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Family Incest - Part 2

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I was shocked to see my uncle peepin at my mom. This got me so horny and I slowly made my way back to the house. I got inside my dad and aunt got some cards. My mom made it back and sat down at the table. I was just thinking about my aunt and how I wanted to fuck her to night and now I wanted to see my uncle fuck the shit out of my mom. I felt like this was a big porno. My uncle came back inside and all four of then started to play cards. I watch from the living room and was so turn on on everything that was going on. Here I was about to leave for school and saw my aunt lick her pussy juice from her fingers and her pussy and now just saw my uncle jerk off to my mom. I was in for a great night and if everything worksout then It will be something I cherish for life. I became the spy and the guy behide the camara. I wanted to see my mom get fuck and see her suck my uncle cock. As the night went on I slowly watch as the grown ups got drunk. My aunt went to the restroom as she went by with her back face to them. I could see her start to unbutton her shorts right in the living room in front of me. As she pass I got up and follow her. I grab her and turn her around. With all the nosie come from the kitchen she was mine. I will miss you aunt peggy when Im gone and gave her a hug I put my hands in her shorts in the back could feel the hot from her ass. I started to grab her butt and make my way to her ass hole. Oh paul your aunts pussy is so wet I need you in me I want to feel that cock feel my pussy. I started to kiss her and she went to mt shorts and under her hands went. You want my cock you want to feel it in your pussy tell me tell me how you want it. We broke loss and she grab me by my hand and we went to my room. We stood in the door way so we could hear anyone coming.Pull yourts down paul she said. I did and she bent forword and without and pause took my cock in her month. Oh shit aunt peggy you going to make me cum. She went to work know time was short she suck and jerk me off. Kissing the tip, You like that paul you like for your aunt to suck your cock, you like it in my mouth paul cum in my mouth let your aunt taste you. With this I unload the hot cum in her mouth. She swollow it and wanted more thats it honey thats you got for your aunt. She stood up and was jerking me still. Play with my pussy paul feel my panties there so wet tell me you want to fuck me. As I started to dig in her shorts my dad said he need to use the restroom. My aunt quickly went to the bathrrom and I went in and close my door. I started to fix myself when my dad walk in and ask me something. As he left my aunt came out and walk by. I went to the kitchen to get a drink. My aunt stop in the living room to use the phone and when I got to the kitchen I say my uncle and mom talking. I got a cup and stood by the sink and filled it up with water. My uncle was talking to my mom and she was just looking at my aunt. She look kind of funny and thats when I saw it from the reflection in the window of the slideing door my uncle was playing with her pussy. Oh my.... where the only thought that was running in my mind. I went to the livingroom to see if I could get a better look. I pretend to watch TV but slowly was looking at then. I could see her pink panties as his hand was in her shorts by the zipper. She was rocking as if she like it and he was rubing on his cock. He try to get my mom to play with it but she refuse. My aunt hung up the phone and said she need to get something from the car. As she went out the front door my dad said he would go with her. Right then my mom got up and went in the kitchen. From where I was sitting I could see in the kitchen and when my uncle got up I quickly made my way to other couch. From the reflection in the window I saw then. My uncle slow made his move. He had my mom up against the sink and was kissing her. He was down her shorts and she was getting into to it she was rubbing his hair and he started to pull his cock out from his shorts. He turn her around and my mom bent forword and pull him up to her ass I could see his cock at the entrance of her pussy and with that he push in. I was cuming in my shorts just seeing my uncle take my moms pussy and my mom with no fight as if she just love to fuck. There was no slow push my uncle want to fuck the shit out of her. He pound her pussy and with them by drunk she gave a little lite scream. I was wet all over and want to just push my uncle out the way and fuck my mom. He grab her hair and force her up so he could kiss her. He was going at it and I could hear the sound of wet pussy. Thats when the front door open and my dad and aunt came in. I saw my mom and uncle quickly move away for each other. That was it the night that change my life forever. My uncle and aunt stay about 1 more hour and left. The next couple of days I was over my aunts house alot but she was just not really into me I guess the alchol and beer made her horny. My life is change alittle I still jerk off to my mom and sisters panties when Im home. I dont really know if my uncle and mom stll fuck but that night will last forever. There is anther night with them that I could tell but only if You guys a girls really want to her it my e-mail is This story is all TRUE and I hope  you got to cum while reading it!!!

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