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Dear Diary Ch. 05

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I took a pen and turned the pages to the very end of my confessions, finding the first blank one after that. I simply had to add one more entry; this one the best memory of all.



Brenda - February 2004


As usual, I was so angry, I told Mike I wasn’t going a few times already, all the while continuing to dry my hair, apply make up

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, trying to choose an outfit to wear. Each Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, Fourth of July barbecue and all the rest of festive days, every birthday, anniversary, baby shower and wedding reception that we have attended together as a married couple had been preceded by an inevitable tension, arguments and shouting matches. One or both of us deciding that we were not going, stomping around the house, throwing clothes and car keys against the wall, angry enough to be able to smack one another, although it never quite got to that point.


This was to be a Valentine’s Day party at Mike’s friend’s place, whom I never even met. One of their buddies from teenage years was flying in from New York and they were to meet for the first time in twenty years and “kick it”. I listened to endless stories of their escapades and how they were like brothers. I was sick of it already.


Besides, I had a sneaking suspicion that the only reason I was invited along was because Jahan was bringing his wife and I was probably to be a distraction for her, so that she wouldn’t be in danger of dying from boredom listening to their stories, undoubtedly minor occurrences blown out of proportion.


Even walking out the door, we argued. He didn’t like what I was wearing, there were comments about make up, he wanted me to put on glasses so that I could drive… By the time we agreed on a cab and were standing in front of his friend’s front door, we’ve been through a huge battle and were not speaking to each other.


The minute we entered the crowded apartment, I was hit by the realization of how Mike had felt when he attended Christmas parties at my job. He was never too eager to go, but did as a married couple does on the occasions like that. Whenever we arrived at the place of festivities I could literally count to ten and before I was through, he would hiss at me: “So, I’m a token nigger again”.


Of course that was not true. None of those parties were exclusively for people of one race, but I just happened to work in predominantly white office and though that did not bother him on other occasions, the insecurities must have set in when faced with a crowd that we were joining. By the time we were leaving however, he was pleasantly drunk and buddy-buddy with most of the people who attended.


As we walked into the apartment, I noticed that I was the only white woman there. I looked around carefully and with a sinking feeling realized I was the only white person. I knew a couple of guys, Mike’s friends, who never went beyond a nod and a grin to me, and I seriously doubted that by the time we left I would be any better of.


I turned around to poke my husband with the same comment he annoyed me with each time he found himself in the situation that I was in now, of course, appropriately calling myself “cracker”, and found him embracing his friends in a most annoying display of male bonding.


After polite introductions, I grabbed a drink and sat in a corner, looking out of the window, admiring the breathtaking view of Chicago skyline and trying to make myself as invisible as I could.


To Mike’s credit, I have to admit he passed by me a few times, lovingly caressing my hair or giving me a hug and asking if I was okay, suggesting I should mingle.


“No, I’m fine here.” I said with a smile as sweet as I could make it. I knew I was going to hear about it later on our way home, not wanting to socialize with his friends. “It’s beautiful here.” I said and wishfully looked out the window again.


“Yeah, it is.” Mike replied.   “Brenda and Jahan will be here soon.” He added and was gone.


I didn’t really look forward to meeting even more new people. I have become weary of funny looks directed towards us when we turned up in public together. Our families did not make it any easier on us and despite our marriage having lasted for seven years I always suspected that they were expecting us to break up any day now. Twenty-first century and a big city did nothing for the small-mindedness and we both tried our best to ignore it, but sometimes it was just too insulting.  


A couple of hours later, my jaw started hurting from yawning, as I felt I was too tired to concentrate on anything but staying awake. I drank more than usual and satisfyingly noticed that I had managed to empty most of the Bailey’s bottle by myself.


Every few minutes the doorbell rang and more people that I didn’t know came, stuffing the already overcrowded apartment even more. I got a few nods from men and women who walked past me, some pausing in front of the window that I had been standing by, looking out and admiring the view.


A roar of yelling jerked me out of my thoughts in which I had escaped to keep myself amused and I realized that the long awaited friend had finally arrived. I couldn’t be bothered to join in the festivities of his arrival, continuously staring out the window, wishing I were anywhere but here.


  I felt Mike’s hand on my shoulder and was turned around against my will, still managing to smile and put on a façade of interest. Jahan was a handsome, tall guy with carefully maintained dreads, reaching to his mid back. He wore designer clothes and if I was to meet him on the street, I would probably do a double take.


This time however, my eyes were only for a woman standing next to him. Her height was the first that I had noticed, having gotten used to the fact that most women were shorter than me. She was an attractive brunette with lively, hazel eyes and nice, sporty body. Dressed in plain jeans and denim shirt, she certainly didn’t match her husband or most of the people in the room, who were all dressed as if going to a Christmas party, including me.


I shook Jahan’s hand but my eyes remained on the woman. She smiled at me and offered her own, carefully manicured hand in greeting. “I’m Brenda.” She said simply and I stuttered my name as if it wasn’t my own.


She had straight, shoulder length hair with a reddish glow. She was not a beauty, but I cannot recall seeing a more interesting person than her in a long time. She looked at our husbands, who were now hugging and tapping each other on their backs, laughing and throwing loving insults at one another, talking about whose dreads looked more genuine and whose belly was bigger.


Brenda rolled her eyes and grabbed me under the arm. “Come, let’s go and find a drink. I’ve had a hard evening already.” She said and I smiled, she must have read my mind.


We sat on the couch, admiring the view and chitchatting, which to my great amazement seemed to come easily, even though this was the first time we have met. I kept looking at her face, finding it more and more fascinating. Her lips were full and her eyes big and round. She had a habit of tucking her hair behind her ears, showing off small ears, bejeweled with delicate, antique looking jade earrings. I liked everything about her, even the way she scratched her head when confronted with a question that needed a careful thought before answering.


We discovered mutual love for books, she works for a New York publishing house, which I did some translations for, and she suggested that we have probably met before, just don’t remember each other.


“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I would have remembered you. You’re not the kind of person one forgets easily.”


She looked at me, her face serious, her eyes smiling. I cursed myself quietly for being so indiscreet. Before I got married, I fooled around with a couple of women, nothing serious, but I still thought about them sometimes. Brenda would certainly be a kind of a woman I would want to mess around with. Providing neither of us was married. I knew Mike wouldn’t stand for it, and although I didn’t know Jahan, I suspected he was the same.


Did I just hit on my husband’s friend’s wife? Of course I did. Did she notice? By the looks of it, she did. And from what I could see, she didn’t mind. I sighed in relief.


“I’ll take that as a compliment, Nikkie.” She said and I nodded. “So, what’s your real name?” she asked and I cringed. I never liked to be called by my given name, which was usually used by my parents when I did something wrong.


“Nicola.” I said. “But, please don’t call me that.”


We giggled as if sharing a secret and she grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently, sending shivers up and down my spine. I liked her more by the minute, and although I couldn’t swear to it, I believed she liked me to. Not just as a conversationalist either.


It has been a long time since I’ve been with anyone but my husband and I feared I had lost my touch. I was going to simply let it be. See what happens, as one might say.


I was disappointed to see Mike approaching, fearing that the night had ended before I had enough time to talk to Brenda more. I loved chatting with her. She was funny and smart, with a sense of humor just as dry as mine, and goofiness much like my own. I had to admit that going home might have been a good idea, though. I had gotten fairly drunk.


“Come on,” said Mike, taking my hand. “We’re all going to Excalibur.” My heart jumped. More time with Brenda.


“Great!” I said and looked at her. She had walked away, talking to her husband. In the confusion of about sixty people leaving the apartment, I had lost the sight of Brenda, which was quite disappointing. Despite the fact that we were in the center of downtown, getting cabs for everybody would take a while and I feared she would have found a different amusement by the time I made it to the club.


We were lucky to be one of the first ones out of the building and managed to flag down the first cab passing by. We were about to enter it when Brenda came running. “Wait, wait!” she yelled and waved her arms. “Mike, go with Jahan. He’s got a cab, too. I’ll go with Nikkie.”


Mike was quite happy to join his old friend. I was certain there were many things they wanted to discuss out of their wives’ earshot. I was exhilarated.


I entered the cab first, Brenda following. I turned around and saw that Mike and Jahan caught the cab behind us. We pulled off and looked at Brenda smiling. I was happy to notice that she was smiling back at me.


“Where to, ladies?” asked the cabbie.


“Excalibur!” said Brenda. “And please, don’t take the shortest way.”


The guy gave us a suspicious look in the mirror.


“Seriously,” nodded Brenda into the mirror. “Lose your way and I’ll tip you good.”


The cab driver shrugged his shoulders and averted his gaze onto the street in front of him. I’m sure he had seen his fair share of weirdoes and odd requests.


We turned the corner and I felt Brenda’s hand on my thigh. “I like those boots.” She said. Those were the same boots that Mike had been giving me grief over earlier in the evening.


“You look like a hooker.” He said, measuring me with his eyes, the boots reaching over the knees and almost touching the hem of the mini dress I was wearing.


“Yeah,” I replied. “But I’m your hooker!” I smiled back and he walked away, disgusted.


I kept looking at Brenda’s hand on my thigh; her fingers caressing me, touching the top of the boots and the bottom of the short dress. I found her staring into my eyes. “If I’m wrong, please tell me now.” she whispered. I swallowed hard and shook my head.


Brenda’s fingers found their way up my thigh and she yelped in surprise. “Oh, you little tart!” she said when she touched the stocking suspenders realizing I was wearing garter belt.


“Always prepared,” I whispered hoarsely, grateful to my persistence in ignoring Mike’s protests. He had called me the same, but with different words and in a harsh tone of voice. The meaning was quite different.


“I want to kiss you,” I continued and closed my eyes. All I wanted was to feel her soft lips on mine.


“Later.” She whispered in reply. “The guys’ cab is behind us. We have to sit still.”


I nodded and gasped when I felt her fingers press against my panties. I opened my eyes and found the cabbie staring in the mirror, obviously aware of what was going on in the back of his vehicle. I hoped he wouldn’t crash and opened my legs, allowing Brenda’s fingers to slip under the edge of my panties, finding their way between my pussy lips and straight onto my clitty. Her touch felt like an electric shock making me shiver with pleasure.


“Scoot down some.” She said and I obeyed. We both slid on the seat, our heads still visible from the vehicle behind us, our hands free to roam.


Brenda pressed her fingers on my clitty and in circling motions made me wet within seconds. She had the Midas touch and within a couple of minutes, I was ready to cum. To my great disappointment her hand left my clitty, only to slide down my pussy and I could feel her shoving her long fingers deep inside of me.


I looked at her and found her grinning. “Not yet, Nik.” She whispered. “Not yet.”


The cab swayed dangerously and we realized that the cabbie was watching us more than the road ahead. Brenda giggled and I closed my eyes in embarrassment. I was certain this was not the first time he had seen anything like that in the back seat of his taxi, but it was the first time I had ever done heavy petting in the presence of a third party. I had to admit that it was a huge turn on, though.


“Fuck, Brenda, I lost it now.” I said out loud when I realized that the moment had passed and I wasn’t going to cum. A second later I felt her fingers slipping out of me and returning to the sensitive bud they had so carefully massaged a little while ago, resuming the teasing, bringing me on the verge of orgasm, only to stop at the last moment and slip inside me again.


A brutal sound of a car horn behind us startled all three of us, and I realized our cab was standing in front of the green light.


“What are you looking at?” I snapped at the cabbie. He snickered and pulled off. I spread my legs even more, chancing a cramp but not caring. Brenda had made me feel really good, if only she would finish what she had started.


To my great disappointment I realized we were just around the corner from the club that we were heading to. “Here we are.” I said and pulled Brenda’s hand out of my panties, pushing it away from me. I was pissed.


I didn’t want to see how much she paid the cabbie. He had a free show, that must have counted for something, but I didn’t say anything. When I stepped out of the car, Mike and Jahan were already waiting for us.


“Why didn’t you tell him where to go?” asked Mike, obviously annoyed. “He took you for a ride.”


“Yeah, yeah.” I said, my anger rising. I felt as if I had cotton wool stuffed in my panties, my pussy was swollen and twitching. I needed a drink.


As soon as we entered the club the guys headed straight for the first bar they saw. I tried to follow, but was stopped by Brenda grabbing onto my arm. “Get some beer for us, too.” She yelled at Jahan, failing to make herself heard. She just waved at him and pulled me after her.


“Come on, Nik.” She half whispered, half yelled in my ear and before I knew, I was dragged up the stairs to the second floor, following her reluctantly. When we reached the top of the stairs, she pointed towards the bathrooms and continued to drag me after her.


As the door of the bathrooms slammed behind us, drowning the impossible noise of music and people shouting somewhat, another noise of giggling and girlie chitchatting hit us. The room was half-full; there were still a couple of stalls empty. If there was a line, I don’t think we could have done what followed.


Without a word Brenda grabbed my hand and led me to the very last stall by the wall. I saw some raised eyebrows and gazes following us, some amused, some disgusted. Again, I could have cared less. I’m sure most of the chicks in the bathrooms have seen the like before.


We squeezed into the stall and I finally turned to her, nervous and expectant. “Brenda, we really shouldn’t…”


Before I managed to utter another word, she hugged me and finally I felt her soft lips on mine. She kissed me gently; sliding her tongue inside my mouth, at the same time I felt my dress being lifted and her fingers slipping inside my panties. She found the spot that had already had plenty of attention inside the cab and started rubbing it, never breaking her kiss.


I moved my pelvis against her hand, vaguely hearing the comments and giggles from the outside. I can never manage to have sex quietly, but this time around I have achieved just that.   I’m sure Brenda felt and heard my heavy breath against her ear, but the chicks on the other side of the door wouldn’t.


I was so close to cumming again and if she didn’t realize that by the way my body reacted, she must have felt my strong squeeze on her arm. She kept her fingers on me, at the same time slipping down and to my great surprise kneeling. She pushed the hem of my dress into my hand and pulled down my panties. She bumped my booted feet apart and squeezed in between.


I almost screamed when I felt her tongue replace the fingers. She wasn’t messing around either. Her lips immediately sucked onto my clitty, pulling and massaging it in a steady rhythm, which slowly kept intensifying. I could feel the long awaited orgasm approaching and I gathered all my strength to remain standing up and not let out a yelp of pleasure, but rather just a loud gasp. I was beyond worrying what the women present in the same room were thinking, they certainly knew what was going on by now.


I was still shivering when Brenda got off her knees, stood up and kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep inside my mouth, letting me taste my own juices on her lips. At the same time, she was unzipping her jeans and I noticed that her hands were trembling. What she had done to me had fired her up and she whispered in my ear: “Just touch me, Nik.”


She sat on the toilette as if she was about to pee and this time I knelt in front of her, reaching between her legs. I wanted to rub her clitty just as she had rubbed mine, but her hand pushed my fingers inside of her wet pussy, helping me find the most sensitive spot just a couple of inches from the entrance.  


“Push on it, Nik.” She gasped. “I’m almost there.”


I could feel her shivering as she pulled my face towards hers and kissed me hard. At first I thought she had peed on my hand. It had taken me a few seconds to realize that she gushed and I regretted I had not seen it properly. I’ve never been a witness to a woman ejaculating and I could never do it, no matter how I tried.


We froze in a moment; Brenda sitting on the toilette with her legs spread and I kneeling in front of her, our lips touching, our noses rubbing against each other.


“We’d better go back.” I whispered and she closed her eyes, nodding.


Brenda stood up, dressed herself and helping me up, too.


“I want to see you again, Nikkie.” She said and my heart jumped. “Jahan is leaving tomorrow and I’m staying for a couple of days. I’m at the Drake Hotel.”


We embraced and I didn’t feel like going back out, but knew we had to. We’ve already spent more than enough time away from the guys.


Just as I turned around to open the door she grabbed my arm. “Yeah?” she asked, caressing my face. “Will you see me again?”


“Of course.” I said, excited and a little worried. I wanted to be with this woman no matter the danger or consequences.


We ignored the mocking looks of the girls that we passed by. I didn’t care what anybody thought. Brenda opened the door of the bathroom and we stepped into the club, instantly bombarded by the rhythm of music and raised voices of the clubbers.


We joined the guys at the small table by the bar and as I sat down next to Mike he put his arm around my shoulders. I noticed Jahan did the same. I also noticed Brenda’s long and meaningful look, holding my gaze steadily.


I have just come closer to the love at first sight than ever before.  

My Philippine Girl.

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Last Friday night, my wife went to a birthday party with Alex, an old college boyfriend .I had no problems with set-up since I knew that they have had a pretty close relationship for some time now. She promised that, as always, she was going to be 100% honest with me if anything naughty was going to happen in their date. Around 2:30 Saturday morning, I heard our door bell ring. I opened the main door and had the shock of my life. My wife looked very tired and confused. By the looks of her face and her heavy breathing, I quickly sensed that she was in a high state of sexual arousal. I asked her why she arrived quite late. She explained in an excited voice, “We were driving around, then we decided to go the motel and …I had sex with Alex! I have been a very naughty girl. Would yo
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But ironically it was also such a turn on to her that Alex brazenly put her on display as his lover in front of their friends. She felt that he was publicly proclaiming their relationship to their circle of friends. She accepted the fact that she was virtually his lover in the eyes of their close friends. She also knew that the gestures clearly implied that Alex had other plans for her for the rest of the night. They proceeded to his car in the parking area. Romantic fireworks erupted very fast. It started when Alex asked for one simple kiss from her. Her first kiss was reciprocated by a passionate lips-to-lips kiss from him. This gradually evolved into deep tongue-in- tongue kissing. Alex eventually fondled my wife’s breasts and tweaked her big nipples as they kissed with so much passion. She admitted that they acted like two hot teenagers with raging hormones. In the car, they both admitted that they were desperately aching for each other's body. Alex almost desperately told my wife, “I want to make love to you NOW.” My wife was shocked by his temerity. She replied, “Huh? Ok... but not here in your car!” Alex seized the moment and told her, “Let’s drive around.” My wife instinctively knew that was his polite way to say that they were going to consummate their love that night. As expected, Alex drove his car to the motel near the motorway intersection. When they were already in the motel room, Alex told her, “Babes, you could still change your mind if you like.” He also gently reminded her, “This is a consensual thing between two adults. Nothing forced. No unusual expectations from each other.” She replied, without any hesitation, “I am so turn on! I want to make love tonight.” My wife then quickly went to the bathroom and undressed. She came out wrapped in a large bath towel only. She felt shy and told Alex, “Please dim the room lights.” Alex was so pleasantly surprised to see her virtually naked in front of him. He exclaimed,” Hi Sexy! I never imagined seeing you clad only in a towel! I can hardly wait to see you naked.” My wife could see his erect cock poking around the hole in the front of his boxers as he moved towards her. She said her pussy was suddenly on fire as she stared at Alex, who was smiling ear to ear. They immediately embraced and did some sort of slow dancing in the room. She said that Alex kept on pressing his body and she could feel the big bulge in his white boxer shorts. She found it a little hard to keep pace with their dancing because she had to hold on to the towel with one hand at her back. She sensed that Alex was trying to get a feel whether she still had her bra and panties on under her towel .He was groping her back as they “danced”. She then felt his strong hands cup her breasts and caress them lightly as his fingers tweaked the top of her big hard nipples. He moved his hands around them, alternating between a light touch and a small pull. When he was done, both of her nipples and breasts were standing straight out of the towel. He whispered to her, “You know, my friends suspected we had gone to the motel even before the party.” “Why, did you brag that I was your latest conquest?” she asked somewhat sarcastically. Alex replied, “Nope, they could see we had eyes only for each other the whole evening. We both looked so horny for each other. It was obvious to them that we were lovers.” “So what did you really tell your friends? Did you tell them that we already made love?” She asked in a very curious tone. Alex whispered to her ears, “I just told them the simple truth…that I am in love with you and you are my mistress.” My wife replied, “You mean that they know we were going to this motel tonight?” He laughed and replied, “They wanted to give me Viagra. I said, no need, I could handle you all night.” Then Alex led her gently to the bed. They resumed their passionate kissing. Alex's hands were all over her body, fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples and gently touching her clit. “Oh, you are so wet!” He exclaimed. My wife felt embarrassed but she could not hide the fact that she was so aroused and very ready for their lovemaking. Alex then gradually took away the towel and my wife's nude body came into full view. He stared for a long time at my wife’s tight body in its naked glory! He even put on all the room lights to see my wife completely naked body, ready for his eventual penetration. He told her, “Oh boy, you look so sensuous! Your skin is soooo smooth and your beautiful breasts are so inviting! I want to bury my head between them.” My wife replied, "What are you waiting for? Go ahead; put your head on my chest.” He quickly placed his head on her chest and then eventually started licking her beautiful, big nipples. Alex examined and touched all the private parts of her naked body. After a complete licking and sucking of her nipples, his hands went down to her hairy pussy. He gently massaged her very sensitive clit. My wife started moaning when he started fingering her with one, and then two fingers deep inside her pussy. The intense foreplay was working. He looked at my wife, kissed her again and whispered softly to her, “Babes, Can we make love now? I am so excited and primed that I may not last five minutes.” At that precise moment, my wife felt a mixture of emotions: love, lust, passion and confusion. The words penetrated her to her soul. She didn’t think he could have said anything that would have made her any hotter. My wife just blurted out in no uncertain terms, “Put it in!” Alex opened her legs and quickly mounted her. He first took out his engorged dick from the right side of his white baggy boxers. For strange reasons, he wanted to insert his dick into my wife’s pussy without taking down his shorts. But it just didn’t work. He had to fully bring down his boxers and held out his very erect dick directly in front of my wife. My wife said that she had never seen a dick that large in her life. He then gently spread apart my wife’s legs and slowly plunged his enormous dick into my wife’s very wet pussy. My wife recalled that their first lovemaking was so passionate and full of raw, almost animal-like passion. His thrusts were slow as if he wanted to savor each moment of sex with my wife. She admitted that she wanted him to pump faster but she did not want to spoil his momentum. My wife said that she acted without any inhibitions at all. She had this strange feeling that they were a newly-married couple. She answered with loud screams and soft moans all his strong pelvic thrusts to intensify his pleasure. Feverishly she began rubbing herself against him, grabbing his ass, alternating between moaning and gasping for air. After almost an eternity of fucking, he started to almost groan and told my wife, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” To intensify his pleasure at that point, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and forced a gob of Alex’s cum out of her pussy. It felt delightfully naughty as it trickled down the curve of her ass to the bed. She said that she came three times before his orgasm. Alex complimented her for being so "multi-orgasmic”. Alex told her, “You are really so horny. I counted at least two orgasms from you while we were fucking.” My wife was also in awe about Alex’s stamina which she described as "his power of recovery". His dick never appeared flaccid even after cumming. For a while they just lay in bed and talked about what had happened. Alex asked her if it was good, and she just laughed and said, "What do you think!!!" He smiled, and they kissed long and hard as he felt her breasts and paid particular attention to her nipples, rotating one between his thumb and forefinger. His cock was again hard and swelling. Alex then rolled her over on her stomach and straddled her legs. My wife was totally surprised and naively remarked, "AGAIN?" She asked candidly, "You want me again? Don’t you want to rest first?” Alex naughtily smiled and told her, “Of course! I waited so long for this time. I would like to do it again." He opened widely my wife’s legs and mounted her again. This time, he was pumping much faster than their first one. In a second she felt him press against her swollen cunt, and then he was inside her again. Moving slowly, the feeling was wonderful. Gradually, his tempo increased, and Alex asked if he was bigger than her husband’s dick, to which she replied, "Yes...oh yes, much larger." "Is it better??????" Alex said. "Yes, yes, much better.....I love it!!!... Now make love to me... “She said. His speed increased with each word, his cock pistoning in and out of her cunt like a pile driver. She was sure someone in the adjacent rooms would hear the slapping of their bodies as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her body. She screamed, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming... I'm cumming...!" Alex grunted and drove hard, and again he filled her with his cum. Never had she felt so much hot cum in her body. Where did he get it all? They collapsed and their sweaty bodies entwined and drifted off to sleep. When they woke up, my wife felt that they were done for the night. (Frankly, she is used to our lovemaking where I normally have two orgasms at the most.) She started looking for her hair clip that fell off probably during their tight embraces in bed. On all fours, she crawled like a dog around the bed looking for the pin among the pillows. Alex was also helping her looked for the pin. The two naked lovers must have looked funny crawling around and around the bed! Her crawling posture must have given Alex some naughty ideas since her butt at some point was facing his face directly. She distinctly felt his mouth almost buzzing on her pussy lips! He abruptly ended their search for her hair pin and without any warning grabbed her waist from behind. He whispered to her, “Let’s try doggy this time!” She offered no resistance at all since it was really her favorite position. The funny part was that Alex’s dick kept slipping out as they were doing doggy style. Apparently; her pussy was so slippery from all the semen build-up. Eventually she got so frustrated by the constant slip-ups of his dick. My wife shouted at the top of her lungs, “Please, I’ll be on top .I need to cum!” This time, she rolled him onto his back. Slowly she lowered her pussy onto that monster cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, she moved up until only the tip was in her and then down again until she was fully impaled on his cock. He rubbed and kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples from time to time, heightening her pleasure. My wife moved slowly, as long as she could, and then she went crazy. She fucked his manhood furiously, as fast and as hard as she could. She was a sexual animal, a real bitch in heat, and it was fucking great! And then another orgasm... and another. They were coming so fast she couldn't keep track. She was panting, screaming like a wild woman in the heat. It was her best fuck of the night. Alex’s own orgasm shortly followed. She said his orgasm was accompanied by very loud guttural groans. After the "woman on top" position, they hugged and passionately kissed again .She said that Alex was such a good kisser with his tongue expertly darting in and out of her mouth. My wife felt so thirsty after that furious lovemaking (their third for the night).she stood up and got a bottle of mineral water. She came back and offered the bottled water to Alex. She noticed that Alex kept staring at her wet, matted pussy as she was standing beside the bed. She was not conscious anymore of being completely naked in front of Alex even with all the lights on. She also was staring down on Alex’s naked body and then noticed that his big, slippery was already flaccid. She held it gingerly and asked him, “No more hard feelings?” He smiled and said, “Don’t worry; it will become hard quickly with you standing naked in front of me!” Alex pointed to her wet, dripping pussy and then told her, "Your pussy lips are so extended. No wonder, they felt so good as if they were clasping my dick earlier.” He then touched her wet pussy and held her pussy lips apart as she remained standing beside the bed. My wife started moaning and then almost begged Alex, "Don't touch me there! It’s too much." Alex ignored her. He continued to finger her until she had minor orgasm. Then Alex told her, “It’s quite late. Let’s call it a night.” He kissed her in at the back of her ears and whispered, "You're fucking amazing woman, and your husband is one lucky bastard!" It was obvious to my wife that Alex he could not get another erection that night. She actually was still in the mood. But he had no more “hard” feelings that night.

My Chinese Babe

OrionAlpha on Sex Stories

This is honestly my 1st story online within here. Thus, I do hope it works out to sound good, or at least semi-good. Please tell me your opinions to my writing.

Here is a true story from about 2 years ago, when I had a Chinese lady, from Peking. She was 27 years old & I was then 35 years of age. She stood only on her toes however upto 5 feet even. I'm 8 inches taller than her.

I had met her upon the InterNet in one of the chat areas. We became true friends first. After a while, when it was starting to come into mid-Fall of 2005. Her name was Soo-ling. She was here in Canada perking-up on her English to learn it better so that she could obtain a better job when back home in Peking. After about almost 1 year of chatting with her online off and on I asked her if she woul

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d like to come over to visit me where I lived, face-to-face. It took her several days to think about a yes or a no about visiting, as there are other places here in Canada, not to mention America that are literal both Historical Landmarks & actually 3 of the 7 Major biggest & Best places to see that have been in existance for literally thousands of years. I live about 10 Blocks away from Niagara Falls itself and when the winds are right in blowing, I can actually hear it flowing. One of God's most spectacular creations within this entire world is Niagara Falls, Canada.

She was over in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada & she told me that she would come here flying into Toronto and then take a bus down to the Falls, as its a 2 hour drive around Lake Ontario to here, from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Here is just PART of 1 thing that happened on her last day before she had to fly back to Vancouver, BC. We were in that last evening together going to head out to have dinner at a resteraunt in whatever part of the city, yet that was still undecieded. Yet we both had realized that both of us needed a shower and it was yet to be done. I was drastically in love with her and she knew it full well. I told her I was heading toward the shower I needed, as I was rather "sweaty" from our earlier fun in the apartment mixed with our literal walk to see the Falls itself.

I had thought I was going to get the shower quick and fast, then we could go out and obtain dinner. But I obtained a rather big surprise from her. I was in the bathroom already just about to get into the shower. She snuck into the bathroom and jumped me from behind.

I at that time didn't have any carpets in my bathroom. When she jumped me, she hit me hard and I literally fell to the ground spiralling down to the ground in a 180-degree spin, landing on my back. Both she & I however were fast enough to not land hard. I was on my back and she had her feet upon the ground already so as not to land hard. She slowly kissed me upon my face, and yet even though she was still dressed she made my penis rise to half-mast.

She took off her t-shirt and the only thing below that was her half-bra. For her height, she was literally spilling over her bra as she was a 35B in size there. I kissed her again before she could do anything else, still staying lying on my back there. Things with us slowed down drastically in speed. I went to take the rest of her clothes off but she quickly pulled her skirt off as well as un-clipping the front of her bra.

I saw her tits and gave her a big smile. Both she & I were fully nude, with she sitting on me and my penis looking like a flag-pole with its flag 3/4 risen & still rising. She went and grabbed my cock and started pumping slowly. All the while she was slowly however starting to speed up in her pumping of my penis. She literally spit on it to allow increase to the speed of the pumping, yet increase my hardness, which it did.

I grabbed her tits with my hands and twisted her nipples with a pinch to them. She gave out a "Ohhh" in sound, with a smile, and I rose my back towards her cunt. My pre-cum was starting to cum out of my penis and it helped her in deciding where to put it. She faced my face and with a smile put it inside her eagerly waiting lips. I was kissing her breasts off and on, yet still pinching her nipples. Then she came downwards with my dick inside her and at that same time I moved my waist upwards to put it almost 3 inches inside her cunt.

I pulled out where spot where my dick was almost out of her then we both went in a dual motion in towards each other, allowing my penis to go further yet inside her. Both she & I let out a loud grown. She was at the spot I could see where she was well past going to hit her time where there was no turning back. I felt the same way inside my penis as I started to feel my dick start to harden. Yet I tried to pull back and literally stop us both from cumming.

I pushed fully into her, as she had a fully shaved cunt. It caused her to scream in excitement and my penis felt the same as it was too hard to turn back myself. I went in & out of her cunt only twice more. As if further time as I literally knew that I couldn't do it any more further. After going fully up to the hilt, I leaned up and pulled her towards me in a dramatic hug, so as if she could almost go behind me with it. My cum exploded inside her. It went all the way back inside her to her back and upwards inside.

We did that the 1st time a Long, Hard, Deep way. Then the 2nd was just as hard. The 3rd was just barely a smaller amount lower and the 4th was smallest yet felt the best. As I kept my dick inside her. We started kissing again when we were still in contact and it didn't stop for over 30 minutes, all of it was on the floor... As both our mixed cum liquids had come outside and down my hips. She eventually came out and cleaned herself & I even got that shower I was going to take, and I was even alone in it.

After going out to dinner & returning, then... Well... "That" I suppose is another story however... I will give more after if people think my story is good.

Be sure to check out the forums for more great stories style="color: rgb(51, 51, 255);" />or our new story site />

Sally's Hero

wickedinfl on Sex Stories

I had been dating Ann for almost a year and had come to know her two kids very well. Sally was a 17 year old and turning into a beautiful woman. Sally had long brown hair, a pair of breast that would cause any man or teenage boy to water at the mouth and become a babbling fool. Sally was about 5 feet 4 inches high and still had some baby fat in the right places. Everytime I was over, I would always check out Sally's ass as she pranced around the house in her baby doll pajamas. Ann and I had just finished swimming in her pool, laughing because I still had a hard on after Ann had teased me with a playful blowjob. She promised me that there was more to come after Sally left the house to stay at her friends house for the night. We were going to have dinner and watch a movie, then

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continue the pool scene in the bedroom. I couldn't wait and continued to sport a hard on thinking about what was to come.

Ann and I were sitting in the living room, still in our swim suits, having a drink when all of a sudden we heard Sally let out a loud scream from the bathroom where she was taking a shower. Both of us jumped up to see what had happen. As we opened the bathroom door, there was Sally, still in the shower with a towel semi wrapped around her. The towel only covering one of her tits and barely covering the rest of her. For a moment, I stood there like a stone statue staring at Sally's tit. It was semi tanned, with the rest as white as milk and her nipple was dark and protruding straight out, still excited from the shower that Sally had just finished. Coming back to realization, we ask Sally what was the matter. She pointed to the corner and said that there was a large Palmetto bug(nothing more than a large cockroach) that was on the rug as she was stepping out of the shower. I immediately grabbed a magazine and hunted the Palmetto bug down and ended its life with one swat of the magazine(Playboy) which Sally had been reading earlier. After getting rid of the bug, Sally calmed down and realized that she was partly exposed and smiled at us both and apoligized. Ann and I smiled at her and said that it was alright and we were glad nothing had happened to her.

Ann went to make us another drink when the phone rang. It was her son calling saying that he had had a small accident with his car. Ann immediately went into her mother mode and was frantic that her son could have been hurt. Ann told her son that she would be right there to get him. Ann apoligized to me, told me to just wait and she would be right back. Ann said fix yourself a drink and that she shouldn't be long. I said ok as she slipped on a pair of shorts and halter top and was out the door.

A Home-cumming experience

davidj on Sex Stories

I was busy masturbating and was really enjoying myself with my dildo when the front door bell rang. I was home alone and really didnt want to answer it but I thought I should. I slipped on a gown pushed my dildo right up inside me and went to answer the door. i had to keep pushing it back in as I walked which made it feel good as well.

When I opened the door it was my neighbour Tom. He and I had been involved sexually a couple of times but he had never fucked me, we had done a bit of hand jobbing on each other and he had sucked me out once when I was pretty drunk and I didnt really know what I was doing.I wasnt aware he was back home as he had been away for about a year.

He said this is a nice welcome I hadnt expected to see so much of you so soon, and I realised that my go

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wn was exposing my breasts but was just covering my pubic area. I still had my dong in there and when I saw him I put my arms around him to welcome him home and it slipped out onto the floor. He looked and saw the shiney wet dildo laying there and said well well it is a pleasant surprise, not only are you half naked but hot as well maybe I had better come back. I said no come in, there is nobody home and I could use you. He came in, and I shut the door, and continued to kiss and press myself against him and he responded by letting me know his machinery was alive and well and ready for action. By now my gown was completely open and he said I can see you have been doing some gardening as he viewed my trimmed and shapely pubic strip.

Lets not talk too much let me welcome you home and I grabbed his hand and virtually pulled him to my bedroom. Quick, I said strip, I want you to finish what we started a year or so ago.

I had myself on the bed and ready for him by the time he had all his clothes off and he was about to take his sox off and I said I cant wait quick, do me. I was already fingering myself in anticipation.

He hopped onto the bed and without wasting a moment slipped his cock into me and began to pound away. I felt it slide in all the way and although I had only been fucked a couple of times it was by far the best sensation I had felt. Geez he said this is fantastic, I didnt know you were into fucking like this. I said I wasnt when you left but I let Tony, who he knew, have me one night when I was really wanting it. He was too quick for me and filled me up in a minute. A couple of weeks later he said he could do better if I wished, so I let him have another go, but he lasted about 3 minutes that time well before I was ready. 

Now I want you to really give it to me, I know you have done a few of the girls around here and none of them complained about you. He said I have been pretty active while I was away and have had a lot more practice so I think I will be able to satisfy you. By now he had a steady rhythm going and I was really enjoying the sensation of his cock going in an out and his balls rubbing down around my ass hole.He was longer but not as thick as some I have seen but the length was really finding the touchy spots deep inside me and I could feel the head of it hitting my cervix and then coming almost out of me and spreading the lips of my vagina as his shaft rubbed my clit.

He said if you have only done it twice as you said you certainly learned a bit about pleasing a guy with that cunt of yours, you feel fantastic, my cock is really enjoying the warmth and softness of you, and I then squeezed my muscles and he said oh god that was great, how did you learn so fast. I told him what I had been practicing with my dildo and I reckoned I could satisfy any man now after the practice I have been having. He said I though about you a couple of times and wondered if we might get around to this but it wasnt planned to be so quick. By now he was starting to pump me harder and my breasts were beginning to bounce a bit and he said they have grown a bit too and he leaned down and kissed and bit a nipple which sent shivers through me and I could fell that I was warming up and it wouldnt be long before I would be cumming. My tummy muscles were tightening and my clit was getting really sensitive.I was ready. I said I am getting close to cumming  how about you and he said I will be there in a few seconds, then I said ok hard and fast this will be my first fuck when I actually came with a cock inside me, keep it going, ride me hard. 

He realy started to fuck me hard and fast and then his first grunt as his cum shot up his shaft and into me, coincided with the first moan I let out as I too came with the most wonderful sensation I had ever had. The two of us really worked on ourselves to make sure we each got the best orgasm we could make. We thrashed into each other as I lifted my cunt to meet his cock as he finished filling me up with his hot creamy wonderful baby juice. By now he had been pumping into me for at least a minute which seemed like seconds and we were both covered in sweat and exhausted. He collapsed on top of me and out wet bodies clung to each other as I kissed him and felt not only his now softening cock still inside me but his tongue entwined with mine. He slipped out and I could feel the wtness of my juice and his cum beginning to leak out of me. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had.

He had layed there for a few minutes as we got out breath back and I thought he was going to get off me, Dont you move, I said, now I have had one I mant more. You aint going anywhere but back up me.

Get youself ready man we are going to fuck ourselves to a standstill and that may be three or four times before I am ready to stop, even if I have to cool my cunt off with a bucket of water. I missed you like I have never missed anybody before and I am going to make you catch up on missed opportunities.

Now FUCK ME and FUCK ME HARD. And I lay back ready for his wonderful cock now covered in my cunt juice and his cum to again give me the time of my life.


Measuring My Cum Ch. 03

crackjacka135 on Sex Stories

I had barely been able to concentrate on my lessons at college that day. I'd spent much of it with a semi hard-on just thinking about mom wanking me off that evening, and the sight of her in her underwear. By late afternoon, the ache in my balls was more than normal. I needed to cum, big time.

When I got back to our house, my heart was beating fast, not knowing quite how things would pan out this evening. Mom's car was parked in the driveway. She was home already -- she normally got in before me, because of the hours she worked.

She was in the kitchen, and called out to me as she heard me come in and slam the door shut.

"Jacob, come in here."

I walked down the hallway int
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o our kitchen.

Mom had her head down mixing something in a bowl.

"I've been thinking about our little arrangement," she said, looking up at me, and without any 'Hello' or 'Hi'. "We'll have to organise our evenings so that we have one session as soon as you come in, one just before bedtime and then fit one in somewhere in between depending on what we've both got planned for the evening." I didn't like the tone of her voice. She was in one of her moods it seemed, and it was the last thing I expected or wanted when I got home.

"This is all very inconvenient for me Jacob. I hope you appreciate what I am doing for you," she continued, sounding really pissed off. Maybe she had been simmering all day at work, thinking about my problem and what she was having to do to help me.

"I do mom," I said, trying not to let her get to me and appease her. "It's only for a couple of weeks, hopefully," I added.

"Are you sure you've not been lying to Dr. Taylor and me about being with a girl and catching something?" she said accusingly. "If I find out after all this that you have, young man," she continued, in a threatening tone.

"Honestly, mom, I haven't," I said a little desperately, "I honestly don't know why I've got," I added looking directly at her.

She looked at me hard in the eyes from across the room in silence for a few seconds, and then seemed to mellow a little.

"Ok, then," she said, more calmly, apparently pacified at my response, and looking back down at the bowl she was stirring.

"Are you going to have a shower?" she said in a more relaxed tone, but sounding like she was being made to do a chore.

"Yes, mom," I said. I normally had one first thing, when I got home in the evenings.

"Well, as we need to get three specimens each evening, I think we can do one first thing when you come home, whilst you are showering. It will save time," she said.

My dick became alive as she spoke, despite the fact we had almost argued a moment ago.

"Ok," I said, and blushing a little. "I' my bathroom door open for you."

"Give yourself a good wash all over, first," she replied, "And then give me a call. I don't want to come in before you've had a chance to clean yourself all over properly," she continued.

"Ok, mom" I replied and turned back into the hallway and ran up the stairs. My dick was straining in my pants again.

I pulled off my jeans, t-shirt and sweater quickly, kicked of my sneakers off and removed my socks in double quick time. I wanted to cum, and cum soon -- my balls were really aching.

I left the bathroom door ajar and got into the bath, pulling the shower curtain across at the same time. Turning on the shower, I gave myself a good wash all over, including my balls and semi hard cock.

I had one of those shower's that were positioned over the bathtub with a detachable head, so you could either take a proper bath or stand at one end of the bathtub and shower, or use the head attachment in your hand. It was nice having my own bathroom attached to my bedroom.

On finishing, I turned the water off, opened the shower curtain, and shouted out loudly to mom, so she could hear me downstairs, "I'm ready mom."

As I dried myself off with a towel whilst standing in the bathtub, I thought about mom coming in here in her bra and panties, and my cock became fully hard. I was desperate to cum, but I didn't want mom to see me like this as she walked through the door. I was still a bit embarrassed about her seeing me so easily aroused, so I decided to hang the towel casually in front of my legs, hoping she would not notice that I was trying to hide my erect dick.

I heard mom come into my bedroom and then she knocked on the bathroom door, which was ajar about two inches.

"Come in," I said. My heart was beating fast.

Mom came in. She had not undressed and was still wearing the half sleeved blouse and skirt, which I had seen her in downstairs. I felt a bit disappointed. She had the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

She looked me up and down and saw I was holding the towel, covering my crotch and legs partly. My dick jerked up again, seeing mom standing just a few feet away, with me being nude in the bath in front of her.

"Why are you holding that towel?" she said, and grabbed it. As soon as she snatched it from my hand, she saw my boner sticking out.

I blushed, still not used to her seeing me like this.

"Your cock gets hard easily doesn't it?" she said, not taking her eyes off it, and looking a little mesmerised by it. My stretched cock head, with the piss slit showing, pointed straight up towards her.

"Er...well... I's cos I'm quite young." I said a little embarrassingly, trying desperately to think of an excuse. "I can't really help it," I added, being truthful.

She licked her lips. I'd not seen her do that when she had wanked me off before.

I blushed again, not quite sure what to make of seeing her do that.

Then, looking back up at me she said, "Ok, just follow my instructions. We'll have to do things a bit differently as you're standing up, rather than lying on your bed."

"Ok," I replied, compliantly. I still wanted to cum bad. "I think I'll be quite quick this time," I added, wondering if she would take her blouse and skirt off for me.

"It looks like you don't need much stimulation, but I'm going to take my blouse and skirt off anyway. I don't want them to get stained just in case we have a mishap, as your standing," she said.

Then she turned around so her back was towards me and pulled her top off over her head and threw it on the clothes hamper in the corner of the bathroom. I could see her bra straps now. She was wearing a cream coloured bra.

Then, still with her back to me, she unzipped her skirt from the side and let it fall to the floor. My dick jerked up. I saw she was wearing matching cream coloured panties and I could see the shape off her round, full buttocks, tightly held in by them. I took a hard breath in. The panties seemed to be slightly more modern and shapely than the black ones she had worn before, with a bit less fabric, and seemed to be tighter into her ass crack too. She looked really sexy!

Then she stepped out from her skirt, taking one step backwards and bent down forwards to pick it up.

Fuck! What a sight! She was sticking her ass right out back, towards me with the material of her panties catching in her butt crack. She seemed to hold that pose for ages and then stood up, and threw her skirt on top of her blouse on the clothes hamper.

Then, she turned around, looked at me and then down at my dick. I saw her bra from the front and noticed that this bra, like her panties, seemed to have a bit less material than the black ones she had worn before, and was also more modern looking. Still, it covered her largish boobs well, so I could not see much of them.

My eyes then wandered down to her crotch. The material of her panties was quite thick and wide there, so I could not see much, not even any pussy hair. I looked up again quickly, so as not to appear like I was staring.

"Have you cleaned it properly?" she said, looking at my erect dick.

"Er..yes," I responded feebly, and feeling all hot and bothered seeing her like this.

"Let me make sure and give it a quick rinse," she replied.

She grabbed the showerhead, which was detachable from the wall bracket, and turned the water on, directing the spray onto my hard cock and balls. She gently stroked me along the shaft, and then my balls.

"Turn around," she said.

I didn't know why she wanted me to do that, but I did it, following her instructions. She could now see my naked butt properly, for the first time.

"You have quite a nice bottom Jacob," she said spraying the water onto my ass cheeks and giving each buttock a good rub up and down with her free hand. When she touched my ass, my dick jerked up. I had never felt so hard before.

"I think I need to cum mom," I said, a little desperately, but trying to sound as cool as possible.

"Turn around again."

I faced her again, my dick pointing directly at her face again. I was rock hard.

"Good, we won't waste much time then, as you are so ready," she said.

She grabbed the semen beaker from the washbasin where she had placed it, and said, "This time, I'm going to wank your cock towards me."

As I stood in the bath with my dick pointing out over the side, mom bent forwards slightly so she was looking down at my dick, held the semen beaker with her left hand, and then with her right hand, started pulling on my dick towards her, pointing the head of my penis into the beaker. She was holding the beaker about level with her boobs, so it looked almost like she was wanking me onto them and her bra, if the beaker had not been there. Fuck! This was a real turn on!

As she bent forward, I could see the top of her boobs better as they hung down in her bra whilst she stroked my dick. The feel of her hand squeezing and stroking my hard-on was fantastic.

I knew it would not be long before I came now. Then, all of a sudden she stopped wanking me and said, "Jacob, I think we might have a problem like this. I don't want you to cum on my bra and stain it, just in case I miss catching your cum for any reason. I think it's better if I take it off."

I could believe my ears. Mom was going to take her bra off! Fuck!

She let go my dick, put the semen beaker down and started unclipping her bra from the back.

My heart was racing big time, watching her do this, and my dick raged up in response.

She didn't look at me, and without any fuss, whipped it off, grabbed the semen beaker and started pumping my dick again, concentrating hard on it.

I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes! I'd never seen boobs before in real life and just seeing the large fleshy, milky-white globes of each breast was incredibly arousing! And as I stared, I saw that mom had wide pinky-brown areole, about two inches across on each, and large nipples to match! Fuck! Her boobs looked amazing, and my dick seemed to harden even more!

I stared open mouthed whilst mom's boobs wobbled and shook below me as they hung down whilst she wanked me off. That was it. I shouted, "I'm cumming," and mom tightened her grip on my prick and pointed it firmly into the beaker, as I came in thick, creamy spurts, again and again.

"Uh...uh...Uhhhhhhh....." I blurted out as I exploded.

"That's right Jacob," said mom encouragingly, as she milked my dick, pulling and squeezing on it. My cum waves seemed to last for ages, until finally I felt I had no more to give, and mom finally let go my limp dick.

I had to sit down on the edge of the bath facing her and closed my eyes for a moment. That cum had felt so amazing and I was on a real high.

I came to my senses after a few seconds and mom said, "Look at this."

I looked at the beaker and saw my cum had almost reached the half way mark. It looked like a lot.

But my eyes did not linger on the semen beaker. They went back to the amazing sight of mom's gorgeous large tits. They were 'hangers', and big ones. Fuck! They looked so hot! I felt like touching and sucking on them.

I tried not to look as if I was staring hard, but it must have looked a bit obvious.

I think mom realised I was looking at her boobs and became a bit self conscious and said, "Ok, that's enough for now. I'll go and make a note of this quantity and then finish getting dinner ready. Give yourself a quick rinse again and come down to eat," and with that she turned, grabbed her bra and clothes, and began walking out of the bathroom towards the hallway, which was through my bedroom.

As she did so I could not take my eyes off the sway of her ass, and the way the flesh of her butt cheeks wobbled and wriggled as she did so. The material of her panties seemed to catch in her ass crack and I don't know if it was my imagination, but her hips seems to be swaying more than I'd ever noticed before, as she walked.

I could never have imagined that I'd see my mom topless, with just her panties on, walking out of my bathroom and bedroom like that in front of me. This was all still incredible!

I cleaned up, put on some clothes and then sat on my bed for a moment, thinking about what had just happened. I was trying to make sense of it all. This was all a real turn on for me.

My mind went back to the way mom had been whist in the bathroom. I thought about the way she had looked at my hard dick at first, seemingly mesmerised by it, the way she had licked her lips and then bent over, showing me her ass as she picked up her skirt, and then asking me to turn around so she could look at my butt and give it a feel, and then finally, her taking off her bra and showing me her boobs. It all had been so fucking hot!

Yet, before all this, she had been angry and had a go at me whilst in the kitchen, saying it was all very inconvenient for her! How odd!

It was a real turn on, the way mom had been in the bathroom, and maybe she was just doing those things to just stimulate me, but somewhere in the back of my head I started to wonder whether she was doing those things on purpose, because she was getting some secret thrill out of it.

As far as I knew mom hadn't been with another man since dad left three years ago. She must have sexual feelings too. Had she got angry in the kitchen because she was feeling guilty about what she was doing, or because she was getting some sexual pleasure out of it and feeling guilty about that?

If that was the case, I maybe I could be more adventurous and suggestive in our sessions, in stages, as long as I didn't go too far each time. And perhaps I shouldn't feel so self-conscious of my body in front or her -- if she was getting some secret thrill out of it, then I needn't be shy. As these thoughts came to me, I felt a bit more confident about our next session, and about showing her my body. I think I was becoming aware of the power of my own sexuality.

I looked over at the clock on the wall and realised I had spent a while going through my thoughts. I went down to help mom get the dinner ready. She was dressed properly again and doing her chores. Nothing more was said for a while about our session earlier. Mom asked me how my day at college had been, and I asked after her work. We were just like 'normal' at home in the evenings. But I kind of looked at mom's body differently, and more lustily as she moved around the kitchen.

She seemed more relaxed than earlier.

Then, just before eating mom said, "Tell me when you need to cum again."

I nodded and got the plates out.

About half an hour after eating, I felt I was ready, as my balls were aching a little.

"I think I'm ready now," I said to mom whilst she was reading in the living room.

Without looking up at me she said "Ok, we'll do it on your bed again like yesterday. Get yourself ready and I'll come up in a few minutes."

As I lay naked on my bed waiting for her, my dick started to get semi hard thinking about mom's body again. And I felt a bit more relaxed about my own nudity in front of her now. I hadn't been able to feel up mom's ass during our session in the bathroom and I was looking forward to that, assuming we would do the same thing as before.

Soon, there was a knock at the door and mom came in, holding the semen beaker. She was wearing the same cream coloured bra and panty set she had worn earlier. The top of her tits swayed a bit in her bra as she walked towards the bed. My dick responded by jerking up.

"We'll do like we did this morning and last night," she said and angled herself so that her butt was more accessible to me. "You can touch my bottom again if you like."

I was waiting for her to say that, and started squeezing and stroking her buttocks with my left hand whilst she bent forward slightly and stroked my hard-on. I felt a little disappointed I would not see her tits like before, but felt comfort in that fact that she might take her bra of again in the bathroom tomorrow.

Mom's ass felt exquisite. I felt like I would last a bit longer this time and not cum so quickly. It might have been because we were repeating our routine and it was not so new.

After a couple of minutes, mom seemed to notice I was lasting a bit longer than before, and she looked back at me and said, "Not so quick this time, I see."

" mom," I said hesitatingly, "But it won't be much longer I think."

"Well, maybe this will help a bit "she said, "I haven't got all evening for this, and need to get you going" she said, a little sternly.

Then she did something amazing I hadn't seen before. With her free left hand, she moved it behind her, and pushed the fabric of her panties into her butt crack a little, so more of her butt cheeks were showing, making it look much more sexy. Then, even more surprisingly, she wriggled her ass at me a little, as if to tease and stimulate me.

Her full backside looked wonderfully sexy as she did that. It did the trick, my dick responded by jerking much more firmly in mom's hand as she stroked me.

I increased the swirling motions of my hand on mom's ass, squeezing a bit harder, and touching the flesh a bit more around her ass crack, which I had not done before, and I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum soon mom," I said after just a few moments of playing with and watching her butt like this.

She grabbed the semen beaker with her free hand and placed it into position.

Then, taking a bit of a chance, I rubbed the two middle fingers of my left hand which was stroking her ass flesh right along the material of her panties that had gathered inside her ass crack, pushing it in a bit myself and feeling the walls of the insides of her buttocks a little. Mom jerked her ass a little as I must have touched a more sensitive spot, but did not object.

That was it. I came, "Ohh....ohhhhh....Ahhhhh...." I said out loud. Like before, waves of cum filled the semen beaker as mom milked and pulled on my dick, making sure every last drop went in to it.

As I relaxed back on my head onto the pillows, I let go of stroking mom's ass and she straightened herself up.

"Well, done" she said, in quite a matter of fact way, "Get cleaned up. I'll go and note this measurement down and get on with my other stuff."

And with that she turned and began walking out of my room.

My eyes went to her butt as she did so. The material of her panties was still caught up in her ass crack a bit -- she had not adjusted it properly and made her ass look so damned hot! I was almost hypnotised by it -- watching her buttocks wobble as she walked away. I wanted to lick it, but didn't know if ever that would happen. Then she disappeared from my view.

I cleaned up, dressed, and made a few phone calls to friends using the phone in my bedroom. Then I decided to do a bit of college homework for a while.

I think Mom had decided to potter about in the garden for a while and water some plants, although it was almost dusk.

At about 10pm, she came into my room and said, "I want to get an early night, can we get the last measuring session over with now?"

"Sure, mom I said" turning around from looking at my computer screen on which I had been doing my homework on.

I thought she might go out of the room and ask me to get undressed and give her a call when I was lying on the bed, but instead, she said, "You can undress in front of me, I've seen plenty of your body now. You don't have to be shy with me in that regard."

My dick, which had been limp, came alive in my pants, hearing her talk like that.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head, and as I started to unzip my jeans, mom pulled off her blouse at the same time and unzipped her skirt, stepping out of it. She placed her clothes on one corner of the bed and I did the same.

I stood there in my boxers with my dick semi hard, as mom stood on the other side of the bed facing me in her bra and panties.

I pulled my boxers down, exposing my semi hard on. She saw it, but did not say anything. Then, I had a brainwave. Mom had seemed to want to look at my butt a bit earlier when we were in the bathroom, so before clambering onto the bed, I turned around so she could see me naked from the back, and walked over to the window.

The curtains were already pretty much drawn, but there was a slight parting in the centre.

"Just want to make sure no one can see anything," I said trying to sound helpful.

I made sure mom got good look at my naked back and ass as I reached up and precisely positioned the curtain edge. Then, still facing the curtains, I took a step back and bent down pretending to move something on the carpet, so that my butt was pointing at mom, so she could see it in all it's glory.

Then, I straightened up, turned around, and with my semi hard cock bobbing up and down in front of me, climbed on the bed, lying face up in my normal position. I had avoided eye contact the whole time I'd done this, but as I rested my head on my pillows, I looked up at mom's face and I was sure her cheeks looked a little flushed, like she had been blushing.

"I'm glad you are being discreet, Jacob," she said with a little smile, and seemingly, composing herself. I know we are doing this for medical reasons, but we can never be too careful. As I mentioned before, we shouldn't discus this with anyone except Dr Taylor. And I certainly wouldn't want any of our neighbours to know what we are doing," she added.

"Sure, mom" I replied reassuringly. "I understand."

Then, seeing that mom appeared pleased with me and more relaxed, I decided to try the idea I had earlier about maybe pushing things a little further in our session, just to see how far mom might go.

As mom turned to position herself as normal, with her butt a little towards me, I said, quite innocently and with some hesitation, ",...before we start, I was I thought maybe to help me cum a bit quicker, as it took a bit longer last might take your bra off again. I'm sure it would stimulate know...a bit more." There, I'd said it!

There was bit of a silence, as mom seemed to ponder over what I had said, looking directly at me.

Then, looking all serious again, she said, "Well, I do agree it took a bit longer for you to cum last time, and I don't want this to go on longer than necessary. As you have already seen my boobs in the bathroom, it probably won't matter if you see them again, when I stimulate you on the bed."

It was music to my ears, and my dick responded at the thought. Mom noticed, but didn't say anything.

I wondered if I could go a stage further.

"Thanks, mom" I said. "That should help a lot. Would you mind if I gave them a light touch like I do with your butt? I might cum really quick then, and it is for medical reasons," I added, taking a chance.

Still keeping a straight face and in a business like manner, mom looked at me and said, "Ok, but just lightly."

She moved her arms behind her and began unhooking her bra. I couldn't wait to see those glorious globes again and this time, touch them.

Mom pulled her bra off slowly, revealing her large hanging boobs.

I couldn't help but gasp a little again and my dick raged up to a full pole.

Mom looked at my dick, and then back at me, and smiled a little and said, "Well, I can see an immediate reaction."

"You've got really nice boobs mom," I said, trying to sound appreciative and thankful, which I really was. "I hope you don't mind my saying."

"Thank you dear. No I don't mind. Your father used to like them too," she said, all business like. She moved her chest towards the pillow end of the bed more so I got a direct view. Her boobs were now just about foot away from my face. I had never been so close to them before, and got a much better look at them, than in the bathroom. "You may have a light touch and squeeze," she said, "Just to get you going."

I took in the fullness of her milky white flesh of her tits as they hung down, noting the wide pinky-brown areole surrounding each thick, almost bite-sized nipple, and instinctively put both my arms up, lifting and cupping each full breast simultaneously, one in each hand. They filled my palms completely as they hung into them, as my hands acted almost as bra cups.

I gently let go and then tweaked each nipple gently, with the thumb and forefinger of my hands and rubbed along the areole surrounding each nipple, feeling the slight raised bumps on the flesh there.

My dick was now raging and jerking up continuously.

"I think that's enough," said mom after a moment, and noticing the way my hard on was going. "Let me get your sample now."

I lowered by hands from mom's boobs. I desperately wanted to suck on them, but knew better than to go any further today. Maybe, much later in our sessions mom might agree, but I didn't want to push things too far right now.

Mom angled her butt again for me, and I started feeling it up again through the material of her panties. I think she knew by now I liked feeling up her ass, and she wriggled it a few times again for me like she had done in our earlier session. She did it so nicely and sexily, almost pushing her ass back into my hand, that for a moment I wondered if she was enjoying it too.

Mom leaned over me, her large boobs hanging down over my stomach towards my groin, and began pumping my cock with her right hand. Then, without my asking or suggesting anything, copying what she had done in our earlier session, moved her free hand back behind her and pulled the material of her panties into her butt crack a little so that her butt cheeks were more exposed and looked more sexy.

She must have guessed I would cum very quickly with all this going on, because after finishing toying with her panty fabric in her ass crack, she immediately positioned the semen beaker correctly with her free hand, with my dickhead pointing into it as she pumped it with her other hand.

She was right. The sight of mom topless, her sexy boobs hanging down above me and my feeling her wide ample butt as she wriggled it sexily for me, tipped me right over the edge. In almost 30 seconds of this, I came, spurting thick waves of thick spunk into the semen beaker again, as I grunted satisfactorily whilst cumming.

"That's good Jacob, a nice specimen," said mom in a satisfied tone, as she wiped bits on my cum that were on her fingers into the beaker. She stood up straight, holding the beaker up to the light, showing me how much cum I had produced again. She looked really sexy as her large boobs hung down on her chest.

I gulped, a little out of satisfaction, as well as from the way mom looked standing in front of me.

"Well, I think I'm off to bed now" she said with a smile, "After noting down this measurement." She bent forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Her boobs touched my chest momentarily as she did so. "Goodnight, and be ready for our morning session."

"Goodnight mom" I said. "Thanks, I do appreciate your help with my problem," I said trying to sound as grateful as I could, and meaning every word.

As mom turned to walk out of my bedroom, my eyes went to her hot ass again. The material of her panties was still caught in her butt crack. She didn't seem to mind, and her hips swayed again. Looking at her like that, a thought crossed my mind about another suggestion I could try making next time, which might let me enjoy that wonderful ass of her's even more.

The ache in my balls had completely gone as normal after cumming three times over the evening, and I settled down to sleep, still thinking of mom's hot body.

To be continued...


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It been a while now but I still see her face when I close my eyes at night. I imagine her body slowly strips nude in my dreams. She is perfect shape and form. She has soft creamy pale skin, so pure you can see the irregular blue from her veins shine threw. Eileen always has a way of showing her belly bottom her tummy is exactly what you what, thin and sexy but soft. Her breasts are small but they get hard easy and she doesn’t like to wear a bra. You see the perky tips their shirt hanging it forward. And you want to fondle them hard and watch her moan. I wanted to go to Italy with the school because you only get to go places so many time and I never been their before. As I saw the people sight up it seemed it was going to be a very disappointing trip. No one I knew or cared seemed to
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be going but by chance Eileen signed for a the day before the dead line. Possibilities flooded my head. In my dreams I imagine us in the plane. I would be next to here us stranded on the flight for 13 hours left to nothing but are devices everyone on the plane asleep except me and her. I would see her unbraed nipple s rise in her shirt and I slight stiff at the site of them. I would call her attention and kiss deeply on the lips as my hand quickly squired into her shirt massaging her exposed nipples she would moan as a hand moved to the apex of her legs but I silence her with long kiss into her mouth. I don’t think I made past that point in my head the idea reverted into my head till busted. A real moment of tension during the trip. Before when I said no one I knew was going or no one I wanted to know it’s not the whole truth. One of my friends was going but he had a girlfriend and they were all over each other all time. Even thought my school to uptight to allow co-ed rooming, I roomed with my friend Todd, will ironically Eileen and C.T. (Todd girlfriend) also roomed together. This worked out well to my favor. Before I go into this deeper let me give some visuals for C.T. (She was a short girl like she had long straight black hair, and huge breast only empathized by her smallness in statures. I year ago before they were boy and girlfriend I had a little thing with Christine. We all in the music class and well I always liked Eileen she just came to our school after going to 6 different schools and was keeping to herself at the time she was sick for a while and could go to any party too, so like the saying goes at the time it was like out site out of mind. Well anyway we at this Christmas party at C.T. friends house. And you know a little drinking her and their, but you can see when someone just having to much well that C.T. that day. She was walking a little crooked and I was supporting to my pleasure because I was also groping her a little it was hard not too that how big her breast were. WE finally made to the couch and she kissed me and I returned the favor. I was moving my hands over her breast when I felt her reach for my dick which grew stiff at her touch. I sent one my hands quickly to her crotch to return the favor when my phone rang, I gave a special ring for my mom, so I had to answer it. She told me she outside and she can’t pick me up tomorrow because remember I meeting she going to have. But everything cool because my mom relaxed. She doesn’t ask and everything fine.) Well Todd and C.T. wanted to go in toad room to mess around so I evacuated to our room and of course and me Eileen were their all alone. It gets pretty cold in some places in Italy and I so I was wearing jeans and shirt. Eileen just took shower and was wearing her pajamas. Of course she was braless and I could see the budge were her hard nibbled pushed on the thin pajamas. It was the 6 day of the trip and by now me and Eileen were a lot better friends. Since Todd was my only friend and he was always with C.T. I hanged out with Eileen alot. Great bus ride she get could and snuggle onto my solder their very few things that feel as good as a girl sleeping on your shoulder her warm body resting on you as you see her chest rise and close with each breath. Well other than that I helped shop and by that I mean carry all the bags, and we talked a lot we getting a little closer and I was figuring out I really really liked her (I don’t like to use love because I believe I have to know some very intimately and emotionally to use such a strong word.) What is the best about her pajamas is you can see the outline of her underwear as it rides up her ass which is a little bump of heaven. Well she went into her covers I was caught un aware by her pajama and was trying to calm my hard on so I sat on the floor next to her while we watch T.V. which was boring as fuck because it was all in Spanish. She whispered in my ear I am getting cold could you come in her I tried not to act excited as I looked as I went in the covers. Well she was grinding into me pretty close and I wrapped her in my arms like a sideways hug and as she moved her ass around my cock her nipples rubbed my exposed arm. She said that the jeans felt so rough. So I took them off and kicked them out of the bed. At this point my dick was fighting to get out of the boxers. She moan softly “I getting hot” . My hands moved to waist. But she beat me too it and was taking her pants off, my hands already their stated to go for the underwear, I did not feel any resistance so I took them. Off. My. She looked a little worried as my dick playful touched pieces of her ass. I said “what’s wrong Eileen you seemed worried.” She replied “Are you a virgin I don’t want to lose my virginity to someone who not a virgin.” (Well I wonder what I said, but really I was but I don’t think at that point being a virgin or not passed threw my mind). I was on my knees on the bed and I pulled so her back was on the bed. While my moth slowly kissed her lips and neck my hand were pulling at her blouse and managed to get them off with only losing one button. I never would have imaged her energy from what I thought she had an absence of sexual interactions. I hips moved into position in front of her pussy. Feeling her soft crotch with my hands which then retracted to her chest while I let my cock do thee rest. I knew she be tight but I guessed that because she was a small girls she was really tight. I mean I had a 5 and half in dick and she was screaming at 3 inches. She looked pained so I was about to let up but then she started to pick up the pass vigorously moving to get my dick in and out she climaxed and griped my back threw the shirt an left nail marks on my skin. (After that I asked her to cut her nails) I was able to hold of and their was something I always wanted from her ass. I moved for doggy style she seemed happy with anything and I ram her into the bed she moaned louder and louder till I finally let it all go into her in felt so relaxing to fill her up with my juices, we both laid their tired, when C.T. came back. Eileen scrambled under the cover and since I still had a shirt on a told to wait outside and I let them in. After she put her clothes back and I mine. I kissed her and fondler her nipple threw the broken button. Then I left and C.T. in and I went back with Todd. He was looking at me as with left. He said “You look like you had a lucky night” I said “Shut up” I tried to say it with a ill temper but the joy of what just happened seemed thought my attempts to hide it. Next chapters to come : Eileen and me on the plane and beyond My small affair in Italy with the British dorm girls Hope you enjoyed Sry for any typos I not good at editing. About the author I usually write fiction but after this whole Eileen even I Can’t stop writing about her, and the key to success is to be true to your self so that why its erotic Sry again made it one night at 4:00 A.M also like to note that most of this is true

Minster's wife

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This story is 100% true and happened when I was 13. Back in 78 & 79
I was on my summer school break the year I was 13, I spent a lot of time riding my bike. It was a good way to kill time and work on my tan. I  always have a dark tan and the girls in school seemed to like it. While riding I would wear just a pair of jean shorts.
The street I lived on was a dead end road with a Church at the beginning of the street. Beside the Church was the house that the Church provided for the Minster and his family.
The year before the Church got a new Minster. He was a young  and not what the Church had in the past. He was married with 2 kids. His wife ( I'll call her Sam) was one the pretties
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t women I had ever seen. She was 29 but looked 20. She was about 5'2 dark skin with long dark hair down to her butt. Huge tits. She weighed about 110 lbs.  When the weather got warm enough she would lie out in the sun.  As I would ride by their house I could see her lying out in the sun in the driveway.  She would be wearing a small 2 piece bathing suit which could hardly contain her big tits. At the time I wasn't going to Church so I had never talked to her or her Husband.
One day in July I was riding by and she waved at me ask me to come over. I did and she introduced herself to me. She told me that the youth group in the Church was going on a trip to a Atlanta baseball game and to an amusement park. This would be a two day trip and ask if I would be interested in going. She said she would be going alone to supervise the kids. I said sure if my parents would let me. After seeing her body I would have went anywhere with her
After talking to her for over 2 hours and trying not to stare at her awesome tits which were all but falling out of her top, I went home. All night I thought about her and how hot she was until I just had to jack off just to get to sleep.
The next day she called and ask if I wanted to go with her to a friend of  swimming pool. She said she didn't have any one to go with and that we would be the only people there. I said sure and in a few minutes she picked me up.
We started out swimming and then took a break for some sun. We talked to get to know more about each other. After sitting in the sun and getting hot we both go back into the pool.  We started playing around splashing and dunking each other. Playing as if she was my age. During this I some how grabbed her boob. Rather than her getting mad or pulling away she grabbed my hand and placed it back on her boob and then grabbed the other hand and put it on the other boob. She then kissed me better and hotter than any kiss I had ever had before. Needless to say I got a hard on bigger than any in my life. She would get up against me and rub her pussy on my cock She ask if I had ever had sex before. I said yes with my last girlfriend. She told me that she didn't get to have much sex anymore because her husband just didn't seem interested. I ask her if he had went crazy.  How could any man alive turn such a hot lady down? We played around some more in the water that day but nothing more than a little rubbing and a lot of kissing.
After that day she ask me to come to the their house each evening as several of the young people in the Church did. All about the same age as me would come and play cards and stuff at night with her. Her husband was always working in his study or visiting someone from the Church. We would play cards and I knew most of the other teens that would come up there because I went to school with most of them. All were girls but me and most of them would flirt with me which I loved. The first night we had a card game Sam was sitting across the table from me. During the game she put her feet in my lap. She started rubbing my cock with the foot. She teased me all night. When I got home I had to jack off. This went on for a couple of weeks. One night at the end of the game she told me to stay till everyone else left. Her Husband had already went to bed. Sam had a sundress on and her big boobs were almost falling out as she did not have a bra on. When everyone had left, she told me to lie on the floor in front of the TV. She sat on my butt and started to rub my back. After awhile she told me to rollover. When I did she sit back down on my cock. She started kissing me and rocking back and forth until she could feel my dick getting hard. Sam said, someone likes me.  After this went on for a while I started rubbing her tits. I moved my hands under her dress and starting rubbing her ass. She had no panties on and her ass felt great. She got up and said don't move. She went to check to make sure her husband was still asleep. She came back and turned off all the lights except the TV. She sit back down on top of my cock. I pulled her tits out and they were better than any I had seen before or any in the playboys that my Dad had. After playing with her tits for a few minutes she reached under her dress and pulled my cock from my jean shorts. She raised up and sit down on it.  Once my cock was inside her I truly thought I was in heaven. How could anything feel this good? Sam's pussy was so wet.  I have never felt anything that good before. My first girlfriend pussy was always so dry and neither of us really knew what we were doing.  Not Sam. I knew then what was meant by the saying older Women make better lovers. It didn't take long before I was shooting the biggest load of cum ever in my life. After getting my breath back she raised up and told me not tot move. She went to check on the husband. She came back and saw that my dick was still hard, Sam said if you don't get rid of that we are going to have to do it again. I said let's go. She did. We were fucking again and with the light of the TV in the room it was like a some love movie you would watch . I couldn't believe I was fucking a hot women who could have any man she wanted. She was the wife of a Minster and also twice my age. Life could not be any better. We fucked for what seemed like hours but was only minutes. She was doing most of the work. I was just enjoying the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. I had my hands under her dress feeling of the greatest ass ever made. She pulled the top of her dress down and stuck one of her nipples in my mouth. I sucked and ran my tongue all over her nipple.  Sam would raise her ass up till my dick was almost out of her pussy and then fuck me real fast until she knew I was almost ready to cum. She would stop and wait until the feeling slowed and then she would do it all over again. Finally she was starting to cum and started going really fast. I couldn't hold back nor did I want to. I filled her pussy with my 2nd load of cum. This was the first time I had ever made a women cum. After we both caught our breath she told me that it had been a really long time since she had an orgasm. She then got up and went to get a towel to clean me up.
This was the first of many times we had sex over the next two years. We even had sex while her husband was in the study preparing for the next Sunday's service. I stayed at her house more than I did at my own. My parents even told me that I should just move in. If they only knew that I would have loved to. Sam's husband never seemed to have a problem with me hanging around and he and I even become great friends. I started going to Church and so did my parents. little did anyone know that the main reason I was going was because Sam wanted me to so we could spend more time together.
Finally, like all good things they must come to an end. After two of the best years of my life The husband was caught having an affair with 2 of the women in the Church. He and Sam split up and she moved back to her parents home in another state. The husband remarried to one of the other women. Me? Well I was heartbroken. I had fell madly in love with this women. She came back to get some of her stuff and called me. I went to see her and she told me that I could never tell about us. The love of my life, the best pussy God ever made and I have to keep it a secret. That was almost 30 years ago and I haven't seen her since. I still miss her.

Brigit Astar on Sex Stories

Most high school teachers have reputations among students. One teacher will have the reputation of being hard, one will be considered easy, another will be thought to be a fair teacher, and another will be considered to be a bastard or a bitch.

At Claremont High School there were two teachers in particular who had reputations: Mr. Rocklin who taught physics and algebra, and Ms. Struthers who was a social studies teacher and counselor.

In Mr. Rocklin's case, he had a complex reputation among students. He was considered to be a hard ass, a bisexual, and one who was not adverse to bribery.

Mr. Rocklin passed out the test papers to the s

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tudents in his third period class, and gave out a little grin as he heard the groans from some of the students. This is an average class, he thought. Two get A's, four get B's, eight get C's, and the rest get D's—or F's.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the class and the beginning of the lunch hour. There was a mad rush and scramble by the students, as they headed for the door.

Mr. Rocklin went to his desk and sat. He noticed that one of the students had not made a rush for the door. She had walked up to his desk instead and was standing there holding her test paper.

"Mr. Rocklin, I don't know what—uh—what I can do..." she trailed off.

He studied the student, looking her over. Sandy Coxon, sixteen—maybe seventeen, long sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, tight silk blouse, short tight skirt, pretty pink lips, curvy—nice body ... sexy. His cock stiffened and rose.

"About your test score" he asked. "Your grade."

"Yes, sir. I'm failing, and I just don't know what to do about it. Is there anything I could do to... "

Mr. Rocklin stood and faced the student. "Anything you could do"

"Yes, sir. You know, to raise my grade, to improve it."

He looked her over, and his prick stiffened still more. He now had a stiff throbbing hard-on. "Well, I don't know, Sandy," he said. "Your grades are low, you know, and at the rate you're going, you're going to fail."

His cock jutted out, hard and throbbing. She looked down at his crotch and saw his bulge.

"I'll do anything, Mr. Rocklin, to improve my grade."

"Anything" he asked.

"Yes, sir, anything." She moved up close to him, and reached out her hand and cupped his crotch.

"Hmm, well, you can start by sucking me off," he said. He unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, and pressed her shoulder down.

She went to her knees, grasped his prick, and opened her lips.

"Yeah, that's it," he said. "Suck my dick."

He clutched her head and drove his cock between her lips. "Yeah, suck it, that's the way—suck that dick."

He thrust his prick in her mouth, and began pumping it, fucking the pretty sixteen-year-old's mouth.

"Yes—keep sucking it, ah yes—I'm fucking your mouth now."

He heaved his dick in her mouth, down to her throat. "Here it comes," he gasped. "Keep sucking—suck the cum—yeah—suck it, swallow it, gulp it down."

He spewed sperm down her gullet, and she sucked it all.

"Ah, yes, your grade will go up, don't you worry about that," he huffed.

Ms. Struthers sat at her desk in her office at the high school. One of her students sat beside her.

"Tommy,"  she said to the boy, "your grade is, as you know, low."

"I know, Ms. Struthers," Tommy sighed. "I just don't know what to do about it. I try, and I can't seem to improve it."

She looked at the boy. She saw he had a hard-on. She could see the bulge in his crotch poking up.

"I know you try, Tommy," she said. "I know."

She saw the imprint of his cock straining and thrusting against his pants.

She suddenly lowered her head to his crotch and started rubbing it with her lips. She unzipped his pants and opened her lips and took in his prick. She licked and sucked it down to the base.

He clutched her head and drove his dick into his teacher's mouth. He couldn't believe it—his sexy attractive teacher was sucking his cock and he was pumping it in her warm wet sucking mouth.

She sucked him for a few minutes and then slid her mouth off, tugged her skirt up and pulled her panties off. "Come here," she said, tugging on his prick. "Come here and give me a good licking."

He went down on his knees before her. She spread her legs and drew them back. "Lick me," she said.

She grasped his head and pulled him down. He clutched her ass and buried his face on her cunt and began licking it.

"Ah—umm yes," she panted, "ah—lick me, Tommy, lick my pussy."

He jammed his tongue into her cunt and began tongue-fucking her.

She reached down and clutched his prick and stroked it. "Give me that cock," she panted.

He slid up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and he thrust his dick into her pussy.

"Umm yes—ooh yes—oh baby," she gasped. "Fuck me—oh yes—fuck your teacher."

He pumped his prick in her, fucking her good and strong.

"Oh, ah, you don't have to worry about your grade," she panted, "you'll get an A for this."

He gave a heave and thrust his cock up her pussy and squirted a gob of cum deep in his teacher's cunt.

"Ah—squirt it in me," she gasped. "Pour it in me—pump it in deep."

Her cunt squeezed on his dick, sucking up his cum.

"Ah yes—umm—oh, you sweet student," she cooed. "Ah, you sweet fucker—you A student."