  She extracted a small case resembling a makeup compact and something that resembled a tube of toothpaste.  ‘Somewhat strange,’ I thought, ‘but what the heck, why should I complain, so far this has been great.’

   As she turned back my eyes were drawn to her pubic area.  The hair on her pussy was almost invisible, pure blond and fine, the first really true blond I had ever seen.
   Looking at me she asked, “You like?”

   I replied, “Very much, all of it is great.”

   “Good,” she said, “Now lay down on the bed and I’ll be with you in a minute.”  With that she stepped into the shower area and closed the door.

   I did as I was told.  This lady seemed to be totally in charge, knowing exactly what she wanted and orchestrating it to happen in that way.  Quite a change from the girls I had known, who had some idea what was supposed to happen but were usually afraid to say what they really wanted.  The thought passed my mind that I sort of liked this.

   I had lain there thinking of this for only a couple of minutes when she reappeared.  She replaced the items in her case, came to the bed and lay down beside me.

   “Now we can get on with this,” she whispered, “no more interruptions.”

   Remembering the conversation that had led to this I figured that she was ready for me to demonstrate my ‘expertise’.  What I had learned from the college girls was ‘take it slow’.  I kissed Lisa lightly on the lips and then started the long trip.

   I kissed her chin, her jaw line and down to her neck.  Tenderly licking, sucking and kissing I made my way downward.  I laved and kissed her throat and the indentation where her collarbones met.  Lisa rolled on her back, pulling up and opening her knees.  I moved between them supporting myself on my knees.

   Placing my right hand on her left breast I pinched and twirled her nipple.  I returned to kiss her on the mouth then lowered my head and took her right nipple between my lips and sucked it in between my teeth.  Nibbling carefully I continued to work her left breast with my hand.  Withdrawing her nipple from my mouth, I ran my tongue across the underside of her right tit.  I bathed the entire breast with my tongue and finally ended up in the hollow just below her breastbone.  

   Lisa had placed her hands on my head and was tracing her fingertips from the top of my head to my neck and across my shoulders only to begin the circuit again.  Gently but firmly she urged me on, an occasional sigh or moan spurring my efforts.  

   I embarked on the trail to her navel, nipping and kissing my way.  Her abdomen convulsed in little spasms as I approached and circled this indentation.  Her hands on my shoulders coaxed me downward.

   I continued on my journey, my tongue creating little spirals as it twined downward.  When I reached the hair on her mound, I grasped a tuft between my lips and gave a faint tug.  Her hips rose from the bed.  I released the hair and let my tongue take a path that followed the outline of this blond patch around to the juncture of her legs and torso.  The aroma of her pussy beckoned me, but I wanted to make this as good as I possibly could.

   I flattened my tongue between her inner thigh muscles and grasping her calf raising her leg as I licked to her knee in one long stroke.  I kissed and sucked back toward her pussy and stopped just as I made contact with her outer lips.  Changing to her other leg I repeated the same scenario.  This time I stopped, hovering just over her open lips.  I puffed small jets of my hot breath on her pussy and was rewarded by a moan and pressure from her hands to the back of my head.

   I shoved both hands under her ass and moved her buttocks upward planting her pussy firmly against my mouth.  Extending my tongue, I delved into her willing snatch.  More pressure on the back of my head.  Her juices had already begun to flow and the taste and smell were heavenly.  I pushed and probed as deeply as I could and she began to slowly ride my face.

   My tongue seemed to take on a mind of its own, flicking here and tasting there, always on the move.  Moving up toward her clitoris, I ran the tip of my tongue back and forth across the covering hood.  I could feel her clit start to swell and I used my tongue to raise the hood.  Feeling under the hood I touched her naked clit with the tip of my tongue.  She slammed her pelvis into my face while holding my head tight against her mound.  I maneuvered the hood with my tongue to uncover her clit and then sucked her little pearl between my lip-covered teeth.  Holding her ass with both hands and pressing my head down to maintain my grip, I began to minister to the point of her clit that protruded in, between my lips.

   Lisa moaned, her thighs flailing along side my head as her pelvis rose and fell on my face.  My tongue moved up and down, back and forth and in little circles, changing direction each time I thought that she might be approaching a climax.  My rod was like steel, deriving pleasure from knowing I was giving pleasure.

   “Oh, SHIT!” Lisa yelled, as her legs clamped tightly around my head and her body was racked with spasms.  I held tightly to her clit with my lips but let my tongue rest.  As her climax subsided and her body relaxed I loosened the hold on her clit and ran my tongue down her slit.  Thrusting into her cunt I tasted the profusion of her fluids.  I explored her labia, licking and sucking them into my mouth.  I entered her vagina, curling my tongue and trying to consume as much of her sweet nectar as I could find.

   My ego was not going to be satisfied with only having helped Lisa to one climax.  I began to lick and suck on her privates once more.  I had only just began when she lifted my head and broke the contact.

   Raising herself up on her elbows, she looked down at me and smiled.  My heart sank, thinking that I must have messed up someway.

   Lisa chuckled, I suppose at what must have been my expression of extreme chagrin.  My heart sank even further.
   She began to speak, “Don’t worry, you did very good.”  “Would you be offended if I would offer some hints that might make it even better?”

   Always being open to learn something new, especially about sex, I replied, “Not at all.”

   “Good,” she replied and reached back, retrieving a pillow.  Folding it in half, she raised her butt and placed the pillow under it.  “That will free your hands for better things.  Now do you know the alphabet?”

   “Alphabet?” I puzzled aloud.

   “Yes, you know ABC’s.”

   “Yes, of course, but...”

   “ Well.” she interjected, “just to add a little unexpected variety occasionally, use your tongue to write them on my clit.”  “Try it, I think we’ll both like it and it will let you use some new tongue muscles and let others rest.”

   Eager to get back to the sweet taste and smell of her pussy, I started over.  I began with the alphabet, finding it much easier to accomplish than I had imagined.  From deep in my memory emerged the old childhood rhyme, ‘ABCDEFG’ ‘HIJKLMNOP’.  Pausing between each verse I would revert, for a few moments, to my tried and true motions and then continue with the next verse of the rhyme.

   I inserted the index finger of my left hand into her vagina, seeking that soft spongy area on the front wall that always seemed to be more sensitive than others.  Finding what I sought, I curled my fingertip up and down.  Reaching up I gently applied pressure to her left nipple with the thumb and forefinger of my right hand. Pulling and rolling the nipple I caressed her breast with the remaining fingers.

   Lisa was responding more quickly this time.  I didn’t know whether this was from the effects of the new techniques or from the residual of the previous climax.  Lisa again placed her hands on my head, holding me firmly in place as I continued both my oral and manual attentions.

   As Lisa’s breathing quickened, I moved my right hand from her breast to her lower abdomen, pressing in gently on the area just above where her pubic hair began.  Once again her hips began to rise and fall and her thighs picked up an ever increasing cadence.

   “Yes, yes, YES, Oh God,” she cried as I continued, “I’m CUMMING, YES, YESSS.”

   My head was caught in the vise of her thighs.  I withdrew my finger from her cunt and with both hands removed her hands from my head and held them tightly as her body rocked to the conclusion of her climax.  
   When her thighs relaxed enough for me to extradite myself, I moved up in the bed and enfolded her in my arms.  I smothered her face with little kisses, her forehead, her eyelids, her nose and her cheeks.  Our mouths met and opened, our tongues probing and wrestling.  The taste and smell of her juices flowed from my mouth and face to hers, exciting us both.

   We lay together, reveling in our pleasure, arms entwined, lips locked in a passionate kiss.  My still turgid cock was pressed tightly between our bodies.  Occasionally she would rotate her lower torso slightly causing me to pulse against her.

   Lisa finally broke the kiss and pushed back, looking into my eyes she asked, “After you satisfied a girl at school what would happen?”

   “That all depended on the girl,” I replied, “sometimes they would give me a hand job, some liked to go down on me and some times nothing.  In that case I would go back to the dorm and masturbate.  Occasionally we would just snuggle.  I’ve even had to awaken some so they could get back in time to beat the 10 p.m. curfew at the women’s dorm.”

   “Would you let me watch while you masturbate?” she asked.

   “I suppose I could,” I replied, perhaps a little disappointed.

   “Great,” she said, “I really like to watch a man do that.”

   With that she got up from the bed, got a tube of what turned out to be a lubricant from her case and returned to sit on the edge of the bed.

   “Here, this will help some, just don’t cum.” she said. “Get really close and then let me know.”

   I sat up against the end of the bed, squeezed a small amount of the gel into my right hand and began to work it around the head and shaft of my penis.  I closed my eyes and began to slowly move my hand up and down my cock.  Knowing that she was watching made the situation even more erotic.  With my eyes closed the sound of the wheels of the train on the track came though and with the sway of the car became part of the beat.

   I opened my eyes to find Lisa sitting on the far end of the bed, her eyes riveted on my cock and both hands on her pussy.  She had spread her labia with two fingers of her left hand and the index finger of her right hand moving in tight furious little circles on her clit.

   I began to pound my rigid cock with renewed vigor, feeling my balls drawing up against the base of my prick.

   “Now, NOW!” I rasped.

   In a flash she lunged forward, grabbing my cock out of my hands and plunging her mouth over its head.  Her lips and tongue worked up and down my penis, one of her hands cupped my balls, kneading and squeezing.  Up on her knees now, her other hand was frantically thrusting into her cunt.

   “I’m cumming” I moaned.

   Lisa engulfed my cock and squeezed my balls.  Her body stiffened as I shot load after hot load down her throat and she reached yet another climax.  She rolled the head of my dick with the base of her tongue causing my whole body to shake.  The glans of my penis was so sensitive that any movement of her mouth caused me to writhe with pleasure bordering on pain.  As her own climax ebbed Lisa released her grip on my cock, letting my slackening member drop from her mouth.  She rose to kiss me full on the mouth, her tongue stabbing between my lips.  Her cum and mine now mingled, forming an exotic cocktail.

   We continued to kiss, enjoying the taste, smell and slickness of mixed cum on our faces.  We moved prone on the bed, our bodies pressed together, my still flaccid cock nestled next to her groin.  My mind raced, reviewing the pleasures, both given and received.  Sated, we relaxed into a state of euphoria.

   Lisa stretched lazily, raising her arms above her head, accentuating her firm breasts.  Stifling a yawn she said “That was really fantastic, you are a quick learner.”

   “When are you supposed to arrive at your destination?” she asked.

   “Some time after noon tomorrow,” I replied.

   “Would you like to stay the night, I would love the company and we could start in the morning where we left off.”

   Ecstatic, I readily agreed.  Visions of more of these delights filled my thoughts.

   Lisa turned her back and spooned against me.  Her butt fit perfectly against me.  I reached around and nestled a breast in one hand.

   I heard her say sleepily, “ ‘Nite, sweet dreams.”

( Day 2 )

   I awoke slowly, thinking I was having the greatest wet dream of my life.  I was lying on my back in a bed but the whole world seemed to be moving.  More importantly, someone was sucking my hard dick!  Not daring to open my eyes and stop the dream I could feel the mouth as if it were real.  A small hand held the base of my organ and I was aware of soft hair caressing my stomach.  

   Gradually it started to come back to me.  I had met a beautiful lady in the lounge car last night and had spent the night in her First Class compartment.

   The sex we had last night had been fantastic although it been was limited to oral sex and mutual masturbation.  

   I opened my eyes and beheld Lisa, kneeling by the bed, her head bobbing up and down.  I raised my arm and traced my finger down her naked backbone.

   The dream stopped.

   Lisa turned her head, letting my dick slip down against my stomach.

   Smiling she said, “Good morning sleepy head.”  “I couldn’t think of a better way to wake you.”  “Besides, I might have gotten vitamins before breakfast, you just woke too soon.”

   She stood up displaying all her naked glory, with not a hint of modesty she pirouetted like a three year old in a new dress.  The early morning sun streamed through the window highlighting her blond hair.  Her perfect breasts and sparse blond pubic patch competing for my attention.  If possible she was more pleasing to behold in the daylight than the night before.

   Lisa sat down on the side of the bed and twined her fingers through what hair I had on my chest.  I pulled her to me and kissed her.

   Sitting back she looked at me, “I’ve thought about this, and if we’re to make the most of this day, I had better get you fed.”  “Other than me, what would you like for breakfast?”

   “Bacon, eggs, toast and coffee, I suppose,” I replied.

   “Good, I’ll order it to be brought here,” she said, “that way you won’t be wandering around in First Class.”  “While you are eating I’ll go to the dining car and have my breakfast.”  “I hate not being able to have breakfast in bed with you, but you know how the railroad is about First Class fares.”
   Lisa got up, slipped on a pair of slacks and a blouse and then rang for the porter.  Soon there was a knock at the door.  Putting her finger to her lips, she motioned me into the lavatory.  As I slipped into the lavatory and closed the door, she opened the door of the compartment and gave the breakfast order to the porter.  We were to become quite accomplished at this little charade as the day continued.

   Before long there was knock at the door.  Back into the lavatory I went as the porter came in to raise the table and set the meal.

   As I sat down to eat Lisa gave a little striptease with her slacks and blouse and then slipped off into the shower.  By the time I had finished eating Lisa came out of the shower still drying off with a towel.

   “How was breakfast?” she asked.

   “Very good, thank you.”

    She quickly dressed in her slacks and blouse again.  If she owned panties or bra I never saw any evidence of them.  Slipping into a pair of shoes, she indicated the remains of my breakfast, “Time to get rid of all of this.”  She rang for the porter again.

   A knock and back into the shower with me.  This was getting ridiculous.  Listening from my little ‘hide out’ I heard her speaking to the porter.

   “Would you put the table down, please, I won’t be needing it.”  “And leave the bed, it’s fine just like it is.”

   After the porter left she opened the shower door.  “I’m going for breakfast now, take a shower and be ready when I get back.”  With that she reached up and kissed me, lingering just a bit, then turned and was out the door.

   I stripped out of my G.I. boxers, the only thing I had managed to get into so far, and headed for the shower.  Standing in the shower, with the warm water running over me, I thought back over the preceding night.  I began to slowly stroke my cock as it started to come alive from the memory of those events.  Just as I was starting to rise it came to me that I had better save it for later and continued with the shower.

   After the shower I toweled off, debating with myself as to whether I should get dressed or not.  Finally good sense won out and I lay down on the bed, pulling the sheet over my naked body.  I was lying there, looking out the window, when Lisa slipped into the compartment.

   “Hey lazybones, come to me.” she said in a sultry voice.

   Not needing to be asked twice, I stood up and stepped to met her.  She reached for me and pulled me close.  Our mouths met urgently and her hands began removing her slacks and blouse.

   “Damn, I would never wear any clothes if I could get by with it,” she said as hers fell to the floor.  “Just one more thing.”

   She turned to her night case, removing the same items as the night before.  No longer able to contain my curiosity I asked, “What’s that?”

   “A diaphragm,” she replied, “haven’t you ever seen one?”

   I shook my head saying, “No, I know what they are but I’ve never seen one.”

   “Well, it’s about time, come here and watch this, it’s something you should know about.”

   With that she turned and entered the lavatory area, beckoning me to follow.  She sat on the tiny commode, unabashedly spreading her legs.  She showed me the diaphragm, which brought to mind a somewhat over-sized  rolled up condom, then proceeded to apply the spermicide.  She slid down, spreading her legs even farther and inserted it into her vagina.  

   “There,” she stated, “all set, let’s get started”

   She rose, taking me by the hand led me to the bed.  Lying down, she pulled me to her.

   “I hate the little thing,” she said, “but it sure beats condoms.”  She giggled, “I love the feeling of cum blasting into me and having it run down the crack of my ass.”

   I leaned over and ran my tongue around one of her perfect tits.  I took the nipple between my lips and caressed it with my tongue.  Her hand slipped down to my semi-erect cock.  Squeezing and teasing it was having the desired affect.  I lowered my hand to her pussy, seeking out her clit.  I slid my fingers down the slit, finding her already hot and wet.  I inserted a finger into her vagina, gathering the lubricating fluids I returned to play with her clit.

   The desire to taste her sweet honey was overpowering.   Turning in a way to allow her to maintain the hold on my dick I began to work my way downward.  As I reached the beginning of her pubic hair she pushed me to my back and rolled on top of me, spreading her legs to allow me access to her most private part.  She drew her knees up, planting herself firmly on my face, then placed her lips around the head of my cock.  As I ran my tongue up and down her labia, first teasing her clit and then plunging deep into her vagina, she took more and more of me into her mouth. We lay there in a comfortable ‘69', slowly arousing each other.  This lady was the master of oral, even as I tried to distract her with my tongue.

   Without warning Lisa released me and rolled onto her back, pulling her knees to her chest.

   “I’ve been looking forward to this for hours.  Now, Fuck me!  I want your big cock inside me!”

   I moved between her legs, using one hand to locate myself at the entry of her glistening love tunnel.  I had begun to ease into her when she placed her heels against my buttocks and pulled me all the way into her in one motion.  Pausing for only a moment I began to move in and out, savoring the feel of the tight walls of her vagina holding me.  With the sensation increasing my strokes became more rapid.

   Lisa placed her hands against my chest, pressing back gently.  “Slow down a bit, we want this to last a while.”  “Would you like another little tip?”

   Wanting to enjoy this as much as possible and learn as much as I could while doing so I nodded.

   “This will take a little practice,” she said in a conspiratorial tone, “but I think that it may be well worth the effort.”

   “I’ll try.”  I said.

   “Well, it’s like this,” she explained, “when you feel like you are going to cum, you slow down a little.”  “Then think of a candle flame glowing in your prostate.”  “You know where that is, right?”

   Fascinated, I nodded.

   “Ok,” she continued, “now imagine that the only way you can keep that candle burning is for the oxygen to pass back up through your penis, like cumming in reverse.”  “Just concentrate on that air flow above everything else as you continue slow, easy strokes until things settle down a bit.”  She smiled at me, “Then you can start again.”  “Want to try it?”

   More anxious than ever to please this fantastic lady I readily agreed.

   Lisa pulled me to her, holding me and brought her mouth to mine in a impassioned kiss.  I returned the kiss and began to stroke in and out, more slowly than before but entering as far as I could each time.  Lisa encircled me with her arms, running her fingernails up and down my back.  Her legs were locked around my hips entreating me to continue by moving in concert with my thrusts.

   Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to keep the candle lit.  However the slowing down to try definitely helped.

   To this point in my life I had never had intercourse without a condom.  I was overwhelmed by the feeling of skin to skin contact.  Not only did it feel as if I was being caressed by a silk glove, this glove felt as if it had it had a hand in it.  The walls of Lisa’s vagina alternately applied and released pressure on me as I entered and withdrew.  The nerves rimming the head of my cock were hypersensitive as they rode against the ribbed lining of Lisa’s contracting cunt.

   I broke the kiss and set back to change the muscles I was using.  Lisa put her hands on her breasts and began to massage her nipples.  I brought her legs up against her hands, putting her pussy higher to allow deeper penetration.  In this position the tip of my glans would touch her diaphragm covered cervix at the end of each inbound stroke.  Each contact sent a surge of pleasure through my whole being.  Finally I paused, holding my cock against her cervix, striving to keep the candle going.

   “Oh! fuck me good,” Lisa moaned, “put that cock deep in me.”

   I began once more, using slow, easy, full length movement.  I looked down, and watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy, pushing past her extended clit on each pass.  Her clit glistened from the moisture oozing past her swollen lips.  I reached down, wetting my thumb on her outer lips, applied pressure to her clit.  I massaged this little nub holding it between my thumb and penis.

   “Yes, play with me,” she whispered, “fuck my cunt, make me cum.”

   Lisa began to roll her head back and forth, her tongue flicking out between her lips.  Her hips surged against me in perfect unison.  My tempo increased, my balls slapping against her ass, as I slammed solidly into her.

   “Cum with me,” Lisa pleaded, “fuck me hard!”

   All restraint disappeared.  I released her legs and they wrapped over my buttocks adding force to my movements as she pulled me into her.  I leaned forward, my hands moving under her shoulders and raising them off the bed, holding her close to me.  Starting from deep within, my climax thundered upon me.

   When she came Lisa squealed, nothing intelligible, just pure passion.  Our bodies locked together, shuddering, as our climaxes continued.  We clung to each other, breathing deeply.  The smell of consummated sex filled the compartment.  Nothing I had known before had prepared me for this.

   When we began to return to reality she looked up at me, smiling broadly.

  “Damn,” she said, “I really love trains.”

   I grinned at her and replied “So do I, more so every day.”

   I moved to lay down beside her.  We rolled to face together, pulling ourselves close.  Showering kisses on one another, our fingers explored our partners bodies.   We basked in the afterglow of our mutual orgasm, immersed in the gentle sway of the railcar.  To me this was the ultimate in fulfillment, both my mind and body were completely sated and at ease.

   The train slowed, approaching a station.  We lay on the bed, not bothering to close the curtains, perhaps someone would notice.  Feigning sleep, we would occasionally giggle and snicker, thinking this was great fun.  To our knowledge no one noticed, but the thought was exciting.

   When the train began to move away from the station Lisa jumped up.

   “Watch this” she said.

   She moved quickly to stand naked in front of the window as the train picked up momentum sliding swiftly passed the remainder of the platform.

   “There’s a crossing just ahead, c’mon, let’s see if we can get some reaction,” she said gleefully.

   I hesitated momentarily and by the time I had stood up enough to see out the window I only caught a brief glimpse of a man, sitting in a car, doing a ‘double-take’.

   “I love doing that,” said Lisa, laughing, “ by the time they can recover their wits, we’re long gone and they probably haven’t the slightest idea what car we were in.”

   All I could do was shake my head in amazement.  This girl was astonishing, like no one I had met before, she seemed to be up for anything.  She apparently had no hint of modesty or shame.  She appeared to believe that if it didn’t hurt physically it was fair game.  I was learning fast and enjoying it immensely.

   We stood, side by side with our arms around each others waist, watching a rather desolate countryside whizz by the window.  After leaving the town behind, houses, barns and most every other sign of civilization dwindled to only a rare sighting.  The one exception was the water windmills that seemed to pop up every mile or so, usually accompanied by thirsty cattle.

   Lisa looked up at me and grinned.  “The most interesting thing I ever saw out here was a cowboy and his horse, up on a hill, both taking a leak.  I swear that it looked like he was bigger than the horse.  I even thought about jumping off the train and running up the hill.  It made me so horny I would have taken on whichever one I could have caught first.”

   I didn’t know if there was any truth in the story, but if not it certainly showed her unbounded imagination.  If it was true it displayed the depth of her fascination with all things sexual.

   Lisa turned and embraced me, pulling me close in an intimate hug.  I responded by tilting my head down and kissing her deeply.  Our tongues  parried and thrust like fencers foils.   I held her nude body close marveling in the feeling, enhanced by the sway of the railcar.  The kiss, the motion and the close warm body started to have a very apparent affect on me.  As they say, I began to rise to the occasion.

   Lisa spun away and jumped on the bed on all fours.  Looking over her shoulder she said, “Come on, stud.  I’m still thinking about that horse, see if you can help.”
   Maybe there was some truth in her story.  I was hard and ready, she was wet and ready.  Moisture was shining on the lips of her pussy as it peeked between her thighs.  I wasted no time leaping onto the bed and mounting my willing filly.

   On my knees, thrusting hard against her ass, I was ravishing her cunt.  This was not love making, as we had done before, but pure raw animal sex.  There was no kissing, no foreplay, just a wild coupling.  I drove hard into her wet pussy, burying my cock to the hilt with each stroke.  My hands grasped her waist, providing leverage to the power of my buttocks.  Lisa began to bow her back and buck like a mare in heat.  Her head swung from side to side, her teeth snapping at thin air.  This was truly a farm girl who at some point had witnessed the corresponding event in a pasture or corral.

   “Fuck,” grunted Lisa, “Oh fuck, Oh FUCK!”  “Bite me, make me cum!”

   I lay forward on her back and began nipping on her shoulders with my teeth.  I didn’t bite hard enough to do damage but it produced the desired result.  Lisa shoved back against me and began to shake violently as she came.  This was all that was required to send me over the edge.  I rammed into her once more and began my own orgasm.  As I spewed my jism into her, she collapsed and we fell sideways onto the bed, my cock still buried in her pussy.

   We lay quietly, temporarily exhausted.  Both of us were breathing deeply, catching our breath from the strenuous workout.  Cupped together, still coupled, we basked in the afterglow of our release.  I nuzzled her hair aside, delighting in the smell, and began planting kisses at the base of her skull and top of her spine.  She snuggled against me and reached back to caress my hips.

   “I’ve always wanted to try that” she said, shyly.  “I just had never found anyone I thought might be up to it.  When I was growing up on the farm I would get wet just watching our stallion servicing the mares.  Afterwards I would masturbate, thinking of that massive cock rubbing on my clit.”

   She turned towards me, letting my now flaccid member slip from her.  Showing the only vulnerably I ever saw in her, she looked at me with little girl eyes and asked, “Was I being bad?”

   I smiled at her and responded, “I don’t think so, I often had feelings like that watching our Herford bull with a cow.  I always marveled at the fact it seemed so natural for animals but that people seemed to think it was shameful for humans.”

   “I guess you’re right,” she replied with a giggle, “but it still always made me horny.”

   We both laughed.

   “Are you sure that you couldn’t just go on to Chicago with me?” she jested.  “Or maybe just to Omaha?”  “I could call my sister and tell her I missed the train.  We could get a cheap hotel and just fuck for days.”
   “Don’t tempt me,” I said, “but, knowing my mother, she would call my Company Commander trying to find out what had happened to me.”

   “I know,” she replied, “but doesn’t it sound like fun?”

   “Definitely more fun than family Christmas, however I do have to tell my cousin what has happened,” I said, “she’ll probably be jealous.”

   Lisa hugged me and said, “Just think of all of the fantasies we can have thinking about this trip.”  “Are you up for one more time,” she queried, “you know that time is running short?”

   This lady seems to live for sex, but youth is on my side and maybe just one more time.

   “I think that I will sure give it a try,” I replied, thinking that this woman really could fuck for days.

   “Oh,” she said, “this time you don’t have to do anything.”  “Just roll on you back and I’ll take care of everything.  Just relax and enjoy.”

   With that, she rolled me onto my back and headed for my cock.  Taking it into her mouth she began to nurse it back to health.  Before long I began to respond to her ministrations.  Little by little it sprang life, answering the call of her lips and tongue.  Her head bobbed up and down my shaft and her hand cupped and squeezed my balls.  She reached with her little finger and brought the nail across my anus.  My sphincter contracted and my penis pulsed.

   “You like, huh?”  She asked, releasing my now throbbing dick.  “I think we are both ready, don’t you?”

    All I could do was grin and nod my head.

   Lisa rose to her knees and put one leg over me, straddle my body and directly above my erect phallus.  When she spread her legs I could see our mingled juices seeping from her open vagina and running down her inner thighs.  She reached down and guided me into her waiting hole.  As she slowly settled onto me I spread my legs to allow her maximum penetration.  She came to rest with our pubic bones pressed tightly together.

   Lisa began to rock her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone as she forced the full length of my cock into her pussy.  I lay quietly, admiring her perfectly shaped breasts.  They shifted in response to her movements and the motion of the train.  Her hard nipples were like little beacons, beckoning to be caressed and fondled.  I reached up with both hands, held her breasts with the heels of my hands while rotating the nipples between thumb and forefinger.  The contrast between the flawlessly silky smooth skin of her breast and the rubbery feel of her nipples was fascinating.  She continued to rotate her pelvis, her head thrown back and her hands resting flat on my chest.  Aside from massaging her tits I did exactly as told and lay perfectly still.

   Lisa maintained a slow steady pace, drawing her clit back and forth across my pubic bone with each iteration.  My cock, fully seated against her cervix, was being pleasured by the rhythmic contractions of her cunt.  Without warning, she sat straight up and began to rapidly bounce up and down.  At the top of each repetition only the head of my dick remained embedded in her pussy.  She would once again descend, quickly engulfing me to the hilt.

   “I’m reeaaddyyy,” she proclaimed through clenched teeth, “cuummm with meee.”

   I responded by raising my hips from the bed just as she was coming down.  The force resulting from this send us both once more into the throes of orgasm.  Lisa collapse forward onto me.

   “Oh God!” she exclaimed.  “What a ride!”

   We lay together, sated and blissful until she roused me.  “You had better take a quick shower if you are going to be decent when you get off the train.”  “We wouldn’t want your mother to think that you had been involved in an orgy.”

   I stepped into the shower and made quick work of making myself presentable.  I knew that time was short and I wanted to enjoy what remaining moments I could with Lisa.

   When I stepped out of the shower, Lisa said, “Drop that towel and turn around slowly so I can fix you in my memory.”  “I’m sure this will be one ride I’ll remember for a long time.”

   “My sentiments exactly,” I replied, “I didn’t know that learning could be so much fun.”

   “You had better get into that uniform, you know that you haven’t been dressed in two days.”  “How does it feel to be a budding nudist?”

   “Not bad,” I responded, “actually very good, I think I could grow to like it very much.”  I hurried to get my uniform in place.  It seemed a little unusual to be standing there fully clothed next to a naked lady.

   The train began to slow, approaching my station.  Lisa grabbed me in a tight hug, reaching up to give me a passionate kiss.  “I’m really going to miss you on the rest of this trip.”

   I responded, “I know that there are going to be a number of family member that are going to wonder what all my smiles are about during the holidays.”  “At least both of us will know.”

   “Now hurry, get your butt out of here before I decide to hold you captive.”  Lisa turned and opened the door to the compartment and took a quick look up and down the corridor.  Taking me by the hand she gave me a quick peck and propelled me into the corridor, handing me my gym bag as she closed the door after me.

   I made my way down the corridor and into the lounge car just as the train came to a stop.  I passed through the lounge and detrained at the far end.  My parents were waiting on the platform.  Mom gave me a hug and Dad, being his normal self, asked if I had been staying out of trouble.

   As the train began to move, we turned to collect my duffle bag from the baggage room.  The cars passed, one by one, picking up speed.  I glanced up, now it was my turn to do a double take.  There was Lisa, wearing nothing more than a wicked smile, standing in the window of her compartment.

   Mom asked, “How was your trip?”

   I replied with what was probably the understatement of my life, “OK I guess, lots of miles of open country.”  I wasn’t about to let on that I had seen very little of it.

   It was only at that point that I remembered that neither Lisa nor I had any idea how to contact the other one.  Something I regret to this day.