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After what happened between me and his sister i decided to leave the flat i shared with Alex and move into Frank's place ( you know the dentist i spoke of before) i wasen't long until i ended up in the sack with his horney sister Fiona a 5'7 redhead with a more than shagable body. Frank found out somehow and i dreaded having to find another dentist, but to my surprise he was quite happy with our arrangement, this was all well and good until a week later he asked to join us and Fiona said yes.

This had again left me homeless until i had a visit from Lisa who told me that she was now involved with a guy she liked at school and thanked me for helping her learn how to real him in, she also told me that she had spoken to Alex and that he wanted me to move back in ( mostly due to the fact that he couldn't afford to stay there on his own and no one else was willing to live with him) i said ok and we both whent back to the flat.

Over a few beers Alex and i got things straight and then he told me that he was going out of town for afew weeks due to a shortage of surgons in LA. he left enough cash to pay his half of the rent and yelled " hey Trev just make sure there's a cold one in the fridge when i get back" and then he was gone.

That night i was working a double and spilled myself into a chair in the staff lounge while drinking the strongest coffee ever made, i got a surprise when two hands covered my eyes "guess who doc!" a female voice said " man i'm so not in the mood for this right now" i replied as i got out of the chair and turned around, it was Eve looking hotter than ever, she simply smiled in a cheeky way and added " oh well i'll just go then" i grabbed her hand as she turned to leave " woh there hang on i thought you where someone else is all" she turned around kissed me deaply and smiled, after a moment just staring at her i finaly asked " so Eve what's brought you to m nect of the woods?" "you of course" " me?" " yes you since we had sex i've slept with my boyfriend and his friend and even some other friends of mine but none of them compare to you" with this she dropped to her knees pulling my scrubs and boxers to the floor, before i could object ( like i would!!) she began sucking on my cock like her life depended on it, and man it felt fantastic she had obviously learned a thing or two since last time and it wasen't long before i shot my load in her mouth, licking what had dribbled out of her mouth off of her lips she looked up at me and smiled " mmmm that's the stuff" before she could leave i picked her up placed her on a worktop and slid off her lacey black thong. " hey you don't expect me to just leave you hanning like that do you?" without waiting for a reply i whent right to work on her clit just as my beeper whent " oh shit talk about bad timing!!" " no worry's we'll be quick" Eve lepped from the worktop turned round grabbed my dick and began guiding it into her pussy, i began to object but as soon as i slid in i forgot all about my beeper " ok now doc give me my medicine" she moaned as i began pumping in and out of her i reached round and raised her to p to expose her braless breasts and gave the right a slight squeeze that was it i had to cover her mouth she came, comming just seconds later i noticed a flash out of the corner of my eye to my horrer my boss was stnding in the door way with a camera!! i quickly pulled out leaving the last of my cum on Eve's ass " i think you better leave" she said to Eve with daggrs in her eyes.

Eve took one quick look at me then pulled her top back down grabbed her underware and ran from the room my boss closing the door behind her turned to look at me " you sir are in a lot of trouble, with these photos here i could have you fired by lunch tomorrow" trying to keep me manhood covered i begged " hey come on don't do that i love my work i'm sure we can come to an arrangement" she smiled and turned to leave " ok then i'll be at your place tomorrow 8pm" stupidly i asked " what for?" looking right at me she replied " let me put this in simple terms for you, i want sex and either i cum or you go!!" with this she opened the door and left...

to be continued 

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