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Family Fuck Friday- Chapter one

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When I was between the ages of five and fifteen the most horrible thing imaginable happened to me, I was molested by my older brother Matt. Everynight when my parents went to sleep Matt would slip into my room, sit by my bed and pull down my covers. He would then undress me, at first he would start rubbing
my little clit with his fingers and wack him self off, but as I got older Matt started fucking me.

The worst part of all was it happened so much and for so long, I longed for my brothers dick. I wanted him inside me and would find myself fingering my self waiting for him to come into the room.

So I had thoughts of sex early in my childhood, and I taught some of my closest friends how to touch them selves, please others and have sex. I started noticing as much as I loved dick, I loved pussy too. I mean theres nothing more thrilling then the body of another woman.

In elementary school once, while over a friends house, I talked her into "playing House" where she was the girlfriend and I was the boyfriend. I grabbed her by her arms, hard but not that hard enough.

"Take off you cloths you dirty little slut!" I said to her, Matt used to say those things to me when he babysat me.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because that's what girl friends and boyfriends do." I explained. So she took off her clothes exsposing her hairless cunt and her imature pink nippled flat cheast. I made my move and kissed her, parting her lips with my tonuge. Surprisingly she kissed me back. With my left hand I reached up rubbing her left nipple and with my right I started rubbing her little clit in counter clock wise slow circles. She moaned.

Unfortunatly though that is another story for another day, I'm going to tell you about something that happened when I was in highschool. You see by then I was known by all my peers as the bisexual slut.
I fucked almost everyone. Teacher's, doctors, men I met in the street, this was probably the beginning of my carreer as a hooker. Anyway, the day I remember most in highschool was back in 1999.

I woke up at 5 am that morning and as usual I was horny. I had a dream about this girl in school. She was only 15 years old, but she had the body of a 20 year old. She had long blonde hair, green eyes, a size one waste and a double D cup. She too was a school slut. The night before at a party her and eye messed around for the guys. Thinking of the events of the night before, I slowly slipped my hand down my pants and fucked myself, I finally got off and got up to take my shower. At seven thirty I made my way back to my room to get dressed. Of course I threw on my spegetti string tank, and my black very mini skirt, no bra and my thongs. I heard my parents leave for work, and I was just about to go down for breakfast when Matt burst in my room.


"Okay, fuck what's your problem.?" I asked.


"Matt I am aloud to fuck whoever I want!" I said.

"LOOK YOU FUCKING WHORE! I DON"T CARE YOU YOU FUCK YOUR STILL MY DAMN SEX SLAVE AND WHEN I WANT IT I FUCKIN GET IT NOW SUCK ME OFF" Matt said. I licked the tip of his dick to tease him alittle and then I got right down to work. I wet his cock down with my spit, and sucked him off while stroking his shaft with my hands. I removed my hands and deep throated it five times before I took in the balls as well.

"OH BITCH SUCK IT!!!! YES YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE IT" Matt said. I was Getting very horny myself having my brothers cock in my mouth. Fuck it even though I just had a shower I wanted Matt before school.
I pushed him down onto my bed. reached up and pushed aside my thongs, I think thats why I liked them so much, they were easy to move out of the way. I strided my brother and slipped down on his wet dick.

I started riding his massive dick, slowly at first. Touching my own breast as I did so.

"OH MATT. YOUR DICK FEELS SOOOO GOOD INSIDE MY CUNT, DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN I RIDE? AINT I SUCH A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT? YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST NIGHT?" I said to him as I begun to ride him harder as I was beginning to reach orgasm myself.

"DAMN I LOVE YOUR TIGHT PUSSY... YOU KNOW I I LIKE IT...YOU ARE A SLUT NO DOUBT BUUUT WHAT DID YOU DO?" He finally managed to get out in between moans.


"UUUUUUUUUUUUUH" Matt's dick exploded filling me with his hot juices. I got up wiped the extra cum away from my pussy and simply went down stairs to get ready for school. I had to hurry, If I wanted that A in english because I promised my teacher that I would suck his dick, everytime I got one, I have been getting A's alot.

On my way to school, I ran into a few of my friends who reminded me of the orgy, down on the beach tonight, gladly I told them I would be there. We had a orgy every friday night. I loved it as much as I loved fucking family members. Did I mention besides Matt, I fuck my cousin, my uncle, my grandfather and even my own father. I started fucking my father about two years before this. around the time I found out that Matt was molesting me because my father was molesting him.

Anyway, unless I want to go on and on forever I'll skip to after school. Being a friday mom worked late so,
every friday after school was what dad nicknamed "FAMILY FUCK FRIDAY" in which dad would set up his video camera and tape him, Matt and I having threesomes. Matt claimed it was so dad could spank it on bussiness trips. When I got home the cam was set up in the living room and dad was already getting fucked in the ass by Matt. I got naked and got in front of my father. He plunged his 10 in rock hard dick into my ass. Dad liked the ass, and as much as he liked getting in the ass he liked giving in the ass as well.

It wasn't long though, because of Matt fucking the shit out of his ass, and dad came. This went on for a hour, we didn't notice the time we were all pretty busy. All I remember is dad was fucking Matt in the ass, while I was sucking Matt's dick when Mom walked in. She had come home early and got the shock of her life.

There in here living room was her husband, her 19 year old son and 15 year old daughter having a threesome in her livingroom. My mother was brought up in a proper family and was totally against incest.

"What in the FUCK is going on here! This is just sick! Bruce How could you let this happen! I want to know right now how long this stuff has been going on?" No one said a word, we all were in shock.

"Well, Dad has been fucking Matt since he was about five, Matt has been messing around with me since I was five and dad and I have been messing around since I was 13." I blurted out...

My mother couldn't believe, her ears, she was angry but still tears filled her eye's.
"Our own children Bruce? The fantasies I give you aren't enough? The Kiddie porn and the young boys and girls we bring into our bed wasn't enough? You had to steal the inosence away from our own children?"

"Its ok, mom, I don't know about Ashley, but I love fucking dad and her, it feels so good. I don't just fuck them either. I fuck lots of people, guys and girls I am bisexual like dad." Matt said. This surprised me, I thought dad was the only guy Matt fucked, but I guess I was wrong. It was time for me to come out too.

"I like it too, Matt and dad's cocks feel so good, they make me cum multiple times! Oh and I am also a bisexual I love eating out pussy!"

"This isn't how a family should behave, Bruce I knew you liked them young and never said a word,
I knew you liked men and still I never said a word. I can't handle this, I am leaving you bruce. I am also going to make sure you stay away from our children too. You have warped their minds."

This is when it happened, the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. My father grabbed my mother, by the wrists and slapped her across the face.

"BITCH, IF YOUR GONNA LEAVE ME, I'LL FUCKIN KILL YOU!" he yelled. My mother screamed.

"BRUCE PLEASE THE KIDS ARE RIGHT HERE!" My father ripped off my mothers dress, exsposing her naked body. He pushed her down and jumped on top of her, forcing his dick into her. I could tell she wasn't willing at all.

"THIS IS WHAT NOSY LITTLE SLUTS GET! BITCH!" My father was forcfully plunging his manhood inside my mother as she cried out in embarassment and pain. Matt stepped forward.

"Dad your hurting her she doesn't want it. Let her go!" Matt yelled.


So Matt fucked me as my mother was being raped by my father, right beside us. I could here him beating her flesh evertime she begged him to stop and to this day I can still here my father saying "Say I am the best I am the best fuck you ever had!"

Finnally I hard my mother's last scream of pain as my father's dick exploded inside her. Matt and I thought it was over, little did we know it would never be over and never be the same for us with dad again. My father started dragging my mother to the kitchen. My mother pleaded with him over and over to let her go, but my father was in a rage nothing could stop him. He grabbed the biggest butcher knife he could find and plunged it into my mother over and over and over. Then he slit her throat.

I screamed out, my mother was dead she died at the hand of my father and the last memory I would ever have of her was the sounds of her rape and her death. What scared me the most however was the look of satisfaction in my fathers eye's. It still wasn't over though.

All night long Matt and I listened to our sick father fucking the dead corpse of our mother. We were trapped we could never leave, for if we did, our fate may have been the same as our mothers. The next morning, dad woke us early, and already had our bags packed. We were leaving town and starting over changing our names and everything. As we left he set fire to the bedroom where my mothers body still lay.

to be continued.......



Wow amazing story I'm a girl n this was a turn on a personal rewrite I would have the son also rape his mother and make the death clean and have them fuk the body ... Please tell the story of five yr old Matt bein molested. I was molested by my dad n three brothers since I was 3 n I loved it


hah those comments make me laugh...

oh well its imaginative...

i hope.

it had me turned on then it just collapsed... at the point where he killed the mom it started getting a bit too fucked up.

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